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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 79769 packages here.
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2016-05-02 eightvar 1.1.3 8var is an esoteric programming language, and this Python module is an interpreter for it. See
2016-05-02 Products.PlonePAS 5.0.10 PlonePAS modifies the PluggableAuthService for use by Plone.
2016-05-02 pyuarm 1.1.7 A python library for uArm
2016-05-02 papyrus 2.2 Geospatial Extensions for Pyramid
2016-05-02 abNester 1.0.0 Printer of nester lists
2016-05-02 CrossCat 0.1.54 A domain-general, Bayesian method for analyzing high-dimensional data tables
2016-05-02 wissen 0.12.5 Wissen Full-Text Search & Classification Engine
2016-05-02 cmsplugin_zinnia 0.8.1 Django-CMS plugins for django-blog-zinnia
2016-05-02 django-encrypted-id 0.1.0 Encrypted IDs for Django Models
2016-05-02 score.css 0.2.3 Helpers for managing css with The SCORE Framework
2016-05-02 score.js 0.2.4 Helpers for managing javascript with The SCORE Framework
2016-05-02 bluepyopt 1.1.45 Bluebrain Python Optimisation Library (bluepyopt)
2016-05-02 tanuki 0.1.6 Create dynamic forms in Django
2016-05-02 django-angular 0.8.2 Let Django play well with AngularJS
2016-05-02 constructive_geometries 0.3.1 Tool to build new geometrical definitions from the ecoinvent topology
2016-05-02 comiccrawler 2016.5.2 An image crawler with extendible modules and gui
2016-05-02 FlexGet 2.0.9 FlexGet is a program aimed to automate downloading or processing content (torrents, podcasts, etc.) from different sources like RSS-feeds, html-pages, various sites and more.
2016-05-02 feedinlib 0.0.8 Creating time series from pv or wind power plants.
2016-05-02 rest_channels 0.0.4 Class Based Views for Django Channels with Django Rest Framework
2016-05-02 chargebee 2.0.3 Python wrapper for the ChargeBee Subscription Billing API
2016-05-02 django-app-namespace-template-loader 0.4 Template loader allowing you to both extend and override a template at the same time.
2016-05-02 torcms 0.0.1 CMS based on Python 3 and Tornado. Flexible, extensible web CMS framework built on Tornado, Peewee and Purecss, compatible with Python 3.4 and 3.5.
2016-05-02 galgo A collection of algorithms and tools for genome analysis
2016-05-02 invenio-opendefinition 1.0.0a2 Invenio module integrating Invenio repositories and OpenDefinition.
2016-05-02 onegov.onboarding 0.2.3 Onboarding for OneGov Cloud applications.
2016-05-02 inthing 0.1.5 share realtime streams of events on
2016-05-02 aio-service-client 0.1.3 Service Client Framework powered by Python asyncio.
2016-05-02 marigoso 0.2.20 Functional Testing Tools for end to end testing of web applications and APIs.
2016-05-02 dj-jkabachcha 0.6 Package to create Json WYSIWYG field for Django models
2016-05-02 invenio-communities 1.0.0a3 Invenio module that adds support for communities.
2016-05-02 pitchpx 2.3 Getting Baseball data for MLBAM Gameday dataset
2016-05-02 django-indigorestwrapper 0.5 This is a (completely unauthorized) REST wrapper for the Indigo home automation application, using Django and Django-rest-framework.
2016-05-02 1.7.3 OneGov web application for small towns.
2016-05-02 ocspresponder 0.5.0 RFC 6960 compliant OCSP Responder framework written in Python 3.5+.
2016-05-02 django_jalali 2.4.0 Jalali Date support for Django model and admin interface
2016-05-02 django-tables2 1.1.8 Table/data-grid framework for Django
2016-05-02 django-account-keeping 0.2.2 A reusable Django app for keeping track of transactions in your bank accounts.
2016-05-02 lightsout 1.1.0 A tool to convert online radio playlist data into playable Spotify playlists
2016-05-02 fabrik 2.2.3 A simple to use deployment toolkit built on top of Fabric
2016-05-02 GDAL 2.1.0 GDAL: Geospatial Data Abstraction Library

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