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Index of Packages Matching 'logging'

Package Weight* Description
logging 11 A logging module for Python
Autologging 1.1.0 9 Autologging makes logging and tracing Python classes easy.
azure-storage-logging 0.5.1 9 Logging handlers to send logs to Microsoft Azure Storage
belogging 0.1.2 9 Belogging
BlockLoggingInator 1.0.6 9 A silly class to logging blocks execution time.
bottle-logging 1.1.3 9 A simple bottle plugin for logging application events
burstlogging 0.2 9 Burst logging library.
collective.bloggingmaps 1.0b2 9 An extension for Plone which adds google maps support for collective.blogging package.
console-logging 9 Better, prettier commandline logging.
cx_Logging 2.1 9 Python and C interfaces for logging
django-dynamic-logging 1.0.3 9 django app to manager logging in runtime system
django-js-error-logging 0.1.1 9 Logging Client-Side JavaScript errors for Django
django-mongologging 0.1 9 Logging changes in Django Models to MongoDB for HTTP requests and Celery tasks
easy-logging 0.1.0 9 Easy logging for python scripts
exlogging 0.1.5 9 Supports to setup python standard logging package.
Flask-Logging-Extras 0.2.0 9 Extra logging functionality for Flask apps
GIQLogging 1.0.4 9 Lightweight logstash_formatter logging initializer
happylogging 0.0.6 9 Utility functions to help using standard logging module.
invenio-logging 1.0.0b3 9 Module providing logging capabilities.
json-logging-py 0.2 9 JSON / Logstash formatters for Python logging
logging-color-formatter 1.0.2 9 A colored logging formatter
logging-exceptions 0.1.6 9 Self-logging exceptions: Attach log messages to exceptions and output them conditionally.
logging-helper 1.8.1 9 Provides some enhancements to built-in logging module.
logging-mv-integrations 0.5.4 9 Extension to Python `logging` functionality intended for TUNE Multiverse Integrations.
logging-prometheus 0.0.1 9 Exports logging metrics for
logging-slackhandler 2.5.0 9 A logging handler for Slack
logging-tz 0.1 9 Specify the UTC offset in Python 2 logging
logging2 0.1.2 9 A More Pythonic Logging System
logging_levels 0.3.0 9 Add convenient logging levels for when DEBUG just isn't enough.
opps-liveblogging 0.2.1 9 Liveblogging app, event broadcast via text
prelogging 0.2.7b30 9 streamlines the configuration of Python logging, includes multiprocessing-safe handlers
pylogging 1.0.2 9 Python Logging Library
python-kafka-logging 0.6 9 Simple python logging handler for forwarding logs to a kafka server.
python-logging-json-formatter 0.1.0 9 A logging formatter that appends extra data as JSON, e.g. for loggly
reportlogging 0.0 9 logging interface for report messages
restapi-logging-handler 0.2.2 9 A handler for the python logging module that sends logs through any REST-ful API. With threading and Loggly support that handles batch POSTS.
rfc5424-logging-handler 1.1.2 9 An up-to-date, RFC5424-Compliant syslog handler for the Python logging framework
safelogging 0.1.0 9 Extensions to the standard python logging framework
service-logging 0.1 9 Python logging configurations done The Right Way for programs that may run in the foreground or background
shotatlogging 0.0.2 9 Provide simple way to initialize logging module with default environment
slacklogging 0.0.3 9 Slack logging integration.
thunderdome-logging 1.0 9 Thunderdome graph error logging
use-logging 0.0.1 9 Tool for changing python print statements into logging module invocations. Automatically adds the appropriate imports.
yplan-logging-utils 1.0.1 9 Utilities we use for logging.
customlogging 0.1.10 8 A set of custom logging wrappers and functions.
django-microblogging 0.1.2 8 django-microblogging
django-models-logging 1.0 8 Add logging of models from save, delete signals
django_splunk_logging 1.1.0 8 Splunk Logging integration for Django
ezlogging 0.2 8 Python wrapper for logging library
hiplogging 2.0.0 8 HipChat support for the Python logging module
jumper-logging-agent 0.1.0 8 The jumper background logging agent for Linux and Windows systems
logging-rollbar 0.2 8 An implementation of the python logging library with support for rollbar
logging-utils 1.0.2 8 Additional utilities for Python logging.
LoggingUtils 1.0.1 8 Additional utilities for Python logging. DEPRECATED. See
osimis-logging 0.1.0 8 Extended logging classes.
PermissionsLogging 1.2 8 Python logging handlers that accept file permissions
poormanslogging 1.1 8 Dirt simple logging
slack-python-logging 1.4.0 8 Module for logging to a Slack Channel with Webhooks
timezone-logging 0.1 8 Logging with timezone
aws-lambda-logging 0.0.23 7 Nanolib to enhance logging in aws lambda
Blogging-Plugins 0.2.0 7 A plugin library for Flask-Blogging flask extension blog.
collective.blogging 1.3.3 7 A blogging extension for Plone 4.x.
collective.collage.blogging 1.0.1 7 A collective.blogging integration for Products.Collage.
django-automated-logging 3.5.1 7 Django Database Based Automated Logging - finally solved and done in a proper way.
django-blogging 1.2.13 7 Django blogging app. The goal is to keep it simple and configurable
django-context-logging 1.2.1 7 Library for adding request context to log records
django-gitlab-logging 0.2.2 7 A logging handler that opens GitLab issues on server error.
django-live-logging 0.1.dev20140913161855 7 Live django logging configuration, monitoring and displaying
django-logging-json 1.15 7 A simple Django app to log requests/responses in various formats, such as JSON.
django-model-logging 1.0.0 7 Generic and secure logging for changes to Django model instances
django-requestlogging 1.0.1 7 Adds information about requests to logging records.
django-requestlogging-redux 1.2.1 7 Adds information about requests to logging records.
dmiyakawabadlogging 0.2 7 Demonstrates bad logging strategy
eventlogging 0.8 7 Server-side component of EventLogging MediaWiki extension.
frame_logging 0.2.1 7 Your project description goes here
gapic-google-cloud-logging-v2 0.91.3 7 GAPIC library for the Stackdriver Logging API
goodlogging 1.0.1 7 Logging module for command line utilities
google-cloud-logging 1.5.0 7 Python Client for Stackdriver Logging
grpc-google-cloud-logging-v2 0.90.0 7 GRPC library for the Stackdriver Logging service
Henson-Logging 0.3.1 7 A library to use structured logging with a Henson application.
infi.recipe.buildout_logging 0.1.5 7 recipe enabling debug logging to files
isotopic-logging 2.0.0 7 Mark and trace events in your log alike isotopic labeling
jaraco.logging 1.5.1 7 jaraco.logging
jk_logging 0.2017.10.12 7 This is a logging framework.
json-logging 0.0.1 7 JSON Python Logging
logging-gelf 0.0.8 7 Logging bundle to send logs using GELF
logging-spinner 0.2.2 7 Non-intrusive spinner through standard logging library
logging_kernel 1.13 7 Logging kernel for Jupyter
logging_tree 1.7 7 Introspect and display the logger tree inside "logging"
logging_unterpolation 0.2.0 7 patch logging module to accept PEP-3101 formatting syntax
loggingextras 1.0 7 Extra Logging Functionality
logginggoodies 0.0.1 7 Logging Goodies
loggingtools 0.0.4 7 Python logging dictionary configuration from yaml, json or dictionary.
lumberjack-logging 0.1.0 7 Logging tools.
mozlogging 0.1.0 7 MozLog with the logging Module
odoo8-addon-logging-json 7 JSON Logging
pi-blogging 0.1.0b1 7 A Simple Blogging App that enables you to create content and content types from frontend itself.
pip_clients_logging 2.0.0 7 Python client to pip-services-logging microservice
pip_services_logging 2.0.0 7 Logging microservice for Pip.Services in Python
proto-google-cloud-logging-v2 0.91.3 7 GRPC library for the Stackdriver Logging API
pubsub-logging 0.2.1 7 Logging handlers for publishing the logs to Cloud Pub/Sub
py-amqp-logging 0.1 7 Python logging to AMQP middleware
pycogworks.logging 0.4.5 7 Logging functions used in the CogWorks lab.
pytest-logging 2015.11.4 7 Configures logging and allows tweaking the log level with a py.test flag
python-cloudwatchlogs-logging 0.0.3 7 Handler for easy logging to AWS CloudWatchLogs.
python-gce-logging 0.1 7 GCE Logging
python-logging-extra 0.20130515.2 7 Generic utilities for the Python logging facility
python-logging-proxy 7 Logging Proxy adapting pymiproxy
python-logging-rabbitmq 1.0.7 7 Send logs to RabbitMQ from Python/Django
python-logging-twitter 0.3.0 7 Python logging handler for Twitter.
PyVirtuinLogging 0.10.1 7 Virtuin remote logging service to AWS CloudWatch.
quicklogging 0.3 7 Logging wrapper
sap-cf-logging 3.1.0 7 Python logging library to emit JSON logs in a SAP CloudFoundry environment
setup_logging_for_me 0.1.0 7 I never remember how to do basic config
shinkenplugins.plugins.drupal_logging 1.0 7 A plugin to monitor Drupal watchdog logging
sparc.logging 0.0.1 7 Logging facilities for the SPARC platform
Spruce-logging 0.1.3 7 Logging
syslogging 0.1.1 7 A logging Handler that logs to syslog using syslog(3)
twlogging 0.1.0 7 python logging way for twisted log
uservice-logging 0.10.2 7 Utilities for logging for micro-services.
xmpp_logging_handler 1.0.2 7 A python logging framework handler sending to an xmpp server
broadcast-logging 0.1 6 A Python logging system handler which broadcasts log messages and a matching receiver executable.
cool_logging 0.3 6 Nice colorful formatter for Python logging
delfick-logging 0.3 6 Opinionated logging helpers
django-debug-error-logging 2.1.0 6 Enable error logging in Django when DEBUG = True
django-event-logging 0.1.1 6 Insert event into database for logging purpose
fabric-logging 0.1.0 6 Adds option to redirect all stdout/stderr through standard Python logging. Very much a work in progress
flake8-logging-format 0.3.0 6 Flake8 extension to validate (lack of) logging format strings
Hatak_Logging 0.2 6 Logging plugin for Hatak.
incuna-request-logging 0.1.0 6 Django request logging
influx-logging 0.2.0 6 Handlers for using InfluxDB as your logging backend.
influxdb-logging 1.0.4 6 InfluxDB logging handlers
kenny-loggings 1.0.0 6 A simple Django model event logger.
lcogt-logging 0.3.2 6 Library for formatting python log calls according to LCOGT standards
logging-formatter-anticrlf 1.0 6 Python logging Formatter for CRLF Injection (CWE-93) prevention
logging-slack 1.2 6 Logging handler for Slack Webhook
logging-test-case 1.0 6 Provides class LoggingTestCase to help test log files.
logging_helpers 0.10.1 6 Some logging helpers: Context, key-value rendering, etc.
loggingbots 0.1 6 Logging handlers for connecting with social apps
loggingd 1.4.1 6 Logging framework using decorators.
loggingExamples 1.0.0 6 A Python project to demo Logging
m3-datalogging 6 Logging system to spy on users.
microcosm-logging 1.0.0 6 Opinionated logging configuration
micropython-logging 0.3 6 logging module for MicroPython
mlogging 0.1 6 Rotating logging handlers for MultiProcess
multiprocessing-logging 0.2.6 6 Logger for multiprocessing applications
pokestarfansloggingsetup 2.0.1 6 My logging setup. Dependency
Products.QuillsEnabledRemoteBlogging 1.7.0b1 6 MetaWeblogAPI support for QuillsEnabled
Products.QuillsRemoteBlogging 1.7.0b1 6 MetaWeblogAPI support for Quills
python-logging-mixin 0.1.3 6 Logging tools as Mixin
python-rabbitmq-logging 0.0.3 6 Send logs to RabbitMQ from Python/Flask
quills.remoteblogging 1.7.0c1 6 Interfaces and implementation of remote blogging for Zope3/Plone.
sanelogging 1.0.1 6 Python logging for humans
slack_logging_handler 0.1.19 6 slack_logging_handler
t_logging 0.1 6 T python logging library
tornado-logging-app 0.1 6 Base logging tornado app
tornado-logging-slack 0.2.1 6 Log tornado in slack chat without block eventloop
truelogging 0.1 6 makes django to log all 500 to defined error log
twyla.logging 0.0.4 6 Twyla Logging Utilities
ustack-logging 0.2.1 6 Default logging configuration for uStack style Python applications.
xlogging 0.1 6 logging toolkit
adapted-logger 1.0.4 5 adapted_logger is a lib based on Python logging module, permetting injection of new data on logsand redirection to different target
agenda 1.0.2 5 Module for pretty task logging
aiolog 0.0.2 5 Asynchronous handlers for standard python logging library
AirbrakePy 1.0.0b2 5 Airbrake notifier for Python logging framework
alog 0.9.13 5 Python logging for Humans
alogator 0.2.0 5 Alogator is an aggregated logging actor system.
apilogs 1.2 5 Easy logging and debugging for Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda Serverless APIs
Argonaut 0.3.4 5 Lightweight Pylons powered blogging engine.
awsornot 1.1.0 5 Classes for logging and key/value that work identically whether running on AWS or not
backtrack 1.0.1 5 Simple logging in Python 3.
bbrecorder 1.0.2 5 Black box style logging handler to delay logs emitting to crisis situation.
buffered-smtp-handler 0.1.0 5 A buffered logging handlers that mimics SMTPHandler
bzero 0.18 5 bzero command-line weblogging application
CloudSearch-Logger 0.2 5 Python Logger for Logging Data on Amazon CloudSearch
CMRESHandler 1.0.0 5 Elasticsearch Log handler for the logging library
collective.js.blackbird 1.2.2 5 A Plone add-on package that provides Blackbird.js, an Open-Source Javascript logging utility.
collective.kwetter 0.1.1 5 Plone integration for the Kwetter micro-blogging solution
ConcurrentLogHandler 0.9.1 5 Concurrent logging handler (drop-in replacement for RotatingFileHandler) Python 2.6+
conundrum 0.1.0 5 A web framework agnostic blogging plugin.
cutelog 1.1.7 5 GUI for Python's logging module
diary 0.1.4 5 Async Logging
django-articles 2.4.1 5 Sophisticated blogging engine for Django-powered sites
django-audit-tools 0.4.0 5 Django application that provides a set of tools for auditing requests and models and improve logging
Django-Avocado 0.2.0 5 Delicious delayed and cached database-logging for django.
django-debug-logging 0.4 5 A plugin for django_debug_toolbar that logs results to the database for aggregated review.
django-modelhandler 1.0.0 5 A python logging handler that saves logs into django model. That's it.
django-trails 0.2a2 5 Django app for audit logging.
django_minimal_log 0.5 5 Simple logging functionality for Django
easylog 0.2.0 alpha 5 easylog works with the standard logging package to minimize logging-specific code in your own application or script.
easylogger 0.2 5 Module provides some advanced features for original Python logging.
edw.logger 1.11 5 Zope logging package.
eliot 1.3.0 5 Logging for Complex & Distributed Systems
ezlog 0.8 5 Helpful wrappers for logging
fireflask 0.2.0 5 Simple, beautiful logging from Flask web apps to FireBug console
Flask-Blogging 1.0.2 5 A flask extension for adding Markdown blog support to your site
Flask-LogConfig 0.4.2 5 Flask extension for configuring Python logging module
Flask-Logging 0.1.3 5 UNKNOWN
Flask-RouteLogger 0.1 5 Logging the meta route level request- response information in the structured manner for your flask web application
ftw.structlog 1.0.1 5 Structured logging for Plone
fundamentals 1.5.10 5 Some project setup tools including logging, settings and database connections
gocept.logging 0.8.1 5 Infrastructure for semi-structured log messages.
graypy 0.2.14 5 Python logging handler that sends messages in GELF (Graylog Extended Log Format).
heka-py 0.30.3 5 Metrics Logging
hell03end-utils 0.1.1 5 Logging helpers for some common use-cases
jloglevel 0.1.4 5 A command line tool for changing the logging level in JVM apps in runtime via Jolokia
jsonklog 0.15.0 5 JSON Logging Library with Python
jumper-ble-logger 0.1.3 5 Jumper GATT proxy for logging BLE traffic
kafka-log-handler 1.2 5 Simple python logging handler for forwarding logs to a kafka server.
kflogs 0.1.0 5 Amazon Kinesis Firehose logging handler and utilities
kyra 0.4 5 Small logging libray I made for my own use.
lcd 0.2.6b10 5 streamlines the configuration of Python logging, includes multiprocessing-safe handlers
libturpial 1.7.0 5 Microblogging library
lode 0.3.0 5 Tiny and minimalistic logging utility
log4django 0.9.1 5 log4django is full features logging platform for django applications.
log4mongo 1.6.2 5 mongo database handler for python logging
log4p 2017.12.14.4 5 A simple log moduel based logging for python.
logaugment 0.1.3 5 Python logging library for augmenting log records with additional information
logBlizzard 0.5.dev9 5 a distributed logging framework
logconf-dsl 1.0b2 5 Python logging configuration DSL
logconfig 0.4.0 5 Simple helper moudle for configuring Python logging
logformatjson 0.1.0 5 Json formatter for logging
logfury 0.1.2 5 Toolkit for responsible, low-boilerplate logging of library method calls
logger_server 1.0.5 5 An async TCP logging server base on tornado.ioloop, which serve for logging.handlers.SocketHandler.
logme 1.0.2 5 package for easy logging
lognames 0.1dev 5 This is a package that uses logging to print the arguments and name of the method called
logone 0.1.7 5 A simple logger which supports for logging stdout and stderr streams to console, file, and Loggly for Python
logtool 0.3.post17 5 Methods and tools that assist logging.
logwrap 3.2.0 5 Decorator for logging function arguments and return value by human-readable way
m01.logger 3.0.0 5 Blocking python logging handler and formatter using mongodb
mailinglogger 4.0.0 5 Enhanced emailing handlers for the python logging package.
