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Index of Packages Matching 'japanese'

Package Weight* Description
c2.patch.japanese 0.1.5 9 Patches for Japanese on Plone 3.x,
japanese_holiday 0.0.4 9 Get Japanese holiday lib.
simple_tfidf_japanese 0.1.3 9 Japanese TF-IDF
find_japanese 0.0.1 8 This is a find find_japanese
japanese-numbers-python 0.1.1 8 A parser for Japanese number (Kanji, arabic) in the natulal language.
sphinxcontrib-japanese-text-join 0.1.0 7 japanese-text-join 1.0a1 5 This package is Japanese KANA normalizer for Plone.
c2.splitter.mecabja 1.0b2 5 This product is Japanese splitter by Mecab for Plone
furigana 5 Convert Japanese Kanji to Kanji attached with Hiragana. For example, 「澱んだ街角」→「澱(よど)んだ街角(まちかど)」
hironsancorpus 0.1.2 5 Japanese IOB2 tagged corpus for named entity recognition.
holidays-jp 1.0.0 5 Calculate the Japanese holidays since 1948.
igo-python 0.9.9 5 Python port of Igo Japanese morphological analyzer
jaconv 0.2.3 5 Pure-Python Japanese character interconverter for Hiragana, Katakana, Hankaku and Zenkaku
jacot 0.2.9 5 Japanese Auto character set Conversion On Tty
japaneezu 0.0.1 5 A curses/console foreign language language study tool. (Currently limited to Japanese.)
japaneselogger 0.1.1 5 日本人向けのログ作成ライブラリ
JapaneseTokenizer 1.3.6 5
jcconv 0.2.3 5 jcconv "JapaneseCharacterCONVerter", interconvert hiragana, katakana, halfwidth kana
JPMyNumber 0.2.3 5 MyNumber (Japanese common number of social security and tax) library
jTransliterate 1.0.3 5 Transliterate [Hirag/Katak]ana to Latin/English and back. Convert half/full-width Japanese text.
naruhodo 0.2.0.dev3 5 A python library for generating dependency structure graph(DSG) and knowledge structure graph(KSG) from Japanese text.
neologdn 0.2.1 5 Japanese text normalizer for mecab-neologd
sanzang-lib 1.0.1 5 Translate from Chinese, Japanese, or Korean.
sanzang-utils 1.3.3 5 Machine Translation from Chinese, Japanese, or Korean.
whoosh-igo 0.7 5 tokenizers for Whoosh designed for Japanese language
zengin_code 5 bank codes and branch codes for Japanese.
baaya 0.0.3 4 converter for age to/from height or weight for Japanese Kids
c2.patch.jashortname 1.0a1 4 This product is patching for Japanese shortname for Plone files
jctconv 0.1.2 4 Pure-Python Japanese character interconverter for Hiragana, Katakana, Hankaku and Zenkaku
PyJPString 0.0.3 4 Python japanese string utilities.
sentimental-skk 0.0.146 4 三 三 ( ´_ゝ`)< Japanese Input Method SKK (Simple Kana to Kanji conversion) on your terminal
asa 0.1.5 3 Japanese Argument Structure Analyzer (ASA) client for Python 1.0a2 3 This product is set of tools that create various types of shortname for Plone
c2.patch.filenamenormalizer 1.0b4 3 This patch product is for downloaded filename become strange ascii code in muluti-byte languages on Plone
c2.patch.z3cformdateinput 1.0a1 3 This product is monkey patch for z3cform date input box for Japanese style
cihai 0.7.4 3 Library for CJK (chinese, japanese, korean) language data.
cjk-defn 1.0.1 3 Console CJK dictionary program.
django-jp-stations 0.1 3 A simple Django app for japanese stations.
edict-to-csv 1.0.0 3 Convert the EDICT dictionary format into CSV.
erajp 0.0.4 3 Convert datetime to Japanese era
genenga 0.6.0 3 Generate Nengajo(Japanese new year card) pdf from address list.
gpalign 0.2.1 3 Unsupervised grapheme-phoneme aligner for Japanese
gshogi 0.5.1 3 A Shogi Program (Japanese Chess)
Janome 0.3.6 3 Japanese morphological analysis engine.
japandas 0.4.1 3 pandas japanese extension
japanmap 0.0.9 3 `japanmap` is a package for Japanese map.
