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Index of Packages Matching 'django'

Package Weight* Description
django-modelstats 0.1.1 10 Simple stats generation API for django models
django-server-guardian-api 0.1.2 10 API offering health metrics for the ``django-server-guardian`` app.
admindjango-ckeditor-blog 2.0 9 django-blogs app to provide you facility to craete a blogs in admin panel
alauda-django-oauth 0.9.0 9 OAuth2 goodies for Django
algoliasearch-django 1.5.5 9 Algolia Search integration for Django
alpaca-django 0.3.0 9 Alpaca error logger for Django applications.
atl-django-component 0.2.dev0 9 An initiative to encapsulate components in django
bioconvert-django-api 0.0.5 9 A REST API of bioconvert using Django REST framework.
bode-django-error-pages 0.0.3 9 This is a simple project to handle http errors responses to Bode Django Projects
bulv1ne-django-utils 0.2.3 9 Django utils for all kinds of situations
ccg-django-utils 0.4.2 9 Extra CCG code for Django applications.
cmsplugin-django-outlets 0.2 9 Provides django-cms integration for django-outlets
cryptoassets.django 0.1 9 cryptoassets.core library integration for Django
cxc-django 0.0.4 9 A django wrapper made by Xiaochen Cui
cykooz.djangopaste 1.1 9 A wrapper that allows us to run Django under PasteDeploy
ddestiny-django-pagination 2.1.1 9 linaro-django-pagination fork
django-18-fast-migrations 0.1.1 9 Fast migrations from Django 1.10 backported into Django 1.8
django-aboutconfig 0.5.3 9 A firefox-like about:config implementation for one-off settings in Django apps.
django-absoluteuri 1.2.0 9 Absolute URI functions and template tags for Django
django-access 0.0.2b5 9 Django-Access - the application introducing dynamic evaluation-based instance-level (row-level) access rights control for Django
django-access-control 0.2.4 9 Control how users access resources in your Django project.
django-access-select2 0.0.1b1 9 Django-Access-Select2 - the application providing a default filtering for the Django-Select2 package using Django-Access package
django-access-tastypie 0.0.1b2 9 Django-Access-Tastypie - the application introducing authorization module for the Tastypie package using Django-Access package
django-account-keeping 0.3.3 9 A reusable Django app for keeping track of transactions in your bank accounts.
django-accounting 0.2.10 9 Accounting made accessible for small businesses and sole proprietorships through a simple Django project
django-acme 0.2.4 9 A re-usable Django app to quickly deploy a page for the ACME challenge
django-actions-logger 0.2.1 9 A Django app that keeps a log of user actions or changes in objects
django-actionviews 0.2.1 9 Alternative Class Based Views for Django
django-activatable-model 1.0.1a1 9 Django Activatable Model
django-active-link 0.1.2 9 The best way to highlight active links in your Django app.
django-activecollab-digger 0.7.2 9 Django ActiveCollab application
django-activeurl 0.1.12 9 Easy-to-use active URL highlighting for Django
django-activitysync 0.2.2 9 Fast, easy, and extensible social activity aggregation for Django projects
django-ad-rotator 0.1 9 A reusable Django app for managing and displaying banner ads.
django-adaptors 0.2.5 9 Convert CSV/XML files into python object or django model
django-add-default-value 0.0.1 9 This django Migration Operation can be used to transfera fields default value to the database scheme.
django-addthis 3.0.0 9 Simple integration of the AddThis social sharing widget for Django projects.
django-addview 0.1.2 9 Adding views in Django as easy as pie.
django-adldap-sync 0.5.2 9 A Django application for synchronizing LDAP users, groups and group memberships
django-admin 1.1.1 9 Django Admin Extensions
django-admin-caching 0.1.5 9 Django Admin caching made easy
django-admin-colors 0.1.3 9 Customizable Django admin themes
django-admin-display-fields-settings 0.1.8 9 Django application. It adds a column view control form into admin area. You can choose which fields to display and sort them in the correct order for you. Possible fields for display are taken from ``list_display``. To sort the fields just drag the field into place.
django-admin-enhancer 1.0.0 9 A simple django app that provides change and deletion links to FK fields in the admin.
django-admin-env-notice 0.1.5 9 Visually distinguish environments in Django Admin
django-admin-honeypot 1.0.0 9 A fake Django admin login screen to notify admins of attempted unauthorized access.
django-admin-index 1.0.1 9 Admin index for Django.
django-admin-interface 0.6.3 9 django-admin-interface is a modern responsive flat admin interface customizable by the admin itself.
django-admin-lightweight-date-hierarchy 0.3.0 9 Using django admin date hierarchy queries free!
django-admin-list-filter-dropdown 1.0.1 9 Use dropdowns in Django admin list filter
django-admin-mixin 0.1.2 9 Модуль реализует механизм примесей (mixin) для Django admin.
django-admin-page-lock 1.2.3 9 Page Lock application prevents users being able to edit same page defined by its unique URL at the same time. The application is tailored to django admin implementation.
django-admin-sortable2 0.6.19 9 Generic drag-and-drop sorting for the List, the Stacked- and the Tabular-Inlines Views in the Django Admin
django-admin-theme 0.1.2 9 A new Django admin theme.
django-admin-timeline 1.6.2 9 Facebook-like timeline for Django admin
django-admin-toolbox 1.0.0.dev7 9 Django admin toolbox - bunch of improvements for default django admin
django-admin-top-models 1.1.0 9 Put most used and important models to the top of your Django admin index.
django-admin-view-permission 1.6 9 A simple Django app which adds view permissions.
django-admin2 0.7.1 9 An introspective interface for Django's ORM.
django-adminhelp 0.1.2 9 A help application for Django admin
django-adminlte 1.2 9 AdminLTE Bootstrap Theme packaged for Django
django-adminlte-x 0.22.1 9 AdminLTE Bootstrap Theme packaged for Django
django-adminstat 0.1.0 9 Simple app, provides django's LogEntry objects admin. It can be used to collect inforabout staff users actions on site
django-adv-cache-tag 1.1.1 9 An advanced template tag for caching in django: versioning, compress, partial caching, easy inheritance
django-advanced-filters 9 A Django application for advanced admin filters
django-advancedsearchfilter 0.2.1 9 Advanced Search Filter for Django Contrib Admin
django-adworks 0.1 9 A simple Django application to manage ad banner design and approval processes.
django-affiliate 0.4.0 9 Affiliate system for django
django-affiliate-tracking 0.12 9 A Django app providing mechanisms to track users and actions, to know when certain conditions are met.
django-aggtrigg 1.1.0 9 Django complementary index definition and management.
django-ai 9 Artificial Intelligence for Django
django-airplane 0.2.0 9 Django app that caches CDN files for use when coding offline
django-ajax-csrf 1.0.2 9 Django app - bundle csrf token additioner for JavaScript
django-ajax-toolkit 0.3.0 9 Ajax goodies for django projects.
django-ajax-views 0.0.2 9 Django class based views extension working together with js library require-ajax-views.
django-ajaxerrors 1.1 9 Django middleware for unhandled AJAX errors
django-alert 0.8.1 9 Send alerts, notifications, and messages based on events in your django application
django-alerts 0.5.1 9 Django alerts
django-aliases 0.1 9 Some useful tools for "aliasing" objects in django.
django-allauth 0.35.0 9 Integrated set of Django applications addressing authentication, registration, account management as well as 3rd party (social) account authentication.
django-allauth-2fa 0.6 9 Adds two factor authentication to django-allauth
django-allauth-bootstrap 0.2 9 Twitter Bootstrap Layout for Django Allauth
django-allauth-cas 1.0.0b2 9 CAS support for django-allauth.
django-allauth-correctiv 0.0.2 9 Django applications addressing authentication with as a django-allauth module
django-allauth-djrill 0.1.1 9 Django Allauth account adapter for sending email using Mandrill templates
django-allauth-dreamjub 0.1.3 9 An OAuth provider for django-allauth and dreamjub
django-allauth-ens 1.0.0b2 9 Providers for django-allauth allowing using the ENS' auth-systems.
django-allauth-extras 0.0.2 9 Various extras for django-allauth package.
django-allauth-james 0.20.0 9 Temp fork: Integrated set of Django applications addressing authentication, registration, account management as well as 3rd party (social) account authentication.
django-allauth-mandrill 0.1.4 9 Django Allauth account adapter for sending email using Mandrill templates
django-allow-cidr 0.3.0 9 A Django Middleware to enalbe use of CIDR IP ranges in ALLOWED_HOSTS.
django-amazon-ses 1.0.0 9 A Django email backend that uses Boto3 to interact withAmazon Simple Email Service (SES).
django-amorphous 0.7 9 django-amorphous unlocks the power of JsonField
django-amp-tools 0.1.1 9 Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) in django.
django-analog 1.0.0 9 Simple per-model log models for Django apps
django-analytical 2.4.0 9 Analytics service integration for Django projects
django-andablog 2.4.0 9 A blog app that is only intended to be embedded within an existing Django site.
django-anger 0.1.1-20130516 9 tools and hacks for using Django _in anger_
django-angular 2.0.2 9 Let Django play well with AngularJS
django-angular-dynamic-forms 0.7.5 9 Django Rest Framework meets Angular 5 dynamic forms - rapid development of create and edit dialogs
django-angular-library 1.2.6 9 Angular packaged in an handy django app to speed up new applications and deployment.
django-annoying 0.10.4 9 This is a django application that tries to eliminate annoying things in the Django framework.
django-anonymizer 0.5.1 9 App to anonymize data in Django models.
django-anonymizer-compat 0.4 9 App to anonymize data in Django models.
django-any 0.2.0 9 Unobtrusive test models creation for django.
django-anymail 2.0 9 Django email integration for Mailgun, Mailjet, Postmark, SendGrid, SendinBlue, SparkPost and other transactional ESPs
django-api-commons 1.0.2 9 Common library for building django based web api applications
django-api-view 0.1.1 9 Django api view
django-apikey 0.2.0 9 Simple Key and Token authentication for Django.
django-apistar 0.2.3 9 Django app for using API Star as frontend.
django-app-plugins 0.1.1 9 reusable django application for writting pluggable reusable django applications
django-app-settings 0.3.0 9 Application settings helper for Django apps.
django-app-shell 0.1.0 9 Easy use service workers and the app shell concept for django.
django-app-tester 0.1.1 9 A tool that runs the Django test suite for a given application without requiring a fully-configured project
django-appengine-toolkit 0.2.1 9 Deploy Django projects on Google App Engine with ease
django-apptemplates 1.4 9 Django template loader that allows you to load and override a template from a specific Django application.
django-apptemplates2 0.2a0 9 Django template loader that allows you to load template from a specific application
django-aps-bom 0.6.3 9 The BOM module for django-apsara.
django-aps-process 0.1.1 9 The Process module for django-apsara
django-aps-production 0.1 9 A Django app to log and plan production processes
django-aps-purchasing 0.4 9 The purchasing module for django-apsara.
django-arbitrary-inline 0.1.2 9 Django Admin compatible ModelInline that can be related to the primary model on fields other than a Primary Key
django-argonauts 1.2.0 9 A lightweight collection of JSON helpers for Django.
django-argparse-command 0.1.0 9 Django Commands using ArgumentParser
django-articles 2.4.1 9 Sophisticated blogging engine for Django-powered sites
django-assertmaxnumqueries 0.1.2 9 Provides a Django TransactionTestCase.assertMaxNumQueries(), analogous to the existing TransactionTestCase.assertNumQueries()
django-assessment 0.3.1 9 Django Assessment package
django-asset-definitions 0.3 9 django-asset-definitions allows to define collections of static files (JavaScript, CSS) in Python code and (re)use them in Django views and templates.
django-assets-livereload 0.3.1 9 Enhanced staticfiles django app.
django-asterisk 0.1 9 Phone call queuing and management for the Django web framework using an Asterisk server
django-async 0.7.3 9 Asynchronous task execution with proper database transaction management for Django
django-async-include 0.6.5 9 A simple application for Django to include (and fetch) asynchronous templates.
django-async-reports 0.2.6-alpha-1 9 Reporting for django
django-async-tasks 0.1.1 9 Django application. It's a simple system to process queue task in real time.
django-asyncio-redis 0.4 9 A asyncio-redis backend for Django!
django-atom 0.16.2 9 A different stuff for Django to faster make a world a better place.
django-attrs 0.1.1 9 EAV for Django using JSONField
django-audioadmin 0.1.0 9 A reusable Django app for uploading/previewing audio files plus a simple id3 tag reader (Title/Artist/Album)
django-audiotracks 0.2.4 9 A pluggable Django app to publish audio tracks
django-audit 1.0b3 9 Auditing for Django applications
django-audit-tools 0.4.0 9 Django application that provides a set of tools for auditing requests and models and improve logging
django-auditor 1.0 9 This Django app logs changes to models objects in a simple and granular way.
django-auth-adfs 0.2.1 9 A Django authentication backend for Microsoft ADFS
django-auth-anywhere 0.0.2 9 django-auth-anywhere is a Django application which enables non-DRF views to authenticate using DRF backends.
django-auth-fogbugz 1.2.0 9 Django FogBugz authentication backend
django-auth-gitlab 0.1.0 9 OpenID Connect authentication support for Django
django-auth-http-basic 0.0.6 9 Django authentication based based on HTTP basic authentication
django-auth-iam 0.1.3 9 Django authentication backend using Amazon IAM
django-auth-jwt-tenant 0.1.0 9 Tenant Django Authentication using JWT from parent Django project
django-auth-kerberos 1.2.5 9 Kerberos authentication backend for Django
django-auth-ldap 1.3.0 9 Django LDAP authentication backend
django-auth-ldap-ng 1.7.6 9 Django LDAP authentication backend
django-auth-mixins 1.0.1 9 Backport of Django 1.9 auth mixins.
django-auth-network-client 0.2.5 9 Django Auth Network (DAN) is a set of two packages that create Google and Facebook-style authentication, but using your own provider instead of Google or Facebook. This is the client package, and it allows an app to connect to your provider package.
django-auth-oidc 0.4.5 9 OpenID Connect authentication support for Django
django-auth-pubtkt 2.0.1 9 Implementation of mod_auth_pubtkt as Django middleware
django-auth-spnego 0.1.1 9 SPNEGO Kerberos authentication middleware for django
django-auth0 0.0.3 9 Django Auth0 authentication background
django-auth_mac 0.1.2 9 Basic Django implementation of the draft RFC ietf-oauth-v2-http-mac-01
django-authorizenet 2.0 9 Django and Authorize.NET payment gateway integration
django-authtkt 0.3 9 django-authtkt is used to share auth between more than one django site (a kind of SSO auth)
django-auto-healthchecks 0.1.5 9 Create application health checks directly from your django
django-autocert 0.1.5 9 Automatic SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt for Django projects
django-autocomplete 0.1 9 an autocomplete widget and form field for django.
django-autocomplete-light 3.3.0rc6 9 Fresh autocompletes for Django
django-autocomplete-light-bsc 2.0.0a18 9 Fresh autocompletes for Django
django-automated-logging 3.5.1 9 Django Database Based Automated Logging - finally solved and done in a proper way.
django-autometrics-nonrel 1.0.0 9 A Django+Djangae app to collect session and access metrics.
django-autoreports 0.8.6 9 Django application that lets you create reports
django-autosequence 0.2.0 9 A model field for Django that provides for a configurable automatic sequence of values
django-autoshard 1.2.1 9 A Django library that makes sharding easy.
django-autoslug 1.9.3 9 An automated slug field for Django.
django-autoslug-field 0.2.3 9 AutoSlugField for Django based on django-extensions AutoSlugField, adds option to track foreignkey/parent field for slug.
django-autoslug-iplweb 1.9.4.dev0 9 An automated slug field for Django.
django-auxilium 0.1.2 9 Django utility app to help in Django development
django-avatar 4.1.0 9 A Django app for handling user avatars
Django-Avocado 0.2.0 9 Delicious delayed and cached database-logging for django.
django-awards 0.3.3 9 A Django Badge Awards application.
django-awl 0.19.0 9 Miscellaneous django tools
django-axes 4.1.0 9 Keep track of failed login attempts in Django-powered sites.
django-babel-underscore 0.5.2 9 Implements a underscore extractor for django-babel.
django-backupdb 0.7.0 9 Management commands for backing up and restoring databases in Django.
django-badges 1.0.0 9 An easy to use app that provides Stack Overflow style badgeswith a minimum ammount of effort in django
django-balystic 0.1.33 9 Connect to Balystic API in your Django project
django-bank 0.1.0 9 Small Django app helping you to handle your users accounts
django-banzai 0.2 9 Django API wrapper for mailing delivery service:
Django-base v1.1 9 Django-base project setup
django-base64field 1.0 9 A motherfucking django model field to bring base64 encoded key to models.
django-basic-models-behaviors 0.6.0 9 Tiny app to provide basic behaviors for django models.
django-basket 0.4.5 9 Django generic basket application. Allow to put in basket any object and view orders in the Django admin interface
django-batchform 0.3.0 9 Fill a batch of django forms from an uploaded file.
django-beatle 0.1.1 9 Django client for beatle
django-before 1.0.0 9 Tools that are needed BEFORE any others in each django project
django-behaviors 0.4.0 9 Common behaviors for Django Models, e.g. Timestamps, Publishing, Authoring/Editing and more.
django-bento 1.0.1 9 django-bento helps you adding editable text and image content areas on your site.
django-bfm 0.6 9 Basic Django File Manager with multifile uploads, live file status, and file deleting.
django-bidi-utils 1.0 9 context processors and filters for handling Bi-directional (BiDi) in django templates
django-bigbrother 0.4.2 9 Modular Dashboard for Django Projects
django-bigpipe 0.0.3 9 django-bigpipe are a jquery-bigpipe extension to django web framework.
django-birdcage 1.0.0 9 Utilities for maintaining forwards compatibility with Django releases.
django-bisnavi 0.0.1 9 DJANGO Background Image Slideshow + NAVIgation
django-bit-category 0.5.2 9 Django category app with bitwise tree-like structure of primary key.
django-bitbucket-trello 0.0.8 9 Django Bitbucket & Trello Integration
django-bitfield-manager 0.3.1 9 Automatically manage bitfields in django models
django-blackhole 0.1.7 9 Django application that let's you work in your templates apart from having or not the corresponding views created.
django-blarg 0.1.4 9 Django 404 and 500 pages the blarg way.
django-blockreferralspam 0.0.1 9 Django application to block referrall spam
django-blockstack-auth 0.1.3 9 Blockstack ID authentication backend for Django
django-blog-zinnia 0.20 9 A clear and powerful weblog application powered with Django
django-bnr 0.3 9 BNR exchange rates for django apps.
django-bob 1.12.0 9 A set of helper tags and templates for using bootstrap in django.
django-boilerplate 0.8.2 9 What Django is missing
django-booking 0.7.2 9 A reusable Django app that manages bookings for various purposes.
django-bootstrap-components 3.0.2 9 Bootstrap components and add-ons integrated with Django.
django-bootstrap-crud-templates 1.0.24 9 A repository of Bootstrap CRUD templates for Django.
django-bootstrap-daterangepicker 1.0.1 9 A Django form field and widget wrapper for bootstrap-daterangepicker
django-bootstrap-form-tkliuxing 3.2.1 9 django-bootstrap-form-tkliuxing
django-bootstrap-markdown 1.8.1 9 An extension of the Django Textarea widget made for editing Markdown with a live preview.
django-bootstrap-pagination 1.6.4 9 Render Django Page objects as Bootstrap 3.x Pagination compatible HTML
django-bootstrap-pagination-vinta 1.6.1 9 Render Django Page objects as Bootstrap 3.x Pagination compatible HTML
django-bootstrap-select 0.1.3 9 A Django wrapper for the Bootstrap Select library
django-bootstrap-span 0.0.3 9 Django bootstrap span adds class=spanN support in forms input elements
django-bootstrap-staticfiles 9 Django app that provides compiled Bootstrap assets
django-bootstrap-themes 3.3.6 9 Bootstrap theme support for Django.
django-bootstrap-typeahead 1.1.5 9 Convert django model choice fields into typeahead fields.
django-bootstrap3 9.1.0 9 Bootstrap support for Django projects
django-bootstrap3-multidatepicker 0.1.5 9 Datepicker that supports the selection of multiple dates for Django, using Bootstrap Twitter.
django-bootstrap4 0.0.6 9 Bootstrap support for Django projects
django-bop 0.3 9 Basic Object-level Permissions in django (1.2+)
django-braces 1.12.0 9 Reusable, generic mixins for Django
django-brokenlinks 0.1.1 9 reusable django app to log crawlers hitting many 404 pages.
django-browserstack-tools 0.1.1 9 Unofficial Browserstack integration for Django
django-brunch 1.0.1 9 Integrate a Brunch workflow with Django.
django-bsync 1.4.3 9 browser-sync with the Django development server
django-bulksms 0.0.1 9 Django BulkSMS library/API.
django-bulma 0.4.0 9 Bulma CSS Framework for Django projects
django-business-logic 0.4.12 9 visual programming for django
django-cache-decorator 0.4.1 9 Easily add caching to functions within a django project.
django-cache-fallback 0.2.1 9 Django Cache Fallback
django-cache-management 2.0.0 9 Cache management for Django.
django-cache-manager 0.5.1 9 Cache manager for django models
django-cache-memoize 0.1.1 9 Django utility for a memoization decorator that uses the Django cache framework.
django-cache-purge-hooks 0.5.1 9 Drop-in cache (e.g. varnish) purging hooks for django
django-cached-field 1.2.15 9 Celery-deferred, cached fields on Django ORM for expensive-to-calculate data
django-cachepurge 0.3 9 Django Middleware and utilities that send "PURGE" request to an upstream cache
django-cacheq 0.1.1 9 Background tasks using django's cache framework.
django-cachetree 0.1.3 9 cache configurable trees of related model instances in Django
django-cajax 1.0.21 9 Django Asynchronous Communication with jQuery/Ajax
django-calendar-sms 2.2 9 This reusable Django app can help you to send sms via Google Calendar.
django-calendarium 1.3.4 9 A reusable Django app to manage and display a calendar in your templates.
django-calm-cache 0.9.2 9 A set of useful tools that enhance the standard Django cache experience
django-candv-choices 1.1.5 9 Use complex constants built with 'candv' library instead of standard 'choices' fields for 'Django' models.
django-canjs 0.1.2 9 CanJS integration library for Django
django-care 0.1.0 9 Tools which help finding performance issues in Django projects
django-carton 1.2.1 9 django-carton is a simple and lightweight application for shopping carts and wish lists.
django-cas-client 1.4.0 9 Django Cas Client
django-cas-minimal 2.3.7 9 A Django CAS library for version 1.7.4 which actually works
django-cas-ng 3.5.9 9 CAS 1.0/2.0 client authentication backend for Django (inherited from django-cas)
django-cas-server 0.9.0 9 A Django Central Authentication Service server implementing the CAS Protocol 3.0 Specification
django-cas-sso 1.1.7 9 Django Cas SSO Client (inherited from django-cas)
django-cassandra-engine 1.4.0 9 Django Cassandra Engine - the Cassandra backend for Django
django-cassandra-sessions 0.1.0 9 This is a session backend for Django that stores sessions in Cassandra, using the pycassa library.
django-castle 0.1.1 9 A django integration for the service
django-catalog 2.1.1 9 Django generic catalog application. Organize objects in tree structure, allows to make links for objects.
django-cbtools 1.2.0 9 Simple models and views to work with Couchbase in Django applications.
django-cc 0.2.2 9 Django wallet for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
django-cc-wallet 0.0.1 9 Example of django-cc wallet for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
django-cdnjs 2017.10.20.post2 9 Django template plugin to be used to simplify static CDN resources connecting.
django-celery-async-view 0.1.0 9 Asynchronously load view or download file in django.
django-celery-errorlog 0.1.1 9 Reuseable app for django to collect the unexpted exception and generate comprehansive report just like what you get in debug mode and store in database from celery task
django-celery-growthmonitor 0.0.0.dev38 9 A Django helper to monitor jobs running Celery tasks
django-celery-inspect 0.2.1 9 Django Reusable app that uses Celery Inspect command to monitor workers/tasks via the Django REST Framework
django-celery-statuspage 0.0.3 9 Django view to render Celery status
django-cenvars 9 Django Centralised Environment Variables Service
django-cerberus 0.3.5 9 Django app that locks out users after too many failed login attempts.
django-cerberus-ac 0.2.4 9 Django Ontology Based Access Control Module
django-chameleon 0.0.2a2 9 A Django app that will create a pluggable django-cms theme app within your project.
django-chance 0.4.1 9 Django CMS conference application
django-chaos-tickets 0.1.0 9 Ticketing system from Django and Django Chaos
django-charitychecker 1.3 9 a small django app to verify information about nonprofits using their EINs
django-charting 0.2.0 9 Charts for Django made simple
django-chartjs 1.2 9 Django Chart.js and Hightchart ajax views
django-chatovod 1.4.2 9 Chatovod - chat widget for Django.
django-chatrooms 1.2adev 9 A django app providing reverse-ajax chat rooms
django-cheetahtemplate 0.3.0 9 Use CheetahTemplate3 in Django
django-choices-enum 0.2 9 make enum34 package play well with django choices
django-chosenadmin 0.4.0 9 Adds Chosen.js to the Django Admin app
django-chronograph 0.3.1 9 Django chronograph application.
django-chronograph-ispm 0.0.3 9 Django iChronograph ISPM customized
django-chronograph-ispm-new 0.3.5 9 Django Chronograph ISPM customized by mportela
django-chunks2 2.8.3 9 Keyed blocks of content for use in your Django templates
django-cities 9 Place models and worldwide place data for Django
django-cities-light 3.4.0 9 Simple alternative to django-cities
django-cities-teryt 1.0.1 9 Polish region and city data for Django.
django-cities-tiny 1.0 9 Another simple alternative to django-cities
django-cked 0.1.2 9 CKEditor and elFinder integration for Django Framework.
django-cked-fc 0.1.1 9 CKEditor and elFinder integration for Django Framework.
django-ckeditor-filebrowser-filer 0.2.4 9 A django-filer based CKEditor filebrowser
django-ckeditor-widget 0.1 9 A CKEditor widget for Django that includes an admin mixin.
django-cl2csv 0.11 9 Export what you see in the Django admin list view.
django-clamd 0.4.0 9 django-clamd is a django integration with Clamd (Clamav daemon).
django-classfaves 0.1 9 A different approach to favorites in Django
django-classic-theme 1.0.2 9 The classic theme of the Django admin interface
django-clean 0.1.2 9 Clean out files in a django app using regular expressions.
django-clean-fields 0.3.0 9 A Django utility to clean model field values on save.
django-clear-cache 0.3 9 A simple Django management command which clears your cache.
django-clever-selects 0.8.2 9 Chained select box widget for Django framework using AJAX requests.
django-clicky 1.2.1 9 Clicky analytics for Django projects
django-cljs-loader 0.1.1 9 ClojureScript integration for Django
django-cloudimage 1.0.1 9 Django wrapper for
django-cloudinary-storage 0.2.3 9 Django package that provides Cloudinary storages for both media and static files as well as management commands for removing unnecessary files.
django-cluster-redis 1.0.5 9 django cluster redis
django-cms-clippings 0.1 9 Include editable content in applications integrated with django-cms sites.
django-cms-opencomparison 0.0.0 9 Django CMS Opencomparison Plugins
django-cms-qe 1.2.1 9 Django CMS Quick & Easy provides all important modules to run new page withouta lot of coding. Aims to do it very easily and securely.
django-cmstemplates 0.3.3 9 Efficient django template blocks implementation
django-codemirror-widget 0.4.1 9 Django form widget library for using CodeMirror on textarea
django-codenerix 1.1.14 9 Codenerix it is a framework that goes on top of Django so it makes easier development and building of ERPs.
django-codesnips 0.1.0 9 Django code snippets
django-collage 1.0.1 9 django collages
django-collectfaster 0.1.3 9 Parallel file copying for Django's collectstatic.
django-collectionfield 0.0.4 9 Custom Django model field to store multiple values.
django-color-captcha 0.1.0 9 Simple and pretty user-friendly captcha module for Django framework.
django-colorfield 0.1.14 9 A small app providing a colorpicker field for django
django-colorful 1.2 9 An extension to the Django web framework that provides database and form color fields
django-columns 0.1.0 9 Django template filter for splitting a list into columns.
django-command-interface 0.5 9 A reusable Django app that allows to list commands and lauch them with one click
django-commands 0.8 9 A django app that provides a plugin type model for integrating the front and backend.
django-common 0.1.51 9 A number of useful django shortcuts and helpers
django-common-helpers 0.9.1 9 Common things every Django app needs!
django-common-tivix 0.1.2 9 Common things every Django app needs!
django-compiling-loader 0.0.1 9 A bytecode compiling template loader for Django
django-compose-settings 0.2 9 Django composable settings loader.
django-composite-field 0.9.0 9 CompositeField implementation for Django
django-composite-foreignkey 1.0.1 9 composite foreignkey support for django
django-compoundqueryset 0.1.3 9 Allows for creation of compound querysets in Django.
django-compressor-postcss 0.8.2 9 PostCSS support for django-compressor
django-comuni-italiani 1.3.0 9 A simple django (>= 1.7) app for Italian cities and regions
django-concurrency 1.4 9 Optimistic lock implementation for Django. Prevents users from doing concurrent editing.
django-conditioner 0.1.0 9 Create simple 'if this then that' style rules in your Django application. Comes with a bunch of ready to use actions and conditions, but is also easily extensible and allows model specific actions/conditions.
django-config-gen 1.1.0 9 Generates configuration files for Apache, Nginx, etc. using values in and the Django template system. You can write your own templates for whatever text based config file you need.
django-config-models 0.1.9 9 Configuration models for Django allowing config management with auditing.
django-configglue 0.7.1 9 Django commands for managing configglue generated settings
django-configure 0.3.0 9 Utility for defining external django configs (for end user)
django-confirmaction 0.0.3 9 Django battery for confirm some action via email, sms, etc
Django-ConfPages 0.1.1 9 A Django app for serving configurable pages.
django-confy 1.0.4 9 Django project configuration helpers
django-congo 2.1.1 9 Congo contains many useful tools for faster and more efficient Django application developing.
django-connected 0.1.5 9 Connect your Django powered sites to social networks and other online services.
django-connectwise 0.0.107a0 9 Django app for working with ConnectWise. Defines models (tickets, members, companies, etc.) and callbacks.
django-constance 2.1.0 9 Django live settings with pluggable backends, including Redis.
django-constance-cli 0.0.7 9 Get/Set In-database config settings handled by Django Constance
django-constance-trbs 0.7.9 9 Django live settings with pluggable backends, including Redis.
django-constance-updated 1.0.1 9 Django live settings with pluggable backends, including Redis.
django-constrainedfilefield 3.1.3 9 This Django app adds a new field type, ConstrainedFileField, that has the capability of checking the document size and type.
django-contact 0.1.1 9 System for working with contacts/identities in django.
django-contact-form-bootstrap 0.1a1 9 Twitter Bootstrap Layout for Django Contact Form
django-contact-form-site 0.1.1 9 Django Contact Form
django-contact-widget 1.0.3 9 A simple contact form widget for Django
django-contactform 1.0 9 Django Contact Form Application
django-content-gallery 1.0.0b1 9 The Django application allows to attach a collection of images to objects of any model of any app
django-contenteditable 0.1 9 Django support for HTML contenteditable
django-contextaware-processors 0.1.1 9 Before a Django TemplateResponse is rendered, modify the context data in-place with context-processor like functionality
django-contrib-comments-auth 0.1.1 9 This adds authentication to django.contrib.comments.
django-contrib-requestprovider 1.0.1 9 access django request object whenever you need it
django-conversation 1.4.9 9 A reusable Django app that provides threaded conversations between users.
django-cookieless 1.0 9 Django cookie free sessions optional decorator
django-copyblock 0.5.3 9 Manage website copy as a directory of markdown-formatted files. Insert files as copy into your Django templates.
django-core-waili 0.1.4 9 Django tools
django-coreapi-client 1.1.0 9 Django CoreAPI client
django-cors-headers 2.2.0 9 django-cors-headers is a Django application for handling the server headers required for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS).
django-cors-headers-multi 1.2.0 9 django-cors-headers is a Django application for handling the server headers required for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS).
django-cors-middleware 1.3.1 9 django-cors-middleware is a Django application for handling the server headers required for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS). Fork of django-cors-headers.
django-countries 5.2 9 Provides a country field for Django models.
django-countries-plus 1.2.1 9 A django model & fixture containing all data from the countries table of
django-cpe 0.0.0 9 Django implementation of CPE dictionary.
django-cprofile-middleware 1.0 9 Easily add cProfile profiling to django views.
django-cra-helper 1.0.1 9 The missing piece of the Django + React puzzle
django-crazyegg 2.1.1 9 Crazy Egg heatmaps for Django projects
django-crispy-admin 0.0.6 9 Django Crispy Admin allows you to edit your forms with the handy crispy forms, and bootstrap3 FTW!
django-crispy-forms 1.7.2 9 Best way to have Django DRY forms
django-crispy-forms-ng 2.0.0 9 Best way to have Django DRY forms of the next generation.
django-cron 0.5.0 9 Running python crons in a Django project
django-crowd-auth 0.7.0 9 Atlassian Crowd SSO integration for Django applications
django-crowd-sso 0.58 9 Atlassian Crowd integration for Django with SSO
django-crowdsourced-fields 0.4 9 A reusable Django app that allows to mark certain fields of your models as masterdata. Users would still be able to enter their own values but the app will map them to unique instances. Admin staff is able to review all user generated entriesand mark them as approved.
django-cruds 1.2.0 9 django-cruds is simple drop-in django app that creates CRUD for faster prototyping.
django-cruds-adminlte 0.0.9 9 django-cruds-adminlte is simple drop-in django app that creates CRUD for faster prototyping.
django-crum 0.7.2 9 Django middleware to capture current request and user.
django-crypto 0.2.0 9 Simple 2-way crypto functions for use with Django.
django-cryptographic-fields 0.5.1 9 A set of django fields that internally are encrypted using the native python encryption library.
django-crystal-big 2011.20.10 9 Everaldo's Crystal icons (big sizes) bundled for direct consumption from Django applications
django-crystal-small 2011.10.20 9 Everaldo's Crystal icons (small sizes) bundled for direct consumption from Django applications
django-csp-nonce 1.0.0 9 Nonce support for Content Security Policy in Django.
django-csv 1.02 9 Some CSV Utilities for your django projects
django-csv-export 0.0.3 9 django-export-csv is a reusable Django application which provides generic View class for creating and rendering CSV.
django-csv-exporter 1.2 9 A django package to export data in a csv with File export.
django-csv-importer 9 Convert csv files into python object or django model
django-csvimport 2.11 9 Import CSV files to django models
django-ctx 1.0.0 9 A simple integration of the CTX defense against side-channel attacks for Django projects.
django-cufon 0.1.0 9 Cufon made easy in Django
django-currency-history 0.2.9 9 A reusable Django app that tracks currency rates.
django-curriculum 0.1.13 9 A simple django project to create a curriculum vitae
django-custard 0.10 9 Django runtime typed custom fields for any model.
django-custom-accounts 0.1 9 A custom accounts application for Django
django-custom-auth-user 0.1.2 9 Django custom user
django-custom-settings 0.1.4 9 Custom settings loader for standalone django apps
django-custom-settings-templatetag 1.1.0 9 Provides a very simple tag to load settings variables from Django templates
django-custom-user 0.7 9 Custom user model for Django >= 1.5 with the same behaviour as Django's default User but with email instead of username.
django-customary 0.0.2.dev1 9 Customary Toolbox for Django
django-cyborg 0.2.1 9 A simple way to add robots.txt and humans.txt to your Django project
django-dandelion 0.1.4 9 Use the Dandelion API with Django
django-dantejcoder 0.1 9 A simple Django app to covert standard django-models to json
django-dartium 0.1.3 9 Django Middlware to detect Dartium web browser.
django-dashboard-app 0.2.1 9 A reusable Django app for displaying a dashboard with a fluid grid of widgets.
django-dashing 0.3.3 9 A simple Django dashboard app to visualize interesting data about your project.
Django-Data-Import 1.0.2 9 Data import from CVS file to Django Model
django-data-schema 1.0.1 9 Schemas over dictionaries and models in Django
django-data-sources-tracking 0.3.1 9 Django app for dealing with files/data sources and tracking them. Useful for tracking public annotations or bfx pipeline outputs
django-database-views 0.1.2 9 Django class based views for templates stored in a database.
django-databrowse 2016.3.16 9 Databrowse is a Django application that lets you browse your data.
django-datafreezer-deployment 0.2.0 9 An example deployment for django-datafreezer.
django-datatables 0.1.0-r35 9 Django integration of DataTables jQuery plugin.
django-datatables-view 1.15.1 9 Django datatables view
django-datatap 0.0.1 9 django-datatap is a fixture system enabling applications to define their own loading and dumping process while supporting file asset storage.
django-datawatch 0.2.5 9 Django Datawatch runs automated data checks in your Django installation
django-dated-values 0.2 9 A reusable Django app that allows adding dated decimal values to any Django model
django-datefilterspec 1.3.0 9 Allow to filter by a custom date range on the Django Admin
django-daterange-filter 1.3.0 9 Allow to filter by a custom date range on the Django Admin
django-datetime-utc 1.0.2 9 Django UTC datetime field - timestamp without time zone
django-db-mailer 2.3.19 9 Django module to easily send emails using django templates stored in a database.
django-db-multitenant 0.3.2 9 Multitenant support for Django, using one tenant per database.
django-db-parti 0.3.4 9 Fully automatic database table partitioning for Django
django-db-parti2 0.3.5 9 Fully automatic database table partitioning for Django
django-db-sanitizer 0.1.0 9 Database data anonymizer for Django projects.
django-db-storage 1.0.2 9 Custom Database Storage for Django
django-db-xlsx 1.0.1 9 Import/export django models via xlsx
django-db_dump 2.1 9 Database data dump and restore tool can be used in Django project
django-dbarray 0.2 9 Django ORM field for Postgres array types.
django-dbbackup-ui 0.1.5 9 Backup database and media files via Django admin interface (includes Wagtail admin support)
django-dbcache-fields 0.9.2 9 Django DBCache Fields
django-dbes 0.1.0 9 A django package to speed-up your HTML email developpement workflow in django
django-dboptions 0.2.0 9 The missing dead simple Django database configuration options
django-dbshell-plus 1.0.1 9 A dbshell_plus management command for Django that selects pgcli or mycli when available.
django-dbtunnel 1.0.0 9 Connect to and use a remote database over an SSH tunnel in Django.
django-dcors 0.1 9 Django middleware for adding CORS HTTP headers.
django-ddp 0.19.1 9 Django/PostgreSQL implementation of the Meteor server.
django-debug-permissions 1.0.0 9 Get a list of all user permissions available in the Django system
django-debug-queries 0.0.7 9 A context manager for printing Django SQL queries to the terminal
django-debug-toolbar-alchemy 0.1.0 9 Django Debug Toolbar panel for SQLAlchemy.
django-debug-toolbar-extra 0.0.2 9 Django application that allows add funcionality to the django-debug-toolbar
django-debug-toolbar-force 0.1.3 9 Force debugging of partial- or non-HTML views in django-debug-toolbar.
django-debug-toolbar-vcs-info 1.2.0 9 A Django Debug Toolbar panel to show VCS info
django-decorator-include 2.0 9 Include Django URL patterns with decorators
django-decorator-plus 0.0.1a2 9 Extra decorators for your Django project.
django-decoratormixins 1.0.0 9 A collection of decorator mixins for Django views.
django-defaults 0.0.1 9 Django settings sans boilerplate
django-defaultsite 1.1 9 django-defaultsiteSets the Site object in django to something better then
django-defender 0.5.3 9 redis based Django app that locks out users after too many failed login attempts.
django-delegate 0.3.0 9 Automatic delegate methods for Django managers and querysets, without runtime dispatch penalties.
django-denormalize 0.2.2 9 Converts Django ORM objects into data documents, and keeps them in sync
django-deployer 0.1.6 9 Django deployment tool for popular PaaS providers
django-des 2.2.0 9 A reusable Django application and EmailBackend that allows email configuration to be changed while the server is running.
django-detect 1.0.5 9 Django UserAgent Detect
django-detect-cyclic 0.0.9 9 Django application to detect cyclic imports
django-detective 0.6.3 9 Django app that tracks all user requests.
django-dev-commands 1.1.1 9 Useful commands for developing Django applications.
django-developer-toolkit 0.4.2 9 Django utility app for Django developers.
django-development-fabfile 2.14.14 9 A fabfile to ease many tasks during development and deployment of Django projects.
django-dform 0.9.5 9 Django app for dynamic forms or surveys that can be injected in sites
django-dia 0.4.1 9 Generate .dia diagram of your django project's models
django-dialogflow 0.0.3 9 Django Dialogflow chat agent
django-diario 1.0 9 Blog application for Django projects
django-diary 0.3.4 9 A pluggable diary app for use in the Django framework.
django-dict-response 0.0.8 9 Django Dict Response
django-dictmessages 1.0.0 9 django.contrib.messages wrapper allowing pre-rendering of message dictionaries
django-dilla 0.2beta 9 Ubercool DB spammer for Django
django-dingos 0.2.1 9 A Django app that provides a generic framework for managing structured information in a generic way.
django-dirbrowser 0.0.3 9 Django app For browsing a directory tree.
django-discover-jenkins 0.1.4 9 A minimal fork of django-jenkins designed to work with the discover runner, made with simplicity in mind
django-djaboto 0.0.6a3 9 A Django app and assorted tools to help create, deploy and manage Django projects on AWS servers
django-djaken 1.0rc3 9 Djaken is a complete web-based notes application for Django.
django-dnt 0.2.0 9 Make Django requests aware of the DNT header.
django-docfield-couchdb 0.2.4 9 Django fields for representing CouchDB docs and more.
django-documentation 1.1 9 Provides a way to integrate a protected sphinx based documentation within your django app.
django-documents 0.0.3 9 Attach documents to django models
django-dogdish 0.1.0 9 A trivia collection framework for Django
django-download-stats 0.2 9 A reusable Django app to track download statistis.
django-drf-file-generator 0.1.15 9 Django DRF File Generator provides a safe way to generate automatically Django basic files like,,,, to use with djangorestframework, the genereted files are based on your
django-drupal-auth-backend 1.0.3 9 Authentication backend for Django that works with legacy Drupal 7 accounts.
django-drynk 0.1.2 9 django-drynk gives you DRY natural keys.
django-dynamic-choices 1.1.0 9 Django admin fk and m2m dynamic choices by providing callback support
django-dynamic-initial-data 1.0.0 9 Dynamic initial data fixtures for Django apps
django-dynamic-settings 1.1.1 9 Small module that allows you to generate dynamic settings that can be edited inside the Django admin dashboard
django-easy-contact-setup 0.3.9 9 Admin set up for django-easy-contact
django-easy-news 0.2.2 9 News application. Allow to publish news on site. You can show news archive, calendar block, or latest news block in template. Admin editor compatible with django-tinyMCE.
django-easy-profiles 0.1.0 9 django-easy-profiles
django-easyfilters-ap 0.1.0 9 Easy creation of link-based filtering for a list of Django model objects.
django-edict 0.1 9 A django application for keeping your fans up to date.
Django-EditArea 1.0 9 A Django application that contains a widget to render a form field as an EditArea editor.
django-eighty-days 0.3.0 9 A django app for around the world in 80 days
django-eintopf 0.0.1-beta 9 Collection of small tools and enhancements for Django
django-el 0.2.2 9 Django elasticsearch integration.
django-elastic-transcoder-socialschools 0.9.4 9 Django with AWS elastic transcoder
django-elasticindex 0.1.2 9 Shallow elasticsearch wrapper on Django
django-elasticsearch-debug-toolbar 1.2.0 9 A Django Debug Toolbar panel for Elasticsearch
django-elements 0.1.1 9 Enhanced Markdown editing for Django projects.
django-email-blacklist 1.0.1 9 Python class for use with Django to detect Disposable Emails.
django-emailmessagetemplates 0.1.2 9 A Django app that allows users to edit email content with an easy-to-integrate developer API.
django-embedded-media 0.1.0 9 Render inline CSS and JS in Django forms media.
django-encrypted-model-fields 0.5.3 9 A set of django fields that internally are encrypted using the native python encryption library.
django-endless-pagination-angular 1.2 9 Django pagination tools supporting Ajax, multiple and lazy pagination, Twitter-style and Digg-style pagination.
django-env 0.2.1 9 Automaticly manages virtualenv for django project
django-envelope-save 0.3.0 9 Simple app which listens to signals from django-envelope and saves contact form submissions to the database.
django-envy 0.1.1 9 Opinionated environment variable parser for Django
django-errorlog 0.1.1 9 Django reuseable app to collect the unexpcted exception then generate comprehansive report just like what you get in debug mode and store in database
django-ethereum-events 0.1.2 9 Django Ethereum Events
django-events 0.1 9 django-events
django-excalibur 0.0.3 9 Django Rest Framework implementation for Excalibur : A tool to manage plugins
django-excel-data-sync 0.3.0 9 Creates XLS sheets to upload data into django models
django-excel-storage 1.0.0 9 Django Excel Storage
django-export-action 0.1.1 9 Generic export action for Django's Admin
django-export-csv 0.1.2 9 a CSV exporter for Django
django-extended-attachments 0.4.0 9 A generic Django application to attach Files (Attachments) to any model
django-extensions-too 0.1.2 9 Django Extensions is a collection of custom extensions for the Django Framework.
django-extra-exceptions 1.0.1 9 Extra exception handling to mirror django.http.http404
django-extra-form-fields 0.0.1 9 Additional form fields for Django applications
django-extraconfig 0.1.1 9 An entry-point based solution to extendthe Django configuration.
django-extreme-tdd 0.1.0 9 Testing toolkit to advocate real and fast TDD (testing first!) in Django applications, eXtremeProgramming like!
django-ezengage 0.1.1 9 django app works with ezengage service
django-fab-templates 0.1.2 9 Django project templates that support fabric-style deployment (vagrant+ubuntu, webfaction)
django-fabtasks 0.1.2 9 Common Fabric tasks for use in Django development/deployments
django-facebook-auth-helper 0.1.6 9 Django implementation for Facebook authentication.
django-facebook-comments 0.1.5 9 Drop-in facebook comments for django
django-facebook-insights 0.1.0 9 Collect and store Facebook Insights metrics using Django models.
django-facebook-pixel-code 0.0.2 9 Easily include your Facebook Pixel Code tag in your django site
django-failover 0.1.1 9 automatic failover for Django
django-fake-database-backends 0.0.4 9 Fake django database backends to generate sql without a real database
django-fakeinline 0.1.1 9 fakeinline provides enough of the methods and attributes to trick the Django Admin into displaying it when mounted as part of an inlines declaration on a ModelAdmin
django-faker 0.2 9 Django-faker uses python-faker to generate test data for Django models and templates.
django-fancypages 0.3.0 9 Make content editing in Django fancier
django-fb-oauth 0.0.2.dev1 9 Simple facebook authentication for Django.
django-feature-toggle 0.2.0 9 A simple Django app based on Feature Toggle described by Martin Fowler.
django-feed-manager 0.1 9 A feed manager for Django, aiming to report automated tasks results in a standard format.
Django-FIDO-U2F 0.4.4 9 A Django plugin that adds FIDO U2F support.
django-file 1.0.0 9 Django File Relative
django-file-md5 1.0.1 9 Django File Md5
django-file-upload 1.0.0 9 Django File Upload
django-files 1.1 9 Django attachments ContentTypes micro framework.
django-fine-uploader 0.2.0 9 Simple, Chunked and Concurrent uploads with Django + Fine Uploader
django-flash-message 0.1a2 9 a simple message util for django
django-flatblocks-xtd 0.2 9 django-flatblocks-xtd acts like django-flatblocks but adds support for markup content with django-markup and inline media content with django-inline-media.
django-flattr 0.0.16 9 Django flattr tags.
django-floppymodelforms 0.1.0 9 A hack to force Django's ModelForm to use floppyforms' fields.
django-forcedfields 1.0.1 9 Django model fields designed to more precisely and semantically define data types.
django-form-admin 0.5.1 9 Abstract class implemented to provide form django admin like
django-formaldehyde 0.3 9 Django forms at warp speed.
django-formhelper 0.2 9 Django FormHelper is a collection of templates and templatetags to ease the pain in building out web forms
django-forms-ajaxified 0.2 9 A reusable Django app that allows to load and submit forms via AJAX.
django-forms-test 0.1.post1 9 Module to simplify testing forms in Django framework
django-formtools-addons 0.1.36 9 'Addons for Django Formtools'
django-forum 0.0.1 9 Django forum app
django-fost-authn 0.3.8 9 HTTP SHA1 HMAC authentication backend for Django
django-freckle-budgets 0.2 9 A reusable Django app that allows to plan year budgets and track them via letsfreckle.
django-freeperms 0.1 9 Django middleware for enabling anonymous permissions
django-freeradius 0.1.alpha 9 Django reusable app that provides an admin interface to a freeradius database
django-front-edit 1.2.1 9 Front end editing for Django.
django-fsm-admin 1.2.4 9 Integrate django-fsm state transitions into the django admin
django-ft-cache 1.0.0 9 A fault-tolerant pylibmc cache backend for Django
django-fuelsdk 0.2 9 Django wrapper for the ExactTarget FuelSDK.
django-fusionbox 0.0.2 9 Useful stuff for django
django-fusionbox-blog 1.0.2 9 Reusable blog application for Django
django-future-staticfiles 0.1.0 9 Backport of Django staticfiles storages from Django 1.7+ to earlier Django 1.6
django-fuzzytest 0.1.0 9 This is the automatic Fuzzy Test tool for testing Django applications.
django-garcimore 1.0 9 A magic trick to make Django disappear
django-garpix 0.1.2 9 Django modules by Garpix.
django-garpix-blog 0.1.1 9 Django application blog.
django-garpix-menu 0.1.0 9 Django application menu.
django-garpix-seo 0.1.1 9 Django application with SEO features.
django-gcloud-storage 0.2.1 9 Django storage module implementation for Google Cloud Storage
django-gcs 0.1.1 9 Django file storage backend for Google Cloud Storage
django-gearman-commands 0.6.1 9 Django management commands for working with Gearman job server from Django framework
django-gearman-jbox 0.1 9 A convenience wrapper for Gearman clients and workers in Django/Python
django-generate-fixtures 0.2.0 9 Easy way to generate fixtures (in json) for django following the links of a given object
django-generic-file 0.0.2 9 Django Generic File
django-generic-models 0.2 9 django-generic-models provides subclassed models with a clear API for fetching superclasses, subclasses and making comparison.
django-generic-tagging 0.0.2 9 A generic tagging plugin for Django
django-genia 0.1.dev1 9 A pluggable Django app for managing generations of data
django-geolocation-alert 0.5.1 9 Geolocation django middleware that check if user IP or agent browser change during session time.
django-gevent-deploy 1.0.1 9 Django hook for starting gevent's WSGI server
django-gibson-sessions 0.8 9 Gibson session backend for Django
django-git-brokenlink-track 9 Django app which automates the issue creation on Git for broken links.
django-github-issues 0.1.0 9 Django App to sync GitHub issues
django-github-webhook 0.1.1 9 Django view for GitHub webhook recievers
django-github-webhook27 9 Django view for GitHub webhook recievers, forked to work on 2.7
django-glossa 1.0.3 9 A glossary app for Django
django-goodforms 0.2.1 9 Custom renderer for django form fields
django-googl 0.1.3 9 Django shorturl via
django-google-cloud-storage 0.0.2 9 Google Cloud Storage file backend for Django
django-google-tag-manager 0.0.3 9 Easily include your Google Tag Manager tag in your django site
django-googlecharts 1.0-alpha-1 9 Django template tags to generate charts using the Google chart API.
django-googlecloud-storage 0.0.1 9 Google Cloud Storage file backend for Django based on google-cloud
django-googledrive-api 0.2.4 9 Django integration with Google Drive API
django-googlemap-widget 0.1.4 9 Googlemap field, widget, model for Django
django-googleplay-api 1.1.2 9 Google Play API, with configuration on Django.
django-googlytics 0.2.1 9 Add google analytics snippet to your django templates.
django-granular-access 0.1.1 9 Flexible permission system for Django.
django-graph-auth 0.3.1 9 django-graph-auth is a Django application which provides simple mutations and queries for managing users with GraphQL.
django-grep-db 1.1.2 9 A simple Django app for command-line searching via the ORM
django-group-access 1.1.17 9 Base Django model to add access control, via groups, to objects.
django-guitar 0.1.5 9 Complementary core components for Django.
django-guitar-accounts 0.1.4 9 Django user accounts. Requires `django-guitar`.
django-gumby 0.1.1 9 Django health checks
django-hacs 1.0b1 9 Hybrid Access Control System for Django
django-handlebars 0.1 9 Handlebars for Django
Django-HardWorker 0.1.0 9 Simplified background worker for django.
django-hashbrown 0.7.0 9 Yet another dead simple feature switching library for Django.
django-haystack-solr-commands 0.1 9 django management command 'solr' all-in-one for Solr 5
django-haystackbrowser 0.6.2 9 A reusable Django application for viewing and debugging all the data that has been pushed into Haystack
django-headcrumbs 2014.12.001 9 Smart and easy-to-use breadcrumbs for Django
django-health-check-plus 0.2.1 9 Django package to improve usage of django-health-check library.
django-hidefield 0.1.2 9 hide fields in django admin
django-highchartit 0.2.3 9 A Django app to plot charts and pivot charts directly from the models. Uses HighCharts and jQuery JavaScript libraries to render the charts on the webpage.
django-highcharts 0.1.7 9 Django Highcharts helpers
django-hisstory 0.1.2 9 Lightweight read-only django model history app.
django-holonet 0.0.2 9 This package is used to control holonet from a django project.
django-homegate 0.1.1 9 django-homegate provides IDX3.01 API support for your Django project by closing the gap between python-homegate ( and your real estate Django app.
django-hope 0.1.0 9 Django application to implement the HOPE library.
django-html-emailer 0.0.6 9 Utility for sending HTML emails from Django.
django-html5-boilerplate 1.0.8 9 A framework that includes the HTML5 boilerplate template into your django project.
django-html5-colorfield 1.0 9 Provides an HTML5 color django model field
django-html5-mobile-boilerplate 1.0.5 9 A framework that includes the Django HTML5 boilerplate template into your django project and augments it with mobile support.
django-htmlfallbackmiddleware 0.1 9 Django middleware: for each HTTP request, if no url can handle it, searches for a suitable template (based on request uri) and renders it (similar to flatpage.middleware.FlatpageFallbackMiddleware).
django-http-status 0.2 9 A library of useful HTTP response codes for Django.
django-hudson 0.9.1 9 Plug and play continuous integration with django and hudson
django-humanstxt 0.1.0 9 A simple HumansTXT Django app
django-i18nurl 0.1 9 Django i18n URL
django-iban-field 0.8 9 IBAN field for django with validation and optional postgresql in database constraint checking
django-ibge 0.2 9 Django application to provide information from Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).
django-icase 0.1.1 9 A few tools for helping with case-insensitvity in Django URLs.
django-ics-generator 0.1.1 9 Django app to return an .ics file when called via
django-iframetoolbox 0.2.1 9 Django set of tools to work inside iframe
django-iitg-auth 0.0.4 9 ``django-iitg-auth`` is a reusable Django application which provides a custom authencation backend for authenticating with IIT Guwahati webmail servers, a login form and a utility view.
django-image-collection 0.2.2 9 A reusable Django app to organise images in collections.
django-image-tools-2 v1.0 9 Image tools for Django
django-imperavi-widget 0.0.3 9 A django admin widget to render a text field as beautiful Imperavi WYSIWYG editor
django-impersonation 1.0 9 An app to add a 'Log in as this user' button in the Djangouser admin page.
django-import-data 0.4.2 9 A Django command line tool for importing HTML, XML and JSON data to models via XSLT mapping
django-include-strip-tag 0.1.0 9 A 'include_strip' templatetag for django to strip trailing and leading spaces/newlines
django-includefilefinder 0.1 9 Django Include File Finder
django-info 0.0.3 9 Django application to display useful information about a Django project.
django-informixdb 0.1.3 9 A database driver for Django to connect to an informix db
django-initial-avatars 0.9.1 9 A simple Django app to get avatars based on username and initials if no gravatars is associated with the email address.
django-inplaceedit-bootstrap 0.2.1 9 Integration of django-inplaceedit and bootstrap
django-inplaceedit-version1 0.55 9 Django application that allows you to inline edition of some data from the database
django-intensedebate 1.0.0 9 Simple integration of the IntenseDebate comment widget for Django projects.
django-intercooler-helpers 0.2.0 9 a small reusable app for Django which provides a few improvements for working with Intercooler.js
django-ip 1.0.2 9 Django Client IP
django-ipapi 0.0.1b1 9 Django wrapper
django-iprofile 0.0.1 9 A Django shell command to work with IProfile.
django-iron-sessions 0.0.2 9 cache as Django sessions backend
django-ismobile 1.0 9 A basic "is_mobile" middleware Django app.
django-isomorphic 0.0.2 9 A Django template backend for JavaScript.
django-ittybitty 0.1.0-pre2 9 Shortened URLs for your Django-powered site!
