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Index of Packages Matching 'django auth'

Package Weight* Description
alauda-django-oauth 0.9.0 18 OAuth2 goodies for Django
django-allauth 0.35.0 18 Integrated set of Django applications addressing authentication, registration, account management as well as 3rd party (social) account authentication.
django-allauth-2fa 0.6 18 Adds two factor authentication to django-allauth
django-allauth-bootstrap 0.2 18 Twitter Bootstrap Layout for Django Allauth
django-allauth-cas 1.0.0b2 18 CAS support for django-allauth.
django-allauth-correctiv 0.0.2 18 Django applications addressing authentication with as a django-allauth module
django-allauth-djrill 0.1.1 18 Django Allauth account adapter for sending email using Mandrill templates
django-allauth-dreamjub 0.1.3 18 An OAuth provider for django-allauth and dreamjub
django-allauth-ens 1.0.0b2 18 Providers for django-allauth allowing using the ENS' auth-systems.
django-allauth-james 0.20.0 18 Temp fork: Integrated set of Django applications addressing authentication, registration, account management as well as 3rd party (social) account authentication.
django-auth-adfs 0.2.1 18 A Django authentication backend for Microsoft ADFS
django-auth-anywhere 0.0.2 18 django-auth-anywhere is a Django application which enables non-DRF views to authenticate using DRF backends.
django-auth-fogbugz 1.2.0 18 Django FogBugz authentication backend
django-auth-http-basic 0.0.6 18 Django authentication based based on HTTP basic authentication
django-auth-iam 0.1.3 18 Django authentication backend using Amazon IAM
django-auth-jwt-tenant 0.1.0 18 Tenant Django Authentication using JWT from parent Django project
django-auth-kerberos 1.2.5 18 Kerberos authentication backend for Django
django-auth-ldap 1.3.0 18 Django LDAP authentication backend
django-auth-ldap-ng 1.7.6 18 Django LDAP authentication backend
django-auth-mixins 1.0.1 18 Backport of Django 1.9 auth mixins.
django-auth-network-client 0.2.5 18 Django Auth Network (DAN) is a set of two packages that create Google and Facebook-style authentication, but using your own provider instead of Google or Facebook. This is the client package, and it allows an app to connect to your provider package.
django-auth-oidc 0.4.5 18 OpenID Connect authentication support for Django
django-auth-pubtkt 1.1.2 18 Implementation of mod_auth_pubtkt as Django middleware
django-auth-spnego 0.1.1 18 SPNEGO Kerberos authentication middleware for django
django-auth0 0.0.3 18 Django Auth0 authentication background
django-auth_mac 0.1.2 18 Basic Django implementation of the draft RFC ietf-oauth-v2-http-mac-01
django-authorizenet 2.0 18 Django and Authorize.NET payment gateway integration
django-authtkt 0.3 18 django-authtkt is used to share auth between more than one django site (a kind of SSO auth)
django-blockstack-auth 0.1.3 18 Blockstack ID authentication backend for Django
django-facebook-auth-helper 0.1.6 18 Django implementation for Facebook authentication.
django-fb-oauth 0.0.2.dev1 18 Simple facebook authentication for Django.
django-fost-authn 0.3.8 18 HTTP SHA1 HMAC authentication backend for Django
django-graph-auth 0.3.1 18 django-graph-auth is a Django application which provides simple mutations and queries for managing users with GraphQL.
django-iitg-auth 0.0.4 18 ``django-iitg-auth`` is a reusable Django application which provides a custom authencation backend for authenticating with IIT Guwahati webmail servers, a login form and a utility view.
django-microsoft-auth 1.0.4 18 Simple app to enable Microsoft Account, Office 365 and Xbox Live authentcation as a Django authentcation backend.
django-oauth-toolkit-fork 0.11.0 18 Fork of django-oauth-toolkit
django-oauth-toolkit-hup 0.7.2 18 OAuth2 goodies for Django
django-oauth-toolkit-scopes-backend 0.10.0 18 OAuth2 for Django with scopes
django-rauthall 0.0.1 18 Yet another Django Auth App
django-saml2-pro-auth 0.0.4 18 SAML2 authentication backend for Django wrapping OneLogin's python-saml package
django-sauth 1 18 django sauth is an easy to setup social authentication/registration mechanism with support for several auth providers.
django-simpletwitchauth 1.0 18 Use this simple module to easily enable authorization in your Django application via Twitch API
django-social-auth 0.7.28 18 Django social authentication made simple.
django-social-auth3 0.7.23 18 Django social authentication made simple. Python 3 support fork.
django-ssl-client-auth 18 Django SSL Client Authentication
django-triflesoft-certificate-auth 0.1.1509191803 18 Django certificate authentication by TrifleSoft
django-triflesoft-token-auth 0.4.1510031721 18 Django token authentication by TrifleSoft
django-twostepauth 0.1dev 18 Two-step authentication for Django
django-webid-auth 0.2 18 A django app to enable WebID authentication.
pixelpin-auth-django 1.0.1 18 Python PixelPin Authentication, Django integration.
ak-django-oauth-toolkit 1.0.2 16 OAuth2 Provider for Django
django-admin-external-auth 0.1.0 16 Use your Django project's existing authentication views in the admin interface.
django-allauth-extras 0.0.2 16 Various extras for django-allauth package.
django-allauth-mandrill 0.1.4 16 Django Allauth account adapter for sending email using Mandrill templates
django-allauth-templates-bootstrap4 0.34.12 16 Bootstrap4 template pack for django-allauth
django-auth-gitlab 0.1.0 16 OpenID Connect authentication support for Django
django-auth-json 0.0.3 16 replace the login url parameter of django auth decorator with json
django-authz 1.0.12 16 Yet another approach to authorization in django
django-contrib-comments-auth 0.1.1 16 This adds authentication to django.contrib.comments.
django-crowd-auth 0.7.0 16 Atlassian Crowd SSO integration for Django applications
django-custom-auth-user 0.1.2 16 Django custom user
django-dual-authentication 1.0.0 16 Allows authentication with either a username or an email address.
django-link-auth 0.1.0 16 Django's authentication backend to login by temporary URLs.
django-mediawiki-auth 0.0.2 16 Django uses MediaWiki session to seamlessly authenticate users.
django-oauth-api 0.5.3 16 OAuth API for Django using Django Rest Framework
django-redmine-auth-backend 0.1 16 A Django authentication backend for use with the Redmine
django-rest-auth 0.9.3 16 Create a set of REST API endpoints for Authentication and Registration
django-rest-authemail 1.4.0 16 A RESTful API for user signup and authentication using email addresses
django-secure-auth 16 Secure authentication by TOTP, SMS, Codes & Question
django-shibauth-rit 1.1.0 16 Integrate Shibboleth Authentication with your RIT projects
social-auth-app-django 2.1.0 16 Python Social Authentication, Django integration.
social-auth-app-django-mongoengine 1.0.0 16 Python Social Authentication, Mongoengine Django integration.
auth-signals-connector 0.1.0 14 Simple abstraction layer for django.contrib.auth.signals
auth_functional 0.1.0dev 14 Functional library for working with authentication and authorization in django
django-access-tastypie 0.0.1b2 14 Django-Access-Tastypie - the application introducing authorization module for the Tastypie package using Django-Access package
django-admin-oauth2 1.0.2 14 A django app that replaces the django admin authentication mechanism by deferring to an oauth2 provider
django-allauth-adfs 0.0.4 14 ADFS oAuth provider for django-allauth
django-allauth-intersis 0.5.5 14 OAuth2.0 InterSIS access module for projects using django-allauth.
django-always-authenticated 0.1.0 14 A Django middleware that ensures every request has anauthenticated user.
django-apikey 0.2.0 14 Simple Key and Token authentication for Django.
django-appengine-auth 1.0 14 django-appengine-auth is an extension to django-social-auth with a backend for the Google App Engine OAuth endpoint
django-auth-abakus 1.1.0 14 A django auth module that can be used to to authenticate users against the API of
django-auth-hack 0.1.1 14 Hacking Django's contrib auth app to support longer usernames
django-auth-policy 0.9.13 14 Enforces a couple of common authentication policies for the Django web framework.
django-auth-role 0.4.0 14 Add user roles to django-auth
django-auth-token-permission 0.1 14 A simple Django app to restful token based authorization including roles and permission.
django-auth-utils 0.1.1 14 Django authentication and authorization utilities
django-auth0-user 0.13.0 14 Django Authentication and Authorisation using Auth0 and Python Social Auth
django-authentication 0.1.5 14 Django authentication components.
django-authenticator 0.1.5 14 authentication client for django
django-authlib 0.6.1 14 Authentication utils for Django
django-authopenid 1.0.1 14 Openid authentification application for Django
django-author 1.0.2 14 Add special User ForeignKey fields which update automatically
django-authority 0.13.2 14 A Django app that provides generic per-object-permissions for Django's auth app.
django-authorize 0.1.3 14 A simple Django app to provide role based authentication for users.
django-authtools 1.6.0 14 Custom user model app for Django featuring email as username and class-based views for authentication.
django-authy-admin 0.0.2 14 A drop in replacement for django's default admin site that provides two-factor authentication via authy's REST API.
django-authy-tfa 0.1.1 14 Pluggable Django module to quickly enable Two Factor Authentication
django-basic-authentication-decorator 0.9 14 Decorator to provide Basic Authentication for Django Views
django-basicauth 0.4.2 14 Basic auth utilities for Django.
django-cached_authentication_middleware 0.2.2 14 A drop in replacement for django's built in AuthenticationMiddleware that utilizes caching.
django-cas-ng 3.5.8 14 CAS 1.0/2.0 client authentication backend for Django (inherited from django-cas)
django-class-based-auth-views 0.4 14 A reimplementation of django.contrib.auth.views as class based views.
django-class-based-auth-views-jp 0.3.1 14 A reimplementation of django.contrib.auth.views as class based views.
django-cliauth 0.9.1 14 Authenticate Apache2 (basic auth) using your Django DB
django-crwyoauth 1.0.1 14 OAUTH 2.0 for django
django-custom-auth 0.1.3 14 A simple Django app that replaces the default authentication
django-drupal-auth-backend 1.0.0 14 Authentication backend for Django that works with legacy Drupal 7 accounts.
django-fakeauth 0.2 14 A fake authentication backend for django
django-fbauth 0.0.1 14 Simple facebook auth for Django.
django-freeipa-auth 0.1.dev4 14 A simple django freeipa rpc authentication backend app with a simple server failover solution.
django-google-auth 0.4.0 14 google-auth support for django
django-gp-auth 1.0.0.dev1 14 GP Auth is a simple application Django to manage the registration of users in a customized manner system
django-graphql-social-auth 0.1.1 14 Python Social Auth support for Django GraphQL
django-guac-auth 1.0.0 14 Django app to enable Guacamole authentication
django-header-auth 0.1.0 14 Django middleware for authorizing requests based on headers.
django-htauth 0.1 14 htpasswd authentication backend for django
django-http-authentication 0.0.1 14 A django application that adds decorators to allow authentication via HTTP_AUTHORIZATION.
django-imapauth 0.1 14 Imap authentification backend for Django
django-jwt-auth 0.0.2 14 JSON Web Token based authentication for Django
django-key-auth 1.2.1 14 Key based authentication for Django
django-lastfm-auth 0.2.3 14 django-lastfm-auth is an extension to django-social-auth which adds a backend for
django-mama-cas 2.3.0 14 A Django Central Authentication Service (CAS) single sign-on server
django-meetup-auth 0.2.1 14 django-meetup-auth is an extension to django-social-auth which adds a backend for
django-mongo-auth 0.1.3 14 Django authentication based on an extensible MongoEngine user class.
django-openid-auth 0.14 14 OpenID integration for django.contrib.auth
django-plexauth 0.1.1 14 A django auth backend for authenticating against
django-rest-auth-knaperek 0.8.2 14 OBSOLETE. WILL BE REMOVED SOON.
django-rest-email-auth 0.4.3 14 Django app for email based authentication and registration.
django-rest-multitokenauth 1.1.1 14 An extension of django rest frameworks token auth, providing multiple tokens per user
django-rocketchat-auth 1.2 14 Authenticate Rocket.Chat with Django Framework
django-rules 0.2 14 Flexible per-object authorization backend for Django
django-shibboleth-session-auth 0.6.0 14 Simplistic Shibboleth integration for Django sessions
django-shopify-auth 0.7.0 14 A simple package for adding Shopify authentication to Django apps.
django-social-auth-appsfuel 1.0.0 14 Appsfuel backend for django-social-auth
django-social-auth-trello 1.0.3 14 A django-social-auth plugin that integrates with Trello
django-social-authsch 0.1 14 A Django app for AuthSCH.
django-social-login 0.2.0 14 A Django APP for Social account login via OAuth2 Service
django-ssl-auth 2.0.1 14 Django SSL Client Authentication
django-stravauth 0.2 14 Django accounts Strava authentication package.
django-token-auth 1.3.2b4 14 app that provides limited authentication via hash-type URL.
django-traxauth 0.4.1 14 django-traxauth is a Django app that provides support for user account registration and profile management.
django-tumblr-auth 0.0.1 14 django-tumblr-auth is an extension to django-social-auth which adds a backend for
django-two-factor-auth 1.7.0 14 Complete Two-Factor Authentication for Django
django-upwork-auth 1.0-beta 14 Upwork OAuth login for your Django-based project
django-vouch 0.1.0-dev0 14 extension to django.contrib.auth as an identity manager with wide range of auth mechanism support.
django-wordpress-auth 0.1.31 14 Django integration with WordPress authentication and roles / capabilities system.
django-wordpress-auth-lite 0.1.0 14 Django integration with WordPress authentication and WITHOUT roles / capabilities system.
djangorestframework-timed-auth-token 1.3.0 14 An authentication token for djangorestframework that has an expiration date.
httpie-django-auth 0.1.1 14 django Auth plugin for HTTPie.
nereo-django-cas-ng 4.0.2 14 CAS 1.0/2.0 client authentication backend for Django (inherited from django-cas)
crypto-allauth 0.0.5 13 Plugin for django-allauth that allows authentication using cryptographic tools like Trezor.
django-allauth-providers-ko 1.0 13 kakao/naver providers for django-allauth
django-twittersync-oauth 0.1.1 13 OAuth Plugin for django-twittersync
allauth-watchdog-id 0.2.0 12 A django-allauth provider for Watchdog ID.
auth0db 0.1.0 12 Auth0 authentication backend for Django
bratabase-social-auth-backend 0.1.2 12 OAuth2 Backend for to be used with Django-social-auth
cmsplugin-blog-authors 0.1 12 Allows to add django-people objects to a cmsplugin-blog Entry.
datapunt-authorization-django 0.2.18 12 Datapunt authorization check for Django
dj_auth 1.4.0 12 The goal of dj_auth is to limit data access for certain user over your django project.
djactasauth 0.3 12 Django authentication backend allowing admins to login as another user
django-admin-honeypot 1.0.0 12 A fake Django admin login screen to notify admins of attempted unauthorized access.
django-allauth-microsoft 0.0.1 12 Microsoft OAuth2 provider for django-allauth
django-api-auth 0.4 12 django-api-auth leverages tokens for authentication and was built for use with the Angular HTTP Auth Interceptor
django-auth-additions 0.7.3 12 Additions (monkey-patches) to auth models.
django-auth-email 0.0.1a5 12 Authentication using email only
django-auth-gapps .1 12 Authentication with Google Apps Provisioning api
django-auth-ldap3-ad 1.6.22 12 very simple authentication module for python3 / django / LDAP or AD
django-auth-remember 0.3 12 Django app for remember-me functionality (using a token)
django-auth-wall 0.2.0 12 Puts your staging site behind a basic auth layer.
django-auth0-auth 2.3.2 12 Authenticated users using Auth0.
django-authsch 0.8.6 12 Easy-to-use auth.sch client.
django-authy 0.1.0 12 A Django app for integrating with authy
django-autodemo 0.1.0 12 Demo mode to allow arbitrary authentication on website.
django-axes 4.1.0 12 Keep track of failed login attempts in Django-powered sites.
django-azure-ad-auth 1.3.1 12 Authenticated users using Azure Active Directory.
django-behaviors 0.4.0 12 Common behaviors for Django Models, e.g. Timestamps, Publishing, Authoring/Editing and more.
django-cas-server 0.9.0 12 A Django Central Authentication Service server implementing the CAS Protocol 3.0 Specification
django-cerberus 0.3.5 12 Django app that locks out users after too many failed login attempts.
django-connected 0.1.5 12 Connect your Django powered sites to social networks and other online services.
django-crowd-sso 0.58 12 Atlassian Crowd integration for Django with SSO
django-custom-accounts 0.1 12 A custom accounts application for Django
django-custom-user 0.7 12 Custom user model for Django >= 1.5 with the same behaviour as Django's default User but with email instead of username.
django-cyverse-auth 1.1.4 12 Authentication support for CyVerse Django applications.
django-easy-auth 1.0.1 12 This app allows you drop in user authentication functionality using Django's built in views.
django-email-token-auth 0.2.1 12 Simple email-token auth django app
django-emailauth 0.1 12 User email authentication application for Django
django-facebook-auth 3.9.0 12 Authorisation app for Facebook API.
django-fbauth-templatetag 0.2 12 Django app that comes with a simple template tag to place a Facebook log-in button in your template
django-freeperms 0.1 12 Django middleware for enabling anonymous permissions
django-google-authenticator 0.2 12 A Django app adding Google Authenticator feature
django-googleauth 2.1 12 OAuth 2.0 authentication for Google and Google Apps accounts
django-googleauth-ng 2.3 12 OAuth 2.0 authentication for Google and Google Apps accounts
django-hacs 1.0b1 12 Hybrid Access Control System for Django
django-hfut-auth 0.1.2 12 使用合工大教务接口进行用户身份认, 支持合肥校区和宣城校区
django-hotsauce-oauthclient 0.2 12 Simple WSGI middleware for OAuth 2.0
django-kdl-ldap 1.1 12 Django LDAP authentication for KDL
django-lastfmauth 0.1a2 12 Django app to let your website visitors register/login using LastFM authentication webservice.
django-ldap-basic-auth 0.0.4 12 Simple middleware that injects the Authorization header in the request after authenticating against a ldap server.
django-ldap-group-mapper 0.1.2 12 Django LDAP Group Mapper
django-linked-accounts 2.2.1 12 Link third-party service accounts to Django accounts.
django-oauth 1.1 12 Support of OAuth in Django.
django-oauth10a-mod 2.2.10 12 Support of OAuth 1.0a in Django using python-oauth10a.
django-oauth2-provider-ng 0.3.1 12 Provide OAuth2 access to your app
django-oauth2-provider-unleashed 0.2.12 12 Provide OAuth2 access to your app
django-odesk-auth 0.2 12 A simple Django app for basic “Log in via Upwork” functionality.
django-permissions-unistra 1.2.5 12 Generic per-object permissions for Django
django-pieguard 0.0.1 12 django-pieguard is a simple authorization class for tastypie that uses django-guardian to handle object permissions.
django-plantains 0.2 12 Persistable oauth2 Mailchimp backend for Django.
django-privacyidea-auth 0.3 12 Authenticate against a privacyIDEA server. (
django-promoter 0.5 12 Django commands used to promote or demote users
django-realtime-ticket 0.1.0 12 authorize django users in realtime(asynchronous) backends using expiring tickets in Redis
django-reinhardt 0.2.0 12 Manage object permissions by defining methods in Django Model
django-remote-auth-ldap 0.1.4 12 REMOTE_USER authentication using LDAP
django-sharepoint-auth 2.1 12 Authenticate users using SharePoint.
django-siteauth 1.1.0 12 Middleware to allow to deny access to particular URLs
django-slack-integration 1.0 12 Lightweight OAuth integration with Slack for your Django Projects.
django-steamauth 1.1.0 12 steam login library for django
django-tastypie-oauth 0.0.3 12 Providing OAuth services for Tastypie APIs
django-use-email-as-username 1.0.0 12 A Django app to use email as username for user authentication.
django-warrant 0.1.0 12 Django library that uses the warrant python utility library to provide authentication via AWS Cognito.
django-we 1.1.2 12 Django WeChat OAuth2/Share/Token API
djangorestframework-digestauth 1.1.0 12 Digest HTTP auth support for Django REST framework
djangorestframework-expiring-authtoken 0.1.3 12 Expiring Authentication Tokens for Django REST Framework
djangosaml2-bernii 0.11.2 12 pysaml2 integration in Django
djangosaml2-dj16 0.10.0 12 pysaml2 integration in Django 1.6
integra-authentication 1.0.5 12 A django authentication app with angularjs and bootstrap
iota-auth 0.1.8 12 A custom authentication backend for Django Users to connect to the IOTA Tangle.
