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Index of Packages Matching 'flask'

Package Weight* Description
flaskbb-plugin-portal 1.1.0 10 A portal plugin for FlaskBB
airbrake-flask 1.0.7 9 airbrake-flask - Airbrake client for Python Flask
blueflask 0.1.4 9 Flask boilerplate to create an application with the idea of pluggable blueprints.
draftin_a_flask 0.1.5 9 A simple Flask server that allows you to publish Pelican blags from
eyeflask 0.1.3 9 Flask-based EyeFi Server
fireflask 0.2.0 9 Simple, beautiful logging from Flask web apps to FireBug console
Flask 0.12.2 9 A microframework based on Werkzeug, Jinja2 and good intentions
Flask-AlchemyDumps 0.0.10 9 SQLAlchemy backup/dump tool for Flask
Flask-Alchy 0.5.0 9 Flask extension for alchy
flask-allows 0.4 9 Impose authorization requirements on Flask routes
Flask-And-Redis 0.7 9 Simple as dead support of Redis database for Flask apps.
flask-apispec 0.4.2 9 Build and document REST APIs with Flask and apispec
flask-avro 0.0.1 9 Simple AVRO IPC endpoint registration for Flask
Flask-BCS 0.9.1 9 Baidu Cloud Storage for Flask
Flask-Bitmapist 0.1.2 9 Flask extension that creates a simple interface to Bitmapist analytics library
flask-blocks 1.0.19 9 The common blocks which solve common problems encountered when creating Flask applications.
Flask-Boost 0.7.5 9 Flask application generator for boosting your development.
Flask-BS 0.5.5 9 Another flask extension that provides Bootstrap CSS, JS and HTML5 boilerplate.
flask-bundle-system 0.1 9 Flask extension for work with blueprints as bundles
flask-cbv 0.0.1 9 Class based views for Flask.
Flask-Celery-Helper 1.1.0 9 Celery support for Flask without breaking PyCharm inspections.
Flask-CeleryExt 0.3.0 9 Flask-CeleryExt is a simple integration layer between Celery and Flask.
Flask-Cent 0.1.3 9 centrifugal/cent client for flask
Flask-CI 9 Continuous Integration support for Flask
Flask-Cloudy 1.0.1 9 Flask-Cloudy is a simple flask extension and standalone library to upload and save files on S3, Google storage or other Cloud Storages
Flask-Colorpicker 0.2 9 color picker flask extension
Flask-Composer 0.4.1 9 Composite Web UI extension for Flask
Flask-Copilot 0.2.0 9 Simple navbar generation for Flask applications.
Flask-CQLAlchemy 1.2.0 9 Flask-CQLAlchemy handles connections to Cassandra clusters and provides an interface through cqlengine
flask-csp 0.9 9 Flask Content Security Policy header support
flask-ctx 1.0.0 9 A simple integration of the CTX defense against side-channel attacks for Flask projects.
flask-daapserver 3.0.2 9 DAAP server framework implemented with Flask
Flask-Datepicker 0.2 9 date picker flask extension
flask-debugtb-elasticsearch 0.1.4 9 Flask debug toolbar panel for elasticsearch queries.
flask-debugtoolbar-flamegraph 0.1.2 9 Flamegraphs for Flask Debug Toolbar
flask-deprecate 0.1.3 9 Easy decorators for deprecating flask views and blueprints
Flask-Dogpile-Cache 0.2 9 Adds dogpile.cache support to your Flask application
Flask-Dropbox 0.3 9 Dropbox Python SDK support for Flask applications.
Flask-Dropzone 1.4.1 9 Upload file in Flask with Dropzone.js.
flask-dynamo 0.1.2 9 DynamoDB integration for Flask.
flask-dynamo-session 0.0.3 9 Flask extension for storing session in dynamodb. Uses flask_dynamo.
Flask-Env 1.0.1 9 Easily set Flask settings from environment variables
Flask-ErrorHandler 0.1.0 9 Generic error handlers for Flask blueprints.
Flask-Exceptions 1.2.0 9 A base set of API Exceptions for Flask apps
flask-expects-json 1.3.1 9 Decorator for REST endpoints in flask. Validate JSON request data.
Flask-FDS 0.0.6 9 Xiaomi File Storage Service for Flask
Flask-FIDO-U2F 0.4.4 9 A Flask plugin that adds FIDO U2F support.
Flask-FlatPages-Knitr 0.3.1 9 Knitr preprocessing for Flask-FlatPages
Flask-FlatPages-Pandoc 0.2 9 Pandoc rendering for Flask-FlatPages
Flask-Fool 1.0.1 9 A Flask extension that prevents browser access to API by faking browser error pages.
Flask-FormEncode 0.10.1 9 A form validation extension for Flask using the FormEncode package.
Flask-Formspree 0.3 9 formspree flask extension
flask-gae 0.1.0-20140530 9 Commons for Flask running on Google App Engine
Flask-Geckoboard 0.2.1 9 Geckoboard custom widgets for Flask projects
Flask-GnuPG 1.0.0 9 Flask extension for work with GnuPG
flask-go 0.1.1 9 Let you create flask project like use django-admin
Flask-GraphQL 1.4.1 9 Adds GraphQL support to your Flask application
Flask-Gravatar 0.5.0 9 Small extension for Flask to make usage of Gravatar service easy.
Flask-gTTS 0.2 9 gTTS Google text to speech flask extension
Flask-HAL 1.0.4 9 Provides easy integration of the HAL specification for your REST Flask Applications.
Flask-HAL-BBVA 1.0.5 9 Provides easy integration of the HAL specification for your REST Flask Applications.
Flask-HashFS 0.3.0 9 Flask extension for HashFS, a content-addressable file management system.
Flask-Heroku-Cacheify 1.6.1 9 Automatic Flask cache configuration on Heroku.
Flask-Heroku-RQify 0.2 9 Automatic RQ configuration for your Heroku Flask applications.
flask-hookserver 1.1.0 9 Server for GitHub webhooks using Flask
Flask-Humanize 0.3.0 9 Common humanization utilities for Flask applications.
Flask-Hypertable 0.3.0 9 A Flask extension for Hypertable over Thrift.
flask-i18n 1.1.0 9 Add basic i18n functionality for APIs built as Flask apps. Intended to work in conjuction with Flask-Babel
Flask-Inputs 0.2.0 9 Flask request data validation
flask-io 1.12.0 9 Flask-IO is a library for parsing Flask request arguments into parameters and for serialization of complex objects into Flask response.
Flask-IPInfo 0.0.10 9 Get IP, ISP, Location, OS from flask request
Flask-JIRA-Helper 0.2.0 9 JIRA support for Flask without breaking PyCharm inspections.
flask-json-errorhandler 1.0.3 9 Register json errorhandlers for a flask REST server
Flask-JSONPages 0.2 9 Provides static pages to a Flask application based on JSON
flask-jsontools-slippers 0.1.6 9 JSON API tools for Flask
Flask-JWT-Extended 3.7.0 9 Extended JWT integration with Flask
Flask-JWT-Simple 0.0.3 9 Simple JWT integration with Flask
Flask-JWTAuthorization 0.0.5 9 Authorization framework based on JWT for Flask applications
flask-konch 1.2.0.post0 9 An improved shell command for the Flask CLI
flask-lambda 0.0.4 9 Python module to make Flask compatible with AWS Lambda for creating RESTful applications
flask-lambda2 1.0.0 9 Python package to add compatibility between Flask and AWS Lambda for creating RESTful applications.
Flask-LazyViews 0.6 9 Registers URL routes for Flask application or blueprint in lazy way.
Flask-LDAPConn 0.7.0 9 Pure python, LDAP connection and ORM for Flask Applications
Flask-LogConfig 0.4.2 9 Flask extension for configuring Python logging module
Flask-Logger 1.0.0 9 Convenience logger for Flask apps
Flask-Logging-Extras 0.2.0 9 Extra logging functionality for Flask apps
flask-magic 0.0.53 9 A full stack Flask based framework that put structure in the file system. Features: Caching, Mailing, Storage, CSRF, recaptcha and more
Flask-Mailer 0.4.0 9 A Flask extension for sending emails with pluggable backends.
Flask-MailGun3 0.1.5 9 Flask extension to use the Mailgun email parsing service
flask-manager 0.0.1a0 9 A CRUD manager for Flask
Flask-MarcoPolo 0.6.3 9 Flask-MarcoPolo Flask-MarcoPolo is a Flask extension that adds structure to both your views and templates, by mapping them to each other to provide a rapid application development framework. The extension also comes with Flask-Classy, Flask-Assets, Flask-Mail, JQuery 2.x, Bootstrap 3.x, Font-Awesome, Bootswatch templates. The extension also provides pre-made templates for error pages and macros.
flask-marshmallow 0.8.0 9 Flask + marshmallow for beautiful APIs
flask-media 0.4.6 9 Flask extestion helper uploads files
Flask-Meter 0.1.2 9 Flask-Meter adds a monitoring endpoint for consuming application host metrics.
Flask-MicroServices 0.34.5 9 Self contained modules and Django style URL routing for Flask.
Flask-MIME-Encoders 0.1.3 9 Extensible Flask MIME encoders and decoders
flask-mongo-sessions 0.2.1 9 Server-side sessions for Flask with MongoDB
flask-musers 0.5.4 9 Flask app for store user in MongoDB and simple views for login, logout and registration.
Flask-Navigate 0.2.2 9 Another flask extension that provides Navigation menus.
Flask-Navigation 0.2.0 9 The navigation of Flask application.
Flask-Neo4jDriver 0.2.0 9 Flask extension for official neo4j python driver.
flask-now 0.1.3 9 Flask App Generator
Flask-NSQ 0.1.0 9 Adds NSQ support for your Flask application
flask-oauth2-devices 0.0.1 9 OAuth2 for devices flow implementation for Flask
flask-objectid-converter 1.0.0 9 Provides url converters for flask to support pymonogs ObjectIDs
flask-oslolog 0.1 9 This project wraps the existing oslo.log library to providerequest logging and logger access within flask..
Flask-Pages 0.1.4 9 Another? flask extension that provides dynamic pages.
Flask-PaperTrail 0.0.2 9 Adds PaperTrail logging to your Flask application
flask-passwordless 0.1.1 9 Flask extension for passwordless login
flask-paypal 0.1.0 9 Flask integration with PayPal, mainly focused on subscriptions.
flask-peewee-crud 0.3.0 9 A REST API framework for building CRUD APIs using Flask and peewee (forked from sanic_crud
Flask-Philo 3.1.1 9 Simple web framework based on Flask
Flask-PicoCMS 0.0.6 9 Lightweight CMS backend for Flask apps
Flask-Pilot 0.5.0 9 Flask-Pilot is a Flask extension that adds structure and map your views and templates together for rapid application development
flask-ponywhoosh 1.0.6 9 A search engine for Flask using Pony ORM and Whoosh.
Flask-Postmark 0.2.0 9 Postmark Flask extension
Flask-Project 0.1.1 9 Flask project template generator.
flask-project-templates 0.2 9 Paster templates for creating Flask projects
Flask-PW 1.1.3 9 Peewee ORM integration for Flask framework
Flask-Qedit 1.0.16 9 Quickly initialize the flask application.
Flask-QiniuStorage 0.9.4 9 Qiniu Storage for Flask
Flask-RAML 0.2.2 9 Flask-RAML (REST API Markup Language) API server with parameter conversion, response encoding, and examples
Flask-reCaptcha 0.4.2 9 The new Google ReCaptcha implementation for Flask without Flask-WTF
Flask-Redis-Helper 1.0.0 9 Redis support for Flask without breaking PyCharm inspections.
Flask-request-params 0.3.0 9 Flask-request-params provides Rails-like interface to HTTP Request Parameters for Flask.
flask-request-validator 2.1.0 9 Flask request data validation
flask-rest-api 0.1.1 9 Build a REST API with Flask
Flask-REST-Controller 1.0.0 9 Flask-REST-Controller is added Class-Based-View(Controller) extension on Flask
Flask-Restdoc 0.0.2 9 Flask-Restdoc is a simple tool that generates RESTful API documentation automatically from python files.
Flask-RESTeasy 0.0.8 9 Create easy REST APIs with Flask
Flask-RESTful-DRY 0.3.1 9 Flask-RESTful APIs using declarations, not code
Flask-RESTify 0.1.3 9 Flask REST framework
Flask-RESTive 0.0.3 9 Flask RESTive is a REST API Flask extension based on Flask-RESTful & Marshmallow.
Flask-RESTive-Identifiers 0.0.3 9 Flask-RESTive extension to work with identifiers.
Flask-RESTive-MongoDB 0.0.1 9 Flask-RESTive extension to work with MongoDB.
Flask-Restler 1.15.2 9 Build REST API for Flask using Marshmallow.
Flask-Restless 1.0.0b1 9 A Flask extension for easy ReSTful API generation
flask-reveal 0.3 9 Make reveal.js presentations with Flask
flask-robohash 1.0.1 9 avatars that you can use with the microframework Flask.
Flask-RouteLogger 0.1 9 Logging the meta route level request- response information in the structured manner for your flask web application
flask-routes 0.1.0 9 Command line extension to list all routes in a Flask project
Flask-Run 0.1.3 9 Flask-based web application runner
Flask-S3-Bower 0.7 9 Seamlessly serve the static files of your Flask app from Amazon S3 and also use bower for development
Flask-SaeStorage 0.9.0 9 SAE Storage for Flask
flask-samurai 0.1 9 Easily create Heroku addons in Flask.
Flask-Sass 0.9 9 A small Flask extension that makes it easy to use Sass with your Flask application.
Flask-Scaffold 0.5.1 9 Scaffold Database Applications in MySQL or PostgreSQL with Flask
flask-secretbox-session 0.1.0 9 Flask client side session serializer, using Sodium SecretBox authenticated encryption
flask-secure-headers 0.6 9 Secure Header Wrapper for Flask Applications
Flask-Security 3.0.0 9 Simple security for Flask apps.
Flask-Security-Elucidata 1.0.0 9 Simple security for Flask apps.
Flask-Security-Fork 2.0.1 9 Simple security for Flask apps.
Flask-SendGrid 0.6 9 Adds SendGrid support to Flask applications
Flask-ServerInfo 0.1.2 9 Flask server info view for inspecting server app and user requests
Flask-Settings 0.0.3 9 Flask settings extension is similar to Django settings.
Flask-Sijax 0.4.1 9 An extension for the Flask microframework that adds Sijax support.
flask-simple 0.0.1 9 SimpleDB integration for Flask.
flask-social-blueprint 0.7.2 9 An OAuth based authentication blueprint for flask. Easy to extend and override
Flask-Spyne 0.3.1 9 A Flask extension, provides support for Spyne.
flask-sqlacodegen 9 Automatic model code generator for SQLAlchemy with Flask support
flask-sqlite_admin 0.3 9 SQLite DB Management Blueprint for Flask Applications
Flask-Stats 1.0.1 9 A flask plugin to keep stats about your application
Flask-StatsDClient 1.0.1 9 A simple statsd client extension for Flask apps
Flask-Store 9 Provides Django-Storages like file storage backends for Flask Applications.
Flask-Styleguide 0.4.0 9 A living Styleguide for your Flask application.
flask-swagger-ui 3.6.0 9 Swagger UI blueprint for Flask
flask-talisman 0.4.1 9 HTTP security headers for Flask.
Flask-Themes2 0.1.4 9 Provides infrastructure for theming Flask applications (and supports Flask>=0.6!)
flask-thumbor 0.1.0 9 Flask utilities to use thumbor images.
flask-transfer 0.1.0 9 Validate and process file uploads in Flask easily
Flask-Triangle-joeflack4 0.5.6 9 Integration of AngularJS and Flask, originally created by Morgan Delahaye-Prat (
Flask-Turbo-Boost 0.0.11 9 Forked Flask-Boost - Flask application generator for boosting your development.
Flask-User-05 0.5 9 Customizable User Account Management for Flask: Register, Confirm email, Login, Change username, Change password, Forgot password and more.
flask-utils 0.1.1 9 Various Flask utilities.
Flask-uWSGI-WebSocket 0.6.0 9 High-performance WebSockets for your Flask apps powered by uWSGI.
Flask-Via 2015.1.1 9 Provides a clean, simple URL routing framework for growing Flask Applications.
Flask-Webhook 0.1.0 9 Create Flask application webhooks with attached handlers
flask-webpackext 0.1.0 9 Webpack integration for Flask.
Flask-Whiteprint 0.0.1 9 An enhancement of flask blueprint.
flask-whooshee 0.5.0 9 Flask-SQLAlchemy - Whoosh Integration
flask-yoloapi 0.0.8 9 Simply the best Flask API library
Flask-Zen 0.2 9 Flask-Script commands to integrate with PyZen.
Flask-Zero 0.9.6 9 Qiniu Storage for Flask
Flask-ZODB 0.1 9 Use the ZODB with Flask
flask_accept 0.0.4 9 Custom Accept header routing support for Flask
flask_chip 1.0.1 9 A token generator for Flask apps.
flask_datatables 0.6.17 9 Integrates SQLAlchemy with DataTables (framework Flask)
flask_json_content_type_validator 0.1.1 9 Flask JSON Content-Type decorator which validates that the Content-Type is indeed application/json. In the case of a wrong content type, then the decorator will throw an exception which can be customized.
flask_json_multidict 1.0.0 9 Convert Flask's `request.get_json` dict into a MultiDict like `request.form`
flask_jsontools 0.1.1-0 9 JSON API tools for Flask
Flask_LDAP_View 0.3 9 A library to restrict your flask pages by LDAP groups
flask_nameko 1.4.0 9 A wrapper for using nameko services with Flask
flask_open_directory 0.1.1 9 MacOS OpenDirectory Authorization Middleware for Flask
flask_replicated 1.2 9 Flask SqlAlchemy router for stateful master-slave replication
flask_restful_url_generator 0.0.4 9 flask-restful URLs list
flask_siilo 0.1.2 9 A simple storage for Flask based on siilo.
flask_template 0.4.1 9 Flask Project Template
flask_tlsauth 0.1.3 9 Flask extension implementing TLS Authentication - simple client certificate CA inclusive
flask_trace 0.0.4 9 Log trace decorator function for Flask
flask_tryton 0.7 9 Adds Tryton support to Flask application
flask_typed_mounter 0.2.1 9 Decorator to mount a function to a Flask endpoint
FlaskDeferredHandler 0.1 9 A Flask handler for the Google Appengine's deferred library
flasked 0.0.4 9 Flasked is a package for creating an API-REST even easier than with Flask_Restful.
flaskhmac 1.2.1 9 Provides easy integration of the HMAC signatures for your REST Flask Applications.
flaskit 0.1.0 9 Utilies for Flask application.
flaskJSONRPCServer 0.9.3 9 A Python JSON-RPC over HTTP with flask and gevent
flaskmogrify 0.0.9 9 Flaskmogrify, a simple Flask single pageapplication to convert (w/ Ajax) user-pasted text using an arbitrary text conversion function.
flaskpress-themes 0.1.5 9 Provides infrastructure for theming FlaskPress applications
graphql-flask 1.1.0 9 Adds GraphQL support to your Flask application
Humanize-Flask 0.2.0 9 Common humanization utilities for Flask applications.
JYFlask 0.1 9 Jing Yun Flask
launchkey-flask 0.1.0 9 LaunchKey authentication extension for Flask
nailpack-flask 0.1.0 9 Flask support for nails
odinweb.flask 0.4.0 9 Toolkit for building web API's using Odin and Flask.
prometheus-flask-exporter 0.1.2 9 Prometheus metrics exporter for Flask
pytest-flask 0.10.0 9 A set of py.test fixtures to test Flask applications.
social-auth-app-flask 1.0.0 9 Python Social Authentication, Flask integration.
social-auth-app-flask-mongoengine 1.0.0 9 Python Social Authentication, Mongoengine Flask models integration.
social-auth-app-flask-peewee 1.0.0 9 Python Social Authentication, peewee Flask models integration.
social-auth-app-flask-sqlalchemy 1.0.1 9 Python Social Authentication, SQLAlchemy Flask models integration.
castle-flask 0.0.1 8 A Flask client for
Flask-Admin 1.5.0 8 Simple and extensible admin interface framework for Flask
Flask-Annex 0.4.2 8 Efficient integration of external storage services for Flask
flask-apidoc 1.1.2 8 Adds ApiDoc support to Flask
flask-app-core 1.2.8 8 Flask app core
flask-applauncher-bundle 1.04 8 flask support for applauncher
Flask-AuthMgr 1.1.1 8 A flask extension based on Flask-HTTPAuth for managing restful API Auth.
flask-blueprint 1.2.2 8 Flask blueprint generator
Flask-Builder 0.9 8 Flask-application factory
Flask-Config 0.2.1 8 Flask configuration class
flask-dev-mark-middleware 0.0.1 8 Show dev mark on flask app
flask-djcelery 0.1 8 An integration of djcelery with flask application
Flask-Dry-Transaction 0.1.0 8 A python package implementing the strategy of business transaction in flask microservices developement
flask-east 1.0.0 8 Flask extension for creating REST APIs
flask-extension-cookiecutter 0.1.1 8 Cookiecutter template for a Flask Extension
Flask-Hierarchy 0.1.1 8 Finally working permission manager for Flask!
flask-http2-push 0.0.3 8 A Flask extension to add http2 server push to your application.
Flask-JSONAPIView 0.1.0 8 DEPRECATED: This library has been renamed to Flask-RESTy
Flask-JsonSchemaValidator 0.2 8 Basic JSON Schema Validator for the Flask web framework.
Flask-LoginManager 1.1.6 8 Flask-Loginmanager supports multiple roles and permissions for Flask, inspired by Flask-Login
flask-optimize 0.2.7 8 Flask optimization: cache, minify html and gzip response
Flask-PyOTP 0.0.1 8 PyOTP warpper for flask.
flask-request-args-parser 1.1.0 8 flask.request's args parser
Flask-REST-JSONAPI 0.16.2 8 Flask extension to create REST web api according to JSONAPI 1.0 specification with Flask, Marshmallow and data provider of your choice (SQLAlchemy, MongoDB, ...)
flask-rest-orm 0.3.0 8 Flask extension to build REST APIs based on SQLAlchemy models
Flask-RESTbolt 0.1.0 8 Powerful and fast framework for creating REST APIs with Flask
Flask-Restful-Autodoc 8 Simple library for auto generating documentation for Flask-Restful package
Flask-RESTful-extend 0.3.7 8 Improve Flask-RESTFul's behavior. Add some new features.
Flask-RESTy 0.14.0 8 Building blocks for REST APIs for Flask
flask-resty-tenants 0.7.1 8 Flask Resty Authorization module for multitenancy
flask-skel 0.4 8 Basic Flask paster skeleton template
Flask-SQLAlchemy-Caching 1.0.2 8 CachingQuery implementation to Flask using Flask-SQLAlchemy and Flask-Caching
Flask-SQLService 0.1.0 8 Flask extension for sqlservice
Flask-Stride 0.2.17 8 Flask adapter client for pystride
flask-tmpl 0.2.0 8 PasteScript templates for the Flask+Celery+SQLAlchemy
Flask-WeChat 0.1.0 8 a simple flask extension for setup wechat service.
Flask-WTF-FlexWidgets 0.1.25 8 A flask extension that provides customizable WTF widgets and macros.
flask-wtf-storage 0.0.2 8 extend flask-wtf to use google storage
flask_app_generator 0.1.0 8 Flask Project Generator
flask_basic_roles 0.2 8 A plugin for adding very simple users + roles to a flask app
flask_beautiful_messages 1.2.8 8 This library allows Flask developers to quickly create beautiful email and webpage templates
flask_multiple_static_folders 1.1 8 This library allows Flask developers to use multiple static folders
flask_render_specific_template 1.1 8 This library allows Flask developers to dynamically select the template directory used for rendering
flask_resty_swagger 0.1.3 8 Generate swagger documentation from flask-resty service
flask_servicenow 0.1.1 8 ServiceNow REST API Flask extension
flask_simple_accounts 1.131 8 This library allows Flask developers to use the an api to handle the mundane tasks of user account management
flask_singleview 0.2.1 8 A flask micro extension for building single-view web apps.
flask_sqla_debug 0.2 8 Helpers for debugging flask and sqlalchemy performance
flask_web_args 0.1.2 8 A library to help easily parse/validate web arguments with Flask
flaskchatterbot 0.1.0 8 An open-source web based Python chat bot in Flask.
flaskfilemanager 0.0.4 8 RichFilemanager blueprint for Flask web applications - adds a ckeditor compatible file manager / browser
flaskrestgen 0.4 8 A restful API generator for flask/sqlalchemy declarative models.
flasksr 0.6 8 Start streaming HTTP Responses based on your page layout for Flask and improve Time for First Paint.
kt-flask-sessions 0.1.3 8 Kyoto Tycoon backed sessions for Flask
oleg-flask-sessions 0.2.5 8 Oleg DB backed sessions for Flask
pixelpin-auth-flask 1.0.0 8 Python Social Authentication, Flask integration.
pixelpin-auth-flask-sqlalchemy 1.0.1 8 Python Social Authentication, SQLAlchemy Flask models integration.
preflask 0.2 8 flask & preprocessors, together, forever <3
pylint-flask 0.5 8 pylint-flask is a Pylint plugin to aid Pylint in recognizing and understanding errors caused when using Flask
teleflask 1.0.0 8 Easily create Telegram bots with pytgbot and flask. Webhooks made easy.
AC-Flask-HipChat 0.2.12 7 Atlassian Connect library based on Flask for HipChat
agaveflask 0.2.0 7 Common package for authoring Agave services in flask/Flask-RESTful
BootFlask 0.1 7 A simple tool for turn your flask projects more quick and fun.
cflask 0.1.1 7 Simple versioning api built on flask
cli_flask 0.0.1 7 Flask cli (command line interface) for Flask application based project
create-flask-app 0.2.1 7 Create flask web apps with directory layout
Flask-Access 0.1 7 A Flask extension which limits access to views.
Flask-Actions 0.6.6 7 custom actions for flask to help manage your application
Flask-ActiveRecord 0.2.3 7 ActiveRecord support for Flask-SQLAlchemy models
Flask-ADFS 0.1.9 7 User session management for Flask
flask-admin-openerp 0.3.3 7 OpenERP Backend for Flask-Admin
flask-admin-s3-upload 0.1.4 7 Field types for allowing file and image uploads to Amazon S3 (as well as default local storage) in Flask-Admin.
Flask-Admin-Utils 0.0.3 7 Utils for Flask-Admin 0.1.3 7 copy from
Flask-Airbrake 0.0.3 7 Flask extension for Airbrake
Flask-AlchemyView 0.1.4 7 Simple ModelView for auto-generating Flask Views based on SQLAlchemy models
Flask-Alembic 2.0.1 7 Flask extension to integrate Alembic migrations
Flask-API 1.1b2 7 Browsable web APIs for Flask.
