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Index of Packages Matching 'graph'

Package Weight* Description
graph 0.4 10 Directed and undirected graph data structures and algorithms.
graphistry 0.9.54 9 Visualize node-link graphs using Graphistry's cloud
sitegraph 1.0 9 Python library for Sitegraph
agensgraph4jupyter 0.1.1 8 An agensgraph visualizer for Jupyter
aiographql 0.2.1 8 asyncio + graphql = fast and simple api
aiohttp-graphql 1.0.0 8 Adds GraphQL support to your aiohttp application
alterparagraphs 0.2.0 8 Alternative paragraphs for ReportLab.
altgraph 0.15 8 Python graph (network) package
annotated-bibliography 0.0.4 8 Simple annotated bibliography generator
ansible-roles-graph 0.1.0 8 Generate a graph of Ansible role dependencies.
aspath_graph 1.3 8 Take BGP AS PATHs and generate an interactive javascript graph using NetJSON
axographio 0.1.1b1 8 A python library for reading and writing AxoGraph data files
bibliograph.core 1.0.3 8 Core definitions of bibliograph packages
bibliograph.parsing 1.0.1 8 Parsers for bibliograph packages
bibliograph.rendering 1.0.2 8 Bibliographic renderers
biopantograph 0.3.2 8 Pantograph is a toolbox for the reconstruction, curation and validation of metabolic models.
blueflood-graphite-finder 1.1.4 8 A plugin for using graphite-web and graphite-api with Blueflood
cairn-geographics 0.4.0 8 Client library for Cairn Geographics library.
CanvasGraph 0.0.1 8 Simple graphs editor based on HTML5 canvas
CoorTransform_GirdGeographic 0.02.0 8 Provide functions for coordinate transform from grid to geographic, or vice versa
cprofile_graph 2.0.2 8 cprofile_graph is used to generate visual graphs for Python profiling.
cryptosteganography 0.2.1 8 A python steganography module to store messages or files protected with AES-256 encryption inside an image.
ddtrace-graphql 0.0.4 8 Python library for tracing graphql calls with Datadog
dependency-graph 1.0.0 8 Dependency Graph and tools
DependencyGraph 1.0.0 8 Dependency Graph and tools
desktopography 1.1 8 A simple wallpaper retriever
dg_graph 0.0.10 8 dg_graph.
directedgraph 0.0.1 8 Wrapper over Networkx Digraph
discoursegraphs 0.3.2 8 graph-based processing of multi-level annotated corpora
django-chronograph 0.3.1 8 Django chronograph application.
django-chronograph-ispm 0.0.3 8 Django iChronograph ISPM customized
django-chronograph-ispm-new 0.3.5 8 Django Chronograph ISPM customized by mportela
django-graph-auth 0.3.1 8 django-graph-auth is a Django application which provides simple mutations and queries for managing users with GraphQL.
django-graphiql 0.4.4 8 Integrate GraphiQL easily into your Django project
django-graphql-bp 1.2.5 8 Boiler plate for API projects based on Django 2 & graphql (graphene) 2
django-graphql-utils 0.2 8 Utilities to work with Graphql in Django
django-netbox-graphql 0.0.4 8 Django module which provides a GraphQL API for Netbox (For django 1.11)
djdt_flamegraph 0.2.11 8 Flamegraphs for Django Debug Toolbar
easy_graph 0.1 8 Easily turn your python data into a flot graph in a static html file.
easygraph 0.2.1 8 Easily turn your python data into a flot graph in a static html file.
ExtendedOpenGraph 0.3 8 A module of parsing the open graph protocol and extracing the summary of the web page.
FacebookGraph 1.0.0 8 Python wrapper for Facebook Graph API
factorgraph 0.0.2 8 Factor graphs and loopy belief propagation library.
flamegraph 0.1 8 Statistical profiler which outputs in format suitable for FlameGraph
flask-debugtoolbar-flamegraph 0.1.2 8 Flamegraphs for Flask Debug Toolbar
Flask-GraphQL 1.4.1 8 Adds GraphQL support to your Flask application
ftwbook.graphicblock 2.2.3 8 Addon for `` providing a graphics block for including PDF documents in the book.
ganglia-dyngraph 0.1.2 8 A daemon to dynamically create and purge Ganglia graphs.
geographiclib 1.49 8 The geodesic routines from GeographicLib
graph-gen 0.1 8 graph-gen: graph generation library for Python
graph-tool 2.11 8 An efficient python module for manipulation and statistical analysis of graphs.
graph-tool-nn 1.1.0 8 Artificial neural networks implementation using graph-tool
graph_db 0.0.12 8 GraphDB almacenamiento para grafos en cualquier gestor de base de datos.
graph_stitcher 0.0.15 8 This tool is a little framework to determine possiblemerges between two graphs based on a set of requiredadditional relationships (aka as stitches / edges).
graphagus 0.3.1dev 8 A graph database for property graphs on top of ZODB
GraphAlViz 0.5.0 8 Graph algorithm visualization library
graphbutler 0.2.0 8 Generate simple, reproducible graphs.
graphdb 2018.3.19 8 sqlite based graph database for storing native python objects and their relationships to each other
graphene 2.0.1 8 GraphQL Framework for Python
graphene-django 2.0.0 8 Graphene Django integration
graphene-django-extras 0.3.4a2 8 graphene_django_extras add some extra funcionalities to graphene-django to facilitate the graphql use without Relay, allow paginations and filtering integration and add someextra directives
graphene-django-subscriptions 0.0.4 8 Graphene-Django-Subscriptions add subscriptions support to graphene-django through Channels module
graphene-extensions 0.1.0b4 8 GraphQL framework for django
graphene-gae 2.0.0 8 Graphene GAE Integration
graphene-mongo 0.1.8 8 Graphene Mongoengine integration
graphene-peewee-async 2.1.2 8 Graphene peewee-async integration
graphene-permissions 1.0.12 8 Simple graphene-django permission system.
graphene-pynamodb 1.0.0 8 Graphene PynamoDB integration
graphene-sqlalchemy 2.0.0 8 Graphene SQLAlchemy integration
graphene_django_auth 0.1.0 8 Implementation of a graphql schema for jwt authentication.
graphenelib 0.6.0 8 Python library for graphene-based blockchains
graphenize 0.1.0 8 Auto-generation Graphene models from json.
GraphGit 0.2.0 8 Git repository graph generator
graphi 0.1.0 8 Graph Interface and Types
graphic-verification-code 1.0.2 8 Graphic Verification Code
graphicsmagick_engine 0.1.1 8 GraphicsMagick imaging engine for thumbor.
Graphillion 1.0 8 Fast, lightweight library for a huge number of graphs
graphios 2.0.3 8 Emit Nagios metrics to Graphite, Statsd, and Librato 0.1.2 8 Graphing API library
graphite-dashboardcli 0.1.1 8 CLI for export\import and sync graphite dashboards
graphite-metrics 15.03.0 8 Standalone Graphite metric data collectors for various stuff thats not (or poorly) handled by other monitoring daemons
graphite_beacon_cron 8 Simple alerting system for Graphite metrics.
graphite_log_feeder 0.7.6 8 Ingests log files into Graphite where they can be visualized.
graphjoiner 0.4.0b35 8 Implementing GraphQL with joins
graphkit 1.2.4 8 Lightweight computation graphs for Python
graphknn 1.0.0b1 8 For every vertex in a graph, this code efficiently finds its K nearest vertices from a particular subset of "special" vertices.
graphlib 0.9.5 8 Graph API
graphpca 0.5 8 Produces a low-dimensional representation of the input graph
graphpy 1.1.0 8 A Python implementation of a edges, vertices, and graphs
graphql-compiler 1.3.1 8 Turn complex GraphQL queries into optimized database queries.
graphql-core 2.0 8 GraphQL implementation for Python
graphql-core-tw 0.4.18 8 GraphQL implementation for Python
graphql-django-view 1.4 8 A django view that will execute a GraphQL Schema
graphql-epoxy 0.3.2 8 GraphQL implementation for Python
graphql-example 0.4.4 8 A simple graphql server
graphql-flask 1.1.0 8 Adds GraphQL support to your Flask application
graphql-server-core 1.0.dev20170322001 8 GraphQL Server tools for powering your server
graphql-subscriptions 0.1.9 8 A port of apollo-graphql subscriptions for python, using gevent websockets, promises, and redis
graphql-ws 0.2.0 8 Websocket server for GraphQL subscriptions
graphql_env 0.1.0 8 The package for setting up a GraphQL Environment with custom backends
graphqlparser 0.0.3 8 Python bindings for libgraphqlparser (Cython-based)
graphqlpy 0.0.1 8 A humble attempt at a library generating GraphQL queries programatically.
graphscii 1.0.4 8 Print ASCII graphs in the terminal
graphscraper 0.4.0 8 Graph implementation that loads graph data (nodes and edges) from external sources and caches the loaded data in a database using sqlalchemy or flask-sqlalchemy.
graphsim 0.2.12 8 Graph similarity algorithms based on NetworkX.
graphstar 0.1 8 Simple graph with pathfinding
graphtheory 0.1.0 8 A lightweight graph library for Python.
graphtime 0.1.1 8 Dynamic Graphical Model Estimation
Graphtiny 0.0.8 8 A Python library that lets you display graph in streaming, simply and easily. Especially suitable for scientific use. It Is an abstraction layer for the PyQtGraph library
graphunc 0.0.1 8 Graph of functions and pathfinder
graphviz 0.8.2 8 Simple Python interface for Graphviz
graphviz-python 2.32.0 8 python language binding for graphviz
GraphvizAnim 0.3.1-alpha 8 A tool to create animated graph visualizations, based on graphviz
graphyne 1.2 8 A fully native Python 'smart graph' property graph database. It is designed to be easy to integrate into your Python projects, simple to use and very powerful.
grinder_to_graphite 0.1.1 8 Ingests data from Grinder logs into Graphite where it can be visualized.
healthgraph-api 0.3.0 8 Python Client for HealthGraph API from
humboldt.cmfbibliographyat 8 Humboldt University CMFBibliographyAT extensions
iperf_graphite 1.1.1 8 Run iperf tests in both directions and send results to Graphite
jsongraph 0.2.2 8 Library for data integration using a JSON/RDF object graph.
jwst-coronagraph-visibility 0.3.0 8 JWST coronagraphic target observability calculator
keepboo-opengraph 0.1.3 8 Open Graph parser used on
klout-to-graphite 0.0.3 8 A tool to send Klout scores to Graphite
latticegraph-designer 1.0a1 8 PyQt based GUI tool which allows to visualize, design and export the lattice graph models.
MinGraphQLClient 1.0.0a2 8 Minimalistic GraphQL client for Python 3
objgraph 3.4.0 8 Draws Python object reference graphs with graphviz
opengraph 0.5 8 A module to parse the Open Graph Protocol
opengraph_py3 0.71 8 A module to parse the Open Graph Protocol. Ported to Python3.6 using 2to3-3.6
opengraph_writer 0.2.0 8 Lightweight open graph support for writing and validating objects
opps-infographics 0.1.6 8 Infographic App for Opps CMS
peoplegraph-api-client 0.1.1 8 Peoplegraph api client
playlyfe-graphql 1.5.0 8 This is the official Playlyfe Python GraphQL API V3 SDK for the Playlyfe V3 API.
Products.CMFBibliographyAT 1.2.1 8 Bibliographic references in Plone
proteingraph 0.1.1 8 A package for making graph representations of proteinstructures.
pyflowgraph 0.0.2 8 An interactive data flow graph editor
pyflowgraph-qo 8 An interactive data flow graph editor (QO internal version)
pygments-lexers-graphql 1.0.2 8 A GraphQL lexer for Pygments.
pygraph-cli 0.1.0 8 CLI for pygraphviz powered by graphviz
pygraphviz 1.4rc1 8 Python interface to Graphviz
Python-Computer-Graphics-Kit-cgkit 1.1.0 8 A collection of Python modules for doing 3D graphics (e.g. a RenderMan binding & more)
python-graph 1.8.2 8 A library for working with graphs in Python
python-graph-core 1.8.2 8 A library for working with graphs in Python
python-graph-dot 1.8.2 8
python-igraph 0.7.1.post6 8 High performance graph data structures and algorithms
python-opengraph-jaywink 0.2.0 8 Python module to parse Open Graph metadata on web pages
PyUGraph 1.0 8 Graph class suitable for use with uGraph graphing tool.
pyvisgraph 0.1.6 8 Given a set of simple obstacle polygons, build a visibility graph and find the shortest path between two points.
qmxgraph 0.1.0 8 A Qt graph drawing widget using JavaScript's mxGraph library.
qubic.sphinx.graphvizinclude 0.1 8 Sphinx extension: graphviz generation of external dot files
redis_graph 1.0 8 Python graph database implemented on top of Redis.
reveal-graph-embedding 0.1.4 8 Implementation of community-based graph embedding for user classification.
robograph 0.0.3 8 A graph-oriented algorithmic engine
Sanic-GraphQL 1.1.0 8 Adds GraphQL support to your Sanic application
ScrapyGraphite 0.2 8 Output scrapy statistics to carbon/graphite.
sentry-graphite 0.1.0 8 A Sentry extension that counts events in Graphite
sql-feed-graphite 0.3 8
sql-to-graphite 0.0.6 8 A tool to send SQL results to Graphite
sqlfeedgraphite 0.2 8
steganography 0.1.1 8 Digital image steganography of encrypted text
telegraph-client 0.1.0 8 Client and utilities for the Telegraph blogging service provided by Telegram.
telegraphapi 0.5 8 Python TelegraphAPI wrapper
tempest-graph 0.9.0 8 Python client for the Tempest Graph Library
textgraph 0.2 8 Library for creating text based graphs
tfgraphviz 0.0.6 8 A visualization tool to show a graph like TensorFlow and TensorBoard
tkCanvasGraph 1.0 8 A library to display and manipulate graphs on a tkinter canvas.
tomographer 5.3 8 The Tomographer Project — Practical, Reliable Error Bars in Quantum Tomography
TracTicketGraph 1.0.6 8 Graphs Trac tickets over time
TwitterFollowersGraph 1.0 8 Creates a .graphml file from the user's followers and the following relations between them.
TwitterGraph 1.2.2 8 TwitterGraph Extractor de datos y Generacion de grafos
ukmdb_graph 0.0.8 8 UKMDB graph database adapter.
useful-graphs 0.1.8 8 useful graphs
WebOb-GraphQL 1.0 8 Adds GraphQL support to your WebOb (Pyramid/Pylons/...) application
WebPy-GraphQL 2.0.1 8 Adds GraphQL support to your WebPy application
wordgrapher 0.3.1 8 Word Graph utility built with NLTK and TextBlob
zgeo.geographer 0.3.1 8 Geographic annotation for Zope
zgeo.plone.geographer 0.1.1 8 Geographic annotation for Plone
biggraphite 0.11.0 7 Simple Scalable Time Series Database.
cryptography 2.2.1 7 cryptography is a package which provides cryptographic recipes and primitives to Python developers.
cryptography-vectors 2.2.1 7 Test vectors for the cryptography package.
graphdat 2.3 7 Graphdat instrumentation module
graphite-api 1.1.3 7 Graphite-web, without the interface. Just the rendering HTTP API.
graphite-query 0.11.3 7 Utilities for querying graphite's database
graphqlclient 0.2.0 7 Simple GraphQL client for Python 2.7+
influxgraph-graphite-api 1.2.0 7 Graphite-web, without the interface. Just the rendering HTTP API.
pygraphflow 7 A driver for GraphFlow DB
topographica 0.9.8-1 7 A general-purpose neural simulator focusing on topographic maps.
yesgraph 0.6.6 7 Python wrapper for the YesGraph API.
agensgraph 0.0.1 6 A Python driver for Agensgraph
agraph-python 100.0.4 6 AllegroGraph Python client
ansible-inventory-grapher 2.4.5 6 Creates graphs representing ansible inventory
ansible-playbook-grapher 0.7.3 6 A command line tool to create a graph representing your Ansible playbook tasks and roles
ascii2graph 0.3.1 6 Converts ASCII text to a graph (represented as a dictionary).
autograph 1.0.0 6 A Django application for managing signature/autograph data.
azure-graphrbac 0.40.0 6 Microsoft Azure Graph RBAC Client Library for Python
bhypergraphs 1.0.5 6 Hypergraphs and DB using hypergraphs
bingraphvis 0.2.0 6 Visualisation for binary analysis related graphs
braillegraph 0.10 6 A library for creating graphs using Unicode braille characters
buildbot-scheduler-graph 1.0 6 A tool for generating digraphs of Buildbot Builders and Schedulers
callgraph 0.1.4 6 Decorators and Jupyter IPython magic to display a dynamic call graph.
calligraphic-rulings 0.2alpha 6 Script to generate ruling pages for western calligraphy
cGraph 0.1 6 Graph C extension with fast diameter computations.
chronograph 1.0.0 6 Chronograph is a simple stopwatch / chronometer / chronograph for timing Python code.
classgraph 0.1 6 Generate a Graphviz diagram of Python classes
cligraphy 0.0.6 6 Cligraphy Command line tools
cloudwatch-to-graphite 0.10.0 6 Helper for pushing AWS CloudWatch metrics to Graphite
cmsplugin-fb-graph 0.3 6 several django-cms plugins using facebook graph api.
codegrapher 0.2.1 6 Code that graphs code
collective.geo.geographer 2.1 6 Geographic annotation for Plone
collective.js.dygraphs 1.0.1 6 Dygraphs JS Library Packaged for Plone
collective.js.rgraph 1.0.1 6 RGraph javascript library for Plone
collective.opengraph 1.0.1 6 Plone opengraph integration
coronagraph 0.0.2 6 Coronagraph noise model for directly imaging exoplanets.
cryptography-with-deps 0.0.10 6 Cryptography package that also installs system dependencies.
CryptographyKit 2.0.3 6 This package is intended to provided users with a quick and simple way to perform a one time pad encryption, Caeser cipher, or Vigenere cipher. It will work with python 2 or 3.
crytography 1.0.0 6 I think you meant "cryptography"
datasift-graphite 1.2.0 6 Graph your Datasift account metrics in Graphite.
ddbgraphite 0.0.8 6 Dalmatiner Graphite
demographer 0.1.3 6 Extremely simple name demographics for Twitter names
demographer-popgen 0.0.0.dev20 6 DemoGrapher: Software for graphically studying population histories.
demographics 0.0.1 6 Estimate user's demographics from their name or email address.
dengraph 0.1.dev0 6 UNKNOWN
dependency_grapher 0.1.9 6 Graph Dependencies
depigraph 0.6.0 6 Draw dependency graphs for python distributions
dgraph 0.0.6 6 Simple dependency graph for python functions
digraphtools 0.2.1 6 Some tools for working with digraphs, partial orders and topological sorting with Python
django-cryptographic-fields 0.5.1 6 A set of django fields that internally are encrypted using the native python encryption library.
django-debug-toolbar-template-flamegraph 0.2.2 6 Template flamegraphs for Django Debug Toolbar
django-graph-api 0.2.0 6 A Python implementation of GraphQL designed for use with Django
django-graphiql-debug-toolbar 0.1.0 6 Django Debug Toolbar for GraphiQL IDE
django-graphql-countries 0.0.5 6 GraphQL implementation for countries
django-graphql-extensions 0.0.1 6 A collection of custom extensions for Django GraphQL
django-graphql-geojson 0.1.2 6 GeoJSON support for Django GraphQL
django-graphql-jwt 0.1.8 6 JSON Web Token for Django GraphQL
django-graphql-social-auth 0.1.1 6 Python Social Auth support for Django GraphQL
django-inoa-chronograph 0.1.30 6 Chronograph, a Django library for managing scheduled tasks (version mantained by Inoa)
django-migrations-graph 0.1.1 6 Django-admin command to display migrations with dependencies.
django-mptt-graph 0.3 6 Graphical representation of mptt models
django-simple-open-graph 0.3 6 Django package for simplicity embed open graph (og:) layout in templates for different objects
django_serialize_model_graph 1.2.4 6 Django Serialize Model Graph -- utility for serializing graph of models for django.
django_typograph 0.1.4 6 Типограф для Django
dronin-pyqtgraph 20160825.3 6 dRonin fork of scientific Graphics and GUI Library for Python
dse-graph 1.2.1 6 DataStax Enterprise extension for graph
duolingo-graph 0.5.0 6 Utilities to graph the courses on Duolingo.
dynamicgraphviz 0.8.0 6 A dynamic graph drawer with Gtk and Cairo
ErikGraph .2 6 Graph class with implementation of Dijkstra's SSSP
flake8-graphql 0.2.5 6 A flake8 plugin to lint your graphql queries
flask-graphql-subscriptions-transport 0.1.4 6 Adds subscription transport layer for Flask applications using GraphQL
fsd.cmfbibliographyat 0.2.0 6 A simple integration of CMFBibliographyAT with FacultyStaffDirectory
FunctionalSubgraph 1.0.0.post9 6 FunctionalSubgraph: An ML tool for dynamic graph analysis.
gaegraph 3.9 6 Graph Model on Google App Engine based on GraphAPI from Facebook
geographiclib-cython-bindings 0.2.0 6 Cython extension module for C++ geographiclib functions
gillcup_graphics 0.2.0-alpha.1 6 Pyglet graphics for Gillcup
github-social-graph 0.1.1 6 Build simple social graphs for GitHub
graph-algorithms 0.1 6 Common Graph Algorithms Library
graph-explorer 2.0.3 6 A graphite dashboard powered by structured metrics
graph-extract 0.0.1 6 Library for extracting values from graphs
graph-lib 0.4.8 6 A set of useful diffusion related graph algorithm
graph-peak-caller 1.0.11 6 Graph peak caller
graphalchemy 0.0.1 6 graph database frontend
graphcanvas 4.0.2 6 interactive graph visualization
graphcommons 1.0.1 6 Python Wrapper For Graph Commons API.
graphcore 0.9.1 6 Graphcore is a python library which allows you to query a graph structure with a query language similar to MQL, Falcor or GraphQL
GraphDash 0.9.3 6 A web-based dashboard built on graphs and their metadata.
grapheekdb 0.0.24 6 GrapheekDB is a pure Python graph database which is fast and lightweight
grapheme 0.3.0 6 Unicode grapheme helpers
graphene-jwt-auth 0.0.2 6 JSON Web Token based authentication for Django and Graphene
graphene-mongoengine 0.1 6 Adding graphene support for mongoengine Models, inspired in Django
graphene_sqlalchemy_autocrud 0.0.2 6 Tools for automatically building GraphQL query resolvers and mutations from SQLAlchemy models
grapher-aws 1.0.2 6 Grapher driver which cover AWS infrastructure
grapher-core 1.0.0 6 Grapher core server and libraries
Graphication 0.1.0 6 A Cairo-based graphing library
graphics 1.1 6 A console based graphics engine for simple Unicode games and animations. 5.0.1.post1 6 John Zelles package, for use with the textbook "Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science" 0.2.0 6 Extra objects for the package
graphiit 0.0.2 6 Python library for building PyPhi network graphs
graphing_calc 1.1 6 A module implementing a mathamatical graph generator.
graphique-client 1.0 6 A Python client to Graphique
graphit 0.6 6 A very simple server monitoring solution.
graphite-cleaner 0.1.2 6 Graphite Whisper stale database files remover
graphite-influxdb 0.4 6 Influxdb backend plugin for graphite-web and graphite-api
graphite-mineshaft 0.0.1 6 Graphite backend for Mineshaft
graphite-opentsdb 0.4.1 6 A graphite storage plugin for OpenTSDB.
graphite-pymetrics 0.1.1 6 A simple Python metrics framework to use with carbon/graphite.
graphite-to-zabbix 0.1.6 6 This tool allow handle alerts based on graphite metrics. It works as a proxy between graphite and zabbix. It use graphite as data source and zabbix as an alerting system.
graphite-web 1.1.2 6 Enterprise scalable realtime graphing
graphite.theme 1.2 6 Graphite Theme for Bika OS LIMS
graphite_anomaly_detector 0.2.1 6 Tool for detecting spikes in Graphite timeseries
graphite_aws_cleaner 0.0.3 6 Delete old graphite data based on instance name patternand current running AWS instances.
graphite_beacon 0.27.0 6 Simple alerting system for Graphite metrics.