django-jackfrost 0.4.0 9 A static site generator for Django views
django-jinja-bootstrap-form 4.2.3 9 django-jinja-bootstrap-form
django-jpic-jfu 2.0.9 9 A Django Library for jQuery File Upload.
django-jqmobile 0.1 9 A Django Application for creating JQuery Mobile websites
django-jqtouch 0.1 9 A Django Application for creating jQTouch websites
django-js-choices 0.2.2 9 Javascript model field choices handling for Django.
django-js-error-logging 0.1.1 9 Logging Client-Side JavaScript errors for Django
django-json-dbindex 1.2.3 9 Django complementary index definition and management.
django-json-editor 0.1.0 9 A powerful json web editor for django
django-json-patch 0.1.0 9 Json Patch support for Django models
django-json-render 1.0.0 9 Django JSON Render
django-json-widget 0.1.1 9 Django json widget is an alternative widget that makes it easy to edit the jsonfield field of django.
django-jsonbfield 0.1.0 9 Django JSONField that utilized PostGRESQL jsonb field type
django-jsonify 0.3.0 9 Django additions for JSON
django-jsonschema 0.2.0 9 django-jsonschema converts Django Forms into JSON Schema compatibile representations
django-kb 0.2.0 9 Simple knowledge base made with django
django-kdl-ldap 1.1 9 Django LDAP authentication for KDL
django-keyrock 0.0.2 9 KeyRock Identity Manager client for Django
django-kidocare 1.0 9 Tools which help finding performance issues in Django projects
django-kidoredis 1.0.1 9 Django redis backend
django-kidotest 1.1 9 Code snippets which help writing automated tests for Django.
django-kippo 9 Django App for kippo SSH Honeypot
django-kit 0.0.1 9 A set of useful helpers for my needs. Like django-annoying
django-klisha 1.0.4 9 A standards-compliant and responsive photoblog web application, written in Python and Django
django-knowledgebase 0.2.0 9 A knowledgebase made with Django
Django-Kolibri 0.2.0a 9 Asynchronous Processors/Workflow management for django.
django-kong-admin 0.4.0 9 A reusable Django App to manage a Kong service (
django-krate 0.0.1 9 Django application to rate objects
django-kungfu 0.2 9 A Flasky approach to distributed Django configuration
django-kvideos 0.0.1 9 Django application to add videos to models
django-label-tag-attr 1.0.2 9 Add css classes and html tag attributes to django form's label.
django-language-detect 1.0.1 9 Django browser language detect
django-language-field 0.0.3 9 A pluggable django app that provides a comprehensive language choices field
django-latex 0.1 9 Django application to generate latex/pdf files.
django-lazy-choices 0.2.0 9 Lazy choices for Django models
django-lazy-settings 1.0 9 An easy way to use settings variable in django template.
django-lazysignup-redux 1.0.0 9 Lazy signup for Django
django-ldap-group-mapper 0.1.2 9 Django LDAP Group Mapper
django-ldapdb-pyldap 0.4.1 9 An LDAP database backend for Django
django-library 0.1 9 A django app for keeping score on what books you have and where they are
django-linked-accounts 2.2.1 9 Link third-party service accounts to Django accounts.
django-linklist 0.4 9 Django app to render a list of links with some meta information and a screenshot.
django-links 1.1 9 Django links application for simple bookmark handling
django-listings 0.1 9 django-listings
django-liveserver 0.1a-2 9 A backport of the Django 1.4 LiveServerTestCase for 1.3
django-ljsync 0.1.6 9 A LiveJournal to Django synchronizer
django-loadjson 0.1.2 9 Loadjson management command for Django
django-lock-tokens 0.1.4 9 A Django application that provides a locking mechanism to prevent concurrency editing.
django-lockout 0.1.1 9 cache-based Django app that locks out users after too many failed login attempts.
django-lodfield 1.0.3 9 List of Dictionaries Model Field for Django
django-madcap-flare 0.0.3 9 Integrate Madcap Flare docs into your Django project
django-magic-cards 0.4.1 9 A Django app for the Oracle text of all Magic: the Gathering cards.
django-mailer-throttled 0.1 9 Addon for django-mailer that allows to send throttled emails
django-mailformer 0.0.1 9 Django Mailformer
django-mailqueue-backend 0.1.2 9 Simple Mail Queuing Backend for Django.
django-mama-cas 2.3.0 9 A Django Central Authentication Service (CAS) single sign-on server
django-management-audit 0.1.0 9 Easily audit Django management commands
django-mandrill 0.1.0 9 Mandrill integration for Django
django-mantis-core 0.2.0 9 A wrapper around the Django Dingos app for the Mantis Cyber Threat Intelligence Mgmt. Framework.
django-markdown-deux 1.0.5 9 a Django app that provides template tags for using Markdown (using the python-markdown2 processor)
django-markdown-gcir 0.1.0 9 Django markdown support and wysiwyg.
django-markdown-utils 0.1 9 A reusable Django app with some useful markdown utilities
django-markdown-vinta 0.8.4 9 Django markdown support and wysiwyg.
django-markitup-widget 0.1rc3 9 django-markitup-widget is Django's textarea like widget for using markItUp! on textarea
django-maro 0.0.2 9 `django-maro` is utility for django.
django-masked-forms 0.0.2 9 django masked forms
django-maskurl 0.1 9 To mask django url paths, instead of built in template tag
django-material-saldoo 0.11.7 9 Material design for django forms and admin
django-material-widgets 1.0.0b3 9 Django widgets styled with Material Components for the Web.
django-materialize-form 0.1.1 9 Django Materialize Form
django-mathfield 0.1.0 9 A Django model field for writing and displaying LaTeX
django-maven 0.3 9 Capture exceptions in django management commands into Sentry by Raven
django-media-fixtures 0.0.3 9 Simple project to copy media files (intended for fixtures loads), pretty much as Django staticfiles does
django-mediaelementjs 2.10.3 9 MediaElement.js packaged in an handy django app to speed deployment.
django-mediafiles 0.2 9 Django media files manager
django-mediawiki-auth 0.0.2 9 Django uses MediaWiki session to seamlessly authenticate users.
django-memcached-pool-gto 0.6 9 A Memcached Pool for Django
django-memcached2 0.2 9 django-memcached2 displays statistics about your currently running memcached instances. It's a fork of django-memcached that works with the new-style CACHES setting introduced in Django 1.3.
django-mercurial 0.1.0 9 Django Mercurial Views
django-microsoft-auth 1.0.4 9 Simple app to enable Microsoft Account, Office 365 and Xbox Live authentcation as a Django authentcation backend.
django-middleware-global-request 0.1.1 9 Django middleware that keep request instance for every thread.
django-migrate-project 0.2.0 9 Django management commands for project-wide (editable) migrations.
django-migrations-graph 0.1.1 9 Django-admin command to display migrations with dependencies.
django-misery 0.0.3 9 A simple ban system for Django, that does nasty stuff to trolls wandering on your website.
django-ml_markdown 0.1.0 9 A django app that parse markdown to html
django-mobler 1.1.0 9 User-Agent-based mobile device detection for Django
django-model-publisher-ai 0.3.1 9 Handy mixin/abstract class for providing a "publisher workflow" to arbitrary Django models.
django-model-report-fork 0.2.1 9 Django reports integrated with highcharts.
django-model-to-dict 0.2.1 9 Django Model to Python dict serialization mixin.
django-model-ya-publisher 0.4.0.dev1 9 Handy mixin/abstract class for providing a "publisher workflow" to arbitrary Django models.
django-modelhandler 1.0.0 9 A python logging handler that saves logs into django model. That's it.
django-models-ext 1.1.0 9 Django Models Extensions
django-modernizr 0.1.0 9 Django port of Marshall Yount's rack-modernizr (
django-modular-languages 0.5 9 Simple script to manage multiple language catalogs in a django project.
django-moj-irat 0.4 9 Tools to support adding a Django-based service to Ministry of Justice's Incidence Response and Tuning
django-moneta 0.1 9 Django app for Moneta eTerminal API.
django-mongo-coupons 0.0.1b1 9 Django-coupons with mongoengine
django-mongodb-cash-backend 2015.11.9 9 The only Django MongoDB Cache backend you need.
django-mongologging 0.1 9 Logging changes in Django Models to MongoDB for HTTP requests and Celery tasks
django-monitio 0.3.1 9 Unified, persistent and dynamic user messages/notifications for Django
django-monitoring 0.1 9 A reusable Django app to monitor all aspects of your webapp
django-mothertongue 0.0.6 9 A light-weight django model translation application designed to simplify the process of creating multi-lingual websites and serving appropriate content.
django-mptt-autocomplete 0.1.3 9 Django mptt widget that uses Fancytree to search and display tree data
django-msgpackfield 0.14 9 A simple implementation of a Django binary field that does automatic serialization/deserialization into/from MsgPack format.
django-multi-token 0.1.2 9 Multi token for django rest framework
django-multiple-domains 0.0.1 9 Django middleware for serving single Django instance in multiple domains with different urls.
django-multipleselectionfield 0.9.0 9 Django multiple choices field
django-multires 0.1 9 Django-multires is a plug-and-play Django app for managing multiple image resolutions in a db-driven approach.
django-multitype-file-field 0.0.4 9 App for Django featuring improved form base classes.
django-mysql-fuzzycount 0.3 9 Approximate query counts for MySQL and Django.
django-mysql-pymysql 0.1 9 Django MySQL backend for PyMySQL adapter
django-nadmin 0.1.0 9 django nadmin support django version 1.8 based on django-xadmin
django-nagios-cache 0.1.6 9 A Django library that sync data from a Nagios/Icinga server.
django-natural-key-cache 0.4 9 Cache manager for caching django models by natural keys
django-navhelper 0.1 9 Django template tags designed to help the navigation rendering
django-neon 1.0.0 9 A CMS-Application for django-projects.
django-netbox-graphql 0.0.4 9 Django module which provides a GraphQL API for Netbox (For django 1.11)
django-neue-transmeta 0.8.0 9 Neue-Transmeta is an application for translatable content in Django's models.
django-newsletter2go 0.2.0 9 An email backend for Django that uses Newsletter2Go transactional emails
django-nocaptcha-recaptcha-inv 1.0.0 9
django-node-assets 0.9.2 9 The Django application that allows install and serve assets via Node.js package manager infrastructure.
django-nomnom 0.1.5 9 Generic importing tool for the Django admin site.
django-nosqladmin 0.1.1 9 An introspective interface for Django and Document Based NoSQL databases
django-nsa 0.1 9 An easy way for the NSA to see what's going on in our Django projects.
django-numericfieldlistfilter 0.1 9 A NumericFieldListFilter for Django admin
django-numpy 1.0.1 9 Application for Django projects that adds some utilities and integration tools with Numpy.
django-oauth-toolkit-fork 0.11.0 9 Fork of django-oauth-toolkit
django-oauth-toolkit-hup 0.7.2 9 OAuth2 goodies for Django
django-oauth-toolkit-scopes-backend 0.10.0 9 OAuth2 for Django with scopes
django-object-attachments 0.1 9 Allows to add django-document-library objects to a any other object.
django-object-faq 0.1 9 A reusable Django app that allows to attach Q&As to any Django model instance
django-objectdumpdata 0.1.0 9 Creates django fixtures using a unique object and its related objects
django-octocat 0.2.1 9 A Django app for handling github users and repos.
django-onmydesk 0.1.0 9 A simple Django app to build reports.
django-optimized-image 0.1.0 9 A simple Django app that allows for optimization of images.
django-ordered-m2m 1.0.2 9 Adds ordering to Django's many-to-many relations.
django-orderedmodel 2014.12.001 9 Orderable models for Django
Django-Org-Associations 0.1.4 9 Django Organisation/Member associations
django-organice-theme-fullpage 0.3 9 A responsive full-page theme for django-organice.
django-orienteer 0.1 9 Django Compass App
django-oscar-adyen 0.7.1 9 Adyen HPP payment module for django-oscar
django-oscar-asiapay 0.4.0 9 Payment integration of AsiaPay (PayDollar) to use on django-oscar
django-oscar-eway 0.2.0 9 eWay payment module for django-oscar (Rapid 3.0)
django-output-validator 1.5 9 App to catch HTML errors (or other errors) in outgoing Django pages.
django-package-skeleton 0.1-2-gf7bf 9 Skeleton package of Django App Package
django-packages-search 0.11 9 A command line tool for searching within
django-packageutils 0.1.0 9 Utility collection of Django package
django-page-components 0.1 9 Mini-framework for creating re-usable UI components for Django
django-pages-cache 1.0.2 9 Django package memcache util
django-paginated-modelformset 0.0.2 9 An attempt to add pagination to Django Model Formsets.
django-pagination-bootstrap 1.2.4 9 Easy add pagination in Django, using Bootstrap's layout.
django-partial-date 1.2.0 9 Django custom model field for partial dates with the form YYYY, YYYY-MM, YYYY-MM-DD
django-passreset 0.3 9 Easily add password reset workflows to your django project.
django-password-strength-sk 1.2.1 9 This package contains an extention of the Django password widget including a password strength meter and crack time powered by zxcvbn.
django-pay 0.1 9 Braintree/Stripe for Django
django-payload-validator 1.0.1 9 validator for django payload
django-payments-cod 0.1.3 9 Cash on Delivery Provider for django-payments
django-payments-hbl 0.1.2 9 Himalayan Bank Payment Gateway with django-payments
django-paypal-express-checkout 1.9.1 9 A reusable Django app to include a PayPal payment flow to your site.
django-pdfkit 0.3.1 9 Django view that converts HTML to PDF using webkit.
Django-PeerReview 0.1.0 9 Simple reusable app for management of peer review of arbitrary django models.
django-pencil 0.1.1 9 Intergetion Pencil WYSIWYG into Django.
django-pendulum 0.1.6-pre4 9 A simple timeclock/timecard application for use in Django-powered Web sites.
django-periodicals 0.8.0 9 Django app to create periodical/magazine websites"
django-permissions-unistra 1.2.5 9 Generic per-object permissions for Django
django-permissivecsrf 1.0.0 9 More permissive CSRF check for Django when moving between HTTP and HTTPS
django-perseus 0.1.1 9 Builds a static version of your Django website
django-pg-current-timestamp 0.2.4 9 Add true postgresql `CURRENT_TIMESTAMP` support to Django + PostgreSQL
django-pg-fts 0.1.1 9 Implementation of PostgreSQL Full Text Search for django 1.7
django-pg-search 0.1.1 9 Django app for making PostgreSQL full text search queries
django-pgcli 0.0.3 9 Database runtime for Django that replaces psql with pgcli.
django-pgroonga 0.0.1 9 PGroonga utility for Django.
django-phantom-theme 1.1 9 Django Phantom Theme is an admin theme for Django Framework. It allows for registering custom database options and provides a clean and modern web interface. The application is designed to be responsive and adopt to mobile and tablet devices. To achieve this we have used the twitter bootstrap 3.x framework grid.
django-phitbit 0.1.2 9 An alternative integration of the Fitbit API for Django.
django-phonenumber-filter 1.0.0 9 A simple Django filter that will format and print a phone number in a template.
django-picasa 1.3 9 A module of django components that give you picasa storage, picasa fileds and admin fields.
django-pieguard 0.0.1 9 django-pieguard is a simple authorization class for tastypie that uses django-guardian to handle object permissions.
django-pj-core 0.1.2 9 Misc utilities for Django
django-pj-feedreader 0.1.1 9 Django/AngularJS RSS feed reader
django-plantains 0.2 9 Persistable oauth2 Mailchimp backend for Django.
django-pluggable-apps 1.2 9 A pluggable system for django applications
django-polls_1_10 0.1 9 A simple Django app to conduct Web-based polls. (For django 1.10)
django-polybuilder 0.2.2 9 Create your own Web Components from Django admin.
django-polyfield 0.1.0 9 Django Polyfield
django-popup-forms 1.0.3 9 Django pop-up forms framework.
django-postfix 0.0.1dev 9 A django app to manage postfix mailboxes
django-postgres-delete-cascade 2.0a1 9 PostgreSQL engine for Django that supports "ON DELETE CASCADE" at the database level
django-postgres-readonly 1.0.0 9 A backend for Django and Postgres that sets up a readonly connection
django-postgres-schema 0.0.1 9 Postgres schemas in Django.
django-postgres-utils 0.1.0 9 Django Utilities for Postgresql
django-postgresql-light-schemas 0.2.1 9 Some PostgreSQl introspection fixs to support postgreSQL users binded to specific schemas, multiple schemas on same database for various django installations. No full schema support in models declarations(light).
django-premail 0.1.0 9 Django template tag that turns CSS blocks into inline style attributes for HTML emails using premailer.
django-premailer 0.1.0 9 Django template tag that turns CSS blocks into style attributes using premailer.
django-preview 0.1 9 Managing preview subscription in Django
django-prismriver 0.12 9 A light but cool Django admin theme
django-private-chat 0.1.7 9 Django one-to-one Websocket-based Asyncio-handled chat, developed by Bearle team
django-production-management 0.1.0 9 A collection of django apps for managing your productions
django-productline 0.3 9 an approach to feature-oriented software development(FOSD) of web application product lines based on django
django-profiling 0.1 9 Django Profiling
django-progressiveimagefield 0.1.2 9 A Django ImageField that offers progressive image loading during HTML rendering.
django-projectname 1.0.0 9 django projectname
django-promoter 1.0.1 9 Django commands used to promote or demote users
django-prototyper 0.1.7 9 Django prototyping tool
django-proxylist 0.1.0 9 Proxy-list management application for Django
django-ptrack 1.2.0 9 Ptrack is a tracking pixel library for Django
django-publications-bootstrap 2.2.2 9 A Django app for managing scientific publications with a Bootstrap-powered UI.
django-publishing 0.0.4 9 A simple django app to publish models with a workflow and permissions
django-pubsubpull 0.1.2 9 Pub/sub and pull for Django
django-pudb 0.1.0 9 PuDB integration for Django.
django-pulse 0.1.0 9 Monitoring Django Application Health over HTTP.
django-purls 0.3 9 django-purls
django-pwned-passwords 2.0.0 9 A Django password validator that checks Troy Hunt's PWNED Passwords API to see if a password has been involved in a major security breach before.
django-pybrowscap 1.0.0 9 django-pybrowscap is django middleware with support for pybrowscap
django-pyc 0.2 9 Manage .pyc files in Django project.
django-pycdi 0.0.0 9 DJango with Code Dependency Injection using PyCDI
django-pymysql-backend 1.0.0 9 A Django database backend for MySQL using PyMySQL.
django-pyodbc-azure 9 Django backend for Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL Database using pyodbc
django-pyseo 0.1.0 9 SEO apps for Django
django-q-rollbar 0.1.1 9 A Rollbar support plugin for Django Q
django-q-sentry 0.1.1 9 A Sentry support plugin for Django Q
django-qr-code 0.4.1 9 An application that provides tools for displaying QR codes on your Django site.
django-quantity-field 1.0.1 9 Field for Django models that stores multidimensional physical quantities
django-query-signals 0.0.2 9 Django Query Signals
django-quick-reports 0.1.1 9 Ready-to-use class-based django reports
django-quickadmin 0.1.2 9 Django application automatically registers all found models into admin area
django-quran 0.1 9 Quranic models and helpers for use in Django projects
django-random-filestorage 0.1.0 9 Django storage class that assigns random filenames to all stored files.
django-rank-query 0.1.0 9 Enable SQL Window functions for use in Django queries. Add rank to your query.
django-rauthall 0.0.1 9 Yet another Django Auth App
django-raven-heka 0.3 9 Django+Raven+heka integration
django-raven-metlog 0.2 9 Django+Raven+Meltog integration
django-react-comments 0.0.4 9 Django comment module using in reactJS
django-readonly-site 0.1.2 9 Middleware to take your Django website offline by changing settings.SITE_READ_ONLY
django-recaptcha-field 1.0b2 9 Easy-to-use, highly extensible and well documented reCAPTCHA plugin for Django forms
django-recontact 0.2 9 Django contact application with invisible recaptcha
django-redirect-plus 0.0.1 9 Django's built-in redirect app with some extras.
django-redis-connector 1.0.1 9 Django Redis Connector
django-redis-counter 0.1.1 9 Django application that keeps content visit count in redis first, then dump to database via extra job.
django-redis-secure 1.1.1 9 Django caching plugin for django-redis that adds a Serializer class and configuration to support transparent, symmetrical encryption of cached values using the python cryptography library. This plugin also provides encryption for django-rq jobs by simply using the @secure_redis.secure_rq.job decorator to annotate the task method instead of using @django_rq.job.
django-redisdb 0.2.1 9 Django redis backend
django-refinery 0.1 9 Django-refinery is a reusable Django application for allowing users to filter queryset dynamically.
django-registration-bootstrap 0.2.0 9 Bootstrap implementation for Django registration.
django-registration-invite 0.0.3 9 HMAC-based invitation backend for django-registration
django-registration-names 0.1b 9 A way to control allowed and prohibited user names for registration with django-registration.
django-reinhardt 0.2.0 9 Manage object permissions by defining methods in Django Model
django-relatedadminwidget 0.0.3 9 Get edit and delete links in your django admin. A utility class to let your model admins inherit from.
django-remdow 0.0.6 9 Simple Django app for manipulating static files (img files)
django-render-partial 0.3 9 Django render_partial tag allows inserting rendered views into templates
django-reportato 1.0 9 Very simple CSV reports with Django
django-reports 0.0.1 9 A Django app to easily create and render reports.
django-reports-admin 1.0.4 9 A Django Admin add-on which adds functionality to export data in customized forms of output.
django-request-provider 1.0.2 9 access django request object whenever you need it
django-reredirects 0.1.2 9 Django Redirects, but with regex and without the sites framework.
django-resources 1.0a1 9 CSS and Javascript management for Django.
django-resourcetags 1.1 9 Django template tags for referencing static files
django-response 1.0.2 9 Django Response Relative
django-rest-camel 0.3.4 9 Camel case support for Django REST Framework.
django-rest-common 0.0.6 9 Common things every Django REST app needs!
django-rest-coreapi-schema 0.1.2 9 Django restframework custom schema
django-rest-framework-client 0.1.1 9 Python client for a DjangoRestFramework based web site
django-rest-framework-mongoengine-hack 1.0.0 9 Hack for django-rest-framework-mongoengine to support newer mongoengine and drf
django-rest-params 1.0.2 9 Function decorator for Django REST Framework for specifying and constraining API parameters.
django-rest-query 0.1.1 9 A rest query request args parser for django orm.
django-rest-tools 1.1 9 Tools for Django Rest Framework
django-restrictmethodorigin 0.1.1 9 A simple Django app to restrict http methods to specific origin
django-restup 0.1.1 9 A Library for creating REST APIs for Django applications
django-reversion-compare 0.8.4 9 history compare for django-reversion
django-reversion-extras 0.0.2 9 Extra tools to work with django-reversion
django-rf-candv-choices 1.0.0 9 Support of django-candv-choices for django-rest-framework.
django-rgbfield 1.0 9 An extension to the Django web framework that provides database and form color fields to accept RGB encoded color in HEX and store it as 4 bytes int
django-riak-sessions 0.0.4 9 Riak session backend for django
django-richtext-blog 0.8.6 9 A django app that implements a blog with the features we've grown accustomed to. Features: Rich text editing with TinyMCE; Full image upload support; Tags; Comments; Spam prevention; Atom/RSS feeds; Example templates; Code syntax highlighting; SEO optimised urls and more.
django-right-to-left 0.1.1 9 A Django template loader that looks for an alternative right to left version of a template file if the activated language is a right to left language such as Arabic or Hebrew.
django-rmixins 1.8.0 9 Yet another django mixins compilation
django-rms 0.0.0 9 Django Rule Management System app
django-roadies 0.0.1 9 Simple extension of django.contrib.auth Abstract Users
django-robokassa-merchant 0.3 9 Django Application for
django-rocket-engine 0.0.11 9 Django on Google AppEngine
django-routers 0.2 9 Django multiple databases, auto routers
django-rpc 0.4 9 Django RPC for jQuery
django-rszio 1.1.0 9 Django wrapper for RSZ.IO
django-rulengine 0.0.3 9 A simple rule engine for django admin
django-rules 0.2 9 Flexible per-object authorization backend for Django
django-run-queues 0.1.4 9 A very simple Task Queue system for django
django-s3-cache 1.4.2 9 Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) cache backend for Django
django-sa 0.1 9 Utility to convert a python script into a standalone django script
django-saddle 0.3.beta2 9 Settings on steroids and some shortcuts for Django
django-safari-notifications 0.1.1 9 Support for Safari Push Notifications from within Django
django-saml2-pro-auth 0.0.5 9 SAML2 authentication backend for Django wrapping OneLogin's python-saml package
django-sape3 0.2 9 Integration of the Django framework with the service.
django-sassy-coffee 0.3 9 This is a django application to compile SASS, SCSS and CoffeeScript files from the static directory into CSS and JavaScript files
django-sauth 1 9 django sauth is an easy to setup social authentication/registration mechanism with support for several auth providers.
django-scaffolder 0.0.1a0 9 Generate a Django model, views, URLconf, and templates on the command line in seconds.
django-scrumboard 0.1.1 9 A small and easy-to-use application for intergrating SCRUM in your Django life
django-secureadmin 1.4 9 Django-SecureAdmin send verification mail when user last and new ip not equals.
django-segment 0.0.2 9 Segment integration in Django
django-selectable-filter 0.1.5 9 The filterspec to the Django administration that allow you to filter records using the resources of django-selectable library
django-selenium-test-runner 0.1.0 9 Django Selenium test runner. Incorporate functional testing into Django's test subcommand using Selenium web testing tools.
django-semanticui-form 0.0.1 9 django-semanticui-form
django-seo2 1.0.1 9 A framework for managing SEO metadata in Django.
django-seohelper 0.0.1 9 Manager the meta information of your pages in Django
django-serializable-model 0.0.1 9 Django classes to make your models, managers, and querysets serializable, with built-in support for related objects in ~100 LoC
django-serializer 0.0.3 9 Library for creating simple django api
django-service-status 0.2.0 9 Django pluggable app to monitor the service status
django-settings-file 1.0.0 9 Let Django use settings from an arbitrary Python file instead of an importable module
django-settings-startup 2.0 9 A simple Django app to see settings on startup.
django-settingsdict 1.0.1 9 Simple helper class to handle dict style settings for django app
django-setuptest-jenkins 0.0.4 9 Simple test suite enabling Django app testing with jenkins reports via $ python test
django-shareddb 0.1.2 9 Shared database connections for multi-threaded Django test setups.
django-sheets 0.1.2 9 Use Google Sheets as context variables in Django templates
django-shell 1.0.1 9 Django Shell Functions
django-shell-ipynb 0.3.0 9 A Django management command "shell_ipynb" that uses the ipython notebook instead of ipython.
django-shibboleth-session-auth 0.6.0 9 Simplistic Shibboleth integration for Django sessions
django-shop-configurableproduct 0.3.1 9 Configurable product for django-shop
django-short-url 1.0.3 9 Django WeChat Short URL
django-shortcircuit 0.1.0 9 Shortcircuit Django middlewares for a list of views you want skipped
django-shorty 0.1.0 9 Django-shorty is a django app for fast and easy creation of personal URL shortener service, like or tinyURL.
django-silly-search 0.1.2 9 Really simple django-app for search by Q-expressions
django-simple-affiliate 0.1 9 Simple Affiliate System for Django
django-simple-avatar 0.8.6 9 django-simple-avatar
django-simple-block-tag 0.1.3 9 Block tag decorator for Django templates
django-simple-contact 0.3.0 9 Contact application for Django project
django-simple-formwizard 0.1 9 Simple session based form wizard for django applications.
django-simple-gravatar 1.0.1 9 Django Gravatar is a lightweight Django application that allows you to insert a Gravatar image in your templates.
django-simple-quiz 0.1.1 9 Django Quiz App
django-simple-spam-blocker 0.1.0 9 Simple spam blocker for Django
django-simple-webservice 0.1.1 9 Django app for simple create json-rpc like webservices
django-simplecaptcha 1.0.0 9 A simple math-based captcha for Django forms
django-simplecrop 1.0.4 9 A simple module to make easier crop images in Django admin.
django-simplepagination 0.0.1 9 Django application with multiple type of pagination integrated
django-simpletwitchauth 1.0 9 Use this simple module to easily enable authorization in your Django application via Twitch API
django-siteupdate 0.0.3.dev1 9 Generic site update application for Django
django-siteuser 0.1.2 9 A Django APP for Universal Maintain Accounts
django-sizedimagefield 0.1.1 9 A very simple Django field to resize images at upload.
django-slds 0.1.2 9 Django implementation of the Salesforce Lightning Design System
django-slds-crispyforms 0.1.2 9 Django Crispy Forms template overrides for rendering forms using the Salesforce Lightning Design System
django-sliver 0.1.0 9 Lightweight REST API built on top of Django generic views
django-slugfield 0.9 9 Django manual slug field
django-sluggee 0.1 9 Russian slugifier for Django
django-smart-pagination 1.0.1 9 Generate pagination links in Django Templates
django-smart-selects-inlines 1.3 9 Django fork of django-smart-selects that fixes inlines.
django-smartagent 0.1.1 9 django-smartagent is the fastest and most complete user agent parser
django-smarttest 0.3.0 9 Code snippets which help writing automated tests for Django.
django-smarturlfield 1.0.2 9 Django model and form fields that performs URL normalization. For example it adds 'http://' prefix and forces punicode encoding.
django-smileys 0.1.1-pre1 9 Easily replace things like :) and B-) with smilies on your Django-powered site.
django-smileys-plus 0.2.0-beta 9 Easily add, use and manage smileys on your Django-powered site.
django-snapshot 0.1.0 9 Django backup and restore tool. Handle upload files and database
django-snippet 1.0.1 9 Drop-in snippets for django project
django-snippets 0.1.2 9 Provides a templatetag for Django acting as an {% include %}, but the template content comes from database.
django-sns-view 0.1.1 9 A Django view that can be subscribed to Amazon SNS
django-social-auth 0.7.28 9 Django social authentication made simple.
django-social-auth3 0.7.23 9 Django social authentication made simple. Python 3 support fork.
django-social-login 0.2.0 9 A Django APP for Social account login via OAuth2 Service
django-social-media-links 0.2 9 A reusable Django app that renders a set of social media links, i.e. for your website footer.
django-softlayer 0.2 9 Django storage for SoftLayer Cloud Storage
django-solo-grappelli 1.1.2 9 django-solo helps working with singletons: things like global settings that you want to edit from the admin site.
django-sorting 0.1 9 Like ericflo's django pagination, but this one does the sorting! used with ericflo's pagination, displaying tabular paginated and sortable data is very easy
django-sorting-field 1.0.2 9 Django Sorting Field
django-spa 0.2.0 9 Simple Django configuration to serve a single-page app
django-spaghetti-and-meatballs 0.2.2 9 Its a spicy meatball for serving up fresh hot entity-relationship diagrams straight from your django models.
django-spaminspector 0.1rc4 9 django-spaminspector is a generic spam inspector of Django via Akismet
django-spitball 0.0.1 9 Django application that provides a target for the Spitball Jupyter notebook extension client
django-splash 0.2.2 9 Splash screen middleware for Django apps
django-sse-wrapper 0.0.4 9 A simple wrapper of the sse python implementation for django
django-ssl-admin 1.1.4 9 Django middleware to make the admin https only.
django-ssl-client-auth 9 Django SSL Client Authentication
django-sslify-admin 0.5.0 9 Force SSL on your Django admin site.
django-stackato 1.0 9 Django Stackato Extensions -- non-interactive changepassword
django-stainless 0.1.0 9 Cleaning command for unused media files of your Django app.
django-standalone 0.4 9 use the Django ORM with standalone scripts
django-static-adminlte 2.4.2 9 Django application contain font-awesome static files.
django-static-angular v1.3.15 9 AngularJS packaged in an handy django app to speed up new applications and deployment.
django-static-echarts 3.8.4 9 Django application contain echarts static files.
django-static-fontawesome 5.0.2 9 Django application contain font-awesome static files.
django-static-ionicons 2.0.1 9 Django application contain font-awesome static files.
django-static-jquery3 3.2.1 9 Django application contain jquery3 static files.
django-static-md5url 0.1 9 Versioning django static files in production. Add md5 suffix to url
django-static-push 0.1.0 9 Django staticfiles extension for HTTP/2 push
django-staticfiles-webpack 0.1 9 Support for loading Webpack hashed files in Django templates via the static files app.
django-staticgen 0.1.0 9 Push your django powered site to Amazon S3.
django-stdfile 0.5 9 Django application that improves management of FileFields
django-stored-filters 0.1.1 9 Django model filters, stored in json
django-sub-query 0.1 9 Django app which uses SQL sub-queries to solve some ORM limitations
django-subcommand 0.3.2 9 Add sub command to A Django manage command
django-subcommander 0.1 9 Write Django management commands that have subcommands.
django-suit-dashboard 2.0.6 9 Create a dashboard within Django admin interface
django-summernote-ajax 9 Yet another Summernote plugin for Django
django-sunset 0.3 9 Handle Django settings in a bit more organized fashion
django-super-cms 0.1a2 9 a simple cms app for django , just for small site usage
django-supertools 0.3 9 Generic tools for django apps.
django-support-tickets 0.1.1 9 A support tickets system made with Django
django-svg-icons 0.1.2 9 Django SVG Icons made easy
django-svg-templatetag 1.0.1 9 Inject a SVG file into your Django template.
django-svgselect 0.9.1 9 A Django form widget that uses SVG files in place of Select widgets.
django-svnlit 0.1.1 9 Django-based subversion browser.
django-swapfield 0.1.1 9 Django field with automatic values swap
django-tables2-column-shifter 0.4.0 9 Extension for django_tables2 can dynamically show or hide columns
django-tabulate 0.1.1 9 Pretty-print Django QuerySets.
django-tailordev-biblio 1.1.0 9 TailorDev Biblio Bibliography management with Django.
django-tapeforms 0.0.2 9 A helper to render Django forms using HTML templates.
django-tastypie-sepomex 0.1.0 9 Little django application that exposes the sepomex database in a RESTful way.
django-tastypie-simple-api-doc 0.5.0b1 9 A Django app to generate a simple and automatic api documentation with Tastypie
django-telegram-bot 0.6.0 9 Django app to write Telegram bots
django-template-check 0.3.1 9 Perform (minimal) syntax checks for Django templates.
django-template-minifying-loader 1.1 9 Simple Django template loader that minifies html output.
django-template-tree 0.1.1 9 Generate diagrams showing relationships between templates in Django projects
django-templatecomponents 0.03 9 django-templatecomponents
django-templatefield 0.0.2 9 Django model field for saving/retrieving templates for rendering.
django-templateloaderwithpriorities 1.0dev 9 A Django Template Loader with priorities
django-test-pep8 0.1 9 PEP8 Tests to Django projects
django-test-query-counter 0.1.0 9 A Django Toolkit for controlling Query count when testing
django-testbox 0.0.2 9 Testing tools for Django projects
django-testimony 0.0.2 9 A Django app that will create a pluggable django-cms testimony form and content plugin within your project..
django-textchunks 0.1.1 9 Keyed blocks of text or html content for use in your Django templates
django-themes 0.1 9 A powerful application that can be used to develop themes to completely reskin your django apps.
django-theming 1.0 9 Django application, implement theming concept, flexible and configurable. Allow theming for host url.
django-throttling 0.0.1 9 Basic throttling app for Django
django-thumbs 0.4 9 Django-Thumbs is the easiest way to create thumbnails for your images with Django. Works with any StorageBackend.
django-timelimit 0.1 9 A Django template tag used to enforce render time limits within templates.
django-timestamp-paginator 0.0.3 9 Timestamp Paginator for Django.
django-tinsel 1.0.0 9 A python module for decorating function-based Django views
django-tinycolorpicker 0.1.1 9 Django Field and Widget implementation of wieringen/tinycolorpicker
Django-tinymce-filebrowser 0.1.2 9 Django-based file uploader and viewer for TinyMCE
django-tinymce-lite 0.0.2 9 TinyMCE widget for Django
django-tmdb3 0.1.0 9 A django app for displaying information from TMDB
django-tokyo-sessions 0.1.0 9 This is a session backend for Django that stores sessions in a Tokyo Cabinet database, which communicates via Tokyo Tyrant using the PyTyrant library. Tokyo Cabinet is a key-value store similar to BDB.
django-toolbox 0.1 9 A collection of utilities for django applications.
django-tracking-analyzer 0.2 9 User actions tracking and analytics for Django sites.
django-trails 0.2a2 9 Django app for audit logging.
django-transaction-barrier 0.3 9 Transaction barriers for Django and Celery.
django-transmeta-edw 0.7.3 9 Transmeta is an application for translatable content in Django's models.
django-transmeta-jl 0.7.5 9 Transmeta is an application for translatable content in Django's models.
django-trap 0.5.0 9 A fake Django admin login screen to notify admins of attempted unauthorized access.
django-trawler 0.1a 9 Django App for running phishing campaigns (for staff security awareness training).
django-trello-freckle-sprints 0.1.1 9 A reusable Django app that creates burndown charts based on Trello boards and Freckle entries.
django-triflesoft-certificate-auth 0.1.1509191803 9 Django certificate authentication by TrifleSoft
django-triflesoft-deferred 0.1.1509191803 9 Django deferred task execution by TrifleSoft
django-triflesoft-loginas 0.4.1610232024 9 Django loginas for administrators by TrifleSoft
django-triflesoft-organizations 0.3.1510011648 9 Django organizations models by TrifleSoft
django-triflesoft-statsd 0.4.1610232024 9 Django statsd middleware by TrifleSoft
django-triflesoft-templatetags 0.5.1610232024 9 Django template tags by TrifleSoft
django-triflesoft-token-auth 0.4.1510031721 9 Django token authentication by TrifleSoft
django-truncate 0.1 9 A simple Django app to help developers truncate specific models.
django-tube 0.2 9 YouTube video management application for Django projects
django-tus 0.1.0 9 Django app implementing server side of tus v1.0.0 powering resumable file uploads for django projects
django-tvdb 0.0.1 9 TVDB support for Django projects
django-twitter 0.1.0 9 An inobstrusive way to login with Twitter into your Django application.
django-twitter-bootstrap 3.3.0 9 Provides a Django app whose static folder contains Bootstrap assets
django-twostepauth 0.1dev 9 Two-step authentication for Django
django-typeform 0.1.0 9 A Typeform integration for Django
django-unfurl 0.1.1 9 A small re-usable app for Django to output all the URLs used in a project
django-uniapi 1.0.1 9 Django General/Universal API
django-units 0.2.1 9 A Django app to convert units between different systems
django-unload 0.3.3 9 Remove unused custom Django template tags and filters
django-unshorten 1.0 9 A reusable Django app to un-shorten URLs.
django-unslashed 0.3.0 9 Django Middleware that can automatically remove trailing URL slashes and 301 redirect to the non-slash-terminated URL.
django-upload-avatar 0.1.0 9 A Django APP for Upload avatars
django-upman 0.1.1 9 Django uploads manager
django-url-fullpath-redirect 0.1.2 9 Fork of django-url-tracker with query_string support
django-url-methods 0.2.0 9 Django-url-methods provide various methods to work with urls
django-url-namespaces 0.1.0 9 Declarative class-based datastructures, for simple and flexible URLConfs in Django.
django-urlactive-lite 0.1 9 An example django template tag library for adding an "active" class to navigation links.
django-urlalternatives 0.1.0 9 Django URL alternatives provides a way for dispatching one URL pattern to the first alternative view (callback function) in a list that returns success.
django-urlprepend 0.4.6 9 This Django application you to prepend a string to your django app urls useful if you need to change themes based on url.
django-usda-mongo 0.1.1 9 Import and map the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference (SR22) to Django models using MongoDB with mongoengine
django-use-email-as-username 1.0.0 9 A Django app to use email as username for user authentication.
django-user-activities 0.4.1 9 Django app for dealing with User activities (likes, tags, comments, etc.)
django-user-assets 1.1.0 9 Allow users to create site assets with django admin
django-user_agent_detector 0.1dev 9 Detect and handle desktop vs mobile user agents with django-annoying
django-username-tools 0.1.3 9 Username validation fields and utilities for Django
django-userpreferences 0.1 9 Django application that allows you to easily store preferences for your users to choose from. Sending emails but want to let the user choose the frequency ? Do it by adding a file in your email app.
django-utilities 0.1.5 9 Django's set of utilities. Includes admin ImageField with preview, override for username, Localized date filter, ConsoleException middleware and broken link highlight template.
django-uwsgi-alt 17.6.3 9 uWSGI stuff for Django projects
django-vagrantize 0.1.0 9 Run Django dev server from VM
django-validated-file 2.0.1 9 This Django app adds a new field type, ValidatedFileField, that add the capability of checking the document size and types the user may send.
django-variantmpl 0.1.0 9 Provide a mechanism for Django that switching template based on request context.
django-vatno-validator 0.1.1 9 A Django validator that validates European VAT numbers
django-verbatim 0.1 9 Django template block tag which renders template syntax characters within the block as normal text.
django-versatileimagefield-edited 1.9.1rc1 9 A drop-in replacement for django's ImageField that provides a flexible, intuitive and easily-extensible interface for creating new images from the one assigned to the field.
django-videofield 0.1.1 9 Support for video upload in Django models
django-videothumbs 0.91 9 DjangoVideoThumbs
django-viewform 0.1.0 9 Template driven form rendering for django.
django-viewssi 0.1.1 9 Template tag for requesting views in templates (Django)
django-volatile_messages 0.1 9 Django app for create volatile message system
django-vouch 0.1.0-dev0 9 extension to django.contrib.auth as an identity manager with wide range of auth mechanism support.
django-walking-settings 0.1.1 9 a live settings setter for django
django-warrant 0.1.0 9 Django library that uses the warrant python utility library to provide authentication via AWS Cognito.
django-watermark-remastered 0.1.8 9 Overrided django-watermark from origin
django-webapp 1.0.0 9 Integrate a front-end webapp and build process into Django and include a new runwebapp command.
django-webapp-install-banner 0.1.0 9 Add web App install banner to django project
django-webbugger 0.11-distutils 9 Basic webbugger/tracking beacon for django
django-webid-auth 0.2 9 A django app to enable WebID authentication.
django-websocket-channel 0.0.5 9 Websocket support for Django using Redis
django-websocket-redis3 9 Py3 compliant port of django-websocket-redis. Doesn't provide backwards compatibility with py2.
django-wechat 0.1a1 9 apis for you can use wechat in django
django-wechat-api 2.0.0 9 Pure python/django for wechat official account interface.
django-wordpress-api 0.1.24 9 Easily Install your Wordpress blog in your Django project using wp rest API v1
django-workable 0.0.1 9 Django wrapper for python-workable.
django-wsgi 1.0b1 9 Enhanced WSGI support for Django applications
django-xadmin-mirror 0.5.18 9 Drop-in replacement of Django admin comes with lots of goodies, fully extensible with plugin support, pretty UI based on Twitter Bootstrap.
django-xe-currencies 0.0.1 9 Django-based currency exchange app synced with XE datafeed API.
django-xmi 0.0.1 9 A Django app that creates Django models from an XMI spec.
django-yarn 0.0.1 9 Use Facebook's Yarn package manager with Django.
django-zipkin 0.0.3 9 django-zipkin is a Django middleware and api for recording and sending messages to Zipkin
django-ztask 0.1.5 9 Django ZTask - A simple background task scheduler for Django
djangocms-admindocs-style 0.2.0 9 Adds DjangoCMS Admin Styles to the admindocs
djangocms-background-media 1.0.0 9 A Django CMS plugin that provides responsive, full screen background media with text.
djangocms-blog 0.9.3 9 A djangoCMS 3 blog application
djangocms-blog-martin 0.5.1.dev3 9 Fork of djangoCMS 3 blog application
djangocms-blogitty 0.1.0 9 Yet another news/blog app for django-cms
djangocms-classic-admin-style 1.0.2 9 Enables Django's original admin styling to work nicely with Django CMS
djangocms-comments 0.2.2 9 A comment system for Django CMS unintrusive and easy to use. Add it to your pages without modifying your models. It is highly customizable!
djangocms-conditional 0.2.1 9 django CMS plugin that shows content based on user group membership.
djangocms-disqus 0.1.4 9 Disqus intergration for your django-cms powered site with options for Single Sign-On (SSO), lazy loading, analytics and more.
djangocms-rest-api 0.2.0 9 API for django cms.
djangocms-simple-accordion 0.0.2 9 Django-CMS Plugin for accordion tabs. It's easy to style and does not rely on big dependencies
djangorestframework-bulk 0.2.1 9 Django REST Framework bulk CRUD view mixins
djangorestframework-camel-case 1.0b1 9 Camel case JSON support for Django REST framework.
djangorestframework-composed-permissions 0.1 9 Composed permissions for django-rest-framework
djangorestframework-custom-exceptions 1.0.1 9 Custom exceptions for Django REST Framework
djangorestframework-custom-filters 1.0.0 9 Custom filters for Django REST Framework
djangorestframework-custom-paginations 1.2.2 9 Custom paginations for Django REST Framework
djangosaml2-bernii 0.11.2 9 pysaml2 integration in Django
djangosaml2-dj16 0.10.0 9 pysaml2 integration in Django 1.6
djangoshop-currencies 0.2.0 9 Django-SHOP integration with django-currencies
eckerd-django-google-sso 0.0.1 9 A reusable django application for google sso
eem-django 0.0.0 9 Django app providing a template tag to create "eem" image manipulation URLs.
fabric-django 0.1.0 9 Django deployment system for Fabric
gc-django-redis-sessions 0.5.2 9 Redis Session Backend For Django
git-hooks-pylint-django 0.1 9 Git hooks for pylint, for django projects
hbx-django-tastypie-mongoengine 0.4.6 9 MongoEngine support for django-tastypie. Fixed for Django 1.9+
hdf5-django 0.1.2 9 HDF5 interfaces for Django
ibidem-django-util 0.6.1 9 Ibidem Django utilities
inb-django-influxdb-metrics 1.3.3 9 A reusable Django app that sends metrics about your project to InfluxDB
infinidat-django-bootstrap3 7.0.9 9 Bootstrap support for Django projects
jinja2-django-compat 0.1.0 9 A Django compatibility library for Jinja2 templates
jinja2-django-version 1.1.1 9 A Jinja2 extenstion that adds django version to templates.
linaro-django-pagination 2.0.3 9 linaro-django-pagination
moma-django 0.1.1 9 MoMa-Django provides native Django ORM and admin support for Mongo DB.
multiple-django-popolo-sources 0.0.3 9 Handle django-popolo data from multiple separate sources
nereo-django-cas-ng 4.0.2 9 CAS 1.0/2.0 client authentication backend for Django (inherited from django-cas)
nose-django-querycount 0.3 9 Nose plugin for counting queries in Django tests
pixelpin-auth-django 1.0.1 9 Python PixelPin Authentication, Django integration.
pytest-django-sqlcount 0.1.0 9 py.test plugin for reporting the number of SQLs executed per django testcase.
pytest-django-sqlcounts 0.1.0 9 py.test plugin for reporting the number of SQLs executed per django testcase.
redsolutioncms.django-catalog 2.0.2 9 Django generic catalog application. Organize objects in tree structure, allows to make links for objects.
safety-django 0.1.1 9 safety-django checks your installed dependencies for known security vulnerabilities and displays them in the admin area.
social-auth-app-django 2.1.0 9 Python Social Authentication, Django integration.
social-auth-app-django-mongoengine 1.0.0 9 Python Social Authentication, Mongoengine Django integration.
sphinx-django-command 0.1.3 9 Sphinx plugin for help Django commands documentation.
templer.django-project-app 1.2 9 Templer extension for creating Django applications within projects.
teracy-django-html5-boilerplate 0.3.0 9 html5-boilerplate Django wrapper application
tivix-django-braintree 0.1.3 9 An easy way to integrate with Braintree Payment Solutions from Django.
tocka-django-unslashed 0.4.1 9 Django Middleware that can automatically remove trailing URL slashes and 301 redirect to the non-slash-terminated URL.
tp-django-tables2-reports 0.0.12 9 With django-tables2-reports you can get a report (CSV, XLS) of any django-tables2 with minimal changes to your project. Fork of abondened
twython-django 1.5.2 9 Django Integration for Twython -- the actively maintained, pure Python wrapper for the Twitter API. Supports both normal and streaming Twitter APIs
una-django-cassandra-engine 5.0.16 9 Django Cassandra Engine - the Cassandra backend for Django
wadofstuff-django-forms 1.1.0 9 Extended Django forms.
wadofstuff-django-serializers 1.1.0 9 Extended serializers for Django.
wadofstuff-django-serializers-op 1.1.1 9 Extended serializers for Django modified for OpenProximity
wadofstuff-django-views 1.0.1 9 Inlines support for Django generic views.
webstack-django-endless-pagination 2.0.2 9 Django Endless Pagination can be used to provide Twitter-style or Digg-style pagination
webstack-django-pagination 2.1.2 9 Recent release of linaro-django-pagination by Webstack
ak-django-oauth-toolkit 1.0.2 8 OAuth2 Provider for Django
api-tools-django 0.1.0 8 Various tools for Django APIs.
appomatic_django_vcs 0.0.32 8 A way to integrate VCS-agnostic repository browsing into Django apps.
awesome-django-admin-locking 1.3 8 Prevents users from overwriting each others changes in Django. Forked from JoshMaker for upload to pypi.
axado.django-localflavor-br 1.0.1 8 Country-specific Django helpers for Brazil.