MeasurementValueLogging 0.4.1 5 Display measurement values from various serial devices.
metlog-py 0.10.0 5 Metrics Logging
Mill 1.0.0dev 5 Alternative logging framework for Python
mongolog 0.1.1 5 Centralized logging made simple using MongoDB
monokaki 0.1.1 5 contextual logging library, no patch, no logging module replacement
mpfhandler 0.0.1 5 a timed rotate logging file handler, support multiple processes (base logging.RotatingFileHandler, portalocker)
multiline-log-formatter 0.1.8 5 Python logging formatter that prefix multiline log message and trackebacks.
OGN-Flogger 0.3.1.dev17 5 Realtime logging of glider flights from Flarm data
omniscience 0.1dev 5 Enables dynamic real-time monitoring/logging of code.
outlawg 0.1.0 5 Not your grandmother's logging tool
phlawg 1.0.0 5 python logging utilities for transmitting metrics via log streams
Products.Quills 1.8.1 5 A Blogging Suite for Plone.
Products.QuillsEnabled 1.8a1 5 A Blogging Suite for Plone.
py2loggly 1.1.2 5 A proxy for python UDP/TCP logging to loggly
pygelf 0.3.3 5 Logging handlers with GELF support
pygogo 0.10.0 5 A Python logging library with super powers
PyLog2html 1.0.4 5 Python logging to html
pylogconf 0.0.17 5 correctly configure python logging
PyLogDecorate 0.33.4 5 Advanced python logging decorators.
pyramid_logging 0.1 5 Advanced logger for pyramid
pysllo 0.1 5 Make your python logging more structured and easy to aggregate
pytest-logger 0.3.0 5 Plugin configuring handlers for loggers from Python logging module.
pytest-single-file-logging 0.1.18 5 Allow for multiple processes to log to a single file
python-kafka-logger 0.2 5 Simple python logging handler for forwarding logs to a kafka server.
python-logstash-async 1.4.1 5 Asynchronous Python logging handler for Logstash.
python-sinklog 1.1 5 Logging handler and CLI for
python-telegram-handler 2.0.2 5 A python logging handler that sends logs via Telegram Bot Api.
python_clean_logger 1.1.0a1 5 standardizes logging across all scripts and applications
python_log_indenter 0.9 5 A python LoggerAdapter class that provides automatic indenting for logging.
quicklog 1.1.1 5 Small logging utility 1.8.1 5 The Quills blogging suite. Contains code shared between Products.Quills and Products.QuillsEnabled.
rainbow_logging_handler 2.2.2 5 Ultimate Python colorized logger with user-custom color
ratelimitingfilter 0.6 5 A rate limiting filter for the Python logging system
Sawmill 0.2.1 5 Alternative logging framework for Python
scribe_logger 1.3 5 Scribe log writer and logging handler.
ScribeHandler 0.05 5 ScribeHandler is a simple proxy layer that works with the python standard logging module
silo 0.2 5 Simply Logging 1.2.2 5 Log all actions inside Silva CMS in a file or SQL table
slack-logger 0.3.1 5 A Python logging handler for Slack integration
sprockets.logging 1.3.2 5 Making logs nicer since 2015!
spylogger 1.2.1 5 Python logging library
sqs-s3-logger 1.0.7 5 Automated serverless logging to S3 via SQS.
structlog 18.1.0 5 Structured Logging for Python
supervisor-logging 0.0.9 5 Stream supervisord logs to a syslog instance
supervisor-logging-gelf 0.0.1 5 Stream supervisord logs to a Graylog instance
swailing 0.1.2 5 Logging library for apps that produce debilitating amounts of log output.
syslog-rfc5424-formatter 1.0.0 5 Logging formatter which produces well-formatted RFC5424 Syslog Protocol messages
tipimaid 0.3 5 tipimaid supports piped logging (local and over the net) for apache web servers with automatic log rotation and splitting according to domains
tlogger 0.2.2 5 Syntax sugar for logging.
turpial 3.0 5 A light, beautiful and functional microblogging client
twiggy-goodies 0.12.0 5 Handlers and helpers for Twiggy logging library.
twtxt 1.2.3 5 Decentralised, minimalist microblogging service for hackers.
tx-logging 1.0.0 5 Extends Twisted log facilities.
ulif.loghandlers 0.1.1 5 Additional logging handlers.
utcformatter 0.1.0 5 logging.Formatter with UTC timezone
Worklog 0.8.1 5 A Django based, hourly work logging app which supports job coding, view filtering, csv report generation and an e-mail reminder system
wsgi-request-logger 0.4.6 5 Apache-like combined logging for WSGI Web Applications
wsgilog 0.3.1 5 WSGI logging and event reporting middleware
wylog 1.0.0 5 A collection of simple logging methods
Yamlog 0.9 5 Logging in YAML format
Yamlog-0.9 0.9 5 Logging in YAML format
zopyx.plone.persistentlogger 0.4.6 5 Persistent logging for Plone objects
ablog 0.8.4 4 ABlog for blogging with Sphinx
asymmetricbase.logging 0.1.0-201404231236 4 UNKNOWN
canister 1.5.1 4 A bottle wrapper to provide logging, sessions and authentication.
collective.liveblog 1.2b2 4 A liveblogging solution for Plone.
couchdblogger 0.1.3 4 Simple module for logging to CouchDB.
data-pypes 0.1.9 4 A micro framework for processing and logging.
django-blogsmith 0.1.0 4 A micro-blogging app for Django.
django-colors-formatter 1.0 4 Zero-config logging formatter that uses the built-in DJANGO_COLORS setting
django-fluentd-requests-logging 0.5.12 4 A little JSON-over-HTTP Django request log export for fluentd
django-logging-command 1.00 4 A mixin to make custom Django management commands set the logger to an appropriate level
django-request-logging 0.5.5 4 Django middleware that logs http request body.
DjangoColorsFormatter 1.0 4 Zero-config logging formatter that uses the built-in DJANGO_COLORS setting
dnif 1.0.2 4 DNIF Logging Client Library
elogging 0.1.0 4 UNKNOWN
Flask-Sleuth 0.0.6 4 Spring Cloud Sleuth logging implementation for Python 2/3.
fluentmetrics 0.1.6 4 Fluent AWS Metrics Logging
github-blogging 0.1.12 4 A cmdline tool to help managing your blogs
hdv_logging 0.1.1 4
heka-py-cef 0.3.1 4 CEF extensions to metrics logging
infi.logging 0.4.7 4 Extensions for logbook, such as Windows EventLog handler.
inglass 0.1 4 A tool for monitoring and logging the temperature from a TEMPer USB Thermometer
isotope 0.0.1a0 4 A library to do a stateful logging
jog 0.1.1 4 JSON Structured Logging for Python
KLog 0.4.0 4 An alternative logging API for Python.
KMlogger 1.0.5 4 A Python logging object that provides additional functionality beyond the standard module.
latimes-qiklog 0.9.04 4 A simplified wrapper for Python's logging module
lggr 0.2.2 4 Python Logging For Humans
logdecorator 1.0 4 Move logging code out of your business logic with decorators
LogDefer 0.1.1 4 Structured Logging for Python
logerator 0.4 4 A Python package that contains the decorator, before_and_after. The decorator implements before and after event logging using the Python Logentries package.
loggerbyclass 0.2.0 4 Provides a single helper function to simplify the common idiom of getting one logger object from python standard logging per class. The method get_logger_by_class returns a logger with the name being the full path to that class separated by dots.
loggerformatter 0.1 4 Formatter of to complete the logging module to use the new format method of python string
logging-assertions 0.0.1 4 Easily make assertions about logged messages in tests
logging_subprocess 0.0.1 4 UNKNOWN
logging_yamlconfig 0.1.4 4 Python dictconfig helpers for yaml config files
loggingprint 1.0.4 4
loggly-handler 0.1.2 4 Python logging handler that sends messages to Loggly
loggly-python-handler 1.0.0 4 Python logging handler that sends messages to Loggly
logtrails 1.0.1 4 Logging message queue processors
loguru 0.0.1 4 Logging as an automatism
logzio-python-handler 2.0.7 4 Logging handler to send logs to your account with bulk SSL
metlog-cef 0.2 4 CEF extensions to metrics logging
metlog-psutils 0.1 4 PSUtils extensions to metrics logging
monolog-python 0.1.0 4 Python's logging formatter compatible with
mozilla-cloud-services-logger 1.0.1 4 Tools for producing a common application logging format defined by Mozilla Cloud Services
multistructlog 1.5 4 structlog with multiple simultaneous logging backends
nose-logpertest 0.0.1 4 Logging nose plugin to create log per test
orch_library_logging 1.0 4 This is the test for pip install library
proxylog 0.6 4 A simple, logging, colorizing, pretty-formatting, HTTP proxy.
pyats.log 4.0.0 4 pyATS Log: Logging Format and Utilities
pyloggly 0.1.0 4 Python logging handler for loggly
pyramid_restlogging 0.3.0 4 Log rest resource
QLoggingDialog 0.1.0 4
qth-postgres-log 0.1.1 4 A simple logging system for Qth.
redis_logging_handler 0.1 4 a redis log handler
rglogger 1.6.0 4 Use Python's standard logging library to send messages to Raygun (
rglogger-fdh 1.3.0.dev2 4 Use Python's standard logging library to send messages to Raygun (
seaborn-logger 0.0.2 4 SeabornLogger enables the streaming of the data relevant ot a program's to a logging file
simple_logging 0.1.0 4 Command-line execution with timeout
simpleblogging 2.0.13 4 A simple markdown based blog.
stacklogger 0.1.0 4 A stack-aware logging extension
stdlogging 0.1 4
super-devops 0.0.9 4 Tons of devops tools used for testing, monitoring, logging...
test-out 0.1.7 4 Python class to provide helpful logging, test run data and summary statistics for automated tests.
timber 0.3.0 4 Command line viewer for Google cloud logging
tweethandler 0.2.1 4 logging handler for twitter
ulogger 1.0.1 4 Micro logging library
unidist 2010.10.15.0 4 unidist: Unified Distributed Computing contains: shared message queues, state, counters, locks, logging, and time series collection and graphing (RRD).
verbosity 0.1 4 Add verbosity options with argparse and logging
visual-logging 0.2 4 A simple way to generate beautiful html logs with embedded images for CV purposes.
whatidid 1.6.4 4 A minimalist command line app for life logging.
199Fix 1.1.2 3 199fix exception logger for Django
aiofluent 1.1.3 3 A Python logging handler for Fluentd event collector
aiologstash 1.0.0 3 asyncio-compatible logstash logging handler.
aldryn-blog 0.4.6 3 Adds blogging abilities to django CMS
alpaca-django 0.3.0 3 Alpaca error logger for Django applications.
atkit 0.1.0 3 atkit (an Admin Took KIT) provides a suite of tools whose goal is "total knowledge" regarding the python environment and process.
autolog 0.1.3 3 quick and easy logging setup
awesomelog 1.4.0 3 Bootstrap for console and file logging configuration
bade 0.2.2 3 Micro-blogging with rST
balog 1.2.3 3 Balanced event logging schema and library
bark 0.1.0 3 WSGI logging middleware
blognajd 1.1.1 3 Simple django blogging application
Blogstrap 0.5.0 3 A dumb blogging platform based on Strapdown-Zeta
blueberrypy 0.5.4 3 CherryPy plugins and tools for integration with various libraries, including logging, Redis, SQLAlchemy and Jinja2 and webassets.
blueox 0.11.3 3 A library for python-based application logging and data collection
bottle-log 1.0.0 3 Improved logging for Bottle.
bowerbird 0.4.0 3 A collection of stdlib logging.Formatter classes using Pygments
canary 0.1.4 3 canary is a small library for recording and shipping exceptions from Python to logstash via ZeroMQ.
cee_syslog_handler 0.5.0 3 Python Syslog Logging Handler with CEE Support
chipper 0.1 3 Refreshingly simple declarative logging that utilizes arbitrary tag sinks instead of traditional level handling
click-log 0.2.1 3 Logging integration for Click
climate 0.4.6 3 Command-line utilities
Clor 0.1.2 3 Application configuration via Python logging.config
cloudwatch-fluent-metrics 0.3.0 3 AWS CloudWatch Fluent Metrics
clusterlogger 0.2.0 3 Logging package for contextual information of clusters.
collective.usernamelogger 1.4 3 Log user names when using cookie authentication in Zope/Plone.
coloredlogs 9.0 3 Colored terminal output for Python's logging module
colorizedlog 0.1.0 3 Replacement for logging.StreamHandler with colors.
concurrent-log-handler 0.9.7 3 RotatingFileHandler replacement with concurrency, gzip and Windows support
config-logger 1.0.2 3 A simple configurable logger for python projects
ConsoleServer 1.0.2 3 This is a logging console server that can also be accessed over ssh.
contexture 1.3.1 3 Magic Automatic Logging Context
crayola 0.1.1 3 A colored Python logging handler.
cs.logutils 20171030 3 Logging convenience routines.
cubicweb-blog 1.12.0 3 blogging component for the CubicWeb framework
daiquiri 1.3.0 3 Library to configure Python logging easily
daiquiri-rollbar 0.2.1 3 Easy way to integrate Rollbar into daiquiri
data_logger 0.1.0 3 A python package for logging data on the raspberry pi
dblogger 0.4.14 3 DB-backed python logging.Handler subclass that uses kvlayer, and provides command-line tools.
devlog 1.0.1 3 A simple command line developer log
Djalog 0.9.4 3 Simple, Django-ready (but can be used without Django as well) logger using excellent logging module.
django-basic-stats 0.2.0 3 django-basic-stats is a simple traffic statistics application. It show latest referrer, google queried terms or overall hits count. It also provides optional logging and statistics for mobile devices.
django-blawg 0.0.1 3 Simple blogging application
django-blogs 0.2.0 3 Django blogs - module that provide blogs to your django application. - One user blog - Multi blogging system - Blog per user - Safe html in posts - System to manage permissions to read\write\moderate blogs
django-bootlog 1.0.2 3 A Django Blogging App based on Twitter Bootstrap Theme
django-chalk 0.2.1 3 Simple reStructuredText blogging for Django
django-db-logger 0.1.6 3 Django logging in database
django-dblogs 0.1 3 A simple Django app to write logging data to database
django-deferred-filelogger 0.1 3 A logging handler for Django that defers evaluation of the filepath
django-dress-blog 0.1a 3 Django blogging app with stories, quotes, diary, comments and tags.
django-errordite 0.8 3 Errordite exception logging for Django.
django-hermes 1.4.2 3 A light-weight blogging app for Django.
django-log-trigger 1.0.2 3 Simulate exceptions and logging calls in django through http
django-logit 1.0.8 3 Django Decorator of Logging Request Params/Response Content
django-logutils 0.4.3 3 Various logging-related utilities for Django projects.
django-longform 0.2.0 3 A Django application for longform blogging.
django-lumberjack 0.2.3 3 Simple logging. Stored in database, accessed in Django admin.
django-monitoring-ahernp 1.1.4 3 Django app implementing Logging and a Dashboard page.
django-nomad-blog 2.1.0 3 A minimalist Django blogging system.
django-nomadblog 2.0.0 3 A minimalist Django blogging system.
django-peavy 0.9.0 3 django-peavy makes it easy to collect and monitor Django application logging.
django-query-logger 0.1.2 3 A mixin for logging and debugging Django queries
django-request-id 1.0.0 3 Augment each request with unique id for logging purposes
django-riemann 0.0.2 3 Send logging data to Riemann
django-simple-log 0.1.29 3 Logging django models changes.
django-useraudit 1.6.0 3 Django user audit utilities like logging user log in, disabling access when password expires or user is inactive
DjangoRequestLogger 0.2.0 3 Django app to add current username, client IP, etc. to logging output.
dolphinlog 0.2.3 3 Yet another HAM radio logger using SQLite with ADIF-3 export support.
droll 0.1.dev1 3 Code-friendly blogging platform
easy_logger 1.0 3 A python package for logging easily
EasyTools 1.0.7 3 Easy tools, easy to use.
