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Helper modules for TextIndexNG3 (Snowball stemmer, normalizer, splitter, etc.)

Latest Version: 3.3.7


zopyx.txng3.ext is written by Andreas Jung for ZOPYX Ltd. & Co. KG, Tuebingen, Germany.


  • TextIndexNG 3 is published under the Zope Public License V 2.1 (see ZPL.txt) Other license agreements can be made. Contact us for details (
  • TextIndexNG 3 ships with a copy of the Snowball code for implementing stemming. This code is (C) 2001, Dr. Martin Porter and published under the BSD license.
  • TextIndexNG3 ships with the python-levenshtein extension written by David Necas und published under the GNU Public License (GPL).


Building the egg on Windows (basically a reminder for myself):

Basically a reminder for myself:

  • Install Cygwin

  • Install the Windows Python 2.4

  • under Cygwin:

    python.exe build -c mingw32 bdist_egg upload


ZOPYX Ltd. & Co. KG
c/o Andreas Jung,
Charlottenstr. 37/1
D-72070 Tuebingen, Germany
E-mail: info at zopyx dot com


3.3.4 (unreleased)

3.3.2 (2010/03/10)

  • applied patch for bug #2964362 (fixing several crashes)

3.3.1 (2009/03/15)

  • compabitlity with Python 2.4-2.6

3.3.0 (2009/03/15)

  • refactored and re-released as zopyx.txng3.ext
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