BDD4Django 0.3.13 8 "Behavior Driven Development" (BDD) -- Integrating Morelia + Splinter + Django
customizable-django-profiler 0.1 8 Customizable Django middleware based on cProfile
damn-simple-jsonrpc-server-django 0.2.1 8 Django adapter for damn simple JSON-RPC Server
django-account 0.1.14 8 Django application for registration and authentication
django-account-helper 0.1.6 8 django account helper utils for `django.contrib.auth`
django-account-modified 0.1.8 8 Django application for registration and authentication, modified
django-ace-overlay 0.7.1 8 Ace editor for Django admin
django-active-tab 0.1.1 8 nav decorator for django views
django-admin-email-sender 0.1.1 8 Django Admin Email Sender
django-admin-export 2.0 8 Generic export to xls action for Django admin interface
django-admin-external-auth 0.1.0 8 Use your Django project's existing authentication views in the admin interface.
django-admin-hstore-widget 0.3.0 8 Widget and Field to properly render HStore data in Django-Admin
django-admin-large-initial-data 1.0.0 8 Allow to make redirects with large session data to django ModelAdmin add view
django-admin-links 0.1 8 Read-only link representation of foreign keys in django admin
django-admin-menu 1.1 8 A Django admin theme with a horizontal, tabbed navigation bar
django-admin-methods 0.1.13 8 Quickly create admin related actions, list properties and single instance properties for Django
django-admin-relation-links 0.0.5 8 An easy way to add links to relations in the Django Admin site.
django-admin-report 0.6.2 8 Django application and library for create reports using all power of the ORM Django
django-admin-select2 1.0.1 8 Enable select2 for Django admin select inputs
django-adminbrowse 0.1.2 8 Add related object links and other useful info to the Django admin interface
django-adv-imagefield 0.0.4 8 Advanced ImageField for Django that provides widget to search Flickr and Google Images
django-advanced-redirects 0.9.5 8 Advanced redirect management for Django applications.
django-agiletix 0.1.1 8 A Django app for interacting with the Agile Ticketing API
django-ajaxmiddleware 0.2.2 8 django middleware to handle ajax requests really easily
django-alapage 0.8 8 Page management app for Django
django-aliyun-storage 0.0.1 8 Django storage for Aliyun OSS Storage
django-allauth-templates-bootstrap4 0.34.12 8 Bootstrap4 template pack for django-allauth
django-analystnotes 0.1.0 8 Security analyst notes.
django-angular-scaffold 0.12.1 8 AngularJS Scaffolding for Django
django-angularjs 1.0.2 8 Angularjs packaged in a handy django app to speed up new applications and reduce duplicaiton.
django-antichaos 0.2.0 8 Django application for easy tag manipulation.It's addon to django-tagging or django-taggin-ng applications.
django-api-bouncer 0.3.1 8 A simple API Gateway app for Django
django-api-gateway 0.0.7 8 apigateway for django
django-apps 0.1.0 8 Django application which provides an information about installed applications.
django-appsettings 0.1.1 8 A unified settings system for pluggable django apps
django-archive-mixin 0.1.0 8 Archive/soft delete Django models.
django-assets-pipeline 0.1 8 Complete assets pipeline for Django projects
django-auth-json 0.0.3 8 replace the login url parameter of django auth decorator with json
django-authz 1.0.12 8 Yet another approach to authorization in django
django-auto-rest-project 0.5.3 8 This tool provide a way to build Django RESTful projects based your database
django-autoreload 0.1.1 8 Autoreload files in browser for Django development
django-autoreloader 0.4.2 8 Autoreload files in browser for Django development
django-basic-feedback 1.0.3 8 Provides a Feedback button on your pages and lets you view feedback via Django's admin site. Requires jQuery.
django-beehat 0.1.2 8 Common Django snippets and other useful code.
django-bend 0.0.6 8 Database dump conversion to Django fixtures
django-bespoke-admin 0.1 8 Custom views and management command execution in Django admin panel.
django-bookshelf 1.0.3 8 A lightweight and intuitive wiki app for django
django-bootstrap-less 2.1.1 8 Bootstrap packaged in a handy django app to speed up new applications and reduce duplicaiton.
django-bootstrap-tags 1.2.0 8 A django form widget and tag model to add typeahead tagging to any form.
django-boreas 0.1 8 Django management commands for boreas
django-bourbon 3.1.8 8 Bourbon ( static files packaged in a django app to speed up new applications and deployment.
django-bridge 0.2.0 8 Frontend integration helpers for Django
django-build 0.2 8 django-build provides a management command 'build2s3' which tar and gzips the source code and stores it in s3.
django-cal 0.2.3 8 Django app to enable exporting of events to iCalendar files.
django-captcha 1.0.0 8 A django class based view collection
django-carrots 1.12 8 Basic account application for Django Workshops by Geek Girl Carrots
django-cas-dev-server 0.1.2 8 Extends the Django development server to include a local CAS server.
django-celery-ses 0.9.2 8 django-celery-ses
django-cepfield 0.2.0 8 Django CepField
django-chartjs-engine 0.0.4 8 Django app to build chartjs javascript charts
django-clamav-upload 0.1.2 8 A simple upload handler for django that scans inbound streams for malicious content
django-cms-boilerplate 1.0 8 Django-cms initial project template
django-cms-pagetags 0.1.6 8 Tag fileds for CMS pages. Works with django-tagging or django-tagging-ng.
django-cms-pictures 0.0.1 8 Django CMS Pictures Plugins
django-cms-sorl-pictures 0.1.2 8 Django CMS Sorl Pictures Plugins
django-cnote 0.3.4 8 Django cnotes provides a simple cookie based user notification system.
django-cnotes 0.3.1 8 Django cnotes provides a simple cookie based user notification system.
django-colors-formatter 1.0 8 Zero-config logging formatter that uses the built-in DJANGO_COLORS setting
django-console 0.4.8 8 bash console in the browser for django admins
django-contrib-comments 1.8.0 8 The code formerly known as django.contrib.comments.
django-contrib-validator 1.0.7 8 a django request POST/GET data validator
django-controlcenter 0.2.5 8 Set of widgets to build dashboards for your Django-project.
django-cprofile-middleware-dmw 0.2 8 Easily add cProfile profiling to django views.
django-creek 0.1.2 8 A simple flow controller for Django
django-crocodoc 0.1.5 8 Django app for integrating with CrocoDoc
django-crossdb 0.1.3 8 Tools for enabling Django models to relate to each other across databases.
django-crypto-fields 0.1.4 8 Add encrypted field classes and more to your Django models.
django-csp-advanced 0.0.1 8 Provides a powerful interface to CSP headers for Django applications.
django-csp-reports 1.1 8 A Django app for handling reports from web browsers of violations of your website's content security policy.
django-cssjspacker 0.2 8 django application for js and css compression
django-cte-trees 1.0b1 8 Django Adjacency-List trees using PostgreSQL Common Table Expressions (CTE).
django-cte-trees-python3 1.0.2 8 Django Adjacency-List trees using PostgreSQL Common Table Expressions (CTE).
django-custom-field 2.9 8 End user custom fields for Django including contrib.admin support
django-d3 3.3.11 8 Django package for d3
django-data-sample 0.1 8 Import a sample of production data to development database in Django, while respecting FK relations.
django-datafreezer 0.2.0 8 Data storage Django web application.
django-datagrid 1.1 8 A django based Datagrid
django-debug 0.1.1 8 Django application for monitoring the ORM queries
django-debug-toolbar-request-history 0.0.7 8 Request History Panel for Django Debug Toolbar
django-dex 0.3.1 8 Database export tools for Django
django-directory 0.0.1 8 A Django application to list and download files from a directory
django-dirtyedit 0.2.7 8 Django application to edit files from the admin interface
django-dirtyfield 1.0 8 Track changed data in Django Models
django-distill 1.2 8 Static site renderer and publisher for Django.
django-djikiki 1.1 8 A django wiki
django-djobberbase 0.1.1 8 A clone of the jobberBase job board platform written using the Django framework.
django-doc-view 0.1.0 8 The simplest way to document your Django APIs
django-docker 0.1 8 Module to create django docker based on your project
django-dynamicstatics 1.0.2 8 A Django utility application that dynamically changes MEDIA_URL and STATIC_URL
django-easydata 0.1 8 A Django app to publish your project data using ontologies.
django-extended-filters 0.5 8 Add checkbox, daterange, tree-descendants and autocomplete filters in django admin
django-fans-validator 1.0.5 8 a django request POST/GET data validator
django-fastcgi-server 0.1 8 Package for deploying django projects via FastCGI for django version 1.9 or higher.
django-file-archive 0.0.2 8 Simple facility for uploading files in the Django admin
django-floppy-gumby 0.1 8 Gumby Framework forms for Django using floppy forms. A floppy and gumby project.
django-flot 1.3.3 8 Flot packaged in a handy django app to speed up new applications and reduce duplicaiton.
django-font-awesome 4.6.1 8 Font Awesome packaged in a django app to speed up new applications and deployment.
django-formsettesthelpers 0.1 8 Django test helpers for generating formset data.
django-formtools 2.1 8 A set of high-level abstractions for Django forms
django-foundation-icons 3.1 8 Zurb Foundation Icons ( static files packaged in a Django app.
django-geetar 1.0 8 A swiss army knife for your Django project, including a smattering of helpful code
django-gen-settings 0.2 8 A settings mixin for django models
django-google-charts 0.1.1 8 Google Visualization API template tags and helpers for Django framework
django-graphql-bp 1.2.5 8 Boiler plate for API projects based on Django 2 & graphql (graphene) 2
django-graphql-utils 0.2 8 Utilities to work with Graphql in Django
django-hash-field 0.01 8 Hash field for Django (stored in postgres as UUID)
django-helptext 0.3 8 A django application for editing django model field help text in the django admin
django-heroku-sendgridify 0.1.1 8 Automatic email configuration for the Django/Heroku/SendGrid stack
django-hudson-25 0.9.0 8 Plug and play continuous integration with django and hudson
django-ifnav-templatetag 1.1 8 ifnav template tag for django
django-improved-foreign-key 0.1.0 8 A ForeignKey for Django that supports multiple databases.
django-invite 0.1.0 8 Django application for registration and authentication
django-invoice2 0.1.1 8 Pluggable django invoicing app
django-ios-push 0.1.2 8 A Django Application for contacting the Apple Push Service and maintaining a list of iOS devices.
django-ipython 0.1.1 8 An IPython extension for using django with ipython notbeook
django-jadelesscoffee 0.3.0 8 Django middleware class that executes the Node.js JadeLessCoffee compiler on a `src` folder in the TEMPLATE_DIRS directory.
django-jira-helpdesk 0.1.0 8 jira helpdesk for django
django-jquery-autosuggest 1.4.1 8 jQuery autosuggest ( packaged in a django app to speed up new applications and deployment.
django-jquery-lightbox 2.6 8 Django package for Lightbox: a small javascript library used to overlay images on top of the current page.
django-jquery-qtip 2.1.1 8 jQuery qTip ( packaged in a django app to speed up new applications and deployment.
django-jquery-tablesorter 2.12.0 8 Django package for the tablesorter plugin.
django-jquery-tipsy 1.0.0a 8 jQuery tipsy plugin packaged in a django app to speed up new applications and deployment.
django-jsonmodel 0.2 8 Convert Django Models to a JSON representation
django-khipu 1.0.0 8 Aplicación para integrar pagos Khipu en Django
django-lb-attachments 0.8.3 8 A django app to manager attachments.
django-link-auth 0.1.0 8 Django's authentication backend to login by temporary URLs.
django-localcrawler 0.1.1 8 django-localcrawler
django-localflavor-au-tjh 1.1.2 8 Country-specific Django helpers for Australia.
django-localflavor-br 1.0 8 Country-specific Django helpers for Brazil.
django-localflavor-ch 1.0 8 Country-specific Django helpers for Switzerland.
django-localflavor-us 1.1 8 Country-specific Django helpers for U.S.A.
django-mail-builder 0.3 8 Simple template-based EmailMessage builder for Django
django-major-event-log 0.1.1 8 Django app for keeping track of major premis events.
django-marionette 0.0.2 8 A simple RPC library for Django
django-materialize-css 0.0.1 8 Provides a Django app whose static folder contains Materialize CSS assets
django-mbase 0.2 8 Basic abstracts models and usefull stuff for Django
django-medusa-unstoppable 0.3.1 8 A Django static website generator. Fork of django-medusa
django-mesh 0.1.0 8 A Django blog.
django-metafeed 0.1.0 8 Django feed aggregator, to merge few feeds into the one.
django-mgof 0.1.1 8 Modern good old forums for Django
django-microblogging 0.1.2 8 django-microblogging
django-migreme 0.0.1 8 Django app
django-minifiedstorage 0.3 8 Simple minified storage for django static assets
django-modernizr-static 2.6.3dev 8 Modernizr packaged in a handy django app to speed up new applications and reduce duplicaiton.
django-money-bitcoin 0.14 8 Adds support for bitcoin litcoin and other digital currency Base on django-money. tk!Uses py-moneyed as the money implementation.
django-mongo-avatar 1.0.0.dev8 8 A django like ORM for mongodb
django-mongodb-cache 0.1.0 8 Mongodb cache backend for Django framework
django-monit 0.1a 8 A simple Django-based Monit collector
django-mq 0.0.1 8 The awesome mq module for django
django-multiform 0.1 8 Wrap several django forms into one form-like object
django-multitenant 1.0.2 8 Django Library to Implement Multi-tenant datbases
django-mvx-utils 0.0.1 8 Random utils for Django.
django-nats 0.1.0 8 django client for NATS message system
django-ninjapaginator-ng 0.1.6 8 Django application with multiple type of pagination integrated
django-npm-36 1.0.0 8 A temp compat. version of django-npm
django-oauth-api 0.5.3 8 OAuth API for Django using Django Rest Framework
django-object-feedback 0.1.0 8 A simple django app to allow feedback on model instances.
django-online-counter 1.0 8 Django online visitor counter
django-orm-serializer 0.1 8 This serializer support django orm data to python object
django-package-notification 1.0.1 8 Permite comunicar django con slack
django-pariah 0.2 8 A Django app for creating web comics
django-pastebin 1.5 8 A django based pastebin
django-perfect404 0.1.1 8 Simple but perfect 404 page for django projects.
django-pg-commands 0.1.3 8 Collections of command for postgreSQL with django
django-pipejam 0.0.3 8 Dependency management on top of Django Pipeline.
django-pollngo 1.1 8 A Django based polling application
django-postgreconnect 0.2 8 A Django backend that automatically reconnects to postgres if the connection is lost.
django-prelaunch 0.1 8 A Django app to gather email addresses of people interested in your prelaunch-stage website.
django-prepared-query 0.1 8 Prepared statements support for Django
django-provinceitaliane 0.1.2 8 Province e Regioni Italiane for Django
django-puppy-cache 1.3.0 8 Django cache backend that helps prevent dog-piling.
django-pypal 0.1.0 8 Django app for PyPal
django-quickbooks-online 0.2.2 8 Django Quickbooks App
django-rawinclude 0.1 8 Small module for django that gives the ease of loading templates in raw.
django-realtime-ticket 0.1.0 8 authorize django users in realtime(asynchronous) backends using expiring tickets in Redis
django-redcap 0.1b2 8 Utilities for porting REDCap projects to Django
django-redmine-auth-backend 0.1 8 A Django authentication backend for use with the Redmine
django-registration-extended-backend 0.1.a2 8 Backend for django registration that sends email in HTML and does email normalization
django-remote-control 1.0.1 8 Securely call commands in other django applications.
django-render-csv 1.1.1 8 utilities to render csv in django
django-render-load 0.0dev 8 Django template tags render_object and load_object grouped together.
django-report-builder 5.0.0b3 8 Query and Report builder for Django ORM
django-responsive-dashboard 1.3.2 8 A generic and easy dashboard for Django applications.
django-rest-framework-keycloak 0.2.0 8 django-rest-framework-keycloak package provides Keycloak support.
django-rest-fuzzysearch 0.5.1 8 Fuzzy Search for Django REST Framework
django-rest-issues 1.4 8 Django rest issues is issue raising system. Here logged in users can rais the issues.
django-rest-offlinesync 0.5.2 8 Offline Data Synchronization for Django REST Framework
django-rest-requirements 1.1.0 8 Django REST Requirements
django-restlib 1.0 8 Django REST API
django-reversetag 0.3.2 8 A new, improved (and renamed) implementation of Django's 'url' template tag.
django-saas-user 0.2 8 Multi-client Authentication/Authorization for Django
django-scraoy 0.1a1 8 apis for you can use scrapy in django
django-scrapy 0.1a1 8 apis for you can use scrapy in django
django-semantic-mediawiki 0.1 8 Use the semantic mediawiki API as django models
django-shard-library 0.0.1 8 Django Shard Library
django-signal-disabler 0.1.1 8 Allows to temporarily disable django signals
django-simple-amf-remoting 0.1.0b 8 A simplified API for AmFast's AMF remoting functionality, designed to make Django AMF remoting simple and painless.
django-simple-cart 0.1.0 8 Simple cart for django based shop
django-simple-jsonschema 0.0.5 8 django-simple-jsonschema is middleware for integrating django and jsonschema.
django-simple-utilities 0.9 8 Simple utilities which help create django application.
django-slack-integration 1.0 8 Lightweight OAuth integration with Slack for your Django Projects.
django-social-timeline 0.2 8 Social networking for django. Following system and timeline of events.
django-socialnews 1.1 8 A reddit like socialnews system for Django
django-split-json-widget 1.16 8 Provides a widget that renders JSON data as separate, editable inputs.
django-sqlalchemy 0.0.1 8 Experimental project for integrating SQLAlchemy properly with django web framework.
django-sslredirector 0.1.b1 8 A simple django application that manages http/https statuses of different views.
django-sslutils 0.1.1 8 SSL helpers for Django
django-star 0.999 8 Django plugin for adding a star to Django model object universally.
django-state-machines 0.1.2 8 Django finite state machine implementation
django-status-cats 0.1.1 8 Django middleware for adding HTTP status cats to your responses
django-statuspage 0.1.0 8 Your project description goes here
django-steamauth 1.1.0 8 steam login library for django
django-subdomain 1.1 8 app to provide subdomain functionality in django project
django-surround 1.0.0 8 Library of useful utilities surrounding Django
django-taggee 0.2 8 Tag field for Django models
django-template-analyzer 1.6.1 8 Django Template Analyzer - Extract template nodes from a Django template
django-template-iminifier 1.1 8 Python package, providing simple django template loader. It reduces HTML output in templates by stripping out whitespace characters between HTML and django template tags. Originally forked from iRynek
django-templateaddons3 1.0 8 A set of tools for use with templates of the Django framework: additional template tags, context processors and utilities for template tag development.
django-test-addons 1.0 8 Library to provide support for testing multiple database system like Mongo, Redis, Neo4j along with django.
django-testtools 0.1 8 A helper for writting Django's tests
django-time-profiler 0.0.1 8 The awesome time based profiler for django
django-todoist 0.1.0 8 Provides basic connectivity between Django and Todoist.
django-trampoline 1.0 8 No-frills Elasticsearch's wrapper for your Django project.
django-ts-router 0.7.2 8 Generates a TypeScript (or JavaScript) source code that includes URL reverse functions for your Django app.
django-tumblelog 0.2 8 A simple and extensible tumblelog engine for Django
django-underscore 1.3.3 8 Underscore packaged in a handy django app to speed up new applications and reduce duplicaiton.
django-unrest-comments 0.1.0 8 Threaded ajax comments using django on the back end and riot/unrest on the front.
django-upload-path-generator 0.0.2 8 upload path generator for django model's FielField
django-vault-client 0.0.1 8 Client for a django-vault
django-views 1.0.1 8 A django class based view collection
django-vitevue 0.1.1 8 Assemble a Vue.js frontent from several Django modules
django-vk-cities 1.0.1 8 Django package for using cities database
django-watchtower 0.1 8 Collect metrics and events from Django
django-web-console 0.1 8 Django Console on the Browser.
django-werkzeug-debugger-runserver 0.3.1 8 Replaces Django's runserver command with one that includes the Werkzeug debugger (shamelessly ripped out of django-extensions)
django-wordpress 1.1 8 Django app to easily integrate Wordpress.
django-zillow-neighborhoods 0.8.0 8 Django app for importing and querying Zillow's neighborhood data
django-zipkin-http 0.0.1 8 django-zipkin-http is a Django middleware and api refering to django-zipkin for recording and sending messages to Zipkin via HTTP protocol
django-zoneke-contrib 0.05 8 Django Contrib
djangocms-bs3-theme-solid 0.1.0 8 A comment system for Django CMS unintrusive and easy to use. Add it to your pages without modifying your models. It is highly customizable!
idh-django 0.1 8 Ideahut Django Library
ii-django-backup 0.3 8 ideallical django backup
ii-django-package-settings 0.1 8 ideallical django package settings
linaro-django-jsonfield 0.3 8 Django's missing JSON field similar to XMLField
nereo-django-maintenance-mode 0.6.1 8 django-maintenance-mode shows a 503 error page when maintenance-mode is on.
webpype-django 0.1dev 8 WebPype functionality for Django
15five-django-ajax-selects 7 Edit ForeignKey, ManyToManyField and CharField in Django Admin using jQuery UI AutoComplete.
agape-django 0.2.5 7 Collection of reusable Django Applications for RAD
ailove-django-fias 0.5.2 7 FIAS Django integration (fork Ailove)
aiodjango 0.1.0 7 Utilities for running async aiohttp based routes in the context of a Django project.
aiohttp-like-django 1.0.1 7 Coding aiohttp like django
ak-django-datadog 7 Simple Django middleware for submitting timings and exceptions to Datadog.
ak-djangorestframework-jsonapi 2.4.0.post0 7 A Django REST framework API adapter for the JSON API spec.
akiokio-django-geoposition 0.2.2 7 Django model field that can hold a geoposition, and corresponding admin widget.
aldryn-django 7 An opinionated Django setup bundled as an Aldryn Addon
aloe_django 0.1.3 7 Package for testing Django applications with Aloe
ambition-django-cachalot 1.4.2 7 Caches your Django ORM queries and automatically invalidates them.
ambition-django-cachebuster 0.3 7 Django 1.3, Python 2.7/3.5 ready cache busting app
ambition-django-timezone-field 2.0.2 7 A Django app providing database and form fields for pytz timezone objects.
ambition-django-uuidfield 0.5.0 7 Ambition fork of dcramer/django-uuidfield, UUIDField in Django
asheeshs-django-optimizer 2.0 7 A pretend Django optimizer for use in a web security tutorial
attainia-django-extensions 0.6.1 7 A collection of helpful utilities to be used in Attainia Django/Rest Framework projects
awesto-djangocms-carousel 0.3.0 7 A carousel plugin for djangoCMS
BabelDjango-onefinestay 0.2.4 7 Utilities for using Babel in Django
basil_django 0.1 7 Basil template to create a basic django project.
bee-django-coin 0.0.6 7 A simple Django app to conduct Web-based message.
bee-django-crm 1.3.8 7 A simple Django app to conduct Web-based crm.
bee-django-exam 0.1.0 7 A simple Django app to conduct Web-based crm.
bee-django-message 0.0.5 7 A simple Django app to conduct Web-based message.
behave-django 1.1.0 7 Behave BDD integration for Django
benchmark-django-rest-framework 1.0.0 7 A framework developing Django Rest API most efficiently.
beproud.django.commons 0.38 7 Common utilities for Django
bernoulli_django 0.1.8 7 Package to integrate django app with Bernoulli
blanc-django-admin-skin 0.1.4 7 Blanc Admin Skin for Django
buttercms-django 0.3.7 7 Company blogs as a service. Built for developers.
calband-django-mobile 0.7.0.dev1 7 Detect mobile browsers and serve different template flavours to them.
ccnmtldjango 1.11.0 7 Paste template for Django development at CCNMTL
certbot-django 0.2.0 7 Full-stack Django / LetsEncrypt / Certbot Integration
cg-django-uaa 1.2.0 7 A UAA authentication backend for Django
collective.django 1.0 7 Django transaction integration for Plone
consumeraffairs-django-experiments 1.4.4 7 Python Django AB Testing Framework
cookiecutter-django 1.11.9 7 A Cookiecutter template for creating production-ready Django projects quickly.
cykooz.djangorecipe 1.2.1 7 Buildout recipe for Django
dc-django-base 0.6.3 7 Django base application
ddh_django_utils 0.9.4 7 Reusable Django app containing utilities for DDH projects
diy-django 1.3.1 7 diy-django
django-4store 0.3 7 A small Django application that makes developing with the 4Store RDF database easier.
django-503 0.1 7 An app to show 503 error page, while your django site is on maintenance.
django-786ms-career 0.2.3 7 A simple Django app for 786ms.
django-ab 0.1.1 7 AB Testing Framework for Django
django-abo 0.1.4 7 Recurring payment / subscription handling for Django, supporting different payment gateways
django-absolute 0.3 7 Absolute URLs tools for django
django-absoluteurl 1.0 7 Absolute Url is an app for creating absolute urls in Django templates.
Django-Abstract-Relations 0.1.4 7 Dynamically generated customizable through model for abstract many-to-many relations in Django
django-abstract-templates 1.2.0 7 Basic structure for building reusable templates in Django.
django-abtoast 1.2.0 7 ABToast is an A/B Testing app that is developed in django.
django-acc 0.0.5.dev8 7 A simple Django app for account managemnt
django-accept-header 0.3.2 7 A Django middleware that inspects the HTTP Accept headers sent by browsers.
django-access-tokens 0.9.2 7 A Django app for for generating secure scoped access tokens.
django-account-balances 0.4 7 Track account credits in Django
django-accountant 0.1.9 7 Django based account manager.
Django-Accounts 0.1 7 A batteries-included solution for Django accounts.
django-ace 1.0.3 7 django-ace provides integration for ACE with Django
django-achilles 0.0.13 7 Django AJAX Framework
django-action-log 0.1 7 Simple and small action logger for django.
django-actionlog 0.9.14 7 You can check the python-time, sql-time and query-count for each request for Django
django-actistream 1.0.6 7 Activities & notifications for Django
django-active-users 0.2 7 Monitoring of active users in Django using Redis
django-activeview 0.1.3 7 Django template tag that checks if given view or path is active.
django-activities 1.2.1 7 Activities app for django
django-activity-stream-autoactor 0.0.5 7 Automatic provision of actors for django-activity-stream
django-ad-code 0.5.0 7 django-ad-code is a reusable application for managing and rendering ad tags from ad networks or exchanges such Adsense, DoubleClick or OpenX.
django-addanother 2.0.0 7 "Add another" buttons outside the Django admin
django-addle 0.0.1 7 A Django app for managing ads and internal promotions.
django-addons 0.6.6 7 Addon framework for Django
django-address 0.1.5 7 A django application for describing addresses.
django-addressbook 0.1.1 7 A django app that allows users to create contact groups and contacts, as well as views for displaying a contact in hcard format, downloading a vcard for the contact, a gravatar, and a QR code.
django-adhara 1.4.10 7 A foundation for Django REST API with many other functionalities.
django-adjax 0.8 7 Django AJAX RPC.
django-admin-app-names-singleton 1.1 7 Django admin enhancer
django-admin-appmenu 1.0.0 7 Templatetag to render an application menu in the Django admin.
django-admin-auto-tests 0.1.2 7 Package description
django-admin-backend 0.6.0 7 A replacement of django.contrib.admin
django-admin-bootstrapped 2.5.7 7 A Bootstrap theme for Django Admin
django-admin-bootstrapped-compatible 3.1.7 7 A Bootstrap theme for Django Admin
django-admin-bootstrapped-plus 7 Django Admin Bootstrapped Plus provides a vertical sidebar to the standard Django admin pages.
django-admin-charsleft 0.0.5 7 Widgets and admin mixin to display remaining characters in django admin.
django-admin-cli 0.1.1 7 Django third app for manage you models in command line environment.
django-admin-conf-vars 0.3.1 7 A simple Django app to edit configuration variables with the Django admin.
django-admin-csv 0.2 7 Adds a "download csv" option to your ModelAdmin.
django-admin-customizer 0.2 7 Django admin customizing interface
django-admin-daterange-filter 0.1.3 7 daterange-filter for django admin used by jquery.datepicker
django-admin-decorators 0.1 7 Extra decorators for django admin
django-admin-dialog 1.0.8 7 Shows a dialog popup with helptext for the admin fields that you have indicated.
django-admin-easy 0.4.1 7 Collection of admin fields and decorators to help to create computed or custom fields more friendly and easy way
django-admin-ext 1.0.2 7 Extensions to Django's admin site to add an ajax view.
django-admin-extensions 0.10.0 7 Simple tools to extend the django admin site
django-admin-field 0.0.1 7 Django ModelAdmin field syntax simplifier.
django-admin-filtrate 0.1.0 7 This Django app makes it easier to create custom filters in the change list of Django Admin and supplies a TreeFilter and a DateRangeFilter too.
django-admin-flexselect 0.4.1 7 Dynamic select fields for the Django Admin that just works.
django-admin-footer 1.0.1 7 Templatetag to render footer in Django admin.
django-admin-generator 2.0.0 7 Django Admin Generator is a management command to automatically generate a Django `` file for given apps/models.
django-admin-highcharts 0.1.1 7 Django app to add highcharts into django admin
django-admin-ip-restrictor 0.1.0 7 A Django middleware to restrict incoming IPs to admin panel
django-admin-ip-whitelist 0.1.1 7 Django middleware to allow access to /admin only for users, whose IPs are in the white list
django-admin-json-editor 0.1.5 7 A simple Django app to add JSON widget into Django Administration.
django-admin-keyboard-shortcuts 0.1.5 7 Keyboard Shortcuts for your Admin Backend
django-admin-oauth2 1.0.2 7 A django app that replaces the django admin authentication mechanism by deferring to an oauth2 provider
django-admin-reset 0.1.1 7 Django admin password reset
django-admin-resumable-js 2.0 7 A Django app for the uploading of large files from the django admin site.
django-admin-rq 0.2.0 7 Django admin rq is a django package that creates a 4 step (form, preview, main, complete) asynchronous workflow from a ModelAdmin's changelist or changeform.
django-admin-shell 0.1 7
django-admin-shortcuts 1.2.7 7 Add simple and pretty shortcuts to the django admin homepage.
django-admin-sort 0.2.2 7 Sortable changelist, tabular and stacked inlines, drag-and-drop and dropdowns
django-admin-sso 2.4.0 7 Django SSO solution
django-admin-sso2 2.0.4 7 Django SSO solution
django-admin-testutils 1.0.6 7 Helpers for writing selenium tests for the django admin
django-admin-timestamps 1.2 7 Custom list display of model timestamps for Django Admin.
django-admin-tools 0.8.1 7 A collection of tools for the django administration interface
django-admin-tools-stats 0.9.0 7 django-admin-tools-stats - Django-admin module to create charts and stats in your dashboard
django-admin-user-stats 0.2 7 django-admin-tools dashboard modules with user registration stats
django-admin-views 0.8.0 7 django-admin-views is a simple way to add custom admin views and direct URLs to the Django admin
django-admin-visualsearch 1.2 7 Visualsearch.js for Django admin
django-admin-watchdog 1.0.1 7 A simple Django app to register logs in admin backoffice.
django-admin-xtra-widgets 0.1.1 7 more widgets for the django admin
django-adminactions 1.5 7 Collections of useful actions to use with django.contrib.admin.ModelAdmin
django-adminextraviews 1.1.0 7 Mixin for adding class-based views to ModelAdmin
django-adminfiles 1.0.1 7 File upload manager and picker for Django admin
django-adminfilters 1.0.0 7 Extra filters for django admin site
django-adminlte-full 0.1.0 7 This Django application is port the AdminLTE Template for easy integration into Django Framework
django-admino 0.0.1 7 Admino is a django package that provides a REST API for admin endpoints. It allows you to customize django admin panel.
django-adminplus 0.5 7 Add new pages to the Django admin.
django-adminrestrict 1.0.4 7 Blocks access to the Django admin pages unless requests come from specific IP addresses
django-adminrestrict-CDSP 1.0.3 7 Django admin restriction
django-admintheme 0.2 7 Django Admin Theme is a drop-in CSS replacement for the Django Admin app.
django-admintools-bootstrap 0.0.1a1 7 Bootstrap theme for django admin
django-adminutils 0.0.6 7 Utilities to make working with the Django admin nicer.
django-admirarchy 0.2.2 7 Django Admin addon to navigate through hierarchies
django-ads 0.2.1 7 Ads Management System for Django Framework
django-ads-txt 0.1.0 7 A simple Django app to manage ads.txt file from admin panel
django-advanced-reports 0.9.24 7 Advanced reports for Django
django-advanced-tags 1.0.0 7 Advanced template tags for Django.
django-advanced-template-tags 0.1 7 Provides some useful template tags that are missing in the Django builtins.
django-advert 1.0.0 7 A small module that will allow developers to create advertisement models.
django-advertising 0.0.7 7 Django application for show advertising configurable.
django-aesfield 2.0 7 Django Model Field that supports AES encryption
django-affiliations 0.1 7 A simple Django app to maintain affiliations for users.
django-afip 5.0.1 7 AFIP integration for django
django-agenda 0.3.4 7 A scheduling app for Django.
django-aggregate-if 0.5 7 Conditional aggregates for Django, just like the famous SumIf in Excel.
django-aggregates 0.1.3 7 Aggregate, String and Conditional SQL functions for Django ORM.
django-aggressivequery 0.3.2 7 handling select_related and prefetch_reated, semi-automatically
django-airbrake 1.2.0 7 Airbrake exception logger for Django
django-airports 0.1.4 7 Airport model and worldwide airport data for Django
django-airports-apis 0.0.1 7 Airport and data for Django. Using different API Endpoints
django-ajax-cbv 0.1.1 7 Django module to easily use generic views with ajax.
django-ajax-chat 0.2 7 A simple Django ajax chat.
django-ajax-comments-xtd 0.1.1 7 "Django Comments Framework XTD extension app with Ajax commenting support
django-ajax-forms 0.3.1.beta 7 Client side JavaScript validation for any Django form.
django-ajax-image-upload 0.4.1 7 Upload images via ajax.
django-ajax-redirection 1.0.0 7 Useful wrappers/middleware for django
django-ajax-search 1.5.1 7 A customizable AJAX-powered search for Django.
django-ajax-selects 1.7.0 7 Edit ForeignKey, ManyToManyField and CharField in Django Admin using jQuery UI AutoComplete.
django-ajax-utilities 1.2.9 7 Pagination, xhr and tabbing utilities for the Django framework.
django-ajaxfeedback 0.3.3 7 Django easy ajax feedback form.
django-akamai 2.0.0 7 A Django app for performing Akamai purge requests
django-akismet-comments 0.1 7 Django moderator for checking django.contrib.comments spam against akismet service.
django-alacarte 0.1.6 7 A minimalist Django menu app.
django-albertson 0.1.1 7 Integration library for Django and Albertson.
django-alexa 0.0.7 7 Amazon Alexa Skills Kit integration for Django
django-alipay 0.1 7 alipay api for django
django-alipay2 0.9.5 7 alipay for django
django-aliyun-oss2-storage 0.1.2 7 A simple Django storage backend for aliyun oss2.
django-all-access 0.9.0 7 django-all-access is a reusable application for user registration and authentication from OAuth 1.0 and OAuth 2.0 providers such as Twitter and Facebook.
django-allauth-adfs 0.0.4 7 ADFS oAuth provider for django-allauth
django-allauth-intersis 0.5.5 7 OAuth2.0 InterSIS access module for projects using django-allauth.
django-allauth-providers-ko 1.0 7 kakao/naver providers for django-allauth
django-almastorage 0.4.1 7 A simple Django app to use SwiftStack Storage
django-aloha 0.0.1 7 django app to easily integrate editing with Aloha WYSIWIG editor in django apps.
django-aloha-edit 0.3.3 7 Django Aloha Edit
django-alphafilter 1.0 7 Django-AlphaFilter provides an admin widget for alphabetical filtering that works like date_hierarchy and an template tag for use elsewhere.
django-altuser 0.9.5 7 Alternative user models for django >= 1.5, with email field and other features
django-always-authenticated 0.1.0 7 A Django middleware that ensures every request has anauthenticated user.
django-amber 0.8.0 7 A Django-powered static site generator
django-amptags 0.3.3 7 Django template tags for developing Google AMP websites.
django-analysis 0.2 7 A analysis tool for django app.
django-analytics 0.0.1 7 Django app facilitating tracking of arbitrary simple metrics.
django-analytics-client 0.3.0 7 Custom analytics client for Django projects.
django-analytics-kits 0.1.9 7 A Django app to get analytics data from Google Analytics and save them in other django app models
django-analyze-sessions 0.1.1 7 Tools to analyze Django DB sessions
django-ancestry-relation 0.4.1 7 A Django app that makes an abstract Node model available for flat stacking hierarchical data in a database.
django-anexia-monitoring 1.1.1 7 A Django app used to monitor updates for Django and all installed python packages in the running environment. It can be also used to check if the website is alive and working correctly.
django-announcements 1.2.0 7 Announcements for your Django powered website.
django-anonsurvey 0.2.4 7 A Django app to create Web-based anonymous surveys
django-anonsurvey3 0.3.1 7 A Django app to create Web-based anonymous surveys
django-anonymous-notification 1.2.1 7 User notification management for the Django web framework
django-ansi2html-filter 0.0.2 7 Apply ansi2html transformation in Django templates
django-answerdiff 0.1.0 7 Checking Submissions the Boss Way using Celery and DRF
django-antispam 1.0.1 7 Anti-spam protection tools for django applications.
django-antivirus-field 0.2.0 7 Django FileField with ClamAV protection
django-any-backend 0.1 7 Enable custom backends in Django
django-any-imagefield 0.9 7 A switchable ImageField for third party Django applications
django-anylink 0.4.2 7 Generic links for Django models.
django-anysign 1.3 7 Online signature for Django: multiple services, generic API.
django-anyvcs 2.5.0 7 A Django app providing homogeneous management of VCS systems.
django-aparnik 0.99.22 7 Aparnik is a simple Django app to help about some common problems.
django-api 0.1.3 7 Specify and validate your Django APIs
Django-api-base 0.10.2 7 A simple Django app to make the RESTFULL APIs
django-api-docs 1.1.1 7 Interactive API Documentation
django-api-toolkit 0.1.6 7
django-apiblueprint-tests 0.1.0 7 Django REST framework tests generator which is based on API Blueprint ( documents.
django-apiblueprint-view 1.1.2 7 Render API Blueprints on-the-fly using Django templates
django-apollo 0.2.1 7 A simple landing page Django app with quick setup, minimal dependencies, but still managable from Django admin pages.
django-app-flag 0.9.2 7 Simple flag for your Django webapps
django-app-metrics 0.9.0 7 django-app-metrics is a reusable Django application for tracking and emailing application metrics.
django-app-namespace-template-loader 0.4.1 7 Template loader allowing you to both extend and override a template at the same time.
django-app-skeleton 1.0.4 7 A basic skeleton and script to make a packageable django application
django-app-test-runner 0.1 7 Run Django app tests standalone
django-appcore 0.0.9 7 Reusable useful tools for Django 1.7+ application programming.
django-appdata 0.2.0 7 Extendable field that enables Django apps to store their data on your models.
django-appdata-mam 0.1.7 7 Extandable field that enables Django apps to store their data on your models.
django-appengine-auth 1.0 7 django-appengine-auth is an extension to django-social-auth with a backend for the Google App Engine OAuth endpoint
django-appengine-utils 0.1.0 7 Helpers for working with Django and Google App Engine.
django-applepodcast 0.3.7 7 A Django podcast app optimized for Apple Podcasts
django-appmail 1.0 7 Django app for managing localised email templates.
django-appregister 0.3.1 7 A Django app that provides the building blocks for an app registry system
django-appregistration 0.0.6 7 Dynamic registration between django apps.
django-ar-organizations 0.2.41 7 Group accounts for Django
django-arakoon-cache 0.1.0 7 Arakoon cache backend for Django.
django-archan 0.0.4 7 A Django app that displays dependency matrices and project architecture information
django-arctic 1.0.2 7 Django framework to create custom content management systems
django-arrange 7 Django app providing arbitrary, admin user specified, object arranging.
django-array-field-select 0.2.0 7 A replacement for Django's ArrayField with a multiple select form field.
Django-ArrayAccum 1.6.1 7 Patch for Django-1.6.1 that allows you to use Postgres's array_accum function. It adds function ArrayAccum in django.db.models. Using ArrayAccum will only work on Postgresql. First install Django-1.6.1 then install this package.
django-arrayfields 0.1.0 7 A collection of array fields for Django and PostgreSQL
django-articles-addons 0.2.4 7 A collection of tools to extend codekoala's wonderful django-articless
django-asana 0.6.6 7 Django Asana integration project
django-asservio-core 0.1.0 7 Django general purpose lib used in Asservio.
django-asset-convoy 0.1.3 7 Asset packager for Django applications
django-assets 0.12 7 Asset management for Django, to compress and merge CSS and Javascript files.
django-assist-ru 0.6.0 7 Приложение для интеграции платежной системы ASSIST в проекты на Django.
django-assistant 0.9.98 7 Developer assistant for django apps
django-associations 0.1.7 7 A simple Django app to show url associations between installed apps.
django-assume 0.2.1 7 Django app that allows administrators to log in to user accounts without having to provide a password
django-asutheme 0.2.7 7 Base templates for Django that adhere to ASU Web Standards.
django-async-gt 0.6.2 7 a simple app to asynchronously upload images with Django, using Celery
django-async-test 0.2.2 7 asyncio unit tests with Django transactional support.
django-atlas 0.0.5 7 Geolocation models, data and tools using GeoDjango
django-atol 1.2.0 7 Django integration with ATOL online
django-atomic-celery 2.0.0 7 Atomic transaction aware Celery tasks for Django 1.6+
django-atomic-dispatch 2.0.0 7 Atomic transaction aware signals for Django 1.6+
django-atomic-signals 2.0.0 7 Signals for atomic transaction blocks in Django 1.6+
django-atris 1.2.2 7 Django history logging.
django-attach 0.1.3 7 Django admin plugin for attaching files to model instances with multiple file selection support
django-attachments 1.3 7 django-attachments is generic Django application to attach Files (Attachments) to any model.
django-attest 0.10.0 7 Provides Django specific testing helpers to Attest
django-auction 0.2.1 7 Based on django-shop, Django Auction aims to allow easy development of auction apps.
django-audiofield 0.10.0 7 Django application to upload and convert audio files (mp3, wav and ogg format)
django-audit-log 0.7.0 7 Audit trail for django models
django-auditable-models 1.0 7 Auditable model classes for Django
django-audited-models 0.4.alpha 7 An abstract base class providing automatic creator/editor/datetime_created/datetime_modified fields.
django-auth-abakus 1.1.0 7 A django auth module that can be used to to authenticate users against the API of
django-auth-hack 0.1.1 7 Hacking Django's contrib auth app to support longer usernames
django-auth-policy 0.9.13 7 Enforces a couple of common authentication policies for the Django web framework.
django-auth-remember 0.3 7 Django app for remember-me functionality (using a token)
django-auth-role 0.4.0 7 Add user roles to django-auth
django-auth-token-permission 0.1 7 A simple Django app to restful token based authorization including roles and permission.
django-auth-utils 0.1.1 7 Django authentication and authorization utilities
django-auth0-user 0.13.0 7 Django Authentication and Authorisation using Auth0 and Python Social Auth
django-authentication 0.1.5 7 Django authentication components.
django-authlib 0.6.3 7 Authentication utils for Django
django-authopenid 1.0.1 7 Openid authentification application for Django
django-author 1.0.2 7 Add special User ForeignKey fields which update automatically
django-authority 0.13.2 7 A Django app that provides generic per-object-permissions for Django's auth app.
django-authorize 0.1.3 7 A simple Django app to provide role based authentication for users.
django-authtools 1.6.0 7 Custom user model app for Django featuring email as username and class-based views for authentication.
django-authy-admin 0.0.2 7 A drop in replacement for django's default admin site that provides two-factor authentication via authy's REST API.
django-authy-tfa 0.1.1 7 Pluggable Django module to quickly enable Two Factor Authentication
django-auto-urls 0.1 7 Django app that try to load template by it's file name passed in url.
django-autoadmin 1.1.1 7 Automatic admin users for Django projects.
django-autoconfig 0.7.3 7 Automatic configuration of Django projects based on the application requirements.
django-AutoDateTimeFields 0.9.0 7 django date time fields that do not break like auto_now and auto_now_add do
django-autodemo 0.1.0 7 Demo mode to allow arbitrary authentication on website.
django-autohide-help 0.0.1 7 jQuery plugin that auto-hides form field help blocks as pluggable Django app
django-automatic-links 0.2.4 7 Application for Django, that allows you to adding keywords that will be automatically converted into links.
django-automationcommon 1.12 7 Common functionality across different Django projects of the UofC UIS Automation team
django-autoroot 0.2.1 7 automaticly creates `root` user after syncdb if not exists
django-autotag 0.1.4 7 A simple Django app to conduct Web-based autotagging.
django-autotest-command 1.5.5 7 Django command for quickly re-running tests when ever a file changes.
django-autotranslate 1.0.2 7 A simple Django app to automatically translate the pot (`.po`) files generated by django's makemessages command using google translate.
django-auxiliare 0.0.4 7 a Django app
django-avsubmit 7 Django application for submitting and tracking malicious code samples to AV companies
django-aweber 0.3 7 An Aweber based user-signup application for Django
django-awesome-avatar 1.1.3 7 Django Avatar field
django-awesome-bootstrap 3.2.0 7 A Django app for including twitter bootstrap and font awesome.
django-aws 0.1 7 Django AWS backends
django-aws-billing 0.2.6 7 AWS Billing for Django
django-aws-manager 7 A Django app to manage Amazon AWS servers.
django-aws-xray 0.2.2 7 Django AWS X-Ray
django-axes-login-actions 1.2.0 7 Perform one or more actions if someone performed a login, e.g. to the admin interface.
django-babel 0.6.2 7 Utilities for using Babel in Django
django-babeljs 0.1.4 7 Integrate babeljs with django
django-babylon 0.1.13 7 Django infinite caching for mandems.
django-backbone 0.3.2 7 Provides a Backbone.js compatible REST API for your models using Django Admin style registration.
django-backlinks 0.1a1 7 A generic linkbacks app for Django
django-backward 0.3.6 7 A Django application to store your previous history and action in your session engine
django-badbrowser 1.0.7 7 Browser detection (including browser upgrade notices) for Django
django-badgify 0.2.0 7 A reusable application to create your own badge engine using Django
django-badgify-lab 0.2.0 7 A reusable application to create your own badge engine using Django
django-badgr 1.0 7 A resuable Django application used to display a Flickr badge.
django-bagou 0.1.0 7 Django Websocket for Django
django-balancer 0.5 7 A set of tools for using Django's multi-db feature to balance database requests
django-banana 1.0.0 7 Delicious split testing for Django 1.6+
django-banish 0.2 7 django middleware to ban users, prevent too many concurrent connections
django-bankdownloads 0.1.0 7 Django-app for managing and processing bank transaction downloads
django-baseboard 0.3 7 Dashboard view across various Basecamp projects, powered by Django
django-baseclasses 1.0.9 7 A set of reusable base classes and helpers for django
django-basecrm 0.5 7 A Django app that connects to the BaseCRM API (v2)
django-baseline 0.2.2 7 Convenienve functionality for Django projects.
django-baseviews 0.5 7 A small collection of Django view classes to build upon.
django-basic-authentication-decorator 0.9 7 Decorator to provide Basic Authentication for Django Views
django-basic-cms 0.3.16 7 A tree based Django Basic CMS application
django-basic-email 0.0.2 7 Django Basic Email application
django-basic-stats 0.2.0 7 django-basic-stats is a simple traffic statistics application. It show latest referrer, google queried terms or overall hits count. It also provides optional logging and statistics for mobile devices.
django-basic-tumblelog 0.6.1 7 A basic tumblelog application you can add to your Django website.
django-basicauth 0.4.2 7 Basic auth utilities for Django.
django-basky 0.9.9 7 A extensible basket for your django project
django-batch-requests 0.1.1 7 Create batch APIs for Django.
django-baton 1.1.0 7 A cool, modern and responsive django admin application
django-bcp 0.2.2 7 Barcode Printer for Django
django-bcrypt 0.9.2 7 Make Django use bcrypt for hashing passwords.
django-bdemails 1.0.6 7 A Django reusable app that provides a form field and validators that check if an email is disposable/throwaway.
django-beanstalkd 1.0.1 7 A convenience wrapper for beanstalkd clients and workers in Django using the beanstalkc library for Python
django-beautifulpredicates 0.0.1 7 Library to provide a predicate dispatch for Django's generic views.
django-beauty-view 0.0.5 7 Beauty Django Views Mixin
django-beefycachecontrol 0.2.1 7 Beefier Cache-Control HTTP headers created by @never_cache decorator in Django.
django-behind-lb 1.0.2 7 A very efficient and simple Django middleware to obtain the real IP address from the headers sent by a trusted load balancer
django-belt 1.0a2 7 Simple package with some utilities for Django
django-best-templatetags 0.0.3 7 Best tags and filters for Django templates
django-beta 0.1.0 7 django-beta is a reusable Django application for handling pre-beta signups.
django-better-migrations 0.0.2 7 Improves Django migration system.
django-better-test 0.10 7 A better test command for Django
django-better500s 0.2.1 7 Library for Django that provides better error logging
django-bft 0.2.0 7 Big File Transfer Application written in Django
django-bible 1.0 7 django-bible is a Python package / django app for interfacing with the Holy Bible.
django-biblio 0.2 7 django app for storing bibliographical references
django-bigautohack 0.1 7 Nice working solution to make up for the absence of BigAutoField in django (#14286).
django-billjobs 0.6.10 7 A django billing app for coworking space.
django-binaryfield 0.4.0 7 a generic app to provide a way to handle database binary data in django
django-bird-colony 0.5.6 7 A simple Django app for managing a bird breeding colony
django-birdland 0.1a1 7 A simple blog app for Django
django-bitbucket-hook 1.2.6 7 Django module
django-bitcoin 0.2 7 Bitcoin application integration for Django web framework
django-bitfield 1.9.3 7 BitField in Django
django-bitid 0.1.1 7 App for django bitId authentication
django-bitly 1.2.0 7 integration for django
django-bitmask-field 0.1.1 7 BitmaskField implementation for Django ORM
django-bitoptions 1.0.1 7 This project replaces several related BooleanFields with asingle field and a few eye candy features.
django-bits 0.3.1 7 Basic utilities and helpers for django projects
django-bittersweet 1.0.0 7 Selected Django utilities from django-sugar
django-bKash 0.3 7 A simple Django app to conduct Web-based bKash payment.
django-bland 0.1.0 7 A terribly basic file based CMS for django
django-blargg 0.6.0 7 A minimal, admin-powered, django blogging app with a fun name.
django-blastplus 0.4.0 7 A simple Django app to conduct web-based blast+ local alignment search.
django-bleach 0.3.0 7 Easily use bleach with Django models and templates
django-block-ip 0.2.0 7 Simple IP and IP-range blocking for Django
django-blockedemails 0.1.0 7 A Django reusable app that provides a form field, models and validators for blocking email addresses
django-blog-app 0.1 7 A simple Django blog app.
django-blogango 0.6.2 7 A django based blog
django-blogg 0.2 7 Blog app for Django
django-blogging 1.2.13 7 Django blogging app. The goal is to keep it simple and configurable
django-blogs 0.2.0 7 Django blogs - module that provide blogs to your django application. - One user blog - Multi blogging system - Blog per user - Safe html in posts - System to manage permissions to read\write\moderate blogs
django-blogyall 1.2.2 7 django-blogyall is the reusable blog application developed for
django-blti 1.2.5 7 A Django Application on which to build IMS BLTI Tool Providers
django-bmf 0.3.0a2 7 Business Management Framework with integrated ERP solution written for django
django-bnr-exchangerate 0.1.0 7 A django application to help with exchangerates from
django-board 0.2.1 7 A Django app for managing an organisation's board members page.
django-boardinghouse 0.3.5 7 Postgres schema support in django.
django-bobgogo 1.1 7 A simple Django app to record tasks for you.
django-bogofilter 0.1 7 Bayesian spam filtering for django_comments using bogofilter
django-bom 0.62 7 A simple Django app to manage a bill of materials.
django-boolean-switch 7 Django app to switch boolean fields from list view
django-bootify 0.1.1 7 Bootstrap 3 support for Django 1.6+
django-bootlog 1.0.2 7 A Django Blogging App based on Twitter Bootstrap Theme
django-bootstrap-admin 0.3.4 7 Adds twitter bootstrap and other nicities to the Django admin
django-bootstrap-assets 0.0.3 7 jQuery plugin that auto-hides form field help blocks as pluggable Django app
django-bootstrap-breadcrumbs 0.9.1 7 Django breadcrumbs for Bootstrap 2, 3 or 4
django-bootstrap-calendar 0.1.1 7 simple calendar based on the calendar of
django-bootstrap-datepicker-widget 0.1 7 Bootstrap 3 and 4 compatible Datepicker widget for Django.
django-bootstrap-form-horizontal 0.0.4 7 Templates for bootstrap3 style horizontal forms in Django
django-bootstrap-forms 0.1 7 Twitter Bootstrap ready Django forms.
django-bootstrap-mega 0.1.5 7 Twitter Bootstrap ready Django forms.
django-bootstrap-navtags 0.1.1 7 Navigation templatetags for django with twitter bootstrap.
django-bootstrap-sass 1.0.0 7 Bootstrap sass file for django
django-bootstrap-static 4.0.0 7 A collection of Bootstrap static files.
django-bootstrap-ui 0.5.1 7 This aims to be a powerful Django app to ease the integration of the popular Bootstrap UI framework (
django-bootstrap3-datepicker 0.4.1 7 Bootstrap3 compatible datepicker for Django projects.
django-bootstrap3-datetimepicker 2.2.3 7 Bootstrap3 compatible datetimepicker for Django projects.
django-bootstrap3-datetimepicker-2 2.5.0 7 Bootstrap3 compatible datetimepicker for Django projects.
django-bootstrap3-datetimepicker-3 2.6.0 7 Bootstrap3 compatible datetimepicker for Django 1.11 projects.
django-bootstrap3-datetimepicker-timepicker 2.4 7 Bootstrap3 compatible datetimepicker and timepicker for Django projects.
django-bootstrap3-datetimepicker-vinta 2.4.3 7 Bootstrap3 compatible datetimepicker for Django projects.
django-bootstrap3-iconfield 0.1 7 Renderers to show icons in the input fields for the django-bootstrap3 project from dyve:
django-bootstrap3-images 1.0-rc1 7 Django model field and widget for storing, retrieving and displaying bootstrap3 glyphicon-images
django-bootstrap3-sass 7 A simple Django app to import bootstrap3-sass.
Django-Bootstrap3-Validator 0.3 7 BootstrapValidator support for Django projects
django-bootstrap3-wysihtml5x 1.0 7 Simple Django app that provides a Wysihtml5x rich-text editor widget.
django-bootstrap4-datetimepicker 4.2 7 Bootstrap4 compatible datetimepicker for Django projects.
django-bootstrapped 0.1.1-dev 7 A reusable Django application to quickly integrate the Bootstrap toolkit from Twitter.
django-bot 0.2.2 7 A lightweight django framework for bots
django-bot-crawler-blocker 1.0 7 A Django app to block the IP addresses which sends too many hits to your application
django-boto 0.3.12 7 Wrapper of boto package for django
django-bower 5.2.0 7 Integrate django with bower
django-bower-cache 0.5.0 7 A Django app implementing a local caching proxy for Bower packages.
django-boxberry 0.1.4 7 Приложение для интеграции с API Boxberry
django-bpp 1.0.9 7 System informatyczny do zarządzania bibliografią publikacji pracowników naukowych
django-br-addresses 0.1.1 7 A simple Django app to provide a CRUD of cities and address.
django-brainstorm 0.2.1 7 Django brainstorming site
django-brake 1.5.2 7 Cache-based rate-limiting for Django.
django-brasil-municipios 0.6 7 A GeoDjango app with all Brazilian municipalities and their geographical polygons, with data downloaded from the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) website.
django-breadcrumbs 1.1.4a1 7 Easy to use generic breadcrumbs system for Django framework.
django-breadcrumbs3 1.0.3 7 Breadcrumbs app for Django
django-breadcrumbs_url 0.3.4.dev0 7 a generic app to provide a simple breadcrumbs functionality in django projects
django-brevisurl 2.0.3 7 django-brevisurl is django app for shortening urls
django-briefcase 0.1b2 7 Yet another document management app for Django.
django-brightcove 0.0.7 7 Manages integration of brightcove into django.
django-briteverify 1.0 7 Integration with briteverify API
django-broadcast 0.1.1 7 Video broadcasting support for Django apps
django-browserid 2.0.2 7 Django application for adding BrowserID support.
django-brstocks 0.9 7 A simple Django app to track Stocks on Brazilian Stock Market
django-bugout 0.9 7 An awesome Django app to hack DEBUG=False become True
django-bugtracker 1.1.0 7 A simple Django admin-based bug tracker app.
django-bulk-admin 0.1.1 7 Django bulk admin enables you to bulk add, bulk edit, bulk upload and bulk select in django admin.
django-bulk-update 2.2.0 7 Bulk update using one query over Django ORM.
django-bundledmedia 0.1b3 7 Django application for adding compressed CSS and JS files in some prepared slots
django-bundles 0.6.6 7 Another Django media bundler
django-bureaucracy 0.4.2 7 Django layer on top of the bureaucracy package
django-business-rules 1.0.2 7 Django Business Rules is a simple Django app to support business rules.
django-buysafe 0.2 7 Django wrapper for SunTech BuySafe (TM).
django-bylaws 1.0.2 7 Manages bylaws for a website built on Django.
django-bzrviews 0.0.2 7 A Bazaar View for Django Projects
django-C3PO 0.3.0 7 django-C3PO is a Django application using C3PO - module responsible for converting .po files from locale folder with translations to .ods format and sending them to Google Spreadsheets. This Django application provides panel where user can synchronize translations with GDocs and it gives possibility to push all translations on git and checkout last commit. django-C3PO uses celery since version 0.2. Be sure to properly configure it before using application.
django-c5filemanager 0.2 7 Django connector for Core Five Filemanager.
django-ca 1.7.0 7 A Django app providing a SSL/TLS certificate authority.
django-cab 0.3.7 7 A code snippet manager, originally written to power
django-cabinet 0.6.0 7 Media library for Django
django-cachalot 1.5.0 7 Caches your Django ORM queries and automatically invalidates them.
django-cache 0.3 7 Extended HTTP-caching for Django
django-cache-machine 1.0.0 7 Automatic caching and invalidation for Django models through the ORM.
django-cache-magic 0.1.0 7 Django Cache Magic
django-cache-panel 0.1 7 A more detailed cache panel for the Django Debug Toolbar
django-cache-stockpile 0.1.0 7 A simple django ORM caching layer.
django-cache-sweeper 0.1.2 7 Lazy Django fragment cache sweeping
django-cache-throttle 2012.11.09.3 7 Cache-based rate-limiting for Django.
django-cache-toolbox-modified 0.1.1 7 Non-magical object caching for Django. Based on django-cache-toolbox by
django-cache-tools 0.1.1 7 Tools to make caching easier in Django
django-cache-url 2.0.0 7 Use Cache URLs in your Django application.
django-cache-utils 0.7.2 7 Caching decorator and django cache backend with advanced invalidation ability and dog-pile effect prevention
django-cache-utils2 0.1 7 Django caching decorator + invalidate function
django-cache-zoom 0.2 7 Automatic caching and invalidation for Django models through the ORM.
django-cacheback 1.3.2 7 Caching library for Django that uses Celery or RQ to refresh cache items asynchronously
django-cacheback-pozytywnie 0.7 7 Caching library for Django that uses Celery to refresh cache items asynchronously
django-cachebot 0.4.1 7 Automated caching and invalidation for the Django ORM
django-cachebuster 0.2.1 7 Django 1.3 ready cache busting app
django-cached-hitcount 0.4 7 Basic app that allows you to track the number of hits/views for a particular object.
django-cached-httpbl 0.0.4 7 Cached httpBL service support for Django 1.7+
django-cached-s3-storage 0.2.1 7 Django storage backend to be used with S3.
django-cached-user 1.0 7 Auditable model classes for Django
django-cached_authentication_middleware 0.2.2 7 A drop in replacement for django's built in AuthenticationMiddleware that utilizes caching.
django-cachedpaginator 0.0.5 7 Paginator that caches pages automatically.
django-cachekiller 0.1 7 Static file CDN cache buster for fast site updates.
django-cacheops 4.0.6 7 A slick ORM cache with automatic granular event-driven invalidation for Django.
django-cacheops-with-stats 1.3.1 7 A slick ORM cache with automatic granular event-driven invalidation for Django.
django-cachetable 0.0.1 7 Use Django admin to view cachetable
django-caldav 0.5 7 CalDAV implementation for Django offering Feed interface
django-calfile 1.0 7 A simple Django app to create a calendar file.
django-campaign 0.3.1 7 A basic newsletter app for the Django webframework
django-canary-endpoint 0.7.1 7 Resource health checks for Django.
django-canclon 0.2.3 7 Template name resolution for Django class-based views
django-canonical-domain 0.2.0 7 Canonical domain redirection for Django
django-canvas-api-token 0.2.0 7 Django app for generating Canvas API user oauth tokens
django-captcha-admin 0.2 7 Provides a recaptcha field in django's default admin login page.
django-capture-tag 1.0 7 A micro-library to capture output in Django templates
django-careers 0.2.1 7 A simple app to render a careers-page on your website.
django-careful-forms 0.1 7 Security minded forms extension for django
django-carrot 1.0.0 7 A RabbitMQ asynchronous task queue for Django.
django-carrousel 2.1 7 A django application that allows adding carrousel with slides on your web site.
django-cartfreakapi 0.2 7 Django CartFreak API Handler
django-cartodb-sync 0.3.0 7 A Django app that helps keep CartoDB tables synchronized with Django models.
django-carton-no-database 1.2.2 7 django-carton is a simple and lightweight application for shopping carts and wish lists.
django-casscache 0.1.0 7 Django backend for python-casscache
django-castor 0.2.1 7 A content-addressable storage backend for Django.
django-catalogue 0.1dev 7 A cataloguing app for Django.
django-categories 1.6 7 A way to handle one or more hierarchical category trees in django.
django-category 1.11.0 7 Django categorize content app.
django-cbmail 0.1.1 7 Django module to easily send templated emails in a DRY way
django-cbr 0.1.3 7 Load currencies rate from CBR site to Django model
django-cbrf 0.3.6 7 Django app to integrate Wrapper for The Central Bank of the Russian Federation site API with your project
django-cbv 0.2 7 Django class-based views, backported from Django trunk
django-cbv-formpreview 0.2.0a1 7 Django's FormPreview updated to use class based views.
django-cccontact 1.6.4 7 A minimal contact form application for django
django-ccfiletypes 0.0.4 7 Django templatefilters for displaying info about files.
django-ccgallery 1.4.2 7 A minimal Gallery application for Django
django-ccnews 1.8.0 7 A lightweight news application for Django
django-ccpages 1.8.0 7 A lightweight pages application for Django
django-ccsitemaps 1.1.2 7 A static sitemap generator for Django
django-ccthumbs 0.0.4 7 A thumbnail generating model field for Django
django-cdc 2.0.9 7 CDC for django models
django-celery 3.2.2 7 Old django celery integration project.
django-celery-admin 0.1 7 A django application that lets you kick off periodic celery tasks from the admin.
django-celery-dbscheduler 3.2.1 7 Old django celery integration project.
django-celery-email 2.0.0 7 An async Django email backend using celery
django-celery-email-with-retry 1.0.3 7 Django email backend for celery.
django-celery-fulldbresult 0.5.3 7 Celery result backend that stores everything.
django-celery-model 0.1.3 7 django-celery-model is an extension to Celery which adds support for tracking Celery tasks assigned to Django model instances.
django-celery-mon 1.0 7 App for monitoring Celery workers
django-celery-quickfix 3.2.0a1 7 Old django celery integration project.
django-celery-transactions 0.3.6 7 Django transaction support for Celery tasks.
django-celery-transactions2 0.1.6 7 Django transaction support for Celery tasks.
django-celery-with-beanstalk 3.0 7 Bundle installing the dependencies for Django-Celery and Beanstalk
django-celery-with-couchdb 3.0 7 Bundle installing the dependencies for Django-Celery and CouchDB
django-celery-with-mongodb 3.0 7 Bundle installing the dependencies for Django-Celery and MongoDB
django-celery-with-redis 3.0 7 Bundle installing the dependencies for Django-Celery and Redis
django-cereal 0.2.1 7 Efficient serialization of Django Models for use in Celery that ensure the state of the world.
django-cerebro 0.0.1 7 A django-app for put ldap information on a map
django-cgi-wrap 0.2.0 7 Wrapper to integrate CGI scripts into django views.