EGCG-Core 0.8.1 3 Shared functionality across EGCG projects
errordite 0.5.1 3 Errordite exception logging.
errorhandler 2.0.1 3 A logging framework handler that tracks when messages above a certain level have been logged.
errornot_notifier 0.1.0 3 ErrorNot notifier
eventlet_log 0.0.4 3 Damn simple logging wrapper compatible with eventlet.
expcontrol 0.2.3 3 Easy control of typical experiments in psychology and neuroscience, including stimulus presentation, timing, response collection and logging.
fatafat 0.0.2 3 A static blog generator and an offline blogging tool.
Flask-Graylog 1.1.2 3 Configure Graylog logging handlers and middleware for your Flask app
flask-log 0.1.0 3 Configure logging in flask applications
Flask-Logger 1.0.0 3 Convenience logger for Flask apps
flask-oslolog 0.1 3 This project wraps the existing oslo.log library to providerequest logging and logger access within flask..
flask_trace 0.0.4 3 Log trace decorator function for Flask
flog 0.2.1 3 Fast access to some simple python logging tricks
flotils 0.4.2 3 Utility functions and classes
fluent-logger 0.9.2 3 A Python logging handler for Fluentd event collector
fluent-logger-pyramid 0.0.3 3 A Python logging handler for Fluentd, with better Pyramid integration
frustum 0.0.1 3 (Almost) out-of-the box logging
ghost-client 0.0.3 3 API client for the Ghost blogging platform
gigablog 0.1.0 3 Another blogging system.
gitpress 0.3 3 Blissful blogging for hackers.
glog 0.3.1 3 Simple Google-style logging wrapper for Python.
gmail 0.6.3 3 Simple library to send email using GMail (includes background worker and logging classes) [Python 2/3 support]
graypython 0.1.0 3 Python logging handlers for sending logs to graylog.
gzutils 0.0.11.dev0 3 Gizur misc utils
haufe.requestmonitoring 0.5.0 3 Zope 2 request monitoring
hgblog 0.7.1 3 Sphinx-based blogging engine
Hooover 0.0.1 3 Library for logging to Loggly from within Python webapps
ice-yml-log-formatter 0.1.2 3 ZeroC Ice logging utils
inform 1.12.0 3 print & logging utilities for communicating with user
isotoma.recipe.varnish 3.0.0 3 Set up varnish and varnish logging
j1m.ravenzconfig 0.1.1 3 ZConfig logging support for raven
jarn.xmpp.core 0.34 3 Core package for jarn.xmpp
JoeLogTools 0.4.0 3 Joseph Gordon's decorating logging metaclass.
jogger 0.1.1 3 Simple tool for an advanced logging experience
joystick 0.3.8 3 Real-time plotting and logging while console controlling
Kaa 0.9 3 A client-based weblogging tool.
kafka-logger 0.3.0 3 A simple Kafka logger in Python.
kaviar 1.0 3 Simplified event and data formatting and logging.
keyvalueformatter 0.0.3 3 Allows easy key=value formatting for standard python logging
kleverklog 0.2.0 3 Klever KLog uses Apache Kafka to store your program log and provides a Kafka client to search, filter and navigate your logs.
Kudzu 0.1 3 Set of utilities for better logging in WSGI applications
las 0.0.3 3 A reader for Canadian Well Logging Society LAS (Log ASCII Standard) files.
lazy_logger 0.1.1 3 provide a better logging
ListeningSocketHandler 0.1.0 3 The opposite of logging.handlers.SocketHandler
litelog 0.2.6 3 Simplified, robust, selective, recursive logging utility for Python.
lithoxyl 0.4.1 3 A systematic approach to logging, profiling, and statisticscollection. Very lightweight, very Pythonic.
loap 0.1 3 LogOptionsArgumentParser: add --debug and --quiet options with std logging module.
log_io_handler 1.1.2 3 A python logging framework handler for
logbag 0.0.9 3 Cloud logging.
logbeam 1.0.1 3 CloudWatch Logs - Python logging handler
Logbook 1.2.1 3 A logging replacement for Python
logbot 0.3.4 3 A logging bot for XMPP chat rooms
logcabin 1.0.10 3 Logging framework for receiving and processing events from a diverse range of sources and formats, and relaying onto multiple destinations.
logcollection 0-1-0 3 logging handler collection
logentries-handler 1.0rc1 3 UNKNOWN
loggers 0.1.3 3 Usefull wrapper methods for logging native package
loggly_pipe 0.2.1 3 Pipe stuff to Loggly.
loggr 0.0.6 3 Remote log platform with easy integration into Python logging.
loggylog 0.0.2 3 Complex logging, simple API
loghacks 0.05 3 python logging utility for django projects
loginit 1.2.8 3 The logging init model
loglet 1.0 3 client library Loglet, the Web-based logging system
logment 0.0.4 3 logging as commentary
LogPy 1.0.1 3 Unorthodox logging for python
logrotate 0.1.0 3 A small, simple logrotate implementation for the Python logging module that only rotates files (it doesn't create and delete them) and therefore maintains owner, group and permission information
logstash-easy 1.0 3 Very easy to use Logstash logging handler
logstash-python-formatter 0.1.1 3 Python formatter for working with Logstash json filters.
LogToPG 0.1.1 3 Python logging handler that stores logs in postgresql
logutils 0.3.5 3 Logging utilities
logview 0.1 3 A Qt-based log viewer for Python's standard logging package
logwood 3.1.0 3 Simple, but fast logging library for Python 3.5+
logy 0.1 3 A flask based web application for central logging
logzero 1.3.1 3 Robust and effective logging for Python 2 and 3
lumberjack 0.1.2 3 Logging library with visual tags
lumberjill 0.1 3 Provides additional logging filters and handlers.
marquee 0.1.5 3 A simple Python logging formatter and handler for CloudWatch Events
matrix-log-handler 0.3.0 3 Log handler sending messages to a Matrix room
mdc 1.0.2 3 Mapped Diagnostic Context (MDC) library for python
mj-helpers 0.0.1 3 A collection of helper functions and decorators that I occasionally use to get my life in order.
mo-logs 1.7.18029 3 More Logs! Structured Logging and Exception Handling
mondrian 0.6.1 3 Logging with pretty coloured squares all over the place.
mqtthandler 0.1.3 3 A Python logging handler using MQTT protocol
multilog 1.1.0 3 A simple logger for multiple Python processes.
mux-handler 0.1 3 an elegant handler for python terminal logging
nbdebug 1.3 3 A simple yet useful debug logging module that automatically prints the context of the log message.
nclib 0.8.1 3 Netcat as a library: convienent socket interfaces
netlog 0.5.5 3 logging stream server written on gevent
ngblog 0.1.2 3 A simple and easy to use plain-text-like blogging-engine.
nicelog 0.2.1 3 Nice colorful formatters for Python logging. 0.8 3 Common Python utils (App, logging, config, etc.)
nonblockingloghandler 1.1.2 3 Nonblocking Logging Handler for Python Logging
nori 1.0 3 A library for wrapping scripts, especially ones run from cron.
nosetests-json-extended 0.1.0 3 Create json logging output for pythonnosetests unittest framework
nosetests-json-extended-parallel 1.0 3 ('Create json logging output for pythonnosetests unittest framework',)
nxtools 0.8.4 3 Set of common utilities and little helpers.
OTRXMPPLogger 1.0.3 3 Logging with OTR (Off-the-Record Messaging) and XMPP
overwatch 2.0.0 3 Overwatch: Python Logging Browser.
p01.kibana 0.9.0 3 Kibana logging client and server for logging without logstash
pi-annotations 0.1.0 3 An app to create per-paragraph comments on content (created via Blogging App)
plonesocial.microblog 0.5.3 3 Simple microblogging in Plone
plonesocial.suite 0.5.3 3 Pre-integrated social business suite for Plone
PonyExpress 0.14stable 3 High performance, transactional email message queuing, logging, and multi-lingual HTML and plain text templates management.
preconfigure 0.1.0 3 Utility for configuring logging before the main module starts.
Products.signalstackLogger 0.9 3 Output zope stacktrace on signal using logging facility
prolog 0.3.1 3 Simple, robust features for expediting application logging configuration
ProsperCommon 1.3.0a0 3 Common Utilities for EVEProsper Projects
Push_To_Wordpress 0.154 3 a commandline tool to post to Markdown files to wordpress posts (based on wordpress XML-RPC)
pyfluent 0.2.0 3 A python client library for Fluentd
pyjld.logger 0.7 3 pyjld.logger: cross-platform logging utilities
pykronos 0.6.2 3 A Python client for the Kronos time series storage engine
pylogctx 1.9 3 Adding context to log records
pylogd 0.2 3 logd python library
pyloggo 0.2.0 3 Python logging handlers
pylogops 1.1.0 3 A simple json formatter for python logging.
pylogrus 0.3.4 3 PyLogrus is a structured logger for Python which is inspired by Logrus Golang library
pylumberjack 0.0.2 3 Python Logging for Humans
pyquickhelper 1.7.2438 3 Various functionalities: folder synchronization, simple logging function, helpers to generate documentation with sphinx, sphinx extension, to run a command line, to run a notebook...
pyramid-log 0.2.1 3 Include pyramid request attributes in your log messages
pyramid_sawing 1.1.3 3 Pyramid plugin for YAML logging configuration.
pysanity 0.0.1 3 Emulates sanity for other people's dirty ass non-pep compliant code via only the /dirtiest/ of means.
pytest-catchlog 1.2.2 3 py.test plugin to catch log messages. This is a fork of pytest-capturelog.
python-color-logger 0.3.7 3 Logging utilities
Python-JSON-Formatter 0.1.0 3 A log formatter for python logging.
python-logstash 0.4.6 3 Python logging handler for Logstash.
python-redis-log 0.1.2 3 Redis pub/sub logging handler for python
python-yaml-logger 0.3.1 3 YAML formatter for the standard Python logging module
python3-logstash 0.4.72 3 Python logging handler for Logstash.
pyzlog 0.1.3 3 Simple python module to standardize logging for applications
qj 0.1.1 3 qj: logging designed for debugging.
quills.core 1.7.0 3 Core weblog interfaces and views for Quills.
rabbitmqStats 0.1.2.post1 3 Gather RabbitMQ Stats for external logging
rainbarrel 0.0.2 3 Rainbarrel receives webhook POSTs from a Rainbow Eagle smart meter monitoring unit. The data ireceived is provided to plugins or external programs for data logging and control.
recent 0.1.3 3 log bash history to an sqlite database
redis-sniffer 1.1.0 3 A redis sniffing & event logging utility
repoze.errorlog 1.1 3 Error logging and reporting middleware
requests-mv-integrations 0.7.8 3 Extension of Python HTTP `requests` with verbose logging using `logging-mv-integrations`.
requests_logger 0.2.0 3 Wrapper around Requests to add logging
rfc5424syslog 0.0.1 3 A Logging Formatter for Python's logging module to properly handle Syslog RFC5424 messages
robotbackgroundlogger 1.2 3 A helper module for logging to Robot Framework log from background threads.
rsbp 0.0.1 3 Really Simple Blogging Platform, written in Django
safe_syslog_handler 0.1.0 3 SafeSysLogHandler recreates the connection to a remote logging server when the connection is lost, avoiding the `[errno 32] Broken Pipe` error which would occur when using the `SysLogHandler`.
scriptharness 0.2.0 3 A generic logging, configuration, and workflow framework for scripts.
sentry 8.22.0 3 A realtime logging and aggregation server.
seqlog 0.3.9 3 SeqLog enables logging from Python to Seq.
shapeshift 0.3.4 3 A collection of python logging formats and helpers for transforming logs.
shinchan 0.0.1 3 Logging and notification utility in python
siftlog 0.21 3 Structured JSON logging
simple-log 0.0.2 3 A python module with sensible defaults for logging
Simple-SysLog-Handler 0.1.0 3 A simple wrapper of logging.handlers.SysLogHandler
simple_json_log_formatter 0.5.2 3 Simple log formatter for Logstash-compatible JSON output
simpleblog 0.9.5 3 A simple Python blogging system.
simpleblog3 0.9.5 3 A simple Python 3 blogging system.
simplelog 0.2.3 3 Simple interface for logging in python
SimpleLogger 1.4.9 3 Simple Logging Utility
slackhandler 0.1.2 3 Extends Python's base logging Handler to emit logs to Slack
slackpy 2.2.2 3 A Simple and Human Friendly Slack Client for Logging.
slick-webdriver 1.0.60 3 A webdriver / selenium wrapper focusing on code completion, good page class design, and logging.
smuggle 0.2.0 3 Log, catalogue, and move python objects via pickling
sneeze-pocket 0.0.1 3 A Sneeze plugin for logging logging
spadl 0.3 3 This package provides a standard logging handler which writes log records to DbgLog.
spectrum-python 0.9.8 3 spectrum-python is a Python Logging Handler for Spectrum (
sphinxjp.themes.tinkeralizarin 0.2.1 3 A single column blogging theme tool for Tinkerer, based on alizarin color.
sphinxjp.themes.tinkerbelizehole 0.2.0 3 A single column blogging theme tool for Tinkerer, based on belizehole color.
sphinxjp.themes.tinkerbelizeholesidebar 0.2.4 3 A two column blogging theme tool for Tinkerer, based on belizehole color.
sphinxjp.themes.tinkerdahlia 0.2.0 3 An one column blogging theme tool for Tinkerer.
sphinxjp.themes.tinkerpress 0.1.1 3 A tinkerer theme like some famous blogging tool.
sphinxjp.themes.tinkerturquoise 0.2.3 3 Two column blogging theme tool for Tinkerer, based on turquoise color.
sphinxjp.themes.tinkerturquoisesinglecolumn 0.1.2 3 Two column blogging theme tool for Tinkerer, based on turquoise color.
splunk_handler 2.0.7 3 A Python logging handler that sends your logs to Splunk
sqlformatter 1.3 3 SQLFormatter: Beautiful colored SQL staments for logging
stabe 0.1.0 3 Static Blogging Engine inspired by Octopress and Pelican
sterch.logfile 0.1.1 3 Provides interfaces, classes and ZCML directives for file logging
stutter 1.1 3 Logging objects for Python apps.
stxnext.log 0.2.0 3 This logger offers some conveniences that make easier of logging from python code and from ZPT templates.
supercli 0.0a5 3 Toolkit to quickly create readable, user-friendly CLI interfaces with automatic shell-autocompletion
swutil 1.1 3 Provide common code for validation, multiprocessing, logging, decorator, configuration, plotting, etc.
table-logger 0.3.4 3 TableLogger is a handy Python utility for logging tabular data into a console or a file.
tagalog 0.5.0 3 Tagalog: tools for manipulating, tagging and shipping log data
td-logger 0.4.3 3 A Python logging handler for Treasure Data Cloud
test_steps 0.9.7 3 Simple way to run test steps and automatic logging
tf-logger 1.0.0 3 A print and debugging utility that makes your error printouts look nice
threepio 0.2 3 Minimally improved noise for python. Pragmatic, minimal improved logging.
tilejet-logs 0.0.2 3 A python utility library containing functions for logging tile service usage.
timberjack 0.1.0 3 Logging toolbox for Python services at Mobify.
timeflow 0.2.4 3 Small CLI time logger
Tinkerer 1.6.0 3 Sphinx-based blogging engine
tripod 0.1 3 A module that samples running scripts, logging tracebacks.
TwitterLog 0.6.1 3 Implements a logging handler that logs to Twitter
twixxy 0.1.1 3 Twisted integration with the twiggy logging library.
typepad-motion 1.1.3 3 Community microblogging in the TypePad cloud
ua2.mongolog 0.1.2 3 Feed logging into MongoDB
udplog 0.1.1 3 UDPLog is a system for emitting application log events via UDP and shipping them via RabbitMQ or Scribe for further processing.
udplogger 2.0.0 3 A service for logging messages to a SQL backend via UDP
ukmdb_audit 0.0.2 3 UKMDB audit and logging interface.
update-wrapper 1.3.1 3 Simplify applying updates on multiple servers by wrapping the update process and logging the output.
verboselogs 1.7 3 Verbose logging level for Python's logging module
visorlog 0.0.1 3 Logging for supervisor child processes using the python standard logging module.
vlib 1.3.2 3 vlib core libraries
vzlog 0.1.8 3 Python tool for logging rich content, particularly plots and images
watchtower 0.5.2 3 Python CloudWatch Logging
wcpan.logger 1.2.2 3 A RAII style logging module
weblogger 1.0.0 3 A service for logging messages sent over HTTP to various backends
withlog 0.0.3 3 A context manager to deal with logging level as context manager.
