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zuckup 0.0.8

simple facebook parsing

Latest Version: 0.1.0

zuckup ====== simple facebook parsing


pip install zuckup


Requires nose



zuckup comes with three utilities: insights, page, and page_stats


NOTE: To get facebook insights data you must first have an access token that has necessary credentials to view this data.

import zuckup

for post_stats in zuckup.insights(page_id='authenticated_page'):
  print post_stats

Page Posts

import zuckup

for post in'nytimes')
  print post

Page Stats

import zuckup

page_stats = zuckup.page_stats(page_id='nytimes')
print page_stats


zuckup will automatically connect to the facebook api via facepy if you have FB_APP_ID and FB_APP_SECRET set as environmental variables.

Alternatively, you can connect beforehand and pass in this connection via the kwarg conn:

import zuckup

conn = zuckup.connect(app_id='12345', app_secret='678910')

page_stats = zuckup.page_stats(page_id='nytimes', conn=conn)
print page_stats

Finally, if you want to connect with just an access token, say one acquired from a user authenticating to your app, pass in access_token to any of the methods:

import zuckup

page_stats = zuckup.page_stats(page_id='nytimes', access_token='a-users-access-token')
print page_stats


optional concurrency for insights and page via gevent:

import zuckup

for post in'nytimes', concurrent=True)
  print post
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