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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 119610 packages here.
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2017-10-18 tellduslive 0.4.0 Communicate with Telldus Live
2017-10-18 drophi 1.7 A client for interacting with docker daemon
2017-10-18 luma.led_matrix 1.0.3 A library to drive a MAX7219 LED serializer (using SPI) and WS2812 NeoPixels (using DMA)
2017-10-18 requests-negotiate-sspi 0.3.2 This package allows for Single-Sign On HTTP Negotiate authentication using the requests library on Windows.
2017-10-18 nicecx-dev 0.0.1b6 Nice CX Python includes a client and a data model.
2017-10-18 battle_tested 2017.10.18.1 automated function fuzzer based on hypothesis to easily test production code
2017-10-18 botohelper 0.25 a library to make boto3 easier
2017-10-18 resonance 0.5.0 Learning mechanical vibrations through computation.
2017-10-18 selfLineOverwriter 18.10.17 Function to write over specific lines of code in itself
2017-10-18 Mopidy-Iris 3.5.5 A fully-functional Mopidy web client encompassing Spotify and many other backends
2017-10-18 tethys_dataset_services 1.6.3 A generic Python interface for dataset services such as CKAN and HydroShare
2017-10-18 dvh-analytics 0.2.17 Create a database of DVHs, views with Bokeh
2017-10-18 openfermionprojectq 0.1a5 A plugin allowing OpenFermion to interaface with ProjectQ.
2017-10-18 gcloud-aio-taskqueue 0.0.0 Asyncio Python Client for Google Cloud Task Queue
2017-10-18 django-analytical 2.3.0 Analytics service integration for Django projects
2017-10-18 solvebio 2.2.1 The SolveBio Python client
2017-10-18 gcloud-aio 0.0.0 Asyncio API Client library for Google Cloud
2017-10-18 wpm 1.26 Console app for measuring typing speed in words per minute (WPM)
2017-10-18 coralillo 0.6.7 An Object-Redis Mapping
2017-10-18 django-auth0-auth 2.3 Authenticated users using Auth0.
2017-10-18 brother_ql 0.8.2 Python package to talk to Brother QL label printers
2017-10-18 tgt-grease 1.3.11 GRE Application Service Engine
2017-10-18 netutils-linux 2.5.1 Bunch of utils to simplify linux network troubleshooting and performance tuning.
2017-10-18 umapi-client 2.8 Client for the User Management API (UMAPI) from Adobe - see
2017-10-18 PytSite 5.4.3 Brand New Python Web Framework
2017-10-18 serial 0.0.1 A library for serializing python objects as JSON/YAML/XML, and deserializing JSON/YAML/XML.
2017-10-18 qordoba 0.1.1a1 Qordoba command line tool
2017-10-18 pbt 1.0.9 Prompt decoration for ZSH and Bash written in Python
2017-10-18 data-structures-and-algorithms 0.2.1 A library, which provides implementations for many data structures and algorithms
2017-10-18 Symbolic 1.0.3
2017-10-18 PennSDK 1.6.2 Python tools for building Penn-related applications
2017-10-18 tsuru_dashboard 0.6.1 Web dashboard for tsuru PaaS
2017-10-18 jupyterlab 0.28.4 An alpha preview of the JupyterLab notebook server extension.
2017-10-18 deepmoon 0.4.3 The deep learning framework from beyond the moon
2017-10-18 ipywidgets 7.0.2 IPython HTML widgets for Jupyter
2017-10-18 dinant 0.5 An attempt to make regular expressions more readable.
2017-10-18 pwlistorder 0.1 Ordering lists based on aggregated pairwise preferences
2017-10-18 widgetsnbextension 3.0.4 IPython HTML widgets for Jupyter
2017-10-18 helpscout 0.0.7 This library allows you to interact with HelpScout using Python.
2017-10-18 bat_min 0.3.2 Bro Analysis Tools

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