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Index of Packages Matching 'authentication'

Package Weight* Description
django-dual-authentication 1.0.0 9 Allows authentication with either a username or an email address.
pyobjc-framework-LocalAuthentication 4.1 9 Wrappers for the framework LocalAuthentication on macOS 4.0.0 9 Principals and groups management for the pluggable authentication utility
zope.authentication 4.3 9 Definition of authentication basics for the Zope Framework
integra-authentication 1.0.5 8 A django authentication app with angularjs and bootstrap
collective.googleauthentication 1.0.0 7 GA takes care of the user authentication upon Google Docs service
django-authentication 0.1.5 7 Django authentication components.
django-basic-authentication-decorator 0.9 7 Decorator to provide Basic Authentication for Django Views
django-cached_authentication_middleware 0.2.2 7 A drop in replacement for django's built in AuthenticationMiddleware that utilizes caching.
django-http-authentication 0.0.1 7 A django application that adds decorators to allow authentication via HTTP_AUTHORIZATION. 1.1.1 7 Dolmen CMS authentication package
dolmen.authentication 0.3 7 Authentication for Grok applications
drf_authentication 0.1.0 7 Django Rest Framework Authentication Module with Angular
hmac_authentication 1.0.0 7 Signs and validates HTTP requests based on a shared-secret HMAC signature
hug_authentication_ldap 1.0.3 7 LDAP based authentication support for hug
pas.plugins.skipauthentication 1.0a1 7 PAS Plugin to allow authentication for any user for development purpose
trytond_authentication_sms 4.6.0 7 Tryton module to authenticate users via SMS
trytond_ldap_authentication 4.6.0 7 Tryton module to authenticate users through LDAP
pyramid_redis_token_authentication 0.2 6 Authentication policy for Pyramid which stores counterfoils of tokens in Redis
python-nebri-authentication 0.1.1 6 python-nebri-authentication is a simple and easy-to-use package to make authenticated nebri api requests from a python application.
authkerb 0.1 5 Kerberos authentication for Twisted
Authomatic 0.1.0.post1 5 Authorization / authentication client library for Python web applications
aws-mfa-auth 0.0.8 5 Easy AWS MFA Authentication
barrel 0.1.3 5 Flexible WSGI authentication and authorization tools.
ckanext-aaf 0.0.8 5 Authentication via AAF Rapid Connect
collective.aaf 2.1 5 Authentication integration layer for the Australian Access Federation (AAF) and Plone
collective.salesforce.authplugin 1.5.2 5 Zope PAS plugin providing authentication against objects in Salesforce
collective.shibboleth 1.2 5 Authentication integration layer for Shibboleth's Embdedded Discovery Service (EDS) and Plone
cykooz.buildout.basicauth 0.1.1 5 Buildout extension providing basic authentication support
django-allauth-2fa 0.5 5 Adds two factor authentication to django-allauth
django-apikey 0.2.0 5 Simple Key and Token authentication for Django.
django-auth-adfs 0.2.1 5 A Django authentication backend for Microsoft ADFS
django-auth-fogbugz 1.2.0 5 Django FogBugz authentication backend
django-auth-http-basic 0.0.6 5 Django authentication based based on HTTP basic authentication
django-auth-iam 0.1.3 5 Django authentication backend using Amazon IAM
django-auth-kerberos 1.2.5 5 Kerberos authentication backend for Django
django-auth-ldap 1.3.0 5 Django LDAP authentication backend
django-auth-ldap-ng 1.7.6 5 Django LDAP authentication backend
django-cas-ng 3.5.8 5 CAS 1.0/2.0 client authentication backend for Django (inherited from django-cas)
django-facebook-auth-helper 0.1.6 5 Django implementation for Facebook authentication.
django-fost-authn 0.3.8 5 HTTP SHA1 HMAC authentication backend for Django
django-mama-cas 2.3.0 5 A Django Central Authentication Service (CAS) single sign-on server
django-rest-authemail 1.4.0 5 A RESTful API for user signup and authentication using email addresses
django-rest-knox 3.1.0 5 Authentication for django rest framework
django-saml2-pro-auth 0.0.2 5 SAML2 authentication backend for Django wrapping OneLogin's python-saml package
django-ssl-client-auth 5 Django SSL Client Authentication
django-tastypie-hmacauth 0.1 5 A HMAC class authentication for Tastypie and Django
django-ticketoffice 0.2 5 One-shot authentication (temporary credentials) utilities for Django.
django-triflesoft-certificate-auth 0.1.1509191803 5 Django certificate authentication by TrifleSoft
django-twostepauth 0.1dev 5 Two-step authentication for Django
django-webid-auth 0.2 5 A django app to enable WebID authentication.
django_auth_krb 0.2.0 5 Django kerberos authentication backend
django_authgroupex 0.4.1 5 An authentication backend for Django based on's auth-groupe-x SSO protocol.
django_cas 2.0.3 5 CAS 1.0/2.0 authentication backend for Django
django_ip_authn 5 IP number based authentication for Django
django_saml2_auth 2.1.2 5 Django SAML2 Authentication Made Easy. Easily integrate with SAML2 SSO identity providers like Okta
django_tlsauth 0.1.2 5 Django app implementing TLS Authentication - simple client certificate CA inclusive
dynamic_password 0.0.3 5 Add dynamic password authentication to your web service
easyad 1.0.9 5 A simple Python module for common Active Directory authentication and lookup tasks
edx-auth-backends 1.1.3 5 Custom edX authentication backends and pipeline steps
ejabberd_htpasswd 0.1.3 5 Yet another ejabberd authentication bridge that uses apache-style htpasswd files
facebook-javascript-authentication 3.2.1 5 UNKNOWN
factored 4.0.8 5 A WSGI app that allows you to add another factor of authentication to any application server.
flask-social-blueprint 0.7.2 5 An OAuth based authentication blueprint for flask. Easy to extend and override
flask_tlsauth 0.1.3 5 Flask extension implementing TLS Authentication - simple client certificate CA inclusive
hawkauthlib 2.0.0 5 Hawk Access Authentication protocol
islay.auth 0.1 5 An unobtrusive authentication framework for WSGI stacks.
isotoma.buildout.basicauth 0.0.7 5 Buildout extension providing basic authentication support
kotti_velruse 0.3.4 5 Kotti authentication with Velruse: OpenID, OAuth2, Google, Yahoo, Live, Facebook, Twitter and others
lazr.authentication 0.1.3 5 This is a template for your lazr package. To start your own lazr package,
logintc 1.1.9 5 API client for LoginTC two-factor authentication.
lovely.buildouthttp 0.6.1 5 Buildout extension to add http authentication for find-links and download recipies
lribeiro.cherrypy.authorizer 1.0.2 5 Extensible session based authentication and claims based authorization tool for CherryPy
mojang-api 2.0.0 5 A full Python wrapper of Mojang's API and Authentication API.
nereo-django-cas-ng 4.0.2 5 CAS 1.0/2.0 client authentication backend for Django (inherited from django-cas)
nisteag 0.4.0 5 An implementation of recommendations from the NIST Electronic Authentication Guideline
ntlm-auth 1.0.6 5 Creates NTLM authentication structures
ntlmlib 0.72 5 A robust, fast and efficient first-class Python library for NTLMv1 and NTLMv2 authentication with signing and encryption
oneID-connect 0.21.1 5 Neustar TDI is an identity & authentication framework for the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, servers, and end-users.
p01.buildouthttp 1.0.1 5 Buildout authentication extension 2.2.2 5 Plone OpenID authentication support
plone.openid 2.0.4 5 OpenID authentication support for PAS
plone.session 3.6.1 5 Session based auth tkt authentication for Zope
Products.AutoUserMakerPASPlugin 2.1.1 5 Automatically create PAS users when authentication in Plone
Products.EasyUserAuthenticator 1.0.1 5 Basic IMAP authentication plugin, suitable for customization towards other authentication backends
Products.WebServerAuth 1.7 5 Delegates Plone's authentication concerns to a web server
pyramid_basicauth 0.0 5 Pyramid plugin for HTTP Basic access authentication
pyramid_debugauth 0.1.2 5 Debug Authentication Policy for Pyramid
pyramid_fullauth 0.6.0 5 This package intends to provide full authentication / authorisation implementation for pyramid applications
pyramid_hawkauth 2.0.0 5 A Pyramid authentication plugin for HAWK
pyramid_jwt 1.2 5 JWT authentication policy for Pyramid
pyramid_who 0.3 5 Pyramid authentication policies based on repoze.who
python-webid 0.2 5 A python lib implementing server-side validation and client ssl authentication following the WebID spec
pywsse 0.1.4 5 WSSE Authentication for various server and client backends.
requests-auth 1.0.2 5 Easy Authentication for Requests
requests-aws4auth 0.9 5 AWS4 authentication for Requests
requests-aws4auth-redux 0.40 5 AWS4 authentication for Requests
requests-chef 0.1.7 5 Chef Authentication protocol support for Python-Requests
requests-cloud-auth 0.0.2 5 A collection of authentication extensions for Requests
requests-credssp 0.1.0 5 HTTPS CredSSP authentication with the requests library.
requests-oauth 0.4.1 5 Hook for adding Open Authentication support to Python-requests HTTP library.
requests-oauth2 0.2.0 5 Open Authentication 2 support to Python-requests HTTP library.
score.auth 0.6.0 5 Authorization and Authentication for The SCORE Framework
sharepy 1.1.3 5 Simple SharePoint Online authentication for Python
shibboleth-authenticator 0.1a8 5 Module for Invenio that provides authentication via Shibboleth.
ticket_auth 0.1.4 5 Ticket authentication system similar to mod_auth_tkt used by Apache
tlsauth 0.4-1 5 Implements TLS Authentication - simple client certificate CA inclusive
tokenlib 2.0.0 5 Generic library for managing signed authentication tokens.
tokenTracer 0.0.1 5 Keycloak token endpoint packet sniffer for HTTP request/response authentication tokens
TracDjangoAuth 0.4.0 5 Trac Authentication against Django's userdb
vanguard 0.0.2 5 A simple API authentication library for Django REST Framework
wsgiauth 0.1 5 WSGI authentication middleware
z3c.authenticator 1.0.0 5 IAuthentication implementation for for Zope3
z3c.authviewlet 1.0.1 5 Authentication viewlet for Zope3
zope.login 2.1.0 5 Login helpers for zope.publisher / authentication.
zope.pluggableauth 2.3.0 5 Pluggable Authentication Utility
auth_functional 0.1.0dev 4 Functional library for working with authentication and authorization in django
auth_pubtkt 0.1 4 This software implements mod_auth_pubtkt authentication for Python world.
authres 1.0.1 4 authres - Authentication Results Header Module
aws2fa 0.0.3 4 aws2fa is a simple command line tool to handle 2fa authentication respecting aws-cli standard patterns
britney-http-signature 0.1 4 Http Signature authentication middleware for britney
canister 1.5.1 4 A bottle wrapper to provide logging, sessions and authentication.
conan_ldap_authentication 0.1.3 4 LDAP authenticator for Conan C/C++ package manager
cs.auth.facebook 1.1 4 Facebook authentication plugin for Plone
devip 0.1.14 4 CLI that updates your public IP address in external services you use and depend on IP-authentication.
djactasauth 0.3 4 Django authentication backend allowing admins to login as another user
django-admin-external-auth 0.1.0 4 Use your Django project's existing authentication views in the admin interface.
django-authenticator 0.1.5 4 authentication client for django
django-autodemo 0.1.0 4 Demo mode to allow arbitrary authentication on website.
django-link-auth 0.1.0 4 Django's authentication backend to login by temporary URLs.
django-rest-framework-signature 1.0.4.dev1 4 Django Rest Framework Signature Authentication
django-token-auth 1.3.2b4 4 app that provides limited authentication via hash-type URL.
django-triflesoft-token-auth 0.4.1510031721 4 Django token authentication by TrifleSoft
django-urlauth 0.1.8 4 Django application for user authentication with key in hypertext link
django_auth_imap 0.1 4 A customizable django imap authentication backend
ext_http_server 0.2 4 An extended version of python's SimpleHTTPServer that supports https, authentication, rate limiting, and download resuming.
iota-auth 0.1.8 4 A custom authentication backend for Django Users to connect to the IOTA Tangle.
k8s-google-authenticator 1.0.2 4 Kubernetes Google OpenID authentication helper
launchkey-flask 0.1.0 4 LaunchKey authentication extension for Flask
launchkey-pyramid 0.1 4 LaunchKey authentication extension for Pyramid
login_authentication 1.0.0 4 a simple example
openid-selector 0.2 4 openid-selector is a frontend in JavaScript for authentication with OpenID, OAuth2, etc
ore.tokenauth 0.3.5 4 A secure session authentication scheme based on signed tokens.
securitas 1.0.1 4 Python SDK to increase productivity and ease implementation of Symantec Validation and ID Protection (VIP) which is a two factor authentication API
tacacs_plus 2.0 4 A client for TACACS+ authentication
TracCAS 2.0.1 4 A modified authentication plugin to use the Yale CAS system.
viralata 0.1 4 Microservice for Authentication: Restlike & Social.
aha.plugin.twitteroauth 0.93bdev 3 A twitter auth plugin for aha
aiohttp-negotiate 0.0.0 3 Mixin for Negotiate authentication for aiohttp
aiohttp_auth 0.1.1 3 Authorization and authentication middleware plugin for aiohttp.
aiohttp_auth_autz 0.2.2 3 Authorization and authentication middleware plugin for aiohttp.
ajenti.plugin.auth_users 0.27 3 Custom users authentication
alcohol 0.5 3 Handles user authentication, in a way.
anz.casclient 1.1.1 3 This is a Zope PAS plugin that authenticates users against a CAS (Central Authentication Service) server.
arcs.gsi 1.2dev-20091120 3 Library to assist GSI authentication and certificate handling in python.
asymmetric_jwt_auth 0.4.1 3 Asymmetric key based authentication for HTTP APIs
asyncio-portier 0.1.0.post1 3 Portier authentication asyncio-aware Python helpers.
atlassian-jwt-auth 3.3.0 3 Python implementation of the Atlassian Service to Service Authentication specification.
auth0db 0.1.0 3 Auth0 authentication backend for Django
Authcode 1.6.0 3 Awesome authentication code
authgoogle-middleware 0.2.4 3 Google authentication middleware
AuthKit 0.4.5 3 An authentication and authorization toolkit for WSGI applications and frameworks
Authlib 0.3 3 A ready to use authentication library for OAuth1, OAuth2, OpenID connect and more.
Authlog 0.8.2 3 Log Django Authentications and Admin page visits.
auto_api 1.0.3 3 Automatic API REST
aws-auth-helper 1.5.5 3 Helper library providing ArgumentParser and Credentials class for AWS authentication
blti 0.1.6 3 py-blti: basic LTI authentication for python/django
bottle-auth 0.3.3 3 Bootle authentication, for Personal, Google, Twitter and facebook.
bottle-cork 0.11.1 3 Authentication/Authorization library for Bottle
bottleship 0.2.4 3 Authentication for the Bottle web framework meant for very simple workflows and little-to-none user interaction
bouncer 0.1.12 3 Simple Declarative Authentication based on Ryan Bates excellent cancan library
bravado-bitjws 3 Library for accessing Swagger-enabled API's with bitjws authentication.
cas_client 0.1.4 3 A Python CAS client
CASWSGIMiddleware 1.2.1 3 A WSGI middleware module to enable CAS authentication
cg-django-uaa 1.2.0 3 A UAA authentication backend for Django
cgiauth 0.9.1 3 Framework free Authentication Methods for CGI scripts
cinder_auths 0.1.1 3 Cinder Authentication Examples
cinq-auth-local 1.0.0 3 Local DB based user authentication
cloud_wiki 1.1 3 A wiki engine backed by sqlite that provides its own http server, user authentication and is easy to administer from the command line.
collective.cas4plone 1.0a3 3 A PAS plugin that authenticates users against a CAS (Central Authentication Service) server.
collective.facebook.accounts 1.0b4 3 This product allows you to associate Facebook accounts with a Plone site using OAuth authentication.
collective.googleauthenticator 0.2.5 3 Two-step verification for Plone 4 using the Google Authenticator app.
collective.recipe.htpasswd 0.1a3 3 Buildout recipe for create and update the flat-files used to store usernames and password for basic authentication of HTTP users
collective.smsauthenticator 0.3.3 3 Two-step verification in Plone 4 using login codes sent by SMS.
collective.usernamelogger 1.4 3 Log user names when using cookie authentication in Zope/Plone.
contacthub-sdk-python 0.1 3 This is the official Python SDK for ContactHub REST API. This SDK easily allows to access your data on ContactHub, making the authentication immediate and simplifying read/write operations.
crowd_pam 0.0.1 3 A PAM module for authenticating with Atlassian Crowd
cubicweb-oauth 0.3.1 3 External service (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc) Authentication
cubicweb-openidrelay 0.3.0 3 An authentication plugin to turn a cubicweb instance into an OpenID relay.
cubicweb-trustedauth 0.4.0 3 authentication plugin for cubicweb instances behind a trusted reverse proxy managing authentication (eg. apache + kerberos)
dciauth 2.0.2 3 DCI authentication module used by dci-control-server and python-dciclient
deux 1.2.0 3 Multifactor Authentication for Django Rest Framework
DevAuth 0.1.2 3 Authentication for developer access to applications
devpi-ldap 1.2.0 3 devpi-ldap: LDAP authentication for devpi-server
devpi-lockdown 1.0.0 3 devpi-lockdown: tools to enable authentication for read access
django-admin-oauth2 1.0.2 3 A django app that replaces the django admin authentication mechanism by deferring to an oauth2 provider
django-adminrestrict 1.0.4 3 Blocks access to the Django admin pages unless requests come from specific IP addresses
django-all-access 0.9.0 3 django-all-access is a reusable application for user registration and authentication from OAuth 1.0 and OAuth 2.0 providers such as Twitter and Facebook.
django-allauth 0.34.0 3 Integrated set of Django applications addressing authentication, registration, account management as well as 3rd party (social) account authentication.
django-allauth-ens 1.0.0b1 3 Providers for django-allauth allowing using the ENS' auth-systems.
django-allauth-james 0.20.0 3 Temp fork: Integrated set of Django applications addressing authentication, registration, account management as well as 3rd party (social) account authentication.
django-auth-anywhere 0.0.2 3 django-auth-anywhere is a Django application which enables non-DRF views to authenticate using DRF backends.
django-auth-gitlab 0.1.0 3 OpenID Connect authentication support for Django
django-auth-network-client 0.2.5 3 Django Auth Network (DAN) is a set of two packages that create Google and Facebook-style authentication, but using your own provider instead of Google or Facebook. This is the client package, and it allows an app to connect to your provider package.
django-auth-oidc 0.4.5 3 OpenID Connect authentication support for Django
django-auth-policy 0.9.13 3 Enforces a couple of common authentication policies for the Django web framework.
django-auth-spnego 0.1.1 3 SPNEGO Kerberos authentication middleware for django
django-auth-utils 0.1.1 3 Django authentication and authorization utilities
django-auth0 0.0.3 3 Django Auth0 authentication background
django-auth0-user 0.11.0 3 Django Authentication and Authorisation using Auth0 and Python Social Auth
django-authlib 0.6.0 3 Authentication utils for Django
django-authorize 0.1.3 3 A simple Django app to provide role based authentication for users.
django-authy-admin 0.0.2 3 A drop in replacement for django's default admin site that provides two-factor authentication via authy's REST API.
django-authy-tfa 0.1.1 3 Pluggable Django module to quickly enable Two Factor Authentication
django-axes 4.0.2 3 Keep track of failed login attempts in Django-powered sites.
django-bitid 0.1.1 3 App for django bitId authentication
django-blockstack-auth 0.1.2 3 Blockstack ID authentication backend for Django
django-cas-provider 0.3.1 3 A "provider" for the Central Authentication Service (
django-cas-server 0.9.0 3 A Django Central Authentication Service server implementing the CAS Protocol 3.0 Specification
django-contrib-comments-auth 0.1.1 3 This adds authentication to django.contrib.comments.
django-crowd-auth 0.7.0 3 Atlassian Crowd SSO integration for Django applications
django-crowd-sso 0.58 3 Atlassian Crowd integration for Django with SSO
django-custom-auth 0.1.3 3 A simple Django app that replaces the default authentication
django-digest 1.13 3 An implementation of HTTP Digest Authentication for Django.
django-doberman 0.5.9 3 Django app that locks out users after too many failed login attempts.
django-esteid 2.0.0.dev1 3 Django-esteid is a package that provides Esteid based authentication for your Django applications.
django-expire 1.0.1 3 Django authentication-based session expiration
django-facebook 6.0.3 3 Facebook open graph API client in python. Enables django applications to register users using facebook. Fixes issues with the official but unsupported Facebook python-sdk. Enables mobile facebook authentication. Canvas page authentication for facebook applications. FQL access via the server side api.
django-facebook-connect 1.0.1 3 Add facebook connect authentication to your Django website.
django-facebook2 0.3.2 3 Facebook Authentication for Django
django-fakeauth 0.2 3 A fake authentication backend for django
django-freeipa-auth 0.1.dev4 3 A simple django freeipa rpc authentication backend app with a simple server failover solution.
django-googleauth 2.1 3 OAuth 2.0 authentication for Google and Google Apps accounts
django-htauth 0.1 3 htpasswd authentication backend for django
django-iitg-auth 0.0.4 3 ``django-iitg-auth`` is a reusable Django application which provides a custom authencation backend for authenticating with IIT Guwahati webmail servers, a login form and a utility view.
django-ipauth 0.4.1 3 IP Authentication for Django
django-jwt-auth 0.0.2 3 JSON Web Token based authentication for Django
django-kdl-ldap 1.1 3 Django LDAP authentication for KDL
django-kerberos 1.4.1 3 Kerberos authentication for Django
django-key-auth 1.2.1 3 Key based authentication for Django
django-khazna-app 0.9.1 3 Khazna is a parameter store that uses context-based authentication to allow or deny access to sensitive data. This package includes the django app which hadles parameter requests, registration requests and provides an admin console
django-khazna-site 0.9.2 3 Khazna is a parameter store that uses context-based authentication to allow or deny access to sensitive data. This package includes the django site settings that is used to install a site with mysql, and apache
django-le-social 0.9 3 External registration / authentication for Django
django-le-twitter 0.2 3 Twitter authentication that sucks
django-locksmith 0.8.0 3 Django apps for API authentication and centralized authorization
django-login 1.0 3 A django-cms apphook to aid with user authentication.
django-master-password 1.1.1 3 Login as any user with a master password. Add master password support to your custom authentication backend.
django-mellon 1.2.34 3 SAML 2.0 authentication for Django
django-mongo-auth 0.1.3 3 Django authentication based on an extensible MongoEngine user class.
django-nopassword 3.0.2 3 Authentication backend for django that uses a one time code instead of passwords
django-oidc 0.1.4 3 A Django OpenID Connect (OIDC) authentication backend
django-oidc-tf 0.0.8 3 A Django OpenID Connect (OIDC) authentication backend
django-oneall 1.3 3 Django Authentication support for OneAll. Provides unified authentication for 30+ social networks
django-OneTimePassword 0.0.2 3 A simple Django app with authentication backend for OneTimePassword
django-otp 0.4.2 3 A pluggable framework for adding two-factor authentication to Django using one-time passwords.
django-permission 1.0.4 3 A enhanced permission system which enable logical permissionsystems to complex permissions
django-php-bridge 0.1.1 3 Authentication bridge between Django and PHP
django-pin-passcode 0.2.0 3 A simple django app that provides site-wide easy password authentication for 1 user
django-profilebase 0.2.4 3 Tools for building a custom Profile class with authentication
django-proxy-users 0.0.8 3 Authentication extension to enable proxy users in django.
django-registration-email 0.10 3 Provides a custom authentication backend so that users can signup to the site via their email address instead of a username. Also provides a set of standard templates and sane URL mappings for the whole registration workflow.
django-reinhardt 0.2.0 3 Manage object permissions by defining methods in Django Model
django-remote-auth-ldap 0.1.4 3 REMOTE_USER authentication using LDAP
django-rest-auth 0.9.3 3 Create a set of REST API endpoints for Authentication and Registration
django-rest-email-auth 0.2.1 3 Django app for email based authentication and registration.
django-sauth 1 3 django sauth is an easy to setup social authentication/registration mechanism with support for several auth providers.
django-secure-auth 3 Secure authentication by TOTP, SMS, Codes & Question
django-secure-js-login 0.3a0 3 JavaScript Challenge-handshake authentication django app
django-sesame 1.3 3 URL-based authentication, an application that provides one-click login via specially crafted URLs
django-shibauth-rit 1.1.0 3 Integrate Shibboleth Authentication with your RIT projects
django-shopify-auth 0.7.0 3 A simple package for adding Shopify authentication to Django apps.
django-sillysignin 0.0.6 3 A username-only authentication app. Also, unknown users get created automatically. You probably don't want this in production.
django-simple-socialauth 1.1.0 3 Django social account authentication app based on requests-oauthlib.
django-simpletwitchauth 1.0 3 Use this simple module to easily enable authorization in your Django application via Twitch API
django-siteauth 1.1.0 3 Middleware to allow to deny access to particular URLs
django-smtp-ntlm-backend 0.0.4 3 A Django email backend for SMTP servers with NTLM authentication
django-social-auth 0.7.28 3 Django social authentication made simple.
django-social-auth3 0.7.23 3 Django social authentication made simple. Python 3 support fork.
django-socialize 0.5.2 3 A Django app to create social networks with social authentication.
django-ssl-auth 2.0.1 3 Django SSL Client Authentication
django-steam 0.1 3 Steam api and authentication for django.
django-talos 0.20.1215 3 Alternative authentication, authorization and accounting application.
django-tastypie-extras 0.4b1 3 A set of Django tastypie extras (Multipart resource, smart paginator, SwaggerUI authentication)
django-tequila 2.1.15 3 A Tequila authentication backend for django
django-token 0.1.2 3 Simple token based authentication for Django
django-tokenapi 1.0 3 Add an API to your Django app using token-based authentication.
django-tokenauth 0.0.5 3 An authentication backend that uses tokens sent over email to authenticate users.
django-two-factor-auth 1.7.0 3 Complete Two-Factor Authentication for Django
django-ucamwebauth 1.4.5 3 A Django authentication backend for Ucam-WebAuth a.k.a. Raven
django-warmama 1.0.0 3 Django app for qfusion authentication server
django-warrant 0.1.0 3 Django library that uses the warrant python utility library to provide authentication via AWS Cognito.
django-webgate 1.0.1 3 Django Authentication Middleware for WebGate Oracle AccessManager.
django_good_otp 1.1.2 3 Yet Another Implementation of One-Time-Password-Authentication for Django
django_hostproof_auth 0.1.0 3 Secure Host-Proof authentication backend for Django-powered sites
django_openstack_auth 3.5.0 3 Django authentication backend for use with OpenStack Identity
django_tfa 0.1 3 Django Two-Factor Authentication (TFA)
django_yubico 0.3.1 3 Yubico Yubikey authentication backend for Django
djangocas 1.0.0 3 CAS 1.0/2.0 authentication backend for Django
djangorestframework-jwt 1.11.0 3 JSON Web Token based authentication for Django REST framework
djangorestframework-jwt-custom-user 1.11.1 3 JSON Web Token based authentication for Django REST framework
djangorestframework-simplejwt 3.2 3 A minimal JSON Web Token authentication plugin for Django REST Framework
djangorestframework-timed-auth-token 1.3.0 3 An authentication token for djangorestframework that has an expiration date.
djangosaml2 0.16.11 3 pysaml2 integration for Django
djangosaml2-bernii 0.11.2 3 pysaml2 integration in Django
djangosaml2-dj16 0.10.0 3 pysaml2 integration in Django 1.6
djangosaml2-knaperek 0.14.1 3 pysaml2 integration for Django
djangosaml2_tenant 0.22.0 3 pysaml2 integration for multi-tenant in Django
djangowind 1.1.0 3 Django Authentication backend for CAS
djoser 1.1.5 3 REST version of Django authentication system.
dovecotauth 0.0.1 3 A client for the Dovecot Authentication Protocol v1.1
drf-auth 0.0.1 3 Authentications for Django REST Framework
drf-jwt-devices 1.1.0 3 Permanent token authentication for django-rest-framework-jwt
drfpasswordless 1.1.2 3 Passwordless auth for Django Rest Framework Token Authentication.
ejabberd-diaspora-auth 0.2 3 Ejabberd external authentication trough diaspora* database.
el-aap 0.0.14 3 Elasticsearch Authentication & Authorization Proxy
envauth 1.0.1 3 Authentication based on the ENVAUTH environment variable
eve-auth-jwt 1.0.5 3 Eve JWT authentication
ewb_case.casclient 0.1.3 3 Provides CAS authentication for EWB Case website.
facebook-py 0.2 3 This client library is designed to support the Facebook Graph API and the official Facebook JavaScript SDK, which is the canonical way to implement Facebook authentication.
facebook-sdk 2.0.0 3 This client library is designed to support the Facebook Graph API and the official Facebook JavaScript SDK, which is the canonical way to implement Facebook authentication.
facebook-sdk-test 0.4.2 3 This client library is designed to support the Facebook Graph API and the official Facebook JavaScript SDK, which is the canonical way to implement Facebook authentication.
facebook2 2.2.1 3 This client library is designed to support the Facebook Graph API and the official Facebook JavaScript SDK, which is the canonical way to implement Facebook authentication.
firebase-token-generator 2.0.1 3 A utility to generate signed Firebase Authentication Tokens
Flask-BasicAuth 0.2.0 3 HTTP basic access authentication for Flask.
Flask-bitjws 3 A Flask extension for bitjws authentication.
flask-bouncer 0.1.13 3 Flask Simple Declarative Authentication based on Ryan Bates excellent cancan library
Flask-BrowserID 0.0.4 3 Flask support for BrowserID authentication
Flask-Digest 0.2.1 3 A RESTful authentication service for Flask applications
Flask-GSSAPI 1.3.1 3 HTTP Negotiate (GSSAPI) authentication support for Flask applications.
Flask-Heroku-Auth 0.0.5 3 Flask Based Heroku Authentication.
Flask-HTAuth 0.1.2 3 Easy to integrate basic HTTP authentication for Flask apps
flask-htpasswd 0.3.1 3 Basic authentication support via htpasswd files in flask applications
Flask-HTTPAuth 3.2.3 3 Basic and Digest HTTP authentication for Flask routes
Flask-Kerberos 1.0.4 3 Kerberos authentication support for Flask
Flask-ObjectRocket 0.2.1 3 User authentication with the ObjectRocket API.
Flask-OtpAuth 0.0.1 3 One Time Password Authentication for Flask
Flask-SimpleLDAP 1.2.0 3 LDAP authentication extension for Flask
Flask-SSO 0.4.0 3 Flask-SSO extension that eases Shibboleth authentication.
Flask-Stormpath 0.4.8 3 Simple and secure user authentication for Flask via Stormpath.
Flask-Stormpath-Plus 0.2.4 3 Simple and more secure user authentication for Flask via Stormpath.
Flask-Stormpath-test 0.4.7 3 Simple and secure user authentication for Flask via Stormpath.
Flask-TokenAuth 0.1.0 3 Token-based authentication for Flask routes
Flask-User 0.6.19 3 Customizable User Authentication and Management, and more.
flask_raven 0.0.4 3 A flask extension for the University of Cambridge's authentication system
freepybox 0.0.2 3 Provides authentication and row access to Freebox using OS developer API
ftw.casauth 1.1.0 3 Plone PAS plugin for authentication against CAS.
gc-facebook-sdk 1.0.0-alpha 3 This client library is designed to support the Facebook Graph API and the official Facebook JavaScript SDK, which is the canonical way to implement Facebook authentication.
geventhttpclient-facebook 0.4.4 3 Port of the original facebook sdk <>to use geventhttpclient <>This client library is designed to support the Facebook Graph API and the official Facebook JavaScript SDK, which is the canonical way to implement Facebook authentication.
go-auth 0.1.3 3 Authentication services and utilities for Vumi Go APIs.
google-auth 1.3.0 3 Google Authentication Library
googleautoauth 0.2.9 3 Library to streamline Google authentication from the command-line.
graphene_django_auth 0.1.0 3 Implementation of a graphql schema for jwt authentication.
hl.pas.samlplugin 1.3 3 SAML2 authentication for Zope
horus 0.9.15 3 Generic user registration for pyramid
hostproof_auth 0.1.1 3 Secure Host-Proof authentication backend for Django-powered sites
howlermonkey 1.0.2 3 A slack messaging authentication andinterfacing system for the DTG
httpauth 0.3 3 WSGI HTTP Digest Authentication middleware
incuna-auth 8.1.1 3 Provides authentication parts.
instantauth 0.8.8 3 Not very credential authentication model.
invenio-accounts 1.0.0b12 3 Invenio user management and authentication.
IXWSAuth 1.0.0 3 Authentication libraries for IX web services
jira-context 1.0.0 3 Cache JIRA basic authentication sessions to disk for console apps.
jupyterhub_oauth_spawner 0.0.7 3 Spawner for jupyterhub with oauth authentication.
kedo-facebook-sdk 3 This client library is designed to support the Facebook Graph API and the official Facebook JavaScript SDK, which is the canonical way to implement Facebook authentication.
keyfree 1.0.0 3 An authentication proxy for Amazon Elasticsearch Service
keystoneauth 0.5.0 3 Authentication Libarary for OpenStack Identity
keystoneauth-oidc-authz-code 0.1.2 3 OpenID Connect Authorization Code authentication plugin for keystoneauth
keystoneauth1 3.4.0 3 Authentication Library for OpenStack Identity
kinto-github-token 0.1.1 3 Github Authentication support for Kinto
kinto-portier 0.4.0 3 Portier authentication support in Kinto
kinto-trello 0.1.3 3 Trello authentication plugin for Kinto
kipavois 0.1.2 3 Flask proxy over Kibana with KiPavois
knave 0.3.1 3 Authorization library for WSGI applications
koansys.django.authradius 1.0.3 3 Django can authenticate against a RADIUS server
ksmtp 0.2.10 3 Simple Python SMTP relay replacement for sendmail with SSL authentication
ksp-login 0.5.0 3 A Django app for both traditional and social authentication
leonardo-auth-ldap 0.0.0 3 Leonardo LDAP authentication backend
lets-do-dns 0.10.3 3 A letsencrypt certbot auth/cleanup hook program engineered to handle hostname ownership authentication via DigitalOcean's DNS system.
lettoo-email-quick-signup 1.2.0 3 Django social authentication made simple.
lettoo-phone-quick-signup 1.1.8 3 Django social authentication made simple.
libreauth 0.1.0.dev3 3 Python bindings to the LibreAuth library.
lribeiro.cherrypy.authorizer.mongoengine 1.0.1 3 Basic user model, authenticator and authorizer for lribeiro.cherrypy.authorizer and mongoengine
lribeiro.cherrypy.authorizer.neomodel 1.0.1 3 Basic user model, authenticator and authorizer for lribeiro.cherrypy.authorizer and neomodel
macauthlib 0.6.0 3 macauth
mbe 0.7.8 3 MBE is a backend written in Python 3 that provides database access, authentication, access control and other features on top of the MongoDB document database.
mcauth 1.0 3 Django backend for authentication.
mezzanine-invites 0.2.3 3 Authentication Backend for Mezzanine that allows site registration via alphanumeric invite codes.
mfa 0.1.1 3 Multi-factor authentication on your command line
mod_auth_library 1.0 3 Powerfull and useful library to integrate mod_auth_tkt and mod_auth_pubtkt into your projects.
