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Filterous 0.8.2

Delicious Command Line Filter

Filterous - Delicious Command Line Filter <http:""/>

Default syntax:

filterous [options]

--tag Tag search string (@tag)
--ntag Negated tag search string (@tag)
--desc Description search string (@description)
--ndesc Negated description search string (@description)
--note Note search string (@extended)
--nnote Negated note search string (@extended)
--url URL search string (@href)
--nurl Negated URL search string (@href)
--help Show this information (use pydoc for more)
-T Output tab separated list for easier parsing
-t Show tags
-d Show descriptions
-n Show notes
-b Show Delicious bookmarking link

Will search the tags of the XML file downloaded from
<https:"" v1="" posts="" all="">. To avoid the slow load of that page in
a web browser, you can use one of the following commands:

curl -ku username:password

wget --no-check-certificate --user=username --password=password -O all.xml


filterous -t --tag video --tag tosee --ntag seen < all.xml
Unseen videos with tags.

filterous --nurl < all.xml
Links to

filterous -dntT --tag ★★★★★ < all.xml
Returns great links as a tab-separated list with URL, description, notes and

filterous -b --url index. < all.xml
filterous -b --url # < all.xml
filterous -b --url \& < all.xml
filterous -b --url //www. < all.xml
Bookmarks that could be shortened, with their bookmarking link for quick

filterous -b --tag read --ntag toread < all.xml
filterous -b --tag seen --ntag tosee < all.xml
filterous -b --tag done --ntag todo < all.xml
Strange tag combinations.

filterous < all.xml | xargs -d\\n linkchecker -r0 --no-warnings --no-status > diagnosis.txt
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