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Index of Packages Matching 'leap'

Package Weight* Description
leap 2014.1 9 Time integration by code generation
leapimport 0.2.0 9 Simple package to import binary LeapMotion recording data.
maxleap-sdk 0.2.0 9 MaxLeap Python SDK
pyleapcard 0.1.4 9 Python Leap Card API
mailpile-leap-adapter 0.0.1 8 Adapter to directly use LEAP mailboxes with Mailpile
googleappsauth 1.03 7 googleappsauth authenticates Django Users against a Google Apps Domain
leap.auth 0.1.2 7 Library to authenticate with a LEAP platform
leap.bonafide 0.0.2 7 Common files used by the LEAP project.
leap.keymanager 0.5.1 7 LEAP's Key Manager
leap.mail 0.4.2 7 Mail Services provided by Bitmask, the LEAP Client.
mleap 0.8.1 7 MLeap Python API
leap.bitmask_js 0.2.201709102115 6 Bitmask UI
leap.common 0.6.2 6 Common files used by the LEAP project. 0.9.1 6 An asynchronous, transparently-encrypting remailer for the LEAP platform
leap.pixelated 1.0.201709121425 6 Twisted API with a RESTful service for the Pixelated front-end.
leapy 0.0.2 6 Unofficial API
consoleAppMath 1.0 5 A simple calculator built using docopt
django-pluggableappsettings 1.1.6 5 A convenience class for providing default values for a django app setting.
django-reusableapps 0.1.1 5 Reusable Django apps with setuptools
django-simpleapi 1.4.0 5 A Django package that allows you to write APIs simply
DjangoPluggableApp 0.5 5 A pluggable system for django applications
gazelleapi 0.1.4 5 Gazelle API
googleapis-common-protos 1.5.3 5 Common protobufs used in Google APIs
leap.bitmask 0.10.1 5 The Internet Encryption Toolkit: Encrypted Internet Proxy and Encrypted Mail.
leap.pixelated-www 1.0.201709121424 5 Static Assets for the Pixelated User Agent UI
leap.soledad 0.10.0 5 Synchronization of locally encrypted data among devices.
leap.soledad.client 0.9.6.post3 5 Synchronization of locally encrypted data among devices (client components).
leap.soledad.common 0.9.6.post3 5 Synchronization of locally encrypted data among devices (common files).
leap.soledad.server 0.9.6.post3 5 Synchronization of locally encrypted data among devices (server components)
leap_gwas 5 Liability Estimation in Case Control Studies
leappto 0.0.1 5 Migrate legacy application VMs into macrocontainers
NYTimesArticleAPInew 1.0.0 5 Python wrapper for the New York Times Article Search API
pypebbleapi 1.0.0 5 Pebble-api for python.
simpleapi 0.0.9 5 A simple API-framework to provide an easy to use, consistent and portable client/server-architecture (for django, flask and a lot more).
TracGoogleAppsAuthPlugin 0.3.1 5 Trac authentication plugin for integration with hosted Google Apps domain
txgoogleapi 0.0.1 5 Google Data APIs for twisted
vdt.simpleaptrepo 0.0.4 5 A simple command line utility to create a debian repository
ansibleapi 0.1 4 Ansible API is a REST based front-end to run Ansible Playbooks in a very lightweight server.
collective.portlet.googleapps 0.1 4 A collection of portlets to provide connectivity to Google Apps
CommonFileAPIForPython 0.0.1 4 Functions to make file handling even easier!
django-articleappkit 0.3 4 A set of classes to make creating text- or article-based Django apps easier.
django-simpleapps 0.6 4 Basic Django applications
googleapis-artman 0.5.7 4 Google API artifact manager
googleapis_youtube 0.0.1 4 UNKNOWN
GoogleAppEngineCloudStorageClient 4 This library is the preferred way of accessing Google Cloud Storage from App Engine. It was designed to replace the Files API. As a result it contains much of the same functionality (streaming reads and writes but not the complete set of GCS APIs). It also provides key stability improvements and a better overall developer experience.
GoogleAppEngineMapReduce 4 Enable MapReduce style data processing on App Engine
GoogleAppEnginePipeline 4 Enable asynchronous pipeline style data processing on App Engine
mobileapart.django.newsletter 0.6.2 4 A Django app for sending newsletter by email to a contact list.
nytimesarticleapi 0.1.0 4 A python wrapper for the NYTimes articles api
radical.ensemblemd.ensembleapi 0.1 4 A library to run bulk gromacs tasks on DCI.
scaleapi 0.2.13 4 The official Python client library for the Scale API, the API for human labor.
seafileapi 0.1.1 4 Client interface for Seafile Web API
lpfgopt 0.7.2 3 Leap Frog Optimizer
lsd-cli 3 Leapsight Semantic Dataspace Command Line Tool
simple_api 0.2.1 3 SimpleAPI is a Python package for making application programm interface. Everyone can make the API methods just like the Django Models.