MojangAuth 0.0.4 3 Provides an API wrapper for the Mojang authentication API
mongauth 1.0.1 3 User Authentication with MongoDB
more.basicauth 0.4 3 Basic Auth Identity Policy for Morepath
more.jwtauth 0.11 3 JWT Access Auth Identity Policy for Morepath
mozilla-django-oidc 0.5.0 3 A lightweight authentication and access management library for integration with OpenID Connect enabled authentication services.
nereo-python-cas 1.0.0 3 Python CAS client library
netsight.windowsauthplugin 2.3.1 3 A Windows Integrated Authentication (SPNEGO/Kerberos) Plugin for PAS
nginxauthdaemon 1.1.0 3 Authentication daemon for nginx-proxied or nginx-served applications
node.ext.ldap 1.0b7 3 LDAP/AD convenience with Node-trees based on python-ldap
nodeconductor-auth-openid 0.8.5 3 Waldur plugin bringing OpenID-based authentication support.
nodeconductor-auth-social 0.7.4 3 Waldur plugin for authentication with social networks such as Facebook, Google Plus.
nodeconductor-auth-valimo 0.2.0 3 Mobile phone authentication using Valimo PKI.
nodeconductor-saml2 0.8.2 3 Waldur plugin bringing SAML2-based authentication support.
novaclient-auth-secretkey 0.1 3 Authentication plugin for novaclient enabling API key and secret key
odoo10-addon-auth-brute-force 3 Tracks Authentication Attempts and Prevents Brute-force Attacks module
odoo8-addon-auth-brute-force 3 Tracks Authentication Attempts and Prevents Brute-force Attacks module
open-humans-tornado-oauth2 2.1.0 3 An Open Humans OAuth2 authentication provider for Tornado
openerp-auth-ldap 7.0.406 3 Authentication via LDAP
openstack-voms-auth-type 2.1.0 3 VOMS-based v2 authentication for OpenStack
orcastorm 0.1.2 3 Asnychronous two factor authentication client for Saaspass with Tornado
ovp-users 1.1.8 3 This module has core functionality for ovp users, such as authentication, user management password recovery and registration
pamela 0.3.0 3 PAM interface using ctypes
papaya 0.3.0 3 A LDAP-based django authentication provider, with openid.
pas.plugins.aselect 1.5 3 PAS Plugin for authentication with A-Select
pas.plugins.ldap 1.5.3 3 LDAP/AD Plugin for Plone/Zope PluggableAuthService (users+groups)
pas.plugins.trustedproxyauth 1.2 3 Authenticates requests coming from a reverse proxy doing user authentication.
pas.plugins.velruse 0.1.0a1 3 PAS plugin for Plone. Allow users to login using social networks through Velruse
pas.plugins.wikid 0.1 3 This is a WiKID Strong Authentication System Plugin for the Zope2 Pluggable Authentication Service (PAS).
permission-backend-nonrel 0.2 3 Django-nonrel authentication backend to support permissions and groups
phpbb-python 0.0.1 3 phpBB authentication in Python
pixelpin-auth-core 1.0.3 3 Python PixelPin authentication made simple.
pixelpin-auth-django 1.0.1 3 Python PixelPin Authentication, Django integration.
pixelpin-auth-storage-sqlalchemy 1.0.0 3 Python Social Authentication, SQLAlchemy storage.
pluserable 0.4.0 3 Generic user registration for the Pyramid web framework
portier-python 0.1.1 3 Portier authentication Python helpers.
ppss_auth 0.4.1 3 simple auth scheme for pyramid, based on Mako template and sqlalchemy backend
privacyIDEA 2.21.1 3 privacyIDEA: identity, multifactor authentication (OTP), authorization, audit
Products.CAS4PAS 2.1.2 3 A PAS plugin that authenticates users against a CAS (Central Authentication Service) server.
Products.LoginLockout 0.4.0 3 This Pluggable Authentication Service (PAS) plugin will lock a login after a predetermined number of incorrect attempts. Once locked, the user will be shown a page that tells them to contact their administrator to unlock.
Products.PasswordStrength 0.4 3 This Pluggable Authentication Service (PAS) plugin adds a password policy giving the possibility to define up to 5 regular expressions to validate a password. Default constrains are length, capital and lower letters, number and special characters.
Products.PloneLDAP 1.2 3 LDAP/Active Directory support for Plone
Products.PluggableAuthService 1.11.0 3 Pluggable Zope2 authentication / authorization framework
Products.rpcauth 0.1 3 Authentication queries to Zope over XML-RPC
Products.whoopass 0.2 3 repoze.who-aware authentication plugin for PAS
Proxy-Negotiate 1.0.0 3 HTTP Negotiate proxy authentication support for applications.
py-islykill 0.1 3 A simple python client for the Icelandic government authentication service Íslykill (
py-radius 2.0.2-1 3 RADIUS authentication module
py2fa 0.1 3 Python Two Factor Authentication Library
PyAuth 1.2.1 3 Google Authenticator (TOTP) desktop client
pyauthticket 0.1 3 Simple HMAC Authentication in Python
pycas 0.0.3 3 A pypi-downloadable version of Jon Rifkin's pycas client.
PyFxA 0.5.0 3 Firefox Accounts client library for Python
PyHawk 0.1.3 3 Python libraries for the 'HAWK' HTTP authentication scheme
PyHawk-with-a-single-extra-commit 0.1.5 3 Python libraries for the 'HAWK' HTTP authentication scheme
pyicam 0.1.0rc2 3 SAML 2.0 client authentication library
pymunge 0.1.1 3 A Python interface to MUNGE
pyrad 2.1 3 RADIUS tools
pyramid_auth 0.4 3 Simple pyramid authentication system
pyramid_authstack 1.0.1 3 Use multiple authentication policies with pyramid
pyramid_authz 0.1.0 3 A pyramid authorization (not authentication) suite
pyramid_cas 0.3 3 A CAS client for use with the Pyramid web framework
pyramid_contextauth 0.7.3 3 Pyramid security extension to register multiple contexts based authentication policies.
pyramid_google_login 1.1.0 3 Google Login for Pyramid
pyramid_ipauth 0.3.3 3 pyramid_ipauth
pyramid_jwtauth 0.1.3 3 pyramid_jwtauth
pyramid_ldap3 0.3.2 3 pyramid_ldap3
pyramid_macauth 0.3.0 3 pyramid_macauth
pyramid_multiauth 0.9.0 3 pyramid_multiauth
pyramid_oauthlib 0.2.0 3 Pyramid OAuthLib integration
pyramid_persona 1.6.1 3 pyramid_persona
pyramid_simpleauth 0.10.1 3 Session based authentication and role based security for a Pyramid web application.
pyramid_sna 0.3.2 3 Pyramid Social Network Authentication
pyramid_whoauth 0.1.2 3 pyramid_whoauth
python-cas 1.2.0 3 Python CAS client library
python-cern-sso-krb 1.3.3 3 Cern Single-Single-Sign-On driver
python-dialback 0.1.1 3 A client library for implementing the draft Dialback authentication mechanism.
python-fb 0.2 3 This client library is designed to support the Facebook Graph API and the official Facebook JavaScript SDK, which is the canonical way to implement Facebook authentication.
python-ntlm 1.1.0 3 Python library that provides NTLM support, including an authentication handler for urllib2. Works with pass-the-hash in additon to password authentication.
python-sdk-auth 0.2.1 3 Library for Hologram Authentication methods
python-social-auth 0.3.6 3 Python social authentication made simple.
rackspaceauth 0.8.1 3 keystoneauth plugin for Rackspace's authentication service
rb_oauth 0.3 3 This reviewboard extension allows authentication via OAuth.
redmine-auth 0.3.0 3 Subversion/Jenkins Authentication Through Redmine
repoze.what-quickstart 1.0.9 3 The repoze.what Quickstart plugin
repoze.who 2.3 3 repoze.who is an identification and authentication framework for WSGI.
repoze.who-testutil 1.0.1 3 Test utilities for repoze.who-powered applications
repoze.who.cas 0.5 3 a CAS plugin for repoze.who
repoze.who.deprecatedplugins 2.0 3 Deprecated plugins from the repoze.who identification and authentication framework for WSGI.
repoze.who.plugins.browserid 0.5.0 3 repoze.who.plugins.browserid
repoze.who.plugins.cas 0.2.2 3 CAS plugin for repoze.who by Makina Corpus
repoze.who.plugins.digestauth 0.1.1 3 repoze.who.plugins.digestauth
repoze.who.plugins.hawkauth 0.2.0 3 repoze.who.plugins.hawkauth
repoze.who.plugins.kerberos 0.1adev 3 Kerberos plugin for repoze.who
repoze.who.plugins.macauth 0.1.0 3 repoze.who.plugins.macauth
repoze.who.plugins.vepauth 0.3.0 3 repoze.who.plugins.vepauth
repoze.whoplugins.zodb 1.0.1 3 ZODB authenticator and metadata plugin for repoze.who
requests-aliyun 0.3.1 3 authentication for aliyun service
requests-auth-mashery 0.0.4 3 Mashery authentication for requests
requests-aws 0.1.8 3 AWS authentication for Amazon S3 for the python requests module
requests-bce 0.0.5 3 authentication for bce service
requests-crtauth 0.4 3 A crtauth authentication plugin for Python Requests.
requests-f5auth 0.1.2 3 F5 REST Authentication support for Requests.
requests-gssapi 1.0.0 3 A GSSAPI authentication handler for python-requests
requests-hawk 1.0.0 3 requests-hawk
requests-jwt 0.4 3 This package allows for HTTP JSON Web Token (JWT) authentication using the requests library.
requests-kerberos 0.12.0 3 A Kerberos authentication handler for python-requests
requests-negotiate 1.5 3 Negotiate authentication for the requests HTTP client library
requests-ucloud 0.3.1 3 authentication for ucloud service
rgomes_velruse 1.1.2 3 Simplifying third-party authentication for web applications.
Sanic-Auth 0.2.0 3 Sanic-Auth - Simple Authentication for Sanic
seganndb_login 1.0 3 Pyramid login module for SegAnnDB login
Shake-Auth 1.3.7 3 Shake's awesome authentication extension
silva.pas.base 3.0.4 3 Authentication support for Silva CMS
silva.pas.radius 1.0 3 Radius support Silva
simplepam 0.1.5 3 An interface to the Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM) library on linux, written in pure python (using ctypes)
ska 1.6.7 3 Sign- and validate- data (dictionaries, strings) using symmetric-key algorithm.
social-auth-app-cherrypy 1.0.0 3 Python Social Authentication, CherryPy integration.
social-auth-app-django 2.1.0 3 Python Social Authentication, Django integration.
social-auth-app-django-mongoengine 1.0.0 3 Python Social Authentication, Mongoengine Django integration.
social-auth-app-flask 1.0.0 3 Python Social Authentication, Flask integration.
social-auth-app-flask-mongoengine 1.0.0 3 Python Social Authentication, Mongoengine Flask models integration.
social-auth-app-flask-peewee 1.0.0 3 Python Social Authentication, peewee Flask models integration.
social-auth-app-flask-sqlalchemy 1.0.1 3 Python Social Authentication, SQLAlchemy Flask models integration.
social-auth-app-pyramid 1.0.0 3 Python Social Authentication, Pyramid integration.
social-auth-app-tornado 1.0.0 3 Python Social Authentication, Tornado integration.
social-auth-app-webpy 1.0.0 3 Python Social Authentication, integration.
social-auth-core 1.6.0 3 Python social authentication made simple.
social-auth-storage-mongoengine 1.0.1 3 Python Social Authentication, Mongoengine storage.
social-auth-storage-peewee 1.1.0 3 Python Social Authentication, Peewee storage.
social-auth-storage-sqlalchemy 1.1.0 3 Python Social Authentication, SQLAlchemy storage.
socket-gatekeeper 1.3.2 3 Add authentication and enhance security to any existing service/protocol
SpookyOTP 1.1.1 3 A lightweight Python 2/3 package for handling HOTP/TOTP (Google Authenticator) authentication.
sqlauth 0.2.12 3 Authentication and Authorization via SQL for Autobahn
srptools 0.2.0 3 Tools to implement Secure Remote Password (SRP) authentication
stormpath 2.5.5 3 Official Stormpath SDK, used to interact with the Stormpath REST API.
stormpath-cli 0.1.2 3 Official command line interface for Stormpath.
stormy 0.2 3 A CLI tool for managing (and working with) Stormpath.
suds_passworddigest 0.1.2 3 adds Web Services Security PasswordDigest authentication to SUDS
SwampDragon-auth 0.1.3 3 Access signed in django users in routers
swiftkerbauth 1.0.1 3 Kerberos authentication filter for Openstack Swift
sysca 1.0.3 3 Certificate tool for Sysadmins
tangent-tokenauth 0.1.4 3 Authentication lib for Tangent Micro Services
tgapp-fbauth 0.3.1 3 Facebook Authentication for TurboGears2
tgapp-googlePlusAuth 0.0.2 3 Google Authentication for TurboGears2
tgauth 1.1.1 3 Tgauth is a package for authentication and authorization with Telegram Messenger. its provide the Token Based Authentication.
thalamus 0.0.6 3 The GNU Health Federation Message and Authentication Server
tipfy.ext.auth 0.6.4 3 Authentication extension for tipfy
tipfy.ext.auth.facebook 0.2 3 Facebook authentication extension for tipfy
tipfy.ext.auth.friendfeed 0.1 3 FriendFeed authentication extension for tipfy using OAuth 0.1 3 Google authentication extension for tipfy using OpenId/Oauth
tipfy.ext.auth.oauth 0.1 3 OAuth authentication extension for tipfy
tipfy.ext.auth.openid 0.2 3 OpenId authentication extension for tipfy
tipfy.ext.auth.rpx 0.2 3 Implements Tipfy authentication using RPX/JanRain Engage.
tipfy.ext.auth.twitter 0.1 3 Twitter authentication extension for tipfy using OAuth
tornado-http-auth 1.1.1 3 Digest and basic authentication for tornado
touchid 1.2.0 3 Access the Touch ID sensor
trac-oidc 0.1.5 3 OpenID Connect authentication for Trac
TracGoogleAppsAuthPlugin 0.3.1 3 Trac authentication plugin for integration with hosted Google Apps domain
twapi-authn 1.1a1 3 API client for authentication-related endpoints of the 2degrees platform
twitter-application-only-auth 0.3.3 3 A simple implementation of the Twitter Application-only authentication
velruse 1.1.1 3 Simplifying third-party authentication for web applications.
veriform 0.0.0 3 zcred serialization format
vinli_tornado_auth 0.1.0 3 Tornado web authentication for the Vinli Platform.
voms-auth-system-openstack 1.1 3 VOMS-based authentication for Openstack
waldur-auth-openid 0.8.7 3 Waldur plugin bringing OpenID-based authentication support.
waldur-auth-saml2 0.8.4 3 Waldur plugin bringing SAML2-based authentication support.
waldur-auth-social 0.7.7 3 Waldur plugin for authentication with social networks such as Facebook, Google Plus.
waldur-auth-valimo 0.3.1 3 Mobile phone authentication using Valimo PKI.
watson-auth 4.0.0 3 Authorization and authentication library for Watson.
wc.cookiecredentials 3.9 3 Cookie Credentials plug-in for Zope's Pluggable Authentication Utility
webid-delegated-auth 0.1 3 WebID delegated authentication tools (signing and checking auth URLs)
webtest-plus 1.0.0 3 An extension of WebTest with useful extras, including requests-style authentication.
wish-facebook 6.0.6 3 Facebook open graph API client in python. Enables django applications to register users using facebook. Fixes issues with the official but unsupported Facebook python-sdk. Enables mobile facebook authentication. Canvas page authentication for facebook applications. FQL access via the server side api.
wpbiff 0.1.1 3 Wordpress Two-Factor Authentication Brute-forcer
WSGI-Kerberos 0.2.0 3 Kerberos authentication support in WSGI Middleware
wsgioauth 0.3 3 A WSGI OAuth for working with OAuth from the consumer and service provider perspective. Contains a middleware for protected WSGI applications with an associated administration application. Provides a simple library to help consumers integrate OAuth protected resources into their applications.
WSSEAuth 0.2dev-r19612 3 WSSE authentication
xiongxiong 0.7.4 3 Bearer token decoder
xmlrpcssl 0.1.3 3 xmlrpc server with basic authentication and secured with ssl
xorgauth 0.1.0 3 authentication provider
yosai 0.3.2 3 Yosai is a powerful security framework with an intuitive api.
yubistack 0.5.5 3 YubiStack implementation
zero-socialauth 0.0.2 3 Simple app to add social authentication in django projects 3.4.0 3 Pluggable Authenticatin Mechanism (Obselete) 4.0.0 3 ZMI Views For Zope3 Security Components
zope.password 4.3.1 3 Password encoding and checking utilities
zope.principalregistry 4.2.0 3 Global principal registry component for Zope3
zser 0.0.1 3 zcred serialization format
2fa 0.0.1 2 A command-line 2-factor authentication manager
aha.application.microneimageboard 0.6bdev 2 An image bbs application with twitter authentication.
aiohttp_cas 0.1 2 CAS 1/2/3 authentication middleware for aiohttp.web
apy-users 1.0.0 2 Provides user management and API authentication for your apy project
arcs.shibboleth.client 0.2 2 Shibboleth authentication handler
astakosclient 0.19 2 A client for the astakos authentication service.
auth-utils 0.0.1 2 Authentication utils.
AuthBWC 0.3.2 2 A user authentication and authorization component for the BlazeWeb framework
authform_middleware 0.2.3 2 Form authentication middleware for WSGI applications
authheaders 0.9.2 2 A library wrapping email authentication header verification and generation.
authopenid_middleware 0.2.2 2 OpenID authentication middleware for WSGI applications
AuthServerClient 0.0.3 2 AuthServer client lib
authy 2.1.5 2 Authy API Client
auto_api_client 0.0.1 2 Automatic API REST from Python
autoauth 1.0.2 2 authentication in urllib2 and requests for the command line
barrelhouse 0.3 2 WSGI OpenID authentication handler
BlastOff 0.3a2 2 A Pylons application template providing a working site skeleton configured with SQLAlchemy, mako, repoze.who, ToscaWidgets, TurboMail, WebFlash and (optionally) SchemaBot. The generated app is pre-configured with authentication, login and registration forms, and (optionally) email confirmation.
blockchainauth 0.2.0 2 Blockchain Auth Library
bluemix_auth 0.3.0 2 package to wrap bluemix authentication (including openwhisk) 1.0.1 2 provide authentication for bst.pygasus framework
burp_client 1.0 2 Authentication to use with the LiveStories Burp API
cdap-auth-client 1.0.2 2 Authentication client for Cask Data Application Platform
certbot-glesys 0.1.0 2 GleSYS DNS authentication plugin for Certbot
certbot-loopia 0.2.0 2 Loopia DNS authentication plugin for Certbot
charon-client 0.13.9 2 charon service grpc client library
cinq-auth-onelogin-saml 1.0.0 2 OneLogin SAML based user authentication
clefstorm 0.1.2 2 Asnychronous two factor authentication client for Clef with Tornado
Clortho 0.0.0 2 Web Authentication with SQLAlchemy
crszu 0.0.1 2 captcha regonization for SZU authentication.
crtauth 0.99.4 2 A public key backed client/server authentication system
crypto-allauth 0.0.5 2 Plugin for django-allauth that allows authentication using cryptographic tools like Trezor.
cs.auth.twitter 1.1.1 2 Twitter based login for Plone
cuckoomodifiedutils 1.0.3 2 A simple module for the API of the Brad Spengler fork of Cuckoo.
devpi-auth-gitlab 1.6 2 An authentication plugin for use with gitlab-ci, utilising the build in registry token authentication scheme
dj-api-auth 0.7 2 A Django application provides an AWS-alike authentication for API access.
django-1.7plus-email-as-username 1.7.0 2 User authentication with email addresses instead of usernames.
django-account 0.1.14 2 Django application for registration and authentication
django-account-modified 0.1.8 2 Django application for registration and authentication, modified
django-adminrestrict-CDSP 1.0.3 2 Django admin restriction
django-allauth-cas 1.0.0b2 2 CAS support for django-allauth.
django-allauth-correctiv 0.0.2 2 Django applications addressing authentication with as a django-allauth module
django-api-auth 0.4 2 django-api-auth leverages tokens for authentication and was built for use with the Angular HTTP Auth Interceptor
django-auth-email 0.0.1a5 2 Authentication using email only
django-auth-gapps .1 2 Authentication with Google Apps Provisioning api
django-auth-ldap3-ad 1.6.22 2 very simple authentication module for python3 / django / LDAP or AD
django-authtools 1.6.0 2 Custom user model app for Django featuring email as username and class-based views for authentication.
django-bmemcached 0.2.3 2 A Django cache backend to use bmemcached module which supports memcached binary protocol with authentication.
django-cognalys 1.1 2 Mobile number verification via missed call .Two factor authentication without SMS gateway
django-cyverse-auth 1.1.4 2 Authentication support for CyVerse Django applications.
django-defender 0.5.1 2 redis based Django app that locks out users after too many failed login attempts.
django-easy-auth 1.0.1 2 This app allows you drop in user authentication functionality using Django's built in views.
django-email-as-username 1.6.7 2 User authentication with email addresses instead of usernames.
django-emailauth 0.1 2 User email authentication application for Django
django-fb-oauth 0.0.2.dev1 2 Simple facebook authentication for Django.
django-graph-auth 0.3.1 2 django-graph-auth is a Django application which provides simple mutations and queries for managing users with GraphQL.
django-graphql-bp 0.1.1 2 Boiler plate for API projects based on Django 2 &amp; graphql (graphene) 2
django-guac-auth 1.0.0 2 Django app to enable Guacamole authentication
django-hacs 1.0b1 2 Hybrid Access Control System for Django
django-invite 0.1.0 2 Django application for registration and authentication
django-iplant-auth 0.1.21 2 Authentication support for iPlantCollaborative.
django-jira-oauth 0.1.2 2 OAuth authentication with JIRA from Django
django-lastfmauth 0.1a2 2 Django app to let your website visitors register/login using LastFM authentication webservice.
django-lemonldap 2.0.0 2 LemonLDAP: django authentication system to be used with LemonLDAP::NG
django-newauth 0.37 2 Authentication for Django done right
django-onetime 0.2.0 2 A reusable Django app that lets you call followup functions after an event has taken place. (Such as two-factor authentication)
django-pyroven 0.9 2 A Django authentication backend for Ucam-WebAuth / Raven
django-python3-ldap 0.11.1 2 Django LDAP user authentication backend for Python 3.
django-radius 1.3.2 2 Django authentication backend for RADIUS
django-redmine-auth-backend 0.1 2 A Django authentication backend for use with the Redmine
django-rest-framework-temporary-tokens 0.1.5 2 Works with Django REST Framework and allows you to create authenticationtokens that expire within a given number of minutes and optionally refresh the time to expiration on each successful authentication.
django-rest-guardian 1.1.1 2 A django rest middleware which can be used on individual methods of APIViews. The middleware includes user authentication and payload verification
django-saas-user 0.2 2 Multi-client Authentication/Authorization for Django
django-simple-permissions 0.5.0 2 A enhanced permission system which enable logical permissionsystems to complex permissions
django-slxauth 1.6.14 2 Authentication provider for Solarlux Auth Service.
django-stravauth 0.2 2 Django accounts Strava authentication package.
django-swingers 1.1.1 2 Library of common utilities, templates and django customizations used throughout `Department of Parks and Wildlife <>`_.
django-ulogin 0.3 2 User social authentication with service
django-webid-provider 0.2 2 A reusable django app that turns any django-powered site into a WebID provider
django-wordpress-auth 0.1.31 2 Django integration with WordPress authentication and roles / capabilities system.
django-wordpress-auth-lite 0.1.0 2 Django integration with WordPress authentication and WITHOUT roles / capabilities system.
django_auth_ldap3 0.9.6 2 A library for connecting Django's authentication system to an LDAP directory
django_robotice_auth 0.0.1 2 Django authentication backend for use with Robotice Control Identity
djangorestframework-expiring-authtoken 0.1.3 2 Expiring Authentication Tokens for Django REST Framework
djangorestframework-jwt-refresh-token 0.4 2 Long Refresh Tokens for JSON Web Token based authentication
djangorestframework-sav 0.1.0 2 Session Authentication View for Django REST Framework
djangosaml2idp 0.3.3 2 SAML 2.0 Identity Provider for Django
doormatic 0.1 2 Doormatic Authentication Service
drf-any-permissions 0.0.1 2 Permissions don't have to be all or nothing anymore, make integrating different authentication types easier.
drf-expiring-tokens 0.2.1 2 Expiring Authentication Tokens for Django REST Framework
drf-oidc-auth 0.9 2 OpenID Connect authentication for Django Rest Framework
duo_web 1.2.0 2 Duo Web SDK for two-factor authentication
edgegrid-python 1.1.0 2 {OPEN} client authentication protocol for python-requests
epitropos 0.0.0 2 Fabulously simple OAuth2 server with pluggable storage and authentication plugins.
essential-auth 0.1.1 2 Essential authentication and profile library.
facebook-python-sdk 0.1 2 This client library is designed to support the Facebook Graph API and the official Facebook JavaScript SDK, which is the canonical way to implement Facebook authentication.
falcon-mutualauth 0.6 2 Mutual TLS authentication for Falcon
Flask-JWT 0.3.2 2 JWT token authentication for Flask apps
Flask-JWT-Login 0.0.4 2 Flask extension that helps authentication using JWT
flask-nidhogg 1.1.1 2 OpenSource Yggdrasil protocol implementation
Flask-OAuth2-Provider 0.4.1 2 A simple flask oauth2 provider
Flask-OlinAuth 1.0.1 2 A simple Flask extension implementing Olin's authentication
Flask-PAM 0.1rc1 2 Flask authentication using PAM
Flask-pyoidc 1.2.0 2 Flask extension for OpenID Connect authentication.
Flask-URS 0.1.3 2 JWT token authentication using NASA URS Oauth2 for Flask apps
Flask-User-Social 0.0.1 2 Role based user authentication for Flask. Extends Flask-User.
flask_ldap_auth 0.2.2 2 Simple Flask extension to allow authentication with a LDAP server
fuselpk 0.1 2 LDAP Public Key filesystem for openssh
gacli 1.0.3 2 Google Authentication command line tools
gauthify 2.02 2 API library for (Google Authenticator, SMS, email multi factor authentication).
global_identity 1.1.1 2 Global Identity Authentication PIP
gobiko.apns 0.1.3 2 A library for interacting with APNs using HTTP/2 and token-based authentication.
google-auth-httplib2 0.0.3 2 Google Authentication Library: httplib2 transport
google-auth-oauthlib 0.2.0 2 Google Authentication Library
gracie 0.2.11 2 Gracie - OpenID provider for local accounts.
graphene-jwt-auth 0.0.2 2 JSON Web Token based authentication for Django and Graphene
hmac 20101005 2 HMAC (Keyed-Hashing for Message Authentication) Python module.
inmagik-drf-auth 0.1.1 2 Additional views and helpers for django-rest-framework authentication
instagram-oauth 0.1.1 2 Instagram API oauth authentication helper
integra-chore 1.0.6 2 A django chore app with angularjs and bootstrap
invenio-oauthclient 1.0.0b3 2 Invenio module that provides OAuth web authorization support.
Islykill2 1.0.2 2 Utility to parse and verify Islykill authentication, using SAML 2.0
kallithea-auth-container-internal 1.4 2 Kallithea authentication plugin that accepts both container and internal authentication sources
KegLogin 0.5.4 2 Authentication views for Keg
kinto_jwt 0.1 2 Kinto JWT (Json Web Tokens) authentication policy
kmsauth 0.3.0 2 A python library for reusing KMS for your own authentication and authorization.
knuverse 1.0.10 2 A Python SDK for interfacing with KnuVerse Cloud APIs
knuverse-cli 1.0.8 2 Demo of the Knuverse SDK that lets you verify with AudioPIN and AudioPass
komodo-google-auth 1.0.0 2 Plugin for Komodo dashboard that enables authentication behind a google login
launchkey 3.1.1 2 LaunchKey Python SDK
launchkey-python 1.3.0 2 LaunchKey Python SDK
ldapadapter 0.8 2 LDAP connection for Zope Toolkit. Connects to an LDAP server.
ldappas 0.8.3 2 LDAP-based authenticator for Zope 3. It uses ldapadapter to talk to an LDAP server.
leonardo-module-auth 2015.0.1 2 Authentication, registration, account management as 3rd party (social) account authentication and SAML support to your Leonardo sites
lhubic 1.0.11 2 Python swift client with Hubic authentication library
livedoor-auth 0.0.2 2 livedoor Auth API
magicword 1.0 2 Single word authentication
mkbasicauth 0.0 2 Command to generate credential for Basic authentication
nauth 1.0.12 2 Nervana platform authorization and authentication related
nullauthenticator 1.0.0 2 JupyterHub: A multi-user server for Jupyter notebooks
oauth2-proxy-cookie 0.1.0 2 bitly/oauth2-proxy compatible library to decode and validate authenticated cookie.
oauth2_sso 0.4.0 2 Django OAuth 2 Authentication Made Easy
okta-awscli 0.1.6 2 Provides a wrapper for Okta authentication to awscli
oneID-cli 1.0.35 2 A command line interface for the Neustar Trusted Identity (TDI) Core
openerp-auth-oauth 7.0.406 2 OAuth2 Authentication
openerp-auth-oauth-signup 7.0.406 2 Signup with OAuth2 Authentication
openstacksdk-hubic 0.2 2 HubiC authentication interface compatible with the Python OpenStack SDK
pam_yubico 2 Python PAM module which allows you to integrate the Yubikey into your existing user authentication infrastructure (supports online, failback and offline mode)
persona-idp 0.9 2 This is a generic and reusable python implementation of Mozilla Persona Identity Provider <>.
pickey 0.1.2 2 A class and a WSGI application which can generate authentication key picture.
piston-api-auth 0.1.1 2 Piston authentication extension that adds per request signing (similar with 2 legged OAuth).
pixelpin-auth-flask 1.0.0 2 Python Social Authentication, Flask integration.
pixelpin-auth-flask-sqlalchemy 1.0.1 2 Python Social Authentication, SQLAlchemy Flask models integration.
plonesocial.auth.rpx 0.815 2 An RPX connector for Plone, allowing users to login with Twitter, Google, Facebook etc.
plugs-auth 0.2.0 2 Reusable Authentication
PortalAuth 1.0.2 2 Request websites to use different clients
Products.AngelPas 1.0b1 2 AngelPas lets you treat ANGEL-dwelling classes as Plone groups.
Products.FakeZopeUser 1.0.2 2 A product that enables faking another logged-in user.
Products.MetaWeblogPASPlugin 1.0.0b2 2 Enables user authentication for the MetaWeblogAPI
Products.PlonePAS 5.0.15 2 PlonePAS modifies the PluggableAuthService for use by Plone.
Products.ShibbolethPermissions 0.8b2 2 Use shibboleth attributes as authenitcation information in Plone
py2-py3-django-email-as-username 1.7.1 2 User authentication with email addresses instead of usernames.
pybitid 0.0.4 2 Python BitId Library
PyBrowserID 0.14.0 2 Python library for the BrowserID Protocol
pycra 0.0.2 2 Python Challenge Response Authentication with PBKDF2
pymongo_smart_auth 0.5.1 2 This package extends PyMongo to provide built-in smart authentication.
pyramid_odesk 1.1.5 2 pyramid_odesk
pyramid_upwork 1.1.6 2 pyramid_upwork
python-digest 1.7 2 A Python library to aid in implementing HTTP Digest Authentication.
python-ntlm-fixed 1.0 2 Python library that provides NTLM support, including an authentication handler for urllib2 (with fixed hashlib dependency).
python-otp 1.0 2 Python module for one-time passwords
python3-digest 1.8b4 2 A Python library to aid in implementing HTTP Digest Authentication.
pytwofaas 0.18 2 Two Factor Authentication in Two Minutes
PyVEP 0.3.2 2 Python library for the Verified Email Protocol
radicale-docecot-auth 0.2 2 Dovecot authentication plugin for Radicale
ravenclient 0.7.1 2 A python requests adapter to automatically login to the Cambridge University Raven Login
reactorauth 0.2 2 ReactorAuth is a set of classes that allow easy implementation of authorization in web frameworks.
regme 0.2.5 2 User registration and management library using MongoEngine
repoze.what-x509 0.3.0 2 x509 repoze.what plugin
repoze.who-friendlyform 1.0.8 2 Collection of repoze.who friendly form plugins
repoze.who-x509 0.2.0 2 x509 repoze.who plugin
repoze.who.plugins.formcookie 0.3.0 2 Similar to RedirectingFormPlugin, but stores came_from in cookie instead of url query string
repoze.who.plugins.memcached 0.1.1 2 repoze.who.plugins.memcached
repoze.who.plugins.openid 0.5.3 2 An OpenID plugin for repoze.who 1.0.1 2 The repoze.who SQLAlchemy plugin
repoze.who.plugins.saml2 0.0.1 2 SAML2 plugin for repoze.who
requests-negotiate-sspi 0.3.4 2 This package allows for Single-Sign On HTTP Negotiate authentication using the requests library on Windows.
requests-oauthlib 0.8.0 2 OAuthlib authentication support for Requests.
requests-vzauth 0.1.0 2 Verizon Cloud authentication handler for requests.
requests_ntlm 1.1.0 2 This package allows for HTTP NTLM authentication using the requests library.
reserved 0.1.1 2 Check usernames for reserved email addresses, subdomains, or Unix usernames.
rest_framework_auth0 0.4.6 2 Django Rest Framework Library to use Auth0 authentication
reviewboard_db_auth 201204-r2 2 Database authentication backend for ReviewBoard
rivr-jwt 0.1.0 2 Making authentication with JWT (JSON Web Token) and rivr simple.
roxasauth 1.2.0 2 Authentication API for Roxas
safeid 1.4 2 SafeID is a proof-of-concept web server library that protects user passwords using the Pythia protocol. Web servers can interact with a Pythia server to encrypt new passwords and verify existing passwords.
sanic-jwt 0.4.1 2 JWT oauth flow for Sanic
sec-probe 1.0.1 2 Pentest tool to bruteforce web form authentication
sentry-auth-crowd 0.6.0 2 Crowd authentication provider for Sentry
sentry-auth-github 0.1.0 2 GitHub authentication provider for Sentry
sentry-auth-gitlab 0.1.0 2 Gitlab authentication provider for Sentry
sentry-auth-google 0.1.0 2 Google authentication provider for Sentry
SFLvault-client 2 Networked credentials store and authentication manager - Client
SFLvault-client-qt 2 Networked credentials store and authentication manager - Qt Client
SFLvault-common 2 Networked credentials store and authentication manager - Common
sgmarkets_api_auth 0.2 2 sgmarket api authentication
skuld 1.0.0 2 Generate an AWS profile with the 2FA authentication from CLI
slothauth 0.7.3 2 A Python Django package for user accounts and authentication.
smartdc 0.2.0 2 Experimental Joyent SmartDataCenter 6.5 & 7.0 CloudAPI connector using http-signature authentication via Requests
social_auth_py 0.0.1 2 Authentication middleware for various identity providers
spfplus 0.1.4 2 Sender Policy Framework (SPF) python library.
