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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 119572 packages here.
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2017-10-18 galaxy-fds-sdk 1.2.172 Galaxy FDS SDK
2017-10-18 lifepo4weredPyController 0.1.0 Enable observable behavior.
2017-10-18 colomoto_jupyter 0.3.4 CoLoMoTo helper functions for Juypter integration
2017-10-18 pum 0.5.1 Postgres upgrade manager
2017-10-18 mds-pim-memos 0.2.0 Tryton module to store memos
2017-10-18 django-py-zipkin 0.2.3 py2 & py3 compatible zipkin for Django
2017-10-18 Flask-Restler 1.10.3 Build REST API for Flask using Marshmallow.
2017-10-18 tunepy 1.0.dev3 Interactive function argument tuning
2017-10-18 castle 1.0.0 Castle protects your users from account compromise
2017-10-18 robozilla 0.2.1 Robottelo Bugzilla Parser
2017-10-18 django-pivot 1.5 Create pivot tables and histograms from ORM querysets
2017-10-18 lambdaquery 0.1.6 Composable SQL in Pure Python
2017-10-18 mlzutil 0.1.0 Useful common functionality by MLZ
2017-10-18 metano 1.2.4 metano - A Toolkit for Metabolic Network Analysis and Optimization
2017-10-18 django-rest-recaptcha 1.0.1 Django rest recaptcha field for easy integration of google recaptcha with django-rest-framework.
2017-10-18 django-access-logger 0.2.7 Access logging for Django, the right way
2017-10-18 log4mongo 1.6.2 mongo database handler for python logging
2017-10-18 hops 1.1.5 A helper library for Hops that facilitates development by hiding the complexity of discovering services and setting up security.
2017-10-18 chaostoolkit-lib 0.3.0 Chaos engineering toolkit core library
2017-10-18 pfmisc 0.99.12 Misc utilities for FNNDSC python repos
2017-10-18 djangodbu 0.0.11 Tools for debugging Django, pprint models
2017-10-18 kamaki 0.16 A multipurpose, interactive command-line tool, and also a client development library for managing OpenStack clouds.
2017-10-18 instawow 0.8.2 A CLI for managing World of Warcraft add-ons.
2017-10-18 treedraw 1.1.0 specify and render tree diagrams
2017-10-18 TheanoLM 1.2.3 Toolkit for neural network language modeling using Theano
2017-10-18 orbeon-xml-api 0.1.0.dev17 A Python object API for Orbeon XML
2017-10-18 django-elasticsearch-dsl-drf 0.5.1 Integrate Elasticsearch DSL with Django REST framework.
2017-10-18 conx 3.2.1 Deep Learning for Simple Folk. Built on Keras
2017-10-18 Messagerie 0.2.3 Custom wrapper to aws services
2017-10-18 jupyterlab 0.28.3 An alpha preview of the JupyterLab notebook server extension.
2017-10-18 correlcalc 0.977 Two-point correlation function (2pCF) calculation
2017-10-18 RPiHTTPServer 0.4.2 HTTP server and request handler built on top of BaseHTTPServer intended for Raspberry Pi projects with a web interface
2017-10-18 isc_dhcp_leases 0.9.0 Small python module for reading /var/lib/dhcp/dhcpd.leases from isc-dhcp-server
2017-10-18 minipg 0.5.7 Yet another PostgreSQL database driver
2017-10-18 XStatic-JosefinSans 0.0.0 JosefinSans 0.0 (XStatic packaging standard)
2017-10-18 opvis 1.0.1 Opvis namespace.
2017-10-18 SpiderKeeper-2 0.1.0 Admin ui for spider service
2017-10-18 zencore-conf 1.1.13 Zencore Configuration.
2017-10-18 wildpath 0.2.3 easy data structure access utility
2017-10-18 pgmagick 0.7 Yet Another Python wrapper for GraphicsMagick

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