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zxtools 1.0.22

Tools to manipulate files from ZX Spectrum

Here’s a set of utils to manipulate files that were copied from a TR-DOS diskette or from a tape.

Originally the tools were written to simplify the following workflow:

  1. Grab diskette image using Hobeta tool.
  2. Strip the file header and save the result to a new file.
  3. Convert resulting Zeus Z80 assembler file to the plain text format.

TODO: I have future plans to implement some more tools I need to restore my old ZX Spectrum projects.

But you can use them in the way you need. And it’s very easy to use: download the package, run (or install via pip install zxtools), invoke in the following way:

$ python3 -m zxtools.hobeta strip input.hobeta result.zeus
$ python3 -m zxtools.zeus2txt result.zeus listing.asm --include-code

NOTE: Python 3 is required to use this package, and Python 2 is not supported but you are welcome to fix it.

To view the resulting files with syntax colorization you can use special Visual Studio Code plugin:

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
zxtools-1.0.22.tar.gz (md5) Source 2016-06-17 12KB