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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 106808 packages here.
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2017-04-27 colinws 1.0.5 tools for work
2017-04-27 pout 0.6.6 Prints out python variables in an easy to read way, handy for debugging
2017-04-27 twomartens.markdown 1.0.0a1 Markdown parser that transforms the markdown into HTML
2017-04-27 nova-lxd native lxd driver for openstack
2017-04-27 Edward 1.3.1 A library for probabilistic modeling, inference, and criticism
2017-04-27 fanjx_nester 1.2.0 A simple printer of nested lists
2017-04-27 nonsequitur 0.0.5 non sequitur text generator, mainly jokes
2017-04-27 FlaskyTornado 0.0.29 A microframework based on Tornado and Flask and good intentions
2017-04-27 1.0.7 Python wrapper for the Mastodon API
2017-04-27 EsiPy 0.1.5 Swagger Client for the ESI API for EVE Online
2017-04-27 freckles 0.1.68 A dotfile manager
2017-04-27 django-channels-jsonrpc 1.2.0 A JSON-RPC implementation for Django channels consumer.
2017-04-27 Autowire 0.1.2 Simple dependency injection.
2017-04-27 i2b2-import 1.5.17 Import data into an I2B2 DB schema
2017-04-27 jsonrpclib-pelix 0.3.0 This project is an implementation of the JSON-RPC v2.0 specification (backwards-compatible) as a client library, for Python 2.7 and Python 3.This version is a fork of jsonrpclib by Josh Marshall, usable with Pelix remote services.
2017-04-27 python-ldap 2.4.37 Python modules for implementing LDAP clients
2017-04-27 gcdt 0.1.7 Glomex Cloud Deployment Tools
2017-04-27 protect 2.5.0a1.dev347 Prediction of T-Cell Epitopes for Cancer Therapy
2017-04-27 django-allauth 0.32.0 Integrated set of Django applications addressing authentication, registration, account management as well as 3rd party (social) account authentication.
2017-04-27 fastrpc 0.0.1 Convert postman collections to function calls.
2017-04-27 nbhosting 0.1.0 An infrastructure for hosting notebooks beind an open-edX MOOC platform
2017-04-27 kodrive 1.0.18 Synchronize remote files with local directory.
2017-04-27 grpclb 0.3.1 grpclb contains automatically generated code for calling a grpclb server
2017-04-27 sightengine 1.1 Sightengine Python client
2017-04-27 pybot-adapter-slack 0.0.2 Slack adapter for pybot
2017-04-27 jsonschema2rst 0.0.113 Parser for yaml/json schemas to rst
2017-04-27 easydict 1.7 Access dict values as attributes (works recursively).
2017-04-27 spotify-dl 2.5 Downloads songs from Spotify My Musicor Spotify Playlist that you provide
2017-04-27 chem_gm Graph Machine Application Programming Interface
2017-04-27 xdict 0.53 tools for transform between html,dict and cmdline
2017-04-27 omg-tools 0.1.5 Optimal Motion Generation tools: a user-friendly tool for modeling, simulating and embedding of (spline-based) motion planning problems
2017-04-27 onegov.ballot 1.3.2 Models ballot results for OneGov.
2017-04-27 iparapheur-utils Client python pour i-Parapheur
2017-04-27 yakumo 0.10.1 Pythonic Unified OpenStack Client Library
2017-04-27 django_api_doc 0.3 API docs for django
2017-04-27 hambster-test 0.2 A test Python project
2017-04-27 ariba 2.9.2 ARIBA: Antibiotic Resistance Identification By Assembly
2017-04-27 sPyNNakerExternalDevicesPlugin 1!4.0.0a2 Spinnaker External Devices Plugin
2017-04-27 chat 1.0.4.dev26 Chat robot based on natural language understanding and machine learning.
2017-04-27 PyBiomech 0.0.8.dev1 Collection of tools for certain biomechanical pipelines

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