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Index of Packages Matching 'kotti'

Package Weight* Description
Kotti 1.3.1 14 A high-level, Pythonic web application framework based on Pyramid and SQLAlchemy. It includes an extensible Content Management System called the Kotti CMS.
kotti_backend 0.2.0 10 Turns Kotti CMS into a private content administration area
kotti_contactform 0.5.1 10 Simple contact form for Kotti sites
kotti_feed 0.2 10 Add RSS feed generation to your Kotti site
kotti_icons 1.0.0 10 Add a full set of icons / favicons to your Kotti site.
kotti_image 1.0.0 10 Image content type for Kotti
kotti_site_gallery 0.2.0 10 Site gallery for Kotti sites
kotti_site_settings 0.2.2 10 Add on for Kotti
kotti_socialbuttons 0.1a3 10 Social media buttons add on for Kotti
kotti_solr 0.1.1 10 Solr integration for Kotti
kotti_theme_sbadmin 0.1.1 10 SB Admin theme for Kotti
kotti_alert 0.2.11 9 Alert content type for Kotti
kotti_analytics 0.2 9 Add a Google Analytics widget to your Kotti site
kotti_blog 0.4 9 Add a simple blog to your Kotti site
kotti_bootswatch 0.1.2 9 Kotti bootswatch theme / theme generator
kotti_calendar 0.8.2 9 Add a calendar to your Kotti site
kotti_content_proxy 0.4.1 9 A content type that proxies other content in a Kotti site
kotti_contentpreview 0.1 9 Content preview in Kotti's contents view
kotti_contenttypes 0.1.15 9 Additional content types for Kotti
kotti_controlpanel 1.0.9 9 Settings configuration for Kotti
kotti_disqus 0.1 9 Disqus commenting system add-on for Kotti
kotti_docit 0.0.4 9 Documentation site for your Kotti site
kotti_docs_theme 0.2 9 Sphinx Theme for Kotti Documentation
kotti_etherpad 0.4 9 Etherpad integration into your Kotti site
kotti_events 0.1.0b3 9 Event collection for Kotti sites
kotti_gallery 0.2.2 9 Add an image gallery to your Kotti site
kotti_google_analytics 1.2.1 9 Google Analytics for Kotti
kotti_grid 0.1a2 9 grid widget for Kotti
kotti_gsd 0.1.0 9 Add Gitlab Service Desk to your Kotti site
kotti_history 0.1.0 9 Add track the viewership and searches for the various contenttype in Kotti
kotti_link 0.1 9 Link content type for Kotti
kotti_lms_theme 0.1.4 9 LMS theme for Kotti
kotti_mapreduce 0.2.0 9 The MapReduce addon for Kotti sites
kotti_media 0.6 9 Add media content to your Kotti site
kotti_migration 0.1.3 9 Allow kotti content type to be imported and exported from a kotti site
kotti_multilingual 0.2a3 9 Multilangual sites with Kotti
kotti_navigation 0.5 9 Add a configurable navigation to your Kotti site
kotti_newsitem 0.2 9 News Item content type for Kotti
kotti_paster 0.2 9 Paster AddOn Template for Kotti
kotti_pdf 0.4.3 9 PDF content type for Kotti
kotti_quiz 0.1 9 Quiz Content Type for Kotti
kotti_restful_api 0.1.1 9 Restful API for Kotti
kotti_rstdocument 0.2 9 Use reStructuredText documents in your Kotti site
kotti_settings 0.3 9 Settings configuration for Kotti
kotti_sitemap 0.1.1 9 Kotti Sitemap - an addon to easily create a sitemap for your Kotti project.
kotti_software 0.1.4 9 Kotti software -- adds a software project listing to your site
kotti_survey 0.2.8 9 PDF content type for Kotti
kotti_tagcloud 0.1b2 9 Tagcloud widget for Kotti
kotti_tinymce 0.6.0 9 TinyMCE plugins for Kotti
kotti_twitter 0.5 9 Add twitter widgets to your Kotti site
kotti_util 0.1.2 9 Utilities for Kotti
kotti_velruse 0.3.4 9 Kotti authentication with Velruse: OpenID, OAuth2, Google, Yahoo, Live, Facebook, Twitter and others
kotti_wysihtml5 0.1.1 9 wysihtml5 for Kotti
bobtemplates.kotti 0.2a1 7 mr.bob templates for Kotti development
kotti_accounts 0.2.5 7 Allows a user principal to be associated to multiple email accounts.
kotti_dkbase 0.1.0b2 7 Kotti setup and modifications for CMS projects of Datenkarussell.
kotti_splashpage 0.2.0 7 kotti_splashpage is a kotti package to setup the home page as a splash page. It allows you to simply set a template in your application deployment configuration and have a splash page.
bobtemplates.bsuttor 0.1.1 1 Templates by Benoît Suttor.
deform 2.0.4 1 Form library with advanced features like nested forms
deform_bootstrap 0.2.9 1 Twitter Bootstrap compatible widgets, templates and styles for the deform form library
js.deform 2.0.3 1 Fanstatic packaging of deform
pypicount 0.0dev 1 Count download pypi packages
pyramid_html_minifier 0.1 1 pyramid_html_minifier
rgomes_velruse 1.1.2 1 Simplifying third-party authentication for web applications.

*: occurrence of search term weighted by field (name, summary, keywords, description, author, maintainer)