SpiffGuard 1.9.2 2 A Generic Access List Library
sshpt 1.3.11 2 SSH Power Tool, Run commands and copy files to multiple servers simultaneously WITHOUT requiring pre-shared authentication keys
sso-client-decorator 0.0.13 2 client decorator for sso authentication scheme
SteamAuthPy 3.0 2 Authenticate on Steam easily with Python 2.x
stormpath-export 0.1.2 2 Easily export your Stormpath user data.
stormpath-migrate 1.1.5 2 Migrate a Stormpath tenant from one place to another.
stormpath-sdk 1.0.0.beta 2 Stormpath SDK used to interact with the Stormpath REST API
stormpath-seed 0.0.3 2 Seed your Stormpath Application with fake user data.
stringphone 0.1 2 String phone is a secure communications with a focus on ease of use, simplicity and small size, suitable for embedded devices. It provides both encryption and authentication of messages.
sw-django-rest-auth 0.0.28 2 Soft Way company django restfromework authentication service package.
swauth 1.3.0 2 An alternative authentication system for Swift
synapse-diaspora-auth 0.0.4 2 A Diaspora* auth provider for Synapse
taiga-contrib-fas-openid-auth 0.3 2 The Taiga plugin for FAS authentication
taiga-contrib-github-auth 3.1 2 The Taiga plugin for github authentication
taiga-contrib-gitlab-auth 1.0.0 2 The Taiga plugin for gitlab authentication
taiga-contrib-gitlab-auth-official 3.1.1 2 The Taiga plugin for gitlab authentication
taiga-contrib-google-auth2 0.3 2 The Taiga plugin for google authentication
taiga-contrib-kerberos-auth 0.1.9 2 The Taiga plugin for kerberos authentication
taiga-contrib-ldap-auth 0.1.1 2 The Taiga plugin for ldap authentication
taiga-contrib-ping-federate-auth 0.1 2 The Taiga plugin for Ping Federate authentication
taiga-contrib-saml-auth 1.1.0 2 The Taiga plugin for SAML authentication
taiga-contrib-slack-auth 1.0.1 2 The Taiga plugin for slack authentication
taskcluster-s3-uploader 0.3.1 2 Upload files to S3 with your TaskCluster authentication
tastypie-user-session 0.3 2 User sessions on top of Tastypie, plus Facebook auth
tender_multipass 0.2.1 2 Utilities to work with Tender's multipass authentication
textpass 0.2 2 Register and authenticate using only a phone number
themis.finals.api.auth 1.0.0 2 Themis Finals API authentication helpers
toopher 1.0.5 2 Wrapper library for the Toopher authentication API
tornado_router 0.1.2 2 function-based router for Tornado Web Framework that supports asynchronous authentication, json request and more
torngithub 0.2.0 2 Github authentication for tornado
toughbt 0.0.7 2 RADIUS tools
toughcli 2 ToughSTRUCT Software Tools
toughguy 0.0.2 2 ToughSTRUCT Software Tools
TracHTTPAuth 1.2 2 Use the AccountManager plugin to provide HTTP authentication from Trac itself.
trustymail 0.3.0 2 Scan domains and return data based on trustworthy email best practices
trytond_nereid_auth_facebook 2 Nereid User Authentication using Facebook
trytond_nereid_auth_github 2 Nereid User Authentication using Github
trytond_nereid_auth_linkedin 2 Nereid User Authentication using LinkedIn
tuf 0.10.1 2 A secure updater framework for Python
twitter_apponly_auth 0.0.2 2 An API Client for Twitter's Application Only Authentication
txstate-taiga-contrib-ldap-auth 0.1.2 2 TxState adaptation of the Taiga plugin for ldap authentication
tyoi.OAuth2 0.2.1 2 Implements the client side of the OAuth 2 protocol
umls_auth 1.0 2 Standalone authentication package for UMLS REST metathesaurus API
unicore.comments.client 0.1.2 2 Client library to interact with Universal Core's unicore.comments
unicore.hub.client 0.2.1 2 Client library to interact with Universal Core's unicore.hub
userapp 1.0.5 2 Client for accessing the UserApp API.
ustudio-hmac-tornado 0.3.0 2 Simple HMAC Client/Server authentication for Tornado
verihash 0.0.0 2 Format-independent structured hashing algorithm
Webstack-Flask-JWT 0.4 2 JWT token authentication for Flask apps
wsgioauth.zodb 0.2 2 A package that implements OAuth with ZODB storage.
yosaipy2 0.3.5 2 Yosai is a powerful security framework with an intuitive api.
yoti 2.0.4 2 The Yoti Python SDK, providing API support for Login, Verify (2FA) and Age Verification.
yubistorm 0.1.1 2 Asnychronous two factor authentication client for YubiCloud with Tornado
z3c.bcrypt 2.0.0 2 Password manager utility using bcrypt or pbkdf2 encoding. Useful in combination with zope.password 4.2.0 2 Principal-searching UI for Zope 3 Pluggable Authentication
zcred 0.0.0 2 Modern authoriZation-centric credential format
zhash 0.0.0 2 zser content hashing algorithm
zsession 0.0.0 2 Session tokens based on the zcred credential format
115wangpan 0.7.6 1 Unofficial Python API wrapper for
12factor-vault 0.1.16 1 Helper classes to integrate Django and other projects with Vault
a10-neutron-lbaas 1.6.7 1 A10 Networks Openstack LBaaS Driver Middleware
abiquo-api 0.1.12 1 Abiquo API Python Client
acme-mgmtserver 0.3.1 1 Basic Python Server to execute ACME instead of dump clients
acris 3.0.4 1 acris is a python library of programming patterns that we use, at acrisel, in Python projects and choose to contribute to Python community
adarnauth-esi 1.4.3 1 Django app for accessing the EVE Swagger Interface.
addthis 0.1.2 1 A Python wrapper for the AddThis Analytics API
advanced-ssh-config 1.1.0 1 Add some magic to SSH and .ssh/config
afterflight 0.2.1 1 An application for analysis of UAV log and video.
agape-django 0.2.5 1 Collection of reusable Django Applications for RAD
agaveflask 0.2.0 1 Common package for authoring Agave services in flask/Flask-RESTful
ags_client 0.1.12 1 Client library for accessing GaaP services
aha 0.85adev 1 aha is a web application framework specialized for Google App Engine.
ahdp 1.0.0 1 pydistcp: python WebHDFS inter/intra-cluster data copy tool.
aioautomatic 0.6.4 1 Asyncio library for the Automatic API
aiocouchdb 0.9.1 1 CouchDB client built on top of aiohttp (asyncio)
aioeasywebdav 2.4.0 1 A straight-forward WebDAV client, ported from easywebdav to use aiohttp.
aiohttp-json-rpc 0.8.7 1 Implementation JSON-RPC 2.0 server and client using aiohttp on top of websockets transport
aiohttp_cors 0.6.0 1 CORS support for aiohttp
aioinflux 0.1.1 1 Asynchronous Python client for InfluxDB
aiomysql 0.0.12 1 MySQL driver for asyncio.
aiopyramid 0.4.1 1 Tools for running pyramid using asyncio.
aiosasl 0.3.1 1 Pure-python, protocol agnostic SASL library for asyncio
aiosocks 0.2.6 1 SOCKS proxy client for asyncio and aiohttp
aiovault 1.1.1 1 Vault asyncio
aioviber 0.1.5 1 Asynchronous Python API for building Viber bots.
aiovk 1.3.0 1 API python wrapper for asyncio
aiqpy 0.10b2 1 Python bindings for connecting to a AIQ8 server
airflow-alt-ldap 0.0.1 1 Alternative LDAP auth backend for airflow to support openLDAP installation without memberOf overlay
airlock 0.0.13 1 A lightweight wrapper providing Google OAuth2 integration, sessions, XSRF validators, and user management for App Engine apps.
airsign 0.0.2 1 Command line tool to interface with the BitShares network
aiven-client 2.0.0 1 client library / command-line client
akamaikickstart 1.0.0 1 Bootcamp examples for Akamai {OPEN} APIs
alauda-django-oauth 0.9.0 1 OAuth2 goodies for Django
albatross_extras 0.2.0 1 Utilities for albatross web framework 0.4.2 1 Relational Implementation of Zope Security components
alexa-browser-client 0.8.0 1 Alexa client in your browser. Django app.
alf 0.7.1 1 OAuth Client
alien-jdl2makeflow 0.0.5 1 Run AliEn JDLs with Makeflow
alloyclient 1.0.0 1 Alloy Client
amigocloud 1.2.1 1 Python client for the AmigoCloud REST API
amqp 2.2.2 1 Low-level AMQP client for Python (fork of amqplib).
anaconda_mode 0.1.9 1 Code navigation, documentation lookup and completion for Python.
anchor 0.4.0 1 Webservice to auto-sign certificates for short amount of time
anchorecli 0.1.5 1 Anchore Service CLI
anipy 0.1a1 1 A python library for the API.
annict 0.6.1 1 Annict API for Python
ansible-modules-hashivault 3.8.2 1 Ansible Modules for Hashicorp Vault
ansible-tower-cli 3.2.1 1 A CLI tool for Ansible Tower and AWX.
ants-client 1.4 1 ANTS Framework client
anybox.buildbot.openerp 0.9 1 Buildbot setup for buildout based openerp installations
anz.cas 1.0.1 1 This is an Python implementation of the server-end of JA-SIG's CAS protocol.
apex 0.9.10dev 1 Pyramid toolkit to add Velruse, Flash Messages,CSRF, ReCaptcha and Sessions
api-proxy 0.1.3 1 Thin layer to access resources living behind api's
apiaiwebhook 0.1.0.dev2 1 API.AI Webhook is a fulfillment microframework for API.AI based on Flask for getting started quickly with API.AI webhooks.
apiconsumer 1.0.0b3 1 Lightweight requests wrapper for REST API calls
apidev-coop_cms 1.2.35 1 Small CMS built around a tree navigation open to any django models
apimatic-cli 2.3 1 A command line interface for APIMatic.
apistar_jwt 0.2.1 1 A JSON Web Token Component for API Star
Apiwatcher-Pyclient 0.1.3 1 A simple client for Apiwatcher platform
appdynamics 1 Python agent for AppDynamics
appflow 1.0.1 1 AppFlow is a multitenant environment automation tool based on Ansible.
apysignature 0.1.3 1 Python implementation of the Ruby Signature library (
archelond 0.6.0 1 Web server for Web shell history
arctic 1.58.0 1 AHL Research Versioned TimeSeries and Tick store
areplay 0.6 1 Apache Log live replicator
Argonaut 0.3.4 1 Lightweight Pylons powered blogging engine.
artifactory 0.1.17 1 A Python to Artifactory interface
artificer 0.0.1 1 Artificer ForensicArtifacts Server
asana-kazoo 2.0.8dev 1 Higher Level Zookeeper Client
askbot 0.10.2 1 Question and Answer forum, like StackOverflow, written in python and Django
askbot-tuan 1.5 1 Question and Answer forum, like StackOverflow, written in python and Django
askbot-tuanpa 0.7.48 1 Question and Answer forum, like StackOverflow, written in python and Django
Assessor 0.2.13 1 Django Assessment App
assetcloud 2.3.1 1 Lightweight Digital Asset Management
asyncpushbullet 0.12.14 1 A synchronous and asyncio-based client for
asyncssh 1.11.1 1 AsyncSSH: Asynchronous SSHv2 client and server library
asyncssh-unofficial 0.9.2 1 AsyncSSH: Asynchronous SSHv2 client and server library
asynctmdb 0.0.2 1 Asynchronous working with TMDB API.
atcd 0.1.6 1 ATC Daemon
atd 0.1.5 1 McAfee ATD API
atlasapi 0.5.4 1 Expose MongoDB Atlas Cloud provider APIs
atlassian-jwt 1.8.1 1 JSON web token: pyjwt plus Atlassian query-string-hash claim
atomic-hpc 0.2.1 1 A package for running multiple executable scripts on both local and remote hosts, configured using a modern standard YAML
atramhasis 0.6.4 1 A web based editor for thesauri adhering to the SKOS specification.
attainia-django-extensions 0.6.1 1 A collection of helpful utilities to be used in Attainia Django/Rest Framework projects
augeias 0.4.1 1 Augeias. Stores your files.
auth 0.5.3 1 Authorization for humans
authentic2 2.1.20 1 Authentic 2, a versatile identity management server
authentic2-auth-kerberos 1.1.0 1 Authentic2 Auth Kerberos
authentic2-idp-oauth2 1.0.14 1 Authentic2 IdP OAuth2
authenticator 1.1.3 1 A HOTP/TOTP code generator for the command line.
autobahn-python-repl 17.12.4 1 A REPL interface for interacting with WAMP routers
autoguard 0.3.4 1 Configuration setup for sentry
autologin 0.1.4 1 A utility for finding login links, forms and autologging into websites with a set of valid credentials.
automate-webui 0.9.2 1 Web User Interface for Automate
autonomie_oidc_provider 4.0.10 1 autonomie_oidc_provider
autoslack 0.0.1.dev1 1 AutoSlack is a simple module designed to automate some tasks for
avcaesar_api 1.0.4 1 library and tool for AVCaesar API
avs-client 0.6.0 1 Python Client for Alexa Voice Service (AVS)
aweber_api 1.4.0 1 A python client library for the AWeber API.
awftp 1.1.5 1 awftp - a FTP-style client for HCP Anywhere
aws-adfs 0.4.8 1 AWS Cli authenticator via ADFS - small command-line tool to authenticate via ADFS and assume chosen role
aws-encryption-sdk 1.3.3 1 AWS Encryption SDK implementation for Python
aws-encryption-sdk-cli 1.1.4 1 This command line tool can be used to encrypt and decrypt files and directories using the AWS Encryption SDK.
aws-es-auth-proxy 0.1.5 1 A simple HTTP proxy to authenticato to AWS Elasticsearch cluster.
aws-google-auth 0.0.17 1 Acquire AWS STS (temporary) credentials via Google Apps SAML Single Sign On
aws-mfa-login 1.0.1rc1 1 Generates environment variables for MFA auth against AWS CLI. Python 3.3+.
aws-runas 0.2.0 1 Execute a command using an AWS assumed role
aws-session-credentials 0.1.2 1 Manage AWS session credentials
aws-ssh 0.0.1 1 A utility to enable easy SSH connections to AWS EC2 instances.
aws.authrss 2.0.1 1 Private Plone RSS feeds through a user private token
awslambda 1.0.6 1 A tool for deploying Python projects to AWS Lambda.
awsmfa 0.2.8 1 Manage temporary MFA AWS credentials.
awsprocesscreds 0.0.1 1 AWS Process Credential Providers.
azure-batch 4.0.0 1 Microsoft Azure Batch Client Library for Python
azure-batch-apps 0.5.2 1 Batch Apps Python Client
azure-cli-acr 2.0.19 1 Microsoft Azure Command-Line Tools ACR Command Module
azure-cli-appservice 0.1.24 1 Microsoft Azure Command-Line Tools AppService Command Module
azure-cli-batch 3.1.8 1 Microsoft Azure Command-Line Tools Batch Command Module
azure-cli-batch-extensions 1.0.0 1 Microsoft Azure Command-Line Tools Extended Batch Command Module
azure-cli-keyvault 2.0.16 1 Microsoft Azure Command-Line Tools Keyvault Command Module
azure-cli-vm 2.0.24 1 Microsoft Azure Command-Line Tools VM Command Module
azure-datalake-store 0.0.17 1 Azure Data Lake Store Filesystem Client Library for Python
azure-keyvault 0.3.7 1 Microsoft Azure Key Vault Client Library for Python
azure-servicebus 0.21.1 1 Microsoft Azure Service Bus Client Library for Python
azure-servicemanagement-legacy 0.20.6 1 Microsoft Azure Legacy Service Management Client Library for Python
azurerm 0.9.6 1 Azure Resource Manager REST wrappers
b2accessdeprovisioning 0.9.1 1 B2ACCESS account (de)provisioning tool
b2handle 1.1.1 1 Library for management of handles in the EUDAT project.
babbler 0.3.4 1 A Twitter bot that polls an RSS feed and posts its entries as tweets, with auto-generated hashtags. For extra mischief, replies to the bot are responded to using a basic Eliza implementation. After installing, the 'babbler' command will be available which you can use to run the bot. Data will be stored in the current directory.
backasa 0.9.5 1 A Picasa Web Albums backup utility
backstage-oauth2 0.1.3 1 App de integração com o login do backstage
backup2swift 0.9.5 1 Backup data to OpenStack Swift
bangoo 2 1 An open source content management system on the top of Django framework
bark 0.1.0 1 WSGI logging middleware
baruwa 2.0.9 1 Ajax enabled MailScanner web frontend
basecrm 1.2.4 1 BaseCRM Official API V2 library client for Python
basic_oauth 0.1.5 1 Implements the "Resource Owner Password Credentials Grant" from Oauth v2.
basicauth 0.4.1 1 An incredibly simple HTTP basic auth implementation.
baya 1.1.1 1 Nested LDAP Groups authorization.
bcloud-core 3.8.2.dev1 1 A fork of bcloud
bda.zeopack 1.0 1 Pack (multiple) databases (ZODB) on Zope ZEO servers
beaker-mongo 0.2.2 1 Beaker backend MongoDB
beaker_mongodb 0.3 1 Beaker backend to write sessions and caches to a MongoDB schemaless database.
Beaver 36.2.1 1 python daemon that munches on logs and sends their contents to logstash
Bedframe 0.13.5 1 A resource-oriented web services framework
beets-popularity 1.0.2 1 Beets plugin to fetch and store popularity values as flexible item attributes
behaving 1.5.6 1 Behavior-Driven-Development testing for multi-user web/mail/sms apps
beluga-py 1.0.0 1 API & command-line client for BelugaCDN's API.
benzo 0.1.0 1 Hand-curate your artisanal REST requests more easily.
betahaus.emaillogin 0.6.1 1 Enables you to login using your emailaddress.
betfairng 0.1.6 1 Client library for Betfair API Next-Generation
between 0.2.7 1 Between of VCNC for Python
bigcommerce-api 0.10.1 1 (Deprecated) Connect Python applications with the Bigcommerce API
bigml 4.13.7 1 An open source binding to, the public BigML API
bigmler 3.15.2 1 A command-line tool for, the public BigML API
BigQuery-DatasetManager 0.0.2 1 BigQuery-DatasetManager is a simple file-based CLI management tool for BigQuery Datasets.
bigquery-fdw 1.3.1 1 BigQuery Foreign Data Wrapper for PostgreSQL
bingads 11.5.8 1 A library to make working with the Bing Ads APIs and bulk services easy
biomaj-daemon 3.0.14 1 BioMAJ daemon service
biomaj-ftp 3.0.5 1 BioMAJ FTP server
biomaj-user 3.0.5 1 BioMAJ user management library
biometalib 0.0.4 1 A set of helper functions for working with biological metadata from the SRA.
birdy 0.3.2 1 birdy is a super awesome Twitter API client for Python.
bitcasa 1.0 1 This is the Python SDK for the Bitcasa API.
bitly-oauth2-proxy-session 0.1.5 1 LSST Data Management SQuaRE Bitly-Proxy Authenticated Sessions
bitly_api 0.3 1 An API for
bitmex-client 1.0.19 1 Bitmex websocket API
bitmex-market-maker 1.2 1 Market making bot for BitMEX API
Bivouac 0.1.1 1 a light-weight, wsgi-compliant web framework in Python
blobuploader 1.2.4 1 Command-line client for uploading blobs to the Mozilla [blobber] server.
bloc 0.1.2 1 Single-master group membership framework
blt 0.2.1 1 blt - provides simple CLI superpowers.
BlueChips 1.0.4 1 BlueChips - finances for people with shared expenses
blueflood-carbon-forwarder 0.4.2 1 Sending graphite metrics to blueflood
bna 4.1.0 1 Authenticator routines in Python.
boartty 0.0.0 1 Boardtty is a console-based interface to Storyboard.
bookofnova 0.007 1 Nova Compute Library for Python
bookstore 1.0.0 1 IPython notebook storage on OpenStack Swift + Rackspace.
boom 1.0 1 Simple HTTP Load tester
boprox_client 0.3.0 1 Client API package for the boprox project
bossformation 0.1.0 1 Tool to enhance AWS CloudFormation
bossimage 0.5.1 1 Tool to create AMIs with Ansible
Bottle-Inject 0.1.3 1 Dependency injection for Bottle.
bratabase-social-auth-backend 0.1.2 1 OAuth2 Backend for to be used with Django-social-auth
bravado 9.2.2 1 Library for accessing Swagger-enabled API's
brittle_wit_core 0.0.3 1 Version-agnostic core for brittle_wit package
browser_compare 0.0.1 1 Library for detecting browser changes
bst.pygasus.core 1.0.1 1 Pygasus web framework working with ExtJs
btrfs-sxbackup 0.6.11 1 Incremental btrfs snapshot backups with push/pull support via SSH
buildbot_travis 0.6.3 1 Travis CI implemented in Buildbot
burp-reports 1.3.3 1 Burp reports package
businessoptics 0.2.5 1 Client for the BusinessOptics API
buttercoin 1.0.2 1 Buttercoin API Python Client
buttersink 0.6.8 1 Buttersink is like rsync for btrfs snapshots
byu_ws_cli 0.9.9 1 A command-line web service client for calling BYU REST web services.
byu_ws_sdk 0.10.0 1 A Python SDK for calling BYU REST web services.
C3PO 0.3.0 1 C3PO is Python module responsible for converting all .po files from locale directory into one .ods file and sending it to the Google Docs (spreadsheet link provided by user), so users with access to that spreadsheet can translate expression included there. This module provides Communicator which deals with uploading, downloading these translations and synchronizing whole content by merging it. Package contains basic methods for converting po files into csv, ods formats and back. It also provides methods for git push and git checkout po files into repository.
cabot 0.11.9 1 Self-hosted, easily-deployable monitoring and alerts service - like a lightweight PagerDuty
campbx 1.0.5 1 CampBX API Bindings
camplight 0.9.6 1 Python implementation of the Campfire API
capsid 1.6.2 1 CaPSID: Computational Pathogen Sequence Identification
cartman 0.2.3 1 trac command-line tools 2.2.2 1 CAS Client library
cassandra-driver-dse 1.1.0 1 DataStax Enterprise extensions for cassandra-driver
castle.cms 2.0.32 1 Castle CMS Plone distribution main package
catsnap 4.2.0 1 catalog and store images
cattleprod 0.6.0 1 A quickly constructed interface to the Rancher API (
cayenne-mqtt 1.0.1 1 Cayenne MQTT Python Library
ccm 3.1.2 1 Cassandra Cluster Manager
ccp 1.1 1 A Python client for the Changelog API
cdb_query 2.0 1 Simple tools to query and retrieve data from the ESGF's CMIP5 and CORDEX projects.
cdmi_client 0.3 1 Interactive command line client for CDMI
celery-enqueue 1.0.1 1 Command-line program to enqueue tasks within RabbitMQ for processing by Celery
celery-flower 1.0.1 1 Celery Flower
cellardoor 0.3.4 1 Create CRUD APIs how you've always wanted.
ceph-deploy 2.0.0 1 Deploy Ceph with minimal infrastructure
cerlet 0.0.2 1 Certmonger helper for Let's Encrypt
cernsso 0.1.1 1 Python wrapper around cern-get-sso-cookie
certidude 0.1.21 1 Certidude is a novel X.509 Certificate Authority management tool aiming to support PKCS#11 and in far future WebCrypto.
certsling 0.8.0 1 Opinionated letsencrypt acme client working via a ssh port forward.
cftp 0.4.1a0 1 FTP-like client for interacting with cloud storage
cfupload 0.5.1 1 A very simple Rackspace Cloud Files uploader
cgcloud-jenkins 1.6.0 1 Setup and manage a Jenkins continuous integration cluster in EC2
chalice 1.1.0 1 Microframework
channels-slack-notifications 0.0.2 1 Send notification to slack using channels
channelstream 0.6.0 1 Websocket server supporting channels/users communication
charlesbot-rundeck 0.2.2 1 A Charlesbot plugin that integrates with Rundeck
chatbotAI 1 A chatbot AI engine is a chatbot builder platform that provids both bot intelligence and chat handler with minimal codding
check-reserved-instances 0.0.7 1 Compare instance reservations and running instances for AWS services
cheddar 1.4 1 PyPI clone with Flask and Redis
CherryMusic 0.41.1 1 an mp3 server for your browser
cheshire3 1.1.8 1 Cheshire3 Search and Retrieval Engine and Information Framework
chevah-buildbot-configuration-builder 0.3.0 1 Configuration layer on top of Buildbot dict.
chimere 2.0.3 1 Chimere is a kind of online “mashup” which is designed to aggregate geographic data from several sources. Chimere gets a map from OpenStreetMap and display other data added by users. Datas are freely submitted by visitors and then validated by an administrator.
chump 1.5.2 1 A fully featured API wrapper for Pushover.
CI_CloudConnector 0.55 1 IOT application that collect data from PLC (ModBus or AnB Ethernet/IP) and send to cloud using https
CI_LocalConnector 0.18 1 IOT application that collect data from PLC (ModBus or AnB Ethernet/IP) and send to cloud using https
cibopath 0.1.0 1 Search Cookiecutters on GitHub.
cipher.googlepam 1.7.0 1 Google PAM Module (defunct)
ciscosparkapi 0.8.4 1 Simple, lightweight, scalable Python API wrapper for the Cisco Spark APIs
Clarens 0.7.2 1 A Grid web services toolkit based on Apache/python
clarent 0.1.1 1 Shared API definitions for an online exercise system
clarify_brightcove_sync 0.0.1 1 Commandline tool to sync a Brightcove video library to Clarify.
classowl-client 0.1a2 1 a client for the REST API
cli_passwords 0.1.2 1 Makes securely getting, storing, and retrying passwords from a command line interface easy!
cli_tools 1.0.0 1 Command Line Interface Tools
clijockey 0.2.1 1 Automate ssh and telnet sessions to network devices
clingmerv 1.12.1 1
cliquet 3.1.5 1 Micro service API toolkit
cliquet-fxa 1.4.0 1 deprecated! see kinto-fxa instead. was: Firefox Accounts support in Cliquet
cloudflare 1.8.1 1 Python wrapper for the Cloudflare v4 API
cloudkey 1.2.6 1 Dailymotion Cloud API client library
cloudpayments 1.4.0 1 CloudPayments Python Client Library
cloudprint 0.14 1 Google cloud print proxy for linux/OSX
cloudprinting 0.3.2 1 Simple API for Google Cloud Print
cloudsmith-cli 0.3.2 1 Cloudsmith Command-Line Interface (CLI)
ClueBzrServer 0.2 1 A standalone server application for serving up Bazaar repositories over HTTP
ClueReleaseManager 0.3.3 1 An implementation of a PyPi server
clusterclienttest 0.2.0 1 Client for compute nodes to communicate via REST API with master server.
cmdssh 54 1 Execute commands on local machine and on remote machine via ssh, and a wrapper for paramikos scp.
cmis_storage 0.1.0 1 cmis_storage is a storage engine for Django to integrate CMIS-compatible services, like Alfresco
CMRESHandler 1.0.0 1 Elasticsearch Log handler for the logging library
cmsplugin-viadeo-resume 0.4 1 Viadeo resume plugin for django-cms 2.2
cmsutils 0.6.6 1 Cmsutils for Django is a bundle of models and templates for Django projects in need of some Content Management System features.
coal_mine 0.4.11 1 Coal Mine - Periodic task execution monitor
code-crypt 0.0.10 1 Code Crypt
codebehind 1.4.17 1 Collection of magics.
codebuilder 0.0.1a3 1 CLI helper for AWS CodeBuild and CodePipeline
codechefcli 0.2.2 1 CodeChef command line interface. CodeChefCLI helps competitive coders to search, view, and submit problems in CodeChef.
cohorts 0.7.3 1 Utilities for analyzing mutations and neoepitopes in patient cohorts
coinbase 2.0.6 1 Coinbase API client library
collectd-rabbitmq 1.19.0 1 A collected plugin, written in python, tocollect statistics from RabbitMQ.
collective.buildbot 0.4.1 1 A set of zc.buildout recipes and support for declarative configuration for Buildbot
collective.castle 1.2 1 Plone UI for CAS login.
collective.contentrules.mustread 1.0a2 1 Define which users need to mark a content item as read (via collective.mustread)
collective.editskinswitcher 3.2 1 Switch to the edit skin for certain domains.
collective.elasticindex 1.2.5 1 Index Plone content in Elastic Search
collective.externalsnippet 0.2 1 Extends plone content with ability to render external content in viewlet.
collective.googleanalytics 1.6.1 1 Tools for pulling statistics from Google Analytics.
collective.googlemodifycontent 1.0.0 1 GMC embeds the Google Docs application inside the Google Modify panel, allowing Plone users to edit their documents directly from the Plone application
collective.googlesharing 1.0.0 1 GS manages the sharing of documents stored in the Google servers and their synchronization from the Plone application to Google Docs service
collective.googlesystemstorage 1.0.0 1 GSS saves the document types supported by the Google Docs service on the Google servers
collective.lti 1.0 1 Implementation of LTI in Plone
collective.odoo.pas 1.0a1 1 An add-on to have a common authentification between Plone and Odoo
collective.package 0.3.1 1 Sample package to demonstrate development of add-ons for the Plone CMS
collective.pfg.payment 0.6 1 Extends PloneFormGen to payment form.
collective.piwik.flowplayer 0.4 1 Analytics support for flowplayer using piwik
collective.piwik.mediaelement 0.2 1 Analytics support for media elements in Plone using Piwik & MediaElement.js
collective.piwik.pageviews 0.2 1 Analytics support for pages using Piwik
collective.plonefinder 1.3.0 1 A finder to search/select portal objects for Plone
collective.quickupload 1.11.0 1 Pure javascript files upload tool for Plone, with drag and drop, multi selection, and progress bar.
collective.recipe.hudsonjob 0.1 1 Configure Hudson in buildout and push to it
collective.recipe.supervisor 0.20 1 A buildout recipe to install supervisor
collective.releaser 0.7.1 1 Setuptools extension to release an egg
collective.runhook 0.9.5 1 Named instance run script entry points for plone.recipe.zope2instance
collective.sendaspdf 3.0 1 An open source product for Plone to download or email a page seen by the user as a PDF file.
collective.simplesocial 1.8 1 Basic Facebook Connect support for Plone
collective.spaces 1.1 1 Simple collaboration spaces for Plone
collective.sylvester 0.2 1 A twitter client for Plone. Tweetie is toast.
collective.taskqueue 0.8.2 1 Asyncore-based asynchronous task queue for Plone
collective.transcode.daemon 0.12 1 Video transcoding daemon
collective.transcode.recipe 0.2 1 Recipe to setup a transcode daemon
collective.twitter.accounts 1.0.3 1 Provide Twitter integration for a Plone Site
collective.xmpp.core 0.3 1 Enables core functionality for XMPP-enabled Plone add-ons.
collective.zamqp 0.16.1 1 Asynchronous AMQP-integration for Plone (and Zope2)
collective.zopeedit 1.0.0 1 ZopeEdit : External Editor Client 1.0a9 1 Web application stub
Conjur 0.4.4 1 Python client for the Conjur API
conn-check 1.3.1 1 Utility/library for checking connectivity between services
connect-sdk-python2 2.17.0 1 SDK to communicate with the Ingenico ePayments platform using the Ingenico Connect Server API
connect-sdk-python3 2.17.0 1 SDK to communicate with the Ingenico ePayments platform using the Ingenico Connect Server API
connexion 1.3 1 Connexion - API first applications with OpenAPI/Swagger and Flask
ConsoleServer 1.0.2 1 This is a logging console server that can also be accessed over ssh.
consumeraffairs-django-experiments 1.4.2 1 Python Django AB Testing Framework
contentratings 1.2.1 1 A small Zope 3 package (which also works with Zope 2.10+ and Five) that allows you to attach ratings to content.
contrail-api-cli 0.2.0 1 Simple CLI program to browse Contrail API server
ContrailOnlineCAClient 0.5.0 1 Certificate Authority web service client
ContrailOnlineCAService 0.4.0 1 Certificate Authority Web Service
conundrum 0.1.0 1 A web framework agnostic blogging plugin.
coolfig 1.0.2 1 Helpers for dealing with application settings
coop-cms 0.7.0 1 Small CMS built around a tree navigation open to any django models
corejet.pivotal 1.2.0 1 Pivotal Tracker data source for corejet.testrunner
corelight-client 1.1.1 1 Corelight API client
corral 1.3.3 1 API for downloading files.
cosmosid-cli 0.0.9 1 Command line client and Python 3 libraries for CosmosID API
couchbase 2.3.3 1 Python Client for Couchbase
couchbasekit 0.2.2 1 A wrapper around CouchBase Python driver for document validation and more.
coursera 0.5.2 1 Script for downloading videos and naming them.
coursera-dl 0.9.0 1 Script for downloading videos and naming them.
coveralls 1.2.0 1 Show coverage stats online via
cozify 0.2.10 1 Unofficial Python bindings and helpers for the unpublished Cozify API.
cppa3 0.39.1 1 Libraries for processing ebCore CPPA version 3 documents
crisp-api 1.0.2 1 Crisp API Python.
crossbar 17.12.1 1 - The Unified Application Router
crossbarfabricshell 17.9.1 1 Interactive shell to access Fabric Center and manage your Fabric nodes from the command line.
crowdrouter 1.5.5 1 A framework for architecting tasks to the crowd.
cryptio 0.0.1.dev16 1 file-like interface for authenticated encryption
cryptoshop 2.0.1 1 Encrypt and decrypt file or string in GCM mode with AES, Serpent or Twofish as secure as possible.
csiphash 0.0.5 1 A CFFI-based implementation of SipHash24
cstat 0.2.0 1 A visual stat tool for CrateDB clusters
ct-core-api 2.5.0 1 Catalant Core API Framework
ctypescrypto 0.4.2 1 CTypes-based interface for some OpenSSL libcrypto features
cubicweb-pyramid 0.5.0 1 Add the 'pyramid' command to cubicweb-ctl
curlbomb 1.4.1 1 A personal HTTP server for serving one-time-use shell scripts
custodia.ipa 0.4.2 1 FreeIPA Vault plugin for Custodia
Custom-FAB 0.0.9 1 Simple and rapid application development framework, built on top of Flask App Builder. includes detailed security, auto CRUD generation for your models, google charts and much more.
cwclientlib 0.5.2 1 A Python library to easily build CubicWeb clients
D2LValence 1.2.2 1 D2LValence client library for Python.