Flask-API-Utils 1.0.2 7 Flask-API-Utils helps you to create APIs. 7 Browsable web APIs for Flask.
Flask-APIBlueprint 1.0.0 7 Route inheritance for Flask Blueprints
flask-apify 0.7.1 7 A Flask extension to create API to your application as a ninja
Flask-AppBuilder 1.9.6 7 Simple and rapid application development framework, built on top of Flask. includes detailed security, auto CRUD generation for your models, google charts and much more.
flask-appconfig 0.11.1 7 Configures Flask applications in a canonical way. Also auto-configures Heroku. Aims to standardize configuration.
Flask-AppFactory 0.2.1 7 Flask-AppFactory is an dynamic application loader.
Flask-AppUtils 1.2.0 7 A collection of useful patterns and helpers for Flask applications
Flask-Arango 0.1.1 7 Flask extension providing integration with Arango.
Flask-Arangodb 1.0.4 7 Flask extension for ArangoDB using python-arango
Flask-Argon2 7 Flask-Argon2 provides convenient wrappers for Argon2 password hashing
flask-args 0.3.0 7 auto type convertion for flask.request.form/args/values
Flask-arrest 0.5.0 7 A small Flask extension to ease the creation of REST apis.
Flask-Assets 0.12 7 Asset management for Flask, to compress and merge CSS and Javascript files.
Flask-Async 0.11-dev-20140215 7 A fork of Flask to support asyncio
Flask-Attest 0.1dev 7 Test Flask applications with Attest
Flask-Augment 0.5 7 Python decorators implementing contracts for flask framework
Flask-Auth 0.85 7 Auth extension for Flask.
Flask-Authorization-Panda 0.3 7 Flask Authorization for Pandas!
Flask-Autodoc 0.1.2 7 Documentation generator for flask
Flask-AutoFixture 0.2.3 7 Flask extension for recording JSON fixtures right from your test suite
Flask-AutoIndex 0.6 7 The mod_autoindex for Flask
flask-automation 1.1 7 Common functionality across the different Flask microservices of the UofC UIS Automation team
Flask-Avatar 0.1.2 7 To generate avatar for flask
Flask-AYAH 0.1 7 Are you a Human? Flask Extension
Flask-Azure-Storage 0.2.1 7 Flask extension that provides integration with Azure Storage
Flask-Babel 0.11.2 7 Adds i18n/l10n support to Flask applications
flask-babel-utclocal-utils 0.1.0 7 UTC to local (and vice versa) datetime conversion utilities for use with Flask-Babel.
Flask-Babel2 0.1 7 Adds i18n/l10n support to Flask applications
Flask-Babeled 0.9.3 7 Adds i18n/l10n support to Flask applications
Flask-BabelEx 0.9.3 7 Adds i18n/l10n support to Flask applications
Flask-BabelPkg 0.9.6 7 Adds i18n/l10n support to Flask applications and extensions
Flask-BabelPlus 2.1.1 7 Adds i18n/l10n support to Flask applications
Flask-BasicAuth 0.2.0 7 HTTP basic access authentication for Flask.
Flask-Bcrypt 0.7.1 7 Brcrypt hashing for Flask.
Flask-Beaker 0.2.0 7 Beaker session interface for Flask.
flask-beans 1.2 7 A simple API for counting beans with Flask and Redis.
Flask-Beanstalk 0.0.3 7 Utilities for using Beanstalk with Flask
Flask-BearyChat 0.2.0 7 A Flask extension to help interact with BearyChat
flask-bigtempo 0.8 7 Flask extension for bigtempo features
Flask-bitjws 7 A Flask extension for bitjws authentication.
flask-blitzdb 0.1 7 Flask extension for blitzdb
Flask-Blogging 1.0.2 7 A flask extension for adding Markdown blog support to your site
flask-bluelogin 0.2.7 7 Flask BlueLogin module
flask-bluestatic 0.1.0 7 Flask BlueStatic module
flask-boilerplate-utils 0.1.65 7 Additional functionality with easy upgrading for the flask-boilerplate.
Flask-BotoSQS 0.2.0 7 Boto3 SQS integration for Flask
flask-bouncer 0.1.13 7 Flask Simple Declarative Authentication based on Ryan Bates excellent cancan library
Flask-Breadcrumbs 0.4.0 7 Flask-Breadcrumbs adds support for generating site breadcrumb navigation.
Flask-Breathalyzer 0.2.2 7 Flask module for submitting timings and exceptions to Datadog
Flask-Breve 0.2 7 Breve templating with Flask
Flask-BrowserID 0.0.4 7 Flask support for BrowserID authentication
Flask-BSON 0.1.1 7 Let your flask endpoints handle BSON requests and responses
flask-buckets 7 Simple and easy file storages for Flask
Flask-Bulbs 0.1 7 Flask extension for [Bulbs]( supporting the factory pattern with the init_app method.
Flask-Bundle 0.4 7 Class based tool that behaves like blueprints
Flask-Cache 0.13.1 7 Adds cache support to your Flask application
Flask-Cache-Cassandra 0.14.6 7 Adds cache support to your Flask application
Flask-Cache-Latest 0.12 7 Adds cache support to your Flask application
Flask-Cache-PyLibMC 0.1 7 PyLibMC cache for Flask-Cache, supports multiple operations and other awesome things.
Flask-Cache-Redis-Cluster 0.0.5 7 Adds redis cluster caching support to the Flask Cache(ing) extension
Flask-CacheControl 0.1.2 7 Set Cache-Control headers on the Flask response
Flask-CacheOBJ 0.2.2 7 Flask-CacheOBJ provides some caching decorators
Flask-Caching 1.3.3 7 Adds caching support to your Flask application
Flask-Cachual 0.2.0 7 Flask extension for the Cachual library
Flask-Cake 0.3.1 7 Flask extension to execute Cake on filesystem events.
flask-canvas 0.1 7 A Flask extension for Facebook canvas-based apps
Flask-Captcha 0.1.8 7 A very simple, yet powerful, Flask captcha extension
Flask-CAS 1.0.1 7 Flask extension for CAS
Flask-Cassandra 0.14 7 Provides a connection to a Cassandra cluster in a Flask app
Flask-CassandraDB 0.0.1 7 connect cassandra to flask
Flask-Caster 0.1.0 7 A simple Flask extension for automatically casting the type of query arguments.
Flask-Cavage 0.4.3 7 Verify cavage-http-signatures requests made to Flask
Flask-CDN 1.5.3 7 Serve the static files in your Flask app from a CDN.
Flask-CDN-NG 1.3.0 7 Serve the static files in your Flask app from a CDN.
Flask-Celery 2.4.3 7 Celery integration for Flask
Flask-Celery-Bundle 0.1.0 7 Adds Celery support to Flask Unchained projects
Flask-Celery-py3 0.2.4 7 Celery 3.0+ integration for Flask (Python 3 version)
Flask-CKEditor 0.3.3 7 CKEditor integration for Flask.
flask-clacks 1.0.1 7 A man is not dead while his name is still spoken.
Flask-Classful 0.14.1 7 Class based views for Flask
Flask-Classy 0.6.10 7 Class based views for Flask
Flask-CLI 0.4.0 7 Backport of Flask 1.0 new click integration.
Flask-CMDB 0.1.4 7 A cmdb api client for Flask applications.
Flask-CMS 0.0.1 7 Extensible Content Management System for Flask: Pages, Blogs, Comments and more.
flask-codemirror 1.0 7 Use CodeMirror Javascript library with Flask-WTF
Flask-Coffee 0.3 7 Fill your flask with coffee.
flask-coffee2js 0.1.2 7 A small Flask extension that adds CoffeScript support to Flask.
Flask-Collect 1.3.2 7 Flask-Collect -- Collect static files in Flask application
flask-command 0.0.3 7 flask-command - Run you flask+gunicorn app as a command
Flask-Common 0.2.0 7 A Flask extension with lots of common time-savers (file-serving, favicons, etc).
Flask-Compass 0.2 7 Adds automatic Compass compilation to Flask
Flask-Compress 1.4.0 7 Compress responses in your Flask app with gzip.
Flask-Compress-nondebug 1.0.2 7 Compress responses in your Flask app with gzip.
Flask-Config-Helper 0.1.1 7 Flask configuration helper
Flask-Config-Override 0.0.2 7 Override Flask configuration via Cookie at runtime.
flask-consulate 0.2.0 7 flask extension that provides an interface to consul via a flask app
Flask-Context 0.1 7 Provide an arbitrary context object to Flask. Useful for microservice environments.
Flask-Controller-Bundle 0.1.0 7 Adds declarative routes and class-based views to Flask Unchained
Flask-Cors 3.0.3 7 A Flask extension adding a decorator for CORS support
Flask-CORSify 0.1.1 7 Add CORS support for your Flask app.
Flask-COS 0.1.0 7 腾讯云对象存储的Flask扩展
Flask-CouchDB 0.2.1 7 Provides utilities for using CouchDB with Flask
Flask-CouchDB-Schematics 1.0.0 7 Provides utilities for using CouchDB + Schematics with Flask
Flask-CouchDBKit 0.3.5 7 Flask extension that provides integration with CouchDBKit.
Flask-Creole 0.4.4 7 Creole parser filters for Flask
Flask-Crossdomain2 0.1.0 7 Module for enabling cross-site/cross-origin HTTP requests on Flask app endpoints.
flask-csrf 0.9.2 7 A small Flask extension for adding CSRF protection.
Flask-CSV 1.1.0 7 Easily render CSVs within any flask application
Flask-CuddlyRest 0.1.15 7 Flask restful API framework for MongoDB/MongoEngine
Flask-CuttlePool 0.2.0 7 A Flask extension for CuttlePool
Flask-Dance 0.13.0 7 Doing the OAuth dance with style using Flask, requests, and oauthlib
Flask-Dashboard 0.0.6a 7 Yet another admin interface for Flask
Flask-DBConfig 0.3.12 7 Configure Flask applications from a local DB
Flask-DBKit 0.0.1 7 dbkit integration for Flask.
Flask-DBMigrate 0.1 7 Database schema change management for Flask\SQLAlchemy
Flask-Debug 0.4.3 7 Shows reflection/configuration to aid the development of Flask applications.
Flask-Debug-API 0.1.0 7 API Browser for Flask-DebugToolbar
Flask-DebugTool 0.1.8 7 A toolbar overlay for debugging Flask applications.
Flask-DebugToolbar 0.10.1 7 A toolbar overlay for debugging Flask applications.
Flask-DebugToolbar-LineProfilerPanel 1.0.2 7 Panel for the Flask Debug toolbar to capture and view line-by-line profiling stats
Flask-DebugToolbar-Mongo 0.1 7 MongoDB panel for the Flask Debug Toolbar
Flask-Decorators 0.0.1 7 A list of Flask decorator utilitiesnot include in the origin flask project.
Flask-Defer 1.1.0 7 Flask extension to defer task execution under after request teardown
Flask-Devices 0.0.1 7 Flask extension for switching template folder automatically by User Agent
Flask-Diamond 0.5.2rc6 7 Flask-Diamond is a batteries-included Flask framework, sortof like Django but radically decomposable. Flask-Diamond offers some opinions about data-centric Internet applications and systems.
Flask-Diced 0.3 7 Flask-Diced - CRUD views generator for Flask
Flask-Digest 0.2.1 7 A RESTful authentication service for Flask applications
flask-discoverer 0.0.2 7 Flask API autodiscovery
Flask-Disqus 0.0.1 7 Small extension for Flask to make possible using Disqus comments
flask-docjson 0.1.7 7 Validate flask request and response json schemas via docstring.
Flask-Docker 0.2.0 7 Using Docker client in your Flask application.
Flask-DogStatsd 0.5.0 7 A Flask extension for dogstatsd-python
Flask-DotEnv 0.1.1 7 The .env file support for Flask
Flask-Downloader 0.2 7 Allow a Flask web app to download files on behalf of the user.
Flask-DStore 0.1.2 7 DStore Web API and JS Client using FLask
flask-easymode 0.0.17 7 Make Flask development even easier
Flask-Ecstatic 0.3.0 7 Serves static files with optional directory index
Flask-Edits 0.8 7 Editable Content in Flask
Flask-Elastic 0.2 7 Integrates official client for Elasticsearch into Flask
Flask-Elasticsearch 0.2.5 7 Flask extension for Elasticsearch integration
Flask-ElasticUtils 0.1.7 7 ElasticUtils for Flask
Flask-Email 1.4.4 7 Flask extension for sending email
flask-emails 0.4 7 Elegant and simple email library for Flask.
Flask-Enterprise 1.0 7 Enterprise capabilities for Flask
Flask-EnvConfig 0.2.0 7 Configure Flask from environment variables.
Flask-Environment 0.3.1 7 Configure a Flask application with various file formats.
Flask-Environments 0.1 7 Environment tools and configuration for Flask applications
Flask-ErrorMail 0.2.2 7 Flask extension for sending administrators e-mails with stacktraces when internal server errors occur.
Flask-ESClient 0.1.1 7 Flask extension for ESClient (elasticsearch client)
Flask-Espresso 0.2.0 7 Adds Coffescript support to Flask applications
Flask-Evolution 0.6 7 Simple migrations for Flask/SQLAlchemy projects
Flask-Excel 0.0.7 7 A flask extension that provides one application programming interface to read and write data in different excel file formats
Flask-Exceptional 0.5.4 7 Adds Exceptional support to Flask applications
Flask-ExtDirect 0.2 7 Adds Ext.Direct support to Flask.
Flask-Factory 0.1.0dev 7 Provide a general-purpose application factory of the Flask application, and the configurator that is independent of the app object.
Flask-Failsafe 0.2 7 A failsafe for the Flask reloader
Flask-Fanstatic 0.2.0 7 Flask integration for the Fanstatic resource publishing system.
Flask-FastRPC 1.5 7 Flask extension for FastRPC/XMLRPC server
Flask-FBLogin 0.0.1 7 Extends Flask-Login to use Facebook's OAuth2 authorization
Flask-FCM 0.1 7 Flask Extension for using Firebase Cloud Messaging service
Flask-FeatureFlags 0.6 7 Enable or disable features in Flask apps based on configuration
flask-ffs 0.3.0 7 A Flask library for the storage and retrieval of images on the file system.
Flask-FileUpload 0.5.0 7 Flask-FileUpload is a Flask extension for easy file upload and management
Flask-fillin 0.2 7 A flask extension that provides utilities to test forms.
Flask-Fixtures-Bundle 0.1.0 7 Adds support for SQLA DB fixtures in YAML to Flask Unchained
Flask-Flacro 0.0.8 7 flask/jinja2 templating tools
Flask-Flarf 0.0.5 7 Flask request filtering
Flask-FlatPages 0.6 7 Provides flat static pages to a Flask application
Flask-FlatPagesCut 0.5.1 7 Flask-FlatPagesCut is fork Flask-FlatPages (Provides flat static pages to a Flask application)
Flask-Fleem 0.0.5 7 Theming for Flask applications
Flask-fluentd 0.2.1 7 Log fluentd events from Flask
Flask-FluidDB 0.1 7 Fluiddb access for flask
flask-flywheel 0.1.0 7 Adds Flywheel support to your Flask application
Flask-FontAwesome-Headers 0.1.0 7 Sets CORS HTTP response headers for Font-Awesome files served by Flask's send_file().
Flask-Forward 0.1.0 7 Flask-Forward extension provides auto discovery, prioritization and rendering of template for Flask based on endpoint
flask-fs 0.4.1 7 Simple and easy file storages for Flask
Flask-Fulfil 0.2.1 7 Fulfil.IO for Flask Apps
Flask-Fundatio 0.1 7 Flask extension to integrate the Foundation front-end framework
flask-funktional 0.0.1 7 flask-funktional ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ flask extension which hopes to make functional testing easier. links ````` * `documentation <>`_ * `package <>`_ * `source <>`_ * `development version <>`_
flask-funktional-gae 0.0.1 7 flask-funktional-gae ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ flask extension to make functional testing of flask applications with the app engine sdk easier. used on top of the `flask-funktional <>`_ extension, it provides setup of app engine sdk stubs with a focus on being transparent and minimally invasive. links ````` * `docs <>`_ * `source <>`_ * `package <>`_ * `travis-ci <>`_
Flask-Funnel 0.1.10 7 Asset management for Flask.
Flask-GAE-Mini-Profiler 0.1.2 7 Flask integration of gae_mini_profiler
flask-gae_blobstore 1.0.2 7 Flask extension module for working with the blobstore & files apis on App Engine.
flask-gae_messages 1.0.1 7 Flask extension for working with messages using the mail & xmpp apis on App Engine.
flask-gae_tests 1.0.2 7 Flask Extension with base test cases to simplify testing Flask applications on App Engine.
Flask-GCM 0.2.0 7 Flask-GCM is a simple wrapper for the python-gcm library to be used with Flask applications.
Flask-Gears 0.2 7 Gears for Flask
flask-gemoji 0.2.0 7 Add gemojis to your Flask apps
Flask-Generator 0.1 7 Generator tool to quickly create flask application skeleton.
Flask-Genshi 0.5.1 7 An extension to Flask for easy Genshi templating.
Flask-GeoIP 0.1.3 7 Flask-GeoIP ------------- Simple Flask extension for pygeoip.
Flask-Gfwlist2Pac 0.0.2 7 Flask application to generate PAC file based on gfwlist
Flask-Gist 0.1.1 7 A simple flask extension to render Github Gists on template
Flask-Github 0.1.3 7 Adds support for authorizing users with Github to Flask
Flask-Gladiator 0.1 7 Gladiator is a Data Validation Framework for Python3 (Flask Plugin)
Flask-Goat 0.2.1 7 Flask plugin for security and user administration via GitHub OAuth & organization
Flask-GoogleAuth 0.4.2 7 Super simple OpenID and Google Federated Auth for Flask apps.
Flask-GoogleCharts 0.0.3 7 Google Charts API support for Flask
Flask-GoogleFed 0.1 7 Google Federated Logins for Flask.
Flask-GoogleLogin 0.3.1 7 Extends Flask-Login to use Google's OAuth2 authorization
Flask-GoogleMaps 0.2.5 7 FlaskGoogleMaps - Google Maps Extension for Flask
Flask-Gopher 2.0.0 7 A Flask extension to support the Gopher Protocol
Flask-Graylog 1.1.2 7 Configure Graylog logging handlers and middleware for your Flask app
flask-graylog-bundle 0.0.11 7 Flask Graylog client
Flask-GSSAPI 1.3.1 7 HTTP Negotiate (GSSAPI) authentication support for Flask applications.
Flask-Gulp 0.3.0 7 Task executioner similar to gulp for Python
Flask-gzip 0.1 7 Compress responses in your Flask app with gzip.
Flask-GzipBomb 0.1.0 7 Gzip Bomb responses for Flask
Flask-Habitat 0.1 7 Selectively load Flask configuration values from environment variables at runtime.
flask-handlers 0.0.1 7 Handlers for Flask applications
Flask-Hashing 1.1 7 Easy hashing of data in Flask
flask-heroku 0.1.9 7 Heroku environment variable configurations for Flask
Flask-Heroku-Auth 0.0.5 7 Flask Based Heroku Authentication.
Flask-Heroku-Helpers 0.0.2 7 Flask helpers for Heroku Apps
flask-heroku-mongoengine 0.1.5 7 Heroku environment variable configurations for Flask
Flask-Heroku-Runner 2 7 Minimalist Heroku bootstrap for Flask
Flask-HipPocket 0.2.0b1 7 A wrapper around Flask to ease the development of larger applications
Flask-HMAC 0.1.3 7 Flask HMAC generator, checker, and route decorator
flask-hmacauth 0.3.9 7 A module to simplify working with HMAC auth in Flask apps
Flask-Holster 0.3.4 7 Rigid MVC content negotiation for Flask
Flask-Hopak 0.1.0 7 Admin interface for Flask that uses Hopak models
Flask-HTAuth 0.1.2 7 Easy to integrate basic HTTP authentication for Flask apps
flask-htpasswd 0.3.1 7 Basic authentication support via htpasswd files in flask applications
Flask-HTTPAuth 3.2.3 7 Basic and Digest HTTP authentication for Flask routes
Flask-httpretty 1.3.0 7 flask-httpretty help you to mock http requests via flask.
flask-hype 0.1.4 7 Flask extension for hype
Flask-ICU 0.9.1 7 Adds i18n/l10n support to Flask applications
Flask-Idempotent 0.1.0 7 Idempotent requests for Flask applications
flask-idempotent2 0.0.6 7 Redis based idempotent support for sqlalchemy based flaskapplications.
Flask-IdentityClient 0.5.2 7 PassaporteWeb connection for Flask applications
Flask-IIIF 0.3.1 7 Flask-IIIF extension provides easy IIIF API standard integration.
Flask-ImageAlchemy 0.0.7 7 SQLAlchemy Standarized Image Field for Flask
Flask-Imgur 0.1 7 Upload images straight to Imgur in your Flask app
Flask-InfluxDB 0.1 7 Flask bindings for the InfluxDB time series database
Flask-ini 0.2.1 7 Allow Flask to be configured with configparser ini files
Flask-INIConfig 0.1.0 7 A flask extension to load ini files via config
Flask-Inject 1.1.0 7 A micro dependency injection framework for Flask micro web framework :)
Flask-Injector 0.10.1 7 Adds Injector, a Dependency Injection framework, support to Flask.
flask-inliner 1.0.0 7 Flask-Inliner converts CSS <style> blocks to inline style attributes
flask-itemshop 0.2 7 Simple flask blueprint (ItemBP) that you can mount in your app to get a basic purchase flow for a single item. Credit card processing is done with stripe.js and the stripe python API.
flask-jade2underscore 0.1 7 A small Flask extension adds suppot to Jade2Underscore templates compiler (used in Backbone) to Flask.
Flask-Jasmine 1.4 7 Execution of Jasmine JavaScript tests within Flask
Flask-Jerify 0.0.25 7 Validate JSON requests against schemas
Flask-JinjaHelpers 0.3.8 7 Various helpers for Flask based Jinja2 templates.
Flask-JIRA 0.0.2 7 Flask extension that provides simple integration with JIRA REST API
Flask-JqueryUiBootstrap 7 Flask jQuery UI Bootstrap minimalistic fork of Flask-Bootsrap extension
Flask-JSGlue 0.3.1 7 Flask-JSGlue helps hook up your Flask application nicely with the front end.
Flask-JSON 0.3.2 7 Better JSON support for Flask
Flask-Json-Syslog 0.1.28 7 Output syslog of the json format.
flask-jsonify-emidln 0.1 7 A small Flask decorator for returning json. This is a fork pushed to PyPI for easy install.
Flask-Jsonpify 1.5.0 7 A Flask extension adding a decorator for JSONP support
Flask-JSONPlus 0.0.4 7 Flask extension for non-basic types' serialization to JSON via jsonplus lib.
Flask-JSONRPC 0.3.1 7 Adds JSONRPC support to Flask.
Flask-JsonSchema 0.1.1 7 Flask extension for validating JSON requets
Flask-JSONSchema-Ext 0.1.2 7 Flask JSONSchema Extended Library
Flask-JsonSchemer 0.0.1 7 Flask extension for validating JSON requets
Flask-JSUtils 0.1 7 Flask utilities in your javascript
Flask-JWE 0.0.5 7 Add Flask Support for JWE Requests
Flask-JWT 0.3.2 7 JWT token authentication for Flask apps
Flask-Kadabra 0.1.0 7 Flask extension for the Kadabra metrics framework
Flask-Kerberos 1.0.4 7 Kerberos authentication support for Flask
flask-keystone 0.2 7 This project wraps the existing keystone middleware to provide courtesy user functions within an API.
Flask-kinesis 0.1.8 7 Flask plugin for aws kinesis stream
flask-kser 0.2.1 7 Flask KSer example
Flask-KVSession 0.6.2 7 Transparent server-side session support for flask
Flask-Lastuser 0.3.12 7 Flask extension for Lastuser
Flask-Latch 0.1.0 7 Latch extension for Flask
flask-lazyapi 0.4.8 7 A Simple, Restful MongoDB Server built on Flask and Flask-Classy
Flask-LDAP 0.1.6 7 Flask extension for LDAP auth and profile user
flask-ldap3-login 0.9.13 7 LDAP Support for Flask in Python3/2
flask-lesscss 0.9.1 7 A small Flask extension that adds LessCSS support to Flask.
Flask-libsass 1.1.0 7 Flask extension for building css from sass or scss
Flask-Limiter 1.0.1 7 Rate limiting for flask applications
Flask-LinkTester 0.3.0 7 Link tester for Flask applications
Flask-Locale 1.0.2 7 Adds i18n/l10n support to Flask applications easily. Uses CSV files(or database) to load translations.
flask-log 0.1.0 7 Configure logging in flask applications
Flask-Log-Request-ID 0.10.0 7 Flask extension that can parse and handle multiple types of request-id sent by request processors like Amazon ELB, Heroku or any multi-tier infrastructure as the one used for microservices.
Flask-Login 0.4.1 7 User session management for Flask
flask-logmanager 0.2.10 7 Flask LogManager module
flask-logsocketio 0.1.4 7 Flask LogSocketIo module
Flask-Loopback 1.4.5 7 Library for faking HTTP requests using flask applications without actual network operations
Flask-LwAdmin 0.6.3 7 Flask-LwAdmin is minimalistic administrative interface building extension for the Flask framework
Flask-MAB 1.1.1 7 Multi-armed bandits for flask
flask-macros 0.1.5 7 macros for flask projects
Flask-Mail 0.9.1 7 Flask extension for sending email
Flask-Mail-Bundle 0.1.0 7 Adds email sending support to Flask Unchained
Flask-MakeStatic 0.3.0 7 Make for your flask app assets
Flask-Mako 0.4 7 Mako templating support for Flask applications.
Flask-MakoTemplates 0.2 7 All future development will be done under the name Flask-Mako at <>
Flask-Mandrill 0.3 7 Adds Mandrill support to Flask applications
Flask-Manifest 0.2.0 7 Asset manifest integration with Flask.
Flask-Maoko 0.1.1 7 Mako templating support for Flask applications.
Flask-Maple 0.5.2 7 captcha ,bootstrap,easy login and more flask tips.
Flask-MarrowMailer 0.2.0 7 Marrow Mailer integration for Flask.
Flask-Material-Lite 0.0.1 7 An easy way to get started with Google's Material Lite in your next Flask project, without any boilerplate code.
Flask-Menu 0.7.0 7 Flask-Menu is a Flask extension that adds support for generating menus.