nap-token-auth 0.1.2 12 A Minimal Token-Based Auth for Django
python-dataporten-auth 2.0.0 12 A plugin for python-social-auth to authenticate with dataporten
python-social-auth-waveapps 0.2.0 12 Waveapps backend for python-social-auth.
raven-django-newauth 0.0.1 12 Sentry client for django application using django-newauth.
simple-django-twitter-auth 1.0 12 Simple Django app to allow users to login with Twitter
social-auth-backend-b2access 1.0.0 12 A plugin for social-auth to authenticate with b2access
social-auth-steemconnect 0.0.2 12 SteemConnect backend for python-social-auth.
sw-django-rest-auth 0.0.28 12 Soft Way company django restfromework authentication service package.
dataporten-auth 0.1.1 11 A plugin for python-social-auth to authenticate with dataporten
django-access 0.0.2b5 11 Django-Access - the application introducing dynamic evaluation-based instance-level (row-level) access rights control for Django
django-access-select2 0.0.1b1 11 Django-Access-Select2 - the application providing a default filtering for the Django-Select2 package using Django-Access package
django-adminrestrict-CDSP 1.0.3 11 Django admin restriction
django-defender 0.5.2 11 redis based Django app that locks out users after too many failed login attempts.
django-documentation 1.1 11 Provides a way to integrate a protected sphinx based documentation within your django app.
django-guitar-accounts 0.1.4 11 Django user accounts. Requires `django-guitar`.
django-ipauth 0.4.1 11 IP Authentication for Django
django-netauth 0.1.94 11 Django openid, oauth authentification. Support next sites: - - - - - and custom openid and oauth providers
django-replyify-oauth2 0.0.5 11 Replyify OAuth2 consumer for Django
django-server-guardian-api 0.1.2 11 API offering health metrics for the ``django-server-guardian`` app.
django-slxauth 1.8.2 11 Authentication provider for Solarlux Auth Service.
django-tastypie-hmacauth 0.1 11 A HMAC class authentication for Tastypie and Django
django-trap 0.5.0 11 A fake Django admin login screen to notify admins of attempted unauthorized access.
django_auth0_toolkit 0.2.2 11 Toolkit for using Auth0 with Django projects
django_auth_krb 0.2.0 11 Django kerberos authentication backend
django_authgroupex 0.4.1 11 An authentication backend for Django based on's auth-groupe-x SSO protocol.
django_authstrap 0.2.2 11 Bootstrap templates for django.contrib.auth
django_ip_authn 11 IP number based authentication for Django
django_mobile_auth 0.2.7 11 A Django app that allows users to authenticate using email, phone number or username.
django_saml2_auth 2.1.2 11 Django SAML2 Authentication Made Easy. Easily integrate with SAML2 SSO identity providers like Okta
django_tlsauth 0.1.2 11 Django app implementing TLS Authentication - simple client certificate CA inclusive
djdg-django-oauth 1.0.1 11 djdg OAuth2 method for Django
djoauth2 0.6.0 11 OAuth 2.0 server implementation.
admindjango-ckeditor-blog 2.0 10 django-blogs app to provide you facility to craete a blogs in admin panel
auth0plus 0.3.0 10 Unofficial enhancements to the Auth0-python package
Authlog 0.8.2 10 Log Django Authentications and Admin page visits.
Authomatic 0.1.0.post1 10 Authorization / authentication client library for Python web applications
cg-django-uaa 1.2.0 10 A UAA authentication backend for Django
cryptoassets.django 0.1 10 cryptoassets.core library integration for Django
dj-api-auth 0.7 10 A Django application provides an AWS-alike authentication for API access.
django-aboutconfig 0.5.3 10 A firefox-like about:config implementation for one-off settings in Django apps.
django-account 0.1.14 10 Django application for registration and authentication
django-account-helper 0.1.6 10 django account helper utils for `django.contrib.auth`
django-account-modified 0.1.8 10 Django application for registration and authentication, modified
django-acollabauth 0.1 10 Automatically create superusers via Active Collab accounts for Django
django-activecollab-digger 0.7.2 10 Django ActiveCollab application
django-admin-caching 0.1.5 10 Django Admin caching made easy
django-admin-timeline 1.6.2 10 Facebook-like timeline for Django admin
django-admin-top-models 1.1.0 10 Put most used and important models to the top of your Django admin index.
django-admin-view-permission 1.4 10 A simple Django app which adds view permissions.
django-admin2 0.7.1 10 An introspective interface for Django's ORM.
django-adminhelp 0.1.2 10 A help application for Django admin
django-adminrestrict 1.0.4 10 Blocks access to the Django admin pages unless requests come from specific IP addresses
django-affiliate 0.4.0 10 Affiliate system for django
django-affiliate-tracking 0.12 10 A Django app providing mechanisms to track users and actions, to know when certain conditions are met.
django-ajax-csrf 1.0.2 10 Django app - bundle csrf token additioner for JavaScript
django-alert 0.8.1 10 Send alerts, notifications, and messages based on events in your django application
django-all-access 0.9.0 10 django-all-access is a reusable application for user registration and authentication from OAuth 1.0 and OAuth 2.0 providers such as Twitter and Facebook.
django-altauth 0.4.1 10 UNKNOWN
django-andablog 2.4.0 10 A blog app that is only intended to be embedded within an existing Django site.
django-apptemplates 1.4 10 Django template loader that allows you to load and override a template from a specific Django application.
django-argonauts 1.2.0 10 A lightweight collection of JSON helpers for Django.
django-articles 2.4.1 10 Sophisticated blogging engine for Django-powered sites
django-assets-livereload 0.3.1 10 Enhanced staticfiles django app.
django-async-include 0.6.5 10 A simple application for Django to include (and fetch) asynchronous templates.
django-atom 0.16.2 10 A different stuff for Django to faster make a world a better place.
django-attrs 0.1.1 10 EAV for Django using JSONField
django-audiotracks 0.2.4 10 A pluggable Django app to publish audio tracks
django-audit-tools 0.4.0 10 Django application that provides a set of tools for auditing requests and models and improve logging
django-auth-base-template 1.0.0 10 Switchable logged in/logged out base templates for Django
django-auth-ldap-ad 1.0.0b2 10 An application providing some template tags to add buttons to pages
django-auth-logger 1.0.1 10 A tiny project to log login attempts. Log them only to standard logging - not the database.
django-autocert 0.1.5 10 Automatic SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt for Django projects
django-autoreports 0.8.6 10 Django application that lets you create reports
django-autoshard 1.2.1 10 A Django library that makes sharding easy.
django-autoslug 1.9.3 10 An automated slug field for Django.
django-autoslug-iplweb 1.9.4.dev0 10 An automated slug field for Django.
django-auxilium 0.1.2 10 Django utility app to help in Django development
Django-Avocado 0.2.0 10 Delicious delayed and cached database-logging for django.
django-basic-models-behaviors 0.6.0 10 Tiny app to provide basic behaviors for django models.
django-bidi-utils 1.0 10 context processors and filters for handling Bi-directional (BiDi) in django templates
django-bit-category 0.5.2 10 Django category app with bitwise tree-like structure of primary key.
django-bitbucket-trello 0.0.8 10 Django Bitbucket & Trello Integration
django-bitid 0.1.1 10 App for django bitId authentication
django-blog-zinnia 0.19 10 A clear and powerful weblog application powered with Django
django-boilerplate 0.8.2 10 What Django is missing
django-booking 0.7.2 10 A reusable Django app that manages bookings for various purposes.
django-bootstrap-crud-templates 1.0.24 10 A repository of Bootstrap CRUD templates for Django.
django-bootstrap3 9.1.0 10 Bootstrap support for Django projects
django-bootstrap4 0.0.6 10 Bootstrap support for Django projects
django-bop 0.3 10 Basic Object-level Permissions in django (1.2+)
django-brokenlinks 0.1.1 10 reusable django app to log crawlers hitting many 404 pages.
django-ca 1.7.0 10 A Django app providing a SSL/TLS certificate authority.
django-cache-fallback 0.2.1 10 Django Cache Fallback
django-cachepurge 0.3 10 Django Middleware and utilities that send "PURGE" request to an upstream cache
django-cachetree 0.1.3 10 cache configurable trees of related model instances in Django
django-calm-cache 0.9.2 10 A set of useful tools that enhance the standard Django cache experience
django-candv-choices 1.1.5 10 Use complex constants built with 'candv' library instead of standard 'choices' fields for 'Django' models.
django-canvas-api-token 0.2.0 10 Django app for generating Canvas API user oauth tokens
django-care 0.1.0 10 Tools which help finding performance issues in Django projects
django-cas-client 1.4.0 10 Django Cas Client
django-cas-sso 1.1.7 10 Django Cas SSO Client (inherited from django-cas)
django-cassandra-engine 1.4.0 10 Django Cassandra Engine - the Cassandra backend for Django
django-celery-async-view 0.1.0 10 Asynchronously load view or download file in django.
django-celery-inspect 0.2.1 10 Django Reusable app that uses Celery Inspect command to monitor workers/tasks via the Django REST Framework
django-cerberus-ac 0.2.4 10 Django Ontology Based Access Control Module
django-charitychecker 1.3 10 a small django app to verify information about nonprofits using their EINs
django-chartjs 1.2 10 Django Chart.js and Hightchart ajax views
django-chatrooms 1.2adev 10 A django app providing reverse-ajax chat rooms
django-cheetahtemplate 0.3.0 10 Use CheetahTemplate3 in Django
django-cities 10 Place models and worldwide place data for Django
django-classfaves 0.1 10 A different approach to favorites in Django
django-clever-selects 0.8.1 10 Chained select box widget for Django framework using AJAX requests.
django-clicky 1.2.1 10 Clicky analytics for Django projects
django-codenerix 1.1.9 10 Codenerix it is a framework that goes on top of Django so it makes easier development and building of ERPs.
django-commands 0.8 10 A django app that provides a plugin type model for integrating the front and backend.
django-common-helpers 0.9.1 10 Common things every Django app needs!
django-common-tivix 0.1.2 10 Common things every Django app needs!
django-composite-foreignkey 1.0.0a10 10 composite foreignkey support for django
django-concurrency 1.4 10 Optimistic lock implementation for Django. Prevents users from doing concurrent editing.
django-conditioner 0.1.0 10 Create simple 'if this then that' style rules in your Django application. Comes with a bunch of ready to use actions and conditions, but is also easily extensible and allows model specific actions/conditions.
django-congo 2.1.1 10 Congo contains many useful tools for faster and more efficient Django application developing.
django-constance-trbs 0.7.9 10 Django live settings with pluggable backends, including Redis.
django-contextaware-processors 0.1.1 10 Before a Django TemplateResponse is rendered, modify the context data in-place with context-processor like functionality
django-contrib-requestprovider 1.0.1 10 access django request object whenever you need it
django-cookieless 1.0 10 Django cookie free sessions optional decorator
django-coreapi-client 1.1.0 10 Django CoreAPI client
django-cors-headers 2.1.0 10 django-cors-headers is a Django application for handling the server headers required for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS).
django-cors-headers-multi 1.2.0 10 django-cors-headers is a Django application for handling the server headers required for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS).
django-cors-middleware 1.3.1 10 django-cors-middleware is a Django application for handling the server headers required for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS). Fork of django-cors-headers.
django-crispy-forms 1.7.0 10 Best way to have Django DRY forms
django-crispy-forms-ng 2.0.0 10 Best way to have Django DRY forms of the next generation.
django-cruds 0.1.10 10 django-cruds is simple drop-in django app that creates CRUD for faster prototyping.
django-crum 0.7.2 10 Django middleware to capture current request and user.
django-csv-export 0.0.3 10 django-export-csv is a reusable Django application which provides generic View class for creating and rendering CSV.
django-cufon 0.1.0 10 Cufon made easy in Django
django-dandelion 0.1.4 10 Use the Dandelion API with Django
django-dashboard-app 0.2.1 10 A reusable Django app for displaying a dashboard with a fluid grid of widgets.
django-databrowse 2016.3.16 10 Databrowse is a Django application that lets you browse your data.
django-db-multitenant 0.3.2 10 Multitenant support for Django, using one tenant per database.
django-db-sanitizer 0.1.0 10 Database data anonymizer for Django projects.
django-db-xlsx 1.0.1 10 Import/export django models via xlsx
django-ddp 0.19.1 10 Django/PostgreSQL implementation of the Meteor server.
django-debug-permissions 1.0.0 10 Get a list of all user permissions available in the Django system
django-debug-toolbar-alchemy 0.1.0 10 Django Debug Toolbar panel for SQLAlchemy.
django-debug-toolbar-force 0.1.3 10 Force debugging of partial- or non-HTML views in django-debug-toolbar.
django-debug-toolbar-vcs-info 1.2.0 10 A Django Debug Toolbar panel to show VCS info
django-decorator-include 2.0 10 Include Django URL patterns with decorators
django-decoratormixins 1.0.0 10 A collection of decorator mixins for Django views.
django-denormalize 0.2.2 10 Converts Django ORM objects into data documents, and keeps them in sync
django-detective 0.6.3 10 Django app that tracks all user requests.
django-developer-toolkit 0.4.2 10 Django utility app for Django developers.
django-deviantart 0.2 10 Deviantart API (OAuth2) for your django project
django-diary 0.3.4 10 A pluggable diary app for use in the Django framework.
django-digest 1.13 10 An implementation of HTTP Digest Authentication for Django.
django-dirbrowser 0.0.3 10 Django app For browsing a directory tree.
django-discover-jenkins 0.1.4 10 A minimal fork of django-jenkins designed to work with the discover runner, made with simplicity in mind
django-docfield-couchdb 0.2.4 10 Django fields for representing CouchDB docs and more.
django-drf-file-generator 0.1.15 10 Django DRF File Generator provides a safe way to generate automatically Django basic files like,,,, to use with djangorestframework, the genereted files are based on your
django-edict 0.1 10 A django application for keeping your fans up to date.
django-emailmessagetemplates 0.1.2 10 A Django app that allows users to edit email content with an easy-to-integrate developer API.
django-embedded-media 0.1.0 10 Render inline CSS and JS in Django forms media.
django-extensions-too 0.1.2 10 Django Extensions is a collection of custom extensions for the Django Framework.
django-ezengage 0.1.1 10 django app works with ezengage service
django-fabtasks 0.1.2 10 Common Fabric tasks for use in Django development/deployments
django-facebook-connect 1.0.1 10 Add facebook connect authentication to your Django website.
django-fakeinline 0.1.1 10 fakeinline provides enough of the methods and attributes to trick the Django Admin into displaying it when mounted as part of an inlines declaration on a ModelAdmin
django-forms-ajaxified 0.2 10 A reusable Django app that allows to load and submit forms via AJAX.
django-front-edit 1.2.1 10 Front end editing for Django.
django-gcloud-storage 0.2.1 10 Django storage module implementation for Google Cloud Storage
django-gcs 0.1.1 10 Django file storage backend for Google Cloud Storage
django-gearman-commands 0.6.1 10 Django management commands for working with Gearman job server from Django framework
django-generic-tagging 0.0.2 10 A generic tagging plugin for Django
django-geolocation-alert 0.5.1 10 Geolocation django middleware that check if user IP or agent browser change during session time.
django-gevent-deploy 1.0.1 10 Django hook for starting gevent's WSGI server
django-google-cloud-storage 0.0.2 10 Google Cloud Storage file backend for Django
django-google-credentials 0.0.2 10 Django app storing Google API OAuth credentials.
django-google-oauth 1.0.4 10 Django Integration for Google+ OAuth2
django-googleplay-api 1.1.2 10 Google Play API, with configuration on Django.
django-granular-access 0.1.1 10 Flexible permission system for Django.
django-graphql-bp 1.2.0 10 Boiler plate for API projects based on Django 2 & graphql (graphene) 2
django-grep-db 1.1.2 10 A simple Django app for command-line searching via the ORM
django-group-access 1.1.17 10 Base Django model to add access control, via groups, to objects.
Django-HardWorker 0.1.0 10 Simplified background worker for django.
django-haystackbrowser 0.6.2 10 A reusable Django application for viewing and debugging all the data that has been pushed into Haystack
django-html5-boilerplate 1.0.8 10 A framework that includes the HTML5 boilerplate template into your django project.
django-html5-mobile-boilerplate 1.0.5 10 A framework that includes the Django HTML5 boilerplate template into your django project and augments it with mobile support.
django-i18nurl 0.1 10 Django i18n URL
django-icase 0.1.1 10 A few tools for helping with case-insensitvity in Django URLs.
django-imperavi-widget 0.0.3 10 A django admin widget to render a text field as beautiful Imperavi WYSIWYG editor
django-import-data 0.4.2 10 A Django command line tool for importing HTML, XML and JSON data to models via XSLT mapping
django-inplaceedit-bootstrap 0.2.1 10 Integration of django-inplaceedit and bootstrap
django-intercooler-helpers 0.2.0 10 a small reusable app for Django which provides a few improvements for working with Intercooler.js
django-invite 0.1.0 10 Django application for registration and authentication
django-iplant-auth 0.1.21 10 Authentication support for iPlantCollaborative.
django-j2fa 1.0.0 10 2-Factor Authentication for Django projects
django-jackfrost 0.4.0 10 A static site generator for Django views
django-jira-oauth 0.1.2 10 OAuth authentication with JIRA from Django
django-jpic-jfu 2.0.9 10 A Django Library for jQuery File Upload.
django-js-error-logging 0.1.1 10 Logging Client-Side JavaScript errors for Django
django-json-patch 0.1.0 10 Json Patch support for Django models
django-kit 0.0.1 10 A set of useful helpers for my needs. Like django-annoying
Django-Kolibri 0.2.0a 10 Asynchronous Processors/Workflow management for django.
django-lazysignup-redux 1.0.0 10 Lazy signup for Django
django-ldapdb-pyldap 0.4.1 10 An LDAP database backend for Django
django-lemonldap 2.0.0 10 LemonLDAP: django authentication system to be used with LemonLDAP::NG
django-lockout 0.1.1 10 cache-based Django app that locks out users after too many failed login attempts.
django-login 1.0 10 A django-cms apphook to aid with user authentication.
django-modular-languages 0.5 10 Simple script to manage multiple language catalogs in a django project.
django-moneta 0.1 10 Django app for Moneta eTerminal API.
django-mongo-coupons 0.0.1b1 10 Django-coupons with mongoengine
django-monitio 0.3.1 10 Unified, persistent and dynamic user messages/notifications for Django
django-multi-token 0.1.2 10 Multi token for django rest framework
django-multiple-auth 1.2 10 Multiple login users at the same time
django-multires 0.1 10 Django-multires is a plug-and-play Django app for managing multiple image resolutions in a db-driven approach.
django-nagios-cache 0.1.6 10 A Django library that sync data from a Nagios/Icinga server.
django-netbox-graphql 0.0.4 10 Django module which provides a GraphQL API for Netbox (For django 1.11)
django-neue-transmeta 0.8.0 10 Neue-Transmeta is an application for translatable content in Django's models.
django-nosqladmin 0.1.1 10 An introspective interface for Django and Document Based NoSQL databases
django-numpy 1.0.1 10 Application for Django projects that adds some utilities and integration tools with Numpy.
django-oauth-backend 0.2.3 10 UNKNOWN
django-oauth-toolkit 1.0.0 10 OAuth2 Provider for Django
django-object-authority 0.0.5 10 Package to authorize actions (CRUD) to users over concrete items.
django-octocat 0.2.1 10 A Django app for handling github users and repos.
django-oidc 0.1.4 10 A Django OpenID Connect (OIDC) authentication backend
django-oidc-auth 0.0.11 10 OpenID Connect client for Django applications
django-OneTimePassword 0.0.2 10 A simple Django app with authentication backend for OneTimePassword
django-online-status 0.1.0 10 Online status for authenticated users (online, idle, offline) and list of current users online, all to display with templatetags. No database models, everything cached. Read more:
django-onmydesk 0.1.0 10 A simple Django app to build reports.
django-openstack-auth-kerberos 0.3.0 10 Kerberos login to the OpenStack dashboard
django-oscar-approval 0.1 10 Order approval module for django-oscar
django-output-validator 1.5 10 App to catch HTML errors (or other errors) in outgoing Django pages.
django-pagination-bootstrap 1.2.4 10 Easy add pagination in Django, using Bootstrap's layout.
django-pci-auth 0.1.1 10 Provides change password validation with AJAX support and history check.
django-pdfkit 0.3.1 10 Django view that converts HTML to PDF using webkit.