D2LValence-Util 0.1.16 1 D2LValence utility library for Python.
d3ploy 2.1.2 1 Script for uploading files to S3 with multiple environment support.
dap 1 DAP (Data Access Protocol) client and server for Python.
DarTui 1.1.0 1 An rTorrent web interface with a focus on simplicity, speed and responsiveness
dash-admin 0.1.14 1 A CLI for starting Dash projects
dash-auth 0.1.0rc1 1 Dash Authorization Package.
DatabaseWizzard 0.4 1 Web framework for easy database access.
databricks-cli 0.4.1 1 A command line interface for Databricks
datadotworld 1.5.0 1 Python library for
datalad 0.9.1 1 data distribution geared toward scientific datasets
dataporten-auth 0.1.1 1 A plugin for python-social-auth to authenticate with dataporten
dataserv 2.2.13 1 Federated server for getting, pushing, and auditing data on untrusted nodes.
deadcheck 1 Deadlink Check Utility using Python Modules
decipher 29.0.1 1 Package for easier access to FocusVision's Decipher REST API
deezer-python 0.6.1 1 A friendly wrapper library for the Deezer API
deltacloud_heat 0.1.0 1 Deltacloud backend for Heat
dendrite 1.1.3 1 Social connectivitiy as a library
densli 1.0.3 1 CLI tool for working with the API
deproxy 0.10 1 Python library for testing HTTP proxies.
descarteslabs 0.6.2 1 Descartes Labs Python Library
designer-news 0.1.0 1 Python library for the Designer News API
deskapi 0.1 1 UNKNOWN
devicehive 2.1.2 1 DeviceHive Python connectivity library
deviceidentifier 0.0.4 1 Utils to manipulate and learn from assorted device identifier formats via Reincubate's DeviceIdentifier API.
devil 0.9 1 Simple REST framework for Django
devpi-cleaner 0.2.0 1 Enables batch removal of packages from a devpi server.
dexterity.membrane 2.0.1 1 Dexterity content and behaviors to integrate with membrane.
dialogflow 0.1.0 1 Client library for the Dialogflow API
diax 1.20 1 The official client to the 3DIAX API
discogs-cli 1.1.0 1 View and search for artists, labels and releases in the library, from the command line.
discurses 0.2.5 1 Discord CLI written in python, based on urwid
dispy 4.8.4 1 Distributed and Parallel Computing with/for Python.
distcontrib-migrate 0.1.1 1 Contributions to Distutils
disttune 2015.1 1 Distributed Autotuning with PostgreSQL
dj-dynamodb-sessions 0.9.3 1 A Django session backend using Amazon's DynamoDB
dj-saml-idp 0.22.0 1 SAML 2.0 IdP for Django
dj-sso-client 0.21 1 A Django SSO client application, works with dj-sso-server
dj-sso-client2 0.23 1 A Django SSO client application, works with dj-sso-server
djabberd 0.9.2 1 Generic application to handle Remote Data API calls
djangae 0.9.10 1 Django integration with Google App Engine
django-503 0.1 1 An app to show 503 error page, while your django site is on maintenance.
django-accounts-cbv 2.0 1 Account login, logout, and password reset.
django-acl 0.1.3 1 ACL (Action Control List) permission handling.
django-activecollab-digger 0.7.2 1 Django ActiveCollab application
django-admin-sso 2.4.0 1 Django SSO solution
django-admin-sso2 2.0.4 1 Django SSO solution
django-agent-trust 0.3.1 1 A framework for managing agent trust, such as public vs. private computers.
django-ajaxutils 0.2 1 Ajax requests for Ponies
django-akamai 2.0.0 1 A Django app for performing Akamai purge requests
django-allauth-adfs 0.0.4 1 ADFS oAuth provider for django-allauth
django-altauth 0.4.1 1 UNKNOWN
django-apollo-forms 1.5.5 1 Simple CMS for forms
django-appengine-auth 1.0 1 django-appengine-auth is an extension to django-social-auth with a backend for the Google App Engine OAuth endpoint
django-ar-organizations 0.2.40 1 Group accounts for Django
django-arctic 1.0.0b2 1 Django framework to create custom content management systems
django-argonauts 1.2.0 1 A lightweight collection of JSON helpers for Django.
django-assume 0.2.1 1 Django app that allows administrators to log in to user accounts without having to provide a password
django-atc-api 0.1.6 1 REST API for ATC
django-audit-log 0.7.0 1 Audit trail for django models
django-auth-abakus 1.1.0 1 A django auth module that can be used to to authenticate users against the API of
django-auth-pubtkt 1.1.2 1 Implementation of mod_auth_pubtkt as Django middleware
django-auth-remember 0.3 1 Django app for remember-me functionality (using a token)
django-auth-role 0.4.0 1 Add user roles to django-auth
django-auth-wall 0.2.0 1 Puts your staging site behind a basic auth layer.
django-auth0-auth 2.3.2 1 Authenticated users using Auth0.
django-auth_mac 0.1.2 1 Basic Django implementation of the draft RFC ietf-oauth-v2-http-mac-01
django-authtkt 0.3 1 django-authtkt is used to share auth between more than one django site (a kind of SSO auth)
django-aws 0.1 1 Django AWS backends
django-azure-ad-auth 1.3.1 1 Authenticated users using Azure Active Directory.
django-backbone 0.3.2 1 Provides a Backbone.js compatible REST API for your models using Django Admin style registration.
django-backward 0.3.6 1 A Django application to store your previous history and action in your session engine
django-baton 1.0.9 1 A cool, modern and responsive django admin application
django-blawg 0.0.1 1 Simple blogging application
django-booking 0.7.2 1 A reusable Django app that manages bookings for various purposes.
django-bop 0.3 1 Basic Object-level Permissions in django (1.2+)
django-bot 0.2.2 1 A lightweight django framework for bots
django-bot-crawler-blocker 1.0 1 A Django app to block the IP addresses which sends too many hits to your application
django-brake 1.5.2 1 Cache-based rate-limiting for Django.
django-browserid 2.0.2 1 Django application for adding BrowserID support.
django-cache-headers 0.3.3 1 Configurable middleware to add HTTP caching headers for URL's.
django-cachetree 0.1.3 1 cache configurable trees of related model instances in Django
django-candv-choices 1.1.5 1 Use complex constants built with 'candv' library instead of standard 'choices' fields for 'Django' models.
django-cas-client 1.4.0 1 Django Cas Client
django-cas-sso 1.1.6 1 Django Cas SSO Client (inherited from django-cas)
django-ccpages 1.8.0 1 A lightweight pages application for Django
django-celery-async-view 0.1.0 1 Asynchronously load view or download file in django.
django-celery-inspect 0.2.1 1 Django Reusable app that uses Celery Inspect command to monitor workers/tasks via the Django REST Framework
django-cerberus 0.3.5 1 Django app that locks out users after too many failed login attempts.
django-chimpusers 0.1.8 1 Integrate Django users with a MailChimp mailing list.
django-class-based-auth-views 0.4 1 A reimplementation of django.contrib.auth.views as class based views.
django-class-based-auth-views-jp 0.3.1 1 A reimplementation of django.contrib.auth.views as class based views.
django-cliauth 0.9.1 1 Authenticate Apache2 (basic auth) using your Django DB
django-cloak 1.0.0 1 App for Django to cloak as a user, or generate a login link
django-cmsplugin-blurp 1.18 1
django-codenerix 1.1.5 1 Codenerix it is a framework that goes on top of Django so it makes easier development and building of ERPs.
django-collectd-rest 0.1.11 1 A simple Django application to demonstrate RRD plots generated by collectd or any other rrd data
django-commands 0.8 1 A django app that provides a plugin type model for integrating the front and backend.
django-common-helpers 0.9.1 1 Common things every Django app needs!
django-common-tivix 0.1.2 1 Common things every Django app needs!
django-concerns 0.1.0 1 Django app for reporting privacy concerns
django-courier 0.1.1 1 A notification app for Django
django-crequest 2016.3.16 1 Middleware to make current request always available.
django-crowd 0.42dev 1 UNKNOWN
django-crum 0.7.2 1 Django middleware to capture current request and user.
django-ct-useragents 0.1.4 1 A simple Django app to track IP and User Agent info.
django-cuser 2017.3.16 1 Middleware to make user information always available.
django-custom-anonymous 0.2 1 Library provides customization of AnonymousUser in Django
django-custom-auth-user 0.1.2 1 Django custom user
django-custom-user 0.7 1 Custom user model for Django >= 1.5 with the same behaviour as Django's default User but with email instead of username.
django-dandelion 0.1.4 1 Use the Dandelion API with Django
django-databrowse 2016.3.16 1 Databrowse is a Django application that lets you browse your data.
django-ddp 0.19.1 1 Django/PostgreSQL implementation of the Meteor server.
django-diary 0.3.4 1 A pluggable diary app for use in the Django framework.
django-discussion 0.6 1 UNKNOWN
django-djaffar 0.1.10 1 An asynchronous user activity tracking API for Django.
django-dmarc 0.5.1 1 Managing DMARC aggregate and feedback reports
Django-Drupal-Password-Hasher 0.1.1 1 Useful password hasher for django sites with drupal components
django-dynamicresponse 0.5.0 1 Lightweight framework for easily providing REST APIs for web apps built with Django.
django-dynamodb-sessions-mwas 0.7 1 A Django session backend using Amazon's DynamoDB
django-easy-audit 1.0 1 Yet another Django audit log app, hopefully the simplest one.
django-easyconfig 0.3 1 Module to make it easy to configure external Django apps.
django-echelon 1.2 1 Middleware to make user information always available and to automatically log changes
django-edict 0.1 1 A django application for keeping your fans up to date.
django-elevate 1.0.0a1 1 Extra security for your sensitive pages
django-email-login 0.2.4 1 A Django application that enables you to have your users use their email address instead of their username
django-email-login-fc 0.3.2 1 A Django application that enables you to have your users use their email address instead of their username
django-encrypt 0.1 1 A quick way to encrypt python objects and store
django-envsettings 1.1.0 1 One-stop shop for configuring 12-factor Django apps
django-eremaea2 2.0.12 1 A simple Django application to store and show webcam snapshots
django-eve-data 0.1.3 1 Package for retrieving Data via API or static from Eve Online.
django-exacttarget 0.0.9-beta 1 ExactTarget SOAP Api made simple
django-experiments 1.2.0 1 Python Django AB Testing Framework
django-experiments-hw 1.2.0 1 Python Django AB Testing Framework
django-ezengage 0.1.1 1 django app works with ezengage service
django-facebook-auth 3.9.0 1 Authorisation app for Facebook API.
django-failedloginblocker 1.0.1 1 UNKNOWN
django-federated-login 1.0.0 1 Provides federated login (SSO) to Django projects
django-field-history 0.6.0 1 A Django app to track changes to a model field.
django-field-object-permissions 0.1.1 1 Provides an object permission system based on field values (eg: object.owner == user)
django-finial 0.7.2 1 Template, Static, and URL Overrides per User.
django-fnd8n 0.1 1 A generic website backend implemented in Django using Controllers.
django-formapi 0.2.0 1 Django API creation with signed requests utilizing forms for validation.
django-forms-ajaxified 0.2 1 A reusable Django app that allows to load and submit forms via AJAX.
django-freshdesk 1.0.1 1 Single Sign-On functionallity between Django and Freshdesk
django-frog 2.2.0 1 Media server built on django
django-ftpserver 0.5.0 1 FTP server application for Django.
django-ga-puller 0.1.4 1 Django app used to pull daily Google Analytics data into your django database.
django-gcloud-storage 0.2.1 1 Django storage module implementation for Google Cloud Storage
django-gcs 0.1.1 1 Django file storage backend for Google Cloud Storage
django-genomix-users 0.3.1 1 Core library for Nexus django applications that require User accounts
django-get-autologin 0.2 1 A simple Django app to login with GET request type that it use Token parameter
django-gevent-websocket 0.1.0 1 Easy WebSocket server for django using gevent-websocket
django-gocs 0.0.5 1 Django file storage backend and temporary file handler for Google Cloud Storage
django-goncord 0.2.5 1 A django widget which allows you to create multiple auth system.
django-google-adwords 0.7.2 1 Django modelling and helpers for the Google Adwords API.
django-google-auth 0.4.0 1 google-auth support for django
django-google-cloud-storage 0.0.2 1 Google Cloud Storage file backend for Django
django-graphql-extensions 0.0.1 1 A collection of custom extensions for Django GraphQL
django-graphql-jwt 0.1.4 1 JSON Web Token for GraphQL
django-graphql-social-auth 0.0.3 1 Python Social Auth support for Django GraphQL
django-group-access 1.1.17 1 Base Django model to add access control, via groups, to objects.
django-groups-cache 1.0.2 1 Caches the groups a user is in so requests don't have to make calls to the database to check group status.
django-guardian 1.4.9 1 Implementation of per object permissions for Django.
django-hashcash 0.2.1 1 Adds HashCash.IO "proof-of-work" control to django login form.
django-heroku-memcacheify 1.0.0 1 Automatic Django memcached configuration on Heroku.
django-hfut-auth 0.1.2 1 使用合工大教务接口进行用户身份认, 支持合肥校区和宣城校区
django-host-user-override 0.1 1 Override current user based on subdomain
django-hyperadmin 0.10.0 1 A hypermedia API framework for Django.
django-icetea 0.5 1 REST API Framework
django-identity-external 0.5 1 Django middleware for handling of external identities.
django-idshost 0.1.0 1 Django app to interface with the ids infrastructure.
django-ikari 0.0.5 1 Django middleware to allow user configurable domain anchoring to admin configured urlconfs.
django-imapauth 0.1 1 Imap authentification backend for Django
django-inbound-email 0.11.4 1 A Django app for receiving inbound emails.
django-indigorestwrapper 0.6 1 This is a (completely unauthorized) REST wrapper for the Indigo home automation application, using Django and Django-rest-framework.
django-insight 0.2.2 1 Records and displays registration origin stats.
django-ios-notifications 0.2.0 1 Django iOS Notifications makes it easy to send push notifications to iOS devices
django-ip-restriction 1.0.0 1 A Django middleware to restrict incoming IPs to a Django project.
django-jwt 1.0.0 1 JWT implementation for Django and Django Rest Framework
django-jwt-expiringlinks 0.2.0-dev 1 Django app that uses JWT to manage one-time and expiring links to protected URLs.
django-keeper 0.1.5 1 Authorization library for Django, with ACL, not depends on models.
django-la-facebook 0.1.1 1 Definitive facebook auth for Django
django-last-modified 0.1 1 Django middleware to help manage your caching setup
django-lastfm-auth 0.2.3 1 django-lastfm-auth is an extension to django-social-auth which adds a backend for
django-lastpass-sp 0.1.6 1 Django LastPass SAML authenticator
django-lazysignup 1.1.2 1 Lazy signup for Django
django-lazysignup-redux 1.0.0 1 Lazy signup for Django
django-ldap-basic-auth 0.0.4 1 Simple middleware that injects the Authorization header in the request after authenticating against a ldap server.
django-libtech-emailuser 0.2 1 Use emailaddress as username in Django +1.5
django-lockout 0.1.1 1 cache-based Django app that locks out users after too many failed login attempts.
django-logdb 1.1 1 Django-logdb enables you to log entries to a database and aggregate them periodically.
django-loginurl 0.2 1 Allowing an anonymous user to log in by only visiting a URL
django-loginza 0.3.9 1 Django application for Loginza service
django-lot 0.0.6 1 Django Login over Token.
django-maintenancemode 0.11.2 1 django-maintenancemode allows you to temporary shutdown your site for maintenance work
django-marcus 0.7.2 1 Bilingual blog on Django
django-masquerade 1.3 1 django-masquerade
django-meetup-auth 0.2.1 1 django-meetup-auth is an extension to django-social-auth which adds a backend for
django-menu-generator 1.0.2 1 A straightforward menu generator for Django
django-messaging-contentstore 0.1.7 1 A RESTful API for managing collections of messaging content
django-mfa 1.0 1 A Django deployment package for all hosting types.
django-mfw 0.4.1 1 Django framework for mobilephone/smartphone site
django-microsoft-auth 1.0.4 1 Simple app to enable Microsoft Account, Office 365 and Xbox Live authentcation as a Django authentcation backend.
django-mithril 0.0.9 1 IP Whitelisting for Django
django-moat 0.1.1 1 django-moat
django-modern-rpc 0.10.0 1 Simple and modern JSON-RPC and XML-RPC server implementation for Django
django-mojeid 0.3 1 mojeID integration for django
django-mongodb-engine 0.6.0 1 MongoDB backend for Django-nonrel
django-mongodb-engine-py3 1 MongoDB backend for Django-nonrel
django-mp-accounts 2.0 1 Django accounts app
django-multi-token 0.1.2 1 Multi token for django rest framework
django-multiimap 0.1 1 A simple Django app to handle imap login.
django-musette 0.3.2 1 Forum for Django framework.
django-mxit 0.0.1 1 Simple helpers for writing Mxit apps with Django
django-nagios-cache 0.1.6 1 A Django library that sync data from a Nagios/Icinga server.
django-netauth 0.1.94 1 Django openid, oauth authentification. Support next sites: - - - - - and custom openid and oauth providers
django-newrelic-extensions 0.0.1 1 New Relic extensions for Django
django-nimble 0.1.0 1 Nimble Project Management
django-ninecms 0.6.0 1 Nine CMS is a Django app to manage content.
django-nps 0.4.2 1 Django app supporting Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys.
django-oauth-backend 0.2.3 1 UNKNOWN
django-oauth-toolkit-fork 0.11.0 1 Fork of django-oauth-toolkit
django-oauth-toolkit-hup 0.7.2 1 OAuth2 goodies for Django
django-oauth-toolkit-scopes-backend 0.10.0 1 OAuth2 for Django with scopes
django-oauth2 1.2 1 Provide OAuth2 access to your app (fork of django-oauth2-provider)
django-oauth2-provider 1 Provide OAuth2 access to your app
django-oauth2-provider-ng 0.3.1 1 Provide OAuth2 access to your app
django-oauth2-provider-unleashed 0.2.12 1 Provide OAuth2 access to your app
django-object-permission 0.5.2 1 Add object specific permission for particualr User/Group, All authenticated user or Anonymous user
django-object-permissions 1.4.6 1 A method for adding object-level or row-level permissions
django-octocat 0.2.1 1 A Django app for handling github users and repos.
django-odesk-auth 0.2 1 A simple Django app for basic “Log in via Upwork” functionality.
django-offline 0.2 1 Fixed a bug with BooleanField for django 1.6
django-oidc-client 0.0.0 1 OpenID Connect Client implementation for Django.
django-omnibus 0.2.0 1 Django/JavaScript WebSocket Connections
django-openid-auth 0.14 1 OpenID integration for django.contrib.auth
django-openonmobile 0.2 1 Open current URL on a mobile with a QR code
django-opqpwd 0.1 1 A Django-based password manager REST service with client-side encryption
django-organizations 1.0.0 1 Group accounts for Django
django-oscar-cybersource 3.3.0 1 Integration between django-oscar and the Cybersource Secure Acceptance.
django-oscar-worldpay 1.3 1 Integration with Worldpay payments for django-oscar
django-oss-storage 1.1.0 1 Django Aliyun OSS (Object Storage Service) storage
django-otp-sms 0.4 1 Django приложение для аутентификации через sms
django-pam 1.2.0 1 Django PAM can be used in an SSO (Single Sign On) environment or just with a single box where you want to log into a Django app with your UNIX login.
django-pandora 0.1.0 1 Opening Pandora's box by making django's request object available in a thread local.
django-passaporte-web 1.2.8 1 Django client app for Passaporte Web.
django-password-session 0.3.3 1 A reusable Django app that will invalidate all active sessions after change password.
django-perimeter 0.9.1 1 Site-wide perimeter access control for Django projects.
django-perm 2.5.0 1 Class based Django permissions for Django models.
django-pgcryptoauth 0.3 1 Django hasher for pgcrypto encoded passwords.
django-phitbit 0.1.2 1 An alternative integration of the Fitbit API for Django.
django-phone-login 1.1.3 1 Django Phone Login: Login with OTP
django-ping 0.2.0 1 Django Monitoring and Availability Utility
django-planet 0.10.1 1 Django app to build a planet, RSS/Atom feeds aggregator.
django-plantains 0.2 1 Persistable oauth2 Mailchimp backend for Django.
django-plexauth 0.1.1 1 A django auth backend for authenticating against
django-polymorphic-auth 0.4 1 Polymorphic user model with plugins for common options, plus abstract and mixin classes to create your own.
django-postgresql-setrole 1.0.10 1 Execute SET ROLE on every PostgreSQL connection in the Django ORM
django-postgresql-setrole27 1.0.10 1 Execute SET ROLE on every PostgreSQL connection in the Django ORM
django-privacyidea-auth 0.3 1 Authenticate against a privacyIDEA server. (
django-private-storage 1.2.3 1 Private media file storage for Django projects
django-protector 0.4.19 1 Django application for managing object level permissions and generic groups
django-proxy-server 0.6 1 This is a django application to use django as a proxy server between a frontend device/server and a backend server inside a DMZ
django-pummel 0.0.8 1 Django PML template tags and utils (djang-pml was taken, okay!)
django-pushapp 1.0.1 1 Send push notifications to mobile devices through GCM or APNS in Django.
django-pusher 0.1.1 1 a reusable app that wraps the api for to allow registration of namespaces and auth callbacks
django-pyodbc 1.1.3 1 Django 1.5-1.10 SQL Server backend using pyodbc.
django-qa 0.9.1 1 Pluggable django app for Q&A
django-qrauth 0.1.2 1 Nice QR codes that allow the users to instantly sign in to the website on their mobile devices
django-radio 1.2 1 This app provides an easy way to set up your radio
django-ratelimit-backend 1.2 1 Login rate-limiting at the auth backend level
django-redis-pubsub 1.0 1 asyncronous pubsub in django using redis
django-register-activate 1.1 1 A Django app to conduct signup, custom user email account verification and activation, login and logout.
django-registration-redux 2.1 1 An extensible user-registration application for Django
django-remote-submission 1.2.1 1 A Django application to manage long running job submission, including starting the job, saving logs, and storing results.
django-remotestorage 13.08.0 1 Unhosted remoteStorage server app for django
django-repositories 0.1.1 1 Version Control system management
django-request-cache 1.0 1 A simple Django app that provides a per-request cache.
django-request-profiler 0.12.2 1 Django Request Profiler - a simple profiler for timing HTTP requests.
django-request-token 0.7.5 1 JWT-backed Django app for managing querystring tokens.
django-rest-api 0.1.5 1 Django REST API
django-rest-assured 0.2.1 1 Django REST Assured instantly test-covers your Django REST Framework based API.
django-rest-auth-knaperek 0.8.2 1 OBSOLETE. WILL BE REMOVED SOON.
django-rest-framework-client 0.1.1 1 Python client for a DjangoRestFramework based web site
django-rest-framework-social-oauth2 1.0.8 1 python-social-auth and oauth2 support for django-rest-framework
django-rest-multitokenauth 1.1.1 1 An extension of django rest frameworks token auth, providing multiple tokens per user
django-rest-signature 0.0.2 1 django-rest-signature for multisite
django-rester 1 Django REST API build helper
django-restricted-sessions 0.2.0 1 Restrict Django sessions to IP and/or user agent.
django-restup 0.1.1 1 A Library for creating REST APIs for Django applications
django-revproxy 0.9.14 1 Yet another Django reverse proxy application.
django-river 0.9.0 1 Django Workflow Library
django-rms 0.0.0 1 Django Rule Management System app
django-rocketchat-auth 1.2 1 Authenticate Rocket.Chat with Django Framework
django-roughpages 1.0.0 1 An template based flatpage like app of Django.
django-rules 0.2 1 Flexible per-object authorization backend for Django
django-rules-light 0.2.0 1 Rule registry for django
django-rulez 1.0.2 1 A lean and mean object-level rules system for the Django framework
django-s3-cache 1.4.2 1 Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) cache backend for Django
django-s3-storage-patched 1 Django Amazon S3 file storage.
django-s3file 3.0.5 1 A lightweight file uploader input for Django and Amazon S3
django-safety 0.1.0 1 Generic Django application for safer user accounts
django-saml-idp 0.24.0 1 SAML 2.0 IdP for Django
django-sanction 0.3.1 1 A Django front end for the sanction OAuth2 client library
django-sandstorm 0.0.2 1 A integration for Django.
django-scim2 0.2.25 1 A partial implementation of the SCIM 2.0 provider specification for use with Django.
django-screamshot 0.8.1 1 Web pages capture using Django & CasperJS
django-secure-login 0.3.4 1 Django app to harden the security around login
django-secureadmin 1.4 1 Django-SecureAdmin send verification mail when user last and new ip not equals.
django-selenium-login 1.0.2 1 A quick login for selenium tests to be used in Django projects
django-sem 0.2.2 1 Useful tool for sending signed emails.
django-ses 0.8.5 1 A Django email backend for Amazon's Simple Email Service
django-ses-boto3 0.1.0 1 Django custom email backend for SES using Boto 3.
django-ses3 0.7.0 1 A Django email backend for Amazon's Simple Email Service
django-session-activity 0.1.0 1 List all active sessions and sign-out from all sessions opened on other computers
django-session-csrf 0.7.1 1 CSRF protection for Django without cookies.
django-session-csrf-per-view 0.5.3 1 CSRF protection for Django without cookies.
django-session-idle-timeout 1.4.2 1 Timeout a logged user after a period of time
django-session-user 0.1.1 1 Stores the user's information in the session, reucing database queries by a lot.
django-sessionprofile 1.0 1 Use Django for SSO - this package provides a bridge for third party packages.
django-sharepoint-auth 2.1 1 Authenticate users using SharePoint.
django-sharing 0.0.2 1 Django row level object sharing app.
django-shibboleth-remoteuser-kennydude 0.6.2 1 Use Shibboleth users inside of Django
django-silk 1.1.0 1 Silky smooth profiling for the Django Framework
django-simple-audit 0.1.22 1 Simple audit for model instances in Django.
django-simple-auth 0.2.1 1 Simple password-only protection
django-simple-csp 0.2.dev1 1 Django Content Security Policy support.
django-simple-perms 0.2.3 1 A simple class based permission backend for django
django-simple-rest 1.4.1 1 A drop dead simple package for creating RESTful APIs on top of Django
django-simple-social 0.1.10 1 A generic system for interacting with remote APIs that need to create Django socials.
django-simple-sso 0.11 1 Simple SSO for Django
django-slack-oauth 1.4.3 1 Handles OAuth and stores slack token
django-smartcc 0.1.2 1 A django Middleware that will help to set cache-control header on the views.
django-social-api 0.1.1 1 Django social networks API abstraction layer
django-social-authsch 0.1 1 A Django app for AuthSCH.
django-social-user 0.1.9 1 A generic system for interacting with remote APIs that need to create Django users.
django-socialnetwork 0.0.6 1 Provides functionality to login and share with social networks to Django.
django-socialnetworks 0.5.0a7 1 Extends Django with “log in” and “share” functionalities for the most common social networks.
django-socialprofile 1.2.1 1 django-socialprofile enables users to manage their user profile built by logging in via a social service such as Google, Twitter, or Facebook. It relies on python-socialauth.
django-sockjs-tornado 0.0.1 1 Makes it easy to run a SockJS server in Django through Tornado
django-spa 0.2.0 1 Simple Django configuration to serve a single-page app
django-sphinxdoc 1.5.1 1 Easily integrate Sphinx documentation into your website.
django-spurl 0.6.4 1 A Django template library for manipulating URLs.
django-sshkey 2.5.0 1 Associates multiple SSH public keys with Django user accounts.
django-staff 1.2 1 A basic addition to auth.User that manages additional staff info
django-storage-swift 1.2.17 1 OpenStack Swift storage backend for Django
django-stormpath 1.1.0 1 Stormpath integration for Django.
django-su 0.6.0 1 Login as any user from the Django admin interface, then switch back when done
django-subdomain-instances 2.0 1 A way of allowing subdomains to be served by the same project, and associating objects with particular subdomains.
django-superuser 0.2.2 1 Middleware that gives you super powers.
django-sysadmin 0.3 1 Django models to make a sysadmins life easier
django-sysinfo 1.2 1 Simple django app to expose system infos: libraries version, databae server infos...
django-system-maintenance 0.2.0 1 A Django app to document and track the administration and maintenance of computer systems
django-tango 0.7.5 1 Faster, simpler Django content management.
django-taobao 0.2.6 1 Taobao SDK for django.
django-tastypie 0.14.0 1 A flexible & capable API layer for Django.
django-tastypie-crust 0.2 1 Goodies for Tastypie.
django-tastypie-legacy 0.12.2.post2 1 Patching tastypie 0.12 series for South.
django-tastypie-migrate-fix 0.10.0 1 A flexible & capable API layer for Django.
django-tastypie-oauth 0.0.3 1 Providing OAuth services for Tastypie APIs
django-tastypie-sorl-thumbnail 0.1.5 1 sorl-thumbnail support for a Django Tastypie
django-tastypie-with-uploads-dummycache-error500 1.0.0-beta-red1 1 Patched version of Django Tastypie -- check README.rst.
django-telegram-bot 0.6.0 1 Django app to write Telegram bots
django-template-utils 0.1.1 1 Just a collection of useful template tags and filters gathered in a single app.
django-tenant-users 0.3.10 1 A Django app to extend django-tenant-schemas to incorporate global multi-tenant users
django-test-plus 1.0.22 1 django-test-plus provides useful additions to Django's default TestCase
django-testclient-extensions 0.1.4 1 Extensions to Django's built-in test client.
django-themagicapi 1.0.34 1 Django application. To launch an api server without endpoint. Create the database on demand
django-thorbanks 0.5.3 1 `django-thorbanks` provides a Django application for Estonian banklinks.
django-tilestache 2.0.0 1 Command and Control Center for Tilestache, inside a django app
Django-TimelineJS 0.2 1 Pluggable app for Django to edit and display TimelineJS timelines
django-timepiece 1.1.0 1 A multi-user application for tracking employee time on projects.
django-tml 0.3.1 1 Django SDK for API
django-tracking 0.4.1 1 Basic visitor tracking and blacklisting for Django
django-tracking-jl 0.5.8 1 Basic visitor tracking and blacklisting for Django
django-transplant 0.0.2 1 Automated merges of User accounts.
django-triflesoft-freshdesk 0.2.1509281135 1 Django FreshDesk integration by TrifleSoft
django-triflesoft-loginas 0.4.1610232024 1 Django loginas for administrators by TrifleSoft
django-trustpay 0.3.0 1 Django app for Trustpay payment gateway API.
django-tumblr-auth 0.0.1 1 django-tumblr-auth is an extension to django-social-auth which adds a backend for
django-twitter 0.1.0 1 An inobstrusive way to login with Twitter into your Django application.
django-twitter-tag 1.2.1 1 A django template tag to display user's recent tweets.
django-twittersync-oauth 0.1.1 1 OAuth Plugin for django-twittersync
django-u2f 0.2.0 1 FIDO U2F security token support for Django
django-unifi-portal 0.0.2 1 Authenticate Unifi WiFi Guests with Django.
django-unity-asset-server-http-client 0.1.5 1 REST-api bases over unity asset server for some routines.
django-unshorten 1.0 1 A reusable Django app to un-shorten URLs.
django-uocLTI 0.1.3 1 An IMS-LTI provider interface for django apps using the ims_lti_py library, created for use within the Universitat Obert de Catalunya UOC - nfinney 2013
django-ups-tnt 1.0.1 1 Django wrapper around UPS Time In Transit JSON API
django-upwork-auth 1.0-beta 1 Upwork OAuth login for your Django-based project
django-url-fullpath-redirect 0.1.2 1 Fork of django-url-tracker with query_string support
django-url-tracker 0.1.3 1 A little app that trackes URL changes in a database table to provide HTTP 301 & 410 on request.
django-url-tracker-fork 0.2.0 1 A little app that trackes URL changes in a database table to provide HTTP 301 & 410 on request.
django-url-tracker-forl 0.1.4 1 A little app that trackes URL changes in a database table to provide HTTP 301 & 410 on request.
django-urlcrypt 0.1.6 1 Encrypts information in urls, such as login credentials. Useful if you want to send a user a link that logs the user in without leaking their login credentials.
django-user-accounts 2.0.3 1 a Django user account app
django-user-extension 1.0.0 1 Subclass the Django User model to your heart's delight.
django-user-tracking 0.4.11 1 Basic visitor tracking and blacklisting for Django
django-userapp 0.0.5 1 Django userapp integration
django-userforeignkey 0.2.0 1 A simple Django app that will give you a UserForeignKey model field.
django-username-email 2.2.0 1 Custom Django User model that makes email the USERNAME_FIELD.
django-username-email-fullname 2.0.3 1 Custom Django User model that makes email the USERNAME_FIELD.
django-users-api 0.1 1 Django users RESTful API using Tastypie.
django-users-login 0.1.2 1 Extension to manage users in django application.
django-users2 0.2.1 1 Custom user model for django >=1.5 with support for multiple user types
django-userswitch 0.2.2 1 A quick 'n' dirty Django app for switching between different users while testing
django-userswitch-fork 0.2.4 1 A quick 'n' dirty Django app for switching between different users while testing
django-vault-helpers 0.4.2 1 Helper functionality for obtaining secrets and credentials from Hashicorp Vault in a Django project
django-viewpass 1.1.0 1 A Django app to provide access to protected resources via URL tokens.
django-vkontakte-iframe 0.4.1 1 Django app for developing (aka iframe applications
django-wapiti 1.0.3 1 Django API layer
django-watchman 0.14.0 1 django-watchman exposes a status endpoint for your backing services
django-wayf 0.3.0 1 A simple Django implementation of a shibboleth/saml wayf service
django-webtest 1.9.2 1 Instant integration of Ian Bicking's WebTest ( with django's testing framework.
django-wechat-web 1.0.9 1 A simple Django app to conduct Web-based.
django-whoshere 1 Lightweight Django Admin plugin to see who is logged in and active. Supports, GeoIp , user-agents and django-ipware.
django-wordpress-rest 0.1.4 1 Sync a WordPress site to Django via the REST API
django-wysiwyg-redactor 0.5.1 1 django-wysiwyg-redactor is a lightweight responsive wysiwyg editor for Django
django-x509 0.3.4 1 Reusable django app to generate and manage x509 certificates
django-xff 1.2.0 1 Django X-Forwarded-For Properly
django-xmpp-backends 0.1 1 Convenience utilities for using xmpp-backends in Django.
django-yapi 0.3.4 1 A mini-framework for Django for creating RESTful APIs.
django-youtube 0.2 1 Youtube API wrapper app for Django. It helps to upload, display, delete, update videos from Youtube
django-zap 0.0.7 1 Automate the destruction and re-creation of django databases
django_callable_perms 0.1.2 1 Modular registry of permission handlers for Django
django_click_captcha 0.1.1 1 Django 点击倒字验证码
django_couchdb_utils 0.5 1 django-couchdb-utils provide implementations for various Django backend (auth, sessions, cache, etc) that use CouchDB (through couchdbkit) instead of the relational databases supported by Django's ORM.
django_crispy_forms_registration 0.1.3 1 Library that merges Django auth, registration, and crispy
django_email_auth 0.1.5 1 Yet another email auth system for the Django web framework
django_geoip_redirection 0.1.3 1 GeoIP based redirection middleware
django_lair 1.0.3 1 Analytics and metrics app to both store and display user actions
django_minimal_log 0.5 1 Simple logging functionality for Django
django_mobile_auth 0.2.7 1 A Django app that allows users to authenticate using email, phone number or username.
django_openS3 0.1.0 1
django_pypuppetdb 0.2.1 1 Handles authorization for Django by using puppetdb users
django_slumber 0.8.2 1 RESTful data connector for Django
djangocms-comments 0.2.2 1 A comment system for Django CMS unintrusive and easy to use. Add it to your pages without modifying your models. It is highly customizable!
djangocms-votes 0.1.3 1 Django cms comments, and rate system with stats.
djangodoo 1.0 1 A Django app to copy models, load and save records from a running Odoo instance
DjangoOpenInviter 1.0 1 Python implementation of the client to - the leading online contact importing solution
djangopypi 0.4.7 1 A Django application that emulates the Python Package Index.