Flask-MenuBuilder 0.9.2 7 An easy way to create menus to use with flask.
flask-MenuManager 1.0a2 7 An easy way to build and manage menus in Flask
Flask-MetaRoute 1.3.0 7 Extra routing capabilities for Flask
Flask-Migrate 2.1.1 7 SQLAlchemy database migrations for Flask applications using Alembic
Flask-Migrate-tw 1.8.1 7 A custom version of Flask-Migrate, which depends on Flask-SQLAlchemy-tw(v3.0)using Alembic
Flask-MimeRender 0.1.3 7 RESTful resource variant rendering using MIME Media-Types, for the Flask Micro Web Framework
Flask-Mitten 0.2.1 7 Adds security functions to Flask applications for preventing some of the basic threats.
flask-mixpanel 0.1.1 7 Wrappers for using Mixpanel in Flask
Flask-Mobility 0.1.1 7 A Flask extension to simplify building mobile-friendly sites.
Flask-Modus 0.0.1 7 Flask Method Overriding Middleware.
Flask-Moment 0.6.0 7 Formatting of dates and times in Flask templates using moment.js.
Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.7.2 7 Add Flask support for MongoDB using MongoAlchemy.
Flask-mongobit 0.1.2 7 MongoBit support in Flask
flask-mongoengine 0.9.5 7 Flask-MongoEngine is a Flask extension that provides integration with MongoEngine and WTF model forms.
Flask-MongoKit 0.6 7 A Flask extension simplifies to use MongoKit
Flask-MongoMyAdmin 0.1 7 Simple MongoDB Administrative Interface for Flask
Flask-MongoNorm 0.2.0 7 MongoNorm support for Flask applications
Flask-MongoObject 0.1 7 Access MongoDB from your Flask application
Flask-MongoRest-Swagger 0.1 7 Swagger API generation for Flask-MongoRest
Flask-MongoSet 0.1.8 7 Access MongoDB from your Flask application
flask-monitor 0.2.5 7 Flask Monitor module
Flask-MoreSQL 0.4 7 Call PostgreSQL stored procedures from Flask
Flask-MoSession 0.2 7 Mongodb based server side session management system for Flask
flask-msearch 0.1.5 7 full text search with whoosh for flask
Flask-Multi-Redis 0.1.5 7 MultiThreaded MultiServers Redis Extension for Flask Applications
Flask-Multipass-LDAP-CERN 1.0.4 7 CERN-specific Flask-Multipass providers
flask-multistatic 1.0 7 Simple flask plugin to allow overriding static files
Flask-Mustache 0.4.1 7 Mustache for Flask
Flask-MustacheJS 0.6.0 7 Mustache integration in Flask, with Jinja and client-side libraries.
flask-mwoauth 0.3.61 7 Flask blueprint to connect to a MediaWiki OAuth server
Flask-MySQLdb 0.2.0 7 MySQLdb extension for Flask
flask-nav 0.6 7 Easily create navigation for Flask applications.
Flask-Negotiate 0.1.0 7 Content negotiation utility for Flask apps
flask-negotiate2 0.2.0 7 Content negotiation utility for Flask apps
Flask-Negotiation 0.1.9 7 Better content negotiation for flask
Flask-Neo4j 0.5.1 7 Flask extension providing integration with Neo4j.
Flask-NewProject 0.2.1 7 Create new Flask project.
Flask-Nicely 0.2.0 7 Pretty Flask JSON responses for API building.
Flask-NSFW 6 7 Flask-NSFW blocks all the requests that contains images with nudity.
Flask-NYC 0.1.1 7 New York Flask Meetup
Flask-Nytro 1.2 7 Nytro is an extension to help the developers providing a set of useful tools giving even more facility to development apps with Flask.
Flask-OASSchema 0.9.5 7 Flask extension for validating JSON requests
Flask-OAuth 0.12 7 Adds OAuth support to Flask
Flask-OAuth2 0.01 7
Flask-OAuth2-Provider 0.4.1 7 A simple flask oauth2 provider
Flask-OAuth2Server 0.1 7 Flask-OAuth2Server allows you to quickly add an OAuth2 provider to your Flask application.
Flask-OAuthlib 0.9.4 7 OAuthlib for Flask
Flask-Obscure 0.1.2 7 Obscure numerical IDs in URLs
Flask-oDesk 7 Adds oDesk API support to Flask
Flask-OFAUTH 0.1.7 7 passport api client for Flask applications.
flask-oidc 1.3.0 7 OpenID Connect extension for Flask
Flask-OlinAuth 1.0.1 7 A simple Flask extension implementing Olin's authentication
flask-oojsui 0.0.3 7 This library provides python Flask utilities and static assets for rendering Wikimedia UI elements
Flask-OpenAPI 0.1.0a1 7 Generate a swagger.json handler from a Flask app
Flask-OpenID 1.2.5 7 OpenID support for Flask
Flask-OpenID-Stateless 1.2.6 7 OpenID support for Flask, forked to make the library stateless.
flask-openldap 0.0.9 7 Flask extension to query an openLDAP server
Flask-OpenTracing 0.1.8 7 OpenTracing support for Flask applications
flask-orator 0.2.0 7 Adds Orator support to your Flask application
flask-otp 1.2 7 One-Time Password extension to Flask
Flask-OtpAuth 0.0.1 7 One Time Password Authentication for Flask
Flask-outdated-browser 0.1 7 Easily add outdated-browser project to your Flask application
Flask-PagedList 0.2.1 7 Add pypagedlist support for Flask
Flask-PageDown 0.2.2 7 Implementation of StackOverflow's "PageDown" markdown editor for Flask-WTF.
Flask-paginate 0.5.1 7 Simple paginate support for flask
Flask-Pagination 0.0.1 7 Pagination Helpers for Flask Apps
Flask-Passlib 0.1 7 Flask extension for passlib
Flask-Perm 0.2.8 7 Flask Permission Management Extension
Flask-Permissions 0.2.3 7 Simple user permissions for Flask
Flask-Personal-Access-Token 0.1.2 7 Flask Personal Access Token Management Extension
flask-phantom-emoji 0.1.4 7 Add phantom emoji's to your flask application
Flask-Pigeon 0.11.0 7 Flask messages extension.
Flask-Pika 0.3.8 7 Pika amqp flask extension
Flask-Pika-NG 0.3.3 7 Pika amqp flask extension
Flask-PJAX 0.0.1 7 PJAX Templating for Flask Applications
Flask-Plugins 1.6.1 7 Create plugins for your Flask application
Flask-Pony 3.0.1 7 PonyORM for your Flask application
Flask-Potion 0.14.1 7 Powerful REST API framework for Flask and SQLAlchemy
flask-pre-configured-loggers 0.1.1 7 Flask request / script pre-configured loggers.
Flask-Pretty 0.2.0 7 Flask extension to output prettified HTML pages
Flask-Principal 0.4.0 7 Identity management for flask
Flask-PRISM 0.3.2 7 Simple APIs with Flask PRISM
Flask-Profile 0.2 7 Flask Application Profiler
Flask-Psycopg2 1.3 7 postgresql adapter for Flask
Flask-Pure 0.5 7 Flask-Pure - a Flask extension for Pure.css
Flask-Pushjack 1.0.0 7 Flask extension for push notifications on APNS (iOS) and GCM (Android).
Flask-PyBankID 0.3.1 7 Flask Extension for PyBankID client
Flask-PyFCM 0.1.1 7 Flask extension for PyFCM
Flask-PyMemcache 0.0.5 7 pymemcache integration for Flask
Flask-PyMongo 0.5.1 7 PyMongo support for Flask applications
Flask-PyMssql 0.1.0 7 PyMssql support for Flask applications
Flask-Pypi-Proxy 0.5.1 7 A Pypi proxy
Flask-Pypi-Proxy-Ext 0.5.1 7 A Pypi proxy
Flask-PyQuery 0.1 7 PyQuery templating support for Flask applications.
Flask-pysnow 0.1.3 7 Flask extension for pysnow
Flask-Pystmark 0.11.1 7 A Flask extension for Postmark API library Pystmark
Flask-QR 0.1.3 7 Flask extension for generating qr codes
Flask-QRcode 1.0.1 7 An concise flask extension to render QR codes
Flask-QSSession 0.3.0 7 Add server-side session support for Flask application
Flask-QueryInspect 0.1.2 7 Flask extension to provide metrics on SQL queries per request.
Flask-Quik 0.1.1 7 Quik for Flask
Flask-Raptor 0.1 7 Raptor support for Flask
Flask-RateLimiter 0.2.0 7 Flask-RateLimiter is an extension for Flask that adds support for rate limiting.
Flask-Rauth 0.3.2 7 Adds OAuth 1.0/a, 2.0, and Ofly consumer support for Flask.
Flask-RBAC 0.3.0 7 RBAC support for Flask
Flask-Redis 0.3.0 7 Redis Extension for Flask Applications
Flask-Redis-Sentinel 2.0.1 7 Redis-Sentinel integration for Flask
Flask-RedisConfig 0.3.0 7 Redis-backed config for Flask applications
Flask-Redislite 0.1.1 7 Using Flask with Redislite
Flask-Redistore 1.0.1 7 Adds Redis support to your Flask applications
Flask-Redlock 0.0.3 7 Adds redis lock support to your Flask application
Flask-Reggie 0.0.2 7 Flask Regex Routes.
Flask-Register 0.1.0 7 A extension of Flask to control Register view.
Flask-Registry 0.2.0 7 Flask-Registry is an extension for Flask that allow frameworks to dynamically assemble your Flask application from reusable packages consisting of blueprints, extensions, and configurations.
Flask-Resize 2.0.4 7 Flask extension for resizing images in code and templates
Flask-Resource 0.0.1 7 Build resource-oriented Web apps with Flask.
Flask-ResponseFactory 0.1 7 Create Flask response objects in a declarative way
Flask-Responses 0.2 7 Simple response utility for Flask
Flask-REST 1.3 7 A simple REST toolkit for Flask
flask-rest4 0.3.0 7 Elegant RESTful API for your Flask apps.
Flask-RestClient 0.1.2 7 restful api client for flask extension
flask-restful-routing 1.0.3 7 An easier way to register flask-restful routes
flask-restful-swagger-2 0.35 7 Extract swagger specs from your flask-restful project. Project based on flask-restful-swagger by Ran Tavory.
flask-restless-swagger 0.2.1 7 Magically create swagger documentation as you magically create your RESTful API
flask-restless-swagger-2 0.0.3 7 Magically create swagger documentation as you magically create your RESTful API
flask-restplus 0.10.1 7 Fully featured framework for fast, easy and documented API development with Flask
flask-restplus-marshmallow 0.2.17 7 Flask RESTPlus with a twist of marshmallow
flask-restplus-patched 0.1.3 7 Extends Flask-RESTplus so it can handle Marshmallow schemas and Webargs arguments.
Flask-RethinkDB 0.2 7 Adds RethinkDB support to Flask
Flask-Rev 0.1.2 7 Easily integrate flask with revisioned static files
flask-ripozo 1.0.4 7 An extension for ripozo and that brings HATEOAS/REST/Hypermedia apis to flask
Flask-Router 0.1.1 7 Tuned flask's URL routing library
Flask-Routing 0.0.21 7 Alternative style routing for Flask
Flask-RQ 0.2 7 RQ (Redis Queue) integration for Flask applications
Flask-RQ2 17.2 7 A Flask extension for RQ.
Flask-RSTPages 0.3 7 Adds support for reStructuredText to a Flask application
Flask-Runner 2.1.1 7 A set of standard command line arguments for Flask applications built on top of Flask-Script
Flask-S3 0.3.3 7 Seamlessly serve the static files of your Flask app from Amazon S3
Flask-S3-gzip 0.1.8 7 Seamlessly serve the static files of your Flask app from Amazon S3 (forked from original flask-s3)
Flask-SACore 0.0.3 7 SQLAlchemy Core extension for Flask
Flask-SAML 0.4.3 7 Flask SAML integration
Flask-Sandbox 0.1.0 7 ACL Route controls for Flask
Flask-SAResource 0.1.1 7 Flask extension for building routes from SQLAlchemy models
Flask-Script 2.0.6 7 Scripting support for Flask
flask-script-exception-handler 0.1.1 7 Exception handler designed mainly to handle errors in a flask-script custom command.
Flask-Scrypt 7 Flask-Scrypt provides convenient wrappers forscrypt password hashing and random salt generation.
Flask-Scss 0.5 7 Adds support for scss files to Flask applications
Flask-SeaSurf 0.2.2 7 An updated CSRF extension for Flask.
flask-segmentio 0.1.0 7 Adds SegmentIO support to your Flask application
flask-send-mail-util 0.1.0 7 Send an email via the Flask-Mail extension, using text and HTML templates.
Flask-Sendmail 0.1 7 Flask extension for sendmail
Flask-Sendwithus 1.0.2 7 Forwards-compatible Flask extension to interact with the sendwithus API
Flask-Sentinel 0.0.7 7 OAuth2 Provider for Flask applications.
Flask-SERVICE 0.1.4 7 A service api client for Flask applications.
Flask-ServiceLayer 0.0.4 7 Base classes to create a Service Layer in Flask.
Flask-SES 0.1.1 7 Flask extension for interfacing with AWS' SES service
Flask-Session 0.3.1 7 Adds server-side session support to your Flask application
Flask-Session-Bundle 0.1.0 7 Adds server-side sessions support to Flask Unchained
flask-session-captcha 1.1.0 7 Captcha implementation for flask and flask-session.
Flask-Sessions 0.1.5 7 Adds server-side session support to your Flask application
Flask-Sessionstore 0.4.5 7 Adds session support to your Flask application
Flask-Share 0.1.0 7 Create social share component in Jinja2 template based on share.js.
flask-shell-bpython 1.0.0 7 Replace the default ``flask shell`` command with a similar one running BPython.
flask-shell-ptpython 1.0.0 7 Replace the default ``flask shell`` command with a similar one running PTPython.
Flask-Shelve 0.1.1 7 Shelve support for Flask
Flask-Shield 0.2.2 7 Flask-Shield is an extension of Flask for permission management based on RBAC.
Flask-Shopify 0.2 7 Shopify Flask
Flask-ShortUrl 0.2.0 7 Short URL generaotr for Flask
Flask-Should-DSL 0.4 7 A flask extension for testing with should-dsl
Flask-Silk 0.2 7 Adds silk icons to your Flask application or blueprint, or extension.
Flask-Simon 0.3.0 7 Simple MongoDB Models for Flask
Flask-SimpleLDAP 1.2.0 7 LDAP authentication extension for Flask
Flask-SimpleMDE 0.3.0 7 Flask-SimpleMDE - a Flask extension for SimpleMDE
Flask-Sitemap 0.2.0 7 Flask extension that helps with sitemap generation.
Flask-Sitemap-Domain 0.2.4 7 Flask extension that helps with sitemap generation.
Flask-Sixpack 0.0.1 7 Flask wrapper for Sixpack
Flask-Slack 0.1.5 7 Slack extension for Flask.
Flask-Slacker 0.0.1 7 Adds support to your Flask application using Slacker.
Flask-Snooze 0.1.6 7 Backend agnostic REST API provider for Flask
flask-snow 0.2.4 7 Pysnow extension for Flask
Flask-Social 1.6.2 7 Simple OAuth provider integration for Flask-Security
Flask-SocialShare 0.0.1 7 Flask social sharing helpers
Flask-SocketAPI 0.2 7 Lightweight library to create streaming APIs over Flask-SocketIO
Flask-SocketIO 2.9.3 7 Socket.IO integration for Flask applications
Flask-Sockets 0.2.1 7 Elegant WebSockets for your Flask apps.
Flask-Sockets-Tornado 0.1.1 7 Elegant WebSockets for your Flask apps.Tornado style app included
Flask-SockJS 0.1.0 7 Simple integration of Flask and SockJS
Flask-SOEditor 0.1.2a0 7 A Stack Overflow editor extension for Flask.
Flask-Soy 0.3 7 Provides support for Closure Templates (Soy) in Flask.
Flask-Sphinx-Themes 1.0.2 7 Sphinx themes for Flask and related projects.
Flask-Split 0.3.0 7 A/B testing for your Flask application
Flask-Split-JS 0.2.1 7 A JavaScript library for Flask-Split.
flask-spring 0.1.0 7 Adds the Spring framework support to your Flask application
Flask-SQLAlchemy 2.3.2 7 Adds SQLAlchemy support to your Flask application
Flask-SQLAlchemy-Bundle 0.1.0 7 Adds SQLAlchemy and Alembic to Flask Unchained
Flask-SQLAlchemy-Meiqia 2016.8.1 7 Adds SQLAlchemy support to your Flask application
flask-sqlalchemy-rls 0.0.2 7 Flask-SQLAlchemy with row-level security
Flask-SQLAlchemy-Session 1.1 7 SQL Alchemy session scoped on Flask requests.
Flask-SQLAlchemy-tw 3.0-dev-20160331 7 Adds SQLAlchemy support to your Flask application
Flask-SSE 0.2.1 7 Server-Sent Events for Flask
Flask-SSLify 0.1.5 7 Force SSL on your Flask app.
Flask-SSLify-bp 0.1.6 7 Force SSL on your Flask app.
Flask-SSLify-flexme 0.1.6 7 Force SSL on your Flask app.
Flask-SSO 0.4.0 7 Flask-SSO extension that eases Shibboleth authentication.
Flask-Stache 0.1.1 7 Simple mustache templating for Flask applications
flask-stacksentinel 1.2.1 7 Stack Sentinel error tracking integration with Flask
Flask-StatHat 0.1.2 7 StatHat extension for Flask
Flask-Static 0.1 7 Generates a static website from a Flask application
Flask-Static-Compress 1.0.2 7 Auto-detects your static files for minification, combination, and versioning. Like Django-Compressor for Flask.
Flask-Statics-Helper 1.0.0 7 Provides Bootstrap3 and other static resources in a modular fashion.
Flask-Statsd-Ext 0.0.3 7 Statsd Extension for Flask
Flask-Storage 0.1.1 7 Flask upload and storage extensions.
Flask-Storage-Helpers 0.1.5 7 Various file storage backends for Flask apps.
Flask-Storm 0.1.2 7 Storm integration for Flask.
Flask-Stormpath 0.4.8 7 Simple and secure user authentication for Flask via Stormpath.
Flask-Stormpath-Plus 0.2.4 7 Simple and more secure user authentication for Flask via Stormpath.
Flask-Stormpath-test 0.4.7 7 Simple and secure user authentication for Flask via Stormpath.
flask-stylus2css 0.1 7 A small Flask extension that adds Stylus support to Flask.
Flask-Swag 0.1.2 7 Build swagger spec with Flask.
flask-swagger 0.2.13 7 Extract swagger specs from your flask project
flask-swagger-plus 0.0.3 7 extract swagger spec from source code and docstring for a flask app
flask-swaggerui 0.0.1 7 This library provides python Flask utilities and static assets for rendering Swagger UI
Flask-Table 0.5.0 7 HTML tables for use with the Flask micro-framework
flask-tat 0.0.10 7 Flask TAT client
flask-telegram 0.0.2 7 flask-telegram flask extension for delivering messages. send via the app engine mail or xmpp apis, and/or other third party providers such as sendgrid. links: * docs: * source: * package: * travis-ci:
flask-template-master 0.1.0 7 A flask plugin to create a template render service
Flask-Test 0.1.6 7 Various unit testing helpers for Flask applications.
Flask-Testing 0.7.1 7 Unit testing for Flask
Flask-Theme 0.2.0 7 Provides infrastructure for theming Flask applications
Flask-Themes 0.1.3 7 Provides infrastructure for theming Flask applications
Flask-ThriftClient 0.2.0 7 Adds thrift client support to your Flask application
flask-thumbnails-s3 0.1.5 7 An extension to create image thumbnails on Amazon S3 (or on local storage) with the Flask framework, based on flask-thumbnails.
flask-thumbs 1.2 7 An extension managing thumbnail based on flask-thumbnails
Flask-Thunderargs 0.3.1 7 Implements thunderargs to flask framework.
Flask-Tiger 0.1.2 7 api client for flask extension
flask-tml 0.3.1 7 Flask SDK for API
Flask-TokenAuth 0.1.0 7 Token-based authentication for Flask routes
Flask-Track-Usage 1.1.0 7 Basic metrics tracking for the Flask framework.
Flask-Transit 0.1.0-pre 7 A flask extension for working with transit data.
flask-transmute 1.4.0 7 a flask plugin to generate routes from objects.
Flask-Triangle 0.5.4 7 Integration of AngularJS and Flask.
Flask-Turbolinks 0.2.0 7 Turbolinks for Flask.
Flask-Tweepy 0.1 7 Tweet easily from Flask applications
Flask-Twilio 0.0.4 7 Make Twilio voice/SMS calls with Flask
Flask-Twisted 0.1.2 7 Simple integration of Flask and Twisted
Flask-UltraJSON 0.0.1 7 Integrates UltraJSON with your Flask application.
Flask-Unchained 0.1.5 7 Flask Unchained
Flask-Uploads 0.2.1 7 Flexible and efficient upload handling for Flask
Flask-Upstatic 0.0.6 7 Opinionated library for working with CDNs in Flask.
Flask-Upwork 1.0-pre2 7 Upwork API support to Flask
Flask-UrlDiscovery 1.1.1 7 A Flask extension for discovering urls in a service. Automatically exposes urls for a service
flask-urls 0.9.2 7 A collection of URL-related functions for Flask applications.
Flask-URS 0.1.3 7 JWT token authentication using NASA URS Oauth2 for Flask apps
Flask-User 0.6.19 7 Customizable User Authentication and Management, and more.
Flask-User-Social 0.0.1 7 Role based user authentication for Flask. Extends Flask-User.
Flask-UserEnvConfig 0.1.12 7 Configure a flask app with environment variables or a file.
Flask-UUID 0.2 7 UUID url converter for Flask routes
flask-uuid-utils 0.1.0 7 Utilities for working with UUID fields in Flask.
Flask-Validictory 0.1.0 7 Simple integration between Flask and Validictory.
Flask-Velox 2014.04.25 7 Velox is a set of classes & mixins to help rapidly build Flask applications.
Flask-Venom 1.0.2 7 Flask extension for the Venom RPC framework
Flask-Views 0.2.1 7 Class based views for Flask
Flask-Vue 0.3.5 7 Vue.js 1.0+ integration for Flask (Python 3 version)
Flask-Vue-Scaffold 0.1.1 7 Create a Flask+Vue.js app in seconds.
Flask-Wdb 0.0.2 7 Integrate Wdb instead of Werkzeug debugger for Flask applications
Flask-WeasyPrint 0.5 7 Make PDF in your Flask app with WeasyPrint.
Flask-WebCache 0.9.1 7 A Flask extension that adds HTTP based caching to Flask apps
Flask-WebGlEarth 0.1.3 7 Simple extension for Flask to use WebGl Earth
Flask-Webhelpers 0.1 7 Simple integration of Flask and Webhelpers
Flask-Webpack 0.1.0 7 Flask extension for managing assets with Webpack.
Flask-WebSocket 1.0 7 simple websocket for Flask
Flask-WebSub 0.2.1 7 A WebSub hub, publisher and subscriber using Flask
Flask-WebTest 0.0.9 7 Utilities for testing Flask applications with WebTest.
flask-wechat-auth 0.0.1 7 WeChat Flask Blueprint Module
flask-wechat-kit 0.0.1 7 flask blueprint for wechat
Flask-Weixin 0.5.0 7 Weixin for Flask.
Flask-WeRoBot 0.1.2 7 Writing WeChat Robot by WeRoBot in Flask.
Flask-WhooshAlchemy 0.8 7 Whoosh extension to Flask/SQLAlchemy
Flask-WhooshAlchemy-Redux 0.7.1 7 Whoosh extension to Flask/SQLAlchemy
flask-whooshalchemy3 0.1.1 7 Whoosh indexing capabilities for Flask-SQLAlchemy, Python 3 compatible.
Flask-WhooshAlchemyPlus 0.7.5 7 Whoosh extension to Flask/SQLAlchemy
Flask-Widgets 0.4 7 This extension provides basic template widget feature for Flask
flask-wikimediaui 0.0.1 7 This library provides python Flask utilities and static assets for rendering Wikimedia UI elements
Flask-WkHTMLtoPDF 0.1.0 7 Convert JavaScript dependent Flask templates into PDFs with wkhtmltopdf.
Flask-WTF 0.14.2 7 Simple integration of Flask and WTForms.
flask-wtf-alchemy-utils 0.1.0 7 Form and field utility base classes for use with Flask, Flask-WTF, and wtforms-alchemy.
Flask-WX-OAuth 0.1.1 7 Flask Extension for wechat oauth2.0.
Flask-WXApp 0.1.2 7 Flask Extension for WeChat App.
Flask-WXPay 0.1.13 7 Flask Extension for WeChat Pay.
flask-wysiwyg 0.1 7 flask-wysiwyg provides custom form fields to render wysiwyg editor instead of regular textareas. It takes care of cleaning html for you too. With its super secure defaults you do not want to modified it's whitelisting rules.
flask-xadmin 0.1.2 7 eXtended Flask-Admin
Flask-XML-RPC 0.1.2 7 Adds support for creating XML-RPC APIs to Flask
Flask-XML-RPC-Re 0.1.3 7 Adds support for creating XML-RPC APIs to Flask
Flask-XStatic 0.0.1 7 Flask support for XStatic assets
Flask-XStatic-Files 0.0.2 7 Easily use XStatic files in flask
flask-xuacompatible 0.1.0 7 Sets X-UA-Compatible HTTP header in your Flask application.
flask-xxl 0.9.20 7 quick way to design large flask projects
Flask-YAMLConfig 0.0.3 7 YAML configurator for Flask app.
flask-yamli18n 0.1.9 7 Use yaml files as translation files in flask
flask-yeoman 0.1.0 7 UNKNOWN
flask-ypaginate 0.1.3 7 Pagination for Flask
Flask-YunPian 0.0.1 7 Flask extension for YunPian API
flask-zappa 0.0.1 7 Serverless Flask With AWS Lambda + API Gateway
flask-zookeeper 0.0.8 7 Flask Zookeeper client
Flask-Zurb-Foundation 0.2.1 7 A Foundation Wrapper for Flask
flask2postman 1.4.3 7 Generate a Postman collection from your Flask application
flask_ample 0.0.1 7 basic setup of ample for flask
flask_api_builder 0.2.0 7 A shortcut for stubbing out your RESTful Flask APIs
flask_cm 0.8.1 7 Cloud Mesh: managing multiple virtual machines in Clouds
flask_extras 4.0.3 7 Assorted useful flask views, blueprints, Jinja2 template filters, and templates/macros
flask_frink 0.0.1 7 Add Flask-Security datastore functionality to Frink.
flask_introspect 0.0.1 7 basic setup of ample for flask
flask_itsyouonline 1.0.0 7 middleware for Flask.
flask_markdown2 0.0.3 7 A flask extension that adds a {% markdown %} tag to templates.
flask_ogm 1.1.0a9 7 Add support for the py2neo Object Graph Mapper to your app
flask_profiler 1.6 7 API endpoint profiler for Flask framework
flask_raven 0.0.4 7 A flask extension for the University of Cambridge's authentication system
flask_rdf 0.2.1 7 Flask decorator to output RDF using content negotiation
flask_reqparse 2.2.1 7 flask_reqparse is a simple wrapper around flask request module that helps to parse args efficently.
flask_restframework 0.2.1 7 Web APIs for Flask, made easy, inspired from Django DRF.
flask_script_extras 0.1.4 7 extras commands to Flask-Script.
flask_servatus 0.1.3 7 A port of djangos storages framework for use with flask applications
flask_simplelogin 0.0.6 7 Flask Simple Login - Login Extension for Flask
flask_simplerest 1.0.3 7 A Flask extension for easy ReSTful API generation
FlaskBB 2.0.0.dev0 7 A classic Forum Software in Python using Flask.
flaskcbv 1.4.11 7 FlaskCBV is Alternative Framework for working with flask with the class Based Views approach (CBV)
flaskckeditor 1.6 7 flask后台快速集成ckeditor编辑器
flasker 0.1.45 7 Flask, SQLAlchemy, and Celery integration
flaskinit 0.0.1 7 Bootstraps Flask projects
flaskpress-flask-admin 7 Fork of Flask-Admin for flaskpress
FlaskPusher 1.0.1 7 Adds Pusher support for your Flask application.
flaskserver 0.1.1 7 simple web server with Flask
flaskup 0.3.2 7 A simple Flask application to share files.