XMLLayout 1.0 3 Formats Python log messages as log4j XMLLayout XML
ytlog 0.6 3 ytlog - log module for humans.
ZConfig 3.2.0 3 Structured Configuration Library
zLOG 3.0 3 A general logging facility
zope.testing 4.6.1 3 Zope testing helpers
zvit 0.0.0 3 A standalone, lightweight logging package that writes TensorFlow tfevents files compatible with TensorBoard.
abl.robot 0.2 2 The Ableton Robot Framework, for writing daemons or commandline tools, with powerful features for error handling and logging.
ActivityTracker 1.0 2 Task and time logging
aldryn-newsblog 2.0.0 2 Adds blogging and newsing capabilities to django CMS
ali88 0.3 2 A test lib
alpaca-monitor 0.3.0 2 Software error aggregator.
amitjaiswal 0.1 2 A random test lib
amonpy 0.4.4 2 Python client for the Amon API
ananas 1.0.0b5 2 Mastodon bot framework built on
animal 0.1 2 A random animal lib
anonymoususage 1.14 2 Anonymously track user usage patterns and statistics.
ansiescapes 1.0.0 2 ANSI escape codes for manipulating the terminal - A Python port of sindresorhus's ansi-escapes Node.js module
applibase 0.0.8 2 A framework that simplifies the wrapping of external tools by standardizing input parameters, logging messages and output streams.
applicake 0.0.7 2 A framework that simplifies the wrapping of external tools by standardizing input parameters, logging messages and output streams.
Aquamesh 0.3 2 A random test lib
areciboware 1.0b1 2 Arecibo error logging WSGI middleware
areplay 0.6 2 Apache Log live replicator
arghlog 0.9 2 Logging integration for argh commands
arrowai 0.2 2 ArrowAI Package
async_logstash 0.0.1a0 2 asyncio-compatible logstash logging handler.
auto_deploy 0.4 2 Appengine Autodeploy Script
auto_getlogger 1.0 2 Consistent category logging via automated calls to logging.getLogger()
autoconfig 2.2.1 2 Simple environment, logging, and sys.path setup from a config file
autodocumentation 0.0.6 2 Some logging helpers: Context, key-value rendering, etc.
autologin 0.1.4 2 A utility for finding login links, forms and autologging into websites with a set of valid credentials.
automation9 0.0.16 2 An automation library
aws-progress-monitor 0.2.2 2 Real-time workflow progress tracking
aws-security-test 0.1.0 2 Test automation to determine adherence to pre-defined set of security recommendations
bamboo 0.2.10 2 A stream routing service
Band-Saw 0.3.0 2 Band Saw is a syslog monitoring program for GNOME
baseConverter 0.1 2 convert number to any base < 30
bc-logfmt-python 0.1.1 2 Log formatter like GoLang's logfmt
bdusers 3.2 2 A bdusers Python project
behave_logger 1.1.0 2 A specific logger util for Behave
bitcoin-deposit-worker 0.4.2 2 A random test lib
blo 0.8 2 Blo - a simple static blog generator
blogengine2 0.8.2 2 Python-powered microblogging API
bootdev 0.2.10 2 Bootdev command for AWS deployments
box-it-up 0.0.3 2 Python class for formatting various kinds of table data into an ascii table.
brain-kit 0.1 2 Brain Image Analysis Algorithms
brokeno 0.1.2 2 A random test lib
buffering-smtp-handler 0.2.1 2 Enables sending multiple logging events in a single email
buttercms-python 1.0 2 API First Blogging and CMS platform built for developers
cee-formatter 0.4.1 2 CEE logging module formatter
cefevent 0.4.8 2 ArcSight Common Event Format library
cgrlib 0.1.2 2 Capture waveforms with the CGR-101 USB oscilloscope
chance-mock-logger 0.0.1 2 The mock logging handler for chancefocus
chlk 0.1 2 Chalk for Python
chromelogger 0.4.3 2 Python library for logging data to Google Chrome console.
chronicle 1.0.7 2 logging utils
clifresh 5 2 A tool for logging time in the freshbooks invoice service.
cloudshell-core 2.2.180 2 Core package for CloudShell Python orchestration and automation. This package contains commoncode for CloudShell packages, including logging, basic interfaces and other utilities
collective.gelf 0.9.2 2 Graylog logging handler for Plone
colog 0.1.2 2 Color logging library
congo-red 1.0.1 2 A fully featured unit testing framework
consoleprinter 93 2 Console printer with linenumbers, stacktraces, logging, conversions and coloring..
cron-runner 0.0.2 2 Runner of cron jobs with logging and duration timing
customlogger 0.2.8 2 custom logger class.
cypyserialize 1.0.4 2 Really easy, really quick, binary parser framework for Python
Cytoplasm 0.06.3 2 A static, blog-aware website generator written in python.
datadog-logger 0.2.0 2 Python logging handler for DataDog events
dblog 0.3.4 2 A Python logging library that supports databases
ddquery 0.1 2 Django Debug Query (ddquery) beautiful colored SQL statements for logging
debianized-sentry 2 Debian packaging for Sentry, a modern realtime error logging and aggregation platform.
diarypy 0.3.1 2 Diary to create notebooks and store intermediate results and figures
diet_analysis 0.1 2 Curses-based diet logging tool
digimat.logserver 0.1.1 2 Digimat TCP Python Logging Server
Direct-Downloader 0.7 2 Download a list of direct links using multi-threading.
django-access-logger 0.4.2 2 Access logging for Django, the right way
django-activity-logger 0.3.3 2 Simple tool for logging activity in Django.
django-adminaudit 0.5 2 Extends Django's admin logging capabilities
django-analog 1.0.0 2 Simple per-model log models for Django apps
django-anonymized-activity-log 0.0.19 2 Anonymous HTTP logging.
django-atris 1.2.2 2 Django history logging.
django-audit-trails 0.1 2 A simple audit log pattern for django apps that doesnt conflict with migrations
django-auth-logger 1.0.1 2 A tiny project to log login attempts. Log them only to standard logging - not the database.
django-autolinks 0.1.0 2 App for storing links and automatic link extraction from markdown texts.
django-better500s 0.2.1 2 Library for Django that provides better error logging
django-blargg 0.6.0 2 A minimal, admin-powered, django blogging app with a fun name.
django-buildout-sample-mfx 0.1 2 A random test lib
django-db-log 2.2.1 2 Exception Logging to a Database in Django
django-dzenlog 0.3.1 2 Django Dzenlog is a set of models and templates, which can be used to create blogs with different kinds media.
django-event-logger 0.8.21 2 An easy-to-use event logger for Django.
django-fsm-log 1.5.0 2 Logging for django-fsm
django-log-file-viewer 0.9 2 Django admin expansion to read/parse file based Django Logging output.
django-logstream 1.2 2 Multiprocess log collector for python/django-logging
django-maven 0.3 2 Capture exceptions in django management commands into Sentry by Raven
django-memento 0.1 2 Simple reusable django app for logging events within a django project
django-mq 0.0.1 2 The awesome mq module for django
django-mqueue 0.9.5 2 Events queue for Django
django-mqueue-livefeed 0.3 2 Real time events feed for Django Mqueue
django-nomad-country-blogs 1.4.2 2 A minimalist Django blogging system to maintain country-specific blogs.
django-object-log 0.7.1 2 A method for logging user actions on models
django-raise-exception-view 1.0.1 2 Django view that raises an exception so you can test your logging setup
django-request-logs 0.1.0 2 Access logging for Django, the right way
django-sentry 1.13.5 2 Exception Logging to a Database in Django
django-socialauth 0.1.2c 2 Allows logging via Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail, Twitter and Openid
django-socialprofile 1.2.1 2 django-socialprofile enables users to manage their user profile built by logging in via a social service such as Google, Twitter, or Facebook. It relies on python-socialauth.
django-timberjack 0.0.4 2 MongoDB logging system
django-timelog 0.4 2 Performance logging middlware and analysis tools for Django
django-tracking-analyzer 0.2 2 User actions tracking and analytics for Django sites.
django-webmention 0.1.0 2 A pluggable implementation of webmention for Django projects.
django-wheatgrass-blog 0.1 2 django-wheatgrass-blog is a simple blogging platform designed for the Django Web Framework.
django_client_logger 1.2 2 Client logging application for django
djcomp 0.0.7 2 Django components
djehouty 0.1.5 2 Djehouty intends to be a set of logging formatters and handlers to easily send log entries.
dnutils 0.2.9 2 A collection of convenience tools for everyday Python programming
docker-service-management 0.1 2 Manages Docker containers
down 0.1b1 2 A simple logger
driftwood 1.1.21 2 A collection of python logging extensions
dss 0.8 2 Defense Support System
dzenlog-link 0.1.2 2 This is a simple application to post links to the dzenlog.
dzenlog-text 0.2.4 2 This is a simple application for textual blog, based on the django-dzenlog application.
easyIoCtl 1.2.3 2 Abstractions away from boring IO operations
ekwi 0.0.1 2 merely my lastname
elixr 0.1 2 A python general purpose utility library
elklogger 0.0.4.dev0 2 TCP Logger for ELK stack
elo-sports 0.1 2 Elo Ranking System used for Sports
elog 1.1 2 ElasticSearch logging handler and tools
elpylog 0.1.1 2 Python logger sending its logs to elasticsearch.
em_transliteration 0.1 2 English-Marathi transliteration
Entrails 1.1 2 Python call logging framework
err-hunter 2 Enhanced traceback and logging utils
errator 0.2 2 Errator allows you to create human-readable exception narrations
Eve-Statsd 0.0.2 2 Statsd integration for eve
ex_loghandlers 0.1 2 A set of extended logging handlers
except_py_client 0.1.2 2 client library
execmode 1.1 2 verbose debug, succint release mode behaviors
executiontime 0.1.1 2 Utilities to show execution time during development of a module
ezlogger 1.0.2 2 ezlogger - The purpose of this module is to provide python scripters a very easy logging wrapper to handle more difficult to setup functions.
faceLogin 0.1dev 2 A facial Login app for logging into your system with just your face
FancyLogger 1.1.0 2 Fork of aubricus/ originated from StackOverflow's Greenstick to allow using multiple progress bars along with regular message logger.
filelogger 0.55 2 Wrapper class for RotatingFileHandler from logging module
FirePython 0.9.0 2 Python logging console integrated into Firebug
fiveruns.dash 0.4 2 FiveRuns Dash base library for Python
fiveruns.dash.django 0.2.1 2 FiveRuns Dash recipe for Django, packaged as an Django App
Flask-B3 0.0.4 2 B3 header access and propagation for Flask.
Flask-Canonical 0.1.1 2 Easy canonical logging for Flask
Flask-PaperTrail 0.0.2 2 Adds PaperTrail logging to your Flask application
flask_sqla_debug 0.2 2 Helpers for debugging flask and sqlalchemy performance
flumelogger 0.4.3 2 Flume logging handler for sending log events to Flume
fondy 0.1 2 Python library for the Fondy API
fontstyle 2 Print prettier terminal strings.
foo12 0.6 2 A random test lib 0.3
frl 0.0.4 2 flask/requests logging
frontmatter 1.0.0 2 YAML Front Matter parser
function_log 0.5 2 Logging and timing tests for Python functions
genomespaceio 0.15 2 A library for reading and writing files to GenomeSpace (
getrpimodel 0.1.12 2 Get Raspberry Pi model Name(eg: A, B, B+...)
ghostlog 0.2.2 2 Easily log to syslog or stdout.
gist-up 0.3 2 A command line utility for publishing a directory and updating gists on your github account.
git2mine 0.3 2 A python application aimed to make easier the tedious task of logging time for Redmine tasks by extracting information from GIT commits comments
gocept.arecibologger 0.1.2 2 Arecibo patch for Zope 2's site error log.
golden_shoe_scrape 0.1 2 A random test lib
gouge 1.2.0 2 Collection of logging formatters.
gswww 0.1 2 A random test lib
gunicorn_color 0.1.0 2 Dead simple access logger for Gunicorn with termcolor support.
gzlog 0.2 2 UNKNOWN
helga-log-reader 1.0.4 2 Read logs from helga bot logging
hello_pip_goran 0.3 2 A random test lib
hellorap 2 A random test lib
hellorap1 2 A random test lib
hellorapp 0.2 2 A random test lib
helloworld-package 0.1 2 Hello world!
helloworldkent 0.1 2 My first pypi file
hendrix 2.0.2 2 Pure python web server, based on Twisted, providing the One Obvious Way to do async and offbeat network traffic with django and other WSGI apps.
hesburgh-utilities 1.0.2 2 Hesburgh Libraries Utility Modules
HeyNicePackage 0.1 2 A random test lib
Hoover 0.6.0 2 Library for logging to Loggly from within Python webapps
html_telegraph_poster 0.1.31 2 Posts your html to blogging service
http-server-base 1.0.1 2 Library for simple HTTP server & REST HTTP server base based on Tornado. Includes: Logging requests and responses with Request Id; Configuration loading; Methods for requests proxying;
Hyperbola 0.0.3 2 Divmod Hyperbola is a blogging platform developed as an Offering for Divmod Mantissa.
i-pylogger 0.2 2 a easy-to-use logging wrapper for Python
iam 0.1 2 A random test lib
idash 0.1 2 dash is to speed up the test. it combines manual test and automation test in one window
img 1.0 2 my description
indent 0.1 2 Indentation
InputScope 1.1 2 Mouse and keyboard input heatmap visualizer and statistics
jack 0.1.0 2 A command line tool for time-based queries on log files.
jargparse 0.0.4 2 A tiny super-dumb module just because I like to see the usage info on stdout on an error. jargparse.ArgParser just wraps argparse.ArgParser
jasphandlers 0.1.0 2 Module to do logging to Jabber and Spread messages
jk_argparsing 0.2017.7.22 2 This is a logging framework
jogging 0.2.2 2 Jogging makes logging in django easier
jotting 0.1.5 2 causally related logging messages
journaler 1.2 2 Tool to support logging of diet and mood
journalparse 0.1.1 2 A Python parser for the journald binary export format
json-rpc-helpers 1.0.0 2 Helpers for bootstrapping of JSON-RPC API
kahgean 0.1.4 2 a set of handy utils for daily development
kazy 0.1.3 2 Highlights STDIN data
kcommonmodule 1.5.0 2 Simple python logging
kepungmath 0.1 2 A random test lib
klimalogger 0.3.0 2 Simple data logging client for InfluxDB
ktest 0.1.1 2 monitoring tools
kyleip 0.2 2 The kyleip project
lillebror 0.2.6 2 Library for process monitoring and logging
linie 0.0.0-dev1 2 Logging utilities.
ljfuncs 1.0.0 2 Functions for analysing friends and interests lists on Livejournal.
loadig 0.5.4 2 A minimal progress bar.
log 0.0.2 2 Thin, pythonic logging wrapper
log0 1.0.1 2 Simplified Python Logging
log_calls 0.3.2 2 Debugging and profiling decorator for functions and classes that logs caller name(s), args+values, execution time, and more. Eliminates reams of boilerplate code.
log_colorizer 1.8.5 2 A color formater for python logging
log_utils 0.3.1 2 Utils for generic python logging package
logaware 0.2.0 2 Python Logger that knows where it's coming from
logbook-aiopipe 0.1.0 2 Multiprocess logbook logging for asyncio
logbridge 0.1 2 Bridge between Python's logging API and Simple Logging Facade for Java (SLF4J)
logcat-parser 0.2.4 2 A parser for Android logcat in binary format.
logcon 0.0.7 2 configures logging from logging.yaml on pythonpath or default
logdna 1.2.4 2 A python package for sending logs to LogDNA
logfigure 0.01 2 Logging configuration that respects your sanity
logfile 1.2.0 2 File-based logging library
logfit 1.0.0 2 Watch and upload log files to
loggable-decorator 1.1.1 2 Add a logger attribute to class decorated
logged_requests 0.4 2 Simple wrapper around the requets library
logger 1.4 2 Python logging helper
LoggerForSystemTp 0.0.5 2 Logging module
loggy 0.0.1.dev100 2 A simplified logging utility for Python.
