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zipcodetw 0.5.1

Find Taiwan ZIP code by address fuzzily.

Latest Version: 0.6

The ZIP Code Finder for Taiwan

This package lets you find ZIP code by address in Taiwan.

The main features:

  1. Fast. It builds ZIP code index by tokenization.
  2. Gradual. It returns partial ZIP code rather than noting when address is not detailed enoguh.
  3. Stand-alone. It depends on nothing.


Find ZIP code gradually:

>>> import zipcodetw
>>> zipcodetw.find('臺北市')
>>> zipcodetw.find('臺北市信義區')
>>> zipcodetw.find('臺北市信義區市府路')
>>> zipcodetw.find('臺北市信義區市府路1號')

After v0.3, you even can find ZIP code like:

>>> zipcodetw.find('松山區')
>>> zipcodetw.find('秀山街')
>>> zipcodetw.find('台北市秀山街')


It is available on PyPI:

$ sudo pip install zipcodetw

Just install it and have fun. :)

Build Index Manually

If you install it by pip or python install, a ZIP code index will be built automatically. But if you want to use it from source code, you have to build an index manually:

$ python -m zipcodetw.builder


The ZIP code directory is provided by Chunghwa Post, and is available from:



  1. Refined the code slightly.


  1. It now builds a ZIP code index when you install it; so
  2. the package size is 12.5x smaller.
  3. The internal API is better now.


  1. It now shipped with an index compiled in SQLite; so
  2. initiation time is ~680x faster, i.e. ~30ms each import; and
  3. zipcodetw.find is ~1.9x slower, i.e. ~2ms each call; and
  4. has bigger package size.
  5. All code was moved into zipcodetw package.
  6. zipcodetw.find now returns unicode instead of string.


  1. It builds full index for middle tokens; and
  2. also normalizes Chinese numerals now!
  3. zipcodetw.find is ~1.06x faster.
  4. But initiation time increases to ~1.7x.


  1. zipcodetw.find is 8x faster now!
  2. It has a better tokenizing logic; and
  3. a better matching logic for sub-number now.
  4. zipcodetw.find_zipcodes was removed.
  5. Internal API was changed a lot.
  6. The tests are better now.
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