FlaskWarts 0.1a8 7 Assortment of various utilities for Flask applications
Frozen-Flask 0.15 7 Freezes a Flask application into a set of static files.
GitHub-Flask 3.2.0 7 GitHub extension for Flask microframework
hyperdns-flask 0.9.4 7 HyperDNS Flask Utilities
Kato-FlaskAppBuilder 1.1.13 7 Simple and rapid application development framework, built on top of Flask. includes detailed security, auto CRUD generation for your models, google charts and much more.
KFlask-AppBuilder 1.0.1 7 Simple and rapid application development framework, built on top of Flask. includes detailed security, auto CRUD generation for your models, google charts and much more.
labirinto-flask 0.1.1 7 Joguinho de labirinto usando Flask + GTM
li-api-flask 0.1.18 7 Loja Integrada's API Flask
li-flask-validation 1.0.4 7 Flask Validation.
nickw-flask-utils 1.2.1 7 A set of utilities to make working with flask web applications easier.
quokka-flask-admin 7 Fork of Flask-Admin for QuokkaCMS
quokka-flask-htmlbuilder 0.13 7 Fork of Flexible Python-only HTML generation for Flask
quokka-flask-login 0.3.0 7 User session management for Flask
quokka-flask-mongoengine 0.7.4 7 Fork of Flask support for MongoDB and with WTF model forms
quokka-flask-security 1.7.4dev2 7 Fork of Simple security for Flask apps
restaurant-service-flask 0.1.0 7 Restaurant Service - Flask Version
sa-flask-restful-resource 0.0.3 7 base class for sqlalchemy and flask-restless
scheming-flask 0.1.2 7 Use JSON Schema to validate incoming requests
seaborn-flask-server 0.0.2 7 Seaborn helper wrapper around Flask
sockjs-flask 0.3 7 SockJs for Flask
tdewitt_AC-Flask-HipChat 0.2.9.dev0 7 Atlassian Connect library based on Flask for HipChat
testflask 0.5 7 Test flask applications easily.
thunderdome-flask 1.0.2 7 Thunderdome Flask integration
tinflask 0.0.2 7 Simple wrapper around flask that uses environment variables for host, port, endpoint prefix. Also uses the py-hancock library for the ability to sign endpoints. Endpoints for `time`, `ping`, and `status` are automatically added as well.
toga-flask 0.0.0 7 A Flask backend for the Toga widget toolkit.
tradenity-flask-ext 0.1.0 7 Flask framework extensions for Tradenity Python SDK.
twopi-flask-utils 1.1.8 7 A set of utilities to make working with flask web applications easier.
webflask 1.2.1 7 Minimal web framework powered by flask
Webstack-Flask-JWT 0.4 7 JWT token authentication for Flask apps
whs.utils.flask 0.2.0 7 Some Flask utils, targeting REST services
apispec-flask-restful 0.1 6 Flask-RESTful plugin for apispec
cassandra_flask_sessions 0.3 6 Server side sessions with Apache Cassandra
easyflask 0.0.2 6 Flask project generator
Fifty-Flask 1.2.0 6 Flask enhancements.
fl-flask-zipkin 0.0.7 6 An zipkin extension for Flask based on py_zipkin.
Flask-ACL 0.0.1 6 Access control lists for Flask.
flask-ad-auth 0.1 6 Flask Azure Active Directory Auth
flask-admin-barin 0.0.1 6 A Barin backend for Flask-Admin
Flask-Alcool 0.4 6 Implement access control lists as decorators for flask.
Flask-Analytics 0.6.0 6 Analytics snippets generator extension for the Flask framework
Flask-Api-Awesomesauce 0.1 6 Flask Api Awesomesauce!
Flask-APIForm 1.0 6 A simple form validator for REST APIs in Flask
Flask-APScheduler 1.7.1 6 Adds APScheduler support to Flask
Flask-APScheduler-fork 1.5.4 6 Test package and a fork of flask_apscheduler.
Flask-Argonaut 0.21 6 Flask extension use hashing data with Argon2
Flask-Authbone 0.3 6 Plugguble Auth framework for Flask.
flask-authjwt 0.1.1 6 Module to secure flask endpoints in appengine using jwt token.
flask-autorouter 0.2.1 6 a utility for generating flask URL routing
flask-awesomemongokit 0.3.3 6 Sets up an extremely opinionated MongoKit environment in Flask, based selfishly on my own needs.
Flask-B3 0.0.4 6 B3 header access and propagation for Flask.
Flask-BDEA 0.1.0 6 Flask-BDEA
Flask-BlogTheme 0.2.2 6 Flask extension to read switch theme easily
Flask-Boto3 0.3.1 6 Flask extension that ties boto3 to the application
flask-bourbon 0.0.4 6 Flask + Bourbon makes you swagger
flask-buzz 0.1.3 6 Extra bindings on py-buzz specifically for flask apps
Flask-Cache-Buster 1.0.1 6 Flask extension calculates new cache busted path for static files
Flask-Canonical 0.1.1 6 Easy canonical logging for Flask
Flask-Captain 0.1.1 6 Handle webhooks with Flask
Flask-Celery3 0.2 6 Add Celery3 integration to your Flask apps.
Flask-Chargebee 0.0.1 6 Flask-Chargebee
Flask-Church 0.0.1 6 Flask-Church is a extension for Flask that help you generate fake data for testing
Flask-Clearbit 0.1.0 6 Flask-Clearbit
Flask-Click-Migrate 0.1.0 6 A library to glue flask + alembic + click
Flask-Color 0.2.1 6 flask-color is an extension for Flask that improves the built-in web server with colors when debugging. Unnecessary clutter such as time or IP are hidden.
Flask-Components 0.1.1 6 A simple flask extension to discover files in a declared array of components.
flask-conditional 0.1 6 Conditional decorators for Flask routes
Flask-Coralillo 0.1.2 6 Flask module for the Coralillo redis ORM
Flask-Crud 0.0.2 6 Quick and Easy CRUD for Flask, built on top of Flask-Classy
Flask-DjangoQuery 0.2.4 6 Django like query for Flask-SQLAlchemy
Flask-Dmango 0.0.7 6 Contents managements support for Flask + MongoDB applications
Flask-Douwa 0.3.0 6 一个flask插件
Flask-DropIn 0.0.1 6 Flask-DropIn let you easily organize large flask project.
Flask-DSwagger 0.0.3 6 Convert Doc String OpenAPI 2.0 in a single endpoint
flask-easy-model 0.4.0 6 A great base model, bringing Django conveniences to Flask
Flask-Environ 0 6 os.environ wrapper for flask config
flask-erppeek 1.0.1 6 ERPPeek Connector for Flask
flask-eureka 0.0.7 6
Flask-Extension 1.0 6 Demo for flask extension.
Flask-FAS 0.1.0 6 Adds Fedora Account System support to Flask
Flask-FileRev 0.1.0 6 Flask-FileRev
flask-filters 0.3 6 The Flask Filter to use with flask-restful and Relational DB
Flask-Flash 1.6.8 6 Flask API framework (API + Client) to create simple APIs from database models.
flask-graphql-subscriptions-transport 0.1.4 6 Adds subscription transport layer for Flask applications using GraphQL
Flask-GripControl 0.0.1 6 Flask GripControl
Flask-Headers 1.0 6 A Flask extension making adding headers one decorator away
Flask-Healthcheck 0.1.2 6 Healthchecks for flask applications made easy
Flask-HttpCaching 0.01 6 flask http caching
Flask-HTTPS 0.1.0 6 Make HTTPS required on any Flask app
Flask-Humanoid 1.0 6 Common humanization utilities for Flask applications.
Flask-Images 2.1.2 6 Dynamic image resizing for Flask.
Flask-Imagine 0.5 6 Extension which provides easy image manipulation support in Flask applications.
Flask-Imagine-AzureAdapter 0.4 6 Microsoft Azure BLOB adapter for Flask-Imagine extension.
Flask-Imagine-GoogleAdapter 0.4 6 Google Cloud Storage adapter for Flask-Imagine extension.
Flask-Imagine-RackspaceAdapter 0.4 6 Rackspace Files adapter for Flask-Imagine extension.
Flask-Imagine-S3Adapter 0.4 6 Amazon AWS S3 adapter for Flask-Imagine extension.
flask-iMail 0.1 6 Mailgun integration for Flask.
Flask-Init 0.0.3 6 Easy way to create Flask Web application
Flask-Ink 3.1.10 6 Easily integrate Sapo Ink's framework in your Flask project.
Flask-Intercom 0.1.0 6 Flask-Intercom
flask-ipblock 0.3 6 Block certain IP addresses from accessing your Flask app
flask-ipywidgets 0.1.0 6 Ipywidget in your Flask webserver
Flask-Jigger 0.0.2 6 Web APIs for Flask, unintrusive.
flask-jsonapi 0.7.0 6 JSONAPI 1.0 implementation for Flask.
Flask-JWT-Login 0.0.4 6 Flask extension that helps authentication using JWT
Flask-Kaccel 1.0.1 6 Add Flask support for Nginx X-Accel
Flask-kale 0.1 6 Use kale models on a flask project
Flask-Keen 0.1.0 6 Flask-Keen
flask-keyauth 0.1.5 6 A module to simplify working with KEY auth in Flask apps
flask-kiteconnect 0.1.0 6 Easy flask extension for kiteconnect
Flask-Leancloud-Sms 0.1 6 Leancloud SMS Service for Flask
Flask-Lint 0.1.dev20171129 6 Simple integration of Flask and jsonlint.
flask-login-openerp 0.5.1 6 OpenERP Login for Flask using Flask-Login
Flask-Mailgun 0.4 6 Adds Mailgun support to Flask applications
Flask-Marcos 0.0.7dev 6 ERP apps Flask container
flask-miracle-acl 0.2 6 The fabric between the Flask framework and Miracle ACL
Flask-Misaka 0.4.1 6 A pleasant interface between the Flask web framework and the Misaka Markdown parser.
Flask-Mistune 0.1.1 6 A interface between the Flask web framework and the Mistune Markdown parser.
Flask-Modus3 0.0.4 6 Flask Method Overrides for python 2.7 and 3.6
flask-mongo-model 0.0.3a4 6 A module provides basic ORM feature for MongoDB to Flask applications.
Flask-MongoDB 0.0.1a8 6 MongoDB flask extension
Flask-MongoRest 0.2.3 6 Flask restful API framework for MongoDB/MongoEngine
Flask-MQTT 0.0.11 6 Flask extension for the MQTT protocol
Flask-Multi-Session 0.2.0 6 Mongo multidevice sessions for Flask apps
Flask-MxitGA 0.10 6 Google analytics for flask and mxit.
flask-myapi 0.1 6 Flask-MyAPI - RESTful support library for Flask
Flask-MySQL 1.4.0 6 Flask simple mysql client
flask-nap 0.0.1 6 Flask REST Framework
Flask-NextCaller 0.1.0 6 Flask-NextCaller
Flask-NIH 0.1.0.dev1 6 A toolkit to write static site generators using Flask as a basis.
flask-notifyAll 1.0.3 6 Simple tool which will provide sms and email notifications
Flask-OAuthRes 0.2.0 6 OAuth Resource for Flask
Flask-OldSessions 0.10 6 Provides a session class that works like the one in Flask before 0.10.
Flask-OmMongo 1.0 6 Add Flask support for MongoDB using OmMongo.
Flask-OpenERP 0.3.1 6 OpenERP Connector for Flask
Flask-OrientDB 0.1 6 A Flask extension for using OrientDB with Flask
Flask-Paginated-Response 1.0.1 6 Response maker for Flask with RFC Standards such as Link Headers
Flask-PAM 0.1rc1 6 Flask authentication using PAM
flask-peewee 3.0.0 6 Peewee integration for flask
flask-peewee-swagger 1.1.5 6 Swagger Documentation for flask-peewee apis
Flask-Phrase 1.0.0 6 Connect your Flask apps to PhraseApp, the powerful in-context-translation solution.
flask-praetorian 0.3.15 6 Strong, Simple, and Precise security for Flask APIs
Flask-Prometheus 0.0.1 6 Prometheus client instrumentation for flask. See
Flask-Prose 0.1.56 6 A flask extension for generating markov prose
flask-ptrans 2.0.3 6 Flask extension for localisation of templates from JSON files
Flask-PubSub 0.1.0 6 Flask-PubSub
Flask-Pusher 1.2.1 6 Flask extension for Pusher
Flask-pyoidc 1.2.0 6 Flask extension for OpenID Connect authentication.
Flask-QArgs 0.0.2 6 Flask Query Arguments Parser, as your view decorators.
Flask-qiniu 1.1.4 6 Flask Qiniu extension
Flask-Redtask 0.3.1 6 Redqueue integration for flask
Flask-RegisterBlueprints 0.1.0 6 Dynamically register Flask blueprints on application object
Flask-ResponseExt 0.2.0 6 An extension of the Flask Response class.
flask-rest-toolkit 0.0.4 6 A set of tools to create simple Flask REST web services and APIs
flask-restful-autoroute 0.1 6 Blueprint based auto routing library for flask-restful
Flask-RESTful-Fieldsets 0.1.0 6 Extension to Flask-RESTful to create fieldsets
flask-resty-shared-session 0.1.2 6 An adapted flask-session module and corresponding OpenResty package, so flask and Nginx can share session information.
flask-rethinkview 0.1.2 6 RESTful Flask View with RethinkDB
flask-reverse-proxy 6 A Flask extension for applications in a reverse proxy not at the root
flask-rollbar 1.0.1 6 A sane configuration for Rollbar for Flask selfishly based on my own needs
flask-scarf 0.2 6 A battery included scafold generator for flask
flask-secure-cookie 0.1.2 6 Tornado's secure cookie support in Flask
flask-shell 0.1.3 6 Flask extension to improve shell command for the Flask CLI.
flask-shell-ipython 0.3.0 6 Replace default `flask shell` command by similar command running IPython.
flask-simple-alchemy 0.3.0 6 A Simplification of SQLAlchemy's declarative using Flask-SQLAlchemy
flask-simple-api 1.4.1 6 Simple API endpoints for Flask using Flask-Restful reqparse and Python 3 annotations
flask-simple-login 0.0.1 6 Easily turn your python data into a flot graph in a static html file.
flask-simple-pagination 0.0.4 6 A simple flask pagination library
Flask-SimpleSQLA 1.0 6 Extension providing basic support of SQLAlchemy in Flask applications
Flask-Sleepy 0.3.0 6 REST is hard. Let's go shopping
Flask-SlimREST 0.1.2 6 Flask extension for building RESTful APIs
flask-sparkle 0.2.1 6 Flask app that publishes Sparkle update feeds
flask-spawn 0.1.11 6 Generate new flask projects quickly and easily, in a variety of customisable structures.
Flask-SPF 0.0.0 6 Flask-SPF
Flask-SQLA2api 0.2.0 6 Flask-SQLAlchemy Model to API in one line of code
Flask-SQLAlchemy-Booster 0.4.117 6 Querying and JSON Response generation wrappers for Flask-SQLAlchemy
Flask-SQLAlchemy-Cache 0.1.5 6 CachingQuery implementation to Flask using Flask-SQLAlchemy and Flask-Cache
Flask-SRI 0.1.0 6 Flask-SRI
Flask-SSDB 0.0.1 6 Flask simple ssdb client
flask-static-bundle 0.1.3 6 Flask extension for static-bundle
flask-statsd-tags 0.1.6 6 Flask extention for sending statsd data
Flask-StatsdTagged 0.9 6 Flask extension for sending statsd data with tags, for use with telegraf statsd plugin
Flask-Stripe 0.1.0 6 Flask-Stripe
Flask-Swagger-Codegen 0.0.6 6 Generate Flask code from Swagger docs.
Flask-TaskTiger 0.0.1 6 Flask TaskTiger
flask-test-requests-client 0.2.0 6 A Flask test client which replicates the requests interface.
Flask-thumbnails 1.0.3 6 A simple extension to create a thumbs for the Flask
flask-toolbox 0.0.2 6 A flask toolbox.
Flask-Twip 0.0.5 6 twitter API proxy extension for Flask microframework
Flask-Twitter-OEmbedder 0.1.8 6 Embedded tweets in Flask Jinja2 Templates with only the Tweet_ID
flask-uiface 0.7 6 Random user avatars for the rest of us!
Flask-Validator 1.2.3 6 Data validator for Flask and SQL-Alchemy, working at Model component with events
Flask-Watson 0.1.0 6 Flask-Watson
flask-wdb-hook 0.1.2 6 Hook to replace flask werkzeug debugger with wdb.
Flask-wechatpy 0.1.3 6 wechatpy for flask extension
Flask-Weixin-Login 0.2.1 6 Weixin Login from Flask
Flask-Weixin-Pay 0.3.4 6 Weixin Pay from Flask
Flask-With-Glasses 0.1.5 6 Enhanced flask app with livereload and webassets. More suitable for front end development
flask-ws 6 Websocket for flask.
Flask-WTF-Polyglot 0.3 6 Flask-WTF companion library providing `PolyglotForm` for polyglot HTML output
Flask-Z3950 1.0.1 6 Z39.50 integration for Flask applications.
Flask-Zipkin 0.0.4 6 An zipkin extension for Flask based on py_zipkin.
flask_alcohol 0.2.2 6 Automatically generate API routes from Flask-SQLAlchemy models
flask_cache_external_assets 0.2.0 6 Flask extension for caching external assets
flask_checkargs 0.1.2 6 A module to simplify checking arguments in Flask apps
flask_clapi 0.2.0 6 CLAPI wrapper
flask_dino_utils 0.1.14 6 Flask utils package to use it among with Flask-Classy and marshmallow
flask_flaskwork 0.1.11 6 A Flask plugin to talk with the Flaskwork Chrome extension.
flask_helpers 0.1 6 Useful stuff for Flask application
flask_ldap_auth 0.2.2 6 Simple Flask extension to allow authentication with a LDAP server
flask_nemo 1.0.2 6 Flask Extension to browse CTS Repository
flask_params 1.0.1 6 Processes the Request params for Flask served as a Python library
flask_react 0.0.5 6 Auto setup tool for flask and react project
flask_remote_file 0.1.0 6 Flask extension to serve remote files via sftp
flask_util_js 0.2.25 6 flask's util in javascript. such as url_for etc.
flask_voluptuous 0.1.2 6 A simple flask extension for data validation with Voluptuous
flaskbuckle 0.1.7 6 Auto-generated Swagger specifications for your Flask API
flaskify 0.2 6 Simple Flask project generation
flaskle 0.4 6 bottle-like utility decorators for flask
flaskpress 0.0.1 6 Python Flask CMS
flaskpress-flask-htmlbuilder 0.13 6 Fork of Flexible Python-only HTML generation for Flask
flaskrestframework 0.1.4 6 Web APIs for Flask, made easy.
FlaskSearch 0.1 6 Powerful search functionality for Flask apps via ElasticSearch
flaskstrap 0.3.6 6 Easily create a flask, nginx, uwsgi and bootstrap project ready for deployment
Flasky 0.1.0 6 Lazy man's Flask Application
FlaskyTornado 0.0.45 6 A microframework based on Tornado and Flask and good intentions
microcosm-flask 1.5.0 6 Opinionated persistence with FlaskQL
moflask 0.1 6 Re-usable flask utilities.
paqmind.flask-routes 0.2.4 6 Class-based routes for Flask
paqmind.flask-views 0.5.1 6 Class-based views for Flask
simple_flask_server 0.0.2 6 Flask equivalent of python -m SimpleHTTPServer.
SimpleFlask 0.1.0 6 Simple Flask application.
SimpleFlaskBlueprint 0.1.1 6 Simple Flask blueprint.
testflask1 0.1 6 testflask1 dependency
Thread-Flask-Prometheus 0.0.3 6 Prometheus client instrumentation for flask.
txflask 0.1 6 txflask makes working with Twisted Web as easy as working with flask
apiaiwebhook 0.1.0.dev2 5 API.AI Webhook is a fulfillment microframework for API.AI based on Flask for getting started quickly with API.AI webhooks.
biweeklybudget 0.7.1 5 Responsive Flask/SQLAlchemy personal finance app, specifically for biweekly budgeting.
blocky 0.0.2 5 Block rendering for flask and django using jinja2.
Bluebook 0.0.1 5 Pylot is a Flask extension that adds structure and map your views and templates together for rapid application development
carafe 0.4.7 5 Collection of Flask extensions geared towards JSON APIs
centralsession 0.3.0 5 A redis based session storage that works for flask and django
chill 0.3.3 5 Database driven web application framework in Flask
Congo 0.0.1 5 Portfolio is a Flask based framework that adds structure and map your views and templates together for rapid application development
connexion 1.3 5 Connexion - API first applications with OpenAPI/Swagger and Flask
django-kungfu 0.2 5 A Flasky approach to distributed Django configuration
elsa 0.1.3 5 Helper module for Frozen-Flask based websites
fawn 2.1.1 5 flask async uwsgi websocket postgresql notify
flamyngo 0.9.9 5 Flamyngo is a customizable Flask frontend for MongoDB.
Flask-Aggregator 0.2.0 5 Batch the GET requests to your REST API into a single POST
Flask-Alchemy 0.1 5 The fastest markdown parser in pure Python
Flask-Appcache 0.1.2 5 Semi-automagically sets up appcache for you
Flask-Ask 0.9.7 5 Rapid Alexa Skills Kit Development for Amazon Echo Devices in Python
Flask-Assistant 0.2.94 5 Framework for Building Virtual Assistants with API.AI
Flask-B1Connector 0.0.1 5 Use to connect SAP B1 RESTful API.
Flask-Bleach 0.0.2 5 Easy integration of bleach
Flask-Bootstrap 5 An extension that includes Bootstrap in your project, without any boilerplate code.
Flask-Bootstrap3 5 UNKNOWN
Flask-Bootstraps 5 An extension that includes Bootstrap in your project, without any boilerplate code.
Flask-Bower 1.3.0 5 An extension to manage and serve your javascript assets with bower
Flask-BowerCDN 0.1.0 5 Work easily with Bower and CDN content.
flask-braintree 0.01 5
flask-btsn-alchemy 0.0.2 5 BITSON's SQLAlchemy Models
Flask-Compressor 0.2.0 5 Compress your CSS and JS files.
flask-confighelper 1.0.0 5 Helper for setting up environment configurations
flask-crossdomain 0.1 5 HTTP Access Control helper.
Flask-Dashed 0.1b2 5 Adds a way to easily build admin apps
Flask-Datadog 0.1.4 5 Access to dogstatsd in your app.
Flask-DB2 0.0.10 5 Creates connections for use with DB2
Flask-DbShell 1.0 5 Django-like dbshell
Flask-DWConnector 0.0.1 5 Use to connect DataWald RESTful API.
flask-endpoint 0.1 5
Flask-FedoraCommons 0.0.8 5 Library for manipulating Fedora Commons digitial repositories
Flask-Fixtures 0.3.7 5 A simple library for adding database fixtures for unit tests using nothing but JSON or YAML.
Flask-Foundation 2.1 5 An extension that includes the Foundation css framework in your project, without any boilerplate code.
Flask-GSA 0.1.1 5 A simple wrapper for the Google OAuth2 client library
Flask-Hooker 1.0.3 5 Receive and manage webhooks of several services at the same time
Flask-HTMLmin 1.3.1 5 Minimize render templates html
Flask-IndieAuth 5 Allow requests to be authenticated with
Flask-Logging 0.1.3 5 UNKNOWN
Flask-Mage2Connector 0.0.1 5 Use to connect Magento 2.
Flask-Markdown 0.3 5 Small extension to make using markdown easy
Flask-Material 0.1.1 5 An extension that includes Materialize CSS ( in your project, without any boilerplate code.
Flask-MAuth 1.1 5 MAuth Client and Server Library for MAuth
flask-memcache-session 2.0 5 Use memcache for store session data
Flask-Micropub 0.2.8 5 Adds support for Micropub clients.
Flask-Mime 0.1.0 5 Provides MIME type based request dispatching mechanism.
flask-multiconfig 0.1 5 A simple extension to add advanced configuration source support.
flask-nidhogg 1.1.1 5 OpenSource Yggdrasil protocol implementation
Flask-NoExtRef 0.1 5 Support for hiding external URL
flask-oauthprovider 0.1.3 5 A full featured and secure OAuth provider base
Flask-ObjectRocket 0.2.1 5 User authentication with the ObjectRocket API.
Flask-Paranoid 0.2.0 5 Simple user session protection
Flask-Pushrod 0.3 5 Views for your API
Flask-Pyco 0.2 5 Simple flat file CMS inspired by Pico and Jekyll
flask-pytest 0.0.5 5 Runs pytest in a background process when DEBUG is True.
Flask-RedisSession 5 add server-side session, stored by Redis
Flask-ReportableError 0.4.3 5 handle errors that can be reported to the web client
Flask-ReqArg 0.1.5 5 The decorator that maps request arguments into function arguments.
flask-request-id 0.1 5 Extract yourself some Request IDs.
flask-request-id-middleware 1.1 5 Adds Request ID inside your http requests to better identify what's happening on your app
flask-restaction 0.25.3 5 A web framwork born to create RESTful API
flask-restful-swagger 0.19 5 Extrarct swagger specs from your flast-restful project
flask-restful-swagger-flexme 0.20 5 Extract swagger specs from your flast-restful project
Flask-RestPoints 0.0.8 5 Adds some common health check endpoints (ping, time, status)
Flask-reStructuredText 1.2 5 Small extension to make using rst easy
Flask-Roughage 0.1 5 Very short description
Flask-SAPB1 0.0.2 5 Use to connect SAP B1 DI API.
flask-schema 0.1a 5 Schema Validation for your JSON APIs
Flask-Search 0.01 5
Flask-ShellPlus 0.0.3 5 UNKNOWN
Flask-Sillywalk 2.1 5 So you want to implement an auto-documenting API?
