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Index of Packages Matching 'flake8'

Package Weight* Description
flake8 3.5.0 9 the modular source code checker: pep8, pyflakes and co
flake8-author 1.1.4 9 Flake8 __author__ checker
flake8-blind-except 0.1.1 9 A flake8 extension that checks for blind except: statements
flake8-bugbear 17.12.0 9 A plugin for flake8 finding likely bugs and design problems in your program. Contains warnings that don't belong in pyflakes and pycodestyle.
flake8-builtins-unleashed 1.3.1 9 builtin override checker plugin for flake8
flake8-checkstyle 0.1.1 9 Output Checkstyle XML reports of flake8 violations.
flake8-class-newline 1.6.0 9 Flake8 lint for newline after class definitions.
flake8-coding 1.3.0 9 Adds coding magic comment checks to flake8
flake8-comprehensions 1.4.1 9 A flake8 plugin to help you write better list/set/dict comprehensions.
flake8-confusables 0.1.0 9 A flake8 plugin to check for ambiguous identifiers
flake8-copyright 0.2.0 9 Adds copyright checks to flake8
flake8-debugger 3.0.0 9 ipdb/pdb statement checker plugin for flake8
flake8-docstrings 1.3.0 9 Extension for flake8 which uses pydocstyle to check docstrings
flake8-exact-pin 0.0.1 9 A flake8 extension that checks for exact pins (e.q.: `foo==1.5.6`) in
flake8-formatter-abspath 1.0.1 9 A flake8 formatter plugin that shows the absolute path of files with warnings
flake8-future-import 0.4.4 9 __future__ import checker, plugin for flake8
flake8-graphql 0.2.5 9 A flake8 plugin to lint your graphql queries
flake8-html 0.4.0 9 Generate HTML reports of flake8 violations
flake8-immediate 0.2 9 Enables immediate output for flake8.
flake8-isort 2.3 9 flake8 plugin that integrates isort .
flake8-libfaketime 1.1 9 libfaketime checker plugin for flake8
flake8-module-imports 1.1 9 module-level import checker plugin for flake8
flake8-mutable 1.2.0 9 mutable defaults flake8 extension
flake8-mypy 17.8.0 9 A plugin for flake8 integrating mypy.
flake8-pep257 1.0.5 9 Flake8 plugin for the pep257 Python utility.
flake8-print 3.0.1 9 print statement checker plugin for flake8
flake8-putty 0.4.0 9 Apply a bit of putty to flake8.
flake8-pyi 17.3.0 9 A plugin for flake8 to enable linting .pyi files.
flake8-pytest 1.3 9 pytest assert checker plugin for flake8
flake8-quotes 0.13.0 9 Flake8 lint for quotes.
flake8-regex 0.3 9 Arbitrary regex checker, extension for flake8
flake8-respect-noqa 0.3 9 Always ignore #noqa lines with flake8.
flake8-SQL 0.2.0 9 Flake8 plugin that checks SQL code against opinionated style rules
flake8-string-format 0.2.3 9 string format checker, plugin for flake8
flake8-tidy-imports 1.1.0 9 A flake8 plugin that helps you write tidier imports.
flake8-todo 0.7 9 TODO notes checker, plugin for flake8
flake8-translation-activate 1.0.2 9 translation activate plugin for flake8
flake8-ugettext-alias 1.1 9 ugettext alias checker plugin for flake8
flake8-user-model 1.1 9 user model import checker plugin for flake8
flake8_doubles 0.3 9 flake8 doubles checker, ensures mock.patch is not used
flake8_strict 0.1.9 9 Flake8 plugin that checks Python code against a set of opinionated style rules
pytest-flake8dir 1.1.0 9 A pytest fixture for testing flake8 plugins.
flake8-format-ansi 0.1.0 8 ANSI error format plugin for flake8.
flake8-setuptools 0.0.0 8 Flake8 integration with Setuptools
flake8-bandit 1.0.1 7 Automated security testing with bandit and flake8.
flake8-builtins 1.0.post0 7 Check for python builtins being used as variables or parameters.
flake8-chart 0.1.5 7 flake8 stats visualised
flake8-codeclimate 0.1.3 7 Code Climate reporting formatter plugin for Flake8
flake8-colors 0.1.6 7 Error highlight plugin for Flake8.
flake8-commas 1.0.0 7 Flake8 lint for trailing commas.
flake8-deprecated 1.3 7 Warns about deprecated method calls.
flake8-diff 0.2.2 7 Run flake8 across a set of changed files and filter out violations occurring only on the lines that were changed.
flake8-double-quotes 0.0.1 7 Flake8 lint to forbide single quotes.
flake8-expandtab 0.1 7 flake8 for tab junkies
flake8-formatter-junit-xml 0.0.4 7 JUnit XML Formatter for flake8
flake8-import-order 0.16 7 Flake8 and pylama plugin that checks the ordering of import statements.