umat 0.1.20 3 Unofficial SDK for MobileAppTracking Service APIs
gae-django 0.6 2 helpers for Django project running on Google App Engine
youtubecomments 0.1 2 Get youtube public video comments
abstraction 2017.1.16.1534 1 machine learning framework
acpype 0.1.0 1 Python Boilerplate contains all the boilerplate you need to create a Python package.
actionkit-templates 0.1 1 actionkit-templates allows you to view your ActionKit templates locally testing different configurations for each page type. It also documents by-code many context variables for each page
admindjango-ckeditor-blog 2.0 1 django-blogs app to provide you facility to craete a blogs in admin panel
ailove-django-fias 0.5.2 1 FIAS Django integration (fork Ailove)
aio-framework 1 Ayinope AIO Framework
ak-djangorestframework-jsonapi 2.2.0 1 A Django REST framework API adapter for the JSON API spec.
akiokio-django-geoposition 0.2.2 1 Django model field that can hold a geoposition, and corresponding admin widget.
alauda-celery 3.1.25rc1 1 Distributed Task Queue
alkivi-google-client 1.0.3 1 Google python client used at Alkivi
anago 0.0.4 1 Sequence labeling library using Keras.
aniso8601 2.0.0 1 A library for parsing ISO 8601 strings.
APacheDEX 1.6.2 1 Compute APDEX from Apache-style logs.
apibee 0.2.2 1 A dynamic api client
appfy.recipe.gae 0.9.10 1 Buildout recipes for App Engine development.
applause-tool 0.5.0 1 This package allows integration with Applause Inc. services.
appnexus-client 0.5.0 1 General purpose Python client for the AppNexus API
axf 0.0.19 1 AXANT ToscaWidget2 Widgets collection
balepybot 1.1.0 1 A simple python implementation Bale Messaging App bots
barycorrpy 0.1 1 Barycentric Velocity correction at 1 cm/s level
BasiliskJS 0.8 1 Web browser emulator, based on PhantomJS
bob-ajax-selects 1.6.1 1 jQuery-powered auto-complete fields for editing ForeignKey, ManyToManyField and CharField
bottle-api 0.0.4 1 useful decorator for building WebAPI on Bottle web framework development
brow 0.0.2 1 Control a web browser using python
cdn_assets 0.2.3 1 Using CDN Assets(mainly JS and css) instead of downloading asset by your self.
cdnget 1.0.0 1 Utility to download files from CDNJS, jsDelivr or Google
chains 0.2.0 1 Exploratory Python Chained Generator Project
charrnn 0.1.1 1 Character Recurrent Neural Network For Text Generation
chartkick 0.5.0 1 Create beautiful Javascript charts with minimal code
chromedriver_installer 0.0.6 1 Chromedriver Installer
clean-image-crop-uploader 0.2.2 1 Clean Image Crop Uploader (CICU) provides AJAX file upload and image CROP functionalities for ImageFields with a simple widget replacement in the form. It use Modal from twitter-bootstrap.
co2mpas 1.7.4 1 The Type-Approving vehicle simulator predicting NEDC CO2 emissions from WLTP
collective.eeafaceted.batchactions 0.6 1 This package provides batch actions for eea.facetednavigation dashboard
collective.geo.mapwidget 2.4 1 collective.geo mapwidget
collective.googleanalytics 1.6.1 1 Tools for pulling statistics from Google Analytics.
collective.z3cform.chosen 1.2.1 1 chosen widget for z3cform (both chosen & ajax version) 0.9.3 1 Python SDK for Contentful's Content Delivery API
convertdate 2.1.2 1 Converts between Gregorian dates and other calendar systems.Calendars included: Baha'i, French Republican, Hebrew, Indian Civil, Islamic, ISO, Julian, Mayan and Persian.
crontabber 0.18.1 1 A cron job runner with self-healing and job dependencies.
dactyl 0.7.0 1 Tools to generate documentation.
dagrt 2014.1 1 Time integration by code generation
datarum 0.2.0 1 Datárum is a small python library to convert Gregorian dates to Wending, an Old English variant on the French Republican calendar, for use in various projects.
datashackleproject 0.1.8 1 Script that creates a Datashackle skeleton for a new Datashackle web application.
datedelta 1.2 1 Like datetime.timedelta, for date arithmetic.
DateTime 4.2 1 This package provides a DateTime data type, as known from Zope 2. Unless you need to communicate with Zope 2 APIs, you're probably better off using Python's built-in datetime module.
dialogflow 0.1.0 1 Client library for the Dialogflow API
dj-translate 1.0.4 1 A simple Django app to automatically translate the pot (`.po`) files generated by django's makemessages command using google translate.
django-adminfiles 1.0.1 1 File upload manager and picker for Django admin
django-api-playground 0.1.0 1 API Playground for RESTful APIs
django-appengine-auth 1.0 1 django-appengine-auth is an extension to django-social-auth with a backend for the Google App Engine OAuth endpoint
django-appregistration 0.0.6 1 Dynamic registration between django apps.