DjangoRestAuth 0.0-31-g2d77a53 1 Django RestAuth plugin
djangorestframework 3.7.7 1 Web APIs for Django, made easy.
djangorestframework-extras 0.2.1 1 Autogenerate API's for models. Expose core Django functionality. Validate against existing forms.
djangorestframework-httpsignature 1.0.0 1 HTTP Signature support for Django REST framework
djangorestframework-sso 0.0.9 1 Single sign-on extension to the Django REST Framework.
djangorf-accounts 1.0 1 App de Django para manejar cuentas utilizando tokens.
djangosenchatools 1.0.5 1 Django management command to simplify building extjs and sencha touch apps with Sencha tools.
djangoshop-subscribe 0.2.1 1 An email subscription plugin for Django-SHOP
djangosourcecontrol 1.1 1 A simple Django app to conduct create Web-based Python projects and files. Powered by KnockoutJs and django-rest-framework
djaodjin-deployutils 0.4.7 1 Management commands to deploy Django webapps
djaodjin-signup 0.1.7 1 DjaoDjin's Implementation of Frictionless Sign Up
djapi 0.1.1 1 The library of simple helpers to build API with Django.
djassr 0.2.5 1 Django AWS S3 Signed Requests API with Django Rest Framework
djc.recipe 0.9.7 1 A Django buildout recipe
djcloudbridge 0.2.2 1 A ReSTful web api backed by cloudbridge for interacting with cloud providers
djet 0.2.1 1 Set of helpers for easy testing of Django apps.
djforge_redis_multitokens 0.0.4 1 Django REST Framework user auth using multiple tokens stored in Redis
djgeneric 0.1.7 1 Generic utilities for django
djinn_auth 1.0.7 1 Djinn Intranet auth module, role based
djoauth2 0.6.0 1 OAuth 2.0 server implementation.
dlrnapi-client 0.3.0 1 Client for DLRN REST API
dm.zope.saml2 3.1b2 1 Zope 2/Plone extension for SAML2 based Single Sign On: identity, attribute and service providers
dmsclient 1.3.0 1 Library and command line interface to interact with Drink Management System of Fachschaft TF Uni Freiburg.
dns-lexicon 2.1.16 1 Manipulate DNS records on various DNS providers in a standardized/agnostic way
dnsimple 0.3.6 1 Client for DNSimple REST API
dnsimple-dyndns 0.1 1 Dynamic DNS implementation, that relies on
do-dns-manager 0.1 1 A DNS record manager using DigitalOcean as backend, useful for assigning DNS records in a DHCP hook.
doac 0.2.0 1 An OAuth2 Consumer application for your Django project.
docker-forklift 0.2.52 1 Utility for running a container
docker-registry 0.9.1 1 Registry server for Docker
docker-tag-naming 1.0.6 1 Name and query docker tags
doi-site 0.2.0 1 A simple Django app to wrap datacite calls. 1.0b2 1 Containers tools for Dolmen applications
draftable-compare-api 1.0.9 1 Draftable Compare API - Python Client Library
drf-autodocs 0.4.3 1 Extensible auto django rest framework api generator
drf-friendly-errors 0.13 1 Extension for displaying serializer validation errors in Django Rest Framework
drf-httpsig 1.1.1 1 HTTP Signature support for Django REST framework
drf-jwt-knox 0.1.0 1 JSON Web Tokens with a Knox-powered database backend
drf-nested-decorator 0.5 1 An extra decorator for Django Rest Framework that allows methods of a viewset to accept a nested key.
drf-signed-auth 0.1.1 1 Sign and authenticate signed URLs for one-time use
drf-tmp-scoped-token 0.2.0 1 Temporary Django REST Framework permission-scoped token
drf-yasg 1.2.2 1 Automated generation of real Swagger/OpenAPI 2.0 schemas from Django Rest Framework code.
dse-driver 2.3.0 1 DataStax Enterprise Python Driver
dsync-sdk 0.1.2 1 Python SDK for realtime synchronization with DSYNC
Dtls 1.2.3 1 Python Datagram Transport Layer Security
durant 0.2.3 1 Simple git deployment tool
dweba 1.0.0-pre14 1 Dweba: Distributed and Web Application Framework for Python
easy-web-app 0.3.1 1 Create web applications easily by defining them in JSON format.
EasyBlogger 2.0.0 1 A (very) easy CLI interface to Blogger blogs
ec2-simple-snapshot 1.0.2 1 A tool to make EC2 snapshot manipulation easier.
eckerd-django-google-sso 0.0.1 1 A reusable django application for google sso
ecl_facebook 1.4.1 1 Easy Facebook integration for Django.
ecl_twitter 1.2.2 1 Easy Twitter integration for Django.
eclcli 1.1.3 1 CLI for Enterprise Cloud 2.0
ecr-cleanup 0.1.1 1
ecsminion 0.7.6 1 A library for interacting with the ECS 2.x Management API
EDDIE-Tool 1.0.0 1 The EDDIE Tool is a system and network monitoring, security, and performance analysis agent developed entirely in threaded Python. Its key features are portability, extendibility, and powerful configuration.
edrn.labcas.ui 1.0.16 1 User interface for LabCAS, for EDRN
edx-django-oauth2-provider 1.3.2 1 edX fork of django-oauth2-provider
edx-dl 0.1.7 1 Simple tool to download video and lecture materials from
edx-enterprise 0.62.0 1 Your project description goes here
eea.converter 12.0 1 SVG, PNG, PDF converters using external tools as ImageMagick
eea.frame 0.5.4 1 Django integration middleware for EEA Zope websites 5.6 1 This package contains useful tools for talking with Google Analytics
efesto 0.7.5 1 RESTful (micro)server that can build an API in minutes.
egnyte 0.5.3 1 Egnyte Public API SDK
elastic-doc-manager 0.3.0 1 Elastic 1.x plugin for mongo-connector
elastic2-doc-manager 0.3.0 1 Elasticsearch 2.x and 5.x plugin for mongo-connector
elasticsearch 6.1.1 1 Python client for Elasticsearch
elasticsearch-bdoc 2.4.1 1 Python client for Elasticsearch
elasticsearch-fabric 0.1.5 1 This package provides a unified command line interface to Elasticsearch in Fabric.
Elasticsearch-Raven 1.5.0 1 Proxy that allows to send logs from Raven to Elasticsearch.
elasticsearch1 1.10.0 1 Python client for Elasticsearch 1.x
elasticsearch2 2.5.0 1 Python client for Elasticsearch
elasticsearch5 5.5.2 1 Python client for Elasticsearch
elsen 0.1.2 1 Elsen API Library
endpoints 1.1.24 1 Get an api up and running quickly
enrich-api 1.1.4 1 Enrich API Python.
envmgr-cli 1.12.3 1 Environment Manager CLI tool.
eobot-py 0.1.2 1 Eobot API wrapper
Ephemeral 1.0 1 Encrypted temporary files using session keys.
Ermes 0.1a 1 Socks5 proxy client for Python
es2csv 5.2.1 1 A CLI tool for exporting data from Elasticsearch into a CSV file.
esia-connector 0.16 1 ESIA integration library
esper-tool 1.2.14 1 Command line tool for accessing ESPER
esper-wave 0.1.0 1 Tool for displaying ESPER waveforms and variables
estreamer 0.1.1 1 SourceFire eStream client Python library
etherrain 0.3 1 Interface Library for QuickSmart Etherrain/8 irrigation controller
etherws 1.3 1 Ethernet over WebSocket
etunexus 0.6.8 1 Etu Nexus API
Eve 0.7.6 1 Python REST API for Humans.
EventableFuelSDK 0.1.4 1 ExactTarget Fuel SDK for Python, modified for Eventable
eventfabric 0.1.0 1 Event Fabric API client library
EVEPrest 1.3.5 1 EVE CREST access tool
evernote 1.25.3 1 Evernote SDK for Python
evernote-moment 1.25.0 1 Evernote SDK for Python
everyplay 0.3.6 1 A friendly wrapper library for the Everyplay API
exactonline 0.3.2 1 Exact Online REST API Library in Python
example_maths 0.1.1 1 example python package performing addition
exchangelib 1.10.7 1 Client for Microsoft Exchange Web Services (EWS)
exmemo 0.1.0 1
eyefi 0.2 1 EyeFi Server Framework
ezfacebook 0.87.0 1 Django Tools to use facebook seamlessly without having to build around it.
fab 1.4.2 1 Wrapper around Phabricator API
facebookinsights 0.3.4 1 A wrapper and command-line interface for the Facebook Insights API.
facepy 1.0.9 1 Facepy makes it really easy to use Facebook's Graph API
facereclib 2.1.2 1 Compare a variety of face recognition algorithms by running them on many image databases with default protocols.
factotum 0.1.6 1 A tool to control a headless factorio server.
falcon 1.4.1 1 An unladen web framework for building APIs and app backends.
falcon-autocrud 1.0.34 1 Makes RESTful CRUD easier
falcon-dbapi 1.2.3 1 Falcon API resources for databases
falcon-helpers 0.6.1 1 A few helpful tools to make working with the falcon framework a real joy!
falcon-policy 0.1.0 1 Policy middleware for Falcon APIs
fanfiction-api 1.1 1 Simple API to
fastforward 0.0.10 1 FastForward is a DevOps automate platform
fatzebra 0.0.7 1 Fat Zebra Python Library
fauxmo 0.4.5 1 Emulated Belkin WeMo devices that work with the Amazon Echo
fb_messenger 0.3.0 1 Python API client for FB Messenger
fbcli 3.0 1 FogBugz command line interface.
federated_monsters 0.4.0 1 Federated Monsters is a game that seeks to follow the format of games like Pokemon, but to instead use a federated server format to store and trade creatures
fence 0.0.3 1 BitCoin trending and trading bot
fhir.heart 1.0.0a1 1 Health Relationship Trust Profile (HEART) implementation for FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) compliance for Healthcare System.
file-dl 1 File Download Accelerator written in pure python 0.4.0 1 Downloads files via HTTP or FTP
fink.awsume 1.0.7 1 Plugin (fink.awsume) for fink
finsky 0.3.3 1 Google Play API
fintech 4.3.5 1 The Python FinTech package (SEPA, EBICS & more)
fints 0.2.1 1 Pure-python FinTS 3.0 (formerly known as HBCI) implementation
fiware-cloto 2.8.0 1 This module is part of FIWARE Policy Manager. It provides a REST API to create rules associated to servers, subscribe servers to Context Broker to get information about their resources consumption and launch actions described in rules when conditions are met.
flash_services 0.7.0 1 The services that can be shown on a Flash dashboard.
Flask-API-Utils 1.0.2 1 Flask-API-Utils helps you to create APIs.
Flask-AppBuilder 1.9.6 1 Simple and rapid application development framework, built on top of Flask. includes detailed security, auto CRUD generation for your models, google charts and much more.
Flask-Auth 0.85 1 Auth extension for Flask.
Flask-Authorization-Panda 0.3 1 Flask Authorization for Pandas!
Flask-Blogging 1.0.2 1 A flask extension for adding Markdown blog support to your site
Flask-CAS 1.0.1 1 Flask extension for CAS
Flask-Cavage 0.4.3 1 Verify cavage-http-signatures requests made to Flask
Flask-Edits 0.8 1 Editable Content in Flask
flask-emails 0.4 1 Elegant and simple email library for Flask.
Flask-FIDO-U2F 0.4.4 1 A Flask plugin that adds FIDO U2F support.
flask-hmacauth 0.3.9 1 A module to simplify working with HMAC auth in Flask apps
Flask-JIRA-Helper 0.2.0 1 JIRA support for Flask without breaking PyCharm inspections.
Flask-JSONRPC 0.3.1 1 Adds JSONRPC support to Flask.
flask-keystone 0.2 1 This project wraps the existing keystone middleware to provide courtesy user functions within an API.
Flask-LDAP 0.1.6 1 Flask extension for LDAP auth and profile user
Flask-MAuth 1.1 1 MAuth Client and Server Library for MAuth
Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.7.2 1 Add Flask support for MongoDB using MongoAlchemy.
flask-mongoengine 0.9.3 1 Flask-MongoEngine is a Flask extension that provides integration with MongoEngine and WTF model forms.
Flask-Multi-Redis 0.1.5 1 MultiThreaded MultiServers Redis Extension for Flask Applications
Flask-Multipass-LDAP-CERN 1.0.4 1 CERN-specific Flask-Multipass providers
Flask-oDesk 1 Adds oDesk API support to Flask
flask-passwordless 0.1.1 1 Flask extension for passwordless login
flask-peewee 0.6.7 1 Peewee integration for flask
Flask-PyBankID 0.3.1 1 Flask Extension for PyBankID client
Flask-REST-Controller 1.0.0 1 Flask-REST-Controller is added Class-Based-View(Controller) extension on Flask
Flask-RESTeasy 0.0.8 1 Create easy REST APIs with Flask
flask-samurai 0.1 1 Easily create Heroku addons in Flask.
Flask-Sentinel 0.0.7 1 OAuth2 Provider for Flask applications.
Flask-Turbo-Boost 0.0.11 1 Forked Flask-Boost - Flask application generator for boosting your development.
Flask-Upwork 1.0-pre2 1 Upwork API support to Flask
flask-zabbix 0.1.1 1 Zabbix API wrapper
flask_cm 0.8.1 1 Cloud Mesh: managing multiple virtual machines in Clouds
flask_jsondash 6.2.3 1 Easily configurable, chart dashboards from any arbitrary API endpoint. JSON config only. Ready to go.
flask_open_directory 0.1.1 1 MacOS OpenDirectory Authorization Middleware for Flask
flask_simplelogin 0.0.6 1 Flask Simple Login - Login Extension for Flask
flasker 0.1.45 1 Flask, SQLAlchemy, and Celery integration
flaskhmac 1.2.1 1 Provides easy integration of the HMAC signatures for your REST Flask Applications.
flawless 0.4.1 1 Python Error Monitoring and Reporting
flickr-pony 0.5 1 Library for handle Flickr API with Django.
flickr_api 0.5 1 Python wrapper for the Flickr API
flickr_download 0.2.19 1 Download photos from Flickr
flickr_photostream_sorter 0.1.1 1 Sort your Flickr photostream by changing each photo's posted date to when it was taken.
flickrbackup 0.8.2 1 Flickr backup utility
flickrsmartsync 0.2.2.post0 1 Sync/backup your photos to flickr easily
floraconcierge-client 0.7.52 1 FloraExpress API python client library.
floscraper 0.2.2 1 Simple webscraper built on top of requests and beautifulsoup
flower 0.9.2 1 Celery Flower
flower-new 0.8.0 1 Celery Flower
fluentmail 0.1.1 1 Tiny library to send email fluently
fnd8n 0.1 1 A generic website backend implemented in Django using Controllers.
fogbugz-orm 0.3.5 1 FogBugz API Object Relational Mapper (ORM)
FogBugzMiddleware 1.2 1 FogBugz Middleware for Django
foundation 0.1.0a0.dev1 1 A generic website backend implemented in Django using Controllers.
foundation-sphinx-theme 0.0.3 1 UNKNOWN
fourdigits.recipe.supervisor 0.18dev 1 A buildout recipe to install supervisor
FriendlyPi 0.1d1 1 FriendlyPi server
fritzcollectd 0.5.0 1 A collectd plugin for monitoring AVM FRITZ!Box routers
ftp-cloudfs 0.35 1 FTP interface to OpenStack Object Storage (Swift)
ftp2http 0.3.7 1 FTP to HTTP server
ftw.bridge.client 1.0.14 1 Adds ftw.bridge support to plone.
ftw.publisher.sender 2.7.11 1 Staging and publishing addon for Plone contents.
ftw.recipe.translations 1.2.6 1 Mass export / import of translations into Google Docs Spreadsheets
ftw.upgrade 2.10.0 1 An upgrade control panel and upgrade helpers for plone upgrades.
ftweet 1.1 1 A simple python script to tweet status updates from the command line.
FuelSDK 0.9.3 1 ExactTarget Fuel SDK for Python
FuelSDKWrapper 0.3.4 1 Simplify and improve the FuelSDK for Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget)
funkload 1.17.1 1 Functional and load web tester.
funnelweb 1.1.1 1 Crawl and parse static sites and import to Plone
fusillade 0.0.1 1 Federated User Identity Login & Access Decision Engine
fut 0.3.10 1 fut is a simple library for managing Fifa Ultimate Team.
fynd-django-alohomora 1.0.0 1 Fynd Centralized auth system.
fynd-tornado-alohomora 0.5.0 1 Fynd Centralized auth system.
g2p 0.6 1 HTTP Proxy Server in Python, Convert GET to POST
gakp-pylib 0.9.3 1
gallery-dl 1.1.2 1 Command-line program to download image galleries and collections from pixiv, exhentai, danbooru and more
gamification-engine 0.2.2 1 The Gamification-Engine (gengine) provides an API for integrating any kinds of gamification features.
gapic-google-cloud-datastore-v1 0.90.4 1 GAPIC library for the Google Cloud Datastore API
gapic-google-cloud-error-reporting-v1beta1 0.15.3 1 GAPIC library for the Stackdriver Error Reporting API
gapic-google-cloud-functions-v1beta2 0.15.3 1 GAPIC library for the Google Cloud Functions API
gapic-google-cloud-language-v1 0.15.3 1 GAPIC library for the Google Cloud Natural Language API
gapic-google-cloud-language-v1beta1 0.11.1 1 GAPIC library for the Google Language API
gapic-google-cloud-language-v1beta2 0.15.3 1 GAPIC library for the Google Cloud Natural Language API
gapic-google-cloud-logging-v2 0.91.3 1 GAPIC library for the Stackdriver Logging API
gapic-google-cloud-monitoring-v3 0.15.3 1 GAPIC library for the Stackdriver Monitoring API
gapic-google-cloud-pubsub-v1 0.15.4 1 GAPIC library for the Google Cloud Pub/Sub API
gapic-google-cloud-spanner-admin-database-v1 0.15.3 1 GAPIC library for the Cloud Spanner Database Admin API
gapic-google-cloud-spanner-admin-instance-v1 0.15.3 1 GAPIC library for the Cloud Spanner Instance Admin API
gapic-google-cloud-spanner-v1 0.15.3 1 GAPIC library for the Cloud Spanner API
gapic-google-cloud-speech-v1 0.15.3 1 GAPIC library for the Google Cloud Speech API
gapic-google-cloud-speech-v1beta1 0.15.3 1 GAPIC library for the Google Cloud Speech API
gapic-google-cloud-vision-v1 0.90.3 1 GAPIC library for the Google Cloud Vision API
gapic-google-iam-admin-v1 0.10.0 1 GAPIC library for the Google IAM Admin API
gapic-google-longrunning 0.11.2 1 GAPIC library for the Google Google API
gapic-google-maps-streetview_publish-v1 0.1.4 1 GAPIC library for the Street View Publish API
gapic-google-monitoring-v3 0.11.1 1 GAPIC library for the Stackdriver Monitoring API
gapic-google-pubsub-v1 0.11.1 1 GAPIC library for the Google Pubsub API
gax-cloud-vision-v1 0.8.0 1 GAX library for the Google Vision API
gbpfunctests 1.0.6 1 Created subdirectories testcases & libs, removed the option from suite_run
gcalcli 4.0.0a3 1 Google Calendar Command Line Interface
gce-api 3.0.0 1 OpenStack Gceapi Service
gclient-service-account-auth 0.2.2 1 Easily create an authorized service-object for interacting with google's client APIs, server to server.
gcloud 0.18.3 1 API Client library for Google Cloud
gcloud_storage_api 0.0.65 1 gCloud - The Cloud made in Italy Python API
gcpmetrics 1.0.37 1 Google Cloud Monitoring API Command Line
gdelt 1 Python based framework to retreive Global Database of 1.0.0 1 Official Python client for the Geckoboard Datasets API
geextract 0.3.2 1 Extract Landsat surface reflectance time-series at given location from google earth engine
genty 1.3.2 1 Allows you to run a test with multiple data sets
geofront-cli 0.4.1 1 CLI client for Geofront, a simple SSH key management server
geoip2 2.7.0 1 MaxMind GeoIP2 API
geonode-user-accounts 1.0.15 1 a Django user account app
geordi 0.3 1 A Django middleware for interactive profiling
geotagger 0.0.3 1 Geotag photos with exiftool based on your Moves app history
geotrigger-python 0.1.1 1 A simple client library for interacting with the ArcGIS Geotrigger API.
gerrit 0.0.2 1 Client library for interacting with the Gerrit JSONRPC API
gerrit-growler 1.0.1 1 Receive growl notifications from Gerrit.
getb2g 2.11 1 Get the latest B2G nightly builds for a specific device
getpaid.luottokunta 0.4.1 1 Luottokunta payment processor for getpaid.
getpaid.verkkomaksut 0.1.1 1 Verkkomaksut payment processor for getpaid.
geventconnpool 0.2.1 1 TCP connection pool for gevent
gf.recipe.bzr 1.0rc8 1 Buildout recipe to download bazaar branches
gists.cli 0.351 1 A CLI to create, edit, view and list your GitHub Gists
git-pw 1.1.0 1 Git-Patchwork integration tool
git-repo 1.10.3 1 Tool for managing repository services from your git CLI tool
gitbot 0.5 1 Automatically label GitHub issues based on regexp rules.
gitconsensus 0.4.0 1 Automate Github Pull Requests using Reactions
github-backup 0.15.0 1 backup a github user or organization
github-email-explorer 0.2.8 1 A tool to get email addresses by action types such as starred, watching or fork on GitHub repositories; Send email content to those addresses with a template.
github-snooze-button 0.2.0 1 Snooze button for Github issues
github2 0.6.2 1 GitHub API v2 library for Python.
githubbuildout 0.2 1 Buildout extension to enable downloads from private GitHub repositories into buildout find-links and download recipes
githubflow 0.3 1 A command line interface to githubuses the github apis commandline.
githubpy 1.1.0 1 Github v3 API Python SDK
githubrelease 1.5.7 1 githubrelease is a CLI to easily manage GitHub releases, assets and references
gitolite-sshkey-form 0.3.0 1 Webapp for collecting and managing public keys
gitserver 0.0.5 1 git server
Gitssue 1.1.0 1 Manage your issues from the command line.
GitSync 0.2 1 Use git to sync a project directory on an OS X client with a remote server.
GLAMS 0.2.5 1 A browser based animal management system
globusonline-transfer-api-client 0.10.18 1 Globus Online Transfer API client library
gmail-api-wrapper 0.1.1a2 1 Gmail API Wrapper - Python Client
gmail_pythonic 0.0.5 1 A Pythonic interface for Google Mail.
gmailcount 0.1.5 1 Script to count the number of emails in your gmail inbox
gmusicapi 11.0.0 1 An unofficial api for Google Play Music.
gnippy 0.6.2 1 Python library for GNIP.
gnowsys-studio 1 A collaborative blogspace for constructing and publishing semantic knowledge networks and ontologies
gocept.munin 0.1 1 Utilities for writing munin plugins.
gocept.sftpcopy 0.6.0 1 Upload/download files via SFTP to a maildir structure
gocept.testdb 1.3 1 Creates and drops temporary databases for testing purposes.
godocker_CLI 1.0.22 1 GO Docker CLI
Gogokit 0.1.5 1 GogoKit is a lightweight, viagogo API client library for Python.
goobook 1.9 1 Search your google contacts from the command-line or mutt.
good 0.0.7-0 1 Slim yet handsome validation library (voluptuous 2)
google-api-helper 0.2.2 1 Python helper class to streamlime interaction with Google APIs. Based on python-google-api-client.
google-cloud 0.32.0 1 API Client library for Google Cloud
google-cloud-bigquery 0.29.0 1 Python Client for Google BigQuery
google-cloud-bigquery-datatransfer 0.1.0 1 GAPIC library for the BigQuery Data Transfer API
google-cloud-bigtable 0.28.1 1 Python Client for Google Cloud Bigtable
google-cloud-container 0.1.0 1 GAPIC library for the Google Container Engine API
google-cloud-datastore 1.4.0 1 Python Client for Google Cloud Datastore
google-cloud-dns 0.28.0 1 Python Client for Google Cloud DNS
google-cloud-error-reporting 0.29.0 1 Python Client for Stackdriver Error Reporting
google-cloud-firestore 0.28.0 1 Python Client for Google Cloud Firestore
google-cloud-happybase 0.26.0 1 Client library for Google Cloud Bigtable: HappyBase layer
google-cloud-language 1.0.0 1 Python Client for Google Cloud Natural Language
google-cloud-logging 1.4.0 1 Python Client for Stackdriver Logging
google-cloud-monitoring 0.28.0 1 Python Client for Stackdriver Monitoring
google-cloud-natural-language 0.24.0 1 Python Client for Google Cloud Natural Language
google-cloud-pubsub 0.30.1 1 Python Client for Google Cloud Pub/Sub
google-cloud-resource-manager 0.28.0 1 Python Client for Google Cloud Resource Manager
google-cloud-runtimeconfig 0.28.0 1 Python Client for Google Cloud RuntimeConfig
google-cloud-spanner 0.30.0 1 Python Client for Cloud Spanner
google-cloud-speech 0.30.0 1 Python Client for Google Cloud Speech
google-cloud-storage 1.7.0 1 Python Client for Google Cloud Storage
google-cloud-trace 0.17.0 1 GAPIC library for the Stackdriver Trace API
google-cloud-translate 1.3.0 1 Python Client for Google Cloud Translation API
google-cloud-videointelligence 1.0.0 1 Python Client for Google Cloud Video Intelligence
google-cloud-vision 0.29.0 1 Python Client for Google Cloud Vision
google-endpoints-api-management 1.4.0 1 Google Endpoints API management
google-music-manager-auth 0.7.2 1 Google MusicManager package to manage your music library to Google Music - Auth module
google-oauth2l 1.0.1 1 command-line google oauth tools
googleanalytics 0.26.0 1 A wrapper for the Google Analytics API.
googleappsauth 1.03 1 googleappsauth authenticates Django Users against a Google Apps Domain
graceful 0.6.0 1 Elegant Python REST toolkit built on top of falcon
graphite-blueflood 0.2.1 1 Add optional -p option to prepend metrics before forwarding to blueflood
graphterm 0.57.0 1 A Graphical Terminal Interface
grok 3.0.1 1 Grok: Now even cavemen can use Zope 3!
grokcore.startup 3.0.1 1 Paster support for Grok projects.
grokproject 2.11 1 Script that creates a Grok project directory, installs Grok, the Grok Toolkit and the Zope Toolkit and sets up a complete skeleton for a new Grok web application.
grouper 0.0.1 1
gs.config 2.1.2 1 Core GS config.
gs.dmarc 2.1.9 1 Look up and report on the DMARC status of a domain.