GraphiteReporter 0.1.4 6 A graphite reporting tool.
graphitesend 0.10.0 6 A simple interface for sending metrics to Graphite
GraphiteSpark 0.3 6 graphitespark
graphiteudp 0.0.4 6 A clean interface for sending metrics to Graphite over UDP
graphiti 0.1.11 6 Graphite/Carbon client
graphitty 0.0.2 6 A Python library that convert time series to direction Graph to discover the story within data.
graphkernels 0.1.8 6 Package for computing graph kernels
GraphLab-Create 2.1 6 GraphLab Create enables developers and data scientists to apply machine learning to build state of the art data products.
GraphLab-Service-Client 1.3.0 6 GraphLab Service Client makes it easy to make REST API calls to GraphLab Predictive Services
graphlearn 0.0.686 6 recombine network graphs
graphlibrary 1.0.0 6 Library for working with graphs
graphlite 1.0.5 6 embedded graph datastore
graphmachine 6 Graph Machine application
graphmap 0.0.6 6 Images on a quad graph. Create an infinite canvas
graphmin 0.1.8 6 RDF Graph Minimisation
graphopt 0.1 6 graph layout optimizer
GraphPath 0.7 6 A little-language for analysing graph-structured data, especially RDF.
graphql 0.0.4 6 GraphQL Parser
graphql-py 0.6.0 6 graphql-py: Parser for latest GraphQL specification
graphql-python 0.0.1 6 Python implementation of GraphQL markup language
graphql-relay 0.4.5 6 Relay implementation for Python
graphql-relay-py 0.1 6 Relay implementation for Python
graphql-to-rest 1.0 6 Make any REST API compatible with GraphQL
graphql_client 0.1.1 6 A GraphQL Client
graphql_server 0.0.0 6 A python implementation of GraphQL, a data query langage.
graphs 0.1.3 6 A library for graph-based machine learning.
graphspace_python 0.9.1 6 Python client for GraphSpace REST API
graphsrv 1.2.0 6 serve embeddable graphs
graphstack 0.1.0 6 graphstack
GraphState 1.0.6 6 Graph library implementation using generalization of B.G.Nickel et al. algorithm for identifying graphs.
graphterm 0.57.0 6 A Graphical Terminal Interface
Graphviz-Datasource 0.1 6 Datasource for google graphviz
graphx 0.0.4 6 a library for Complex Network
graphysio 0.94 6 Graphical visualization of physiologic time series
graphyte 1.4 6 Python 3 compatible library to send data to a Graphite metrics server (Carbon)
hagraph 1.0.4 6 Graph Home Assistant configurations
harstats-graphite 0.1.1 6 Summarize HAR files and feed them to carbon
hatenagraph 0.1 6 A python wrapper around the Hatena Graph API
hg-docgraph 0.0.3.dev0 6 Mercurial extension to general graphivz output from mercurial repositories
homography 0.1.5 6 This is a library for dealing with 2d homography transformations.
hprof2flamegraph 0.0.6 6 Java Flame Graphs
hyuki-cvs-graph 0.2.7 6 view graph for working log
igraph 0.1.11 6 View graph data structures in the IPython notebook.
influxgraph 1.5.0 6 InfluxDB storage plugin for Graphite-API
instruction-graph 0.2.4 6 An implementation of Transferable Augmented Instruction Graph
iotile-sensorgraph 0.6.1 6 IOTile SensorGraph Management and Simulation Package
ispm-django-chronograph 6 A fork of
izigraph 0.13.1 6 Package to create graphs
jgraph 0.2.1 6 View graph data structures in the IPython notebook.
jirafs-graphviz 2.0 6 Automatically convert graphviz DOT files into PNG images when uploading to JIRA
js.graphael 0.5.1 6 Fanstatic packaging of gRaphaël
libgraphite 0.1.3dev 6 Graphite querying library
linaro-graphics-dashboard 2012.7 6 Linaro Graphics WG application for LAVA Server
localgraphclustering 0.4.2 6 Package for local graph clustering
markdown-inline-graphviz 1.0 6 Render inline graphs with Markdown and Graphviz
mathgraph 0.0.5 6 Mathgraph is an open source Python package for calculating topological indices and energy of graphs
mdGraph 0.1.1 6 mdGraph a tiny plugin for python markdown that converts certain markdown tables to google chart api plots
mgraph 6 Yet another graphing library. This library supports Groot, providing functionality for dealing with graphs somewhere on the phylogenetic tree/network border.
microsoftgraph-python 0.1 6 API wrapper for Microsoft Graph written in Python
msgraph 0.1.2 6 Python SDK for the Microsoft Graph API [DEPRECATED]
nagios_graphite 0.5.0 6 Nagios command for Graphite metrics
nbgraph 0.0.4 6 Interactive graph exploration inside of a Jupyter notebook.
NeedForCryptography 1.05 6 Python cryptographic tools and ciphers
ngenix_hackergraph 0.0.1 6 NGENIX graphs in console
ngramgraphs 0.1.dev250587258 6 Create N Gram Graphs and export them to images or PDF files
objgraph_middleware 0.2 6 Memory data logging middleware
odoo8-addon-web-graph-improved 6 Improves graph views.
odoo8-addon-web-graph-sort 6 Web Graph Sort
offsetbasedgraph 2.0.11 6 Offset based graph
openapp_indivo_demographics 1.0.1 6 App to display and edit the Indivo Demographics Record
openerp-web-graph 7.0.406 6 Graph Views
opengraph-media 0.1 6 OpenGraph media.
osmgraph 0.0.1 6 Create networkx graphs from OpenStreetMap data
pgraph 0.5.1 6 Drawing graph of the dependencies of Python packages
phovea_data_graph_dot 0.1.0 6 Graph DOT-File Format Parser
pinggraph 1.1 6 Ping, but with a graph. Visit the Github page for more info
pipeGraph 0.0.10 6 PipeGraph extends the concept of Pipeline Scikit-Learn tool
plover-stenograph-usb 0.0.3 6 Stenograph USB protocol for Diamanté and Luminex machines for Plover
poly-escape-graph 3.5 6 Python graph oriented micro services network in order to implement a scalable plugins architecture
polygraph 0.1.0 6 Python library for defining GraphQL schemas
portgraph 0.0.1 6 Create a graph for a(ll) FreeBSD port(s).
procgraph 1.10.10 6 ProcGraph ("processing graph") is a Python library for rapid prototyping of processing pipelines for logged and realtime data.
Products.DCWorkflowGraph 0.4.1 6 DCWorkflowGraph is a DCWorkflow graphic viewer now. It uses Graphviz.
Products.ECGraphBox 1.4.0 6 ECGraphBox is a product especially designed for graph assignments.
proso-geography-analysis 0.9.7 6 Libs for analysis of data from PROSO Geography project
proso-geography-data 1.0.3 6 Libs for manipulation with data from PROSO Geography project
proso-geography-model 1.0.4 6 Models library for PROSO Geography project
pslgraph 0.2.8 6 Graph and PSL based TA1 primitive for D3M
py_graph 0.4 6 A graph and graph algorithm package.
pycallgraph 1.0.1 6 Python Call Graph is a library and command line tool that visualises the flow of your Python application. See for more information.
PyConsoleGraphics 0.1 6 Portable, easy text-mode graphics
pydgraph 0.3.5 6 Dgraph driver for Python
pyfacegraph 0.0.4 6 A client library for the Facebook Graph API.
pyflamegraph 0.0.2 6 Wrapper around
pygraph 0.2.1 6 A graph manipulation library in pure Python
pygraph_redis 0.2.1 6 Python Library to manipulate directed graphs in redis
PyGraphine 1.0.6 6 Graph manipulation package based on GraphState
pygraphml 2.2 6 Small library to parse GraphML files in Python
PyOpenGraph 0.2 6 PyOpenGraph is a library written in Python for parsing Open Graph protocol information from web sites.
pyqtgraph 0.10.0 6 Scientific Graphics and GUI Library for Python
pyqtgraph-for-dubble-bubble 2016.11.2 6 Scientific Graphics and GUI Library for Python
pyqtgraph-qo 6 Scientific Graphics and GUI Library for Python (QO internal use version)
pyqtgraph_karl 6 Scientific Graphics and GUI Library for Python
pyramid_pycallgraph 0.1.0 6 Pyramid tween to generate a callgraph image for every request
pyrgraph 0.1.2 6 Pyrgraph is a Redis-backed graph database
PySpectrograph 0.31 6 Spectrograph Modelling Software
python-graphite-dashgen 0.1.6 6 Graphite-dashgen automates the creation of Graphite dashboards
python-graphql-subscriptions 0.1.5 6 Adds support for subscriptions to GraphQL applications that use a Python backend.
python-opengraph 0.0.2 6 Python module to parse Open Graph metadata on web pages
PyUMLGraph 0.1.10 6 Generate UML graphs from running Python programs
pyWebGraph 0.1a 6 A bridge between WebGraph and Python/Jython
redisgraph 0.8 6 RedisGraph Python Client
ribbon-graph 0.1.1 6 A Declarative Graph API Django App
robust-graphite-client 1.1.0 6 A simple graphite querying library with workarounds on some rare bugs
salt_state_graph 0.0.1 6 a tool to represent salt states and their dependencies as an acyclic graph
scikit-graph 0.1a0 6 A collection of tools and algorithms to augment those found in Scipy's csgraph module
segraph 0.5 6 Creates graphs with edges and vertices from SLIC segments. Can be used with PyStruct library for image segmentation using CRF.
sewergraph 0.0.3 6 Tool for graph calculations on sewer networks
shinkenplugins.plugins.graphite_api 1.2 6 Check Graphite API
simplegraph 1.0.1 6 Simple RDF processing in Python
simplegraphs 0.3.0 6 A python library providing tools for building and analyzing graphs
socialgraph 0.2.3 6 Python wrapper for Google's Social Graph API 1.0.0 6 solargraph-utils for python
spinnaker_graph_front_end 2015.001-alpha-01 6 Front end to the SpiNNaker tool chain which uses a basic graph
SpiNNakerGraphFrontEnd 1!4.0.0 6 Front end to the SpiNNaker tool chain which uses a basic graph
spynnaker_graph_front_end 2015.001-alpha-01 6 Front end to the SpiNNaker tool chain which uses a basic graph
sqlalchemy_graphql 1.3 6 GraphQL extension for dealing with SQLAlchemy
steganographer 2.0.0 6 Hides a message or file inside an image.
stemgraphic 0.6.1 6 Graphic and text stem-and-leaf plots
svggraph 0.0.5 6 SVG graph rendering library
taskgraph 0.3.0 6 Parallel task graph framework.
telegraph 1.2.1 6 Telegraph API wrapper
telegraphy 0.1.3a1 6 Telegraphy - Real Time Events For Django.
textgraphics 0.20 6 A Python Package for Graphical Methods in Text Analysis
tfgraph 0.2 6 Python's Tensorflow Graph Library
tinc_graphs 0.3.10 6 Create Graphs from tinc Stats
tsung2graphite 0.4.0 6 Push tsung log datas to graphite
typograph 0.1.0 6 Automatically fix typography mistakes that are commonly done when writing content on the web
typographie 0.0.2 6 Apply french typografy rules
valentine.multiparagraphpage 0.4 6 A page content type with multiple paragraphs(text bodies) without being folderish.
visibility_graph 0.4 6 From time series to graph thru visibility algorithm.
vmprof-flamegraph 0.0.1 6 Convert vmprof data into flamegraph format
wasabi-scenegraph 0.3.0 6 Pure python 3D graphics engine
watsongraph 0.2.2 6 Concept discovery and recommendation library built on top of the IBM Watson cognitive API.
wishbone_encode_graphite 1.0.0 6 A Wishbone encode module to convert the Wishbone metric format to Graphite.
wordgraph 0.0.3 6 Produce a natural language description of graphs or data series
XGraph 1.3.1 6 Open-source package for graphs,graph-algorithms
z3c.memhunt.objgraph 0.1dev-r118724 6 UNKNOWN
z3c.recipe.depgraph 0.5 6 Buildout recipe to generate dependency graphs.
cocograph 0.1.0 5 A tile editor for cocos2d.
geographica-longitude 0.1.16 5 Longitude
3Dfunctiongrapher 0.3dev 4
absorbing_centrality 0.1.0 4 An implementation of the absorbing random-walk centrality measure for graphs.
AgglomCluster 2.0.6 4 Performs greedy agglomerative clustering on network-x graphs
aiographite 0.1.9 4
airscooter 0.0.1 4 Simple data processing task graph manager for Python.
allegedb 0.13.0 4 An object-relational mapper serving database-backed versions of the standard networkx graph classes.
amanogawa 0.0.1a0 4 Flexible graph construction and data pre-processing engine
aperturesynth 0.0.2 4 A tool for registering and combining series of handheld photographs
apgl 0.8.1 4 A fast python graph library based on numpy and scipy.
ascii_graph 1.4.3 4 A simple python lib to print data as ascii histograms.
asciigraf 0.3.0 4 A python library for making ascii-art into network graphs.
asym 0.1.0 4 some tools and algorithms for asymetric cryptography
Atacgraph 1.0 4 ATAC-seq pipeline
bg 1.9.0 4 Implementation of Breakpoint Graph data structure
bibdata 0.0.1 4 Utility code, and sample data, for data science experiments with danish bibliographic data
biblio-py 0.6.1 4 Package to manage bibliography files
bibtools 0.3 4 Command-line bibliography manager
bigsi 0.1.5 4 Coloured Bloom Graphs - Low memory multicolour de Bruijn graphs for indexing large collections of genomes
bioma 0.1.0 4 Bio-related data management using graph databases and web semantics.
BitcoinValueGraph 0.5 4 Bitcoin value
bpcs 0.0.2 4 BPCS Steganography: embedding a message in a vessel image file
brain_dump 1.1.3 4 Tools to generate mindmaps compatible from markdown-like text files, either as PNG with graphviz or as wisemapping-compatible XMLs
broad_pgm_translator 0.1 4 Broad probabilistic graphical models translator
bts_tools 0.6.0b1 4 Graphene blockchains management tools
bulbs 0.3.29-20140417 4 A Python persistence framework for graph databases that connects to Neo4j Server, Rexster, OrientDB, Lightsocket.
cartographer 0.2.0-alpha5 4 Python library for using JSON API, especially with Flask.
Cartopy 0.16.0 4 A cartographic python library with Matplotlib support for visualisation
cbg 0.1.5 4 Coloured Bloom Graphs - Low memory multicolour de Bruijn graphs for indexing large collections of genomes
cgkit 2.0.0 4 Python Computer Graphics Kit
chainlet 1.3.1 4 Framework for linking generators/iterators to processing chains, trees and graphs
chakert 0.2.1 4 Typographer for lxml and plain text. Supports English and Russian languages.
ChartDirector-for-Python 4.1 4 Professional Chart and Graph Library
Chiplotle 0.4 4 Chiplotle is an HPGL (Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language) Python API.
ckanext-linked_graph 0.0.1 4 UNKNOWN
cmocean 1.1 4 Colormaps for Oceanography
codeink 1.0 4 codeink draws your Python source code into beautiful graph structures
collective.fbshare 0.3.2 4 Provide some additional Open Graph meta tag in your Plone site, so share items on Facebook will be simpler
collective.ogtags 1.2 4 OpenGraph for plone4
corefgraph 1.2.3 4 Module to resolve intra-document coreference.
cphcttoolbox 1.1.3 4 Cph CT Toolbox is a selection of Computed Tomography tools
crs 0.1.1 4 Geographic Coordinate Reference System Encapsulation and Conversion
cryptg 4 Cryptographic utilities for Telegram
cryptokit 0.0.7 4 cryptokit is a cryptography kit base on pyca Cryptography.
csv2graphite 1.0.0 4 Monitor report generator using misc logs.
ctd 0.3.0 4 Tools to load hydrographic data as DataFrames
curious 1.1.0 4 Graph-based data exploration tool
daflsim 1.0.0.dev1 4 Simulate a data-flow described by a graphviz diagram
data-depgraph 0.4.4 4 Micro dependency fulfillment library for scientific datasets
data-exchange 0.0.2 4 Interface between tomographic data collected at various synchtron facilities and tomoPy
DeepGraph 0.2.1 4 Analyze Data with Pandas-based Networks.
demographica 4 A Python Package to infer ages using US Census Data
depgraph 0.1 4
django-cryptography 0.3 4 Easily encrypt data in Django
django-directed-acyclic-graph 0.3.1 4 UNKNOWN
django-field-cryptography 1.0.1 4 An encrypted field for Django.
django-graphos 0.3.41 4 Django app to provide a JS agnostic way to work with charts.
django-graphos-3 1.1 4 Django app to provide a JS agnostic way to work with charts for Python 3+
django-graphql 0.0.1 4
django-netjsongraph 0.4.3 4 Reusable django app for collecting and visualizing network topology
django-tailordev-biblio 1.1.0 4 TailorDev Biblio Bibliography management with Django.
django-topography 0.0.3 4 Introspects the URL structure of a Django application and produces a JSON-encoded description.
django-treebeard-dag 0.2 4 Directed acyclic graphs in Django.
django-urlographer 0.9.0 4 URL mapper for django
donna25519 0.1.1 4 Python wrapper for the Curve25519-donna cryptographic library
dorthrithil-networkx 1.11 4 --- This is a fork! ---Python package for creating and manipulating graphs and networks
drawgraph 1.0.4 4 UNKNOWN
encrypted-storage 1.0.2 4 Easy, cryptographically secure storage on numerous database backends.
exocartographer 0.1.1 4 Map some exoplanets
fauxtograph 1.0.3 4 Python module for training unsupervised deep, generative models on images.
fauxton 0.1.2 4 Computer graphics technology for computer vision applications.
fb 0.4.0 4 Python SDK for the Facebook Graph Api. (Latest Version Overview: Introduced the Helper Methods)
fglib 0.2.2 4 factor graph library
flask_ogm 1.1.0a9 4 Add support for the py2neo Object Graph Mapper to your app
foursquare.pants.rules 0.0.1 4 BUILD graph validate rules plugin for pants build
fruitloop 0.6 4 3D Graphics Engine for CAVE VR setups
funnel-web 2.0.0 4 Graph and visualize a module's dependencies.
fuzzpy 0.4.2 4 Library for fuzzy sets, fuzzy graphs, and general fuzzy mathematics for Python.
gdom 1.0.0 4 DOM Traversing and Scraping using GraphQL
geohelper 0.2.0 4 Compute geographical distances and bearings with various algos
georasters 0.5.10 4 Tools for working with Geographical Information System Rasters
geovoronoi 0.1.0 4 a package to create and plot Voronoi regions in geographic areas
gfunc 0.0.0 4 [coming soon] gFunc: functional genomics using graphs for integration of many Omics data types
gfxlcd 0.8.3 4 gfxlcd is a handler for graphical lcds: ILI9328, SSD1306, NJU6450, touch panel: AD7843 @ Raspberry Pi.
gitgraph 0.1.1 4
githubstars 0.0.6 4 List repository stars and info through Gituhb v4 GraphQL API
gizeh 0.1.10 4 Simple vector graphics in Python
gorm 0.10.0 4 An object-relational mapper serving database-backed versions of the standard networkx graph classes.