django-autotranslate 1.0.2 1 A simple Django app to automatically translate the pot (`.po`) files generated by django's makemessages command using google translate.
django-basket 0.4.5 1 Django generic basket application. Allow to put in basket any object and view orders in the Django admin interface
django-bootstrap3-datepicker 0.4.1 1 Bootstrap3 compatible datepicker for Django projects.
django-bootstrap3-datetimepicker 2.2.3 1 Bootstrap3 compatible datetimepicker for Django projects.
django-bootstrap3-datetimepicker-timepicker 2.4 1 Bootstrap3 compatible datetimepicker and timepicker for Django projects.
django-bootstrap4-datetimepicker 4.2 1 Bootstrap4 compatible datetimepicker for Django projects.
django-ckeditor 5.4.0 1 Django admin CKEditor integration.
django-ckeditor-updated 4.4.4 1 Django admin CKEditor integration.
django-conditioner 0.1.0 1 Create simple 'if this then that' style rules in your Django application. Comes with a bunch of ready to use actions and conditions, but is also easily extensible and allows model specific actions/conditions.
django-crowdsourced-fields 0.4 1 A reusable Django app that allows to mark certain fields of your models as masterdata. Users would still be able to enter their own values but the app will map them to unique instances. Admin staff is able to review all user generated entriesand mark them as approved.
django-datetime-widget 0.9.3 1 Django-datetime-widget is a simple and clean widget for DateField, Timefiled and DateTimeField in Django framework. It is based on Bootstrap datetime picker, supports both Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 2
django-datetime-widget-fa 0.10.0 1 Django-datetime-widget is a simple and clean widget for DateField, Timefiled and DateTimeField in Django framework. It is based on Bootstrap datetime picker, supports both Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 2, and supports Font-Awesome. Special thanks to Alfredo Saglimbeni [] for django-datetime-widget
django-db-mailer 2.3.19 1 Django module to easily send emails using django templates stored in a database.
django-endless-pagination-angular 1.2 1 Django pagination tools supporting Ajax, multiple and lazy pagination, Twitter-style and Digg-style pagination.
django-europeana 0.1.5 1 Application providing Europeana widget integration.
django-feedback-form 1.3 1 Minified JQuery & Ajax feedback form to handle fast customer requests in Django
django-fias 1.2.2 1 FIAS Django integration
django-flux 0.3.0 1 locally fetch, store, and present social media flux
django-form-utils 1.0.3 1 Form utilities for Django
django-forms-ajaxified 0.2 1 A reusable Django app that allows to load and submit forms via AJAX.
django-formsets-bootstrap3 0.2.1 1 A simple Django app for inlines formsets
django-front-edit 1.2.1 1 Front end editing for Django.
django-gapc-storage 0.4.1 1 a Django storage backend using GCS JSON API
django-generic-file 0.0.2 1 Django Generic File
django-generic-positions 0.2.2 1 Generic app for using a drag & drop position field, wherever you want to.
django-generic-tagging 0.0.2 1 A generic tagging plugin for Django
django-geoposition 0.3.0 1 Django model field that can hold a geoposition, and corresponding admin widget.
django-geopositionmap 1.0.0 1 Django Geoposition, google and osm map. Model field that can hold a geoposition with bound method, gis Point type, and corresponding admin widget.
django-gmapi-new 1 A Google Maps API implementation for Django
django-gocs 0.0.5 1 Django file storage backend and temporary file handler for Google Cloud Storage
django-google-cloud-storage 0.0.2 1 Google Cloud Storage file backend for Django
django-google-credentials 0.0.2 1 Django app storing Google API OAuth credentials.
django-googlecloud-storage 0.0.1 1 Google Cloud Storage file backend for Django based on google-cloud
django-gubbins 1.1.2 1 A collection of useful snippets for enhancing or replacing functionality within Django
django-jstemplate 1.3.8 1 A Django template tag for embedding Mustache.js templates -- or other JavaScript templates -- safely.
django-kvstore 1.0 1 An extensible key-value store backend for Django applications.
django-likes 1.11 1 Django app providing view interface to django-secretballot.
django-linkcheck 1.5 1 A Django app that will analyze and report on links in any model that you register with it.
django-locator 1.0.0 1 An easy to integrate store locator plugin for Django.
django-markitup 3.0.0 1 Markup handling for Django using the MarkItUp! universal markup editor
django-material-widgets 1.0.0b3 1 Django widgets styled with Material Components for the Web.
django-mongokit 0.2.6 1 Bridging Django to MongoDB with the MongoKit ODM
django-mustachejs 0.8.3-eol 1 A Django template tag for embedding Mustache.js templates safely.
django-openinghours 0.1.3 1 A reusable Django app to work with opening hours.
django-outlets 0.4.4 1 A reusable Django app that allows you to manage and display your stores
django-pagination-plus 0.0.3 1 Utilities for pagination in Django templates
django-pencil 0.1.1 1 Intergetion Pencil WYSIWYG into Django.
