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Index of Packages Matching 'hong minhee'

Package Weight* Description
bitbucket-distutils 0.1.2 4 Distribute/setuptools/distutils command for Bitbucket. You can use Bitbucket downloads instead of PyPI downloads for release.
github-distutils 0.1.1 4 Distribute/setuptools/distutils command for GitHub. You can use GitHub downloads instead of PyPI downloads for release.
iso4217 1.5.20180101 4 ISO 4217 currency data package for Python
iterfzf 4 Pythonic interface to fzf
libsass 0.13.7 4 SASS for Python: A straightforward binding of libsass for Python.
libsass-unstable 0.4.220140530.cd3ee1cbe3 4 SASS for Python: A straightforward binding of libsass for Python.
logging-spinner 0.2.2 4 Non-intrusive spinner through standard logging library
monthday 0.9.0 4 Date without year
niconico-translator 0.1.5 4 Translating comments on Nico Nico Douga (ニコニコ動画).
Okydoky 0.9.6 4 Automated docs builder using Sphinx/GitHub/Distribute for private use
Sider 0.3.1 4 A persistent object library based on Redis
sphinx-fakeinv 1.0.0 4 Generate fake Intersphinx inventory
SQLAlchemy-Enum34 1.0.1 4 SQLAlchemy type to store standard enum.Enum value
SQLAlchemy-Utc 0.10.0 4 SQLAlchemy type to store aware datetime values
TypeQuery 0.1.5 4 A simple and dirty way to define generic methods to existing types.
wsgi-oauth2 0.2.0 4 Simple WSGI middleware for OAuth 2.0
dirty 1.0.2 2 A dirty and simple HTML/XML template engine for Python 3.
django-libsass 0.7 2 A django-compressor filter to compile SASS files using libsass
dodotable-xlsx 0.3.0 2 Excel (.xlsx) exporter for dodotable
encodingcontext 0.9.0 2 A bad idea about the default encoding
flake8-import-order-fuzeman 1.7.0 2 @fuzeman's import order style for flake8-import-order
flake8-import-order-spoqa 1.3.0 2 Spoqa's import order style for flake8-import-order
futureutils 1.1 2 Introduces futures and promises into iterators.
Geofront 0.4.0 2 Simple SSH key management service
geofront-cli 0.4.1 2 CLI client for Geofront, a simple SSH key management server
growler-sass 0.1.0 2 An extension providing a SASS CSS renderer for Growler web applications
irclog 0.2.0 2 The web IRC loger view.
lazylist 0.9.0 2 Proxy list to a list-returning function
libearth 0.3.3 2 The shared common library for Earth Reader apps
log2jsconsole 0.4 2 Simple WSGI middleware that helps to log messages into JavaScript console object
mockcache 1.0.3 2 The Python dictionary-based mock memcached client library.
rocketdive 0.3 2 Easy GUI frontend for Rocket, a modern WSGI web server.
sphinxcontrib-autoprogram 0.1.3 2 Documenting CLI programs
sphinxcontrib-httpdomain 1.6.0 2 Sphinx domain for documenting HTTP APIs
sphinxcontrib-httpdomain-update 1.3.1 2 Sphinx domain for HTTP APIs
SQLAlchemy-ImageAttach 1.1.0 2 SQLAlchemy extension for attaching images to entity objects
subtoml 0.3.0 2 Sed for TOML: subtitute parts of a TOML file
Wand 0.4.4 2 Ctypes-based simple MagickWand API binding for Python
warp-proxy 0.1.1 2 Simple http transparent proxy made in Python 3.4
Wikidata 0.6.1 2 Wikidata client library
wsgi-proxy 0.4.0 2 WSGI proxy application

*: occurrence of search term weighted by field (name, summary, keywords, description, author, maintainer)