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ZTFY skin utility package, including views, forms and viewlets base classes

Latest Version: 0.6.23

What is ? is a set of base classes used by many ZTFY packages.

Currently available classes include:
  • ZTFY layer and skin
  • add and edit forms, including AJAX dialogs
  • date and datetime widgets
  • viewlet manager
  • menu and menu items
Most of base classes are based on z3c.* packages classes, including:
  • z3c.form, z3c.formjs and z3c.formui
  • z3c.template
  • z3c.layer.pagelet

How to use ? usage is described via doctests in ztfy/skin/doctests/README.txt


  • build minified version of javascript file


  • updated small ZTFY download helper function


  • added optional “handler” argument in $.ZTFY.dialog methods to specify name of a custom AJAX handler
  • added <form> tag in container views when containing actions
  • small CSS updates


  • remove empty labels from forms templates
  • added AJAX download helper


  • remove BODY scroll position from JQuery multiselect widgets top position when using these components in dialogs


  • extract “workflow.manager” viewlets manager from ZTFY.workflow package to remove cross references


  • always disable « Enter » key in dialog forms inputs, and redirect it to first action button click


  • move ‘search’ JSON-RPC function to with name ‘searchByTitle’
  • move internal references javascript functions to
  • small ZCML refactoring


  • extract ‘skin:’ and ‘metas:’ TALES namespaces from


  • use new ZTFY.base package for generic ZTFY content features
  • include many generic interfaces, components and adapters from package to remove unneeded dependencies of other packages with


  • added AJAX start/stop functions callbacks


  • added option on TextLineList input widget to disable action of backspace key


  • changed help and warning messages colors


  • small CSS updates


  • added “nochange_output” and “changes_output” on add and edit dialog forms
  • added “with_self” argument to “getForms()” method
  • updated CSS and javascript code to handle JQuery multiselect widgets position inside dialogs containing an overflow


  • added option to use a checkbox as a group switcher instead of only “+” sign
  • added “small” buttons style


  • include legend height in viewspace height compute
  • add form data attribute to disable check of “submitted” flag


  • status message style update
  • updated AJAX errors display code


  • corrected display of TextLineList default value
  • changed place of dialog status message
  • define relative CSS position for widgets container
  • use better generic method to calculate max height of dialogs view space
  • add generic class on actions container
  • added new FormObjectCreatedEvent to be fired after object creation is finished in add forms


  • corrected date and datetime widgets pattern conversion between Python and Javascript


  • corrected JQuery-datetime resources download for english language


  • add form attribute to display hints on input widgets
  • small changes in JQuery multiselect plug-in search arguments management


  • add HTTP header cache control directive in dialog views to disable IE cache
  • check result format in AJAX forms callbacks to automatically convert string results to JSON (required for IE)
  • don’t show required fields markers on widgets in display mode


  • add check againt missing attribute in callback function used in JQuery-multiselect plug-in
  • removed attribute in TextLineList input widget which prevented user to enter several values
  • updated locales


  • set response status to 401 on login form
  • added custom layout for login form
  • exclude hidden input fields when creating info tips
  • add new IDialogTitle interface so that any editor dialog can define it’s own title via an optional adapter
  • added base container view class which doesn’t force back-office skin


  • corrected javascript test in form submit callbacks
  • new CSS classes


  • small correction in TextLineList widget template


  • modified and extended fancybox data API
  • updated CSS styles
  • added support for submit callbacks on each widget
  • removed tests relative to IE browser
  • allow HTML code in widgets hints
  • added base ISkinnable interface and traverser for contents managing custom skins
  • moved several skin-related classes and interfaces from package


  • re-define package resources
  • add new “$.ZTFY.getScript()” function which can use browser cache
  • use browser cache when loading translations scripts
  • add control for AJAX submit callbacks returning null values without error message
  • added checks for missing JQuery plug-ins


  • add custom tables batch provider


  • allow several plug-ins in a single HTML element, separated by spaces
  • correction in getCSSClass() method of InnerContainerBaseView


  • initialize new data API
  • make all widgets compatible with data API and javascript code movable to page bottom
  • move custom widgets from ZTFY.utils package