GottenGeography 1.1 4 Automagically geotag photos with GPX data.
gperf 0.2 4 Graphing from sysstat sar data into time-based graph
gpgraph 0.1.0 4 NetworkX for genotype-phenotype maps.
gql 0.1.0 4 GraphQL client for Python
gql-alchemy 0.0.1 4 GraphQL implementation
graffunc 0.2.2 4 high level graph of function
grafilter 0.4.0 4 Helps you explore and graph all your metrics as a supplement to dashboard solutions like Grafana
grandalf 0.55555 4 Graph and drawing algorithms framework
graph-alchemy 0.1.0 4 Basic Node/Edge model for SQLAlchemy
graph-talk 0.3.1 4 Library for structured information processing: parsing, interpreting, converting, etc.
graph2vec 0.0.2 4 meaningful vector representations of nodes
graphene-peewee 0.0.1 4
graphite 0.71 4
graphite-analytics 4 Create a print-out template for your google analytics data
graphite-blueflood 0.2.1 4 Add optional -p option to prepend metrics before forwarding to blueflood
GraphiteEncoder 0.1.3 4
graphitepager 0.2.11 4
graphmaster 0.0.2 4 Doesn't do anything yet.
graphql-django 0.0.1 4
graphql-parser 0.0.1 4
graphqllib 0.0.1 4
graphtool 0.5.2 4
graphwalker 1.0.3 4 Finite state machine based testing tool.
Graphy 1.0.0 4 A simple chart library for Python
gruffy 0.3.4 4 Gruffy is Python implemetation of Gruff(Ruby Graphing Library)
gunny 1.0.0b2 4 Python package for executing commands by following a directed graph
halp 1.0.0 4 Hypergraph Algorithms Package
hc-passphrase 1.0.0 4 Generates cryptographically secure passphrases and passwords
hexagon 0.1 4 a graph databased backed by LevelDB
hoshizora 0.0.1a0 4 Fast graph analysis engine
html_telegraph_poster 0.1.31 4 Posts your html to blogging service
ibmm2gv 0.0.1 4 indentation-based mind map in Python, render by graphviz.
imagecrop 0.0.16 4 Use OpenCV to extract image crops using homography and feature matching
inheritance_graph 0.4 4 A tool to help debug inheritance failures.
instascrape 0.1 4 Instagram Scraper written in Python. Mainly able to scrape # of followers, email addresses and biographies for now
jgrepl 0.1.4 4 Extensible command-line REPL for interacting with JSON-graphs containing business objects
jonga 0.0.3 4 Jonga: Python function call graph visualization
jp-grapheme-alt 0.1.2 4 Probabilistic misrecognition models for Japanese kanji.
JyPlotter 0.9.5 4 Graph plotting library with backends for different GUIs
kadmos 0.7.7 4 Knowledge- and graph-based Agile Design with Multidisciplinary Optimization System
kartograph 0.6.8 4 Open Source Python library for generating semantic SVG maps
keyuri 0.0.0 4 A URI-based format for encoding cryptographic keys
kg-search 0.1.10 4 A REST API wrapper for Google Knowledge Graph
konig 0.1 4 konig: graph generation library for Python
kopi 0.17.7 4 Create publication quality graph in pdf format using CSON(CoffeeScript-Object-Notation)
kryptonite 0.1.4 4 Cryptography for humans
learncrypy 0.1 4 Cryptographic algorithms implemented and explained using Python
leocornus.plonecrypto 0.2 4 Plone Cryptographic Toolkit
libgql 0.0.1 4 GraphQL Linked Library bindings for python
libgraph 0.0.3 4 A toolchain for declaratively specifying transformations between schemas and instances of schemas to help track dependencies across schemas.
lightct 0.1.0 4 Visual light computed tomography.
localclustering 0.10.0 4 Python 3 implementation and documentation of the Hermina-Janos local graph clustering algorithm.
loggraph 0.0.2 4
logu 0.1 4 Small utility to simplify sending historical logs and data to Graphite.
Makechr 1.4 4 Makechr tool for generating NES graphics
maplepy 0.0.1.dev0 4 Client code generator for GraphQL APIs based on introspection queries and schema files
market-graphs 0.0.10 4
mdx_smartypants 1.5.1 4 Python-Markdown extension using smartypants to emit typographically nicer ("curly") quotes, proper ("em" and "en") dashes, etc.
memetic 1.0.4 4 An open source property graph schema and graph traverse language.
menpo-PyVRML97 2.3.0a4 4 VRML97 Scenegraph model for Python
metatron 0.2 4 Python 3 HTML meta tag parser, with emphasis on complex meta tag structures with support for OpenGraph and Twitter Card tags, including array handling
mian 0.9.3 4 Graph blocks to height in a Minecraft save game
Mirra 0.3.5 4 2D OpenGL library for interactive graphics
modulegraph 0.16 4 Python module dependency analysis tool
mygraph 0.9.8 4 Python wrapper of C++ Time-dependent Hyperpath algorithm implementation, requires python-dev, boost_python, pqxx and hdf5 installed
mytsgraph 1.0.1 4 MySQL table space monitoring.
naruhodo 0.2.7 4 A python library for automatic semantic graph generation from human-readable text.
neo4py 0.1 4 Python bindings for Neo4j graph database
neomodel 3.2.5 4 An object mapper for the neo4j graph database.
netgraph 3.1.2 4 Fork of networkx drawing utilities for publication quality plots of networks.
netstream 0.1 4 A NetStream implementation in Python for GraphStream
networkx 2.1 4 Python package for creating and manipulating graphs and networks
networkx_viewer 0.2.0 4 Interactive viewer for networkx graphs.
nglpy 0.0.2 4 A wrapper library for exposing the C++ neighborhood graph library (NGL) for computing empty region graphs to python
NiftyPy 0.4.0 4 Python wrapper for NiftyRec, NiftyReg and NiftySeg: tomographic reconstruction, volumetric registration and segmentation.
occiput 1.0.12 4 Tomographic Vision - PET, SPECT, CT, MRI reconstruction and processing.
oceanography 1.0 4 UNKNOWN
oceans 0.4.0 4 Misc functions for oceanographic data analysis
ogp 0.9.1 4 A module to parse the Open Graph Protocol
onetworedblue 0.1.1 4 A tool for identifiying and counting benthic organisms in bottom photographs
Oort 0.4 4 A toolkit for accessing RDF graphs as plain objects.
openarc 0.5.0 4 Functional reactive graph backed by PostgreSQL
Orange3-Geo 0.2.3 4 Orange add-on for dealing with geography and geo-location.
orangery 0.4.1 4 Python library to support analysis of topographic cross-sections
osg 20071223 4 Directed Graph and OpenSocial Data API implementation for Django
pantograph 0.1.0 4 Python library for drawing on HTML5 canvas
papis 0.5.3 4 Powerful and highly extensible command-line based document and bibliography manager
pcap-generic-piano-roll-drum-machine-graphics v 1.0 4 generic drum machine or piano roll written in pycap python (game engine)
pdfs 0.1.0 4 Simple bibliography manager
pgmagick 0.7.3 4 Yet Another Python wrapper for GraphicsMagick
photoLA 1.0.0 4 Estimates Leaf Area from photographs using a direct relationship between pixel count of leaves and of a reference with known area.
pieface 1.1.0 4 A program for calculating minimum bounding ellipsoids forcrystallographic polyhedra and various related properties
pilot 0.0.8 4 Pilot is a python library for traversing object trees and graphs
plotlog 0.2.0 4 Plot graph for many log file that is managed by DATE
plotnow 0.1.0 4 A terminal application which plot 2D data and generate a graph.
pogeo 0.4.0rc1 4 Fast geography package.
politico-civic-biography 0.1.0 4
politico-civic-demography 0.1.0 4
politico-civic-geography 0.2.0 4
postman_problems 0.2 4 Solutions to Postman graph optimization problems: Chinese and Rural Postman problems
PowerGrASP 0.7.0 4 Graph compression with Answer Set Programming
Products.ATBiblioStyles 1.0.0 4 Bibliography styles for CMFBibliographyAT
Products.BibfolderFlexibleView 4 Flexible folder views for CMFBibliographyAT
programo 0.1.0 4 Probabilistic Graphical Models in Python
propagate 0.2.1 4 Propagation belief graph algorithm
psynth 0.1.3 4 The official open-source Python library for generating graphs in Psymphonic Psynth.
py_sdag2 1.0.1 4 Simple Directed Acyclic Graph whith Cicle Detector and TopoloGical sorter utilities.
PyAgg 0.2.0 4 Simple user-oriented graphics drawing and image manipulation.
pyblueprints 0.5.3 4 A Python version of the Blueprints property graph model interface
PyCARS 0.0.1 4 Package to subsample CARS (oceanographic climatology)
pycfg 0.1 4 The python3 ast based control flow graph
pyd3netviz 0.1.2 4 Simple wrapper around d3 force graph for python and Jupyter Notebooks
pyDAWG 1.0.0 4 Directed Acyclic Word Graph (DAWG) allows to store huge strings set in compacted form
pydisplay 0.1 4 Portable library of display drivers for graphic LCDs, VFDs, and the like
pydot 1.2.4 4 Python interface to Graphviz's Dot
pydot-ng 1.0.0 4 Python interface to Graphviz's Dot
pydot3 1.0.9 4 Python 3 interface to Graphviz's Dot
pydot3k 1.0.17 4 Python interface to Graphviz's Dot
pydot_modern 1.0.29 4 Python interface to Graphviz's Dot
pydotplus 2.0.2 4 Python interface to Graphviz's Dot language
PyECC v0.1 4 PyECC is a simple Python module for performing Elliptical Curve Cryptography
pyfb 0.4.2 4 A Python Interface to the Facebook Graph API
pygoo 0.1.4 4 PyGoo is an Object-Graph mapper, similar to SQLAlchemy but for graph DBs
pygql 0.1.4 4 GraphQL client for Python
pygraf 1.02 4 Python Graph library
PyGraphics 2.1 4 Easily-accessible library for media manipulation
pygraphql 0.0.1 4
PyGSP 0.5.1 4 Graph Signal Processing in Python
pygsw 0.0.10 4 Python bindings for the TEOS-10 V3.0 GSW Oceanographic Toolbox in C
pyh3 1.1 4 Pure Python implementation of h3 for visualizing LARGE graphs
pyl0n 0.0.7 4 Use psutils to send data to Graphite Backend
pylibbvg 2.0.25 4 A python interface for decompressing Boldi-Vigna graphs 1.0 4 python interfaces to NCAR graphics
pynetviz 0.1 4 Python Network(Graph) Visualization
pynteractive 1.1.1 4 Pynteractive, a suite to generate interactive Javascript graphics
Pynu 0.1.4 4 Pynu provides utility classes that offer basic graph tree traversal and manipulation functionality.
PyNX 1.4 4 PyNX - python tools for nanocrystallography
pypipegraph 0.159 4 A workflow (job) engine/pipeline for bioinformatics and scientific computing.
pyramid-signed-params 0.1b5 4 Cryptographically signed query parameters for pyramid
PyScript 0.6.0 4 Postscript Graphics with Python
pysegbase 1.2.33 4 Graph Cut based 3D segmentation with editor
pytest-statsd 1.1.3 4 pytest plugin for reporting to graphite
pythia-pyrelic 1.0.1 4 pyrelic is a python module to interact with the RELIC cryptography library which performs high-performance elliptic curve cryptography and pairing-based elliptic curves. pyrelic also includes verifiable pseudorandom functions used in Pythia.
python-rexster 0.1.1 4 A Python client for Rexster following the Blueprints property graph model interface
pythreejs 1.0.0 4 Interactive 3d graphics for the Jupyter notebook, using Three.js from Jupyter interactive widgets.
pyticli 0.0.3 4 A Python Temporal Intructions Common Language Interface: Library to create graphs queries over Kripke structures from a Interval Temporal Logic inspired language.
PyVRML97 2.3.0b1 4 VRML97 Scenegraph model for Python
PyVRML97-accelerate 2.3.0b1 4 Scenegraph acceleration code for PyVRML97
pyWebSMS 1.1 4 pyWebSMS is an graphical sms sender which supports many programmable providers.
qt-graph-helpers 0.1.3 4 orangeqt ploting library
quickchart 0.0.1 4 QuickChart is a lightweight library for drawing graphs and tables using just PIL.
ratcave 0.7rc1 4 3D Graphics Engine for CAVE VR setups
redicrypt 0.0.9 4 Python-based cryptography package for redis.
regain 0.0.7 4 REGAIN (Regularised Graph Inference)
repograph 0.1 4 Visualize GitHub submodule dependencies.
requests-facebook 0.4.2 4 A Python Library to interface with Facebook Graph API
requests-facebook-py3 0.2.1 4 A Python Library to interface with Facebook Graph API
rgr 0.1 4 a(nother) graph database built on Redis
richtypo 0.2.3 4 The only web typograph that don't make a mess out of your text. Russian and English supported.
rrd-service 0.0.2 4 RRD Service is HTTP protocol based Round Robin Database and graphics service
ruruki 1.4.2 4 Ruruki is a lightweight in-memory graph database which is ideal if you need a temporary graph database, or just doing a proof of concept and need a fast and reliable graph database.
ruruki-eye 0.1.3 4 Ruruki Eye is a visualizer for Ruruki (In Memory Graph Tool)
safe-graph 0.1 4 A random test lib
safegraph 0.1 4 A random test lib
safegraph-api 0.1 4 A random test lib
safegraph-api-py 0.1 4 A random test lib
safegraph-client 0.1 4 A random test lib
safegraph-py 0.1 4 A random test lib
safegraph-python 0.1 4 A random test lib
safegraph-python-api 0.1 4 A random test lib
sasgui 0.2.0 4 Graphical User Interface utilities for small-angle scattering
schedula 0.1.16 4 Produce a plan that dispatches calls based on a graph of functions, satisfying data dependencies.
ScrapyDot 0.1 4 Export a graph of link between crawled items in dot file format.
sdag2 1.0.4 4 Python Simple Directed Acyclic Graph whith Cicle Detector and TopoloGical sorter utilities.
sdc-cryptography 0.2.1 4 A shared library for SDC services that use JWT with JWE
securesystemslib 0.10.10 4 A library that provides cryptographic and general-purpose routines for Secure Systems Lab projects at NYU
seismograph 0.4.10 4 Framework for test development
sematch 1.0.4 4 Semantic similarity framework for knowledge graphs
sgqlc 1 4 Simple GraphQL Client
shellviz 0.1.3 4 Visualize data graphically directly from the shell
simple-draw 2.5.0 4 This package allows you to draw graphical primitives with pygame.
simplecrypto 0.3.3 4 Simple cryptographic library for hashing and encrypting
simplefb 0.2.0a1 4 A simple facebook graph api and auth Mixins
SiVaC 0.2 4 A graph compression algorithm for large-scale web-like graphs (web/social networks/citation graphs)
slothql 0.1.0a0 4 The async GraphQL framework.
spiro 0.1.2 4 Module to draw spirographs with turtle graphics
statsite 0.4.0 4 Statistics server which sends data to Graphite.
stegart 0.1.1 4 Renders a graphical representation of the data provided
stegpng 1.0.0b4 4 A python package to make png steganography easier
stenographer 0.1.3 4 An HTTP interaction recorder for Twisted Web
Stoichiograph 0.1.2 4 Spell words with elemental symbols from the periodic table ("He", "Cu", etc).
stratipy 0.7.2 4 Patients stratification with Graph-regularized Non-negative Matrix Factorization (GNMF) in Python.
supermjo-py 0.2.0 4 Python interface to Super-Mjograph
SuperWires 0.9.6 4 Rewriting of the graphics library in 'Python for the Absolute Beginner' book.
task-mcmc 1.0.1 4 Set of scripts for running pCN algorithm to solve a bayesian inverse problem using the graph laplacian in place of the traditional sphereical laplacian
telegraph_commander 0.0.3 4 Telegram Bot framework
tempest_db 0.14.0 4 Python client for the Tempest Graph Database.
tensorgraph 5.0.1 4 A high level tensorflow library for building deep learning models
tergraw 0.3.1 4 Draw graphs in terminal
termgraphics 0.2 4
tex2pix 0.3.1 4 Lightweight renderer of LaTeX to a variety of graphics formats
tinyfeedback 0.2.0 4 A simple graphing web-based dashboard
tinysvg 0.0.3 4 tinysvg is a thin implementation of svg within python along with simple turtle graphics. Not production stable.
tl.eggdeps 0.4 4 Compute a dependency graph between active Python eggs.
tl.testing 0.5 4 Utilities for writing tests: sandbox directories, mock external programs, graphical doc-tests for cairo surfaces, error handling in threads.
tofu 1.3.13 4 A python library for Tomography for Fusion
tomography 0.2.7 4
topic-db 0.7.1 4 TopicDB is a topic map-based graph library (using PostgreSQL for persistence).
torch-cluster 0.2.4 4 PyTorch Extension Library of Optimised Graph Cluster Algorithms
torus 0.7.1 4 Carbon and Graphite replacement using Kairos for timeseries storage
TracRevtreePlugin 0.5.15dev-r3581 4 Revision graph visualizer for the Trac VCS browser
tribe 1.3 4 An graph extraction tool for email MBox files
tt.eggdeps 0.5 4 Compute a dependency graph between active Python eggs.
tulip-python 5.1.0 4 Large graphs analysis and drawing
typo-shot 0.1.2 4 Check your website/blog typography simple, with screenshots!
unidist 2010.10.15.0 4 unidist: Unified Distributed Computing contains: shared message queues, state, counters, locks, logging, and time series collection and graphing (RRD).
uqbar 0.2.1 4 Tools for building documentation with Sphinx, Graphviz and LaTeX
valentine.multiparagraphfield 0.4 4 Field that handles multiple TextFields+RichWidgets as one field.
vert 1.0.1 4 Universal Graph Interface for Python
viratoken 0.3 4 Small lib to encode/decode/sign/verify JWTs using asymmetric cryptography.
vodc.solr 1.0.0 4 Virtual Oceanographic Data Center Site SOLR Search
vodcsite.policy 1.0.1 4 Virtual Oceanographic Data Center Site Policy and Component Orchestration
vodcsite.theme 1.0.0 4 Theme for the Virtual Oceanographic Data Center web site
vue4j 0.1 4 A graph data extraction and Neo4j conversion tool for VUE.
warden 0.0.1a 4 A set of tools for monitoring Python applications, and shipping events to Sentry and metrics to Graphite
wav2vec 1.0.1 4 A Python package to convert waveform files (WAV or AIFF) to vector graphics (SVG, PostScript, or CVS)
webplotlib 0.1 4 A package for creating server-side charts/graphs using matplotlib; examples are also given for serving those charts directly via Django.
webpreview 1.3.2 4 Extracts OpenGraph, TwitterCard and Schema properties from a webpage.
whisperctl 0.2.0 4 A tool for managing Whisper databases used in Graphite.
wordaxe 1.0.1 4 Provide hyphenation for python programs and ReportLab paragraphs.
wsgi-objgraph 0.1 4 wsgi middleware for objgprah
WuGeo 0.2 4 WuGeo, geographical Tool
xarray-topo 0.0.10 4 xarray extension for topographic analysis and modelling
XGraphic 0.2.0 4 Switching between nvidia and bumblebee
yagdspy 1.0 4 Graph dependancy system for processing tasks
yapgvb 1.2.0 4 Yet Another Graphviz Binding
zgl 0.1.4 4 OpenGL graph drawing library
zplot 1.41 4 A simple graph-creation library
Adafruit-LED-Backpack 1.8.1 2 Library to control LED backpack displays such as 8x8 single and bi-color matrices, bargraphs, 7 segment, and 14 segment displays.
adder 1.0 2 An AI library
adsbibdesk 3.2.0 2 Add papers from or NASA/SAO ADS to your BibDesk bibliography.
aes-vial 0.1.0 2 A simple wrapper for AES CTR mode.
agamemnon 0.4.0 2 A graph database built on top of cassandra
Agora-Client 0.5.0 2 An Agora client for Python that requests and executes search plans for graph patterns
Agora-Fragment 0.0.1 2 An Agora service that collects fragments for graph patterns
Agora-Planner 0.3.9 2 The Agora core service that provides search plans for graph patterns
AIML-Bot-API 0.0 2 GraphQL API to AIML Bot
aiocarbon 0.2.0 2 Asynchronous client for carbon.
airsea 0.0.1 2 AirSea Libray for Python
ajgu 15.07.25 2 Graph Database for everyday use
ak-M2Crypto 0.26.0 2 M2Crypto: A Python crypto and SSL toolkit
aldryn-people 2.1.0 2 Aldryn People publishes profile pages for people in your organisation including team members, collaborators, partners, clients, and so on, including photographs and address information.
alembic-viz 0.1.0 2 Graph Visualization of Alembic Migrations
allocator 0.1.7 2 Optimally Allocate Geographically Distributed Tasks
AlphaDHE 0.3 2 DiffieHellman Ephemeral for A-Z ciphers
altitude 0.1 2 Lightweight Python parser for SRTM elevation data.
ancientsolutions-crypttools 0.1 2 Python Cryptography Utilities
anonlink 0.7.0 2 Anonymous linkage using cryptographic hashes and bloom filters
ansi 0.1.3 2 ANSI cursor movement and graphics
antk 0.3 2 Automated Neural-graph Toolkit: A Tensorflow wrapper for common deep learning tasks and rapid development of innovativemodels. Developed at Hutch Research, Western Washington University.Support for multiple input and output neural network graphs. Model visualizations and extensively documented interface. Explore tensorflow functionality and deep learning fundamentals.
