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zinnia-twitter 1.1

Twitter plugin for django-blog-zinnia

Zinnia-twitter is a package putting your entries on Twitter.


  • Install the package on your system:

    $ pip install zinnia-twitter

    Tweepy will also be installed as a dependency.

  • Register the 'zinnia_twitter' in your INSTALLED_APPS after the 'zinnia' application.

  • Define these following settings with your credentials:

  • If you have enabled one of the zinnia-wysiwyg-xxx plugin widget, you need to reconstruct the EntryAdmin class manually with the provided mixins:

    from zinnia.admin.entry import EntryAdmin
    from zinnia_twitter.admin import EntryAdminTwitterMixin
    from zinnia_ckeditor.admin import EntryAdminCKEditorMixin
    class FinalEntryAdmin(EntryAdminCKEditorMixin,
        pass, FinalEntryAdmin)

Note that the authentification for Twitter has changed since September 2010. The actual authentification system is based on oAuth. That’s why now you need to set these 4 settings. If you don’t know how to get these information, follow this excellent tutorial at:

You can replace the script mentionned in the step 3 of the tutorial by the get_twitter_access management command provided by the application, once you have your CONSUMER_KEY and CONSUMER_SECRET.

Now in the admin, you can post an update containing your entry’s title and the shortened URL of your entry.

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