  • add attributes to ISubFormViewlet to make them switchable
  • update JQuery selectors for version 1.7+
  • update scroll markers position when an Ajax form generates a new status message
  • include dialog’s help to compute maximum viewspace height
  • changes in $.ZTFY.form.initHints() function
  • include sub-forms and tab-forms in main form view space
  • small style changes on legends


  • remove relative position on viewspace to enable JQuery-multiselect plug-in to work correctly inside dialogs


  • added indicator to viewspace dialog when a scrollbar is required to show that hidden input fields are available
  • move login form from ZTFY.zmi package
  • include hints initialization code in javascript function
  • small changes in error and status messages style


  • small change on batch links style
  • changed hints style


  • changed style of container batch links
  • changed style of forms tabs


  • small dialogs overlay CSS update
  • correction in ++back++ namespace traverser


  • use generic marker interface and ++back++ namespace to identify contents with custom back-office properties


  • changed viewlets template layer to make them easily reusable


  • added optional ‘message’ attribute in AJAX edit and add forms output
  • added ‘status_class’ forms attribute to get status message class
  • corrected edit form errors handling call
  • better handling of custom back-office properties in main layout
  • enhanced title viewlet
  • make dialogs draggable and adapt their inner size to window height


  • corrected small syntax error in containers template


  • big CSS and small templates updates to create a new back-office skin
  • use viewlets managers to handle forms and widgets prefix and suffix
  • added hints on forms fields


  • use ‘BASE’ header if available instead of window.location.href to get AJAX calls target
  • add callback argument to “$” to handle opening errors


  • corrected URL replace function with regexp
  • added located boolean terms


  • add class container.InnerContainerBaseView as base class used to handle tables displayed inside another view
  • add interface and viewlet manager to handle custom actions viewlets
  • add attribute for empty message and change default legend location
  • add sub-form fieldset CSS class support
  • add condition on submit buttons to display them only when dialog is in input mode and at least one widget is also in input mode
  • added “data” parameter in AJAX add and edit dialog functions
  • added high batch size in ordered container
  • added “indexOf” method to Array prototype if missing (IE)
  • added widgets prefix and suffix support in sub-forms
  • added widgets groups support in main forms, which can be used to group widgets with common fieldset and legend
  • added custom display widgets for text and textarea fields
  • corrected changes management in EditForm subforms handling custom update method
  • corrected translation of forms help message
  • changed forms templates prefix and suffix management
  • initialize support for viewlets-based sub-forms
  • small changes in JQuery dialogs management
  • small CSS updates
  • removed macros-based form template


  • add slots for forms prefix and suffix
  • define default template and layout for templates based pages
  • add interface and viewlet manager to handle custom actions viewlets
  • add attribute for empty containers message and change default legend location


  • changed package source layout


  • upgrade dialog overlay effect to match release 1.2.4 of JQuery-Tools


  • large refactoring to include many “generic” functions (forms, dialogs, javascript code…) extracted from package back-office
  • changed display of forms status
  • small changes on display forms
  • small CSS updates


  • changed display forms template
  • added fixed width textarea display widget


  • added “autocomplete” attribute on forms
  • changed template of password widget


  • added default favicon


  • add missing IDialog and IButtonForm interfaces on DialogDisplayForm class
  • add possible prefix and suffix in dialogs views
  • modify DialogDisplayForm to handle actions


  • reset default form’s progress bar update interval to default (1000 ms) ; previous one was setup for testing and debugging…
  • switch from $.getJSON() in $.ajax() in progress frame to handle errors correctly


  • integration of JQuery’s progress bar plug-in in upload forms ; this plug-in is based on Apache2’s upload progress module but forms still function without it. More info :
  • added check if forms submit code to prevent several posts on double click
  • small upgrades on CSS and HTML stylings


  • modified #tabforms CSS style
  • added small javascript resource


  • switch from zc.resourcelibrary to fanstatic


  • removed “” packages dependencies


  • switched to ZTK-1.1.2
  • removed tooltips in forms and dialogs
  • major changes in sub-forms handling
  • remove macros from z3c.template based form template


  • added ‘ContentProviderBase’ base class for template based content providers


  • added ‘visible’ attribute on IBreadcrumbInfo interface


  • added for source package construction
  • override form.addForm method to be able to translate buttons label


  • Initial release
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