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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 81470 packages here.
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2016-05-29 SwarmPackagePy 0.5 UNKNOWN
2016-05-29 emencia-django-bazar 0.6.2 A Django app to store basic informations about entities
2016-05-29 thrift3-binary-protocol 0.2 Apache Thrift with modifications for compatibility for Python 3
2016-05-29 tradingWithPython A collection of functions and classes for Quantitative trading
2016-05-29 pymstools 0.0.1 Python tool for Mass Spectrometry analysis
2016-05-29 Dero 0.5.2 Nick DeRobertis Personal Library
2016-05-29 kotti_socialbuttons 0.1a2 Social media buttons add on for Kotti
2016-05-29 django-inoa 0.5.34 Collection of django tools and snippets commonly used by Inoa.
2016-05-29 convert2 0.0.1 Convert anything to any type.
2016-05-29 djURLs 0.0.1 Decorator for mapping Django URLs.
2016-05-29 imtools 0.1.5 3D data processing toolbox
2016-05-29 causalmodels 0.2.0 Causal models in Python
2016-05-29 pyquickhelper 1.4.1244 Various functionalities: folder synchronization, a logging function, helpers to generate documentation with sphinx, generation of code for Python 2.7 from Python 3
2016-05-29 toil-scripts 2.0a2.dev176 A repository of genomic workflows developed by the UCSC Computational Genomics lab
2016-05-29 youtube_dl 2016.5.30.2 YouTube video downloader
2016-05-29 camomile 0.8.3 Python client for the Camomile API
2016-05-29 lektor-creative-commons 0.1.2 Lektor plugin to add Creative Commons license to your pages
2016-05-29 twisted-mqtt 0.1.5 MQTT client protocol package for Twisted
2016-05-29 simplesat 0.3.2 Simple SAT solvers for use in Enstaller
2016-05-29 survey_utils 0.0.4 Utilities for plotting survey and other results.
2016-05-29 series 2.2.1
2016-05-29 dexcom_reader 0.1.9 Audit, and inspect data from Dexcom G4.
2016-05-29 decocare 0.0.28 Audit, inspect, and command MM insulin pumps.
2016-05-29 krauler 0.2.0 A minimalistic, recursive web crawling library for Python.
2016-05-29 ankle 0.3.0 Find elements in HTML by matching them with a skeleton
2016-05-29 pdfparanoia 0.0.16 pdf watermark remover library for academic papers
2016-05-29 remdups 1.2 remdups - remove duplicate files
2016-05-29 pylimit 0.1.5 A distributed rate limiting library for python using leaky bucket algorithm and Redis
2016-05-29 towel 0.8.1 Keeping you DRY since 2010
2016-05-29 comiccrawler 2016.5.30 An image crawler with extendible modules and gui
2016-05-29 nimblenet 0.1.1 Efficient python (NumPy) neural network library.
2016-05-29 restmapper 1.0.3 RestMapper takes the pain out of integrating with RESTful APIs
2016-05-29 gameduino2 0.1.6 Package of Gameduino 2 development tools
2016-05-29 apng 0.1.0 A python module to deal with APNG file.
2016-05-29 lenses 0.1.7 A lens library for python
2016-05-29 django-statictastic 1.0.1 A fantastic way to sync your files to S3.
2016-05-29 interactiveTutorial 0.1.1 An interactive tutorial viewer and editor based on PyQt4.
2016-05-29 freud 0.1
2016-05-29 ocflib 2016. libraries for account and server management
2016-05-29 sphinxcontrib-httpdomain 1.5.0 Sphinx domain for HTTP APIs

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