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Index of Packages Matching 'jemian'

Package Weight* Description
jldesmear 2015.623.1 4 Desmear small-angle scattering data by Jemian and Lake
Assign-GUP 2017.4.0 2 Assist in assigning APS GUPs to PRP members
BcdaMenu 2017.11.0 2 A GUI menu button to start common software.
blnuhr 0.1.11 2 Python & Qt rendition of Berlin's quantity didactics clock
iocdoc 0.0.2 2 Document the configuration of an EPICS IOC
punx 0.1.9 2 Python Utilities for NeXus
pvWebMonitor 2017.1211.1 2 post EPICS PVs to read-only web page
PyPrototype 0.0.2 2 prototype repository of a Python project
pyRestTable 2017.2.0 2 Format a nice table in reST (reStructuredText ) from Python
spec2nexus 2017.901.4 2 Converts SPEC data files and scans into NeXus HDF5 files
APS_BlueSky_tools 0.0.17 1 Various Python tools for use with BlueSky at the APS
BcdaQWidgets 2017.3.0 1 PyEpics-aware PyQt widgets for the APS.
PvMail 3.2.8 1 Watch an EPICS PV. Send email when it changes from 0 to 1.
sphinxcontrib-specdomain 1.04.02 1 Sphinx "specdomain" extension

*: occurrence of search term weighted by field (name, summary, keywords, description, author, maintainer)