Flask-Simple-Serializer 1.1.3 5 Simple Serializers for API validations
Flask-SL 0.0.4 5 Basic recognition of Second Life® requests.
Flask-Slither 1.1.7 5 A small library between MongoDB and JSON API endpoints
Flask-Smores 0.2.1 5 Validate inputs and document routes using marshmallow schemas
flask-sqlalchemy-plus 0.1.3 5
Flask-SQLAlchemySession 0.0.4 5 UNKNOWN
Flask-Staticify 0.2.2 5 Looks for static files in the additional locations as a fallback
Flask-SuperAdmin 1.7.1 5 The best admin interface framework for Python. With scaffolding for MongoEngine, Django and SQLAlchemy.
Flask-Token 1.0 5 快速生成API认证令牌
Flask-Tracy 0.1.3 5 Logs tracing information on a per-request basis
Flask-Tus 0.7.1 5 TUS protocol implementation
Flask-Versioned 0.9.4-20101221 5 Add version info to file paths.
Flask-WaffleConf 0.3.1 5 Store variables in database and update them at runtime
Flask-WePay 0.0.7 5 WePay API support
Flask-Wizard 0.5.19 5 Rapid and easy chatbot development in Python for multiple channels
flask_aide 0.0.1 5 demo
flask_backstage 0.2.1 5 A backstage framework with very few code.
flask_github_proxy 0.0.2 5 Plugin to build services to push data from a website to github with PullRequests confirmation
flask_json_resource 0.2.18 5 UNKNOWN
flask_jsondash 6.2.3 5 Easily configurable, chart dashboards from any arbitrary API endpoint. JSON config only. Ready to go.
flask_neglog 0.0.2 5 demo
flask_restful_jsonschema 0.1.1 5 Provides a wrapper which provides valid json to Resource methods.
flask_sandboy 0.0.3 5 Automated REST APIs for SQLAlchemy models
flask_slackbot 0.2.1 5 Deal with slack outgoing webhook
flask_yamlpage 0.0.6 5 Flatpages in yaml syntax
flaskbb-plugin-proxyfix 1.0 5 Werkzeug ProxyFix
FlaskCms 0.0.4 5 UNKNOWN
fleaker 0.4.3 5 Tools and extensions to make Flask development easier.
gdbgui 5 browser-based gdb frontend using Flask and JavaScript to visually debug C, C++, Go, or Rust
glassblower 0.2.5 5 The Best Flask Boilerplate Framework
Harambe 0.10.0 5 A mid stack Flask based framework that put structure in the file system. Features: Caching, Mailing, Storage, CSRF, recaptcha, Cors. Supports HTML, Markdown and Jade and more
horn (latest release) 5 Hy Macros for Flask
Juice 0.0.23 5 A full stack Flask based framework that put structure in the file system. Features: Caching, Mailing, Storage, CSRF, recaptcha and more
kipavois 0.1.2 5 Flask proxy over Kibana with KiPavois
mack 0.1.1 5 A simple Flask project generator
Mambo 1.0.0b21 5 A mid stack Flask based framework that put structure in the file system. Features: Caching, Mailing, Storage, CSRF, recaptcha and more
manhattan_dispatch 0.0.4 5 A middleware dispatcher for Flask based on werkzeug.wsgi.DispatcherMiddleware.
mediaflask 0.2.1 5 Download audio from online videos.
Microbe 1.2 5 Micro Blog Engine inspired by Pelican and powered by Flask
mkflask_module 0.1.1 5 Python module
Mocha 0.12.1 5 A mid stack Flask based framework that put structure in the file system. Features: Caching, Mailing, Storage, CSRF, recaptcha, Cors. Supports HTML, Markdown and Jade and more
nails 0.2.0 5 A python MVC framework built with Flask
NCTU-Oauth 0.1.0 5 adds NCTU-Oauth support to flask
phovea_security_flask 0.1.0 5 UNKNOWN
ponywhoosh 1.7.6 5 Your database now searchable. The backend behind the Flask-PonyWhoosh.
Portfolio-py 0.0.1 5 Portfolio is a Flask based framework that adds structure and map your views and templates together for rapid application development
Prestige 0.0.1 5 Pylot is a Flask extension that adds structure and map your views and templates together for rapid application development
proxapy 0.1.5 5 Simple API proxy that uses Flask/requests/gunicorn.
pumpwood-flaskmisc 5 Misceletiuns fucntions and class to help development of PumpWood on Flash
Pylot 0.0.4 5 Pylot is a Flask extension that adds structure and map your views and templates together for rapid application development
PyTyrion 1.0.1 5 支持Tornado、Django、Bottle、Flask的Web表单验证
pyxley 0.1.0 5 Python tools for building Flask-based web applications
Redberry 5 Flask Blueprint for adding simple CMS functionality
ripozo 1.3.0 5 ReSTful API framework with HATEOAS support and compatibility with Flask, Django, SQLAlchemy and more.
rororo 1.1.1 5 Collection of utilities, helpers, and principles for building Python backend applications. Supports aiohttp.web, Flask, and your web-framework
sbswebsite 0.0.23 5 Flask based project to create a personal site
Shaft 0.0.8 5 A mid stack Flask based framework that put structure in the file system. Features: Caching, Mailing, Storage, CSRF, recaptcha, Cors. Supports HTML, Markdown and Jade and more
spill 0.0.1a0 5 A utility for generating Flask scaffolding and boilerplate.
tadpole 1.0.10 5 flask starter, support gunicorn start,stop,reload script and restful view , auto restful sqlalchemy model, auth and permission
talisman 0.1.0 5 HTTP security headers for Flask.
Toucan 0.0.0 5 A full stack Flask based framework that put structure in the file system. Features: Caching, Mailing, Storage, CSRF, recaptcha and more
trappist 0.2.0 5 Mount your Flask or WSGI app in your Django app.
webargs 2.0.0 5 A friendly library for parsing and validating HTTP request arguments, with built-in support for popular web frameworks, including Flask, Django, Bottle, Tornado, Pyramid, webapp2, Falcon, and aiohttp.
Webmaster 0.0.2 5 A full stack Flask based framework that put structure in the file system. Features: Caching, Mailing, Storage, CSRF, recaptcha and more
WebPortfolio 0.2.6 5 A full stack Flask based framework that put structure in the file system. Features: Caching, Mailing, Storage, CSRF, recaptcha and more
clay-flask 2.1.8 4 Clay is a framework for building RESTful backend services using best practices.
corkscrew 0.18 4 ooviews, settings, auth & more for flask
create-flask-skeleton 0.0.7 4
CTRegisterMicroserviceFlask 0.4.0 4 Library to interact with the Control-Tower api-gateway (register, do requests to other microservices, etc)
easyforms 0.0.30 4 Form processing library for Flask and Jinja2
evernode 0.2.7 4 EverNode is built by expanding upon flask by adding great features and easy-to-use modular design.
extrapypi 0.4 4 pypi server built on flask, aimed to be an extra index for private dependencies, including basic permissions
Facebook-Bot-Library 0.1 4 A facebook messaging SDK for Flask
feiwu 0.0.3 4 some useful module on flask developer
FejsaFlaskProject 1.0 4 UNKNOWN
flack 1.2.0 4 Slack integration for flask
flactory 0.2.0 4 A handy tool for creating and initializing flask applications
flask-ab 0.0.1 4
flask-admin-elasticsearch-dsl 0.0.1 4
flask-admin-lite 0.1.0 4 Build lightweight admin panel for your models
Flask-Administration 0.1.42 4 UNKNOWN
flask-app-router 0.0.1 4 UNKNOWN
flask-apps 0.0.2 4 UNKNOWN
Flask-Aspen 0.0 4 UNKNOWN
Flask-AssetRev 1.0.0 4 UNKNOWN
Flask-AtlassianConnect 0.0.5 4 Atlassian Connect Helper
Flask-Authority 0.0.1 4
Flask-Avatars 1.0 4 All avatar generators in one place.
flask-block 0.0.1 4
Flask-CMS-Core 0.01 4
Flask-Dissect 1.0.10 4 Dissect Distributed Session Control
flask-env-settings 0.1.0 4 Load application settings from env variables
Flask-Filtered-Response 1.0.2 4 Add filter capability to JSON responses
flask-geokit 0.1.7 4 Geocoding toolkit
Flask-Gunicorn 0.1.1 4
Flask-Heroku-Env 0.0.4 4 Easily fetch Heroku environment variables.
flask-id 0.0.1 4
Flask-JSON-Validation 0 4
Flask-Kits 0.0.8 4 demo
Flask-Landing 0.1.0 4 Landing page for collecting emails.
flask-ldap-login 0.3.0 4 UNKNOWN
flask-letsencrypt 0.1 4 UNKNOWN
Flask-Librato 0.0.1 4
Flask-LiveScript 0.1 4 implements the webassets filter for livescript
Flask-Lock 0.0.1 4
flask-metrics 0 4
flask-modular-auth 0.2 4
flask-monitoring-dashboard 1.8 4 A dashboard for automatic monitoring of python web-services
flask-morepath 0.1 4 UNKNOWN
Flask-Multipass 0.1.3 4
Flask-MultipleBlueprint 0.1 4 Decorate function using multiple blueprints at once.
Flask-naver 1.2 4 Oauth2 wraper for Naver login
Flask-Notifications v0.1.0.dev20150000 4
Flask-OAuth2-Login 0.0.9 4 Simple OAuth2 login
Flask-Obscurity 0.4 4 Security-by-obscurity. Move along, nothing to see here.
Flask-PluginEngine 0.3.1 4
flask-pundit 1.1.0 4 Simple library to manage resource authorization and scoping
flask-r-login 0.0.1 4
flask-ratelimit 0.0.1 4
Flask-RequestID 0 4
Flask-RESTful 0.3.6 4 Simple framework for creating REST APIs
flask-revise 0 4
Flask-RIP 0.1 4
Flask-Roots 0.0.1 4 Lightweight personal git server.
flask-rst 0.1 4 Create a static website from simple reStructuredText files
flask-schematics 0 4
Flask-SimpleACL 1.2 4 Simple ACL extension
flask-sleep 0 4
Flask-Sleuth 0.0.6 4 Spring Cloud Sleuth logging implementation for Python 2/3.
flask-social-auth 0.0 4
Flask-SocialAPI 1.0.5 4 Simple api for controlling and login to provider
Flask-SQLAlchemy-CRUD-Mixin 0 4
Flask-StatsD 0.1.1 4 Access to statsd in your app.
flask-structlog 0 4
flask-template-loader 0.0.3 4 UNKNOWN
Flask-thridy 0.0.3 4 simple use thridy for login you web
flask-tinyauth 0.0.2 4
Flask-Travis 0.0.2 4 Easily fetch Travis CI environment variables when testing.
Flask-TwitterBootstrap 0.0.4 4 UNKNOWN
Flask-Upload 0.0.1 4 A simple and brief utility tools framework
Flask-Validates 0.3.0 4 Form validation with view decorators
Flask-WAT 0.1.2 4
Flask-WatQY 0.0.3 4
flask-zabbix 0.1.1 4 Zabbix API wrapper
flask-zeus 0.2.1 4 UNKNOWN
flask_autorest 0.1.5 4 auto create restful apis for database, with the help of dataset.
flask_base64_msm_session 1.0.2 4 Use base64 encoder on memcached server. And it will use memcached on session
flask_doc 0.2.5 4 Write API document when you coding, Test your API when you press last word immediately
flask_error 0.1 4 A simple and extensible way of displaying error messages.
flask_ext_migrate 1.0.1 4 A sourcecode manipulation tool for converting imports.
flask_locust 0.0.2-alpha 4 SQL-Migrations for your Application
flask_simple_sitemap 0.0.3 4
flask_wx 0.0.1 4 A simple and brief utility tools framework
flaskbb-plugin-private-memberlist 1.2 4 Require login to view the member list
FlaskEx 0.0.66 4 UNKNOWN
flaskpress-speaklater 1.3.0 4 Implements a lazy string for python for use with gettext
flaskwork 0.1.1 4 UNKNOWN
FliKISS 0.1 4 Wiki engine based on Markdown flat files powered by Flask
flump 0.11.2 4 REST API builder using Flask routing and Marshmallow schemas.
flymph 0.1.3 4 Flask as Lymph Web API
Fregger 0.10.6 4 Automatically generate Swagger docs for Flask-Restful.
fuser 1.0.4 4 A library to handle user related tasks in Flask
google-oauth-flask 0.0.1 4 UNKNOWN
http-server-livereload 1.1.0 4 A monkey patch of http.server to call livereload when server_forever is called. This is compatible with flask reload and tiny-lr (grunt watch).
Jalapeno 0.1.4 4 Static Site Generator based on Flask
kolekti-agent-python-flask 0.0.1 4 Lightweight monitoring system agent
kore-plugins-flask 0.0.4 4
kore-plugins-flask-admin 0.0.1 4
lapti 0.0.1 4 Simple utils for flask and peewee projects
littlefish 0.0.16 4 Flask webapp utility functions by Little Fish Solutions LTD
magic-xxl 0.6.1 4 A collection librairies to work with Flask-Magic
miaUtil 0.1 4 Util for working with flask request
moesifwsgi 1.1.1 4 Moesif Middleware for Python WSGI based flatforms (Flask, Bottle & Others)
mongosafe 0.0.3 4 Provides safe reference fields for mongoengine and Flask-admin dashboard.
myflaskr 0.0.1 4 A test upload for PyPI
paqmind.flask-paqforms 1.0.0 4 UNKNOWN
picutils 4 Hosting pictures into html, website, python Flask and GUI, image manupilation
platformo-client 0.0.1 4 收集Flask的请求响应时间并发送至logstash
PlatformoClient 0.0.7 4 收集Flask的请求响应时间并发送至logstash
python-cfworker 1.7.0 4 This module makes it easier to deploy Python workers by wrapping Flask and multiprocess functionality into a single module. When instanced, your app will be serving http via Flask, as well as performing work.
qiniufs 1.0.2 4 qiniu file uploader for flask!
quorum 0.5.23 4 Quorum Extensions for Flask
recast-flask-frontend 0.1.0 4 new frontend for the RECAST project
RESTfulEf 0.1.1 4 A generic restful api generator based on elixir and flask
safrs 1.0.5 4 safrs : SqlAlchemy Flask-Restful Swagger2
serverless-runlocal 0.1.2 4 Serverless configuration parser to run your serverless function as Flask.
shiftboiler 0.3.3 4 Boilerplate setup for webapps, apis and cli applications with flask
spouk_utils 0.1 4 some utils for flask distributions
tiddly 1.0.11 4 Flask-Tiddly is a minimal, prototype RESTful server for basic CRUD transactions.
yell 0.3.2 4 User notification library with pluggable backends. Compatible with popular frameworks such as Django, Flask, Celery.
3color-Press 0.2.1 3 A Flask based static site generator for comics
aap-client-python 0.1.2 3 AAP Client
abilian-core 0.10.2 3 A framework for enterprise applications (CRM, ERP, collaboration...), based on Flask and SQLAlchemy
app_error_handler 1.0.1 3 An Alternative to web application error handling
appenlight-client 0.6.25 3 Client for AppEnlight reporting - WSGI applications and django monitoring (
archer 0.5 3 Thrift app the flask way
archerv2 0.6 3 Thrift app the flask way...The Right Way
archon 0.3.3 3 A framework for websocket APIs.
assentio 0.1 3 A minimal, lightweight flask-based blog
atilla 1.2.6 3 flask API projects helper
autobahn-sync 0.3.2 3 Bring autobahn to your synchronous apps !
Barista 0.0.22 3 A Flask application creator
Blogging-Plugins 0.2.0 3 A plugin library for Flask-Blogging flask extension blog.
Broadway 0.0.2 3 A set of extensions for Flask that take the boilerplate out of your project.
Broadway-Migrate 0.0.1 3 A set of tools to reduce the boilerplate code in Flask apps
Broadway-SQLAlchemy 0.0.1 3 A broadway extension wrapping Flask-SQLAlchemy
browser-markdown-editor 0.2.0 3 Markdown editor for web browsers, built with Flask.
buchner 3 Flask project template and helper library
burp-ui 0.5.1 3 Burp-UI is a web-ui for burp backup written in python with Flask and jQuery/Bootstrap
cheddar 1.4 3 PyPI clone with Flask and Redis
coaster 0.6.0 3 Coaster for Flask
coffeecam 0.2.7 3 coffeecam
Container-WhooshAlchemyPlus 0.7.5.post3 3 Whoosh extension to Flask/SQLAlchemy which used in sina container
CorePost 0.0.16 3 A Twisted Web REST micro-framework
ct-core-api 2.5.0 3 Catalant Core API Framework
ct-core-db 1.2.0 3 Catalant Core DB Framework
Custom-FAB 0.0.9 3 Simple and rapid application development framework, built on top of Flask App Builder. includes detailed security, auto CRUD generation for your models, google charts and much more.
dealer 2.0.5 3 Dealer -- SCM (Git, Mercurial) watcher
DelogX 1.2.3 3 Yet another Markdown based blog
Djam 0.9.8 3 Extends Django to work with sqlalchemy and make it behave like Flask
django-fsu 0.1.2 3 Flask-Style URL Patterns for Django
dscsrf 1.0 3 Double-submit CSRF protection for Flask applications.
ecstatic 0.4 3 A small flask application to serve files.
efs 0.1.1 3 A simple wrapper around fs to work with flask and switch between local and s3fs
Eliza 1.0.0 3 Library with common features for Python (Flask) Microservices
Empty 0.4.3 3 Wrapper which makes Flask development easier
Erlenmeyer 0.2.4 3 Automatically generate Flask servers from Core Data.
errormator-client 0.5.15 3 Client for Errormator reporting - supporting WSGI and django (
espressocup 0.0.3 3 A gevent-intended very very basic flask-like WSGI server
ewsgi 0.0.3 3 Generic Eventlet WSGI server built to serve Python Apps
fighting 0.1.0 3 A simple JSON API web framework based on Flask
fl-static 0.0.2 3 Serve production static files with Flask.
flagen 0.1 3 A flask static site generator that uses markdown and jinja2 templates.
flakon 0.2 3 A collection of opinionated Flask Blueprints
flasgger 0.8.1 3 Extract swagger specs from your flask project
flatly 0.3 3 Pyramid scaffold that is flat. Kind of like Flask.
flekky 0.4.1 3 Static website generator inspired by jekyll based on flask.
flexrest 0.1.9 3 Flexible Flask Rest Api
frl 0.0.4 3 flask/requests logging
froth 0.0.1 3 Data Visualization Template Engine for Django/Flask=
fss 0.2.1 3 Compile Flask/Jinja2 site into static html content
Funnel 0.1 3 Flask extension for Beaker
fvsd 1.1 3 Flask+VueJS+SemanticUI+Docker CLI boilerplate.
git-webhook 0.0.6 3 使用 Python Flask + SQLAchemy + Celery + Redis + React 开发的用于迅速搭建并使用 WebHook 进行自动化部署和运维,支持 Github / GitLab / Gogs / GitOsc。
graphscraper 0.4.0 3 Graph implementation that loads graph data (nodes and edges) from external sources and caches the loaded data in a database using sqlalchemy or flask-sqlalchemy.
groundwork-sphinx-theme 1.0.8 3 Sphinx theme for groundwork projects (Based on flask_theme)
halef-SETU 0.0.5 3 halef-SETU provides an easy wrapper around SKLL models for statistical language understanding as well as an easy to API based on Flask
hero-crawl 0.1.4 3 Helpers for Scrapy and Flask on Heroku
hflossk 0.5.10 3 HFOSS course materials via flask
HipPocket 0.1.2a 3 A wrapper around Flask to ease the development of larger applications
Honeybadger-Extensions 0.1.2 3 Honeybadger extension that can log exceptions raised by Flask or Celery, adding more context than the original honeybadger python library.
inglass 0.1 3 A tool for monitoring and logging the temperature from a TEMPer USB Thermometer
invenio-admin 1.0.0b4 3 Invenio module that adds administration panel to the system.
invenio-ext 0.3.2 3 Invenio module that provides integration with Flask extensions.
itacate 1.0.3 3 Configuration module from flask, for the rest of the world
jac 0.17.1 3 A Jinja extension (compatible with Flask and other frameworks) to compile and/or compress your assets.
jobmonitor 0.0.5 3 Physics-orientated job monitoring over HTTP with Flask.
just-another-settings 1.0 3 Small lib to manage settings as object for Flask/Bottle/custom apps
KATO-BASE 1.2.12 3 Custom module build on top of flask app builder for internal use.
KATO-SAAS 1.0.0 3 Custom module build on top of flask app builder for internal use.
Keg 0.6.4 3 A web framework built on Flask & SQLAlchemy. Somewhere North of Flask but South of Django.
KegBouncer 2.2.3 3 A three-tiered permissions model for KegElements built atop Flask-User
kit 0.2.15 3 Flask, Celery, SQLAlchemy integration framework.
klein 17.10.0 3 werkzeug + twisted.web
labelord-halfdeadpie 0.5 3 Replicate Github Labels
Lagring 3 Asset storage for Flask
latexrender 0.3.6 3 A simple Flask app for rendering latex snippets into images.
liveandletdie 0.0.6 3 Simplifies launching and terminating of web development servers from BDD and functional tests.
logy 0.1 3 A flask based web application for central logging
madame 0.1.2.a 3 RESTful API for MongoDB built on Flask
mana 4.8 3 the missing startproject command for Flask
mana0 0.10 3 my flask toolkit
mana2 0.15 3 my flask toolkit
mana3 0.15 3 my flask toolkit
mana4 0.15 3 my flask toolkit
mediatumbabel 0.1.1 3 flask-babel port to provide i18n for mediaTUM (+jinja2) with some improvements
mimerender 0.6.0 3 RESTful HTTP Content Negotiation for Flask, Bottle, and webapp2 (Google App Engine)
Mlask 0.2 3 for Flask
mongo-datatables 0.2.5 3 Classes for connecting DataTables and Editor to MongoDB
nagifo 0.2.0 3 Nagios notifications through notifo
notes-pico 0.8.9 3 A note-taking example web application for Picoweb web pico-framework. (Ported from Flask original)
nyt-pyiap 0.1.8 3 Python utility functions and Django/Flask middlewares for validating JWT tokens from Google's Identity-Aware Proxy
oauth-middleware 0.3.3 3 Simple flask_oauthlib based middleware for WSGI app to preform oauth
oauth2-proxy 1.0.11 3 OAuth2 proxy with authorization/redirect flow
octoprint-dashboard 0.3.3 3 Runs server application for controlling multiple 3D printers with OctoPrint
ofcourse 0.2.5 3 Python courseware with Flask on OpenShift
onyx_sqlalchemy 3.2 3 flask_sqlalchemy for Onyx
onyxbabel 0.0.3 3 Ramake of the Flask_BabelEX for Onyx
openbrokerapi 2.0.0 3 A python package for the V2 CF Service Broker API and Open Broker API (version 2.13+)
palmer 0.0.4 3 Redice Flask Boost Library. Inspired by flask-api.
pdxdisplay 0.0.1a2 3 Simple web application for viewing PDX (Product Data eXchange) XML files
perfume 0.2 3 Simple Object Oriented layer for Flask.
permission 0.4.1 3 Simple and flexible permission control for Flask app.
Phial-Toolset 1.0.2 3 Non-intrusive toolset to easily use Flask/Peewee/Celery
pleaseshare 0.5 3 A file-sharing web application
podhub.meh 0.1.12 3 Flask framework with defaults.
Potion-client 2.5.1 3 A client for APIs written in Flask-Potion
pour 0.2.1 3 A lightweight Flask app generator.
py-healthcheck 1.7.0 3 Adds healthcheck endpoints to Flask or Tornado apps
py-json-rpc 0.0.5 3 Decorator based toolkit to use JSONRPC easy like Flask. Asyncio supported.
pyalexa 0.1.1 3 Python API for writing new Amazon Echo skills
pygrest 0.5 3 Build REST APIs with Neo4j and Flask, as quickly as possible!
PyMessager 1.0.1 3 A Python SDK and Flask API to develop Facebook Messenger application
pyramid-mongoengine 0.0.9 3 Mongoengine Pyramid extension based in flask-mongoengine
Python-EasyConfig 0.1.7 3 A simple library for loading configurations easily in Python, inspired by `flask.config`.
python-sinklog 1.1 3 Logging handler and CLI for
python-thumbnails 0.5.1 3 Thumbnails for Django, Flask and other Python projects.
python_saml_nocert 2.2.1 3 Onelogin Python Toolkit. Add SAML support to your Python software using this library
Quart 0.4.1 3 A Python asyncio web microframework with the same API as Flask
QueryableList 3.1.0 3 Python module to add support for ORM-style filtering to any list of items
quokka 0.4.1.dev6 3 Content Management Framework for Python
Quokka-Themes 0.1.4 3 Provides infrastructure for theming Quokka applications
Reding 1.99.1 3 [![PyPi downloads](](
redis-monitor 1.0.3 3 使用Flask开发的一个 web 可视化的 redis 监控程序,可以查看 redis 的服务器信息、实时监控 redis 的消息处理 ops、内存占用、cpu 消耗,以及 redis 联通时间。 A web visualization redis monitoring program. Performance optimized and very easy to install and deploy. the monitor data come from
relask 0.1.0 3 A Relay-based web development kit on Flask
reportexport 0.0.3 3 A Flask microservice that produces reports out of a database in xml and pdf format.
rest-api-blueprint 0.1 3 Pedagogical blueprint of a REST API in Flask.
restpager 0.1 3 A RESTful pager class for Flask
revise 0.0.3 3 Simple Schemas for Flask JSON Validation
Sanic 0.7.0 3 A microframework based on uvloop, httptools, and learnings of flask
Sanic-Cors 0.9.3 3 A Sanic extension adding a decorator for CORS support. Based on flask-cors by Cory Dolphin.
schemagic 0.9.1 3 Define the shape of your data with simple python data structures. Use those data descriptions to validate your application.
script-manager 0.1.0 3 A command-line interface. Just a simple and crude implementation of Flask-Script.
selenium-astride 0.3.1 3 Framework to use Selenium loud and clear, astride. Use it with Django, Flask or your favourite web framework.
sendgrid_parse 0.2.1 3 Access SendGrid's Inbound Parse emails into a dictionary
setman 0.1-alpha 3 Settings manager for Python web-apps and projects. Another?