Django-PeerReview 0.1.0 10 Simple reusable app for management of peer review of arbitrary django models.
django-pendulum 0.1.6-pre4 10 A simple timeclock/timecard application for use in Django-powered Web sites.
django-periodicals 0.8.0 10 Django app to create periodical/magazine websites"
django-pg-current-timestamp 0.2.4 10 Add true postgresql `CURRENT_TIMESTAMP` support to Django + PostgreSQL
django-pgroonga 0.0.1 10 PGroonga utility for Django.
django-phantom-theme 1.1 10 Django Phantom Theme is an admin theme for Django Framework. It allows for registering custom database options and provides a clean and modern web interface. The application is designed to be responsive and adopt to mobile and tablet devices. To achieve this we have used the twitter bootstrap 3.x framework grid.
django-phitbit 0.1.2 10 An alternative integration of the Fitbit API for Django.
django-php-bridge 0.1.1 10 Authentication bridge between Django and PHP
django-picasa 1.3 10 A module of django components that give you picasa storage, picasa fileds and admin fields.
django-polymorphic-auth 0.4 10 Polymorphic user model with plugins for common options, plus abstract and mixin classes to create your own.
django-postcodepy-proxy 1.0.0 10 simple Django app to make your backend serve as a proxy for the REST-API
django-premailer 0.1.0 10 Django template tag that turns CSS blocks into style attributes using premailer.
django-prismriver 0.12 10 A light but cool Django admin theme
django-private-chat 0.1.6 10 Django one-to-one Websocket-based Asyncio-handled chat, developed by Bearle team
django-proxy-users 0.0.8 10 Authentication extension to enable proxy users in django.
django-publications-bootstrap 2.2.2 10 A Django app for managing scientific publications with a Bootstrap-powered UI.
django-pudb 0.1.0 10 PuDB integration for Django.
django-pwned-passwords 0.1.0 10 A Django password validator that checks Troy Hunt's PWNED Passwords API to see if a password has been involved in a major security breach before.
django-pybrowscap 1.0.0 10 django-pybrowscap is django middleware with support for pybrowscap
django-qrauth 0.1.2 10 Nice QR codes that allow the users to instantly sign in to the website on their mobile devices
django-random-filestorage 0.1.0 10 Django storage class that assigns random filenames to all stored files.
django-refinery 0.1 10 Django-refinery is a reusable Django application for allowing users to filter queryset dynamically.
django-reportato 1.0 10 Very simple CSV reports with Django
django-resourcetags 1.1 10 Django template tags for referencing static files
django-rest-coreapi-schema 0.1.2 10 Django restframework custom schema
django-rest-framework-client 0.1.1 10 Python client for a DjangoRestFramework based web site
django-rest-query 0.1.1 10 A rest query request args parser for django orm.
django-restup 0.1.1 10 A Library for creating REST APIs for Django applications
django-richtext-blog 0.8.6 10 A django app that implements a blog with the features we've grown accustomed to. Features: Rich text editing with TinyMCE; Full image upload support; Tags; Comments; Spam prevention; Atom/RSS feeds; Example templates; Code syntax highlighting; SEO optimised urls and more.
django-rms 0.0.0 10 Django Rule Management System app
django-s3-cache 1.4.2 10 Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) cache backend for Django
django-saas-user 0.2 10 Multi-client Authentication/Authorization for Django
django-sanction 0.3.1 10 A Django front end for the sanction OAuth2 client library
django-secure-js-login 0.3a0 10 JavaScript Challenge-handshake authentication django app
django-secureadmin 1.4 10 Django-SecureAdmin send verification mail when user last and new ip not equals.
django-settings-file 1.0.0 10 Let Django use settings from an arbitrary Python file instead of an importable module
django-setuptest-jenkins 0.0.4 10 Simple test suite enabling Django app testing with jenkins reports via $ python test
django-simple-auth 0.2.1 10 Simple password-only protection
django-simple-avatar 0.8.6 10 django-simple-avatar
django-simple-spam-blocker 0.1.0 10 Simple spam blocker for Django
django-simple-webservice 0.1.1 10 Django app for simple create json-rpc like webservices
django-simplecrop 1.0.4 10 A simple module to make easier crop images in Django admin.
django-siteuser 0.1.2 10 A Django APP for Universal Maintain Accounts
django-smartagent 0.1.1 10 django-smartagent is the fastest and most complete user agent parser
django-smileys 0.1.1-pre1 10 Easily replace things like :) and B-) with smilies on your Django-powered site.
django-smileys-plus 0.2.0-beta 10 Easily add, use and manage smileys on your Django-powered site.
django-smtp-ntlm-backend 0.0.4 10 A Django email backend for SMTP servers with NTLM authentication
django-social-friends-finder 0.2 10 An extension app for django-social-auth or django-allauth that fetches your friends from different social-networks.
django-sorting 0.1 10 Like ericflo's django pagination, but this one does the sorting! used with ericflo's pagination, displaying tabular paginated and sortable data is very easy
django-spa 0.2.0 10 Simple Django configuration to serve a single-page app
django-spaghetti-and-meatballs 0.2.2 10 Its a spicy meatball for serving up fresh hot entity-relationship diagrams straight from your django models.
django-spaminspector 0.1rc4 10 django-spaminspector is a generic spam inspector of Django via Akismet
django-stackato 1.0 10 Django Stackato Extensions -- non-interactive changepassword
django-stainless 0.1.0 10 Cleaning command for unused media files of your Django app.
django-standalone 0.4 10 use the Django ORM with standalone scripts
django-steam 0.1 10 Steam api and authentication for django.
django-sub-query 0.1 10 Django app which uses SQL sub-queries to solve some ORM limitations
django-subcommander 0.1 10 Write Django management commands that have subcommands.
django-telegram-bot 0.6.0 10 Django app to write Telegram bots
django-theming 1.0 10 Django application, implement theming concept, flexible and configurable. Allow theming for host url.
django-throttling 0.0.1 10 Basic throttling app for Django
django-token 0.1.2 10 Simple token based authentication for Django
django-transmeta-edw 0.7.3 10 Transmeta is an application for translatable content in Django's models.
django-transmeta-jl 0.7.5 10 Transmeta is an application for translatable content in Django's models.
django-trello-freckle-sprints 0.1.1 10 A reusable Django app that creates burndown charts based on Trello boards and Freckle entries.
django-triflesoft-loginas 0.4.1610232024 10 Django loginas for administrators by TrifleSoft
django-tvdb 0.0.1 10 TVDB support for Django projects
django-twitter 0.1.0 10 An inobstrusive way to login with Twitter into your Django application.
django-unfurl 0.1.1 10 A small re-usable app for Django to output all the URLs used in a project
django-unifi-portal 0.0.2 10 Authenticate Unifi WiFi Guests with Django.
django-unshorten 1.0 10 A reusable Django app to un-shorten URLs.
django-upload-avatar 0.1.0 10 A Django APP for Upload avatars
django-url-fullpath-redirect 0.1.2 10 Fork of django-url-tracker with query_string support
django-urlactive-lite 0.1 10 An example django template tag library for adding an "active" class to navigation links.
django-urlalternatives 0.1.0 10 Django URL alternatives provides a way for dispatching one URL pattern to the first alternative view (callback function) in a list that returns success.
django-urlauth 0.1.8 10 Django application for user authentication with key in hypertext link
django-validated-file 2.0.1 10 This Django app adds a new field type, ValidatedFileField, that add the capability of checking the document size and types the user may send.
django-warmama 1.0.0 10 Django app for qfusion authentication server
django-watermark-remastered 0.1.8 10 Overrided django-watermark from origin
django-webgate 1.0.1 10 Django Authentication Middleware for WebGate Oracle AccessManager.
django-websocket-channel 0.0.5 10 Websocket support for Django using Redis
django-wechat-api 2.0.0 10 Pure python/django for wechat official account interface.
django-wordpress-api 0.1.24 10 Easily Install your Wordpress blog in your Django project using wp rest API v1
django-yeouia 1.1.1 10 A Django auth backend that works with email or username
django-zipkin 0.0.3 10 django-zipkin is a Django middleware and api for recording and sending messages to Zipkin
django_auth_imap 0.1 10 A customizable django imap authentication backend
djangocms-blog 0.9.0rc2 10 A djangoCMS 3 blog application
djangocms-blog-martin 0.5.1.dev3 10 Fork of djangoCMS 3 blog application
djangocms-comments 0.2.2 10 A comment system for Django CMS unintrusive and easy to use. Add it to your pages without modifying your models. It is highly customizable!
djangorestframework-amauth 1.4 10 AccountManager auth backend for DRF.
djangorestframework-bulk 0.2.1 10 Django REST Framework bulk CRUD view mixins
djangorestframework-jwt-custom-user 1.11.1 10 JSON Web Token based authentication for Django REST framework
drf-auth 0.0.1 10 Authentications for Django REST Framework
drf_authentication 0.1.0 10 Django Rest Framework Authentication Module with Angular
eckerd-django-google-sso 0.0.1 10 A reusable django application for google sso
edx-auth-backends 1.1.3 10 Custom edX authentication backends and pipeline steps
flytrap-auth 0.0.3 10 A simple Django app to auth
fynd-django-alohomora 1.0.0 10 Fynd Centralized auth system.
graphene_django_auth 0.1.0 10 Implementation of a graphql schema for jwt authentication.
inb-django-influxdb-metrics 1.3.3 10 A reusable Django app that sends metrics about your project to InfluxDB
infinidat-django-bootstrap3 7.0.9 10 Bootstrap support for Django projects
inmagik-drf-auth 0.1.1 10 Additional views and helpers for django-rest-framework authentication
moma-django 0.1.1 10 MoMa-Django provides native Django ORM and admin support for Mongo DB.
oauth-python-twitter 1.0 10 OAuth implementation for python-twitter
OAuthClientUser 0.1.1 10 A User Authenticate APP for OAuth2 of django-oauth-toolkit
plugs-auth 0.2.0 10 Reusable Authentication
python-social-auth 0.3.6 10 Python social authentication made simple.
remote_auth 0.0.6 10 Provide multiple Django Auth support to a project
rest_framework_auth0 0.4.6 10 Django Rest Framework Library to use Auth0 authentication
SwampDragon-auth 0.1.3 10 Access signed in django users in routers
teracy-django-html5-boilerplate 0.3.0 10 html5-boilerplate Django wrapper application
tgauth 1.1.1 10 Tgauth is a package for authentication and authorization with Telegram Messenger. its provide the Token Based Authentication.
TracDjangoAuth 0.4.0 10 Trac Authentication against Django's userdb
twython-django 1.5.2 10 Django Integration for Twython -- the actively maintained, pure Python wrapper for the Twitter API. Supports both normal and streaming Twitter APIs
una-django-cassandra-engine 5.0.16 10 Django Cassandra Engine - the Cassandra backend for Django
wadofstuff-django-serializers 1.1.0 10 Extended serializers for Django.
wadofstuff-django-serializers-op 1.1.1 10 Extended serializers for Django modified for OpenProximity
wadofstuff-django-views 1.0.1 10 Inlines support for Django generic views.
django-assets-pipeline 0.1 9 Complete assets pipeline for Django projects
django-ckeditor-fc 1.1 9 Django admin CKEditor integration.
django-display-exceptions 1.8 9 This app can (slightly) encourage modularity and readability, as well as decrease code repetition and length, by using Exceptions to handle exceptional (non-standard) situations.
django-tokenauth 0.1.0 9 An authentication backend that uses tokens sent over email to authenticate users.
maro-auth 0.1 9 A simple Django app to manage auth
mini-django-accounts 17.7.2 9 A simple replacement for django.auth.user
social-auth-app-cherrypy 1.0.0 9 Python Social Authentication, CherryPy integration.
adarnauth-esi 1.4.4 8 Django app for accessing the EVE Swagger Interface.
agape-django 0.2.5 8 Collection of reusable Django Applications for RAD
asymmetric_jwt_auth 0.4.1 8 Asymmetric key based authentication for HTTP APIs
attainia-django-extensions 0.6.1 8 A collection of helpful utilities to be used in Attainia Django/Rest Framework projects
authentic2 2.1.20 8 Authentic 2, a versatile identity management server
authentic2-auth-kerberos 1.1.0 8 Authentic2 Auth Kerberos
authentic2-auth-msp 1.0.5 8 Authentic2 plugin
backstage-oauth2 0.1.3 8 App de integração com o login do backstage
ccnmtldjango 1.11.0 8 Paste template for Django development at CCNMTL
consumeraffairs-django-experiments 1.4.4b1 8 Python Django AB Testing Framework
cookiecutter-django 1.11.9 8 A Cookiecutter template for creating production-ready Django projects quickly.
dc-django-base 0.6.3 8 Django base application
diy-django 1.3.1 8 diy-django
django-4store 0.3 8 A small Django application that makes developing with the 4Store RDF database easier.
django-503 0.1 8 An app to show 503 error page, while your django site is on maintenance.
django-ab 0.1.1 8 AB Testing Framework for Django
django-abo 0.1.4 8 Recurring payment / subscription handling for Django, supporting different payment gateways
django-acc 0.0.5.dev3 8 A simple Django app for account managemnt
django-access-tokens 0.9.2 8 A Django app for for generating secure scoped access tokens.
django-account-balances 0.4 8 Track account credits in Django
Django-Accounts 0.1 8 A batteries-included solution for Django accounts.
django-active-login-required 0.1.2 8 Django view decorator that ensures a user is both active and authenticated
django-activeview 0.1.3 8 Django template tag that checks if given view or path is active.
django-activities 1.2.1 8 Activities app for django
django-addle 0.0.1 8 A Django app for managing ads and internal promotions.
django-admin-app-names-singleton 1.1 8 Django admin enhancer
django-admin-backend 0.6.0 8 A replacement of django.contrib.admin
django-admin-conf-vars 0.3.1 8 A simple Django app to edit configuration variables with the Django admin.
django-admin-easy 0.4.1 8 Collection of admin fields and decorators to help to create computed or custom fields more friendly and easy way
django-admin-extensions 0.10.0 8 Simple tools to extend the django admin site
django-admin-shell 0.1 8
django-admin-shortcuts 1.2.7 8 Add simple and pretty shortcuts to the django admin homepage.
django-admin-sso 2.4.0 8 Django SSO solution
django-admin-sso2 2.0.4 8 Django SSO solution
django-admin-tools 0.8.1 8 A collection of tools for the django administration interface
django-admin-views 0.8.0 8 django-admin-views is a simple way to add custom admin views and direct URLs to the Django admin
django-admin-visualsearch 1.2 8 Visualsearch.js for Django admin
django-admin-watchdog 1.0.1 8 A simple Django app to register logs in admin backoffice.
django-airports 0.1.4 8 Airport model and worldwide airport data for Django
django-akamai 2.0.0 8 A Django app for performing Akamai purge requests
django-akismet-comments 0.1 8 Django moderator for checking django.contrib.comments spam against akismet service.
django-alacarte 0.1.6 8 A minimalist Django menu app.
django-almastorage 0.4.1 8 A simple Django app to use SwiftStack Storage
django-alphafilter 1.0 8 Django-AlphaFilter provides an admin widget for alphabetical filtering that works like date_hierarchy and an template tag for use elsewhere.
django-altuser 0.9.5 8 Alternative user models for django >= 1.5, with email field and other features
django-amber 0.8.0 8 A Django-powered static site generator
django-analytics 0.0.1 8 Django app facilitating tracking of arbitrary simple metrics.
django-analytics-kits 0.1.9 8 A Django app to get analytics data from Google Analytics and save them in other django app models
django-analyze-sessions 0.1.1 8 Tools to analyze Django DB sessions
django-anexia-monitoring 1.1.0 8 A Django app used to monitor updates for Django and all installed python packages in the running environment. It can be also used to check if the website is alive and working correctly.
django-anysign 1.3 8 Online signature for Django: multiple services, generic API.
django-anyvcs 2.5.0 8 A Django app providing homogeneous management of VCS systems.
django-api 0.1.3 8 Specify and validate your Django APIs
django-app-skeleton 1.0.4 8 A basic skeleton and script to make a packageable django application
django-ar-organizations 0.2.40 8 Group accounts for Django
django-arctic 1.0.0 8 Django framework to create custom content management systems
django-arrange 8 Django app providing arbitrary, admin user specified, object arranging.
django-articles-addons 0.2.4 8 A collection of tools to extend codekoala's wonderful django-articless
django-asana 0.6.3 8 Django Asana integration project
django-asset-convoy 0.1.3 8 Asset packager for Django applications
django-assist-ru 0.6.0 8 Приложение для интеграции платежной системы ASSIST в проекты на Django.
django-assume 0.2.1 8 Django app that allows administrators to log in to user accounts without having to provide a password
django-async-gt 0.6.2 8 a simple app to asynchronously upload images with Django, using Celery
django-async-test 0.2.2 8 asyncio unit tests with Django transactional support.
django-atlas 0.0.5 8 Geolocation models, data and tools using GeoDjango
django-atol 1.2.0 8 Django integration with ATOL online
django-attest 0.10.0 8 Provides Django specific testing helpers to Attest
django-audit-log 0.7.0 8 Audit trail for django models
django-auditable-models 1.0 8 Auditable model classes for Django
django-audited-models 0.4.alpha 8 An abstract base class providing automatic creator/editor/datetime_created/datetime_modified fields.
django-auth-pack 0.1.13 8 UNKNOWN
django-autoadmin 1.1.1 8 Automatic admin users for Django projects.
django-autohide-help 0.0.1 8 jQuery plugin that auto-hides form field help blocks as pluggable Django app
django-autotest-command 1.5.5 8 Django command for quickly re-running tests when ever a file changes.
django-avsubmit 8 Django application for submitting and tracking malicious code samples to AV companies
django-aws 0.1 8 Django AWS backends
django-backbone 0.3.2 8 Provides a Backbone.js compatible REST API for your models using Django Admin style registration.
django-backward 0.3.6 8 A Django application to store your previous history and action in your session engine
django-bagou 0.1.0 8 Django Websocket for Django
django-bankdownloads 0.1.0 8 Django-app for managing and processing bank transaction downloads
django-baton 1.0.9 8 A cool, modern and responsive django admin application
django-beauty-view 0.0.5 8 Beauty Django Views Mixin
django-bible 1.0 8 django-bible is a Python package / django app for interfacing with the Holy Bible.
django-blargg 0.6.0 8 A minimal, admin-powered, django blogging app with a fun name.
django-blogging 1.2.13 8 Django blogging app. The goal is to keep it simple and configurable
django-blogyall 1.2.2 8 django-blogyall is the reusable blog application developed for
django-bmemcached 0.2.3 8 A Django cache backend to use bmemcached module which supports memcached binary protocol with authentication.
django-bogofilter 0.1 8 Bayesian spam filtering for django_comments using bogofilter
django-bootstrap-forms 0.1 8 Twitter Bootstrap ready Django forms.
django-bootstrap-mega 0.1.5 8 Twitter Bootstrap ready Django forms.
django-bootstrap-navtags 0.1.1 8 Navigation templatetags for django with twitter bootstrap.
django-bootstrap3-wysihtml5x 1.0 8 Simple Django app that provides a Wysihtml5x rich-text editor widget.
django-bot 0.2.2 8 A lightweight django framework for bots
django-bot-crawler-blocker 1.0 8 A Django app to block the IP addresses which sends too many hits to your application
django-boto 0.3.12 8 Wrapper of boto package for django
django-brainstorm 0.2.1 8 Django brainstorming site
django-brake 1.5.2 8 Cache-based rate-limiting for Django.
django-brevisurl 2.0.3 8 django-brevisurl is django app for shortening urls
django-briefcase 0.1b2 8 Yet another document management app for Django.
django-browserid 2.0.2 8 Django application for adding BrowserID support.
django-cachebot 0.4.1 8 Automated caching and invalidation for the Django ORM
django-cached-s3-storage 0.2.1 8 Django storage backend to be used with S3.
django-cached-user 1.0 8 Auditable model classes for Django
django-cacheops 4.0.5 8 A slick ORM cache with automatic granular event-driven invalidation for Django.
django-cacheops-with-stats 1.3.1 8 A slick ORM cache with automatic granular event-driven invalidation for Django.
django-cas-provider 0.3.1 8 A "provider" for the Central Authentication Service (
django-castor 0.2.1 8 A content-addressable storage backend for Django.