django-chalk 0.2.1 7 Simple reStructuredText blogging for Django
django-change-email 0.1.3 7 A Django application to enable users to change their e-mail address.
django-changes 0.2.2 7 A utility to store and access information about changes on objects in a Django project.
django-channels 0.7.0 7 A Django library for sending notifications
django-channels-jsonrpc 1.2.0 7 A JSON-RPC implementation for Django channels consumer.
django-channels-panel 0.0.5 7 A Django Debug Toolbar panel for Channels
django-channels-presence 0.0.9 7 Tracking socket presence in "rooms" using django-channels
django-channels-presence2 0.0.4a0 7 Simple presence boilerplate for django-channels 2 and channel redis backend.
django-chaos 2.0.1 7 Chaos is a project that you can use to do project management
django-charisma 1.0 7 Django html template responsive..
django-chartbuilder 0.3 7 A simple Django application for integrating Chartbuilder
django-chartwerk 0.5.19 7 A Django application to manage, create and share Chartwerk charts.
django-chatterbox 0.0.8 7 Social listening made easy
django-chatwork 0.3.0 7 Chatwork integration for Django
django-checksum 0.1.rec68f42a975e 7 Django checksum app
django-chemtrails 0.0.35.dev5 7 Graphing Django in Neo4j
django-cherrydev 0.1b 7 CherryPy Web server for Django development.
django-cherrypy 0.2 7 cherrypy, running under django
django-chet 0.1.0 7 django-chet, honoring the most photogenic Jazz musician ever with nice photos.
django-chile-payments 0.2.0 7 Chilean payment brokers for Django
django-chimpusers 0.1.8 7 Integrate Django users with a MailChimp mailing list.
django-chinook 1.0.0 7 A django app with models for chinook sample database and fixtures.
django-choices 1.6.0 7 Sanity for the django choices functionality.
django-chump 0.1 7 MailChimp subscribe form for Django
django-chunked-upload 1.1.3 7 Upload large files to Django in multiple chunks, with the ability to resume if the upload is interrupted.
django-chunked-uploads 0.3 7 a django app for chunking uploads
django-ci 0.0.5 7 Django continuous integration and testing
django-ci-emailfield 0.0.1 7 django-ci-emailfield
django-cid 0.2.0 7 Correlation IDs in Django for debugging requests
django-citations 0.3 7 A simple Django app to include citations and reference lists in your templates.
django-civil 0.0.2 7 A toolkit for social Django projects
django-ckedit 1.0 7 Django integration with the popular WYSIWYG editor CKEditor.
django-ckeditor 5.4.0 7 Django admin CKEditor integration.
django-ckeditor-enhanced 1.4 7 django-ckeditor-updated with codesnippet plugin support
django-ckeditor-fc 1.1 7 Django admin CKEditor integration.
django-ckeditor-filer 1.1.0 7 Adds a button in the django-ckeditor to load images into the django-filer
django-ckeditor-staticfiles 4.3.3 7 A simple Django app containing CKEditor static files.
django-ckeditor-updated 4.4.4 7 Django admin CKEditor integration.
django-class-based-auth-views 0.4 7 A reimplementation of django.contrib.auth.views as class based views.
django-class-based-auth-views-jp 0.3.1 7 A reimplementation of django.contrib.auth.views as class based views.
django-class-registry 0.0.3 7 Register any classes like Django's admin.
django-classnames-tag 0.2 7 Django classnames template tag
django-classsettings 1.0.2 7 Django settings helpers
django-classy-mail 0.1.6 7 Class-Based Email for Django built with Mixins
django-classy-tags 0.8.0 7 Class based template tags for Django
django-classymail 0.2 7 E-mails in Django. Classy.
django-cleanup 2.1.0 7 Deletes old files.
django-clear-memcache 1.3.0 7 Allow to clear Memcache items for the current site (according to the cache key prefix) or even to clear the whole configured Memcache server. The app integrates into Django's admin interface for easy use.
django-cleditor 0.2.1 7 A django form widget for CLEditor (a super clean, MIT licensed WYSIWYG HTML editor) that handles uploading
django-clever-cache 0.0.1 7 Django cache backend with automatic granular invalidation
django-clever404 0.1 7 A django app to intercept 404 pages, and allow retroactive redirects
django-cli 0.0.1 7 Command line interface for sensible Django projects.
django-cli-query 1.3 7 Django management command for commandline querying
django-cliauth 0.9.1 7 Authenticate Apache2 (basic auth) using your Django DB
django-click 2.0.0 7 Write Django management command using the click CLI library
django-clickbank 0.2.8 7 A pluggable application for receiving data from ClickBank's Instant Payment Notifications
django-clickclack 0.1.6 7 Django app to manage scheduled switched like light-switches
Django-client-reverse 0.0.3 7 Django module to access URL reversing client-side
django-clippy 1.0p1 7 Flash based template tag for Django to allow copying the clipboard
django-cloak 1.0.0 7 App for Django to cloak as a user, or generate a login link
django-cloneable 0.1.0 7 Let's you clone a Django model instance including many to many fields
django-closable_admin_filter 0.1.1 7 A simple Django app to add hide/show ability to the filter in Django admin.
django-closure-tree 0.2.2 7 A Closure based Tree model for Django.
django-closuretree 1.2.0 7 Efficient tree-based datastructure for Django
django-cloud-browser 0.4.0 7 Django Cloud Browser application.
django-cloudflare-push 0.2.0 7 An piece of middleware that tells CloudFlare to HTTP/2 Push static files in a page to the client.
django-cloudslave 0.2.2 7 Create, use and destroy temporary slaves in the cloud
django-clubhouse 0.2.22 7 An open source content management system build on the Django Framework, extending Mezzanine.
django-cmd 1.0 7 Get a django command
django-cms 3.5.1 7 An Advanced Django CMS
django-cms-bootstrap-templates 0.0.1 7 A set of bootstrap3 templates for use with django-cms
django-cms-chunks 0.0.2 7 Edit chunks of your non CMS pages using django-cms
django-cms-contactform 0.2 7 A simple contact us plugin for django-cms.
django-cms-events 0.1 7 A simple event scheduling app for django-cms
django-cms-facetsearch 0.9.2 7 Searching using language facets for django-cms pages and plugins.
django-cms-fragments 0.0.5 7 Injecting fragments of js, css and html in a django-cms plugin
django-cms-light 0.0.2 7 Django CMS Light provides internet as a service for your friends.
django-cms-patched 2.3.5 7 An Advanced Django CMS
django-cms-saq 0.2.3 7 Self-assessment questionnaires with Django CMS.
django-cms-search 0.6.3 7 An extension to django CMS to provide multilingual Haystack indexes
django-cms-simple-events 0.4.1 7 A django-cms application for managing an events calendar.
django-cms-site 1.2.2 7 Default Django CMS site suitable for Docker
django-cms-smartsnippets 0.1.3 7 Parametrizable Django CMS snippets.
django-cms-storelocator 1.10.0 7 A store locator extension for Django CMS
django-cms-taggit 0.1 7 Integration of django-taggit and additional meta data with Django CMS.
django-cms-teaser 1.0 7 Adds teaser fields to a django CMS page
django-cms-themes 1.0.11 7 Load prepackaged themes (templates and accompanying media) into Django CMS projects through the admin
django-cms-tools 7 Tools/helpers around Django-CMS
django-cms-wunderground 1.0.0 7 An extension for Django CMS that displays the current local weather pulled from
django-cms_wg 3.0.0.beta2 7 Django CMS, project-based
django-cmskit 0.1b0 7 A collection of useful Django CMS extensions.
django-cockatiel 0.0.1 7 Simple replicated file storage
django-code-linter 0.0.3 7 suite to test django code style
django-codebase 0.1 7 A simple Django app to conduct Web-based polls.
django-codemirror2 0.2 7 Django widgets for replacing textareas with CodeMirror2, an in-browser code editor
django-codenerix-cms 1.0.14 7 Codenerix CMS is a module that enables CODENERIX to set products on serveral platforms in a general manner.
django-codenerix-corporate 1.0.3 7 Codenerix Corporate is a module that enables CODENERIX to manage corporate/enterprise details on serveral platforms in a general manner.
django-codenerix-email 1.0.12 7 Codenerix Email is a module that enables CODENERIX to set send emails in a general manner.
django-codenerix-extensions 1.0.12 7 Codenerix Extensions is a module that enables CODENERIX to set extensions on serveral platforms in a general manner.
django-codenerix-geodata 1.0.7 7 Codenerix Geodata is a module that enables CODENERIX to manage geographical data on serveral platforms in a general manner.
django-codenerix-invoicing 1.0.25 7 Codenerix Invoicing is a module that enables CODENERIX to manage bills.
django-codenerix-payments 1.0.25 7 Codenerix Payments is a module that enables CODENERIX to manage payments and let clients to pay online.
django-codenerix-pos 2.0.5 7 Codenerix Products is a module that enables CODENERIX to set Point of Services on serveral platforms in a general manner.
django-codenerix-products 2.0.1 7 Codenerix Products is a module that enables CODENERIX to set products on serveral platforms in a general manner.
django-codenerix-storages 1.0.5 7 Codenerix Storages is a module that enables CODENERIX to set storages on serveral platforms in a general manner.
django-codenerix-transports 1.0.3 7 Codenerix Transports is a module that enables CODENERIX to manage transports and let clients to request transport of packages with kwnown companies.
django-codesnip 0.2.3 7 A Django app to store code snippets with syntax highlighting utilizing pygments.
django-codetalker 0.1 7 a Django app to provide WordPress-likeshortcode functionality.
django-coffeescript 0.7.2 7 Django template tags to compile CoffeeScript
django-cofingo 0.2.2 7 Jinja2 template renderer for Django
django-cognito-jwt 0.0.1 7 Django backends for AWS Cognito JWT
django-coinbase 0.2 7 a Django app for receiving payment notifications from Coinbase
django-coldbrew 0.5 7 Django Template Tags to compile CoffeeScript inline or from a file.
django-colissimo 0.6 7 Django app to get shipping prices from La Poste Colissimo
django-collapse-whitespace-templatetag 1.0.2 7 Simple template tag for Django to collapse whitespace
django-collectd-rest 0.2.0 7 A simple Django application to demonstrate RRD plots generated by collectd or any other rrd data
django-collectstatic-bower 0.1.2 7 Automatically install Bower components using Django's collectstatic
django-combinedforms 0.1.5 7 Compose Django forms
django-commandlog 0.1.10 7 A Django app to log management commands
django-commando 0.1.3 7 A declarative API for writing, overriding and sequencing Django management commands
django-comment 1.0.3 7 A simple Django app to add comment and related operations to your models.
django-commentator 0.0.4 7 Commentaries system for Django
django-comments-easy 0.3 7 A simple Django plugin app for comments on any object.
django-comments-moderation 0.1 7 Moderation plugin for django-fluent-comments
django-comments-rss 0.1 7 RSS channel for django.contrib.comments. Designed for every content type.
django-comments-spamfighter 0.4 7 A Django app that contributes Akismet and Keyword blocking to your django comments.
django-comments-xtd 2.1.0 7 Django Comments Framework extension app with thread support, follow up notifications and email confirmations.
django-comments-xtd-thelab 1.3a1 7 Django Comments Framework extension app with thread support, follow up notifications and email confirmations.
django-committees 1.1.3 7 A simple reusable application for managing a small orgs governance in a Django application.
django-common-models 0.1.4 7 Common models and utilities
django-commontags 0.1 7 Common django template tags and filters
django-commweb 0.3.3 7 Django module for interfacing with the CommWeb merchant gateway.
django-companies 0.1 7 A simple Django app to manage companies hierarchy.
django-compass2 0.2 7 Simple compilation of Compass projects for Django.
django-compat 1.0.15 7 For- and backwards compatibility layer for Django 1.4, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, and 1.11
django-compat-patcher 0.3 7 A monkey-patching system to ease the transition between Django versions.
django-completion 0.2.1 7 autocompletion for django apps
django-components 0.1 7 A simple Django app to conduct Web-based polls.
django-composer 0.0.5 7 Simple Django app for adding dynamic text and markup to templates and views.
django-composer-prk 0.1.1 7 Page composer for Django
django-composition 0.2 7 `django-composition` provides the abstract way to denormalize data from your models in simple declarative way through special generic model field called `CompositionField`
django-compound-field 0.1 7 A compound field for Django
django-compress-storage 0.9.1 7 Automantic compress files after upload
django-compresshtml 0.1.1 7 HTML compressor for django
django-compressor-additional-compilers 0.7.1 7 Set of add-ons for django-compressor
django-compressor-autoprefixer 0.1.0 7 Django Compressor CSS filter for autoprefixer
django-compressor-toolkit 0.6.0 7 Set of add-ons for django-compressor
django-comps 1.0.0 7 A simple application that provides an entry point for integrating front end designers into a django project
django-comptes 1.0.2 7 A simple Django app to keep accounts.
django-computed-property 0.2.1 7 Computed property model fields for Django
django-computedfields 0.0.6 7 autogenerated and autoupdated database fields for decorated model methods
django-comum 1.0.3 7 Pluggable django app for commom models and utilities.
django-concerns 0.1.0 7 Django app for reporting privacy concerns
django-concurrent-test-helper 0.2.10 7 Helpers for executing Django app code concurrently within Django tests
django-conditional-aggregates 0.5.0 7 Django aggregate functions which operate conditionally (i.e. generate SQL `CASE WHEN` statements)
django-conditions 7 A Django app that allows creation of conditional logic in admin.
django-configuration 0.0.3 7 Configuration admin/models for Django.
django-configurations 2.0 7 A helper for organizing Django settings.
django-configurations-x 0.8.2 7 A helper for organizing Django settings.
django-confit 0.6 7 Django settings loaders and validators, with local flavour.
django-connect 0.1 7 Django app to let users connect (and in some cases login) with 3rd party sites (mostly social networks)
django-connection-url 0.1.2 7 Use connection URLs for Database/Cache settings in your Django project.
django-connections 0.1 7 Create, query and manage graphs of relationships between your Django models
django-conneg 0.11 7 An implementation of content-negotiating class-based views for Django
django-consent 0.2 7 A Django app for managing permissions that a user has granted the website to do. This could be used for a number of requests, from asking the user if you can post to their twitter, or send them newsletter updates.
django-constant-contact 1.3 7 Django package for creating email marketing campaigns in Constant Contact
django-contact-form 1.5 7 A generic contact-form application for Django
django-contact-form-fc 0.5.1 7 Django Contact Form using class based views.
django-contact-form-gv 0.6.0 7 Django Contact Form using class based views.
django-contact-us 0.4.1 7 Django Contact Us Form
django-contactme 1.3.0 7 Django pluggable contact form app with email verification.
django-contacts 0.6.0 7 A Django address book application.
django-contacts-import 0.1.0-dev1 7 contact importing for Django
django-contato 0.3.3 7 Contact application for Django projects
django-content-licenses 0.2.3 7 django-content-licenses is a Django app that adds support for adding licensing information to content.
django-content-toolkit 0.1.3 7 A simple Django package for model translations
django-contentmanager 2012.5.9 7 A simple, pluggable content-manager for django.
django-context-extras 0.2.4 7 django-context-extras provides some extra context processors that are often needed by Django projects.
django-context-logging 1.2.1 7 Library for adding request context to log records
django-context-variables 0.0.3 7 Simple utility to help make declarative class-based views in Django
django-continue-reading 0.1.1 7 Templatetag for truncating blog post bodies...
django-contrib-postgres 0.0.1 7 Backport of django.contrib.postgres
django-controllers 0.1 7 Django Application Controller, provides a single class that will return generic url routing and CRUD views for a Model
django-conversejs 0.3.4 7 Adds converse.js (javascript XMPP client) to Django
django-cookie-consent 0.1.1 7 Django cookie consent application
django-cookie-law 1.0.13 7 Helps your Django project comply with EU cookie law regulations
django-cookie-law-nl 0.2.1 7 Django specific cookie implementation compliant with Dutch law, use at your own risk.
django-cookie-sessions 0.1.1 7 A secure cookie-based session engine for Django.
django-cookiesession 0.1.1 7 A secure way to hold Django session data in cookies
django-copybook 1.2.1 7 Convert Objects and Django models to/from fixed format records.
django-copyright 1.0.0 7 Copyright django app
django-copywriting 0.1.12 7 Copywriting is the act of writing copy (text) for the purpose of advertising or marketing a product, business, person, opinion or idea. The addressee (reader, listener, etc.) of the copy is meant to be persuaded to buy the product advertised for, or subscribe to the viewpoint the text shares.
django-core 1.4.1 7 A core set of tools for django applications.
django-core-flavor 0.0.21 7 A Django application that provides core tools.
django-coreapi 2.3.0 7 Core API helpers for Django and Django Rest Framework
django-coreutils 0.1.10 7 Django core components and utilities.
django-cors-cache 0.0.0 7 slick ORM cache and invalidation for Django
django-couch-utils 1.6.0 7 Handy tools and helpers for django projects, powered by CouchDB
django-couchbase 0.1 7 Django ORM for Couchbase.
django-count-image-captcha 0.2 7 Captcha with image count challenge for Django 1.7+
django-countable-field 1.2 7 A simple Django form field widget to display a text field with the current word count.
django-counter-field 0.3.1 7 django-counter-field makes it extremely easy to denormalize and keep track of related model counts.
django-counter-field-py3 0.0.4 7 python3 fork of django-counter-field
django-countries-flavor 0.1.1 7 A Django application that provides a data collection for internationalization and localization purposes.
django-country-blocker 1.1.13 7 Django app introducing a Context Processor that adds users location information to the context.
django-country-dialcode 0.6.3 7 Django Application providing Dialcode and Countries code
django-coupons 1.2.0a3 7 A reuseable Django application for coupon gereration and handling.
django-courier 0.6.2 7 A notification app for Django
django-cpserver 1.1 7 Django runserver-like commands to run CherryPy web server
django-cpserver-op 1.2.2 7 Management commands for serving Django via CherryPy's built-in WSGI server modified for OpenProximity
django-create-admin 0.1.0 7 Django management commands to create admin users.
django-crequest 2016.3.16 7 Middleware to make current request always available.
django-crispy-contact-form 0.3.5 7 Customizable contact form based on crispy-forms with captcha support for Django 1.7+
django-crmify 1.3.0 7 Connect your Django Application to your CRM of choice
django-crocodile 0.4.1 7 A simple CSS and Javascript aggregator for Django
django-cronjobs 0.2.3 7 A simple Django app for running cron jobs.
django-crontab 0.7.1 7 dead simple crontab powered job scheduling for django
django-cropduster 4.11.6 7 Django image uploader and cropping tool
django-croppic 0.0.2 7 A Django package which uses to upload and crop images.
django-croppy 0.1.0 7 Django model field to store custom image crops
django-cross-origin 0.9.0 7 A Django app enabling cross-origin resource sharing in views.
django-crossbar 0.1.1 7 Integration for Django.
django-crowdsourcing 1.1.46 7 Django app for collecting and displaying surveys.
django-crudbuilder 0.2.7 7 A simple Django CRUD builder
django-crumbs 0.5.0 7 A pluggable Django app for adding breadcrumbs to your project.
django-crwyoauth 1.0.1 7 OAUTH 2.0 for django
django-cryptocoin 0.1.1 7 A Django app to organize accepting bitcoin, litecoin, novacoin and other cryptocoins.
django-cryptocoins 0.2 7 A simple Django app for cryptocoins.
django-cs-models 1.0.0 7 A Django app that helps you creating models within a Complex System.
django-css 2.3.1 7 django-css provides an easy way to use CSS compilers with Django projects, and an automated system for compressing CSS and JavaScript files
django-csv-app 0.1 7 A simple Django app to find the crosstabulation from the uploaded csv file.
django-csv-export-view 0.4.0 7 Django class-based view for CSV exports
django-csv-utils 1.0.2 7 Utilities for working with CSVs in Django
django-csvexport 1.1.2 7 Simple model to csv conversions for Django.
django-ct-useragents 0.1.4 7 A simple Django app to track IP and User Agent info.
django-cte 0.1.3 7 Common Table Expressions (CTE) for Django
django-cte-forest 0.2.2 7 Django Adjacency-List trees using PostgreSQL Common Table Expressions (CTE).
django-cuddlybuddly-storage-s3 2.16 7 Updated Amazon S3 storage from django-storages. Adds more fixes than I can remember, a metadata cache system and some extra utilities for dealing with MEDIA_URL and HTTPS, CloudFront and for creating signed URLs.
django-cuelogic-comments 0.1 7 A simple Django app for manage comments.
django-cumulus 1.0.20 7 An interface to python-swiftclient and rackspace cloudfiles API from Django.
django-currencies 0.4.0 7 Adds support for multiple currencies as a Django application.
django-currency 0.0.8 7 simple currency handling for djagngo
django-currency_rates 0.4 7 Currencies & echange rates for django projects
django-currentuser 0.2.2 7 Conveniently store reference to request user on thread/db level.
django-curtail-uuid 1.0.4 7 Curtail UUID Appointed Length
django-custom-anonymous 0.4 7 Library provides customization of AnonymousUser in Django
django-custom-auth 0.1.3 7 A simple Django app that replaces the default authentication
django-custom-indexes 0.1.3 7 PostgreSQL custom indexes for Django models
django-customfields 0.1.0 7 Couple of custom model fields for django: CachedManyToManyField and InheritedField
django-cymysql 2.0.0 7 Django database backend for cymysql
django-d2m 0.1.4 7 Mapping annotated dict list into Django models
django-da-login 0.11 7 Register/Login app for Django
django-dag 1.4.2 7 Directed Acyclic Graph implementation for Django 1.6+
django-daguerre 2.2.3 7 On-the-fly image manipulation for Django 1.7+.
django-dajax-me 0.9.4 7 Easy to use library to create asynchronous presentation logic with django and dajaxice
django-dajaxice 0.7 7 Agnostic and easy to use ajax library for django
django-dajaxice-1.9 7 Agnostic and easy to use ajax library for django
django-dajaxice-me 0.8 7 Agnostic and easy to use ajax library for django
django-dajaxice-ng 7 Agnostic and easy to use ajax library for django
django-danceschool 0.5.2 7 The Django Dance School project: a modular, reusable set of designed to integrate all of the regular functions of a social dance school with the Django CMS content management system
django-dantejsoncoder 0.1 7 A simple Django app to covert standard django-models to json
django-darenme-polls 0.1 7 A simple Django app to conduct Web-based polls.
django-dash 0.5.5 7 Customisable, modular dashboard application framework for Django.
django-dashboarder 0.1.1 7 A Django app to create fancy admin interface.
django-dashing-custom-torsten 0.2.5b3 7 A simple Django dashboard app to visualize interesting data about your project. Custom for testing by Torsten Feld
django-data-exporter 0.2 7 Export asynchronously your data from your Django models
django-data-exports 0.7 7 Model data exports for Django
django-data-migration 0.2.1 7 Data migration framework for Django that migrates legacy data into your new django app
django-database-email-backend 0.2.1 7 A django EmailBackend for debugging that saves Emails in the database instead of delivering them.
django-database-view 0.1.3 7 A simple Django app to handle database views.
django-datadog 1.0.1 7 simple Django middleware for submitting timings and exceptions to Datadog.
django-datadog-compatibility 0.0.1 7 A simple DataDog Integration for Django
django-dataforms 0.2.0 7 Dynamic, database-driven Django forms
django-datalogger 0.1.1 7 A simple Django app to record data changer.
django-datamaps 0.2.2 7 Django-Datamaps provides helper functions compatible with datamaps.js.
django-dataporten 0.1.2 7 A simple Django app to fetch and parse data from Dataporten.
django-datapurge 0.0.2 7 A simple Django app to easily handle cleanup of old data (sessions, nonces, etc.)
django-datastream 0.2.1 7 Django HTTP interface to Datastream API time-series library.
django-datatable 0.3.1 7 A simple Django app to origanize data in tabular form.
django-datatools 0.3.dev0 7 Data Tools for Django models
django-datebook 1.2.0 7 A Django application to manage users Datebooks
django-datetime-widget 0.9.3 7 Django-datetime-widget is a simple and clean widget for DateField, Timefiled and DateTimeField in Django framework. It is based on Bootstrap datetime picker, supports both Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 2
django-datetime-widget-fa 0.10.0 7 Django-datetime-widget is a simple and clean widget for DateField, Timefiled and DateTimeField in Django framework. It is based on Bootstrap datetime picker, supports both Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 2, and supports Font-Awesome. Special thanks to Alfredo Saglimbeni [] for django-datetime-widget
django-datetimepicker 3.14 7 Datetimepicker for Django projects.
django-datetimezone-field 0.1.8 7 A Django app providing database and form fields for split datetime/time and pytz timezone objects.
django-daydreamer 0.0.3a 7 A Django class-based view utility library
django-db-constraints 0.3.0 7 Add database table-level constraints to your Django model's Meta
django-db-email-backend 0.3 7 Django email backend for storing messages to a database.
django-db-file-storage 0.5.1 7 Custom FILE_STORAGE for Django. Saves files in your database instead of your file system.
django-db-geventpool 2 7 Add a DB connection pool using gevent to django
django-db-introspection 0.2 7 Django database introspection tool, through the data table name can dynamically create a Django models ready-to-use objects.
django-db-logger 0.1.6 7 Django logging in database
django-db-mutex 1.0.0 7 Acquire a mutex via the DB in Django
django-db-pool 0.0.10 7 Basic database persistance / connection pooling for Django + Postgres.
django-db-prefix 1.0.5 7 Allow specification of a global database table name prefix.
django-db-quick-setup 0.0.2 7 Create and start MySQL/PostgreSQL containers with a single management command
django-db-signals 0.1.1 7 Django database signals (pre/post commit/rollback).
django-db-snapshot 1.0.b 7 Reusable Django app for fully automatic database snapshots
django-dbase-storage 0.1.1 7 Database storage for Django files
django-dbconn-retry 0.1.5 7 Patch Django to retry a database connection first before failing.
django-dbdiff 0.8.1 7 Database data diffing against fixtures for testing
django-dbgettext 0.1.2 7 Translate Django models by extracting data for gettext
django-dbindexer 1.6.1 7 Expressive NoSQL for Django
django-dblogs 0.1 7 A simple Django app to write logging data to database
django-dbmessages 0.2.0a 7 Request-independent messaging for Django on top of contrib.messages
django-dbpreferences 0.6.0 7 With django-dbpreferences you can store app/user settings into the database.
django-dbreact 0.3 7 A Django based library to make django database reactive using Server Side Events .
django-dbstorage 1.3 7 A Django file storage backend for files in the database.
django-dburlresolvers 0.1.0-beta2 7 Django-based URL resolving mechanism, which store the URL patterns in database
django-dcolumns 1.0.8 7 An app to give any Django database model the ability to dynamically add fields.
django-debian 0.10.2 7 Debian integration for Django applications
django-debug-informer 0.3.0 7 A simple application that helps displays various debug information about the Django project
django-debug-logging 0.4 7 A plugin for django_debug_toolbar that logs results to the database for aggregated review.
django-debug-panel 0.8.3 7 django-debug-toolbar in WebKit DevTools. Works fine with background Ajax requests and non-HTML responses
django-debug-toolbar-django-info 0.3.0 7 django-info panel for django-debug-toolbar
django-debug-toolbar-django13 0.8.4 7 A configurable set of panels that display various debug information about the current request/response. Version fully Django 1.3 compatible
django-debug-toolbar-http-client 0.94 7 A django-debug-toolbar panel that shows you http client request record
django-debug-toolbar-line-profiler 0.6.1 7 A panel for django-debug-toolbar that integrates information from line_profiler
django-debug-toolbar-mongo 0.1.10 7 MongoDB panel for the Django Debug Toolbar
django-debug-toolbar-multilang 1.0.1 7 Language panel for django-debug-toolbar
django-debug-toolbar-sqlalchemy 0.1.0 7 SQLAlchemy query information panel for Django Debug Toolbar
django-debug-toolbar-template-flamegraph 0.2.2 7 Template flamegraphs for Django Debug Toolbar
django-debug-toolbar-template-timings 0.9 7 A django-debug-toolbar panel that shows you template rendering times for Django
django-debugging 0.1a2 7 Debugging utilities for Django.
django-debugtools 1.7.3 7 A toolbox of small utilities to assist Django development
django-decorators 0.1.1 7 A bunch of django extra decorators.
django-dedal 1.0.2 7 Fast CRUD builder.
django-dedupe-backend 0.0.2 7 The super storage backend
django-deep-collector 0.4.2 7 A simple Django app to collect related objects.
django-deep-serializer 0.1.3 7 Serialize/Deserialize an object and its relations through class definitions
django-deepzoom 3.0.3 7 A simple Django app to create deep zoom tiled images.
django-default-imagefield 0.4.1 7 Default static path for Django ImageField
django-deferred-filelogger 0.1 7 A logging handler for Django that defers evaluation of the filepath
django-deletes 0.1 7 A fully functional soft deletes (logical deletes) for django.
django-deletion-side-effects 1.0.0 7 Provides the ability to retrieve the side effects of deleting an object in Django
django-denis 0.2.0 7 Denis helps you recovering accidentally deleted data from a django project
django-denorm 1.0.0 7 Denormalization magic for Django
django-dependency 1.1 7 Django app to help manage external dependencies
django-deploy-setup 0.1.1a 7 Deployment tools for django projects
django-deployment 7 A simple deployment Django library using Fabric and Chef
django-deprecated-fbv 0.1 7 Deprecated Django function based views from Django 1.4 in a neat little package.
django-designer 0.2.1 7 Django template renderer for designers
django-dev 0.2.1 7 Tools to facilitate application development for Django
django-dev-protector 0.3 7 Django app that protects freelance developers.
django-devartis-admin 0.1.6 7 A devartis theme for the django admin site
django-deviantart 0.2 7 Deviantart API (OAuth2) for your django project
django-devicetype-templates 0.2.3 7 Django library to serve different templates for different device types
django-devserver 0.8.0 7 Drop-in replacement for Django's runserver
django-devtools 0.1 7 A Django package which contains a set of useful utils for web development
django-devutils 0.11.7 7 Django Development Utilities, BaseModels, BaseAdmins
django-dfk 0.0.10 7 Deferred foreign keys for Django
django-dfp 0.4.1 7 DFP implementation for Django
django-dictionary-search 0.1 7 A simple, yet full-featured Django dictionary API
django-dictpatterns 0.2.1 7 This makes your application be able to write simple urlpatterns with dictionary for Django
django-didadata 0.2.0 7 A Django app to collecto numeric data.
django-diffs 0.1.16 7 Keep a record of diffs made to a Django model or collection of models
django-digest 1.13 7 An implementation of HTTP Digest Authentication for Django.
django-digg-paginator 0.1.3 7 Digg-like Paginator from Django Snippets
django-diplomat 0.2.0 7 Language and country models for Django derived from the pycountry module.
django-direct 0.7.8 7 A simple Django application that provides a RESTFul Direct certificate validation API.
django-direct-render 0.1.2 7 A simple Django app that will render template directly for you
django-directapps 0.5.2 7 Django app for direct client access to all models.
django-directmessages 0.9.7 7 Django-Directmessages is a low-level and easy-to-use Django App to manage simple directmessages.
django-dirtyfields 1.3.1 7 Tracking dirty fields on a Django model instance (actively maintained)
django-disbi 0.0.2 7 A Django app framework for managing and integrating systems biology data.
django-disco 1.6 7 Helpful Django utilities from Discovery Creative
django-discord-bind 0.2.0 7 A Django app for securely associating a user with a Discord account.
django-discounts-cart 1.1.7 7 Discounts for online store and management cart
django-discover-runner 1.0 7 A Django test runner based on unittest2's test discovery.
django-discoverage 1.0.0 7 Adds coverage to Django's DiscoverRunner.
django-disguise 0.2.2 7 This django application allows superuser to "disguise" into any user
django-display-exceptions 1.8 7 This app can (slightly) encourage modularity and readability, as well as decrease code repetition and length, by using Exceptions to handle exceptional (non-standard) situations.
django-disposable-email-checker 1.2.1 7 Django package to detect ~890 domains used by disposable email services
django-ditto 0.7.6 7 A Django app to copy stuff from your accounts on Flickr,, Pinboard and Twitter.
Django-dj 0.3.0 7 A short command which replaces calls to Django's scripts
django-djaffar 0.1.10 7 An asynchronous user activity tracking API for Django.
django-djembe 0.2.0 7 A Django email backend that encrypts outgoing mail with S/MIME.
django-djfiles 0.2 7 A simple Django app to upload files via admin panel.
django-djurk 0.01.01-Alpha 7 A Django app for accessing Mechanical Turk
django-docdata 0.9 7 Python/Django client to the Docdata payment system.
django-docviewer 0.4 7 documentcloud for django
django-dogstorage 1.0.0 7 Django Storage Engine which returns images of dogs if files could not be found.
django-dojo 0.0.1 7 Add Dojo to your Django projects and run Dojo builds with commands
django-donottrack 0.1 7 Django utilities for honoring the Do Not Track HTTP header.
django-dpa-chile 3.0.0 7 Political-Administrative Division of Chile
django-drapes 0.1.2 7 Some decorators and classes to make working with django projects easier.
django-dress-blog 0.1a 7 Django blogging app with stories, quotes, diary, comments and tags.
django-dropbox-upload-handler 0.1.1 7 Transfer Uploaded Files to Dropbox
django-dropboxchooser-field3 0.0.5 7 Dropbox chooser field for django
Django-Drupal-Password-Hasher 0.1.1 7 Useful password hasher for django sites with drupal components
django-dtpanel-htmltidy 0.1.1 7 Custom panel form Django Debug Toolbar which display HTML Validation errors and warnings
django-dual-authentication 1.0.0 7 Allows authentication with either a username or an email address.
django-dublincore 0.1 7 A simple Django app to attach Dublin Core metadata to arbitrary Django objects
django-dumpdata-field 0.1 7 custom dumpdata and loaddata commands that allow to export given fields of a model
django-dynamic 0.0.1 7 What if you can generate Django Apps without learning how to code from a Django app?
django-dynamic-cabinetmaps 0.1.dev2 7 A lightweight dynamic create cabinet graph with django.
django-dynamic-db-router 0.3.0 7 Simply route complex django queries to multiple databases.
django-dynamic-finder 0.2 7 A Django version of the Rails Dynamic Finder, using Django Managers.
django-dynamic-views 0.1.1 7 Provides out of the box CRUD functionality including templates and gives you the ability to build your screen top-down.
django-dynamicfields 0.1a20160919090754 7 Your project description goes here
django-dynamicpages 0.1 7 Application which allows dynamically change urls.
django-dynamicsites-lite 0.1 7 Host multiple sites from a single django project
django-dynamo 0.25 7 Dynamo let users and admins create and mantain their Django DYNAmic MOdels dynamically at runtime.
django-dynamodb-sessions-mwas 0.7 7 A Django session backend using Amazon's DynamoDB
django-dynamodb2-sessions 0.3 7 Sessions backend dedicated for Django uses Amazon DynamoDB v.2
django-dynasite 0.1beta3 7 Tools to dynamically manage multiple Django Web sites in a single app the way you need to.
django-dynsettings 0.1.0 7 Django Dynamic Settings
django-easy 0.1 7 A small Django app to provide shortcuts
django-easy-api 0.3.0 7 Create an API for you Django project with only a single line of code!
django-easy-app 0.0.27 7 Extend django-admin to create apps that are easier to set
django-easy-audit 1.0 7 Yet another Django audit log app, hopefully the simplest one.
django-easy-avatar 0.1 7 A super easy AJAX loading avatar for profile management.
django-easy-contact 0.3.9 7 A simple contact form application.
django-easy-messages 0.1.0 7 Simple plugin to get pretty messages with the django messages app
django-easy-test 1.0 7 An extension of django tests that contains premade cases with the most comom tests for a web application
django-easyconfig 0.3 7 Module to make it easy to configure external Django apps.
django-easygeoip 0.0.3 7 A simple Django app to include IP address-based geo-location capabilities to your project.
django-easyregistration 0.1 7 A simple Django app to manage users login/logout and registration.
django-eav 0.9.4.post1 7 Entity-attribute-value model implementation as a reusableDjango app.
django-eca-catalogue 0.0.3 7 A reusable django app providing a generic product catalog for eComerce projects
django-ecs-deploy 0.1.14 7 A Django app that provides a command to deploy a Django app to AWS ECS based on Django settings.
django-editor 0.1 7 Allows pluggable WYSIWYG editors in django admin without hard dependencies
django-efficient-rest 0.3.0 7 Full rest system for Django, will help you save hundreds of lines.
django-email-analytics 0.4 7 Adds Google Analytics tracking to emails sent with Django.
django-email-bandit 1.5 7 django-email-bandit is a Django email backend for hijacking email sending in a test environment.
django-email-center 0.0.2 7 The "Django Email Center" is a solutions for send your email(s)
django-email-change 0.2.2 7 django-email-change adds support for email address change and confirmation.
django-email-changer 0.1.2 7 A Django App to let users securely change the email associated with their account.
django-email-confirm-la 2.3.1 7 Django email confirmation for any Model and any Field.
django-email-confirmation 0.2 7 Simple email confirmation for the Django web framework.
django-email-gateway 0.1.2 7 A django package which act as a gateway to send and receive email with amazon SES.
django-email-log 0.2.0 7 Django email backend that logs all emails
django-email-login-fc 0.3.2 7 A Django application that enables you to have your users use their email address instead of their username
django-email-manager 0.2.1 7 A simple application to store a summary of system e-mails.
django-email-notification 1.3 7 django-email-notification allows backoffice users to send short email notifications to django registered users or users you only know the email about what is new or changed from django's admin or a dedicated view. And then track their clicks.
django-email-template 1.0.2 7 Send emails based on a Django template
django-email-username 0.0.3 7 Use email addresses in place of usernames in Django projects.
django-emaillog-backend 0.1 7 Django email backend that writes messages to logger instead of sending them by SMTP.
django-emailmeld 0.0.6 7 Django Email Templater.
django-emailsupport 0.0.3 7 Simple email support over django admin
django-emailtools-reloaded 0.2.3 7 App for Django featuring class based email sending.
django-embed 0.2.1 7 A simple Django app to generate embed code from youtube, twitter and slideshare.
django-embed9 0.3 7 Django app that make model objects embeddable on 3rd party websites
django-eml-email-backend 0.1 7 Django email backend that saves emails to .eml files. Such files can be opened directly in Outlook or
django-emulate-aws-env 0.2.0 7 Emulates the conditions of an AWS "Serverless" environment (API Gateway + Lambda) in your test and development environments.
django-engineplate 7 A Django-engineplate App for easy life
django-env-bar 0.0.1 7 A basic panel displaying the name of the current environment.
django-env-overrides 0.1.0 7 Override arbitrary Django settings via environment variables.
django-envconf 0.3.5 7 Django-envconf allows you to configure your application using environment variables as recommended by the 12factor methodology.
django-environ-docker 0.5.0 7 Django-environ-docker allows you to utilize 12factor inspired environment variables to configure your Django application with Docker Secrets.
django-environment 0.3.8 7 A plugin for virtualenvwrapper that makes setting up and creating new Django environments easier.
django-eros 0.2.1 7 Standalone Django application to like any content types you want
django-erroneous 0.2.0 7 django-erroneous makes it easy to collect and log Django application errors.
django-errorstack 0.1.0 7 Easy Django integration with the service
django-esay-account 0.0.3 7 A simple Django app for accounts handle login & SingUp & logout.
django-estate-cms 0.1.0 7 Estate plugins and apphooks for django cms
django-estimators 0.2.1 7 A django model to persist and track machine learning models
django-etcsettings 0.1.1 7 A simple settings from yaml file loader
django-event 1.0.3 7 Event notification system for django project
django-event-procedures 0.1.3 7 An event driven code execution system backed by Django
django-everlasting-sessions 0.0.4 7 Django middleware that prevents user sessions from expiration.
django-exact-target 0.1.2 7 Integration between django and the SalesForce ExactTarget REST API
django-exchange-maploom 1.5.11 7 Use MapLoom in your django projects.
django-exmodel 0.0.2 7 Makes your Django models extendable.
django-experiments-hw 1.2.0 7 Python Django AB Testing Framework
django-explain-commands 0.2 7 Django app for explaining where commands are coming from.
django-export-xls 0.1.1 7 A simple Django app to export data to an excel file.
django-exportdata 0.2 7 Export model data (with selected fields) to csv file
django-expvar-cmdline 0.1.0 7 Django expvar endpoint cmdline plugin
django-expvar-psutil 0.1.0 7 Django expvar endpoint psutil plugin
django-expvar-resource 0.1.0 7 Django expvar endpoint resource plugin
django-extended 1.0.0 7 Django extended stuffs
django-extended-admin 1.0.6 7 Additional features for django admin
django-extended-admin-ru 1.0.0 7 Полностью переведенный на русский язык административный интерфейс Django
django-extended-choices 1.3 7 Little helper application to improve django choices (for fields)
django-extended-flatpages 0.1 7 Django flatpages CKEditor integration and SEO values.
django-extended-forms-validation 1.1.0 7 Django form extended validation linked to jquery.validate.js
django-extended-messages 0.0.3.alpha 7 Extended version of django.contrib.messages
django-extensions-shell 7 Isolated shell_plus command from django-extensions
django-external-urls 0.3 7 Track external links with a signal on click.
django-extra-fields-lab 0.3 7 Additional fields for Django Rest Framework.
django-extra-sensitive-variables 1.0.2 7 Globally censor a set of default variable names in your Django error reports
django-extra-tools 0.3.0 7 A set of functions related with Django
django-extracontent 0.1 7 A django abstract model and form for handling extra content in a model.
django-extrasettings 0.1 7 Admin-configurable Django settings
django-extrawidgets 1 7 A project exploring the client-side of Django website development
django-f-awesome 0.3.2 7 a django app that provides a couple of fontawesome/django related utilities.
django-fab-deploy 0.7.4 7 Django deployment tool
django-fabtastic 1.1 7 A Django app that uses Django extension commands with Fabric for deployment.
django-facebook-api 0.6.8 7 Django implementation for Facebook Graph API
django-facebook-applications 0.6.0 7 Django implementation for Facebook Graph API Applications
django-facebook-connect 1.0.1 7 Add facebook connect authentication to your Django website.
django-facebook-realtime 0.1.1-20130208 7 django app for adding/removing/listing facebook realtime subscriptions and retrieving facebook realtime updates
django-facebook_gallery 0.9 7 Facebook Gallery for Django
django-facebox 0.2.1 7 Simple facebox modal for Django
django-fack 1.1 7 A simple FAQ application for Django sites.
django-fakeauth 0.2 7 A fake authentication backend for django
django-fallback-storage 1.1.1 7 Multiple Storage Engines
django-familytree 0.0.2 7 Familytree application for django
django-fancy-autocomplete 0.1a1 7 A simple AJAX autocomplete helper app for Django projects
django-fancy-cache 0.9.0 7 A Django 'cache_page' decorator on steroids
django-fancy-feast 0.2.1 7 Additional form fields for Django.
django-fancymail 0.2 7 Email templating for Django
django-faq 0.8.3 7 Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) management for Django apps.
django-fast-gfk 0.1 7 Do Django generic foreign key lookups in one query
django-fast-test 0.3 7 Django fast test command.
django-fastcart 1.0 7 Django shopping cart application
django-fastsettings 0.3 7 A simple Django app to store/access project wide persistent settings.
django-fastsitemaps 0.3 7 Fast, streaming sitemaps for Django
django-fasttest 0.1 7 A variant on django.test.TestCase optimized for postgres
django-favorite 0.0.1 7 A simple reusable app for django that makes it easy to have a favorite button for any model.
django-favorites 0.2 7 favorites app for django
django-favs-sc 0.2.5 7 A simple reusable app for django that makes it easy to deal with faving
django-fbauth 0.0.1 7 Simple facebook auth for Django.
django-fbauth-templatetag 0.2 7 Django app that comes with a simple template tag to place a Facebook log-in button in your template
django-fbbot 0.1 7 fbbot is a simple Django app to showcasing the Messenger Platform, make your facebook bot with Django
django-fbrealtime 0.1.0 7 Django app for receiving realtime facebook updates
django-fcm-vp 0.1.3 7 A Django package that enables sending messages using FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging).
django-featured-objects 0.1.1 7 Django app for making any object featured
django-fec-raw-data 0.0.3 7 A Django app to download, extract and load campaign finance from the Federal Election Commission
django-feedaggregator 0.2 7 Django app to create an RSS feeds aggregator
django-feedback-form2 0.1.8 7 Generic feedback-form application for Django
django-feedburner 0.9.0 7 Handles redirection of django feeds to feedburner urls.
django-feedmapper 1.0.2 7 A utility for mapping feeds to Django models.
django-feedz 2.1.6 7 A Django model for analyzing RSS/Atom feeds.
django-fieldbook 0.0.3 7 A simple Django app for interacting with the API.
django-fields-bundle 1.0.7 7 Django extra fields bundle
django-file-context 0.2.5 7 File Context provides an easy way to store different documents/attachments
django-file-repository 0.2b 7 Simple file repository with public/private files, tags and categories.
django-file-storage 0.1.1 7 Set file storage as an environment variable in your Django application.
django-filemanager-lte 0.0.7 7 Template for reusable django applications mod django-suit
django-filemanager-tjh 0.6.0 7 A django filemanager app
django-filepages 2.0.0 7 Route urls to file system templates in Django.
django-filer-gallery 1.0.pre-alpha 7 A gallery using django-filer
django-filer-pdf 0.0.1 7 A django-filer plugin for PDF file support.
django-files-library 0.1.5 7 django files Library component
django-filetransfers 0.1.0 7 Helper for writing reusable Django apps that handle uploads and downloads
django-filtered-mail 0.2 7 Django Email Backend which only sends to whitelisted recipients
django-filteredlist 0.1 7 A simple Django app to provide a generic view to filter a ListView
django-financial-transactions 0.2 7 A Django app to import and categorise financial transactions.
django-finegrained-permissions 0.0.1 7 Add permissions per field instead of per model
django-fixture-generator 0.2.0 7 django-fixture-generator is a reusable django application to make writing fixtures not suck.
django-flanker 0.3.0 7 Extended EmailField validation using flanker
django-flashbriefing 0.1 7 Amazon Alexa Flash Briefings for Django
django-flashcard 0.1.1 7 A flashcard application to practice virtual two-sided cards
django-flatpages-filer 0.1.0 7 Some Basic extensions for django-contrib-flatpages
django-flatpages-tinymce 0.1.1 7 HTML editor on django.contrib.flatpages
django-flatqueries 0.1 7 Flatpage-like SQL queries for Django.
django-flea-market 0.1.0 7 Various crap not suitable for a Django app on its own.
django-flexible-content-ckeditor 1.0.0 7 Rich text (WYSIWYG) support for django-flexible-content
django-flock 0.3.0 7 Simple crowdfunding for Django
django-flow 1.0.3 7 Django flow
django-fluent-blogs 2.0.2 7 A blog engine with flexible block contents (based on django-fluent-contents).
django-fluent-comments 2.0 7 A modern, ajax-based appearance for django_comments
django-fluent-contents 2.0.2 7 A widget engine to display various content on Django pages
django-fluent-dashboard 1.0 7 An improved django-admin-tools dashboard for Django projects
django-fluentd 0.1 7 Fluentd bindings for django
django-fluidinfo 0.2.1 7 Provides a familiar interface for using Fluidinfo within Django projects
django-fluo-coupons 1.2a12 7 A reuseable Django application for coupon gereration and handling.
django-fluo-legal 1.0a0 7 A reuseable Django application for EU cookielaw and T&C/TOS handling.
django-fnd8n 0.1 7 A generic website backend implemented in Django using Controllers.
django-fontforge-watcher 1.0.4 7 Django fontforge watchers and auto compilers
django-force-reset-password 0.1 7 A simple Django app to force reset passwords.
django-forceadminlanguage 0.0.1 7 Force Django Admin to show in one selected language.
django-form-extensions 0.1.2b4 7 Useful fields and widgets for Django forms.
django-form-utils-bootstrap3 0.1.2 7 Render forms with fieldsets using Bootstrap markup via django-form-utils and django-bootstrap3
django-formadmin 0.1 7 A Django app that provides the building blocks for an app registry system
django-formalizr 1 7 Django AJAX Class Based Views
django-formed 0.9.10 7 A form designer application for Django
django-formed-cmsplugin 0.9.3 7 A DjangoCMS plugin which allows you to add a form created with django-formed to your page.
django-forms-bootstrap 3.1.0 7 a simple form filter for using Django forms with Bootstrap
django-forms-builder 0.14.0 7 A Django reusable app providing the ability for admin users to create their own forms and report on their collected data.
django-forms-smoq 0.1 7 Forms-SmoQ django is a simple application that contains useful forms for use in django.
django-formset-js-improved 7 Extend Django formsets with JavaScript
django-formsets-bootstrap3 0.2.1 7 A simple Django app for inlines formsets
django-formwizard-deprecated 0.1.0 7 Original django.contrib.formtools.legacy.FormWizard from Django 1.5.12
django-foundation 0.1 7 Django Integration with foundation front-end.
django-frameset 0.0.2 7 Frameset Django utility
django-freebase 0.1dev 7 Freebasing in Django.
django-freeipa-auth 0.1.dev4 7 A simple django freeipa rpc authentication backend app with a simple server failover solution.
django-fs-leonid 0.1.0 7 The Django-related reusable app provides the ability to create and store in a database files such as robots.txt, sitemap.xml and so on.
django-fs-livesettings 0.1 7 The Django-related reusable app provides the ability to store settings in a database and configure settings via an admin interface.
django-fs-smsaero 0.1 7 Django integration with SMS Aero
django-fs-smsc 0.1 7 Django integration with SMS Centre
django-fspages 0.2 7 Django application for serving page templates from the file system
django-fsu 0.1.2 7 Flask-Style URL Patterns for Django
django-ftp-deploy 2.0.0 7 Auto FTP deployment for django.
django-full-url 0.1 7 Small tool for easily getting parts or full URL in Django templates and views.
django-funky-user 0.1 7 Django custom user model, registration and tools
django-funserver 1.0 7 FUNserver for Django
django-future-url 0.2.2 7 Migration tool for django 1.4, fixes url template tag deprecation warnings.
django-fwdform 0.1.0 7 Simple and painless form processing for static sites.
django-ga-simpletag 0.2 7 Django app to easy handle google analytics id track
django-galicia 0.11 7 Django helpers for Galicia (Spain).
django-galleries 1.4.0 7 Simple Django galleries.
django-gannett-polling 1.1.46 7 Django app for collecting and displaying surveys.
django-gatehouse 0.4 7 A simple Django app to create gatehouse Web app.
django-gatekeeper 0.3.0 7 Django object moderation
django-gcframe 1.1 7 Django middleware and decorators for working with Google Chrome Frame.
django-gddkia-impediments-on-roads 0.1.1 7 Django client for gddkia-impediments-on-roads
django-gdm 0.3 7 Genealogy Data Models for Django
django-gearman 0.2 7 A convenience wrapper for Gearman clients and workers in Django/Python
django-gearman-proxy 1.0.1 7 Proxy backends/workers for asynchronous email and sms sending using gearman as message queue.
django-gencal 0.2 7 django-gencal is a resuable Django application for rendering calendars.
django-general-filters 0.0.2 7 Useful custom django filters
django-general-tags 0.0.1 7 Useful custom django tags
django-generic-bookmarks 0.3 7 Bookmarks, favourites, likes functionality for Django projects
django-generic-confirmation 0.4.2 7 Deferred forms for the Django webframework
django-generic-feeds 0.1.5 7 A simple way for objects to subscribe to other objects for a "feed-like" functionality in a Django project
django-generic-link-tracking 1.0 7 Generic trackable links for django
django-generic-notifications 0.2.2 7 Generic notification system for Django, with multiple input types and output backends
django-geo-db 0.2.1 7 A Django app for enabling geo capabilities.
django-geo-timezones 0.1.2 7 Reusable Django App for determining timezone by geo coordinates
django-geocoding 0.1.1 7 Abstract base models and mixins to store address and GPS coordinates info
django-geoexplorer-worldmap 4.0.6 7 Use GeoExplorer in your django projects
django-geofield 0.0.2 7 A lightweight Django Geo Field to save and handle Geo Points. It supports to search the nearby points by their geohash
django-geohash-cluster 0.1.0 7 High efficient clustering algorithm based on geohash of points
django-geojson-serializer 0.2 7 Geojson serializer decorator for django rest framework
django-geonode-client 1.0.3 7 Use GeoNode client in your django projects
django-get-autologin 0.2 7 A simple Django app to login with GET request type that it use Token parameter
django-getorcreateplus 0.1.0 7 Mixins to cache, force and/or use non-atomic Model.objects.get_or_create() calls.
django-gevent-websocket 0.1.0 7 Easy WebSocket server for django using gevent-websocket
django-giom 0.1.1 7 django GIOM meteo station data reader celery based measure tool
django-gis-brasil 0.3 7 Django GIS Brasil is a Django app (GeoDjango) with Brazilian GIS information.
django-gishelper 0.0.2 7 Geodjango helper commands.
django-github 0.1.2 7 simple django integration with github's v2 api
django-github-hook 0.2.1 7 Django-powered GitHub (& Bitbucket) web hooks
django-gitstorage 1.0 7 Django storage and views to browse a Git repository
django-gmapi-new 7 A Google Maps API implementation for Django
django-gnupg-mails 0.2 7 A Django reusable app providing the ability to send PGP/MIME signed multipart emails.
django-golem 0.11 7 Django app for creating chatbots for Messenger and other platforms.
django-google-adwords 0.7.2 7 Django modelling and helpers for the Google Adwords API.
django-google-analytics-app 4.3.0 7 Django Google Analytics app allowing for server side/non-js tracking.
django-google-analytics-id 1.0.1 7 Django application to add your Google analytics code to your website template(s)
django-google-auth 0.4.0 7 google-auth support for django
django-google-credentials 0.0.2 7 Django app storing Google API OAuth credentials.
django-google-dork 0.2 7 A django app to manage Google dorks, run them and cache results.
django-google-urchin 0.1a1 7 Provides a Django template tag to insert the Google Analytics tracking code.
django-goto-url 0.3 7 Wraps external links in base64 and relocate on the special View, later redirect to source URL
django-gp-auth 1.0.0.dev1 7 GP Auth is a simple application Django to manage the registration of users in a customized manner system
django-gpg 0.2.0 7 GPG Support for Django
django-grafico-db 1.0 7 UNKNOWN
django-graph-api 0.2.0 7 A Python implementation of GraphQL designed for use with Django
django-graphiql-debug-toolbar 0.1.0 7 Django Debug Toolbar for GraphiQL IDE
django-graphos-3 1.1 7 Django app to provide a JS agnostic way to work with charts for Python 3+
django-graphql-social-auth 0.1.1 7 Python Social Auth support for Django GraphQL
django-grappelli-autocomplete-fk-edit-link 0.1.1 7 ModelAdmin mixin that adds edit links to Django Grappelli autocomplete lookups.
django-grappelli-latest 2.8.1a 7 A jazzy skin for the Django Admin-Interface.
django-gravatar-tags 1.0.0 7 Easy to use Gravatar template tags for Django
django-gravy-bitfield 1.9.1 7 BitField in Django
django-greekapp 0.0.3 7 New testament greek app for django.
django-groot 0.1.1 7 Django Groot
django-group-by 0.3.1 7 Group by arbitrary model fields
django-groupcache 0.5.0 7 Reusable Django App for Generational Caching of Views
django-groups 0.0 7 Django group support (extracted from Pinax)
django-groups-cache 1.0.2 7 Caches the groups a user is in so requests don't have to make calls to the database to check group status.
django-grunted-assets 0.2.1 7 A Django app for simplifing the use of grunt for your asset flow
django-guac-auth 1.0.0 7 Django app to enable Guacamole authentication
django-guestbook 0.1 7 A simple guestbook application for Django, based largely on the contributed comments application.
django-gulp-rev 0.2 7 A simple Django integration with gulp-rev
django-gunicorn 0.1.1 7 simple Django app to replace runserver with Gunicorn
django-gzipping-cache 0.1.0 7 A wrapper for django caches that gzips cached values
django-hallo-markdown 0.1.1 7 Hallo WYSIWYG Markdown widget for Django
django-handlers 0.1.1 7 Simple library for creation of REST APIs with Django
django-hashcash 0.2.1 7 Adds HashCash.IO "proof-of-work" control to django login form.
django-hashlink 0.1.1 7 Store and retrieve URL hash (fragment) based webpage state in MongoDB through Django.
django-hats 1.1.2 7 Role-based permissions system for Django. Everyone wears a different hat, some people wear multiple.
django-haystack-channels 0.0.3 7 Helper code to connect Haystack to Django Channels
django-haystack-elasticsearch5 0.7 7 Elasticsearch 5 backend for django-haystack
django-header-auth 0.1.0 7 Django middleware for authorizing requests based on headers.
django-health-check 3.5.1 7 Run checks on services like databases, queue servers, celery processes, etc.
django-health-checker 0.1 7 A simple Django app to conduct health checks.
django-health-checkers 3.5.0 7 Run checks on services like databases, queue servers, celery processes, etc.
django-healthcheck 0.2.0 7 Django app to check the health of popular core components of a django-powered webapp
django-heroku-connect 0.13.0 7 Django integration Salesforce using Heroku Connect.
