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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 124401 packages here.
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2017-12-15 buildozer 0.34 Generic Python packager for Android / iOS and Desktop
2017-12-15 buy-data-pack 6.1 A small python script to buy Airtel (BD) data pack
2017-12-15 rouver 0.5.5 A microframework
2017-12-15 keyring 10.5.1 Store and access your passwords safely.
2017-12-15 microraiden 0.0.5 µRaiden is an off-chain, cheap, scalable and low-latency micropayment solution.
2017-12-15 pycotools 0.0.73 A python toolbox for COPASI
2017-12-15 sandpaper 0.0.6 Simplified table-type data normalization
2017-12-15 Jitbit-Helpdesk 0.1.21 Jitbit Helpdesk Ticketing system plugin for your python webapp
2017-12-15 django_compressor_mako 1.0.0 Mako template support for django_compressor
2017-12-15 hex-grid 0.7.1 hex grid utilities (for) Traveller/Cepheus System)
2017-12-15 tgapp-fbauth 0.3.1 Facebook Authentication for TurboGears2
2017-12-15 smk_python_sdk 9.4.0 Smarkets Python SDK - API clients and utility library
2017-12-15 yubikey-manager 0.5.0 Tool for managing your YubiKey configuration.
2017-12-15 pywallet 0.0.6 Simple BIP32 (HD) wallet creation for BTC, BTG, BCH, LTC, DASH and DOGE
2017-12-15 racengine 0.1.16 Generate Docx from template (using external api endpoint) and convert it to PDF or another format(using external api endpoint)
2017-12-15 gossipcat 0.1.32 GossipCat, A Cat Who Is Always Gossiping.
2017-12-15 bitprim-native 1.1.33 Bitprim Platform
2017-12-15 singer-python 5.0.3 utility library
2017-12-15 pandas-datapackage-reader 0.8.0 Pandas Data Package Reader
2017-12-15 pymatgen 2017.12.15 Python Materials Genomics is a robust materials analysis code that defines core object representations for structures and molecules with support for many electronic structure codes. It is currently the core analysis code powering the Materials Project (
2017-12-15 rpi-feature-selection-toolbox 1.0.5 A novel and robust Feature Selection toolbox for all types of classification problems
2017-12-15 parski Helper library for parsing vpc data feed
2017-12-15 pytest-trio 0.2.0 Pytest plugin for trio
2017-12-15 toil-vg 1.3.1a1.dev718 UC Santa Cruz Computational Genomics Lab's Toil-based VG pipeline
2017-12-15 eea.testegg 1.3
2017-12-15 sepiida 18.2 The root library, bringer of common code and goodness
2017-12-15 pas.plugins.ldap 1.5.3 LDAP/AD Plugin for Plone/Zope PluggableAuthService (users+groups)
2017-12-15 conan 0.30.3 Conan C/C++ package manager
2017-12-15 xmlschema 0.9.15 An XML Schema validator and decoder
2017-12-15 darkon 0.0.4 Performance hacking for your deep learning models
2017-12-15 matils 0.1 Collection of utilities using only the Python Standard Library
2017-12-15 indy-node-dev 1.2.242 Indy node
2017-12-15 addtobuildlist 0.4 Print on output and on a unique log file
2017-12-15 printandlog 0.2 Print on output and on a unique log file
2017-12-15 systemd 0.14.0 Python systemd wrapper
2017-12-15 django-admin-smoke-tests-2 0.3.1 Runs some quick tests on your admin site objects to make sure there aren't non-existant fields listed, etc.
2017-12-15 social-choice 1.2.1 Social choice functions implemented in Python 3.
2017-12-15 genairics 0.1.7 GENeric AIRtight omICS pipelines
2017-12-15 mds_writing_serialletter 4.6.1 Tryton module to write serial letters for paper-based newsletters
2017-12-15 indy-crypto 0.1.6-dev-20 This is the official wrapper for Hyperledger Indy Crypto library (

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