jcal 0.0.7 3 `jcal` is a package for Japanese holiday.
jp-grapheme-alt 0.1.2 3 Probabilistic misrecognition models for Japanese kanji.
jp-reading-alt 0.1.1 3 Probabilistic reading error models for Japanese kanji.
jProcessing 0.1 3 Japanese NLP Utilities
knp-utils 0.41 3 Wrapper scripts for Japanese parser `KNP`
mygengo 1.3.3 3 Official Python library for interfacing with the MyGengo API.
myougiden 0.8.8 3 Japanese/English command-line dictionary
nagisa 0.0.1 3 Japanese word segmentation/POS tagging tool
natto-py 0.9.0 3 A Tasty Python Binding with MeCab(FFI-based, no SWIG or compiler necessary)
pangu 3 Paranoid text spacing for good readability, to automatically insert whitespace between CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) and half-width characters (alphabetical letters, numerical digits and symbols).
Products.BigramSplitter 1.0 3 'BigramSplitter' is add-on search product for Plone 3.x. It supports non-English languages, especially south east Asian languages.
purple 0.1.0 3 Simulation of the WW2 Japanese PURPLE cipher machine.
pycure 0.0.2 3 All about Japanese battle heroine "Pretty Cure"
pyjf3 0.3 3 Japanese text functions for Python 3
pykf 0.4 3 Japanese Kanji code filter
pymlask 0.2.5 3 Emotion analyzer for Japanese
python-calendrical 2.0.1 3 Calendrical calculation module
pyzenra 0.0.2 3 `pyzenra` is zenrize your Japanese sentence.
rakutenma 0.3.3 3 morphological analyzer (word segmentor + PoS Tagger) for Chinese and Japanese
rfGengou 0.3 3 Translate A.D. to Regnal year, and other in Japanese.
rfZenHan 0.4 3 Translate full-width to half-width, and other in Japanese.
romkan 0.2.1 3 A Romaji/Kana conversion library
sphinx-tsegsearch 1.0 3 Sphinx extension to split searchword with TinySegmenter
summpy 0.2.1 3 Text summarization (sentence extraction) module with simple HTTP API. (currently, supports Japanese only)
textutil_ja 0.1.1 3 textutil_ja - helpers for handling japanese text
tinysegmenter 0.3 3 Very compact Japanese tokenizer
tinysegmenter3 0.1.0 3 Super compact Japanese tokenizer
c2.patch.jasplitter 1.0a3 2 This product is bugfix splitter of Plone for Japanese.
chiwassu 0.0.2 2 for pypi practice
cjktools-data 0.2.1-2010-07-29 2 A collection of Japanese data files from the EDRDG.
denden_extension 1.0.0 2 Python-Markdown extention for Den-Den Markdown
django-bpmobile 0.1 2 A helper application for Japanese mobile phones.
guess 1.0.5 2 Japanese charactor encoding detector
jawiki 2 A Pythonic wrapper for the Japanese Wikipedia API
jismesh 1.3.1 2 Utilities for area mesh code defined in Japanese Industorial Standards (JIS X 0410 地域メッシュコード).
jnltk 0.0.1 2 Japanese Natural Language Processing toolkit
jpydict 1.0.0 2 Japanese-English dictionary, interface for JMdict
lawtext 0.0.1 2 Plain text format for Japanese law
learnusumjap 0.1.15 2 Japanese language utilities
mojimoji 0.0.6 2 A lightweight converter between hankaku(half-width) and zenkaku(full-width) characters
pyredpen 0.0.5 2 Client for RedPen, a text validator
pytbar 0.210 2 Library that converts the Japanese Post Office's CSV files into a python class. These are thereafter added to a database.
waapuro 1.0.1 2 A dead-simple hiragana and katakana romanization library
YahooJapanDataReader 0.0.4 2 Read japanese stock price and corporate profile data from Yahoo! Finance Japan.
zenhan 0.5 2 Converter between Full-width Japanese and Half-width Japanese
a2pcej 0.2.3 1 a2pcej, "convert Alphabet to Phonetic Code in English and Japanease."
anago 0.0.5 1 Sequence labeling library using Keras.
