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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 91276 packages here.
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2016-10-23 prettypy 0.2.4 Python Pretty Printer
2016-10-23 newrelic_marklogic_plugin 0.2.6 NewRelic plugin for monitoring MarkLogic.
2016-10-23 django-email-queue 0.9.7 Queening and storing email backed for django
2016-10-23 mtoolbox 0.1.2 A collection of (meta-)programming tools for Python.
2016-10-23 mcserver-wrapper 0.4 Minecraft server wrapper
2016-10-23 jdt 0.2 JSON Data Tools
2016-10-23 powershift 1.3.0 Python library for working with OpenShift.
2016-10-23 pandaSDMX 0.5.1 A client for SDMX - Statistical Data and Metadata eXchange
2016-10-23 shutit 0.9.235 An programmable automation tool designed for complex builds
2016-10-23 BetterRandomData 0.1.0
2016-10-23 django-simple-shop 0.1.21 Generic e-commerce application for Django
2016-10-23 fc.qemu 0.8.3 Qemu VM management utilities
2016-10-23 Sanic 0.1.5 A microframework based on uvloop, httptools, and learnings of flask
2016-10-23 okerrclient 2.0.16 client for okerr cloud monitoring system
2016-10-23 fragmap 0.1.1 Visualize a timeline of Git commit changes on a grid
2016-10-23 Eureqa 1.52.0 Nutonian Eureqa API
2016-10-23 nesterchy 1.2.0 A simple printer of nested lists
2016-10-23 clikraken 0.1.8 Command-line client for the Kraken exchange
2016-10-23 desafe 0.0.3 An utility to decrypt Safe in Cloud password files
2016-10-23 torrt 0.4.2 Automates torrent updates for you.
2016-10-23 scrapeo 0.1.1rc2 A command-line SEO web scraping / analysis tool
2016-10-23 mygraph 0.9.5 Python wrapper of C++ Time-dependent Hyperpath algorithm implementation, requires python-dev, boost_python, pqxx and hdf5 installed
2016-10-23 pyhyperpath 1.0 Python wrapper of C++ Hyperpath algorithm implementation, requires python-dev, boost_python installed
2016-10-23 pwntools 3.2.0b5 Pwntools CTF framework and exploit development library.
2016-10-23 pwntools 3.1.1 Pwntools CTF framework and exploit development library.
2016-10-23 junitparser 0.1 Manipulates JUnit/xUnit Result XML files
2016-10-23 django-easy-audit 0.5 Yet another Django audit log app, hopefully the simplest one.
2016-10-23 nester_Dhvani2008 1.0.0 Module to print the member of the list
2016-10-23 reddit_persona 1.0.5 This module uses APIs from Reddit and to provide insights into a Redditor's personality attributes.
2016-10-23 yamlradio 2.2.1 A small Python3 package to play radio stations as defined in a YAML file.
2016-10-23 nesterZhobin 1.0.0 A simple printer of nested lists
2016-10-23 django-ckeditor-filebrowser-filer 0.2.0 A django-filer based CKEditor filebrowser
2016-10-23 datascienceutils 1.0.19
2016-10-23 audiorename 0.1.9 Rename audio files from metadata tags.
2016-10-23 pyboto3 1.1 Pythonic Interface for AWS boto3 that gives you autocomplete on every service
2016-10-23 xattr 0.9.1 Python wrapper for extended filesystem attributes
2016-10-23 pixiedust 0.56 Misc helpers for Spark Python Notebook
2016-10-23 SES-Mailer-2 0.14.1 A simple module to send email via AWS SES
2016-10-23 django-perf-rec 1.0.4 Keep detailed records of the performance of your Django code.
2016-10-23 quantiphy 0.2.0 physical quantities (numbers with units)

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