APASVO 0.0.6 2 A graphical tool to perform event detection/picking in seismic traces.
api_stats 0.3 2 Record historical statistics from an API that only offers current numbers.
apts 0.2.13 2 Set of tools for automatic astrofotography images aqquisition and processing.
aquami 1.0.0 2 A module to extract quantitative microstructure information from micrographs of morphologically complex microstructures.
arangodb 0.0.12 2 A Python client for ArangoDB REST API.
arcgis 1.4.0 2 ArcGIS API for Python
Are-You-Human 0.1 2 Graphical test to ensure user is a human, not a script.
argos 0.2.1 2 Argos Panoptes HDF/NCDF/scientific data viewer.
argus-gui 2.1.dev2 2 Tools for 3D camera calibration and reconstruction with graphical user interfaces
argweaver 0.8.1 2 Ancestral recombination graph sampling method
arroyo-crypto 1.1 2 Provides x509 and Asymmetrical Key abstraction classes
arthur 0.0.1 2 Software for the exercises in Crypto 101, the introductory book on cryptography.
ASCII-Plotter 1.0 2 Allows plotting of simple graphs in ASCII-art
asciichartpy 1.5.7 2 Nice-looking lightweight console ASCII line charts ╭┈╯ with no dependencies
asciietch 1.0.2 2 A library for graphing charts using ascii characters.
AstroKML 1.0.2 2 Compile Astronaut photographs from a specified region into a single KML
autoui 2 Automatic generation of user-interfaces.
AVISO 0.9.2 2 A library to handle altimetric data produced by AVISO
Ax_Handoff 1.1.3 2 Easy secure protocol for passing encrypted structured data over unencrypted channels (such as URLs) while maintaining tamper-proof integrity.
az-ipyleaflet 0.4.1 2 A Jupyter widget for dynamic Leaflet maps
backlight 0.1d 2 A comment system or Bulbs
basemap 1.0.7 2 Plot data on map projections with matplotlib
bashpunchcard 0.1.1 2 Command line script for creating a PNG punchcard graph of your bash history
Bcryptor 1.2.2 2 Python wrapper for bcrypt
beard 0.2 2 Bibliographic Entity Automatic Recognition and Disambiguation
bezel 1.0dev-r162 2 A game development library for Python (graphics with PyGame).
bfres 0.1.0 2 Python package for loading and saving the Nintendo BFRES graphics archive format.
bibdb 0.1.1 2 cross-platform management of bibliography from the command line
bibgen 0.2 2 A citation and bibliography generator
biblib 0.1.2 2 A library to handle BibTeX bibliographic data.
biblio.webquery 0.4.3b 2 Extracting bibliographic information from web services
bibolamazi 3.2.post1 2 Prepare consistent BibTeX files for your LaTeX documents
bibolamazi_gui 3.0beta3 2 Prepare consistent BibTeX files for your LaTeX documents
bibolamazigui 3.2.post1 2 Prepare consistent BibTeX files for your LaTeX documents
BibReview 0.2.4 2 BibReview is a software for managing bibliographic database. It includes avanced functions for literature reviews.
Bibtex_Difference_Checker 2.1 2 This application aims to compare two bibtliographical reference database (.bib) files and allow the user to keep the reference records in sync on both the files
bibtexvcs 2015.16 2 a Python package for managing a BibTeX database and related documents
bibulous 1.3.2 2 BibTeX replacement and enhancement
biodocks 0.10.11 2 Pyqtgraph based widgets for image analysis
biofloat 0.4.5 2 Software for working with data from Bio-Argo floats
biogrouper 0.1.4 2 Graph-based clustering and annotation for improved de novo transcriptome analysis
birdseye 0.2.4 2 Quick, convenient, expression-centric, graphical Python debugger using the AST
bitnomon 0.1.1 2 Monitoring/visualization GUI for a Bitcoin node
blackwidow 0.1.6 2 Visualizing and refactoring python project import graphs.
BlastRadius 0.1.12 2 Interactive visualizations of Terraform dependency graphs
Bloch 1.0.1 2 Simplify linework in polygonal geographic datasources.
blockstack-file 0.14.1 2 Blockstack encrypted file sharing
blockstack-gpg 0.14.1 2 GPG integration for Blockstack client applications
blockstack-keys 0.0.3 2 Library for creating and working with private keys, public keys, and bitcoin addresses.
blueflood-carbon-forwarder 0.4.2 2 Sending graphite metrics to blueflood
bochica 2017.1.31.155 2 GNU Privacy Guard encryption-decryption graphical user interface
bprofile 1.3.4 2 A wrapper around profile/cProfile, gprof2dot and dot, providing a simple context manager for profiling sections of Python code and producing visual graphs of profiling results.
bqplot 0.10.5 2 Interactive plotting for the Jupyter notebook, using d3.js and ipywidgets.
brunel 2.3 2 Brunel Visualization For Jupyter/IPython Notebooks
bubbletools 0.5.3 2 Tools around the bubble format (see
bucky 2.3.0 2 StatsD and CollectD adapter for Graphite
bugjar 0.1.0 2 A graphical Python debugger.
bulbflow 0.1a 2 a Python framework for the graph-database era
burndown_for_what 0.1.3 2 Simple django application for generate burndown graphics.
c3pyo 2 Python C3 - Chart Library for d3.js
caco 0.2.4 2 Estimation of canopy attributes from digital cover photography
calcos 3.0 2 Calibration software for COS (Cosmic Origins Spectrograph)
calltree 0.26 2 Show Callgraph from cscope database
canal 0.1 2 Simple graph processing abstraction
carbon 1.1.2 2 Backend data caching and persistence daemon for Graphite
carbon-client 0.3.3 2 graphite/carbon udp client for sending metrics
carbonate 1.1.2 2 Tools for managing federated carbon clusters.
carbonate-utils 0.4.0 2 Tools for tools for managing federated carbon clusters.
causalinfo 1.2.0 2 Information Measures on Causal Graphs.
causality 0.0.6 2 Tools for causal analysis
cbsyst 0.3.5 2 Tools for calculating ocean C and B chemistry.
ccc-gistemp 0.6.1 2 ccc-gistemp is a reimplementation of GISTEMP in Python for clarity. GISTEMP is a reconstruction of the global historical temperature record from land and sea surface temperature records. It produces a familiar graph of historical temperatures
ccsgp_get_started 2.1.0 2 get started with the ccsgp plotting library
cdg 0.1.3 2 Library for working with call- and data-flow graphs
celegans 0.0.1 2 CELEGANS Network Toolbox
cellnopt.core 1.0.0 2 Functions to manipulate networks and data related to signalling pathways. 1.0.3 2 data and model repository for project
cellnopt.wrapper 1.0.5 2 CellNOpt R packages wrapper and utilities
cenotes 0.7.1 2 Cryptographical Expendable Notes
census_area 0.2 2 Census data for arbitrary geographies
cf-python 2.1.6 2 Python interface to the CF-1.6 data model (new API)
cf-view 1.0.4 2 GUI for viewing CF files
cfa_zeus 3.5.0 2 general tools: cryptography, file, parsing, log
cfunits 1.5.1 2 A python interface to UNIDATA's Udunits-2 package with CF extensions
cgkit1 1.2.2 2 Python Computer Graphics Kit
cgnet 0.1 2 Software callgraph manipulation
CGvsPhoto 0.0.3 2 A deep-learning method for distinguishing computer graphics from real photogrphic images
Chandler-PhotoPlugin 1.0-r16584 2 Photograph loading for Chandler
changanya 0.5.0 2 Library of interesting pure Python non-cryptographic hashes
charm-crypto 0.43 2 Charm: A Framework for Rapidly Prototyping Cryptosystems
chem_gm 2 Graph Machine Application Programming Interface
chimere 2.0.3 2 Chimere is a kind of online “mashup” which is designed to aggregate geographic data from several sources. Chimere gets a map from OpenStreetMap and display other data added by users. Datas are freely submitted by visitors and then validated by an administrator.
chinesepostman 0.0.2 2 Chinese-Postman network solver
chinup 0.3.2 2 Python Facebook Graph API client
choppy 0.0.5 2 Partition, encrypt, decrypt, and reassemble files.
cigram 0.1.4 2 Circular Gaussian Random gRAph Model - a generator for synthetic complex networks
circuit 2 Minimal pure Python library for building and working with circuit graphs/expressions.
cis-crypto 1.0.3 2 Cryptography standards of the CIS countries
CiteBib 0.4.3 2 Generate a nice Bibtex or Latex bibliography according to the document content
citeproc-py 0.4.0 2 Citations and bibliography formatter
cityhash 0.2.3.post9 2 Python-bindings for CityHash, a fast non-cryptographic hash algorithm
ciworker 0.2.3 2 Cytoscape CI ciworker service template
cjktools 1.7.0 2 A library for basic CJK processing and lexicography.
ClassificaIO 1.0.5 2 Graphical User Interface for machine learning classification algorithms from scikit-learn
clickhouse-cityhash 2 Python-bindings for CityHash, a fast non-cryptographic hash algorithm
clkhash 0.10.0 2 Hash utility to create Cryptographic Linkage Keys
cloudage 0.0.0 2 Converts AWS CloudFormation to Graphviz DOT.
Cluster_Ensembles 1.16 2 A package for determining the consensus clustering from an ensemble of partitions
clusterPy 0.9.9 2 Spatial (geographic) data clustering: library of algorithms, create and test customized formulations using data simulations, visualization, map data utilities.
cn-highcharts 0.0.1 2 Python Highcharts wrapper
cnv 0.3.3 2 Parser for .cnv files, the Sea-Bird CTD data format.
coder 1.0.6 2 A graphical interface tool, integrated web encoding/decoding method, hash method and the ASCII table.
codesters 0.0.42 2 Offline replication of the graphics on
codimension 4.1.0 2 Experimental Python 3 IDE which aims at both textual and graphical representation of a code. The graphics is automatically re-generated while the code is typed
Cog 0.5.3 2 Checkpointed object graph - a simple object database
coinor.gimpy 1.3.12 2 Graph Methods in Python
coinor.grumpy 0.85.0 2 Graphics for Understanding Mathematical Programming (GrUMPy)
collagram 0.8.4 2 Generate collages of Instagram photographs.
collective.geolocationbehavior 1.5.1 2 Dexterity behavior to add geographic locations to contents.
collective.jqueryflot 0.1 2 Flot JQuery implementation for Plone
collective.pece 0.0.8 2 The Platform for Experimental Collaborative Ethnography (PECE)
collective.workflowed 1.1 2 A graphical workflow editor for Plone
colorlookup 0.2.3 2 Find color values for standard W3C colors.
colouringmap 0.0.3 2 a mapping tool for generating choropleth map from map data (shpfile), by breaking sequential values into groups, or beforehand prepared category/level.
comdet 0.4 2 comdet is used to detect community among graph nodes. Its based on lovain method
community_detect 1.0.0 2 Community Detector based on algorithm for community detection using structural and attribute similarities
concepts 0.7.12 2 Formal Concept Analysis with Python
conductance 0.1 2 circuit algorithm and graph metric
confusable_homoglyphs 3.0.0 2 Detect confusable usage of unicode homoglyphs, prevent homograph attacks.
congredi 0.0.2b0 2 BASE representation-of-law-via-cryptography protocol
consecution 0.2.0 2 Pipeline Abstraction Library
contextfree 0.1.7 2 cfdg-inspired cairo-based pythonic generative art framework
conwhat 0.1.2.dev0 2 python library for connectome-based white matter atlas analyses in neuroimaging
coorblimey 0.1.2 2 coorblimey is an open source Python3 library to transform geocentric coordinates to geographic, and vice versa.
cop-number 1.1.1 2 A NetworkX package solving k-FIXED COP NUMBER
corpushash 0.1.0 2 Cryptographic hasher of text document corpora
COS 0.1.1 2 Utilities for data taken with the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph on the Hubble Space Telescope
costools 1.2 2 Tools for COS (Cosmic Origins Spectrograph)
cotede 0.19.2 2 Quality Control of Temperature and Salinity profiles
CountRings 0.1.4 2 Count rings in a graph.
crabpy 0.9.0 2 Interact with geographical webservices by Informatie Vlaanderen.
cricket 0.2.5 2 A graphical tool to assist running test suites.
CrossTex 2 CrossTeX is a bibliography management tool
crowfood 0.4.1 2 C/C++ dependency graphing using snakefood
cruiser 0.0.1 2 data collection from redis, then feeding to graphite
cryha 1.0 2 Toolkit for securing information into a database
cryio 2018.2.27 2 Crystallographic IO routines
crymon 2017.12.14 2 Routines for crystallography with single crystals
cryptlib_py 9 2 Python Bindings for Peter Gutmann's cryptlib library.
crypto 1.4.1 2 Simple symmetric GPG file encryption and decryption
crypto-allauth 0.0.5 2 Plugin for django-allauth that allows authentication using cryptographic tools like Trezor.
cryptogaphy 1.0.0 2 I think you meant "cryptography"
cryptokey 0.0.1 2 Python library for pluggable asymmetric low-level encryption
cryptopy 1.O 2 Pure Python Cryptograpgy
cryptorama 0.1.4 2 Tools for working with classical ciphers.
cryptoshop 2.0.1 2 Encrypt and decrypt file or string in GCM mode with AES, Serpent or Twofish as secure as possible.
crysp 0.9 2 Crypto Stuff in Python
csg-dicoms-anonymizer 1.4.2 2 Robust and easy to use generic dicoms anonymizer with demographics csv spreadsheet anonymization by hashed ids
cstypo 0.1.3 2 Package to apply Czech typography easily
csvbar 1.4 2 Draw bar graphs from CSV files in the terminal.
ctutils 0.3 2 Tools for analyzing data in CT scans
cuber 1.1 2 Calculation-graph base
CubeSocket 0.2.3 2 Socket bindings using the Cube90 cipher for encryption and decryption
CubeSocket256 0.3.1 2 Socket bindings using the Cube256 cipher for encryption and decryption (Uses DHE)
cubicweb-jqplot 0.4.2 2 views wrapping jqPlot graphic library
cubicweb-zone 1.5.0 2 geographical zone component for the CubicWeb framework
curve25519-donna 1.3 2 Python wrapper for the Curve25519 cryptographic library
cvsxxdiff 1.5.1 2 Developer utilities for CVS managed projects
cxc-gis 0.2.1 2 Geographic information system lib
cxio 0.3.0 2 Utility to parse CX JSON streams
cxnet 0.3 2 Complex networks in education
cyanite 0.4.6 2 A plugin for using graphite-web with the cassandra-based Cyanite storage backend
Cyrcos 1.0 2 A Circos-like implementation in Python 3 using Matplotlib
DAG 0 2 An implementation of a directed acyclic graph.
dagger 1.3.0 2 File dependency graph evaluator.
dailymotion 0.2.2 2 Dailymotion API SDK
daliuge 0.4.0 2 Data Activated 流 (flow) Graph Engine - DALiuGE
Dans-Diffraction 1.0.0 2 Generate diffracted intensities from crystals
dap 2 DAP (Data Access Protocol) client and server for Python.
das.fayspook 0.0.1 2 Plone integration with the F*c*book Graph API
dask-funk 0.9.1 2 Composable keyword function graphs
dask2py 0.0.1 2 Print executable code from a dask graph.
data-mapper 0.1 2 Uses graph partitioning techniques to assign data to physical locations
datagod 0.2.2 2 A library focused on faking data
dataplug 1.1.0 2 Schemaless, NoSQL, multi-model data interactions on top ArangoDB
datemangler 0.2.2 2 This script modifies the last four bits of an NTFS timestamp to hide information.
db-populator 1.0.5 2 Port of DDF for algorithmically creating an initial dataset
dblp2bib 0.0.2 2 A random test lib
dblplib 0.1.1 2 A Python lib to parse the DBLP Computer Science Bibliography. It provides a class model which is used to extract publication entries from the XML file provided by the DBLP.
dbmanagr 0.28.3 2 The database manager for the command line
DeCAF 2.0.0 2 Discrimination, Comparison, Alignment tool for small molecules
deep-dependencies 0.0 2 Dependency graphs for deep builds.
deep-traversal 0.0 2 Traversal strategies for deep dependency graphs
DeepLearningStack 0.0.9 2 A Python package for creating deep network graphs using Theano
delegate 0.1 2 Class to automate delegation decisions based on inheritance graph.
DendroPy 4.3.0 2 A Python library for phylogenetics and phylogenetic computing: reading, writing, simulation, processing and manipulation of phylogenetic trees (phylogenies) and characters.
dento 1.0.0 2 dento for stack graphs
depy 0.0.2 2 Python non-importing module dependency analysis tool. Aims to be simple. Depends on Graphviz executables for rendering images.
design 0.1.2 2 Generates various common web design elements. Borders, patterns, textures, gradients, etc.
desurveil 0.1.1 2 a cryptography tool with support for RSA and OAEP
diagram 0.2.25 2 Text mode diagrams using UTF-8 characters and fancy colors
diamond 4.0.515 2 Smart data producer for graphite graphing package
diblogeo 0.1.0rc3 2 Python Geolocation API
Dice3DS 0.13 2 Read, write, and manipulate 3DS files.
difflame 0.2.0 2 difflame is a tool to visualise differences using flame graphs
diffpy 1.0 2 Top-level namespace package for the DANSE-diffraction software
dipper 0.2.32 2 Library for transforming data from open genomic databases to RDF
discern 0.1.0 2 DISCERN is a method for identifying perturbations between two similar graphs. It takes in samples from two networks, and identifies which features are conditionally dependent on different features between the two
distanceclosure 0.3.6 2 Distance Closure on Complex Networks
DistributedPydap 0.0.4 2 Module that implements aggregation of a cluster of Pydap servers.
django-auto-mutations 0.0.1 2 Auto generate gql mutations for your models using graphene
django-biblio 0.2 2 django app for storing bibliographical references
django-brasil-municipios 0.6 2 A GeoDjango app with all Brazilian municipalities and their geographical polygons, with data downloaded from the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) website.
django-chemtrails 0.0.35.dev5 2 Graphing Django in Neo4j
django-codenerix-geodata 1.0.7 2 Codenerix Geodata is a module that enables CODENERIX to manage geographical data on serveral platforms in a general manner.
django-connections 0.1 2 Create, query and manage graphs of relationships between your Django models
django-crypto 0.2.0 2 Simple 2-way crypto functions for use with Django.
django-curator 0.1.1 2 Automatic Business Graphs for Django
django-dag 1.4.2 2 Directed Acyclic Graph implementation for Django 1.6+
django-dynamic-cabinetmaps 0.1.dev2 2 A lightweight dynamic create cabinet graph with django.
django-encrypted-model-fields 0.5.3 2 A set of django fields that internally are encrypted using the native python encryption library.
django-facebook 6.0.3 2 Facebook open graph API client in python. Enables django applications to register users using facebook. Fixes issues with the official but unsupported Facebook python-sdk. Enables mobile facebook authentication. Canvas page authentication for facebook applications. FQL access via the server side api.
django-facebook-api 0.6.8 2 Django implementation for Facebook Graph API
django-facebook-applications 0.6.0 2 Django implementation for Facebook Graph API Applications
django-facebook-pages 0.6.1 2 Django implementation for Facebook Graph API Pages
django-facebook-photos 0.5.2 2 Django implementation for Facebook Graph API Photos and Albums
django-facebook-posts 0.6.1 2 Django implementation for Facebook Graph API Posts
django-facebook-users 0.6.0 2 Django implementation for Facebook Graph API Users
django-flickr 0.3.5 2 Mirror your Flickr into Django.
django-gcharts 1.3 2 Provides a QuerySet, Manager and other tools for easy integration with the Google Visualization API
django-geo 0.8 2 A Django application which manage administrative geographical data.
django-geoportail 0.4.6 2 Add maps and photos from the French National Geographic Institute to GeoDjango
django-grafico-db 1.0 2 UNKNOWN
django-ibge 0.2 2 Django application to provide information from Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).
django-mapshop 0.3 2 Internet shop with geographic points
django-meta 1.4.1 2 Pluggable app for handling webpage meta tags and OpenGraph properties
django-nvd3 0.9.7 2 Django NVD3 - Chart Library for d3.js
django-publications-bootstrap 2.2.2 2 A Django app for managing scientific publications with a Bootstrap-powered UI.
django-redis-secure 1.1.1 2 Django caching plugin for django-redis that adds a Serializer class and configuration to support transparent, symmetrical encryption of cached values using the python cryptography library. This plugin also provides encryption for django-rq jobs by simply using the @secure_redis.secure_rq.job decorator to annotate the task method instead of using @django_rq.job.
django-sld 1.0.7 2 A simple django library that generates SLD documents from geographic models.
django-smarty 0.1.3 2 A Django template filter to convert ASCII punctuation into typographic punctuation HTML entities.
django-storelocator 0.1 2 Django Storelocator is a Django App for locating stores near a geographical location.
django-telemetry 0.1.1 2 Event-based reporting system for django - with queryset graphs
djangocms-page-meta 0.8.2 2 OpenGraph, Twitter Card and Google+ snippet tags for django CMS 3 pages
djangorestframework-gis 0.12 2 Geographic add-ons for Django Rest Framework
djio 0.0.5 2 Djiographic Information Systems
docker-panel 0.0.6 2 A graphical terminal control panel for Docker.
dot2tex 2.9.0 2 A Graphviz to LaTeX converter
dotfigure 0.4 2 DOT graph figures for reStructuredText
dotter 0.5.0 2 Dotter is a graphviz wrapper for Python 2 and 3
dpnewman 0.01 2 DP-Newman Graph Generative Model
drawSvg 1.0.2 2 This is a Python 3 library for programmatically generating SVG images (vector drawings) and rendering them or displaying them in an iPython notebook.
drymass 0.1.3 2 user-friendly quantitative phase imaging analysis
Dust 0.1a7 2 Blocking-resistant network protocol
dviplot 0.0.3 2 Plotting using DVIdraw
dwave-neal 0.2.0 2 General Ising graph simulated annealing solver
dwave-networkx 0.6.1 2 A NetworkX extension providing graphs and algorithms relevent to working with the D-Wave System
dwave_sage 0.1.1 2 General Ising graph simulated annealing solver
dynamic-search-number 1.0.6 2 A NetworkX package that computes mixed search number and edge search number.
dyplot 0.8.8 2 matplotlib-like plot functions for dygraphs.js and c3.js.
eagle 0.2 2 Eagle is an abstraction layer atop Graphical Toolkits focused on making simple applications easy to build while powerful in features.
eagle-gtk 0.7 2 Eagle is an abstraction layer atop Graphical Toolkits focused on making simple applications easy to build while powerful in features.
eagle-maemo 0.7 2 Eagle is an abstraction layer atop Graphical Toolkits focused on making simple applications easy to build while powerful in features.
easygui 0.98.1 2 EasyGUI is a module for very simple, very easy GUI programming in Python. EasyGUI is different from other GUI generators in that EasyGUI is NOT event-driven. Instead, all GUI interactions are invoked by simple function calls.
easygv 0.1.0 2 Define nodes and edges in an excel file and graph-style attributes in a yaml file with inheritence.
easykivy 0.96 2 EasyKivy provides an easy-to-use interface for simple GUI interaction with a user based on EasyGUI. EasyKivy, like EasyGUI, is different from other GUI generators in that EasyKivy is NOT event-driven. Instead, all GUI interactions are invoked by simple function calls.