GSI 0.6.5 1 Python wrapper module around the OpenSSL library 0.6.11 1 A Fast Command-line Interface for Trello
guillotina 2.3.16 1 asyncio REST API Resource database
guillotina-dbusers 1.0.1 1 guillotina addon to provide users that are stored in the database
guillotina-swagger 1.0.9 1 Swagger integration for viewing REST on your guillotina install
hacklib 0.1.6 1 Toolkit for hacking enthusiasts using Python.
haldane 0.2.1 1 A friendly http interface to the aws api
HALEasy 0.4.3 1 A HAL client which is very short and simple
halonctl 1.4.0 1 Manage Halon nodes from the commandline
hammercloud 3.0.5 1 Openstack Command Line Interface for use in interacting with APIs and cloud devices
hammers 0.1.9 1 Bag of hammers to fix problems
hammock-builder 0.1.0 1 Create ReST APIs how you've always wanted.
hamster-rc 0.1.1 1 Hamster Remote Control
haruzira_sdk 2.1.0 1 This package is a SDK for tcp communication with Haruzira(Windows UWP APP).
harvest_api_client 1.1.3 1 A client for the Harvest API (
haufe.sharepoint 0.1.9 1 Experimental Python-Sharepoint connector
hdx-python-utilities 1.2.5 1 HDX Python Utilities
helga-jenkins 0.0.5 1 jenkins plugin for helga
hellosign-python-sdk 3.8.5 1 A Python wrapper for the HelloSign API (
heralding 1.0.0 1 Credentials catching honeypot.
hesiod53 0.1.0 1 Utilities for using hesiod with route53
HeyAthena 1.3.2 1 Your personal voice assistant
hgreview 0.4 1 Mercurial extension to work with rietveld codereview
hgsvn 0.5.1 1 A set of scripts to work locally on Subversion checkouts using Mercurial
hgwebinit 0.1.0 1 Mercurial hgweb init support.
hh-elastic2-doc-manager 0.1.0 1 Elastic2 plugin for mongo-connector
high-templar 2.1.1 1 A python framework for creating a server which handles websockets for an existing API
hipochat 0.1 1 UNKNOWN
Hoboken 0.5.1 1 A Sinatra-inspired web framework for Python
hookbox-dax 0.3.4a1 1 HookBox is a Comet server and message queue that tightly integrates with your existing web application via web hooks and a REST interface.
horae.auth 1.0a1 1 Provides a pluggable users and groups architecture for the Horae resource planning system
horde 0.1.0 1 Torrent distribution.
housecanary 0.7.1 1 Client Wrapper for the HouseCanary API
hpcloud-auth-openstack 1.0 1 HP Cloud Auth Plugin for OpenStack Clients.
hpx-bitly 0.1 1 An API for Forked from bitly-api-python which is not updating the project
http1 1.0.1 1 http1 is an API to perform HTTP requests in a single call
http_signature 0.1.4 1 Simple secure signing for HTTP requests using http-signature
httphq 0.0.6 1 HTTP Request & Response service
httpie 0.9.9 1 HTTPie - a CLI, cURL-like tool for humans.
httpie-aws-authv4 0.1.2 1 AWS auth v4 plugin for HTTPie.
httpie-dag 0.1.0 1 HTTPie plugin for IIJ GIO Storage & Analysis Service(DAG).
httpie-ems-auth 0.2.2 1 EmsAuth plugin for HTTPie.
httpie-ems-auth-p3 0.2.3 1 EmsAuth plugin for HTTPie.
httpie-escher-auth 0.1.0 1 EscherAuth plugin for HTTPie.
httpie-wsse-auth 0.1.1 1 WsseAuth plugin for HTTPie.
httplib2 0.10.3 1 A comprehensive HTTP client library.
httplib2_SS 0.9 1 A comprehensive HTTP client library.
httpsig 1.1.2 1 Secure HTTP request signing using the HTTP Signature draft specification
httpsig_cffi 15.0.0 1 Secure HTTP request signing using the HTTP Signature draft specification
hubspot-conn 1.1 1 Lightweight abstraction layer for making requests to the HubSpot API
hubspot-connection 1.0rc8 1 Lightweight abstraction layer for making requests to the HubSpot API
hubspot-contacts 1.1.1 1 Pythonic wrapper for HubSpot API methods in the Contacts, Contact Lists and Contact Properties APIs
huckle 0.7.2 1 A CLI that can act as an impostor for any CLI expressed through hypertext command line interface (HCLI) semantics.
huDjango 0.95p1 1 various snippets for use with Django
hug 2.3.2 1 A Python framework that makes developing APIs as simple as possible, but no simpler.
hulu 0.1.0 1 A Python library to interact with Hulu's "hidden" 2.0 API.
human_curl 0.2.0 1 Simple cURL wrapper for Humans
hyper-compose 0.1.4 1 docker-compose on hyper infra
Hyperkit 0.2 1 Hypervisor tools
hypers-cas 1.1.7 1 Django Cas SSO Client (inherited from django-cas)
hyppy 0.1.1 1 HAPI wrapper and tools for the online game Hyperiums
ibmiotc 0.0.7 1 IBM Internet of Things Cloud for Python
ibmiotf 0.3.1 1 Python Client for IBM Watson IoT Platform
ice.control 0.4.0 1 System Administration and Site Management for BlueBream
ice_pick 0.6 1 Python data access interface for Netflix OSS Ice Tool
IdopTest 1.0 1 IOT application that collect data from PLC (ModBus or AnB Ethernet/IP) and send to cloud using https
igloo 0.1.6 1 A command line SCP client
ihatemoney 2.0 1 A simple shared budget manager web application.
iiif 1.0.4 1 IIIF Image API reference implementation
ike 0.1.0 1 Minimalistic Internet Key Exchange protocol v2 (RFC 5996) library
imgurup 1.7.0 1 Upload to imgur using API(v3). Support CLI, KDE,Zenity(GTK) and Mac dialog upload. And you can also use your account to upload :).
imongo-kernel 0.1.0 1 A MongoDB kernel for Jupyter
impacket 0.9.15 1 Network protocols Constructors and Dissectors
importio_gsei 0.4.0 1 Command line to feed URLs from a Google Sheet into an Extractor
imprimatur 0.23.24 1 Functional testing tool for web applications.
incuna-test-utils 6.6.0 1 Custom TestCases and other test helpers for Django apps
indico-migrate 1.0 1 Migration from Indico 1.2 to 2.0
ines 0.1a2 1 Web applications manager for pyramid packages
infoblox-netmri 0.1.5 1 A simple client for the Infoblox NetMRI RESTful API.
infrae.maildrophost 2.2 1 Recipe to install and setup maildrophost server
infrae.testbrowser 2.0.2 1 Sane functionnal test browser for WSGI applications
infrae.wsgi 2.2.1 1 WSGI support for Zope 2
inqbus.ocf.agents 0.11 1 OCF resource agents based on inqbus.ocf.generic
inquisitor 0.1.9 1 A Python client for
insight_pyclient 0.1.4 1 A client for Bitpay Insight API
instagram-py 2.0.1 1 Slick Instagram brute force command line tool writen in python.
instamojo_wrapper 1.1 1 Instamojo API 1.1 Wrapper
instawow 0.9 1 A CLI for managing World of Warcraft add-ons.
intrazon-python 0.1.2.post3 1 IntraZon python bindings
invenio 3.0.0a4 1 Invenio digital library framework - v3.0 release series
invenio-access 1.0.0b1 1 Invenio module for common role based access control.
invisibleroads-scaffolds 1.8.0 1 Pyramid application scaffolds based on
ion_oauth 0.1 1 python-social-auth plugin for ion
IOSSHy 1.6 1 Desktop tool to quickly setup SSH tunnels and automatically execute commands that make use of them
ip2geotools 0.1.2 1 Simple tool for getting geolocation information on given IP address from various geolocation databases.
ipernity_api 0.13 1 Python Ipernity API
IPlantUML 0.1.1 1 Package which adds a PlantUML cell magic to IPython.
ironic-discoverd 1.1.1 1 Hardware introspection for OpenStack Ironic
isogeo-pysdk 2.18.0.post491 1 Abstraction class to use Isogeo REST API
isotoma.recipe.apache 1.0.4 1 Buildout recipes for apache.
isotoma.recipe.zeo 2.0.4 1 Custom version of plone.recipe.zeoserver
isotoma.recipe.zope2instance 0.0.6 1 Buildout recipes for create zope2instances
issue2branch 0.0.8 1 A feature branch namer / Issue tracker manager
IssueTrackerProduct 0.14.2 1 Bug/issue tracker for Zope2.
iw.releaser 0.4.1 1 Setuptools extension to release an egg
IXOpenIDClient 0.1.0 1 OpenID Client for applications using IX Profile servers
jabbbar 0.3.0 1 A python 3 wrapper for the Dribbble API
Janitor 0.1.1 1 Simple HTTP Server behind the OAuth
janrain-python-api 0.4.0 1 Python interface to the Janrain Capture API.
jaraco.httplib2 1.0b2 1 A comprehensive HTTP client library.
jarn.xmpp.core 0.34 1 Core package for jarn.xmpp
Jawaf 0.3.5 1 Asynchronous Web Application Framework
jawbone-up 0.1 1 Jawbone UP API python wrapper
jb-python-etcd 0.1.3 1 A python client for etcd (fork of python-etcd for testing)
jetconf 0.3.4 1 Pure Python implementation of RESTCONF server
jira-cards 0.2.0 1 JiraCards prints agile cards for your physical board from Jira. The issues are read from a Jira Agile Board or individual issues can be provided to create single cards.
jira-cycle-extract 0.10 1 Extract cycle time analytics data from JIRA
jira-metrics-extract 0.46 1 Extract agile metrics data from JIRA
jiraprinter 0.0.1 1 Simple printing interface for jira
jmatt-sqre-codekit 2.1.0 1 LSST Data Management SQuaRE code management tools
jmbo-neo 1 Jmbo Neo Web Services integration app.
job-runner 3.5.2 1 Tool for scheduling jobs and realtime monitoring
jose 1.0.0 1 An implementation of the JOSE draft
jotform 1.0 1 JotForm API - Python Client
jsonapi-client 0.9.6 1 Comprehensive, yet easy-to-use, pythonic, ORM-like access to JSON API services
jsonapi-datastore 0.1.2 1 A lightweight library handling structured JSONAPI responses.
jsoncatalogue 0.1.1 1 Local filesystem based JSON catalogue, usable e.g. with package `jsonschema`
jsonrpcdb 0.1.5 1 DB API v2.0 for JSON-RPC
jukebox 0.4.1 1 Democratic Jukebox - your democratic music player
jumpssh 1.3.2 1 Python library for remote ssh calls through a gateway.
just-salesforce 0.1.0 1 first release
kafka_store 0.1.4 1 Kafka Store provides an easy way of archiving data from Kafka
kaircs 0.3.0 1 A small File Cloud Storage over Riak KV
Kallithea 0.3.3 1 Kallithea is a fast and powerful management tool for Mercurial and Git with a built in push/pull server, full text search and code-review.
kallithea-auth-google 1.0.6 1 Kallithea google auth plugin
KATO-BASE 1.1.8 1 Custom module build on top of flask app builder for internal use.
Kato-FlaskAppBuilder 1.1.10 1 Simple and rapid application development framework, built on top of Flask. includes detailed security, auto CRUD generation for your models, google charts and much more.
kazoo 2.4.0 1 Higher Level Zookeeper Client
kazoo-sdk 0.2.4 1 Wrapper for the Kazoo API 2.0dev 1 Higher Level Zookeeper Client
kck 0.5.9 1 A high-performance framework for dynamic data 0.4.1 1 A Build System
kedo-kazoo 1 Higher Level Zookeeper Client
keepercommander 0.6.6 1 Keeper Commander for Python 3
KegBouncer 2.2.3 1 A three-tiered permissions model for KegElements built atop Flask-User
kerberos 1.2.5 1 Kerberos high-level interface
kerberos-py23 1 Kerberos high-level interface
keymaker 0.5.0 1 Lightweight SSH key management on AWS EC2
keystone-voms 9.0.4 1 Keystone VOMS module for Keystone.
keystonemiddleware 4.21.0 1 Middleware for OpenStack Identity
KFlask-AppBuilder 1.0.1 1 Simple and rapid application development framework, built on top of Flask. includes detailed security, auto CRUD generation for your models, google charts and much more.
kibitzr 4.0.10 1 Self hosted web page changes monitoring
kiefer 0.2 1 A Python wrapper for the Jawbone UP API.
kinto 8.1.1 1 Kinto Web Service - Store, Sync, Share, and Self-Host.
kinto-client 5.0.0 1 Kinto client
kinto-dist 5.1.1 1 Kinto Distribution
kinto-fxa 2.4.0 1 Firefox Accounts support in Kinto
kinto-http 9.0.1 1 Kinto client
kinto-ldap 0.3.1 1 LDAP support for Kinto
kinto-migrations 0.1.0 1 Run Kinto HTTP migrations.
kkdcpasn1 0.2 1 High performance ASN.1 parser for Kerberos KDC Proxy [KKDCP]
knoema 1.0.12b1 1 Official Python package for Knoema's API
konf 1.2 1 Konf is a Python package which designed to simplify the use of variables in configuration files. json and yaml supported out of the box.
koodaamo.pas.browseronlyredirect 1.0 1 CookieAuthHelper to redirect only if user agent is a real browser
koslab.messengerbot 1.0b5 1 Facebook messenger bot framework
Kotti 1.3.1 1 A high-level, Pythonic web application framework based on Pyramid and SQLAlchemy. It includes an extensible Content Management System called the Kotti CMS.
kotti_accounts 0.2.5 1 Allows a user principal to be associated to multiple email accounts.
kount-access-sdk 2.1.1 1 Kount Python Access SDK
KPyGithub 1.32a1 1 Slightly modified version of PyGithub while we work on a PR passing review. Added ability to interact with release assets.
krankshaft 0.3.17 1 A Web API Framework (with Django, ...)
kube_shields 0.0.6 1 kube shields flask frontend.
kubeshift 0.0.4 1 A universal python library for container orchestrators
kundart.socialpublisher 1.1 1 Publish your content to Twitter and Facebook easily
lab-django-ftpserver 1 FTP server application for Django.
lacli 1 The Long Access client
launchkey-twisted 1.0.0 1 LaunchKey Asynchronous SDK for Twisted
lavatory 1.1.1 1 Run retention policies against Artifactory repositories
lazr.restful 0.20.0 1 Publish Python objects as RESTful resources over HTTP.
lazr.restfulclient 0.13.5 1 A programmable client library that takes advantage of the commonalities among
ldapcherry 0.5.2 1 A simple web application to manage Ldap entries
ldapgroups 0.2 1 A read-only Zope3 GroupFolder implementation that reflects groups on an LDAP server. Needs ldappas
le-client 0.2 1 Yet another simple Let's Encrypt/ACME client
leap.auth 0.1.2 1 Library to authenticate with a LEAP platform
leap.bonafide 0.0.2 1 Common files used by the LEAP project.
leap.mail 0.4.2 1 Mail Services provided by Bitmask, the LEAP Client.
leeroy 0.3.0 1 Leeroy integrates Jenkins CI with GitHub pull requests
lendingclub2 0.3.0 1 Help automating LendingClub processes
leocornus.plonecrypto 0.2 1 Plone Cryptographic Toolkit
letsencrypt-remote 0.7.0 1 Opinionated letsencrypt acme client working via a ssh port forward.
lf-backup 0.4.5 1 lf-backup is a tool for backing up large files to object storage , e.g. swift.
lfmh 1.1.1 1 A API interface.
libgravatar 0.2.2 1 A library that provides a Python 3 interface for the Gravatar API.
libgreader 0.7.1 1 Library for working with the Google Reader API
libleipzig 1.3 1 binding
libopencore 0.7.1 1 a library of functions for connecting external apps to/from opencore
libpam_hotp 0.1 1 Pam module to authenticate users using HOTP token.
librssreader 0.0.10 1 Library for working with the Google Reader Like API
libsaas 0.4 1 Abstraction library for SaaS APIs
liches 0.7 1 Liches a server for linkchecker results
lifelogger 0.1.3 1 Track your life like a pro on Google Calendar via your terminal.
linkedin 0.1.5 1 A Python Library to interface with LinkedIn API, OAuth and JSON responses
linkero 0.9.5 1 Restful API for external requests
linode-python 1.1.1 1 Python bindings for Linode API
LinOTP 1 LinOTP Service
LinOTPAdminClientGUI 2.9.1 1 LinOTP GUI client
litex.cxpool 1 Native Oracle Session Pool implementation for SQLAlchemy
livingbio-django-oss-storage 1.0.0 1 Django Aliyun OSS (Object Storage Service) storage
lizard-map 5.5 1 Basic map setup for lizard web sites
lizzy 2.5.4 1 REST Service to deploy AWS CF templates using Senza
localmail 0.4.1 1 Test SMTP/IMAP server for local integration testing
lockserver 0.36 1 Simple lock server and client api for distributed coordination using a simple centralized python lock server
log4django 0.9.1 1 log4django is full features logging platform for django applications.
loghub 0.3.0 1 Generate changelogs based on Github milestones or tags
logilab-devtools 0.26.0 1 set of development tools used at Logilab
logjam 0.0.4 1 Small tools for archiving ISO8601 logfiles
logreduce 0.0.1 1 extract anomaly from log files
LogTrace 0.1.1 1 Aggregate Python log messages into a single log entry.
losant-rest 1.4.2 1 A REST client for the Losant API
LPBS 0.9.1 1 Local Portable Batch System
lribeiro.cherrypy.test 1.1.0 1 Test utilities for CherryPy
LRSignature 0.1.15 1 Learning Registry resource data digital signature management
lumper 0.3.0 1 Containers builder for docker.
lxmlmechanize 0.0.3 1 UNKNOWN
lyft_rides 0.2 1 Unofficial Lyft Rides API Python SDK
lyricscreen 0.6.10 1 A lyrics management and display web app and server.
m2bk 0.4.0 1 A command line tool to orchestrate MongoDB backups
m3-debuggie 2.0.8 1 Инструментарий для сбора отладочной информации о Django-системе
macaroonbakery 1.1.0 1 A Python library port for bakery, higher level operation to work with macaroons
machinae 1.4.0 1 Machinae Security Intelligence Collector
mackerel.client 0.0.2 1 Mackerel client implemented by Python.
mackerel.clienthde 0.0.4 1 Mackerel client implemented by Python.
mackinac 0.8.4 1 Mackinac: A bridge between ModelSEED and COBRApy
madame 0.1.2.a 1 RESTful API for MongoDB built on Flask
mailinglogger 3.8.0 1 Enhanced emailing handlers for the python logging package.
mailmerge 1.7.8 1 A simple, command line mail merge tool
manage_server_power 0.0.6 1 Small library for shutting down and starting up local server
managesieve3 1.1 1 Implements an RFC-5804 Manage Sieve client.
MapProxy 1.11.0 1 An accelerating proxy for tile and web map services
MarkWiki 1.6 1 A simple wiki using Markdown
marshmallow-form 0.1.1 1 a wrapper of marshmallow for form library like behavior
matthisk_httpsig 1.1.2 1 Secure HTTP request signing using the HTTP Signature draft specification
max 4.0.26 1 Activity Stream and Subscription Enhanced Engine (Motor d'Activitat i subscripcions eXtes)
maxclient 5.1 1 Client library wrapper to access MAX API.
mayan-edms 2.7.3 1 Free Open Source Electronic Document Management System
mbed-host-tests 1.3.0 1 mbed tools used to flash, reset and supervise test execution for mbed-enabled devices
mbed-ls 1.3.5 1 mbed-ls is a Python module that detects and lists mbed-enabled devices connected to the host computer
mbq.client 0.0.9 1
mcafee-epo 1.0.3 1 McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator API
mcash-mapi-client 0.1.3 1 Thin python wrapper around mCASH's merchant api
mcc 0.9.2 1 Command-Line Instance Control for AWS, Azure and GCP
mds-account-statement-fints 4.6.4 1 Tryton module for importing bank statements via Internet from your bank using the FinTS-3 protocol.
mdtogh 0.0.9 1 Transform markdown files into html with styles of github
mechanize 0.3.6 1 Stateful programmatic web browsing.
mediaampy 0.2.8 1 HTTP Client for the MediaAmp/MPX API
mediamosa 0.0.5 1 A high-level API interface for MediaMosa.
meg-django-tastypie 0.13.5 1 A flexible & capable API layer for Django.
megrok.login 0.4 1 Providing login screens for your Grok apps made easy.
mekk.nozbe 0.4.2 1 Nozbe interface wrapper.
memcachier-django-ascii 1.0.0 1 Django cache backend supporting MemCachier service
mercadopago 0.3.4 1 Mercadopago SDK module for Payments integration
mercurial_keyring 1.1.8 1 Mercurial Keyring Extension
merengue 0.9.0 1 Django-based CMS on steroids
merk-api 0.0.6 1 Merk API Python client
merlyn 0.0.9 1 A server backend for interactive online exercises.
messagemedia-messages-sdk 1.1.0 1 The MessageMedia Messages API provides a number of endpoints for building powerful two-way messaging applications.
mezzanine-api 0.6.1 1 A RESTful web API for Mezzanine CMS.
microclient 0.1.9 1 A Python client for interacting with Tangent MicroServices
microurl 0.1.1 1 microurl is a python module to create minfied urls
minetime 0.2.9 1 A simple Command line application helping you play with timelogs of configured redmine server.
minfraud 1.6.0 1 MaxMind minFraud Score, Insights, and Factors API
minitage.paste 1.4.6 1 PasteScripts to facilitate use of minitage and creation of minitage based projects sponsored by Makina Corpus.
minitds 0.4.2 1 Yet another SQLServer database driver
minus 1.2 1 Python library & command-line utility which interacts with the ( file sharing service *** Note: This no longer works due to changes in the service ***
mission-control2 3.12.0 1 Mission Control - allows for easy launching of apps on Marathon
mistral 1 Mistral Project
mixpanel-query-py 0.1.9 1 The Python interface to query data from Mixpanel.
mllib 1.0.0a2 1 A REST client for MarkLogic 8
MOAI 2.0.0 1 MOAI, A Open Access Server Platform for Institutional Repositories
mobbage 0.2 1 A HTTP stress test and benchmark tool
mock-server 0.3.7 1 Simple mock server for REST API
mockdjangosaml2 0.16.1 1 Django application that mocks functionality of djangosaml2 app for testing and development purposes.
modislock 0.1.12 1 Administration web interface for Modis© Lock
modoboa-imap-migration 1.1.2 1 A plugin to migrate mailboxes using IMAP
moesifdjango 1.2.1 1 Moesif Middleware for Python Django
moltin 1.0.1b1 1 Moltin Python SDK
money-to-prisoners-common 6.6.1 1 Django app with common code and assets for Money to Prisoners serivces
mongo-join-rs 0.3 1 Small utility to join/leave MongoDB replicaset
Mongo-Thingy 0.10.0 1 The most Pythonic and friendly-yet-powerful way to use MongoDB
mongoaudit 0.0.3 1 An automated pentesting tool that lets you know if your MongoDB instances are properly secured
mongodb-beaker2 0.5.1 1 Beaker backend to write sessions and caches to a MongoDB schemaless database. This package adds the README.rst which was missing from the file. Please refer to the original author (Brendan W. McAdams - regarding any question related to this package.
mongodb_beaker 0.5 1 Beaker backend to write sessions and caches to a MongoDB schemaless database.
mongodict 0.3.1 1 MongoDB-backed Python dict-like interface
mongotail 2.1.2 1 Mongotail, Log all MongoDB queries in a "tail"able way.
mongotor 0.1.0 1 (MongoDB + Tornado) is an asynchronous driver and toolkit for working with MongoDB inside a Tornado app
mongotor-skd 0.1.5 1 (MongoDB + Tornado) is an asynchronous driver and toolkit for working with MongoDB inside a Tornado app
monz 0.2.1 1 Simple (and awesome) command line interface for quickly accessing your (equally awesome) Monzo account info, its current balance, latest transactions, etc.
moodle 0.0.1 1 Moodle web services connection library
Mopidy-GMusic 2.0.0 1 Mopidy extension for playing music from Google Play Music
Mopidy-Moped 0.7.1 1 Responsive Web client for Mopidy
Mopidy-SoundCloud 2.0.2 1 SoundCloud extension for Mopidy
Mopidy-Spotify-Web 0.3.0 1 Mopidy extension for providing the browse feature of Spotify for artists and albums
Mopidy-WAMPFrontend 0.2.0 1 Mopidy extension providing a WAMP frontend
morepath 0.18.1 1 A micro web-framework with superpowers
moth 2.1.1 1 token system using MongoDB
motor 1.2.1 1 Non-blocking MongoDB driver for Tornado or asyncio
mozdownload 1.23 1 Script to download builds for Firefox and Thunderbird from the Mozilla server.
mozsvc 0.10 1 Various utilities for Mozilla apps
mr.developer 1.38 1 A zc.buildout extension to ease the development of large projects with lots of packages.
mrproxy 0.3.4 1 Mediocre Reverse Proxy.
msrest 0.4.25 1 AutoRest swagger generator Python client runtime.
msrestazure 0.4.20 1 AutoRest swagger generator Python client runtime. Azure-specific module.
mssqlcli 1.0.4 1 Python CLI for Microsoft SQL.
mstranslator 0.3.2 1 Microsoft Translator API wrapper
mt-data-api 0.0.3 1 A port of mt-data-api-sdk-swift.
muffin-oauth 0.3.0 1
multistack 0.4.1 1 Universal wrapper for the various OpenStack client software with support for multiple environments.
multisync 0.5.3 1 No description yet.
munin.zope 2.1 1 Munin plugins for Zope/Plone.
music_story 0.1 1 Music Story Python SDK
mxit 0.3.8 1 Python utility library for accessing Mxit's public APIs.
mygeotab 0.6.2 1 An unofficial Python client for the MyGeotab API
MyProxyWebService 0.2.3 1 MyProxy Web Service
mypypi 1.3.0 1 My Python Package Index (Standalone Server)
mypytest 1.0 1 The descusr web application development framework, a Pylons project
myql 1.2.7 1 Python Wrapper for the Yahoo! Query Language. Allowing to run YQL queries, fetch financial data and create YQL Open Tables
mystarspilot 1.0.1 1 a CLI tool to search your starred Github repositories.
nacelle 0.4.1 1 A lightweight Python framework (built on top of webapp2) for use on Google Appengine
naja 200 1 Naja is a download manager and a website grabber. You can add some plugins (newsreader, newsposter, FTP client, WebDav client) and take control of your downloads from your office.
nano 1.0-alpha3 1 Does less! Loosely coupled mini-apps for django.
nap-token-auth 0.1.2 1 A Minimal Token-Based Auth for Django
nautilus 0.5.2 1 A library for creating event-driven microservice applications
ndex-dev 1 NDEx Python includes a client and a data model.
ndex2 1 Nice CX Python includes a client and a data model.
ndex2-dev 1 Nice CX Python includes a client and a data model.
ndg-oauth-client 0.6.0 1 OAuth 2.0 client
ndg-oauth-server 0.6.0 1 OAuth 2.0 server
neo4jrestclient 2.1.1 1 Object-oriented Python library to interact with Neo4j standalone REST server
nessaws 0.0.2 1 nessaws: Automate Nessus scans against AWS EC2/RDS endpoints.
nest-thermostat 1.2 1 Python API and command line tool for talking to the Nest™ Thermostat
nestegg 0.0.1alpha2 1 Lightweight pypi mirror and continuous integration server
netcdf4_pydap 0.2.6 1 netCDF4 and CAS compatibility layer for pydap
netconf-console 1.1.1 1 Netconf client CLI tool and interactive console
networking-infoblox 11.0.0 1 Contains Neutron drivers for integration with Infoblox grids for IPAM and DNS.
newrelic_marklogic_plugin 0.2.8 1 NewRelic plugin for monitoring MarkLogic.
newrelic_plugin_agent 1.3.0 1 Python based agent for collecting metrics for NewRelic
nginx-sso-dpaw 0.2rc1 1 Nginx SSO library for DPaW internal applications.
nimbstor 1.0.1 1 Store incrementally, compressed and encrypted data failsafe in filesystems, sFTP, WebDAV, IMAP or other backends.
nmongo 0.4.0 1 Yet another MongoDB driver
notify 0.3.1 1 Notify process termination via email
notrequests 0.6 1 Like Requests, but using urllib2.
nova-lxd 16.0.0 1 native lxd driver for openstack
novajoin 1.0.17 1 Nova integration to enroll IPA clients
npr 2.2.1 1 NPR cloud framework
nscaweb 0.1.20 1 A more feature rich alternative than the classic NSCA daemon.
nsqs 0.2.0 1 A complete, gevent-based, non-Tornado NSQ client.
nsxramlclient 2.0.6 1 A "pseudo dynamic" client for the VMware NSX for vSphere API that uses a RAML file describing the API as an Input to generate the API calls
ntfy 2.5.1 1 A utility for sending push notifications
ntorque 0.4.2 1 Web hook task queue service.
ntripbrowser 1.1.0 1 NTRIP Browser for terminal
NuPlone 1.5.6 1 A new user interface for Plone
oauth-middleware 0.3.3 1 Simple flask_oauthlib based middleware for WSGI app to preform oauth
oauth1-provider 0.4.10 1 OAuth 1.0a Provider for Python
oauth2-stateless 1.0.0 1 OAuth 2.0 provider for python with Stateless tokens support
oauth_redirect 0.3.0 1 Securely redirects OAuth responses to known clients.
objectfs 0.2.9 1 Simple Python VFS module
octogit 0.3.3 1 giving git tentacles to work better with github
odoo10-addon-auth-totp 1 Allows users to enable MFA and add optional trusted devices
odoo10-addon-base-external-dbsource-mssql 1 External Database Source - MSSQL
odoo10-addon-base-external-dbsource-mysql 1 External Database Source - MySQL
odoo10-addon-base-external-dbsource-odbc 1 External Database Source - ODBC
odoo10-addon-base-external-dbsource-oracle 1 External Database Source - Oracle
odoo10-addon-base-external-dbsource-sqlite 1 External Database Source - SQLite
odoo10-addon-stock-scanner 1 Allows managing barcode readers with simple scenarios
odoo8-addon-auth-from-http-remote-user 1 Authenticate via HTTP Remote User
odoo8-addon-connector-dns 1 DNS connector
odoo8-addon-connector-redmine 1 Redmine Connector
odoo8-addon-connector-salesforce 1 Provides core synchronization interfaces with Salesforce.
odoo8-addon-connector-salesforce-server-environment 1 Connector Salesforce Server Environment
odoo8-addon-l10n-ch-fds-postfinance 1 Download files and import bank statements from FDS
odoo8-addon-l10n-ch-fds-upload-dd 1 Upload Direct Debit files to FDS PostFinance
odoo8-addon-l10n-ch-fds-upload-sepa 1 Upload SEPA files to FDS PostFinance
odoo8-addon-stock-scanner 1 Allows managing barcode readers with simple scenarios
odoo9-addon-auth-from-http-remote-user 1 Authenticate via HTTP Remote User
odoo9-addon-auth-totp 1 Allows users to enable MFA and add optional trusted devices
odoo9-addon-l10n-ch-fds-postfinance 1 Download files and import bank statements from FDS
odoo9-addon-l10n-ch-fds-upload-dd 1 Upload Direct Debit files to FDS PostFinance
odoo9-addon-l10n-ch-fds-upload-sepa 1 Upload SEPA files to FDS PostFinance
odoo9-addon-oauth-provider 1 Allows to use Odoo as an OAuth2 provider
odoo9-addon-stock-scanner 1 Allows managing barcode readers with simple scenarios
ofarchiver 0.43 1 An HTML archive generator for chat rooms on an Openfire instant messaging server.
Office365-REST-Python-Client 2.0.0 1 Office 365 REST client for Python
Office365Api 0.0.9 1 Python library for working with Microsoft Office 365
Office365Api-27 0.0.7 1 Python library for working with Microsoft Office 365
oglhclient 1.0.0 1 An API client library for Opengear Lighthouse
oglhslack 1.0.0 1 A Slack chat bot for Opengear Lighthouse
oh-my-stars 1.4.9 1 a CLI tool to search your GitHub stars.
okchef 1.2.5 1 python client library for Chef Server
oktaauth 0.2 1 Authenticates from the CLI
olp 0.2.3 1 Object-level permissions across multiple models for Django.
omniture 0.3.1 1 A wrapper for the Adobe Omniture and SiteCatalyst web analytics API.
onegov.user 0.17.3 1 A generic user model for OneGov.
onespacemedia-server-management 3.0.3 1 A set of server management tools used by Onespacemedia.
onetimepass 1.0.1 1 Module for generating and validating HOTP and TOTP tokens
opbeatcli 2.0.2 1 opbeatcli is a command line client for `Opbeat <>`_. It provides access to the Opbeat API through the command line. It is also useful for use in your own applications. "opbeat" is installed as a binary.
open-singly 0.2 1 Implementation of singly API for Python
openapp_indivo_adminsite 0.1 1 Admin Site for Indivo
openbrokerapi 1.0.0 1 A python package for the V2 CF Service Broker API and Open Broker API (version 2.13+)
opencnam 0.5 1 A simple python library for getting caller ID name information using the opencnam API.
openerp-auth-crypt 7.0.406 1 Password Encryption
openerp-base-gengo 7.0.406 1 Automated Translations through Gengo API
openerp-document 7.0.406 1 Document Management System
openid-connect 0.4.2 1 Low-level Python OIDC Client library
openid2rp 1.12 1 OpenID 2.0 Relying Party Support Library with WSGI and Django support
openjub_py 0.1 1 A Python Client for OpenJUB.
openlabs_nereid_chat 1 Nereid Chat module
openlibrary-client 0.0.17 1 A python client for Open Library
opensrscli 0.1.9 1 A CLI for OpenSRS reseller accounts
openvpn-manager 1.0.0.dev6 1 A simple OpenVPN Manager
ordered-startup-supervisord 1.0.3 1 An event listener for supervisord that will start up items in order upon certain states.
os-http 0.1.0 1 Simple HTTP CLI for OpenStack
osaapi 0.4.4 1 A python binding for the Odin Service Automation (OSA) and billing APIs.
oscurl 1.1.1 1 cURL-like tool to access OpenStack APIs with keystone auth
osiris 1.4 1 Pyramid based oAuth server
osmhm_site 0.52 1 osmhm_site
ospurge 2.0.0 1 OpenStack resources cleanup script
otpauth 1.0.1 1 Implements two-step verification of HOTP/TOTP
outbox 0.1.8 1 SMTP client for Humans.
ovchipcardlib 0.1.0 1 A library to interact with the ov-chip card service
overc 1.0.9-1 1 Simplistic monitoring solution that is a pleasure to use
ovh 0.4.8 1 Official API wrapper
ovirt-engine-sdk-python 4.2.3 1 Python SDK for oVirt Engine API
p-ages 1.0.1 1 pages is a lightweight page object and component Python library for UI tests 0.5.1 1 A build system supporting application deploy and installation
p01.releaser 0.6.0 1 Release helper script which offers a simple release process
paAPI 0.0.1 1 Notice: This module is depreciated in favour of ingrammicro's osaAPI
paho-mqtt 1.3.1 1 MQTT version 3.1.1 client class
palladium 1 Framework for setting up predictive analytics services
pam3 0.1.4 1 PAM interface using ctypes (Python 3 compatible)
pam_py_linotp 2.9.1 1 LinOTP python PAM module
pantsbuild.pants.contrib.haskell 0.0.79 1 Haskell pants plugin
pantsbuild.pants.contrib.spindle 1.1.0-pre4 1 Spindle thrift -> scala generator pants plugins.
paperspace 0.0.8 1 Paperspace API for Python
parallel-ssh 1.2.1.post3 1 Asynchronous parallel SSH library
pardot-api-client 0.0.1 1 Pardot API Client
parinx 0.1.2 1 Parinx implements a basic Sphinx docstring parser language which providesa interface to extract the relavant parameter. You might find it most useful for tasks involving automated data extraction from sphinx docs.
pas.plugins.authomatic 1.0b1 1 Provides OAuth2/ OpenID login for Plone using Authomatic.
pas.plugins.external_auth 0.1rc2 1
pas.plugins.sqlalchemy 0.4.2 1 SQLAlchemy-based PAS user/group/prop store.
passacre-nobackend 1 better repeatable password generation
passbyme2fa_client 1.0.7 1 Messaging SDK for PassBy[ME] Mobile ID solution
passivetotal 1.0.30 1 Client for the PassiveTotal REST API
Paste 2.0.3 1 Tools for using a Web Server Gateway Interface stack
patatmo 0.2.13 1 painless access to the netatmo weather api
patch.singingdancing 1.0.2 1 A patch for singing dancing that logs SMTP errors
pave 0.69 1 Simple push-based configuration and deployment tool, leveraging fabric.  No servers, few dependencies.
payoneer-escrow-sdk 0.1.0 1 An SDK for working with the Payoneer Escrow API
paytm-oauth 0.2 1 Consumer for paytm oauth
pcassandra 0.0.6 1 Utilities to use Cassandra with Django
pcsv 1.0.6 1 This module can be used to handle comma-separated values (CSV) files and do lightweight processing of their data with support for row and column filtering
pd-sprintstats 3.2.2 1 Gathers some statistics for a sprint from JIRA
pda 1 A command line todo list manager
pdef-java 1.2.0 1 Pdef java generator
pdxdisplay 0.0.1a1 1 Simple web application for viewing PDX (Product Data eXchange) XML files
peer 0.26.0 1 Public Endpoint Entities Registry
peltak 0.9.11 1 Command line utility to improve your daily workflow.The main focus so far is making a Gitlab merge request management easier.
penates 0.2.0 1 Suite
peng 1.0.6 1 This package provides engineering-related classes and functions
personal 0.1.1 1 Easy, secure self notification via email and sms, using smtplib and twilio
pg-discuss 1.0b1 1 A comment system backend on top of PostgreSQL
pghoard 1.5.0 1 PostgreSQL automatic backup/restore service daemon
pglookout 1.4.0 1 PostgreSQL replication monitoring and failover daemon
phabulous 0.1.2 1 Pythonic abstraction for python-habricator library.
pharaoh 0.0.1-dev 1 PO File Translation Verification Web App
phen.mail 0.1.2 1 Mail Services Plugin for Phen
phpIPAM-Scraper 1.1.2 1 A python library to retrieve device IPs from a PHPipam installation
pilbox 1.3.2 1 Pilbox is an image processing application server built on the Tornado web framework using the Pillow Imaging Library
pinballmap 0.2.2 1 Python client for the Pinball Map API
pkgsync 0.1.0 1 Synchronise packages between two python software repositories
plastclient 0.2.1 1 Plastclient is an API wrapper for Plast.
platform42 0.1dev 1 Programatic access to the Code42 paltform api
PlexAPI 3.0.5 1 Python bindings for the Plex API.
plexurl 1.4.0 1 Browse Plex from CLI. Returns transcoding streaming urls to stdout
Plone 5.1rc2 1 The Plone Content Management System 1.0b1 1 Security for browser forms 5.0.8 1 Testing tools for Plone-the-application, based on plone.testing.
plone.jsonapi.routes 0.9.4 1 Plone JSON API -- Routes
plone.outputfilters 3.0.3 1 Transformations applied to HTML in Plone text fields as they are rendered
plone.protect 3.1.1 1 Security for browser forms
plone.recipe.distros 1.5 1 ZC Buildout recipe for installing distributions.
plone.recipe.varnish 2.2.0 1 Build and/or configure Varnish Cache with zc.buildout
plone.recipe.zeoserver 1.4.0 1 ZC Buildout recipe for installing a ZEO server
plone.recipe.zope2instance 4.3 1 Buildout recipe for creating a Zope 2 instance
plone.recipe.zope2zeoserver 1.5 1 ZC Buildout recipe for installing a Zope 2 ZEO server
plone.restapi 1.0.0 1 plone.restapi is a RESTful hypermedia API for Plone.
plone.server 1.0a16 1 asyncio transactional server to build REST API / Websocket with ZODB
plone.validatehook 1.0 1 Zope 2 publisher validation hook
plonetheme.porseleinplaats 0.54 1 An installable theme for Plone 3
pluct 1.2.7 1 JSON Hyper Schema client
plugit 0.3.11 1 PlugIt is a framework enhancing the portability and integration of web services requiring a user interface. 4.5 1 Plumi video sharing
plut 0.5.3 1 Port manager for developing multiple local web apps.
plytix-retailers-sdk 1.0.11 1 Plytix Retailers SDK for Python
pmacct-to-elasticsearch 0.3.0 1 A Python script designed to read output from pmacct daemons, to process it and to store it into ElasticSearch.
pmr2.oauth 0.6.1 1 OAuth PAS Plugin, OAuth 1.0 provider for Plone.
pOCCI 1.0.3 1 OCCI Compliance Testing Tool
pocket2pinboard 0.1.0 1 Import pocket articles into
pockyll 0.1.1 1 sync your pocket bookmarks to Jekyll linkposts
poi.receivemail 3.0.1 1 Receive email in the Poi issue tracker
pointdns 0.1.2 1 API client with support for Python 3.x (based on pointhq package)
polemarch 0.1.3 1 Polemarch is ansible based service for orchestration infrastructure.
police-api-client 1.2.2 1 Python client library for the Police API
poly1305_aes 0.13.39 1 Python wrapper for Poly1305aes HMAC
poly1305_donna 0.11.15 1 Python wrapper around poly1305_donna by floodberry
pomp 0.2.1 1 Screen scraping and web crawling framework
PonyExpress 0.14stable 1 High performance, transactional email message queuing, logging, and multi-lingual HTML and plain text templates management.
