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Index of Packages Matching 'armstrong'

Package Weight* Description
armstrong 12.03.1 11 Armstrong is an open-source publishing system designed for news organizations that gives your team the technology edge it needs to report in a media-rich environment.
armstrong.apps.images 1.1.4 7 This packages provides images for the Armstrong CMS
armstrong.cli 1.2.1 7 Provides basic commands needed for Armstrong scaffolding
armstrong.core.arm_layout 1.4.0 7 Layout code related to Armstrong 2.1.0 7 Tools needed for development and testing of Armstrong
armstrong.hatband 1.4.0 7 The administrative interface for Armstrong
armstrong.templates.paywall 1.0.0 7 Provides a basic example of a paywall inside Armstrong
armstrong.templates.standard 1.0.2 7 Provides a basic project template for an Armstrong project
armstrong.templates.tutorial 1.0.0 7 The tutorial project for Armstrong
armstrong.utils.backends 1.1.1 7 Generic backend system to use throughout Armstrong
armstrong.apps.crm 0.1.0 6 Mechanism for hooking up a CRM to Armstrong 6 Basic events for Armstrong CMS
armstrong.cli.experimental 0.1.0 6 Provides basic commands needed for Armstrong scaffolding
armstrong.utils.importers.wordpress 0.1.1 6 Tools to import wordpress xml data into Armstrong
pyarmstrong 0.1 6 Simple C extension for checking armstrong numbers.
armstrong.apps.articles 1.1.2 5 Provides a concrete implementation of ContentBase
armstrong.apps.content 1.0.5 5 Provides a concrete implementation of ContentBase
armstrong.apps.donations 1.2.3 5 Provides a framework for accepting donations
armstrong.apps.embeds 0.9 5 Provides a way to store, relate to, extract metadata and embed content from external URLs via a modular backend system
armstrong.apps.related_content 2.0.4 5 Provides mechanism for relating content to other models
armstrong.apps.series 0.2.0 5 Provides way to create series of content
armstrong.core.arm_access 1.0.9 5 Code for having different access levels for content
armstrong.core.arm_content 1.3.5 5 A library for building news sites with multiple content types
armstrong.core.arm_sections 1.6.0 5 Provides hierarchical taxonomy for content
armstrong.core.arm_wells 1.10.0 5 Provides the basic well objects
armstrong.esi 1.1.0 5 Utilities to help development of sites that utilize Edge Side Includes
armstrong.utils.celery 0.1.4 5 Provides some utility functions for dealing with Celery
arms 0.0.6 2 CI/CD tool of Chongqing Parsec Corp.
effect 0.11.0 2 pure effects for Python
genome 0.1 2
git2json 0.2.3 2 Convert git logs to JSON for easier analysis.
nbdiff 1.0.3 2 A tool for diffing and merging IPython Notebook files
pyadbc 0.1.0 2 PyADBC: Design by Contract in Python
pyfdt 0.3 2 Python Flattened Device Tree Library
sitrep 0.9.2 2 A console-based snapshot of Linux system resources
sumtypes 0.1a4 2 Algebraic types for Python (notably providing Sum Types, aka Tagged Unions)
txeffect 0.9 2 Effect/Twisted integration
cloud-scheduler 1.13.2 1 A cloud-enabled distributed resource manager
Corotwine 0.1 1 Coroutines for Twisted
duckduckgo2 0.242 1 Library for querying the DuckDuckGo API
gitcoach 0.2.2 1 Help you find out what files you should be changing.
glyph 2.6.5b 1 Pygame typesetting library
Lookupy 0.2 1 Django QuerySet inspired interface to query list of dicts
noiselib 1.5.1 1 noise for Python
pops 0.2.0 1 Bootstrap styling for Django's admin
puppet-enc-ec2 1.0.0 1 A Puppet ENC which assigns Nodes based on their AWS EC2 metadata.
pyaxl 1.1 1 pyaxl is a python library accessing the Cisco Callmanger over the AXL interface
pylygon 1.3.2rc 1 polygon object for python
pyrsistent 0.14.2 1 Persistent/Functional/Immutable data structures
python-datamuse 1.1.0 1 Python wrapper for the Datamuse API
python-sonic 0.3.0 1 Programming Music with Sonic Pi or Supercollider
quiet 0.1 1 Quiet Modem
Robot-AppEyes 1.2 1 Visual Verification testing library for Robot Framework
seipy 1.2.0b1 1 Helper functions for data science
sostore 0.7 1 SQLite Object Store - An absurdly simple object "database" for Python
surrealism 1.0.1 1 Surreal sentence and error message generator.
vpc-free 1.1.0 1 Find free IP address blocks in AWS EC2
yamlish 0.18.1 1 Python implementation of YAMLish
zabbix-template-converter 1.1.0 1 Convert Zabbix templates to older versions.
zabbops 1.1 1 Zabbix/AWS orchestration

*: occurrence of search term weighted by field (name, summary, keywords, description, author, maintainer)