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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 89697 packages here.
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2016-09-29 flask_extras 3.6.1 Assorted useful flask views, blueprints, Jinja2 template filters, and templates/macros
2016-09-29 daftlistings 0.4.1 A web scraper for
2016-09-29 hexahub 1.0.9 Low level Python and CLI interface to GitHub
2016-09-29 osrframework 0.14.0b4 OSRFramework - A set of GPLv3+ OSINT tools developed by i3visio analysts for online research.
2016-09-29 django-micro 1.0.0 Django as microframework
2016-09-29 miditime 1.1.3 Generate MIDI files from time series data. You can control can control what octaves and octave ranges you want.
2016-09-29 tableprint 0.5.0 Pretty console printing of tabular data
2016-09-29 dojo-toolkit 0.4.0 A Toolkit for Python Coding Dojos
2016-09-29 pycodeexport 0.1.1 pycodeexport is a Python package for code generation.
2016-09-29 pinax-waitinglist 1.3.0 a Django waiting list app
2016-09-29 trustedanalytics 0.7.2.dev20160929716 Trusted Analytics Toolkit
2016-09-29 pytest 3.0.3 pytest: simple powerful testing with Python
2016-09-29 SilentDune-Client 0.5.1 Silent Dune FPA Client
2016-09-29 progression 0.1.1 A python progress bar in ascii art.
2016-09-29 rio-cloudmask 0.2.0 Cloud masking plugin for rasterio
2016-09-29 ubuntudesign.documentation-builder 0.4.0 A command-line tool for building documentation from repositories into HTML files. Initially based on
2016-09-29 catsim 0.10.2 Computerized Adaptive Testing Simulator
2016-09-29 IndicoIo 1.0.0 A Python Wrapper for indico. Use pre-built state of the art machine learning algorithms with a single line of code.
2016-09-29 LI-AWS-Deploy 1.0.17 Deploy tool for Loja Integrada Web Applications
2016-09-29 jhBacktestMini 20160929.0 Mini Backtest and analysis trading strategy with Python
2016-09-29 marquee 0.1.0 A simple Python logging formatter and handler for CloudWatch Events
2016-09-29 aiotask-context 0.3 Store context information inside the asyncio.Task object
2016-09-29 orb-api 2016.1.25 Database ORM and API builder.
2016-09-29 SAMLSchtron 0.3.3 SAML Metadata Schematron Validator: CLI, API & Web Server
2016-09-29 goatools 0.6.9 Python scripts to find enrichment of GO terms
2016-09-29 merkle-proofs 0.0.6 library for generating and validating Merkle Trees and receipts, compliant with chainpoint v2
2016-09-29 globus-sdk 0.4.1 Globus SDK for Python
2016-09-29 jinja2-registry 0.0.5 jinja2-registry
2016-09-29 xblock-openedx 0.4.1 XBlock Core Library
2016-09-29 imdbpie 4.2.0 Python IMDB client using the IMDB json web service made available for their iOS app.
2016-09-29 km3pipe 4.7.1 An analysis framework for KM3NeT
2016-09-29 unicode-please 0.1.0 Utilities to prevent you from tearing your hair out dealing with unicode and text encodings in python 2.7
2016-09-29 depedit 1.6.2 A simple configurable tool for manipulating dependency trees
2016-09-29 galaxy-lib 16.10.1 Subset of Galaxy ( core code base designed to be used a library.
2016-09-29 py-triton 0.0.12 Triton - Kinesis Data Pipeline
2016-09-29 glean 1.8.0 Simple program to write static config from config-drive
2016-09-29 sirepo 20160929.203419 accelerator code gui
2016-09-29 bro-pkg 0.7 The Bro Package Manager
2016-09-29 requestests 1.1.2 Python HTTP Tests for Humans.
2016-09-29 dyn 1.7.6 Dyn REST API wrapper

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