animelyric 1.0.4 1 Retrieving anime lyrics for songs
annict 0.6.1 1 Annict API for Python
audioclipextractor 0.2.4 1 Easily extract multiple clips from audio files
ba-colander 1.0b1 1 A simple schema-based serialization and deserialization library
bendihua 0.0.2 1 googletrans command line interface to translate your i18n file into 106 languages
bisheng 0.10.0 1 A set of utility functions for processing Chinese text.
blockdiagcontrib-excelhogan 0.1.0 1 imagedrawer plugin for blockdiag
blockdiagcontrib-excelshape 0.1.0 1 imagedrawer plugin for blockdiag 1.0a2 1 This product supports streaming content in AWS on Plone. It's using S3, CloudFront and Amazon Elastic Transcoder. 1.0a5 1 This product is adding fuzzy search function for Plone
c2.splitter.janome 0.1.0 1 This product is split word by janome for Plone.
cchardet 2.1.1 1 cChardet is high speed universal character encoding detector.
cf_recommender 1.0.1 1 Real Time Recommendation System of Collaborative Filtering
chardet 3.0.4 1 Universal encoding detector for Python 2 and 3
chardet2 2.0.3 1 Character encoding auto-detection in Python 3
Cheesecake 0.6.2 1 Computes "goodness" index for Python packages based on various empirical "kwalitee" factors
chicksexer 0.2.2 1 Python package for gender classification.
chirptext 0.1a6 1 ChirpText is a collection of text processing tools for Python.
cihai-cli 0.3.2 1 Command line frontend for the cihai CJK language library
cjklib 0.3.2 1 Han character library for CJKV languages
colander 1.4 1 A simple schema-based serialization and deserialization library
collective.blogging 1.3.3 1 A blogging extension for Plone 4.x.
collective.categorizing 0.2.3 1 collective.categorizing aims to add hierarchical categorizing to Plone with Category content type.
collective.comicbookreader 1.0 1 An inline comic book reader for plone
collective.langMailHost 0.3.5 1 This package aims to provide language dependent character set for sending emails from Plone site.
collective.xdv 1.0rc11 1 Integrates the xdv Deliverance implementation with Plone using a post-publication hook to transform content
crabigator 0.1.5 1 Python Library for WaniKani
crecomp 1.5.2 1 creator for Reconfigurable Component. Framework and Code generator for FPGA component
cunidecode 0.0.2 1 ASCII transliterations of Unicode text
datagristle 0.1.4 1 A toolbox and library of ETL, data quality, and data analysis tools
dateable.chronos 1.0 1 Dateable calendaring views
dateparser 0.7.0 1 Date parsing library designed to parse dates from HTML pages
deepvoice3_pytorch 0.0.3 1 PyTorch implementation of convolutional networks-based text-to-speech synthesis models.
delune 1 DeLune Python Object Storage and Search Engine
densenlpt 0.0.5 1 `densenlpt` is a package for creating dictionary and vector from scentences & training model to predict.
django-airports-apis 0.0.1 1 Airport and data for Django. Using different API Endpoints
django-cities 1 Place models and worldwide place data for Django
django-international 0.0.6 1 Country and currency data for Django projects
django-internationalizer 0.0.1 1 Country and currency data for Django projects
django-mfw 0.4.1 1 Django framework for mobilephone/smartphone site
django-oscar-asiapay 0.4.0 1 Payment integration of AsiaPay (PayDollar) to use on django-oscar
django-prettyjson 0.3.0 1 Enables pretty JSON viewer in Django forms, admin, or templates
django-qwert 0.2.2 1 A trivia collection framework for Django
django-robots 3.0 1 Robots exclusion application for Django, complementing Sitemaps.
django-tellme 0.6.4 1 A simple Django app that enables user feedback.
django-thema 1.2 1 Application that provides EDItEUR Thema categories, and translations for the headers.
dpnewman 0.01 1 DP-Newman Graph Generative Model
dragonfire 0.9.5 1 Dragonfire is an open source virtual assistant project for Ubuntu based Linux distributions
drcsterm 0.1.2 1 UCS Private Area (Plain 16) -> DRCS conversion filter for terminal
eacal 0.0.3 1 Python modules for accessing East Asia calendars (Sexagenary cycle, Solar term, etc.)
easy-notifier 0.1.4 1 Notify when your process finished
easy-timer 0.0.4 1 Super Simple Command-line Countdown Timer
efb-telegram-master 2.0.0b8 1 Telegram Master Channel for EH Forwarder Bot, based on Telegram Bot API.