Shake 1.6.4 3 A lightweight web framework based on Werkzeug and Jinja2 as an alternative to Flask
shorter 0.1.2 3 Robust url shorten service with zero config.
simpleapi 0.0.9 3 A simple API-framework to provide an easy to use, consistent and portable client/server-architecture (for django, flask and a lot more).
skaffold 0.1 3 Flask/SQLAlchemy Admin Scaffold
Slingr 0.0.13 3 Web development framework that builds and serves Cobs (deployable web applications), running on top of Flask
slotty 0.1dev 3 Web Racing Management System
solidwebpush 1.2.1 3 This package lets your server send Web Push Notifications to your clients. NOTE: No particular web framework are required (e.g. Django, Flask, Pyramid, etc.), since it was originally designed to run on a Raspberry Pi with no web server installed (only a bare Python program listening on a port for HTTP requests).
sqlalchemy-datatables 1.2.0 3 SQLAlchemy integration of jQuery DataTables
StasFliKISS 0.1.2 3 Wiki engine based on Markdown flat files powered by Flask. Fork from StasEvseev.
StatesofUSA 0.1 3 An API built on Flask-RESTful that returns with the names of all the states in USA.
tahoe 3 A Flask-based framework that handles the tedious things
TestLiveServer 0.0.2 3 Simplifies launching and terminating of web development servers from **BDD** or **functional** tests
Tornado-Restless 0.4.5 3 flask-restless adopted for tornado
twitter-timeline-rss 1.1.0 3 Ingest a twitter timeline and render as RSS
update_checker_app 0.6 3 Flask Application that provides the interface to the update_checker package.
weber_utils 1.2.2 3 Utilities for the Weber flask template
Werkzeug-Raw 0.0.1 3 Werkzeug meets Raw HTTP
xmpp-http-upload 0.2.0 3 Flask-based HTTP service to handle XMPP HTTP upload requests from Prosody mod_http_upload_external
Zask 1.9.5 3 Basic framework to use with ZeroRPC inspired by Flask
zeus-lab804 0.1.2 3 Fast create scaffold of flask.
zforms 1.8 3 Tiny Flask form validation library.
ziggurat-foundations 0.7.3 3 Set of SQLAlchemy mixins that make application building an easy task. Provides users, groups, permissions, resource tree handling and authorization solutions for Pyramid and Flask frameworks.
acceptable 0.10 2 API version negotiation for flask-based web services.
Active-Alchemy 1.0.0 2 ================== Active-Alchemy ================== A framework agnostic wrapper for SQLAlchemy that makes it really easy to use by implementing a simple active record like api, while it still uses the db.session underneath :copyright: © 2014/2017 by `Mardix`. :license: MIT, see LICENSE for more details.
Active-SQLAlchemy 0.4.0 2 ================== Active-SQLAlchemy ================== A framework agnostic wrapper for SQLAlchemy that makes it really easy to use by implementing a simple active record like api, while it still uses the db.session underneath :copyright: © 2014/2015 by `Mardix`. :license: MIT, see LICENSE for more details.
afg 0.2 2 Alexa Flask Guide for Flask-ASK
alchemist 0.3.12 2 A server architecture built on top of a solid foundation provided by flask, sqlalchemy, and various extensions.
alt-bucket 0.0.2 2 The common package
andromeda 0.1.2 2 declarative, class-driven framework written around flask
annohub 0.9 2 A simple annotation platform to add part-of-speech tags in a semi-automated way.
ansibleapi 0.1 2 Ansible API is a REST based front-end to run Ansible Playbooks in a very lightweight server.
api-star 0.1.4 2 An API framework for Flask & Falcon.
api2sshallowedusers 0.0.3 2 API to list, add or remove allowed users from sshd_config and reload daemon accordingly
apikit 0.3.2 2 A set of utility functions for RESTful Flask applications.
apy 0.2.3 2 Pythonic API development with flask
arrested 0.1.2 2 A framework for rapidly building REST APIs in Flask.
auto_api 1.0.3 2 Automatic API REST
baseconfig 1.0.0 2 The configuration package which handles multiple sources, fallback from one source to another, and internal validation of the values.
behave-models-steps 0.1.6 2 Provides testing for Flask-SQLAlchemy models with Behave
bepasty 0.4.0 2 a binary pastebin / file upload service
bootstraps 1.0.1 2 A library to handle user related tasks in Flask
bottle-config 0.1.2 2
bottle-login 0.0.3 2
bugsnag 3.4.0 2 Automatic error monitoring for django, flask, etc.
buildbot-wsgi-dashboards 1.0.0 2 Buildbot plugin to integrate flask or bottle dashboards to buildbot UI
Buro 0.1.27 2 A very simple Python-powered open-source web framework inspired by Flask, but following different design decisions
burp-ui-agent 0.5.1 2 Burp-UI is a web-ui for burp backup written in python with Flask and jQuery/Bootstrap
capitains-hook 1.0.0 2 Hook Flask App for Github/CTS repositories
cartographer 0.2.0-alpha5 2 Python library for using JSON API, especially with Flask.
ch-json-logger 1.1.4 2 JSON logger for python
chiki 1.1.1 2 Common libs of flask web develop
chrononaut 0.2.1 2 A history and audit tracking extension for Flask-SQLAlchemy
conmongo 0.0.2 2 A Flask microplugin based on pymongo
conpy 0.1.0 2 A sentiment analysis server implementation. Designed to be extendable, so new algorithms and sources can be used.
crumby 0.7.1 2 A Flask based web analytics app
datatables 0.4.9 2 Integrates SQLAlchemy with DataTables (framework agnostic)
Deployapp 0.20.0 2 A package to deploy sites in virtualenv, run scripts, and deploy workers with supervisor
djangomi 0.1 2 Django Mi(ni) for Django projects
Djazz 0.1 2 client application
djeasyroute 0.0.2 2 A simple class based route system for django similar to flask
djroute 1.1 2 Flask inspired dynamic routing for Django
doc-swag 1.0.1 2 Extract swagger specs from your flask project
docon 0.1.3 2 A sentiment analysis server implementation. Designed to be extendable, so new algorithms and sources can be used.
doctor 1.3.5 2 A module that assists in using JSON schemas to validate data in Flask APIs and generate API documentation.
dolead-entry-points 0.0.1 2 Multiple entry points generator
Douwa-Meta 0.0.5 2 一个flask插件,meta,type的生成预校验
Eve-SQLAlchemy 0.5.0 2 REST API framework powered by Eve, SQLAlchemy and good intentions.
eventum 0.2.7 2 A content management system for event-driven Flask apps
fab-addon-audit 0.0.1 2 Audit functionality to flask-appbuilder apps.
fah 0.1.0 2 Flask Against Humanity (copyright infringement pending).
family 0.9.10 2 Easy to create your microservice based on multiple python frameworks.
fannypack 0.0.4 2 a set of utilities for flask
fbones 0.0.6 2 A bootstrap toolkit to kickoff a flask project
fdt-sqlalchemy 0.0.4 2 Flask-debugtoolbar configurable SQLAlchemy panel
finny 0.3.10 2 Finny is the act of being skinny and fat at the same time. Basic structure for an api-centry approach to Flask - that is both fat in skinny, with basic and augmented support over some popular Flask libs
fis3 0.0.8 2 扩展flask,支持fis3
flachemy-session 0.0.3 2 Ease to handle sqlalchemy session with flask.
flango 0.0.1 2 Flask-like interface for Django
flatpages_index 0.1 2 A small extension for flask_flatpages
frs 0.0.0.dev13 2 Flask-RESTful Swagger(-driven) Validation
fua 1.0.2 2 Fake User-Agents of many real devices
funkyserver 0.1 2 FunkyServer is simple package to create Flask servers in background processes.
fw_test 0.0.2 2 test the packages upload
getolaf 1.0.2 2 A static site generator based on flask and markdown
git-golem 0.1 2 Git web interface using libgit2 and flask
gitlab-freak 1.0.0a1 2 A Flask server that allows you to interact with Trello from your own Gitlab, and keep track of your projects dependencies.
Glask 0.0.23 2 An extension for flask applications with best practices.
Gluino 0.4 2 port of web2py libs to bottle, flask, pyramid, tornado (includes copy of modules from the web2py framework)
goblet 0.3.5 2 Git web interface using libgit2 and flask
google_forms 0.3 2 Flask web proxy for Google forms
happymongo 0.1.1 2 Python module for making it easy and consistent to connect to MongoDB via PyMongo either in Flask or in a non-flask application
haven 1.1.111 2 flask's style binary server framework
healthcheck 1.3.2 2 Adds healthcheck endpoints to Flask apps
hepdata-converter-ws 0.1.6 2 Flask webservices enabling usage of hepdata-converter as a separate server over the network
highfield 1.0.21 2 Structured flask with mongo
http-butler 0.4.0 2 Light flask server
hxl-proxy 1.5.1 2 Flask-based web proxy for HXL
inovonics-cloud-oauth 2 Classes implementing functionality for flask-oauthlib using Redis as the backing store.
invenio-formatter 1.0.0b3 2 Jinja utilities for Invenio.
Jalapeno-Lite 0.1.3 2 Lite version of Jalapeno, Browser driven GUI
jboss 0.1.3 2
jiac 0.2.1 2 A Jinja extension (compatible with Flask) to compile and/or compress your assets inline.
json-validator 1.0 2 Provide decorator for validating json parameters passed to function. Can be used for validation of json parameters sent to Flask.
klue-client-server 1.0.124 2 Swagger + Flask + Bravado = Client/Server auto-spawning
kola 1.5.6 2 flask's style json server framework
kube_shields 0.0.6 2 kube shields flask frontend.
lanfit-resp 0.1.2 2 requests to flask response with Link header.
Lapin 0.01a1 2 A flask-based web framework
lazy_git 0.2 2 A streamlined REST API for access to Git repositories
lazy_record 0.6.0 2 Generic Model Layer for Python Web Applications using Sqlite3
lenzm_utils 0.6.0 2 Various utils including Flask projects
lever 0.2.6 2 A tool for exposing SQLAlchemy models in Flask via REST
llamicron-weber 0.1.9 2 A web interface for llamicron/brewer
lraudit 0.1.1 2 Adds auditing to LR Flask apps
lrutilities 0.1.2 2 Utilities for LR Flask apps
lrutils 0.1.4 2 Utilities for LR Flask apps
Mandark 0.0.1 2 Change Control Software with the power of Flask
mandrill_webhooks 0.1.0 2 Flask Webhooks
manhattan_assets 0.1.5 2 Core asset management for manhattan applications.
manhattan_chains 0.0.8 2 Classes for implementing execution chains.
manhattan_content 0.1.5 2 Classes and views for managing documents in a manhattan project.
manhattan_formatters 0.0.11 2 A set of functions and utilties that perform common data format task for manhattan.
manhattan_forms 0.0.31 2 A set of classes, functions and utilties that extend WTForms for use with manhattan.
manhattan_mail 0.0.10 2 Classes for implementing execution mail.
manhattan_manage 0.1.15 2 Classes and views for managing documents in a manhattan project.
manhattan_nav 0.0.16 2 Classes and functions for managing documents navigation in a manhattan project.
manhattan_project 0.0.3 2 Tools for creating and managing manhattan projects.
manhattan_secure 0.0.3 2 A set of functions and utilties that broadly fall under the topic of security for manhattan.
markov_autocomplete 1.0.1 2 Autocomplete model easy to integrate with Flask apps
meteorpi_server 0.1.5 2 HTTP server based on Flask providing a remote API
microsoftbotframework 0.3.0 2 A wrapper for the microsoft bot framework API
mip2scout 0.1.4 2 Microservice :)
muffin-debugtoolbar 0.3.0 2
muffin-peewee 1.2.1 2 Peewee integration to Muffin framework
nbserve 0.4.1 2 UNKNOWN
ninchanese-datatables 0.5.1 2 Integrates SQLAlchemy with DataTables (framework agnostic) - Containing fixes for
objgraph_middleware 0.2 2 Memory data logging middleware
octocat 0.4.0 2
openedoo 2 openedoo is backend service for education base on flask
Openedoo-Script-Test 0.1.2 2 Scripting support for Flask
phial 0.2.0 2 A static website generator that takes motivation from Flask and Jekyll.
Plim 0.9.12 2 Plim is a Python port of Ruby's Slim template language built on top of Mako Templates
plush_web 0.1.0 2 Micro framework inspirated by Sinatra, Express and Flask.
Pontus 1.0.0 2 Flask utility for Amazon S3.
printen 0.1.0 2 Flexible integration of Elasticsearch into Python projects.
py_blueprints 1.0.1 2 Flask ready to go blueprints
pylot-dojo 0.1.0 2 MVC framework build on top of flask
pylukinlib 0.0.5 2 General functions, classes and blueprints
pymetric 1.5.2 2 Simple abstraction layer for pushing metrics to influx periodically. Includes a wsgi middleware for compute metrics for web apps
pyneo4j 0.0.0 2 A Python client library for Neo4j
pyros_config 0.2.0 2 Classes to manage a server configuration. Heavily inspired by flask
pyrowire 0.8.1 2 Super-fast Twilio SMS response API
python-dotenv 0.7.1 2 Add .env support to your django/flask apps in development and deployments
python-kaltura 1.0.0 2 A Python module for accessing the Kaltura API.
python-rabbitmq-logging 0.0.3 2 Send logs to RabbitMQ from Python/Flask
python-rucaptcha 1.6.2 2 Python 3 RuCaptcha library with AIO module.
python-saml 2.3.0 2 Onelogin Python Toolkit. Add SAML support to your Python software using this library
python3-saml 1.3.0 2 Onelogin Python Toolkit. Add SAML support to your Python software using this library
rapidserv 2.0.0 2 A non-blocking Flask-like Web Framework in python.
sailplay 0.2.0 2 API Client for
sanic-patched 0.4.1 2 A microframework based on uvloop, httptools, and learnings of flask
sanic-win 0.6.1 2 A microframework based on uvloop, httptools, and learnings of flask
SES-Mailer 0.13.0 2 A simple module to send email via AWS SES
SES-Mailer-2 0.14.2 2 A simple module to send email via AWS SES
sga 0.1.39 2 make it easier to use pyga for web develop. and make pyga compatible with flask and django.
ShelfCMS 0.12.25 2 Enhancing flask microframework with beautiful admin and cms-like features
simple-bcrypt 0.1.0 2 Bcrypt hashing for Flask, Sanic, Quart and Eve.
simple-migrate 0.0.3 2 A simple database migrate tool for flask
simple-settings 0.12.1 2 A simple way to manage your project settings
simple-site-manager 0.1.7 2 Manage multiple lighttpd and Django or Flask websites on a single machine.
simple_openid 1.0.6 2 Simple OpenID. One-line setup for OpenID login for Flask.
SimpleSQLProxy 1.0 2 A simple sqlproxy for SQL LITE databases based on flask
slask 0.1.1 2 A Flask app to republish to Slack
slotty.datasimulator 0.1dev 2 Carrera Racing Unit data simulator for slotty
SmallScrewdriver 1.0.2 2 SmallScrewdriver is python texture packer library, with frontend's on PySide GUI, Flask/React.js, and console
spark-partition-server 0.1.5 2 Simple Python components for launching and managing servers on a running Spark cluster
SQLAlchemy-boolean-search 0.1.1 2 Boolean search expression parser for SQLAlchemy
sqlalchemy-django 0.0.4 2 similar flask sqlalchemy
starling 0.0.6 2 The Starling Python package contains code that might be useful when implementing services in Python
sucrose 0.1 2 mircroservice library using flask and rabbitmq
sumochip 1.1.1 2 SumoCHIP is an extremely low-budget robotics platform based on CHIP single-board computer
svlog 0.2.2 2 Python package for Flask Logging
swagger-py-codegen 0.2.9 2 Generate Flask code from Swagger docs.
teal 0.0.1 2 RESTful Flask for big applications.
thoreg_dojo 0.5 2 The coding dojo of Thoreg
Thorium 0.2.16 2 A Python framework for RESTful API interfaces in Flask
ticketscloud 0.6.4 2 UNKNOWN
tifa 0.2.9 2 a modern flask scaffolding
tinysmtp 0.1.2 2 Basically Flask-Mail without the Flask part
tornado-mail 0.4.0 2 A email plugin for tornado. It is a fake Flask_mail.
tornado_async_odm 1.0.0 2 Asynchronous Object Document Mapper designed for Tornado Web Server
torroute 0.0.1 2 Delicate Tornado Route Decorator.
tumbler 0.0.23 2 Tumbler is a simple layer that leverage flask with nice logs and automated settings management
txorbit 1.1.1 2 Transactional WebSockets library for the Twisted networking framework
tyron 0.2.4 2 Gevent redis/pubsub event notifier written in flask and gevent
ums-doc-swag 1.0.1 2 Extract swagger specs from your flask project
ums-doc-swagger 1.0.2 2 Extract swagger specs from your flask project
uppsell 0.1 2 A Flask-based e-commerce API and a django-backed admin for managing them.
vassal_deployer 0.0.2 2 uwsgi and nginx flask app vassal manager for containers
visualdeploy 0.1 2 See your app's deployment progress in real time
vuuvv 0.0.1 2 A web framework using flask, like ror.
webassets-elm 0.1.7 2 Elm filter for webassets
webdeployer 0.0.4 2 Personal Deployer for site created with Flask and Django
webhelpers2_grid 0.1 2 HTML Grid/Table generator for Webhelpers2
webshare-download-manager 0.2.6 2 Download manager for site. Flask + requests.
webspanner 0.1.0 2 Spanner is a micro web framework based on asyncio inspired by Flask & Express.js.
webstarts 2.9.0 2 Entry point for modern flask/gunicorn/sentry/celery web applications
wfgfw 0.0.7 2 word filter for gfw, include plugin for flask. download keywords:
wheelshop 0.1 2 your python wheels on a PyPI compatible server using flask and S3
WTCrud 0.1dev 2 CRUD forms for WTForms using Flask, Jinja2, SQLAlchemy
xstat 0.1.9 2 make statsd work with flask, django, maple or other server
Zolenmeyer 0.1 2 Stupid personally customized Flask
zulip-botserver 0.4.1 2 Zulip's Flask server for running bots
abilian-sbe 0.4.4 1 Social Business platform, including: document management, wiki, forum, enterprise social networking, and more
ablog_api 0.7.1 1 ablog_api description
ags_client 0.1.12 1 Client library for accessing GaaP services
aiohttp 3.0.1 1 Async http client/server framework (asyncio)
aiohttp-graphql 1.0.0 1 Adds GraphQL support to your aiohttp application
aiohttp_debugtoolbar 0.5.0 1 debugtoolbar for aiohttp
aiohttp_route_decorator 0.1.4 1 aiohttp @route decorator that doesn't need the app singleton
aiohttp_tools 0.0.1 1 A set of little tools for aiohttp-based sites
aiowerkzeug 0.2.0 1 Werkzeug for asyncio
airbrake-integrations 0.1.2 1 Python Integrations for
airpy 0.0.7 1 Documentation Installer for the Pythonic Soul
AISTLAB_novel_downloader 1.0.0 1 novel downloader online service
alauda-celery 3.1.25rc1 1 Distributed Task Queue
alchy 2.2.2 1 A SQLAlchemy extension for its declarative ORM that provides enhancements for model classes, queries, and sessions.
alcohol 0.5 1 Handles user authentication, in a way.
alerta-server 5.0.8 1 Alerta server WSGI application
alexafsm 0.1.11 1 Finite-state machine library for building complex Alexa conversations
alice-core 1.6.3 1
almost-empty 0.4.0-beta 1 Create AlmostEmpty packages
annotator 0.14.2 1 Database backend for Annotator (
apicore 1.2.1 1 Core lib for REST API
apigwsgi 0.1.5 1 WSGI compatibility for AWS API Gateway proxy resources
apispec 0.31.0 1 A pluggable API specification generator. Currently supports the OpenAPI specification (f.k.a. Swagger 2.0).
apistar-mail 0.2.0 1 A simple email Component for APIStar
apitools 0.1.4 1 Tools to play with json-schema and rest apis
applicationinsights 0.11.1 1 This project extends the Application Insights API surface to support Python.
AppMetrics 0.5.0 1 Application metrics collector
Arachne 0.5.0 1 API for Scrapy spiders
Arachne-Strahi 0.5.0 1 API for Scrapy spiders, adjusted for Novelship
ArachneStrahi 0.5.0 1 API for Scrapy spiders, adjusted for Novelship
archelond 0.6.0 1 Web server for Web shell history
ares_util 0.1.13 1 A tool for information system allowing a retrieval of information on economic entities registered in the Czech Republic (ARES - Access to Registers of Economic Subjects / Entities).
Argvard 0.3.0 1 Framework for command line applications
ass.ets 0.1.1 1 Assets management for webapps.
atomicpress 1.1.0 1 AtomicPress is a static blog generator for python developers.
Attest 0.5.3 1 Modern, Pythonic unit testing.
Attest-latest 0.6.1dev-20130603 1 Modern, Pythonic unit testing.
Authomatic 0.1.0.post1 1 Authorization / authentication client library for Python web applications
autologin 0.1.4 1 A utility for finding login links, forms and autologging into websites with a set of valid credentials.
autoui 1 Automatic generation of user-interfaces.
avatar-generator 0.1 1 Generates default avatars from a given string (such as username).
avro-service-clients 0.0.4 1 avro-service-clients
aws-wsgi 0.0.7 1 WSGI adapter for AWS API Gateway/Lambda Proxy Integration
aws-xray-sdk 0.95 1 The AWS X-Ray SDK for Python (the SDK) enables Python developers to record and emit information from within their applications to the AWS X-Ray service.
axado.pyjade 5.0.0 1 Jade syntax template adapter for Django, Jinja2, Mako and Tornado templates
Axe 0.0.4 1 An Extendable Python Web Framework
ayame 0.1 1 An Apache Wicket-like component based WSGI framework
backslant 0.3.8 1 Python template engine.
badgecheck 1.0.0b1 1 A python module that performs verification for Open Badges.
balrog 1.1.0 1 Python access control library.
bandit 1.4.0 1 Security oriented static analyser for python code.
bar4py 1 Augmented reality lib for Python3
baseframe 0.3.1 1 Baseframe for HasGeek projects
basement 0.2.2 1 A python project scaffolding generator.
basic_oauth 0.1.5 1 Implements the "Resource Owner Password Credentials Grant" from Oauth v2.
bcbio_monitor 1.0.6 1 bcbio-monitor is an extension of bcbio-nextgen to visualize its progress
bearform 1.2 1 Easy data conversion and validation for frontends.
bearlib 0.9 1 bear
bentodev 0.1.16 1 BentoBox Local Development System
betterconfig 0.3 1 betterconfig -- A Better Config for Python
betterlife-psi 0.6.4 1 Betterlife Intelligent PSI(Purchase, Sales and Inventory) system
bio2bel-wikipathways 0.0.1 1 A package for converting Wikipathways to BEL
birdy 0.3.2 1 birdy is a super awesome Twitter API client for Python.
bitcoinWebRPC 0.101 1 Bitcoin WebRPC for Python
bitpay-client 0.1.1 1 Python client for the BitPay payment web API distributed via PyPi with object-orientated interface
blackwidow 0.1.6 1 Visualizing and refactoring python project import graphs.
blast 0.3.0 1 a simple web-based, multi-platform music/mp3 player written in python, HTML/CSS and javascript
blueprint-decr 0.1.1 1 UNKNOWN
boardify 0.2.0 1 A web-based dashboard to analyzing your data with Python
boilerio 0.0.1 1 A software thermostat and heating control system
boomerang 0.6.0 1 An asynchronous Python library for building services on the Facebook Messenger Platform
Bottle-DebugToolbar 0.5 1 A port of the Django Debug Toolbar to Bottle
bottle-react 0.7.2 1 A microframework for Bottle+React projects.
bottoku 0.1.6 1 Microframework for Chat/Messenger Bots
bouncer 0.1.12 1 Simple Declarative Authentication based on Ryan Bates excellent cancan library
bowerstatic 0.9 1 A Bower-centric static file server for WSGI
bravado-falcon 0.1.0 1 Integration of Falcon API unit tests with Bravado.
browsepy 0.5.6 1 Simple web file browser
btform 0.1 1 web app forms tools
buildozer 0.34 1 Generic Python packager for Android / iOS and Desktop
bull 0.4.1 1 Digital goods payment processing made simple
bundle-celery 2.5 1 Bundle that installs Celery related modules
bw2all 0.1 1 UNKNOWN
cabu 0.0.2 1 cabu is a simple REST microservice to scrap content from anywhere.
cacao-accounting-commons 0.1.0rc3 1 Commons framework for the cacao accounting software.
cada 0.1.0 1 Search and consult CADA advices
calldules 1.0.1 1 Making modules callable, for not very good reasons.
cantal_tools 0.2.4 1 High level cantal tools
canvas 0.2 1 canvas is a simple interface to most common matplotlib functions
capitains-nautilus 1.0.1 1 Resolver for Capitains Guidelines Repository
carrie 0.3 1 Remote control of media players via web or Android phone
cas_client 0.1.4 1 A Python CAS client
cask 0.1.1 1 Injector-enabled Python application microframework
cds-trytond-cms 4.6.2 1 Tryton module to add basic CMS capability
cdumay-rest-client 0.0.24 1 HTTP client
celery 4.1.0 1 Distributed Task Queue.
certbot-py 0.10.1 1 Python module to integrate automated Let's Encrypt `certbot certonly` certificate creation into Python projects.
cfgtodict 0.1.3 1 A simple class for converting a *.cfg file to a Python Dictionary
cgbeacon 0.2.1 1 Extracts variants from a VCF file and inserts them into a Beacon MySQL database
chalice 1.1.0 1 Microframework
changelogs 0.14.0 1 A changelog finder and parser.
chanjo-report 4.2.0 1 Automatically render coverage reports from Chanjo ouput
chartkick 0.5.0 1 Create beautiful Javascript charts with minimal code
chaussette 1.3.0 1 A WSGI Server for Circus
chembl_beaker 1.2.20 1 RDKit in the Bottle on Tornado
chemist 1.1.1 1 1.1.1
CHIP-aREST 0.3 1 A module to control the CHIP IO channels via a REST API
chr 2.1.1 1 Python based URL shortening service
ckanext-xloader 0.3.1 1 Express Loader - quickly load data into CKAN DataStore
ckuehl-celery 4.0.2.post1 1 Distributed Task Queue.
cli-pipeline 1.5.71 1 PipelineAI CLI
clibuilder 0.1.7 1 CLI builder using argparse.ArgumentParser-like interface
cliche 0.1 1 Tool to create Python application skeletons from templates
clock 0.1 1 A minimalist datetime library for Python
cloudwatch-fluent-metrics 0.3.0 1 AWS CloudWatch Fluent Metrics
CNSdi 0.1.4 1 Simple Dependency Injection for python
CO2meter 0.2.0 1 Python interface to the USB CO2 monitor
commitizen 0.9.2 1 Python commitizen client tool.
compago 1.4 1 A framework for simple command-line option parsing.
conda-env 2.4.2 1 tools for interacting with conda environments
configloader 1.0.1 1 Python dict that supports common app configuration-loading scenarios.
cookiecutter 1.6.0 1 A command-line utility that creates projects from project templates, e.g. creating a Python package project from a Python package project template.
cookies 2.2.1 1 Friendlier RFC 6265-compliant cookie parser/renderer
copytext 0.1.9 1 A library for accessing a spreadsheet as a native Python object suitable for templating.
coreapidocs 0.0.2 1 Document APIs with CoreAPI.
corral 1.3.3 1 API for downloading files.
covador 0.9.17 1 Python data validation with web in-mind
cpucoolerchart 0.1.dev2 1 CPU cooler performance and price database
crane 2.1 1 docker-registry-like API with redirection, as a wsgi app
credo_manager 1 Manager for aws credentials
crochet 1.9.0 1 Use Twisted anywhere!
cryptoassets.core 0.2 1 A Python framework for building Bitcoin, other cryptocurrency (altcoin) and cryptoassets services
cup 0.2.0 1 A pythonic interface to
curdling 0.4.1 1 Concurrent package manager for Python
custom-e-celery 4.0.2 1 Distributed Task Queue.
dart 1.0 1 Turn URL variables into models.
dash 0.20.0 1 A Python framework for building reactive web-apps. Developed by Plotly. 0.17.3 1 UNKNOWN 0.2.1 1 Create python docs for dash easily.
dbag 0.1.2 1 Dbag- Easy time-series metrics and dashboarding
dciauth 2.0.2 1 DCI authentication module used by dci-control-server and python-dciclient
ddpclient 2.0.0 1 A client library for DDP API
depl 0.0.1 1 depl - deploy easy and fast.
devassistant 0.12.0a1 1 DevAssistant helps you kickstart your projects with ease.
devml 0.5.1 1 Machine Learning, Statistics and Utilities around Developer Productivity, Company Productivity and Project Productivity
diesel 3.0.24 1 Diesel is a coroutine-based networking library for Python
distll_celery 4.0.4 1 Distributed Task Queue.
django-ajaxutils 0.2 1 Ajax requests for Ponies
django-gitrevision 0.1.5 1 Django git revision, simple add current git revision to request object for use in tempaltes and views.