flake8-import-order-fuzeman 1.7.0 7 @fuzeman's import order style for flake8-import-order
flake8-import-order-spoqa 1.2.0 7 Spoqa's import order style for flake8-import-order
flake8-import-style 0.4.0 7 A flake8 plugin to ensure explicit module imports
flake8-imports 0.1.1 7 isort extension flake8
flake8-json 17.12.0 7 JSON Formatting Reporter plugin for Flake8
flake8-junit-report 2.1.0 7 Simple tool that converts a flake8 file to junit format
flake8-mock 0.3 7 Provides checking for non-existent mock methods
flake8-module-name 0.1.5 7 A flake8 plugin for testing PEP-8 conform package and module names.
flake8-ownership 1.1.1 7 A flake8 checker for assuring that author, copyright, and license are specified in source files.
flake8-pep3101 1.2 7 Checks for old string formatting.
flake8-plone-api 1.4 7 Checks for code usages that can be replaced with Plone API method calls.
flake8-plone-hasattr 0.2.post0 7 Checks for hasattr, which is considered harmful in Plone projects.
flake8-polyfill 1.0.2 7 Polyfill package for Flake8 plugins
flake8-quotes2 0.0.1 7 flake8 plugin for string quotes checking
flake8-requirements 1.0.0 7 Package requirements checker, plugin for flake8
flake8-single-quotes 0.1.0 7 A Flake8 extension to enforce single-quotes.
flake8-snippets 0.2 7 A flake8 extension to find any code snippets you don't like
flake8-trailing-commas 0.1.3 7 Flake8 lint for trailing commas.
flake8_dodgy 0.0.1 7
flake8_tuple 0.2.13 7 Check code for 1 element tuple.
imhotep_flake8 0.2.1 7 An imhotep plugin for flake8 validation.
pytest-flake8 0.9.1 7 pytest plugin to check FLAKE8 requirements
flake8-config-4catalyzer 0.2.1 6
flake8-config-yoctol 0.0.8 6
flake8-disrespectful-code 0.0.1 6 My example Flake8 extension
flake8-future 0.2 6 A flake8 plugin to warn when any file is missing certain __future__ imports.
flake8-logging-format 0.3.0 6 Flake8 extension to validate (lack of) logging format strings
flake8-network-timeout 0.2.0 6 our extension to flake8
flake8-per-file-ignores 0.4 6 Ignore individual error codes per file with flake8
flake8_truveris 0.3.4 6 Flake8 extension for checking Python code against Truveris's code style guide
iflake8 0.0.1 6 The ultimate python style checker
42cc-pystyle 0.0.16 5 flake8 checks for 42 Coffee Cups style guide
flake8-meiqia 0.2.0 5 Python style guideline in Meiqia
flake8-rst-docstrings 0.0.8 5 Python docstring reStructuredText (RST) validator
jones-complexity 0.1.2 5 Jones Complexity checker, plugin for flake8
mccabe 0.6.1 5 McCabe checker, plugin for flake8
pep8-naming 0.5.0 5 Check PEP-8 naming conventions, plugin for flake8
flake8-custom-indent 0.0.0 4
flake8-invalid-escape-sequences 1.1 4 Detects and warns about invalid escape sequences.
flake8-naming 0.0.0 4
flake8-sorted-keys 0.2.0 4 check keys are sorted in dict literals
kagiso_flake8 0.1 4 UNKNOWN
unicode-string-literal 1.1 4 Flake8 String Literal Enforcer Extension
flint 0.2 3 Obsolete - the modular Python source code checker
git-pre-commit-hook 0.0.11 3 pre-commit hook for Git
gql-checker 0.1 3 Flake8 and pylama plugin that checks gql GraphQL calls.
igcommit 2.3 3 Git pre-receive hook to check commits and code style
multilint 2.2.0 3 Run multiple python linters easily
pepper8 1.1.1 3 Transforms pep8 or flake8 output into an HTML report.
pi-naming 1.0.3 3 Check PI naming conventions, plugin for flake8
precog 0.0.2 3 Git-hooks for flake8, isort and eslint
sqre-gtf 0.1.18 3 GitHub Protection, TravisCI and Flake8 tools for LSST DM.
mccabe-console-script 0.1.0.post1 2 Console script for the McCabe checker
pepval 1.5 2 A PEP8 validator that combines Flake8 and PyDocStyle.
proofreader 0.0.2 2 Utility for running both Pylint & Flake8 on targets whilst providing global, though overridable, defaults.
servo_tidy 0.2.0 2 The servo-tidy is used to check licenses, line lengths, whitespace, flake8 on Python files, lock file versions, and more.
accordian 0.3.1 1 Event dispatch in Python 3.5 using asyncio
acidfile 1.2.1 1 ACID transaction with common files
acsoo 1.5.0 1 Acsone Odoo Dev Tools
aiocouchdb 0.9.1 1 CouchDB client built on top of aiohttp (asyncio)
altapay 1.3.0 1 Unofficial Python SDK for AltaPay (formerly Pensio).