em-keyboard 0.0.7 1 The CLI Emoji Keyboard
ethnicolr 0.1.5 1 Predict Race/Ethnicity Based on Name
Faker 0.8.11 1 Faker is a Python package that generates fake data for you.
fcdstools 0.1.0 1 Famicom Disk System disk image manipulation
first_pypi_practice 1.0.1 1 Universal encoding detector
five 0.4.0 1 Gives you five. A library to overcomplicate `5`
fixYabinary 0.3.0 1 Tool to Fix Yabinary File
FontReducer 0.0.1 1 Generate font subsets
freebible 0.1a5 1 A bible processing toolkit with free bible data for Python
genaa 0.4 1 genaa, a ASCII Art generator.
geomobilejp 0.1.0 1 PyGeoMobileJP
getpaid.core 0.9.2 1 Core ecommerce functionality for zope and python projects
getpaid.luottokunta 0.4.1 1 Luottokunta payment processor for getpaid.
gnewsclient 1.1.0 1 Python client for Google News feed.
gnp 0.0.4 1 Google News Parser
GoogleFreeTrans 0.1.2 1 Free Google Translate API for Python. Translates totally free of charge.
goolabs 0.4.0 1 Goo labs API client for python. And provide some command line tools.
gosyu 2.0.6 1 Fix the Sphinx to enable any order to sort indices(using domain feature)
gTTS 1.2.2 1 Create an mp3 file from spoken text via the Google TTS (Text-to-Speech) API
guess-language 0.2 1 Guess the natural language of a text
hachibee-sphinx-theme 0.2.5 1 a simple sphinx theme
haruzira_sdk 2.1.0 1 This package is a SDK for tcp communication with Haruzira(Windows UWP APP).
html2pdf-server 1.2.2 1 HTTP server that renders HTML to PDF
ikazuchi 0.5.6 1 ikazuchi helps to translate document using web translate APIs efficiently
invenio 3.0.0a4 1 Invenio digital library framework - v3.0 release series
iota_mnemonic 0.2.1 1 Generate, recover IOTA seed from Bitcoin BIP39 mnemonic
JpTokenPreprocessing 0.1.5a2 1 JpTokenPreprocessing is Python library for token preprocessing.
jubatus 1.0.2 1 Jubatus is a distributed processing framework and streaming machine learning library. This is the Jubatus client in Python.
jumany 0.4.5 1 Interface for JUMAN Morphological analysis system
jusText 2.2.0 1 Heuristic based boilerplate removal tool
jwis 0.3.0 1 Data downloader from Japan Water System Information
kanjinetworks 0.1.8 1 Kanji Networks interface
kanten 0.5.123 1 The enlightened pager: less paging. more content. read widely.
kiseru 0.0.1 1 Make any your functions pipable.
kobin 0.1.10 1 Type Hints friendly WSGI Framework for Python3.
kokoropy 0.0.2 1 MVC web framework based on Bottle
Kotti 1.3.1 1 A high-level, Pythonic web application framework based on Pyramid and SQLAlchemy. It includes an extensible Content Management System called the Kotti CMS.
kotti_contactform 0.5.1 1 Simple contact form for Kotti sites
kpy 0.2.2 1 mobile-phone's model name extractor from user agent
lang-trans 0.2.2 1 Python transliteration library
langdist 0.4.1 1 Multilingual Language Modeling Toolkit
line-bot-sdk 1.5.0 1 LINE Messaging API SDK for Python
loxun 2.0 1 large output in XML using unicode and namespaces
lyrico 0.6.0 1 A simple command-line lyrics downloader.
mahjong 1.1.2 1 Mahjong hands calculation
ManHourCalendar 0.9.1b3 1 Calendar to manage your man-hour.
many-stop-words 0.2.2 1 stop words lists in many languages
marshmallow-form 0.1.1 1 a wrapper of marshmallow for form library like behavior
mdx_smartypants 1.5.1 1 Python-Markdown extension using smartypants to emit typographically nicer ("curly") quotes, proper ("em" and "en") dashes, etc.
metanl 1.0c 1 Multilingual natural language tools, wrapping NLTK and other systems.
mots-vides 2015.5.11 1 Python library for managing stop words in many languages.
