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ztfy.zmq 0.1.3

ZTFY integration of ZeroMQ library

Latest Version: 0.1.4


ZTFY.zmq is a small ZTFY integration of ZeroMQ library.

It provides two main classes which are:

  • ZMQProcess, which is a ZMQ listening process, based on multiprocessing package.
  • ZMQMessageHandler, which is a simple ZMQ messages handler which delegates it’s functionality to a ZMQ agnostic handling class.

When creating a new ZMQProcess instance, you only have to specify it’s listening address and it’s messages handler.

Default ZMQ process is based on request/response (REQ/REP) messages, but this can easily be overriden in custom subclasses.

Most of this package main concepts are based on Stefan Scherfke work. Thanks to him!



  • updated package dependencies
  • updated Buildout’s bootstrap


  • handle TERM signal to be sure parent processes can terminate ZMQ processes


  • added ZMQ process exit callback function, to be registered on application exit for any created process. This is required when using WSGI servers to end ZMQ processes in a clean way.


  • first release
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
ztfy.zmq-0.1.3-py2.7.egg (md5) Python Egg 2.7 2014-05-10 21KB
ztfy.zmq-0.1.3.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-05-10 8KB