django-heroku-mongoify 0.1.0 7 Friendly MongoDB for Django on Heroku
django-hesab 1.0.0 7 Customizable Elasticsearch backend for django-haystack
django-hhypermap 0.2 7 Use Registry in your django projects.
django-highlander 0.0.1.dev0 7 Django management Command that prevents simultaneous instances
django-highlightjs 0.2.4 7 A Django app to easy integrate highlight.js syntax highlighter.
django-historicalrecords 1.1 7 Marty Alchin's HistoricalRecords from the ProDjango book.
django-historicalrecords-unleashed 1.3.1 7 Marty Alchin`s HistoricalRecords from the ProDjango book.
django-holding-page 1.0.0 7 A viral holding page to collect email addresses with export and unsubscribe functionality.
django-homebanking 0.2 7 Django appp to analyse and present data from homebanking system
django-honeypot-signals 0.1.1 7 * This app provides a simple signal handler for the App django-admin-honeypot * Functions: If someone tries to login using the wrong admin url, django-admin-honeypot creates a new model instance, which includes all significant information about this attempt. After save() the signal handler sends a notification email to settings.MANAGERS, which includes the basic model information.
django-hookbox 0.3 7 Integrate hookbox with Django.
django-hooked 0.1.1 7 WebHooks for Django and Django Rest Framework.
django-hoptoad 0.2 7 django-hoptoad is some simple Middleware for letting Django-driven websites report their errors to Hoptoad.
django-htauth 0.1 7 htpasswd authentication backend for django
django-html 0.1.0 7 Template tags for smarter outputting of HTML in Django
django-html-cleaner 0.2.5 7 Django text and character fields that clean HTML input.
django-html-sweatshop 0.1.0 7 A Django app that simplifies some common HTML rendering
django-htpayway 0.8.1 7 HT PayWay (payment gateway) API integration with Django
django-http-authentication 0.0.1 7 A django application that adds decorators to allow authentication via HTTP_AUTHORIZATION.
django-httpxforwardedfor 0.2.0 7 Set request.META['REMOTE_ADDR'] from request.META['HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR']
django-human-datetime 0.1 7 Uses the parsedatetime package to parse human readable date/time expressions into Django fields
django-humans 0.1 7 Django Humans
django-icanhaz 0.2.1 7 A Django template tag for embedding ICanHaz.js templates safely.
django-icecat 0.1.1 7 Django models and tools for easy icecat importing
django-icelandic-addresses 0.1.5 7 Django app containing a list of Icelandic addresses
django-icons-backtopixel 1.0 7 backtopixel icons pack for django.contrib.staticfiles
django-icons-famfamfam 0.2-1 7 Django staticfiles with famfamfam silk and flag icon sets
django-icons-icojoy 1.0 7 icojoy icons pack for django.contrib.staticfiles
django-icons-icojoy-pointers 1.0 7 icojoy pointers icons pack for django.contrib.staticfiles
django-icons-onebit 1.0 7 onebit icons pack for django.contrib.staticfiles
django-icons-splashyicons 1.0 7 splashyicons icons pack for django.contrib.staticfiles
django-icons-tango 1.0 7 tango icons pack for django.contrib.staticfiles
django-icons-twitterjoy 1.0 7 twitterjoy icons pack for django.contrib.staticfiles
django-icons-web_control 1.0 7 web_control icons pack for django.contrib.staticfiles
django-identity-external 0.5 7 Django middleware for handling of external identities.
django-idfield 1.0.1 7 Char ID filed Django
django-idshost 0.1.0 7 Django app to interface with the ids infrastructure.
django-ifgy-login 0.3 7 A simple Django app to conduct login/logout.
django-ifo 0.0.1 7 A Django app to define the ordering of inlines and fieldsets in Django Admin.
django-ignoretests2 0.4.1 7 Ignore tests of given django apps
django-ikari 0.0.5 7 Django middleware to allow user configurable domain anchoring to admin configured urlconfs.
django-image 0.1.0 7 Simple pluggable framework for displaying images in Django
django-image-cropping 1.1.0 7 A reusable app for cropping images easily and non-destructively in Django
django-image-dimensions 0.0.4 7 Automatically add dimension attributes to all <img> tags in a response to improve rendering speed on the client.
django-imagekit-cropper 1.16 7 Allow users to manually specify image variant crops
django-imapauth 0.1 7 Imap authentification backend for Django
django-imgix 1.1.0 7 Django app to generate imgix urls in your templates.
django-import-export-xml 0.1 7 An XML export format for django-import-export
django-improved-permissions 0.1.3 7 A Django app to handle all kinds of permissions and roles.
django-in-request-cache 0.0.6 7 Django cache backend stored in django request
django-infinite-memcached 0.1 7 A Django memcached backend to handle 'infinite' timeouts
django-infinite-pagination 1.0 7 Infinite pagination for Django.
django-infinite-pagination-mega 1.1 7 Infinite pagination for Django.
django-initial-field 0.1.1 7 Sometimes it is needed to pass some default values to the objects created by ModelForm. This simple mixin enables that by creating HiddenInput fields and passing initial parameters to the created Model
django-initkit 0.0.1 7 A personalized django startproject command
django-inlaws 0.1.1beta1 7 Shows related objects in the Django admin.
django-inline-actions 1.3.0 7 django-inline-actions adds actions to the InlineModelAdmin.
django-inline-csv-importer 0.1.3 7 A simple django app to import admin inline data from CSV
django-inline-svg 0.1.1 7 A simple SVG template tag for Django
django-inlinecss 0.1.2 7 A Django app useful for inlining CSS (primarily for e-mails)
django-inlinecss-redux 0.1.3 7 A Django app useful for inlining CSS (primarily for e-mails)
django-inlineobjects 1.0.2 7 A reusable Django application used to insert content objects into other pieces of content.
django-inmemorystorage 0.1.1 7 A non-persistent in-memory data storage backend for Django.
django-inoa-chronograph 0.1.30 7 Chronograph, a Django library for managing scheduled tasks (version mantained by Inoa)
django-insert-above 1.0.4 7 These django templatetags is a hack making possible to insert "content" in some (maybe above the current or parent template) places.
django-instagram 0.2.0a1 7 Instagram client for Django.
django-instagram-api 0.3.7 7 Django implementation for instagram API
django-instant-coverage 1.1.0 7 Better-than-nothing testing for Django
django-internationalizer 0.0.1 7 Country and currency data for Django projects
django-intl-tel-input2 0.2.0 7 A Django form widget implementing intl-tel-input.
django-invisible-recaptcha-admin 0.1.1a0 7 Invisible captcha in administrative login.
django-invitation 1.0 7 Built on top of django-registration, it restricts registration to a given number of invited person per active user (strategy introduced by GMail to involve 2.0 users).
django-invitation-backend 0.2b1 7 Registration through invitations backend for django-registration > 0.9
django-inviteme 1.0a2 7 Django invite-me form App with email verification
django-invoiceproject 0.1.1a1 7 A simple Django project for generating and email pdf invoices.
django-ios-storekit 1.0.0 7 A Django plugin for iOS In-App Purchases.
django-ip-shield 0.1.7 7 A Django app for analyzing HTTP requests and blocking IP addresses.
django-ip2language 0.1 7 A django module to derive a language code based on visitor IP
django-iprestrict-proxytrust 1.3.2 7 Django app + middleware to restrict access to all or sections of a Django project by client IP ranges
django-isegory 0.1 7 A simple Django app to declare the provenance of a dataset.
django-isnull-list-filter 0.1.0 7 Simple list_filter that offers filtering by __isnull.
django-iso3166 10.1.1 7 This is a application for Django projects providing list of world countries based on ISO3166.
django-j2fa 1.0.0 7 2-Factor Authentication for Django projects
django-jabber 1.0.1 7 Send Jabber notifications from Django
django-jalali-date-3 0.2.1 7 Jalali Date support for user interface. Easy conversion of DateTimeFiled to JalaliDateTimeField within the admin site.
django-jellyglass 0.3.0 7 The ultimate Django admin honeypot.
django-jigsawview 0.1.0 7 An extended alternative to Django generic class based views.
django-jingo-offline-compressor 0.0.7 7 Using jingo and django_compressor but miss offline compression?
django-jinja-markdown 1.0.1 7 ('Django-Jinja (Jinja2) extension and filter for parse markdown text markup.',)
django-joining 0.3 7 Arbitrary django model joining
django-joyride 0.1.2 7 A Django application that eases the guided tour
django-jp-stations 0.1 7 A simple Django app for japanese stations.
django-jqchat 0.3 7 An extensible instant messenger thingy for Django
django-jquery-widgets 0.1.2 7 jQuery-powered widgets and fields for Django
django-jqueryfileupload 0.0.1 7 Django app for handle multiple file uploads via jquery-file-upload plugin.
django-js-asset 1.0.0 7 script tag with additional attributes for django.forms.Media
django-js-utils 0.0.5dev 7 Utility library to help development of RIA on top of a Django backend
django-js-utils-ng 0.5.futu 7 Django URL Exposure to Javascript
django-jsgettext 0.5 7 Improved and complement gettext support for javascript for Django
django-jsignature 0.8 7 Use jSignature jQuery plugin in your django projects
django-json-404-middleware 0.0.1 7 Django middleware that returns 404s as JSON instead of html
django-json-renderer 0.1.2 7 A Simple json renderer for django.
django-json-settings 0.2 7 A Django application to let you provide local settings in json format
django-jsoneditor-ng 0.0.3 7 Django JSON Editor
django-jsonfeed 0.1.3 7 JSONFeed syndication in Django.
django-jsonfield-compat 0.4.4 7 Compatability layer between django-jsonfield and Django's native JSONField
django-jsonfilter 0.1.1 7 Django json datadump object filtering
django-jsonschema2 0.2.1 7 Django JSONSchema
django-jwt 1.0.0 7 JWT implementation for Django and Django Rest Framework
django-jwt-auth 0.0.2 7 JSON Web Token based authentication for Django
django-keen 0.1.3 7 Simple wrapper for django around the official client
django-keoh-kstore 0.0.2 7 A simple Django app to create shops
django-kewl 2014.10.26 7 Set of Django kewl utilities & helpers & highly used/needed stuff.
django-key-auth 1.2.1 7 Key based authentication for Django
django-key-generator 1.0.3 7 A django-admin command to generate a secret key
django-keyvaluestore 0.3 7 A Key-Value store for Django
django-kickstart 0.1.6 7 Tool for kickstarting django projects.
django-kittenstorage 1.0.0 7 Django Storage Engine which returns images of kittens if files could not be found.
django-knob 1.1 7 A Django reusable application that performs remote configurations on multiple devices, distributing the operations using Celery.
django-konst 1.0.0 7 Convenient constants fields for Django
django-koui 0.2.3 7 Packaging up of koui for django projects
django-kvisits 0.0.1 7 Visit counter for model objects and urls
django-kvmodel 0.1.11 7 A package that helps creating django key-value models easily.
django-kvstore 1.0 7 An extensible key-value store backend for Django applications.
django-kvtags 1.5.1 7 Extensible key-value tagging for Django
django-lab-members 0.3.0 7 A Django app to display lab personnel and information about them.
django-labjs 0.2.0 7 Django labjs templatetags.
django-laconicurls 0.1.1 7 A generic url shortner for content in a Django ORM
django-lamson 0.1.0.beta 7 Easy integration of lamson in django projects
django-langswitch 0.1.1 7 django app, that can be used on multilingual sites
django-language-flags 0.1.1 7 A simple Django app to display national flags for languages.
django-languages 0.1 7 Provides a language field for Django models.
django-last-modified 0.1 7 Django middleware to help manage your caching setup
django-last-social-activity 0.2.1 7 A simple application for Django to fetch the last posts of your social network profiles in your site.
django-last-used 0.1 7 Keep track of last used objects on a django app
django-lastfm-auth 0.2.3 7 django-lastfm-auth is an extension to django-social-auth which adds a backend for
django-latch 0.1 7 Django latch module.
django-latency 7 Destroy the performance of your site (for testing reasons!) with django-latency!
django-latexify 0.2.1 7 Easy LaTeX rendering for Django.
django-launch-page 0.1.1 7 django-launch-page A launch page for a Django project to collect e-mail addresses and more.
django-layar 0.2.0 7 helper for publishing data to Layar augmented reality browser from Django
django-lazyloader 0.2 7 Lazy-Loading module for Django
django-ldapbackend 7 LDAP Backend for Django (1.0 or higher)
django-leaderboard 0.1.0 7 A Django leaderboard (scoreboard) app, using redis as its backend
django-leaflet-cadasta 0.21.0 7 Use Leaflet in your django projects
django-league 0.1.1 7 Django app which makes easy to create sports team website.
django-legal 1.0 7 A Django app to require user acceptance of terms of service.
django-legion 20141113.1 7 Django Legion allows one "instance" to serve multiple sites.
django-lemonldap 2.0.0 7 LemonLDAP: django authentication system to be used with LemonLDAP::NG
django-liar 0.1.1 7 A simple django app that invalidates url resolving of apps.
django-libretto 1.0.0 7 Collection of useful Django snippets
django-libsass-compass-mixins 0.12.10 7 Compass mixins packaged as Django app
django-libtech-emailuser 0.2 7 Use emailaddress as username in Django +1.5
django-lifestreams 0.1.0 7 A lifestreams application for Django
django-lightpdf 0.1.1 7 A simple Django app to help generate pdfs
django-like-button 0.0.7 7 Django App for adding a Facebook like button
django-like-system 0.0.1-alpha2 7 Django based like system. Inspired by django.contrib.comments.
django-likeable 0.0.1 7 Simple Django app to facilitate "liking" of any content type.
django-liked 1.0.2 7 A django likes app
django-likeit 0.1.2 7 A simple app for Django that enables users to like and unlike any object/item within any model. It generates a like button for your objects.
django-lime 0.3 7 Mixed content e-mails for Django made simple.
django-limit-users 1.0.0 7 Installable Django application to limit the number of enabled user registrations
django-limits 0.0.5 7
Django-Linked-Select2 0.7.1 7 Django-Select2 extended with dependant widgets
django-linkraw 0.1 7 Django admin raw foreign keys as links
django-lint2 0.1 7 A linter work with Django.
django-liqpay 1.0 7 Django liqpay app
django-litetest 1.0 7 A lightweight Django "test" command for quick unittest runs.
django-lithium-api 0.1.5 7 A (very) limited implementation of the Lithium REST API for Django
django-littlebro 0.2.1 7 Django LittleBro: Asynchronous event tracking using MongoDB and Celery.
django-live-logging 0.1.dev20140913161855 7 Live django logging configuration, monitoring and displaying
django-live-server 0.1.2 7 Implementation of the LiveServerTestCase code due out in Django 1.4
django-livechat 1.0.1 7 Very Simple Live Chat Django Application
django-livejs2 1.0 7 Integrate live.js into django site
django-livesettings3 1.4.19 7 Python 3 port of django-livesettings
django-livevalidation 0.1.1 7 Live validation for Django forms. It validates as you type. Uses scripts from
django-livinglots-generictags 1.0 7 A set of helpers for creating Django template tags for models with generic relations.
django-loading 0.1.1 7 Load your django apps by app name rather than module path.
django-localflavor-nz 1.1 7 Country-specific Django helpers for New Zealand.
django-localize 0.1 7 Localize your django URLs
django-localsrv 0.1.2 7 Django app for serving static content from different sources (files, strings, urls, etc.) at custom paths, using custom HTTP headers. Intended as a more flexible option than Python's SimpleHTTPServer
django-locations-base 0.3.4 7 A simple locations app for Django
django-locationstree 7 Simple Django App for location tree
django-locator 1.0.0 7 An easy to integrate store locator plugin for Django.
django-locking 0.3.0 7 Prevents users from doing concurrent editing in Django. Works out of the box in the admin interface, or you can integrate it with your own apps using a public API.
django-log-analyser 0.2.5 7 A simple Django app to analyse RDS logs using pgbadger.
django-log-formatter-json 0.2.0 7 Django JSON log formatter
django-log-register 0.0.3 7 A simple Django app to register log and save them.
django-log-trigger 1.0.2 7 Simulate exceptions and logging calls in django through http
django-logentry-admin 1.0.3 7 Show all LogEntry objects in the Django admin site.
django-logging-command 1.00 7 A mixin to make custom Django management commands set the logger to an appropriate level
django-logical-rules 1.0 7 A rule engine for Django apps.
django-login 1.0 7 A django-cms apphook to aid with user authentication.
django-login-canary 0.1.0 7 django-login-canary is a reusable Django application to notify users upon successful and failed logins.
django-logon-testcase 0.1.1 7 Simple enhancement to the TestCase which creates user and loggs him in.
django-logtailer 1.0.1 7 Allows to read log files from disk with a tail like web console on Django admin interface.
Django-Lookout 0.1.2 7 API endpoint for receiving incident reports from Content Security Policy (CSP), HTTP Public Key Pinning (HPKP), and the HTTP Reporting API.
django-loupe 0.1.0 7 A simple collaborative image/screenshot review app for Django applications
django-love-utils 0.1.1 7 Utils for django project
django-lrucache-backend 0.2.1 7 A smarter local memory cache backend for Django
django-lteadmin 0.3.0a0 7 A simple Django app to conduct Web-based polls.
django-macaddress-ng 1.1.1 7 MAC address model and form fields for Django apps.
django-magneto 0.9.0 7 A content and template management application for Django.
django-mail-dbtpl 0.2.2 7 A simple Django app to store email template in database.
django-mail-tester 0.0.1 7 Django management command to send email
django-mail-viewer 0.2.0 7 View emails in development without actually sending them.
django-mailchimp-forms 0.2 7 Mailchimp registration framework for Django
django-mailcss 0.1.0 7 A Django app useful for inlining CSS (primarily for e-mails)
django-mailer-2 1.3.3 7 A reusable Django app for queueing the sending of email (forked of APSL/django-mailer-2, which is unmaintained)
django-mailer-ulamlabs 1.2.4 7 A reusable Django app for queuing the sending of email
django-mailgun-provider 0.2.3 7 A Django email backend for Mailgun
django-mailgun-redux 0.3.0 7 A Django email backend for Mailgun
django-mailgun-validation 1.0.1 7 Django fields for validating email using the Mailgun API
django-mailmangler 0.1.0 7 Template tags to weakly obfuscate an email behind JavaScript or a CAPTCHA (a reCAPTCHA)
django-mailprotector 0.1.4 7 A reusable Django app that protects email addresses, in various ways.
django-mailtestfield 1.0.1 7 Drop-in replacement for Django's forms.EmailField. Uses to validate email addresses. Caches results.
django-mailto 0.1.0 7 Django app to send, manage and queue multilingual mails with template support.
django-mailwhimp 0.1 7 django-mailwhimp integrates mailchimp into Django
django-maintenance 0.1 7 Schedules planned downtime and shuts down your Django site
django-maintenance-window 0.2.1 7 Your project description goes here
django-makemessages-plus 0.2 7 An django extension to support making messages from coffeescript files
django-makemessages-xgettext 0.1.1 7 makemessages command that allows for arguments to be passed to xgettext.
django-mantis-iodef-importer 0.1.0 7 A iodef importer for the Mantis Cyber Threat Intelligence Mgmt. Framework.
django-manuscript 0.3.1 7 Django application for managing rare book scanning/OCR projects
django-mariposa 0.1 7 django-mariposa
django-markdown-app 7 Django markdown support and wysiwyg.
django-markdown-blog 0.4 7 A simple Django app to provide markdown blog functionality.
django-markdown-filter 0.0.1 7 Markdown template filter for Django.
django-markdowny 0.1.2 7 A Django template tag to convert Markdown to HTML
django-markup-deprecated 0.0.3 7 Original django.contrib.markup from Django 1.4.1.
django-markup-mixin 0.1.0 7 Add pre-rendered markup fields to your django models with the least work.
django-master-slave-router 0.2 7 A simple master-slave database router that can route all reads to slave(s) and writes to a master database.
django-materialize 1.0.1a2 7 A simple Django app to add materialize support.
django-materialize-forms 0.2.0 7 Materializecss support for Django projects
django-math-captcha 0.1 7 Simple, secure math captcha for django forms
django-math-captcha-update 0.1.2 7 Simple, secure math captcha for django forms(Django 1.6+ compatible)
django-matome 0.0.1 7 Django commands for reporting code statistics (Classes, KLOCs, etc) from your django project.Reporting Ruby on Rails' rake stats like stats.
django-matrix-field 0.2 7 A Django app providing database and form fields for matrices (arrays of arrays).
django-mauveinternet 1.0.1 7 A collection of extensions for Django developed by Mauve Internet
django-mcbv 0.4 7 Modular Class Based Views (Django)
django-mdeditor 0.1.2 7 A simple Django app to edit markdown text.
django-media 1.0.1 7 A basic Django application to store and manage media.
django-media-manager-forked 4.1.1 7 Pillow/Python2.7/Media-Management with the Django Admin-Interface.
django-media-tools 0.1.0 7 A Django app that provides widgets for media files
django-media-utils 0.1.0 7 Django utilities for managing static assets
django-mediamanager 0.1.1 7 A central repository for Django apps to register any static media that needs to be included.
django-meetup-auth 0.2.1 7 django-meetup-auth is an extension to django-social-auth which adds a backend for
django-meio-shorturl 1.0 7 Short URL handling in Django apps.
django-memcache-admin 0.2.1 7 Memcache administration tools for Django.
django-memcachedkeys 0.1.0 7 Sanitize your keys, please.
django-memoize-fork 1.0 7 An implementation of memoization technique for Django.
django-memorize 0.5.1 7 Memorize your Django project's items with spaced repetition theory
django-menus-py3 1.1.3 7 Menu helpers for django projects
django-mercury 0.1 7 Django support to Mercury Editor
django-metaimage 0.4 7 Wrapper around django-photologue dealing w/ remote images, and server-side-generated images.
django-metamodel 1.1.0 7 Add arbitrary data to your django users. This app adds `user.meta` which acts like a dictionary and stores whatever the hell you want. But you could add `.meta` to any of your models.
django-method-override 0.2.0 7 Django Middleware for HTTP Method Override Form Params & Header
django-metro 0.4.2 7 Basic metro models for Django 1.7+, plus the parser that fills models with actual data (lines numbers, lines titles, lines colors, names of the lines, station names) from various data sources (primary - Wikipedia).
django-metro-tiny 1.0 7 Metro stations and lines models for Django
django-micro-cms 1.1.0 7 A micro-CMS for django. A bit like flatpages++.
django-microservices 0.1 7 A framework for building microservices with Django.
django-middlewall 0.1.2 7 Simple middleware for filtering requests by their source IP address
django-middleware-extras 0.1.2 7 django-middleware-extras provides some extra middleware classes that are often needed by Django projects.
django-migrate-sql 0.1.1 7 Migration support for raw SQL in Django
django-migration-helper 0.1.1 7 Django helper for more complicated migrations.
django-minimal-user 0.0.2 7 Bare minimum user model for Django
django-minio-storage-py-pa 0.0.2 7 Django file storage using the minio python client
django-minirest 0.1.0 7 Micro rest framework
django-misaka 0.2.1 7 A Django template tag for rendering Markdown (by Misaka Markdown parser).
django-mithril 0.0.9 7 IP Whitelisting for Django
django-mkadmin 0.1.0 7 Modifies the stock Django-Administration interface to fit my ideas a little bit better.
django-moat 0.1.1 7 django-moat
django-mobile-app-distribution 0.5 7 A Django app that adds iOS and Android app upload functionality to the Django admin interface. Provides a mobile optimized HTML fronted for clients to download Ad Hoc mobile applications using their iOS or Android devices.
django-mobile2 0.5.2.dev2 7 Detect mobile browsers and serve different template flavours to them.
django-mobileadmin 0.5.2 7 The Django admin interface for mobile devices.
django-mobilvest 0.1.1 7 This Django is a sms-sender backend for service
django-model-blocks 0.8.10 7 Simple filters and tags for generic Django model template partials
django-model-changes 0.15 7 django-model-changes allows you to track model instance changes.
django-model-changes-py3 0.14.1 7 django-model-changes allows you to track model instance changes.
django-model-cleanup 0.1.1 7 Mixins for model cleanup methods and validation error concatenations
django-model-controller 0.1.0 7 A model tracking field
django-model-extra-data 0.0.2 7 Flexible django model
django-model-history 0.1.2 7 Enable in any Model class an change history of all inserts, updates and deletes
django-model-logging 1.0.0 7 Generic and secure logging for changes to Django model instances
django-model-search 2.0 7 Django search package
django-model-validators 0.1a2 7 Validators for Django models.
django-modelables 0.1 7 Django utilities that add model behaviors.
django-modeladmin-utils 1.0.0 7 ModelAdmin utils
django-modelfeedback 0.1.2 7 Adds support for receive feedback to django models using Likert scale.
django-modelhint 7 add annotations at django models fields
django-modelhistory 0.0.2 7 django-modelhistory reusable application for loggin models changes.
django-modelsubscription 0.0.1 7 Generic model mixin for user or email subscription to objects
django-modeltools 1.0.1 7 A collection of utilities that make dealing with Django models more fun.
django-modeltranslation-wagtail 0.2.1 7 The glue between django-modeltranslation and wagtail
django-modelwithlog 0.9.1 7 A reusable Django Model that allows you to store registre actions log of models.
django-modify-history 0.1rc2 7 Automatically create history database when perticular model is saved.
django-moip 0.1.1 7 A pluggable Django application for integrating MoIP HTML (for now)
django-mojeid 0.3 7 mojeID integration for django
django-mojo 0.0.1 7 A set of fancy tools for django.
django-money-rates-nb 0.3.1 7 Currency conversion for money
django-moneyfield 0.2.1 7 Django Money Model Field
django-mongo-auth 0.1.3 7 Django authentication based on an extensible MongoEngine user class.
django-mongo-cache 0.1 7 Cache backend for django, using MongoDB and gevent connection pool
django-mongodb-engine-py3 7 MongoDB backend for Django-nonrel
django-mongodbforms 0.3.1 7 An implementation of django forms using mongoengine.
django-mongoengine-foreignkey 0.2 7 An implementation of a foreign key field for mongoengine that references a Django model object.
django-monitor-client 0.1 7 a simple Django app to send project infomation to server.
django-monitoring-ahernp 1.1.4 7 Django app implementing Logging and a Dashboard page.
django-monkeytranslate 0.1.1 7 Monkeypatch django do-translation
django-monon 0.0.1-dev 7 Django fields for use with pymonon
django-monthfield 0.1.1 7 Provides a field for storing months (YYYY-MM) on django models.
django-mootools-behavior 0.1.1 7 Utilities for integration with django.
django-moreforms 1.2 7 Contains helpful fields for Django, such as a FieldTree (a simple way to get a field chain) and date-related fields.
django-mp-accounts 2.0 7 Django accounts app
django-mp-articles 6.2 7 Django articles apps
django-mp-commands 3.1 7 Django commands apps
django-mp-config 3.1 7 Django site settings app
django-mp-contacts 3.4 7 Django contacts app
django-mp-faq 1.2 7 Simple Django FAQ app
django-mp-reviews 1.1 7 Django reviews apps
django-mp-trans 1.0 7 Django trans apps
django-mpesapy 0.1.2 7 Django app consuming M-Pesa APIs
django-mptt-admin 0.5.0 7 Django-mptt-admin provides a nice Django Admin interface for Mptt models
django-mptt-treechangelist 0.1.1 7 MPTT Tree Change List Django
django-mr_reports 0.1 7 A Django app to make simple, opinionated reports.
django-msgpack-serializer 0.0.3 7 A MsgPack serializer for Django.
django-mstats 0.1.2 7 Simple, re-usable, stateless Django app for visualizing and browsing statistics, mainly based on your existing Django models.
django-muckraking 0.3.2 7 A collection of random Django utilities
django-mult-languages 0.8.0 7 Django package util translation
django-multi-captcha-admin 1.0.0 7 easy added captcha to login page of django admin
django-multi-db-relation 0.1 7 Django query optimization supports for multi db relations.
django-multiforeignkey 0.0.2 7 Django ForeignKey that links to one of several specified models
django-multiimap 0.1 7 A simple Django app to handle imap login.
django-multilingual-initiatives 1.0 7 An app for showing localized versions of initiatives. E.g. as plugin in a blog post.
django-multilingual-model 0.6 7 Django Simple Multilingual Support for Models.
django-multilingualfield 0.3.1 7 A south-compatible suite of django fields that make it easy to manage multiple translations of text-based content (including files/images).
django-multimedia 0.2.0 7 Encode and upload multimedia from the Django admin interface
django-multimedia-basic-chat 0.0 7 A example django chat package
django-multiple-domain 0.9.5a0 7 App for multi domain in django. Python2.x, Python3.x, Django>=1.4
django-multiple-email-backends 0.1a4 7 Want to send through more than one interface? E.g. SMTP and database? This is your solution
django-multisafepay 1.0 7 MultiSafepay Payments Gateway integration for Django
django-multitenants 1.0.0 7 Tenant support for Django using PostgreSQL schemas. Supports url patterns as well as sub-domains. Inspired by django-tenant-schemas.
django-munigeo 0.2.4 7 A Django app for processing municipality-related geospatial data.
django-mutpy 0.1.2 7 Mutation testing with MutPy for Django.
django-mxit 0.0.1 7 Simple helpers for writing Mxit apps with Django
django-mysql-aesfield 0.2.1 7 Django Model Field that supports AES encryption in MySQL
django-mysql-pool 0.2 7 Django application.
django-mysql-ssl 0.0.1 7 Backport dbshell support for ssl mysql connections in Django < 1.8
django-mysqlndb-backend 1.0.3 7
django-nadb 0.1a1 7 Not Another Django Blog app!
django-naivedatetimefield 1.0.0 7 NaiveDateTimeField for storing a naive timestamp. This is useful for baking in a local timestamp.
django-natural-duration 0.1 7 A human-readable duration form field for Django
django-naturalsortfield 0.7 7 Natural sorting for Django CharFields.
django-navtree 0.1.1alpha 7 Django application for adding hierarchical navigation to projects
django-nested-admin 3.0.21 7 Django admin classes that allow for nested inlines
django-nested-inlines 0.1 7 Adds nested inline support in Django admin
django-neutralityFR 0.1.2 7 Middleware Django anti-netneutrality to give an example to some people.
django-new-urlmiddleware 0.2.3 7 A Django app that allows you to use a url based definition for adding middleware to a project. This means you can add middleware based on a url pattern rather than globally
django-newrelic-extensions 0.0.1 7 New Relic extensions for Django
django-newrelic-plugin-agent 0.2.0 7 Publish arbitrary metrics to New Relic from within Django application
django-news-page 0.1.1 7 Simple news applications inspired by django-easy-news
django-nexmo 2.0.0a1 7 A simple Django app to send text messages using the Nexmo api.
django-next-prev 1.0.1 7 Django utility to retrieve the next or previous object, given a current object and a queryset.
django-nginx-ssi 0.1.1 7 Django SSI library for use with Nginx
django-niji 0.1.0 7 A pluggable forum APP for Django
django-nimbus-api 1.0.3 7 django_nimbus_api
django-nimda 0.0.1 7 A light weight attempt at spicing up the django admin
django-nokia 0.0.4 7 Django integration for python-nokia
django-nomad-activity-feed 0.1.1 7 A simple Django app attach an activity feed to any Django model.
django-nomad-base-accounts 2.3.10 7 Django app from that provides the basic foundations to manage email-based users.
django-nomad-blog 2.1.0 7 A minimalist Django blogging system.
django-nomad-country-blogs 1.4.2 7 A minimalist Django blogging system to maintain country-specific blogs.
django-nomadlytics 0.1 7 Django app to track stats to any analytics SaaS using libsaas and celery.
django-nonefield 0.2 7 A None field for Django.
django-nonprofit 0.4 7 Django app for managing and publishing basic information related to a non-profit organization.
django-normalized-filefield 0.1.1 7 Normalized file filed for Django
django-nose-lint 0.1.1 7 Fails test that are slow, make network calls, use the django test client, etc.
django-nose2 0.1.1 7 Test runner for django that runs tests with nose2
django-note 1.1.1 7 A simple Django app to conduct Web-based note lists.
django-noticebox 0.1 7 Django-noticebox is a reusable Django application which provides functionality for sending notices to site users. The notices can be displayed when user signs in, sent by email or both.
django-notification-op 0.1.6 7 User notification management for the Django web framework modified for OpenProximity
django-notifyme 0.0.2a1 7 A notification framework for django
django-notifyme-by-email 0.0.1a 7 A notification framework for django
django-notifyme-onsite 0.0.2a1 7 An on site delivery backend for django-notifyme
django-nox 0.0.2 7 Statistics middleware and analysis tools for django
django-o18n 1.0 7 /<country>/<language>/ URL scheme, like Django's i18n_patterns.
django-oak 0.1.2 7 Rapid prototyping for views and models in django.
django-obfuscate 0.1.2 7 Django app to obfuscate text data.
django-object-actions 1.0.0 7 A Django app for adding object tools for models in the admin
django-objectcounters 0.1 7 Associate counters with Django model records.
django-odesk-auth 0.2 7 A simple Django app for basic “Log in via Upwork” functionality.
django-odnoklassniki-api 0.2.6 7 Django implementation for odnoklassniki API
django-odnoklassniki-discussions 0.1.8 7 Django implementation for odnoklassniki API Discussions
django-oembed-works 0.2.2 7 django-oembed-works is a Django app that provides support for the oEmbed format.
django-offline 0.2 7 Fixed a bug with BooleanField for django 1.6
django-ogone 0.1 7 Python/Django client to the ogone payment system.
django-ohm2-accounts-light 0.4.4 7 Django application to easily handle signup, login and logout
django-ohm2-addresses-light 0.2.0 7 Django application to easily handle addresses
django-ohm2-backoffice-light 0.2.4 7 Django application to easily handle addresses
django-ohm2-countries-light 0.2.1 7 Django application to easily handle countries
django-ohm2-currencies-light 0.2.0 7 Django application to easily handle countries
django-ohm2-permissions-light 0.2.2 7 Django application to easily handle addresses
django-oidc 0.1.4 7 A Django OpenID Connect (OIDC) authentication backend
django-oidc-client 0.0.0 7 OpenID Connect Client implementation for Django.
django-oidc-provider-resourceful 0.5.3 7 OpenID Connect Provider implementation for Django.
django-omnibus 0.2.0 7 Django/JavaScript WebSocket Connections
django-onesky 0.2 7 OneSky inline translation library for Django
django-OneTimePassword 0.0.2 7 A simple Django app with authentication backend for OneTimePassword
django-onivoro 0.1.2 7 Allows you to download data from sources and ingest them to your project
django-online 0.2.1 7 Standalone Django application to know if a django user is online or not.
django-online-status 0.1.0 7 Online status for authenticated users (online, idle, offline) and list of current users online, all to display with templatetags. No database models, everything cached. Read more:
django-openbudget 0.1.0 7 A django app to import gnucash data for budgeting and reporting
django-openid-auth 0.14 7 OpenID integration for django.contrib.auth
django-openid-whitelist 0.3 7 OpenID Whitelist application for Django
django-openportfolio 0.1.0 7 A django app to import gnucash data for budgeting and reporting
django-openstack 0.4 7 A Django interface for OpenStack.
django-openzoom 0.1.1 7 Django application for displaying very high resolution images
django-opqpwd 0.1 7 A Django-based password manager REST service with client-side encryption
django-optimistic-lock 0.1 7 Offline optimistic locking for Django
django-ordered-model-grappelli 1.0.1 7 Allows Django models to be ordered and provides a simple admin interface for reordering them.
django-orgco 0.1.0 7 django-orgco implements a template tag to use orgco easily in django templates
django-orm-extensions 3.0b3 7 Advanced improvement of django-orm with a lot of third-party plugins for use different parts of databases are not covered by the standard orm.
django-orm-unchained 0.0.2 7 Django integration manager for field renaming
django-oscar-accounts 0.4rc1 7 Managed accounts for django-oscar
django-oscar-accounts-wt 0.4rc3 7 Managed accounts for django-oscar
django-oscar-accounts2 0.1.0 7 Managed accounts for django-oscar
django-oscar-amazon-payments 0.1 7 This package provides integration between django-oscar and Amazon Payments (Login and Pay with Amazon).
django-oscar-api 1.3.0 7 REST API module for django-oscar
django-oscar-api-checkout 0.3.4 7 An extension on top of django-oscar-api providing a more flexible checkout API with a pluggable payment methods interface.
django-oscar-approval 0.1 7 Order approval module for django-oscar
django-oscar-avalara 0.2.1 7 Avalara integration for django-oscar
django-oscar-bluelight 0.8.4 7 Bluelight Specials - Enhancements to the offer and vouchers features for Django Oscar.
django-oscar-bundles 0.3.0b1 7 An extension on top of django-oscar providing product bundle functionality.
django-oscar-cch 2.2.8 7 Integration between django-oscar and the CCH Sales Tax Office SOAP API.
django-oscar-cybersource 3.3.0 7 Integration between django-oscar and the Cybersource Secure Acceptance.
django-oscar-datacash 0.8.3 7 Datacash payment module for django-oscar
django-oscar-pagseguro 0.0.4 7 Pagseguro integration for django-oscar
django-oscar-paymentexpress 0.1.1 7 PaymentExpress payment module for django-oscar
django-oscar-paypal-fork-b74153f 0.9.5 7 Integration with PayPal Express, PayPal Payflow Pro and Adaptive Payments for django-oscar
django-oscar-telegram-bot 0.5.0 7 Telegram Bot for Oscar shops
django-oscar-unicredit 0.1.1 7 A plugin to pay with unicredit bank
django-oscar-vat_moss 0.1.dev20160124225843 7 EU VATMOSS support for django-oscar
django-oss-storage 1.1.0 7 Django Aliyun OSS (Object Storage Service) storage
django-otp-agents 0.3.0 7 Integration of django-otp and django-agent-trust.
django-otto-admin 0.1.2 7 Django admin customization app for django-suit providing google analytics widgets in the admin index
django-override-settings 1.2 7 Provide a way to override Django's settings when running tests
django-padjana-contact 1.3b1 7 A simple Django application providing a contact form.
django-page-cms 1.9.18 7 A tree based Django CMS application
django-pageguide 0.1 7 An Django integration with pageguide, an interactive, responsive, and smart guide for web page elements using jQuery and CSS3
django-pagemore 0.2.0 7 KISS approach to a "Load more" style AJAX paginator.
django-pages-cms 0.3.0 7 Simple content management system for Django 1.8+
django-pages-cms-extensions 0.2.1 7 Extensions for django-pages-cms application
django-paginationlinks 0.1.1 7 Django Pagination Links
django-pagseguro-v1-p3 1.4.3 7 A pluggable Django application for integrating PagSeguro payment system
django-pandora 0.1.0 7 Opening Pandora's box by making django's request object available in a thread local.
django-panorama 1.2 7 Show panoramic photos in django
django-parakeet 0.1 7 A simple Django chat application.
django-paranoid-sessions 0.2.0 7 make Django work harder to prevent session-stealing attacks
django-parser 0.3 7 html sanitiezer from djang0byte
django-passbook 0.1.0dev 7 Django Passbook server app
django-password-policies-iplweb 0.4.4b1 7 A Django application to implent password policies.
django-password-validation 0.1.1 7 Backport of Django 1.9 password validation
django-patron 0.0.1 7 A social Django CRM
django-payline-dotir 0.3 7 Persian payment gateway in django.
django-paymaster 0.2.0 7 Application for integration PayMaster payment system in Django projects.
django-paymill 0.1.1 7 django-paymill is a django app for easily integrating Paymill as a payment gateway for django projects.
django-payonline 0.1.1 7 A Django application for integration with PayOnline System
django-paytm 0.1 7 A simple Django app to conduct payment using Paytm.
django-pb-model 0.1.4 7 Protobuf mixin for Django model
django-pdb-pudb 0.0.1 7 Easier pudb debugging for Django. Fork of django-pdb by Tom Christie.
django-pde 0.5.0 7 Django app that can be used to easily manage development of other django packages
django-pedant 1.0.1 7 Make django templates fail fast on errors
django-periodically 0.3.0 7 Periodic task management for your Django projects.
django-persistent-file-widget 0.0.1 7 A django form file widget that persists between erroneous form submissions!
django-pg-agefilter 0.0.6 7 Helpers to leverage postgres's age filter from django
django-pg-array-lookups 0.2.0 7 ANY/ALL lookups for PostgreSQL arrays
django-pg-badges 0.1 7 Create badge for your django user with postgresql triggers
django-pgcrypto-expressions 0.1 7 PGCrypto support for Django 1.8+
django-pglocks 1.0.2 7 django_pglocks provides useful context managers for advisory locks for PostgreSQL.
django-phantom-pdf 0.3 7 A simple django app for creating pdf files.
django-phonenumbers 1.0.1 7 Phone number field for Django admin
django-phonotactics 0.1.2 7 A Django app for calculating phonotactic probabilities in Serbian language.
django-photologue-praekelt 2.10.3 7 Powerful image management for the Django web framework. Praekelt fork.
django-php-bridge 0.1.1 7 Authentication bridge between Django and PHP
django-pickling 1.0 7 Efficient pickling for django models.
django-ping 0.2.0 7 Django Monitoring and Availability Utility
django-pint 0.4 7 Quantity Field for Django using pint library for automated unit conversions
django-pipeline-compass 0.1.5 7 django-pipeline compiler for scss and with compass. Does not require the ruby gem.
django-pipeline-compass-compiler 0.1.2 7 Compiler plugin to use Django Pipeline package with Compass
django-pipeline-compass-rubygem 0.1.9 7 django-pipeline-compass-rubygem is a Compass compiler for django-pipeline using the original Compass Ruby Gem.
django-pipeline-csscompressor 0.1 7 A django-pipeline compressor to compress css files using csscompressor
django-pipeline-forgiving 1.0.0 7 An extension of the django-pipeline storage backend which forgives missing files
django-pipeline-ngmin-mixin-compressor 0.2.1 7 ngmin mixin compressor for django-pipeline
django-pipeline-no-future 7 Pipeline is an asset packaging library for Django.
django-pipeline-node-sass 0.0.1 7 django-pipeline compiler for node-sass.
django-pipeline-storage 0.0.1 7 A simple Storage finder for files when django-pipeline is develop mode.
django-pipeline-typescript-compiler 0.3 7 Django Pipeline Compiler for Typescript
django-pipes 0.2 7 Django plugin to handle remote-JSON data
django-pixels 0.2 7 Tracking pixels made easy
django-pj-budget 2.3.1 7 Budget
django-plexauth 0.1.1 7 A django auth backend for authenticating against
django-pluggable-contact 0.0.8 7 Pluggable contact app for Django with support for in-DB inboxes and topic-based addressing
django-pluggable-filebrowser 3.5.8 7 Pluggable Django Media-Management.
django-pluralize-pl 0.2 7 Polish pluralization for Django templates.
django-podcast 0.0.1.dev0 7 A small django app to easily publish podcasts
django-poeditor-com-field 0.2.4 7 Translate your model data with
django-point 0.1.0 7 A buncha django-y goodness. Straight to the point.
django-pollapps 1.1 7 A simple Django app to conduct Web-based polls.
django-polls-cheeks 0.1 7 A simple Django app to conduct Web-based polls.
django-polls-fuhan 0.1 7 A simple Django app to conduct Web-based polls.
django-polls-igvard 0.11 7 A simple Django app to conduct Web-based polls. Created with Django tutorial.
django-polls-me 0.1 7 A simple Django app to conduct Web-based polls.
django-polls-sample 0.1 7 A simple Django app to conduct Web-based polls.
django-polls-simple 0.1 7 Web-based polls using a simple,easy-to-use Django app.
django-polls-sunwei 0.1 7 A simple Django app to conduct Web-based polls.
django-polls-zjsnowman 0.1 7 A simple Django app to conduct Web-based polls.
django-polyglot 0.1 7 A simple Django package for model translations
django-polymorphic-ng 0.8.0 7 Seamless Polymorphic Inheritance for Django Models
django-pony 1.0 7 A pony for your django project.
django-ponydebugger 0.0.3 7 PonyDebugger support for Django
django-popup-view-field 0.3.0 7 Field and widget can render bootstrap dialog window with content from django view
django-portmaster 0.0.1 7 A Django microservice for network port allocation
django-postageapp 0.1.1a 7 email backend for Django 1.2+
django-postageapp-backend 1.0.3 7 Postageapp email backend for Django framework
django-postgres-composite-types 0.4.1 7 Postgres composite types support for Django
django-postgres-dbdefaults 0.1.1 7 Maintain database defaults in django sql migrations (instead of dropping them).
django-postgres-extensions 0.9.3 7 Extra features for django.contrib.postgres
django-postgres-stats 1.0.0 7 A Django app to expose built-in statistical and datetime functions from Postgres.
django-postgrespool-lab 0.3.0 7 Postgres Connection Pooling for Django.
django-postgrespool2 0.2.0 7 Postgres Connection Pooling for Django.
django-postgresql 0.0.3 7 Postgres-specific django goodness.
django-postgresql-setrole 1.0.10 7 Execute SET ROLE on every PostgreSQL connection in the Django ORM
django-postgresql-setrole27 1.0.10 7 Execute SET ROLE on every PostgreSQL connection in the Django ORM
django-postleware 1.0.1 7 A simple django middleware that ensures POSTs aren't cached by clients.
django-postman1 0.1 7 A simple Django app for user to user messaging.
django-postmark-utils 0.1 7 Django utilities to help track emails sent using Postmark
django-potato-captcha 0.1 7 A very simple, clever Django captcha application
django-powerdns 0.2 7 PowerDNS administration module for Django
django-pq 0.3.2 7 A task queue based on the RQ api with a postgresql backend
django-precise-bbcode 1.2.9 7 A django BBCode integration..
django-precompressed 0.0.2 7 precompressed is a pluggable application for Django developers who want to serve precompressed (gzipped) static files.
django-preventconcurrentlogins 0.8.1 7 Django middleware that prevents multiple concurrent logins.
django-primary-slug 0.1.1b1 7 django-primary-slug provides a custom SlugField for Django projects.
django-primate 0.1.1 7 A modular django user
django-principals 0.1.5 7 A Django model field for defining a principal instance.
django-private-files-0.1.2 0.1.2 7 Protected files in django
django-privatesite 0.0.2 7 Django custom admins
django-processedfilefield 0.2 7 Post-processing for Django FileFields.
django-procmail 0.1 7 A web interface for editing procmail's procmailrc files.
django-profiler-middleware 1.0 7 A profiler middleware for Django
django-profiling-dashboard 0.2 7 Django profiling dashboard for debugging CPU, memory and other resources usage in live servers
django-profiling-dashboard-fc 1.0 7 Django profiling dashboard for debugging CPU, memory and other resources usage in live servers
django-progress 1.0.4 7 Django Progress
django-progressive-web-app 0.1.1 7 A Django app to include a manifest.json and Service Worker instance to enable progressive web app behavior
django-project 0.7 7 Modular & scalable Django project template
django-project-goblin 1.3 7 Manage list of projects
django-project-settings 0.2 7 Store django settings into Database
django-promo 1.2.0a3 7 A reuseable Django application for coupon gereration and handling.
django-pronouns 0.3.0 7 Generic pronoun handling for Django applications
django-protected-media 0.0.3 7 A simple Django app to serve protected media
django-proton 1.0.0 7 A Django-based way to write desktop applications
django-prototype 0.2 7 Simple application to build interactive HTML based on the Django templating system.
django-protractor-new 0.9.1 7 Easily integrate your protractor tests with django
django-proxy-storage 0.1.2 7 Proxy storage for any Django storage
django-proxy-users 0.0.8 7 Authentication extension to enable proxy users in django.
django-pserver 0.2 7 Django runserver replacement that reuses its listening socket on reload
django-psycopg2-pool 0.1.1 7 A db backend for Django using the gevent psycopg2-pool
django-pt 0.1 7 A simple, Django-powered project tracking solution.
django-ptree-extra-views 0.6.3 7 Extra class-based views for Django
django-puppeteer-pdf 0.1.3 7 Converts HTML to PDF using puppeteer.
django-pure-admin 0.15 7 A simple Django admin theme.
django-pursed 0.9 7 A simple wallet django application
django-push-notifications-manager 0.1.1 7 A plug and play package to handle push devices and push notifications for services such as ZeroPush and Urban Airship
django-push-notify 0.1.0 7 Django app for sending ios push notifications
django-push-service 0.1 7 django-push-service
django-push2 0.3.12 7 Django push engine for web application
django-pushall 1.0.2b1 7 Django app for Pushall notice system
django-pusherable 0.2.0 7 Real time object access notifications via Pusher
django-puzzledev-jom 1.0 7 Automatically extracts and keep synchronized Javascript objects from Django models
django-puzzledev-uploadcleaner 1.0 7 Upload file cleaner for Django
django-pwned-validator 0.0.3 7 A Pwned Passwords validator for Django
django-pycharm-debug-middleware 1.0.2 7 A django middleware to debug exceptions in PyCharm's PyDev debugger
django-pydash-app 1.4.6 7 A reusable django app for monitoring your linux server.
django-pydenticon 0.2 7 Django application providing generated identicons to the web.
django-pygments 0.1 7 A django app that provides a template tag and 2 filters for doing syntax highlighting with Pygments
django-pylibmc-sasl 0.2.4 7 Django cache backend using pylibmc-sasl
django-pymemcache 0.1.0 7 Django cache backend based on Pinterest's pymemcache client.
django-pymssql 1.7.1 7 Django database backend for Microsoft SQL Server that works on non-Windows systems.
django-pyowm 0.2.0 7 A Django ORM interface to operate with PyOWM domain entities
django-pypi 0.1 7 VAR_DESCRIPTION
django-python3-saml 1.0 7 Django SAML auth plugin for python 3
django-pyverses 0.0.1 7 My Bible app for use with pybible and django-pybible.
django-q-email 1.0.0 7 Queues the sending of email with Django Q.
django-qiwi 0.1.3 7 Приложение для работы с
django-qlik-tools 0.1.1 7 Create a QlikView extraction script for your models
django-qmixin 0.1 7 A Django app for extending managers and the querysets they produce.
django-qsessions 0.1.4 7 Extends Django's cached_db session backend
django-qsstats-magic-redux 0.7.3 7 A django microframework that eases the generation of aggregate data for querysets.
django-qtools 1.0 7 Write DRY, composable filtering logic for data queries and instance methods.
django-quagga 0.5.0 7 Library for Django and Stripe
django-queries 0.2 7 Generic query interface for django models
django-query-builder 1.0.0 7 Build complex nested queries
django-query-builder-pebble 0.9.0 7 Build complex nested queries
django-query-logger 0.1.2 7 A mixin for logging and debugging Django queries
django-queryset-csv 1.0.0 7 A simple python module for writing querysets to csv
django-queryset-iterator 0.1.1 7 Iterate over large Data-sets in Django efficiently.
django-question 1.2.5 7 A simple Django app to conduct Web-based question.
django-quiet-runserver 0.2.0 7 Quieter runserver for Django
django-quieter-formset 0.4 7 Django formset that's a bit quieter
django-quintet 0.2.0 7 A collection of helpers for Django projects.
django-quiz-app 0.5.1 7 A configurable quiz app for Django.
django-qunit 0.1.1 7 QUnit Javascript testing integration for Django.
django-qunit2 20130822 7 QUnit Javascript testing integration for Django.
django-quotidian 0.2.1 7 Adds snippets of text to your Django templates.
django-raise-response 0.1.0 7 Raise any response object in Django
django-random-image 0.2 7 A Django app for displaying a randomly selected image out of a set of django-filer images.
django-randomfilenamestorage 1.1 7 A Django storage backend that gives random names to files.
django-ratchet-scss 7 A simple Django app to import ratchet-scss.
django-ratelimit3 1.0.1 7 Cache-based rate-limiting for Django.
django-rbac 0.9 7 Role-based Access Control (RBAC) implementation for management of permissions in Django.
django-rbkmoney 0.1 7 Приложение для интеграции системы приема платежей RBKMoney в проекты на основе Django.
django-rdfalchemy 0.0.1 7 Extension to mix Django ORM and RDFAlchemy models
django-readonly 0.1.2 7 Put website in read-only mode for maintenance.
django-real-content 0.1.11 7 Template tags to quickly show real content instead of lorem ipsum.
django-realme 1.0 7 A Django app client for the RealMe service
django-recaptcha-mailhide 1.1 7 ReCAPTCHA Mailhide is an app for hiding mails from spammers. To use with Django templates.
django-recaptcha-mozilla 0.0.1 7 Mozilla fork of django recaptcha form field/widget app.
django-recurrences 0.0.1 7 Recurrence app for django
django-redirect 0.2 7 A slightly more robust version of the native django redirect
django-redirect-middleware 0.0.1 7 Remake of standart Django redirect middleware
django-redirect-urls 0.2 7 URL redirecting and rewriting in code.
django-redis-admin 0.0.1 7 Django admin for redis
django-redis-constant 0.1 7 A simple Django app to manage constant values using redis
django-redis-mailer 0.2 7 A django mail queue
django-redis-pubsub 1.0 7 asyncronous pubsub in django using redis
django-redis-ratelimit 0.1.1 7 A fixed window rate limiting based on Redis
django-redis-status 1.0.0 7 A django application that displays some statistics about your redis instance in the admin.
django-redmine-models 0.3 7 Django models for the Redmine database.
django-redshift 0.2 7 Amazon Redshift Dialect for django
django-redshift-backend 0.7 7 Redshift database backend for Django
django-referrer-policy 1.0 7 Referrer-Policy header implementation for Django.
django-reg 1.0.1 7 An extensible user-registration application for Django
django-regexfield 0.0.0a0 7 RegexField for Django models
django-register-activate 1.1 7 A Django app to conduct signup, custom user email account verification and activation, login and logout.
django-registration-defaults 0.4.4 7 Default templates and settings for James Bennett'sdjango-registration application.
django-registration-fc 1.0.1 7 Fork of an extensible user-registration application for Django
django-registration-html-email 0.8.1b0 7 An extensible user-registration application for Django, with html emails (django-registration simple fork)
django-registration-paypal 0.1.2 7 django-registration backend to support paypal payments
django-registration-pebble 1.0.1a0 7 Pebble experimental release of django-registration
django-registration-redux-referrals 1.3a0 7 An extensible user-registration application for Django with basic support for email user referrals
django-registration-withemail 0.1.1 7 This is a simple user-registration application for Django, designed to make allowing user signups as painless as possible.
django-registry-maploom 1.5.1 7 Use MapLoom in your django projects.
django-relativedelta 1.0.2 7 Django alternative to DurationField using dateutil.relativedelta
django-remember_me 0.2d0 7 A Django application that provides a login form with a Remember Me checkbox.
django-removewww 0.1.2 7 A Django middleware application that removes the WWW subdomain
django-remplacer 0.1.1 7 Easy search and replace in database fields via Django model introspection.
django-render-as-template 1.0.0 7 A template tag for Django that takes a string and renders as it if it was a template.
django-render-block 0.5 7 Render a particular block from a template to a string.
django-renderpdf 1.0.0 7 A django app to render django templates as PDF files.
django-repomgmt 0.1.1 7 APT repo management, buildd, etc.
django-report 0.1 7 Pluggable model report for Django.
django-reporter 0.1 7 Custom email-based reports for any Django project.
django-repose 0.2.3 7 Form-based RESTful interface for Django sites.
django-request-cache 1.0 7 A simple Django app that provides a per-request cache.
django-request-id 1.0.0 7 Augment each request with unique id for logging purposes
django-requests-tracker 2.10.4 7 Tracking http requests send by python-requests inside a Django application
django-require-cumulus 0.2 7 Manage static files in Django with r.js, serve from Rackspace Cloud files
django-require-s3 1.0.0 7 An integration between django-require and the S3 storage backend from django-storages.
django-reset 0.2.0 7 Forward-port of Django's reset management command. It was removed with Django 1.5.
django-resizer 1.0 7 A Django app for fetching resized and/or cropped images through a url.
django-response-timeout 0.1.0 7 Django global response timeout middleware
django-responsive-design-helper 0.2.0 7 Helper for testing responsive designs in Django
django-responsive-dfp 7 Responsive ads using mediaquery for dfp.
django-responsive-viewer 0.1.1 7 A simple Django that will show differenct resolution of your page
django-rest-api 0.1.5 7 Django REST API
django-rest-assured 0.2.1 7 Django REST Assured instantly test-covers your Django REST Framework based API.
django-rest-auth 0.9.3 7 Create a set of REST API endpoints for Authentication and Registration
django-rest-auth-knaperek 0.8.2 7 OBSOLETE. WILL BE REMOVED SOON.
django-rest-authemail 1.4.0 7 A RESTful API for user signup and authentication using email addresses
django-rest-email-auth 0.4.3 7 Django app for email based authentication and registration.
django-rest-framework-apikeys 0.1 7 django-rest-framework-apikeys allows you to Authenticate your REST api with api keys on a per user basis.
django-rest-framework-base64-fields 0.1.3 7 Django Rest Framework base64 file fields
django-rest-framework-braces 0.2.3 7 Collection of utilities for working with DRF
django-rest-framework-multi-slug-field 0.2.0 7 A field for representing a relationship via multiple fields on the target
django-rest-framework-naming-style 0.2 7 A toolkit for Django REST framework to easily switch APIs' naming styles.
django-rest-framework-nested 0.0.1 7 Nested resources for the Django Rest Framework
django-rest-framework-rules 0.1.1 7 Django REST framework integration for django-rules
django-rest-framework-stripe 1.0.0 7 Django REST Framework wrapper of the payments Django app for Stripe
django-rest-framework-timedeltafield 0.0.2 7 Django Rest Framework serializer field for timedelta fields.
django-rest-friendship 0.1.0 7 DRF endpoints for django-friendship
django-rest-hooks-delivery 0.2.1 7 Various webhook deliverers for django-rest-hooks and django-rest-hooks-ng.
django-rest-messaging 1.0.3 7 The project provides a Facebook-like messaging API for Django Rest Framework.
django-rest-messaging-centrifugo 1.0.3 7 Real time messaging for Django Rest framework
django-rest-multitokenauth 1.1.1 7 An extension of django rest frameworks token auth, providing multiple tokens per user
django-rest-passwordreset 0.9.1 7 An extension of django rest framework, providing a password reset strategy
django-rest-recaptcha 1.0.1 7 Django rest recaptcha field for easy integration of google recaptcha with django-rest-framework.
django-rest-signature 0.0.2 7 django-rest-signature for multisite
django-rest-swagger-docstring 0.2.2 7 Supports docstrings in Django Rest Swagger for versions >2.0
django-rest-tables 0.1.0 7 Package description
django-rest-tzolkin 0.3 7 Django-Rest API for convert: Gregorian, Long Count, Haab and Tzolkin dates
django-rest-users-mosoti 0.1 7 A simple Django REST app that provides users for the django REST project.
django-rest-utils-mosoti 0.1 7 A simple Django REST app that provides reusable utils for the django REST project.
django-restapi-test 0.1 7 A simple Django app to for REST-tutorial.
django-restlayer 0.9.0 7 HTTP REST toolkit for Django
django-restrictip 1.0.1 7 An ip blocker by regexp and ip range for Django apps.
django-restviews 1.0-rc1 7 REST-based Django CrUD-Views
django-rethinkdb-sessions 0.0.3 7 rethinkdb backed sessions for django
django-reusableapps 0.1.1 7 Reusable Django apps with setuptools
django-revcanonical 1.0 7 An implementation of rev=canonical url shortening for Django.
django-reverse-unique 1.0 7 A ReverseUnique field implementation for Django
django-reverse-unique-charettes 1.0 7 A ReverseUnique field implementation for Django
django-revisions 0.3 7 Implements a revision trail for model instances in Django.
django-richcomments 0.0.2 7 Django app extending the builtin comments framework for AJAX style commenting.
django-rickroll 0.1.1 7 Rickrolling Django middleware to annoy potential hackers
django-ripozo 1.1.0 7 Integrates ripozo with django for fast, flexible Hypermedia, HATEOAS, and other REST apis
django-ripwrap 0.1.0 7 A wrapper for ReSTinPeace, for Django applications.
django-rlog 1.0.7 7 Save rlog's Pub/Sub Log to Disk
django-roadmap 0.2 7 A simple app to display a project roadmap with milestones and events.
django-robokassa-modern 1.3 7 Приложение для интеграции платежной системы ROBOKASSA в проекты на Django.
django-robust-i18n-urls 1.0.1rc1 7 Robust internationalized urls implementation for Django.
django-rocketchat-auth 1.2 7 Authenticate Rocket.Chat with Django Framework
django-roma 0.1 7
django-rq-dashboard 0.3.3 7 A dashboard for managing RQ in the Django admin
django-rq-email-backend 0.1.3 7 Provides Django email integration for RQ (Redis Queue)
django-rss2rest 0.1 7 RSS scraper with immediate RESTful access to feed items
django-rsscloud 0.1 7 Simple app to make rsscloud-enabled your Django app feed.
django-rstify 0.2 7 A set of templatetags and filters to use restructured text inside django templates.
django-rsync 0.1 7 Simple deployment script using rsync for django projects
django-runstack 0.1 7 Django app to run a full development stack.
django-runuwsgi 0.1 7 Application for Django, to run uwsgi.
django-s3-storage-patched 7 Django Amazon S3 file storage.
django-s3-storages-utils 0.1.0 7 django-s3-storages-utils - Utilities for setting up s3 for use with django-storages
django-saas-email 0.1.0 7 An email manager for sending emails with templates, mail history and admin.
django-sabot 0.1.0 7 Provoke predictable errors in your Django projects.
