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Index of Packages Matching 'kmeans'

Package Weight* Description
kmeans 1.0.2 11 python wrapper for basic c implementation of kmeans
condor-kmeans 0.9 7 A package for running k-means on a Condor cluster
myKMeans 1.0.0 6 implimention of kmeans in python,first implement a local minimum version,than use it to implement a global minimum one by choosing one of the best class to split the dataset into two classes if splitting is better
kmeans-smote 0.0.2 5 Oversampling for imbalanced learning based on k-means and SMOTE
ezcluster 0.0.3 4 Evaluating the optimal number of clusters for KMeans clustering using the gap statistic
pqkmeans 1.0.2 4 Fast and memory-efficient clustering
afkmc2 0.1 3 Assumption Free and Efficient K-Means Seeding
colorweave 0.3.2 2 Extract dominant colors from an image as a color palette
gap-stat 1.0.1 2 Python implementation of the gap statistic.
kmc2 0.1 2 Cython implementation of k-MC2 and AFK-MC2 seeding
kmpp 1.0.0b1_wrapper2 2 Contains kmeans plus plus
knor 0.0.1 2 A fast parallel k-means library for Linux and Mac
pyCroscopy 0.59.4 2 Python library for scientific analysis of microscopy data
pylearning 3.2.2b1 2 Simple high-level library to use machine learning algorithms
adenine 0.1.4 1 A Data ExploratioN pIpeliNE
allocator 0.1.7 1 Optimally Allocate Geographically Distributed Tasks
antspy 0.1.3.dev14 1 Advanced Normalization Tools in Python
ccsnmultivar 0.0.5 1 Multivariate regression analysis of core-collapse simulations
cluster 1.4.0 1
clusteror 0.0.2 1 Dataset pattern discovery tool
colorobject 0.8.1 1 Dynamic color objects compatible with Matplotlib
colorz 1.0.3 1 Color scheme generator.
Data-viz 0.13 1 Represents your high-dimensional datas in a 2D space and play wih it
hdidx 1 ANN Search in High-Dimensional Spaces
hpsklearn 0.1.0 1 Hyperparameter Optimization for sklearn
Icics 0.3.3 1 A package that used in Inter Credit case assign.
k-means-plus-plus 0.1.0 1 K-Means++ Clustering for Pandas DataFrames
kHLL 0.0.4 1 Memory saving and fast k-deterministic k-means with HyperLogLog
milk 0.6.1 1 Machine Learning Toolkit
neuro_athelets 0.11 1 python ml library for neuro eeg data
osprey 1.1.0 1 |Build Status| |Coverage Status| |PyPi version| [|License|] ( |DOI| [|Documentation|] (
paletteExtractor 0.1 1 Extract color palette from images
pyclustering 0.7.2 1 pyclustring is a python data mining library
pygauss 0.6.0 1 Python API for analysis and documentation of molecular chemical computations
PyMF 0.1.9 1 Python Matrix Factorization Module
pyrallel 0.2.1 1 Experimental tools for parallel machine learning
sagemaker 1.0.1 1 Open source library for training and deploying models on Amazon SageMaker.
scluster 0.0.2 1 an implementation of spectral clustering for text document collections
SimpSOM 1.3.1 1 A lightweight Python library for Kohonen Self-Organising Maps
Themer 1.8.3 1 Themer is a colorscheme generator and manager for your desktop.
treeCl 0.1.29 1 Phylogenetic Clustering Package
Vizuka 0.35.9 1 Represents your high-dimensional datas in a 2D space and play with it

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