EatLint 1.1.0 2 PyLint Summary and Graph Generators for Bitten.
eccw-gui 1.0.0 2 Exact Critical Coulomb Wedge - Graphical User Interface: tools to compute and display the exact solution of any parameter of Critical Coulomb Wedge
ecdsa 0.13 2 ECDSA cryptographic signature library (pure python)
ECLAIR 1.18 2 Robust inference of cell lineages from gene expression data via consensus clustering and the aggregation of ensembles of minimum spanning trees.
eclipseprofileselector 0.2.2 2 Manage separate Eclipse profiles and workspaces with a nice graphical user interface.
eddiebrowser 0.6.1 2 A CGI interface to browse RRD graphs of system statistics.
Editobj3 0.1 2 An automatic dialog box generator for Python objects, supporting multiple graphical backends: Qt, GTK and HTML (single-user or with multiple users).
eea.alchemy 7.0 2 EEA Alchemy allows you to bulk auto-discover geographical coverage, temporal coverage, keywords and more
eea.geotags 9.3 2 EEA Geotags package redefines the location field in Plone. Right now in Plone location field is a free text field. EEA Geotags lets you easy define locations using a map picker and geographical database.
EEGAnalyzer 0.1.0 2 Graphical interface merging the functions of Spyndle, PyBlockWork and EEG Navigator in one convenient interface, allowing to perform efficiently analysis of electroencephalographic data.
EEGNavigator 0.1.0.dev1 2 QT-based interface to visualize EDF/BDF electroencephalographic recordings using the Spyndle package.
EGEGrouper 0.7.1 2 Tool for grouping EGEG examinations
egegsignals 1.0.2 2 Package for processing EGG/EGEG signals
elaphe 0.6.0 2 Generates various barcodes using and PIL/Pillow
elaphe3 0.2.0 2 Generates various barcodes using and pillow.
elasticstats 0.3.1 2 elasticstats populates a Graphite server with stats from Elasticsearch
elen 0.1.0 2 Efficient Lexicographic Encoding of Numbers for Python
elsa-client 0.1.0 2 Service registration client for Cytoscape CI ELSA
emit 0.4.0 2 Build a graph to process streams
encryptedfiles 0.0.4 2 Secure and easy to use encrypted files for Python.
EnergyFlow 0.7.3 2 Python implementation of the Energy Flow basis
enigmamachine 1.0.1 2 Protect your correspondence from Allied spies!
esvg 0.1.1 2 esvg is a svg processing library for Python.
etao 0.6.0 2 Simple cryptanalysis library
etudier 0.0.3 2 Collect a citation graph from Google Scholar
evil 0.5 2 Expression eviluator
EvoDAG 0.12.11 2 Evolving Directed Acyclic Graph
exdesi 0.3 2 Design experiments to differentiate interaction graph models.
exif2timestream 0.3.1 2 exif2timestream: Rename image files into a timestream from exif data.
expr 0.0.1h 2 Draw little expression graphs; made to be hacked on.
EzCrypto 0.1b0 2 Easy to use wrapper around ryptographic libraries for Python
ezgpg 0.2.5 2 Simplified GPG UI
ezpz 0.1.2 2 Easy pan-zoom crop-resizing
ezvis3d 0.2.2 2 easy vis.js Graph3d js library wrapper, accessible from pandas dataframes in the IPython notebook
fa2 0.2 2 The fastest ForceAtlas2 algorithm for Python (and NetworkX)
fa2l 0.2 2 Force Atlas 2 graph layout
facebook-py 0.2 2 This client library is designed to support the Facebook Graph API and the official Facebook JavaScript SDK, which is the canonical way to implement Facebook authentication.
facebook-python-sdk 0.1 2 This client library is designed to support the Facebook Graph API and the official Facebook JavaScript SDK, which is the canonical way to implement Facebook authentication.
facebook-sdk 2.0.0 2 This client library is designed to support the Facebook Graph API and the official Facebook JavaScript SDK, which is the canonical way to implement Facebook authentication.
facebook-sdk-test 0.4.2 2 This client library is designed to support the Facebook Graph API and the official Facebook JavaScript SDK, which is the canonical way to implement Facebook authentication.
facebook2 2.2.1 2 This client library is designed to support the Facebook Graph API and the official Facebook JavaScript SDK, which is the canonical way to implement Facebook authentication.
FacebookSearch 0.0.3 2 A Python library to easily iterate public information found by the Facebook Graph API
facepy 1.0.9 2 Facepy makes it really easy to use Facebook's Graph API
facepy-pozytywnie 1.0.5 2 Facepy makes it really easy to interact with Facebook's Graph API
fastecdsa 1.6.3 2 Fast elliptic curve digital signatures 0.1 2 Python binding to Facebook Graph API
fbi 0.1a7 2 The password encryption utility
featherduster 0.1.42 2 An automated, modular cryptanalysis tool
FeatureServer 1.12 2 A server for geographic features on the web.
FFGo 1.12.5 2 A powerful graphical launcher for the FlightGear flight simulator
fifemon-probes-common 1.0.1 2 Common modules for Fifemon monitoring probes
filltex 1.2 2 Automatic queries to ADS and InSPIRE databases to fill LATEX bibliography
firehawk 0.3 2 Alternative graph parsing language and REPL for DataStax Enterprise (DSE)
flameprof 0.3 2 cProfile flamegraph generator
Flask-Neo4jDriver 0.2.0 2 Flask extension for official neo4j python driver.
flask-simple-login 0.0.1 2 Easily turn your python data into a flot graph in a static html file.
flownetpy 1.1.0 2 A package to simulate flow networks
fluid 0.1.7 2 Procedures to study geophysical fluids on Python.
Fold 0.1.2 2 A binary encoding scheme (optionally keyed)
folderify 1.2.0 2 A tool to generate pretty, beveled OSX folder icons.
font-ttfa 0.9.1 2 A command line TTFA table reporting tool for fonts hinted with ttfautohint
forgi 1.1 2 RNA Graph Library
fraciso 0.0.7 2 Algorithms for fractional graph isomorphism
freqens 0.0.3 2 Library for performing frequency analysis to different formats
friction 0.8.1 2 a browser-based gallery viewer tailored for viewing large collections of pornographic manga
frida-android-M2Crypto 0.27.0 2 M2Crypto: A Python crypto and SSL toolkit
frog 2.2.1 2 Improved and extended turtle graphics like module
fugue-icons 3.5.6 2 Fugue Icons packaged for simple use in web apps.
fullerene 0.1 2 A Graphite fontend
fullmarks.tinymceplugins.asciisvg 1.3 2 ASCIISvg Plugin for TinyMCE in Plone for drawing a graph of function in SVG
g2p-seq2seq 6.0.0a0 2 Grapheme to phoneme module based on Seq2Seq
g3py 2 Generalized Graphical Gaussian Processes
galena 0.3 2 Dumb but useful graphite/carbon client.
galxe 0.0.3 2 graph algorithm c extensions for python
gampc 0.2.9 2 Graphical Asynchronous Music Player Client
gasp 0.3.3 2 GASP provides a simple, procedural graphics API for beginning students using Python
gastrodon 0.9.3 2 Toolkit to display, analyze, and visualize data and documents based on RDF graphs and the SPARQL query language using Pandas, Jupyter, and other Python ecosystem tools.
Gato 1.2.2 2 Graph Animation Toolbox: animating algorithms on graphs
GBpy 0.1.1 2 GBpy is an opensource python package for calculating the geometric properties of interfaces in crystals.
gc-facebook-sdk 3.0.0a0 2 This client library is designed to support the Facebook Graph API and the official Facebook JavaScript SDK, which is the canonical way to implement Facebook authentication.
gcaff 0.4 2 graphical OpenPGP signing assistant
gco-wrapper 3.0.2rc2 2 pyGCO: a python wrapper for the graph cuts package
gdaltokmz 1.0 2 Allows conversion from GDAL-supported raster geographic formats to the KMZ format used by the free Google Earth client.
gdbwrap 0.0.2 2 Wrapper for graph database queries.
gdflib 0.0.1 2 Library to save graph GDF files
Gecco 0.2.3 2 Generic Environment for Context-Aware Correction of Orthography
gee 5 2 gee (good enough encryption): the simplest possible encryption tool for single files.
GEMEditor 0.4.0 2 A graphical editor for the reconstruction, annotation and testing of genome-scale models
gemmi 0.1.2 2 General MacroMolecular I/O
geo-pass 0.2.11 2 A REST API for geographic elements through Overpass and OpenStreetMap
geo_hood 0.2 2 Preprocessing geographic consumer data for P&G\s hadoop cluster
geocoord 1.0.0 2 A python library for get geographic coordinates from city name.
geofdw 0.0.3 2 Foreign Data Wrappers for PostGIS
geoffrey-snakefood 0.0.1 2 Python Dependency Graphs
geojson 2.3.0 2 Python bindings and utilities for GeoJSON
geolambert 0.1.1 2 A Python library and provides functions to covert geographical corrdinates from LambertIIe/Lambert93 systems to WGS84
geolucidate 0.4 2 Parse free-form geographic coordinates in text, and automatically generate links and metadata.
Geometry 0.0.23 2 Geometry the python way.
geomi 0.0.0.dev0 2 Planar, solid and higher dimensional geometry.
geomidpoint 0.2.0 2 Geographic Midpoint Ranker
geopandas 0.3.0 2 Geographic pandas extensions
geoplotlib 0.3.2 2 python toolbox for geographic visualizations
geopy 1.12.0 2 Python Geocoding Toolbox
geoql 2 Library for performing queries and transformations on GeoJSON data (with emphasis on support for abstract graph representations).
georaster 1.25 2 easy processing and analysis of geographic and projected rasters in Python
geordi 0.3 2 A Django middleware for interactive profiling
geoselect 0.2.2 2 A script to select photos from a set, based on geographical location.
geotweet 0.2.7 2 Fetch geographic tweets from Twitter Streaming API
getbib 1.0.7 2 Pulls an author's bibliography from Westlaw.
geventhttpclient-facebook 0.4.4 2 Port of the original facebook sdk <>to use geventhttpclient <>This client library is designed to support the Facebook Graph API and the official Facebook JavaScript SDK, which is the canonical way to implement Facebook authentication.
gexdat 0.2 2 An easy way to write gephi style gexf graph files
gfapy 1.0.0 2 Library for handling data in the GFA1 and GFA2 formats
gisrastertools 0.1 2 Tools for working with Geographical Information System Rasters
git-annex-metadata-gui 0.2.0 2 Graphical interface for git-annex metadata commands
GitHubTextArt 1.0 2 Draw text in your GitHub contribution graph
gitink 0.2.0 2 ASCII to SVG Git log graph visualizer.
GKextCPy 0.3.0 2 Graph Kernels: building the extension Python module. This is a wrapper package from C++ to Python.
glitter 0.1.7 2 Intuitive OpenGL wrappers
glow-navigator 1.21.5 2 Tool for navigating Glow object relationships
glumpy 1.0.6 2 Fast, scalable & beautiful scientific visualisation
gmapsbounds 0.2.0 2 Extract Lat/Lng boundary points of geographical regions from Google Maps
GMM 0.3.3 2 This package provides a basic framework and supporting functionality for generating network structure network structure using graph motifs.
gnowsys-studio 2 A collaborative blogspace for constructing and publishing semantic knowledge networks and ontologies
gns3-gui 2.1.4 2 GNS3 graphical interface for the GNS3 server.
GOcats 1.1.3a0 2 A tool for categorizing Gene Ontology into subgraphs of user-defined emergent concepts
goenrich 1.10.1 2 GO enrichment with python -- pandas meets networkx
golumn 0.20.2 2 Graphical CSV viewer. `column` with a "g"
GonulluGUI 1.0 2 Graphical user interface for Gonullu.
google-scholar-scraper 0.2 2 Python library for scraping Google Scholar.
gos 0.1.3 2 Generically organizable supervisor to create multi-level executable pipelines
gos-asm 0.0.0a0 2 Multi-genome gene order based assembler
Goulib 1.9.22 2 library of useful Python code for scientific + technical applications
gpalign 0.2.1 2 Unsupervised grapheme-phoneme aligner for Japanese
gpcharts v1.3.3 2 A Google Charts API for Python and Jupyter
gpg 1.10.0 2 Python bindings for GPGME GnuPG cryptography library
gprof2dot 2017.9.19 2 Generate a dot graph from the output of several profilers.
gpu-info 2.0.1 2 An intuitive and Pythonic GPU interface.
GpxImageLinkifier 0.1.2 2 Links GPX tracks to photographs by matching the image timestamp (in the EXIF data) to the timestamp in the GPX track supplied.
gqblog 0.0.1 2 A blog demo use graphql
gql-checker 0.1 2 Flake8 and pylama plugin that checks gql GraphQL calls.
graf 0.1.2 2 Light weight numpy, scipy, and matplotlib wrapper
graf-python 0.3.1 2 Python implementation of the Graph Annotation Framework (GrAF)
grafeo 0.0.3 2 grafeo: Cryptographically authenticated supply chain storage protocol
grakn 0.9.0 2 A Python client for Grakn
grapa 2 Grapa - graphing and photovoltaics analysis
grass 0.1.2 2 Annotation of de novo assemblies using semi-supervised learning on graphs
GraTeLPy 2 Graph theoretic linear stability analysis
gris 0.5.0 2 parser of RIS and WOK bibliography file format
groot 2 Generate N-rooted fusion graphs from genomic data.
gstatsd 0.6 2 A statsd service and client in Python + gevent
GstEditor 0.1.0 2 GStreamer Graphical Pipeline Editor
gsw 3.2.0 2 Gibbs Seawater Oceanographic Package of TEOS-10
gtabview 0.8 2 A simple graphical tabular data viewer
guessproj 0.5 2 Script for guessing parameters of cartographic projection
guibible 0.1.4 2 Simple GUI for the Bible
guidata 1.7.6 2 Automatic graphical user interfaces generation for easy dataset editing and display
gviz_data_table 1.0.2 2 Python API for Google Visualization
gvjinja 0.9b2 2 gvjinja - create Graphviz directed graphs for jinja templates
gvmagic 0.4 2 Graphviz IPython magic commands
gwr 1.0.0 2 geographically weighted regression
halide 0.2 2 Python bindings for Halide image processing language
hanselx 0.0.7 2 A graph-inspired data structure for determining likely chains of sequences from breadcrumbs of evidence
hdsubnetfinder 0.2.2 2 Heat Diffusion Sub-network Finder
HeiankyoView 1.0 2 A fast algorithm to visualize tree structures
helixpc 1.2.1 2 Automisation of graph generation for gene FC databases.
hetio 0.2.7 2 Hetnets in Python
hg-branchlog 0.0.3 2 Modified hg graphlog command.
hgm 0.5.4 2 Hyper-graph matching API
Hiku 0.4.1 2 Library to implement Graph APIs
hikvision_client 0.5 2 A graphical client software for Hikvision (and other RTSP-enabled) IP cameras
Hipshot 1.0 2 Hipshot converts a video file or series of photographs into a single image simulating a long-exposure photograph.
historical_ciphers 0.1 2 Python library for encrypting, decrypting, and hacking historical ciphers.
honeybadgerbft 0.0.0 2 The Honey Badger of BFT Protocols
hopcroftkarp 1.2.4 2 Implementation of HopcroftKarp's algorithm
hrs 1.2.2 2 High Resolution Spectrograph (2.16m) Reduction pipeline.
http_signature 0.1.4 2 Simple secure signing for HTTP requests using http-signature
huest 0.2.0 2 HoUnsfield ESTimate
humancrypto 0.5.0 2 Cryptography for Humans
hvnpyhash 0.8.1 2 Python Non-cryptographic Hash Library
hybrid-crypto 0.1.0-dev 2 Python module which exposes a simple hybrid cryptography abstraction on top of KeyCzar and pycrypto.
hydroffice.soundspeed 2017.0.0 2 A library and an application to manage sound speed profiles.
hygdas 0.0.1 2 Hypergraph Database Management System
hyo.bag 0.5.3 2 A package to manage Bathymetric Attributed Grid (BAG) data files.
hyo.bagexplorer 0.5.1 2 An application to browse and manage BAG files.
hyo.soundspeed 2018.1.1 2 A library and an application to manage sound speed profiles.
hyperspyUI 1.0.1 2 Hyperspy Graphical User Interface
hyphe-traph 1.0.0 2 A Trie/Graph hybrid memory structure used by the Hyphe crawler to index pages & webentities.
icenine 0.1.0a2 2 A graphical Ethereum cold storage wallet
idlewild 0.4.0 2 GraphQL IDL Parser
ig-cpp 0.1.9 2 A tool to visualize include graphs for C++ projects
iggy 1.4.1 2 A tool for consistency based analysis of influence graphs and observed systems behavior.
imagepreview 0.0.1 2 Image Preview creation python library to create low footprint image previews, convenient to use as base64 data in your REST / GraphQL API payload.
ImageProcess 0.4 2 A graphical interface to manipulate images
img-pipe 2017.9.26.1 2 Image processing pipeline for localization and identification of electrodes for electrocorticography
Impromptu 0.2 2 A graphical teleprompter-like scrolling HTML text display
ingranalyze 1.5.3 2 Influence graph analysis, consistency check, diagnosis, repair and prediction.
intermake 2 Automated run-time generation of user interfaces from Python code - command-line-args, CLI, python-interactive, python-scripted, graphical (Qt GUI)
iocontrol 1.0 2 Graphical hardware perpheral access using MPIO
IOHMM 0.0.2 2 A python library for Input Output Hidden Markov Models
ipyleaflet 0.7.2 2 A Jupyter widget for dynamic Leaflet maps
ipympl 0.1.0 2 Matplotlib Jupyter Extension
IPython-Dashboard 0.1.5 2 An stand alone, light-weight web server for building, sharing graphs in created in ipython. Let ipython do what it focus, let this do what everyone needs for building a interactive, collaborated and real-time streaming dashboards.
irco 0.10.2 2 International Research Collaboration Graphs
ircstat 0.1.1 2 generate statistics and graphs from IRC channel logs
isbnlib-bnf 0.0.1 2 A plugin for isbnlib that pulls metadata from BnF Catalogue Général (France).
isbnlib-loc 0.0.1 2 A plugin for isbnlib that pulls metadata from LoC (Library of Congress US).
isbnlib-porbase 0.1.1 2 A plugin for isbnlib that pulls metadata from porbase ( Portugal).
isogeo-pysdk 2.18.0.post491 2 Abstraction class to use Isogeo REST API
isoprene-pumpjack 0.0.5 2 Backend for synaptic-scout; request data from Neo4j, perform searches in Elastic, and pump data between the two.
itk-ringartifact 0.1.1 2 ITK filters to reduce stripe artifacts or ring artifacts common in x-ray computed tomography, focused ion beam images, etc.
IVisual-alt 0.2.4 2 VPython visual inline for IPython Notebook
Ivolution 0.5.1 2 Timelapse creation using Face Recognition
ivre 0.9.9 2 Network recon framework
jag 0.0.0 2 Just Another Graph
jaidegui 1.0.0 2 A graphical tool for manipulating Junos devices.
jaraco.geo 1.3.1 2 Geographic coordinates package
jenkviz 0.3.2 2 Crawl a jenkins build and report stats and graphs about the build flow.
jgtextrank 0.1.1 2 Yet another Python implementation of TextRank: package for the creation, manipulation, and study of TextRank algorithm based keywords extraction and summarisation
jsonchkstore 0.99f5191420dd2749efb3a7c54a9280183983f485 2 Persistent directed acyclic graph storage with JSON and binary blobs using chkstore.
jsonpickle 0.9.6 2 Python library for serializing any arbitrary object graph into JSON
jupyter_latex_envs 1.4.4 2 Jupyter notebook extension which supports (some) LaTeX environments within markdown cells. Also provides support for labels and crossreferences, document wide numbering, bibliography, and more...
jwalk 0.5.3 2 Representational learning on graphs
k5viz 1.0 2 k5viz is a simple application that can read in a k5 file or JSON graph file and visualize the Deep Learning neural network for you
kafx 1.6.2 2 A software for creating Karaoke Effects (vector graphics animation on video)
kaiso 0.40.0 2 A queryable object persistence and relationship framework based on the Neo4j graph database.
kalipto 0.1 2 A steganographic chat over social media
kedo-facebook-sdk 2 This client library is designed to support the Facebook Graph API and the official Facebook JavaScript SDK, which is the canonical way to implement Facebook authentication.
keras-datasets 0.1.1a1 2 A package to download common deep learning and machine datasets, convert them in hdf5 format in order to be in your Keras graph with a queue runner
keylib 0.1.1 2 Library for creating and working with private keys, public keys, and bitcoin addresses.
kivy-garden 0.1.4 2 Garden tool for kivy flowers.