AnyBlok 0.15.0 1 Anyblok is a dynamic injection blok framework
anybox.buildbot.openerp 0.9 1 Buildbot setup for buildout based openerp installations
anybox.recipe.odoo 1.9.2 1 A buildout recipe to install and configure Odoo
anybox.recipe.openerp 1.9.1 1 A buildout recipe to install and configure OpenERP
apns-proxy-client 0.1.0 1 Client library for APNs Proxy Server.
audiolayer 0.1.1 1 This module provides a wrapper around the libav C library
avahi-recorder 0.1.0 1 Dynamic Zero Config DNS Server powered by Avahi.
aws_ork 0.4.5 1 Daemon listening on SQS for messages from an ASG
Baluster 0.2.1 1 Provides hierarchical factory
bdateutil 0.1 1 Adds business day logic and improved data type flexibility to python-dateutil.
behave-http 0.1.1 1 Behave HTTP steps
biomaj-daemon 3.0.14 1 BioMAJ daemon service
biomaj-download 3.0.14 1 BioMAJ download service
biomaj-process 3.0.10 1 BioMAJ process service
biomaj-release 3.0.1 1 BioMAJ release watch service
bobtemplates.plone 3.0.0a3 1 Templates for Plone projects.
bootstrapy 0.0.1 1 A python bootstrap application, so that you can focus on writing code
Cahoots 0.5.2 1 A Text Comprehension Engine in Python.
captainhook 0.8.7 1 A collection of git commit hooks
ccnmtldjango 1.11.0 1 Paste template for Django development at CCNMTL
cement 2.10.2 1 CLI Application Framework for Python
chandl 0.3.0 1 A lightweight tool for parsing and downloading 4chan threads.
changelogs 0.13.0 1 A changelog finder and parser.
checkmate-api 1.0.0 1 A Python wrapper for the CheckMate REST API.
ciocheck 0.1.1 1 Continuum IO check/test suite
cloudpassage 1.1 1 Python SDK for CloudPassage Halo API
cobalt 0.3.1 1 A lightweight library for working with Akoma Ntoso Act documents
codeship-yaml 0.2 1 YAML configuration file support for Codeship.
codestyle 0.4.3 1 Extendable codestyle checker and fixer 1.8 1 Organizations and functions combinations to create plone groups
collective.funkload 0.4 1 Zope and Plone focussed extensions to funkload
collective.pdfpeek 2.0.0 1 A Plone 4 product that generates image thumbnail previews of PDF files stored on ATFile based objects.
collective.permalink 1.0.2 1 Show a new link (permalink) in Plone contents. This will not change if you move the content itself.
collective.singing 0.7.5 1 A Zope 3 library for sending notifications and newsletters
concept-py 0.31.0 1 concepts and ideas in Python
conda-build 2.1.5 1 tools for building conda packages
consul-announcer 1.0.1 1 UNKNOWN
coordinator-data-tasks 0.0.5 1 A python-based command line utility to automate some of the most common data tasks faced by the Clinical Coordinators.
cron_descriptor 1.2.10 1 A Python library that converts cron expressions into human readable strings.
crony 0.2.1 1 Cron monitoring tool.
crumbs 2.1.0 1 Generalized all-in-one parameters module.
crutch 0.3.0 1 Get a project running quickly
cryptux 0.0.14 1 Simple wallet for Cryptocurrencies
CslBot 0.21 1 An easily extensible, modular irc bot.
cuckoopy 0.1.1 1 Cuckoo Filter implementation in Python
customer.lascatalinascr_com 1.6 1 Custom Implementations of the propertyshelf MLS embedding for
cwmon 0.5.0 1 CloudWatch-based monitoring for your servers.
cwmud 0.4.0 1 Clockwork MUD server
datalogy 0.1.0 1 A collection of command-line tools that facilitate the obtaining, scrubbing and exploring of data.
deck-chores 0.2rc3 1 Job scheduler for Docker containers, configured via container labels.
deplint 0.0.3 1 A linter for dependencies
desmod 0.5.2 1 Discrete Event Simulation Modeling using SimPy
diazo 1.2.8 1 Diazo implements a Deliverance like language using a pure XSLT engine. With Diazo, you "compile" your theme and ruleset in one step, then use a superfast/simple transform on each request thereafter. Alternatively, compile your theme during development, check it into version control, and not touch Diazo during deployment.
diceware 0.9.3 1 Passphrases you will remember.
diffbot 2.0.0 1 Python client for the Diffbot API.
diffmetrics 1.0 1 Diff tool for code metrics
dj-stripe 1.0.0.post1 1 Django + Stripe Made Easy
dj-stripe-kando 1.0.0.dev3 1 Django + Stripe Made Easy
django-admin-caching 0.1.5 1 Django Admin caching made easy
django-admin2 0.7.1 1 An introspective interface for Django's ORM.