PopIt-Python 0.1.11 1 Python bindings to connect to the PopIt API
poplus-pci 0.1.12 1 Generic python bindings to connect to the Poplus components
poppycdn 1.0.13 1 A modular, vendor-neutral API, that wraps provisioning instructions for all CDN vendors that support it.
porper 0.3.0 1 Portable Permission Controller
postage 1.2.1 1 A Python library for AMQP-based network components
postcodeinfo 0.2.2 1 API client for
postman_repl 0.0.1 1 A repl providing api access using postman configuration
Potion-client 2.5.1 1 A client for APIs written in Flask-Potion
pov-fabric-helpers 0.3 1 Fabric helpers we use at PoV
pp.server 1 pp.server - Produce & Publish Server
pplot 1.1.2 1 This module can be used to create high-quality, presentation-ready X-Y graphs quickly and easily
pproxy 1.2.2 1 Proxy server that can tunnel among remote servers by regex rules.
praekelt.recipe.backup 0.0.3 1 Filesystem and database backup Buildout recipe.
predikto-elasticsearch 2.4.1 1 Unofficial Python client for Elasticsearch
predix 0.0.9 1 Python Client SDK for Predix Services
prestans 2.1.6 1 A WSGI compliant REST micro-framework
pretix-banktool 0.2.1 1 Command-line client for pretix that allows to synchronize bank transaction statements to pretix
privy 6.0.0 1 Password-protected data made easy.
proauth2 1.2.1 1 An OAuth2 Provider Module for Python
probe-py 1.1.2 1 Probe API Client
processrunner 2.0.0 1 Easily trigger and manage output from external processes.
Products.AutoRole 2.1.1 1 PAS plugin for adding roles to (anonymous or logged-in) visitors based on their IP address.
Products.AutoRoleFromHostHeader 1.0.0 1 Plone PAS plugin for adding roles (or groups) to anonymous or logged-in visitors looking for HTTP Headers.
Products.CMFPlone 5.1rc2 1 The Plone Content Management System (core)
Products.ExternalEditor 2.0.3 1 Zope External Editor
Products.FacultyStaffDirectory 5.0 1 Provides content types for creating and organizing personnel directories within educational institutions. Integrates with Plone's users and groups infrastructure and supports an extensibility framework for custom requirements.
Products.feedfeeder 3.0.1 1 Turn external feed entries into content items
Products.LDAPMultiPlugins 1.14 1 LDAP-backed plugins for the Zope2 PluggableAuthService
Products.LDAPUserFolder 2.27 1 A LDAP-enabled Zope 2 user folder
Products.membrane 4.0 1 Content-based users and groups for Plone
Products.NoDuplicateLogin 2.0 1 Products.NoDuplicateLogin
Products.OneTimeTokenPAS 0.3 1 Login using a token that can be only used once.
Products.PASIPAuth 0.2 1 PAS plugin that authenticates by ip address
Products.PasswordResetTool 2.2.3 1 Password reset tool for Plone
Products.remember 1.9.5 1 A content-based implementation of Plone's default member infrastructure
Products.republisher 0.2 1 republishes content from a plone site into social networks
Products.ResourceRegistries 2.2.13 1 Registry for managing CSS and JS
Products.SharkbyteSSOPlugin 0.6.0b1 1 SSO Plugin for Zope 2 PAS and PlonePAS
Products.SilvaForum 3.0.3 1 Forum content types for Silva CMS
profab 0.5.1 1 Automated tools for engaging with server infrastructure on AWS
profitbricks 4.1.2 1 ProfitBricks API Client Library for Python
prometheus-pve-exporter 1.0.0 1 Proxmox VE exporter for the Prometheus monitoring system.
prospecting 0.1.5 1 Marketing toolset using Pandas & Google Sheets API, with classes for a variety of other Google APIs
provision 0.9.3-dev 1 Create highly customized servers in the cloud
proxapy 0.1.5 1 Simple API proxy that uses Flask/requests/gunicorn.
proxmoxer 1.0.2 1 Python Wrapper for the Proxmox 2.x API (HTTP and SSH)
proxy-toggle 1.0.7 1 A command-line tool to run programs seamlessly behind a proxy.
proxybroker 0.3.0 1 [Finder/Checker/Server] Finds public proxies from multiple sources and concurrently checks them. Supports HTTP(S) and SOCKS4/5.
pscore 0.4.8 1 Python-Selenium framework module
pseud 1.0.0a1 1 Bidirectionnal RPC Api on top of pyzmq
psq 0.6.0 1 A simple task queue using Google Cloud Pub/Sub
ptah 0.8.0 1 Ptah is a fast, fun, open source high-level Python web development environment.
ptahcms 0.5.1 1 Ptah is a fast, fun, open source high-level Python web development environment.
ptrcreate 2.0.0 1 Create a PTR Record for a Rackspace Cloud Server.
pubkeeper.client 1.0.1 1 Brew, Fill, Consume
pubkeeper.protocol 0.2.4 1 Brew, Fill, Consume
publickey 0.3 1 Control downloading/uploading publickeys.
pubsub-logging 0.2.1 1 Logging handlers for publishing the logs to Cloud Pub/Sub
pucas 0.5.1 1 Django app to login with CAS and populate user accounts with LDAP.
pudl 0.1.3 1 pudl is an Active Directory client library and CLI
PushySDK 0.1.5 1 A very simple Python client for the Pushy notification service API.
PuSSH 1.05 1 PuSSH is `Pythonic, ubiquitous SSH`, a `Python wrapper` that, under ideal conditions, provides high performance, `real time parallel` command execution over SSH on large machine clusters, farms, or even the entire internet.
putiosync 0.2.3 1 Automatically download content from 1.1.0 1 A Python module for the Puush ( API.
py-cricket 1.0.3 1 Easy to install and simple way to access all Roanuz Cricket APIs. Its a library for showing Live Cricket Score, Cricket Schedule and Statistics
py-encryption 0.1.1 1 Simple Encryption in Python.
py-rest-client 0.1.1 1 Py-Rest-Client is a useful lib for programmers who work with clients for REST API. In simply and easy way you can build Endpoint classes where you put endpoint settings.In that case you have clean structure of endpoints in your code. This lib is only for consume REST API endpoints.
py-serverdensity 1.0.12 1 Python API wrapper
py3o.renderclient 0.2 1 An easy solution to transform openoffice documents to supported formats
pyaas 0.6.1 1 Python-as-a-Service is a set of utilities for quickly creating Tornado applications.
pyad 0.5.16 1 An Object-Oriented Active Directory management framework built on ADSI
PyAfipWs 2.7.1874 1 Interfases, tools and apps for Argentina's gov't. webservices (soap, com/dll, pdf, dbf, xml, etc.)
pyAMI 4.1.3 1 The ATLAS Metadata Interface
pyark 1.1.1 1 Pyark is a small python-based CLI tool, which allows you to interact with the CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault API.
pyAS2 0.3.8 1 A pythonic AS2 application for file tranfers.
pyasgard 1.5 1 Python library for working with the Asgard api.
pyatv 0.3.9 1 Library for controlling an Apple TV
PyBackend 0.1 1 An RDBMS backed object development framework
pybankid 0.6.1 1 BankID client for Python
pybbm 0.19.0 1 PyBB Modified. Django forum application
pybbm-tbw 0.8.0-13 1 PyBB Modified, Modified. Django forum application modified to work with other languages than Russian and English, as well as working with easy_thumbnails
pybitbucket 0.12.0 1 A Python wrapper for the Bitbucket API
pybitbucket_fork 0.12.2 1 Fork of a Python wrapper for the Bitbucket API
PyBlox 0.1-r0 1 A Python MVC web framework.
pybootd 1.5.0 1 Simplified BOOTP/DHCP/PXE/TFTP server
pybz 0.1.5 1 Python Bugzilla Console Utility
pycloudflare 0.4.3 1 Python client for CloudFlare.
pyconfig 3.2.3 1 Python-based singleton configuration
pycpanel 0.1.5 1 Python Client for the cPanel API and CSF.
pycsync 0.1b1 1 Sync local photos with Flickr
pycurl 1 PycURL -- A Python Interface To The cURL library
pycurl2 7.20.0.a1 1 PycURL2 - cURL library module for python
pycvss 1.0.2 1 Cvss manipulation library to easily compute scores.
pydecor 1.1.3 1 Easy peasy Python decorators
pydentity 0.5 1 Pydentity is a small web application that manage apache password file (htpasswd) with a simple browser.
pydomo 1 The official Python3 Domo API SDK - Domo, Inc.
pydosh 2.1 1 Bank statement transaction manager, written in PySide
pydrill 0.3.1 1 Python Driver for Apache Drill.
pyenest 0.5 1 Python API for Nest Thermostat - Edited
pyetsy 0.4.10 1 Python access to the Etsy API
PyEwsClient 1.2 1 Microsoft Office 365 EWS (Exchange Web Services) Client Library
pyf.station 2.0.5 1 PyF.Station is a protocol with client and server implementation to transfer python generators accross tcp networks.
pyfluffy 0.0.12 1 Fluffy - A Firewall as a Service
PyGall 0.12 1 Image gallery built with Pyramid web framework
pyGAPI 0.9 1 Python Google Analytics Download API
pygatt 3.2.0 1 Python Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) and GATT Library
pygelf 0.3.3 1 Logging handlers with GELF support
pygeocoder 1.2.5 1 Python interface for Google Geocoding API V3. Can be used to easily geocode, reverse geocode, validate and format addresses.
pygerrit 1.0.0 1 Client library for interacting with Gerrit
pygerrit2 2.0.4 1 Client library for interacting with Gerrit's REST API
PyGithub 1.35 1 Use the full Github API v3
PyGithub-ReadOnly 1.34.post3 1 This fork of PyGithub provides support for read-only deploy keys
pygithub-redux 1.33.0 1 Use the full Github API v3
PyGithub-requests 1.26.0 1 Use the full Github API v3
pyharmony 1.0.18 1 Python library for programmatically using a Logitech Harmony Link or Ultimate Hub.
pyhdb 0.3.3 1 SAP HANA Database Client for Python
pyicloud 0.9.1 1 PyiCloud is a module which allows pythonistas to interact with iCloud webservices.
pyicloud_dwoh 0.4.1 1 PyiCloud is a module which allows pythonistas to interact with iCloud webservices. This is an unofficial fork of the official package 'pyicloud'.
pyimgur 0.6.0 1 The easy way of using Imgur.
PyInABox 1.0.1 1 Implementation of shell running on top of python-vte and Athena LivePage
pyipptool 0.4.9 1 ipptool python wrapper
pyiso 0.4.0 1 Python client libraries for ISO and other power grid data sources.
pyjolokia 0.3.1 1 Pure Python based Jolokia client
pykerberos 1.2.1 1 High-level interface to Kerberos
pykube 0.16a1 1 Python client library for Kubernetes
pylmod 0.2.0 1 PyLmod is a Python Implementation of MIT Learning Modules
pylogsparser 0.8 1 A log parser library packaged with a set of ready to use parsers (DHCPd, Squid, Apache, ...)
PylonsTemplates 0.1dev 1 Extra paster templates for Pylons including repoze.what implementation
pymatgen-db 2018.1.4 1 Pymatgen-db is a database add-on for the Python Materials Genomics (pymatgen) materials analysis library.
PyMoJo 0.9.3 1 PyJoJo client library
pymongo 3.6.0 1 Python driver for MongoDB <>
pymonzo 0.10.3 1 An - dare I say it - awesome Python wrapper for Monzo public API.
pymqttbench 0.1.1 1 A script to benchmark an MQTT broker
PyNaCl 1.2.1 1 Python binding to the Networking and Cryptography (NaCl) library
pynav 0.7 1 Python programmatic web browser to fetch data and test web sites
pyneo4j 0.0.0 1 A Python client library for Neo4j
PyNetConf 1.0 1 IETF Network Configuration Protocol (NETCONF) Client Library
pyoath 1.0.1 1 Python OATH implementation for two-factor systems.
pyoauth2 0.0.4 1 Simple OAuth 2.0 client library
pyocb 1.2 1 OCB-AES authenticated encryption for Python
pyocker 0.2.7 1 Docker Utils with Python
pyoneall 0.2.3 1 OneAll API wrapper ( Provides unified API for 30+ social networks
pyosf 1.0.5 1 Python lib for synching with OpenScienceFramework projects
pyotp 2.2.6 1 Python One Time Password Library
pypac 0.5.0 1 Proxy auto-config and auto-discovery for Python.
pypassport 1.0 1 Python Biometric Passport API
pypdfocr 0.9.1 1 Converts a scanned PDF into an OCR'ed pdf using Tesseract-OCR and Ghostscript
pypertrail 1.0.0 1 Python wrapper library and CLI for papertrail API.
pyphaxio 0.11 1 Python client for Phaxio
pypi-server 0.4.7 1 Tornado PyPi server
pypi-tools 0.0.2 1 Command line PyPI search tool
pypinfo 8.0.0 1 View PyPI download statistics with ease.
pypingdom 0.1.3 1 Client for Pingdom Services
pypiserver 1.2.1 1 A minimal PyPI server for use with pip/easy_install.
pypissh 1.4 1 PyPI SSH Access
pypiweb 0.1.1 1 pypiweb description
pyplete 0.0.5 1 PYPLETE (PYthon autocomPLETE) is a interface to autocomplete in python
pypowervm 1.1.10 1 Python binding for the PowerVM REST API
pypref 2.0.0 1 PYthon PREFrences or pypref is a python implementation to creating application's configuration, preferences or settings file and dynamically interacting, updating and pulling them. Most applications have default preferences and in general those are created and stored in a text file (.ini, xml, json, etc).
pypu 0.2.0 1 UNKNOWN
pypuppetdb 0.3.3 1 Library for working with the PuppetDB REST API.
pypwrctrl 0.2.1 1 Anel NET-PwrCtrl library and command line utility
pypyraws 0.0.4 1 pypyr pipeline runner AWS plugin. Steps for ECS, S3, Beanstalk.
pypyrslack 0.3.0 1 pypyr slack plug-in: send slack messages from pypyr pipelines
pyrabbit 1.1.0 1 A Pythonic interface to the RabbitMQ Management HTTP API
pyrabbit2 1.0.0 1 A Pythonic interface to the RabbitMQ Management HTTP API
pyramid-cubicweb 0.8.0 1 Integrate CubicWeb with a Pyramid application.
pyramid-kvs 0.2.3 1
pyramid-notebook 0.2.1 1 Embed IPython Notebook shell on your Pyramid website
pyramid-signed-params 0.1b4 1 Cryptographically signed query parameters for pyramid
pyramid_authsanity 1.1.0 1 An auth policy for the Pyramid Web Framework with sane defaults.
pyramid_controllers 0.3.24 1 A pyramid plugin that provides de-centralized hierarchical object dispatch.
pyramid_debugtoolbar 4.3 1 A package which provides an interactive HTML debugger for Pyramid application development
pyramid_facebook 2.0.2 1 Pyramid routes and helpers for Facebook canvas applications
pyramid_httpauth 1.0.5 1 pyramid_httpauth
pyramid_hybridauth 0.1.0 1 Pyramid hybrid auth.
pyramid_keystone 0.0.1.dev0 1 OpenStack keystone bindings for Pyramid
pyramid_ldap 0.2 1 pyramid_ldap
pyramid_mailer 0.15.1 1 Sendmail package for Pyramid
pyramid_mongo 0.1.1 1 Mongodb support for pyramid
pyramid_multildap 0.2a5 1 pyramid_multildap
pyramid_oauth2_provider 0.2 1 Oauth2 endpoint for pyramid applications
pyramidpypi 0.1 1 pyramidpypi - a very simply pypi server written in pyramid
pyrcmd 0.1.1 1 Python Remote Commands toolkit
pyrcmd3 0.1.0 1 Python3 Remote Commands toolkit
pyredmine 0.2.4 1 Python Redmine Web Services Library
pyroar 1.0.0 1 Python client for PokeAPI
pyrone 1.4.0 1 pyrone
pyRserve 0.9.1 1 A Python client to remotely access the R statistic package via network
pysaba 1.1.0 1 Sabat client library for API management
pyshop 1.3.0 1 Private Python Package Index
pysolr 3.7.0 1 Lightweight python wrapper for Apache Solr.
pyspf 2.0.12 1 SPF (Sender Policy Framework) implemented in Python.
pyspkac 0.7 1 Support for netscape / html5 SPKAC client certificate request
pysugarcrm 1.0.0 1 API Wrapper for SugarCRM v10
pysyncml 0.2.0 1 A pure-python implementation of the SyncML adapter framework and protocol.
pytest-bdd 2.19.0 1 BDD for pytest
pytest-jira 0.3.6 1 py.test JIRA integration plugin, using markers
pytest-marker-bugzilla 0.7 1 py.test bugzilla integration plugin, using markers
pytest-play 1.2.0 1 pytest plugin that let you play a json file describing some actions and assertions. Supports by default Selenium/Splinter actions
pytest-trello 0.0.7 1 Plugin for py.test that integrates trello using markers
python-adjutantclient 0.3.1 1 Adjutant API Client Library
python-appengine-auth 0.1.dev0 1 python-appengine-auth is an extension to python-social-auth with a backend for the Google App Engine OAuth endpoint
python-aprmd5 0.2.1 1 Python interface to the MD5 routines of libaprutil
python-aqbanking 0.0.4 1 This is a python wrapper for AqBanking
python-barbicanclient 4.5.2 1 Client Library for OpenStack Barbican Key Management API
python-bitcoinrpc 1.0 1 Enhanced version of python-jsonrpc for use with Bitcoin
python-boltz 0.0.1 1 API for authenticating modem users with bolt account.
python-boxview 1.2.2 1 Python client library for Box View API
python-cinderclient 3.4.0 1 OpenStack Block Storage API Client Library
python-clouddns 0.0.0 1 Python interface to Rackspace Cloud DNS
python-dataporten-auth 2.0.0 1 A plugin for python-social-auth to authenticate with dataporten
python-dockercloud 1.0.12 1 Python Library for Dockercloud
python-dtuf 3.1.0 1 Docker registry bindings for The Update Framework
python-dxf 7.1.0 1 Package for accessing a Docker v2 registry
python-ecsclient 1.1.7 1 A library for interacting with the ECS Management API
python-epo-ops-client 2.3.2 1 Python Client for the European Patent Office's Open Patent Services API
python-etcd 0.4.5 1 A python client for etcd
python-etsy 0.1.2 1 Python wrapper for the Etsy api
python-feedly 1.0.0 1 Client for
python-firebase 1.2 1 Python interface to the Firebase's REST API.
python-firebase-gae 1.0.1 1 Python interface to the Firebase's REST API.
python-flameclient 0.3.3 1 Automatic Heat template generation
python-flickr 0.3.2 1 A Python Library to interface with Flickr REST API, OAuth & JSON Responses
python-flipkart 0.2.0 1 Python Flipkart Marketplace API Client
python-fs-stack 0.2 1 Python wrapper for all FamilySearch APIs
python-fusiontables 0.1 1 Python client for Google Fusion Tables
python-gerritclient 0.1.0 1 CLI tool and Python API wrapper for Gerrit Code Review.
python-gist 0.6.0 1 Manage github gists
python-harvest-oauth 0.0.1a0 1 Harvest api client
python-hmac-auth 0.4 1 Python client for jersey-hmac-auth (
python-intercom 3.1.0 1 Intercom API wrapper
python-irodsclient 0.7.0 1 A python API for iRODS
python-ironicclient 2.1.0 1 OpenStack Bare Metal Provisioning API Client Library
python-isl 1.3 1 A python package to wrap the islapi.
python-keyczar 0.716 1 Toolkit for safe and simple cryptography
python-keystone-voms 2014.1.1 1 Keystone VOMS module for Keystone (Icehouse).
python-keystoneclient-rackspace 0.1.3 1 Rackspace Auth Plugin for OpenStack Clients.
python-kong 0.4.1 1 A Python client for the Kong API (
python-krbV 1.0.90 1 Python extension module for Kerberos 5
python-ldap-test 0.3.1 1 Tool for testing code speaking with LDAP server. Allows to easily configure and run an embedded, in-memory LDAP server. Uses UnboundID LDAP SDK through Py4J.
python-leetchi 0.3.10 1 Leetchi API implementation in Python
python-linkedin 4.1 1 Python Interface to the LinkedIn API
python-linkedin-v2 0.9 1 Python Interface to the LinkedIn API V2
python-logging-rabbitmq 1.0.7 1 Send logs to RabbitMQ from Python/Django
python-manilaclient 1.20.0 1 Client library for OpenStack Manila API.
python-mhash 1.4 1 Python interface to mhash library
python-mistralclient 3.1.4 1 Mistral Client Library
python-monascaclient 1.7.1 1 Monasca API Client Library
python-mwapi 0.2 1 Simple wrapper for the Mediawiki API
python-netflix 0.4.1 1 A Python Library to interface with Netflix REST API & OAuth
python-nfsn 1.1.1 1 Interact with NearlyFreeSpeech's API
python-ntlm3 1.0.2 1 Python 3 compatible NTLM library
python-oauth2 1.0.1 1 OAuth 2.0 provider for python
python-onedrive 15.10.5 1 Obsolete python/cli module for MS SkyDrive/OneDrive old API, do not use for new projects
python-openstackclient 3.13.0 1 OpenStack Command-line Client
python-otr 1.2.0 1 Off-The-Record Messaging (OTR) protocol implementation for python
python-otrs 0.4.3 1 A programmatic interface to OTRS SOAP API.
python-pam 1.8.2 1 Python PAM module using ctypes, py3/py2
python-paycoinrpc 0.1.1 1 Enhanced version of python-jsonrpc for use with Paycoin
python-pkcs11 0.4.0 1 PKCS#11 (Cryptoki) support for Python
python-pskc 1.0 1 Python module for handling PSKC files
python-quickbooks 0.7.3 1 A Python library for accessing the Quickbooks API.
python-rdio-export 1.3.0 1 A command-line utility for exporting an Rdio collection.
python-rdomanager-oscplugin 0.0.10 1 RDO Manager OSC plugin lib
python-redmine 2.0.2 1 Library for communicating with a Redmine project management application
python-rightscale 0.1.3 1 Python wrapper for the Rightscale API
python-rtkit 0.7.2 1 Request Tracker REST Interface
python-rush 1.0.0 1 Create workers, wait for them to be ready, then run them all at once
python-s3file 1.3 1 Read and write to Amazon S3 using a file-like object
python-salesforce 0.2.0 1 Python Salesforce auth/authorization client.
python-searchlightclient 1.2.0 1 OpenStack Indexing and Search API Client Library
python-social-auth-waveapps 0.2.0 1 Waveapps backend for python-social-auth.
python-spresso 1.0 1 SPRESSO providers for python
python-stackato 1.4 1 Python interface to Stackato
python-telegram-handler 2.0.2 1 A python logging handler that sends logs via Telegram Bot Api.
python-tumblpy 1.1.4 1 A Python Library to interface with Tumblr v2 REST API & OAuth
python-tuskarclient 0.1.18 1 Client library for OpenStack Management API
python-twitter 3.3 1 A Python wrapper around the Twitter API
python-weewar 0.3.1 1 Python wrapper for the Weewar XML API
python-yubico 1.3.2 1 Python code for talking to Yubico's YubiKeys
python3-ipa 0.5.1 1 Package for automated testing of cloud images.
python3-keyczar 0.71rc0 1 Toolkit for safe and simple cryptography
python3-linkedin 1.0.2 1 Python Interface to the LinkedIn API
python_cipres 0.9 1 CIPRES REST API Client
python_saml_nocert 2.2.1 1 Onelogin Python Toolkit. Add SAML support to your Python software using this library
python_wpapi 0.3.1 1 Simple wrapper around the Wordpress REST API
pythononwheels 0.82b0 1 The simple, quick and easy generative web framework for python
pytwitcherapi 0.9.3 1 Python API for interacting with
pyuploadcare 2.2.1 1 Python library for
PyWebDAV 0.9.8 1 WebDAV library including a standalone server for python
PyWebDAV3 0.9.12 1 WebDAV library including a standalone server for python 3
PyWebDAV3-GNUHealth 0.10.2 1 WebDAV library for Python3 - GNU Health port
pywerview 0.2.0 1 A Python port of PowerSploit's PowerView
pyxero 0.9.0 1 Python API for accessing the REST API of the Xero accounting tool.
pyzimbra 0.1 1 Zimbra Python Client
qiitap 1.3.1 1 Add include function to Qiita Markdown
qualysapi 4.1.0 1 QualysGuard(R) Qualys API Package
queuey 0.8 1 RESTful Message Queue
quickemailverification 1.0.1 1 Official QuickEmailVerification API library client for python
rabbitrpc 0.6.1 1 RabbitMQ/AMQP-based RPC Client/Server Library
rackspace-auth-neutronclientext 1.4 1 Rackspace Auth Plugin for OpenStack Neutron Clients.
rackspace-auth-openstack 1.3 1 Rackspace Auth Plugin for OpenStack Clients.
rackspace-token-generator 1.4 1 A script to generate Rackspace Cloud Identity tokens
rackspacesdk 0.7.5 1 Rackspace plugin for the OpenStack SDK
rancon 0.17.1 1 A python tool which adds Rancher services to Consul based on label selectors
ratchetapi 0.6 1 Thin wrapper around the SciELO Ratchet RESTful API.
rawes 0.5.5 1 rawes elasticsearch driver
RBHTTPAuthBackend 0.3.1 1 reviewboard http auth module
rds-log 1.0.6 1 A utility to download AWS RDS logs
re6stnet 0.477 1 Resilient, Scalable, IPv6 Network
reactjo 2.4.0 1 Extensible scaffolding engine.
readinglist 2.0.0 1 readinglist
readme-test 2.0.0 1 testing readme rendering on pypi
realms-wiki 0.9.3 1 Simple git based wiki
redcap_cli 0.1.0 1 A suite of command line utilities for REDCap with a focus on API interaction.
refreshbooks 2.0 1 A client library for the FreshBooks API
registry-cli-apatsev 0.1.2 1 is a script for easy manipulation of docker-registry from command line (and from scripts)
relengapi 3.3.8 1 The code behind
remind-caldav 0.6.0 1 Remind CalDAV tools
RemOpenID 0.9 1 Remember / OpenID integration
remoteobjects 1.2.1 1 an Object RESTational Model
RenrenOath2 1.0.2 1 Renren OAuth 2 API Python SDK
renrenpy 1.5 1 Renren API and OAuth 2 Python SDK
repositorytools 4.2.4 1 Python library and CLI for working with artifact repositories like Sonatype Nexus or JFrog artifactory
repoze.bfg 1.3 1 The repoze.bfg web application framework
repoze.what 1.0.9 1 Authorization framework for WSGI applications
repoze.what.plugins.config 0.2.1 1 pastedeploy help methods for repoze.what.
repoze.what.plugins.ini 0.2.5 1 repoze.what pluggin with sources based on INI files.
repoze.who.plugins.ldap 1.1a1 1 LDAP plugin for repoze.who
repoze.who.plugins.metadata_cache 0.1 1 Metadata caching plugin for repoze.who
repoze.who.plugins.recaptcha 0.2 1 recaptcha repoze.who plugin implementation
repoze.zope2 1.0.3 1 Zope2 via WSGI and Paste
requesocks 0.10.8 1 Python HTTP for Humans, with socks proxy support
requests 2.18.4 1 Python HTTP for Humans.
requests-cloudkit 1.0.0 1 Apple CloudKit server-to-server support for the requests Python library.
requests-foauth 0.1.1 1 Requests TransportAdapter for!
requests-ftp 0.3.1 1 FTP Transport Adapter for Requests.
requests-http-signature 0.0.3 1 A Requests auth module for HTTP Signature
requests-raven 0.0.1 1 Requests wrapper to log onto Raven (University of Cambridge).
requests-toolbelt 0.8.0 1 A utility belt for advanced users of python-requests
requests2 2.16.0 1 Python HTTP for Humans.
requests_mauth 1.0.2 1 An MAuth client based around the excellent requests library.
requests_netdna 0.13.6 1 Python HTTP for Humans.
requests_SSL_v3 2.1.0 1 Python HTTP for Humans.
respect 0.1.0 1 A command-line tool to interact with the Github API. Getting to know software developers you Respect.
rest-api-blueprint 0.1 1 Pedagogical blueprint of a REST API in Flask.
rest_social_auth 1.2.0 1 Django rest framework resources for social auth
rest_toolkit 0.14 1 REST toolkit
restapidoc 0.1.2 1 REST APIs documentation builder tool
RestAuthClient 0.6.2 1 RestAuth client library
Rester 0.5.0 1 Rest API Testing
RestForce 1.0.0 1 A python API for accessing RESTful resources on the platform.
restmapper 2.0.0 1 RestMapper takes the pain out of integrating with RESTful APIs
restnavigator 1.0.1 1 A python library for interacting with HAL+JSON APIs
restpipe 0.2.20 1 An SSL-authenticated, durable, bidirectional, RESTful, client-server pipe that transports custom events.
RESTpy 0.7.1 1 Werkzeug extensions for building RESTful services.
rfw 0.2.2 1 Remote firewall as a web service. REST API for iptables.
rhcephpkg 1.8.0 1 Packaging tool for Red Hat Ceph Storage product
rhizom 0.5.1 1 Visualize your relationships
riak_cli_tool 0.1.7 1 Riak tool
ribbon-graph 0.1.1 1 A Declarative Graph API Django App
ringo 1.14.0 1 A simple web framework with base functionality to build web applications.
ripozo-oasis 1.0.1 1
riskiq 0.4.11 1 client for RiskIQ REST API
rkrizzle 2.8.2.dev62 1 HTTP for People
robotframework-djangolibrary 2.0 1 A robot framework library for Django.
robotframework-scpcompat 0.1.0 1 RobotFramework library for Secure Copy file transfers (SCP) that works with the RobotFramework SSH library.
robotframework-scplibrary 1.1.1 1 Robot Framework test library for transferring files via Secure Copy (SCP)
robotframework-snmplibrary 0.1.3 1 SNMP Library for Robot Framework
rollbar 0.13.17 1 Easy and powerful exception tracking with Rollbar. Send messages and exceptions with arbitrary context, get back aggregates, and debug production issues quickly.
romana-python-etcd 0.1.1 1 A python client for etcd
roscraco 0.5.0 1 A library for managing home routers (networking equipment).
rpctools 0.3.1 1 The rpctools package provides client libraries for working with RPC services with enhanced SSL support.
rpi2caster 0.8b5 1 Typesetting and casting software for Monotype casters
RPiHTTPServer 0.4.2 1 HTTP server and request handler built on top of BaseHTTPServer intended for Raspberry Pi projects with a web interface
rpitwit 0.2.0 1 Remote control your RaspberryPI from Twitter.
rss2email 3.9 1 A python script that converts RSS/Atom newsfeeds to email
RtmAPI 0.7.0 1 API package for
rtmbot 0.4.0 1 A Slack bot written in python that connects via the RTM API.
ruffruffs 0.0.2 1 Barkyipyipruff grr woofwoof.
rules 1.3 1 Awesome Django authorization, without the database
s3authbasic 0.1.3 1 s3authbasic
s3vaultlib 1.6.2 1 Python library to expose S3 as vault to store encrypted data
salesforce-bulk 2.0.0 1 Python interface to the Bulk API.
salesforce-bulk-yplan 1.2.1 1 Python interface to the Bulk API.
salesforce-bulkipy 1.0 1 A Python library for the Salesforce Bulk API
Salesforce-FuelSDK 1.0.1 1 Salesforce Marketing Cloud Fuel SDK for Python
salesforce-reporting 0.1.3 1 Get data from Salesforce reports with python
salesforce_bulk_api 1.2.0 1 A Python 2 and 3 interface to the Salesforce Bulk API.
salmon 0.2.0 1 A simple metric collector with alerts.
salt-mill 1.0.0 1 Saltstack API Client for Humans
sandman 0.9.8 1 Automated REST APIs for existing database-driven systems
sappy 1.1b1 1 Single-page application server for end-to-end testing.
scalr 0.3.66 1 Scalr-tools is a command-line interface to your Scalr account
schul-cloud-resources-api-v1 1 Schul-Cloud Content API
schul-cloud-resources-server-tests 1.0.351 1 Schul-Cloud Content API
schul-cloud-ressources-api-v1 1 Schul-Cloud Content API (deprecated)
schul-cloud-ressources-server-tests 1.0.27 1 Schul-Cloud Content API
schul-cloud-url-crawler 1.0.17 1 Crawler for Schul-Cloud Ressources
scieloapi 0.5 1 Thin wrapper around the SciELO Manager RESTful API.
scout 0.4.0 1 scout
scrapy-rotating-proxies 0.5 1 Rotating proxies for Scrapy
scrapy-splash 0.7.2 1 JavaScript support for Scrapy using Splash
scrapyjs 0.2 1 JavaScript support for Scrapy using Splash
screepsapi 0.4.6 1 Screeps Unofficial Client for the Unofficial API
scribd-downloader 0.1.5 1 Download documents/text from
scriptabit 2.0.2 1 Python scripting for Habitica via the API
scrobblerh 1.1.4 1 A command-line scrobbler and a now-playing status updater.
seacucumber 1.5.2 1 A Django email backend for Amazon Simple Email Service, backed by celery.
seacucumber-py3 1.5.2 1 A Django email backend for Amazon Simple Email Service, backed by celery.
seal_rookery 0.9.31 1 A collection of court seals that can be used in any project.
seamless 0.1.0 1 UNKNOWN
searchtweets 1.2.1 1 Wrapper for Twitter's Premium and Enterprise search APIs
sec-wall 1.2 1 A feature packed security proxy
seccs 0.0.5 1 Secure Content Store
secobj 0.2a-1 1 ACL security for functions and classes
secure-smtpd 3.0.0 1 Adds support for SSL, AUTH, and other goodies, to Petri Lehtinen's SMTPD library.
