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ZTFY package used to add wrapper around Zope security

What is ? is a thin wrapper around and zope.securitypolicy packages.

It provides an adapter to ISecurityManager interfaces, which allows you to get and set roles and permissions applied to a given principal on a given adapted context.

This adapter also allows you to fire events when a role is granted or revoked to a given principal ; this functionality can be useful, for example, when you want to forbid removal of a ‘contributor’ role to a principal when he already owns a set of contents.

Finally, provides a small set of schema fields, which can be used when you want to define a field as a principal id or as a list of principals ids.

How to use ? package usage is described via doctests in ztfy/security/doctests/README.txt



  • order principals by title in input and display widgets


  • added “backspace_removes_last” property to PrincipalsListWidget


  • added missing translations


  • added new token authentication plug-in. This plug-in relies on a classic InternalPrincipalContainer but can extract credentials from an encoded token given in URL. This token is built in a way that includes current date so that it’s not permanent.


  • added “names” argument in principals search methods which allows to provide names of authentication plug-ins in which principals are to be searched
  • add “auth_plugins” property to principals selection widgets to define names of authentication plug-ins which can be used in search method


  • use data API
  • remove unused resources
  • disable auto-completion on roles input widgets


  • convert roles edit form to dialog


  • use request cache in “getPrincipal()” function


  • corrected ISecurityManager methods arguments names
  • templates updated to display null values


  • changed package source layout


  • added ILocalRoleIndexer interface and default adapter


  • added annotations interfaces on standard zope.pluggableauth GroupFolder class
  • escape quotes in Javascript code


  • updated imports for last ztfy.jqueryui and package
  • added AJAX checks in principals widgets


  • added check in JSON’s “getAddr()” method to remove “++skin++” namespace
  • corrected syntax and translation in MissingPrincipal class


  • added permission grant, unset and revoke methods in ISecurityManager interface and adapter
  • added check in principals widgets


  • switched resources management from zc.resourcelibrary to fanstatic


  • removed “” packages dependencies


  • Switched to ZTK-1.1.2
  • Added schema fields, properties, widgets and resources to handle roles assignment via simple context attributes and properties
  • Added IAuthenticatorSearchAdapter to offer a common search interface to authenticator plug-ins


  • Initial release
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