django-pj-feedreader 0.1.1 1 Django/AngularJS RSS feed reader
django-pluggable-apps 1.2 1 A pluggable system for django applications
django-pushapp 1.0.1 1 Send push notifications to mobile devices through GCM or APNS in Django.
django-redactorjs 0.3.5 1 This reusable Django app using WYSIWYG editor
django-redator 0.2.3 1 Django Redator (sic) is a application for the Django Web Framework to help you integrate Redactor <>, a beautiful and easy-to-use WYSIWYG HTML editor, into your projects.
django-relativedelta 1.0.2 1 Django alternative to DurationField using dateutil.relativedelta
django-rest-framework-naming-style 0.2 1 A toolkit for Django REST framework to easily switch APIs' naming styles.
django-selectable-select2 0.4.0 1 plugin for django-selectable (to use with select2 UI)
django-socialprofile 1.2.1 1 django-socialprofile enables users to manage their user profile built by logging in via a social service such as Google, Twitter, or Facebook. It relies on python-socialauth.
django-static-lor 0.1.0 1 LoR as 'Local or Remote' is a useful tool for manage static files between testing and production.
django-sticky-uploads 0.6.1 1 Enhanced file input widget for Django which uploads the file in the background and retains value on form errors.
django-template-shortcuts 0.2.2 1 Reusable Django templatetags
django-tracker 0.0.1 1 A simple statistic tracker
django-treasuremap 0.2.5 1 django-treasuremap app, makes it easy to store and display the location on the map using different providers (Google, Yandex).
django-treenavext 0.1.1 1 treenavext
django-user-tags 1.2.1 1 A reusable Django app that enables users of your site to tag items. Each user's tags are separated so that the auto-suggest functionality will never suggest tags another user has entered.
django-uzbplaces 0.5 1 UzbPlaces is a simple Django app to integrate places in Uzbekistan.
django-var-js 1.1 1 Application variables passed from the server to the client.
django-viewtester 10.4.3 1 A django views-tester
django-xliff 0.3.2 1 XML Localisation Interchange File Format (XLIFF) serializer for Django
django_base_model 0.2.2 1 A model from which all django models can extend. Gives some additional utility functions
django_restframework_apiview 1.2.0 1 Django REST_framework APIView
djangocms-background-media 1.0.0 1 A Django CMS plugin that provides responsive, full screen background media with text.
djangocms-flexslider 1.0.0 1 A Django CMS image slider plugin that uses FlexSlider.
djangocms-typedjs 1.0.0 1 A Django CMS plugin that implements the Typed.js jQuery plugin.
djangorestframework-jsonapi 2.3.1 1 A Django REST framework API adapter for the JSON API spec.
djnotty 0.0.5 1 Create popup notifications.
dl-skel 0.1.2 1 DoubleLeft skeleton generator
domnibus 1.0.4 1 Get all possible information about a domain
drf-dark-theme 0.3 1 Dark Themes for Django Rest Framework
drf-json-api 0.1.1 1 A parser and renderer for Django REST Framework that adds support for the JSON API specification.
dtrange 1.2.2 1 Multi-calendar datetime, date, and time range iterators.
dxe-airtable 1.0.0 1 Airtable library files used by DxE tech.
ec2-api 5.0.0 1 OpenStack Ec2api Service
eckerd-django-google-sso 0.0.1 1 A reusable django application for google sso
epoch 0.1.4 1 A utility library to manage and manipulate UNIX epoch timestamps.
era 1.1 1 Sane date and time tools for Python.
fh-django-gae-tasks 0.2.4 1 Django GAE tasks improves upon App Engine's Deferred library and is forked from FreshPlanet's project.
FileServer 0.3 1 a simple static fileserver and directory index server in python (WSGI app)
Flask-BrowserID 0.0.4 1 Flask support for BrowserID authentication
Flask-GSA 0.1.1 1 A simple wrapper for the Google OAuth2 client library
Flask-MicroServices 0.34.5 1 Self contained modules and Django style URL routing for Flask.
