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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 65868 packages here.
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2015-09-05 os0 0.2.8 OS indipendent interface
2015-09-05 microrepl 0.1 A REPL client for MicroPython running on the BBC micro:bit.
2015-09-05 dmdj 0.3.6 Django models for chop-dbhi/data-models-service style JSON endpoints.
2015-09-05 yturl 1.19.0 Gets direct media URLs to YouTube media
2015-09-05 pygaljs 1.0.1 Python package providing assets from
2015-09-05 algobroker 0.0.5 Algorithmic trading broker
2015-09-05 cryptoexchange 0.0.2 API's for bitcoin exchanges
2015-09-05 codecov 1.4.0 Hosted coverage reports for Github, Bitbucket and Gitlab
2015-09-05 python-whois 0.5 Whois querying and parsing of domain registration information.
2015-09-05 bts 0.5.17 api for BitShares
2015-09-05 mozregression 1.0.0 Regression range finder for Mozilla nightly builds
2015-09-05 djangocms-admin-style 0.2.8 Adds pretty CSS styles for the django CMS admin interface.
2015-09-05 pyvhdi 20150905 Python bindings module for libvhdi
2015-09-05 factory_pandas 0.0.0 Factory Pandas is an alternative to fixtures for pandas.
2015-09-05 trml2pdf 0.3 Tiny RML2PDF is a tool to easily create PDF document using special HTML-like markup language. It can be used as a Python library or as a standalone binary. It converts a RML, an XML dialect that lets you define the precise appearance of a printed document, to a PDF. You can use your existing tools to generate an input file that exactly describes the layout of a printed document, and RML2PDF converts it into PDF. RML is a much more powerfull and flexible alternative to XSL:FO. The executable read a RML file to the standard input and output a PDF file to the standard output.
2015-09-05 Pynamixel 0.1.0 Library to use Dynamixel servos supporting several hardwares
2015-09-05 mocodo 2.0.3 Modélisation Conceptuelle de Données. Nickel. Ni souris.
2015-09-05 django-mercadopago-simple 1.0.0 MercadoPago integration for django
2015-09-05 jsonrpcserver 2.1.0 JSON-RPC server library.
2015-09-05 asset 0.6.3 A package resource and symbol loading helper library.
2015-09-05 birdsql 0.6.3 Very simple and basic MySQL speaking objects for python
2015-09-05 scipio 0.1.1 Automate github downloads and xcodebuild
2015-09-05 signalr-client 0.0.1 Simple SignalR client for Python
2015-09-05 frhdtools 0.0.1 Library to work with Free Rider HD Tracks
2015-09-05 czech-sort 0.4 Text sorting function for the Czech language
2015-09-05 pyembed 1.3.0 Python OEmbed consumer library with automatic discovery of producers
2015-09-05 sqlpuzzle 1.7.0 Python library for writing SQL queries.
2015-09-05 python-libldap 0.8.5 A Python binding for libldap
2015-09-05 sky 0.0.155 AI powered scraping in Python 3
2015-09-05 django-unixtimestampfield 0.3 Unix timestamp (POSIX type) field
2015-09-05 django-flat-theme 1.1.1 A flat theme for Django admin interface. Modern, fresh, simple.
2015-09-05 collective.subsitebehaviors 0.4 Custom logo and css behaviors for subsites
2015-09-05 django-compressor-autoprefixer 0.1.0 Django Compressor CSS filter for autoprefixer
2015-09-05 fedmsg 0.16.0 Fedora Messaging Client API
2015-09-05 gilmsg 0.1.2 A reliability layer on top of fedmsg
2015-09-05 fake2db 0.4.1 Generate test databases filled with fake data (current support - sqlite, mysql, postgresql, mongodb, redis, couchdb)
2015-09-05 django-admin-bootstrapped 2.5.5 A Bootstrap theme for Django Admin
2015-09-05 email_validator 1.0.0 A robust email syntax and deliverability validation library for Python 2.x/3.x.
2015-09-05 tarun 0.1.0 Extract file
2015-09-05 pybde 20150905 Python bindings module for libbde

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