SecurityCenter 1.0.5 1 Python wrapper for Tenable SecurityCenter API.
seed-auth-api 0.9.1 1 Seed Auth API
seed-control-interface 0.9.13 1 Seed Scheduler mircoservice
semaphoreci 0.1.0 1 Python wrapper for the Semaphore CI API
senaite.core 1.2.0 1 SENAITE Core
Sendinblue 1 Official SendinBlue provided Python API Package.
sendwithus 5.0.0 1 Python API client for
sense 0.1.2 1 Standard Sense utilities for Python
sentry-plivo 0.1 1 A Sentry plugin for sending SMS notifications via Plivo.
sepa 0.4.13 1 Python library for parsing and building SEPA Direct Debit and SEPA eMandate schemas.
seshypy 0.5.4 1 seshypy makes API Gateway requests and API Gateway clients easy.
sevenbridges-python 0.10.0 1 SBG API python client bindings
sf-suds 0.4.5 1 Lightweight SOAP client, with mods for Salesforce SOAP API
SFLvault-server 1 Networked credentials store and authentification manager - Server
sftp-cloudfs 0.19 1 SFTP interface to OpenStack Object Storage (Swift)
sftpclone 1.2 1 A tool for cloning/syncing a local directory tree with an SFTP server.
shadiakiki1986-python-ntlm3 1.0.5.dev0 1 Python 3 compatible NTLM library
sharepointcacheprimer 1.0b3.post5 1 Cache Primer for Sharepoint with ADFSv3
shoebill 0.1.2 1 Simple web-based Markdown editor for Pelican and Nikola
shoogle 0.1.4 1 Google API from the command line
shooju 2.0.0 1 Official Shooju Client
shreddit 6.0.7 1 Remove your comment history on Reddit as deleting an account does not do so.
shuup-api-permission 0.1.1 1 Shuup API Permission
sib-api-v3-sdk 1.1.4 1 SendinBlue API
Sickle 0.6.2 1 A lightweight OAI client library for Python
signalfx 1.0.16 1 SignalFx Python Library
silverberg 0.1.12 1 Twisted CQL Cassandra Client
simple-django-twitter-auth 1.0 1 Simple Django app to allow users to login with Twitter
simple-salesforce 0.73.0 1 Simple Salesforce is a basic REST API client. The goal is to provide a very low-level interface to the API, returning an ordered dictionary of the API JSON response.
simple-salesforce-wrapper 0.2.0 1 Simple Salesforce is a basic REST API client. The goal is to provide a very low-level interface to the API, returning an ordered dictionary of the API JSON response.
simpleapi 0.0.9 1 A simple API-framework to provide an easy to use, consistent and portable client/server-architecture (for django, flask and a lot more).
simpleauth 0.1.5 1 A simple auth handler for Google App Engine supporting OAuth 1.0a, 2.0 and OpenID
simpledb-dev2 0.1 1 A local SimpleDB server
simpleldap 0.8 1 A module that makes simple LDAP usage simple.
simpleTR64 1.0.6 1 An easy to use UPnP TR64 protocol library
simplygithub 0.2.0 1 A simple tool for working with Github remotely.
sinaweibopy 1.1.3 1 Sina Weibo OAuth 2 API Python SDK
sinaweibopy-ng 1.2 1 Sina Weibo OAuth 2 API Python SDK
singleplatform 20120430 1 easy-as-pie SinglePlatform wrapper library
siphash 0.0.1 1 siphash - python siphash implementation
siren-client 1.0.2 1 Client for a Siren based Hypermedia API
skitai 0.26.18b20 1 Skitai App Engine
SkPy 0.8.1 1 An unofficial Python library for interacting with the Skype HTTP API.
slackclient 1.1.0 1 Slack API clients for Web API and RTM API
slackclient-cli 0.4.6 1 A command line interface for Slack
slacker-cli 0.4.0 1 Send messages to slack from command line
slapos.core 1.4.3 1 SlapOS core.
slapos.libnetworkcache 0.15 1 libnetworkcache - Client for ShaCache and ShaDir HTTP Server
slapos.toolbox 0.73 1 SlapOS toolbox.
slc.calendarfetcher 0.1b5 1 slc.calendarfetcher will fetch and import calendars from the ICS URLs you give it.
slc.clicktracker 0.4 1 Track user movements on your plone site.
sloth-ci.ext.ssh_exec 1.1.0 1 SSH executor for Sloth CI
slumber 0.7.1 1 A library that makes consuming a REST API easier and more convenient
slumber-fork 0.6.3 1 Fork of Slumber, A library that makes consuming a REST API easier and more convenient
smappy 0.2.14 1 A python API wrapper for Smappee
smartfile 2.19 1 A Python client for the SmartFile API.
smashrun-client 0.5.0 1 A Python client for the Smashrun API
smsframework 0.0.7-1 1 Bi-directional SMS gateway with pluggable providers
smsframework-clickatell 0.0.2-2 1 SMS framework: Clickatell provider
SMSProvider 2.9.3 1 LinOTP2 modules for submitting SMS messages
smssluzbacz-api 1.1 1 api library for sending SMS (shor text message) via service
smtp2zope 1.2 1 Read an email from stdin and forward it to a url
snapi 0.0.2 1 SNAPI Client
snimar-thumbnails 2.0.1 1 Generate thumbnails for the SNIMar local catalogues
snipper 1.2 1 A command-line tool to manage Bitbucket snippets.
SNMPv3-Hash-Generator 0.2 1 Generates SNMPv3 hashes as described in rfc3414 suitable for use with ESXi and other SNMP daemons
snowflake-connector-python 1.4.17 1 Snowflake Connector for Python
snutree 0.3.0 1 Visualize big–little brother/sister relationships in Greek-letter organizations
snxvpn 1.2 1 Command-line utility to connect to a Checkpoint SSL VPN
SOAPpy 0.12.22 1 SOAP Services for Python
SOAPpy-py3 0.52.24 1 SOAP Services for Python
sobidata 0.5 1 Downloads your Social Bicycles route data.
social-auth-backend-b2access 1.0.0 1 A plugin for social-auth to authenticate with b2access
social-auth-backend-csh 0.1.1 1 A Python Social Auth backend for Computer Science House
social-auth-steemconnect 0.0.2 1 SteemConnect backend for python-social-auth.
socialauth 0.2.0 1 A framework- and backend-independent social login provider.
SocketTornad.IO 0.1.3 1 Python implementation of the Socket.IO protocol for the Tornado webserver/framework.
socli 3.6 1 Stack overflow commnand line interface. SoCLI allows you to search and browse stack overflow from the terminal.
solr-doc-manager 0.1.0 1 Solr plugin for mongo-connector
solu 0.1 1 Self-service Office resource Locator and Updater
SOLVCON 0.1.4 1 Solvers of Conservation Laws
som 0.2.3 1 stanford open modules for python
sonarqube_api 1.3.1 1 SonarQube API Handler
sops 1.16 1 Secrets OPerationS (sops) is an editor of encrypted files
soundcloud 0.5.0 1 A friendly wrapper library for the Soundcloud API
speculator 1.0.2 1 Speculator predicts the price trend of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum with machine learning models and technical analysis.
spinrewriter 0.1.5 1 Python bindings for SpinRewriter API
SpirentSLC 1.0.0rc2 1 Spirent Session Control Library
spotify-dl 3.0.1 1 Downloads songs from Spotify My Music or Spotify Playlist that you provide
spotify-onthego 1.0.4 1 Download Spotify songs and playlists (with YouTube)
spotifylib 0.1.2 1 Spotify API Client
spotted-on-spotify 0.1.5 1 Youtube/SoundCloud to Spotify python command line application.
spreadsheet 1.2.1 1 A tool to manipulate Google Spreadsheets
sprockets.mixins.metrics 3.0.3 1 Record performance metrics about your application
spunkybot 1.9.0 1 An automated game server bot and RCON tool for Urban Terror
spynner 2.19 1 Programmatic web browsing module with AJAX support for Python
sqlnosql 0.2.0 1 Push semi-structured data (e.g. JSON documents) into a database with a minimum of fuss. Includes validation and schema migration.
sqre-codekit 3.1.0 1 LSST Data Management SQuaRE code management tools
sqre-ghowlauth 0.0.10 1 JupyterHub authenticator that uses GH orgs as whitelists
squealy 0.1.7 1 Write SQL, Generate REST APIs
squishy 0.1.1 1 A simple Amazon SQS consumer library.
sr_auth 1.0.1 1 SR-Auth API
Srango 1.9.dev20150402221936 1 A brave fork of a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.
srp 1.0.9 1 Secure Remote Password
srp-ext 1 Secure Remote Password
ssbench 0.3.9 1 SwiftStack Swift Benchmarking Suite
ssh-ca 0.3.2 1 SSH CA utilities
ssh-ca-server 0.1.2 1 SSH CA Server
ssh2-python 0.8.0 1 Super fast SSH library - bindings for libssh2
sshaolin 0.0.5 1 SSH for Ninjas
sshpool 0.1.2 1 Manage persistent pool of SSH channels accessible via RESTful API and command line utility
SshSysMon 0.2.1 1 Ssh Unix System Monitoring
sshtoy 1.0.5 1 Connecting to remote host with one command.
sshtunnel 0.1.2 1 Pure python SSH tunnels
sspyrs 0.3 1 Lightweight interface for SSRS reports to python
sstash 0.17 1 A simple on-disk secure stash for secrets
stac 1.1.0 1 Smarter Travel Artifactory Client
stackyter 0.20 1 Local display of a jupyter notebook running at CC-IN2P3
stamps-python 0.1.2 1 Stamps python SDK
staticdocs-plugin 0.1 1 A Trac plugin to allow access to static documents
statuspageio 0.0.1 1 API V1 library client for Python
steam 0.8.23 1 Module for interacting with various Steam features
stellaris 0.3.2 1 Stellaris is a metadata management service.
stfc_stratum_uploader 0.1.4 1 Provides interface for uploading and distributing software through cvmfs repositories.
storlever 0.1.2 1 Management/Configure System for network and storage resource in linux system, with RESTful API
streaming_httplib2 0.7.6 1 A comprehensive HTTP client library modified to add response streaming support.
striptls 0.5 1 poc implementation of STARTTLS stripping attacks
stroller 0.5.1 1 E-commerce Application and Library for TurboGears2
stronglib 0.1.5 1 A Python library for API
stsAval 0.3.6 1 Library for bulk generation of Amazon STS temporary credentials
stucco_auth 0.6.0 1 stucco_auth
student_ubl 0.0.2 1 Simple API for accessing data student budiluhur site
stupeflix_api 0.3.1 1 Stupeflix web services client libraries
suds-fc 0.4.1 1 Lightweight SOAP client
suds-py3k 1 Lightweight SOAP client
suds-unleashed 0.4.2 1 Lightweight SOAP client
suds3 0.1 1 Lightweight SOAP client
suds_marketo 0.1.6 1 Python wrapper of the Marketo SOAP Api using SUDS.
suitable 0.10.0 1 Suitable is a thin wrapper around the Ansible API.
sumatra-server 0.2.0 1 Sumatra Server is a Django app that implements an HTTP-based store for records of computational experiments.
summics 1.1.0 1 Summics API
Superdesk-Server 0.1.6 1 Superdesk REST API server
supervisor 3.3.3 1 A system for controlling process state under UNIX
SurveyGizmo 1.2.3 1 A Python Wrapper for SurveyGizmo's restful API service.
svenweb 0.6 1 web frontend to versioncontrolled document repository for read-write-index-history operations
swift-commander 1.4.6 1 swift commander (swc) is a wrapper to various command line client tools for openstack swift cloud storage systems.
swiftbackmeup 0.0.5 1 Tools to backup databases to OpenStack Object Store Swift
swiftnbd 0.11 1 This is a NBD server for OpenStack Object Storage (Swift).
swiftsc 0.7.2 1 Simple client library of OpenStack Swift
swiftwal 0.2.2 1 PostgreSQL backups, WAL archiving & PITR to OpenStack Swift
swk 0.0.4a18 1 Extendable command line utility for sysadmins
swuploader 0.1.4 1 Easy to use bulk model uploader for API
syncli 0.0.3 1 Python CLI for Synology DSM.
syndicate 2.1.3 1 A wrapper for REST APIs
syntaxdb 0.1.2 1 A small Python library for accessing the SyntaxDB API
tabellarius 1.0.3 1 A mail-sorting tool that is less annoying
tableaurest 0.3.0 1 A Python based Tableau REST API interface.
talons 0.3 1 Hooks for Falcon
talons.auth.oauth 0.0.1 1 OAuth 1.0 extension for Talons WSGI middleware library
tangerine 0.3.9 1 API for the Tangerine Bank
tangled.auth 0.1a4 1 Tangled auth integration
tangocard-raasv2 1.0.0b2 1 With this RESTful API you can integrate a global reward or incentive program into your app or platform. If you have any questions or if you'd like to receive your own credentials, please contact us at
tarantool 0.6.1 1 Python client library for Tarantool 1.6 Database
tarantool-py3 0.5.1 1 Python client library for Tarantool Database
tastybone 0.0.4 1 Expose TastyPie to your client. Nicely.
tastypie-rpc-proxy 0.3.6 1 An extension of tastypie-queryset-client, designed intended for building RPC based on tastypie.
TastyTopping 1.2.5 1 An ORM for tastypie's API on the client-side.
tbgrep 0.3.0 1 Extract Python Tracebacks from text
TcpProxyReflector 0.1.3 1 Set of libraries and programs to access internal network resources from outside the LAN via a remote server, without any port forwarding
telegraphy 0.1.3a1 1 Telegraphy - Real Time Events For Django.
telnetsrv 0.4 1 Telnet server handler library
tempmon 0.6.0 1 Temperature Monitoring Daemon
terbium 0.5 1 A static file (image/audio/video) gallery generator
TEST-TracAccountManager 0.5 1 User account management plugin for Trac
teststar 0.1.6 1 Celery TestStar
tgapp-registration 0.9.0 1 Pluggable registration application for TurboGears2 with hooks for fine customization
tgapp-resetpassword 0.2.1 1 Pluggable application for TurboGears2 that permits to change user password or reset it when lost, with sqla and ming compatibility
theonionbox 4.1.2 1 The Onion Box: WebInterface to monitor Tor node operations.
thredds_crawler 1.5.3 1 A Python library for crawling THREDDS servers
thumbor_rekognition 0.1.1 1 Enable thumbor to use AWS rekognition to run face detection
ticketus 0.6.0 1 Ticketus is a simple, no-frills ticketing system for helpdesks.
ticketutil 1.3.0 1 Python ticketing utility supporting JIRA, RT, Redmine, Bugzilla, and ServiceNow
tictail 0.2.2 1 Python bindings for the Tictail API
tiddlyweb 2.4.2 1 An optionally headless, extensible HTTP datastore for tiddlers: bits of stuff.
tiddlywebplugins.mapuser 0.1.0 1 Allows TiddlyWeb users to create alias usernames, deliberately without validation.
tiddlywebplugins.tiddlywebweb 0.8 1 A TiddlyWeb store that proxies to another TiddlyWeb server.
tidehunter 1.0.1 1 HTTP streaming with accurate flow control
tiktalik-cli 1.8.1 1 Tiktalik Computing command line interface
tilecloud-chain 1.4.0.dev10 1 Tools to generates tiles from WMS or Mapnik, to S3, Berkley DB, MBTiles, or local filesystem in WMTS layout using Amazon cloud services.
timeline_django 0.0.3 1 Insert Django database queries in to a Timeline
timetric 1.3 1 Client library for Timetric (
timo-zappa 1 Server-less Python Web Services for AWS Lambda and API Gateway
tipfy 1.0b3 1 The almighty little framework for Google App Engine.
tipfy-dev 1.8 1 The almighty little framework for Google App Engine
tlslite 0.4.9 1 tlslite implements SSL and TLS.
tmdb3 0.7.2 1 APIv3 interface
tmdbsimple 2.1.0 1 A Python wrapper for The Movie Database API v3
togglwrapper 1.0.1 1 Easily interface with Toggl's API.
tomcatmanager 0.11.0 1 A command line tool and python library for managing a tomcat server.
toolk0s 0.4 1 a place to list links + tools
Toolserver 0.4.1 1 Toolserver Framework for Python
topology 1.9.5 1 Network Topology Framework using NML, with support for pytest.
TornadIO 0.0.5 1 server implementation on top of Tornado framework
tornado-api-kit 0.0.1 1 ('A collection of routines for building web APIs on top of Tornado web server. ',)
tortilla 0.4.2 1 A tiny library for creating wrappers around web APIs
totp 1.1.1 1 A cli based TOTP app.
touchworks 0.3 1 Allscripts Touchworks API Client for Python
toughradius 1 Beautiful open source RadiusServer
TracAccountManager 0.4.4 1 User account management plugin for Trac
TracAuthOpenId 0.4.7 1 OpenID plugin for Trac
TracLDAPAuth 1.2.1 1 An AccountManager password store that uses python-ldap to check against an LDAP server.
trakt 2.7.2 1 Pythonic abstraction layer for easier scripting of the REST API.
trakt-tools 0.1.8 1 Command-line tools for
transfluent 0.3.0 1 A Python wrapper for Transfluent API
tribe-client 1.1.11 1 Portable Python package to connect with the Tribe web service at the University of Pennsylvania
trip 0.0.9 1 Async HTTP for humans, coroutine Requests.
trivio 0.2.5 1 command line client
trkr 0.4.4 1 Py script for interfacing with our time tracker
trumpet 0.2.2 1 Build a website with pyramid
trustpilot 3.0.1 1 trustpilot api client including cli tool
tryton-filestore-gs 0.1.0 1 Store Tryton files on Google Cloud Storage
ts 0.4.3 1 Twitter Search CLI
tsapp 0.7.0 1 Manage an app for TiddlySpace.
tune_reporting 2.6.0 1 TUNE Reporting API client library.
turnip 0.1.1 1 turnip
turnstile 0.7.0b2 1 Distributed rate-limiting middleware
tutum 0.21.1 1 CLI for Tutum
tweethon 0.8.1 1 A python wrapper around the Twitter API. Updated often and drop in replacement for twitter-python (aka its a fork)
TweetPony 1.5.2 1 A Twitter library for Python
tweetstream 1.1.1 1 Simple Twitter streaming API access
tweetvac 0.3 1 Package that makes sucking down tweets from Twitter easy.
twiki 0.0.3 1 A bunch of tools which allow manage a TWiki
twilight 0.3.10 1 Twitter (crawling) tools.
twine 1.9.1 1 Collection of utilities for interacting with PyPI
twitter 1.18.0 1 An API and command-line toolset for Twitter (
twitter-toolbox 1.2.1 1 Twitter Toolbox for Python
twitter_bot_utils 0.11.6.post1 1 Python utilities for twitter bots
twitter_markov 0.5.0 1 Create markov chain ("_ebooks") accounts on Twitter
twitterbot 0.3.2 1 Configurable bot that replies to mentions and posts messages to twitter
twittersent 0.0.2 1 A python package to analyse the tweets and extract meaning from the data, can be installed with pip.
TwonicornWeb 3.2 1 Twonicorn web api/ui
Twper 0.1.2 1 An asynchronous twitter scraper
twython 3.6.0 1 Actively maintained, pure Python wrapper for the Twitter API. Supports both normal and streaming Twitter APIs
twython-django 1.5.2 1 Django Integration for Twython -- the actively maintained, pure Python wrapper for the Twitter API. Supports both normal and streaming Twitter APIs
txboxdotnet 15.5.0 1 Twisted-based async interface for Box ( API v2.0
txbugzilla 1.4.0 1 Twisted API for Bugzilla
txgoogle 0.0.1 1 Google Data APIs for twisted
txgoogleapi 0.0.1 1 Google Data APIs for twisted
txOneDrive 15.10.0 1 Obsolete twisted-based python async interface for old MS OneDrive API
txsocksx 1 Twisted client endpoints for SOCKS{4,4a,5}
txsyncml 0.0.1 1 Twisted based SyncML 1.1 server.
txwinrm 1.1.18 1 Asynchronous Python WinRM client
typhoonae 0.2.0 1 Typhoon App Engine.
typtop 0.2.11 1 Adaptive typo-tolerant password checking for Debian logins
tyrs 0.6.2 1 Twitter and Identica client using curses
tz-okapi 0.2.10 1 Okapi is a simple tool to create documentation for your API and cover it with tests. It is based on reStructuredText format and very easy to learn.
uber_rides 0.6.0 1 Official Uber API Python SDK
udata-youckan 1.0.0 1 YouCKAN auth for uData
ulif.openoffice 1.1.1 1 Run OpenOffice as web service.
Uliweb 0.5 1 Easy python web framework
unmessage 0.2.0 1 Privacy enhanced instant messenger
UPDIAN 0.6 1 A program for monitoring and executing updates on remote systems
Upraise 0.2 1 A small WSGI-based framework for web applications
upscrot 1.0.0b2 1 Directly upload screenshots to a SSH server.
uri 2.0.0 1 A type to represent, query, and manipulate a Uniform Resource Identifier.
urlmatch 1.0.1 1 Python library for matching URLs.
urlquick 0.9.2 1 A light-weight http client with requests like interface.Featuring persistent connectionsand caching support.
urp 0.1.1 1 A tool to extract and modify URL features
usagi 0.3.1 1 Web API testing for haas
UserManager 0.5.3 1 A pipe to allow simple user management operations via PostgreSQL as well as username and password checks from a config file or LDAP
uservoice 0.0.23 1 UserVoice Python library
utsessions 0.2dev-r6 1 Managing unique and timed sessions in Django
uws-client 1.1.11 1 A command line client for IVOA UWS services, plus models for development
vagranttoansible 1.0.2 1 Simple script to transform 'vagrant ssh-config' output to an inventory hosts for Ansible
varnish-admin-socket 0.1.1 1 Simple Python Varnish socket interface
vault-redirector 0.2.0 1 Python/Twisted application to redirect Hashicorp Vault client requests to the active node in a HA cluster
vcloudtools 0.0.1 1 vCloud: tools for interacting with the vCloud API
venmo 0.11.2 1 Venmo CLI
vericred_client 0.0.9 1 Vericred API
verylargebits 0.1.8 1 Python SDK for the Very Large Bits API
vesna-alhauthproxy 1.0.6 1 ALH authorization proxy for OMF
vesna-alhtools 1.0.5 1 Tools for talking the VESNA almost-like-HTTP protocol
victims-web 2.2.1 1 Victims Web Service
vidscraper 1.0.2 1 UNKNOWN
vimeo 0.1.9 1 Python module for using Vimeo API.
viperpy 0.8.3 1 A library for interacting with the EMC ViPR API
vk-requests 1.1.0 1 requests for humans. API library for
vmemclient 1.1.9 1 Violin Memory Client Interface Library
vmwvro 1.0.1b1 1 A simple Python library to interface with VMware vRealize Orchestrator
vofs 3.0.1 1 Class Libraries for VOSpace file system
voicetotext 1.0.1 1 Transript media file to text using google api.
vos 3.0.3 1 CADC VOS Class Libraries
vpnauth 0.0.13 1 Enigma Bridge VPN authenticator
vpnchooser 0.6.5 1 Web UI to switch clients between different ip rule tables
vr.cli 2.9 1 Command-line client for Velociraptor
vtwt 0.1.2 1 Ver's Twitter CLI
vxmessenger 2.0.1 1 This is the vxmessenger project.
wa-kat 1.1.9 1 Web page analyzator for czech webarchive.
wagtailaltgenerator 3.1.1 1 Autogenerate image descriptions with the help of computer vision
wampy 0.9.13 1 WAMP RPC and Pub/Sub for python apps and microservices
watchmaker 0.8.0 1 Applied Configuration Management
webcleaner 2.41 1 a filtering HTTP proxy
WebDAV-Kerberos 0.2.0 1 Kerberised WebDAV client library
webdavclient 1.0.8 1 Webdav API, resource API и wdc для WebDAV-серверов (Yandex.Disk, Dropbox, Google Disk, Box, 4shared и т.д.)
WebPages 1.0.0a2 1 WebPages - python web framework
websauna 1.0a5 1 Websauna is a full stack Python web framework for building web services and back offices with admin interface and sign up process.
websauna.j2secret 1.0.0a1 1 Websauna Jinja2 extension that adds a tag to generate secrets.
webscreenshot 2.1 1 A simple script to screenshot a list of websites
websockify 0.8.0 1 Websockify.
webtail 0.1b16 1 Tornado-based log viewer
wechatsogou 4.0.2 1 Api for wechat mp with sogou
weibopy 0.1.1 1 Sina Weibo API SDK
wetransferpy 0.2.3 1 WeTransfer command line utility.
wfuzz 2.2.9 1 Wfuzz - The web fuzzer
wheezy.web 0.1.485 1 A lightweight, high performance, high concurrency WSGI web framework with the key features to build modern, efficient web
who_dev 0.0.2 1 A developer-mode plugin for repoze.who
who_ldap 3.2.2 1 LDAP plugin for repoze.who
wifi 0.8.0rc1 1
wigle 0.0.4 1 Interface to wigle website
wikitcms 2.2.2 1 Fedora QA wiki test management library
wilddog-python 1.0.1 1 Python interface to the Wilddog's REST API.
wile 1.0.0 1 A stripped down Let's Encrypt (ACME) client
winkerberos 0.7.0 1 High level interface to SSPI for Kerberos client auth
wishbone_input_httpserver 3.0.0 1 A Wishbone input module to receive events over HTTP.
wishlist 0.2.0 1 Amazon wishlist scraper
wispr 1.0 1 WISPr command line client
wlister 0.1.0 1 Web application firewall designed to whitelist and/or blacklist HTTP requests.
wobble 0.0.2 1 wobble: Deployment utility for DCOS+Marathon managed clusters
WooCommerce 1.2.1 1 A Python wrapper for the WooCommerce REST API
wordpress-api 1.2.5 1 A Python wrapper for the Wordpress and WooCommerce REST APIs with oAuth1a 3leg support
wordpress_json 0.3.1 1 A thin wrapper for the Wordpress JSON API
wormhole-proxy 2.0.2 1 Asynchronous I/O HTTP and HTTPS Proxy on Python 3.5
wos 0.1.11 1 Web of Science client using API v3.
wphp 0.1dev 1 WSGI-to-PHP connector
ws.rsspull 2.0 1 Downloads RSS/Atom feeds and converts them to Maildir messages.
wsgiauth0 0.0.18 1 Auth0 middleware for multiple client configurations
wsgifileserver 4.4.5 1 WSGI music and WebDAV file server
wsgintegrate 0.1.3 1 WSGI integration layer
WsgiUnproxy 1.0 1 Unproxy WSGI middleware
wspy 0.9.1 1 A standalone implementation of websockets (RFC 6455).
WTF-OTP 0.5.2 1 One-Time Password for WTForms
www-authenticate 0.9.2 1 Parser for WWW-Authenticate headers.
xbob.db.mobio 1.2.1 1 MOBIO Database Access API for Bob
xbob.fingervein 1.0.0 1 Fingervein recognition based on Bob and the facereclib
xbob.measure.Bootstraps 0.0.1 1 The FAR-FRR confidence interval of the DET curve
xcam 0.1.0 1 Driver for the XCAM rack to control and readout CCD sensors
xcrawler 1.3.0 1 A multi-threaded, open source web crawler
xenosimager 0.004 1 Create an image of a instance from data obtained from within the instance
XeroAPI 0.0.6 1 Python client API for private XERO applications.
xmla 0.7.2 1 Access olap data sources through xmla
xmldirector.plonecore 2.1.1 1 XML-Director
xs-authserver 0.1.7 1 UNKNOWN
xserverpy 0.2.2 1 Python Boilerplate contains all the boilerplate you need to create a Python package.
xspear.fast_plda 1.1.1 1 Toolchains for speaker recognition and anti-spoofing using PLDA
xxhash 1.0.1 1 Python binding for xxHash
yabgp 0.4.0 1 Yet Another Border Gateway Protocol Python Implementation
yagt 0.3.3 1 Y's API for Google Trends.
yahooscraper 0.3.0 1 Utilities for scraping Yahoo pages
yarest 0.5.0 1 Yet Another REmote Support Tool
Yarrow 1.2 1 Browse RGTP-based bulletin boards over HTTP
yasso 0.1 1 Yet Another Single Sign-On: An OAuth2 Provider
yith-library-server 0.4 1 yith-library-server
youtrack-rest-api 0.0.1 1 YouTrack JSON REST API Python 3 Client Library
youtube-autodownloader 0.2.4 1 Tool to auto-download new playlist entries.
ytwizard 0.0.5 1
yubiauth 0.3.10 1 UNKNOWN
yubikey-totp-gui 0.3.1 1 Simple companion to the Yubikey for generating time-based One-Time Passwords.
YubiOTP 0.2.1 1 A library for verifying YubiKey OTP tokens, both locally and through a Yubico web service.
z3c.amf 0.2 1 Zope support for Flash messages (AMF)
z3c.layer.pagelet 2.0.0 1 Pagelet layer setup for Zope 3
z3c.layer.trusted 1.1.0 1 Trusted layer setup for Zope3
z3c.metrics 0.1 1 Index arbitrary values as scores for object metrics.
z3c.password 1.0.0a1 1 Password generation and verification utility for Zope3
z3c.profiler 0.10.0 1 Profiler skin for Zope3
z3c.recipe.fakezope2eggs 0.5 1 ZC Buildout recipe to fake zope 2 packages as eggs.
z3c.referercredentials 0.1.0 1 An HTTP referer credentials plugin. 0.4.0 1 A REST Framework for Zope 3 Applications
z3c.sampledata 2.0.0 1 Sampledata Generator
z3c.soap 0.5.5 1 Soap using ZSI in Zope 2
zabbix-client 0.1.1 1 Zabbix API wrapper
zaim 0.2.2 1 Python bindings for the Zaim API
zalando-kubectl 1 Kubectl wrapper in Python with OAuth token auth
zapcli 0.9.0 1 A ZAP CLI tool for targeted tests from the command line.
zappa 0.45.1 1 Server-less Python Web Services for AWS Lambda and API Gateway
zc.catalog 2.0.1 1 Extensions to the Zope 3 Catalog
zc.datetimewidget 0.8.0 1 Javascript-based widgets for date and datetime fields.
zc.objectlog 0.2.2 1 a customizable log for a single object in Zope 3.
zc.resourcelibrary 2.0.0 1 Post-rendering Resource Inclusion
zc.wsgisessions 0.6.1 1 ZC WSGI sessions
zca_snippets 0.0.2 1 snippets for zope.interface
ZConfig 3.2.0 1 Structured Configuration Library
Zendesk 1.1.1 1 Python API Wrapper for Zendesk
zendesk_django_auth 0.1.0 1 Use your django app as an auth platform for Zendesk.
ZenPacks.lbn.ZopeMonitor 4.0.2 1 ZenPack to monitor Zope Application Server stats
ZEO 5.1.1 1 ZEO - Single-server client-server database server for ZODB
zfs-tools 0.4.0 1 ZFS synchronization and snapshotting tools
ziggurat-foundations 0.7.1 1 Set of classes that are reusable across various types of web apps, base user object, auth relationships + structured resource tree
zimsoap 0.4.2 1 A high-level library to access programaticaly Zimbra SOAP API features
zk_watcher 0.3.2 1 Python-based service registration daemon for Apache ZooKeeper
zonebot 1.0 1 A Slack bot to interact with ZoneMinder 4.0.0 1 Zope application control 4.0.0 1 Local Zope Component Support 4.0.0 1 Zope Container 4.0.1 1 Zope 3 exception views 4.0.0 1 ZMI UI for zope.generations 4.0.1 1 HTTP Behavior for the Zope Publisher 4.0.0 1 Persistent translation domains and message catalogs 4.2.1 1 Zope publication 4.0.0 1 Implementations and means for configuration of Zope 3-style views and resources. 4.0.1 1 Rotterdam -- A Zope 3 ZMI Skin 3.6.1 1 ZMI-based management views for zope.securitypolicy 4.0.0 1 ZServer integration for Zope 3 Applications 3.10.0 1 Zope Application Testing Support 4.1.0 1 WSGI application for the zope.publisher 3.5.0 1 Zope application programming interface 4.0.0 1 Zope application server ZCML files
zope.html 2.4.2 1 HTML and XHTML Editing Support
zope.publisher 4.3.2 1 The Zope publisher publishes Python objects on the web.
zope.release 3.4.0 1 Zope Release and Known-Good-Set (KGS) Support
zope.securitypolicy 4.2.0 1 Default security policy for Zope3
zope.session 4.2.0 1 Client identification and sessions for Zope
zope.testbrowser 5.2.4 1 Programmable browser for functional black-box tests
zopyx.sharepoint 0.2.0 1 Experimental Python-Sharepoint connector
zopyx.smartprintng.client 0.8.5 1 ZOPYX SmartPrintNG Client Library
zopyx.smartprintng.server 1.1.2 1 ZOPYX SmartPrintNG Server
ztfy.ldap 0.1.3 1 ZTFY utilities for LDAP
ztfy.myams 0.1.29 1 ZTFY new admin/application skin 0.4.3 1 ZTFY package used to add wrapper around Zope security
ztfy.sendit 0.1.20 1 ZTFY application used to share files
ztfy.utils 1 ZTFY utility functions and classes for Zope3
ztfy.zmi 0.3.1 1 ZTFY management interface for Zope3/BlueBream
zuckup 0.1.0 1 simple facebook parsing
zxcvbn 1.0 1 Password strength estimator
zxcvbn-dutch 1.1 1 Password strength estimator with Dutch support

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