futoin-cid 0.8.3 1 FutoIn Continuous Integration & Delivery Tool
gae_installer 1 Google App Engine Installer
gapic-google-cloud-datastore-v1 0.90.4 1 GAPIC library for the Google Cloud Datastore API
gapic-google-cloud-error-reporting-v1beta1 0.15.3 1 GAPIC library for the Stackdriver Error Reporting API
gapic-google-cloud-functions-v1beta2 0.15.3 1 GAPIC library for the Google Cloud Functions API
gapic-google-cloud-language-v1 0.15.3 1 GAPIC library for the Google Cloud Natural Language API
gapic-google-cloud-language-v1beta1 0.11.1 1 GAPIC library for the Google Language API
gapic-google-cloud-language-v1beta2 0.15.3 1 GAPIC library for the Google Cloud Natural Language API
gapic-google-cloud-logging-v2 0.91.3 1 GAPIC library for the Stackdriver Logging API
gapic-google-cloud-monitoring-v3 0.15.3 1 GAPIC library for the Stackdriver Monitoring API
gapic-google-cloud-pubsub-v1 0.15.4 1 GAPIC library for the Google Cloud Pub/Sub API
gapic-google-cloud-spanner-admin-database-v1 0.15.3 1 GAPIC library for the Cloud Spanner Database Admin API
gapic-google-cloud-spanner-admin-instance-v1 0.15.3 1 GAPIC library for the Cloud Spanner Instance Admin API
gapic-google-cloud-spanner-v1 0.15.3 1 GAPIC library for the Cloud Spanner API
gapic-google-cloud-speech-v1 0.15.3 1 GAPIC library for the Google Cloud Speech API
gapic-google-cloud-speech-v1beta1 0.15.3 1 GAPIC library for the Google Cloud Speech API
gapic-google-cloud-vision-v1 0.90.3 1 GAPIC library for the Google Cloud Vision API
gapic-google-iam-admin-v1 0.10.0 1 GAPIC library for the Google IAM Admin API
gapic-google-longrunning 0.11.2 1 GAPIC library for the Google Google API
gapic-google-maps-streetview_publish-v1 0.1.4 1 GAPIC library for the Street View Publish API
gapic-google-monitoring-v3 0.11.1 1 GAPIC library for the Stackdriver Monitoring API
gapic-google-pubsub-v1 0.11.1 1 GAPIC library for the Google Pubsub API
gax-cloud-vision-v1 0.8.0 1 GAX library for the Google Vision API
gcpmetrics 1.0.37 1 Google Cloud Monitoring API Command Line
gdistcc 0.9.3.post3 1 gdistcc: the easy way to compile in the cloud!
gdrivefs 0.14.9 1 A complete FUSE adapter for Google Drive.
geepal 0.2.2 1 From Google Calendar to dataframes
geocoder 1.34.0 1 Geocoder is a simple and consistent geocoding library.
gerritexec 2.2.0 1 Run a command when a gerrit patchset is created
gf.rejuice 0.2 1 `gf.rejuice` provides additional tools for developers to use `Juicer` for the compression of Javascript and CSS resources, in the context of python web applications that run via WSGI.
gnsstime 0.0.8 1 Extended datetime for the gnss analysis.
google-api-helper 0.2.2 1 Python helper class to streamlime interaction with Google APIs. Based on python-google-api-client.
google-api-wrapper 2.0.0a1 1 Simple wrapper for Google APIs
google-apis-client-generator 1.4.3 1 Google Apis Client Generator
google-appengine 1.5.1 1 Google AppEngine (unofficial easy-installable version of AppEngine SDK)
google-assistant-grpc 0.1.0 1 Google Assistant API gRPC bindings
google-assistant-library 0.1.0 1 Google Assistant Library Python wrapper
google-assistant-sdk 0.4.2 1 Samples and Tools the Google Assistant SDK
google-cloud-monitoring 0.28.0 1 Python Client for Stackdriver Monitoring
google-endpoints 2.5.0 1 Google Cloud Endpoints
google-gax 0.15.16 1 Google API Extensions
google-music-manager-auth 0.7.2 1 Google MusicManager package to manage your music library to Google Music - Auth module
google-music-manager-downloader 0.7.2 1 Google MusicManager package to manage your music library to Google Music - Download module
google-music-manager-uploader 0.7.2 1 Google MusicManager package to manage your music library to Google Music - Upload module
google-ngram-downloader 4.0.1 1 The streaming access to the Google ngram data.
google-oauth 1.0.1 1 OAuth2 for Google APIs
google-oauth2l 1.0.1 1 command-line google oauth tools
google-search-cli 0.0.5 1 google search cli
google_spreadsheet 0.0.6 1 Google spreadsheet create/update util
googleautoauth 0.2.9 1 Library to streamline Google authentication from the command-line.
googleDriveAccess 0.1.6 1 update spreadsheet with OAuth2 and recursive upload to Google Drive ( supports OAuth2, Calendar, Gmail, geocoding, spreadsheet, etc ) and import-export Google Apps Script source code
googlegantt 0.6.1 1 Produce Gantt charts using the Google Charts API
GoogleToken 0.7.6 1 Google User Account login automation
GoSync 0.4 1 GoSync is an open source Google Drive client written in python.
