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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 85402 packages here.
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2016-07-28 django-manager-utils 0.11.0 Model manager utilities for Django
2016-07-28 networking-powervm PowerVM Neutron ML2 Agent for OpenStack Neutron.
2016-07-28 ansible-container 0.1 Ansible Container empowers you to orchestrate, build, run, and ship Docker images built from Ansible playbooks.
2016-07-28 centiment_alpha 0.0.13 [alpha test] SO-CAL sentiment motified for tweets.
2016-07-28 ceilometer-powervm PowerVM Ceilometer Inspector for OpenStack Ceilometer.
2016-07-28 nova-powervm PowerVM driver for OpenStack Nova.
2016-07-28 stomatadetector 0.0.5.dev0 Stomata detection from FLEX/TIFF fluorescent images
2016-07-28 danube-delta 0.0.26 Honza Javorek's Pelican setup
2016-07-28 robotframework-interfacelibrary 1.0.1.dev21 An interface wrapper library for RobotFramework
2016-07-28 election_results_xml_validator 0.1 Checks that an elections file follows best practices
2016-07-28 django-sendgrid-parse 0.1.2 Django app to receive and save incoming emailnotification events from sendgrid to our database
2016-07-28 typed-env 0.1.1 Fast-fail environment variable library.
2016-07-28 pescador 0.1.3 Multiplex generators for incremental learning
2016-07-28 tracktotrip 0.3 Track processing library
2016-07-28 filegardener 1.1.1 filegardener file utilities dedup, only file copy detection, empty dir detection
2016-07-28 netdev 0.4.1 Async network devices interaction library
2016-07-28 python-kemptech-api 0.6.33 KEMP Technologies Python API
2016-07-28 numpy-indexed 0.3.4 Numpy extensions for set operations on nd-arrays, group_by operations, and related functionality
2016-07-28 bottlenose 1.0.0 A Python hook into the Product Advertising API
2016-07-28 macman 1.2 OSX Management tools
2016-07-28 django-easymoney 0.7.1 An easy MoneyField for Django.
2016-07-28 testvsfs 0.1.0.post100 VSFS test example
2016-07-28 penelope.core 2.1.46 Penelope main package
2016-07-28 ydcommon 0.1.59 YD Technology common libraries
2016-07-28 CaTeX 0.0.9 Concatenates LateX documents.
2016-07-28 microcosm-flask 0.33.0 Opinionated persistence with FlaskQL
2016-07-28 beatserver 0.0.2 Beat Server is is a scheduler
2016-07-28 CIpipe 1.108 CRISPR Indel pipe
2016-07-28 bob.paper.biosig2016 1.0
2016-07-28 multidict 2.0.0 multidict implementation
2016-07-28 tvguidegen 0.1.3 TV Guide Generator
2016-07-28 swiglpk 1.2.19 swiglpk - Simple swig bindings for the GNU Linear Programming Kit
2016-07-28 pycaching 3.5.3 site crawler. Provides tools for searching, fetching caches and geocoding.
2016-07-28 SimpleITK Simplified interface to the Insight Toolkit for image registration and segmentation
2016-07-28 spree 0.4.0 Spree python api client
2016-07-28 nose2unitth 0.0.3 Convert nose-style test reports to UnitTH-style test reports
2016-07-28 djangocms-slider-easy 0.2.6 A slider plugin for djangocms that lets you arrange slides like any other djangocms plugin. Fork of urga/djangocms-slider, but using easy_thumbnails.
2016-07-28 GitMan 1.0.2 A language-agnostic dependency manager using Git.
2016-07-28 taiga-contrib-kerberos-auth 0.1.5 The Taiga plugin for kerberos authentication
2016-07-28 efel 2.10.112 Electrophys Feature Extract Library (eFEL)

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