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ztfy.thesaurus 0.2.11

ZTFY thesaurus management package

Latest Version:

What is ztfy.thesaurus ?

ztfy.thesaurus is a quite small package used to handle content’s indexation through the help of a structured and controlled vocabulary’s thesaurus, which is like a big hierarchic dictionary of terms linked together.

Several XML standards have emerged to handle such thesauri ; this package is mainly based on a custom format but can import and export data in formats like SKOS (RDF) and SuperDoc.

How to use ztfy.thesaurus ?

A set of ztfy.thesaurus usages are given as doctests in ztfy/thesaurus/doctests/README.txt



  • use IntIds “register” method instead of “getId” to prevent errors while re-indexing contents containing unregistered terms


  • change thesaurus term indexed value(s) to allow modification of term’s label without interfering with indexes contents
  • remove double entries from terms search JSON-RPC methods when entered text matches a term and (at least) one of it’s synonyms
  • correctly encode “&” character in term’s dialog opening URL
  • make “/” character forbidden in term’s label


  • fanstatic resources cleanup


  • use last interfaces, classes and interfaces from ZTFY.base and packages instead of

  • updated javascript code to correctly handle expansion of terms tree

  • updated locales


  • updated loading and merge for better handling of custom thesaurus formats
  • changed tree “getChildNodes” method for first-level terms


  • small updates (with updated doctests!) in extracts management
  • added marker interface for generic thesaurus views
  • added feature in terms tree view to automatically deploy tree until a given searched term
  • added option on multi-selection terms input widget to disable action of backspace key
  • imports cleanup


  • update term’s generic/usage reverse links in term’s creation form
  • use caption instead of label in terms selection form


  • add attribute on terms list input widget which allows to display an entire list of terms which can be selected from a thesaurus
  • added controls and error messages when changing term’s label to allow correct catalog update and avoid duplicates


  • added search engine inside terms tree to get synonyms which are not part of the terms tree
  • update terms generic/specifics and usage/used_for associations when importing a thesaurus
  • don’t reinitialize extracts to an empty set when a term is no more associated to a generic
  • corrected SKOS loader synonyms associations management


  • add new thesaurus add form to create a new thesaurus without importing any data
  • remove security proxy when comparing two terms
  • use new edit form “CALLBACK” API
  • remove archived terms from selection search results


  • activate AJAX cache when loading I18n translations strings


  • use data API
  • make resources compatible with Fanstatic “bottom” option


  • convert roles edit form to dialog


  • removed useless add forms title
  • imports cleanup


  • updated templates for >= 0.4.0
  • changed icons class


  • updated doctests
  • corrected packaging


  • first release
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
ztfy.thesaurus-0.2.11-py2.7.egg (md5) Python Egg 2.7 2013-10-01 2MB
ztfy.thesaurus-0.2.11.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-10-01 1MB