django-category 1.11.0 8 Django categorize content app.
django-ccpages 1.8.0 8 A lightweight pages application for Django
django-cdc 2.0.9 8 CDC for django models
django-celery-fulldbresult 0.5.3 8 Celery result backend that stores everything.
django-cereal 0.2.1 8 Efficient serialization of Django Models for use in Celery that ensure the state of the world.
django-chatterbox 0.0.8 8 Social listening made easy
django-chimpusers 0.1.8 8 Integrate Django users with a MailChimp mailing list.
django-chunked-upload 1.1.2 8 Upload large files to Django in multiple chunks, with the ability to resume if the upload is interrupted.
django-ckeditor 5.4.0 8 Django admin CKEditor integration.
django-ckeditor-updated 4.4.4 8 Django admin CKEditor integration.
django-classsettings 1.0.2 8 Django settings helpers
django-cleanup 2.1.0 8 Deletes old files.
django-cloak 1.0.0 8 App for Django to cloak as a user, or generate a login link
django-cloud-browser 0.3.0 8 Django Cloud Browser application.
django-cloudslave 0.2.2 8 Create, use and destroy temporary slaves in the cloud
django-cms 3.5.0 8 An Advanced Django CMS
django-cms-patched 2.3.5 8 An Advanced Django CMS
django-cms-storelocator 1.10.0 8 A store locator extension for Django CMS
django-cms-taggit 0.1 8 Integration of django-taggit and additional meta data with Django CMS.
django-cms-themes 1.0.11 8 Load prepackaged themes (templates and accompanying media) into Django CMS projects through the admin
django-cms_wg 3.0.0.beta2 8 Django CMS, project-based
django-codenerix-cms 1.0.13 8 Codenerix CMS is a module that enables CODENERIX to set products on serveral platforms in a general manner.
django-collectd-rest 0.2.0 8 A simple Django application to demonstrate RRD plots generated by collectd or any other rrd data
django-commandlog 0.1.10 8 A Django app to log management commands
django-committees 1.1.3 8 A simple reusable application for managing a small orgs governance in a Django application.
django-compat 1.0.15 8 For- and backwards compatibility layer for Django 1.4, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, and 1.11
django-composer-prk 0.1.1 8 Page composer for Django
django-compressor-autoprefixer 0.1.0 8 Django Compressor CSS filter for autoprefixer
django-concerns 0.1.0 8 Django app for reporting privacy concerns
django-confit 0.6 8 Django settings loaders and validators, with local flavour.
django-connect 0.1 8 Django app to let users connect (and in some cases login) with 3rd party sites (mostly social networks)
django-connections 0.1 8 Create, query and manage graphs of relationships between your Django models
django-contacts 0.6.0 8 A Django address book application.
django-content-licenses 0.2.3 8 django-content-licenses is a Django app that adds support for adding licensing information to content.
django-contentmanager 2012.5.9 8 A simple, pluggable content-manager for django.
django-context-extras 0.2.4 8 django-context-extras provides some extra context processors that are often needed by Django projects.
django-cookie-law 1.0.13 8 Helps your Django project comply with EU cookie law regulations
django-copywriting 0.1.12 8 Copywriting is the act of writing copy (text) for the purpose of advertising or marketing a product, business, person, opinion or idea. The addressee (reader, listener, etc.) of the copy is meant to be persuaded to buy the product advertised for, or subscribe to the viewpoint the text shares.
django-core 1.4.1 8 A core set of tools for django applications.
django-cors-cache 0.0.0 8 slick ORM cache and invalidation for Django
django-courier 0.4.0 8 A notification app for Django
django-crequest 2016.3.16 8 Middleware to make current request always available.
django-crontab 0.7.1 8 dead simple crontab powered job scheduling for django
django-ct-useragents 0.1.4 8 A simple Django app to track IP and User Agent info.
django-cte-forest 0.2.2 8 Django Adjacency-List trees using PostgreSQL Common Table Expressions (CTE).
django-currencies 0.4.0 8 Adds support for multiple currencies as a Django application.
django-currentuser 0.2.2 8 Conveniently store reference to request user on thread/db level.
django-custom-anonymous 0.3 8 Library provides customization of AnonymousUser in Django
django-d2m 0.1.4 8 Mapping annotated dict list into Django models
django-dash 0.5.5 8 Customisable, modular dashboard application framework for Django.
django-data-exports 0.7 8 Model data exports for Django
django-datadog-compatibility 0.0.1 8 A simple DataDog Integration for Django
django-dataporten 0.1.2 8 A simple Django app to fetch and parse data from Dataporten.
django-datapurge 0.0.2 8 A simple Django app to easily handle cleanup of old data (sessions, nonces, etc.)
django-db-quick-setup 0.0.2 8 Create and start MySQL/PostgreSQL containers with a single management command
django-debug-toolbar-mongo 0.1.10 8 MongoDB panel for the Django Debug Toolbar
django-dedal 1.0.2 8 Fast CRUD builder.
django-deep-collector 0.4.2 8 A simple Django app to collect related objects.
django-deepzoom 3.0.3 8 A simple Django app to create deep zoom tiled images.
django-demirbank 1.0.27a1 8 DemirBank library for making payment using store type = 3d_Pay_Hosting and transaction type = Auth
django-denis 0.2.0 8 Denis helps you recovering accidentally deleted data from a django project
django-dfk 0.0.10 8 Deferred foreign keys for Django
django-dfp 0.4.1 8 DFP implementation for Django
django-directapps 0.5.2 8 Django app for direct client access to all models.
django-discord-bind 0.2.0 8 A Django app for securely associating a user with a Discord account.
django-discover-runner 1.0 8 A Django test runner based on unittest2's test discovery.
django-djaffar 0.1.10 8 An asynchronous user activity tracking API for Django.
django-djembe 0.2.0 8 A Django email backend that encrypts outgoing mail with S/MIME.
django-drapes 0.1.2 8 Some decorators and classes to make working with django projects easier.
Django-Drupal-Password-Hasher 0.1.1 8 Useful password hasher for django sites with drupal components
django-dynamic-cabinetmaps 0.1.dev2 8 A lightweight dynamic create cabinet graph with django.
django-dynamo 0.25 8 Dynamo let users and admins create and mantain their Django DYNAmic MOdels dynamically at runtime.
django-dynamodb-sessions-mwas 0.7 8 A Django session backend using Amazon's DynamoDB
django-dynamodb2-sessions 0.3 8 Sessions backend dedicated for Django uses Amazon DynamoDB v.2
django-dynasite 0.1beta3 8 Tools to dynamically manage multiple Django Web sites in a single app the way you need to.
django-easy-audit 1.0 8 Yet another Django audit log app, hopefully the simplest one.
django-easyconfig 0.3 8 Module to make it easy to configure external Django apps.
django-easyregistration 0.1 8 A simple Django app to manage users login/logout and registration.
django-email-authenticator 0.4.9 8
django-email-change 0.2.2 8 django-email-change adds support for email address change and confirmation.
django-email-confirm-la 2.3.1 8 Django email confirmation for any Model and any Field.
django-email-login-fc 0.3.2 8 A Django application that enables you to have your users use their email address instead of their username
django-email-manager 0.2.1 8 A simple application to store a summary of system e-mails.
django-email-user 1.0.1 8 Abstract models + utils to replace `django.contrib.auth.User` with a model that uses an email address instead of a username
django-email-username 0.0.3 8 Use email addresses in place of usernames in Django projects.
django-emailmeld 0.0.6 8 Django Email Templater.
django-emailtools-reloaded 0.2.3 8 App for Django featuring class based email sending.
django-embed 0.2.1 8 A simple Django app to generate embed code from youtube, twitter and slideshare.
django-engineplate 8 A Django-engineplate App for easy life
django-env-overrides 0.1.0 8 Override arbitrary Django settings via environment variables.
django-experiments-hw 1.2.0 8 Python Django AB Testing Framework
django-explain 1.1.1 8 A helper to get EXPLAIN and EXPLAIN ANALYZE OUTPUT for django queryset.
django-explain-commands 0.2 8 Django app for explaining where commands are coming from.
django-exportdata 0.2 8 Export model data (with selected fields) to csv file
django-extended-choices 1.3 8 Little helper application to improve django choices (for fields)
django-extra-tools 0.3.0 8 A set of functions related with Django
django-extrawidgets 1 8 A project exploring the client-side of Django website development
django-f-awesome 0.3.2 8 a django app that provides a couple of fontawesome/django related utilities.
django-fab-deploy 0.7.4 8 Django deployment tool
django-facebook-api 0.6.8 8 Django implementation for Facebook Graph API
django-facebook-applications 0.6.0 8 Django implementation for Facebook Graph API Applications
django-fast-gfk 0.1 8 Do Django generic foreign key lookups in one query
django-favs-sc 0.2.5 8 A simple reusable app for django that makes it easy to deal with faving
django-fbrt 0.1.1 8 This package uses websockets and facebook API to let you create real-time application (e.g. a facebook-authenticated game). It is based on Fandjango and gevent/websockets using django-gevent-websocket. Readme is still pending. Sorry.
django-feedaggregator 0.2 8 Django app to create an RSS feeds aggregator
django-fieldbook 0.0.3 8 A simple Django app for interacting with the API.
django-filemanager-tjh 0.6.0 8 A django filemanager app
django-fixture-generator 0.2.0 8 django-fixture-generator is a reusable django application to make writing fixtures not suck.
django-fluent-blogs 2.0.2 8 A blog engine with flexible block contents (based on django-fluent-contents).
django-fluent-comments 2.0 8 A modern, ajax-based appearance for django_comments
django-fluent-dashboard 1.0 8 An improved django-admin-tools dashboard for Django projects
django-fluentd 0.1 8 Fluentd bindings for django
django-fnd8n 0.1 8 A generic website backend implemented in Django using Controllers.
django-form-utils-bootstrap3 0.1.2 8 Render forms with fieldsets using Bootstrap markup via django-form-utils and django-bootstrap3
django-forms-builder 0.13.0 8 A Django reusable app providing the ability for admin users to create their own forms and report on their collected data.
django-formset-js-improved 8 Extend Django formsets with JavaScript
django-fulmine 0.1.1 8 Django OAuth 2.0 (RFC 6749) pluggable implementation
django-funky-user 0.1 8 Django custom user model, registration and tools
django-gatekeeper 0.3.0 8 Django object moderation
django-gearman-proxy 1.0.1 8 Proxy backends/workers for asynchronous email and sms sending using gearman as message queue.
django-geoexplorer-worldmap 4.0.6 8 Use GeoExplorer in your django projects
django-get-autologin 0.2 8 A simple Django app to login with GET request type that it use Token parameter
django-gevent-websocket 0.1.0 8 Easy WebSocket server for django using gevent-websocket
django-google-adwords 0.7.2 8 Django modelling and helpers for the Google Adwords API.
django-group-by 0.3.1 8 Group by arbitrary model fields
django-groups-cache 1.0.2 8 Caches the groups a user is in so requests don't have to make calls to the database to check group status.
django-hashcash 0.2.1 8 Adds HashCash.IO "proof-of-work" control to django login form.
django-highlightjs 0.2.4 8 A Django app to easy integrate highlight.js syntax highlighter.
django-historicalrecords 1.1 8 Marty Alchin's HistoricalRecords from the ProDjango book.
django-historicalrecords-rca 1.2.5 8 Marty Alchin's HistoricalRecords from the ProDjango book.
django-historicalrecords-unleashed 1.3.1 8 Marty Alchin`s HistoricalRecords from the ProDjango book.
django-html 0.1.0 8 Template tags for smarter outputting of HTML in Django
django-httpxforwardedfor 0.2.0 8 Set request.META['REMOTE_ADDR'] from request.META['HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR']
django-human-datetime 0.1 8 Uses the parsedatetime package to parse human readable date/time expressions into Django fields
django-icons-famfamfam 0.2-1 8 Django staticfiles with famfamfam silk and flag icon sets
django-identity-external 0.5 8 Django middleware for handling of external identities.
django-idshost 0.1.0 8 Django app to interface with the ids infrastructure.
django-ignoretests2 0.4.1 8 Ignore tests of given django apps
django-ikari 0.0.5 8 Django middleware to allow user configurable domain anchoring to admin configured urlconfs.
django-inline-actions 1.3.0 8 django-inline-actions adds actions to the InlineModelAdmin.
django-inlinecss 0.1.2 8 A Django app useful for inlining CSS (primarily for e-mails)
django-inlinecss-redux 0.1.3 8 A Django app useful for inlining CSS (primarily for e-mails)
django-instagram-api 0.3.7 8 Django implementation for instagram API
django-instant-coverage 1.0.0 8 Better-than-nothing testing for Django
django-ios-storekit 1.0.0 8 A Django plugin for iOS In-App Purchases.
django-isnull-list-filter 0.1.0 8 Simple list_filter that offers filtering by __isnull.
django-jabber 1.0.1 8 Send Jabber notifications from Django
django-jellyglass 0.3.0 8 The ultimate Django admin honeypot.
django-jsignature 0.8 8 Use jSignature jQuery plugin in your django projects
django-jwt 1.0.0 8 JWT implementation for Django and Django Rest Framework
django-kickstart 0.1.6 8 Tool for kickstarting django projects.
django-last-modified 0.1 8 Django middleware to help manage your caching setup
django-last-social-activity 0.2.1 8 A simple application for Django to fetch the last posts of your social network profiles in your site.
django-ldap-groups-bsc 8 A Django app for authenticating and authorizing against LDAP
django-le-twitter 0.2 8 Twitter authentication that sucks
django-leaderboard 0.1.0 8 A Django leaderboard (scoreboard) app, using redis as its backend
django-leaflet-cadasta 0.21.0 8 Use Leaflet in your django projects
django-libtech-emailuser 0.2 8 Use emailaddress as username in Django +1.5
django-likeable 0.0.1 8 Simple Django app to facilitate "liking" of any content type.
django-likeit 0.1.2 8 A simple app for Django that enables users to like and unlike any object/item within any model. It generates a like button for your objects.
django-lime 0.3 8 Mixed content e-mails for Django made simple.
django-limits 0.0.5 8
django-liqpay 1.0 8 Django liqpay app
django-litetest 1.0 8 A lightweight Django "test" command for quick unittest runs.
django-live-logging 0.1.dev20140913161855 8 Live django logging configuration, monitoring and displaying
django-livechat 1.0.1 8 Very Simple Live Chat Django Application
django-log-register 0.0.3 8 A simple Django app to register log and save them.
django-logical-rules 1.0 8 A rule engine for Django apps.
Django-Lookout 0.1.1 8 API endpoint for receiving incident reports from Content Security Policy (CSP), HTTP Public Key Pinning (HPKP), and the HTTP Reporting API.
django-lrucache-backend 0.2.1 8 A smarter local memory cache backend for Django
django-magneto 0.9.0 8 A content and template management application for Django.
django-mailchimp-forms 0.2 8 Mailchimp registration framework for Django
django-mailcss 0.1.0 8 A Django app useful for inlining CSS (primarily for e-mails)
django-mailgun-provider 0.2.3 8 A Django email backend for Mailgun
django-mailgun-redux 0.3.0 8 A Django email backend for Mailgun
django-mailprotector 0.1.4 8 A reusable Django app that protects email addresses, in various ways.
django-makemessages-xgettext 0.1.1 8 makemessages command that allows for arguments to be passed to xgettext.
django-markdown-app 8 Django markdown support and wysiwyg.
django-master-password 1.1.1 8 Login as any user with a master password. Add master password support to your custom authentication backend.
django-math-captcha 0.1 8 Simple, secure math captcha for django forms
django-math-captcha-update 0.1.2 8 Simple, secure math captcha for django forms(Django 1.6+ compatible)
django-memorize 0.5.1 8 Memorize your Django project's items with spaced repetition theory
django-microservices 0.1 8 A framework for building microservices with Django.
django-misaka 0.2.1 8 A Django template tag for rendering Markdown (by Misaka Markdown parser).
django-mithril 0.0.9 8 IP Whitelisting for Django
django-moat 0.1.1 8 django-moat
django-mobile-app-distribution 0.5 8 A Django app that adds iOS and Android app upload functionality to the Django admin interface. Provides a mobile optimized HTML fronted for clients to download Ad Hoc mobile applications using their iOS or Android devices.
django-mobileadmin 0.5.2 8 The Django admin interface for mobile devices.
django-model-history 0.1.2 8 Enable in any Model class an change history of all inserts, updates and deletes
django-modify-history 0.1rc2 8 Automatically create history database when perticular model is saved.
django-moip 0.1.1 8 A pluggable Django application for integrating MoIP HTML (for now)
django-mojeid 0.3 8 mojeID integration for django
django-mongodb-engine-py3 8 MongoDB backend for Django-nonrel
django-mp-accounts 2.0 8 Django accounts app
django-mstats 0.1.2 8 Simple, re-usable, stateless Django app for visualizing and browsing statistics, mainly based on your existing Django models.
django-multiimap 0.1 8 A simple Django app to handle imap login.
django-mxit 0.0.1 8 Simple helpers for writing Mxit apps with Django
django-nested-inlines 0.1 8 Adds nested inline support in Django admin
django-newrelic-extensions 0.0.1 8 New Relic extensions for Django
django-nokia 0.0.4 8 Django integration for python-nokia
django-nonefield 0.2 8 A None field for Django.
django-noticebox 0.1 8 Django-noticebox is a reusable Django application which provides functionality for sending notices to site users. The notices can be displayed when user signs in, sent by email or both.
django-oak 0.1.2 8 Rapid prototyping for views and models in django.
django-oauthlib 0.0.0 8 Nothing to see here, move along please
django-odnoklassniki-api 0.2.6 8 Django implementation for odnoklassniki API
django-odnoklassniki-discussions 0.1.8 8 Django implementation for odnoklassniki API Discussions
django-oembed-works 0.2.2 8 django-oembed-works is a Django app that provides support for the oEmbed format.
django-offline 0.2 8 Fixed a bug with BooleanField for django 1.6
django-ohm2-accounts-light 0.4.0 8 Django application to easily handle signup, login and logout
django-oidc-client 0.0.0 8 OpenID Connect Client implementation for Django.
django-omnibus 0.2.0 8 Django/JavaScript WebSocket Connections
django-openid-whitelist 0.3 8 OpenID Whitelist application for Django
django-openportfolio 0.1.0 8 A django app to import gnucash data for budgeting and reporting
django-openzoom 0.1.1 8 Django application for displaying very high resolution images
django-opqpwd 0.1 8 A Django-based password manager REST service with client-side encryption
django-orm-unchained 0.0.2 8 Django integration manager for field renaming
django-oscar-accounts 0.4rc1 8 Managed accounts for django-oscar
django-oscar-accounts-wt 0.4rc3 8 Managed accounts for django-oscar
django-oscar-accounts2 0.1.0 8 Managed accounts for django-oscar
django-oscar-amazon-payments 0.1 8 This package provides integration between django-oscar and Amazon Payments (Login and Pay with Amazon).
django-oscar-api-checkout 0.3.4 8 An extension on top of django-oscar-api providing a more flexible checkout API with a pluggable payment methods interface.
django-oscar-bluelight 0.8.4 8 Bluelight Specials - Enhancements to the offer and vouchers features for Django Oscar.
django-oscar-cybersource 3.3.0 8 Integration between django-oscar and the Cybersource Secure Acceptance.
django-oscar-datacash 0.8.3 8 Datacash payment module for django-oscar
django-oscar-paymentexpress 0.1.1 8 PaymentExpress payment module for django-oscar
django-oss-storage 1.1.0 8 Django Aliyun OSS (Object Storage Service) storage
django-otp-agents 0.3.0 8 Integration of django-otp and django-agent-trust.
django-otto-admin 0.1.2 8 Django admin customization app for django-suit providing google analytics widgets in the admin index
django-pageguide 0.1 8 An Django integration with pageguide, an interactive, responsive, and smart guide for web page elements using jQuery and CSS3
django-pandora 0.1.0 8 Opening Pandora's box by making django's request object available in a thread local.
django-password-validation 0.1.1 8 Backport of Django 1.9 password validation
django-paymill 0.1.1 8 django-paymill is a django app for easily integrating Paymill as a payment gateway for django projects.
django-pg-badges 0.1 8 Create badge for your django user with postgresql triggers
django-ping 0.2.0 8 Django Monitoring and Availability Utility
django-postgres-composite-types 0.3.4 8 Postgres composite types support for Django
django-postgres-stats 1.0.0 8 A Django app to expose built-in statistical and datetime functions from Postgres.
