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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 42508 packages here.
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2014-04-18 doac 0.2.0 An OAuth2 Consumer application for your Django project.
2014-04-18 gippy 0.9.0 Geospatial Image Processing for Python
2014-04-18 snapperbal 1.1 Snapper balance from the confort of your terminal
2014-04-18 django-audit-log 0.4.0 Audit trail for django models
2014-04-18 ansible 1.5.5 Radically simple IT automation
2014-04-18 sushi 0.3.5 Create package template for everything
2014-04-18 e24PaymentPipe 1.0 This package provides a Python implementation for ACI's e24PaymentPipe Merchant Gateway
2014-04-18 juju-deployer 0.3.7 A tool for deploying complex stacks with juju.
2014-04-18 django-perms 0.0.6 Syntactic sugar for handling permission functions in views, templates and in code
2014-04-18 redef 1.5 Test utility for redefining functions
2014-04-18 rocket-depot 0.22 An rdesktop/xfreerdp frontend.
2014-04-18 contexttimer 0.2.1 A timer context manager measuring the clock wall time of the code block it contains.
2014-04-18 moviepy Module for script-based video editing
2014-04-18 almost-empty 0.1.2-beta Create AlmostEmpty packages
2014-04-18 demiurge 0.1 Scraping micro-framework based on pyquery.
2014-04-18 pyramid_sqlalchemy_utility 0.2-dev Pyramid sqlalchemy extension
2014-04-18 pyramid_royal 0.7.1-dev0 Pyramid extension using traversal which eases writing RESTful web applications.
2014-04-18 neural 0.1.0 Simple neural network implementation in Python based on Andrew Ng's Machine Learning online course.
2014-04-18 whitenoise 1.0.1 Serve static files directly from a WSGI application
2014-04-18 Monoclock 14.4.18 Monotonic clock access for Python
2014-04-18 django-pgjson 0.1.1 PostgreSQL json field support for Django.
2014-04-18 polished 0.0.8 Generates screenshots of a website based on git history
2014-04-18 wptrunner 0.2.2 Harness for running the W3C web-platform-tests against various Mozilla products
2014-04-18 factored 3.0.3 A WSGI app that allows you to add another factor of authentication to any application server.
2014-04-18 slidedeck 0.11 Slidedeck: Kickass-beautiful HTML5 slides in markdown
2014-04-18 magpie 0.0.0 magpie: [ma]rkdown, [g]it, [pie]thon
2014-04-18 powerindex 0.0.1 python library to calculate power indices in weighted voting games
2014-04-18 rdflib-jsonld 0.2-dev rdflib extension adding JSON-LD parser and serializer
2014-04-18 pigrate 0.0.2 Database schema migration tool written in Python
2014-04-18 pypusherapp 0.1.1 Pusher python wrapper
2014-04-18 marlin 0.979 A fast and easy ReST API on top of redis
2014-04-18 appier 0.4.12 Appier Framework
2014-04-18 omni_api 0.1.6 Omni API
2014-04-18 pymemcache 1.2.3 A comprehensive, fast, pure Python memcached client
2014-04-18 python-binary-memcached 0.23 A pure python module (thread safe) to access memcached via it's binary protocol with SASL auth support
2014-04-18 Flask-PyMemcache 0.0.3 pymemcache integration for Flask
2014-04-18 WebDispatch 1.2 dispatch request on wsgi application.
2014-04-18 dateandtime 0.0.4 A silly little text calendar application for your terminal
2014-04-18 dota 0.2.0 Dota Stats
2014-04-18 twitter-monitor 0.2.1 A Twitter streaming library built on tweepy that enables dynamic term tracking

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