KlassiKrypto 0.2.3 2 A collection of classic ciphers
Krypto4Nazis 0.1.3 2 Tools for securely transmitting A-Z messages
kryptomime 0.4.1 2 Python support for E-Mail kryptography
labelImg 1.6.0 2 LabelImg is a graphical image annotation tool and label object bounding boxes in images
lapsolver 1.0.2 2 Fast linear assignment problem solvers
larray-editor 0.28 2 Graphical User Interface for LArray library
lassie 0.11.5 2 Lassie is a Python library for retrieving basic content from websites
latexfixer 0.2.1 2 Transform unicode text into typographically more correct LaTeX compatible unicode.
latimes-pluggablemaps-lametrorail 0.1 2 L.A. Times Pluggable Maps: L.A. Metro Rail
latimes-pluggablemaps-uscounties alpha-0.1.8 2 L.A. Times Pluggable Maps: U.S. Counties
latimes-pluggablemaps-usstates 0.1 2 L.A. Times Pluggable Maps: U.S. States
LatLon 1.0.2 2 Methods for representing geographic coordinates
LatLon23 1.0.7 2 Methods for representing geographic coordinates
Ldtools 0.8.1 2 A lightweight ORM for Linked Data: Consume Linked Data resources, modify the graph and write the changes back to their original source
legendarium 2.0.2 2 Python library to handle SciELO's bibliographic legend
lexpy 0.8 2 Python package for lexicon.
lfp-reader 2.0.0 2 LFP (Light Field Photography) File Reader
libpgm 1.3 2 A library for creating and using probabilistic graphical models
ligeos 0.1.1 2 A library for linear referencing on linestrings, including geographic calculations.
light-compositing 0.0.1 2 An implementation based on the paper: Image Compositing for Photographic Lighting.
lightbulb 0.1d 2 A Git-powered, Neo4j-backed blog engine for Heroku
lightdrop 0.1d 2 A social-static hybrid blog engine for Bulbs
lightsocket 0.1dev-20110925 2 A lightweight ZeroMQ socket server for the JVM (currently written in Jython).
liveplot 0.1.2 2 System for minimal hassle, on-the-fly, dataset visualization
lockbox 0.1 2 User-friendly symmetric-key cryptography
lockdown 0.4.0 2 An un-audited security tool to encrypt Python code.
loggerloader 0.1.0 2 Interface with xle files; analyze hydrographs; plot hydrographs
LogWatcher 1.1.1 2 LogWatcher Daemon
logwatcher-kafka-plugin 1.0 2 LogWatcher Plugin for Sending log lines to a Kafka Topic
lokey 0.5.0 2 A tool to convert between different cryptographic key formats
lshknn 0.1.2 2 k nearest neighbor (KNN) graphs via Pearson correlation distance and local sensitive hashing (LSH).
Luhn_Algorithm_Validator 1.0.2 2 Luhn Account Number Validator
M2Crypto 0.29.0 2 M2Crypto: A Python crypto and SSL toolkit
magento-python 0.1.0 2 API wrapper for Magento Graph written in Python
mapnik 0.1 2 Python bindings for Mapnik
maraithal 0.5 2 Implementation of LSB Steganography to hide texts in images
marc2bib 0.1.4 2 Easily convert MARC bibliographic records to BibTeX entries
markdown_doi 1.0.4 2 Convert doi:10.xxxxx/xxxx to nice bibliographic metadata
MarkovEquClasses 1.0.1 2 Algorithms for exploring Markov equivalence classes: MCMC, size counting
marvin 0.6.2 2 A program to aid crystallography construct design.
maticv 0.0.2 2 MATICV is an automated test framework that uses the visual image matching method to automate graphical user interface (GUI).
MCL_Markov_Cluster 0.3 2 Markov Cluster algorithm implementation
mcview 0.4.3 2 A 3D / graph event viewer for high-energy physics event simulations
mcviz 2014.12.21 2 mcviz
MedPy 0.3.0 2 Medical image processing in Python
meerkat 0.3 2 A program for reciprocal space reconstruction
megdata 1.0.2 2 Python MEG data readers
memprof 0.3.4 2 A memory profiler for Python. As easy as adding a decorator.
meneco-gui 1.1 2 A graphical user interface for meneco.
mensor 0.0.1 2 A dynamic graph-based metric computation engine.
mental 0.2.0 2 Mental poker implementation
metadata_parser 0.9.18 2 A module to parse metadata out of urls and html documents
metaviz 0.0.7 2 Metabolic pathway visualisation using BioCyc API and GraphViz
MetisReader 0.1.0 2 Metis graph reader.
metonym 0.2 2 Getting better path similarity measures from wordnet by graphing the synsets
metrics-migration 0.1.2 2 a simple tool to help you migrate graphite metrics
metrohash 0.0.13 2 Python bindings for MetroHash, a fast non-cryptographic hash algorithm
mgtoolkit 1.0.6 2 This is a Python package for implementing metagraphss.
mgvis 2 A version of vis.js for use with :library:`mgraph`.
microbar 0.3.1 2 Low-pressure bar graphs for Python.
microdrop 2.0.post115.dev9233482 2 Microdrop is a graphical user interface for the DropBot Digital Microfluidics control system
minc 0.0.0 2 MIscreaNt Cryptotool
minorminer 0.1.3 2 heuristic algorithm to find graph minor embeddings
miscreant 0.3.0 2 Misuse-resistant authenticated symmetric encryption
MnemoPwd 1.2.0 2 A client-server application to store secret information
mode 1.9.2 2 AsyncIO Service-based programming.
Model-Builder 0.4.8 2 Model Builder is a graphical ODE simulator
ModernGL 5.0.4 2 ModernGL: High performance rendering for Python 3
ModernGL-beta 5.0.2 2 ModernGL: PyOpenGL alternative
modoboa-stats 1.4.0 2 Graphical statistics for Modoboa
mogwai 0.7.7 2 Titan Object-Graph Mapper (OGM)
moira-client 2.1.1 2 Client for Moira - Alerting system based on Graphite data
MorphoTester 1.0.1 2 A scientific computing application for measuring topographic shape in 3D anatomical data.
MorseStation 1.0.1 2 Tool for converting A-Z 0-9 messages into Morse code Wave files
mtt 0.0.0 2 Maastricht Tractography Toolbox
mujpy 1.0.1 2 A Python MuSR data analysis graphical interface based on classes, designed for jupyter.
Multiplayer_Hangman 1.2 2 New version with asccii graphics.
multiplexcd 1.1 2 Functions to peform multiplex community detection
multitude 0.1.0 2 A couple of useful data structures
mungempo 0.1 2 Commandline tool/module for extracting stereo images from.MPO format files
mview 0.1.3 2 Package to show graphic view of pandas.DataFrame.
nasalgeom 1.0.0 2 A free 3D upper respiratory tract geometry reconstruction software
nautilus 0.5.2 2 A library for creating event-driven microservice applications
nautilus-registry 0.1.7 2 A module for powering a nautilus application with a service registry.
nautilus-reigstry 0.1.0 2 A module for powering a nautilus application with a service registry.
ndmg 0.1.0 2 Neuro Data MRI to Graphs Pipeline
neo4j-driver 1.5.3 2 Neo4j Bolt driver for Python
neo4j-embedded 1.9.c2 2 Bindings for the embedded version of the neo4j graph database.
neo4jdb 0.0.9 2 DB API 2.0 driver for the Neo4j graph database.
neo4jrestclient 2.1.1 2 Object-oriented Python library to interact with Neo4j standalone REST server
neo4jupyter 0.1.1 2 A neo4j visualizer for Jupyter
neoalchemy 0.8.0b7 2 A microframework for Neo4J inspired by SQLAlchemy.
neodjango 0.0.8 2 A Django/Neo4j ORM layer.
neonx 0.1.1 2 Handles conversion of date from NetworkX graph to Neo4j
Netbase 0.1.23 2 Netbase : Wikidata World Graph
netCDF4 1.3.1 2 Provides an object-oriented python interface to the netCDF version 4 library.
netjson_robustness 0.1.1 2 A library to perform some robustness analysis on NetJSON-defined graphs
network-topology 0.2.1 2 Simplify overlapping lines into a single graph
networkit 4.5 2 NetworKit is a toolbox for high-performance network analysis
networkl 0.2.13 2 NetworkL is a Python package which extends the scope of the NetworkX package to eXtra-Large time-varying graphs. It supports the manipulation and efficient longitudinal analysis of complex networks
neuronvisio 0.9.1 2 Neuronvisio is a Graphical User Interface for NEURON simulator environment
niceware 0.2.1 2 Convert cryptographic keys to human-readable phrases, or generate random-yet-memorable passphrases
nik2img 0.8.0 2 A command line style renderer for the Mapnik C++/Python mapping toolkit
nngt 0.9.dev3 2 Package to study structure and activity in neuronal networks
NodeBox 1.9.1 2 Simple application for creating 2-dimensional graphics and animation using Python code
nodebox-opengl 1.6.1 2 NodeBox for OpenGL is a free, cross-platform library for generating 2D animations with Python programming code.
noiseprotocol 0.2.1 2 Implementation of Noise Protocol Framework
norman 0.7.2 2 Norman is a framework for advanced data structures in python using an database-like approach. The range of potential applications is wide, for example in-memory databases, multi-keyed dictionaries or node graphs.
nose-pynotify 0.5 2 Plugin for nose to use pynotify for graphical notifications
nrefocus 0.1.8 2 numerical focusing (refocusing, autofocusing) of complex wave fields
nucosCR 0.2.7 2 nucosCR - convenient python crypto-tools
numeter-vera-modules 0.0.5 2 Numeter Vera Poller modules
numex 2 A quick-and-easy explorer for numerical data.
nvector 0.5.2 2 Solves all kinds of geographical position calculations.
nx_spatial 0.6dev 2 Additional GIS focused functions for networkx graphs.
nxanimate 0.1 2 Graph algorithms animation tool. Like Gato, but based on NetworkX.
nxbimatch 0.20130323 2 generation of matchings in bipartite graphs
nxpydot 0.1 2 Wrapper round pydotplus to make it work with NetworkX
nxsvg 0.1pre 2 Native SVG rendering of NetworkX Graphs
nxviz 0.3.6 2 Graph Visualization Package
nymp 0.0.2 2 A graphical xmms2 cli frontend. It is library focused and provides a tree view on your collection
oceansdb 0.8.3 2 Package to subsample ocean climatologies and reference data.
OceanSound 0.1.4 2 Get the music from oceancolor images, through MODIS satellite
octogrid 1.3.0 2 GitHub following network visualizer for Humans
ocupy 0.1 2 Oculography Analysis Toolbox
odl 0.6.0 2 Operator Discretization Library
odl_cfg_analysis 0.1.1 2 Small utility visualizing ODLs config subsystem dependencies by parsing xml based config files
odlemrecon 0.1.0 2 ODL bindings for EMRecon
odoo10-addon-bi-view-editor 2 Graphical BI views builder for Odoo
odoo8-addon-base-module-doc-rst 2 Modules Technical Guides in RST and Relationship Graphs
odoo8-addon-bi-view-editor 2 Graphical BI views builder for Odoo 8
odoo9-addon-bi-view-editor 2 Graphical BI views builder for Odoo
odtbrain 0.1.8 2 Algorithms for diffraction tomography
og-fetcher 0.3 2 Open Graph Fetcher
og-parser 0.0.7 2 A simple OPEN GRAPH parser
Omak 0.2.1 2 Gremlin for Python
omnicanvas 0.3.0 2 A Python generic canvas which can paint itself to SVG etc.
onc 1.22 2 Ocean 2.0 API Python Client Library.
onto2nx 0.1.0 2 A package for parsing ontologies into NetworkX graphs
ontobio 0.2.33 2 Library for working with OBO Library Ontologies and associations
oogli 0.1.0 2 Oogli is a beautiful object oriented graphics library interface
oopycql 1.1.4a3 2 An object oritneted interface for the cypher query language
openalea.container 0.1.0 2 Set of data structures used in openalea such as : graph, grid, topomesh
openbiblio 0.4.1 2 RDF Open Source Bibliographic Catalogue System
OpenGLContext 2.3.0b1 2 Demonstration and testing contexts for PyOpenGL/OpenGL-ctypes
OpenGLContext_qt 1.0.0a3 2 PyQt4/PySide context for OpenGLContext
openkremlin 0.2 2 Free program to decrypt .kgb archives
openQCD-input-file-editor 0.2 2 An input file editor with a graphical user interface for the openQCD lattice QCD simulation program
opensesame-windows-launcher 0.4.2 2 A graphical experiment builder for the social sciences
opentimestamps 0.2.1 2 Create and verify OpenTimestamps proofs
opentimestamps-client 0.5.1 2 Command-line tool to create and verify OpenTimestamps proofs
openvr 1.0.1201 2 Valve OpenVR SDK python bindings using ctypes
ophion 0.0.6 2 A Graph Database client library
opusxml 0.0.0 2 Python library to read and convert OPUSXML files.
ORCSchlange 0.7.1 2 Create a nice static publishing websites from ORCIDs.
organdesigner 1.1.0 2 Graphical editor for GENPO organ description files
Original-Gamer-s-Client 0.4.7 2 Graphical, Scriptable, Python MUD Client
osbpy 2.1.0 2 Simple library for osu! storyboarding
outfancy 0.6.0 2 Python3 library to print tables in Terminal.
p01.statsd 0.5.0 2 Statsd client and server implementation 0.9 2 p5.js but in python! Uses simlar (mostly the same) syntax
packdeps 0.1.0.dev1 2 Graph Python packages dependencies
packmap 0.0.1 2 A utility to discover all package dependencies for a specific Python package
pairplotr 1.2.3 2 Pairplotr is a Python library used to graph combinations of numerical and categorical data in a pair plot
Panda3D 1.9.4 2 Latest stable release, Python 2 only
pandas3js 0.2.0 2 a pandas dataframe interface for traitlets and pythreejs
panddas 0.2.11 2 Multi-dataset crystallographic analyses
paragrep 3.1.3 2 Print paragraphs matching regular expressions
parawrap 1.0 2 Paragraph wrapping and filling.
parsl-dag-vis 0.1.6 2 DAG visualization code to be run from Jupyter notebooks to visualize data flow dependency graphs of workflows
parvusdb 0.0.22 2 A lightweight in-memory graph database
passcat 0.1.1 2 Passcat lets you generate cryptographically secure, memorable passphrases.
pathos 0.2.1 2 parallel graph management and execution in heterogeneous computing
pbp 0.3.2 2 simple crypto tool
pCanary 0.0.5 2 pCanary is a opensource recipe and ore lookupapplication for Minecraft
pcr 0.8.0 2 Python 3 Cryptography Toolkit
pdfrw 0.4 2 PDF file reader/writer library
peachy 0.1.0 2 A python3 game development framework
peartree 0.2.0 2 Peartree is a library for converting GTFS to directed graphs.
peep 3.1.2 2 A "pip install" that is cryptographically guaranteed repeatable
pem 17.1.0 2 Easy PEM file parsing in Python.
pencil 0.7 2 Dumb but useful wrapper around Graphite URL API.
Penman 0.6.2 2 PENMAN notation for graphs (e.g. AMR).
percolate 0.4.6 2 A scientific Python package for Monte Carlo simulation of percolation on graphs
persons 0.2a0 2 Graph-based author disambiguation. Identifies distinct persons by matching forenames and surnames. Supports known persons, year data, and others.
petersburg 0.0.1 2 A simple framework for analyzing probabalistic decision processes as directed graphs
pg 0.1 2 Python OpenGL Graphics Framework
pgmpy 0.1.6 2 A library for Probabilistic Graphical Models
pgpdump 1.5 2 PGP packet parser library
pgpdump3 1.5.2 2 PGP packet parser library
pgpmsg 1.1 2 OpenPGP (RFC2440) message parser
phe 1.3.1 2 Partially Homomorphic Encryption library for Python
phgeograpy 1.0.0 2 A python package that lists regions, provinces, and cities/municipalities in the Philippines
photobackup_bottle 0.1.2 2 The simplest PhotoBackup server, made with bottle
photocollage 1.4.4 2 Graphical tool to make photo collage posters
photoREPL 0.0.3 2 Experimental CLI/GUI hybrid raw photo editor
photowrench 0.1.0 2 Tool to perform photography related tasks
phovea_data_mongo 0.1.0 2 Data provider plugin for loading graph data stored in a MongoDB.
PhysicalTurtle 0.4 2 Physical characteristics for turtle graphics
physplt 0.1 2 A collection of functions to obscure the matplotlib code needed to plot standard physics graphs
pi-annotations 0.1.0 2 An app to create per-paragraph comments on content (created via Blogging App)
pi3d 2.22 2 pi3d OpenGLES2 3D graphics library
pickpeak 0.0.10 2 PickPeak: a PyQtGraph-based tool for fast peak selections of spectrum ploats.
picsort 1.0 2 Safely de-duplicate and sort files
pijaz-sdk 0.1 2 Pijaz Platform Software Development Kit
pingwatcher 0.1 2 simple latency grapher
pip-spark 0.1 2 Graphing on the command line, from Holman
pipviewer 0.3.9 2 graphically display conservation on a multiple alignment
pkg-deps 1.0.3 2 Print dependency info in graph form and check for problems
Plainsight 1.1.2 2 A textual steganography tool to defeat censorship.
planarity 0.4.1 2 Graph planarity tools.
plorts 0.3 2 Graphing wrapper around matplotlib
plotdevice 0.10.0 2 Create two-dimensional graphics and animations with code
plotexplorer_gui 0.4.1 2 A wxpython/matplotlib script for plotting and contrasting a collection of graphs
plotly 2.5.0 2 Python plotting library for collaborative, interactive, publication-quality graphs.
plotly_modified 0.1.2 2 Python plotting library for collaborative, interactive, publication-quality graphs.
plotnine 0.3.0 2 A grammar of graphics for python
plover 4.0.0.dev7 2 Open Source Stenography Software
PLUIE 0.89 2 a GUI for Python, via IE with Pywin32
PLUIE-new-realease 0.5 2 a GUI for Python, via IE with Pywin32
PLUIE-new-realease-0.5 0.5 2 a GUI for Python, via IE with Pywin32
pOFCy 0.1 2 Python library for Open Flash Chart
polybius 1.0 2 The Polybius Square Encipher/Decipher
polyplot 0.0.0 2 awesome plotting wrapper for python
pom 0.0.0 2 BUILD graph validate rules plugin for pants build
pomegranate 0.9.0 2 Pomegranate is a graphical models library for Python, implemented in Cython for speed.
poulpe 0.0.5 2 Automatic criminal analysis graph generator
ppgplot 1.3 2 Python / Numeric-Python bindings for PGPLOT
ppgr 0.5.0 2 Python Piped GRapher
pplot 1.1.2 2 This module can be used to create high-quality, presentation-ready X-Y graphs quickly and easily
prefixcommons 0.1.4 2 Library for working CURIEs
printdevDAG 0.1 2 facilities for printing a device graph
probebase 0.1.1 2 Base for monitoring probe
Products.RefBiblioParser 1.2 2 Addon for CMFBibliographyAT to parse/export REF files.
profiler_online 2.2 2 profile python app online, Display FlameGraph in a browser
projx 0.3.6 2 Graph transformations in Python
protector 0.6.0 2 A circuit breaker for Time series databases like InfluxDB that prevents expensive queries
prov 1.5.2 2 A library for W3C Provenance Data Model supporting PROV-JSON, PROV-XML and PROV-O (RDF)
provneo4j 0.3 2 Neo4j PROV API client
prsa 0.21 2 Public Encryption Command Line Utility
psclient 2.0 2 Predictive Services Management Client
psquery 2.0 2 Predictive Services Query Client
pstats-view 0.1 2 A Graphical Viewer for CProfile Output
psyplot_gui 1.0.1 2 Graphical user interface for the psyplot package
ptm-annotator 0.2.0 2 PTM-annotator is an open source cross-platform Python library to annotate and graphically analyze PTM search results.
pubs 0.7.0 2 command-line scientific bibliography manager
Pump3000 1.0 2 Pump3000: A Graphical User Interface for controlling Cavro XP3000 pumps 0.2 2 Command line utility to create a punchcard graph
py-algorithms 0.25.0 2 Library of Algorithms, Data Structures, variety of solutions to common CS problems.
py-dag 3.0.1 2 Directed acyclic graph implementation
py-deps 0.5.5 2 parsing the Python deps and generating graph data
py-encryption 0.1.1 2 Simple Encryption in Python.
py-lorem 1.2 2 Generate mock sentences/paragraphs with the Lorem Ipsum prose
py-pgp 0.0.1 2 A Python implementation of OpenPGP
py-sparkblocks 1.0.1 2 Util for generating unicode text based sparkline bargraphs from lists of numbers
py-tree 1.0.1 2 A command line tool for generating text-based graphcial representation of file hierarchies.
py2cytoscape 0.6.2 2 Utilities to use Cytoscape and Cytoscape.js from Python
pyagrum 2 pyAgrum is a Python wrapper for the C++ aGrUM library
PyAlgDat 1.0.2 2 Various data structures and algorithms.
pyalgs 0.0.13 2 Python implementation of algorithms on string handling, data structure, graph processing, etc
pyang-jsontree-plugin 0.1 2 A pyang plugin to produce a JSON representation of module trees for use in graph libraries
pyARGO 0.0.4 2 Python package to handle Argo profiles.