Django-Safe-EmailBackend 0.0.1a0 7 A django email backend that sends all emails to a given address
django-safeform 2.0.0 7 CSRF protection for Django forms
django-safety 0.1.0 7 Generic Django application for safer user accounts
django-saml-idp 0.24.1 7 SAML 2.0 IdP for Django
django-saml2-idp 0.1 7 ('SAML 2.0 IdP for Django',)
django-saml2-sp 0.2 7 SAML 2.0 SP for Django
django-sample-data 0.1 7 Collections of useful actions to use with django.contrib.admin.ModelAdmin
django-sandstorm 0.0.2 7 A integration for Django.
django-sb-admin 0.3.7 7 SB Admin dashboard bootstrap 3 theme packaged as a reusable Django app.
django-scanredirect 0.0.1 7 Django app thats adds URL rules to redirect scripts looking for webapps exploits to their own IP
django-scheduled_blocks 0.0.1 7 A quick and dirty app to schedule content in django templates
django-scribbler-django2.0 0.9.0 7 django-scribbler is an application for managing snippets of text for a Django website.
django-scripts-tracker 0.1 7 An unofficial Django utility tool that tracks management scripts execution
django-scrup 0.1 7 A django-based web receiver for Scrup which stores screencaptures on S3.
django-sct 0.7 7 SCT (Sphene Community Tools) is a collection of Django applications for communities. It currently consists of a Forum and Wiki application which are applicable for communities, support forums, blogs, etc.
django-search 1.0 7 A django reusable app that adds a simple search to your project using a single tag
django-search-admin-autocomplete 0.1.2 7 Simple django app that add autocomplete to search inside admin panel.
django-search-statistic 0.0.2 7 Provide search statistic for Django framework.
django-sebs 0.1.1 7 Django email backend for amazon SES
django-secdownload-storage 0.1.1 7 Django storage backend that can be used to serve files via lighttpd's mod_secdownload module. This storage backend is an extension to the reqular FileSystemStorage that will generate proper signed download urls.
django-section 0.0.3 7 Django app for determining site section by request.
django-secure-auth 7 Secure authentication by TOTP, SMS, Codes & Question
django-secure-js-login 0.3a0 7 JavaScript Challenge-handshake authentication django app
django-secure-mail 1.0.0 7 A Django reusable app providing the ability to send PGP encrypted and multipart emails using the Django templating system.
django-secure-signature 0.2.2 7 Secure data signing for django apps, ready-to-use (allegedly).
django-secureliveservertestcase 0.2 7 Adds a SSL server for testing in Django
django-security-knaperek 0.9.5 7 A collection of tools to help secure a Django project.
Django-Select2-Py3 4.2.1 7 Select2 option fields for Django for Python3
django-select2-tags 0.0.1 7 Django forms that support new items entered using Select2 with tags enabled
django-select2light 0.3 7 Select2 widget 'light edition' for Django projects
django-selenium-boilerplate 0.0.6 7 Boilerplate for setting up selenium tests in Django
django-send-email 0.1.0 7 Send emails from the command line using Django's settings
django-sendcloud2 0.2.0 7 sendcloud2 for django
django-sendfile2 0.4.1 7 Abstraction to offload file uploads to web-server (e.g. Apache with mod_xsendfile) once Django has checked permissions etc.
django-sendgrid-events 1.2 7 a django app for handling sendgrid batch events
django-sendmail-form 0.1.1 7 A simple Django app that provides ability to send email about object, created using form
django-sendpdf 0.1.2 7 Generate PDF from html templates and print, view or send via email
django-sendsms-admin 0.1.0 7 A database delivery backend for django-sendsms (for debugging).
django-sentrylogs 1.0.1 7 A django command to run sentrylogs easily
django-seo-admin 0.2 7 App for apply SEO on your websites with Django.
django-sequences-py2 0.2 7 Forked from augustien's django-sequences, this package aims to maintain py2 compatibility.
django-servee 0.7a1.dev1 7 Inline Wysiwyg editing making use of a subclassed Django Admin
django-servee-gallery 0.2.1 7 Document Plugin for django-servee
django-servee-image 0.2 7 Document Plugin for django-servee
django-server-config 0.1.3 7 Useful for deploy server installation. Adds management command to make configs for your project. Automatically recognizes media directories in 3-party applications
django-service-rating-store 0.3.0a 7 Django app that allows storage and visualisation of Service Rating data posted via REST API
django-ses-backend 0.1.1 7 A Django email backend for Amazon's Simple Email Service
django-ses-boto3 0.1.0 7 Django custom email backend for SES using Boto 3.
django-ses3 0.7.0 7 A Django email backend for Amazon's Simple Email Service
django-session-activity 0.1.0 7 List all active sessions and sign-out from all sessions opened on other computers
django-session-attachments 0.2 7 Django app to handle attachments (temporary uploads) grouped by sessions and bundles. Even for anonymous users
django-session-cleanup 0.0.1 7 A periodic task for removing expired Django sessions from the django_session table
django-session-csrf 0.7.1 7 CSRF protection for Django without cookies.
django-session-csrf-cookie 0.1 7 Django middleware that works with session-csrf and sends a CSRF token cookie.
django-session-csrf-per-view 0.5.3 7 CSRF protection for Django without cookies.
django-settings-context-processor 0.2 7 Makes specified django settings visible in template rendering context.
django-settings-list 0.1.2 7 Django app that lists the settings values for a running project using a custom view accessible only by superusers.
django-settings-view-as-json 0.0.7 7 View Django Settings at a URL
django-setuptest-recipe 0.1 7 Recipe to prevent django-setuptest from polluting module being tested with downloaded eggs
django-sha2 0.4 7 Enable strong password hashes (bcrypt+hmac or SHA-2) in Django by default.
django-sharded 0.1.2 7 Get started with sharded databases using ShardedModel, related fields, querysets, managers and a shard-aware database router.
django-shared 0.0.1 7 Additional Django functionality
django-shared-schema-tenants 0.1.0 7 A lib to help in the creation of shared schema multi tenants applications without suffering
django-shares 0.0.1 7 Sharing for django
django-sharing 0.0.2 7 Django row level object sharing app.
django-shawty 0.0.3 7 Shawty URL shortener server integration for Django.
django-shellng 0.1.2 7 Improved shell for Django
django-shells 0.1.0 7 Better shells for your
django-shibauth-rit 1.1.0 7 Integrate Shibboleth Authentication with your RIT projects
django-shirow 0.3 7 Django Shirow package
django-shop-ajax 0.1.3 7 Ajax utilities for django SHOP
django-shop-bitpagos 0.1 7 BitPagos Bitcoin Payment Backend for Django Shop
django-shop-bulkform 0.1.0 7 A bulk order form for a django-shop site.
django-shop-catalog 0.0.3 7 Catalog app for django SHOP
django-shop-categories 1.0 7 A extendable category app using django-mptt for django-shop
django-shop-ceca 0.1.0 7 A pluggable Django application for integrating ceca tpv Payments
django-shop-credomatic 0.0.1 7 Credomatic payment backend
django-shop-multiplecurrencies 1.0.0 7 Multiple currencies for Django Shop
django-shop-netaxept 0.8.beta.0 7 This is a payment module for django-shop using Netaxept
django-shop-payer-backend 0.1.7 7 Payment backend for django SHOP and Payer.
django-shop-paypal 0.0.1 7 An paypal payment backend wrapping django-paypal
django-shop-wspay 0.0.2 7 WSPay payment gateway implementation for django-shop
django-shopify-auth 0.7.0 7 A simple package for adding Shopify authentication to Django apps.
django-shortcodes 0.4.0 7 WordPress shortcode support for Django
django-shortwave 0.9.1 7 Django app for managing Shortwave command files.
django-shotgun 0.2 7 A Django application for testing entire sites.
django-showurls 1.0.1 7 Adds a mgmt command to print urls from your Django project
django-sidedish 0.1 7 A Django app for managing content boxes(dishes)
django-signedforms 0.2 7 A signed Django form
django-silhouette 0.0.3 7 Elegant Form Templating for Django
django-simple-address 0.1 7 A simple Django app to save US address in admin forms.
django-simple-admin-overlay 0.2 7 Lightweight Django app which displays simple overlay with admin links on the frontend pages.
django-simple-api-key 0.1.1 7 A simple Django app to provide users api keys.
django-simple-audit 0.1.22 7 Simple audit for model instances in Django.
django-simple-audit-gizmag 0.2.2 7 Simple audit for model instances in Django.
django-simple-backup 1.0 7 A simple backup command for Django
django-simple-blacklist 0.1.12 7 A simple Django app which implements blacklists
django-simple-breadcrumbs 0.2 7 A simple Django app to use breadcrumbs-based navigation
django-simple-cache-admin 0.1.2 7 Cache administration tools for Django.
django-simple-contact-form 0.1.4 7 Generic contact-form application for Django
django-simple-contacts 0.1 7 A Django app for creating and managing simple set of contacts
django-simple-csp 0.2.dev1 7 Django Content Security Policy support.
django-simple-currencies 0.1 7 Currency, exchange rate and conversions support for django projects
django-simple-email-confirmation 0.23 7 Simple email confirmation for django.
django-simple-faq 0.0.4 7 Simple FAQ app for django
django-simple-math-captcha 1.0.7 7 An easy-to-use math field/widget captcha for Django forms.
django-simple-menu2 2.0.7 7 Simple, yet powerful, code-based menus for Django applications
django-simple-metatags 0.9.1 7 The django application, that allows attach title, keywords and description meta tags for site's pages.
django-simple-mixins 0.1.0 7 Mixins to use for Djangos Class Based Views.
django-simple-multitenant 0.1.0 7 Helps manage multi tenancy for django projects
django-simple-news-app 0.1.4 7 Generic news application for Django
django-simple-options 1.0a2 7 Simple app to add configuration options to a Django project
django-simple-redis-admin 1.4.0 7 A django admin application to manage redis cache keys.
django-simple-registration 0.9b0 7 An extensible user-registration application for Django
django-simple-search 1.0.2 7 Recurring event tools for django
django-simple-sms 1.0.0 7 Easily send text messages from your Django project.
django-simplefeedback 0.3 7 A simple Django app to handle user tickets.
django-simplegallery 0.13 7 django image gallery app
django-simpleinliner 0.1.0 7 A simple Django app for inlining static files in templates.
django-simplepush 0.11 7 A webpush notifications plugable app for Django
django-simpler-faq 0.2 7 Django app to generate an absolute basic FAQ page.
django-simplesearch 1.0 7 A basic search application for Django.
django-simplethumb 0.2.1 7 Django template tag to do some basic image processing, and cache the resulting image
django-singleton 0.1.9 7 Reusable singleton models for Django
django-singleton-admin 0.0.4 7 This package provides a way to ensure singleton classes can only have one instance in the Django admin panel. It is taken from Mezzanine by Stephen McDonald.
django-sirtrevor-file 0.1.0 7 A file block for django-sirtrevor
django-site-access 0.1.1 7 an app to provide utilities via middleware to control access to your django site
django-site-basics 0.2.5 7 Reusable django app to handle /favicon.ico and robots.txt for your site
django-site-broadcasts 0.2.0 7 A small Django app that displays temporary, short broadcasts across a site.
django-site-metrics 0.1a1 7 django-site-metrics is a statistics module for django. It stores requests in a database for admins to see, it can also be used to get statistics on who is online etc.
django-site-settings 20141012.1 7 Django app that stores site settings.
django-sitecats-helpers 0.0.2 7 django admin helper classes for django-sitecats categories
Django-Sites-Templatetags 0.0.3 7 The missing templatetags to get the current site from django.contrib.sites.
django-sitesutils 0.1.2 7 Utils for Django's sites framework
django-sixpack 1.0.5 7 A django-friendly wrapper for sixpack-py
django-skd-smoke 0.2 7 Smoke tests for django projects.
django-skyscanner 0.1 7 Django adaptation of the Skyscanner Python SDK.
django-slack-invitation 0.1.0 7 API client for Beddit sleep tracker
django-slack-notification 1.0.0 7 A simple Django app to send notifications to slack.
django-slack-notifications 1.0.0 7 A simple Django app to send notifications to slack.
django-slick-admin 0.1.4 7 Slick admin styles for Django and django CMS.
django-slowdown 0.0.1 7 A simple middleware to slow the django response.
django-smart 0.1 7 A smartadmin skin for the Django Admin-Interface.
django-smart-collectstatic 0.1.0 7 UNIX command-line tool for bash/shell utils unit testing
django-smartcc 0.1.2 7 A django Middleware that will help to set cache-control header on the views.
django-smartmenus 0.1.0 7 A Django app that provides template tags to easily incorporate smartmenus.
django-smartspaceless 0.1.2 7 A Django template tag application for minifying block-level HTML elements only
django-smoke-admin 0.1.2 7 django-smoke-admin tests that all admin pages for all registered models responds correctly (HTTP 200).
django-smoked 0.1-alpha.1 7 Smoke tests framework for Django Web Framework
django-smscoin 0.1 7 Django application to use sms processing system
django-smtp-alternative 1.0.0 7 Django email backend providing sending with alternative SMTP server if primary server fails
django-smtp-ntlm-backend 0.0.4 7 A Django email backend for SMTP servers with NTLM authentication
django-snappy-vumi-bouncer 0.2.0 7 A Django app that bounces messages from Vumi to Snappy and back
django-sneak-peek 0.0.1 7 Django template tag to hide pre-release features in a template
django-snippetology 1.0 7 A text snippet manager for Django
django-snoopy 0.0.2 7 Simple Request/SQL profiling for Django
django-soap-server 0.0.0 7 A set of tools to more easily make django a viable SOAP server
django-social-api 0.1.1 7 Django social networks API abstraction layer
django-social-auth-appsfuel 1.0.0 7 Appsfuel backend for django-social-auth
django-social-auth-trello 1.0.3 7 A django-social-auth plugin that integrates with Trello
django-social-authsch 0.1 7 A Django app for AuthSCH.
django-social-friends-finder 0.2 7 An extension app for django-social-auth or django-allauth that fetches your friends from different social-networks.
django-social-metadata 1.3 7 django-social-metadata is a Django application that provides mixin and template to display social metadata for Facebook and Google+.
django-socialshareprivacy 1.5.1 7 A Django application for the socialshareprivacy jQuery plugin.
django-socketio-alt 0.2.1 7 Django + Gevent + SocketIO = Awesome client/server interactions
django-socketio-events 0.1.2 7 Django package for via nodejs
django-sockjs-tornado 0.0.1 7 Makes it easy to run a SockJS server in Django through Tornado
django-soet 1.0 7 A simple Django Middleware for Exception Troubleshooting.
django-sofort 0.0.1 7 Django implementation of the API
django-softdelete-it 0.1 7 A simple Django app to add soft-delete functionality to desired models
django-soil 0.9.0 7 A simple django library to help you schedule long running tasks for retrieval later when they're done using celery
django-sopa 0.0.2 7 A django app for all your censoring needs.
django-sortable-column 0.2.2 7 A simple Django templatetag to renders a sortable column to support sorting in tables.
django-sorted-autocomplete-m2m 1.0.5 7 ManyToMany widget with autocomplete and sortable items.
django-sortedsettings 1.0 7 Sort the django settings module's entries alphabetically
django-sorter 0.2 7 A helper app for sorting objects in Django templates.
django-south-admin 0.0.3 7 Django app allowing for South management through Admin.
django-spa-crm 1.0.0 7 Django SPA CRM
django-spam 0.1.0 7 Redirecting bots to utilize their time better...
django-sparkle 0.1 7 Django-sparkle is a Django application to make it easy to publish updates for your mac application using sparkle
django-sparkle-1.5 0.2 7 Django-sparkle is a Django application to make it easy to publish updates for your mac application using sparkle (intended for Django >= 1.5)
django-sparkle-external 0.4 7 Django-sparkle is a Django application to make it easy to publish updates for your mac application using sparkle (intended for Django >= 1.5)
django-speach-synthesizer 0.2 7 A simple Django app to generate speach from text
django-specifications 0.2.0 7 Additional, dynamic fields for all Django models.
django-speedtracer 0.1.1 7 Profile your Django site using Google Chrome's SpeedTracer
django-sphinx-db 0.1-3 7 Django database backend for SphinxQL.
django-sphinxql 1.1.0 7 Sphinx search on Django
django-splitdate 0.1.8 7 A widget for django form date fields that displays three inputs (day, month, year).
django-sql 1.0.1 7 A simple app for executing SQL queries in Django admin panel
django-sql-debugger 0.1 7 Django app that helps controlling database requests count
django-sql-log 1.2.1 7 Write Start/Stop events in your SQL logs.
django-sql-server-bcp 0.1.10 7 Utility for using mssql-tools BCP command with Django models
django-sqlcipher 0.1.1 7 SQLCipher support for Django
django-sqs 0.2 7 django FormFields using the Chosen javascript plugin for jQuery
django-sqs-qc 0.3 7 django package to use existing Amazon SQS Queue
django-ssh-deployer 0.1.3 7 This package provides Django management commands to deploy your site over SSH via Paramiko.
django-ssl-auth 2.0.1 7 Django SSL Client Authentication
django-sssoon 0.1.1 7 A simple Django app to add a beautiful coming soon page to your project.
django-standbydb-router 0.2 7 Round-robin standbydb router for Django.
django-startappextracontext 0.1 7 A small django app that provides an enhanced startapp management command. An extra parameter called extra_context is supplied to allow for more flexible app templates.
django-startproject 1.0a 7 Create a Django project layout based on Lincoln Loop best practices.
django-states2 1.6.10 7 State machine for django models
django-static-compiler 0.3.3 7 A static file compiler for Django
django-static-underscore-i18n 1.0.3 7 A Django app that provides helper for generating Javascript Underscore templates to static files with i18n support.
django-static-url 0.1.0 7 Dynamically generates new static URLs to invalidate browsers' cache
django-staticfiles-bootstrap 3.0.3 7 Twitter Bootstrap staticfiles for django
django-staticfiles-fitvidsjs 1.0.0 7 FitVids.js meets Django staticfiles
django-staticfiles-fontawesome 2.0.0 7 Font Awesome meets Django staticfiles
django-staticfiles-google-code-prettify 1.0 7 Google Code Prettify staticfiles for django
django-staticfiles-jquery 1.7.2 7 jQuery meets Django staticfiles
django-staticfiles-jquery-ui 1.8.24 7 jquery-ui packaged for django-staticfiles
django-staticfiles-lessjs 1.3.0 7 Less.js meets Django staticfiles
django-staticfiles-masonry 2.1.05 7 Less.js meets Django staticfiles
django-staticfiles-moment 2.0.0 7 Moment.js meets Django staticfiles
django-staticfiles-precompilers 0.0.1 7 Lets Django's static template tag take care of precompilation
django-staticfiles-typeaheadjs 0.9.1 7 typeahead.js meets Django staticfiles
django-staticshard 0.1 7 Domain sharding for Django static files.
django-statistic 1.0 7 Statistic for django models
django-steam 0.1 7 Steam api and authentication for django.
django-steam-api 0.3 7 Steam api models for django.
django-steps 0.0.0 7 django-steps is a reusable Django application to easily combine multiple views as steps in a process.
django-sticky-messages 0.1 7 A simple Django app to display "sticky" messages that expire after a given time period.
django-stopwatch 0.2 7 Django Stopwatch
django-storages-afix 1.5.3a0 7 Support for many storage backends in Django
django-storages-tme 1.5.3a0 7 Support for many storage backends in Django
django-stored-queryset 0.0.2 7 pickleable Django QuerySet
django-storelocator 0.1 7 Django Storelocator is a Django App for locating stores near a geographical location.
django-stravauth 0.2 7 Django accounts Strava authentication package.
django-style-guide 0.0.1 7 A Django app that provides helpers for serving static files.
django-stylus-watcher 1.0.6 7 Django stylus watchers & auto compilers
django-subadmin 1.9.2 7 A special kind of ModelAdmin that allows it to be nested within another ModelAdmin
django-subcommand2 0.1.1 7 Support subcommands in management commands
django-subdomains-handler 0.2 7 Lightweight django subdomains handler
django-submodel 0.1 7 A Django json field behaves as a model instance and supports seamless inline editing in Django admin.
django-substitution-user 0.1.3 7 Django substitution user
django-suggestions 0.2.0 7 A Django form widget that implements the HTML5 form list element
django-suit-ckeditor 0.0.2 7 CKEditor (WYSIWYG editor) integration app for Django admin.
django-suit-flame 0.1 7 See active users & autosave changes at django admin.
django-suit-rq 1.0.1 7 Support the django-rq admin when using django-suit
django-suit-sortable 0.1.0 7 Drag-and-drop ordering for objects and inlines in Django admin using django-suit.
django-super-deduper 0.0.5 7 Utilities for deduping Django model instances
django-super-popups 1.1 7 Add fancy notification popups to a Django project
django-support-form 0.1.0 7 Simple support/contact form for your Django app
django-sure 0.1 7 Django reusable Views and tools to confirm user interaction
django-survey-and-report 1.0.4 7 A django survey app, based on and compatible with 'django-survey'
django-suuze-upload 0.1.1 7 An app that provides django integration create uptoken for suuze upload service
django-swagger 0.0.1 7 A Django extension to Extension to manage users in django application.
django-sweetcaptcha 0.1 7 A simple Django sweetcaptcha field/form app.
django-swiftstorage 1.1.0 7 Django swiftstorage for Swift API
django-switch-user 0.1.0 7 Django Switch User allows you to assume the identity of another user.
django-switter 0.1 7 Switter is a drop-in Django app that gets tweets for you, keeps them cached for a short while and makes it easy to display them on your site. Switter provides a django-cms plugin.
django-sympa 0.1.1 7 Add a view to interact with sympa
django-synchroniser 0.2.0 7 django-synchroniser automagically synchronises Bitbucket Mecurial base projects to GitHub (Git based) projects
django-syncpermissions 0.1.1 7 Sync permissions for specified apps, or all apps if none specified
django-sysace 7 ACE is a Django app to administrate networks hosts, ip address, services, racks, patchpanels, phones and more. The system objective is turn the IT Infraestructure adminsitration easyer.
django-system-maintenance 0.2.0 7 A Django app to document and track the administration and maintenance of computer systems
django-tabbed-admin 1.0.3 7 Easily add tabs to django admin forms.
django-table-prefix 0.0.5 7 experimental application for making table prefixes fortables that django creates
django-tables2-wsgi-fix 7 Table/data-grid framework for Django
django-tables3 0.14.1 7 Table/data-grid framework for Django
django-tagconstants 0.1 7 Define constants in your settings, and make them available in your templates.
django-tagging-autocomplete 0.5.0 7 Autocompletion for django-tagging
django-tagging-translated 0.1 7 Registers the Tag model for simple-translation and extends the Tag admin.
django-taggit-anywhere 0.1.1 7 django-taggit with easy
django-taggit-autocomplete 0.1 7 Autocompletion for django-taggit
django-taggit-autocomplete-modified 0.1.0b6 7 django-taggit-autocomplete-modified provides autocomplete functionality to the tags form field of django-taggit.
django-taggit-autosuggest 0.3.2 7 Autosuggestions for django-taggit
django-taggit-forms 0.1.1 7 Tag-creation forms for django-taggit
django-taggit-tronc 0.21.2 7 django-taggit is a reusable Django application for simple tagging.
django-tags 0.10d1 7 django-tags is a reusable Django application for simple tags.
django-tailordev-cms 0.7.5 7 TailorDev CMS A simple CMS for your django projects.
django-tailordev-contact 0.5.0 7 Django TailorDev Contact A simple contact form for your django projects.
django-tarview 1.0.0 7 A simple Django base view to tar and stream several files.
django-tasix 0.3.0 7 Simple django app to allow/block IP addresses and ranges outside the Tas-IX network
django-tasksoftheday 0.1 7 A simple Django app for task tracking.
django-tasktracker 0.2 7 A basic Django app to record and track XP stories and tasks.
django-tastypie-helpers 0.1.0 7 Handy Tasypie Helpers. Eg for nested URIs
django-tastypie-migrate-fix 0.10.0 7 A flexible & capable API layer for Django.
django-tastypie-swagger-ng 0.1.3 7 An adapter to use swagger-ui with django-tastypie
django-tastypie-swagger-python3 0.1.3 7 An adapter to use swagger-ui with django-tastypie
django-tastypie-with-uploads-dummycache-error500 1.0.0-beta-red1 7 Patched version of Django Tastypie -- check README.rst.
django-tawkto 0.1 7 A simple Django app to integrates with chat.
django-tdd 0.1.0 7 A continuous test runner for Django
django-tds 0.1.0 7 Your project description goes here
django-teams 1.0a1.dev1 7 a Django app for teams of users
django-teledex 0.2.0 7 Storage of addresses, phone numbers and emails in Django.
django-telegram-bots 0.1.0 7 App for creating telegram bots, with setting webhook, receive messages and subscribe users
django-telemetry 0.1.1 7 Event-based reporting system for django - with queryset graphs
django-template-email 0.1 7 A useful tool for building email messages using django templates
django-template-mail 0.1 7 A Django application to send email using django's templating system
django-template-media 0.3.0 7 Simple tools to extend the django admin site
django-template-preview 0.1.5 7 A simple Django app to preview rendered templates in your browser.
django-template-shortcodes 0.0.3 7 Limited WordPress shortcode support for Django
django-templateaddons 0.1 7 A set of tools for use with templates of the Django framework: additional template tags, context processors and utilities for template tag development.
django-templateaddons2 0.1 7 A set of tools for use with templates of the Django framework: additional template tags, context processors and utilities for template tag development.
django-templated-email-db 0.4.15 7 A Django oriented templated / transaction email abstraction
django-templated-email-django-upgrade 0.5.0 7 Fork of a Django oriented templated / transaction email abstraction
django-templated-email-fork 0.4.10 7 A Django oriented templated / transaction email abstraction
django-templateinspector 0.1 7 Find out what context variables are expected by a Django Template
django-templates-i18n 0.1.0 7 Translatable templates
django-templates-macros 0.2 7 Add macros to your django templates
django-templatetag-sugar 1.0 7 A library to make Django's template tags sweet.
django-templatetag-sugarv2 1.0.1 7 A library to make Django's template tags sweet.
django-templatetags-bundle 1.0.2 7 Django templatetags extra bundles
django-templation 0.1.1 7 The easy way to allow designers edit templates and assets.
django-temporal-models 0.0.3 7 Implementation of supporting temporality in Django models
django-tenant-schemas-ap 0.1.1 7 Tenant support for Django using PostgreSQL schemas.
django-terminator 0.1.1 7 One time method executor for Django models
django-test 0.1.1 7 UNKNOWN
django-test-helper 0.1a2 7 Utilites for Django tests.
django-testcase 0.1 7 A TestCaseMixin utility.
django-testing-base 0.4.0 7 Simple Django testing base classes and patterns
django-testlink 0.0.1 7 A Django app to integrate php testlink 1.9.16 into Django system.
django-testmail 0.0.2 7 Send a test mail for Django.
django-testproject-gito 0.0.1 7 Django project for making life easy
django-tests 1.8.3 7 The Django test suite, as an installable package.
django-textclassifier 1.0 7 Django text classifier validation
django-textflow 0.1.3 7 A simple Django app to animate texts.
django-textformat 0.1.0 7 Provides a TextFormatField for Django models and allows to build text formats out of simple filters.
django-theherk-article 1.5 7 django CMS plugin to post a simple article
django-theherk-download 1.2 7 Django CMS plugin to post a download link
django-theherk-module 1.2 7 Django CMS plugin to post a simple module for use in a sidebar.
django-theherk-simplemenu 1.2 7 Django CMS plugin make a very simple quick links menu.
django-thema 1.2.8 7 Application that provides EDItEUR Thema categories, and translations for the headers.
django-thesaurus 0.0.1 7 A Django app for importing and using thesauri.
django-threatmetrix 0.0.1 7 Django App for adding the threatmetrix script tag
django-thrift 0.1.3 7 Django App to Run a Apache Thrift RPC Server
django-thumbnail 11.13 7 Thumbnailing in Django
django-thumbs-v2 0.4.1 7 The easiest way to create thumbnails for your images with Django. Works with any storage backend.
django-timeline 0.5 7 a Django timeline (activity stream) using redis
Django-TimelineJS 0.2 7 Pluggable app for Django to edit and display TimelineJS timelines
django-timesickle 0.2 7 Template name resolution for Django class-based views
django-timestampable-model 0.1.4 7 A simple Django model mixin for timestampable models
django-timetracker 0.1.0 7 Django app that provides an API for tracking time spent.
django-timezone-field-ng 2.0 7 A Django app providing database and form fields for pytz timezone objects.
django-tiniest-cms 0.9.1 7 django-tiniest-cms is a seriously minimalist Django CMS
django-tinymce-4 0.0.21 7 Integrate TinyMCE 4 in Django projects.
django-tinymce-images 0.1.2 7 Plugin to tinymce, Image browser in media folder. With connector to django
django-tinymce-staticfiles 3.4.7 7 TinyMCE Static Files for Django
django-tinyuuidfield 0.1 7 Tiny UUIDField for Django. In case you want unique uuid for urls. Flexible length.
django-tmdb 0.1 7 A small TMDB (themoviedatabase) API v3 wrapper for Django.
django-toast-messages 0.1 7 jQuery-powered sexy floating messages
django-toolbelt 0.0.1 7 A simple collection of common Django utilities.
django-tota11y 0.1.1 7 Easy to install Django app for tota11y - an accessibility visualization toolkit by Khan Academy (
django-touchnet 0.2.2 7 A Django app to integrate Touchnet.
django-tqdm 0.0.3 7 Fast, Extensible Progress Meter (tqdm) For Django
django-tracer 0.0.1 7 Integrating py2neo with Django
django-transaction-signals-do-not-use 1.0 7 Transaction signals for Django. Don't use this!
django-transactional-cleanup 0.1.15 7 Deletes old files on transaction commit.
django-transcodeandstream 0.0.1 7 Transcode videos and stream with Django
django-translatable 0.1.1 7 Django app providing simple translatable models system
django-translatable-fields 0.0.1 7 Translatable model fields for Django with admin integration
django-transplant 0.0.2 7 Automated merges of User accounts.
django-trapdoor 1.0.8 7 Automatically ban IP addresses requesting suspicious URL paths from your Django site
django-traxauth 0.4.1 7 django-traxauth is a Django app that provides support for user account registration and profile management.
django-tree-tag 1.0 7 A simple module for recursion in Django templates
django-treebeard-dag 0.2 7 Directed acyclic graphs in Django.
django-treeform 0.1 7 -
django-treemenus2 0.9.3 7 Tree-structured menuing application for Django.
django-trello-broker 0.3 7 Django app that integrats BitBucket POST hook calls and your Trello boards.
django-trending 0.1.2 7 a generic trending app for Django
django-tricks 0.1.0 7 Django tricks is a set of useful models, views and admins tools.
django-triodia 0.1b 7 A Django app to check taxonomic species names against web based data services such as GBIF.
django-tsvector 0.0.1 7 tsvector field Django.
django-tumblr-auth 0.0.1 7 django-tumblr-auth is an extension to django-social-auth which adds a backend for
django-twilio-sms 0.2 7 Twilio integration for SMS-based Django apps
django-twilio-sms-2 1.0.2 7 Twilio integration for SMS-based Django apps
django-twilio2 0.9.0 7 Build Twilio functionality into your Django apps.
django-twitter-api 0.2.10 7 Django implementation for Twitter API
django-twitter-feed 0.2 7 A simple Django app to show a Twitter feed.
django-twitter-relations-history 0.3.8 7 Django implementation for storing twitter user relations history
django-twittersync-extended 0.2.1 7 Django app to sync Twitter stream to local DB with extendible models. Fork of Peter Sanchez's Twitter sync
django-two-factor-auth 1.7.0 7 Complete Two-Factor Authentication for Django
django-tz-detect 0.2.9 7 Automatic user timezone detection for django
django-u2f 0.2.0 7 FIDO U2F security token support for Django
django-ubivox-email 0.0.1 7 Django e-mail backend for the Ubivox e-mail API.
django-ucamprojectlight 1.1 7 A Django module to use the template system of the University of Cambridge: Project light
django-uecookie9 0.1 7 Django app that shows notification about cookies to UE citizens.
django-ugh 2.0.1 7 Detect mobile browsers and serve different template flavours to them. Originally written by Gregor Müllegger <>
django-ui-permissions 0.3 7 Django module that helps manage UI elements using permissions
django-uikit-admin 0.1.1 7 A modern grid based skin for Django built-in administration interface.
django-uikit-editor 0.0.1 7 uikit_editor provides integration for UiKit htmleditor with Django
django-ultracache-twisted 0.0.3 7 Companion app to django-ultracache that enables proxy invalidation
django-undermythumb 0.2.3 7 The Django thumbnail generation package with a heart of stone.
django-unifi-portal 0.0.2 7 Authenticate Unifi WiFi Guests with Django.
django-unihandecodejs 0.1.0 7 A Django app that simply provides unihandecode.js ( out of box to be used along side with Django CMS.
django-unique-submission 0.1 7 Django unique submission preventing duplicate post data
django-unique-uploadto 0.1.1 7 Use a unique filename for django uploads
django-unisender 0.1.6 7 Django admin unisender integration
django-unittest-depth 0.6 7 Run django unittest recursively
django-universal-view-decorator 0.1.0 7 Smart view class (CBV) decoration
django-unsubscribe 0.1.2 7 Add unsubscribe link to your emails painlessly.
django-upload-path 0.1.1 7 Various implementations for the Django ``FileField/ImageField.upload_to`` model field attribute.
django-upload-validator 1.0 7 A simple Django file type validator using python-magic
django-uploads 0.1-beta 7 A Django pluggable application to attach files to objects
django-ups-tnt 1.0.1 7 Django wrapper around UPS Time In Transit JSON API
django-upthor 0.9.1 7 django-upthor provides a django application for simple ajax file uploads.
django-upwork-auth 1.0-beta 7 Upwork OAuth login for your Django-based project
django-url-breadcrumbs 0.3.3 7 a generic app to provide a simple breadcrumbs functionality in django projects
django-url-or-relative-url-field 0.1.0 7 This package provides a Django model field that can store both absolute and relative URLs
django-url-shortener 0.0.1 7 A Django package that shortens urls.
django-url-shortening 1.0.0 7 A URL shortening app for Django.
django-url-simplify 0.0.2 7 A simple Django app to generate simplified urls.
django-url-tracker-fork 0.2.0 7 A little app that trackes URL changes in a database table to provide HTTP 301 & 410 on request.
django-url-tracker-forl 0.1.4 7 A little app that trackes URL changes in a database table to provide HTTP 301 & 410 on request.
django-urlbrevity 0.1.0 7 UNKNOWN
django-urlcompass 0.9.3 7 A simple Django url track and show on home page.
django-urlconverter 1.0.0 7 Django URL converters
django-urlmiddleware 0.2.2 7 A Django app that allows you to use a url based definition for adding middleware to a project. This means you can add middleware based on a url pattern rather than globally
django-urlmodel 0.12 7 Rich URLs for Django models.
django-urls-map 0.1 7 A simple Django app to embed a management command that will display the url map of your project
django-urltags 0.1 7 django-urltags contains several template tags and filters for messing with URLs
django-useful 0.1.2 7 Reusable Django snippets
django-user-accounts 2.0.3 7 a Django user account app
django-user-action-confirmation 0.1.4 7 Easy and simple way to confirm user actions in your django projects
django-user-agents-last 0.3.1 7 A django package that allows easy identification of visitors' browser, operating system and device information (mobile phone, tablet or has touch capabilities).
django-user-connections 0.0.1 7 Notifications app for django
django-user-extension 1.0.0 7 Subclass the Django User model to your heart's delight.
django-user-hash 1.0.1 7 Hash system for Django
django-user-timeline 0.0.0 7 Django app for managing a timeline of events.
django-user-verification 0.1.2 7 Package to help out with verifying new users.
django-useragents 0.3.1 7 A django package that allows easy identification of visitors' browser, operating system and device information (mobile phone, tablet or has touch capabilities).
django-userena-ce 3.1.0 7 Complete user management application for Django
django-userjs 0.2 7 userjs is a Django application that produces javascript that represents a User object.
django-usernameless 0.1.0 7 Custom user without username for Django-1.5
django-userpure 0.1.0 7 Basic user proerties and user ability for django 1.5.
django-users-api 0.1 7 Django users RESTful API using Tastypie.
django-users-login 0.1.2 7 Extension to manage users in django application.
django-userswitch-fork 0.2.4 7 A quick 'n' dirty Django app for switching between different users while testing
django-utensils 0.2 7 Useful Django snippets.
django-utils 0.0.2 7 Utilities for Django
django-utmcollector 0.3 7 A simple Django app to conduct Web-based polls.
django-uuid-contour 0.2.1 7 A Django app for uuid fields
django-uuid-pk 0.2 7 Django UUIDField with full primary-key protocol support
django-uuid-upload 0.0.2 7 Store Django uploaded files as UUID files or inside UUID directories
django-uuid-upload-path 1.0.0 7 Generate short UUIDs and use them as paths for uploaded media files in Django.
django-uwsgi-admin 0.1-alpha 7 The Django admin application of uWSGI.
django-uwsgi-admin2 0.2.1 7 uWSGI monitoring page in django admin and debug_toolbar panel.
django-uwsgi-cache 1.0.1 7 uWSGI Django cache backend.
django-valet-keys 0.0.2 7 Django app for managing valet keys for robots
django-validate-model-attribute-assignment 2.0.2 7 Prevent typos and other errors when assigning attributes to Django model instances
django-varlet 0.2.3 7 URLs which render specified templates, controlled via models and the admin
django-varnish 0.1 7 Integration between Django and the Varnish HTTP accelerator using the management port using telnet
django-vcstorage 0.1.1 7 A Django app that provides file storage backends for Mercurial, Git and Bazaar by using anyvc.
django-vegetarian-cookbook 1.0.5 7 Django application for the publication of vegetarian culinary recipes with the calculation of energy and nutrients.
django-verified-email 0.1.0 7 Verified email changes for django
django-versionedcache 0.1.2 7 django versioned cache
django-versions 1.0.1 7 A django application to enable versioning of data stored in Django models.
django-video-encoding 0.2.0 7 django-video-encoding.
django-view-acl 0.2 7 Views ACL plugin is a Django app to provide method for automatic permissions generation based on urlpatterns in
django-view-as 0.5.0 7 A Django middleware which allows you to view the site on behalf of a user.
django-views-breadcrumbs 0.1.dev3 7 Breadcrumbs support on django class based views
django-viewset 0.1.1 7 A replacement of django.contrib.admin
django-viewtester 10.4.3 7 A django views-tester
django-viewtracker 1.2 7 Object view tracker for Django
django-vingd 0.1.1 7 Django App for Vingd integration
django-visitor-information-middleware 0.1.0 7 A collection of Django middleware classes which make writing timezone and location aware applications easier
django-viter 0.0.1 7 Invite users to your Django apps
django-vkontakte-ads 0.5.0 7 Django implementation for vkontakte API Ads
django-vkontakte-api 0.8.7 7 Django implementation for vkontakte API
django-vkontakte-board 0.7.1 7 Django implementation for vkontakte API Board
django-vkontakte-comments 0.8.2 7 Django implementation for vkontakte API comments
django-vkontakte-merchant 0.1 7 Vkontakte Merchant API django app
django-vmail 0.2.3 7 Virtual mail administration django app
django-voter 0.1.0 7 Application for Django framework that contains generic rating\vote system. Requires modifications in the model, that will be used for voting, to optimize number of database queries.
django-voting 0.2 7 Generic voting application for Django
django-vz-wiki 0.2.0 7 A Django powered wiki app
django-w2ui 0.1 7 Integration with W2UI for the Django web framework.
django-wagtail-customforms 0.2.3 7 A simple Django app to attach forms to pages.
django-wamp-client 0.0.3 7 Wamp Client for Django Channels
django-warehouse 0.0.1 7 Simple warehouse management system for Django 1.7+
django-warmama 1.0.0 7 Django app for qfusion authentication server
django-watermarks 1.2 7 Django watermarks app
django-wattup 1.0 7 A very simple contact form application for django
django-wayf 0.3.0 7 A simple Django implementation of a shibboleth/saml wayf service
django-web-secure 0.1 7 The middleware that makes ponies fly with a great sense of security.
django-webcam 0.1b1 7 django fields easy store webcam snaphot
django-webdriver 0.1.2 7 Django app to run selenium webdriver tests.
django-webgate 1.0.1 7 Django Authentication Middleware for WebGate Oracle AccessManager.
django-webhooks 0.0.1a1 7 django fields easy store webcam snaphot
django-webhooks2 0.1.0 7 Simple webhooks for Django
django-webline-notifications 1.0.1 7 A simple Django app which allow you notify everything to user or users
django-weblog 0.2.0 7 A Django weblog app with hierarchic categories.
django-webmap-corpus 0.11.1 7 Corpus for making web map applications.
django-webp-converter 0.1.2 7 A simple Django app for creating static WebP images.
django-webpacker 0.1.1 7 A django compressor tool which bundles css, js files to single css, js file with webpack
django-webperf 0.1 7 A collection of stuff to improve django web performance.
django-webservice 0.0.2 7 Extends the django restframework library for i18n and delta support
django-websocket-request 0.1.1 7 Support for Django's request/response lifecycle to automatically handle WebSocket messages.
django-webtopay 1.0.1 7 A pluggable Django application for integrating WebToPay Payments
django-wechat-menu 0.0.3 7 remove encode twice error
django-wechat-sdk 0.2.1 7 django-wechat 是一个微信公众号 django 开发库
django-wechats 0.1 7 A django wrapper for wechat API
django-werkzeug 1.0.0 7 Enhances Django runserver with Werkzeug.
Django-WeRoBot 0.1.2 7 Writing WeChat Robot by WeRoBot in Django.
django-wheatgrass-blog 0.1 7 django-wheatgrass-blog is a simple blogging platform designed for the Django Web Framework.
django-widgy-blog 0.2.2 7 Reusable blog app for Django-Widgy
django-wiki 1.1dev- 7 A super simple wiki for Django.
django-wipemigration 0.0.2 7 Wipe django migrations.
django-wiretap 0.1.2 7
django-wishlist 1.0 7 Generic user wishlists for use with any Django model.
django-withings 0.0.2 7 Django integration for python-withings
django-wizard-builder 2.5.7 7 Create multi-page forms from the Django admin
django-wkhtmltoimage 0.1 7 Converts HTML to Image using wkhtmltoimage.
django-wmd 0.0.3 7 A wmd-editor for django applications
django-wordpress-auth 0.1.31 7 Django integration with WordPress authentication and roles / capabilities system.
django-wordpress-auth-lite 0.1.0 7 Django integration with WordPress authentication and WITHOUT roles / capabilities system.
django-wordpress-rss 0.1.0 7 A Django template tag for integrating Wordpress articles.
django-workflow 1.4.0 7 Workflow editor for Django
django-workflow-activity 1.1.0 7 Manage all events on workflows
django-world-languages 0.1 7 Languages and dialects of the world for Django projects
django-world-regions 0.1.1 7 Simple Django app to group countries in world's regions like *Northern America*, *Eastern Europe*, etc.
django-wsgi-view 0.0.1 7 Embed WSGI application as Django view.
django-wunderground 1.0.1 7 An extension for Django CMS and a template tag that displays the current local weather pulled from
django-wxmgmt 0.1.1 7 A simple Django app to manager wechat Official Accounts
django-wxpolls 0.1 7 A simple Django app to conduct Web-based polls.
django-wymeditor 1.0 7 A Django application that contains a widget to render a form field with a WYMEditor interface.
django-x_file_accel_redirects 0.0.2 7 Django app to easy configuration of multiple X-File-Accel locations
django-xfield 0.1.0 7 A Django utility package to handle zero or more form inputs of the same name.
django-xiti 0.1.1 7 Django app to include Xiti loading code into your templates
django-xlink 0.1.1 7 Django cross link searches particular sites for links back to your site and stores them
django-xml 1.4.1 7 Provides an abstraction to lxml's XPath and XSLT functionality in a manner resembling django database models
django-xmlmapping 0.1 7 Library to map XML data to a Django data model and persist the data in the data base.
django-xmpp-backends 0.1 7 Convenience utilities for using xmpp-backends in Django.
django-xpower 0.1.0 7 Adds the X-Powered-By header to your Django site
django-xss-detection 0.4.17 7 This package contains a django template parser that can be used to find templates that contain variables that will not be escaped.
django-xstatic 0.0.2 7 Django helpers to use XStatic packages in Django projects
django-yacbv 0.0.1 7 Replacement for Django's ClassBasedView.
django-yama 0.2 7 A menu application for Django
django-yandex-cash-register 0.1.7 7 Generic Yandex.Kassa application for Django
django-yandex-direct 1.0 7 Simple wrapper for the Yandex.Direct API
django-yeouia 1.1.1 7 A Django auth backend that works with email or username
django-youtube 0.2 7 Youtube API wrapper app for Django. It helps to upload, display, delete, update videos from Youtube
django-youtube-api 0.0.2 7 Django implementation for youtube API
Django-Youtuber 0.1.1 7 Django app for fetching videos from channels or playlists.
Django-Yummy 0.2.6 7 Recipes application based on Django framework
django-yutils 0.2 7 Collection of utilities for Django
django-zadmin 0.1.1 7 another admin template for django with bootstrap4.0 and sass.
django-zcelery 3.2.2 7 Old django celery integration project.
django-zendesk 0.0.1 7 Django application for handling HTTP target callbacks from Zendesk.
django-zipgallery 0.1.0 7 Django application for making galleries from uploaded zip file
django-zms-news 0.1 7 Django news with CKEditor integrated.
django-zurb-foundation-rtl 7 Django Zurb Foundation package + RTL Support
django-zy-polls 0.1 7 A simple Django app to conduct Web-based polls.
django2-babel 0.6.3 7 Utilities for using Babel in Django, without and upper Django version constraint.
djangoapps-bases 0.2 7 A simple Django app to conduct Web-based polls.
djangochurch-contact 0.1 7 Simple contact form for Django Church sites
djangochurch-data 0.1.2 7 Initial data for Django Church projects
djangocms-accordion 1.0.4 7 Accordion Plugin for django CMS
djangocms-admin-style 1.2.7 7 Adds pretty CSS styles for the django CMS admin interface.
djangocms-albums-plugin 0.1.1 7 Adds photogallery functionality to your djangocms website
djangocms-angular-compendium 0.1.0 7 Template overrides for DjangoCMS plugins when used with AngularJS
djangocms-apphook-setup 0.3.0 7 Library to auto setup apphooks
djangocms-audio 1.0.2 7 Adds audio plugin to django CMS.
djangocms-blocks 0.1.0 7 Your project description goes here
djangocms-blogit 0.4.13 7 A simple djangoCMS blog app.
djangocms-bootstrap 0.2.1 7 Collection of plugins for DjangoCMS
djangocms-bootstrap-columns 0.1 7 Adds three plugins (container, row, columns) for Twitter Bootstrap
djangocms-bootstrap3 0.3.1 7 Templates and templatetags to be used with djangoCMS and Bootstrap3.
djangocms-calltoaction 0.8.4 7 djangocms plugin for managing lead generation calls to action
djangocms-career 0.1.3 7 Django CMS Plugin to showcase a career or educational paths on portfolio and CV-Websites.
djangocms-cascade 0.15.5 7 Collection of extendible plugins for django-CMS to create and edit widgets in a simple manner
djangocms-ckeditor-filer 0.2.2 7 Simplified CKEditor plugin for DjangoCMS with direct Django Filer integration
djangocms-column 1.7.0 7 Column Plugin for django CMS
djangocms-column-fork 1.7.2 7 Column Plugin for django CMS
djangocms-concurrent-users 0.0.2 7 Django-CMS Plugin for blocking pages which are edited by another user
djangocms-contact 0.1.8 7 A contact system for Django CMS.
djangocms-css-background 1.0.4 7 A django-cms plugin which allow you to edit css background image or color from the edit mode
djangocms-custommenu 1.0.1 7 Adds custom menu plugin to django CMS.
djangocms-glyphicon-awesome 0.1.0 7 A plugin to incorporate Glyphicon and Font Awesome into djangocms-text-ckeditor
djangocms-inline-comment 0.0.2 7 Add comments to the django CMS structure board.
djangocms-lab-carousel 0.2.1 7 A Django app for adding a carousel of recent papers, etc. to a Django site with django CMS-specific features
djangocms-placeholder-attr 1.0.3 7 Allow you to call a plugin model attribute from a placeholder in django-cms
djangocms-shiny-app 0.1.3 7 A Django app for adding R Shiny apps to a Django site with django CMS-specific features
djangocms-table-changer 1.3.0 7 Table Plugin for django CMS, fork from divio with python 3 and django 1.7 migrations support
djangocms-text-ckeditor 3.5.3 7 Text Plugin for django CMS with CKEditor support
djangolytics-client 0.1 7 ALPHA - don't use!
djangorestframework-apidoc 0.0.1 7 Modular documentation generator for rest framwork apis
djangorestframework-chain 0.1.3 7 Chained relations and filtering for Django REST Framework
djangorestframework-constant-field 0.9.1 7 A simple Constant Field definition for Django REST Framework
djangorestframework-jwt-custom-user 1.11.1 7 JSON Web Token based authentication for Django REST framework
djangorestframework-timed-auth-token 1.3.0 7 An authentication token for djangorestframework that has an expiration date.
djangorf-accounts 1.0 7 App de Django para manejar cuentas utilizando tokens.
egenix-mxodbc-django 1.2.0 7 eGenix mxODBC Django Database Engine
emencia-django-bazar 0.6.2 7 A Django app to store basic informations about entities
emencia-paste-django 1.8.2 7 Epaster template to build Django projects
eti-django-page-cms 1.8.6 7 A tree based Django CMS application
fh-django-assetmanager 0.2.11 7 Django asset manager providing search (MySQL) and custom file field to use in models.
fh-django-common 0.2.13 7 A Django app to provide common functionality in Django projects
httpie-django-auth 0.1.1 7 django Auth plugin for HTTPie.
iesugrace-django-polls 0.2 7 A simple Django app to conduct Web-based polls.
ispm-django-chronograph 7 A fork of
ixc-django-compressor 0.2 7 Improvements to django-compressor.
janrain-django 0.1.2 7 Janrain integration with Django
ks-django-response 1.3 7 KS library for api response for Django
lab-django-ftpserver 7 FTP server application for Django.
listy-django-cache 0.9.0 7 A deterministic caching mechanism for Django
livingbio-django-oss-storage 1.0.2 7 Django Aliyun OSS (Object Storage Service) storage
ls-django-easytests 0.9.5 7 Modified test utils from django-cms as a own module
ls-django-shop-categories 1.0.4 7 A extendable category app using django-mptt for django-shop
medularis-django-utils 0.1.2 7 Medularis's open source utilities for use in Django projects
meg-django-remote-forms 1.2.1 7 A platform independent form serializer for Django.
meg-django-twitter-bootstrap 0.6.1 7 Base bootstrap templates for django sites.
memcachier-django-ascii 1.0.0 7 Django cache backend supporting MemCachier service
mini-django-accounts 17.7.2 7 A simple replacement for django.auth.user
mysociety-django-bleach 0.2.0 7 Easily use bleach with Django models and templates
mysociety-django-pipeline-compass-rubygem 7 django-pipeline-compass-rubygem is a Compass compiler for django-pipeline using the original Compass Ruby Gem.
mysociety-Django-Select2 7 Select2 option fields for Django
popit-django 0.0.3 7 Use PopIt stored data in your Django app
pwned-passwords-django 1.1 7 A Pwned Passwords implementation for Django sites
pygeppetto-django 0.0.1 7 Python Geppetto Core Server developed in Django
pytest-django-ahead 7 A Django plugin for pytest.
pytest-django-casperjs 0.1.0 7 Integrate CasperJS with your django tests as a pytest fixture.
pytest-django-gcir 2.8.1 7 A Django plugin for pytest.
pytest-django-lite 0.1.1 7 The bare minimum to integrate py.test with Django.
pytest-django-ordering 1.0.1 7 A pytest plugin for preserving the order in which Django runs tests.
rainbow-django 0.2 7 Rainbow Biz side Sdk for Django
readwise-django-rq-scheduler 1.1.3 7 A database backed job scheduler for Django RQ
redsolutioncms.django-page-cms 1.4.5 7 A tree based Django CMS application
redsolutioncms.django-server-config 0.1.4 7 Useful for deploy server installation. Adds management command to make configs for your project. Automatically recognizes media directories in 3-party applications
redsolutioncms.django-tinymce-attachment 0.5.0 7 Allows to attach files and images for any objects, specified in configuration. If you use TinyMCE to edit object content, this module makes for you links to files in hyperlink select box and list of images in image select box.
rf-django-envconfig 0.1.0 7 Helpers to configure Django settings by environment variables
rf-django-misc 0.2.0 7 Miscellaneous things for Django projects
rho-django-user 1.0.0 7 RKM's Humble Opinion: A custom Django user model for best practices email-based login.
ripiu.djangocms-aoxomoxoa 0.0.3 7 Unite gallery on django cms
simple-django-contact 0.1.7 7 A simple Django app to set up a contact form
simple-django-twitter-auth 1.0 7 Simple Django app to allow users to login with Twitter
starter.templates.python-django 0.1.2 7 Django project template for starter (
stripe-django 0.1 7 tmux session manager
tocka-Django 1.7.8 7 Fork with some graceful changes to django-admin
tocka-django-cms 3.1.2a0 7 An Advanced Django CMS
tocka-djangocms-cascade 7 Fork of djangocms-cascade
tradenity-django-ext 0.1.0 7 Django extensions for Tradenity Python SDK
tz-django-celery 3.2.13 7 Old django celery integration project.
vinta-django-templated-email 0.5 7 A Django oriented templated / transaction email abstraction
WTForms-Django 0.1 7 Django tools for WTForms
yet-another-django-profiler 1.1.0 7 Django middleware for performance profiling directly from the browser
amitu-hstore 1.3.5 6 Bring schemaless PostgreSQL (HStore) in Django
apimas-django 0.4.dev3 6 APIMAS support for django applications
apispec-djangorestframework 1.0.5 6 DjangoRestFramework 3.6.x APISpec generator
appomatic_django_cms 0.0.32 6 Get the pony powered CMS With Frontend-Editing
appomatic_django_filer 0.0.32 6 .
appomatic_djangomail 0.0.1 6 Django email templating system
ArangoDjango 0.0.25 6 Bridge between the django and the arangodb world
avk-django-datadog 6 Simple Django middleware for submitting timings and exceptions to Datadog.