grpc-cloud-vision-v1 0.8.0 1 GRPC library for the cloud-vision-v1 service
grpc-google-cloud-datastore-v1 0.14.0 1 GRPC library for the Google Datastore service
grpc-google-cloud-error-reporting-v1beta1 0.14.0 1 GRPC library for the Stackdriver Error Reporting API
grpc-google-cloud-language-v1 0.14.0 1 GRPC library for the Google Language service
grpc-google-cloud-language-v1beta1 0.11.1 1 GRPC library for the google-cloud-language-v1beta1 service
grpc-google-cloud-logging-v2 0.90.0 1 GRPC library for the Stackdriver Logging service
grpc-google-cloud-monitoring-v3 0.14.0 1 GRPC library for the Stackdriver Monitoring API service
grpc-google-cloud-pubsub-v1 0.14.0 1 GRPC library for the Google Pubsub service
grpc-google-cloud-speech-v1beta1 0.14.0 1 GRPC library for the Google Speech service
grpc-google-cloud-vision-v1 0.14.0 1 GRPC library for the Google Cloud Vision API service
grpc-google-iam-admin-v1 0.10.0 1 GRPC library for the google-iam-admin-v1 service
grpc-google-iam-v1 0.11.4 1 GRPC library for the google-iam-v1 service
grpc-google-longrunning-v2 0.8.1 1 GRPC library for the google-longrunning-v2 service
grpc-google-monitoring-v3 0.11.1 1 GRPC library for the google-monitoring-v3 service
grpc-google-pubsub-v1 0.11.1 1 GRPC library for the google-pubsub-v1 service
grudge 2015.1 1 Discretize discontinuous Galerkin operators quickly, on heterogeneous hardware
grymt 1.4 1 Preps a set of HTML files for deployment
horae.auth 1.0a1 1 Provides a pluggable users and groups architecture for the Horae resource planning system
horae.timeaware 1.0a1 1 Provides basic datetime related tasks used by the Horae resource planning system
httplib2shim 0.0.3 1 A wrapper over urllib3 that matches httplib2's interface
humblebundle 0.1.1 1 Humble Indie Bundle API client
isign 1.6.15 1 Re-signing iOS apps without Apple tools
iw.thumbs 1.2 1 A wsgi middleware to generate and serve image thumbnails.
japan_holiday 0.0.8 1 Holiday in Japan from Google Calendar.
jdatetime 1.9.0 1 Jalali datetime binding for python
jdcal 1.3 1 Julian dates from proleptic Gregorian and Julian calendars.
jinja2modern 0.3.0 1 Jinja2 tags for modern web. Includes sass, scss, less, coffee, uglify. Can be easily extended for any command line tools.
jsonrpcake 1.1.0 1 JSONRPCake - a CLI JSON-RPC client for humans.
kairos 0.10.1 1 Time series data storage in Redis, Mongo, SQL and Cassandra
kel-cluster 0.0.3 1 Kel cluster management library
kelctl 0.0.2 1 kelctl
Khayyam 3.0.17 1 Persian Date & Time library (aka: Jalali Calendar) with timezone, DST(daylight-saving), full formatting & parsing support for python 2 & 3 including c extention
kspalculator 0.11 1 Determine the best rocket propulsion designs for one stage of a rocket, given a set of constraints and preferences (Kerbal Space Program).
lastfmclient 0.0.4 1 Python client for the API with a pythonic interface to all methods, including auth, etc. An async, Tornado-based client included as well.
ld 0.5.0 1 Linux Distribution - a Linux OS platform information API
lea 2.3.5 1 Discrete probability distributions in Python
lionshead 0.1.1 1 Detect OS/platforms
lunardate 0.1.5 1 A Chinese Calendar Library in Pure Python
lunisolar 0.1.3 1 A library to handle the Chinese calendar
maser4py 0.6.1 1 Python 3 module for the MASER portal
mo-times 1.1.17256 1 More Time! Time as a vector space, the way it was meant to be.
mpegdash 0.1.5 1 MPEG-DASH MPD(Media Presentation Description) Parser
mul.recipe.appengine 0.4.0 1 Buildout recipes for App Engine.
mychevy 0.2.0 1 Python interface to My Chevy website via Selenium
myyoutube 0.4 1 Upload videos to youtube using OAuth2.0 and the youtube API
nflx-genie-client 3.5.0 1 Genie Python Client.
nn_wtf 0.1.7 1 Neural Networks Wrapper for TensorFlow
NoseGAE 0.5.10 1 NoseGAE: nose plugin for Google App Engine testing
nptime 0.4.1 1 Extends datetime.time, allowing time arithmetic
ntpdshm 0.2.1 1 Python interface to NTP Shared Memory
ntplib 0.3.3 1 Python NTP library
nytimesarticle 0.1.0 1 Fully-functional Python wrapper for the New York Times Article Search API
okonomi 0.1.1 1 smart JS loading for Django
openstax-accounts 1.0.0 1 An example pyramid app that connects to openstax/accounts
opsgenie_swagger 0.3.2 1 OpsGenie REST API
payoneer_mobile_api 0.9.4 1 Payoneer Mobile API
pical 0.3 1 icalendar parser,builder library with query function
pinkopy 2.1.2 1 Python wrapper for Commvault api 3.0.3 1 A collection of widgets, templates and other components for use with z3c.form and Plone
plone.batching 1.1.2 1 Batching facilities used in Plone.
plone.directives.form 2.0.3 1 Grok-like directives configuring forms
plone.z3cform 0.9.1 1 plone.z3cform is a library that allows use of z3c.form with Zope and the CMF.