PyBEL 0.11.1 2 Parsing, validation, and data exchange of BEL graphs
pybgfx 1.0.1.dev4 2 Python bindings for bgfx.
pybibframe 1.0.1 2 Python tools for BIBFRAME (Bibliographic Framework), a Web-friendly framework for bibliographic descriptions in libraries, for example.
pyblish-lite 0.8.0 2 Lightweight graphical user interface to Pyblish
pyboo 1.0.0 2 A Python package to compute bond orientational order parameters
pybtex 0.21 2 A BibTeX-compatible bibliography processor in Python
pycaesar 0.2.2 2 Simple caesar cipher
pycayley 0.4.2 2 Python client for an open-source graph database Cayley
pycel-x 2 A library for compiling excel spreadsheets to python code & visualizing them as a graph
pycflow2dot 0.2.1 2 Create C call graphs from multiple source files using Cflow, producing linked PDF.
PyChem 3.0.5 2 A platform-independent graphical environment for multivariate analysis incorporating a number of categorical and quanitative multivariate modelling routines
pycolorsel 1.0 2 Graphical Python color selector
pyconnectedcomponent 0.1.3 2 simple connected component tool from
pyConnectomist 1.0.0 2 [pyConnectomist] This package provides common scripts: * pyconnectomist_preproc: preprocess a diffusion sequence. * pyconnectomist_tractography: compute a determinist tractography and detect bundles using an atlas. * pyconnectomist_dtifit: estimate a DTI model from the preprocessed diffusion data.
pyconrad 0.0.9 2 Python wrapper for CONRAD (, a framework for cone beam radiography
pyCroscopy 0.59.5 2 Python library for scientific analysis of microscopy data
pycrypto 2.6.1 2 Cryptographic modules for Python.
pycrypto-on-pypi 2.3 2 Cryptographic modules for Python.
pycryptodome 3.5.1 2 Cryptographic library for Python
pycryptodomex 3.5.1 2 Cryptographic library for Python
pycube 0.5.4 2 Python implementation of the Cube cipher
pycube256 0.6 2 Python implementation of the Cube256 cipher
pycube2crypto 0.1 2 An implementation of the cube2 cryptography functions in pure python.
pycube90 0.5 2 Python implementation of the Cube90 cipher
pydap.handlers.cdms 2 GrADS/grib handler for Pydap
pydap.handlers.cnv 0.0.2 2 A CTD handler for Pydap
pydap.handlers.compress 0.1.1 2 compress handler for Pydap
pydap.handlers.csv 0.1.1 2 A CSV handler for Pydap
pydap.handlers.hdf5 0.1.7 2 HDF5 handler for Pydap
pydap.handlers.nca 0.1.3 2 NetCDF aggregator handler for Pydap
pydap.handlers.netcdf 0.6.4 2 NetCDF handler for Pydap
pydap.handlers.proxy 0.1.1 2 Remote dataset proxy for Pydap
pydap.handlers.sql 0.3.0 2 A SQL handler for Pydap
pydap.handlers.sqlite 0.1.0 2 A SQLite handler for Pydap
pydap.responses.kml 0.4.6 2 KML response for Pydap
pydap.responses.matlab 0.2.1 2 Matlab response for Pydap
pydap.responses.netcdf 2 Netcdf response for Pydap
pydap.responses.wms 0.5.4 2 WMS response for Pydap
pydap.responses.xls 0.1.2 2 XLS response for Pydap
pydap.wsgi.ssf 2 WSGI middleware implementing Opendap server-side functions on the Pydap server.
PydapSearch 0.1.1.a 2 Module that implements search functionality on Pydap.
pydelaunator 0.0.15 2 quad-edge data structure
pyDEM 0.2.0 2 Software for calculating Topographic Wetness Index (TWI)
pydepend 1.0.1 2 Python dependency graph
pydependschecker 0.1 2 A pure-python dependency graph generator and checker
pydmrs 1.0.6 2 A library for manipulating DMRS graphs
pydron-dataflow 0.2.4 2 Dataflow framework to define and traverse directional graphs.
pyegeg 0.5.2 2 Library for analysis of electrogastroenterograms
pyelliptic 1.5.8 2 Python OpenSSL wrapper for modern cryptography with ECC, AES, HMAC, Blowfish, ...
pyemf 2.0.0 2 Pure Python Enhanced Metafile Library
pyf3d 1.0.3 2 Filtering for micro-tomography data
pyfaceb 0.2.4 2 Full-featured, lightweight Facebook API wrapper for Graph & FQL.
pygal 2.4.0 2 A python svg graph plotting library
pygal-maps-es 1.1.0 2 Spanish maps for pygal
pygal_maps_ch 1.0.1 2 Swiss canton map for pygal
pygal_maps_fr 1.1.0 2 French maps for pygal
pygal_maps_world 1.0.2 2 World maps for pygal
Pyganim 0.9.2 2 A sprite animation module for Pygame.
pygco 0.0.10 2 Graph Cut for python
Pygcurse 0.10.3 2 A curses library emulator that runs on top of the Pygame framework, providing an easy way to create text adventures, rougelikes, and console-style applications.
PyGeodesy 18.3.8 2 Pure Python geodesy tools
pygeons 0.1.1 2 Geographical queries made easy.
pygfl 1.0.2 2 A Fast and Flexible Graph-Fused Lasso Solver
pyggel 0.08-alpha4b 2 PYthon Graphical Game Engine and Libraries
PyGL2D 0.3.7 2 A 2D Graphics Library for PyGame and PyOpenGL.
pyglet2d 0.2.1 2 2D shape primitives for pyglet.
PyGLW 0.1.0 2 A PyOpenGL Wrapper
pygmount 0.9.3 2 Software for graphical mount network shares.
pygost 3.7 2 Pure Python GOST cryptographic functions library
pygr 0.8.2 2 Pygr, a Python graph-database toolkit oriented primarily on bioinformatics applications
pygrib2 20090105 2 Python module for reading and writing GRIB Edition 2 files.
pyGSTi 2 A python implementation of Gate Set Tomography
pyhash 0.8.2 2 Python Non-cryptographic Hash Library
pyHMSA-gui 0.1.5 2 Graphical components to represent HMSA specification
pyimpute 0.1.2 2 Utilities for applying scikit-learn to spatial datasets
pykbool 0.1.2 2 Cython wrapper for the kbool library (graph based polygon clipper)
pykl 0.1.5 2 kltool for python, toolset for web, http, cache, dht, xml, json and so on
pyley 0.2.1 2 Python client for an open-source graph database Cayley
pymarc 3.1.7 2 read, write and modify MARC bibliographic data
pyme 0.9.0 2 Python support for GPGME GnuPG cryptography library
PyMeasure 0.5 2 Scientific measurement library for instruments, experiments, and live-plotting
PyMetis 2016.2 2 A Graph Partitioning Package
pymil 0.2.0 2 A basic Open-source Carte internationale du Monde au Millionième nomenclature encoder.
PyMos 0.6.3 2 Python Mosaic Generator
PyMTGP64 1.0 2 Python version of the Mersenne Twister pseudo-random number generator for Graphic Processor (MTGP)
PyMunin 0.9.27 2 Python Module for developing Munin Multigraph Monitoring Plugins.
PyNaCl 1.2.1 2 Python binding to the Networking and Cryptography (NaCl) library
pyneo4j 0.0.0 2 A Python client library for Neo4j
PyNGL 1.0 2 PyNGL is a module used to visualize scientific data.
PyNHDPlus 1.8.5 2 Tools to download and manipulate the NHDPlus V2 dataset
pyNmonAnalyzer 1.0.9 2 Python tool for reformatting and plotting/graphing NMON output
pyobjc-framework-Quartz 4.1 2 Wrappers for the Quartz frameworks on macOS
pyobjcryst 2.0.2 2 Python bindings to the ObjCryst++ library.
PyOFC2 0.1.5dev 2 Python library for Open Flash Chart 2
PyOFC2-op 0.1.6dev 2 Python library for Open Flash Chart 2 modified for OpenProximity
pyofss-gui 0.2 2 Graphical user interface for pyofss
PyOGP 0.1.5 2 Python Crawler based on Open-Graph Protocol
pyoof 0.2.3 2 pyoof is a Python package which performs out-of-focus (OOF) holography on astronomical beam maps for single-dish radio telescopes.
PyOpenGL 3.1.1a1 2 Standard OpenGL bindings for Python
PyORAM 0.2.1 2 Python-based Oblivious RAM
PyOSG 1.2.1-1 2 A Python binding for OpenSceneGraph
pypi-stat 1.3.2 2 solution for getting packages stat, and graphing them
pypixoto 1.1 2 Python SDK for accessing the data from
pyplate 3.0.5 2 A Python package for processing astronomical photographic plates
pyplotter 0.0.6 2 Command line bar graphs
pyPrivnote 0.0.1a1 2 A Python Interface to Privnote service
pyProCT-GUI 0.4.1 2 A Graphical User Interface for pyProCT clustering toolkit.
pyprofiler 69 2 Profiler utility for python, graphical and textual, whole program or segments
pyptlib 0.0.6 2 A python implementation of the Pluggable Transports for Circumvention specification for Tor
pyramid_maze 1.0.0 2 A url route generator for Pyramid's traversal, based on graph theory
pyramid_traversalwrapper 0.1 2 An add-on for the Pyramid web framework which supplies a model graph traverser which proxies location-ignorant model objects
pyrasite-gui 2.0beta7 2 A graphical interface for interacting with running Python processes
Pyresize 0.2 2 a cli application for resizing images, based on PIL
PyResizeImage 0.9.6 2 Resize images, and pad them to give an exact size image
pyrgg 0.2 2 Python Random Graph Generator
pyrogi 0.1.3 2 A feature-rich roguelike game engine focused on ease of development and beauty through text graphics.
pyromsgui 0.1.0 2 GUI to visualize ROMS files
pyrosalind 0.1.2 2 Parse information found on the website
pyRSKTools 0.1.5 2 A simple Python toolbox to open RSK SQLite files generated by RBR instruments.
pyrt 0.0.1a1 2 pyRT - The Python Raytracer
PySang 0.3.9 2 Visualizer for Sanger chromatographs (ABI/AB1).
pyshp 1.2.12 2 Pure Python read/write support for ESRI Shapefile format
PySimpleAES 0.0.2 2 Python AES encryptation
pysisy 0.13 2 Graphical UI and training shorthand for neural nets hyper parameters & architecture search with genetic algorithms
PySixel 0.1.11 2 View full-pixel color graphics on SIXEL-supported terminals(xterm/mlterm/DECterm/Reflection/RLogin/tanasinn/yaft)
pysnmpcrypto 0.0.1 2 Strong cryptography support for PySNMP (SNMP library for Python)
pysodium 0.7.0-0 2 python libsodium wrapper
pyspark-flame 0.2.4 2 A low-overhead sampling profiler for PySpark, that outputs Flame Graphs
pyspatial 0.2.4 2 Data structures for working with (geo)spatial data
pystar 0.1 2 A* graph search algorithm implementation.
pystatsd 0.1.10 2 pystatsd is a client for Etsy's statsd server, a front end/proxy for the Graphite stats collection and graphing server.
pystatsd-hit9 0.1.10 2 pystatsd is a client for Etsy's statsd server, a front end/proxy for the Graphite stats collection and graphing server.
pystl 0.1.1 2 Simple Python package to write STL files for 3D printing.
pySudokuSolver 1.3 2 A small graphical application for solving any Sudoku puzzle, almost instantaneously (along with its solution)
pysvcmetrics 0.1 2 Utilities to send metrics to graphite via statsd
pythiacrypto 1.0 2 Enables both client-side and server-side password hardening using a remote cryptographic server that provides an unpdateable, verifiable, and secure psuedorandom function (PRF) service. NOTE: Pythia requires the Charm Crypto library for Python but there isn't a PIP package yet in existence.
python-edje 1.7.0 2 Python bindings for Edje
python-efl-utils 0.1.0 2 Python utilities to EFL development
python-elementary 1.7.0 2 Python bindings for Elementary
python-emotion 1.7.0 2 Python bindings for Emotion
python-ethumb 1.7.0 2 Python bindings for Ethumb
python-evas 1.7.0 2 Python bindings for Evas
python-fb 0.2 2 This client library is designed to support the Facebook Graph API and the official Facebook JavaScript SDK, which is the canonical way to implement Facebook authentication.
python-flot-utils 0.2.1 2 Makes it easy to convert Python data structures to JSON strings suitable for flot series and options
python-gantt 0.6.0 2 This is a python class to create gantt chart using SVG.
python-geotiepoints 1.1.3 2 Interpolation of geographic tiepoints in Python
python-keyczar 0.716 2 Toolkit for safe and simple cryptography
python-nvd3 0.14.2 2 Python NVD3 - Chart Library for d3.js
python-opensesame 3.2.2a5 2 A graphical experiment builder for the social sciences
python-qtpip 0.1.5 2 A graphical manager for PyPi plus an OpenSesame extension
python-statsd 2.1.0 2 statsd is a client for Etsy's node-js statsd server. A proxy for the Graphite stats collection and graphing server.
python-tiling 0.1.0 2 Geographic tiling library for Python.
python-ulid 0.2.0 2 Universally Unique Lexicographically Sortable Identifier
python-vote-full 1.0 2 Python based election methods, includes python-vote-core and python-graph-core.
python-yaastar 0.2 2 Yet another A-star graph search algorithm implementation
python3-keyczar 0.71rc0 2 Toolkit for safe and simple cryptography
python_dep_generator 0.1 2 Generates python code dependency graph
python_hashes 0.1 2 Library of interesting (non-cryptographic) hashes in pure Python.
pythonds 1.2.1 2 Data structures package for Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures using Python
PythonMagick 0.5 2 Wrapper around GraphicsMagick
pytimechart 1.0.0.rc2 2 Fast graphical exploration and visualisation for linux kernel traces
pytk 2 Automatic generation of user-interfaces.
Pytomo 3.0.5 2 Python tomography tool
pytomo3d 0.1.0 2 Python toolkits for seismic tomograpy
PyUnityVibes 1.0.0 2 A Graphical library for Python using Unity3d
pyvg 1.0.0 2 Working with vg graphs in python
pyVulkan 0.9 2 vulkan API bindings for Python
pyWOA 0.1.2 2 Package to subsample World Ocean Atlas climatology.
QGL 9 2 A simple 2D scenegraph with an OpenGL render engine.
qpformat 0.1.4 2 library for opening quantitative phase imaging data
qpimage 0.1.6 2 library for manipulating quantitative phase images
qpsphere 0.1.4 2 library for analyzing spherical objects in phase imaging
qPyProfiler 0.3 2 Graphical interface to python profiler in PyQt
qraphql-py 0.1.0 2 graphql-py: Parser for latest GraphQL specification
QRC 0.0.2 2 Quantum resistant cryptography suite with socket support
qrypto 1.5 2 Crypto cipher to make it easier to encrypt and decrypt using Blowfish, This module also works with qrypto perl and PHP5 modules
QSpectrumAnalyzer 2.1.0 2 Spectrum analyzer for multiple SDR platforms (PyQtGraph based GUI for soapy_power, rx_power, rtl_power, hackrf_sweep and other backends)
qtarmsim 0.3.16 2 Qt graphical frontend to ARMSim
QtBE 0.2 2 Graphical user interface for bugtracker "Bugs Everywhere" supporting distributed revision control
qtest 0.1.0 2 Graphical User Interface for the unittest framework.
qturtle 0.4.0 2 Python turtle graphics in Qt.
quadratic 1.1.0 2 returns answers needed to graph a quadratic equation
QualiPy 1.0.1 2 Image filtering suite for Vismantic
queryfilter 0.2.1 2 Allow same query interface to be shared between Django ORM,SQLAlchemy, and GraphQL backend.
quickplots 2.1.0 2 A simple plotting library
qygmy 1.1.1 2 Simple graphical MPD client.
racks 1.0.0 2 racks for stack graphs
radontea 0.2.1 2 Collection of algorithms to compute the inverse Radon transform
rasterstats 0.12.1 2 Summarize geospatial raster datasets based on vector geometries
rawphoto 0.4.1 2 Utilities for managing raw photos
rdyn 0.3.1 2 Graph benchmark handling community dynamics
real-django-s3 1.2.8 2 A simple API for download and upload graphics resources to/from a Amazon S3 bucket
recrypto 0.0.1 2 Python module for Red Eclipse cryptography
recursive-abc 0.1.0 2 A package to simplify the creation and manipulation of recursive data structures.
refextract 0.2.5 2 Small library for extracting references used in scholarly communication.
releasetasks 0.4.0 2 Mozilla Release Promotion Tasks contains code to generate release-related Taskcluster graphs.
render_d3_fdg 2 Render d3 force directed graphs from python
repo-checker 0.2.0 2 A graphical user interface version checker for open source project.
repoze.bfg.traversaladapter 0.1 2 Alternative model graph traverser for the repoze.bfg web framework which allows registering arbitrary adapters for the type or interface of model objects encountered during traversal.
repoze.bfg.traversalwrapper 0.3 2 An add-on for the repoze.bfg web framework which supplies a model graph traverser which proxies location-ignorant model objects
represent-boundaries 0.9.1 2 A web API to geographic boundaries loaded from shapefiles, packaged as a Django app.
represent-representatives 0.2 2 A Web API for political representatives tied to geographical districts. Packaged as a Django app.
reprounzip-qt 1.0.11 2 Graphical user interface for reprounzip, using Qt
rexpro 0.4.5 2 Python RexPro interface
rgmining-amazon-dataset 0.5.1 2 An Amazon dataset for Review Graph Mining Project
rgmining-common 0.9.1 2 Common library for Review graph mining project
rgmining-dataset-io 0.9.2 2 Dataset I/O for Review graph mining project
rgmining-fraudar 0.6.1 2 A wrapper of Fraudar algorithm for Review graph mining project
rgmining-review 0.9.2 2 Review data structure for Review graph mining project
rgmining-ria 0.9.6 2 Repeated Improvement Analysis Algorithm for Review graph mining project
rgmining-script 0.6.1 2 Analyzing scripts for Review Graph Mining Project.
rgmining-synthetic-dataset 0.9.3 2 A synthetic dataset for Review graph mining project
rgmining-tripadvisor-dataset 0.5.6 2 Trip Advisor dataset for Review Graph Mining Project
riemann 0.0.2 2 Graphs the complex output on the critical line of the Riemann function
rig 2.4.0 2 A collection of tools for developing SpiNNaker applications
rig-cpp-key-allocation 0.1.0 2 A C++ library (and CFFI Python interface) for allocating SpiNNaker multicast keys.
RISparser 0.4.2 2 Reads RIS files into dictionaries via a generator for large files
rncryptor 3.2.0 2 Python implementation of RNCryptor
rpmdeplint 1.4 2 Tool to find errors in RPM packages in the context of their dependency graph
run-in-gui 0.0.1 2 Tools to run (possibly graphical) programs in logged-in user sessions on modern Linux distributions
s2g 0.2.6 2 Shapefile to graph/network converter in Python
sand 0.1.2 2 SAND: System Architecture as a Network of Dependencies
sanpai 0.1 2 sanpai is a tool for inspecting and diffing SANs on x509 certificates
savu 0.1 2 Savu Python Tomography Pipeline 2.13b3 2 Social networks integration for Plone.
scheduling 0.0.2 2 Task scheduling library
sci_analysis 2.0.0 2 An easy to use and powerful python-based data exploration and analysis tool
scielo-django-extensions 0.4 2 Extensions commonly used in SciELO for bibliographic metadata management.
scikit-nano 0.3.21 2 Python toolkit for generating and analyzing nanostructure data
sciplot 0.6.3 2 Pythonic data visualization tool based on matplotlib
sciplot-pyqt 0.2.1 2 A small matplotlib wrapper/UI for creating publication-ready plots, graphs, and images
sconce 0.0.2 2 Sconce graph helper
Scrambled-Egg 0.4 2 Encrypt your message with ease
seabird 0.10.5 2 Parser for Sea-Bird's CTD and TSG.
seagull 0.1 2 2D scene graph based on SVG with OpenGL backend
seawater 3.3.4 2 Seawater Library for Python
seccure 0.3.2 2 SECCURE compatible Elliptic Curve cryptography
securestore 0.1.1 2 Collections of helper crypto functions.
SecureString 0.2 2 Clears the contents of strings containing cryptographic material
SeedWaterSegmenter 2 graphical program to interactively segment image stacks of cells in tissue with edge-labels (aka. white outlines)
seekpath 1.8.1 2 A module to obtain and visualize k-vector coefficients and obtain band paths in the Brillouin zone of crystal structures
selinonlib 1.0.0rc1 2 a simple tool to visualize, check and generate Python code from a YAML configuration file for Selinon dispatcher for Celery
semanticnet 0.2.0 2 Small python library to create semantic graphs in JSON.
service_identity 17.0.0 2 Service identity verification for pyOpenSSL.
shingle 2.0.2 2 Generation of boundary representation and mesh spatial discretisations from arbitrary geophysical fields.
shoebot 1.2.2 2 Vector graphics scripting application
shoebot-django 0.2.1 2 Use shoebot for your server side graphics.
showast 0.2.4 2 IPython notebook plugin for visualizing abstract syntax trees.
shpinfo 0.2.0 2 A command line program to print meta information about the given shapefile.