BabelDjango 0.2.2 6 Utilities for using Babel in Django
beproud.django.basemodels 0.1.0 6 beproud.django.basemodels provides base models and fields, that comes from bpcommons.
cgp-django-core 0.20 6 Core CGP Django Libraries
CleanAdminDjango 6 A high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.
cmsplugin-plaintext-djangocms3 0.2.1 6 Adds a plaintext plugin for django-cms. Forked from to add django-cms3 support
d51.django.virtualenv.test_runner 0.1 6 Simple package for running isolated Django tests from within virtualenv
datapunt-authorization-django 0.2.19 6 Datapunt authorization check for Django
discourse_django_sso 0.8.1 6 A Discourse sso app for Django
django-786ms-shops 0.1.1 6 A simple Django app for 786ms.
django-786ms-students 0.1.2 6 A simple Django app for 786ms.
django-access-logger 0.4.2 6 Access logging for Django, the right way
django-access-manager 0.0.2 6 An abstract access manager for Django.
django-access-tokens-py3 0.9.3 6 A Django app for for generating secure scoped access tokens.
django-access-tools 1.0.1 6 An abstract access manager for Django.
django-achievements 0.1.1 6 Django application to deal with achievements and rewards unlocked by users
django-acollabauth 0.1 6 Automatically create superusers via Active Collab accounts for Django
django-acra-backend 0.2.2 6 Django model and admin page for ACRA
django-acserv 0.6.1 6 acserv for django
django-action-notifications 0.2.0 6 Reusable Django app to save user actions & send them notifications.
django-actionkit-client 0.17 6 A Django wrapper around Actionkit's MySQL client-db, REST API and XML-RPC API
django-active-login-required 0.1.2 6 Django view decorator that ensures a user is both active and authenticated
django-active-navigation 0.1 6 Provides some simple template tags for highlighting active navigation links in Django templates.
django-active-path 0.1a1 6 Django template tags for determining if a url is the active path.
django-activelink 1.0 6 A Django template library for checking whether the current page matches a given URL. Useful for highlighting active links in menus.
django-activity 0.6.2 6 Django Activity provides support for streams
django-activity-logger 0.3.3 6 Simple tool for logging activity in Django.
django-actualities 0.2.2 6 A django blog app
Django-Actuary 6 Django auditing application.
django-addon 6 An opinionated Django setup bundled as an Addon
django-admin-approx-count 0.1.3 6 A dirty mixin to rescue from dumb count(*) query of Django admin
django-admin-changelist-stats 0.2 6 Show stats and aggregation summaries in the Django admin changelist page.
django-admin-ckeditor 0.0.1 6 Ckeditor integration with Django admin.
django-admin-comments 1.0.1 6
django-admin-filters 0.1.3 6 Django Admin Filters
django-admin-import 0.3.0 6 Import tool attachable to almost every Django admin
django-admin-jqueryui112 1.12.1b5 6 A fork of the django-admin-jqueryui. Simply adds a jquery ui to the admin panel
django-admin-kit 0.0.2 6 Django Admin Kit provides additional features to Django Admin
django-admin-multiselect 0.0.7 6 Alternative multiple select widget that works with mobile devices.
django-admin-rangefilter 0.3.2 6 django-admin-rangefilter app, add the filter by a custom date range on the admin UI.
django-admin-ribbon 0.1.3 6 Quickly differentiate django environments
django-admin-row-actions 0.0.4 6 django admin row actions
django-admin-skel 1.0.8 6 Basic admin styles for django (non django.contrib.admin). Maintained by Alexey Loshkarev <>
django-admin-smoke-tests 0.3.0 6 Runs some quick tests on your admin site objects to make sure there aren't non-existant fields listed, etc.
django-admin-smoke-tests-2 0.3.1 6 Runs some quick tests on your admin site objects to make sure there aren't non-existant fields listed, etc.
django-admin-sortable 2.1.4 6 Drag and drop sorting for models and inline models in Django admin.
django-admin-steroids 1.0.21 6 Tweaks and tools to simplify Django admin.
django-adminaudit 0.5 6 Extends Django's admin logging capabilities
django-administration 0.2.2 6 Useful tweaks for Django native admin (not a replacement).
django-adminlogentries 0.1.1 6 A Django app that provides a ModelAdmin for django.contrib.admin's LogEntry model (with everything except the list disabled)
django-adminlte-admin 0.6.1 6 Django AdminLTE is a smart admin based on adminLTE and django
django-adminlte2 0.3.0 6 Admin LTE templates, admin theme, and template tags for Django
django-adware 1.0.0 6 A Django application that enables profit sharing
django-affect 1.1.0 6 Request flagging engine inspired by django-waffle
django-agnocomplete 0.12.2 6 Frontend-agnostic Django autocomplete utilities
django-agpl 4.0.0 6 Django application to assist GNU AGPL compliance
django-ajax-changelist 0.1.3 6 Django ModelAdmin extended to support editing selected fields via AJAX without leaving the changelist.
django-ajax-crawler 0.2dev 6 Handle page with dynamic data.
django-ajax-feedback 0.4 6 A pluggable user feedback app
django-ajax-filtered-fields 0.5 6 Django fields for many to many and foreign key ajax filtered relations
django-ajax-forms-mega 0.2.13 6 Provides support for doing validation using Ajax(currently with jQuery) using your existing Django forms.
django-ajax-model-listing 0.1.5 6 Ajax-based model listing for Django. Supports pagination, sorting and filtering. Needs jQuery. Docs coming soon. Demo project here:
django-ajax-redirect 0.1.0 6 AJAX redirection middleware and decorator for Django
django-ajax-validation 0.1.3 6 Provides support for doing validation using Ajax(currently with jQuery) using your existing Django forms.
django-ajaxcomments 0.2 6 Easily add AJAX-based comment functionality to a Django project.
django-akamai-storage 20141026.1 6 Django storage engine that connects to Akamai NetStorage.
django-aliyun-oss 0.3.1 6 django aliyun oss backend
django-allauth-microsoft 0.0.1 6 Microsoft OAuth2 provider for django-allauth
django-almanac 10.6 6 Almanac/weather management for the Django web framework.
django-alt 1.0.0b3 6 Scalable declarative approach to data validation and REST endpoints in Django.
django-amp 1.0.a2 6 A small toolset for rendering Google AMP pages for Django projects
django-angular-template-i18n-lint 0.1 6 Lint tool to find non-trans/blocktrans/|translate text in django/angular templates
django-announce 0.1.5 6 an Announce.js client for Django
django-answrs 1.1 6 A generic Djnago app to create a question and answer site
django-api-auth 0.4 6 django-api-auth leverages tokens for authentication and was built for use with the Angular HTTP Auth Interceptor
django-api-log 0.2.3 6 Django reusable app for record request/response information to database for alert and audit.
django-apitoken 0.2.2 6 Django app that helps manage geo-coding of model objects.
django-appcms 0.0.9 6 Templatetags for inserting django-cms placeholders in app templates.
django-append-url-to-sql 0.1 6 Appends the request URL to SQL statements in Django.
django-application-settings 0.2 6 Providing settings with default values in Django applications
django-appmedia 1.0.1 6 Handling django app media
django-arcutils 2.24.0 6 Common utilities used in WDT Django projects
django-ark 0.1.3 6 ark blockchain integration with Django
django-array-tags 0.2.2 6 Simple Tagging for Django using PG ArrayField
django-arrow-field 0.3.0 6 Django arrow datetime field
django-articleappkit 0.3 6 A set of classes to make creating text- or article-based Django apps easier.
django-assr 0.1.0 6 Django AWS S3 Signed Requests API with Django Rest Framework
django-attention 0.2 6 A small session-based flash notice system for Django.
django-audit-event 1.0.4 6 Model of event for audit purposes
django-audit-trails 0.1 6 A simple audit log pattern for django apps that doesnt conflict with migrations
django-auditable 1.1 6 audit records for django models
django-auditlog 0.4.5 6 Audit log app for Django
django-auditware 0.0.5 6 A Django application for monitoring user activities.
django-aurora 0.9.0 6 Django decorators and some other utilities.
django-auth-base-template 1.0.0 6 Switchable logged in/logged out base templates for Django
django-auth-gapps .1 6 Authentication with Google Apps Provisioning api
django-auth-ldap-ad 1.0.0b2 6 An application providing some template tags to add buttons to pages
django-auth-ldap3-ad 1.6.22 6 very simple authentication module for python3 / django / LDAP or AD
django-auth-logger 1.0.1 6 A tiny project to log login attempts. Log them only to standard logging - not the database.
django-authenticator 0.1.5 6 authentication client for django
django-authy 0.1.0 6 A Django app for integrating with authy
django-auto-api 1.1.1 6 Web APIs for Django, with one line of code.
django-auto-repr 1.1 6 Give Django models a useful __repr__
django-autocomplete-x 0.0.20 6 django autocomplete plugin
django-autolinks 0.1.0 6 App for storing links and automatic link extraction from markdown texts.
django-autoroutes 0.1.1 6 Module to automate routes for django projects
django-azure-storage 0.20.1 6 Django storage backends for Windows Azure blob storage.
django-azure-storage2 0.0.4.dev3 6 Django storage backends for Windows Azure blob storage.
django-backblazeb2-storage 0.4 6 Django BackBlaze B2 Storage
django-background-image 0.0.1 6 UNKNOWN
django-backtalk 1.0 6 A very simple comment app, forked from django.contrib.comments.
django-backup 1.0.1 6 A backup script for the Django admin
django-bakery 0.12.5 6 A set of helpers for baking your Django site out as flat files
django-bananas 1.2rc1 6 Django Bananas - Django extensions the monkey way
django-banklink 0.14 6 django application for Swedbank payment gateway
django-barricade 0.1.0 6 Simulate a slow connection
django-basic-apps 0.7 6 Django Basic Apps
django-basic-models 3.0.4 6 Useful basic models that any django app should need
django-basis 0.4.0 6 Simple reusable django app for basic model functionality
django-bbcode 0.1.0 6 BBCode support in Django
django-beanstalk 0.1 6 Django administration for beanstalk daemons
django-beautifulsoup-test 1.1.3 6 TestCase class for using BeautifulSoup with Django tests
django-behave 0.1.5 6 Django Test Runner for the Behave BDD module
django-betty-cropper 0.3.0 6 A Django app that provides fields for a betty-cropper server
django-bigfoot 0.2 6 A Django library for defining HTML building blocks (e.g., forms, form fields, tables) that can be easily rendered into HTML.
django-bind-middleware 0.1 6 bind json data to request.
django-binding 0.6.9 6 Django data binding backend
django-bisnode 0.0.1 6 Django package that helps in your Bisnode integration
django-blocks 0.1 6 Django Blocks will provide an easier way to build Web apps more quickly and with almost no code.
django-blog-sl 1.2.1 6 Yet another django blog.
django-blogger 6 A package to administer a simple blog via Django.
django-blogsmith 0.1.0 6 A micro-blogging app for Django.
django-bmemcached 0.2.3 6 A Django cache backend to use bmemcached module which supports memcached binary protocol with authentication.
django-bookmarker 0.1.0 6 Social bookmark linsk
django-bookmarks 0.1.0 6 A reusable Django app for bookmark management.
django-bootstrap-crud 0.1.1 6 CRUD support for Django-Bootstrap projects
django-bootstrap-datepicker 1.2.3 6 Bootstrap 3/4 compatible datepicker for Django projects.
django-bootstrap-datepicker-plus 1.0.0 6 Bootstrap 3/4 compatible datepicker for Django projects. tested in Django version 1.8 to 2.0.
django-bootstrap-datetimepicker 1.5 6 DateTime Picker to Django using Bootstrap Twitter and bootstrap-datetimepicker
django-bootstrap-email 0.0.1 6 Using Twitter Bootstrap in e-mail templates for Django projects
django-bootstrap-form 3.4 6 django-bootstrap-form
django-bootstrap-markdown-editor 1.3.1 6 An useful editor wrapped up in bootstrap for your forms
django-bootstrap-static-files 3.0.0 6 Twitter bootstrap static files for Django.
django-bootstrap-toolkit 2.15.0 6 Bootstrap support for Django projects
django-bootstrap3-form 0.5.0 6 Django-bootstrap3-form allows you write Django forms that work with Twitter Bootstrap 3
django-bootup 1.0.1 6 A Django bootup application that helps with quick and secure bootup of your django project.
django-boss 0.6.3 6 Django management commands, revisited.
django-botmanager 0.0.5 6 Async tasks for django
django-boxes 1.0b1.dev1 6 a reusable Django content-boxes application
django-braintree 1.3.4 6 Django app for interacting with the braintree API
django-brazil-fields 0.0.3 6 Biblioteca com os campos para os tipos de dados usados no Brasil.
django-breadcrumb-trail 0.9.0 6 Drop dead simple breadcrumb trails for Django
django-browser-info 1.0.1 6 Django middleware and view decorator to add browser info to the request object
django-brutebuster 0.1.8 6 Pluggable Django application providing password bruteforce protection
django-buttons 0.6.1 6 An application providing some template tags to add buttons to pages
django-buzz 0.4b 6 Django app to find What is hot and buzzing in a topic.
django-cache-extension 1.1.10 6 cache extension for django
django-cache-friendly-timestamp-signer 1.0.1 6 Signed URLs that can be kept in browser's cache
django-cache-nuggets 0.1.1 6 Useful utils for Django caching
django-cache-object 1.0.0 6 This django module gives similar functionality like in django.db.models.loading
django-cache-toolbox 0.3.0 6 Non-magical object caching for Django.
django-cached-functions 0.1.1 6 Prevent expensive computations by storing low level calues in the django cache
django-calaccess-campaign-browser 0.0.0 6 A Django app to transform and refine campaign finance data drawn from the California Secretary of State’s CAL-ACCESS database.
django-calaccess-campaign-finance 0.3 6 A Django app to refine and investigate campaign finance data drawn from the California Secretary of State’s CAL-ACCESS database
django-calaccess-lobbying-activity 0.2 6 A simple Django app browse California lobbying activity data from Cal-Access.
django-calaccess-parser 0.5 6 A Django app to download, extract and load campaign finance and lobbying activity data from the California Secretary of State's CAL-ACCESS database
django-calaccess-processed-data 0.1.5 6 A Django app to transform and refine campaign finance data from the California Secretary of State’s CAL-ACCESS database
django-calaccess-raw-data 1.6.2 6 A Django app to download, extract and load campaign finance and lobbying activity data from the California Secretary of State's CAL-ACCESS database
django-calaccess-scraped-data 0.1.2 6 A Django app to scrape campaign finance data from the California Secretary of State’s CAL-ACCESS website
django-callback 0.6.1 6 Django Callback
django-camera-imagefield 0.2 6 A Django widget for using a device's camera to get an image to upload
django-cart 1.0.4 6 Django simple shopping cart, tests and south migrations included
django-cart-improved 1.0.1 6 Django simple shopping cart, tests and south migrations included
django-case-converter 0.1 6 Django REST framework case converter
django-casper 0.0.4 6 CasperJS test integration for Django
django-cavalry 0.0.2 6 Performance tracer middleware for Django
django-cbv-helper 0.1 6 Collect class based views for Django
django-ccstraps 0.0.1 6 A rotating strap application for Django
django-celerybeat-status 0.0.10 6 A simple django admin extension that shows when your periodic are going to run next
django-centralniak-slugfield 0.1.5 6 Provides more handy support for slugs in Django models
django-cepfacil 0.0.1 6 A Django app that provides a wrapper to CEP Fácil web service.
django-cepwebservice 0.0.2 6 WebService de CEP para Django.
django-chamber 0.4.0 6 Utilities library meant as a complement to django-is-core.
django-changuito 1.2 6 A fork of django-cart with the same simplicity but updated
django-channels-ssl 0.1.1 6 An SSL-enabled development server for Django Channels
django-chargify 1.0.0 6 This is a generic SDK for hooking up with the Chargify API
django-chartflo 0.4.7 6 Charts for the lazy ones in Django
django-cherry 0.1.2 6 Run Django under the CherryPy WSGI server using django-boss.
django-chess 0.2.1 6 Django Chess
django-chimps 0.0.5 6 Django app to allow users to subscribe to MailChimp lists.
django-choice 1.0.3 6 Choices made simple for Django model and form fields
django-choice-object 0.9 6 A choice object for Django forms and models
django-choiceinput 0.1.0 6 Display preset strings as select tag right beside TextInput widget in Django
django-chosen 0.1 6 django FormFields using the Chosen javascript plugin for jQuery
django-chosen-mega 0.1.2 6 django FormFields using the Chosen javascript plugin for jQuery
django-chroniker 1.0.10 6 Easily control cron jobs via Django's admin.
django-chunks 0.1 6 Keyed blocks of content for use in your Django templates
django-chunky 0.1.7 6 Editable content chunks for Django
django-citadel 1.0.1 6 A Django app that provides an encrypted Model and ModelField
django-ckeditor-integration 0.0.1 6 Django CKEditor integration
django-classfield 1.1.9 6 Adds a class field to django
django-classification-banner 0.1.5 6 A django app that adds classification banners to your site.
django-classview-bootstra386 0.0.4 6 Django-Bootstra.386 generic template with class views
django-classview-bootstrap3 0.0.8 6 Django-Bootstrap 3 generic template with class views
django-classy-settings 2.1.1 6 Simple class-based settings for Django
django-clsview 0.0.3 6 Yet another class-based view system for Django.
django-cms-articles 1.2.1 6 django CMS application for managing articles
django-cms-base 1.0 6 An extensible CMS based on Django, including dynamic page fields in JSON datasets, multilingual localisation and publishing workflow.
django-cms-extensions 0.1.0 6 Useful extensions for Django CMS
django-cms-fakebook 0.1.0 6 Django CMS Facebook Plugins
django-cms-fancybox 1.0.2 6 A fancybox extension for Django CMS
django-cms-jplayer 0.1.10 6 Django-CMS JPlayer Plugin
django-cms-lite 2015.04.22.0 6 Simple Django CMS with very limited functionality.
django-cms-mailchimp 0.1 6 A simple mailchimp sign-up plugin for django-cms
django-cms-social-networks 0.1.0 6 Django CMS Social Networks Plugins
django-code-deploy 0.9.88 6 Deploys Django code to AWS based on tags
django-codemirror 0.1.1 6 Django form widget for CodeMirror text editor
django-coffee 0.0.4 6 Django Coffee
django-colour-field 1.0 6 JS Colour Field and Picker for django
django-comments-extension 1.2.1 6 contrib.comments extensions. Currently only provides edit functionality.
django-compass 0.1 6 Simple compilation of Compass projects for Django.
django-compositekey 1.5.0 6 Use Django with embedded database that have composite multicolumn primary key and multiple foreignkeys
django-compress 1.0.1 6 django-compress provides an automated system for compressing CSS and JavaScript files
django-compress-field 0.10.1 6 Automantic compress files after upload
django-concepts 0.7.2 6 django-concepts
django-concertina 1.0.1 6 Django template tag to provide concertina pagination.
django-conch 0.0.1 6 Expose the Django shell as an SSH server.
django-concurrent-server 0.1.4 6 Provides a multi-threaded (concurrent) development sever for Django.
django-condition-chain 0.0.9 6 Django Condition Chain app
django-conduit 0.1.1 6 Easy and powerful REST APIs for Django.
django-config 0.1.4 6 An architecture for maintaining multiple settings files in Django
django-confirmation 0.9-pre 6 Generic object confirmation for Django
django-conman 0.1.1 6 A lightweight CMS for django
django-consent-user-information 0.4 6 To store information about the user.
django-contact-plus 0.0.2 6 Core of cmsplugin_contact_plus extracted as a standalone Django app
django-contactware 1.0.1 6 A Django utility application that better handles contact forms
django-content-category 1.0.4 6 This django application gives category functionality. Can be used by other applications.
django-content-edit 2.0 6 A very simple way to let users edit content on the front end of a website.
django-contentadmin 0.2.0 6 Templatetags that let you modify text and images directly in the django admin
django-contentblock 0.1.1 6 A simple app that allows using Multilingual contentblock using Placeholders from django-cms
django-cookies 0.0.2 6 Drop-in replacement for Django's request.COOKIES
django-cors 0.1 6 Django utilities for handling Cross-Origin Resource Sharing.
django-couchdb-cache 0.2.0 6 CouchDB cache application for Django
django-countries-field 0.1.0 6 CountriesField in Django
django-country 0.1.0 6 Provides Django middleware that detects a country the request came from.
django-coverage 1.2.4 6 Django Test Coverage App
django-crashlog 0.1.0 6 Django custom field to implement the strategy pattern
django-cratis 0.9.1 6 Django-cratis is a way to group together django applications, so they form reusable features.
django-cratis-admin 0.1.1 6 Integrates django admin
django-cratis-admin-suit 0.1.0 6 Integrates django-suit theme to django-admin
django-cratis-base 0.1.5 6 Django-cratis is a way to group together django applications, so they form reusable features.
django-cratis-cms 0.1.1 6 Integrates django-cms into cratis application
django-cratis-common 0.1.0 6 Integrates django admin
django-cratis-filer 0.1.0 6 Integrates django-cms into cratis application
django-cratis-suit 0.1.3 6 Django-suit integration
django-crawler 0.1 6 A crawler using the Django Test Client
django-croppie 1.2 6 Application for easy croppie.js integration to django
django-crosswalk-client 0.0.4 6 Client companion to django-crosswalk.
django-crud 0.12 6 CRUD application for Django
django-cryptography 0.3 6 Easily encrypt data in Django
django-cspreport 0.1.11 6 Django app for handling reports from web browsers of violations of content security policy.
django-cssmin 0.3 6 CSS compression for Django.
django-ctemplate 2.0.2 6 Compile Django templates to C
django-ctrl 2.1 6 An implementation of Controllers for Django.
django-curator 0.1.1 6 Automatic Business Graphs for Django
django-currency-exchange 0.2.0 6 Django Foreign Exchange
django-current-request 0.2 6 For that time when you need the request
django-cursor-pagination 0.1.2 6 Cursor based pagination for Django
django-customcontent 0.2.2 6 A django app to allow users to add css/js/html chunks to a page based on the request.path
django-cyverse-auth 1.1.4 6 Authentication support for CyVerse Django applications.
django-dacks 0.1.0 6 Django hacks for faster coding.
django-dadaviews 0.1.1 6 A very simple class based views implementation for Django.
django-dagcategory 0.0.2 6 A simple library for creating tree like categories
django-dajax 0.9.2 6 Easy to use library to create asynchronous presentation logic with django and dajaxice
django-dajax-ng 0.9.4 6 Easy to use library to create asynchronous presentation logic with django and dajaxice-ng
django-dashboard 0.0.1 6 Real-time visualization for Django.
django-data-importer 0.1.0-p3 6 Generic, easy to use, file reader and importer with validations like Django forms.
django-data-importer-jl 0.1.6 6 Generic, easy to use, file reader and importer with validations like Django forms.
django-data-mirror 0.2.2 6 Allows caching remote API data in local Django models.
django-data-models 0.0.34 6 Django's DataModels
django-database-files 0.1 6 A storage system for Django that stores uploaded files in the database.
django-database-files-3000 1.0.3 6 A storage system for Django that stores uploaded files in both the database and file system.
django-database-files-ny 0.2.3 6 A storage system for Django that stores uploaded files in the database.
django-database-size 1.0.1 6 Monitor the size of database tables from Django admin.
django-database-storage-backend 0.0.5 6 A Django 1.10+ storages backend backed by your existing database.
django-datafactory 0.1.0 6 Django integration of datafactory
django-datatrans 0.1.5 6 Translate Django models without changing anything to existing applications and their underlying database.
django-datatrans-gateway 0.8.14 6 Integrate django with the datatrans payment service provider
django-date-range-view 0.1.1 6 provides a simple date range parsing django view
django-db-cascade 0.1.6 6 Optionally use postgres db ON CASCADE DELETE on django foreign keys
django-db-log 2.2.1 6 Exception Logging to a Database in Django
django-db-utils 0.1 6 Utilities for Django Databases
django-dbbackup 3.2.0 6 Management commands to help backup and restore a project database and media
django-debreach 1.4.2 6 Adds middleware and context processors to give some protection against the BREACH attack in Django.
django-debug-error-logging 2.1.0 6 Enable error logging in Django when DEBUG = True
django-debug-template 0.1.7 6 Project that helps you debug django template context
django-debug-toolbar-user-panel 1.1.1 6 Panel for the Django Debug toolbar to quickly switch between users.
django-debug-toolbar-user-panel-fc 1.0.1 6 Panel for the Django Debug toolbar to quickly switch between users.
django-declaration-middleware 0.1.0 6 Django application to force users to accepta declaration before accessing a set of urls
django-default-dont-cache 0.1.0 6 Opt-in caching for Django's per-site cache
django-delayedblocks 0.0.1 6 Django Delayed Blocks
django-demo 1.0.0-beta-1 6 Helper app to build a demo page for your django app
django-deploy 0.1.0 6 Django deployment utility
django-deserializer 0.11 6 A Django Mixin capable of deserializing a request's body into python data structures.
django-desktop-notifications 0.3 6 Django / NodeJS / Chrome / websocket ultra fast desktop notifications
django-develop 0.1 6 Django development for humans
django-developer-panel 0.1.2 6 Django bindings for the Django Developer Panel Chrome extension.
django-development-utils 0.1 6 utility commands for developing Django projects
django-directed-edge 2.0.2 6 Helpful Django-oriented sugar around around DirectedEdge's Python API
django-directory-logger 0.1 6 A package to help automate creation of testing in Django
django-directupload 0.0.11 6 A Django application that offers direct uploading of files from your forms using Uploadify.
django-disenchained 0.8 6 django-disenchained: free Django from the shackles of inefficient queries!
django-disqus 0.5 6 Export comments and integrate DISQUS into your Django website
django-disqus2 0.4.6 6 Export comments and integrate DISQUS into your Django website
django-distance 0.0.3 6 Django application to allow looking up objects by distance.
django-docopt-command 0.3.0 6 Django-docopt-command allows you to write Django commands using the docopt library. Docs at'
django-dont-vary-on 1.0.0 6 Library for Django to give you more control over Django's caching, and improving you cache hits and performance
django-dropbox 0.0.2 6 A Django App that contains a Django Storage which uses Dropbox.
django-dummy-plug 0.1.0 6 Dummies bone to be failed for testing django apps
django-dummyimage 0.1.1 6 Dynamic Dummy Image Generator For Django!
django-dump-http 0.0.1 6 Dump all Django HTTP requests and responses into files
django-dynamic-content 0.3.2 6 A reusable Django app that allows to place dynamic content into templates.
django-dynamic-decimal 0.1.0 6 Django Dynamic Decimal field
django-dynamic-dns 0.1.3 6 Machines on dynamic IPs can call this service at regular intervals (e.g. via cron) and when the server notices an address change it makes the relevant API call to update the DNS provider. Alternatively a simple DNS server is included which can be run instead of using an external DNS provider.
django-easy-auth 1.0.1 6 This app allows you drop in user authentication functionality using Django's built in views.
django-easy-currencies 0.2.1 6 Simple app to manage currencies conversion in Django using service.
django-easy-poll 0.0.1 6 Django easy poll application
django-easyextjs4 1.1 6 Django extension for ExtJS 4 and Sencha Touch
django-edumetadata 0.7 6 django-edumetadata
django-elfinder 0.2 6 Django connector for elFinder 2
django-email-test 0.0.3 6 An app for sending test emails via the admin site to make sure your email server is working.
django-email-token-auth 0.2.1 6 Simple email-token auth django app
django-email-user 1.0.1 6 Abstract models + utils to replace `django.contrib.auth.User` with a model that uses an email address instead of a username
django-email-usernames 1.0 6 Piggy back on django-registration and add email-based usernames.
django-emailauth 0.1 6 User email authentication application for Django
django-emailqueue 0.2 6 Django app for sending queued emails using cron
django-emails 1.0 6 Cron email sender.
django-encrypted-fields-python3 1.1.3 6 This is a collection of Django Model Field classes that are encrypted using Keyczar.
django-encrypted-settings 0.1.0 6 Thin wrapper around Python keyczar bindings which allows you to manage and use encrypted settings in your Django app.
django-enum 0.1 6 A utility for writing Django choice enumerations.
django-enumfield-ng 1.2.0 6 Type-safe, efficient & database-agnostic enumeration field for Django.
django-erd 1.0 6 Generates an Entity-Relationship diagram from a Django project
django-error-assist 0.1.4 6 Allows user to search the django errors on google/stackoverflow with a link.
django-error-handlers 2.0 6 Error pages for django project
django-es2015-transformer 0.1 6 A simple Django app to transform your js files from es2015 to es5.
django-eventy 0.1.1 6 A really simple event manager with no recurring abilities for django.
django-executor 0.0.1 6 Manage your django management commands easily within your browser
django-expense 0.2.2 6 A simple personal/family expense tracker application for Django.
django-expirefield 0.0.2 6 ExpireField for django models that will remove fields at regular intervals
django-export2 0.1 6 django-export can export results from the admin choosing with fields and relations to include. You can save your queries and share it with other users
django-extra-cbv 6 Extra class based views for Django
django-failclose 0.1 6 Application that makes Django a failclose system
django-faker-factory 0.0.1 6 A model instances generator for Django
django-faleconosco 1.1a 6 Aplicacao responsavel pela secao Fale Conosco de sites, portais, blogs, etc.
django-fallthrough-cache 0.1.4 6 A Django cache backend with fallthrough
django-fancy-apps 0.1.7b5 6 Django Fancy Apps
django-fbapps 0.0.1 6 Facebook Apps for Django.
django-fbrt 0.1.1 6 This package uses websockets and facebook API to let you create real-time application (e.g. a facebook-authenticated game). It is based on Fandjango and gevent/websockets using django-gevent-websocket. Readme is still pending. Sorry.
django-federal-reserve 0.1.7 6 Django model for storing Federal Reserve time series.
django-fedora 0.1.0 6 A Django web UI for Fedora 3.1 (
django-feeds 0.1.1 6 RSS/Atom feed scraper and entry speaker.
django-field-attributes 1.2.3 6 Django form field attribute substitute and widget class checker
django-field-cryptography 1.0.1 6 An encrypted field for Django.
django-field-editor 0.0.2 6 Django field editor.
django-file-keeper 0.0.1 6 file storage for management command in django
django-filebased-email-backend-ng 2.1.2 6 A better 'file' email backend for Django
django-filebrowser-django13 3.0 6 Media-Management with the Django Admin-Interface. Package for using without django-grapelli in Django 1.3
django-fileflatpages 0.1 6 Django App for storing FlatPage fixtures per file.
django-filepicker-model 0.1.2 6 Filepicker for Django without a frontend
django-fingerprinting 1.0.3 6 Replace names of static files and resources that are accessed from templates
django-firefence 0.1.0 6 A firewall for your Django views.
django-flatpages-plus 0.1.1 6 A more robust FlatPage app for Django.
django-fogbugz-gadget 0.1.1 6 A small Django app which allows your users to submit cases to FogBugz directly from your site.
django-foobar 1.0 6 Super awesome portable module for Django
django-force-error 1.0.0b1 6 Ready to use Django views that produce errors for testing your error reporting.
django-formtags 0.1.2 6 Customize form fields directly from templates
django-forum-app 0.7 6 Django forum app
django-fossil 0.8-stable 6 Fossil is a library to store fossilized tracks of objects from Django's ORM
django-freshly 0.1.2 6 A Django application that enables your server to remotely trigger assets reload by the client(s)
django-friendships 1.0.3 6 Simple solution for Django User Friendships
django-frienships 1.0.0 6 Simple solution for Django User Friendships
django-fstore 0.0.1 6 django_store
django-fulmine 0.1.1 6 Django OAuth 2.0 (RFC 6749) pluggable implementation
django-futures 0.1.0.dev1 6 Django asynchronous views and Tornado integration made easy.
django-generic-permissions 0.1.0 6 A generic permission framework for Django
django-geocoder 0.2.1 6 Python geocoder wrapper for Django, inspired by Ruby geocoder.
django-geoware 0.1.0 6 A Django application for handling GIS related data.
django-giji-auth 1.1.1 6 Authentication support for GIJI Django applications.
django-girls 0.0.1 6 Set of packages that allows to deploy into heroku (without local PosgreSQL database)
django-gist-embed 0.1 6 A simple Django app that comes with a gist-embed tag.
django-git-info 0.1.1 6 Get git information for your django repository
django-gmapi 1.0.1 6 A Google Maps API implementation for Django
django-gollum 1.0.1 6 Better Django Form HTML/CSS customization. For Python 2 or Python 3.
django-good-choices 1.5 6 Simple and convenient approach to "choices" in Django
django-google-analytics-reporter 0.0.6 6 An asynchronous Django google analytics reporter
django-google-authenticator 0.4 6 A Django app adding Google Authenticator feature
django-google-cloud-storage-lite 0.9 6 A deadly simple django storage backend for google cloud
django-google-storage-updated 0.4.0 6 Django storage for Google Storage
django-googleanalytics 1.0 6 Google Analytics templatetag for Django
django-googleforms 0.8 6 Application which help with parsing google forms.
django-googleplus 0.1 6 A plugable registration backend for googleplus. Closely modeled after django-registration
django-gplus-comments 1.1 6 Integrate Google+ comments into your Django website
django-granular-permissions 0.2 6 Django granular (row-level) permissions that inject themselves in a non-invasive fashion (without modifying the Django code)
django-gravatar 0.1.0 6 Gravatar Support in a Django Reusable Application
django-green-comments 0.1.8 6 Threaded comments application
django-gtfs 0.0.2 6 Django application to load/dump and more generally handle GTFS transit data specification
django-gtileoverlay 6 Create GTileOverlay images in Django for the Google Maps API
django-gtin-fields 0.1.2 6 Provides model fields and validation for GTIN codes (EAN, UPC, GTIN, ISBN)
django-gtm 0.1 6 Django app for Google Tag Manager
django-guardian-on-wheels 1.4.5.dev0 6 Implementation of per object permissions for Django. Minor fork to get wheels in Pypi
django-habitat 0.3.0a2 6 A powerful and smarter environment manager for django projects
django-heythere 1.0.1 6 Convient notifications for users.
django-hibpwned 0.1 6 Django password validator based on API
django-highlight-here 0.0.2 6 Templatetags to add 'here' classes to appropriate elements.
django-hijack-admin 2.1.7 6 Django admin integration for Django Hijack (
django-hitcounter 0.1.1 6 Django hitcounter tracks the number of hits/views for chosen objects
django-host-settings 0.3 6 A small Django app for managing local settings files for multiple hosts
django-hresume 0.1 6 A resume application for django, presented using the hresume microformat
django-hs-cache 0.1.2 6 HandlerSocket cache backend for Django
django-hs-sessions 0.1.1 6 HandlerSocket session backend for django
django-html5 1.0.0 6 HTML5 support for Django projects
django-http-cat 0.5 6 Fetch pictures from as error pages
django-icalendar 0.1 6 django-icalendar store events and serve iCalendar files following the standard in RFC 2445.
django-idmapper 0.2 6 An identify mapper for the Django ORM
django-iipimage 1.0 6 Django app to provide integration with IIPImage server
django-image-compressor 0.0.4 6 Compress static images from Django with Pillow
django-image-styles 1.2.2 6 Django image formatting tool.
django-imgur 0.0.2 6 A Django App that contains a Django Storage which uses Imgur.Inspired, based, and forked from django-dropbox
django-import-export-bat 0.5.2.dev0 6 Django application and library for importing and exportingdata with included admin integration.
django-importer 0.6 6 Data importers for Django models
django-inc 0.3 6 A more usable include tag for Django
django-indb-logger 0.1 6 Django app with in-database log handler
django-influxer-client 2.0.2 6 Modules and JS to work with Django-Influxer integration
django-initiate 0.1.1 6 Configure .gitignore and local_settings for a django project
django-inline 0.1 6 The Django backend for jeditable (
django-insertblocks 0.1.0 6 Django Insert Blocks
django-intercom-email-backend 0.9 6 Intercom email backend for Django
django-interim-cms 0.2 6 Django Admin Customisation
django-invitable 0.1 6 Reusable invitations app for Django
django-ipfilter 0.1-dev 6 A django application to filter ip addresses in views.
django-iphone-push 1.0 6 Add iPhone Push notifications to a Django Project quickly and easily
django-irs 0.1 6 An image rendering service for Django.
django-isbn-field 0.5 6 Provides a model and form fields to manage and validate ISBN numbers
django-jam 0.1 6 Front-end model admin views for Django
django-jcache 0.6 6 JCache support for Django
django-jcrop 0.0.2 6 ('Django app providing cropping functionnality with jcrop',)
django-jeaves 0.1 6 Django EAV using JSONField
django-jinja2loader 0.1.2 6 Jinja2 template loader for Django 1.2 and above.
django-jobs 1.1 6 A job board for Python
django-joinfield 0.1 6 A field type for Django models that allows joins to a related model without a foreign key.
django-jqm 1.0.0a2 6 Pluggable JQuery Mobile templates for Django
django-jsmin 0.2 6 JavaScript library minification for Django.
django-jsonapi-org 0.5.1 6 JSON API implementation for use with django
django-jsrender 0.2 6 Render Django templates into Javascript functions.
django-jstree-widget 1.0.2 6 Customizable widget to serve jstree with django.
django-jts 0.1.0-dev0 6 Django JSON Table Schema (JTS)
django-key 0.5.2 6 Simple, straight forward API key for django-piston.
django-klaus 0.1.1 6 Git web viewer app for django.
django-korektor 0.1.5 6 Google like "Did you mean" spellcheck proof of concept for Django app.
django-lastfmauth 0.1a2 6 Django app to let your website visitors register/login using LastFM authentication webservice.
django-lawnchair 0.1.2 6 Libraries to make working with Django and Lawnchair easier
django-lazycache 0.0.1 6 Caching for Django models.
django-lb-adminlte 0.9.6 6 Reusable AdminLTE templates library for Django
django-ldap-groups-bsc 6 A Django app for authenticating and authorizing against LDAP
django-leancloud-sms 0.3 6 A simple Django app use leancloud sms api
django-lightsearch 0.4 6 A modest searching application for Django
django-liststyle 0.2b0 6 Django admin changelist CSS styling
django-lite 0.2.0 6 A light version of Django.
django-loader-dumper 1.0.1 6 Commands for loading and dumping fixtures based on app names.
django-localdates 0.2.1 6 An addition to django that allows better presentation of date strings in a local way.
django-location-picker 0.2.0 6 A location picker field for the Django admin
django-locations 0.1.1 6 A location based social network using Django & Pinax
django-lock 1.1 6 A protection method for Django views or complete sites.
django-locks 0.0.1 6 Database and filesystem locks for Django
django-log-timings-parser 1.0.0 6 Parses your web server access logs, resolves your URLs against your django project, and tells you what URLs take a long time
django-login-as 0.2 6 Django Login As any user
django-login-required 0.1 6 A Django Middleware to protect all URLs behind a login
django-lookup 0.0.1 6 Lookup tables for Django models with management features and fuzzy matching
django-lutefisk 0.0.1 6 Django Lutefisk is a Django user account management app with an API.
django-mail-templated-simple 3.0 6 A simple reimplementation of "django-mail-templated"
django-mailchimp 0.1.30 6 Mailchimp wrapper for Django
django-mailhide 1.0.2 6 This is a django api for recaptcha mailhide ( ), an api for protecting email with captchas. I took code from I have created an easy to use app, and modernized layout a little bit.
django-mailify 0.1.0alpha2 6 Enhance the builtin Django mail functionality to include task queueing or deferment.
django-mailpers 0.1 6 SMTP / Email helpers for Django apps.
django-maintenancemode-2 1.1.11 6 Database-driven way to put your Django site into maintenance mode.
django-mangopay 1.0.0 6 Django package that helps in your Mangopay integration
django-marconi 0.1 6 A suite of tools for running a community radio website on Django
django-markdownme 0.1 6 A Django text editor with Markdown and file upload support
django-markdownx3 1.0.2 6 Simple markdown editor (without any UI controls) with image uploads (stored in MEDIA_ROOT folder) and live preview
django-marketing-redirects 0.9.0 6 Redirect URLs including query parameters necessary for marketing use.
django-marketplace 10.5.27 6 marketplace management for the Django web framework.
Django-Matcher 0.1 6 Matching search between objects
django-mathcalc 0.1 6 A simple app Django app to to do some basic calculations
django-media-albums 0.1.3 6 A photo/video/audio albums application for Django
django-media-bundler 0.3 6 Django application that bundles your Javascript/CSS, and sprites your icons.
django-mediasite 0.1 6 A simple Django app to list Web-based Articles.
django-memento 0.1 6 Simple reusable django app for logging events within a django project
django-messages-to-bootstrap-notify 0.2.6 6 Show django messages using bootstrap-notify
django-mga-schemata 0.1 6 This project adds the PostgreSQL schema support to Django. The schema, which can be seen as a namespace in which any database object exists, allows to isolate the database objects even when they have the same names. You can have same set of tables, indices, sequences etc. many times under the single database.
django-migration-control 0.1.2 6 Django migration control allows avoid unnecessary migrations such as changing help_text or verbose_name of fields
django-mini-cms 0.0.3 6 Minimalistic django cms
django-minio-storage 0.2.0 6 Django file storage using the minio python client
django-misc-helpers 0.1.12 6 Some django helpers
django-mixinvideos 0.1.2 6 Mixin for videos
django-model-audit 0.1 6 A simple Django app to manage history of models.
django-model-mixins 1.0.4 6 Simple helper to extend django models using mixins
django-model-template 0.1.1 6 An extensible top-down model templating framework
django-model-validator 0.1 6 A Django Mixin capable of converting dictionaries of data or lists of dictionaries, to clean Django model instances
django-mollom 0.1.1 6 A Django wrapper app for the PyMollom module.
django-moneyclip 1.0 6 Django library that allows for effortless caching and invalidation of models and functions based on signals. Depedent on Redis
django-mongorunner 0.1 6 Django testrunner for mongoengine
django-moreviews 0.1 6 Django class-based views that complement the built-in ones.
django-mp-comments 1.0 6 Django comments apps
django-mpdcontroller 0.1.2 6 A web interface to command the music player daemon service (mpd).
django-mptt-graph 0.3 6 Graphical representation of mptt models
django-multi-fk 0.1.1 6 Automatically update multiple foreign keys in the Django admin
django-multifilefield 1.0 6 Django model and form fields for storring html5 forms multiupload data
django-multilingual-ng 0.1.21 6 Multilingual extension for Django - NG
django-muzo 1.1.0 6 Django GP payment module
django-myrecaptcha 0.1.2 6 A smart Django application to add reCAPTCHA to your comment forms
django-nameko 0.1 6 Django wrapper for nameko microservice framework.
django-navbar 0.3.0 6 Reusable django application managing navigation menues with permissions, auto selection and crumbs.
django-navware 0.0.1 6 A simple yet effective navigation system for Django apps.
django-newsletter-form 0.2.1 6 Simple Django newsletter form for Mailchimp
django-newsroom 0.6-17 6 Newsroom management for the Django web framework.
django-next-previous 0.1 6 Django model mixin for easy retrieval of the 'next' and 'previous' objects.
django-nginx-remote-user-middleware 0.1 6 A drop-in middleware for Django which passes through REMOTE_USER variables set by reverse proxies
django-no-lazy-queries 0.1 6 Prevent Django from automatically loading related models
django-noaa 0.2.1 6 Django app for downloading and storing historical weather data from NOAA.
django-nodelete-model 0.1 6 No Delete Model for django
django-nodetree 0.1.1 6 Library to help creating API's that handle contents in a ordered tree data structure with Django.
django-notices 0.2 6 A message notification system for Django.
django-noun-project 0.1 6 Support for the Noun Project inside Django
django-nplib 0.1 6 Hopefully useful django decorators, middleware and misc utility functions
django-nullmailer 0.3 6 A django EMAIL_BACKEND for enqueuing mail in nullmailer spool system.
django-oauth 1.1 6 Support of OAuth in Django.
django-oauth10a-mod 2.2.10 6 Support of OAuth 1.0a in Django using python-oauth10a.
django-object-links 0.1.6-alpha-1 6 Easy Link and Menu management for Django sites
django-oidc-auth 0.0.11 6 OpenID Connect client for Django applications
django-on-chain 0.1.0 6 Django On Chain
django-onesky-trans 0.1 6 OneSky integration for your Django app
django-oopviews 0.2.0 6 django-oopviews provides a simple way to write Django-views in an object-oriented manner.
django-opencred 0.1 6 OpenCred integration for Django.
django-oracle-drcp 1.0.1 6 A Django database backend for Oracle with DRCP
django-oscar-fees 0.2 6 Apply fees to baskets and orders in django-oscar
django-osgeo-importer-client 0.1.0 6 Use GeoNode OSGeo Importer in your django projects
django-osmp 0.3.1 6 OSMP(Qiwi) Interface support for Django.
django-oursql 0.1 6 Django database backend for MySQL via oursql.
django-paginate 0.3.1 6 Django Paginate
django-paginator 0.2a3 6 A template tag that works with Django's Paginator class
django-panacea 0.1.2 6 Django caching middleware for NGINX httpredis module. Based on django-cacheops
django-pangea 0.1 6 Django model methods that you can execute everywhere
django-parting 0.0.2 6 Tools to help manage large database tables
django-passbook-an 0.2.2 6 Django Passbook server app
django-patchwork 1.1.0 6 Patchwork is a web-based patch tracking system designed to facilitate the contribution and management of contributions to an open-source project.
django-payme 0.1 6 Yet another merchant payment app for Django
django-paypal-adaptive 0.2.2 6 A pluggable Django application for integrating PayPal Adaptive Payments
django-pdf 1.0.2 6 A Django app for managing and processing PDF documents.
django-performance-tools 0.1 6 Tools for collecting performance data from Django apps
django-pg-bulk-update 1.0.0 6 Django extension, executing bulk update operations for PostgreSQL
django-pgpmailman 0.1.0 6 A web interface for the GNU Mailman PGP plugin.
django-pgsql-interval-field 0.9.4 6 Support for PostgreSQL INTERVAL for Django
django-photo-albums 0.21.1 6 Pluggable Django image gallery app.
django-photobooth 0.0.0-pre-alpha 6 Webcam interface for Django projects using UserBooth (
django-pipeline-rapydscript 1.0.0 6 Use rapydScript with django-pipeline
django-pipeline-typescript 0.2 6 Django Pipeline Compiler for Typescript
django-piston-cs 0.10 6 Piston is a Django mini-framework creating APIs.
django-placeholder 0.0.1 6 Simple placeholder for django projects
django-places 0.1 6 Place or Location management app for django
django-pluto 0.1 6 Pluto aims to provide an architecture to manually import articles from other feeds and provide them as a new feed or for integration into other parts of a Django project.
django-polarize 0.1.0 6 Generic ratings app for Django
django-political-map 1.0 6 Django application to store geolocalized places and organize them according to political hierarchy.
django-polls-pmerlo 0.1 6 A simple Django app to conduct Web-based polls.
django-popularity-ranks 0.1 6 Popularity and view counts management for Django objects.
django-postgres 0.0.1 6 First-class Postgres feature support for the Django ORM.
django-postgres-copy 2.3.1 6 Quickly move comma-delimited data in and out of a Django model using PostgreSQL's COPY command
django-postgres-pgpfields 0.0.3 6 PGP encrypted fields, which are encrypted by the pgcrypto postgres extension.
django-postit 0.3 6 django-postit is a scrumboard application for django projects
django-prefixfield 0.1.2 6 Adds a prefix field for use with Django models
django-prices-vatlayer 1.0.0 6 support for django
django-processedimagefield 0.1 6 Post-processing for Django ImageFields.
django-processengine 0.1.1.dev0 6 A simple Django app to run celery tasks as processes.
django-profile 0.0.3 6 Django user profile app.
django-profiles 0.2 6 User-profile application for Django
django-projects 0.6 6 django-projects is a Django web application for displaying documentation of a git project.
django-psi 0.2.1 6 Google Pagespeed Insights for your Django project.
django-public-holidays 0.1.5 6 Reusable public holidays for django projects
django-publisher 0.0.3 6 Django external publishing app.
django-pulseware 0.0.2 6 A Django health check application
django-pypayzen 0.1 6 Django app to manage payments with Payzen ETP
django-pyroven 0.9 6 A Django authentication backend for Ucam-WebAuth / Raven
django-pyston 2.8.0 6 Pyston is a Django mini-framework creating APIs.
django-qmanager 0.1.1 6 Create managers for Django models based on pre-defined queries.
django-qrlink 0.1.0 6 Django middleware/decorator to insert a QR Code image link
django-qrmixin 1.1.0 6 Provides a QR code generating mixin for django models
django-query-caching 0.1.1 6 Caches the results of SQL queries transparently.
django-query-exchange 0.5 6 Django application for handling GET query params for url creation
django-query-exchange-fc 1.0 6 Django application for handling GET query params for url creation
django-questionnaire 0.01 6 A django application for creating reusable web questionnaires
django-quickedit 0.1.1 6 Quick editing of fields in the django admin
django-raise-exception-view 1.0.1 6 Django view that raises an exception so you can test your logging setup
django-randsense 0.1.3 6 A Django app to create random sentences.
django-ranged-fileresponse 0.1.2 6 Modified Django FileResponse that adds Content-Range headers.
django-ranged-response 0.2.0 6 Modified Django FileResponse that adds Content-Range headers.
django-rating-stars 0.28 6 UNKNOWN
django-read-only-admin 0.1.2 6 Really full django read only admin implementation
django-readernaut 0.1 6 Django application which provides a template tag interface to the pyreadernaut package.
django-readonlywidget 0.2 6 A ReadOnly Widget for Django
django-readwrite 0.0.1 6 Read/write database splitting for Django, based on the HTTP request method.
django-realtime 1.1 6 an iShout.js client for Django
django-recurly 1.0.3 6 Django integration for Recurly, a subscription billing service.
django-redactor 0.2 6 Django application for
django-redis-cache 1.7.1 6 Redis Cache Backend for Django
django-redis-cluster 1.0.0 6 Full featured redis cluster cache backend for Django
django-redis-sentinel-redux 0.2.0 6 Full featured redis cache backend for Django for Sentinel Redis Clusters.
django-referrals 0.1 6 Tracking user referrals in a Django project
django-regex 0.2.1 6 Fields and utilities to work with regular expression in Django
django-registration-mobnum 0.8 6 An extensible user-registration application for Django originally authored by James Bennett
django-registration-py3 1.1 6 A Python 3 ready version of django-registration
django-relativefilepathfield 1.0.3 6 A Django FilePathField which stores a relative value to the file.
django-remix 0.1.1 6 automatic-content selection via URLs
django-renderform 0.1 6 Helpers for rendering Django forms in a flexible way.
django-representations 0.1 6 Django templatetag for representing models
django-request-data 1.0a1.dev1 6 Django handling of data submitted in a HttpRequest
django-request-logs 0.1.0 6 Access logging for Django, the right way
django-requirejs 0.1.0 6 Allows you to organize imports of your js scripts.
django-responsive-admin 0.2.8 6 A responsive admin for Django using Kube CSS
django-rest 0.0.1 6 Restful API for Django.
django-rest-autogen 0.2.9 6 A libarry to auto-gen rest-framework endpoint for all your django models.
django-rest-captcha 0.0.5 6 Simple captha for django-rest-framework
django-rest-invitations 0.1.0 6 Create a set of REST API endpoints to handle invitations
django-rest-raml 0.1.0 6 RAML Documentation Generator for Django REST framework
django-rest-test-data 0.2.0 6 Django app that exposes an API that lets you put the database in any (legal) desired state.
django-restapi-op 0.1.0 6 Django REST API modified for OpenProximity
django-restroom 0.0.2 6 Super lightweight REST API framework for Django
django-retracer 0.3 6 Store and restore old locations in Django.
django-reversion-patchman 2.1.1 6 An extension to the Django web framework that provides version control for model instances. Patchman version.
django-richcontentblocks 0.4.4 6 Simple (rich) content blocks for use on front end templates. With admin tool.
django-rolez 0.1 6 A simple Django app for grouping permissions.
django-rosetta-grappelli 1.0.1 6 Compatibility templates for django rosetta when using django-grappelli
django-roxyfileman 1.3 6 Integrate Django with Roxy Fileman
django-rts 0.1.1 6 A django app that provides building blocks to receive requests, transform data and send the response .
django-runner 0.1.1 6 Run arbitrary script within Django environment
django-rut 1.1 6 A simple Django template filter to format/unformat Chilean RUT
django-s3 0.1 6 Simple S3 storage backend
django-s3-policy-sync 0.2.0 6 Django middleware that synchronizes S3 policy to from files
django-s3fileup 0.5 6 Django app that exposes a file upload API to S3, direct from the client
django-sabayon 0.1.1 6 Django support for
django-sabridge 0.0.1 6 Provides SQLAlchemy access to Django models.
django-safespace 0.2.0 6 Exception catching and handling middleware for Django
django-saladoplayer 0.3.6 6 Django application for displaying spherical panoramas using SaladoPlayer flash viewer
django-sanitizer 0.4.1 6 Django template filter application for sanitizing user submitted HTML
django-scbv 2011.7 6 Simple (and sane) class-based views for Django
django-schedule 0.5b 6 A calendaring app for Django.
django-schedule-field 0.0.2.alpha 6 Schedule field for Django Form
django-schedule-frinat 0.6 6 A calendaring app for Django (frinat edition).
django-scripts 1.0.2 6 Various scripts to ease django development dj == Runs ./ from anywehere in the django project rs -- Runs (by default) ./ runserver from anywhere in the django project
django-searchify 0.4 6 Search integration for Django with a focus on indexing
django-searchview 0.0.1 6 Generic search view
django-secretkey 0.1 6 Secret key generator for Django.
django-sections 0.1 6 django-sections
django-select-by 0.1 6 Django lib from select populate by other field
django-selenium-clean 0.3.0 6 Write clean Selenium tests in Django
django-sentry-400-middleware 0.3.0 6 Django middleware to log 400 level errors to Sentry.
django-seo-cascade 0.5 6 Django SEO manager. Automatic sitemap generation, cascading meta tag blocks, and overrides via the django admin.
django-servee-tinymce 0.1.1 6 Inline Wysiwyg editing making use of a subclassed Django Admin
django-server-manager 0.1.0 6 Django Server Manager
django-server-side-piwik 1.0.1 6 Send analytics data to piwik using celery
django-server-timing 0.0.3 6 Django middleware that integrates Server-Timing header
django-session-stashable 1.0 6 Django model mixin that makes it easy to manage a list of objects associated with the current session.
django-setup-env 0.6 6 Tool to setup Django in standalone scripts
django-shapes 0.2.0 6 Upload and export shapefiles using GeoDjango.
django-shitty-forum 0.3 6 Forum in Django. Don't use it, it sucks.
django-shop-braintree 0.1 6 A Braintree payment backend for django-shop
django-shop-discounts 0.0.7 6 configurable and extendible discount app for Django-shop
django-shopcart 0.1 6 A simple app Django app to understand how shopping cart models work
django-signalmethods 1.0.0 6 Allows django signals to be used as methods
django-simple-aes-field 0.1.3 6 A SimpleAES encoded field for Django.
django-simple-announcements 0.2.2 6 Basic site-wide announcements for your Django project.
django-simple-captcha 0.5.6 6 A very simple, yet powerful, Django captcha application
django-simple-diff 0.0.2 6 Tracks model changes before save
django-simple-email-verification 0.1.2 6 A view decorator for verifying e-mail addresses
django-simple-feedback-collector 0.0.4 6 A simple feedback collector for Django
django-simple-gmap 0.1 6 Simple Google Maps Integration For Django
django-simple-keywords 0.0.1 6 django-simple-keywords
django-simple-news 1.1 6 News application for Django project
django-simple-profile 0.0.1 6 django-simple-profile
django-simple-redis 0.0.1 6 simplest way to connect to redis on a django application
django-simple-s3storage 0.1 6 A simple django storage backend for Amazon S3 built ontop of Boto.
django-simple-version 0.0.1 6 django-simple-version
django-simpleapps 0.6 6 Basic Django applications
django-singlerecord 0.1.1 6 Abstraction for models with only one record for Django
django-sisyphus 6 Sisyphus task processing queue django app.
django-sitefilter 0.0.1 6 Django app adding a global filter limiting admin content to selected site.
django-sites-tools 0.2.0 6 A Django app that provides tools for the contrib sites app.
django-slicepaginator 0.0.2 6 Slice page_range of default django paginator.page_range
django-slimmer 0.0.2 6 Html compression as middleware and view decorators
django-slug-helpers 0.0.3 6 A simple model for redirecting from old slugs
django-smart-autoregister 0.0.5 6 Automatically register models in the admin interface in a smart way.
django-smtp-ssl 1.0 6 SMTP SSL email backend for Django
django-snowshoestamp 0.1.0 6 A Django app for integrating with snowshoestamp
django-sns 0.1 6 management app for Amazon's SNS notification for the Django web framework
django-social-share-lijo 0.1 6 A package for django social share
django-softdelete-forked 0.7.1 6 Soft delete support for Django ORM, with undelete.
django-softdelete-redux 0.4.1 6 Soft delete support for Django ORM, with undelete.
django-softdeletev1 0.4.2 6 Soft delete support for Django ORM, with undelete.
django-softdeletev2 0.4.2 6 Soft delete support for Django ORM, with undelete.
django-source-revision 0.1.0 6 Django Source Revision
django-spoolgore 0.1 6 A django EMAIL_BACKEND for enqueuing mail in the Spoolgore daemon.
django-spotnet 0.1 6 A full-featured application for Django to handle spotnet posts.
django-spyglass 1.0 6 Distributed web content monitoring engine for Django
django-sql-inspector 1.0.1 6 Analyze and measure the SQL calls, used by your Django application
django-sqlpaginator-unknown 0.1.5 6 django app that does pagination and ordering using raw sql on a Model. It has the same API as the django.core.pagination.Paginator
django-squeeze 0.1 6 Squeeze JS/CSS files on the fly, for django
django-sstatic 0.1 6 Simple static files versioning for django.
