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Index of Packages Matching 'jeremy carbaugh'

Package Weight* Description
django-gatekeeper 0.3.0 4 Django object moderation
lice 0.4 4 Generate a license file for a project
python-transparencydata 0.1 4 Library for interacting with the Sunlight Labs Transparency Data API
python-roku 3.1.4 3 Client for the Roku media player
python-roku-custom 3.1.4 3 Client for the Roku media player
roku 2.0 3 Client for the Roku media player
django-cloudmailin 0.1.1 2 Client for CloudMailin incoming email service
django-googleauth 2.1 2 OAuth 2.0 authentication for Google and Google Apps accounts
django-humanity 0.2 2 Form for math-based human verification
django-mediasync 2.2.0 2 Django static media development and distribution tools
django-nonprofit 0.4 2 Django app for managing and publishing basic information related to a non-profit organization.
django-trix 0.3.0 2 Trix rich text editor widget for Django
magicword 1.0 2 Single word authentication
python-s3file 1.3 2 Read and write to Amazon S3 using a file-like object
python-serpente 1.0.0 2 Roman numeral encoder and decoder
s3arch 0.1 2 Create local backups of S3 buckets
the-real-django-wordpress 0.10.1 2 Django models and views for a WordPress database.
the-real-django-wordpress-extras 0.4 2 A collection of non-WordPress extensions for django-wordpress (the real one)
us 0.9.1 2 US state meta information and other fun stuff
verifi 0.1.0 2 SSL/TLS certificate chain verification
webfinger 1.0 2 Simple Python implementation of WebFinger client protocol
xrd 0.1 2 Package for serializing and deserializing of XRD documents

*: occurrence of search term weighted by field (name, summary, keywords, description, author, maintainer)