mynumber 0.0.5 1 'My Number' validate module
ninchanese-cjklib 0.3.4 1 Han character library for CJKV languages - includes fixes for
nlnormaliz 0.0.4 1 Natural language normalizer for documents in Python
nltokeniz 0.0.5 1 Natural language tokenizer for documents in Python
numaster 0.2.1 1 Number normalizer
OpenTeacher 3.2 1 Your personal tutor
orochi 0.2.1 1 A command line client for
outlier_utils 0.0.3 1 Utility library for detecting and removing outliers from normally distributed datasets
pandas_validator 0.5.0 1 Validate the pandas objects such as DataFrame and Series.
pelican_slug 0.1 1 Pelican plugin to make a multi-byte slug the alphabetical one.
pelican_thumbnail 0.2 1 A Pelican plugin to add a thumbnail for the article. 2.4.8 1 Dexterity is a content type framework for CMF applications, with particular emphasis on Plone. It can be viewed as an alternative to Archetypes that is more light-weight and modular. 3.0.5 1 Enhanced discussion support for Plone 3.1 1 The Plone calendar framework 5.1.6 1 Translation files for Plone 5.1.4 1 Multilingual Plone UI package, enables maintenance of translations for both Dexterity types and Archetypes
plone.i18n 4.0.0 1 Advanced i18n/l10n features
Pokemon_Trivia 1.0.0 1 A "Who's that Pokemon?" game wrapper for Python
prettyprint 0.1.5 1 prettyprint print list/dict/tuple object prettily
Products.CalendarX 1.0.4 1 CalendarX is a customizable, open source metacalendar application written for the Plone content management system on top of Zope and Python.
Products.kupu 1.5.2 1 UNKNOWN
Products.Scrawl 2.0.2 1 Scrawl is a dirt-simple blog product for Plone.
pybbm 0.19.0 1 PyBB Modified. Django forum application
pycoram 1.0.1 1 Python-based Portable IP-core Synthesis Framework for FPGA-based Computing
PyCurrency-Converter 1.0 1 A python library to convert currency using Google Finance.
PyFuzz 0.1.3 1 Simple fuzz testing for unit tests, i18n, and security
pyimpfuzzy 0.2 1 Python modules for impfuzzy
pykakasi 0.23 1 Python implementation of kakasi - kana kanji simple inversion library
pykayacim 0.1.0 1 Send push notifications via
pymiparse 0.1.1 1 Python parser for MediaInfo text logs.
PyPoi 0.2.1 1
pyroonga 0.5.2 1 Python interface for groonga
PySixel 0.1.11 1 View full-pixel color graphics on SIXEL-supported terminals(xterm/mlterm/DECterm/Reflection/RLogin/tanasinn/yaft)
python-libguess 1.1 1 Python wrapper for libguess, a library to determine character encoding of a string.
pyverilog_toolbox 0.0.5 1 Pyverilog-based verification/design tools
pyvim 0.0.21 1 Pure Python Vi Implementation
railgun 0.1.8 1 ctypes utilities for faster and easier simulation programming in C and Python
rays 0.4.3 1 A "LESS PAIN" lightweight WSGI compatible web framework
regalias 0.2.0 1 Elona-like alias generator for Python, with CLI.
relshell 0.3.3 1 A framework to manage shell commands' inputs/outputs as relational data.
restframework-definable-serializer 0.1.16 1 restframework-definable-serializer
rgmining-fraud-eagle 0.9.7 1 An implementation of Fraud Eagle algorithm
rgmining-synthetic-dataset 0.9.3 1 A synthetic dataset for Review graph mining project
rgmining-tripadvisor-dataset 0.5.6 1 Trip Advisor dataset for Review Graph Mining Project
rhyme-haiker 2.0.6 1 A rhyming haiku generator.
rocketdive 0.3 1 Easy GUI frontend for Rocket, a modern WSGI web server.