Django-stackoverflow 0.1.7 6 Useful Django exception query with stackoverflow site
django-stage 0.0.1 6 Manage django stage settings.
django-staggered-selects 0.1.2 6 Staggered drop-down menus for the Django admin
django-staging 0.1.0-alpha 6 Django staging solution, for maintaining differents servers synchronized. Uses mercurial as backend
django-starter-box 0.1.0 6 Django starter box
django-stashboard 0.1dev.20141117.1520 6 Fork of Stashboard (GAE) modified for pure-django.
django-state-field 0.3 6 Django custom field for changing states
django-static-compress 1.1.0 6 Precompress Django static files with Brotli and Zopfli
django-static-management 1.3.0 6 An easy way of managing static (CSS and JS) assets in Django projects, including build scripts.
django-static-media 0.1 6 Test
django-static-site 1.0.1 6 static site generator for django
django-static-upstream 0.1.1 6 Django package to handle (serve, reference, compile) static files
django-staticfiles-timelinejs_static 2.18 6 Timeline.js meets Django staticfiles
django-stats 0.1 6 An app for keeping stats about anything within your django project
django-stocks 0.6.0 6 Parse XBRL filings from the SEC's EDGAR in Python
django-store 0.0.0 6 Placeholder for django-store
django-story-builder 0.2.6 6 Django project for creating CYOAs
django-stripe 0.1 6 A user subscription Django app that integrates with Stripe (
django-stub 0.1 6 A simple command line tool to streamline django project setups.
django-subdomains-chiniki 2.1.0 6 Subdomain tools for the Django framework, including subdomain-based URL routing.
django-subs 0.1.0 6 This is the app to hold email subscriptions. Usually it is subscriptions for comments.
django-subscription-manager 0.0.0-pre-alpha 6 Subscription framework for adding user-centric subscriptions and related signals to a Django project
django-suit-daterange-filter 0.0.4 6 Simplest possible date range filter for Django admin
django-sunlightcongress 0.1 6 A Django interface to the Sunlight Foundation Congress API
django-sunrise 0.0.1 6 An enterprise application development framework
django-super-cache 0.1a1 6 a page cache plugin, enable you to cache your single page to file or redis.
django-supergeneric 1.0 6 django-supergeneric is a small utility library that provides generic aggregator for five most used generic views for any model
django-support 0.2 6 Support filters/tags/etc. for django.
django-surfing 0.0.1 6 This reusable Django app introduces site tree, menu and breadcrumbs navigation elements
django-survey 0.0.3 6 A simple extensible survey application for django sites forked from
django-syncr 0.50 6 Synchronize Django with the web
django-system-monitor 0.5 6 View simple system statistics in django admin panel
django-tables 0.2 6 Render QuerySets as tabular data in Django.
django-tables-helper 0.1.0 6 Helpful table addons for columns and pagination.
django-tables2-simplefilter 0.1 6 Simple filters for django-tables2
django-tabs 0.1_pre 6 Manages tabs in Django templates
django-tag-manager 0.2.0 6 Tag management system for Django
django-tagging-ng 0.3.3 6 Enhanced tagging application for Django, based on django-tagging
django-taggit-bootstrap 0.1 6 Django Taggit widget with autosuggest support on top of Bootstrap 3
django-tastypie-jqgrid 0.1.1 6 Easily create full-featured data grids implementing CRUD with jqGrid as client-side library and django-tastypie.
django-tastypie-with-file-upload-and-model-form-validation 1.0.0-beta 6 A flexible & capable API layer for Django.
django-teamcity 0.1.2 6 send test result to TeamCity and provide Selenium support
django-technology-radar 0.1.0 6 A Django app for building your own Technology Radar.
django-tekextensions 0.0.2 6 A set of re-usable widgets and commands for django
django-telegram 0.1.0 6 A messaging framework that supports email, irc, notify my android and others
django-template-bootstrap 0.2.15 6 A django template based on twitter's bootstrap project.
django-template-finder-view 0.3 6 A view for automatically finding and rendering Django templates
django-template-korean 0.1.0 6 Django template filter for Korean via korean module
django-template-minifier 1.1.0 6 Python package, providing simple django template loader. It reduces HTML output in templates by stripping out whitespace characters between HTML and django template tags.
django-template-names 0.2.1 6 Django templates names list automatic helper
django-template-pages 1.0.2 6 Flat pages based on template directory structure for django.
django-template-test 0.1.1 6 A basic django template used for testing.
django-templates-admin 0.4.1 6 Edit project template files from the Django admin UI
django-term-field 0.2 6 Django term field(with from-to multi value).
django-terralego 0.1 6 Django mixins for Terralego services.
django-test-exclude 0.1.0 6 Easy application excludes for django projects
django-test-utils 0.3 6 A package to help testing in Django
django-testrecorder 0.1 6 Tool for generating tests for Django projects.
django-tethne-client 0.2.7 6 Python client for django-tethne JSON API.
django-theherk-updates 1.3.0 6 Django app for tracking and displaying updates.
django-tiendata 0.0.1 6 Django-based online store
django-tiendateca 0.0.2 6 Online Store Software for Django
django-timezones-op 0.2.dev2 6 A Django reusable app to deal with timezone localization for users modified for OP
django-timezones2 1.0.4 6 Timezone utilities for Django
django-tip 0.3 6 Inspector for Django Templates
django-todomvc 1.0.0 6 TodoMVC django app
django-token-auth 1.3.2b4 6 app that provides limited authentication via hash-type URL.
django-tokenfield 0.1.0 6 A token based form field+widget for Django
django-tombstones 0.1.13 6 Unintrusive soft-delete for django
django-topography 0.0.3 6 Introspects the URL structure of a Django application and produces a JSON-encoded description.
django-trackmodels-xls-ritual 0.0.3 6 XLSX report plugin for django-trackmodels-ritual
django-tracware 1.0.0 6 A Django application for tracking objects of all types
django-translation-client 0.3.4 6 Django translation client
django-treemenu 0.1.1 6 Another reusable app for organize tree menus on django site
django-trojsten-submit 0.1.0 6 Django app for storing submits and reviews, used in Trojsten seminary web apps
django-tsearch2 0.3.0 6 Postgresql's full text search support for Django
django-tweet-saved 0.8.1 6 post an update to twitter if a model changed in django
django-twisted 0.1.0 6 Django ORM + Twisted - Blocking
django-twitterflux 0.0.3 6 Retrieval and storage of recent tweets in Django.
django-twittersync-oauth 0.1.1 6 OAuth Plugin for django-twittersync
django-tz-unknown 0.5.dev1 6 Django timezones localization app based on global cache (similar to django.utils.translation)
django-uc 0.0.1 6 Django package that helps in your UC integration
django-und 0.1.0 6 Django Up and Down, django appto add upvote and downvote to models
django-under-maintenance 0.1 6 Setting you site Under Maintenance.
django-unusual 0.1 6 Allows django apps to raise HttpResponse objects as exceptions.
django-upyun-storage 0.0.1 6 django storage for
django-url-redirect 0.1.0 6 Simple redirect middleware for Django
django-url-tools-py3 0.2.0 6 Django helpers for dealing with URLs in templates
django-url-utils 1.0.0 6 Django template tags for manipulating URLs
django-urli18n 0.1 6 A reusable Django app to display the current activated language in the URL
django-urr 0.1.0 6 URL resolver utilities for Django
django-user-deletion 0.2.0 6 Management commands to notify and delete inactive django users
django-user-roles 0.1.0 6 Simple role-based user permissions for Django.
django-userprofile 0.0.6 6 Django user profile app.
django-users 0.1.0 6 This is a applications set that provides quick and flexible way to manage users in Django projects
django-usersettings 0.1 6 An pluggable application for Django to manage usersettings across apps.
django-userthemes 0.3.1 6 Django user themes application
django-uta 0.0.2 6 Unobtrusive Template Adapter
django-uuidfield-2 0.6.6 6 UUIDField for django models
django-uwsgi-mail 1.1.1 6 A Django backend for e-mail delivery using uWSGI Spool to queue deliveries.
django-variable-resolution-date 0.1.7 6 A django field that can represent either a year, or a year and a month, or a full calendar date
django-vault 0.0.1 6 A secure password store
django-vcs 0.1 6 A pluggable django application to allow browsing of code repositories.
django-vendors 0.2-0 6 Vendor management for the Django framework.
django-vhost 0.17 6 Generates virtual host configuration files for apache and nginx
django-videoembed 0.3.1-1 6 Easy embedding videos with Django
django-view-cache-utils 0.1.1 6 Django app that provides a method to do advanced view caching.
django-vitals 1.0.0 6 A django app that provides health check endpoints for vital services.
django-vocabulary 0.1.0 6 A Django app for providing controlled vocabularies for autocomplete widgets
django-wamp 0.0.1 6 Wamp Router and Client with Django Channels
django-wamp-router 0.0.1 6 Wamp Router for Django Channels
django-wbc 0.1.2 6 is a Django module for a collaboration platform about participation in urban planning.
django-webpack-static 0.1.2 6 Adds support for loading assets generated with manifest-revision-webpack-plugin
django-weed2 0.2.3 6 Weed-FS integration into Django as a storage
django-weui 0.0.1 6 play weui with django
django-with-asserts 0.0.1 6 Helpers for testing Django using context managers
django-wmd-editor 0.9.0 6 UNKNOWN
django-wordsmith 0.0.0-pre-alpha 6 Translation framework for adding flexible localisation capablities to a Django project
django-worldwide 0.0.1 6 A simple location app for Django that covers cities, regions, countries and more.
django-write-around-cache 0.3.0 6 Override Django's template cache at will
django-wtf 0.1 6 Django wtf utils
django-wysiwyg-forms 0.1.1 6 A What You See Is What You Get form editor for Django.
django-xappy 0.1 6 Bridges the Xappy/Xapian search engine library with the Django web framework.
django-xray 0.2.0 6 Xray is an developer helper tool for Django.
django-xsendfile 1.0 6 A Django application to serve files using xsendfile
django-yafinder 0.1 6 A collection of tools that make it easy to create index pages (archives) suitable for the frontend of a Django project.
django-yandex-maps 0.2 6 Django app for work with Yandex Maps service.
django-yearlessdate 0.3-beta 6 Django field for storing dates without years
django-youtube-tags 0.2 6 Custom Django template tags to simplify embedding Youtube videos and thumbnails
django-yubikey-admin 0.5.4 6 Yubikey Support for the Django Admin.
django-zipkin-trace 1.0.1 6 Automatically trace your Django application to Zipkin
django-zpayment 0.1.0alpha 6 ZPayment Merchant Interface support for Django.
django17-disqus 0.4.3 6 Export comments and integrate DISQUS into your Django website. Fix for Django 1.7. Thanks Arthur...
djangorestframework-csv 2.1.0 6 CSV Tools for Django REST Framework
djangorestframework-deep 0.1.1 6 Use DRF with embedded resources, both for reading and writing
djangorestframework-digestauth 1.1.0 6 Digest HTTP auth support for Django REST framework
djangorestframework-expiring-authtoken 0.1.3 6 Expiring Authentication Tokens for Django REST Framework
el-django-compress 1.0.3 6 django-compress provides an automated system for compressing CSS and JavaScript files, fixed strange doc file
forest-django 0.1 6 Forest connector for Django
gopay-django-api 0.5 6 GoPay implemenation of API for Django
kivy-django 1.9.1 6 A high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.
knesset-data-django 1.3.0 6 Django apps / modules for handling Israeli parliament (Knesset) data
lhj-django-shorturls 1.0 6 A short URL handler for Django apps.
marcio0-django-piston 6 Piston is a Django mini-framework creating APIs.
nydus-django 0.1.0 6 Connection utilities for Nydus and Django
onestep-django-app 0.1 6 installing a django app in single step
p4a-django 1.9.1 6 A high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.
powerlibs-django-restless 0.2.0 6 Set of tools to build a JSON REST API for Django projects
python3-django-user-roles 0.1.2 6 Simple role-based user permissions for Django.
raven-django-newauth 0.0.1 6 Sentry client for django application using django-newauth.
ridi-django-oauth2-resource 0.0.3 6 RIDI Django OAuth2 Library
simple-django-tequila 2.0.2 6 Simple django login backend for tequila
smtp2go-django 2.0.0 6 Library for interacting with the SMTP2Go API via Django.
sw-django-rest-auth 0.0.29 6 Soft Way company django restfromework authentication service package.
tivix-django-invitation-simplified 0.0.2 6 Simple Django app to allow user registration by invitation.
TravelTogether-Django 0.1.Alpha 6 Simple carpool webapp using Django
upyun-django 0.0.2 6 django upyun support
usethis-django-bootstrap 6 Bootstrap 3.3.5 for Django with themes and theme chooser.
yet-another-django-cart 1.0.3 6 Django simple shopping cart, tests and south migrations included
accordion_presentation 1.0.1 5 It is a simple horizontal accordion for django cms
active-sessions 1.1.6 5 Shows the online users in the system using Django
admin-timeline 0.5 5 Facebook-like timeline for Django admin
admin-tools-zinnia 0.1 5 Admin tools for django-blog-zinnia
adminlettuce 0.0.6 5 Displays lettuce features as documentation in Django admin.
adrest 3.3.2 5 Adrest - Another Django REST. Simple application for quick build REST API.
ai-django-core 1.1.5 5 Lots of helper functions and useful widgets.
ai-django-fileupload 0.0.12 5 Integrate jQuery fileupload
alms 1.0 5 A Django Based Library Management Software written for Nepali reading users
ambition-django-db-readonly 1.0.1 5 Add a global database read-only setting.
ants 0.0.7 5 A human spider framework base on django
anyit.djattributes 0.3.1 5 Attributes and a persistend dict type for django models in a JQuery inspired syntax.
apilimiter 1.0.6 5 View limiter for django
apostello-cli 1.10.0 5 sms communication for churches, built with django
appenlight-client 0.6.25 5 Client for AppEnlight reporting - WSGI applications and django monitoring (
appodeal 0.9.3 5 Django views for Appodeal integration
appoptics 2.0.4 5 AppOptics libraries, instrumentation, and web middleware components for WSGI, Django, and Tornado.
asparagus 0.1.0 5 Django middleware to log object leaks
asv_files dev-20121101-01 5 Module for: * Connecting files to articles and other django models through ContentTypes. * Ajax multi-upload FormField and custom ModelField
asv_imgs dev-20121101-01 5 Module for connecting images to articles and other django models trought ContentTypes.
asv_seo dev-20121101-02 5 This is a title, keywords, descriptions connecting to any django model by ContentTypes.
asv_txt dev-20121101-01 5 This module helps you for attaching text fields to any django models trought ContentType. In this fields You may use Creole wiki markup and some additional macroses, as <<img NNN>> <<yt key>>
atl-hello-world-component 0.1.dev3 5 This is a simple example of atl-django-component
auth-signals-connector 0.1.0 5 Simple abstraction layer for django.contrib.auth.signals
auth_functional 0.1.0dev 5 Functional library for working with authentication and authorization in django
autotask 0.5.4 5 A django-application for handling asynchronous tasks.
awss3filebrowser 0.1 5 awss3browser is a simple Django app to browser AWS S3 BUCKET
base_bridge 1.0 5 A base bridge between django framework and our private application.
bitmazk-contact-form 1.3 5 A reusable contact form app for Django. Can be used with a modern user-friendly spam protection.
blanc-admin-theme 1.0.2 5 Blanc's theme for the Django admin.
blocky 0.0.2 5 Block rendering for flask and django using jinja2.
Blogmaker 0.6 5 Blog application for Django
blognajd 1.1.1 5 Simple django blogging application
boletin 0.5.1 5 Newsletter generation and sending application for Django
bootstrap_admin 0.3.9 5 Responsive Theme for Django Admin With Sidebar Menu (Django 1.11)
bootstrap_admin_legacy 0.1.4 5 Bootstrap theme for Django admin
brillixy 0.6.2 5 Customizations for Django admin interface.
bungiesearch 1.3.0 5 A Django elasticsearch wrapper and helper using elasticsearch-dsl-py high level library.
cache-dependencies 5 Cache-dependencies (former Cache-tagging) allows you easily invalidate all cache records tagged with a given tag(s). Supports Django.
candideitorg-django 0.0.1 5 UNKNOWN
cassango 5 Django cassandra Engine, the cassandra backend for Django
catalpagination 2.2 5 A fork of
celery-redis-task-monitor 0.2.0 5 Celery Task Monitor for Django
centralsession 0.3.0 5 A redis based session storage that works for flask and django
checklists 0.4.12 5 A reusable Django model for managing checklists of birds.
chordgenerator 0.8 5 A Django app for enumerating chords in a scale.
cmsmenu-redirect 0.1 5 Django CMS Menu Plugin for Django Contrib Redirects
cmsplugin-accordion 0.2.2 5 django-cms plugin that allow to create accordions on the frontend.
cmsplugin-blog-authors 0.1 5 Allows to add django-people objects to a cmsplugin-blog Entry.
cmsplugin-bootstrap 0.1 5 Bootstrap plugins to DjangoCMS
cmsplugin-bootstrap-carousel 0.2.2 5 Bootstrap carousel plugin for django-cms
cmsplugin-configurableproduct 0.0.11 5 DjangoCMS plugin for django-shop-configurableproduct
cmsplugin-contact 1.1.1 5 Extendable contact form plugin for Django CMS with spam protection and i18n
cmsplugin-demo 1.0.9 5 Extendable demo form plugin for Django CMS with spam protection and i18n
cmsplugin-embedded-menu 0.0.7 5 DjangoCMS plugin for embedding menus in placeholders
cmsplugin-embedded-pages 0.0.4 5 DjangoCMS plugin that allows for embedding other pages in placeholders
cmsplugin-filery 1.0.1 5 Image gallery based on django-filer
cmsplugin-frequently 0.2 5 django-cms plugin and apphook for the django-frequently app.
cmsplugin-googleform 0.1 5 Django CMS Plugin for Google Forms
cmsplugin-googlegroups-widgets 0.1 5 Google Groups widgets for django-cms 2.2
cmsplugin-image-gallery 0.7.2 5 A reusable Django app adding django-filer-based galleries to Django-CMS.
cmsplugin-link-extended 0.2 5 Extends the link plugin of django-cms.
cmsplugin-markdown 0.1.5 5 A plugin for django-cms that aims to replace the standard text plugin with it's WYSIWYG editors. With cmsplugin-markdown you can write your content in Markdown using EpicEditor (
cmsplugin-nvd3 0.5.2 5 Insert nvd3 charts into django-cms driven websites
cmsplugin-pdf 0.5.1 5 A reusable Django app to add PDFs to Django-CMS.
cmsplugin-phlog 0.3.1 5 Django CMS Plugin for Photologue galleries
cmsplugin-poll 0.4 5 Simple poll plugin for django-cms 2.2
cmsplugin-price 1.0.5 5 Extendable price form plugin for Django CMS with spam protection and i18n
cmsplugin-randomquote 0.1.3 5 Random quote plugin for the django CMS.
cmsplugin-redirect 0.2.1 5 A reusable Django app to add custom redirect actions to Django-CMS.
cmsplugin-section-ai 0.1.0 5 Django CMS Section Plugin
cmsplugin-simple-markdown 1.6 5 A plugin for django-cms that provides just a markdown plugin and nothing more.
cmsplugin-ss-grid 0.1.0a7 5 Bootstrap grid plugin for djangocms
cmsplugin-ss-icon 0.1.0b1 5 Add support for font awesome icons to django cms
cmsplugin-template-placeholder 0.1 5 A django-cms plugin with a better placeholder tag.
cmsplugin-viadeo-resume 0.4 5 Viadeo resume plugin for django-cms 2.2
cmsplugin-video-gallery 0.1 5 A reusable Django app to display video plugins in placeholders or a video gallery with cms apphook.
cmsplugin-yandex-maps 0.4.4 5 Rich functionality Yandex Maps plugin for Django-CMS
cmsplugin_filer_album 0.0.5 5 DjangoCMS filer plugin for show albums with template selection
cmsplugin_iconlist 0.1.0b2 5 A djangocms plugin displaying a list of font awesome icons
cmsplugin_instagram 0.0.12 5 A djangocms plugin displaying images of an instagram account
cmsplugin_multipinmap 0.1.0 5 A djangocms carousel slider plugin.
cmsplugin_oembed 0.1.0b6 5 Responsive video embedding for djangocms
cmsplugin_seocheck 0.1.0.a1 5 A djangocms plugin to check your page's SEO properties
cmsplugin_simpleslider 0.1.0b5 5 A djangocms carousel slider plugin.
cmsplugin_tab_ui 1.0 5 Tab plugin for django cms with Jquery ui
cmsplugin_zinnia 0.8.1 5 Django-CMS plugins for django-blog-zinnia
cmsutils 0.6.6 5 Cmsutils for Django is a bundle of models and templates for Django projects in need of some Content Management System features.
codehosting 1.13 5 Django codehosting application for developer sites
common-tags 1.0.3 5 Common templatetags provides for Django
completeit 0.0.1 5 django_completeit
compressor_requirejs 1.5 5 Library for django compressor, which helps to build requirejs
contact_widget 1.0.0 5 A simple contact form widget for Django
cow 1.0.7 5 Yuge heifer-like bloated CMS - now with more django, S3, Lambda friendliness!
crispy-forms-semantic-ui 0.2.0 5 Semantic UI templates for django-crispy-forms.
crudlfap 0.1.2 5 2017 OOAO DRY BUZZWORDS FOR DJANGO 2.0 with Material design
csvImporter 5 Convert csv files into python object or django model
d2a 0.0.6 5 it converts a django model to a sqlalchemy declaration
dal_admin_filters 0.2.2 5 Django autocomplete light filters for django admin
dartcms 0.1.9 5 DartCMS - open-source content management system for Django
data-importer 3.0.2 5 Simple library to easily import data with Django
datafilters 0.3.3 5 Neat QuerySet filter for django apps with filterforms based on django forms
db-obcuscate-id 0.1 5 A reusable Django app that psuedo encrypts your id from a database level.
dcengine 1.0.2 5 Wrapper for django-channels for creating websocket engines.
ddf 0.0.0 5 Dynamic forms for Django
Discipline 0.9.1 5 Discipline: model version control for Django
dj 0.1 5 This is a namespace package for extra Django packages. Feel free to use it.
dj-blog 0.3.1 5 a very basic blog app for a django project
dj-cmd 1.0.0 5 `dj cmd` is a shortcut for Django's `python` commands.
dj-environ 0.0.1 5 Dj-environ allows you to utilize 12factor inspired environment variables to configure your Django application.
dj-extensions 0.1.6 5 Yet another Django extension with set of generic reusable, pluggable mixins
dj-git 0.3 5 A simple Django app to manage your Git projects.
dj-kits 1.0.3 5 this is a test package for packing django liberaries tutorial.
dj-labeler 1.1.0 5 A Django library to externalize translation strings from models and forms.
dj-n3-templateplugins 0.3.1 5 Extensible Template Plugins for Django
dj-pagination 2.3.2 5 Django + Pagination Made Easy
dj-riak-sessions 0.3.0 5 Django session backend that stores sessions in a Riak database
dj-stripe 1.0.0.post1 5 Django + Stripe Made Easy
dj-stripe-kando 1.0.0.dev3 5 Django + Stripe Made Easy
dj-termsearch 0.2.0 5 Simple term searches for Django CBV's.
dj-twilio-sms 2.1.0 5 Twilio SMS Integration for Django
dj-twiml 0.1.3 5 Create Twilio TwiML views in Django
dj-vault 0.1.6 5 Django Vault
dj-vga-w1 0.0.22 5 The Django learning program project - a site where the usescan take tests, and the admins can maintain configurationsfor these tests
dj.choices 0.11.0 5 An enum implementation for Django forms and models.
dj.subcommand 0.0.3 5 Django subcommand
dj12 0.3.0 5 12factor config support for Django
djaccount 0.0.5b1 5 Django account manager
djadmin_export 0.2.0 5 Export functions for Django admin
djaml 1.1 5 A Django template loader for loading and converting HamlPy markup to HTML
djangae 0.9.10 5 Django integration with Google App Engine
django-AB-project 1.1.0 5 Simple and easy-to-use project for A/B testing.
django-abstract-utils 0.0.1 5 UNKNOWN
django-account-manager 0.0.3 5 Experimental implementation of Account Management and Session Identification of Mozilla Labs
django-accounts-cbv 2.0 5 Account login, logout, and password reset.
django-acl 0.1.3 5 ACL (Action Control List) permission handling.
django-actions 0.0.5 5 UNKNOWN
django-activation 0.1.2 5 Simple activation of users.
django-activity-stream 0.6.5 5 Generate generic activity streams from the actions on your site. Users can follow any actors' activities for personalized streams.
django-activity-stream-lab 0.6.4 5 Generate generic activity streams from the actions on your site. Users can follow any actors' activities for personalized streams.
django-adaptive 1.0.2 5 Manages to load templates according to the type of device to a specific directory prefix.
django-addendum 0.5.2 5 Simple template-based content swapping for CMS-less sites
django-admin-additions 1.0.2 5 Admin additions.
django-admin-exporter 0.2.1 5 Simple admin actions to download/export selected items in CSV, JSON, XML, etc.
django-admin-favorite 0.1.1 5
django-admin-gitlog 0.2 5 Display a `git log` in your admin
django-admin-jqueryui 1.8.22 5 Simply adds a jquery ui to the admin panel
django-admin-locking 0.8 5 A reusable app for locking objects within the admin while another editoris editing the page.
django-admin-log 0.2 5 Application that logs errors generated in a web system into a model. The model is displayed in the administrator.
django-admin-notifications 0.6.3 5 A simple app to allow apps to register notifications that can be displayed in the admin via a template tag.
django-admin-ordering 0.8.1 5 Orderable change lists and inlines done right^Wsimple
django-admin-permissions 0.2.1 5 Very simple extension that adds a permissions check on the field in admin
django-admin-utils 0.3.0 5 Utility code and patterns.
django-aftermath 0.1.3 5 Execute commands after tests are completed.
django-agent-trust 0.3.1 5 A framework for managing agent trust, such as public vs. private computers.
django-aislug 0.2.2 5 Intelligent slug computing
django-ajax-loading-overlay 0.1.2 5 Uses JS to add/remove a loading overlay during Ajax calls
django-ajax-upload-widget 0.5.5 5 Provides AJAX file upload functionality for FileFields and ImageFields with a simple widget replacement in the form.
django-ajaxify 0.0.1b 5 Rendering helpers for AJAX enabled views
django-ajaximage 0.2.8 5 Upload images via ajax. Images are optionally resized.
django-ajaxutils 0.2 5 Ajax requests for Ponies
django-allowedsites 0.1.0 5 dynamic ALLOWED_HOSTS
django-aloha-editor 1.1.0 5 A set of project independent reusable features.
django-altauth 0.4.1 5 UNKNOWN
django-amazon-price-monitor 0.7 5 Monitors prices of Amazon products via Product Advertising API
django-analyze 0.4.23 5 A general purpose framework for training and testing classification algorithms.
django-annotator 2.0.0 5 Implementation of annotatorjs's Storage/Search API.
django-anonymized-activity-log 0.0.19 5 Anonymous HTTP logging.
django-any-urlfield 2.4.2 5 An improved URL selector to choose between internal models and external URLs
django-api-playground 0.1.0 5 API Playground for RESTful APIs
django-apihangar 0.1.1 5 through-the-web creation of templated sql->json APIs for querying data
django-apollo-forms 1.9.0 5 Simple CMS for forms
django-app-defaults 1.1 5 A library for managing apps and projects default static settings.
django-appconf 1.0.2 5 A helper class for handling configuration defaults of packaged apps gracefully.
django-appypod 1.0.0 5 Render OpenDocument files from templates, using Appy POD
django-arcgis-marketplace 0.0.13 5 Arcgis marketplace app.
django-arquea 2.4.16 5 Sistema administrativo do ANSP
django-asset-server-url 0.1 5 Provides the URL for an asset server, as a template context variable.
django-assetfiles 0.8.0 5 Drop-in replacement for staticfiles which handles asset processing.
django-assets-toolkit 0.1.2 5 A development toolkit for compiling sass and coffee script files.
django-async-messages 0.3.1 5 Send asynchronous messages to users (eg from offline scripts). Useful for integration with Celery
django-async-messages-redux 0.4.0 5 Send asynchronous messages to users (eg from offline scripts). Useful for integration with Celery.
django-asyncmailer 1.6.1 5 Async email solution w/ multiple SMTP credentials, load-balancing and blacklist.
django-atc-api 0.1.6 5 REST API for ATC
django-atc-demo-ui 0.1.6 5 Demo Web UI for ATC
django-atc-profile-storage 0.1.6 5 ATC Profile storage app
django-athumb 2.4.1 5 A simple, S3-backed thumbnailer field.
django-attributes 0.2.0 5 A reusable applicaton to add arbitrary attributes to a model. Idea yoinked from Satchmo
django-audioblock 1.1.0 5 Audio PageBlock
django-auth-additions 0.7.3 5 Additions (monkey-patches) to auth models.
django-auth-email 0.0.1a5 5 Authentication using email only
django-auth-wall 0.2.0 5 Puts your staging site behind a basic auth layer.
django-auth0-auth 2.4 5 Authenticated users using Auth0.
django-authsch 0.8.6 5 Easy-to-use auth.sch client.
django-auto-mutations 0.0.1 5 Auto generate gql mutations for your models using graphene
django-autofixture 0.12.1 5 Provides tools to auto generate test data.
django-autoload-fixtures 0.2 5 This library allows you to load initial Fixtures automagically after the South migrate your Model.
django-average 0.0.5 5 Framework para acompanhamento e visualização de Estatísticas.
django-awesome-snippets 0.4 5 A decorator to generate and cache html snippets
django-aws-message 0.2 5 An application on which to build AWS SQS endpoints and SQS gatherers
django-azure-ad-auth 1.3.1 5 Authenticated users using Azure Active Directory.
django-background-task 0.1.8 5 Database backed asynchronous task queue
django-background-tasks 1.1.13 5 Database backed asynchronous task queue
django-baker 0.21 5 Management command that generates views, forms, urls, admin, and templates for models
django-balanced 0.1.10 5 Payments platform for marketplaces
django-banner 0.3.3 5 A simple banner module.
django-banner-simple 0.1 5 Simple banner system
django-basecontact 0.1.0 5 Abstract contact form classes to provide a contact form backend and mailing functionality
django-basic-blog 0.17 5 A stupid-simple blog app.
django-batch-select 0.2.4 5 batch select many-to-many and one-to-many fields (to help avoid n+1 query problem)
django-batch-session-cleanup 0.1.1 5 Tool to clean up expired sessions gracefully
django-better-filter-widget 0.4.2 5 A better filter widget for foreign key relationships
django-betterforms 1.1.4 5
django-bigfeat 0.1.1 5 Custom field to add multiple boolean features using a BigIntegerField.
django-bingo 1.6.0 5 Bingo
django-bingo-autotopic 1.0.4 5 Bingo Autotopic
django-bingo-tweets 1.0.1 5 Bingo Tweets
django-binhash 0.1.1 5 Work with hexadecimal, store in binary, using half of the data size.
django-birthday 0.1.2 5 Helper field and manager for working with birthdays
django-blakey-utils 0.0.11-pre-alpha 5 Common utilities for Blakey project
django-blawg 0.0.1 5 Simple blogging application
django-blog-it 0.3 5 A simple installable app for writing blog posts
django-boolean-sum 0.2 5 UNKNOWN
django-bootstrap-base-template 0.0.1 5
django-bootstrap-submenu 0.1.7 5 bootstrap-submenu
django-bosssearch 1.1 5 Search with Yahoo BOSS!
django-botscout 0.0.2 5 UNKNOWN
django-bouncy 0.2.6 5 A way to handle bounce and abuse reports delivered by Amazon's Simple Notification Service regarding emails sent by Simple Email Service
django-boundaryservice 0.1.11 5 A reusable system for aggregating and providing API access to regional boundary data.
django-bower-app 0.5 5 Library to manage bower.json dependancies with ease
django-brancher 0.1 5 UNKNOWN
django-bread 0.5.1 5 Helper for building BREAD interfaces
django-bricks 0.2.3 5 A short description for your project.
django-brotli 0.1.3 5 Middleware that compresses response using brotli algorithm.
django-buckets 0.1.24.post1 5 Upload files to S3 using pre-signed URLs.
django-budget 0.8.18 5 A tool to help newsrooms manage their content, from pitch to planning to production.
django-buildout-sample-mfx 0.1 5 A random test lib
django-bursar 1.0-0 5 bursar
django-cache-headers 0.3.3 5 Configurable middleware to add HTTP caching headers for URL's.
django-cache-results 0.9 5 A microlibrary to ease cache storage and retrieval
django-cached-modelforms 0.2.2 5 ModelChoiceField implementation that can accept lists of objects, not just querysets
django-caddstat 0.1 5 Bringing statistics to your CADD projects
django-careermapblock 0.4.0 5 Career Map Activity PageBlock
django-carson 0.2 5 Easily store and display tweets from a set of users or tweets about a given topic
django-cas-cache 0.1.13 5 UNKNOWN
django-cas-provider 0.3.1 5 A "provider" for the Central Authentication Service (
django-categories-i18n 1.1 5 Translatable Categories model
django-cats 0.2 5 UNKNOWN
django-cbvpatterns 0.1 5 A better patterns() for classbased views
django-central-message 0.1.3 5 Wrapper for extends-messages to send to multiple users (all for now) from the admin page..
django-cep 1.1.2 5 Address fields autofill app for forms using brazilian CEP field.
django-cerial 0.0.4 5 UNKNOWN
django-chaas-backend 0.0.3 5 Changelog as a service
django-chainable-manager 0.5.0 5 Chainable methods on Model managers
django-charsleft-widget 0.1.6 5 Custom widget that limits the number of characters that can be entered in a textarea field
django-chart-tools 1.0 5 A thin wrapper around Google Chart API that tries not to invent a new language for describing charts.
django-chat 0.1.0 5 Simple chat
Django-Chuck 0.2.3 5 Your powerful project punch button
django-chunkator 1.3.0 5 Chunk large QuerySets into small chunks, and iterate over them without killing your RAM.
django-city 0.0.4 5 Fixed CityAdminMixin change_view error
django-ckeditor-link 0.1.5 5 better link dialog for ckeditor
django-class-backed-field 0.1 5 This project has a field which extends a charfield and will pass the string stored in the database to the constructor of the object specified
django-classbasedsettings 1.5.0 5 Use classes to define settings.
django-classifier 0.2.1 5 Flexible constructor to create dynamic list of heterogeneous properties for some kind of entity. This set of helpers useful to create properties like contacts or attributes for describe car/computer/etc.
django-classroom 0.1.6 5 An application for managing classroom details on a school website.
django-clearable-widget 0.1.5 5 Custom widget to add a (x) clear button to your input fields
django-clever-pages 0.3.1 5 App for create pages
django-client-errors 0.0.5 5 Automatic javascript error tracking with browser and device information.
django-cloudmailin 0.1.1 5 Client for CloudMailin incoming email service
django-cml 0.3.4 5 App for data exchange in CommerceML 2 standard..
django-cms-ajax-text-plugin 2.1.0 5 UNKNOWN
django-cms-named-menus 0.1.12 5 Allows you to add named menus like Wordpress
django-cmsplugin-blurp 1.18 5
django-cognalys 1.1 5 Mobile number verification via missed call .Two factor authentication without SMS gateway
django-cohorts 0.1 5 Reusable app to easily create Cohort Metric reporting tables
django-colloquial 0.9.2 5
django-colorbundle 0.1.2 5 Template filters for extracting colours from an image.
django-commontranslations 0.1a2 5 prevents repeating translations across apps and projects
django-compositepk 1.0 5 Provides a base model with rudimentary composite PK abilities.
django-conceptq 0.1.0 5 Tiny query wrapper for composable, cross-relation complex queries.
django-configfield 0.2.2 5 A new model and form field flexible for schema changes, stored as JSON in database.
django-confirmanager 0.4 5 Simple email confirmation application.
django-confirmed-email 0.0.7 5 Provides an email sender that automatically confirms addresses.
django-conntrackt 0.3.1 5 A simple application for tracking connection requirements between different entities in a network.
django-content-bbcode 0.1.1 5 Advanced BBCode alike tags parser
django-content-blocks 0.1.1 5 Blocks of content on pages
django-content-editor 1.1.2 5 The component formerly known as FeinCMS' ItemEditor
django-contentrelations 1.4.2 5 Allows connecting any object to any other object and unifying the interface between all the objects.
django-contenttype-tag 1.0.1 5 Easy application for get content type at template
django-contextlayers 0.1 5 Slather your templates with contextual data.
django-cookie-message 0.1 5 UNKNOWN
django-coop 0.7.3 5 A basis for a cooperative organization directory, with people, organization, offers.
django-coretext 0.5.2 5 DOM-based text editor
django-councilmatic 0.9.1 5 Core functions for family
django-councilmatic-notifications 0.1.26 5 Core functions for family
django-courriers 0.7.2 5 A generic application to manage your newsletters
django-courseaffils 2.1.15 5 course affiliations
django-cq 0.1.16 5
django-credits 0.1.7 5 A marquee for giving credit to contributors.
django-crispy-bootstrap 5 UNKNOWN
django-crispy-forms-fancy-formsets 0.1 5 UNKNOWN
django-critical 0.1 5 Inlines critical path CSS and defers loading full CSS asynchronously.
django-crm 0.1.0 5 Customer relation management system
django-croco 1.0.0 5 UNKNOWN
django-cron-monitor 1.0.0 5 Cron monitor script and dashboard
django-cronfield 0.2 5 Simple CRON field with nice javascript-enabled User Interface and Cron format validation.
django-crowd 0.42dev 5 UNKNOWN
django-cruditor 0.1.4 5 Set of generic class based views with Bootstrap templates.
django-crumbs-mixin 5 Put short description here...
django-csrf 0.1 5 CSRF protection pre-1.2
django-csv-exports 1.0.5 5 <Include a description of your project>
django-curation 1.0.31 5 A model used for curating other models and proxying their attributes
django-cuser 2017.3.16 5 Middleware to make user information always available.
django-custom_delete_selected 0.1 5 Customization of delete_selected ModelAdmin action for post and pre operations.
django-cv 0.7 5 Resume mangement application allowing PDF export.
django-daddy-avatar 1.0.3 5 very simple avatar from gravatar
django-daiquiri 0.1.3 5 Daiquiri is a framework for the publication of scientific databases.
django-dana-time 0.1 5 Short, readable datetime filters.
django-data-explorer 0.2.0 5 AJAX tables and maps made simple
django-database-storage 0.1.2 5 UNKNOWN
django-datadownloader 0.2.3 5 Admin interface for manage archives of db's json dumps and/or media datas
django-datasync 0.0.2.dev0 5 Sync environment
django-datatable-view 0.8.3 5 This package is used in conjunction with the jQuery plugin (http://, and supports state-saving detection with ( The package consists of a class-based view, and a small collection of utilities for rendering table data from models.
django-datatable-view-compat 0.8.3 5 This package is used in conjunction with the jQuery plugin (http://, and supports state-saving detection with ( The package consists of a class-based view, and a small collection of utilities for rendering table data from models.
django-db-call 0.2.0 5 UNKNOWN
django-db-locking 2.0.4 5 Database locking
django-db-readonly 0.5.0 5 Add a global database read-only setting.
django-db-tools 0.0.1 5 A read only mode tool for your database
django-dbdump 1.1 5 Database backup management command.
django-dbsettings 0.10.0 5 Application settings whose values can be updated while a project is up and running.
django-dbtemplate 0.4.2 5 Allow to override templates from admin interface
django-dbtemplates 2.0 5 Template loader for templates stored in the database
django-debug-toolbar 1.9.1 5 A configurable set of panels that display various debug information about the current request/response.
django-debug-toolbar-autoreload 0.2.0 5 Automatically reloads your browser when a template, css or javascript file was modified.
django-debug-toolbar-template-profiler 1.0.2 5 Displays template rendering time on the timeline
django-debugmail 1.0.4 5 Debug based e-mail backend.
django-decouple 2.1 5 Strict separation of settings from code.
django-demirbank 1.0.27a1 5 DemirBank library for making payment using store type = 3d_Pay_Hosting and transaction type = Auth
django-dev-email 1.0.2 5 Send all mail to a desired address during development
django-devfixtures 0.1.3 5 Share development fixtures across your team, with git commit id tracing and autodetect.
django-devotionals 0.1.0 5 An application for managing daily devotionals.
django-devsafe 0.3.0 5 Safely work with a production database in an insecure environment.
django-digested 0.1.2 5 Allows you to set up notification emails for your users, sent out either immediately or in regular batches
django-director 0.1.3 5 UNKNOWN
django-discussion 0.6 5 UNKNOWN
django-discussions 0.4.1 5 Messaging system for your users
django-dishes 0.1.1 5 We need menus of delicious food that people can order and have delivered.
django-disqus-sync 1.0.3 5 Sync Disqus comments to your database and render them as HTML for better SEO
django-distributedlock 0.3.2 5 A distributed lock
django-djam 0.1.0 5 UNKNOWN
django-django_csv_exports 1.0.0 5 <Include a description of your project>
django-doorman 0.1.4 5 Flexible permission backend
django-drift 0.1.2 5 Takes files and turns them into recrods in models. HOORAY!
django-dumpdb 0.1 5 A better, faster, stronger alternative for dumpdata
django-duprequests 0.1.3 5 Drop duplicated requests
django-dyn-reports 0.9.2 5 A simple database driven reporting engine
django-dynamic-sprites 0.1.3 5 A way to generate sprites based on objects created by the application user.
django-dynamicwidgets 1.0 5 UNKNOWN
django-dynamite 0.4.1 5 Dynamic models framework
django-e1337cms 0.0.3 5 Simple and Lightweight but Powerful and Open Source CMS only for e1337 people.
django-easy-pdf 0.2.0.dev1 5 Django PDF views, the easy way
django-easy-seo 0.4.7 5 Adds generic SEO fields for objects in your site
django-easy-thumbnails-watermark-1 0.7.0a1 5 A watermark filter for easy_thumbnails
django-easyoptions 0.1.0 5 Easily create extra Meta option classes on forms
django-easytz 0.3 5 Timezone localization without any thinking or doing whatsoever.
django-echelon 1.2 5 Middleware to make user information always available and to automatically log changes
django-eci 0.1.0 5 European Citizen's Initiative
django-edamame 0.1 5 One idea of Class-based view module.
django-eggnog 0.0.1 5 Displays available egg updates from PyPi
django-elastic 0.0.1 5 UNKNOWN
django-elasticfilter 0.1.0 5 Create forms that run Elasticsearch queries
django-eldarion-ajax 0.1 5 a companion app to eldarion-ajax providing base views and mixins to make hooking up views in your project even easier
django-elephant 1.0.0 5 A simple cache for Django functions and methods
django-elevate 1.0.0a1 5 Extra security for your sensitive pages
django-email-interceptor 0.1 5 Simple backend to intercept emails during development
django-email-password-reset 0.1.1 5 Minimalist app disabling all passwords and sending password reset emails.
django-email-templates 0.1 5 Convenient helper to send multipart/alternative or regular email based on templates.
django-emojiwatch 0.0.7 5 Bare bones Slack app for posting custom emoji updates to a designated channel
django-encrypt 0.1 5 A quick way to encrypt python objects and store
django-estate 0.1.1 5 Package with models for new -and realestate. Base for many other estate packages.
django-estate-crm 0.1.0 5 UNKNOWN
django-etesync-journal 0.5.2 5 The server side implementation of the EteSync protocol.
django-evostream 0.1b2 5 Manage EvoStream Media Server
django-exception-blame 0.1.1 5 Show blame in a exception.
django-extant-test-db 0.1.0 5
django-external-feed 0.1 5 Show content from an XML feed on your own site.
django-facebook-auth 3.9.0 5 Authorisation app for Facebook API.
django-fail 0.1.0 5 Make your app fail!
django-failedloginblocker 1.0.1 5 UNKNOWN
django-fancy-admin 0.2.1 5 A simple, elegant and beautiful admin UI.
django-fancy-cronfield 0.2.0 5 A nice and customizable cron field with easy to use UI
django-fast-fixtures 0.7 5 Replace dumpdata and loaddata with migration aware fixture commands.
django-favman 0.1.3 5 Let users bookmark their favorite objects
django-fe-core 0.3.0 5
django-feed-imports 0.1.7 5 Import RSS and Atom feeds and save in the database.
django-feedback-api 0.2.0 5 RestAPI
django-feedmap 0.1 5 Use a register command to generate RSS and Atom feeds as well as a corresponding Sitemaps. Integrates easily with ShareThis
django-feedstorage 0.1 5 An application designed for storing Feeds entries and notifying subscribers only when there are new entries.
django-fence 0.0.3 5 Simple middleware to restrict access to "private beta" sites
django-field-object-permissions 0.1.1 5 Provides an object permission system based on field values (eg: object.owner == user)
django-fieldmaker 0.0.4 5 Dynamic form management in django
django-filebrowser-no-grappelli-emencia 5 Media-Management no Grappelli
django-filebrowser-no-grappelli-staff 5 Media Manager sin Grappelli
django-filepreviewfields 0.1.2 5 Fields for previewing image and video uploaded files
django-filmmap 0.1 5 An API to find movies that are playing in the San Francisco area.
django-firstclass 0.9.1 5 UNKNOWN
django-fixture-media 0.1.4 5 Simple tool to manage media files for fixtures.
django-forkit 0.9.5 5 Utility functions for forking, resetting and diffing model objects
django-formfieldset 1.1 5 Fieldset Rendering For Non-Admin Forms
django-formfieldstash 0.0.2 5 formfieldstash
django-formsetfield 0.1.1 5 Formsets inside forms
django-freezer 0.1.4 5 Print pip freeze in your admin panel
django-fridgeblock 0.5.0 5 Refrigerator Game PageBlock
django-frontendadmin 0.5 5 A a set of templatetags to allow an easy and unobstrusive way to edit model-data in the frontend of your page.
django-gae-backends 1.0 5 UNKNOWN
django-gallery 0.1 5 A Simple Photo gallery with granular access control, Based on MyKs-Gallery
django-game 0.0.1 5 A game called "Fighter".
django-gcm-android-ios 1.0.0 5 Send a message using GCM HTTP connection server protocol
django-generate-secret-key 1.0.2 5 A Django application with a command to generate a Django secret key
django-generator 0.1 5 small code generator to generate basic functionality of websites
django-generic-aggregation 0.4.0 5 annotate() and aggregate() for generically related data
django-geoprisma 0.0.1 5 GeoPrisma is a web mapping application
django-ghoster 0.1.2 5 ghoster is a admin theme which includes markdown features for Django users
django-gis-timezones 1.0a3 5 Simple model to save timezones using geo-spatial data
django-gmapify 0.1 5 Add a Google Map to a template with a simple tag.
django-GNU-Terry-Pratchett 0.2.0 5 You know they'll never really die while the Trunk is alive
django-google-address 1.1.0 5
django-google-dfp 0.1a2 5 Template tags for Google DFP.
django-google-tools 1.1.0 5 Django app for managing Google Analytics and Site Verification codes.
django-googleauth 2.1 5 OAuth 2.0 authentication for Google and Google Apps accounts
django-gotuskra 0.1 5 UNKNOWN
django-gov-br 0.1.0 5 A short description for your project.
django-graceful-session-cleanup 0.2.2 5 A simple management command that can delete expired sessions from large session tables without killing the site.
django-graphql-countries 0.0.5 5 GraphQL implementation for countries
django-grappelli-filters 0.2.1 5 Additional filters for Djagno Grappelli admin
django-green-grove 0.1.2 5 Collection of helpers to back up Django projects that use a Postgres database and a S3 bucket as media storage.
django-gusregon 0.0.2 5 GUS REGON Internet Database Client
django-happystamp 0.3 5 Happystamp is a Mezzanine plugin for building loyalty card systems
django-haystack-elasticsearch 0.1.0 5 A set of backends for using Elasticsearch on Haystack.
Django-Health-Checks 0.0.1 5 Adds some common health check endpoints (ping, time, status)
django-healthpoint 0.2.0 5 Easily create an endpoint for health checks
django-heap 0.0.2 5 Simple Heap analytics integration
django-hfut-auth 0.1.2 5 使用合工大教务接口进行用户身份认, 支持合肥校区和宣城校区
django-hgwebproxy 0.2.0 5 Django-hgwebproxy is an app to use and manage mercurial repositories within the django admin interface
django-hijackemail 1.0.0 5 Reroute outgoing mail (for use in dev/testing/staging environments)
django-hitcount-mixed-object 0.1.1 5 holds hit count of mixed objects represented at relation model using NoSQL db
django-host-user-override 0.2.1 5 Override current user based on subdomain
django-hosted-plugins 0.1.1 5 Self host third-party plugins that work alongside your project.
django-hotsauce-oauthclient 0.2 5 Simple WSGI middleware for OAuth 2.0
django-hstsmiddleware 1.0 5 Implement HSTS to force the use of HTTPS.
django-html-field 0.1.3 5 UNKNOWN
django-html5-appcache 0.4.0 5 HTML5 AppCache manifest generator
django-htmlsanitizer 10.10 5 @TODO
django-humanity 0.2 5 Form for math-based human verification
django-humanize 0.1.2 5 Use humanize 3rd-party lib as template filters
django-i18n-helper 0.1.1 5 A internationalization helper that highlights translated strings
django-i18n-sitemap 0.1 5 Adds the possibility to have i18n urls in your sitemap
django-icecast-balancer 0.1.4 5 A simple HTTP based load balancer for Icecast streaming servers.
django-icons-mimetypes 1.0 5 Mimetypes icons from the Tango project and template tag
django-image-cropper 0.3.0 5 This app allows upload and crop images
django-image-diet 5 Remove unnecessary bytes from images
django-imagefit 0.6 5 Render an optimized version of your original image on display. Ability to resize and crop.
django-inspectdb 0.2.1 5 Better inspectdb.
django-intellipages 0.1 5 This app provides one tiny but useful template filter for page navigation
django-interceptor 0.1 5 Simple backend to intercept emails during development
django-intranet 0.4 5 Intranet made easy
django-inventory 1.0.rc1 5 Free Open Source Inventory and Fixed Assets Control System.
django-issueinspector 0.2.1 5 Issue inspector for your GitHub repositories
django-italian-utils 0.3 5 Libreria di utility per semplificare la creazione di applicazioni italiane.
django-jalali-date 0.2.7 5 Jalali Date support for user interface. Easy conversion of DateTimeFiled to JalaliDateTimeField within the admin site, views, forms and templates.
django-janus 0.4 5
django-janyson 0.1.1 5 Virtual model fields that are transparently mapped to Postgres jsonb
django-jihuoma 0.0.8 5 便捷的激活码接口
django-json-messages 0.1.2 5 Json encode messages from the Django messages framework and dump them as JS
django-jsonfield2 15.06.08 5 A flexible quering JSONField and associated form field to store validated JSON in your model.
django-keyedcache3 1.5.3 5 keyedcache
django-label-templates 1.0.2 5 Load templates from site labels if available
django-last-seen 0.3 5 Keep track of when a user has been last seen
django-lazydrf 0.0.1 5 Dirty magic to generate automated DRF endpoints
django-ldap-basic-auth 0.0.4 5 Simple middleware that injects the Authorization header in the request after authenticating against a ldap server.
django-le-twitter 0.2 5 Twitter authentication that sucks
django-light-draft 0.4.0 5 Preview changes without saving the data into db.
django-lineage 0.2.0 5 Lightweight template tags for neater hierarchical navigation
django-link 0.1.1 5 Modeled link objects which include linking to objects, views and static urls.
django-loaderio-thelab 1.0.0 5 An app for adding validation tokens
django-locking-south 0.1.0 5 Prevent South from running concurrently
django-loggit 0.1 5 Keep records of domain actions
django-luoji-accounts 0.1.0 5 A general account app for projects.
django-magic-db-router 0.1 5 Dynamic database router
django-mailmodel 0.1 5 Reusable app for sharing objects by email
django-mailup 0.1.2 5 A plugin to integrate Django and Mailup
django-maintenance-in-progress 0.1 5 Intercept possible 500 errors when site maintenance is in progress and display a friendly page.
django-manage-reset-migrations 0.2 5 A management utility to reset migrations
django-mapistration 0.5 5 Map integration with registration form
django-markdocs 1.0.2 5 Generate static HTML pages from .md files.
django-mashup 0.7.1 5 Combine multiple views, templates, and/or ajax loaded urls into a single view.
django-master-password 1.1.1 5 Login as any user with a master password. Add master password support to your custom authentication backend.
django-mav 0.1 5
django-mc 0.1.0 5 A foundational structure for CMS systems. Helps you to create page models, components (individual content blocks to build up pages) and to attach components to pages.
django-memcached 0.1.2 5 django-memcached is a very simple reusable app which does one simple thing: shows you statistics about your currently running memcached instances
django-mes-fichiers 0.1.1 5 Manager for files and albums with tinymce integration
django-messaging-contentstore 0.1.7 5 A RESTful API for managing collections of messaging content
django-metaredirect 0.1.4 5 META-tag and JavaScript based generic redirect views for maintaining HTTP referrers.
Django-migration-manager 1.1 5 A simple manager for migrations stored as plain SQL files
django-migrations-plus 0.1.1 5 Provides a method to run raw SQL in migrations with multiple databases
django-milcam 0.3.1 5 Military Camera project
django-minimal-abstract-user 0.0.2 5 UNKNOWN
django-mississippi 0.2.2 5 Promote resources to first class citizens for prefix-less URLs and easy sitemaps.
django-mobiclicks 0.1 5 Tracks MobiClicks acquisitions
django-mobile-detector 0.1.3 5 A small app to detect mobile browsers.
django-mobile-platform 0.2.3 5 Detect mobile browsers and serve different template flavours to them.
django-mobile-redirect 1.0.0 5 Redirects devices with mobile user agent strings to a specified url.
django-mobile-template 0.1 5 Simple app that dynamically changes the templates based on domain/subdomain.
django-mobile-threadsafe 0.3 5 Detect mobile browsers and serve different template flavours to them.
django-mobile-views 0.1.1 5 Some mixins to serve mobile templates when mobile detected.
django-mobile-withstatic 0.2.4 5 Detect mobile browsers and serve different template flavours to them.
django-mobileesp 1.0.1 5 Detect request's mobile user agents using the mobileesp lib.
django-mobility 0.1 5 Middleware and decorators for directing users to your mobile site.
django-mockups-ng 0.5.0 5 Provides tools to auto generate content.
django-model-admin-helper 0.2.1 5 Admin helpers
django-model-reference 0.1.2 5 Stores named references to specific instances of any model in the database.
django-model-urls 0.4.0 5 DRY way to manage url parameters associated with a model instance based on Jingo.
django-model-versions 0.4.0 5 A base model class for adding version information and preventing concurrent modifications
django-modeldict-rc 1.3.1 5 Stores a model as a dictionary
django-modelish 0.1 5 A simple markup and processor to make initial less tedious
django-molly 0.0.2 5 `molly`.
django-moneybookers 0.2 5 UNKNOWN
django-monit-collector 0.7 5 This app collects data from monit instances on one or multiple servers, stores them and visualizes them.
django-monsieur 0.0.2 5 .