logist 0.99.1 2 Easy logging system for humans and machines
logline 0.1.1 2 A Python abstraction library for the LogLine API
logmod 0.1 2 Log all calls to a module
Logr 0.2.2 2 Simple python logging wrapper
logrot 0.0.4 2 Receive piped output from a command and write it to a rotated file.
logsender 0.2 2 logsender works with ELK on QingCloud. It makes logging easy.
logsimple 0.1.6 2 simple logging for python
logtime-cli 1.3.1 2 CLI utility for logging the time you spend on things
logtools 0.8.7 2 Log analysis and filtering tools
logu 0.1 2 Small utility to simplify sending historical logs and data to Graphite.
logweeder 0.2 2 A semi-automatic log analyzer.
lterm 0.1 2 lterm is a small script built to install a bash hook for full terminal logging.
ltmo 0.14 2 light weight blogging, heavy weight time-wasting
lumberjack_formatter 0.1.4 2 Python logging framework JSON formatter for use with the lumberjack transport (logstash-forwarder)
m_transliteration 0.1 2 English-Marathi transliteration
magen-logger 1.0a1 2 Magen Logging Package
mahdix111 0.1 2 A random test lib
majunhua 0.1 2 A random test lib
mandrill-logger 0.0.5 2 Django logging for Mandrill
manoelgadi123 0.1 2 A random test lib
markout 1.2 2 Print Your Output using markdown beautifully! 1.2.2 2 Python wrapper for the Mastodon API
MastodonInstances 0.3 2 Python Interface to
mercuro 0.1.1 2 A simple daemon that listens for syslog events and forwards them to a Riemann server.
mesfix 1.1.12 2 A library of all the common utilities used by the software artifacts at Mesfix
metrica 1.1.0 2 Data logging system
mlzlog 0.2.1 2 Useful common logging functionality by MLZ
moleskin 1.4.0 2 A print and debugging utility that makes your error printouts look nice
Moments 2.0 2 Python package to process personal notes stored as moments log files
mongodb-log-je 0.1.0 2 Centralized logging made simple using mongodb
monologue 0.0.0beta 2 Monologue - processing messages and progress display
movie-crawl 0.1 2 Movie Crawler Library
mozlog 3.7 2 Robust log handling specialized for logging in the Mozilla universe
mumaoxi.ags.mover 0.1 2 A Android sources mover for gradle build
mus 0.0.6 2 Mus - light weight distributed logging
my_funky_package 0.8 2 A random test lib
mycosmic 0.1 2 A random test lib
mypack 0.1 2 A random test lib
mypackage2 0.1 2 A random test lib
mypackage234234234 0.4 2 A random test lib
mypackage_test 0.1 2 A random test lib
mypackageendecrypt 0.1 2 A random test lib
mypackagemx3292016 0.4 2 My first python package uploding to PYPI
mypackagetsrif 0.3 2 A random test lib
myprojectcommon 0.1.1 2 A sample Python project
myqtx 0.1 2 test lib
mysample 0.1 2 A random test parser
nameko-extras 0.1.1 2 Nameko run with autoloading, logging file CLI option
nameko-log-context 0.0.3 2 worker_ctx custom fields logging
nameko-tracer 1.0.8 2 Nameko extension logging entrypoint processing metrics
netlogger 4.3.1 2 NetLogger Toolkit
niki 0.1 2 A recursive search library for phone numbers
nikopackage 0.1 2 A random test lib
ninjalog 0.3 2 A Python logging handler for
nose-autochecklog 0.1.1 2 nose plugin - auto check condition and log all checks
nsepy 0.7 2 Library to download financial data in pandas dataframe
nyan_logger 0.2 2 A nyan cat log formatter for the python logging module.
o243kgmvs924mtvd034mg 0.01 2 NumPy Testing
objgraph_middleware 0.2 2 Memory data logging middleware
onaji 0.1.2 2 A tool for creating regression tests through logging data during pytest runs.
OneLib 0.2.1 2 my little tool set
opnfv_parser 0.1 2 A random test parser
os_utils 0.0.7 2 os utils to reduce code copy paste
ourLittleLogger 0.2.2 2 ourLittleLogger is used for logging unification.
outlaw 0.1 2
paascli 0.3 2 paascli is a CLI toolbelt to manage CAMP compliant apps across multiple PaaS providers
patched 0.1 2 Smart patching, logging, debug
persistable 0.3.1 2 An inheritable superclass with logging, and tools for persisting and loading models with parameter tracking
peyote 0.2 2 Peyote is a remote logging service for Django.
pglogs 0.1.5 2 A simple lib for postgres logging
PhD 0.1 2 A random test lib
Phidgeter 1.0.1 2 logging and convenience functions for phidgets
pinax-blog 7.0.3 2 Blogging app for the Django web framework
pipecat 0.3.0 2 Elegant, flexible data logging in Python for connected sensors and instruments.
pircly 0.1.0 2 An IRC Logging Bot
piserialnumber 0.1.1 2 Get Raspberry Pi board serialnumbermodel number
playmusic 0.5 2 Play Music
polymerParser 0.3 2 A small json parser for imports in polymer proyects
pplogger 2.0.0 2 PP's Logger Module
ppp_logger 0.2.2 2 Logging backend for PPP user interfaces.
praise 0.1 2 Praise it
prettypy 0.5.0 2 Python Pretty Printer
probe-log 0.0.4 2 logging utilities for probe projects
Products.MetaWeblogPASPlugin 1.0.0b2 2 Enables user authentication for the MetaWeblogAPI
progressinsight 0.1.0 2 Real-time workflow progress tracking
prusontchm 2.1 2 practica3
pshare 0.2 2 The Python CLI for social media
pubsublogger 1.2.2 2 Logging system using the PubSub functionality of Redis.
purr 1.3.0 2 Data reduction logging tool, Useful for remembering reductions
pybuildtools 0.2.0 2 Simple library implementing common processes and logging for buildsystems
PyCalCount 0.1.0 2 A basic calorie-counting and meal-logging program.
PyDHCPd 0.0.1dev 2 A straightforward implementation of a DHCP server with flexible configuration and logging.
pygtail 0.7.0 2 Reads log file lines that have not been read.
pyLearnstimate 0.1 2 Machine learning for optimal estimation
pylogfaces 1.0.1 2 Logging utilities for logFaces and python.
pyNam 0.4 2 testest!
pyNamu 0.3 2 testest!
pyother 1.2.2 2 Some reusable code snippets
pypackagetest123 0.16 2 A random test lib
pyperform 1.86 2 A fast and convenient way to performance test functions and compare results.
PyRealtime 0.1.9 2 A package for realtime data processing, including reading from serial ports and plotting.
pyrus 1.1.0 2 A logrus inspired renderer for structlog
pysyslogclient 0.1.1 2 Syslog client implementation (RFC 3164/RFC 5424)
pythloghlp 0.1.13 2 Python DynamoDB Log Helper
python-chaika 0.1.2 2 Python logging handler for chaika.
python_test_mike_d 0.1 2 python homework
pytistory 0.0.1.dev1 2 티스토리 블로그 api client입니다.
pytorch-monitor 0.11 2 Monitor pytorch modules with minimal code.
pytrace 0.2.4 2 pytrace is a fast python tracer. pytrace records function calls, arguments and return values. traces aid debugging, profiling and obviate logging.
qwcore 0.1.0 2 Core utils for qwcode projects
randomaccesstoken 0.2 2 Generates 64 character token with lower case and upper case letters and numbers
randopt 0.1.7 2 Random search optimization and experiment logging. Support async, fancy visualization, distributed execution.
redis-loghandler 0.3 2 Redis logging handler
regexp 0.1 2 Python "re" shortcut library
relog 1.0 2 Wrap logging round 3rd party functions and calls
remns 0.1.0.dev4 2 An elegant Python blogging engine.
requests_debug 0.2.2 2 Adds logging and timing for the requests library
requests_handler 0.0.8 2 Handler for logging records to a Restful API.
resource_alerter 1.0.0 2 monitors system resources and alerts users to high usage
resourceSet_for_execo 0.1 2 resourceSet for | School project at Polytech Grenoble :
restafari 0.1.14 2 Restafari is a simple REST test tool.
rex 0.9.0 2 Yet another static blog generator.
rhahdjlfhlsagjd 0.1 2 A random test lib
rlog 0.3 2 Small handler and formatter for using python logging with Redis
robotlogger 3.2 2 Logging support for function wrapping and robot framework
rotor 1.0 2 The Rotor Module
rsttst 0.3.0 2 rsttst makes your reStructuredText testable
ryan 0.0.21 2 Common Python Tools
rypy 0.0.14 2 RYans PYthon tools
S3-Stream-Logger 0.0.2 2 Tool for logging a never-ending stream of data to S3
safe_logger 1.2.1 2 Safe TimedRotatingFileHandler for concurrent writers
Sahiti 0.1 2 A random test lib
sahriswiki 0.8.1 2 A Lightweight Wiki / CMS / Blogging Engine using circuits.web
sarltdtgore 0.1 2 A random test lib
sbgsdkcwl 0.1.1 2 UNKNOWN
scpack 0.1 2 A random test lib
scratchy 0.1 2 A static site generator, aimed for blogging
ScriptLogger 1.0.3 2 A simple tool that helps with logging info during the process of running a script.
scuttle 0.4 2 Scuttle is an analytics logging library
sdaxen_python_utilities 0.1.4 2 A collection of useful tools for common Python tasks
sensible 1.0.3 2 A simple and sensible logging config
sentry_logger 1.0 2 Basic helper for logging function / class based errors to
sentrycli 1.5.0 2 CLI scripts to query and analyze data gathered by Sentry
Serensic 1.1 2 Python client library for serensic REST API
seulogger 0.4 2 Logging to Internal Splunk Server
shoehorn 0.2.3 2 Shoehorn structured logs into or out of standard library logging
sigmatools 0.1.3 2 Tools for the Generic Signature Format for SIEM Systems
sigmund-remote-logger 0.9.3 2 Sigmund is a remote logging service for Django.
simple_json_logger 0.2.2 2
simplepush 1.1.4 2 Simplepush python library
simplevisa 17.08.2017.1 2 Simplified PYVISA interface for random selection of instruments and functions
sleekbasebot 0.0.2 2 basic sleekxmpp bot with argument parsing and muc logging
slog 0.11.0 2 A simple logger.
Smelter 0.5.1 2 A Python 3.5.2 Library to Censor Strings
smslogger 0.1 2 Send important logging events as text messages
sns 0.1 2 SNS utils
solarized 1.2.5 2 Solarized theme terminal string colors with zero dependencies and function calls
some-test-package 0.3 2 A random test lib
sopel_modules.chanlogs 0.1.0 2 A channel logging module for Sopel
Spitter 0.4 2 Spitter is a microblogging web app written using the pyramid web framework
splunk_http_handler 1.0.1 2 A Python logging handler that sends your logs to Splunk over HTTP event collector
sqllogformatter 2017.01.1 2 A logging formatter for SQL statements
sqltwitter 0.1 2 Mine for tweets with certain hashtag
stab 1.2.1 2 Start blogging with this simple static site generator
stashpy 0.2.1 2 Python 3 alternative to Logstash
statsdmock 0.0.3 2 statsd mock server based on gevent
statzlogger 0.1.0 2 statzlogger logs statz
svlog 0.2.4 2 Python package for Flask Logging
SymGP 0.0.1 2 A symbolic algebra library for multivariate Gaussian and Gaussian process probabilistic models
taileff 0.2.1 2 tail -f for humans
taral_package 0.1 2 A random test lib
tcpwatch 1.3.1 2 TCP monitoring and logging tool with support for HTTP 1.1
teblr 0.0.3 2 Tumblr on command line
test_recorder 0.1.2 2 A library that help automation QA engineers to solve problems with flaky tests by recording video.
testarium 0.2.73 2 Research tool to perform experiments and store results in the repository. More:
testcontainers 2.1.2 2 Library provides lightweight, throwaway instances of common databases, Selenium web browsers, or anything else that can run in a Docker containers
testools 0.0.1 2 some testing tool like logging decorator.
testpackage999 0.1 2 A random test lib
testpackageal 0.7 2 This is my first package.
thulac_test 0.9.5 2 A random test lib
timepy 0.1a 2 The simplest ever library for measuring time of python code execution.
tinyblox 0.1.15 2 collection of api blocks written in python to help speedup automation
tinyintError-package 0.3 2 Validacion de tinyInt
tinyscript 0.3.9 2 A tiny library for easily building "self-contained" CLI Python tools with base features in a shortened way
to_sentry 0.0.7 2 Simple command line driven logging for sentry.
toBase 0.1 2 convert number to any base < 16
tokenTracer 0.0.1 2 Keycloak token endpoint packet sniffer for HTTP request/response authentication tokens
tornado_default_pack 0.2dev 2 short dis
tstpkghari 0.2 2 A random test lib
turboblog 1.0.2 2 Blogging platform for TurboGears
tweetminer 0.2 2 Mine for tweets with certain hashtag
twitter.common.log 0.3.9 2 twitter.common logging handlers.
twoline-logwatch 0.1.1 2 Watch specified folders for logging messages, and display messages using twoline for matches.
unipy-logger 0.1.9 2 enforce uniplaces log standards and respect uniplaces logging interface.
usagestats 0.7 2 Anonymous usage statistics collecter
vishwali_package 0.1 2 A random test lib
vortex 0.1 2 A random test lib
vx 0.1 2 A random test lib
WebViewHandler 0.2 2 Logging handler that provides scrolling web view
wedoca-hello 0.1 2 A random test lib
wheelcms_valve 0.9 2 A blogging application for WheelCMS
wonik1 0.1.0 2 A random test lib
Yak 0.2 2 A static blogging platform.
yelp-clog 2.15.0 2 A package which provides logging and reading from scribe.
zappa-sentry 0.1.6 2 Easy integration with sentry for zappa apps
zc.objectlog 0.2.2 2 a customizable log for a single object in Zope 3.
zenlog 1.1 2 Logging for the lazy
zerolog 0.3 2 Minimalist and agnostic log aggregation with zeromq from tcp
zilepackagetest 0.0.2 2 A random test lib
aakbar 0.7.4 1 Amino-Acid k-mer Phylogenetic Signature Tools
aberdeen 0.4.0 1 Conversion from markdown files to database entries to use as the backend of a blog
ablog_api 0.7.1 1 ablog_api description
abodepy 0.12.2 1 An Abode alarm Python library running on Python 3.
abraxas 1.7 1 password generator
abstraction 2017.1.16.1534 1 machine learning framework
acdcli 0.3.2 1 a command line interface and FUSE filesystem for Amazon Cloud Drive
acmagent 1.0.2 1 ACM agent - automates ACM certificates
acorn 0.0.15 1 Automated computational research notebook.
acrilib 1.0.7 1 acrilib is a python library of programming patterns commonly used in Python
acrilog 2.0.13 1 acrilog is a Python library of providing multiprocessing idiomto us in multiprocessing environment
acrylamid 0.7.10 1 static blog compiler with incremental updates
acs-cli 0.0.9 1 A command line interface to the Alfresco Content Services REST API
acsoo 1.6.0 1 Acsone Odoo Dev Tools
adafruit-io 1.1.0 1 Client library for Adafruit IO (
Adafruit_BBIO 1.0.10 1 A module to control BeagleBone IO channels
adarnauth-esi 1.4.6 1 Django app for accessing the EVE Swagger Interface.
admin_logs 0.2.7 1 Admin logs for django like in Google Application Engine
adminschBackendSample 0.1.5 1 Sample microservice for Admin.sch
advbumpversion 1.2.0 1 Version-bump your software with a single command!
afdko 2.6.25b2 1 Adobe Font Development Kit for OpenType
agutil 3.0.0 1 A collection of python utilities
AIKIF 0.2.2 1 Artificial Intelligence Knowledge Information Framework
aimhii 0.5.5 1 A pipeline for mapping insertion mutants from whole genome shotgun data
aio-service-client 0.6.1 1 Service Client Framework powered by Python asyncio. 0.1.8 1 Aio application runner
aiodebug 1.1.2 1 A tiny library for monitoring and testing asyncio programs
aiographql 0.2.0 1 asyncio + graphql = fast and simple api
aiohttp-json-api 0.35.2 1 JSON API driven by aiohttp
aiohttp-json-rpc 0.9.1 1 Implementation JSON-RPC 2.0 server and client using aiohttp on top of websockets transport
aiohttp-jsonrpc 0.1.0 1 aiohttp JSON-RPC server handler and client
aiohttp_debugtoolbar 0.5.0 1 debugtoolbar for aiohttp
aioimaplib 0.7.13 1 Python asyncio IMAP4rev1 client library
aiokafka 0.4.0 1 Kafka integration with asyncio.
aiologfields 2017.12.2 1 aiologfields: inject Task-context-fields into loggers
aioouimeaux 0.1.0b4 1 Open source control for Belkin WeMo devices
aiopg 0.13.2 1 Postgres integration with asyncio.
aiopgx 0.7.0 1 Postgres integration with asyncio.
aiopubsub 1.0.0 1 Simple pubsub pattern for asyncio applications
aiopyramid 0.4.1 1 Tools for running pyramid using asyncio.
aioredis 1.1.0 1 asyncio (PEP 3156) Redis support
aiorest 0.4.0 1 Support REST calls for asyncio+aiohttp.
aiotools 0.5.4 1 Idiomatic asyncio utilities
aioviber 0.1.5 1 Asynchronous Python API for building Viber bots.
aioworkers 0.10.0 1 Easy configurable workers based on asyncio
aiozmq 0.7.1 1 ZeroMQ integration with asyncio.
airbrake 2.1.0 1 Python SDK for
airbrake-integrations 0.1.2 1 Python Integrations for
airtight 0.2.0 1 Components for scripts in python 3.6+
ak-syntribos 0.3.1.dev91 1 API Security Scanner
ak-websockify 1 Appknox forn of Websockify.
alauda-celery 3.1.25rc1 1 Distributed Task Queue
albatross_extras 0.2.0 1 Utilities for albatross web framework
alco 2.5.2 1 Autonomous Log Collector and Observer
aldryn-newsblog-extra-plugins 0.0.3 1 Extra plugins for aldryn-newsblog.