django-allauth-ens 1.0.0b1 1 Providers for django-allauth allowing using the ENS' auth-systems.
django-audit-tools 0.4.0 1 Django application that provides a set of tools for auditing requests and models and improve logging
django-behaviors 0.4.0 1 Common behaviors for Django Models, e.g. Timestamps, Publishing, Authoring/Editing and more.
django-ckeditor 5.4.0 1 Django admin CKEditor integration.
django-councilmatic 0.8.7 1 Core functions for family
django-councilmatic-notifications 0.1.26 1 Core functions for family
django-crispy-admin 0.0.6 1 Django Crispy Admin allows you to edit your forms with the handy crispy forms, and bootstrap3 FTW!
django-currentuser 0.2.2 1 Conveniently store reference to request user on thread/db level.
django-development-fabfile 2.14.14 1 A fabfile to ease many tasks during development and deployment of Django projects.
django-flatblocks 0.9.4 1 django-flatblocks acts like django.contrib.flatpages but for parts of a page; like an editable help box you want show alongside the main content.
django-geohashing 0.2.1 1 Django app for working with XKCD geohashing data
django-gov 0.2.1 1 Base Django Application for MoJ Gov
django-health-monitor 0.2.8 1 A Django app to help track system health and give real-time feedback.
django-httpxforwardedfor 0.2.0 1 Set request.META['REMOTE_ADDR'] from request.META['HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR']
django-jenkins 0.110.0 1 Plug and play continuous integration with django and jenkins
django-jsonview 1.1.0 1 Always return JSON from your Django view.
django-logutils 0.4.3 1 Various logging-related utilities for Django projects.
django-performance-testing 0.7.3 1 Performance testing tools for Django
django-select2-tags 0.0.1 1 Django forms that support new items entered using Select2 with tags enabled
django-tabination 0.4.0 1 A library that enables you to easily build your own tab navigation based on class based views.
django_mock_queries 1.0.5 1 A django library for mocking queryset functions in memory for testing
django_version_viewer 1.0.1 1 Django app for viewing pip packages and their versions
djangocms-blog 0.9.0rc1 1 A djangoCMS 3 blog application
djangocms-blog-martin 0.5.1.dev3 1 Fork of djangoCMS 3 blog application
djay 0.0.4 1 dj, the Django CLI
djproxy 2.3.4 1 djproxy is a simple reverse proxy class-based generic view for Django apps.
dnsimple-zoneimport 0.1.1 1 A script that allows you to import a Bind zone file into your DNSimple account.
dnszonetest 1.1.3 1 DNS Zone Test tests a DNS zone file agaist a given name server.
docuit 0.4 1 Docuit is a tool which makes sure your README stays up to date and simplifies getting the needed parts out of the README.
doh-proxy 0.0.3 1 A client and proxy implementation of
dont-fudge-up 0.0.6 1 Find operations that might fudge up production, like a pdb.set_trace
dqc_us_rules 5.0.0rc3 1
easyci 2.0.1 1 Local CI, for mortals.
easygv 0.1.0 1 Define nodes and edges in an excel file and graph-style attributes in a yaml file with inheritence.
easysetup 0.0.19 1 Helps creating a package distribution setup, that also runs tests, checkers and creates HTML and PDF documentation, for Windows users.
EatMe 0.1.2 1 EatMe Utility
ebb-lint 1 lint for ensuring quality software
ens 0.6.1 1 Ethereum Name Service, made easy in Python
ep 0.2.4 1 A tool to support an explicit contract between application and plaftorm
epfl-ldap 0.0.6 1 A simple package to interact with the EPFL LDAP
etest 1.0.0 1 Ebuild Testing Framework
Eve-SQLAlchemy 0.5.0 1 REST API framework powered by Eve, SQLAlchemy and good intentions.
eyeD3 0.8.4 1 Python audio data toolkit (ID3 and MP3)
eyeflask 0.1.3 1 Flask-based EyeFi Server
f5-openstack-heat-plugins 10.0.0 1 F5 Networks OpenStack Heat Plugin Library
fabuloso 1.2 1 FABuloso is a python tool to easily organize and deploy an OpenStack architecture using Fabric
faker-schema 0.1.4 1 Generate fake data using joke2k's faker and your own schema
fallixy 0.18.1 1 (Fallible version with extras)An interactive, MITM HTTP proxy for penetration testers and software developers.
farcy 1.1 1 A code review bot for github pull requests
fauxfactory 2.1.1 1 Generates random data for your tests.
feincms3 0.19.2 1 CMS-building toolkit for Django
Flask-GCM 0.2.0 1 Flask-GCM is a simple wrapper for the python-gcm library to be used with Flask applications.