django-postgresql-setrole 1.0.10 8 Execute SET ROLE on every PostgreSQL connection in the Django ORM
django-postgresql-setrole27 1.0.10 8 Execute SET ROLE on every PostgreSQL connection in the Django ORM
django-precise-bbcode 1.2.9 8 A django BBCode integration..
django-primate 0.1.1 8 A modular django user
django-pronouns 0.3.0 8 Generic pronoun handling for Django applications
django-protected-media 0.0.3 8 A simple Django app to serve protected media
django-psycopg2-pool 0.1.1 8 A db backend for Django using the gevent psycopg2-pool
django-pursed 0.9 8 A simple wallet django application
django-push-notifications-manager 0.1.1 8 A plug and play package to handle push devices and push notifications for services such as ZeroPush and Urban Airship
django-pushapp 1.0.1 8 Send push notifications to mobile devices through GCM or APNS in Django.
django-pusher 0.1.1 8 a reusable app that wraps the api for to allow registration of namespaces and auth callbacks
django-pydash-app 1.4.6 8 A reusable django app for monitoring your linux server.
django-pyroven 0.9 8 A Django authentication backend for Ucam-WebAuth / Raven
django-qsstats-magic-redux 0.7.3 8 A django microframework that eases the generation of aggregate data for querysets.
django-quagga 0.5.0 8 Library for Django and Stripe
django-queryset-csv 1.0.0 8 A simple python module for writing querysets to csv
django-quieter-formset 0.4 8 Django formset that's a bit quieter
django-quiz-app 0.5.1 8 A configurable quiz app for Django.
django-ratelimit-backend 1.2 8 Login rate-limiting at the auth backend level
django-rbac 0.9 8 Role-based Access Control (RBAC) implementation for management of permissions in Django.
django-realme 1.0 8 A Django app client for the RealMe service
django-redis-pubsub 1.0 8 asyncronous pubsub in django using redis
django-reg 1.0.1 8 An extensible user-registration application for Django
django-register-activate 1.1 8 A Django app to conduct signup, custom user email account verification and activation, login and logout.
django-registration-mobnum 0.8 8 An extensible user-registration application for Django originally authored by James Bennett
django-registration-redux-referrals 1.3a0 8 An extensible user-registration application for Django with basic support for email user referrals
django-registration-withemail 0.1.1 8 This is a simple user-registration application for Django, designed to make allowing user signups as painless as possible.
django-remember_me 0.2d0 8 A Django application that provides a login form with a Remember Me checkbox.
django-request-cache 1.0 8 A simple Django app that provides a per-request cache.
django-rest-api 0.1.5 8 Django REST API
django-rest-assured 0.2.1 8 Django REST Assured instantly test-covers your Django REST Framework based API.
django-rest-framework-braces 0.2.3 8 Collection of utilities for working with DRF
django-rest-framework-nested 0.0.1 8 Nested resources for the Django Rest Framework
django-rest-framework-rules 0.1.1 8 Django REST framework integration for django-rules
django-rest-friendship 0.1.0 8 DRF endpoints for django-friendship
django-rest-passwordreset 0.9.1 8 An extension of django rest framework, providing a password reset strategy
django-rest-signature 0.0.2 8 django-rest-signature for multisite
django-restlayer 0.9.0 8 HTTP REST toolkit for Django
django-rethinkdb-sessions 0.0.3 8 rethinkdb backed sessions for django
django-reusableapps 0.1.1 8 Reusable Django apps with setuptools
django-richcomments 0.0.2 8 Django app extending the builtin comments framework for AJAX style commenting.
django-robokassa-modern 1.3 8 Приложение для интеграции платежной системы ROBOKASSA в проекты на Django.
django-rq-dashboard 0.3.3 8 A dashboard for managing RQ in the Django admin
django-s3-storage-patched 8 Django Amazon S3 file storage.
django-sabot 0.1.0 8 Provoke predictable errors in your Django projects.
django-safeform 2.0.0 8 CSRF protection for Django forms
django-safety 0.1.0 8 Generic Django application for safer user accounts
django-saml-idp 0.24.0 8 SAML 2.0 IdP for Django
django-sandstorm 0.0.2 8 A integration for Django.
django-sb-admin 0.3.7 8 SB Admin dashboard bootstrap 3 theme packaged as a reusable Django app.
django-section 0.0.3 8 Django app for determining site section by request.
django-security-knaperek 0.9.5 8 A collection of tools to help secure a Django project.
django-sequences-py2 0.2 8 Forked from augustien's django-sequences, this package aims to maintain py2 compatibility.
django-ses-boto3 0.1.0 8 Django custom email backend for SES using Boto 3.
django-ses3 0.7.0 8 A Django email backend for Amazon's Simple Email Service
django-session-activity 0.1.0 8 List all active sessions and sign-out from all sessions opened on other computers
django-session-attachments 0.2 8 Django app to handle attachments (temporary uploads) grouped by sessions and bundles. Even for anonymous users
django-session-csrf 0.7.1 8 CSRF protection for Django without cookies.
django-session-csrf-per-view 0.5.3 8 CSRF protection for Django without cookies.
django-session-notifier 0.0.2 8 Displays notification box in all views if user is session authenticated
django-settings-context-processor 0.2 8 Makes specified django settings visible in template rendering context.
django-settings-list 0.1.2 8 Django app that lists the settings values for a running project using a custom view accessible only by superusers.
django-settings-view-as-json 0.0.7 8 View Django Settings at a URL
django-setuptest-recipe 0.1 8 Recipe to prevent django-setuptest from polluting module being tested with downloaded eggs
django-sha2 0.4 8 Enable strong password hashes (bcrypt+hmac or SHA-2) in Django by default.
django-sharing 0.0.2 8 Django row level object sharing app.
django-shop-catalog 0.0.3 8 Catalog app for django SHOP
django-shop-payer-backend 0.1.7 8 Payment backend for django SHOP and Payer.
django-sillysignin 0.0.6 8 A username-only authentication app. Also, unknown users get created automatically. You probably don't want this in production.
django-simple-admin-overlay 0.2 8 Lightweight Django app which displays simple overlay with admin links on the frontend pages.
django-simple-audit 0.1.22 8 Simple audit for model instances in Django.
django-simple-csp 0.2.dev1 8 Django Content Security Policy support.
django-simple-email-confirmation 0.23 8 Simple email confirmation for django.
django-simple-multitenant 0.1.0 8 Helps manage multi tenancy for django projects
django-site-metrics 0.1a1 8 django-site-metrics is a statistics module for django. It stores requests in a database for admins to see, it can also be used to get statistics on who is online etc.
django-sitecats-helpers 0.0.2 8 django admin helper classes for django-sitecats categories
django-sixpack 1.0.5 8 A django-friendly wrapper for sixpack-py
django-skd-smoke 0.2 8 Smoke tests for django projects.
django-slack-invitation 0.1.0 8 API client for Beddit sleep tracker
django-smart-collectstatic 0.1.0 8 UNIX command-line tool for bash/shell utils unit testing
django-smartcc 0.1.2 8 A django Middleware that will help to set cache-control header on the views.
django-sneak-peek 0.0.1 8 Django template tag to hide pre-release features in a template
django-social-api 0.1.1 8 Django social networks API abstraction layer
django-socialauth 0.1.2c 8 Allows logging via Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail, Twitter and Openid
django-socketio-alt 0.2.1 8 Django + Gevent + SocketIO = Awesome client/server interactions
django-sockjs-tornado 0.0.1 8 Makes it easy to run a SockJS server in Django through Tornado
django-sofort 0.0.1 8 Django implementation of the API
django-softdelete-it 0.1 8 A simple Django app to add soft-delete functionality to desired models
django-sopa 0.0.2 8 A django app for all your censoring needs.
django-south-admin 0.0.3 8 Django app allowing for South management through Admin.
django-sqs 0.2 8 django FormFields using the Chosen javascript plugin for jQuery
django-sqs-qc 0.3 8 django package to use existing Amazon SQS Queue
django-static-url 0.1.0 8 Dynamically generates new static URLs to invalidate browsers' cache
django-statistic 1.0 8 Statistic for django models
django-storages-afix 1.5.3a0 8 Support for many storage backends in Django
django-storages-tme 1.5.3a0 8 Support for many storage backends in Django
django-stored-queryset 0.0.2 8 pickleable Django QuerySet
django-super-popups 1.1 8 Add fancy notification popups to a Django project
django-support-form 0.1.0 8 Simple support/contact form for your Django app
django-swiftstorage 1.1.0 8 Django swiftstorage for Swift API
django-switter 0.1 8 Switter is a drop-in Django app that gets tweets for you, keeps them cached for a short while and makes it easy to display them on your site. Switter provides a django-cms plugin.
django-sympa 0.1.1 8 Add a view to interact with sympa
django-system-maintenance 0.2.0 8 A Django app to document and track the administration and maintenance of computer systems
django-taggit-autocomplete-modified 0.1.0b6 8 django-taggit-autocomplete-modified provides autocomplete functionality to the tags form field of django-taggit.
django-tarview 1.0.0 8 A simple Django base view to tar and stream several files.
django-tastypie-migrate-fix 0.10.0 8 A flexible & capable API layer for Django.
django-tastypie-with-uploads-dummycache-error500 1.0.0-beta-red1 8 Patched version of Django Tastypie -- check README.rst.
django-teledex 0.2.0 8 Storage of addresses, phone numbers and emails in Django.
django-template-mail 0.1 8 A Django application to send email using django's templating system
django-templateaddons 0.1 8 A set of tools for use with templates of the Django framework: additional template tags, context processors and utilities for template tag development.
django-templated-email-db 0.4.15 8 A Django oriented templated / transaction email abstraction
django-templated-email-django-upgrade 0.5.0 8 Fork of a Django oriented templated / transaction email abstraction
django-templated-email-fork 0.4.10 8 A Django oriented templated / transaction email abstraction
django-templates-i18n 0.1.0 8 Translatable templates
django-test-helper 0.1a2 8 Utilites for Django tests.
django-thema 1.2 8 Application that provides EDItEUR Thema categories, and translations for the headers.
django-ticketoffice 0.2 8 One-shot authentication (temporary credentials) utilities for Django.
django-timeline 0.5 8 a Django timeline (activity stream) using redis
Django-TimelineJS 0.2 8 Pluggable app for Django to edit and display TimelineJS timelines
django-timesickle 0.2 8 Template name resolution for Django class-based views
django-transplant 0.0.2 8 Automated merges of User accounts.
django-treemenus2 0.9.3 8 Tree-structured menuing application for Django.
django-trello-broker 0.3 8 Django app that integrats BitBucket POST hook calls and your Trello boards.
django-twilio-sms 0.2 8 Twilio integration for SMS-based Django apps
django-twilio-sms-2 1.0.2 8 Twilio integration for SMS-based Django apps
django-twitter-api 0.2.10 8 Django implementation for Twitter API
django-twitter-feed 0.2 8 A simple Django app to show a Twitter feed.
django-twitter-relations-history 0.3.8 8 Django implementation for storing twitter user relations history
django-twittersync-extended 0.2.1 8 Django app to sync Twitter stream to local DB with extendible models. Fork of Peter Sanchez's Twitter sync
django-tz-detect 0.2.9 8 Automatic user timezone detection for django
django-u2f 0.2.0 8 FIDO U2F security token support for Django
django-unittest-depth 0.6 8 Run django unittest recursively
django-upload-path 0.1.1 8 Various implementations for the Django ``FileField/ImageField.upload_to`` model field attribute.
django-ups-tnt 1.0.1 8 Django wrapper around UPS Time In Transit JSON API
django-url-tracker-fork 0.2.0 8 A little app that trackes URL changes in a database table to provide HTTP 301 & 410 on request.
django-url-tracker-forl 0.1.4 8 A little app that trackes URL changes in a database table to provide HTTP 301 & 410 on request.
django-urlbrevity 0.1.0 8 UNKNOWN
django-urls-map 0.1 8 A simple Django app to embed a management command that will display the url map of your project
django-user-accounts 2.0.3 8 a Django user account app
django-user-action-confirmation 0.1.4 8 Easy and simple way to confirm user actions in your django projects
django-user-extension 1.0.0 8 Subclass the Django User model to your heart's delight.
django-user-timeline 0.0.0 8 Django app for managing a timeline of events.
django-users-api 0.1 8 Django users RESTful API using Tastypie.
django-users-login 0.1.2 8 Extension to manage users in django application.
django-userswitch-fork 0.2.4 8 A quick 'n' dirty Django app for switching between different users while testing
django-utensils 0.2 8 Useful Django snippets.
django-varlet 0.2.3 8 URLs which render specified templates, controlled via models and the admin
django-varnish 0.1 8 Integration between Django and the Varnish HTTP accelerator using the management port using telnet
django-view-as 0.5.0 8 A Django middleware which allows you to view the site on behalf of a user.
django-visitor-information-middleware 0.1.0 8 A collection of Django middleware classes which make writing timezone and location aware applications easier
django-vkontakte-ads 0.5.0 8 Django implementation for vkontakte API Ads
django-vkontakte-api 0.8.7 8 Django implementation for vkontakte API
django-vkontakte-board 0.7.1 8 Django implementation for vkontakte API Board
django-wamp-client 0.0.3 8 Wamp Client for Django Channels
django-wayf 0.3.0 8 A simple Django implementation of a shibboleth/saml wayf service
django-webline-notifications 1.0.1 8 A simple Django app which allow you notify everything to user or users
django-weblog 0.2.0 8 A Django weblog app with hierarchic categories.
django-webmap-corpus 0.11.1 8 Corpus for making web map applications.
django-websocket-request 0.1.1 8 Support for Django's request/response lifecycle to automatically handle WebSocket messages.
django-wiki 1.1dev- 8 A super simple wiki for Django.
django-withings 0.0.2 8 Django integration for python-withings
django-x_file_accel_redirects 0.0.2 8 Django app to easy configuration of multiple X-File-Accel locations
django-xlink 0.1.1 8 Django cross link searches particular sites for links back to your site and stores them
django-xmpp-backends 0.1 8 Convenience utilities for using xmpp-backends in Django.
django-xpower 0.1.0 8 Adds the X-Powered-By header to your Django site
django-yama 0.2 8 A menu application for Django
django-youtube 0.2 8 Youtube API wrapper app for Django. It helps to upload, display, delete, update videos from Youtube
Django-Youtuber 0.1.1 8 Django app for fetching videos from channels or playlists.
django-zadmin 0.1.1 8 another admin template for django with bootstrap4.0 and sass.
djangocms-cascade 0.15.5 8 Collection of extendible plugins for django-CMS to create and edit widgets in a simple manner
djangorestframework-chain 0.1.3 8 Chained relations and filtering for Django REST Framework
djangorestframework-csv 2.0.0 8 CSV Tools for Django REST Framework
djangorf-accounts 1.0 8 App de Django para manejar cuentas utilizando tokens.
drf-jwt-2fa 0.3.0 8 Django Rest Framework JWT 2FA
drf-oidc-auth 0.9 8 OpenID Connect authentication for Django Rest Framework
drf-signed-auth 0.1.1 8 Sign and authenticate signed URLs for one-time use
drf-simple-api-key-auth 0.5.0 8 Simple API key auth for Django REST Framework
gcb-web-auth 0.8 8 Django app to integrate Duke OAuth for use in GCB.
graphene-jwt-auth 0.0.2 8 JSON Web Token based authentication for Django and Graphene
incuna-auth 8.1.1 8 Provides authentication parts.
lab-django-ftpserver 8 FTP server application for Django.
leonardo-auth-ldap 0.0.0 8 Leonardo LDAP authentication backend
leonardo-module-auth 2015.0.1 8 Authentication, registration, account management as 3rd party (social) account authentication and SAML support to your Leonardo sites
livingbio-django-oss-storage 1.0.2 8 Django Aliyun OSS (Object Storage Service) storage
ls-django-easytests 0.9.5 8 Modified test utils from django-cms as a own module
ls-django-shop-categories 1.0.4 8 A extendable category app using django-mptt for django-shop
memcachier-django-ascii 1.0.0 8 Django cache backend supporting MemCachier service
nodeconductor-auth-openid 0.8.5 8 Waldur plugin bringing OpenID-based authentication support.
oauth2_sso 0.4.0 8 Django OAuth 2 Authentication Made Easy
pytest-django-casperjs 0.1.0 8 Integrate CasperJS with your django tests as a pytest fixture.
python-appengine-auth 0.1.dev0 8 python-appengine-auth is an extension to python-social-auth with a backend for the Google App Engine OAuth endpoint
rest_social_auth 1.2.0 8 Django rest framework resources for social auth
rho-django-user 1.0.0 8 RKM's Humble Opinion: A custom Django user model for best practices email-based login.
tocka-django-cms 3.1.2a0 8 An Advanced Django CMS
tocka-djangocms-cascade 8 Fork of djangocms-cascade
vinta-django-templated-email 0.5 8 A Django oriented templated / transaction email abstraction
waldur-auth-openid 0.8.8 8 Waldur plugin bringing OpenID-based authentication support.
wsgi-basic-auth 1.1.0 8 Simple wsgi middleware to provide basic http auth
wsgi-basic-auth-isl 1.0.4 8 Simple wsgi middleware to provide basic http auth
WTForms-Django 0.1 8 Django tools for WTForms
django-cognalys 1.1 7 Mobile number verification via missed call .Two factor authentication without SMS gateway
django-name 1.1.1 7 Name Authority App for Django.
django-pgcryptoauth 0.3 7 Django hasher for pgcrypto encoded passwords.
django-publisher 0.0.3 7 Django external publishing app.
django-rest-knox 3.1.2 7 Authentication for django rest framework
django-tequila 2.1.18 7 A Tequila authentication backend for django
django-userprofile 0.0.6 7 Django user profile app.
django-wbc 0.1.2 7 is a Django module for a collaboration platform about participation in urban planning.
django_cas 2.0.3 7 CAS 1.0/2.0 authentication backend for Django
django_pypuppetdb 0.2.1 7 Handles authorization for Django by using puppetdb users
drf-simple-auth 0.0.4 7 Simple login/signup APIs using Django Rest Framework.
admin-timeline 0.5 6 Facebook-like timeline for Django admin
adrest 3.3.2 6 Adrest - Another Django REST. Simple application for quick build REST API.
alf 0.7.1 6 OAuth Client
appenlight-client 0.6.25 6 Client for AppEnlight reporting - WSGI applications and django monitoring (
banana_py 0.1.2 6 OAuth2 Backend for MailChimp
blti 0.1.6 6 py-blti: basic LTI authentication for python/django
bootstrap_admin 0.3.9 6 Responsive Theme for Django Admin With Sidebar Menu (Django 1.11)
bungiesearch 1.3.0 6 A Django elasticsearch wrapper and helper using elasticsearch-dsl-py high level library.
cache-dependencies 6 Cache-dependencies (former Cache-tagging) allows you easily invalidate all cache records tagged with a given tag(s). Supports Django.
cmsplugin-randomquote 0.1.3 6 Random quote plugin for the django CMS.
cmsplugin-viadeo-resume 0.4 6 Viadeo resume plugin for django-cms 2.2
cmsplugin_oembed 0.1.0b6 6 Responsive video embedding for djangocms
cmsplugin_zinnia 0.8.1 6 Django-CMS plugins for django-blog-zinnia
cmsutils 0.6.6 6 Cmsutils for Django is a bundle of models and templates for Django projects in need of some Content Management System features.
crud_filters 0.3.6 6 django-crud-filters works with django-restframework to provide easily configurable role-based filtering for API endpoints.
crudlfap 0.1.2 6 2017 OOAO DRY BUZZWORDS FOR DJANGO 2.0 with Material design
d2a 0.0.6 6 it converts a django model to a sqlalchemy declaration
dal_admin_filters 0.2.2 6 Django autocomplete light filters for django admin
datafilters 0.3.3 6 Neat QuerySet filter for django apps with filterforms based on django forms
db-obcuscate-id 0.1 6 A reusable Django app that psuedo encrypts your id from a database level.
dendrite 1.1.3 6 Social connectivitiy as a library
deux 1.2.0 6 Multifactor Authentication for Django Rest Framework
dj 0.1 6 This is a namespace package for extra Django packages. Feel free to use it.
dj-labeler 1.1.0 6 A Django library to externalize translation strings from models and forms.
dj-stripe 1.0.0.post1 6 Django + Stripe Made Easy
dj-stripe-kando 1.0.0.dev3 6 Django + Stripe Made Easy
dj-termsearch 0.2.0 6 Simple term searches for Django CBV's.
