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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 91307 packages here.
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2016-10-23 comPy 0.9 communication system and signal processing library
2016-10-23 python-bogus-project-honeypot 1477260001.43 Useless bogus project honeypot
2016-10-23 live-premailer 0.1.8 Live premailer for jinja2 templates
2016-10-23 django_logtail 0.3.0 A log viewing and tailing utility accessible via a Django admin panel
2016-10-23 django-email-queue 0.9.12 Queening and storing email backed for django
2016-10-23 amg-player 0.3.3 Browse & play embedded tracks from Angry Metal Guy music reviews
2016-10-23 sickrage 8.6.7 Automatic Video Library Manager for TV Shows
2016-10-23 moya 0.6.12a0 web development platform
2016-10-23 azurerm 0.6.16 Azure Resource Manager REST wrappers
2016-10-23 outrigger 0.2.8 Outrigger is a tool to de novo annotate splice sites and exons
2016-10-23 droopescan 1.35.1 A plugin-based scanner that aids security researchers in identifying issues with several CMSs, mainly Drupal & SilverStripe.
2016-10-23 intercept 0.1.2 Capture your exceptions with a decorator.
2016-10-23 fs 2.0.0a1 Filesystem abstraction layer
2016-10-23 neovim-prompt 0.1.6 A customizable prompt library for Neovim
2016-10-23 educube 0.2 EduCube Client
2016-10-23 Flask-Navigate 0.1.9 Another flask extension that provides Navigation menus.
2016-10-23 fs 2.0.0a0 Filesystem abstraction layer
2016-10-23 pyramid-webpack 0.1.0 Pyramid extension for managing assets with Webpack.
2016-10-23 EvoDAG 0.3.9 Evolving Directed Acyclic Graph
2016-10-23 spunkybot 1.8.0 An automated game server bot and RCON tool for Urban Terror
2016-10-23 hitchselenium 0.6.1 Plugin to run Selenium with firefox using the Hitch testing framework.
2016-10-23 botstory 0.0.20 Async framework for bots
2016-10-23 toggl-cli 2 Command line interface for toggl timer app
2016-10-23 pyil-converter Convert files to the format you want!
2016-10-23 mamonsu 2.0.8 Monitoring agent for PostgreSQL
2016-10-23 easyargs 0.9.1 Making argument parsing easy
2016-10-23 django-route 0.1.0b2 django-route
2016-10-23 liuxiaohui_nester 1.0.3 这是pester.py模块,提供了一个名为print_lol()的函数 用来打印列表,其中包含或不包含嵌套列表。并且会以缩 进的方式进行打印。增加参数indent决定是否使用缩进功 能,默认为关闭缩进。
2016-10-23 regulator 1.0.0 Regular expression power tool.
2016-10-23 zenoss-fork 0.7.3 Module to work with the Zenoss JSON API (Fork)
2016-10-23 django-easy-audit 0.6 Yet another Django audit log app, hopefully the simplest one.
2016-10-23 StdConfigParser 0.8 A standard INI style configuration parser.
2016-10-23 django-sortedmanytomany 0.1.3 An extension of Django ManyToMany with ordering
2016-10-23 falcon-jwt-checker 0.1.1 Falcon middleware to validate JWTs on routes.
2016-10-23 django-triflesoft-templatetags 0.5.1610232024 Django template tags by TrifleSoft
2016-10-23 django-triflesoft-statsd 0.4.1610232024 Django statsd middleware by TrifleSoft
2016-10-23 django-triflesoft-loginas 0.4.1610232024 Django loginas for administrators by TrifleSoft
2016-10-23 django-triflesoft-localization 0.4.1610232024 Django alternative localization by TrifleSoft
2016-10-23 python-synology 0.0.2 Python API for communication with Synology DSM
2016-10-23 Flask-WTF-FlexWidgets 0.1.22 A flask extension that provides customizable WTF widgets and macros.

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