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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 64137 packages here.
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2015-08-05 stripe 1.24.1 Stripe python bindings
2015-08-05 erajp 0.0.2 Convert datetime to Japanese era
2015-08-05 vpoller 0.5.8 Distributed VMware vSphere API Proxy
2015-08-05 drf-jsonapi 0.1.1 Django Rest Framework tools which are compliant with the JSONAPI 1.0 specification
2015-08-05 gwss_parser 1.1 Garena web stats system
2015-08-05 Thanatos 0.3.0 A Python library for generating EVE Online trivia questions.
2015-08-05 google-common 0.0.1 Google namespace package
2015-08-05 bgqmap 1.0.0 Bgqmap it's a python library and script to parallelize multiple jobs in a DRMAA compatible cluster.
2015-08-05 fio_shipping_fedex Trytond Fedex Integration
2015-08-05 cmsplugin_simpleslider 0.1.0b3 A djangocms carousel slider plugin.
2015-08-05 hgsTools 0.2.40a1 hgsTools Python project
2015-08-05 isporn 0.9.0 A module to identify if a picture is porn
2015-08-05 connexion 0.8.2 Connexion - API first applications with swagger and flask
2015-08-05 django_audit_trail 0.1.5 App for tracking django model changes
2015-08-05 robotframework-testmanagement 0.1.6 Test management utility library for Robot Framework
2015-08-05 getwrapspec 1.0.0 Get argspec of wrapped functions for side-effect-only decorators
2015-08-05 xfork 0.12 submitting cpu-bound tasks to processes and io-bound tasks to threads
2015-08-05 fabdeploit 0.12.4 fabric utilities for git based deployments
2015-08-05 pypot 2.8.2 Python Library for Robot Control
2015-08-05 workalendar 0.4.1 Worldwide holidays and working days helper and toolkit.
2015-08-05 qPython 1.1.0b1 kdb+ interfacing library for Python
2015-08-05 fio_shipping Base shipping moduel
2015-08-05 trytond_magento Tryton Magento Integration
2015-08-05 django-exportdb 0.4.4 Dump the entire database to xlsx workbook with a sheet per model
2015-08-05 vyked 1.2.63 A micro-service framework for Python
2015-08-05 b2g_util 0.0.2 B2G Utilities
2015-08-05 frasco-users 0.3.3 Users management for Frasco
2015-08-05 hampy 1.2 Simple Hamming Marker Detection using OpenCV
2015-08-05 frasco-upload 0.2.1 File uploading for Frasco
2015-08-05 pyfedex 1.3 Fedex shipping integration
2015-08-05 frasco-models 0.3.2 ORM for Frasco
2015-08-05 frasco-forms 0.1.2 WTForms integration for Frasco
2015-08-05 frasco-admin 0.2.1 Admin interface for Frasco
2015-08-05 frasco 0.2.8 Build web applications without coding
2015-08-05 fio_sale_channel UNKNOWN
2015-08-05 odintools 0.1.4 Odin setuptools extensions
2015-08-05 django-user-management 8.1.1 User management model mixins and api views.
2015-08-05 themes.realestate_ecuador 0.4 Theme for Real Estate Agents
2015-08-05 Sherbet 0.1 Sherbet library introduces smart string formatting
2015-08-05 u2fval 0.9.0 Standalone/WSGI U2F server implementing the U2FVAL protocol

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