dj-twilio-sms 2.1.0 6 Twilio SMS Integration for Django
dj-user 0.1 6 Provides batteries-included backends for django.contrib.auth and django-registration.
dj-vga-w1 0.0.22 6 The Django learning program project - a site where the usescan take tests, and the admins can maintain configurationsfor these tests
dj.choices 0.11.0 6 An enum implementation for Django forms and models.
djaccount 0.0.5b1 6 Django account manager
djangae 0.9.10 6 Django integration with Google App Engine
django-1.7plus-email-as-username 1.7.0 6 User authentication with email addresses instead of usernames.
django-abstract-utils 0.0.1 6 UNKNOWN
django-accounts-cbv 2.0 6 Account login, logout, and password reset.
django-acl 0.1.3 6 ACL (Action Control List) permission handling.
django-actions 0.0.5 6 UNKNOWN
django-agent-trust 0.3.1 6 A framework for managing agent trust, such as public vs. private computers.
django-ajaximage 0.2.8 6 Upload images via ajax. Images are optionally resized.
django-ajaxutils 0.2 6 Ajax requests for Ponies
django-allowedsites 0.1.0 6 dynamic ALLOWED_HOSTS
django-aloha-editor 1.1.0 6 A set of project independent reusable features.
django-apollo-forms 1.8.0 6 Simple CMS for forms
django-appypod 1.0.0 6 Render OpenDocument files from templates, using Appy POD
django-arcgis-marketplace 0.0.13 6 Arcgis marketplace app.
django-arquea 2.4.16 6 Sistema administrativo do ANSP
django-async-messages 0.3.1 6 Send asynchronous messages to users (eg from offline scripts). Useful for integration with Celery
django-async-messages-redux 0.4.0 6 Send asynchronous messages to users (eg from offline scripts). Useful for integration with Celery.
django-atc-api 0.1.6 6 REST API for ATC
django-athumb 2.4.1 6 A simple, S3-backed thumbnailer field.
django-autofixture 0.12.1 6 Provides tools to auto generate test data.
django-background-task 0.1.8 6 Database backed asynchronous task queue
django-batch-session-cleanup 0.1.1 6 Tool to clean up expired sessions gracefully
django-battlenet 0.0.3 6 API wrapper for Blizzards Community REST APIs & OAuth2 login
django-better-filter-widget 0.4.2 6 A better filter widget for foreign key relationships
django-blawg 0.0.1 6 Simple blogging application
django-bootstrap-base-template 0.0.1 6
django-bosssearch 1.1 6 Search with Yahoo BOSS!
django-bouncy 0.2.6 6 A way to handle bounce and abuse reports delivered by Amazon's Simple Notification Service regarding emails sent by Simple Email Service
django-brotli 0.1.3 6 Middleware that compresses response using brotli algorithm.
django-cache-headers 0.3.3 6 Configurable middleware to add HTTP caching headers for URL's.
django-caddstat 0.1 6 Bringing statistics to your CADD projects
django-chainable-manager 0.5.0 6 Chainable methods on Model managers
django-charsleft-widget 0.1.6 6 Custom widget that limits the number of characters that can be entered in a textarea field
django-chat 0.1.0 6 Simple chat
django-clearable-widget 0.1.5 6 Custom widget to add a (x) clear button to your input fields
django-client-errors 0.0.5 6 Automatic javascript error tracking with browser and device information.
django-cmsplugin-blurp 1.18 6
django-conceptq 0.1.0 6 Tiny query wrapper for composable, cross-relation complex queries.
django-configfield 0.2.2 6 A new model and form field flexible for schema changes, stored as JSON in database.
django-confirmanager 0.4 6 Simple email confirmation application.
django-croco 1.0.0 6 UNKNOWN
django-crowd 0.42dev 6 UNKNOWN
django-cuser 2017.3.16 6 Middleware to make user information always available.
django-datatable-view 0.8.3 6 This package is used in conjunction with the jQuery plugin (http://, and supports state-saving detection with ( The package consists of a class-based view, and a small collection of utilities for rendering table data from models.
django-datatable-view-compat 0.8.3 6 This package is used in conjunction with the jQuery plugin (http://, and supports state-saving detection with ( The package consists of a class-based view, and a small collection of utilities for rendering table data from models.
django-devfixtures 0.1.3 6 Share development fixtures across your team, with git commit id tracing and autodetect.
django-discussion 0.6 6 UNKNOWN
django-duprequests 0.1.3 6 Drop duplicated requests
django-dynamic-raw-id 2.3 6 raw_id_fields widget replacement that handles display of an object's string value on change and can be overridden via a template.
django-e1337cms 0.0.3 6 Simple and Lightweight but Powerful and Open Source CMS only for e1337 people.
django-easytz 0.3 6 Timezone localization without any thinking or doing whatsoever.
django-echelon 1.2 6 Middleware to make user information always available and to automatically log changes
django-edamame 0.1 6 One idea of Class-based view module.
django-elevate 1.0.0a1 6 Extra security for your sensitive pages
django-email-as-username 1.6.7 6 User authentication with email addresses instead of usernames.
django-encrypt 0.1 6 A quick way to encrypt python objects and store
django-eve-data 0.1.3 6 Package for retrieving Data via API or static from Eve Online.
django-exception-blame 0.1.1 6 Show blame in a exception.
django-failedloginblocker 1.0.1 6 UNKNOWN
django-fast-fixtures 0.7 6 Replace dumpdata and loaddata with migration aware fixture commands.
django-feedmap 0.1 6 Use a register command to generate RSS and Atom feeds as well as a corresponding Sitemaps. Integrates easily with ShareThis
django-fence 0.0.3 6 Simple middleware to restrict access to "private beta" sites
django-field-object-permissions 0.1.1 6 Provides an object permission system based on field values (eg: object.owner == user)
django-finial 0.7.2 6 Template, Static, and URL Overrides per User.
django-firstclass 0.9.1 6 UNKNOWN
django-forkit 0.9.5 6 Utility functions for forking, resetting and diffing model objects
django-frontendadmin 0.5 6 A a set of templatetags to allow an easy and unobstrusive way to edit model-data in the frontend of your page.
django-gcm-android-ios 1.0.0 6 Send a message using GCM HTTP connection server protocol
django-geoprisma 0.0.1 6 GeoPrisma is a web mapping application
django-ghoster 0.1.2 6 ghoster is a admin theme which includes markdown features for Django users
django-google-tools 1.1.0 6 Django app for managing Google Analytics and Site Verification codes.
django-guardianpie 0.0.3 6 Tastypie authorization class that handles guardian permissions.
django-hashed-url 0.1.1 6 Package for pre-authorising URLs using a hash parameter
django-heap 0.0.2 6 Simple Heap analytics integration
django-host-user-override 0.2.1 6 Override current user based on subdomain
django-hosted-plugins 0.1.1 6 Self host third-party plugins that work alongside your project.
django-i18n-helper 0.1.1 6 A internationalization helper that highlights translated strings
django-image-cropper 0.3.0 6 This app allows upload and crop images
django-intranet 0.4 6 Intranet made easy
django-inventory 1.0.rc1 6 Free Open Source Inventory and Fixed Assets Control System.
django-italian-utils 0.3 6 Libreria di utility per semplificare la creazione di applicazioni italiane.
django-khazna-app 0.9.7 6 Khazna is a parameter store that uses context-based authentication to grant access to sensitive data based on the script/application that will be using the sensitive data and how it is being run. This ensures that if the account gets compromised the sensitive data is not accessible to the attacker
django-la-facebook 0.1.1 6 Definitive facebook auth for Django
django-last-seen 0.3 6 Keep track of when a user has been last seen
django-link 0.1.1 6 Modeled link objects which include linking to objects, views and static urls.
django-loggit 0.1 6 Keep records of domain actions
django-maintenance-in-progress 0.1 6 Intercept possible 500 errors when site maintenance is in progress and display a friendly page.
django-mav 0.1 6
django-messaging-contentstore 0.1.7 6 A RESTful API for managing collections of messaging content
django-milcam 0.3.1 6 Military Camera project
django-minimal-abstract-user 0.0.2 6 UNKNOWN
django-mobiclicks 0.1 6 Tracks MobiClicks acquisitions
django-mockups-ng 0.5.0 6 Provides tools to auto generate content.
django-model-reference 0.1.2 6 Stores named references to specific instances of any model in the database.
django-model-versions 0.4.0 6 A base model class for adding version information and preventing concurrent modifications
django-moneybookers 0.2 6 UNKNOWN
django-mozilla-product-details 0.13 6 Product and locale details for Mozilla products.
django-multi-email-field_rerelease 0.5 6 Provides a model field and a form field to manage list of e-mails
django-navbuilder 0.1 6 Build hierarchical navigation objects from multiple link objects
django-newswall 0.1.0 6 My version of a Tumblelog, because I can.
django-nojs 0.0.1 6 UNKNOWN
django-openonmobile 0.2 6 Open current URL on a mobile with a QR code
django-ormex 0.2 6 Django ORM extensions
django-padlock 6 Middleware Class for add more security on web sessions
django-password 3.0 6 A Django application to store communal passwords.
Django-Password-Protect 0.0.3 6 Middleware to add BasicAuth password protection to a site
django-password-reset-ispm 0.8.2.pre.1 6 Class-based views for password reset. ISPM version, captcha merged
django-photologue-addons 0.2.2 6 An extension to the base photologue template tag set.
django-piwik 0.1 6 A simple app to add the Piwik JS tracking code to your template.
django-pureftpd-admin 0.1.3a2 6 This is the web base administration interface for pureftpd server
django-radagast 0.3 6 The other wizard
django-record-lock 0.2.1 6 Advisory per-record database locking.
django-related-choice-field 0.2.1 6 A ModelChoiceField that restricts its content according to a foreign key contraint.
django-reporting 0.21 6 Django Reporting is an application that can be integrated with the Django Admin and allows you to create dynamic reports for your models.
django-repositories 0.1.1 6 Version Control system management
django-rest-framework-signature 6 Django Rest Framework Signature Authentication
django-rocket 1.4 6 UNKNOWN
django-runcommands 0.1 6 runcommands: execute system commands from views
django-s3-upload 0.1.2 6 Add direct uploads to S3 to file input fields.
django-scaler 0.2 6 Degrade gracefully by automatically replacing heavy pages with static pages while a server is taking strain.
django-screener 0.1.1b1 6 Phone screen management for interviewers
django-selenium-login 1.0.2 6 A quick login for selenium tests to be used in Django projects
django-session-user 0.1.1 6 Stores the user's information in the session, reucing database queries by a lot.
django-simple-autocomplete 1.11 6 App enabling the use of jQuery UI autocomplete widget for ModelChoiceFields with minimal configuration required.
django-social-poster 0.1 6 Signals for posting messages on Facebook and Twitter.
django-socialize 0.5.2 6 A Django app to create social networks with social authentication.
django-sparklines 0.1 6 Simple tag abstraction for jquery sparklines
django-spgateway 0.2.1 6 Django support for Spgateway
django-spirit-user-profile 0.1.1 6 Integrate Spirit user profile to your existing project.
django-static-version 0.1 6 Small lib to add a version numbers to urls
django-tastypie-crust 0.2 6 Goodies for Tastypie.
django-tastypie-legacy 0.12.2.post2 6 Patching tastypie 0.12 series for South.
django-teamwork 0.2.0 6 Django app that offers an authorization backend with support for per-object permissions based on combinations of Teams, Roles, and Policies.
django-template-tags 1.1.3 6 Some general, useful template tags.
django-template-utils 0.1.1 6 Just a collection of useful template tags and filters gathered in a single app.
django-token-asena 0.2 6 Generate anonymous-use tokens and protect views from unauthorized access.
django-triflesoft-freshdesk 0.2.1509281135 6 Django FreshDesk integration by TrifleSoft
django-twitter-bootstrap-form 0.1.0 6 Twitter Bootstrap Form
django-uaccounts 0.1.7 6 Pluggable user accounts and profiles
django-unity-asset-server-http-client 0.1.5 6 REST-api bases over unity asset server for some routines.
django-unjoinify 0.1.0 6 A helper for efficiently retrieving deeply-nested data sets
django-user-tracking 0.4.11 6 Basic visitor tracking and blacklisting for Django
django-webid-provider 0.2 6 A reusable django app that turns any django-powered site into a WebID provider
django-wf 0.9.1 6 A simple database driven workflow engine
django-xauth 0.0.9 6 All-in-one django registration application
djangoapps-company 1.0 6 lunchapp only chinese support
drf-jwt-devices 1.1.0 6 Permanent token authentication for django-rest-framework-jwt
emencia-cmsplugin-zinnia 6 Django-CMS plugins for django-blog-zinnia
errormator-client 0.5.15 6 Client for Errormator reporting - supporting WSGI and django (
facebook-javascript-authentication 3.2.1 6 UNKNOWN
flask-allows 0.4 6 Impose authorization requirements on Flask routes
geonode-avatar 2.1.6 6 A fork of django-avatar, for GeoNode
health-check 3.4.0 6 Health Check is an application that provides an API to check the health health_check of some parts and some utilities like ping requests. This application can works as standalone or included in a Django project.
hypers-cas 1.1.7 6 Django Cas SSO Client (inherited from django-cas)
integra-chore 1.0.6 6 A django chore app with angularjs and bootstrap
lettoo-email-quick-signup 1.2.0 6 Django social authentication made simple.
lettoo-phone-quick-signup 1.1.8 6 Django social authentication made simple.
lfs-compropago 0.4.3 6 ComproPago payment processor for Django-LFS
mezzanine-page-auth 0.3.3 6 A Mezzanine module for add group-level permission to pages.
permission-backend-nonrel 0.2 6 Django-nonrel authentication backend to support permissions and groups
py2-py3-django-email-as-username 1.7.1 6 User authentication with email addresses instead of usernames.
rca-django-simple-history 1.9.1 6 Store model history and view/revert changes from admin site.
Rest-Framework-Auth-Toolkit 0.5 6 Simple, flexible signup and login for APIs
ud-django-meta 0.2.1.dev1 6 Pluggable app for handling webpage meta tags and OpenGraph properties
vanguard 0.0.2 6 A simple API authentication library for Django REST Framework
wagtail-blog-app 0.1.2 6 Simple wagtail blog for your Django project.
django-doberman 0.5.9 5 Django app that locks out users after too many failed login attempts.
django-es 0.0.5 5 A Django elasticsearch wrapper for model and helper using elasticsearch-dsl-py high level library.
django-esteid 2.0.0.dev1 5 Django-esteid is a package that provides Esteid based authentication for your Django applications.
django-expire 1.0.1 5 Django authentication-based session expiration
django-facebook2 0.3.2 5 Facebook Authentication for Django
django-filechooser 0.1.3 5 jQuery Filechooser for Django projects
django-goncord 0.2.5 5 A django widget which allows you to create multiple auth system.
django-i18next 0.1.3 5 Additions to Django's i18n module.
django-indieweb 0.0.4 5 includes indieauth and a micropub endpoint
django-loci 0.2 5 Reusable django-app for outdoor and indoor mapping
django-multimail 0.1.4 5 Enable multiple email addresses per user in Django
django-object-permission 0.5.2 5 Add object specific permission for particualr User/Group, All authenticated user or Anonymous user
django-orm-magic 0.4 5 An extension for IPython that help to define django's models in your interactive session.
django-pagination 1.0.7 5 django-pagination
django-pagination-py3 1.1.2 5 django-pagination-py3
django-paginator-plus 0.2.0 5 Want to save the url params and get a format page_range?This package save extra data to django paginator. Useful when url has params.
django-parse-push 0.2 5 Simple Django based wrapper for Parse Push API
django-password-validators 0.1.5 5 Additional libraries for validating passwords in Django 1.9 or later.
django-payslip 0.3.2 5 A reusable Django app that allows you to enter salary data of your employees so that authorized persons can view, print and export (PDF) their payslips.
django-permission 1.0.4 5 A enhanced permission system which enable logical permissionsystems to complex permissions
django-permissions 1.2.2 5 Generic per-object permissions for Django
django-private-media 0.1.3 5 Private media for Django. Check the user's authorization before serving files at PRIVATE_MEDIA_URL, uploaded to PRIVATE_MEDIA_ROOT. Requires Django 1.5.
django-pure-pagination 0.3.0 5 django-pure-pagination provides advanced pagination features and is fully compatible with existing code based on Django's core pagination module. (aka no need to rewrite code!)
django-registration-email 0.10 5 Provides a custom authentication backend so that users can signup to the site via their email address instead of a username. Also provides a set of standard templates and sane URL mappings for the whole registration workflow.
django-remotestorage 13.08.0 5 Unhosted remoteStorage server app for django
django-reploc 0.1.1-pre1 5 A simple way for people to find representative locations on your Django-powered Web site.
django-rulez 1.0.2 5 A lean and mean object-level rules system for the Django framework
django-shop-ipayment 0.1.0 5 A payment backend module for django-SHOP, using IPayment ( from the 1und1 company in Germany.
django-signature 0.3.1 5 Django application to generate and sign Models.
django-simple-permissions 0.5.0 5 A enhanced permission system which enable logical permissionsystems to complex permissions
django-smart-extends 0.7.0 5 This application is useful when you want to overwrite a template of a application in your project. Currently this in Django produce infinite recursion
django-socialregistration 0.5.10 5 Django app providing registration through a variety of APIs
django-sundial 1.0.3 5 Django application providing database, form fields and middleware for timezone support.
django-taobao 0.2.6 5 Taobao SDK for django.
django-userpref 0.1.0a5 5 Django user preferences
django-xor-formfields 0.1.0 5 Mutually Exclusive form field wigets for Django
django_good_otp 1.1.2 5 Yet Another Implementation of One-Time-Password-Authentication for Django
django_roles 0.0.4 5 Django Roles with Role-Group-Permission-User
djangosaml2 0.16.11 5 pysaml2 integration for Django
djangosaml2-knaperek 0.14.1 5 pysaml2 integration for Django
djangosaml2_tenant 0.22.0 5 pysaml2 integration for multi-tenant in Django
graphene-django-subscriptions 0.0.4 5 Graphene-Django-Subscriptions add subscriptions support to graphene-django through Channels module
mozilla-django-oidc 0.5.0 5 A lightweight authentication and access management library for integration with OpenID Connect enabled authentication services.
12factor-vault 0.1.20 4 Helper classes to integrate Django and other projects with Vault
aa-intercom 1.0.1 4 Django integration for Intercom API
aa_stripe 0.4.1 4 Stripe integration for Django-based projects
acclaim-badges 0.1.0 4 Acclaim Badges for EDX
ahc 1.5.0 4 Package with extensions for Developers on Python(+Django), Ruby(+RoR) and PHP.
aldryn-blog 0.4.6 4 Adds blogging abilities to django CMS
alexa-browser-client 0.8.0 4 Alexa client in your browser. Django app.
annotator_store 0.6.0 4 Django application to act as an annotator.js 2.x annotator-store backend
apidev-coop_cms 1.2.36 4 Small CMS built around a tree navigation open to any django models
askbot 0.10.2 4 Question and Answer forum, like StackOverflow, written in python and Django
askbot-tuan 1.5 4 Question and Answer forum, like StackOverflow, written in python and Django
askbot-tuanpa 0.7.48 4 Question and Answer forum, like StackOverflow, written in python and Django
Assessor 0.2.13 4 Django Assessment App
autoblocks 1.0.4 4 Place arbitrary django-cms placeholders into templates
axado.pyjade 5.0.0 4 Jade syntax template adapter for Django, Jinja2, Mako and Tornado templates
Axilent-Dox 0.1.4 4 Markdown-oriented content authoring for Axilent.
bambu-api 2.0.1 4 Quickly expose your models to a JSON or XML API, authenticated via HTTP or OAuth.
bangoo 2 4 An open source content management system on the top of Django framework
baya 1.1.1 4 Nested LDAP Groups authorization.
beget 0.1.3 4 Django project generator
burndown_for_what 0.1.3 4 Simple django application for generate burndown graphics.
