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ztfy.lock 0.1.2

ZTFY interfaces and utilities for locks handling


ZTFY.lock is a small package which can be used to get locks on persistent objects in several contexts.

These contexts include:

  • simple ‘threading’ locking, in a single-process environment
  • file locking (using ‘zc.lockfile’ package), in a multi-processes environment where all processes are handled on a single host
  • memcached locking (using ‘lovely.memcached’ package), in a multi-process environment where processes are handled on several hosts.

Locking utility

Locking is handled by a utility implementing ILockingUtility interface and registered for that interface. Locking policy have to be chosen on that utility to define the locking helper which will be used.

According to the selected policy, additional parameters will have to be defined to set the file locks path or the memcached client connection.


Thierry Florac <>, Author



  • added configuration directives to remove static dependencies with package


  • use last base classes


  • package created using templer [Thierry Florac]
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ztfy.lock-0.1.2-py2.7.egg (md5) Python Egg 2.7 2014-05-10 28KB
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