flint-mccabe 0.2 1 McCabe checker, plugin for flint
flint-naming 0.2 1 Check PEP-8 naming conventions, plugin for flint
for-beginner-piano 0.3.1 1 Piano. Beginner friendly Plone development.
formatizer 0.1.1 1 Literal string formatting for Python versions older than 3.6
fpylll 0.3.0dev 1 A Python interface for
frigg-settings 3.1.2 1 A module for parsing and discovery of frigg settings file
geckoboard-python 0.3.1 1 Wrapper for the Geckboboard DataSet API
gengo 1.0.0 1 Official Python library for interfacing with the Gengo API.
genson 1.0.0 1 GenSON is a powerful, user-friendly JSON Schema generator.
gerrit-check 0.1.1 1 Line annotations for syntax checkers for Gerrit
gerritssh 0.1.3 1 Python package wrapping the Gerrit command line API
git-browse 2.4.3 1 Open repositories, directories, and files in the browser
git-reviewers 0.6.1 1 Suggest reviewers for your git branch
git_devbliss 2.0.6 1 Tool supporting the devbliss Git/GitHub Workflow
glfw-cffi 0.2.0 1 Foreign Function Interface wrapper for GLFW v3.x
gmail-api-wrapper 0.1.1a2 1 Gmail API Wrapper - Python Client
graphite-api 1.1.3 1 Graphite-web, without the interface. Just the rendering HTTP API.
griffin 0.0.1.dev1 1 A RAML documentation generator in Python
hacking 1.0.0 1 OpenStack Hacking Guideline Enforcement
haproxy_log_analysis 2.1 1 Haproxy log analyzer that tries to gives an insight of what's going on
hashdex 0.6.0 1 A file indexer based on content hashes
hatch 0.20.0 1 A modern project, package, and virtual env manager
hdrhistogram 0.6.1 1 High Dynamic Range histogram in native python
helium-python 0.9.0 1 Wrapper for the Helium API
hex2words 0.1.0 1 Hexadecimal ID/Fingerprint to PGP-words list converter
holidays 0.9.3 1 Generate and work with holidays in Python
hostlist 1.4.0 1 Sync hostlist and builds config files for services.
important 0.1.4 1 Utility to find unused packages in requirements and to constrain package usage
infoblox-client 0.4.18 1 Client for interacting with Infoblox NIOS over WAPI
insynsregistret 0.0.3 1 A client for the Swedish insynsregistret
iotlabcli 2.5.2 1 IoT-LAB testbed command-line client
jacquard-split 0.5.0 1 Split testing server
jobsubmitter 0.0.2 1 Package for running jobs on Sun Grid Engine (SGE) / Torque / PBS.
jsonhumanize 0.1.1 1 Convert JSON to human readable HTML
jupyter_utils 1.2.6 1 A set of Python utility methods to ease usage of Jupyter notebook
Keg 0.6.4 1 A web framework built on Flask & SQLAlchemy. Somewhere North of Flask but South of Django.
KegElements 0.5.4 1 A testing ground for Keg related code and ideas.
kmtools 0.0.15 1 Bits of reusable code to make our lives easier.
leeroy 0.3.0 1 Leeroy integrates Jenkins CI with GitHub pull requests
line-bot-sdk 1.5.0 1 LINE Messaging API SDK for Python
linttest 0.1.4 1 A django lint test runner
logfit 1.0.0 1 Watch and upload log files to
luma.oled 2.3.1 1 A small library to drive an OLED device with either SSD1306, SSD1322, SSD1325, SSD1331, SSD1351 or SH1106 chipset
mkvenv 0.2.3 1 Wrapper for virtualenv, pip, and wheel
moarjson 0.3.4 1 Easily json dump types and classes
Mopidy-Spotify-Tunigo 1.0.0 1 Mopidy extension for providing the browse feature of Spotify
more.basicauth 0.4 1 Basic Auth Identity Policy for Morepath
more.jwtauth 0.11 1 JWT Access Auth Identity Policy for Morepath
mozilla-django-oidc 0.5.0 1 A lightweight authentication and access management library for integration with OpenID Connect enabled authentication services.
mqt 0.1.1 1 QA Tools for Odoo maintainers (MQT)
mr-plow 0.1.5 1 ETL from third-party APIs into Snowflake
mr.bob 0.1.2 1 Bob renders directory structure templates
mr.bob2 0.2.3 1 Bob renders directory structure templates
mt-940 4.10.0 1 A library to parse MT940 files and returns smart Python collections for statistics and manipulation.
mtspec 0.3.2 1 Python bindings for multitaper `mtspec` f90 Library.
names 0.3.0 1 Generate random names
nbdiff 1.0.3 1 A tool for diffing and merging IPython Notebook files
neo4jrestclient 2.1.1 1 Object-oriented Python library to interact with Neo4j standalone REST server 0.8b1 1 Common Python utils (App, logging, config, etc.)