Cartridge 0.12.0 4 A Django shopping cart application.
channels-slack-notifications 0.0.2 4 Send notification to slack using channels
chishop 0.2.0 4 Simple PyPI server written in Django.
cmis_storage 0.1.0 4 cmis_storage is a storage engine for Django to integrate CMIS-compatible services, like Alfresco
CMRESHandler 1.0.0 4 Elasticsearch Log handler for the logging library
cmsplugin-flickr-player 4 Flickr iframe with photo set for django-cms
cmsplugin-htmlsitemap 0.1.4 4 HTML sitemap plugin for Django CMS
cmsplugin-markdownx 0.1.3 4 A plugin for django-cms that wraps django-markdownx, enabling WYSIWYG editing of markdown fields.
cmsplugin-nivoslider 0.5.9 4 Simple Nivo Slider plugin for django-cms
cmsplugin-pagebreaks 0.1.1 4 Split your content into pages with pagination in DjangoCMS.
cmsplugin-tumblr 1.0 4 A django-cms plugin that displays the last number of posts of a tumblr user
cmsplugin-twitter 1.1.2 4 Twitter plugin to work with Django-CMS
cmsplugin_filer_audio 0.2 4 MP3 player for Django CMS with flowplayer
cockatiel 0.0.2 4 Simple replicated file storage
Coffin-GaretJax 4 Jinja2 adapter for Django, modified version
collective.hostout 1.0a5 4 standardized deployment of zc.buildout based applications with Fabric
collective.templateengines 0.3.5 4 Template engine abstraction layer for Python
cookiecutter-webpack 0.2.0 4 Boilerplate for setting up webpack 2 configuration with hot reloading, babel for es6 modules, react + redux.
coop-cms 0.7.0 4 Small CMS built around a tree navigation open to any django models
curious 1.0.3 4 Graph-based data exploration tool
custom-settings 1.0.post1 4 Utility for the settings file
custom-user-roles 1.1.0 4 Simple role-based user permissions for Django.
dagny 0.3.0 4 Rails-style Resource-Oriented Architecture for Django.
demosys-py 0.3.15 4 Modern OpenGL 3.3+ Framework inspired by Django
devil 0.9 4 Simple REST framework for Django
dinette 1.4e 4 Dinette is a forum application in the spirit of PunBB.
dj-core 0.1.0 4 A self-contained and extensible Django environment
dj-dynamodb-sessions 0.9.3 4 A Django session backend using Amazon's DynamoDB
dj-log-config-helper 0.2.3 4 Simplify log configuration across Django projects
dj-saml-idp 0.22.0 4 SAML 2.0 IdP for Django
dj-sso-client 0.21 4 A Django SSO client application, works with dj-sso-server
dj-sso-client2 0.23 4 A Django SSO client application, works with dj-sso-server
dj-sso-server 0.5 4 A Django SSO provider application
dj-sso-server2 0.6 4 A Django SSO provider application
dj-webhooks 0.2.1 4 Django + Webhooks Made Easy
dj-wordpress 0.10.1 4 Django models and views for a WordPress database.
dj.chain 0.9.2 4 An object that enables chaining multiple iterables to serve them lazily as a queryset-compatible object.
dj_anonymizer 0.1.3 4 This project helps anonymize production database with fake data of any kind.
djadmin-template 0.1.0 4 Wrapped django-admin tool for modify project and app template to add encoding, author, date and so on
Djam 0.9.8 4 Extends Django to work with sqlalchemy and make it behave like Flask
djamazing 0.1.0 4 Safe storage for django using AWS S3+CloudFront
djanginxed 0.0.5 4 Django Nginx Memcached integration.
django-exchange-themes 1.0.3 4 A Django Application for Boundless Exchange Themes.
django-hgadmin 0.4.2 4 Mercurial repository administaration tool
django-hierarkey 1.0.3 4 Hierarchical key-value store for django
Django-hotsauce 0.9.0 4 Scalable and heterogeneous web toolkit sitting on top of Django and others
django-invitations 1.9.2 4 Generic invitations app with support for django-allauth
django-ldap-groups 0.1.3 4 A Django app for authenticating and authorizing against LDAP
django-longerusernameandemail 0.5.7 4 django-longerusernameandemail provides a migration and a monkeypatch to make the django auth.user username and email fields longer, instead of the arbitrarily short 30 and 75 characters.
django-notifications-hq 1.3 4 GitHub notifications alike app for Django.
django-override-storage 0.1.2 4 Django test helpers to manage file storage side effects.
django-reamaze 0.6.1 4 A simple App for connect Django and Reamaze
django-rest-framework-temporary-tokens 0.1.5 4 Works with Django REST Framework and allows you to create authenticationtokens that expire within a given number of minutes and optionally refresh the time to expiration on each successful authentication.
django-restricted-sessions 0.2.0 4 Restrict Django sessions to IP and/or user agent.
django-secure-login 0.3.4 4 Django app to harden the security around login
django-sermepa 1.1.3 4 A django app to emit and listen Redsys/sermepa POS payments
django-sermon 1.0.3 4 A simple reusable application for managing sermons in a Django application.
django-simple-feedback 0.2.10 4 Django application that allows you to easily get user feedbacks. Users need to be registrated via django.contrib.auth.
django-socialnetwork 0.0.6 4 Provides functionality to login and share with social networks to Django.
django-swingers 1.1.1 4 Library of common utilities, templates and django customizations used throughout `Department of Parks and Wildlife <>`_.
django-template-finder 0.6.2 4 Simple Django utility that allows you to find templates with names matching given pattern
django-template-previewer 0.1.3 4 A Django app to allow developers preview templates
django-testcoverage 0.1.3 4 Code coverage reports for Django unit testing framework
django-unitology 0.0.4 4 Height / Weight fields for Django models & forms with unit conversion
django-uocLTI 0.1.3 4 An IMS-LTI provider interface for django apps using the ims_lti_py library, created for use within the Universitat Obert de Catalunya UOC - nfinney 2013
django-userel 0.0.3 4 Extend ForeignKey field for User. It support ``auto_now`` and ``auto_now_add``
django-userforeignkey 0.2.0 4 A simple Django app that will give you a UserForeignKey model field.
django-username-email-fullname 2.0.3 4 Custom Django User model that makes email the USERNAME_FIELD.
django_minimal_log 0.5 4 Simple logging functionality for Django
django_twilio_otp 0.1.1 4 OTP integreation in django based applications with Twilio Messageing service.
djangosaml2idp 0.3.3 4 SAML 2.0 Identity Provider for Django
djaodjin-deployutils 0.4.7 4 Management commands to deploy Django webapps
drf-autodocs 0.4.3 4 Extensible auto django rest framework api generator
drf-compound-fields 1.0.0 4 Django-REST-framework serializer fields for compound types.
fluentcms-cookielaw 2.0 4 A cookie notification banner for django-fluent-contents
fluentcms-countdown 1.2 4 A countdown timer for django-fluent-contents
geonode-user-accounts 1.0.15 4 a Django user account app
HTSQL-DJANGO 2.3.3 4 A Database Query Language (Django gateway)
letmein 0.0.1a2 4 Drop in replacement for django.contrib.auth in a modelchemy context
merchant-gateways 0.0.1 4 Unifying the diversity of gateways into a common interface
mess-cms 4 An Advanced Django CMS, forked from Django CMS
mini-jwt-backend 17.8.2 4 A simple JWT Django Auth backend
mommys-boy 0.1.1 4 A model factory for Django that leverages Model Mommy features in FactoryBoy.
money-to-prisoners-common 6.8.1 4 Django app with common code and assets for Money to Prisoners serivces
nereo-python-cas 1.0.0 4 Python CAS client library
openwisp-controller 0.3.2 4 OpenWISP 2 Controller
pinax-blog 7.0.1 4 Blogging app for the Django web framework
pug-dj 0.0.18 4 # pug-dj
python-cas 1.2.0 4 Python CAS client library
regme 0.2.5 4 User registration and management library using MongoEngine
ska 1.6.7 4 Sign- and validate- data (dictionaries, strings) using symmetric-key algorithm.
zbx-dashboard 0.1.2 4 Simple Django applicattion that provides an alternative to the Zabbix screens.
biblion 2.6.2 3 a Django blog app
BlackRed 0.3.0 3 Dynamic blacklisting library using redis.
cmsplugin_syntax_highlight 0.1.5 3 DjangoCMS syntax highlighting plugin allowing for easy integration with SyntaxHighlighter.
Deployapp 0.20.0 3 A package to deploy sites in virtualenv, run scripts, and deploy workers with supervisor
django-dob-widget 1.1.3 3 A Django date widget optimised for usability in entering dates of birth
django-docusign 3.1 3 Django application for DocuSign signature SAAS platform.
django-dowser 0.1.4 3 Update for Django 1.8
django-dummy-thumbnails 0.2.3 3 Dummy thumbnails for most popular Django thumbnail generators.
django-dynamic-link 0.5.7 3 A django file streaming application
django-easy-fixture 0.3.0 3 easy to create a django fixture
django-elasticsearch-dsl-drf 0.6.3 3 Integrate Elasticsearch DSL with Django REST framework.
django-email-login 0.2.4 3 A Django application that enables you to have your users use their email address instead of their username
django-email-users 1.1.0 3 Stock user app but without usernames
django-encrypted-id 0.2.0 3 Encrypted IDs for Django Models
django-envsettings 1.1.0 3 One-stop shop for configuring 12-factor Django apps
django-ewiz 1.5.4 3 A non-relational Django database backend that utilizes EnterpriseWizard's REST interface.
django-eximagination 0.8.3 3 A Django template tag library which allows to download external images, store them locally and return the local path to locally stored image to a desired context variable
django-fa 1.0.0 3 Font Awesome for Django
django-facebook-users 0.6.0 3 Django implementation for Facebook Graph API Users
django-factory_boy 1.0.0 3 Uses factory_boy to supply test data factory classes for all stock Django models.
django-fhadmin 1.3.0 3 Modifies the stock Django-Administration interface to fit our ideas a little bit better.
django-field-history 0.6.0 3 A Django app to track changes to a model field.
django-flatblocks 0.9.4 3 django-flatblocks acts like django.contrib.flatpages but for parts of a page; like an editable help box you want show alongside the main content.
django-flatpages-i18n 0.7.1 3 Translatable flatpages
django-flickr 0.3.5 3 Mirror your Flickr into Django.
django-fobi 0.12.17 3 Form generator/builder application for Django done right: customisable, modular, user- and developer- friendly.
django-formapi 0.2.0 3 Django API creation with signed requests utilizing forms for validation.
django-formfactory 0.2.3 3 Dynamic django form builder.
django-forumbr 3 Simple and complete django forum solution
django-fullurl 0.5 3 Adds three template tags: `fullurl`, `fullstatic` and `buildfullurl`. The template tag `fullurl` acts just like `url`, but it always prints absolute URLs with scheme and domain
django-gamification 0.2.1 3 The missing gamification plugin for Django
django-ganalytics 0.7.0 3 Simple Google Analytics integration for Django.
django-geckoboard 2.0.0 3 Geckoboard custom widgets for Django projects
django-genericforeignkey 0.60.4 3 Django application that allows yo yout generic relations have a nice admin widget
django-genomix 0.5.0 3 Core library for Nexus django projects
django-genomix-users 0.4.0 3 Core library for Nexus django applications that require User accounts
django-genshi 1.1.3 3 Django integration for Genshi
django-getpaid-epay 0.1.4 3 A django-getpaid payment backend for Kazkommertsbank Epay
django-gocs 0.0.5 3 Django file storage backend and temporary file handler for Google Cloud Storage
django-hashid-field 2.1.0 3 A Hashids obfuscated Django Model Field
django-hashphrase 0.4 3 A Django app to facilitate email links
django-health-monitor 0.2.8 3 A Django app to help track system health and give real-time feedback.
django-herald 0.1.9 3 Django library for separating the message content from transmission method
django-heroku-memcacheify 1.0.0 3 Automatic Django memcached configuration on Heroku.
django-horizon 1.0.0 3 Simple database sharding (horizontal partitioning) library for Django applications.
django-httplog 0.2.3 3 Very simple http request-response log in database for debugging APIs.
django-hyperadmin 0.10.0 3 A hypermedia API framework for Django.
django-inactive_user_workflow 0.1 3 tools to let inactive users log in to your site with limited access after registration until they confirm their account
django-influxdb-metrics 1.3.3 3 A reusable Django app that sends metrics about your project to InfluxDB
django-inplaceedit-extra-fields 0.7.1 3 Django application that adds other useful fields to Django inplace edit
django-inspectional-registration 0.6.2 3 Django registration app which required inspection step before activation
Django-Integrator 3 Create and use django-integrator compliant applications.
django-intlekt 0.3.0 3 Django app for Intlekt, a content curation application using the IEML language.
django-jenkins 0.110.0 3 Plug and play continuous integration with django and jenkins
django-jfu 2.0.9 3 A Django Library for jQuery File Upload.
django-jinja-knockout 0.7.1 3 Django AJAX ModelForms. Read-only display ModelForms. Django AJAX grids with CRUD and custom actions. Supports Django Templates.
django-js-utils-nextgen 0.9.0 3 Django JS Urls: urlpatterns for clientside
django-jutil 1.0.4 3 Collection of small utilities for Django and Django REST framework projects
django-jwt-expiringlinks 0.2.0-dev 3 Django app that uses JWT to manage one-time and expiring links to protected URLs.
django-lazysignup 1.1.2 3 Lazy signup for Django
django-ldap-sync 0.5.0 3 A Django application for synchronizing LDAP users and groups
django-listable 0.4.3 3 A reusable Django app to make integrations with the DataTables javascript library easy.
django-livefield 3.0.0 3 Convenient soft-deletion support for Django models
Django-LocationBase 0.3.1 3 Reusable app for handling locations including longitude/latitude, location picking in admin and template tags for static map images.
django-logging-json 1.15 3 A simple Django app to log requests/responses in various formats, such as JSON.
django-lot 0.0.6 3 Django Login over Token.
django-machina 0.6.0 3 A Django forum engine for building powerful community driven websites.
django-mail-factory 0.20 3 Django Mail Manager
django-maja-newsletter 0.6.0 3 A Django app for sending newsletter by email to a contact list.
django-marcus 0.7.2 3 Bilingual blog on Django
django-merged-inlines 1.0.1 3 A Django Admin extension that allows you to mix and reorder multiple inline classes together
django-messages-extends 0.6.0 3 A Django app for extends Django's messages framework, adds sticky messages and persistent messages
django-meta-mixin 0.3.0 3 Social meta tags mixin for django-meta
django-mfw 0.4.1 3 Django framework for mobilephone/smartphone site
django-migration-fixture 0.5.1 3 Easily use fixtures in Django 1.7+ data migrations.
django-minipub 1.3 3 Django-minipub is a MINImalist PUBlication control system for Django.
Django-MobilityHelpers 0.3.0 3 Simple middleware and helper function to help handle request from mobile devices.
django-modeladmin-reorder 0.2 3 Custom ordering for the apps and models in the admin app.
django-modelsdoc 0.1.9 3 Create models definitions document from your Django project.
django-mongonaut 0.2.21 3 An introspective interface for Django and MongoDB
django-multilingual-news 2.6.8 3 A reusable Django app for managing news/blog entries in different languages.
django-multiselectfield 0.1.8 3 Django multiple select field
django-mustache 1.1.0 3 Mustache template engine for Django 1.8 and newer, with support for Django context processors.
django-navigation 0.8.1 3 Extensible breadcrumbs navigation for Django.
django-netjsongraph 0.4.2 3 Reusable django app for collecting and visualizing network topology
django-nextpage 0.7 3 django-nextpage
django-nine 0.1.13 3 Compatibility library for Django.
django-nupages 0.1.7 3 Pages application for django projects
django-object-events 1.2 3 Generic app for creating events that can be shown to the user in a notifications list.
django-order 0.0.7 3 Django app allowing users to manually order objects via admin.
django-organice 0.4.0 3 All-in-one collaboration solution providing an intuitive, consistent user experience.
django-organice-theme 0.4.1 3 The mother theme of all themes for django-organice.
django-oscar-webpay 0.4.3 3 An application for intagrating WebPay with oscar based e-commerce sites
django-pagination-fork 1.0.17 3 A fork of django-pagination
django-passaporte-web 1.2.8 3 Django client app for Passaporte Web.
django-path2css 0.2.2 3 Convert a request.path ('/a/b/c/d/') into CSS class names
django-perf-rec 2.2.0 3 Keep detailed records of the performance of your Django code.
django-performance-testing 0.7.3 3 Performance testing tools for Django
django-permanent-helpers 0.0.4 3 django admin helper classes for django-permanent models
django-pesapal 1.2.0 3 A django port of pesapal payment gateway
Django-Photofile 0.5.0 3 Templatetags for thumbnail generation, with automatic rotation based on EXIF.Orientation. Among other things.
django-phpBB3 0.3.0 3 django database models of phpBB3
django-pnm 0.1.6 3 A plug and play package to handle push devices and push notifications for services such as ZeroPush and Urban Airship
django-popupcrud 0.5.0 3 A CRUD framework that uses HTML popups for CRUD operations.
django-postman 3.6.1 3 User-to-User messaging system for Django, with gateway to AnonymousUser, moderation and thread management, user & exchange filters, inbox/sent/archives/trash folders, support for apps: auto-complete, notification, mailer.
django-powerdns-dnssec 0.9.3 3 PowerDNS administration app for Django
django-price-level 1.0.0 3 Adds time limited price levels to your model.
django-profiler 2.0.0 3 util for profiling python code mainly in django projects, but can be used also on ordinary python code
django-profiletools 0.2.1 3 Tools for Profile models in Django.
django-prompt-responses 0.1.1 3 A flexible prompt and user responses data schema utilizing the generic content types
django-propeller 1.5.0 3 Propeller support for Django projects
django-proxy-server 0.6 3 This is a django application to use django as a proxy server between a frontend device/server and a backend server inside a DMZ
django-querysetsequence 0.8 3 Chain together multiple (disparate) QuerySets to treat them as a single QuerySet.
django-qwert 0.2.2 3 A trivia collection framework for Django
django-redis-sessions-fork 0.7.0 3 Redis Session Backend For Django
django-registration-rest-framework 0.3.0 3 ('Clone of Django Resgistration flow for Django Rest Framework',)
django-remote-submission 1.2.1 3 A Django application to manage long running job submission, including starting the job, saving logs, and storing results.
django-reroute 1.1.1 3 A drop-in replacement for django.conf.urls.defaults which supports HTTP verb dispatch and view wrapping.
django-rest-framework-tricks 0.2.9 3 Collection of various tricks for Django REST framework.
django-rest-models 1.5.1 3 django Fake ORM model that query an RestAPI instead of a database —
django-rest-registration 0.3.6 3 User registration REST API, based on django-rest-framework
django-rest-secureview 1.0.0 3 Enforces client ViewSet requirements for Django Rest Framework
django-restify 0.1.9 3 Turn your Django project into RESTFul APIs in a minute.
django-resumable 0.2.0 3 Django resumable uploads
django-returnfields 0.3.2 3 adding restriction of your api's return fields, in restframework
django-review 1.9.7 3 A reusable Django app that lets users write reviews for any model
django-richenum 3.4.0 3 Django Enum library for python.
django-robokassa-payments 1.3.3 3 Приложение для интеграции платежной системы ROBOKASSA в проекты на Django.
django-roughpages 1.0.0 3 An template based flatpage like app of Django.
django-rules-light 0.2.0 3 Rule registry for django
django-rundbg 0.1.3 3 Provides a lightweight development runserver on Werkzeug with debugging
django-saas-userdb 0.1.dev17 3 A lightweight application to use Django as SaaS (Software as a Service). It separates users databases for the same Django instance.
django-safedelete 0.4.5 3 Mask your objects instead of deleting them from your database.
django-salesforce 0.7.2 3 a Salesforce backend for Django's ORM
django-scim2 0.2.25 3 A partial implementation of the SCIM 2.0 provider specification for use with Django.
django-scrypt 0.2.3 3 A Scrypt-enabled password hasher for Django 1.4/1.5
django-search-forms 0.5 3 Search forms for django
django-searchable-select 1.5.0 3 django-searchable-select - a better and faster multiple selection widget with suggestions for Django
django-senex-shop 0.3.3 3 Senex Shop
django-seo-js 0.3.1 3 SEO support for angular, backbone, ember,, and other SPA apps built with django.
django-separated 1.1.0 3 Class-based view and mixins for handling CSV with Django.
django-session-idle-timeout 1.4.2 3 Timeout a logged user after a period of time
django-session-security 2.6.0rc1 3 Let the user secure his session for usage in public computers
django-shibboleth-remoteuser-kennydude 0.6.2 3 Use Shibboleth users inside of Django
django-simple-rest 1.4.1 3 A drop dead simple package for creating RESTful APIs on top of Django
django-simple-sso 0.11 3 Simple SSO for Django
django-slim 0.7.5 3 Simple implementation of multi-lingual models for Django.
