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ztfy.myams 0.1.13

ZTFY new admin/application skin


A ZTFY package providing a new Bootstrap-based application management skin

What is it?

MyAMS, “My Application Management Skin”, is a new ZTFY package which provides a complete application management skin based on Bootstrap. It is heavilly using AJAX and HTML5 “data” API, and already includes a few JQuery plug-ins like DataTables or Validate.

No end-user or even developer documentation is available yet. I hope to be able to produce one as well as a complete demonstration site as soon as possible.




  • backports from last pyams_skin package resources, including JQuery, JQuery-UI and Bootstrap upgrades as well as new default plug-ins


  • small CSS and Javascript updates


  • allow usage of a custom static configuration for a given view by setting a request attribute


  • restore previous logout behaviour


  • added optional form’s title attribute
  • updated Google Analytics code
  • redirect to relative URL in logout view


  • added target link attribute to menus
  • added title attribute to menus
  • added IInnerForm interface to handle forms located inside another container
  • added DataTables finalization callbacks handler
  • updated UnauthorizedExceptionView to correctly handle AJAX authentication errors
  • updated MyAMS.baseURL function
  • changed login form login field description
  • force content-type to text/plain in form’s AJAX response to prevent HTML content-type


  • added JQuery DataTables “editable” plug-in extension support
  • small CSS updates


  • added setting to handle warnings when leaving an unsaved modified form
  • handle static configuration property to hide refresh button
  • update FontAwesome icons to release 4.2.0
  • small CSS updates


  • added login form header and footer text attributes and content providers (using reStructuredText)
  • added new status “notify” in JSON response to be able to fire a given event
  • added custom radio button input template
  • added I18n attributes in main layout
  • added batch properties in base table class
  • added custom boolean terms to update translations
  • updated form template to use custom label and input classes
  • small CSS updates


  • added version display in shortcuts panel
  • added tabs viewlet in header
  • added UserVoice API key
  • updated and corrected Javascript API
  • small CSS updates


  • corrected link to favourites icon
  • small CSS fixes


  • added new content providers for search engines and available languages drop-down menu
  • added new “form reset callback” data API
  • first step in adding new “upload/download” progress notifications
  • updated javascript data API to be able to warn user when leaving a form containing modified and unsaved data
  • updated and added CSS classes
  • javascript syntax cleanup in MyAMS.notify package (a complete code rewrite is planed…)


  • small changes on exceptions views
  • added view for JSON-RPC exceptions
  • added minified Fanstatic resources
  • improved AJAX errors management
  • small CSS updates


  • first release
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
ztfy.myams-0.1.13-py2.7.egg (md5) Python Egg 2.7 2015-03-27 4MB
ztfy.myams-0.1.13.tar.gz (md5) Source 2015-03-27 3MB
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  • 1847 downloads in the last month