noipy 1.5.1 1 Command line tool for DDNS IP address updating.
ntpdatetime 0.1.6 1 Extend datetime module so it can return the time fetched from a NTP poolserver
octopusapi 0.1 1 octopusapi
odbo 0.0.6 1 odbo is a tool to simplify the distribution of pandas DataFrames as CSV and database files.
omniconf 1.2.1 1 A Python library that makes configuring your application independent from your configuration backend.
onepyssword 0.3.2 1 A command line interface for 1Password
oogli 0.1.0 1 Oogli is a beautiful object oriented graphics library interface
Open-Tamil 0.67 1 Tamil language text processing tools for Python v2, v3
openchain 0.1.0rc1 1 Openchain Library
orderedattrdict 1.5 1 OrderedDict with attribute-style access
orochi 0.2.1 1 A command line client for
osmapi 1.1.0 1 Python wrapper for the OSM API
painter 0.3.1 1 Your own expressive painter who colors text in your terminal.
pandas_validator 0.5.0 1 Validate the pandas objects such as DataFrame and Series.
paragres 0.6.2 1 Utility for synchronizing parallel PostgreSQL databases on Heroku, local, and remote servers
PartitionSets 0.1.1 1 Consolidation of existing third party recipes for partitioning of sets and multisets/bags.
pcloud 1.0a4 1 A client library for pCloud
peep 3.1.2 1 A "pip install" that is cryptographically guaranteed repeatable
pep8 1.7.1 1 Python style guide checker
pghoard 1.5.0 1 PostgreSQL automatic backup/restore service daemon
PieCrust 2.1.2 1 A powerful static website generator and lightweight CMS.
pip-compile-multi 1.1.5 1 Compile multiple requirements files to lock dependency versions
pip-tools 1.11.0 1 pip-tools keeps your pinned dependencies fresh.
pipreq 0.4.4 1 Manages pip requirements files for multiple environments, e.g. production and development
pipwrap 0.2.1 1 Manages pip requirements files for multiple environments, e.g. production and development
pkutils 0.13.6 1 Python packaging utility library
planemo 0.47.0 1 Command-line utilities to assist in building tools for the Galaxy project (
plenario-core 0.0.15 1 abstract bases for plenario
plenario-exporter-s3 0.0.4 1 export pleanrio data sets to s3
plenario-mailer-core 0.0.2 1 common email templates and functions
plone.api 1.8.2 1 A Plone API. 3.4.5 1 Content Views for Plone 3.0.4 1 Enhanced discussion support for Plone 2.0.1 1 Crops Images in Plone manually using cropper JS library 1.1 1 A basic page content type for Plone using Deco layout 5.1.3 1 Multilingual Plone UI package, enables maintenance of translations for both Dexterity types and Archetypes 1.4.7 1 A queryparser, querybuilder and extra helper tools, to parse stored queries to actual results, used in new style Plone collections 5.0.8 1 Testing tools for Plone-the-application, based on plone.testing. 2.0.10 1 Configurable viewlet manager
plone.recipe.codeanalysis 2.3 1 Static code analysis for buildout-based Python projects.
plone.recipe.sublimetext 1.1.5 1 SublimeText configuration for buildout-based Python projects
ploneintranet 1.2.72 1 Intranet suite for Plone
plonesocial.microblog 0.5.3 1 Simple microblogging in Plone
plyer 1.3.0 1 Platform-independent wrapper for platform-dependent APIs
polysquare-setuptools-lint 0.0.52 1 Provides a 'polysquarelint' command for setuptools
polytester 1.2.0 1 A simple, easy-to-use multi-language test runner.
prequ 1.3.1 1 Prequ -- Python requirement handling
prestoadmin 2.3 1 Presto-admin installs, configures, and manages Presto installations.
Products.LoginLockout 0.4.0 1 This Pluggable Authentication Service (PAS) plugin will lock a login after a predetermined number of incorrect attempts. Once locked, the user will be shown a page that tells them to contact their administrator to unlock.
psychrochart 0.1.10 1 A Python 3 library to make psychrometric charts and overlay information on them.
pulsar 2.0.2 1 Event driven concurrent framework for Python
pulsar-app 0.8.0 1 Distributed job execution application built for Galaxy (
pulsar-galaxy-lib 0.8.0 1 Distributed job execution application built for Galaxy (
pumphandle 0.0.2 1 Tools for computational epidemiology
pupygrib 0.1.0 1 A light-weight pure Python GRIB reader
pxpx 1.0.10 1 ps and top for Human Beings
py-lz4framed 0.10.0 1 LZ4Frame library for Python (via C bindings)
py-lz4framed_ph4 0.9.11 1 LZ4Frame library for Python (via C bindings)
py-melissa-climate 0.5.6 1 Api wrapper for Melissa Climate
py-ubjson 0.11.0 1 Universal Binary JSON encoder/decoder
py2app 0.14 1 Create standalone Mac OS X applications with Python
py3kwarn 0.4.4 1 Detects code that is not Python 3 compatible.