Alfred-Workflow 1.32 1 Full-featured helper library for writing Alfred 2/3 workflows
algen 1.0.2 1 algen
algoliasearch-django 1.5.5 1 Algolia Search integration for Django
alignak_demo 1.0.0 1 Alignak - Demo server configuration
alignak_module_logs 1.3.0 1 Alignak - Broker module for the monitoring logs
alkivi-google-client 1.0.3 1 Google python client used at Alkivi
alkivi-logger 1.2.5 1 Python logger used at Alkivi
alt_cinder_sch 0.1.1 1 Alternative Classes -filter, host manager, etc.- for OpenStack's Cinder
amplitude-python 0.13 1
amqp-dispatcher 0.10.0 1 A daemon gevent to run AMQP consumers
amqpconsumer 1.6 1 AMQP event listener
amqpipe 1.2 1 Twisted based pipeline framework for AMQP
analyze_site 0.1.3 1 Utility to crawl web site looking for key words
andrototal-cli 1.69 1 local_worker package
angelic 0.1.2 1 An API for daemonization
animus-omni 0.0.2 1 Animus commandline tools to reduce Internet radiation from log files
annotald 1.3.8 1 A GUI for treebank annotation
another-jira-cli 0.17.0 1 A cli tool for JIRA useful for time tracking and bulk ticket creation.
ansiblator 0.6-13-28-10-2014 1 Ansiblator - makes Ansible api more Pythonic
ansimarkup 1.3.0 1 Produce colored terminal text with an xml-like markup
ant_nest 0.30.2 1 A simple and clear Web Crawler framework build on python3.6+ with async
antispoofing.verification.gmm 1.0.2 1 Replay-Attack Face Verification Package Based on a Parts-Based Gaussian Mixture Models
ants-client 1.4.1rc2 1 ANTS Framework client
AnyBlok 0.17.1 1 Anyblok is a dynamic injection blok framework
anyblok_pyramid 0.8.2 1 Web Server Pyramid for AnyBlok
anybox.migration.openerp 0.9 1 Fast OpenERP migration framework
anybox.recipe.odoo 1.9.2 1 A buildout recipe to install and configure Odoo
anybox.recipe.openerp 1.9.1 1 A buildout recipe to install and configure OpenERP
anybox.testing.datetime 0.5 1 Various utilities related to date and time for testing purposes.
anz.cas 1.0.1 1 This is an Python implementation of the server-end of JA-SIG's CAS protocol.
api_hour 0.8.2 1 Write efficient network daemons (HTTP, SSH...) with ease.
apiarist 0.2.0 1 Python Hive query framework
apns-client 0.2.1 1 Python client for Apple Push Notification service (APNs)
applause-tool 0.5.0 1 This package allows integration with Applause Inc. services.
applicationinsights 0.11.1 1 This project extends the Application Insights API surface to support Python.
apptools 4.4.0 1 application tools
aprs2influxdb 0.2.1 1 Interfaces ham radio APRS-IS servers and saves packet data into an influxdb database
apt-mirror-updater 5.0.1 1 Automated, robust apt-get mirror selection for Debian and Ubuntu
aq 0.1.1 1 Query AWS resources with SQL
aquests 1 Asynchronous Multiplexing HTTP2/DBO Requests
archan 2.0.1 1 Analysis of your architecture strength based on DSM data.
archelonc 0.6.0 1 Client connected to archelonc for Web shell history
arctic 1.60.0 1 AHL Research Versioned TimeSeries and Tick store
arecibo 0.1.3 1 Connector from Python to Arecibo
arglog 2017.6.2 1 Arglog
argopt 0.4.0 1 doc to argparse driven by docopt
argtools 0.1.5 1 Building command line tools with minimal effort by decorators
armstrong.apps.embeds 0.9 1 Provides a way to store, relate to, extract metadata and embed content from external URLs via a modular backend system 2.1.0 1 Tools needed for development and testing of Armstrong
arouteserver 0.17.3 1 A Python tool to automatically build (and test) configurations for BGP route servers.
arte_plus7 2.2.4 1 CLI script to get videos from Arte plus 7 using their URL
AryaLogger v1.1.7 1 Use the SimpleAciUiLogServer and arya to convert UI REST API calls to ACI Python SDK code.
asammdf 3.1.0 1 ASAM MDF measurement data file parser
asana-kazoo 2.0.8dev 1 Higher Level Zookeeper Client
askbot 0.10.2 1 Question and Answer forum, like StackOverflow, written in python and Django
askbot-tuan 1.5 1 Question and Answer forum, like StackOverflow, written in python and Django
askbot-tuanpa 0.7.48 1 Question and Answer forum, like StackOverflow, written in python and Django
asl 1.0.1 1 Bindings to the ASL library on Mac OS X
aspect 0.0.1 1 Lightweight Aspect-oriented Module for Python
aspectlib 1.4.2 1 ``aspectlib`` is an aspect-oriented programming, monkey-patch and decorators library. It is useful when changing
asphalt-exceptions 1.0.0 1 Exception reporter component for the Asphalt framework
asserted 0.0.7 1 pytest assert writer
astrotest 0.1.1 1 Auto generate unit-tests for a function from executions of the function.
async-v20 7.0.0b0 1 Asynchronous wrapper for OANDA's v20 REST API
async_http 0.12 1 An http/https client library that works with asyncore/asynchat
asynchttp 0.0.4 1 A simple httplib2 based asynchronous HTTP library for python
asyncio-throttler 0.1.0 1 Throttling tools for py3.5+ asyncio.
asyncme 0.4.3 1 Async ACME Protocol Client for AsyncIO
asyncplot 0.1 1 Asynchronous client-server library for simple plotting.
asyncpushbullet 0.12.14 1 A synchronous and asyncio-based client for
atavism 0.2 1 Module to play video to an AppleTV
atilla 1.2.6 1 flask API projects helper
atp 0.1.0 1 An adaptive thread pool implementation
Augment 0.4 1 Python decorators for contracts and augmenting OOP.
authkerb 0.1 1 Kerberos authentication for Twisted
AuthKit 0.4.5 1 An authentication and authorization toolkit for WSGI applications and frameworks
authzync 0.1.8 1 SVN AuthZ-LDAP sync tool
auto-adjust-display-brightness 1.3.1 1 Automatically adjust Linux display brightness
auto-py-torrent 1.0.8 1 Automated tool for file downloads, using torrent or magnet.
autobahn-python-runners 17.8.4 1 A collection of component runners for Autobahn Python
autodock 0.0.2 1 Daemon for Docker Automation
autologin-middleware 0.1.6 1 A Scrapy middleware to use with autologin
auxlib 0.0.42 1 auxiliary library to the python standard library
AvayaERSConnect 1.0.0 1 AvayaERSConnect’s main purpose is to connect to any Avaya ERS Device via Telnet and perform various administration operations easily, without the need to write any Python code at all.
awasu-tools 1.0.1 1 Tools for writing Awasu extensions.
awesomestream 0.1 1 AwesomeStream makes awesome streams
aws-encryption-sdk-cli 1.1.4 1 This command line tool can be used to encrypt and decrypt files and directories using the AWS Encryption SDK.
aws-hadoop 1.0.dev2 1 Create enterprise grade Hadoop cluster in AWS in minutes.
aws_ork 0.4.5 1 Daemon listening on SQS for messages from an ASG
aws_syncr 1 Application that reads yaml and syncs definitions with amazon
awsebcli 3.12.3 1 Command Line Interface for AWS EB.
awsh 1.0.12 1 SSH into your EC2 instances based on their configurations.
awslogs-sd 0.5 1 Forward systemd journal logs to cloudwatch
awsPySqsListener 0.1.2 1 A simple Python SQS utility package
awstestutils 1.0.0 1 Artifacts to test dependencies with AWS using boto3
azkaban-orchestrator 0.0.1 1 Azkaban Orchestrator
azure-batch-apps 0.5.2 1 Batch Apps Python Client
azure-cli-appservice 0.1.26 1 Microsoft Azure Command-Line Tools AppService Command Module
azure-cli-batch 3.1.10 1 Microsoft Azure Command-Line Tools Batch Command Module
azure-cli-container 0.1.18 1 Microsoft Azure Command-Line Tools container Command Module
azure-cli-storage 2.0.25 1 Microsoft Azure Command-Line Tools Storage Command Module
azure-iot-edge-runtime-ctl 1.0.0rc19 1 Azure IoT Edge Runtime Control
azure-storage-blob 1.1.0 1 Microsoft Azure Storage Blob Client Library for Python
azure-storage-common 1.1.0 1 Microsoft Azure Storage Common Client Library for Python
azure-storage-file 1.1.0 1 Microsoft Azure Storage File Client Library for Python
azure-storage-queue 1.1.0 1 Microsoft Azure Storage Queue Client Library for Python
b2 1.1.0 1 Command Line Tool for Backblaze B2
babble.client 2.0 1 Babble: Instant messaging client for Plone
backitup 0.9.6 1 Simple library for easily customized backup and uploading of your files
backlash 0.1.3 1 Standalone WebOb port of the Werkzeug Debugger with Python3 support meant to replace WebError in future TurboGears2
backoff 1.4.3 1 Function decoration for backoff and retry
backoff-async 2.0.0 1 Function decoration for backoff and retry async functions
backupallthethings 0.0.5 1 Batt simply backup all the things; databases and files
backy 2.2 1 Block-based backup and restore utility for virtual machine images
BaculaFS 0.1.7 1 Bacula Filesystem in USErspace
bag 1.3.0 1 A library for several purposes, including javascript i18n and stuff for the Pyramid web framework.
baked 0.2.5 1 Import order detection
bakthat 0.6.0 1 Bakthat is a MIT licensed backup framework written in Python, it's both a command line tool and a Python module that helps you manage backups on Amazon S3/Glacier and OpenStack Swift. It automatically compress, encrypt (symmetric encryption) and upload your files.
ballsy 0.1.0 1 GitHub release signing tool
bandcamp-downloader 0.0.8.post10 1 bandcamp-dl downloads albums and tracks from Bandcamp for you
barbeque 1.8.2 1 Helper and tools collection
bare68k 0.1.2 1 A package to create m68k system emulators
baruwa 2.0.9 1 Ajax enabled MailScanner web frontend
baseplate 0.24.1 1 A library to build services on
basescript 0.2.0 1 Basic infrastructure for writing scripts
batterystaple 0.1.0dev1 1 Small library for generating XKCD style passphrases
baya 1.1.1 1 Nested LDAP Groups authorization.
baymax 0.0.4 1 A simple telegram bot framework on top of Python asyncio
bblame 0.5.9 1 An ncurses app for browsing file git history
bcbio_monitor 1.0.6 1 bcbio-monitor is an extension of bcbio-nextgen to visualize its progress
Bcryptor 1.2.2 1 Python wrapper for bcrypt
Beaver 36.2.1 1 python daemon that munches on logs and sends their contents to logstash
benchmaster 1.0b1 1 Tools for running and automating distributed loadtests with Funkload
bernard 0.0.3 1 Bot Engine Responding Naturally At Requests Detection
berry 0.3.1 1 a minimal DSL for building a WSGI app
bes 0.3 1 Log actions to Elastic Search via bulk upload
Betubedl 1.0.0 1 A Python library for downloading YouTube videos.
bfabio.pykwalify 1.6.0 1 Python lib/cli for JSON/YAML schema validation
bggcli 0.9 1 Command Line Interface for
bifrost 3.1.1 1 Deployment of physical machines using OpenStack Ironic and Ansible
bigdoorkit 0.1.4 1 Client library for the BigDoor API, based on RESTkit
bigml 4.15.2 1 An open source binding to, the public BigML API
bika.lims 3.2.1rc3 1 Bika LIMS
bintrees 2.0.7 1 Package provides Binary-, RedBlack- and AVL-Trees in Python and Cython.
biomaj-core 3.0.11 1 BioMAJ core library
biomaj-daemon 3.0.14 1 BioMAJ daemon service
biomaj-download 3.0.14 1 BioMAJ download service
biomaj-process 3.0.10 1 BioMAJ process service
bioservices 1.5.1 1 Access to Biological Web Services from Python
birdhousebuilder.recipe.celery 0.2.0 1 A Buildout recipe to install and configure Celery for Birdhouse.
birdhousebuilder.recipe.pywps 0.9.3 1 A Buildout recipe to install and configure PyWPS Web Processing Service with conda.
birdhousebuilder.recipe.tomcat 0.3.3 1 A Buildout recipe to install and configure tomcat with conda.
bitpay-client 0.1.1 1 Python client for the BitPay payment web API distributed via PyPi with object-orientated interface
blacknet 2.0.9 1 Multi-head SSH honeypot system
bladerunner 4.1.9 1 Execution of commands on hosts
blancmange 0.2 1 Determine what's missing from Python by using Monty Python's Flying Circus.
BlazeCommandHelper 0.2.1 1 A framework that facilitates shell and batch scripting in Python
BlazeWeb 0.5.2 1 A light weight WSGI framework with a pluggable architecture
blib 3 1 Framework to program bots !!
blobxfer 1.1.1 1 Azure storage transfer tool and data movement library
bloc 0.1.2 1 Single-master group membership framework
blocklistsaggregator 0.5.1 1 A Python tool that downloads IP block lists from various sources and builds configurations for network equipments and firewalls.
Blogmaker 0.6 1 Blog application for Django
bloscpack 0.11.0 1 Command line interface to and serialization format for Blosc
blowdrycss 1.0.2 1 The atomic CSS compiler
blueflood-carbon-forwarder 0.4.2 1 Sending graphite metrics to blueflood
Bluto 2.4.6 1 DNS Recon | Brute Forcer | DNS Zone Transfer | DNS Wild Card Checks DNS Wild Card Brute Forcer | Email Enumeration | Staff Enumeration Compromised Account Checking
bn 0.1.5 1 Lightweight profiling tool to detect performance BottleNecks in Python code.
bob.core 2.1.9 1 Core utilities required on all Bob modules
bob.paper.isba2018-entropy 1.0.3 1 Calculating the entropy of fingervein patterns
bobtemplates.gillux 1.3.0 1 Python project bootstraps for mr.bob: usual Python distro, buildout, and mr.bob template
bobtemplates.kitconcept 2.0.1 1 Templates for Plone projects.
boilerio 0.0.1 1 A software thermostat and heating control system
bonfire 0.0.7 1 A CLI Graylog Client with Follow Mode
booger 0.4.5 1 Pretty curses-based nose frontend
bookofnova 0.007 1 Nova Compute Library for Python
bookreader 1.0 1 A Django book reading application that utilizes Djatoka and a DSpace repository to present browseable views of scanned books.
bopen.recipe.libinc 0.3.0 1 zc.buildout recipe that parses compile time options from config scripts
boss-ingest 0.9.6 1 Ingest client for the Boss
bossimage 0.5.1 1 Tool to create AMIs with Ansible
botje 54 1 Framework to program bots !!
botsocket 0.2.4 1 socket server for bot communication
botstory 0.1.5 1 Async framework for bots
boxsdk 2.0.0a11 1 Official Box Python SDK
bprc 0.7.0 1 Batch Processing RESTful Client
breadability 0.1.20 1 Port of Readability HTML parser in Python
browsercookiejar 0.1 1 CookieJar for browsers
btcndash 2.3.6 1 Lightweight status dashboard for Bitcoin nodes.
btrfs-backup 0.3.0 1 Intelligent, feature-rich backups for btrfs
btrfs-sxbackup 0.6.11 1 Incremental btrfs snapshot backups with push/pull support via SSH
bucky 2.3.0 1 StatsD and CollectD adapter for Graphite
bud 0.3.1 1 bud runs stuff for you
buildbot 1.0.0 1 The Continuous Integration Framework
buildout.dumprequirements 0.1.1 1 Dump buildout picked versions as a pip compatible requirements.txt file.
buildout.requirements 0.2.2 1 Dump buildout picked versions as a pip compatible requirements.txt file. Fork of buildout.dumprequirements.
bump2version 0.5.7 1 Version-bump your software with a single command!
bumpversion 0.5.3 1 Version-bump your software with a single command!
bumpversion-kando 0.5.5 1 Version-bump your software with a single command!
bungiesearch 1.3.0 1 A Django elasticsearch wrapper and helper using elasticsearch-dsl-py high level library.
bunyan 0.1.2 1 Bunyan python logger
bup_cron 1.3 1 bup jobs wrapper
businessoptics 0.5.1 1 Client for the BusinessOptics API
buster 0.1.3 1 Static site generator for Ghost and Github
buttercms-django 0.3.7 1 Company blogs as a service. Built for developers.
bw_plex 0.0.3 1 Skip intros.
bx 0.3.0 1 Simple in-memory storage for Python
BYONDTools 0.1.8 1 Tools and interfaces for interacting with the BYOND game engine.