plone.z3ctable 0.2 1 z3c.table support for Plone
plonehrm.personaldata 2.0.1 1 Personal data for Plone HRM
plywood 1.11.0 1 A template language grammar inspired by the Python code aesthetic
porper 0.3.0 1 Portable Permission Controller
pproxy 1.2.2 1 Proxy server that can tunnel among remote servers by regex rules.
predestinate 0.1.3 1 Script mouse and keyboard actions via xautomation in GNU/Linux
prospecting 0.1.5 1 Marketing toolset using Pandas & Google Sheets API, with classes for a variety of other Google APIs
proto-google-cloud-datastore-v1 0.90.4 1 GRPC library for the Google Cloud Datastore API
proto-google-cloud-error-reporting-v1beta1 0.15.3 1 GRPC library for the Stackdriver Error Reporting API
proto-google-cloud-functions-v1beta2 0.15.3 1 GRPC library for the Google Cloud Functions API
proto-google-cloud-language-v1 0.15.3 1 GRPC library for the Google Cloud Natural Language API
proto-google-cloud-language-v1beta2 0.15.3 1 GRPC library for the Google Cloud Natural Language API
proto-google-cloud-logging-v2 0.91.3 1 GRPC library for the Stackdriver Logging API
proto-google-cloud-monitoring-v3 0.15.3 1 GRPC library for the Stackdriver Monitoring API
proto-google-cloud-pubsub-v1 0.15.4 1 GRPC library for the Google Cloud Pub/Sub API
proto-google-cloud-spanner-admin-database-v1 0.15.3 1 GRPC library for the Cloud Spanner Database Admin API
proto-google-cloud-spanner-admin-instance-v1 0.15.3 1 GRPC library for the Cloud Spanner Instance Admin API
proto-google-cloud-spanner-v1 0.15.3 1 GRPC library for the Cloud Spanner API
proto-google-cloud-speech-v1 0.15.3 1 GRPC library for the Google Cloud Speech API
proto-google-cloud-speech-v1beta1 0.15.3 1 GRPC library for the Google Cloud Speech API
proto-google-cloud-vision-v1 0.90.3 1 GRPC library for the Google Cloud Vision API
protoc-java-resource-names-plugin 0.0.5 1 Protobuf compiler plugin for Java resource names
psq 0.6.0 1 A simple task queue using Google Cloud Pub/Sub
pubsub-logging 0.2.1 1 Logging handlers for publishing the logs to Cloud Pub/Sub
PunkyBrowster 0.3.1 1 Programmatic web browsing module
py-oauth2 0.0.10 1 A Python wrapper for the OAuth 2.0 specification.
py_common_subseq 0.1.4 1 Micro-library finding all common subsequences between two sequences in polynomial time.
PyChromecast 1.0.3 1 Python module to talk to Google Chromecast.
pycicu 0.1.6 1 PyClean Image Crop Uploader (pycicu) provides AJAX file upload and image CROP functionalitiesusing Pyramid. It uses Modal from twitter-bootstrap. This is a fork of clean-image-crop-uploader.
pycompressor 0.0.2 1 Python implementation of a string compressor
pygerrit 1.0.0 1 Client library for interacting with Gerrit
pygerrit2 2.0.4 1 Client library for interacting with Gerrit's REST API
pygfolder 0.0.5 1 PyGFolder is a package for managing Google Drive folders as a dictionary.
pygoogleanalytics 1.1 1 Wrapper for Google Analytics API python call
pykube 0.16a1 1 Python client library for Kubernetes
PyMedium 1.0.3 1 PyMedium - Unofficial Medium API
pyoutube 0.5 1 Upload videos to youtube using OAuth2.0 and the youtube API
PyParticles 0.3.5 1 Particles simulation toolbox in python, with some force model and integrations methods
pypinfo 8.0.0 1 View PyPI download statistics with ease.
pyramid_extdirect 0.6.0 1 ExtDirect Implementation for Pyramid
pyramid_google_login 1.1.0 1 Google Login for Pyramid
pyramid_multildap 0.2a5 1 pyramid_multildap
pyramid_persona 1.6.1 1 pyramid_persona
pysony 0.1.11 1 Sony Camera Remote API for python
python-amazon-simple-product-api 2.2.11 1 A simple Python wrapper for the Product Advertising API
python-appengine 1.9.15 1 GAE SDK Pip installable Mirror
python-appengine-auth 0.1.dev0 1 python-appengine-auth is an extension to python-social-auth with a backend for the Google App Engine OAuth endpoint
pytile 1.1.0 1 A simple API for Tile® Bluetooth trackers
pyutillib 0.3.0 1 Small collection of python functions
qhonuskan-votes 0.2 1 Easy to use reddit like voting system for django models.
ralph_scrooge 3.0.1 1 Pricing module for Ralph
raspi_door 0.7.1 1 Raspberry Pi Smart-ish Door
raven-aiohttp 0.6.0 1 An asyncio transport for raven-python
rebound 3.5.12 1 An open-source multi-purpose N-body code
reboundx 2.18.1 1 A library for including additional forces in REBOUND
rebulk 0.9.0 1 Rebulk - Define simple search patterns in bulk to perform advanced matching on any string.
