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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 133219 packages here.
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2018-03-23 bohrium 0.9.0.post0 Bohrium NumPy
2018-03-23 spacy 1.10.1 Industrial-strength Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Python and Cython
2018-03-23 django-tree 0.3.0 Fast and easy tree structures.
2018-03-23 who_ldap 4.0.0 LDAP plugin for repoze.who
2018-03-23 pyclearsky 0.1.0 implements the equations from Ashrae Fundamentals 2009 for clear sky in Python
2018-03-23 ccxt 1.11.171 A JavaScript / Python / PHP cryptocurrency trading library with support for 90+ exchanges
2018-03-23 discoverhue 1.0.2 Auto discovery of Hue bridges
2018-03-23 allennlp 0.4.1 An open-source NLP research library, built on PyTorch.
2018-03-23 pde-solver 1.0.0a0 A Finite-Difference PDE solver.
2018-03-23 cadcutils 1.1.8 Generic CADC Python libary of utilities
2018-03-23 PyMieScatt 1.6.0b0 A collection of forward and inverse Mie solving routines based on Bohren and Huffman's Mie Theory derivations.
2018-03-23 homematicip 0.9.1 An API for the homematicip cloud
2018-03-23 cryptojp 1.0.6 This is a tool for CryptoCoin Exchange api
2018-03-23 gidgethub 2.5.0.post1 An async GitHub API library
2018-03-23 slickqa-snot 1.0.2913 A plugin to nose to allow results from python tests to be put into slick.
2018-03-23 twitter-analysis 0.0.4 Get tweets from the Twitter Frontend API.
2018-03-23 string-distance 0.1.2 Minimum Edit Distance
2018-03-23 toil-disambiguate 0.1.2 🐁 Alignment pipeline for engrafted NGS data.
2018-03-23 gecosistema_lite 0.0.727 A simple python package
2018-03-23 SeCo 1.0.1 Python data serialization and compression made easy.
2018-03-23 dragnet 2.0.2 Extract the main article content (and optionally comments) from a web page
2018-03-23 Landsat578 0.4.6 Very simple API to download Landsat data from LT5, LE7, and LC8 from USGS
2018-03-23 spindrift 0.4 package python applications for AWS Lambda and AWS Elastic Beanstalk
2018-03-23 lore 0.5.5 a framework for building and using data science
2018-03-23 pyleoclim 0.4.4 A Python package for paleoclimate data analysis
2018-03-23 bdgenomics.adam 0.24.0 A fast, scalable genome analysis system
2018-03-23 ffcount 0.1.2 Fast File Count: Recursively count files and directories very quickly
2018-03-23 tstl 1.2.2 Template scripting testing language (TSTL)
2018-03-23 djangoplus 0.0.45 Metadata-based web framework for the development of management information systems
2018-03-23 spigit 0.1.9 A deployment manager service.
2018-03-23 kore-plugins-env 0.1.1
2018-03-23 construct 2.9.40 A powerful declarative symmetric parser/builder for binary data
2018-03-23 tensorflow-model-analysis 0.6.0 A library for TensorFlow model analysis
2018-03-23 landlab 1.3.1 Plugin-based component modeling tool.
2018-03-23 CLAMServices 1.5.2 A collection of CLAM Webservices for various of our NLP tools
2018-03-23 deployv-addon-gitlab-tools 0.2.2 Deployv addon: Gitlab tools. Generated by cookiecutter and cookiecutter-deploy-addon.
2018-03-23 toastedmarshmallow-enum 1.0.0 The Toasted Marshmallow Enum package makes it possible to dump and load Enum values based on the ultra fast serialization that Toasted Marshmallow provides.
2018-03-23 tf-nightly-gpu 1.8.0.dev20180323 TensorFlow helps the tensors flow
2018-03-23 tf-nightly 1.8.0.dev20180323 TensorFlow helps the tensors flow
2018-03-23 tox 3.0.0rc4 virtualenv-based automation of test activities

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