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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 58220 packages here.
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2015-04-19 printInternalList 1.3.0 A sample printer of nested lists
2015-04-19 ipy-progressbar 1.0.3 Progressbar for both IPython Notebooks (HTML, CSS, JS) and plain terminals.
2015-04-19 moodlefuse 0.0.2 FUSE filesystem based on moodle implementation
2015-04-19 fluidsim 0.0.2a1 Framework for studying fluid dynamics with simulations.
2015-04-19 fluiddyn 0.0.8a1 framework for studying fluid dynamics.
2015-04-19 syncloud-platform Syncloud platform
2015-04-19 nidaba 0.3.4 Expandable and scalable OCR pipeline
2015-04-19 whatodo 0.1.0a2 Python app to help developers manage development tasks using TODO's
2015-04-19 bitstruct 0.3.0 This module performs conversions between Python values and C bit field structs represented as Python bytearrays.
2015-04-19 ufp 1.6.1 ufp 라이브러리 python 버전. 각종, 편리한 함수들의 모음.
2015-04-19 django-numerics 0.1.1 numerics dashboard endpoint provider for django.
2015-04-19 django-djconfig 0.4.0 Dynamic configuration.
2015-04-19 WsgiDAV Generic WebDAV server based on WSGI
2015-04-19 django-statici18n 1.1.3 A Django app that provides helper for generating Javascript catalog to static files.
2015-04-19 Mopidy-Mopify 1.4.2 A Mopidy Web client based on the (old) Spotify interface. Improved to work with spotify as main library.
2015-04-19 mezzanine-articles 0.1.13 Add articles complex contenttype to mezzanine contet types.
2015-04-19 django-thinc-webservice 0.0.1 Adds i18n and delta support for models to django-rest-framework
2015-04-19 magneto 0.1.7 Magneto - Command your droids.
2015-04-19 pyreactive 0.1.5 A Reactive Programming module for Python 2 and 3
2015-04-19 moodlefuse 0.0.1 FUSE filesystem based on moodle implementation
2015-04-19 Hydro 0.1.1 On-the-fly data manipulation framework
2015-04-19 crackqcli 0.2b Hashcrack Crackq command-line client
2015-04-19 bincopy 0.2.3 Mangling of various file formats that conveys binary information (Motorola S-Record, Intel HEX and binary files).
2015-04-19 1.0.0alpha2 Python 3 AMQP 1.0 protocol client library.
2015-04-19 durant 0.2.2 Simple git deployment tool
2015-04-19 python-thumbnails 0.5.1 Thumbnails for Django, Flask and other Python projects.
2015-04-19 parabam 0.2.dev11 Parallel BAM File Analysis
2015-04-19 chunkup 0.2 chunks up audio
2015-04-19 telomerecat 0.1.dev7 Telomere Computational Analysis Tool
2015-04-19 yapf 0.1.6 A formatter for Python code.
2015-04-19 describe_it 2.0.0 A nose plugin that supports writing describe/it style unit tests with nested contexts
2015-04-19 officedissector 0.0.6 OfficeDissector is a parser library for static security analysis of OOXML documents.
2015-04-19 servicemanager 0.0.24 A python tool to manage developing and testing with lots of microservices
2015-04-19 pla 0.2.2 Make, but with a yaml file
2015-04-19 JanomeDev 0.2.1 Japanese morphological analysis engine.
2015-04-19 prox_tv 3.1.0 Toolbox for fast Total Variation proximity operators
2015-04-19 kevinarpe-rambutan3 1.0.0 Python3 Utilities
2015-04-19 ifaddr 0.1.2 Enumerates all IP addresses on all network adapters of the system.
2015-04-19 line 0.5.1 May the LINE be with you...
2015-04-19 wwhhnester 1.1.0 A simple printer of nested lists

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