Ruya 1.0 1 Ruya crawler
settei 0.5.0 1 Configuration loader from a TOML file
shiori 0.4.0 1 bookmarking tool based on Web UI and JSON REST API
silvuple 1.2 1 Translation manager for Plone / LinguaPlone websites
simplenlp 1.1.2 1 Simple, multilingual natural language tools.
simpleValidator 1 A small, extensible python library to deal with web validations !
sinsy-cli 0.5.0 1 Sinsy Command Line Utility
skiski 0.1.0 1 SKI Combinator for Python
SNPs_Analysis 0.0.3 1 SNPs_Analysis is a pipeline analysis bioinformatics workflows that is specifically designed for functional genomic scientists or researchers in the field of biomedical or bioinformatics. This analysis pipeline is supported with high performance computing systems (HPCs). That is, the HPC is for running pipeline stages on a distributed compute nodes.
sortorder 2.0.6 1 Enable Sphinx to generate HTML5 valid files
souwapy 1.1.1 1 This is a library for summing array elements with high speed by new algorithm.
sphinx_html5_basic_theme 1.0.5 1 Enable Sphinx to generate HTML5 valid files
sphinxcontrib-dd 0.1.7 1 Sphinx extension for Data Dictionary and Database Diagram
sphinxcontrib-osaka 0.1dev-20100410 1 Sphinx extension osaka
sqlitefts 1 A Python binding for tokenizers of SQLite Full Text Search
steenzout.barcode 1.0.0b4 1 Python library for bar code generation.
steganography 0.1.1 1 Digital image steganography of encrypted text
strsync 1.3.2 1 strsync - Automatically translate and synchronize localizable resource files from defined base language for Xcode.
subdl 1.0.9 1 a subtitle downloader for your movies and tv-series
subtitle_translator 0.1 1 Subtitle Translator
system_hotkey 1.0.3 1 System wide hotkeys
tabulate 0.8.2 1 Pretty-print tabular data
takayi 0.3.3 1 Type hints for python 2.x 2.2 1 Test Anything Protocol (TAP) tools
tatsu 4.2.5 1 TatSu takes a grammar in a variation of EBNF as input, and outputs a memoizing PEG/Packrat parser in Python.
termify 1.0.1 1 Termify is a simple service that permits you to retrieve lyrics in your terminal
termsaver 0.3 1 Simple text-based terminal screensaver.
textTinyPy 0.0.4 1 text processing functions for small or big data files
timo-zappa 1 Server-less Python Web Services for AWS Lambda and API Gateway
tomato 0.0.2 1 Python SWF Processor (for Flash Lite 1.1)
translation 1.0.5 1 A translation package
tsukkomi 0.0.6 1 make tsukkomi for python types
TurboLucene 0.2.2 1 TurboLucene is a TurboGears extension that allows applications to easily use the PyLucene full-text search engine.
Twinkerer 0.1.0 1 tinkerer small extension to use twitter api.
uamd 0.1rc4 1 User Agent Mobile Detect
uamobile 0.2.16 1 WSGIUserAgentMobile - mobile user agent string parser for WSGI applications
unicode_ids 2.0.5 1 Enable Sphinx to generate non-ASCII identifiers
Unidecode 1.0.22 1 ASCII transliterations of Unicode text
unihan-etl 0.9.5 1 Export UNIHAN to Python, Data Package, CSV, JSON and YAML
unihan-tabular 0.8.1 1 Export UNIHAN to Python, Data Package, CSV, JSON and YAML
Unihandecode 0.51 1 US-ASCII transliterations of Unicode text
uniseg 0.7.1 1 A pure Python library to determine Unicode text segmentations
unzipmbcs 0.1.1 1 UnZip for non-UTF8 encoding such as cp949, sjis, gbk, euc-kr, euc-jp, and gb2312
voicetotext 1.0.1 1 Transript media file to text using google api.
word2vec-wikification-py 0.17 1 A package to run wikification
wordfreq 1.6.1 1 wordfreq is a Python library for looking up the frequencies of words in many
xdwlib 1 A DocuWorks library.
xrea 0.1.1 1 XREA API wrapper
yogosyu 2.0.5 1 Fix the Sphinx to enable any order to sort indices
yomo 0.0.11 1 Python 3 modules for atmospheric research, especially airborne sunphotometry.
yosai 0.3.2 1 Yosai is a powerful security framework with an intuitive api.
z3c.form 3.6 1 An advanced form and widget framework for Zope 3
zanshin 0.6 1 High-level library for HTTP, WebDAV and CalDAV operations
zappa 0.45.1 1 Server-less Python Web Services for AWS Lambda and API Gateway
zdict 0.10.0 1 The last dictionary framework you need. (?) 4.0.0 1 Zope locale extraction and management utilities
zoro 1.14 1 Build tool written in Python, works with anything

*: occurrence of search term weighted by field (name, summary, keywords, description, author, maintainer)