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zunzuncito 0.1.18

A micro-framework for creating REST API's

Latest Version: 0.1.20

  • Keep it simple and small, avoiding extra complexity at all cost. KISS
  • Create routes on the fly or by defining regular expressions.
  • Support API versions out of the box without altering routes.
  • Thread safety.
  • Via decorator or in a defined route, accepts only certain HTTP methods.
  • Follow the single responsibility principle.
  • Be compatible with any WSGI server. Example: uWSGI, Gunicorn, Twisted, etc.
  • Tracing Request-ID “rid” per request.
  • Compatibility with Google App Engine. demo
  • Multi-tenant Support.
  • Ability to create almost anything easy, example: Support chunked transfer encoding.


Via pip:

$ pip install zunzuncito

If you don’t have pip, after downloading the sources, you can run:

$ python install

What ?

ZunZuncito is a python package that allows to create and maintain REST API’s without hassle.

The simplicity for sketching and debugging helps to develop very fast; versioning is inherit by default, which allows to serve and maintain existing applications, while working in new releases with no need to create separate instances. All the applications are WSGI PEP 333 compliant, allowing to migrate existing code to more robust frameworks, without need to modify the existing code.

Why ?

  • The need to upload large files by chunks and support resumable uploads trying to accomplish something like the nginx upload module does in pure python.

The idea of creating ZunZuncito, was the need of a very small and light tool (batteries included), that could help to create and deploy REST API’s quickly, without forcing the developers to learn or follow a complex flow but, in contrast, from the very beginning, guide them to properly structure their API, giving special attention to “versioned URI’s”, having with this a solid base that allows to work in different versions within a single ZunZun instance without interrupting service of any existing API resources.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
zunzuncito-0.1.18-py27-none-any.whl (md5) Python Wheel 2.7 2014-04-19 12KB
zunzuncito-0.1.18.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-04-19 10KB