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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 55664 packages here.
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To use a package from this index either "pip install package" (get pip) or download, unpack and "python install" it.

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2015-03-01 irc 12.1 IRC (Internet Relay Chat) protocol client library for Python
2015-03-01 ie 1.0.8 Validation of brazilian state registration numbers
2015-03-01 parseli 0.0.5 Parseli cooks public LinkedIn profile pages into json.
2015-03-01 redelvlib 0.1.22 GUI editor using delv
2015-03-01 sigopt-python 0.3.0 SigOpt Python API Client
2015-03-01 tessera-client 0.4.2 Data model and API client for tessera
2015-03-01 quora 0.1.21 Fetches and parses data from Quora.
2015-03-01 pyscape-client 2015.02b2 Facilitate grabbing data from Moz API.
2015-03-01 limbo 3.0.0 Simple and Clean Slack Chatbot
2015-03-01 rcsdk 0.2.3 RingPlatform Python SDK
2015-03-01 epicurus 0.0.4 Trent Hauck's personal package for evil.
2015-03-01 frida 2.0.1 Inject JavaScript to explore native apps on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android
2015-03-01 pynance 0.1.1 Retrieve and analyse financial market data
2015-03-01 accio 0.1 Sends information from code editors to server
2015-03-01 gizmo 0.1.5 Async Python 3 driver for TP3 Gremlin Server
2015-03-01 ftcbz 2.0.1 A script to archive multiple comic book dir to .cbz format
2015-03-01 swampdragon-notifications 0.1.3 SwampDragon notifications
2015-02-28 pyfbp 0.1.24 Flow Based Programming Paradigm in Python
2015-02-28 blowfish 0.6.1 Fast, efficient Blowfish cipher implementation in pure Python (3.4+).
2015-02-28 pyclictk 0.2.1 Python Support Common Toolkit's (CTK) Command Line Interface (CLI)
2015-02-28 mackup 0.8.4 Keep your application settings in sync (OS X/Linux)
2015-02-28 SwampDragon SwampDragon is a powerful platform making it easy to build real time web applications, combining the power of Django and Tornado
2015-02-28 earthengine-api 0.1.46 Earth Engine Python API
2015-02-28 delv 0.1.15 Module for making tools interoperable with Delver
2015-02-28 Wikicurses 1.1 A simple curses interface for accessing Wikipedia.
2015-02-28 replayer 0.3.7 Replay easily an Apache access.log
2015-02-28 pyjstat 0.1.7 Library to handle JSON-stat data in python using pandas DataFrames.
2015-02-28 trytond_carrier 2.6.1 Tryton module with carriers
2015-02-28 trytond_carrier_percentage 2.6.1 Tryton module to add cost method "on percentage" on carrier
2015-02-28 trytond_carrier_percentage 2.8.1 Tryton module to add cost method "on percentage" on carrier
2015-02-28 trytond_carrier_percentage 3.0.1 Tryton module to add cost method "on percentage" on carrier
2015-02-28 trytond_carrier_percentage 3.2.1 Tryton module to add cost method "on percentage" on carrier
2015-02-28 trytond_carrier_percentage 3.4.1 Tryton module to add cost method "on percentage" on carrier
2015-02-28 trytond_carrier_weight 2.6.3 Tryton module to add cost method "on weight" on carrier
2015-02-28 Google-Safe-Browsing-v2-Lookup 0.2.0 Client to interact with the Google Safe Browsing v2 Lookup API
2015-02-28 codefurther 0.1.0.dev9 A package of Python modules to access various data over the internet - Intended to be used as a teaching aid in UK schools.
2015-02-28 trytond_company 2.6.2 Tryton module with companies and employees
2015-02-28 trytond_company 2.8.1 Tryton module with companies and employees
2015-02-28 trytond_company 3.0.1 Tryton module with companies and employees
2015-02-28 ccxxv 0.1.4 Crossword solving assistant

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