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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 87533 packages here.
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2016-08-29 datastore_layer 1.3 UNKNOWN
2016-08-29 nmrstarlib 1.0.3 Python library for parsing data from NMR-STAR format files
2016-08-29 p2p-latimes 2.0.17 Tribune P2P API wrapper
2016-08-29 polyssifier 0.1.6 Data exploration tool for assessing optimal classification methods
2016-08-29 google-api-python-client 1.5.3 Google API Client Library for Python
2016-08-29 grm 0.2.1 GitRoom Manager: A command line GitHub classroom manager
2016-08-29 launchpadtools 0.2.8 Tools for Debian/Ubuntu Launchpad
2016-08-29 corpkit 2.3.0 A toolkit for working with linguistic corpora
2016-08-29 oneID-connect 0.11.0 oneID-connect is an identity & authentication framework for the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, servers, and end-users.
2016-08-29 cwltool 1.0.20160829192223 Common workflow language reference implementation
2016-08-29 representations 1.0.1 A tool for building of siren representations.
2016-08-29 scriptworker 0.5.0 TaskCluster Script Worker
2016-08-29 ablog_cli 0.9.1 ablog_cli description
2016-08-29 kaptl KAPTL generator CLI
2016-08-29 webwatcher 0.7.0 Self hosted web page changes monitoring
2016-08-29 scrapy-statsd-middleware 0.0.6 Statsd integration middleware for scrapy
2016-08-29 slimurl 0.7.5 SlimURL - Fast library for parsing and building URL addresses
2016-08-29 collective.handlebars 1.0rc1 Handlebars for Plone
2016-08-29 live-serial 0.1.1 Real-time serial port plotter/logger.
2016-08-29 vintage 1.0.0 Python library for deprecating code
2016-08-29 fabulaws 0.3.0a24 Simple tool for interacting with AWS in Python
2016-08-29 ojson 0.1.0 Keep your JSON structure as it is
2016-08-29 wasecatools 0.1 City of Waseca Python Toolset
2016-08-29 bu-cascade 2.28 Cascade Server web services integration
2016-08-29 ironic-staging-drivers 0.3.0 A project used to hold out-of-tree ironic drivers
2016-08-29 infdent 1.0 A helpful utility for quickly creating well formatted text for quick reading.
2016-08-29 django-registry 0.3 Django Registry by Harvard CGA
2016-08-29 ggd 0.0.6 CLI for gogetdata (ggd)
2016-08-29 openstack-doc-tools 1.0.1 Tools for OpenStack Documentation
2016-08-29 kyco-core-napps 1.1.0a4 Core Napps developed by Kytos Team
2016-08-29 django-dynamic-formsets 0.0.7 A lightweight plugin for managing Django formsets with jQuery.
2016-08-29 gloTK Genomes of Luminous Organisms Toolkit
2016-08-29 amspy 0.1.6 The amspy is a library to provide a simple Azure Media Services REST interface for python. This is a personal project and NOT an official implementation of the Azure Media Services SDK for python. The only purpose of this library is for educational purposes, so people can have an easy way to understand how to interact with cloud REST apis, and learn from the examples provided in this module as well as the debug information available in the logs. Any feedback, comments or bugs, please send directly to the module owner, and go to if you are looking for official Microsoft Azure SDKs.
2016-08-29 testdroid 2.5.3 Testdroid API client for Python
2016-08-29 systemd 0.8.3 Python systemd wrapper
2016-08-29 mpf-mc 0.31.0.dev15 Mission Pinball Framework Media Controller
2016-08-29 grako 3.14.0 Grako (for "grammar compiler") takes a grammar in a variation of EBNF as input, and outputs a memoizing PEG/Packrat parser in Python.
2016-08-29 sqlbuilder SmartSQL - lightweight sql builder.
2016-08-29 bdss-client 1.0.1b1 Big Data Smart Socket client
2016-08-29 ablog_api 0.6.0 ablog_api description

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