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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 89542 packages here.
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2016-09-27 django-bulbs 3.24.dev3 America's Finest Namespace
2016-09-27 django-userplus Extended Auth User module for Django
2016-09-27 ubuntudesign.documentation-builder 0.3.6rc1 A command-line tool for building documentation from repositories into HTML files. Initially based on
2016-09-27 sirepo 20160927.221459 accelerator code gui
2016-09-27 cotyledon 1.4.4 Cotyledon provides a framework for defining long-running services.
2016-09-27 pysharedutils 0.3.0 Some convenient python utils.
2016-09-27 pygount 0.7 count source lines of code (SLOC) using pygments
2016-09-27 juriscraper 1.1.19 An API to scrape American court websites for metadata.
2016-09-27 efesto 0.6.2 RESTful (micro)server that can build an API in minutes.
2016-09-27 SilentDune-Client 0.5 Silent Dune FPA Client
2016-09-27 word2keypress 0.8 Convert word to keypress sequence
2016-09-27 twitter-timeline-rss 1.0.0 Ingest a twitter timeline and render as RSS
2016-09-27 zarr 2.1.3 A minimal implementation of chunked, compressed, N-dimensional arrays for Python.
2016-09-27 rospkg 1.0.41 ROS package library
2016-09-27 linsharecli 0.2.12 LinShare command line interface.
2016-09-27 whereami 0.2.28 Uses WiFi to tell you where you are
2016-09-27 djangocms-votes 0.0.1 Django cms comments, and rate system with stats.
2016-09-27 kvdnc 1.5.1.post2 kvdn client library and tool
2016-09-27 vaxrank 0.2.1 Mutant peptide ranking for personalized cancer vaccines
2016-09-27 Hyperion 0.9.8 Monte-Carlo Radiative Transfer Code
2016-09-27 scattertext An NLP libarary to help find interesting terms in small to medium-sized corpora.
2016-09-27 punic 0.2.1 Clean room python implementation of a subset of Carthage functionality
2016-09-27 helium-python 0.1.9 Wrapper for the Helium API
2016-09-27 bamp 0.1.4 Bamp version according to semantic versioning
2016-09-27 knowledge-repo 0.6.2 A workflow for contributing company knowledge, in the form of RMarkdowns, iPythons, and Markdowns, rendered and organized to magnify research impact across teams and time
2016-09-27 protobuf 3.1.0.post1 Protocol Buffers
2016-09-27 zappa 0.26.0 Serverless WSGI With AWS Lambda + API Gateway
2016-09-27 tapioca-wrapper 1.2.3 Python API client generator
2016-09-27 wavetrace 3.0.0 Python 3.5 tools to produce radio signal coverage reports, mostly for New Zealand
2016-09-27 jstc 0.1.4 Server-side JavaScript template compilation and packaging
2016-09-27 ossos 0.8.2 Outer Solar System Origins Survey (OSSOS)
2016-09-27 sentry-ldap-auth 2.2 A Sentry extension to add an LDAP server as an authention source.
2016-09-27 django-auth0-auth 1.4 Authenticated users using Auth0.
2016-09-27 crosspm 0.8.1.dev92 Cross Package Manager
2016-09-27 GameSave 0.1.0 Save ability for Python games
2016-09-27 nodeconductor-openstack 0.7.0 NodeConductor plugin for managing OpenStack resources.
2016-09-27 tx-shared-tools 0.1.27 A collection of useful scripts abd classes for tX
2016-09-27 python-ambariclient 0.5.10 Client library for Apache Ambari.
2016-09-27 toil-lib 1.1.0a1.dev81 A common library for functions and tools used in toil-based pipelines
2016-09-27 linshareapi 0.2.9 LinShare api.

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