django-smarter 1.1 3 Smarter declarative style generic views for Django.
django-smuggler 0.8.0 3 Pluggable application for Django that helps you to import/export fixtures via the administration interface
django-sortedone2many 0.2.2 3 Provide a one-to-many relationship that also remembers the order of related objects.
django-sql-explorer 1.1.1 3 A pluggable app that allows users (admins) to execute SQL, view, and export the results.
django-sslify 0.2.7 3 Force SSL on your Django site.
django-stagesetting 0.5.0 3 Dynamic runtime settings and configuration for Django sites
django-status 2.2.1 3 Application that provides an API to check the status of some parts and some utilities like ping.
django-submail 1.2.2 3 A Django Email Backend for Submail.
django-subui-tests 0.2.2 3 Framework to make workflow server integration test suites
django-swiftbrowser 0.22 3 A simple Django app to access Openstack Swift
django-sysadmin 0.3 3 Django models to make a sysadmins life easier
django-sysinfo 1.3.0 3 Simple django app to expose system infos: libraries version, databae server infos...
django-tastypie-extendedmodelresource 0.22 3 An extension of TastyPie's ModelResource to easily support nested resources, and more.
django-templateselector 0.2.5 3 Provides a model field and form field for allowing users to select a template file
django-testclient-extensions 0.1.4 3 Extensions to Django's built-in test client.
django-themagicapi 1.0.34 3 Django application. To launch an api server without endpoint. Create the database on demand
django-thumbnailfield 0.2.5 3 Enhanced ImageField with automatically generate thumbnail of the specified image
django-tilestache 2.0.4 3 Command and Control Center for Tilestache, inside a django app
django-tinymce4-lite 1.7.0 3 A Django application that provides a fully functional TinyMCE 4 editor widget for models and forms.
django-tml 0.3.1 3 Django SDK for API
django-tracking 0.4.1 3 Basic visitor tracking and blacklisting for Django
django-tracking-jl 0.5.8 3 Basic visitor tracking and blacklisting for Django
django-transmeta 0.7.3 3 Transmeta is an application for translatable content in Django's models.
django-trello-webhooks 0.3 3 Django Trello Webhooks - Trello callback integration for Django.
django-trustpay 0.3.0 3 Django app for Trustpay payment gateway API.
django-twemoir 0.2.1 3 Twitter data models
django-umanage 1.1.1 3 Django user management app for django
django-universaltag 0.1.7 3 Universal tagging library for Django
django-url-filter 0.3.4 3 Django URL Filter provides a safe way to filter data via human-friendly URLs.
django-url-tracker 0.1.3 3 A little app that trackes URL changes in a database table to provide HTTP 301 & 410 on request.
django-user-media 1.2.4 3 A reusable app to graceously handle files that your users might upload, such as profile pictures, foto albums etc...
django-userapp 0.0.5 3 Django userapp integration
django-users2 0.2.1 3 Custom user model for django >=1.5 with support for multiple user types
django-userswitch 0.2.2 3 A quick 'n' dirty Django app for switching between different users while testing
django-vest 0.1.6 3 Extension for default template system for making inheritance more flexible. Adding some kind of themes.
django-vff 0.2b3 3 Versioned file field for django models
django-view-shortcuts 1.3.5 3 A set of shortcuts for Django views.
django-vkontakte-video 0.8.0 3 Django implementation for vkontakte API video
django-vkontakte-wall-statistic 0.7.3 3 Django implementation for vkontakte API Wall Statistic
django-wapiti 1.0.3 3 Django API layer
django-watchman 0.14.0 3 django-watchman exposes a status endpoint for your backing services
django-watermark 0.1.8 3 Quick and efficient way to apply watermarks to images in Django.
django-werewolf 0.4.2 3 Item publishing workflow for Django.
django-wordpress-rest 0.1.4 3 Sync a WordPress site to Django via the REST API
django-wysiwyg-redactor 0.5.1 3 django-wysiwyg-redactor is a lightweight responsive wysiwyg editor for Django
django-x509 0.4 3 Reusable django app to generate and manage x509 certificates
django-ya-model-publisher 0.6.9 3 Publisher workflow for django models and Django CMS pages.
django-yadpt-starter 1.7 3 django-yadpt-starter is Yet Another Django Project Template skeleton for Django projects
django-zap 0.0.7 3 Automate the destruction and re-creation of django databases
django-zipview 1.2.0 3 A simple Django base view to zip and stream several files.
django-zxcvbn-password 2.0.0 3 Back-end and Front-end password validation with ZXCVBN.
django.js 0.8.1 3 Django JS Tools
django.js-vinta 0.8.2.dev2 3 Django JS Tools
django_antimat 1.0.1 3 Django antimat is application for filtering swear words.
django_avem_theme 1.2.1 3 Simple bootstrap3 theme for Django
django_click_captcha 0.1.1 3 Django 点击倒字验证码
django_common_context 0.1.0 3 Django Common Context Processors
django_csv_tests 0.1.5 3 This allows you to use a spreadsheet to define Django units tests that make requests to the Django testing client.
django_custom_user_migration 0.3.0 3 django_custom_user_migration will help you create a migration to using a custom User model with Django
django_ember_toolkit 0.1 3 Tools to integrate develop an Ember app using Django as the backend.
django_facebook_helper 0.3.7 3 A Django application for helping in facebook login an managing.
django_hreflang 1.7 3 Generate the hreflang html header lines when using i18n urls on Django sites
django_lair 1.0.3 3 Analytics and metrics app to both store and display user actions
django_mock_queries 1.0.6 3 A django library for mocking queryset functions in memory for testing
django_neomodel 0.0.4 3 Use Neo4j with Django!
django_popcorn 1.0.0 3 Add-another pop-ups a la django-admin.
django_pynuodb 2.0.4 3 NuoDB Extension for Django
django_pythonic_menu 0.0.6 3 Python based menu for django
django_restframework_apiview 1.2.3 3 Django REST_framework APIView
django_sharding 2.0.0 3 A sharding app to include in your project so that you can shard your data.
django_sieve 1.0.0 3 Filter user-data based on multiple criteria.
django_slumber 0.8.2 3 RESTful data connector for Django
django_wsgi_deployer 0.3.3 3 Django WSGI Project Deployer
django_yafotki 0.7.3 3 Yandex.Fotki files backend for django
djangoajax 2.4 3 Powerful and easy AJAX framework for django applications.
djangocms-layouter 0.2 3 Grid system for Django-CMS users which aims for ease of use.
djangocms-minecraft 0.2.1 3 A set of Django plugins that will display live Minecraft server status and information within your project.
djangocms-page-meta 0.8.1 3 OpenGraph, Twitter Card and Google+ snippet tags for django CMS 3 pages
djangocms-spa-vue-js 0.1.24 3 This package prepares your django CMS and vue.js project to create a single-page application (SPA).
djangodbu 0.0.13 3 Tools for debugging Django, pprint models
djangodoo 1.0 3 A Django app to copy models, load and save records from a running Odoo instance
djangohmac 1.3.2 3 Provides easy integration of the HMAC signatures for your REST Django Applications.
djangomailup 0.2.0 3 Django app to integrate with MailUp
djangopypi 0.4.7 3 A Django application that emulates the Python Package Index.
djangorecipebook 1.4 3 Buildout recipes for django development
djangorestframework-fine-permissions 0.6.4 3 Field level permissions for Django REST Framework
djangorestframework-serializer-mixins 0.1.0 3 Mixins for Django Rest Framework Serializer
djangoshop-subscribe 0.2.1 3 An email subscription plugin for Django-SHOP
djason 0.2.1 3 Convert django models to sensible json format
djazator 0.2.5 3 A simple django plugin for sending push notifications from django server to sockjs clients
djongo 1.2.20 3 Driver for allowing Django to use MongoDB as the database backend.
djoosh 0.1 3 A super simple Django-whoosh search engine
djsw_wrapper 3 Allows to build REST API directly from Swagger schema
djwebsockets 0.9.6 3 Simple Evented websocket interface for wsgi applications
dpnm 0.1.7 3 A plug and play package to handle push devices and push notifications for services such as ZeroPush and Urban Airship
drf-nested-decorator 0.5 3 An extra decorator for Django Rest Framework that allows methods of a viewset to accept a nested key.
eav-django 1.4.7 3 a reusable Django application which implements the Entity-Attribute-Value data model.
graphene-django-extras 0.3.4a2 3 graphene_django_extras add some extra funcionalities to graphene-django to facilitate the graphql use without Relay, allow paginations and filtering integration and add someextra directives
m3-debuggie 2.0.8 3 Инструментарий для сбора отладочной информации о Django-системе
meg-django-tastypie 0.13.5 3 A flexible & capable API layer for Django.
nsupdate 0.11.0 3 A dynamic DNS update service
robotframework-djangolibrary 2.0 3 A robot framework library for Django.
the-real-django-wordpress-extras 0.4 3 A collection of non-WordPress extensions for django-wordpress (the real one)
vlk-django-jsonfield 1.2.1 3 A model JSONField with an integrated form for django.
webtemplate-dpaw 0.4.8 3 Base HTML templates for DBCA Django projects
aboutyou 1.0.1 2 A connection to the shop.
acp-calendar 1.7.0 2 Calendar and date management por the Panama Canal
activity-monitor 0.12.0 2 A sort of tumblelog-y thing heavily based on code I got somewhere.
advbumpversion 1.2.0 2 Version-bump your software with a single command!
afterflight 0.2.1 2 An application for analysis of UAV log and video.
aiohttp-json-rpc 0.9.1 2 Implementation JSON-RPC 2.0 server and client using aiohttp on top of websockets transport
aiotasks 1.0.0a2 2 A Celery like task manager that distributes Asyncio coroutines
alauda-celery 3.1.25rc1 2 Distributed Task Queue
alauda-kombu 3.0.37 2 Messaging library for Python
aldryn-apphooks-config 0.3.3 2 Namespaces based configuration for Apphooks
aldryn-boilerplates 0.7.5 2 An extension that allows re-usable apps to provide sets of templates and staticfiles for different boilerplates.
alligator 0.10.0 2 Simple offline task queues.
apex 0.9.10dev 2 Pyramid toolkit to add Velruse, Flash Messages,CSRF, ReCaptcha and Sessions
api-proxy 0.1.3 2 Thin layer to access resources living behind api's
appengine-mailer 0.1 2 AppEngine Email Proxy
apysignature 0.1.3 2 Python implementation of the Ruby Signature library (
ares_util 0.1.13 2 A tool for information system allowing a retrieval of information on economic entities registered in the Czech Republic (ARES - Access to Registers of Economic Subjects / Entities).
aristotle-metadata-registry 1.6.5 2 Aristotle-MDR is an open-source metadata registry as laid out by the requirements of the IEC/ISO 11179:2013 specification.
armstrong.apps.embeds 0.9 2 Provides a way to store, relate to, extract metadata and embed content from external URLs via a modular backend system
ascetic 2 Lightweight python datamapper ORM (Object-relational mapper).
assetcloud 2.3.1 2 Lightweight Digital Asset Management
async_notifications 0.1.5 2 Email async notifications with celery.
atomicpress 1.1.0 2 AtomicPress is a static blog generator for python developers.
autoguard 0.3.4 2 Configuration setup for sentry
autoscalebot 2.1 2 Automatic scaling of web dynos on paas services
awesome-finder 1.1.3 2 A TUI based awesome curated list finder
azuki 1.2 2 Beanstalkd utilities for CLI and python
azurepython3 1.7.7 2 Incomplete Windows Azure library for Python 3
betterconfig 0.3 2 betterconfig -- A Better Config for Python
bexio-api-python-client 0.1.4 2 Bexio API Python Client
birdy 0.3.2 2 birdy is a super awesome Twitter API client for Python.
bitpay-client 0.1.1 2 Python client for the BitPay payment web API distributed via PyPi with object-orientated interface
block-timer 0.1.2 2 Measure execution time of your code blocks
blt 0.2.1 2 blt - provides simple CLI superpowers.
bowerbird 0.4.0 2 A collection of stdlib logging.Formatter classes using Pygments
bpmappers 0.9 2 bpmappers is a Python moudle that maps Python dictionary values and object properties to different dictionary.
breakdown 1.0.9 2 Lightweight jinja2 template prototyping server
briefcase 0.2.1 2 Tools to support converting a Python project into a standalone native application.
brockman 0.1dev 2 A Python client for the FocusLab API
bump2version 0.5.7 2 Version-bump your software with a single command!
bundle 1.1.2 2 Create and manage bundle packages.
c2p2 0.1.2 2 Code Commit Push Publish engine.
cabot 0.11.9 2 Self-hosted, easily-deployable monitoring and alerts service - like a lightweight PagerDuty 2.2.2 2 CAS Client library
celery 4.1.0 2 Distributed Task Queue.
certbot-py 0.10.1 2 Python module to integrate automated Let's Encrypt `certbot certonly` certificate creation into Python projects.
chainmap 1.0.2 2 Backport/clone of ChainMap for py26, py32, and pypy3.
changelogs 0.14.0 2 A changelog finder and parser.
channels_api 0.4.0 2 Helps build a RESTful API on top of WebSockets using channels.
chatbotAI 2 A chatbot AI engine is a chatbot builder platform that provids both bot intelligence and chat handler with minimal codding
chatterbot-corpus 1.1.1 2
chemdb 0.5 2 Track chemical inventories and produce inventories and door warnings.
cheshire3 1.1.8 2 Cheshire3 Search and Retrieval Engine and Information Framework
choice_enum 0.9 2 Wrapper class for defining DRY, encapsulated choice options for CharFields.
choicesenum 0.2.2 2 Python's Enum with extra powers to play nice with labels and choices fields
cibopath 0.1.0 2 Search Cookiecutters on GitHub.
ckuehl-celery 4.0.2.post1 2 Distributed Task Queue.
clusterclienttest 0.2.0 2 Client for compute nodes to communicate via REST API with master server.
codebehind 1.4.17 2 Collection of magics.
collective.easytemplate 0.8.0 2 Dynamic HTML generation and scripting of pages, content rules, portlets and emails
collective.recipe.pip 0.3.4 2 zc.buildout recipe to parse pip config files ang use parsed info in a buildout.
collective.releaser 0.7.1 2 Setuptools extension to release an egg
collectr 0.0.5 2 Static file management for everyone.
colout 0.5 2 Color Up Arbitrary Command Output.
comt 2.6.4 2 Web-based Text Annotation Application.
configr 2018.1203.1008 2 configr: A practical configuration library for your Python apps.
confy 0.3.8 2 UNKNOWN
conn-check 1.3.1 2 Utility/library for checking connectivity between services
connect-sdk-python2 2.18.0 2 SDK to communicate with the Ingenico ePayments platform using the Ingenico Connect Server API
connect-sdk-python3 2.18.0 2 SDK to communicate with the Ingenico ePayments platform using the Ingenico Connect Server API
cookiecutter 1.6.0 2 A command-line utility that creates projects from project templates, e.g. creating a Python package project from a Python package project template.
coolfig 1.0.2 2 Helpers for dealing with application settings
cosmicdb 0.0.16 2 An easy way to setup a database site.
countries 0.2.0 2 Provides models for a "complete" list of countries
coveralls 1.2.0 2 Show coverage stats online via
cryptoassets.core 0.2 2 A Python framework for building Bitcoin, other cryptocurrency (altcoin) and cryptoassets services
cspark-python 0.0.13 2 Python library for Cisco Spark
cssocialprofile 2.17 2 SocialProfile app extension
custom-e-celery 4.0.2 2 Distributed Task Queue.
Custom-FAB 0.0.9 2 Simple and rapid application development framework, built on top of Flask App Builder. includes detailed security, auto CRUD generation for your models, google charts and much more.
custom-user-profiles 1.2.0 2 Create custom-user profiles easily
cyclope3 2 CMS for pythonistas who like to code instead of using a web UI for every task.
darkslide 4.0.1 2 Lightweight markup language-based html5 slideshow generator. Forked from Landslide.
datastore.objects 0.2.3 2 object mapper for datastore
db_url 0.3.3 2 connect to the DATABASE_URL environment variable
ddpclient 2.0.0 2 A client library for DDP API
debtools 0.7.4 2 Utilities for creating mutliple Debian packages.
descartes-bi 2.0.rc1 2 Free Open Source web based business intelligence software.
destination 0.1.0 2 A Regex Based Path Routing Library.
destruct 0.1.0 2 Tiny library to parse binary structures into Python objects
distillery 0.5 2 fixture utils for python ORMs
distll_celery 4.0.4 2 Distributed Task Queue.
dj-webdav-storage 0.6.1 2 This application allows you easily save media and static files into webdav storage
dj_chart 1.1.3 2 Create Charts with the awesome Chart.js Library
djabberd 0.9.5 2 Generic application to handle Remote Data API calls
django-IoT-pki 1.4 2 A simple public key infrastructure to allow issuing and automatic renewal of X509 certificates
django-object-log 0.7.1 2 A method for logging user actions on models
django-shoogie 0.8 2 Log server errors to database
fabric-bolt 0.1 2 A web interface to fabric deployments.
facebook-datastore 3.1.2 2 Facebook Datastore
fiware-cloto 2.8.0 2 This module is part of FIWARE Policy Manager. It provides a REST API to create rules associated to servers, subscribe servers to Context Broker to get information about their resources consumption and launch actions described in rules when conditions are met.
Flask-AppBuilder 1.9.6 2 Simple and rapid application development framework, built on top of Flask. includes detailed security, auto CRUD generation for your models, google charts and much more.
Flask-DebugToolbar-Mongo 0.1 2 MongoDB panel for the Flask Debug Toolbar
floraconcierge-client 0.7.52 2 FloraExpress API python client library.
graphene-peewee-async 2.1.2 2 Graphene peewee-async integration
hookbox-dax 0.3.4a1 2 HookBox is a Comet server and message queue that tightly integrates with your existing web application via web hooks and a REST interface.
intgr-bir-api 1.0.5 2 An API for BIR1 (Baza Internetowa REGON 1) allows requesting for polish company data providing KRS, REGON or VAT number. It requires private GUS API key.
intgr-zip-code-api 1.3.3 2 An API for zip codes (postal codes) and addresses requesting. Optimized for polish addresses, however might work as universal tool.
jmbo-analytics 0.2.2 2 Jmbo analytics app.
jmbo-banner 1.0 2 Jmbo banner app.
jmbo-calendar 2.0.2 2 Jmbo calendar app.
jmbo-chart 2.0.0 2 Jmbo chart app.
jmbo-competition 0.1.8 2 Jmbo competition app.
KATO-BASE 1.2.12 2 Custom module build on top of flask app builder for internal use.
KFlask-AppBuilder 1.0.1 2 Simple and rapid application development framework, built on top of Flask. includes detailed security, auto CRUD generation for your models, google charts and much more.
leonardo-admin-sso 0.0.3 2 Simple Admin SSO
mezzanine-api 0.6.1 2 A RESTful web API for Mezzanine CMS.
mission-control2 3.12.0 2 Mission Control - allows for easy launching of apps on Marathon
pymongo-amplidata 2.8-2 2 Amplidata's fork of the python driver for MongoDB <>
pypi-cli 0.4.1 2 A command-line interface to the Python Package Index (PyPI).
python-acapela 0.2.6 2 Python Acapela Text-To-Speech
python-baseconv 1.2.0 2 Convert numbers from base 10 integers to base X strings and back again.
python-decouple 3.1 2 Strict separation of settings from code.
python-hue-client 0.1.0 2 UNKNOWN
python-payer-api 0.1.2 2 Python package for interacting with the Payer payments API (
redissentry-core 0.2.0 2 Module protecting a web framework against password bruteforce attacks
seabird-ctd 2 Tools for communicating with, retrieving data from, and managing a fixed Seabird CTD deployment
shuup-api-permission 0.1.1 2 Shuup API Permission
task-dispatcher 1.4.3 2 Library that provides a system to generate tasks producers and consumers with ease.
towel-bootstrap 0.0.1 2 Keeping you DRY since 2010
tribe-client 1.1.11 2 Portable Python package to connect with the Tribe web service at the University of Pennsylvania
versions-client 0.2 2 Fetch software versions from your app for Prometheus.
virtualenv-api 2.1.16 2 An API for virtualenv/pip
wagtailnews-collection 0.17.11 2 News / blog plugin for the Wagtail CMS, but with news items belonging to collections, enforcing permissions
zerotk.virtualenv-api 2.2.1 2 An API for virtualenv/pip

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