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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 87143 packages here.
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2016-08-24 underscorepy 0.2.0 Core library
2016-08-24 reversefold.util 1.15.3 SSH, Proc, Multiproc,,,,, etc.
2016-08-24 facebook_wordcloud 0.1 A Python tool for generating a word cloud for a Facebook chat conversation.
2016-08-24 openhtf 1.0.0 OpenHTF, the open hardware testing framework.
2016-08-24 PureCloudPlatformApiSdk PureCloud Platform API SDK
2016-08-24 martINI 0.4.2 edit .ini files from the command line
2016-08-24 FlexGet 2.3.5 FlexGet is a program aimed to automate downloading or processing content (torrents, podcasts, etc.) from different sources like RSS-feeds, html-pages, various sites and more.
2016-08-24 decoupage 0.13.3 Decoupage is the art of decorating an object by gluing colored paper cutouts onto it in combination with special paint effects ... The software decoupage lets you stitch together index pages from filesystem content
2016-08-24 CSpipe 0.057 ChIP-Seq pipe
2016-08-24 EvoDAG 0.2.15 Evolving Directed Acyclic Graph
2016-08-24 python-cicoclient 0.3.10 A client library for the administrative interface
2016-08-24 hickle 2.1.0 Hickle - a HDF5 based version of pickle
2016-08-24 kdr 0.9.79 Synchronize remote files with local directory.
2016-08-24 sphinxcontrib-versioning 2.1.1 Sphinx extension that allows building versioned docs for self-hosting.
2016-08-24 compiletools 4.1.9 Tools to make compiling C/C++ projects easy
2016-08-24 readtime 1.0.1 Calculates the time some text takes the average human to read, based on Medium's read time forumula
2016-08-24 gbXMLParser 0.65 Parser for gbXML file
2016-08-24 flupan 0.0.9 Python library to parse influenza passaging annotations
2016-08-24 mpf 0.30.27 Mission Pinball Framework
2016-08-24 PyWechatAPI 0.0.3 WeChat Develop Python API
2016-08-24 nflx-genie-client 3.0.33 Genie Python Client.
2016-08-24 shellphish-afl 1.0 pip package for afl
2016-08-24 pygooglevoice 0.5.2 Python 2/3 Interface for Google Voice
2016-08-24 qexpy 0.2.4 Package to handle error analysis and data plotting aimed at undergraduate physics.
2016-08-24 graphkit 1.0.1 Lightweight computation graphs for Python
2016-08-24 eemeter 0.4.9 Open Energy Efficiency Meter
2016-08-24 pytest 3.0.1 pytest: simple powerful testing with Python
2016-08-24 leapimport 0.1.1 Simple package to import binary LeapMotion recording data.
2016-08-24 appdynamics-bindeps-osx-x64 Dependencies for AppDynamics Python agent
2016-08-24 django-aboutconfig 0.4.3 A firefox-like about:config implementation for one-off settings in Django apps.
2016-08-24 appdynamics-bindeps-linux-x86 Dependencies for AppDynamics Python agent
2016-08-24 appdynamics-bindeps-linux-x64 Dependencies for AppDynamics Python agent
2016-08-24 appdynamics Python agent for AppDynamics
2016-08-23 processout ProcessOut API bindings.
2016-08-23 elastic2-doc-manager 0.2.0 Elastic2 plugin for mongo-connector
2016-08-23 elastic-doc-manager 0.2.0 Elastic 1.x plugin for mongo-connector
2016-08-23 vexbot 0.3.13 Python personal assistant
2016-08-23 percy 0.3.0 Python client library for visual regression testing with Percy (
2016-08-23 fail 0.1.2 run a program until it fails and gather statistics
2016-08-23 lollipop 0.3 Data serialization and validation library

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