Siddon 0.3.0 2 Solar tomography and Siddon algorithm
sidh-optimizer 0.1.0a2 2 A library to explore computational strategies for the SIDH cryptosystem
sierrapy 0.2.1 2 A Client of HIVdb Sierra GraphQL Webservice.
siftpy 0.0.11 2 A Python module for filtering object collections through data-driven filter definitions.
simple-crypt 4.1.7 2 Simple, secure encryption and decryption for Python 2.7 and 3
simple2d 0.0.0 2 A simple 2D graphics library.
simplepacker 0.2 2 Simplepacker packs many images into one or several files
simsogui 0.8.1 2 Graphical User Interface for SimSo
simsteg 0.0.0 2 A simple image manipulation and steganography demo
simula_bibrestclient 1.0.5 2 RESTful client for the Simula ( bibliography REST api.
sivchain 0.0.0 2 AES-SIV and CHAIN symmetric encryption
skggm 0.2.7 2 Gaussian graphical models for scikit-learn.
slikio-python 2 Python library for SlikIO - Charts for developers
slitscan 0.3.1 2 Slit-scan photography.
SlopeFields 0.2.0 2 A Slope Field generator and grapher.
slowlog 0.9 2 Log and graph slow Pyramid and WSGI apps
smc.bibencodings 0.1 2 ISO-5426 (MAB2) and MARC (USMARC, ANSEL) encodings for Python.
smime 0.0.3 2 Python S/MIME Toolkit
smtptester 0.1.6 2 A cross-platform graphical SMTP diagnostic tool
snakefood 1.4 2 Dependency Graphing for Python
snaketools 0.0.6 2 Small library of helper tools for setting up, graphing, and working with Snakemake rules.
sngrams 0.2.0 2 Term and paragraph frequency counts for non-stopwords in input document.
snug 1.1.3 2 Write reusable web API interactions
softbox 0.0.2 2 a tool for photographer to use Screen as SoftBox.
sogl 0.2.1 2 Simplified Object Graph Library
sonnet 0.1.6 2 UNKNOWN
Soprano 0.7.1 2 A Python library to crack crystals
sparkprob 0.1 2 Sparklines for probability distributions
specsim 0.11 2 Quick simulations of fiber spectrograph response
spectabular 0.1.0 2 Spectabular is a graphical tool to visualize and explore large tabular datasets.
specularity_removal 0.1.1 2 Implements specular removal in images captured from various view points
sping 1.1.15 2 Sping:Simple Platform INdependent Graphics
spooky 2.0.0 2 Wrapper for SpookyHash V2
sqlalchemy_schemadisplay 1.3 2 Turn SQLAlchemy DB Model into a graph
SQLAlchemyViz 0.4 2 Package to create ER diagrams from SQLAlchemy schemas using Graphviz.
sqlite_bro 0.8.11 2 a graphic SQLite Client in 1 Python file
squarify 0.3.0 2 Pure Python implementation of the squarify treemap layout algorithm
squeezeui 1.0.1 2 Graphical user interface for Squeezebox players. 0.3.2 2 Python parser for the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission elevation data
STAMP 2.1.3 2 A graphical software package for analyzing taxonomic and functional profiles.
stanczyk 0.1.0 2 Client software for the exercises in Crypto 101, the introductory book on cryptography.
starfinder 0.1.1 2 Help observe the night sky
stars 0.0.5 2 Stars Data Science Stack
startup 0.3.0 2 A dependency graph resolver for program startup
statdials 0.1.2 2 LaTeX and Python library to create cute graphical metric dials.
statsd-client 1.0.6 2 StatsD client for Python
statsdlog 0.1.1 2 generate statsd events by monitoring a syslog udp stream
statsdly 0.4.1 2 StatsD server with exporting metrics to graphite/carbon
Stegano 0.8.4 2 A pure Python Steganography module.
Steganocrypto 0.0.3 2 Python image steganography
steganograpic 1.0.0 2 Hide text inside image
steganopy 0.0.1 2 A steganography tool written in Python
Stego 0.0.5 2 <function readme at 0x100757f28>
stepic 0.4.1 2 Python image steganography
stepic3 0.5 2 Python image steganography, for Python 3
stistools 1.0.2 2 Tools for STIS (Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph)
stolos 2.0.1 2 A DAG-based job queueing system and executor for performing work with complex dependency requirements between applications
stratify 0.1 2 Vectorized interpolators that are especially useful for Nd vertical interpolation/stratification of atmospheric and oceanographic datasets
streamplot 1.0 2 Real Time Plots with pyqtgraph
strippers.facebook 0.9b 2 Python library for Facebook Graph API
strippers.mixi 1.0 2 Python library for mixi Graph API
structout 0.0.12 2 recombine network graphs
sulphite 1.0.0 2 Library & Eventlistener for Supervisord to send events to Graphite
summa-visualization 0.1.0b0 2 A visualization for the graphs generated by summa.
sumproduct 0.0.7 2 The sum-product algorithm. (Loopy) Belief Propagation (message passing) for factor graphs
sunsketch 0.3b 2 A simple Graphical display tool
surf.allegro_franz 0.2.2-r348 2 surf AllegroGraph plugin
surficial 0.0.2 2 Python library and CLI tools to support analysis of stream long-profiles
svg42pdf 0.1.2 2 Program for SVG to PDF conversion.
SVGCompress 0.60 2 Compress svg graphics
SVGdatashapes 2 Simple procedural library to create many types of plots and data displays in SVG for dynamic web pages. General purpose: biomedical, scientific, business.
svgsitemap 0.1.2 2 a site map using PyGraphviz and svg
symmetry 0.1 2 Symmetry is a library for materials symmetry analysis.
synapse 0.0.47 2 Synapse Distributed Key-Value Hypergraph Analysis Framework
syscon-nc 0.4 2 syscon without cryptography
tankbuster 0.3.2 2 A neural network trained to detect Soviet/Russian military vehicles in photographs
tapioca-facebook 0.6.1 2 Facebook GraphAPI wrapper using tapioca
taskhelm 0.3.2 2 taskhelm is a graphic shell that sits on Task Warrior.
taskmap 0.0.5 2 Dependency graph with parallel asyncronous task runner
taskplot 0.1.2 2 Susam's taskplot program to plot effort versus time for multiple tasks.
tbp 0.1.0 2 Tensor Belief Propagation - algorithm for approximate inference in discrete graphical models
tchart 2.0.0 2 Minimal graph renderer for fixed size canvas
tem_circlefind 0.0.5 2 GUI utility for finding circles in images (especiall transmission electronmicrography)
tensorflow-datasets 0.1.0 2 Scripts to download common datasets, convert to the .tfrecords format, and use in your TensorFlow graph with a queue runner
terapy 2.00b6 2 Graphical interface for scientific measurements
termdraw 0.1 2 Utility library for textual data visualization
terminalplot 0.2.6 2 Plot points in terminal
termplot 0.0.2 2 A simple terminal plotting package.
terraform-aws-icons 0.1.0 2 Annotate Terraform graphs with AWS icons.
tessera 0.10.0 2 A dashboard front end for Graphite
TestManager 1.9.1 2 Test management plugin for Trac
tethne 0.8.1.dev12 2 Bibliographic network and corpus analysis for historians
text-fabric 3.2.4 2 Processor for Text Fabric Data
text-to-image 0.0.5 2 Convert your text to a grayscale image and back.
textdata 1.7.3 2 Easily get clean data, direct from text or Python source
textlines 0.0.1 2 Sparklines for text. text_lines counts your words, paragraphs, pages and emits a short summary. The text doesn't need to be here, but I'm trying to write a new paragraph.
textprocessor 0.2.0 2 Templatetags and filter to process text (string) to enhance link (add link, check typography rules, etc.)
Textyplot 1.1 2
tfdeploy 0.4.2 2 Deploy tensorflow graphs for fast evaluation and export to tensorflow-less environments running numpy.
tgext.geo 0.6.3 2 TurboGears Extension for Geographic Applications
tgf 0.1.0 2 Typecraft Graph Format
tgo 0.1 2 Topographical global optimisation
Thalassa 1.2 2 Grid editor for ocean models
The-Big-Picture 1-alpha2 2 Read and write Exif, IPTC metadata in Jpeg and Tiff images
theano-helpers 0.4 2 Helper functions/classes for custom manipulation of Theano graphs.
thunderdome 0.4.7 2 Titan Object-Graph Mapper (OGM)
thunderdome-logging 1.0 2 Thunderdome graph error logging
thxgh 0.2 2 CLI for GitHub user contrib graph & statistics.
time-lapse 1.0.0.dev0 2 Time-lapse movie assembly
TimeSide 0.8 2 open web audio processing framework
timestream 0.3.0 2 timestream: Utilities and a python library for manipulating timelapses in the TimeStream format
timestreamCLI 0.0a3 2 timestreamCLI: Tools for working with timelapse imagery in the TimeStream format
tingbot-gui 0.9.3 2 Graphical User Interface for tingbot
tipi 0.0.4 2 Typographic replacements in HTML
tl.geodrawing 0.1 2 A geographic pygtk drawing area. The drawing surface provides a geographic coordinate system and displays map images in the background.
tlstk 0.0 2 TLS ToolKit for Python and CLI
tnseq-transit 2.1.1 2 TRANSIT is a tool for the analysis of Tn-Seq data. It provides an easy to use graphical interface and access to three different analysis methods that allow the user to determine essentiality in a single condition as well as between conditions.
TomograPy 0.3.1 2 Solar tomography and Siddon algorithm
topsort 0.9 2 dependency (topological) sorting and cycle finding functions
torefl 1.0b3 2 Software to manage references
tornado-facebook-sdk 0.1.0 2 A tornado based facebook graph api wrapper
TracRevtreeLogEnhancer 0.1.4dev-r3578 2 Enhancer for the RevtreePlugin, based on custom log messages
TracRevtreeMergeEnhancer 0.1.1dev-r3578 2 Enhancer for the RevtreePlugin, based on info
TracRevtreeMergeInfoEnhancer 0.1.0dev-r3580 2 Enhancer for the RevtreePlugin for SVN >=1.5
trebuchet 0.1.0 2 A graphical tool for deploying websites.
tree-edge-search 1.0.3 2 A NetworkX package which computes the edge search number of a tree
treestruct 0.1.3 2 Simplify the task of creating, traversing, manipulating and visualizing tree structure
tri 0.3 2 (Constrained) Delaunay Triangulation of Planar Straight Line Graphs (pure Python)
trilearn 0.15 2 Classification and structure learning in decomposable graphical models using particle Gibbs.
trimesh 2.28.7 2 Import, export, process, analyze and view triangular meshes.
trv 1.1.0 2 Graphical Test Result Viewer.
tsm 8.0.2 2 Twitter Subgraph Manipulator (TSM)
ttop 0.9.1 2 ttop is CLI graphical system monitor.
tuchart 2 Graphing app for Chinese stocks.
tulipgui-python 5.1.0 2 Tulip GUI Python bindings
tundra 0.2.2 2 Pure Python Graph Algorithms module
turtlepaint 0.0.1 2 Program for drawing things with turtle.
twFusionCharts 0.3dev 2 Widgets for FusionChartsFree
twyg 0.1.0 2 Generative tree visualiser for Python
typogrify 2.0.7 2 Filters to enhance web typography, including support for Django & Jinja templates
typogrify-engineer 2.0.0 2 Typography related template filters for Django & Jinja2 applications
ua2.carbon 0.0.4 2 Tool for stream statistics to carbon daemon (from graphite)
ucrypt 1.0.4 2 An encryption/compression utility for data files.
ud-django-meta 0.2.1.dev1 2 Pluggable app for handling webpage meta tags and OpenGraph properties
ugentbiblio 0.2.2 2 Connector to the API of Ghent University Academic Bibliography
ulid-py 0.0.6 2 Universally Unique Lexicographically Sortable Identifier
ulutil 0.1.1 2 Python utilities for Church lab work (mostly DNA sequencing)
unicontent 0.5.2 2 Python module to extract structured metadata from URL, DOI or ISBN
uralicNLP 1.0.2 2 An NLP library for small Uralic languages such as Skolt Sami, Moksha and such
urlsafecrypt 0.2 2 Provides Fernet based symmetric encryption of data whose output is safe to be used in URLs.
us-geo-helper 0.1.0 2 Python wrapper for US Census Data
uscensus 0.1.9 2 US Census API discovery wrappers
usexif 1.0.3 2 get geo data and taken date
UTide 0.2.1 2 Python distribution of the MatLab package UTide.
vaex-ui 0.1.7 2 Graphical user interface for vaex based on Qt
vaitk 1.7 2 VaiTk is a terminal-based graphical toolkit, similar to Qt
vander 0.1 2 Live graphs in your terminal
vcsecret 0.0.9 2 Keep your secrets in your VCS
vectools 2 Vectools - A bioinformatics-focused command-line utility for linear algebra, table manipulation, machine leaning, networks/graphs, and more.
vectorformats 0.1 2 geographic data serialization/deserialization library
vegas-lattice 0.4.0 2 A grid lattice sample generator
veros 0.1.1 2 The versatile ocean simulator, in pure Python, powered by Bohrium.
Veruca 0.2 2 Veruca Cipher - VMPC Cipher implemented for A-Z ciphers
Vibes 0.2.2 2 python Api for VIbes (VIsualizer for Intervals and Boxes)
vic 0.0.1 2 Implementation of the pen-and-paper VIC cipher
viff 1.0 2 A framework for secure multi-party computation (SMPC)
viffbench 0.1 2 A set of scripts for easy benchmarking of VIFF protocols.
vimg 0.4.3 2 An image viewer for the command line
vincenty 0.1.4 2 Calculate the geographical distance between 2 points with extreme accuracy.
viterbi-trellis 0.0.3 2 Library to compute the best path through a trellis graph using the Viterbi algorithm.
vizing 0.0.11 2 List-colouring of graphs
VMPC 0.1.1 2 Python implementation of the VMPC stream cipher
vor 18.0.0rc1 2 Services for gathering metrics to send to Graphite
vsgui 0.3.3 2 Very Simple Graphical library for Python shell script
vtk 8.1.0 2 VTK is an open-source toolkit for 3D computer graphics, image processing, and visualization
vulkan 2 Ultimate Python binding for Vulkan API
w2m 0.2 2 www spider producing an adjacency matrix
wafo 0.3.1 2 Wave Analysis for Fatigue and Oceanography
wagtail-metadata-mixin 0.0.4 2 OpenGraph, Twitter Card and Google+ snippet tags for Wagtail CMS pages
Web-Modules 0.5.3 2 Web and Database modules for easily building dynamic websites. Full WSGI Support.
WellApplication 0.5.4 2 Interface with xle files; analyze hydrographs; plot hydrographs; download USGS data 0.1.64 2 A lightweight security/cryptography library
whybase 0.1 2 A Python library for interacting with Whybase.
wickedql 0.0.1 2 Wicked Cool GraphQL Library for Python
winrandom 1.2 2 Access to Cryptographic API random generator
wish-facebook 6.0.6 2 Facebook open graph API client in python. Enables django applications to register users using facebook. Fixes issues with the official but unsupported Facebook python-sdk. Enables mobile facebook authentication. Canvas page authentication for facebook applications. FQL access via the server side api.
wolfcrypt 3.14.0.post1 2 Python module that encapsulates wolfSSL's crypto engine API.
wolfssl 3.14.0.post1 2 Python module that encapsulates wolfSSL's C SSL/TLS library.
wsgiprof 1.0.1 2 Lightweight WSGI Profiler with Call Graph Visualization
WuMapPy 0.31 2 Graphical user interface for sub-surface geophysical survey data processing
wxSFTP 0.3 2 Graphical SFTP client
xcore 0.7.2 2 Crystallographic space group library in Python
xdot 0.9 2 Interactive viewer for Graphviz dot files
xfab 0.0.2 2 Crystallographic toolbox and library
xiangqi-setup 1.3 2 Command line tool to generate razor-sharp Xiangqi (Chinese chess) setup graphics
xl-link 0.132 2 Pandas Magic for Excel spreadsheets
xPlotUtil 0.1.6 2 The program provides a GUI for the user to graph the data in different forms, normalize and fit it.
xpm 0.3 2 Library to output XPM files
xshape 0.1.1 2 Tools for working with shapefiles, topographies, and polygons in xarray
xstream 0.1.0 2 Public key encryption system combining X25519 Diffie-Hellman with the STREAM construction
xxh 0.1.1 2 Python bindings for xxhash non-cryptographic hash algorithm
yamgl-gen 0.0.4 2 Data structure generator for the yamgl library (Yet Another Monochrome Graphics Library).
yasl 1.0.1 2 Yet another sparkline program/library
yelp-gprof2dot 1.1.0 2 Generate a dot graph from the output of python profilers.
yubioath-desktop 3.1.0 2 Graphical interface for displaying OATH codes with a Yubikey
zbox_wiki 201212-r1 2 a lightweight wiki system with Markdown/Graphviz/TeX support
zcred 0.0.0 2 Modern authoriZation-centric credential format
zeph 0.0.16 2 Geographic arrays in Python
zettelgeist 1.0.11 2 ZettelGeist - a historiographically focused notetaking system
zgeo.atom 0.4.1 2 Atom syndication and AtomPub with GeoRSS
zgeo.kml 0.4 2 Google Earth KML for Zope
zgeo.wfs 0.2.1 2 WFS server implementation for Zope
zhash 0.0.0 2 zser content hashing algorithm
zopeskel.doctools 1.0 2 Tools for documenting ZopeSkel.
zperfmetrics 1.0b5 2 Perfmetrics configuration for Zope/Plone.
zser 0.0.1 2 zcred serialization format
zsession 0.0.0 2 Session tokens based on the zcred credential format
arches 4.1 1 Arches is a new, open-source, web-based, geospatial information system for cultural heritage inventory and management.
arches_hip 1.0.4 1 The Heritage Information Package (HIP)
azkaban-orchestrator 0.0.1 1 Azkaban Orchestrator
bcrypt 3.1.4 1 Modern password hashing for your software and your servers
ckan 2.7.3 1 CKAN Software
django-feedmapper 1.0.2 1 A utility for mapping feeds to Django models.
dms-tools2 2.2.4 1 Deep mutational scanning (DMS) analysis tools.
dms_tools 1.2.2 1 Deep mutational scanning (DMS) analysis tools.
GIQLogging 1.0.4 1 Lightweight logstash_formatter logging initializer
GPy 1.9.2 1 The Gaussian Process Toolbox
KettleParser 1.0.2 1 Library for parsing and analyzing Kettle XML files
moquag 0.244 1 Mongo query aggregator using bulk operators
odoo10-addon-l10n-eu-nace 1 European NACE partner categories
odoo10-addon-l10n-fr-naf-ape 1 French NAF partner categories and APE code
odoo10-addon-l10n-fr-siret 1 French company identity numbers SIRET/SIREN/NIC
odoo10-addon-purchase-delivery-split-date 1 Allows Purchase Order you confirm to generate one Incoming Shipment for each expected date indicated in the Purchase Order Lines
odoo10-addon-stock-available 1 Stock available to promise
odoo10-addon-stock-available-sale 1 Quotations in quantity available to promise
odoo10-addon-stock-inventory-lockdown 1 Lock down stock locations during inventories.
odoo11-addon-l10n-fr-siret 1 French company identity numbers SIRET/SIREN/NIC
odoo8-addon-base-gs1-barcode 1 Decoding API for GS1-128 (aka UCC/EAN-128) and GS1-Datamatrix
odoo8-addon-l10n-fr-naf-ape 1 French NAF partner categories and APE code
odoo8-addon-l10n-fr-siret 1 French company identity numbers SIRET/SIREN/NIC
odoo8-addon-purchase-delivery-split-date 1 Purchase Deliveries split by date
odoo8-addon-sale-allotment 1 Separate the shipment according to allotment partner
odoo8-addon-stock-available 1 Stock available to promise
odoo8-addon-stock-available-lot-locked 1 Consider the blocked lots are not available to promise
odoo8-addon-stock-available-mrp 1 Consider the production potential is available to promise
odoo8-addon-stock-available-sale 1 Quotations in quantity available to promise
odoo8-addon-stock-inventory-hierarchical 1 Group several Inventory adjustments in a master inventory
odoo8-addon-stock-inventory-lockdown 1 Lock down stock locations during inventories.
odoo8-addon-stock-lot-quantity 1 Stock quantity for serial number
odoo8-addon-stock-traceability-operation 1 Adds operations in traceability and quant history
odoo9-addon-l10n-eu-nace 1 European NACE partner categories
odoo9-addon-l10n-fr-naf-ape 1 French NAF partner categories and APE code
odoo9-addon-l10n-fr-siret 1 French company identity numbers SIRET/SIREN/NIC
odoo9-addon-purchase-delivery-split-date 1 Purchase Deliveries split by date
odoo9-addon-stock-available 1 Stock available to promise
odoo9-addon-stock-available-mrp 1 Consider the production potential is available to promise
odoo9-addon-stock-inventory-lockdown 1 Lock down stock locations during inventories.
poppy-creature 2.0.0 1 Abstract Poppy Creature Software Library
poppy-ergo-jr 2.0.0 1 Poppy Ergo Jr Software Library
poppy-ergo-starter 2.0.0 1 Poppy Ergo Starter Software Library
poppy-humanoid 2.0.1 1 Poppy Humanoid Software Library
pyoauth2-je 0.0.1 1 OAuth 2.0 compliant client and server library.
pyoauth2-shift 0.0.1 1 OAuth 2.0 compliant client and server library.
pypot 3.0.4 1 Python Library for Robot Control
pypoticia 3.2.0 1 Python Library for Robot Control
python-cephlibs 0.94.5.post1 1 Python bindings for rados and rbd client libraries.
qg_utils 0.0.6 1
qgprofiler 0.1.14 1 Profiler with time deterministic profiling of functions
vero 2.0.1 1 Python wrapper for Vero API

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