Django-Health-Checks 0.0.1 1 Adds some common health check endpoints (ping, time, status)
django-htmlmin 0.10.0 1 HTML minifier for Python frameworks (not only Django, despite the name).
django-nsa 0.1 1 An easy way for the NSA to see what's going on in our Django projects.
django-rq-dashboard 0.3.3 1 A dashboard for managing RQ in the Django admin
djrest 0.12b 1 api for creating simple rest service with django
dl-skel 0.1.2 1 DoubleLeft skeleton generator
dmsa 0.5.8 1 SQLAlchemy models and DDL and ERD generation from chop-dbhi/data-models style JSON endpoints.
DocDownloader 1.3.2 1 Downloads Documentation from ReadTheDocs in multiple formats
dockerhub-webhook 0.2.1 1 Webhook handler for dockerhub autodeployments
DocumentFeatureSelection 1.4.1 1 Various methods of feature selection from Text Data
dodotable 0.6.1 1 dodotable
Donald 0.2.5 1 Donald is here
dorset 0.4.0 1 Package for implementing Dorset remote agent API
downtoearth 0.4.2 1 Utility to make API Gateway terraforms
dragonpy 0.0.1 1 Dragonpay Python library
Dwarf 0.1.3 1 yet another static site generator
dynaconf 0.5.2 1 The dynamic configurator for your Python Project
easyad 1.0.9 1 A simple Python module for common Active Directory authentication and lookup tasks
easyrbac 0.1.0 1 easyrbac: Role Based Access Control for humans
ecache 0.1.2 1 Cache integration with sqlalchemy.
ecl_facebook 1.4.1 1 Easy Facebook integration for Django.
edmunds-framework 0.5.1 1 Edmunds is a fast Python framework for building web applications with a firm base to start from.
edna2 0.7.1 1 edna2 webserver for beets
El-Cuestionario 0.4.1 1 A tiny web application to display and evaluate single-page questionnaires
elastic-apm 2.0.1 1 The official Python module for Elastic APM
elasticsearch-opentracing 0.1.3 1 OpenTracing support for Elasticsearch
elex 2.4.1 1 Client for parsing the Associated Press's elections API
elizabeth 0.4.0 1 Elizabeth: dummy data for developers.
ellingtonia 0.0.1 1 ellingtonia, a documentation indexing tool
emily 1.0.8 1 A highly customizable chatbot implemented in Python.
enerpi 0.9.7 1 AC Current Meter for Raspberry PI with GPIOZERO and MCP3008
envargs 0.2.0 1 Parsing and validation of environment variables
envauth 1.0.1 1 Authentication based on the ENVAUTH environment variable
esFrontLine 1.1.14230 1 Limit restful requests to backend ElasticSearch cluster: Queries only.
esigen 0.0.2 1 Generate automated reports for computational chemistry calculations
EsiPy 0.3.3 1 Swagger Client for the ESI API for EVE Online
Eve 0.7.8 1 Python REST API for Humans.
eve-auth-jwt 1.0.5 1 Eve JWT authentication
Eve-docs 0.1.4 1 Generates documentation for Eve APIs
Eve-Swagger 0.0.8 1 Swagger extension for Eve powered RESTful APIs
eveauth 0.0.3 1 A library for working with the EVE Online SSO.
eventbrite 3.3.3 1 Official Eventbrite SDK for Python
everett 0.9 1 Configuration library for Python applications
face_recognition 1.2.1 1 Recognize faces from Python or from the command line
facebookinsights 0.3.4 1 A wrapper and command-line interface for the Facebook Insights API.
fauxmo 0.4.6 1 Emulated Belkin WeMo devices that work with the Amazon Echo
fb_messenger 0.3.0 1 Python API client for FB Messenger
fhirclient 3.2.0 1 A flexible client for FHIR servers supporting the SMART on FHIR protocol
fig-py 0.0.4 1 An utility for configuring python projects from jinja templates.
filteralchemy 0.1.0 1 Declarative query builder for SQLAlchemy
financeager 0.9 1 command line tool for organizing finances
Findex-GUI 0.2.18 1 Multi-purpose search engine for various protocols.
Findig 0.1.0 1
FirstAlexaSkills 0.1.2 1 A package for learning first steps with Alexa skills
FishFishJump 0.2.2 1 Simple solution for search engines in the python
fiware-glancesync 1.7.0 1 Tool to synchronise images from a master region to other regions
fixeddatatable 0.0.2 1 Utilities for interfacing with FixedDataTable.js
flake8-import-order-spoqa 1.3.0 1 Spoqa's import order style for flake8-import-order
flarecast-service 1 Flarecast Service is the base package of all flarecast connexion services.
flatdb 0.1.0 1 HTTP access to a LevelDB.
flyenv 0.1 1 a tool helps manage environment variable portably and safely
flyingcloud 0.3.31 1 Build Docker images using SaltStack
FriedRing 2.0.6 1 this is a FriedRing package for get http request and response.
frink 0.0.7 1 Basic ORM-like functionality for a RethinkDB datastore on top of Schematics.
Fulfil-Shop 0.1.dev3 1 UNKNOWN
fulfil_client 0.12.0 1 Fulfil REST API Client in Python
fullerene 0.1 1 A Graphite fontend
funcmap 1.0.3 1 A small Python module to provide convenient mapping between Python functions and text input
funyun 0.25 1 funyun -- image recognition and geolocation tags in photos.
ganggu 0.9.4 1 Random collection of modules.
Gears 0.7.2 1 Compiles and concatenates JavaScript and CSS assets.
generic-request-signer 0.3.2 1 A python library for signing http requests.
GeneWordSearch 2.5.1 1 Annotation finder for genes.
genotype 2.2.1 1 Taboo provides an automated pipipeline for comparinggenotypes from different assays.
GeobricksRasterCorrelation 0.1.13 1 Geobricks library to correlate two raster and create statistics and scatter charts.
GeobricksRESTEngine 0.1.11 1 Common entry point for Geobricks REST services.
Geofront 0.4.0 1 Simple SSH key management service
get-docker-secret 1.0.0 1 Utility function to fetch docker secrets/envvars.
gevent-socketio 0.3.6 1 SocketIO server based on the Gevent pywsgi server, a Python network library
gevent-socketio-master 1 SocketIO server based on the Gevent pywsgi server, a Python network library
gigya-server-lib 0.1.6 1 Gigya Server Library (gslib) is a python adaptation of the Gigya Server SDK
gilliam-cli 0.1 1 Command-line client for Gilliam
GitBanshee 0.1 1 Play sound effects when you commit, checkout and merge in git.
gitgate 0.1.16 1 Dead simple gatekeeping code review for Git
github_timeline_rss 1.2.1 1 Github timeline to RSS translation for easier feed integration
githubstars 0.0.6 1 List repository stars and info through Gituhb v4 GraphQL API
gitnotus 0.1.1 1 A high-level Python CLI for github event management
glim 0.11.2 1 A modern framework for the web
globelabs 0.0.3 1 UNKNOWN
gocd-dashboard 1.0.7 1 A dashboard to highlight GoCD pipeline statuses.
graph-alchemy 0.1.0 1 Basic Node/Edge model for SQLAlchemy
GraphDash 0.9.3 1 A web-based dashboard built on graphs and their metadata.
graphene-pynamodb 1.0.0 1 Graphene PynamoDB integration
graphene-sqlalchemy 2.0.0 1 Graphene SQLAlchemy integration
graphite-pymetrics 0.1.1 1 A simple Python metrics framework to use with carbon/graphite.
graphql-server-core 1.0.dev20170322001 1 GraphQL Server tools for powering your server
graphql-subscriptions 0.1.9 1 A port of apollo-graphql subscriptions for python, using gevent websockets, promises, and redis
guava 0.1 1 Guava - A super lightweight and high performance web framework for Python
guessit-rest 2.1.1 1 GuessIt - REST WebService
halogen 1.3.3 1 Python HAL generation/parsing library
hammock-builder 0.1.0 1 Create ReST APIs how you've always wanted.
hapapi 0.1.2 1 HAproxy RESTful API
haralyzer-api 0.1.2 1 REST API for storing HAR data and retrieving analyzed results
hare 0.6 1 A python ORM based on pymysql with ActiveRecord
healthy 0.1.2 1 healthy checks the health of a Python package from its pypi listing
helio 1.0.0b1 1 Componentised, hierarchical, notification driven Python web framework.
hendrix 2.0.2 1 Pure python web server, based on Twisted, providing the One Obvious Way to do async and offbeat network traffic with django and other WSGI apps.
herman 1.2.5 1 a little fork of peewee
HireFire 0.5 1 A Python lib to integrate with the HireFire service -- The Heroku Proccess Manager
hostinfo 0.5.1 1 A simple python http server to display basic system information.
hp3parclient 3.3.2 1 HP 3PAR HTTP REST Client
hplefthandclient 1.1.0 1 HP LeftHand/StoreVirtual HTTP REST Client
htmlPy 2.0.3 1 A wrapper around PySide's QtWebKit library which helps developer create beautiful UI with HTML5, CSS and Javascript for standalone applications.
htpwd 0.1.2a 1 A web Interface for users change their own passwords on a htpasswd file.
htq 0.1.0 1 HTTP Task Queue
httpproblem 0.2.0 1 Utility library to work with RFC7807 Problem Details for HTTP APIs
hyp 0.6.0 1 Partial JSON API implementation in Python on top of Schematics
hypermedia 0.0.0 1 Links representations together.
hyperstream 0.3.8 1 Hyperstream is a large-scale, flexible and robust software package for processing streaming data
i2crelay 0.1.0 1 A library and command line tool to control PCF8574 I2C relay boards
ice 0.0.2 1 Ice - WSGI on the rocks.
icemac.callonchange 0.7.0 1 Call a command when a directory or file has changed. (Mac OS only)
IceVolt 0.1.0 1 A mini blog with minimal architecture
ietfparse 1.5.0 1 Parse formats defined in IETF RFCs.
ihatemoney 2.1 1 A simple shared budget manager web application.
iiif2 0.0.32 1 An implementation of the IIIF Image API 2.0 Specification
ImageButler 0.0.4 1 Simple images serving service,
importd 0.5.0b1 1 A django based miniframework, inspired by Sinatra
Impression-CMS 0.2.0 1 UNKNOWN
indexedredis 6.0.3 1 A super-fast ORM backed by Redis, supporting models and indexes with O(1) searches, and support for storing native/complex types and objects
induction 0.2 1 A simple web framework based on asyncio.
infuse 0.0.1.dev19 1 TBA
initpy 0.2.3 1 Generate Python project
inteltime 1.0.5 1 Intel checkpoint and cycle calculator for Niantic Lab's Ingress(tm)
inupypi 0.3.3 1 A multiple repository PyPI server implementation
invenio 3.0.0a4 1 Invenio digital library framework - v3.0 release series
invenio-access 1.0.0b1 1 Invenio module for common role based access control.
invenio-accounts 1.0.0b12 1 Invenio user management and authentication.
invenio-celery 1.0.0b3 1 Celery module for Invenio.
invenio-collections 1.0.0a4 1 Invenio module for organizing metadata into collections.
invenio-fabric 0.2.8 1 Fabric tasks for working with Invenio repository software
invenio-i18n 1.0.0b4 1 Invenio internationalization module.
invenio-logging 1.0.0b3 1 Module providing logging capabilities.
invenio-mail 1.0.0b1 1 Invenio mail module.
invenio-pages 1.0.0a4 1 Static pages module for Invenio.
invenio-rest 1.0.0b2 1 REST API module for Invenio.
invenio-testing 0.1.1 1 The Invenio-Testing provides unit testing utilities for Invenio.
invenio-upgrader 0.2.0 1 Upgrader engine for Invenio modules.
ip_info 1.0 1 Simple IP information webapp
ipquery 1.0.1 1 Web application to allow SAML authenticated users to searchmultiple AWS accounts for instances by IP
jenkins-badges 1.2.0 1 provides badge images based on jenkins data
jetpack 1.1 1 A package templating system.
jingerly 0.0.3 1 Project templating using Jinja2.
jinja2-highlight 0.6.1 1 Jinja2 extension to highlight source code using Pygments
jinja2-pluralize-filter 0.0.2 1 Simple jinja2 filter to choose correct plural form for Russian language.
jinja2_maps 0.2.0 1 Maps filters for Jinja2
jinja2_orderblocks 0.1.0 1 OrderBlocks Extension for Jinja2
jinja_tornado 0.1.2 1 jinja2 template support for tornado web framework
jobspy 0.26.1 1 Use Redis as a job input/output coordinator.
jobtastic 2.0.0 1 Make your user-facing Celery jobs totally awesomer
jotonce 3.1.0 1 Password protected, sharable notes
jotquote 0.9.3 1 A command-line interface for collecting and organizing quotes, and a quote of the day web server.
json-logging 0.0.1 1 JSON Python Logging
json-rpc 1.10.8 1 JSON-RPC transport implementation
jsonapi 0.9.9 1 JSON API realisation
july 0.9.2 1 July Tornado: a better way to organize your tornado project
junebug 0.1.40 1 A system for managing text messaging transports via a RESTful HTTP interface
kedo-oauthlib 1 A generic, spec-compliant, thorough implementation of the OAuth request-signing logic
kedo-pex 1 The PEX packaging toolchain.
Keg-Mail 0.1.0 1 A mail sending library for keg applications
knp-utils 0.41 1 Wrapper scripts for Japanese parser `KNP`
kqueen 0.18 1 Kubernetes cluster orchestrator
krankshaft 0.3.17 1 A Web API Framework (with Django, ...)
lambada 0.2.1 1 A framework for multiple AWS lambdas in one library/package
larigira 1.1.0 1 A radio automation based on MPD
lark 0.0.4 1 Lark is a RESTy interface for python
latest-repo 0.1 1 Get latest repository of any GitHub user or organisation
launchkey 3.1.1 1 LaunchKey Python SDK
layered-yaml-attrdict-config 16.1.0 1 YAML-based configuration module
lcopt 0.4.2 1 An interactive tool for creating fully parameterised Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) foreground models
ld4apps 0.9.7 1 Linked Data for Applications Server Library
Ldtools 0.8.1 1 A lightweight ORM for Linked Data: Consume Linked Data resources, modify the graph and write the changes back to their original source
leeroy 0.3.0 1 Leeroy integrates Jenkins CI with GitHub pull requests
legitfs 0.4.0 1 A read-only FUSE-based filesystem allowing you to browse git repositories
li-autenticador 0.0.7 1 Engine de autenticação da Loja Integrada
liccheck 0.1.3 1 Check python packages from requirement.txt and report issues
line-bot-sdk 1.5.0 1 LINE Messaging API SDK for Python
lispy 0.0.2 1 A configurable LISP dialect that can call python code
live_stylus 0.2.7 1 Convert stylus to css real time. Easily used by any web framwork.
liveprofiler_sampler 0.9.3 1 Module for sampling profiling output from the main process
livereload 2.5.1 1 Python LiveReload is an awesome tool for web developers
localclustering 0.10.0 1 Python 3 implementation and documentation of the Hermina-Janos local graph clustering algorithm.
LocationWebApp 3.1.2 1 API to show your current location on a Google Map & to obtain location data such as latitude, longitude, zip-code & much more
logbot 0.3.4 1 A logging bot for XMPP chat rooms
Lookupy 0.2 1 Django QuerySet inspired interface to query list of dicts
lorax 0.94.77 1 lorax -- speaks for the (phylogenetic) trees.
Loslassa 0.3.10 1 Just another toy static website generator
machete 1 A command-line tool to create projects from templates, to start your python work.
macros 0.0.1 1
madcore 0.6.1 1 Madcore Core CLI - Deep Learning & Machine Intelligence Infrastructure Controller
maketools 0.1.4 1 Add build prerequisites to your python project.
marshmallow-jsonschema 0.5.0 1 JSON Schema Draft v4 ( formatting with marshmallow
matriz 0.2.7 1 Networked Music Performance software
mautic 0.2.0 1 Python wrapper for Mautic API
mease 0.2.0 1 Mease: Twisted/Autobahn websocket server with an easy callback registry
medallion 0.1.0 1 A TAXII 2.0 Server.
meieraha2 2.2.2 1 Meieraha version 2
meinconf 0.0.6 1 12 factor configuration for all
meinheld 0.6.1 1 High performance asynchronous Python WSGI Web Server
mendeley 0.3.2 1 Python SDK for the Mendeley API
messenger_hook 0.2.1 1 A library to create hooks for facebook messenger
Mezmorize 0.25.0 1 Adds function memoization support
minibelt 0.1.1 1 One-file utility module filled with helper functions for day to day Python programming
minion 0.24.0 1 A microframework based on evil intentions and whatever else you've got
mixer 6.0.1 1 Mixer -- Is a fixtures replacement. Supported Django ORM, SqlAlchemy ORM, Mongoengine ODM and custom python objects.
mkpip 0.9.3 1 mkpip
mneme 0.201 1 A powerful note-taking format with a web viewer/editor.
mochi 0.2.7 1 Dynamically typed functional programming language
mode 1.7.0 1 AsyncIO Service-based programming.
modelstruct 1.0.0 1 A module to expose the structure of SQLAlchemy models as a RESTful API
module_template 0.0.0 1 Template for creating python modules
mongo-adapter 0.1.3 1 A python interface to handle connection to a mongod instance
mongo-mail-web 0.1.1 1 Web UI for Mongo Mail Server
mongosql 1.2.1-0 1 SqlAlchemy queries with MongoDB-style
Mopidy-Simple-Webclient 0.1.1 1 Very simple and mobile friendly web interface for the Mopidy music server
Morelia 0.6.5 1 for "Behavior Driven Development" (BDD) -- a client-facing scripting language to put the squeeze on all your features
mountepy 0.4.1 1 Utilities for creating (micro)service tests. Based on Mountebank.
mr.poe 3.1.16-3 1 mr.poe is a fork of raven-python for ancient versions of Python
nacelle 0.4.1 1 A lightweight Python framework (built on top of webapp2) for use on Google Appengine
nameparser 0.5.6 1 A simple Python module for parsing human names into their individual components.
ndbpager 0.1.1 1 Pager for NDB
ndbunq 0.1.0 1 Poor man unique constraints for Google Appengine NDB
negotiate 0.0.1 1 Negotiate: smart, simple content negotiation for Python web applications
nemo_arethusa_plugin 0.0.1 1 Plugin for Capitains Nemo to load Arethusa on passage page
neorg 0.0.3 1 NEOrg - Numerical Experiment Organizer
netify 0.2 1 Turn boring things into something for the net.
ngpy 0.3 1 Web application for Monte Carlo simulation on nucleation and growth phenomena
nosql 0.0.1 1 NoSQL ORM for relational db backed by SQLAlchemy
noworkflow 1.10.2 1 Supporting infrastructure to run scientific experiments without a scientific workflow management system.
nplusone 0.9.0 1 Detecting the n+1 queries problem in Python
ntorque 0.4.2 1 Web hook task queue service.
numex 1 A quick-and-easy explorer for numerical data.
oauth2-proxy-cookie 0.1.0 1 bitly/oauth2-proxy compatible library to decode and validate authenticated cookie.
oauth2-stateless 1.0.1 1 OAuth 2.0 provider for python with Stateless tokens support
oauthlib 2.0.6 1 A generic, spec-compliant, thorough implementation of the OAuth request-signing logic
octoconf 0.2.0 1 Multi-profile supported, flexible config library 0.1.1 1 Python toolkit for GitHub API
odin 1.3.0 1 Data-structure definition/validation/traversal, mapping and serialisation toolkit for Python
odinweb 0.4.4 1 Toolkit for building web API's using Odin
ohmr 0.1.0 1 Ids for guru meditation.
Ojota 3.1.2 1 Flat File Database with ORM
Okydoky 0.9.6 1 Automated docs builder using Sphinx/GitHub/Distribute for private use
oozappa 0.9.1 1 Fabric task runner and helper. Executes and manages tasks via web browser.
opbeat 3.6.1 1 The official Python module for
open511 0.5 1 Tools supporting the Open511 format, which aims to make road information open and shareable.
openapi-core 0.4.0 1
opencensus 0.1.2 1 A stats collection and distributed tracing framework
opwen_email_client 0.1.15 1 Email client for the Opwen project
ORCID-Hub 3.0.4.dev20171127 1
orgviz 0.0.1.dev0 1 view org-mode files from different directions
orlo 0.4.3 1 Deployment data capture API
ORM 1.1.0 1 An easy-to-use and framework-independent light wrapper for SQLAlchemy
orm-creator 1.0.0 1 Automatically maps sql tables and generates classes for ORM manipulation
OSMAlchemy 0.1.5 1 OpenStreetMap to SQLAlchemy bridge
oss-lib 0.1.1 1 OSS Tooling Library
Oven 0.2.2 1 Compile coffeescript remotely
overc 1.0.9-1 1 Simplistic monitoring solution that is a pleasure to use
ovipositor 2018.1.15.2350 1 link-shortening website and database system
owasp-skf 1.3.21 1 The OWASP Security Knowledge Framework
ownpaste 0.2.2 1 Private pastebin (server-side implementation)
ownrepo 0.1b5 1 Simple, easy-to-setup private Python packages repository
ox_profile 0.1.10 1 Tools for statistical profiling.
pact-test 1.0.3 1 Python implementation for Pact (
PageCalc 0.2.3 1 Python pagination calculator
pagseguro 0.3.2 1 Pagseguro API v2 wrapper
pandarus_remote 1.0 1
papergit 0.1.3 1 Sync between Dropbox Paper and any local git repo.
paps-settings 0.2.6b0 1 Settings plugin for paps
parameterize 0.2 1 a Python implementation of parameterize and SRFI 39
parlor 0.2 1 gathers dependencies & routes
parsely-slackbot 1.1.0 1 Parsely slackbot is a slack custom integration that uses the Parsely API to allow realtime Slackalytics in your Slack instance.
participation 0.1.dev1 1 Participation is a python package for social participation ontologies, rdf data (linked data) triplification and analysis
Partify 0.4.1 1 Collaborative Spotify Music Streamer
patella 0.1.12 1 A webservice for scraping files and plotting data against presidential party variation
patton-cli 0.0.1 1 CLI for Patton-Server: The vulnerability knowledge store
pdef 1.2.0 1 Protocol definition language
pdef-python 1.2.0 1 Pdef python generator
pdfebc-web 0.1.2 1 Web interface for pdfebc.
pdfjinja 1.0.0 1 Use jinja templates to fill and sign pdf forms.
pdfserver 0.6 1 Pdfserver is a webservice that offers common PDF operations like joining documents, selecting pages or "n pages on one".
peep 3.1.2 1 A "pip install" that is cryptographically guaranteed repeatable
peewee 3.0.18 1 a little orm
peewee-moves 1.7.2 1 Simple and flexible migration manager for Peewee ORM.
peewee_migrate 0.14.0 1 Simple migration engine for Peewee
petitioners 0.0.7 1 auditable tracing for linking requests between services
pex 1.2.16 1 The PEX packaging toolchain.
pez 0.0.2 1 PEZ - Python P(r)e-(Seriali)z(ation)
pfweb 0.1.0.dev4 1 Simple web interface for the OpenBSD Packet Filter
pglogs 0.1.5 1 A simple lib for postgres logging
picasso-viz 0.2.0 1 A CNN model visualizer
picoweb 1.3.1 1 A very lightweight, memory-efficient async web framework for and its uasyncio module.
PieCrust 3.0.2 1 A powerful static website generator and lightweight CMS.
pigar 0.7.1 1 A fantastic tool to generate requirements for your Python project, and more than that.
PigLatinTranslation 0.2.0 1 A Pig Latin Translation Microservice
pika-pool 0.1.3 1 Pools for pikas.
pikka-bird-server 0.1.0 1 Pikka Bird ops monitoring tool Server component.
Pilot-Lib 0.0.21 1 Pilot-Lib
pip-autoremove 0.9.0 1 Remove a package and its unused dependencies
pip-compile-multi 1.1.11 1 Compile multiple requirements files to lock dependency versions
pip-manager 1.0.0 1 pip-manager is a command line tool to make Python packages management easy.
pip-tools 1.11.0 1 pip-tools keeps your pinned dependencies fresh.
pip2pkgbuild 0.2.3 1 Generate PKGBUILD file for a Python module from PyPi
pip_module 0.1.0 1 Python module
pipdeptree 0.10.1 1 Command line utility to show dependency tree of packages
piprun 0.0.6 1 Specify scripts' PyPI dependencies inline
plock 0.6.5 1 Pip installs Plock. Plock installs Plone.
pltk 0.3 1 Paylogic Toolkit
pluggable-info-monitor 0.2.0 1 Pluggable Info Monitor for visibility and transparency
plugin-loader 0.1.1 1 import helper for your app's plugin.
plugit 0.3.11 1 PlugIt is a framework enhancing the portability and integration of web services requiring a user interface.
plutopluto 1.2.0 1 simple feed aggregator
pmfp 1.1.3 1 a simple package manager for python like npm.
polyphemus 0.1 1 A BaTLaB itegration service for repo hosting sites like GitHub.