BYONDToolsv3 0.1.3 1 Tools and interfaces for interacting with the BYOND game engine, adapted to Python 3.
byu-awslogin 0.13.2 1 An aws-adfs spinoff that fits BYU's needs
c2.backup.s3 1.0a4 1 This package supports back up files from local dir to S3 bucket
c2.patch.plone3mail 1.0b1 1 Patches for Plone 3.x, multi-language bug of mail header
c2cwsgiutils 1.6.1 1 Common utilities for Camptocamp WSGI applications
Cactus 3.3.3 1 Static site generation and deployment.
cadasta-workertoolbox 0.4.0 1 Cadasta Worker Toolbox
cadbiom 0.1.6 1 Cadbiom library
callme 0.2.0 1 Python AMQP RPC module
candonga 0.1 1 Candonga Framework
canopen 0.5.1 1 CANopen stack implementation
cardiff 1.2.0 1 Python statsd clone
cartridge-braintree 1.1.0 1 Braintree Payments processing for Mezzanine/Cartridge
castle.cms 2.0.32 1 Castle CMS Plone distribution main package
cbtop 1.0.1 1 cbtop wrapper
ccp 1.1 1 A Python client for the Changelog API
cdata 0.1.9 1 see data, handy snippets for conversion, and ETL.
cdb_query 2.0 1 Simple tools to query and retrieve data from the ESGF's CMIP5 and CORDEX projects.
cdnupload 1.0.4 1 Upload static files from given source directory to destination directory or Amazon S3 bucket, with content-based hash in filenames for versioning.
cef 0.5 1 Module that emits CEF logs
celery 4.1.0 1 Distributed Task Queue.
celstash 0.1.0 1 log from celery to logstash and structured log
cement 2.10.2 1 CLI Application Framework for Python
certbot-py 0.10.1 1 Python module to integrate automated Let's Encrypt `certbot certonly` certificate creation into Python projects.
certidude 0.1.21 1 Certidude is a novel X.509 Certificate Authority management tool aiming to support PKCS#11 and in far future WebCrypto.
cf-configuration-exporter 0.0.13 1 Simple utility to generate a configuration manifest from a live CloudFoundry installation
cfn-environment-base 0.9.19 1 Base environment for Troposphere based CFN project environments
cfnlambda 1.0.2 1 Collection of tools to enable use of AWS Lambda with CloudFormation.
ch-json-logger 1.1.4 1 JSON logger for python
Chameleon 3.2 1 Fast HTML/XML Template Compiler.
chaperone 0.3.9 1 Simple system init daemon for Docker-like environments
check_ganglia_metric 2012.02.28 1 Ganglia metric check plugin for Nagios
cheesepi 1.9.22 1 CheesePi Library
CheesePrism 0.4.0b5 1 CheesePrism: your personal cheeseshop
cheffy 0.3.8 1 A simple requests based wrapper for a Chef server api.
chouf 0.0.2 1 Log handler with action
chromalog 1.0.5 1 A non-intrusive way to use colors in your logs and generic output.
ChromeController 0.1.6 1 Chrome Remote Debugger interface.
chromewhip 0.2.5 1 asyncio driver + HTTP server for Chrome devtools protocol
chronograph 1.0.0 1 Chronograph is a simple stopwatch / chronometer / chronograph for timing Python code.
chrononaut 0.2.1 1 A history and audit tracking extension for Flask-SQLAlchemy
chump 1.5.2 1 A fully featured API wrapper for Pushover.
CI_CloudConnector 0.55 1 IOT application that collect data from PLC (ModBus or AnB Ethernet/IP) and send to cloud using https
cifilter 0.4.2 1 CoreImage command line tool
cinq-auditor-cloudtrail 1.1.0 1 CloudTrail auditor
cinq-auditor-vpc-flowlogs 1.1.0 1 VPC Flow Log auditor
cipher.logview 1.1.0 1 WSGI middleware that shows you log messages produced during request handling.
cipher.longrequest 1.1.0 1 Detecting long requests LIVE, using paster
cipher.session 3.0.0 1 A ZODB Session handling implementation
cipr 0.7.7 1 A package manager for the Corona SDK
circonus 0.0.22 1 Interact with the Circonus REST API.
ckanext-sentry 0.0.2 1 Sentry support for CKAN
ckanext-xloader 0.3.1 1 Express Loader - quickly load data into CKAN DataStore
ckuehl-celery 4.0.2.post1 1 Distributed Task Queue.
clair 0.3 1 Import a Docker image layers to Clair for security analysis
clairmeta 1.0.0b6 1 Digital Cinema Package (DCP) probing and checking utility
clans 0.3.0 1 A command-line client for the GrinnellPlans social network.
clc_msa_utils 0.8.8 1 CenturyLink Managed Services Anywhere Python Utilities
clear 1.0.1 1 Command-line extract and rename utility
cletus 1.0.14 1 A library of command line utilities
CleverSheep 0.6.4 1 A collection of packages for high level asynchronous testing.
cli53 0.5.0 1 Command line script to administer the Amazon Route 53 DNS service
cli_tools 1.0.0 1 Command Line Interface Tools
click-utils 0.2.1 1 a set of utilites for writing command line programs with Click
clijockey 0.2.9 1 Automate ssh and telnet sessions to network devices
cliquet 3.1.5 1 Micro service API toolkit
clitool 0.4.1 1 Command Line Tool Utilities
cloudbiolinux 0.3a 1 configure virtual (or real) machines with tools for biological analyses
cloudlib 0.5.0 1 general purpose library for in application use
ClueMapperSecure 0.6.3 1 Security component for ClueMapper.
cluspro-api 1.0.4 1 Library for submitting and downloading job data from ClusPro.
cmdhelper 0.2.6 1 Python utility for writing command line scripts with consistent look and feel.
cmdhist 0.2.1 1 Commandline history in the cloud
cmdline 0.1.8 1 Utilities for consistent command line tools
CmDO 0.7 1 Create command-driven scripts with smart arguments and help derived from decorated functions.
CmdUtils 0.1 1 Routines to help make command-line utilities easier to write
cmsplugin-phlog 0.3.1 1 Django CMS Plugin for Photologue galleries
CO2meter 0.2.3 1 Python interface to the USB CO2 monitor
co2mpas 1.7.4 1 The Type-Approving vehicle simulator predicting NEDC CO2 emissions from WLTP
coal_mine 0.4.11 1 Coal Mine - Periodic task execution monitor
coaster 0.6.0 1 Coaster for Flask
cognate 0.0.6 1 From the same Root.
cold-start-recommender 0.4.2 1 In-memory recommender for recommendations produced on-the-fly
collar 0.1.1 1 Query for Amazon EC2 instances on the command-line.
collective.aaf 2.1 1 Authentication integration layer for the Australian Access Federation (AAF) and Plone
collective.allowtypes 0.2 1 Set allowed content type for Plone in a n x n Matrix
collective.ATClamAV 1.2 1 Provides ClamAV antivirus integration for Archetypes based content types
collective.autopublishing 1.0.2 1 Publishes and retracts on effective or expired dates.
collective.autorestart 0.2.0 1 Automatically reloads changed code into Plone when you edit Python files
collective.azipfele 2.0.1 1 Creates Zip files from Plone or other content asynchronous
collective.beaker 1.0b3 1 Beaker integration for Zope and Plone 1.6 1 Archive view and portlet 1.2.1 1 Blog suite for Plone
collective.chimpfeed 2.0 1 MailChimp-integration for Plone!
collective.contentrules.mailfromfield 0.4.0 1 A Plone content rule for send e-mail to addresses taken from the content
collective.cron 2.7 1 Product that enable cron like jobs for plone
collective.documentgenerator 3.0.12 1 Desktop document generation (.odt, .pdf, .doc, ...) based on appy framework ( and OpenOffice/LibreOffice
collective.documentviewer 5.0.0 1 Document cloud's document viewer integration into plone.
collective.editskinswitcher 3.2 1 Switch to the edit skin for certain domains.
collective.elasticindex 1.2.5 1 Index Plone content in Elastic Search
collective.emaillogin 1.3 1 Allow logins with email address rather than login name.
collective.embedly 2.4 1 TinyMCE visual editor support for service
collective.fingerpointing 1.5rc1 1 Keep track of different events and write them down to an audit log.
collective.googleanalytics 1.6.1 1 Tools for pulling statistics from Google Analytics.
collective.gsa 2.0rc9 1 GSA integration for external indexing and searching
collective.honeypot 1.0.2 1 Anti-spam honeypot for Plone
collective.hostout 1.0a5 1 standardized deployment of zc.buildout based applications with Fabric
collective.indexing 2.0 1 Abstract framework for queueing, optimizing and dispatching index operations for Plone content.
collective.lazysizes 4.0.1 1 Integration of lazysizes, a lightweight lazy loader, into Plone.
collective.logbook 0.9.0 1 Advanced Persistent Error Log
collective.marshall.workflow 1.0.4 1 A Namespace Extension for ATXML 0.21 1 Adds functionality to retrieve and prioritize media inside of folderish items.
collective.mustread 1.1.0 1 Tracking user views on content items marked as must-read
collective.newrelic 1.0.9 1 Zope/Plone Newrelic instrumentation
collective.noindexing 1.4 1 Ignore all indexing operations
collective.onlogin 1.0 1 This package allows the configuration of HTTP redirects after user logged in into Plone site.
collective.piwik.flowplayer 0.4 1 Analytics support for flowplayer using piwik
collective.plonetruegallery 3.4.8 1 A gallery/slideshow product for Plone that can aggregate from Picasa (add and Flickr (add or use Plone images.
collective.pwexpiry 0.11.3 1 Emulate Active Directory password complexity requirements in Plone
collective.recipe.backup 4.0 1 bin/backup script: sensible defaults around bin/repozo
collective.recipe.bluebream 0.4.0 1 collective.recipe.bluebream is a zc.buildout recipe you can use to bootstrap a Bluebream project
collective.recipe.i18noverrides 1.2 1 Override translations by putting some .po files in the i18n directory of the zope 2 instance
collective.recipe.isapiwsgi 1.0b1 1 ISAPI-WSGI wrapper based on buildout configuration
collective.recipe.logger 0.1.0b1 1 This recipe logs an information into storage. It's a part of
collective.recipe.modwsgi 2.1 1 WSGI from buildout
collective.recipe.plonesite 1.9.5 1 A buildout recipe to create and update a plone site
collective.recipe.solrinstance 6.0.0b3 1 zc.buildout to configure a solr instance
collective.recipe.sphinxbuilder 1.0 1 ZC.buildout recipe to generate and build Sphinx-based documentation in the buildout.
collective.recipe.supervisor 0.20 1 A buildout recipe to install supervisor
collective.recipe.zope2wsgi 0.1 1 zc.buildout recipe to generate zope instances using repoze.zope2
collective.redirectacquired 1.0a9 1 Redirect when traversing to acquired content outside the current path.
collective.revisionmanager 0.8 1 Manage CMFEditions Histories
collective.salesforce.authplugin 1.5.2 1 Zope PAS plugin providing authentication against objects in Salesforce
collective.salesforce.content 1.1 1 Behaviors for creating Dexterity content types that integrate with Salesforce.
collective.schedule 0.2 1 Plone integration for the python 'schedule' library
collective.sendaspdf 3.0 1 An open source product for Plone to download or email a page seen by the user as a PDF file.
collective.shibboleth 1.2 1 Authentication integration layer for Shibboleth's Embdedded Discovery Service (EDS) and Plone
collective.smsauthenticator 0.3.3 1 Two-step verification in Plone 4 using login codes sent by SMS.
collective.solr 6.0a2 1 Solr integration for external indexing and searching.
collective.spaces 1.1 1 Simple collaboration spaces for Plone
collective.stats 1.0.2 1 Zope low level stats per request.
collective.testing 0.3 1 general package for testing and debugging aids for CMF, Plone, Zope2 and Zope3
collective.timedevents 1.0.4 1 Plone/Zope time based event mechanism
collective.transmogrifier 1.5.1 1 A configurable pipeline, aimed at transforming content for import and export
collective.twitterportlet 0.10 1 A Twitter portlet for Plone.
collective.uploadify 1.2 1 Multi File Upload for Plone
collective.validationoverride 0.1 1 Allow AT field validatiuon to fail for users who have an override permission
collective.validator.xhtmlStrict 1.2.0 1 XHTML Strict Validator for collective.validator.base
collective.xmpp.core 0.3 1 Enables core functionality for XMPP-enabled Plone add-ons.
collective.zamqp 0.16.1 1 Asynchronous AMQP-integration for Plone (and Zope2)
collective.zoomit 0.7 1 Integration of hosted image zoom in plone.
colorize 1.0.4 1 Command line utility to colorize other commands output
colorlog 3.1.2 1 Log formatting with colors!
combinatorix 0.2 1 Simple parser combinators
comic-dl 2018.01.10 1 Comic-dl is a command line tool to download Comics and Manga from various Manga and Comic sites easily.
Command 0.1.0 1 Command runner with debug capabilities
command_manager 1.2.0 1 Entry point for Python scripts
CommonsDownloader 0.5.3 1 Download thumbnails from Wikimedia Commons
compago 1.4 1 A framework for simple command-line option parsing.
compose-monitor 1.2.6 1 This utility is designed for monitoring and updating of the services in the specified docker-compose.yml file.
compressor_requirejs 1.5 1 Library for django compressor, which helps to build requirejs
concierge 0.2.2 1 Maintainable SSH config
concoord 1.1.0 1 Coordination service for distributed systems.
concurrent_tree_crawler 0.8.8 1 A generic concurrent tree crawling algorithm with a sample implementation for website crawling.
cone.tile 0.9.6 1 Provide parts of a web application as tiles.
conference-scheduler-cli 0.10.1 1 A command line tool to manage the schedule for a conference
ConfigArgParse 0.13.0 1 A drop-in replacement for argparse that allows options to also be set via config files and/or environment variables.
configstruct 0.3.1 1 Simplified configuration and settings management library.
ConfigViper 0.5 1 Handles configuration saved as JSON files.
confuse 0.4.0 1 painless YAML configuration
Connor 0.5.1 1 Command-line tool to deduplicate reads in bam files based on custom inline barcoding.
Conpot 0.5.1 1 Conpot is an ICS honeypot with the goal to collect intelligence about the motives and methods of adversaries targeting industrial control systems
conpy 0.1.0 1 A sentiment analysis server implementation. Designed to be extendable, so new algorithms and sources can be used.
consoleLog 0.2.4 1 Console logger with progress bars and color
consolemsg 0.2.1 1 Simple semantic functions for colorfull console messages
constants 0.6.0 1 The simple way to deal with environment constants.
consumeraffairs-django-experiments 1.4.4 1 Python Django AB Testing Framework
contexttimer 0.3.3 1 A timer context manager measuring the clock wall time of the code block it contains.
