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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 110650 packages here.
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2017-06-23 junitparser 0.9.0 Manipulates JUnit/xUnit Result XML files
2017-06-23 gcdt-bundler 0.0.1276 Plugin (gcdt-bundler) for gcdt
2017-06-23 djurl 0.1.1 Make Django routes easy again.
2017-06-23 awslambdahelper 1.1.3
2017-06-23 pytdx 1.0 A Python Interface to TDX protocol
2017-06-23 apidev-coop_cms 1.2.30 Small CMS built around a tree navigation open to any django models
2017-06-23 Solgema.RichMenu 1.6.5 Solgema RichMenu for Plone
2017-06-23 rowingdata 1.0.18 The rowingdata library to create colorful plots from CrewNerd, Painsled and other rowing data tools
2017-06-23 xml-parser 0.2 Parse MySQL XML datadump
2017-06-23 Bigbig 0.2.0.dev1 Distributed Deep Learning Library for Apache Spark
2017-06-23 alignak_module_backend 0.6.6 Alignak - Backend modules for Arbiter, Scheduler and Broker
2017-06-23 tensorflow-qnd 0.1.7 Quick and Dirty TensorFlow command framework
2017-06-23 protect 2.5.1a1.dev454 Prediction of T-Cell Epitopes for Cancer Therapy
2017-06-23 mali 0.188 Command line tool for platform
2017-06-23 django-connectwise 0.0.59a0 Django app for working with ConnectWise. Defines models (tickets, members, companies, etc.) and callbacks.
2017-06-23 abilian-sbe 0.3.8 Social Business platform, including: document management, wiki, forum, enterprise social networking, and more
2017-06-23 web-walker 3.1.5 your can crawl web pages with litte settings. based on scrapy.
2017-06-23 zeep-adv 1.4.2 A modern/fast Python SOAP client based on lxml / requests + Corentin Remaud silly edit
2017-06-23 mir.git 1.1.1 Python interface to Git
2017-06-23 ModernGL 4.1.9 ModernGL: PyOpenGL alternative
2017-06-23 auspost 0.0.5 Australia Post data grabber
2017-06-23 cf-boot 1.8.1 A declarative mechanism for bootstrapping cloudfoundry products
2017-06-23 kisscache 0.20
2017-06-23 oshino_zmq 0.1.4 ZeroMQ consumer for Oshino
2017-06-23 ws-sheets 0.4.3b5 python spreadsheets
2017-06-23 modbus_tk 0.5.6 Implementation of modbus protocol in python
2017-06-23 soynlp 0.0.24 Unsupervised Korean Natural Language Processing Toolkits
2017-06-23 cnx-db 0.7.0 Connexions Database Library
2017-06-23 django-storages 1.6.3 Support for many storage backends in Django
2017-06-23 ZConfig 3.2.0 Structured Configuration Library
2017-06-23 alignak_notifications 0.4.3 Alignak notifications script pack
2017-06-23 gitlab-release 1.2 Utility for use in gitlab ci to upload files (from build) to the current projects release (tag)
2017-06-23 biocode 0.2.0 Bioinformatics code libraries and scripts
2017-06-23 bitmex-websocket 0.1.166 Bitmex websocket API
2017-06-23 diskimage-builder 2.6.1 Golden Disk Image builder.
2017-06-23 marshmallow-pynamodb 0.5.0 PynamoDB integration with the marshmallow (de)serialization library
2017-06-23 nesterrk 1.0.0 A simple printer of nested lists
2017-06-23 odoo9-addon-sale-procurement-group-by-requested-date Groups pickings based on requested date of order line
2017-06-23 odoo9-addon-purchase-request Use this module to have notification of requirements of materials and/or external services and keep track of such requirements.
2017-06-23 clarifai 2.0.28 Clarifai API Python Client

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