PonyExpress 0.14stable 1 High performance, transactional email message queuing, logging, and multi-lingual HTML and plain text templates management.
poseidon 0.3.1 1 DigitalOcean API v2 with SSH integration
postgraas_server 2.0.0 1 Postgraas is a super simple PostgreSQL-as-a-service
predix 0.0.9 1 Python Client SDK for Predix Services
prequ 1.3.1 1 Prequ -- Python requirement handling
privacyIDEA 2.22.dev4 1 privacyIDEA: identity, multifactor authentication (OTP), authorization, audit
proofread 0.1.2 1 Test your web app without writing tests!
propjockey 0.1.0 1 Spinning property workflows. Taking requests.
psq 0.6.0 1 A simple task queue using Google Cloud Pub/Sub
Puppet-Diamond 0.2.5 1 Puppet-Diamond can manage an IT Enterprise consisting of many Linux servers.
puppetboard 0.3.0 1 Web frontend for PuppetDB
pur 4.0.3 1 Update packages in a requirements.txt file to latest versions.
purkinje 0.1.10 1 Test runner for py.test with web GUI
puzzle 0.1.1 1 Web UI for searching genome variations
pwsgi 0.1.11 1 pWSGI is a async wsgi implentation based on pulsar wsgi
py-init 0.0.1 1 An opinionated utility for creating python projects.
py-jsonapi 0.3.4b0 1 A toolkit for building a JSONapi
py-kim 1.2.0 1 Kim: A JSON Serialization and Marshaling framework
py-lambda-packer 0.1.0 1 Helps build AWS Lambda zip files for Python projects.
py2swagger 1.0.0 1 Swagger schema builder
py3shorturl 0.1.0 1 Simple URL Shortener written in Python 3
py3support 0.1.1 1 Check which of your dependencies already support python 3
py_mini_racer 0.1.12 1 Minimal, modern embedded V8 for Python.
PyArtistsGallery 0.0.3 1 Image gallery for artists
PyBSD 0.0.2 1 a Python tool to provision, keep in sync and manage FreeBSD boxes and jails
pycbox 0.0.3 1 Web interface for directory listings and picture gallery
pycommunicate 0.0.7 1 A web library focusing on handling JS events server-side
pyctrl 0.4.3 1 Python Suite for Systems and Control
pydecor 1.1.3 1 Easy peasy Python decorators
PyDictionary 1.5.2 1 Python Module to get meanings, translations, synonyms and antonyms of words
pyedu 0.1.2 1 Leaning Python interactively
pyetl-framework 0.0.53 1 A python based scraper for any data source.
pyexcel 0.5.7 1 A wrapper library that provides one API to read, manipulate and writedata in different excel formats
pyexcel-webio 0.1.4 1 A generic request and response interface for pyexcel web extensions.
pyfldigi 0.4 1 Python library to control FLDIGI via XML-RPC
Pygmie 1.4 1 Webinterface for working with PostgreSQL queries
PyHacc 0.9.0 1 pyhacc personal accounting
PyHTML 1.3.1 1 Simple HTML generator for Python
pyjade 4.0.0 1 Jade syntax template adapter for Django, Jinja2, Mako and Tornado templates
PyKat 1.0.19 1 Python interface and tools for FINESSE
pylexa 1.0.0 1 A library to ease creation of an Alexa Skills Kit
pylint-peewee 0.2.0 1 PyLint extensions for PeeWee
PyLTI 0.5.1 1 PyLTI provides Python Implementation of IMS LTI interface that works with edX
pymarkdoc 0.2.0 1 Generate Markdown doc from your Python docstrings
PyMedium 1.0.3 1 PyMedium - Unofficial Medium API
PyMysqlPool 1.0.5 1 python practical mysql pool -motivation from=>[lost connection to MySQL server during query] base on mysql-connector support fixed | dynamic pool
pyodesiutils 0.0.4 1 Helper for ODESI xml DDI documentation file
pyoneall 0.2.3 1 OneAll API wrapper ( Provides unified API for 30+ social networks
pyoutlet 0.0.8 1 Python CLI & Web switcher for Etekcity power outlets using 433MHz RF emitter
pypagedlist 0.2.3 1 Easy paging through SQLAlchemy query object
pypc 0.1.50 1 Python3 Package Creator
pyphrasy 0.1 1 Inflection russian collocations based on pymorphy2
pypiserver 1.2.1 1 A minimal PyPI server for use with pip/easy_install.
PyPocketExplore 1.0.0 1 PyPocketExplore - Unofficial API to Pocket Explore data
pyqos 0.2.2 1 Framework that helps setting a QoS on Linux
Pyramid-Classy 0.4.3 1 Class-based views for Pyramid
pyramid_debugtoolbar 4.4 1 A package which provides an interactive HTML debugger for Pyramid application development
pyramid_scales 1.1 1 Viewing scales metrics from Pyramid
pyramid_wtf 2.0.0 1 pyramid_wtf provides bindings for the Pyramid web framework to the WTForms library.
pyramid_wtforms 2.4.0 1 pyramid_wtforms provides bindings for the Pyramid web framework to the WTForms library.
pyrc 0.6.7 1 Simple, clean Python IRC library
pyris 0.4 1 INSEE/IRIS geolocalization
pyros 0.4.1 1 ROS Node to provide ROS introspection for non-ROS users.
pyrs 0.4 1 Python microservice framework
pyrs-resource 0.2.0 1 Python microservice framework
pyscraper-framework 0.0.42 1 A python based scraper for any data source.
pysistor 0.1.1 1 A Python framework for CAPTCHA tests
pyslate 1.1 1 A Python library for maintaining grammatically correct i18n (internationalization) of texts used inthe program: translation of messages, formatting dates and numbers to provide multi-language support.
pysnow 0.6.8 1 Python library for the ServiceNow REST API
pystmark 0.4.6 1 A Python library for the Postmark API (
pytest-base-url 1.4.1 1 pytest plugin for URL based testing
Pythark 0.1.6 1 Ark API Wrapper
python-business-logic 0.1.1 1 Python package that makes creating complicated business logic easy
python-dotenv-run 0.1.4 1 Run command with environment populated by the .env file.
python-engineio 2.0.2 1 Engine.IO server
python-envcfg 0.2.0 1 Accessing environment variables with a magic module.
python-gce-logging 0.1 1 GCE Logging
python-git-secrets 0.0.2 1 Python implementation of git-secrets
python-jade 4.0.0 1 Jade syntax template adapter for Django, Jinja2, Mako and Tornado templates
python-kakaobot 0.0.2 1 Super simple framework for Kakaotalk auto-reply bot based on aiohttp
python-lefthandclient 2.1.0 1 HPE LeftHand/StoreVirtual HTTP REST Client
python-paginate 0.3.7 1 Simple paginate support for python web frameworks
python-raven 0.8.1 1 Ucam-webauth and Raven application agent in Python
python-resumable 0.1.2 1 Hook for working with resumable.js
python-roku 3.1.5 1 Client for the Roku media player
python-roku-custom 3.1.4 1 Client for the Roku media player
python-socketio 1.8.4 1 Socket.IO server
python-status 1.0.1 1 HTTP Status for Humans
python-thumbnail 0.1 1 Thumbnails for Python
python_vuejs 1.0.9 1 Gluing Python and Vue.js with a set of scripts in order to automate project and app builds
pythonic-sqlalchemy-query 1.2.0 1 Provide concise, Pythonic query syntax for SQLAlchemy
pythononwheels 0.83b0 1 The simple, quick and easy generative web framework for python
pytoolbox 11.8.3 1 Toolbox for Python scripts
pyturing 0.1dev 1 A simple Turing machine simulator using Python.
pyvolume 0.1.2 1 Python Docker Volume driver
pywebhooks 0.5.4 1 WebHooks Service
pywebpack 0.1.2 1 Webpack integration layer for Python.
pywebuml 0.3.0 1 Creates UML diagrams from code
PyWechatAPI 0.0.5 1 WeChat Develop Python API
PyZen 0.3.2 1 Continuous testing for paranoid developers.
QTPyLib 1.5.77 1 Quantitative Trading Python Library 0.1 1 A python application that will play ambient music based on your current weather.
raptorizemw 0.2.1 1 Every WSGI app is better with a raptor.
raven 6.5.0 1 Raven is a client for Sentry (
raven-pozytywnie 1 Raven is a client for Sentry (
raygun4py 3.1.5 1 Official Raygun provider for Python 2.6/2.7 and Python 3+
raygun4py_alt 3.1.3 1 Official Raygun provider for Python 2.6/2.7 and Python 3+
rcmemoize 0.0.3 1 Cache anything in the current request cycle in memory for preventing duplicate method callers.
realms-wiki 0.9.3 1 Simple git based wiki
RedCache 0.3 1 Lightweight and extensible caching framework for Python applications. It uses Redis as its storage backend.
redisca 1.3 1 Lightweight ORM for Redis
redissentry-core 0.2.0 1 Module protecting a web framework against password bruteforce attacks
regulome-web 2.0.0 1 Human Islet Regulome Browser
relengapi 3.3.8 1 The code behind
reliure 16.12.r0 1 Minimal framework to manage data processing pipelines
rent-a-bot 0.1.0 1 Rent-A-Bot, your automation resource provider.
Renuntius 0.1 1 Renuntius is a RESTful webservice for sending messages.
repocribro 0.1.2 1 Extensible sifting tool for information from GitHub repositories
resim 0.1.1 1 chemoREsistance SIMulator
resn 0.1 1 resn (REdis Social Network) is a simple library to create social networks. It provides a backend for data models using Redis, supporting friends, followers, updates and a news feed out of the box.
restkiss 2.0.2 1 A lightweight REST miniframework for Python.
restless 2.1.1 1 A lightweight REST miniframework for Python.
RESTpy 0.7.1 1 Werkzeug extensions for building RESTful services.
rev-assets 1.0.3 1 Make possible to use hashed static assets generated by tools like Gulp or Webpack
rhizom 0.5.1 1 Visualize your relationships
rio-client 0.3.0 1 Client for Rio.
ripozo-cassandra 0.2.1 1 Integrates cassandra/cqlengine with ripozo to easily create cassandra backed Hypermedia/HATEOAS/REST apis
ripozo-oasis 1.0.1 1
ripozo-sqlalchemy 1.0.2 1 Integrates SQLAlchemy with ripozo to easily create sqlalchemy backed Hypermedia/HATEOAS/REST apis
RMControl 1.0.1 1 A python app to control an RM2 from BroadLink.
rmotr-b13-c1-g1-jobs-detector 0.0.1 1 Group Project | Jobs Detector
rmotr-b7-c1-g1-jobs-detectorr 0.0.4 1 Group Project | Jobs Detector
rmotr-b9-c1-g5-jobs-detector 0.0.3 1 Group Project | Jobs Detector
rnnlab 5.3.0 1 Playground for testing theories of semantic development in recurrent neural networks.
robotframework-hub 0.9 1 Webserver for robot framework assets
robotreviewer 0.0.4 1 Automatic extraction of data from clinical trial reports
roku 2.0 1 Client for the Roku media player
rollbar 0.13.18 1 Easy and powerful exception tracking with Rollbar. Send messages and exceptions with arbitrary context, get back aggregates, and debug production issues quickly.
rparse 0.2.0 1 requirements.txt parser
rpi2casterd 1.3 1 Hardware control daemon for rpi2caster
rpm-versiontracker 0.1.1.dev10 1 A web application to track differences across RPM repositories
rptk 0.1.6 1 Python tools for prefix filter list management operations
rq-scheduler-dashboard 0.0.2 1 rq-scheduler-dashboard is a copy of rq-dashboard for rq-scheduler jobs, based on the code from this PR:
rratelimit 0.0.4 1 Rate limiting classes for redis and redis-py
rrg 0.0.175 1 Utility Library for Taking AR report generating out of CakePHP DB
rssfilter 0.0.1 1 Fetch, filter, and re-render RSS feeds for more useful consumption.
runenv 1.0.1 1 Wrapper to run programs with different env
ruuvitag_sensor 0.9.0 1 Find RuuviTag sensor beacons and get data from selected sensor and decode data from eddystone url
s3-saver 0.1.4 1 Utility class in Python for finding, saving, and deleting files that are either on Amazon S3, or on the local filesystem.
saltobserver 0.9.4 1 A simple webapp for presenting data as offered by SaltStack's Redis Returner
sample-klein-app 0 1 Sample Twisted Klein Application
sandman 0.9.8 1 Automated REST APIs for existing database-driven systems
sanic-aioorm 0.0.5 1 a simple sanic middleware for aioorm
Sanic-CookieSession 0.2.0 1 Sanic-CookieSession - Simple Cookie-based Session for Sanic
Sanic-Dispatcher 1 Multi-application dispatcher based on DispatcherMiddleware from the Werkzeug Project.
Sanic-GraphQL 1.1.0 1 Adds GraphQL support to your Sanic application
Sanic-Plugins-Framework 0.5.2.dev20180201 1 Doing all of the boilerplate to create a Sanic Plugin, so you don't have to.
sanic_compress 0.1.1 1 An extension which allows you to easily gzip your Sanic responses.
sanic_session 0.1.5 1 Provides server-backed sessions for Sanic using Redis, Memcache and more.
sap-cf-logging 3.1.0 1 Python logging library to emit JSON logs in a SAP CloudFoundry environment
sathub 0.2 1 Compartilhamento do equipamento SAT via RESTful API
scaleway-sdk 1.5.0 1 Python SDK to query Scaleway APIs.
scott-freeze 0.1 1 Utility for managing requirements files
scout 3.0.2 1 scout - a lightweight search server powered by SQLite
scrapenhl2 0.4.1 1 scrapenhl2 is a python package for scraping and manipulating NHL data pulled from the NHL website.
scrollphathd 1.2.0 1 Scroll pHAT HD Driver
sebureem 0.2.1 1 A simple comment server
ServiceGateway 1.7.5 1 .. _readme:
settei 0.5.0 1 Configuration loader from a TOML file
sf-babel 1.0.1 1 i18n for starflyer
shadowd 2.0.0 1 Python connector for the Shadow Daemon web application firewall
SharQServer 0.2.0 1 An API queuing server based on the SharQ library.
shorten 2.0.2 1 A library for generating and storing short keys.
Showcase 0.3.4 1 Like SimpleHTTPServer, only worse
simpleai 0.8.1 1 An implementation of AI algorithms based on aima-python
simpletag 0.1.6 1 Plug-n-Play Simple Tag Library
simpleValidator 1 A small, extensible python library to deal with web validations !
sippycup 0.5.4 1 An adaptor for serving WSGI applications using AWS Lambda and API Gateway
sitechantment 0.1.0 1 Check a site for spelling errors
situation 0.1.0rc2 1 Situation Modeling Language is an ontology for describing social situations.
Sixpack 2.7.0 1 A/B testing framework under active development at SeatGeek
skitai 0.26.18b45 1 Skitai App Engine
slack-export-viewer 0.2.0 1 Slack Export Archive Viewer
slack-groupmgr 1.0.3 1 manage private group membership
slapos.toolbox 0.74 1 SlapOS toolbox.
slerp-py 0.0.15 1 support library for slerp project
slimish_jinja 1.0.2 1 Slim templates syntax for Jinja2 templates
slpkg 3.3.4 1 Package manager for Slackware installations
smalisca 0.2 1 Static code analysis tool for Smali files
smartencoding 0.3 1 Python smart encoding (smart_unicode and other functions)
smilepack 0.2.1 1 A website where you can create collections on smiles and use it on other sites
smsframework 0.0.7-1 1 Bi-directional SMS gateway with pluggable providers
smsframework-clickatell 0.0.2-2 1 SMS framework: Clickatell provider
smsframework-pswin 0.0.3 1 SMS framework: PSWin provider
smsframework-vianett 0.0.1-1 1 SMS framework: Vianett provider
snafu 0.0.1 1 Swiss Army Knife of Serverless Computing
snake-pit 0.3.0 1 Depending on the installation or uninstall packages, and then edit the requirements file.
snap-micro 0.9.55 1 Small Network Applications in Python: a microservices toolkit
snap_studio 0.0.3 1 SparklineData SNAP Studio
snappass 1.2.0 1 It's like SnapChat... for Passwords.
snapsearch-client-python 0.0.9 1 Pythonic HTTP Client and Middleware Library for SnapSearch
sourcerer 1.0b10 1 Library to programatically genrate python source code
sous-chef 2.7.0 1 A web frontend for the Chef server index
soy 2012-12-21-p2 1 Client- and server-side templating system for JavaScript, Java and Python.
spacetime 0.2.1 1 Spacetime Application Framework
speculator 1.0.2 1 Speculator predicts the price trend of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum with machine learning models and technical analysis.
sphinx-readable-theme 1.3.0 1 Sphinx Readable Theme
sphinxit-fc 0.3.3 1 Lite and powerful SphinxQL query constructor
sphinxserve 0.8b1 1 sphinxserve renders sphinx docs monitoring file changes
splitwise 1.1.0 1 Splitwise API SDK
sqla-paranoid 0.1.0 1 Brings transparent soft delete to SQLAlchemy ORM
SQLAlchemy-JSONAPI 4.0.10 1 JSONAPI Mixin for SQLAlchemy
SQLAlchemy-Norm 0.0.5 1 Normalize SQLAlchemy Object to Plain dict and list
sqlalchemy-nuodb 2.3.1 1 SQLAlchemy for NuoDB
SQLAlchemy-Wrapper 1.9.1 1 A framework-independent wrapper for SQLAlchemy that makes it really easy to use
sqlbag 0.1.1510721564 1 various snippets of SQL-related boilerplate
SQLConstruct 0.2.3 1 Functional approach to query database using SQLAlchemy
sqlite-web 0.2.0 1 Web-based SQLite database browser.
sqlqueue 1.0.2 1 A simple queue lib base on sqlite3
sqlsplit 0.1.0 1 A server for splitting sql using sqlformat
sqmpy v1.0.0-alpha.3 1 Simple Queue Manager, also sqmpy, is a web interface for submitting jobs to HPC resources.
sqre-apikit 0.1.2 1 LSST Data Management SQuaRE microservice tools
sqre-uservice-buildstatus 0.0.2 1 Minimal SQuaRE API wrapper for build status
sqre-uservice-metricdeviation 0.0.5 1 Minimal SQuaRE API wrapper for QA metrics
sqre-uservice-productstatus 0.0.1 1 Minimal SQuaRE API wrapper for product status
sqre-uservice-status 0.0.8 1 Minimal SQuaRE API wrapper for
static_tl 0.5.3 1 Generate a static HTML website from your twitter time line
statscache 0.0.4 1 Daemon to build and keep fedmsg statistics
statsd-client 1.0.6 1 StatsD client for Python
steel_pigs 0.4 1 Powerful iPXE Generation Service
steinie 1.0.1 1 A little framework for doing web applications
stix-pattern-translator 0.1.0 1 A translator to convert STIX2 patterns into other search platforms (e.g., ElasticSearch) and data models (e.g., CIM)
STLInspector 1.1.2 1 Systematic validation of Signal Temporal Logic (STL) specifications against informal textual requirements.
stormpath 2.5.5 1 Official Stormpath SDK, used to interact with the Stormpath REST API.
strikepackage 0.5.3 1 A command line tool to deploy virtual machines on XenServer.
strowger 0.1.3 1 Lightweight Twilio SMS application framework
sudosh-replay 0.0.2 1 sudosh web replay
Sundowner 0.2 1
Superdesk-Server 0.1.6 1 Superdesk REST API server
supervisor 3.3.4 1 A system for controlling process state under UNIX
supplychainpy 0.0.5 1 A library for supply chain, operations and manufacturing, analysis, modelling and simulation.
sushi 0.3.6 1 Create package template for everything
SVGdatashapes 1 Simple procedural library to create many types of plots and data displays in SVG for dynamic web pages. General purpose: biomedical, scientific, business.
swaggery 1.0.0a1 1 A Python3 framework to create self-documenting swagger APIs
sweetcaptcha 0.1 1 API for easy integration of sweetcaptchas (
switchio 0.1.0a1 1 asyncio powered FreeSWITCH cluster control
switchy 0.1.0a1 1 A fast FreeSWITCH control library purpose-built on traffic theory and stress testing.
sxapi 0.8 1 smaXtec API client
TaarifaAPI 0.1.0 1 The Taarifa API for managing resources and requests
taboo 2.0.0b5 1 Taboo provides an automated pipipeline for comparinggenotypes from different assays.
tackle 0.0.1b0 1 Another WSGI framework aiming for simplicity and flexibility
tamarack 0.0.5 1 A quantitative web application profiler
Tango 0.2.7 1 Tango mobile web optimization framework.
tasktiger 0.9.3 1 Python task queue
tasktiger-admin 0.2.2 1 Admin for tasktiger, a Python task queue
tawdry 0.0.2 1 Type Annotated Web framework emphasizing Dont Repeat Yourself
tcell_hooks 1.0.0 1 Allows custom event sending of login failures/success to TCell
tentd 0.1.1 1 A server
thalamus 0.0.6 1 The GNU Health Federation Message and Authentication Server
the-matrix 0.2.7 1 Module to control Boldport "The Matrix"
tidml 0.1.4 1 Telefónica I+D Machine Learning Workflow Framework
timberjack 0.1.0 1 Logging toolbox for Python services at Mobify.
timo-zappa 1 Server-less Python Web Services for AWS Lambda and API Gateway
tinymongo 0.2.0 1 A flat file drop in replacement for mongodb. Requires Tinydb
tlsauth 0.4-1 1 Implements TLS Authentication - simple client certificate CA inclusive
tom_lib 0.2.2 1 A library for topic modeling and browsing
tomb_routes 0.0.8 1 A set of sane routing defaults for the Pyramid web framework
toothpick 1.8.3 1 Mapping documents to objects
Tornado-Backbone 0.2.2 1 backbone models from sqlalchemy orm for tornado-restless
tpfd 0.2.4 1 Text Parsing Function Dispatcher
trek 0.0.1- 1 generic migration provider
tribune 0.2.2 1 A library for coding Excel reports in a declarative fashion
trypackage 0.3.0 1 Awesome cli tool to try out python packages
trytond_nereid 1 Tryton - Web Framework
turbo 0.4.5 1 turbo is a web framework for fast web development based in tornado, mongodb, redis
tusfilter 0.5.1 1 python wsgi filter for tus protocol 1.0.0
twerp 0.0.5 1 Twilio command-line application for sending SMS text messages and making voice calls.
txwatcher 0.1.2 1 .
typedjsonrpc 0.4.0 1 A typed decorator-based JSON-RPC library for Python
tzcelery 3.1.27 1 Distributed Task Queue
uadetector 0.1.2 1 WSGI Middleware and web framework extensions for handling User-Agent.
uber_rides 0.6.0 1 Official Uber API Python SDK
udata 1.3.0.dev6636 1 Open data portal
underwear 0.4.5 1 Dead simple LAMP-stack deployments for Python-powered web applications
UPDIAN 0.6 1 A program for monitoring and executing updates on remote systems
url-for-s3 0.1.2 1 Python function that generates a URL to a given S3 resource.
url_shortener 0.5.20 1 Simple URL Shortener
uvwsgi 0.3.2 1 Simple WSGI server using pyuv
Vase 0.1.4 1 Async Web framework based on Tulip/asyncio
vcspull 1.0.3 1 synchronize your repos
venom 2.0.0 1 Venom is an upcoming RPC framework for Python
venvm 0.0.6 1 The venvm is small webtool for manager virtualenv
verb_counter 1.2 1
voicelabs-assistant 1.0.4 1 VoiceInsights Python SDK for Google Assistant
Voodoo 1.4.2 1 Template system for project skeletons
vpnchooser 0.6.5 1 Web UI to switch clients between different ip rule tables
wando-server 0.2.1 1 A beautiful web server for development
warped 0.1.3 1 A webbased wrapper for the argument parser in Python
watchtower 0.5.2 1 Python CloudWatch Logging
watson-framework 3.5.2 1 A Python 3 web app framework.
webapp2_restful 0.1.1 1 A Request parsing interface designed to provide simple and uniform access to any variable on the webapp2.Request object in Webapp2
webassets-iife 0.1.0 1 IIFE filter for webassets
webcam-streamer 1.0.5 1 Simple USB webcam streaming
WebCore 2.0.3 1 A powerful web development nanoframework so small it's not even a microframework.
webcronmon 1.0.2 1 Site Monitor
WebGrid 0.1.35 1 A library for rendering HTML tables and Excel files from SQLAlchemy models.
webservices 0.7 1 UNKNOWN
WebTestRunner 0.2 1 Web-based interface for selectively executing client-side Python UnitTests
WebUI 0.1.7 1 WebUI lets you create first class desktop applications in Python with HTML/CSS
weixin-python 0.5.0 1 Weixin for Python
Werkzeug 0.14.1 1 The comprehensive WSGI web application library.
whatap-python 0.1.66 1 Monitoring and Profiling Service
whip 0.1 1 Whip, the who, what, where and when about IP address data
WhooshAlchemy 0.3.1 1 Whoosh extension to SQLAlchemy
WhooshAlchemy3 0.1.5 1 Whoosh extension to SQLAlchemy
wikilabels 0.4.0 1 A generalized data labeling system for use in MediaWiki wikis
word2wiz 0.3.1 1 A tool to create wizard configurations from MS word documents
words_counter 1.3.7 1
workthing 3.0.1 1 Official Eventbrite SDK for Python
wsgi-lineprof 0.4.0 1 WSGI middleware for line-by-line profiling
WSGI-middleware 0.0.100 1 Usage of WSGI middleware
wsgi-request-logger 0.4.6 1 Apache-like combined logging for WSGI Web Applications
wsgi_party 0.1b1 1 A partyline middleware for WSGI with good intentions.
wsgisubdomain 0.11 1 A WSGI application dispatcher for subdomain handling
WSGIT 0.3.1 1 WSGI Server on TCP
WSME 0.9.2 1 Simplify the writing of REST APIs, and extend them with additional protocols.
wsrpc 0.0.2 1 UNKNOWN
WTF-OTP 0.5.2 1 One-Time Password for WTForms
wtf-tinymce 0.1.3 1 TinyMCE editor extension for WTForms
WTForms-Dynamic-Fields 0.1a3 1 Simple wrapper to add "dynamic" (sets of) fields to an already instantiated WTForms form.
yaaHN 0.1.1 1 Yet another API wrapper for offical Hacker News
yamlsettings 0.2.8 1 Yaml Settings Configuration Module
yarr.client 0.2.1 1 Web-based client for Yarr!
yawxt 0.1 1 又一个微信公众号开发工具箱 Yet Another WeiXin(wechat) Tookit
yidashcam 0.8 1 An unofficial python library for interfacing with the Xiaomi YI Dash Cam.
zappa 0.45.1 1 Server-less Python Web Services for AWS Lambda and API Gateway
zou 0.4.9 1 Zou is an API to store and manage the data of your CG production.
zped 0.1.3 1 A poorly-architected event dispatcher that does magic and lets you do terrible things

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