redsolutioncms.django-simple-feedback 0.4.1 1 Simple application, that provides customizable email form template tag.You can specify form fields and optionally enable dedicated view to render feedback page.
repoze.debug 1.1 1 Forensic debugging WSGI middleware
requests-mv-integrations 0.7.3 1 Extension of Python HTTP `requests` with verbose logging using `logging-mv-integrations`.
requests-oauth2 0.2.0 1 Open Authentication 2 support to Python-requests HTTP library.
rest-api-blueprint 0.1 1 Pedagogical blueprint of a REST API in Flask.
rest_framework_ember 1.3.2 1 A Django Rest Framework adapter that provides Ember Data support. When reaches 1.0 this adapter plans to adopt it.
rieapie 1 Easy REST api wrapper
rod.recipe.appengine 2.0.6 1 ZC Buildout recipe for setting up a Google App Engine development environment.
rst2html5 1.9.3 1 Generates (X)HTML5 documents from standalone reStructuredText sources
rstr 2.2.6 1 Generate random strings in Python
ruamel.dc2service 0.3.1 1 generate init configuration file (systemd/Upstart) from docker-compose.yml
runestone 3.0.7 1 Sphinx extensions for writing interactive documents.
sbo-selenium 0.7.2 1 Selenium testing framework for Django applications
scrapple 0.3.0 1 A framework for creating web content extractors
scrooge 2.4.0 1 Pricing module for Ralph
search-google 1.2.1 1 A command line tool and module for Google API web and image search.
seganndb_login 1.0 1 Pyramid login module for SegAnnDB login
selenate 0.4.0 1 Web Automation made easy
selenium 3.8.1 1 Python bindings for Selenium
SimilarWeb-Python 0.0.3 1 Python Wrapper for SimilarWeb API
simpleauth 0.1.5 1 A simple auth handler for Google App Engine supporting OAuth 1.0a, 2.0 and OpenID
Sixpack 2.7.0 1 A/B testing framework under active development at SeatGeek
sofine 1 Lightweight framework for creating data-collection plugins and chaining together calls to them, from CLI, REST or Python
solidwebpush 1.2.1 1 This package lets your server send Web Push Notifications to your clients. NOTE: No particular web framework are required (e.g. Django, Flask, Pyramid, etc.), since it was originally designed to run on a Raspberry Pi with no web server installed (only a bare Python program listening on a port for HTTP requests).
sops 1.16 1 Secrets OPerationS (sops) is an editor of encrypted files
sorno-py-scripts 0.44.1 1 Herman Tai's python scripts all prefixed with "sorno_"
sphinxjp.themes.revealjs 0.3.0 1 A sphinx theme for generate reveal.js presentation. #sphinxjp
sre_yield 1.0 1 Expands a regular expression to its possible matches
static-api-generator 0.0.2 1 Library for generating static API
strict-rfc3339 0.7 1 Strict, simple, lightweight RFC3339 functions
structured-config 3.6 1 Configuration module for python where the config structure is solely defined in python with full autocomplete support.
submarine-githooks 0.1.7 1 Submarine Githooks
svg2code 0.3.1 1 SVG2Code - Code Generator
swapper 1.1.0 1 The unofficial Django swappable models API.
tails 0.0.1 1 Utilities for Sanic apps
tgapp-googlePlusAuth 0.0.2 1 Google Authentication for TurboGears2
timerange 1.07 1 Generates list of dates in various formats
tomcatmanager 0.11.0 1 A command line tool and python library for managing a tomcat server.
TracLoginRequiredPlugin 0.1.0 1 Trac plugin which redirects all unauthenticated requests to the login page
transdate 1.1.1 1 Python implementation of Asian lunisolar calendar
txgoogle 0.0.1 1 Google Data APIs for twisted
tzcelery 3.1.27 1 Distributed Task Queue
ungog 0.0.2 1 ungoogleify your css
vanguard 0.0.2 1 A simple API authentication library for Django REST Framework
varys 0.5.2 1 For parsing and reformatting behavioral event logs.
vinpack 2.0.3 1 The module vinpack.dateutils has a print_cal() function along with few other.
vishnu 3.0.2 1 Sessions for the Google App Engine Python runtime
webapi 0.1 1 A framework to build web (json-rpc) APIs.
wildpath 0.2.4 1 easy data structure access utility
womack 0.1.1 1 ['Womack pushes real-time javascript events from your application to clients']
wordfreq 1.6.1 1 wordfreq is a Python library for looking up the frequencies of words in many
xeger 0.3.2 1 A library for generating random strings from a valid regular expression.
z3c.form 3.6 1 An advanced form and widget framework for Zope 3 0.3 1 Simple GAE-extension for buildout
zs 0.10.0 1 ZS is a compressed, read-only file format for efficiently distributing, querying, and archiving arbitrarily large record-oriented datasets.
zulu 0.12.0 1 A drop-in replacement for native datetimes that embraces UTC

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