pyamiibo 0.2 1 PyAmiibo is a library for manipulating Amiibo dumps.
pyatv 0.3.9 1 Library for controlling an Apple TV
pybutton 2.4.0 1 Client for the Button API
pycodestyle 2.3.1 1 Python style guide checker
pyflakes 1.6.0 1 passive checker of Python programs
pyflex 0.1.5 1 Python port of the FLEXWIN package
PyGeodesy 18.1.18 1 Pure Python geodesy tools
PyInstaller 3.3.1 1 PyInstaller bundles a Python application and all its dependencies into a single package.
pyjig 1.0.14 1 Quickly create python projects from templates.
pymemcache 1.4.4 1 A comprehensive, fast, pure Python memcached client
pymemorymodule 0.1.0 1 PyMemoryModule is a Python binding for MemoryModule.
pymetawear 0.7.2 1 Python client for connecting to MbientLab's MetaWear boards
PyNLPIR 0.5.2 1 A Python wrapper around the NLPIR/ICTCLAS Chinese segmentation software.
pynumeric 0.1.2 1 pynumeric is a Python package to read MSC Radar Numeric data
pypandoc 1.4 1 Thin wrapper for pandoc.
pypinner 0.0.5 1 Ensure requirements.txt files reflect versions in pip freeze.
pypispy 0.1.3 1 "Big Brother" is watching your packages!
pypratico_exercicio_xml 0.4 1 Pacote criado para exercicio do curso PyPratico
pypyr 0.6.1 1 pipeline runner command line to run pipelines defined in yaml
pypyraws 0.0.4 1 pypyr pipeline runner AWS plugin. Steps for ECS, S3, Beanstalk.
pypyrslack 0.3.0 1 pypyr slack plug-in: send slack messages from pypyr pipelines
pyramid_skosprovider 0.8.0 1 Integration of skosprovider in pyramid
pyroute2 0.4.21 1 Python Netlink library
pyservice 0.8.0 1 web services with python made easy
pysha3 1.0.2 1 SHA-3 (Keccak) for Python 2.7 - 3.5
pysrc3 0.1.3 1 Opens the source file of Python modules in an editor, a pager, or any other program of choice.
pytest-mccabe 0.1 1 pytest plugin to run the mccabe code complexity checker.
pytest-mypy 0.3.0 1 Mypy static type checker plugin for Pytest
pytest-trello 0.0.7 1 Plugin for py.test that integrates trello using markers
python-consul 0.7.2 1 Python client for Consul (
python-deform 0.1.1 1 Python client for
python-dotenv 0.7.1 1 Add .env support to your django/flask apps in development and deployments
python-everywhere 0.1.0 1 A template project for Python
python-gmaps 0.3.1 1 Google Maps API client
python-jenkins 0.4.15 1 Python bindings for the remote Jenkins API
python-language-server 0.13.0 1 Python Language Server for the Language Server Protocol
python-libmt94x 0.3.4 1 This library generates bank statements in MT940/MT942 format
pytorch-crf 0.5.0 1 Conditional random field in PyTorch
pyvips 2.0.4 1 binding for the libvips image processing library
pyvolume 0.1.2 1 Python Docker Volume driver
pyxenon 2.2.2 1 Python wrapper for the Xenon API.
pyxtra 1.6.1 1 A small commandline utility to access the Swisscom Xtrazone SMS service
qalaboratory 0.1.2 1 QALAB, proyect manager for QA open source proyects
qatestlink 0.0.5 1 Main automation lib
qksh 1.1.dev14 1 A CLI utility working with F5 iHealth GUIfor uploading and downloading files/commands etc.
Quamash 0.6.0 1 Implementation of the PEP 3156 Event-Loop with Qt.
rackspace-backup-client 0.19.3 1 A Python client for the Rackspace Cloud Backup API. 1.4 1 A package used in the Raisin web application
ramlfications 0.1.9 1 A Python RAML parser
raspador 0.2.2 1 Library to extract data from semi-structured text documents
redpipe 1.0.4 1 Easy Redis pipelines
remarkable 0.3.1 1 remarkable
rematch 0.1.0 1 Simplified routing and parsing module
reshaper 1.1.0 1 # Reshaper
rest_arch 0.1.4 1 A Restful Framework Based On Gunicorn
RPLCD 1.0.0 1 A Raspberry Pi LCD library for the widely used Hitachi HD44780 controller.
saltyrtc.server 1.0.2 1 A SaltyRTC compliant signalling server.
salve 2.4.2 1 SALVE Configuration Deployment Language
scc 0.8.0 1 OME tools for managing the git(hub) workflow
scentamint 1.1.2 1 A web api providing naïve bayesian text classification and training using simplebayes.
