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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 99325 packages here.
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2017-02-22 django-status 2.2.1 Application that provides an API to check the status of some parts and some utilities like ping.
2017-02-22 paasta-tools 0.57.10 Tools for Yelps SOA infrastructure
2017-02-22 telega-megaimport 0.5.9 Django app for creating parsers
2017-02-22 dtool 0.12.0 Tools for managing scientific data
2017-02-22 django-invoicing 0.9.2 Django app for invoicing.
2017-02-22 elsa 0.1 Helper module for Frozen-Flask based websites
2017-02-22 license-expression 0.30 license-expression is small utility library to parse, compare, simplify and normalize license expressions (such as SPDX license expressions) using boolean logic.
2017-02-22 python-gnip 0.0.2 Gnip Powertrack Wrapper
2017-02-22 MyCapytain 2.0.0b11 Library for CTS APIs and CapiTainS guidelines in Python
2017-02-22 facebook-wda 0.0.4.dev6 Python Client for Facebook WebDriverAgent
2017-02-22 gnucashreport 0.1.0 Reports from GnuCash to Excel
2017-02-22 python-msspeak 0.2.3 Text-To-Speech with MSSpeak
2017-02-22 asynces 0.1.3 asyncio driver for elasticsearch
2017-02-22 hoverpy 0.2.2 A python library for HoverFly
2017-02-22 wallapopy 1.0.1 A Wallapop client for Python.
2017-02-22 Tzara---A-Personal-Assistant 1.1.3 A Virtual Personal Assistant
2017-02-22 ansigenome 0.6.0 A tool to help you gather information and manage your Ansible roles.
2017-02-22 Hiku 0.3.3 Library to implement Graph APIs
2017-02-22 SaltPyLint 2017.2.22 Required PyLint plugins needed in the several SaltStack projects.
2017-02-22 Ledger-dev 0.0.64 Immutable Ledger python library
2017-02-22 networkutil 1.4.1 A collection of networking utilities.
2017-02-22 batchpy 1.1.0 A package to efficiently run batches of similar calculations
2017-02-22 uiutil 1.0.2 Utility module to assist creating Tk GUIs.
2017-02-22 python-git-package 0.3.0 A scaffoling tool for python packages
2017-02-22 sovrin-node 0.2.132 Sovrin node
2017-02-22 sovrin-common 0.1.132 Sovrin common
2017-02-22 Ledger 0.1.132 Immutable Ledger python library
2017-02-22 plenum 0.2.132 Plenum Byzantine Fault Tolerant Protocol
2017-02-22 ccs 0.1.10 Crypto currencies stocks (ccs) is Python package for communication with stocks which are traiding with crypto currencies. Documentation is placed
2017-02-22 MorfDict 0.4.0 MorfDict is a dict like object, which convers data on the fly.
2017-02-22 simpletransfers 1.1.2 Simple file transfer library
2017-02-22 txboto 0.1.3 AWS implementation for Twisted, based on Boto
2017-02-22 health_checker 0.0.1 Check if several checks pass or not
2017-02-22 aiotg 0.7.20 Asynchronous Python API for building Telegram bots
2017-02-22 envmgr-cli 1.3.1 Environment Manager CLI tool.
2017-02-22 nameko-sentry 0.0.4 Nameko extension sends entrypoint exceptions to sentry
2017-02-22 pymlask 0.2.0 Emotion analyzer for Japanese
2017-02-22 Orange-Infrared 0.1.1 UNKNOWN
2017-02-22 textool 1.0.2 A command line tool to convert TexturePacker file format.
2017-02-22 mr_bot 1.0.5 Small package for assist telegram bot development

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