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Index of Packages Matching 'ingy dot net'

Package Weight* Description
cdent 0.5.7 6 C'Dent - A Portable Module Programming Language
crockford 0.0.2 6 Encode and decode using Douglas Crockford's base32 encoding scheme:
package 0.1.1 5 package is a package to package your package
package-maker 0.0.1 5 Make a new Python package
pyplay 1.0.5 5 Python Interactive Playground
arkcclient 0.4.0.alpha1 3 A lightweight proxy designed to be proof to IP blocking measures
gitcommonsync 2.0.0 3 A tool to synchronise common files between Git repositories
gitsubrepo 1.1.0 3 Provides access to `git subrepo` in Python
hprose 1.4.3 3 Hprose is a High Performance Remote Object Service Engine.

*: occurrence of search term weighted by field (name, summary, keywords, description, author, maintainer)