scikits.fitting 0.6 1 Framework for fitting functions to data with SciPy
sewer 0.2.9 1 Sewer is a programmatic Lets Encrypt(ACME) client
shivyc 0.3.2 1 A C compiler written in Python
simplebayes 1.5.8 1 A memory-based, optional-persistence naïve bayesian text classifier.
simplex 0.1.2 1 simple subset of regex
slpkg 3.3.4 1 Package manager for Slackware installations
snaketools 0.0.6 1 Small library of helper tools for setting up, graphing, and working with Snakemake rules.
snide 0.2.2 1 Snide: a remark.js parser in python
snovault 0.23 1 Snovault Hybrid Object Relational Database Framework
sous-chef 2.7.0 1 A web frontend for the Chef server index
SpeechRecognition 3.8.1 1 Library for performing speech recognition, with support for several engines and APIs, online and offline.
spotless 0.0.0.post2 1 Python pedantic checks
spyrk 0.0.4 1 Python module for Spark devices
sqlalchemy-pagination 0.0.1 1 A small utility to paginate SqlAlchemy queries.
ssd1306 1.5.0 1 A small library to drive an OLED device with either SSD1306, SSD1325, SSD1331 or SH1106 chipset
stacks-featuredlink 0.2 1 A Stacks apps for featuring links to external content.
stacks-image 0.2.2 1 A Stacks application for handling images and lists of images.
stacks-textblock 0.2 1 A Stacks app for creating blocks of text.
stacks-twitter 0.1.1 1 A Stacks apps for featuring tweets.
staffeli 0.4.2 1 DIKU support tools for Canvas LMS
staticmapmaker 0.1.2 1 Create static map images with markers, geodesic lines, ...
Stetl 1.1 1 Stetl provides transformation for spatial data
strazar 0.2.8 1 Automatic upstream dependency testing
stringify 0.1.1 1 Automatic string encoding ofbinary files into python variables
Superdesk-Server 0.1.6 1 Superdesk REST API server
syspath 1.0.0 1 Easily add common paths to sys.path
tabellarius 1.0.3 1 A mail-sorting tool that is less annoying
table-enforcer 0.1.2 1 ORM-like package for defining, loading, and validating table schemas in pandas.
tachyonic.pysmartsmtp 1.0.1 1 It does cool things
tangible 0.2.2 1 A Python library to convert data into tangible 3D models.
tcm 0.1.0 1 Metaclass based runtime generator of the test methods
teamcity-messages 1.21 1 Send test results to TeamCity continuous integration server from unittest, nose, py.test, twisted trial (Python 2.4+)
testtube 1.1.0 1 testtube is a Python based continuous test runner. testtube's stir command can, based on a configuration file, monitor a directory for file changes and execute a pre-configured set of tests when changes occur.
thefuck 3.25 1 Magnificent app which corrects your previous console command
threema.gateway 3.0.6 1 An API for the Threema gateway service to send and receive messages including text, images, files and delivery reports.
tidypy 0.4.0 1 A tool that executes a suite of static analysis tools upon a Python project.
torment 3.0.3 1 A Study in Fixture Based Testing Frameworking
touchworks 0.3 1 Allscripts Touchworks API Client for Python
trakt 2.7.2 1 Pythonic abstraction layer for easier scripting of the REST API.
tsip 0.3.2 1 Python package for parsing and creating TSIP packets
tweet-parser 1.13.0 1 Tools for Tweet parsing
twitterbot 0.3.2 1 Configurable bot that replies to mentions and posts messages to twitter
txjuju 0.9.0a2 1 A twisted-based Juju client.
txwinrm 1.1.18 1 Asynchronous Python WinRM client
ultralite 0.1.1 1 A tiny, inline-able http module mimicing requests' core API.
web3 4.0.0b6 1
Wheelhouse 0.1.3 1 A utility to help maintain a wheelhouse.
wiring 0.4.0 1 Architectural foundation for Python applications.
woudc-extcsv 0.2.1 1 Python package providing read/write support of the WOUDC Extended CSV format.
woudc-qa 0.3.0 1 Python package for automatically quality assessing WOUDC data.
ww 0.2.1 1 Wrappers for Python builtins with higher-level APIs
wxcast 1.1.0 1 A CLI utility for retrieving weather information.
yaclifw 0.1.2 1 Framework for building command-line tools
yacluster 1.0.0 1 Distance-based clustering tool
yagocd 1.0.1 1 Yet another Python client for ThoughtWorks GoCD REST API.
yaswfp 0.9.3 1 Yet Another SWF Parser.
yith-library-server 0.4 1 yith-library-server
yoyo-migrations 5.0.5 1 Database schema migration tool using SQL and DB-API
za-parliament-scrapers 0.1.0 1 Scrapers for data from the South African Parliament
zimsoap 0.4.2 1 A high-level library to access programaticaly Zimbra SOAP API features

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