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zmqnumpy 0.1

numpy array over zmq sockets

Zmqnumpy module implements a series of functions used to exchange numpy ndarrays between U{zeromq<>} sockets. Serializtion of numpy arrays happens using the numpy.ndarray.tostring method which preserves portability to standard C binary format, enabling data exchange with different programming languages. A very simple protocol is defined in order to exchange array data, the multipart messages will be composed of:

  1. identifier string name
  2. the numpy array element type (dtype) in its string representation
  3. numpy array shape encoded as a binary numpy.int32 array
  4. the array data encoded as string using numpy.ndarray.tostring()

This protocol guarantees that numpy array can be carried around and recostructed uniquely without errors on both ends of a connected pair enabling an efficient interchange of data between processes and nodes.

@author: Marco Bartolini @contact: @version: 0.1

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zmqnumpy-0.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-09-12 3KB