ControlMyPi 0.1.4 1 Client library for ControlMyPi scripts.
convergent 0.2 1 Convergent encryption library, encrypts with AES 256 CTR using the SHA256d hash of the plain text as key.
cookiecutter 1.6.0 1 A command-line utility that creates projects from project templates, e.g. creating a Python package project from a Python package project template.
cookiecutter-django 1.11.9 1 A Cookiecutter template for creating production-ready Django projects quickly.
cooperative 0.1.10 1 Write computationally intensive non-blocking code without callbacks
coralogix-logger 1.1.0 1 Coralogix Logger Python SDK
cos-migrate-tool-for-restore 0.3.22 1 migrate tool for object storage services
cos_migrate_tool 0.3.1 1 migrate tool for object storage services
cos_migrate_tool_test 0.1.12 1 migrate tool for object storage services
cosmic 0.5.6 1 A tiny web API framework based on Teleport
cotimelog 0.2.0 1 mixins for tornado
couchdiscover 0.2.4 1 Autodiscovery & Clustering for CouchDB 2.0 with Kubernetes
counterparts 0.1 1 Configuration file-driven values for shell and Python scripts 0.8 1 A place to track your code coverage metrics.
cpbmapi 0.0.2 1 A minimalist wrapper around the CPBM BSS API.
cpinsim 0.5.2 1 CPINSim - Constrained Protein Interaction Networks Simulator CPINSim is a package for the simulation of constrained protein interaction networks. Beside simulation of complex formation in a cell there are methods for data preprocessing provided: Annotation of interactions and constraints with domains; A parser to provide the needed protein input format.
cppa3 0.39.1 1 Libraries for processing ebCore CPPA version 3 documents
cpy2py 0.17.1 1 Framework for combining different python interpeters
critbot 0.1.19 1 Sending critical errors to syslog, slack, email, {your_plugin}.
crochet 1.9.0 1 Use Twisted anywhere!
crontabs 0.1.4 1
croquemort 2.0.4 1 Croquemort linkchecker
crossplane 0.2.0 1 Reliable and fast NGINX configuration file parser.
crowdflower 0.1.5 1 CrowdFlower API - Python client
CRTT 0.8.1 1 Common Restful Test Tool
cruddy 0.14.0 1 A CRUD wrapper class for Amazon DynamoDB
crumbs 2.1.0 1 Generalized all-in-one parameters module.
crushha 0.2 1 Define HA domains with CRUSH maps
crypto-drive-manager 3.0 1 Unlock all your encrypted drives with one pass phrase.
cryptoassets.core 0.2 1 A Python framework for building Bitcoin, other cryptocurrency (altcoin) and cryptoassets services
cryptoassets.django 0.1 1 cryptoassets.core library integration for Django
cs.excutils 20170904 1 Convenience facilities for managing exceptions.
cs.plt.contentnegotiator 1.3 1 A patch to get PloneLanguageTool's contentnegotiator work in virtual hosting environment
csapi 0.0.8 1 A minimalist wrapper around the Apache CloudStack API.
csFIFO 1.4 1 A simple cStringIO based FIFO, implemented as a circular buffer
cstat 0.2.0 1 A visual stat tool for CrateDB clusters
csv.toolkit 0.1.0 1 Tools for working with CSV files
ct-core-db 1.2.0 1 Catalant Core DB Framework
cube2sphere 0.1.9 1 Utility to map 6 cube (cubemap, skybox) faces into an equirectangular (cylindrical projection, skysphere) map
cubicweb-celerytask 0.5.0 1 Run and monitor celery tasks
cubicweb-narval 4.2.3 1 the Narval agent
cuda4py 1.4.4 1 CUDA cffi bindings and helper classes
cumulusci 2.0.0b85 1 Build and release tools for Salesforce developers
curlbomb 1.4.1 1 A personal HTTP server for serving one-time-use shell scripts
curmit 1.0 1 Grabs text from a URL and commits it.
custom-e-celery 4.0.2 1 Distributed Task Queue.
custos 0.0.7 1 A framework for monitoring and notifying
cvprac 0.8.0 1 Arista Cloudvision(R) Portal Rest API Client written in python
cwltool 1.0.20180224135035 1 Common workflow language reference implementation
cycles 0.1.0 1 A data processing framework.
cykooz.djangorecipe 1.2.1 1 Buildout recipe for Django
cykooz.recipe.pastewsgi 0.6.1 1 Buildout recipe to create paste.deploy entry points for mod_wsgi or uwsgi
cykooz.recipe.wsgi 1.0.0 1 This recipe for zc.buildout creates a script that can be used as an entry point for WSGI servers.
cynic 1.0 1 Test harness to make your system under test cynical
cynic3 3.0 1 Test harness to make your system under test cynical
d3r 1.10.0 1 Drug Design Data Resource CELPP Runner is an application to run the filtering, docking, and evaluation of new sequences from wwpdb
dactyl 0.7.1 1 Tools to generate documentation.
daemonocle 1.0.1 1 A Python library for creating super fancy Unix daemons
daemons 1.3.0 1 Well behaved unix daemons for every occasion.
daikon 1.51 1 ElasticSearch CLI
darglint 0.3.0 1 A utility for ensuring Google-style docstringsstay up to date with the source code.
DarTui 1.1.0 1 An rTorrent web interface with a focus on simplicity, speed and responsiveness
data-conversion 0.0.3 1 A ETL framework to convert data
data-depgraph 0.4.4 1 Micro dependency fulfillment library for scientific datasets
datapackage-pipelines 1.6.7 1 {{ DESCRIPTION }}
datawire-mdk 2.0.37 1 The Microservices Development Kit (MDK)
datconv 0.6.0 1 Universal data converter - pandoc for data; XML, CSV, JSON are supported
db-migrator 1.1.0 1 Python package to migrate postgresql database
dbackups 0.5.4 1 A simple python application that makes database backups a little easier.
dbapi 0.0.10 1 基于爬虫的豆瓣API SDK
dbio 0.5.2 1 Simple module for database I/O operations.
dbkit 0.2.4 1 DB-API made easier
dblpy 0.1.5 1 A simple API wrapper for written in Python
dbs.gameanalytics 0.1.1 1 Http:// REST API implementation
dbus-deviation 0.6.0 1 Parse D-Bus introspection XML and process it in various ways
dc-django-base 0.6.3 1 Django base application
dcard-spider 0.3.0 1 A spider for Dcard through its newest API.
dcrpm 0.1.0 1 A tool to detect and correct common issues around RPM database corruption.
ddcheck 0.0.1 1 Check URLs and manage the respective records in DynDNS.
deba-bocho 0.5.3 1 Slice up PDFs like a pro.
debmans 1.0.0 1 Extract and render manuals from Debian packages
debug_print 0.6.1 1 A mini library for printf style debugging.
debug_tools 2.1.1 1 Python Distribution Logger, Debugger and Utilities
decafe 0.4.1 1 The Common Automation Framework Engine
decimate 0.9.4 1 A fault-tolerant SLURM scheduler extension
deepdiff 3.3.0 1 Deep Difference and Search of any Python object/data.
deimos 0.4.0 1 Mesos containerization hooks for Docker
delgado 0.0.1 1 Command executor
delver 0.1.6 1 Modern user friendly web automation and scraping library.
demandimport 0.3.4 1 On-demand imports, taken from mercurial
dependency_injector 3.11.3 1 Dependency injection microframework for Python
depl 0.0.1 1 depl - deploy easy and fast.
deploy5k 0.0.3 1
deployer 0.3.10 1 Library for automating system deployments
deptest 0.2.1 1 dependent testing framework
Desire2Download 0.2.0beta 1 Download all of the content from the University of Waterloo's Desire2Learn LMS
DevAuth 0.1.2 1 Authentication for developer access to applications
devicehive 2.1.2 1 DeviceHive Python connectivity library
devns 0.4.7 1 Pure Python DNS server for developers
devpi-ldap 1.2.0 1 devpi-ldap: LDAP authentication for devpi-server
devpi-server-winfix 2.5.3a0 1 devpi-server-winfix: reliable private and caching server
devpy 0.1.7 1 Tools to help development and debugging
diagnostics 0.2.4 1 Alternative to Python's module `cgitb` with template inspired by Nette and Django
diceware 0.9.3 1 Passphrases you will remember.
diceware_list 2.0 1 Generate diceware wordlists.
dicttoxml 1.7.4 1 Converts a Python dictionary or other native data type into a valid XML string.
digimat.saia 0.1.12 1 SAIA Burgess PCD EtherSBus Client+Server communication module
dinospeak 0.1.1 1 Dinosaur language translation library
dio 0.3.10 1 Python API for DigitalOcean v2.0 REST API
dipus 0.0.5 1 Dipus is a simple full-text search server using Whoosh for Sphinx
dirshare 0.8 1 dirshare
dirt 0.2.1-unstable 1 dirt is a comprehensive framework for building Python applications which are part of a service oriented architecture
dirty-loader 0.2.2 1 Dirty loader for python 3
disclose 0.2.5 1 A utility for test verifications
discord.aio 0.2.0 1 discord.aio is an asynchronous Discord API wrapper for asyncio and python
distex 0.5.6 1 Async distributed process pool using asyncio 0.0.3 1 Doc platform for coder.
distll_celery 4.0.4 1 Distributed Task Queue.
Distributed-Cache 0.1.0 1 Watches a designated node in Zookeeper for data or member changes and trigger a function when an event is detected.
divak-tornado 0.0.3 1 Observe the behavior of your Tornado code
dj-log-config-helper 0.2.3 1 Simplify log configuration across Django projects
dj-obj-update 0.2.1 1 A Django app for adding object tools for models in the admin
dj-saml-idp 0.22.0 1 SAML 2.0 IdP for Django
djamqpconsumer 0.7 1 Blocking custom django command to consume a AMQP queue
django-acc 0.0.5.dev8 1 A simple Django app for account managemnt
django-action-log 0.1 1 Simple and small action logger for django.
django-admin-import 0.3.0 1 Import tool attachable to almost every Django admin
django-admin-watchdog 1.0.1 1 A simple Django app to register logs in admin backoffice.
django-admin2 0.7.1 1 An introspective interface for Django's ORM.
django-airbrake 1.2.0 1 Airbrake exception logger for Django
django-airports 0.1.4 1 Airport model and worldwide airport data for Django
django-amazon-price-monitor 0.7 1 Monitors prices of Amazon products via Product Advertising API
django-andablog 2.4.0 1 A blog app that is only intended to be embedded within an existing Django site.
Django-api-base 0.10.2 1 A simple Django app to make the RESTFULL APIs
django-audit-log 0.7.0 1 Audit trail for django models
django-audited-models 0.4.alpha 1 An abstract base class providing automatic creator/editor/datetime_created/datetime_modified fields.
django-auth-adfs 0.2.1 1 A Django authentication backend for Microsoft ADFS
django-auth0-auth 2.4 1 Authenticated users using Auth0.
django-autoadmin 1.1.1 1 Automatic admin users for Django projects.
django-autofixture 0.12.1 1 Provides tools to auto generate test data.
django-automationcommon 1.12 1 Common functionality across different Django projects of the UofC UIS Automation team
django-axes 4.1.0 1 Keep track of failed login attempts in Django-powered sites.
django-background-task 0.1.8 1 Database backed asynchronous task queue
django-blogango 0.6.2 1 A django based blog
django-booking 0.7.2 1 A reusable Django app that manages bookings for various purposes.
django-brstocks 0.1 1 A simple Django app to track Stocks on Brazilian Stock Market
django-C3PO 0.3.0 1 django-C3PO is a Django application using C3PO - module responsible for converting .po files from locale folder with translations to .ods format and sending them to Google Spreadsheets. This Django application provides panel where user can synchronize translations with GDocs and it gives possibility to push all translations on git and checkout last commit. django-C3PO uses celery since version 0.2. Be sure to properly configure it before using application.
django-cas-ng 3.5.8 1 CAS 1.0/2.0 client authentication backend for Django (inherited from django-cas)
django-cas-server 0.9.0 1 A Django Central Authentication Service server implementing the CAS Protocol 3.0 Specification
django-cdc 2.0.9 1 CDC for django models
django-cid 0.2.0 1 Correlation IDs in Django for debugging requests
django-cities 1 Place models and worldwide place data for Django
django-cities-teryt 1.0.1 1 Polish region and city data for Django.
django-cities-tiny 1.0 1 Another simple alternative to django-cities
django-collectd-rest 0.2.0 1 A simple Django application to demonstrate RRD plots generated by collectd or any other rrd data
django-command-interface 0.5 1 A reusable Django app that allows to list commands and lauch them with one click
django-commandlog 0.1.10 1 A Django app to log management commands
django-compat-patcher 0.3 1 A monkey-patching system to ease the transition between Django versions.
django-compose-settings 0.2 1 Django composable settings loader.
django-cookie-consent 0.1.1 1 Django cookie consent application
django-cq 0.1.16 1
django-csvimport 2.11 1 Import CSV files to django models
django-data-importer 0.1.0-p3 1 Generic, easy to use, file reader and importer with validations like Django forms.
django-data-importer-jl 0.1.6 1 Generic, easy to use, file reader and importer with validations like Django forms.
django-db-mailer 2.3.19 1 Django module to easily send emails using django templates stored in a database.
django-db-signals 0.1.1 1 Django database signals (pre/post commit/rollback).
django-dbes 0.1.0 1 A django package to speed-up your HTML email developpement workflow in django
django-debug-toolbar-autoreload 0.2.0 1 Automatically reloads your browser when a template, css or javascript file was modified.
django-debug-toolbar-django13 0.8.4 1 A configurable set of panels that display various debug information about the current request/response. Version fully Django 1.3 compatible
django-debug-toolbar-multilang 1.0.1 1 Language panel for django-debug-toolbar
django-debugtools 1.7.3 1 A toolbox of small utilities to assist Django development
django-deepzoom 3.0.3 1 A simple Django app to create deep zoom tiled images.
django-devserver 0.8.0 1 Drop-in replacement for Django's runserver
django-dictionary-search 0.1 1 A simple, yet full-featured Django dictionary API
django-display-exceptions 1.8 1 This app can (slightly) encourage modularity and readability, as well as decrease code repetition and length, by using Exceptions to handle exceptional (non-standard) situations.
django-djaffar 0.1.10 1 An asynchronous user activity tracking API for Django.
django-dumper 0.2.7 1 Django URL cache invalidation from model saves
django-easygeoip 0.0.3 1 A simple Django app to include IP address-based geo-location capabilities to your project.
django-echelon 1.2 1 Middleware to make user information always available and to automatically log changes
django-edict 0.1 1 A django application for keeping your fans up to date.
django-email-bandit 1.5 1 django-email-bandit is a Django email backend for hijacking email sending in a test environment.
django-emaillog-backend 0.1 1 Django email backend that writes messages to logger instead of sending them by SMTP.
django-erroneous 0.2.0 1 django-erroneous makes it easy to collect and log Django application errors.
django-errorstack 0.1.0 1 Easy Django integration with the service
django-eventlog 1.0 1 django-eventlog stores event messages in a Django model.
django-experiments 1.2.0 1 Python Django AB Testing Framework
django-experiments-hw 1.2.0 1 Python Django AB Testing Framework
django-expire 1.0.1 1 Django authentication-based session expiration
django-extlog 0.8 1 Extended log for Django, that tracks changes in models.
django-fabdeploy-plus 0.4 1 Fabric deployment for Django
django-fabfile 2013.08.29.2 1 Fabric tasks for Django and Amazon Web Services
django-failover 0.1.1 1 automatic failover for Django
django-fastsettings 0.3 1 A simple Django app to store/access project wide persistent settings.
django-flows 1.3 1 django-flows keeps state and position in complicated flows of logic, allowing optional branches and complicated paths through a series of individual user actions.
django-fluent-blogs 2.0.2 1 A blog engine with flexible block contents (based on django-fluent-contents).
django-fluentd 0.1 1 Fluentd bindings for django
django-fluo-logs 0.2.4 1 Store Logs on DB
django-fobi 0.12.20 1 Form generator/builder application for Django done right: customisable, modular, user- and developer- friendly.
django-fsm 2.6.0 1 Django friendly finite state machine support.
django-ga-puller 0.1.4 1 Django app used to pull daily Google Analytics data into your django database.
django-gaekit 1.0.2 1 Collection of backends, wrappers and utilities to enquicken django development on Google App Engine
django-github-log 0.1.13 1 Django log handler to create issue on github automatically
django-groundwork 0.2.5 1 A simple Django wrapper for Zurb Foundation
django-heroku 0.2.0 1 This is a (work in progress) Django library for Heroku apps.
django-herokuapp 0.9.20 1 A set of utilities and a project template for running Django sites on heroku.
django-highrise 0.6 1 Highrise CRM integration for Django projects.
django-http-fallback-storage 1.3.1 1
django-httplog 0.2.3 1 Very simple http request-response log in database for debugging APIs.
django-impersonate 1.3 1 Django app to allow superusers to impersonate other users.
django-inbound-email 0.11.4 1 A Django app for receiving inbound emails.
django-ipauth 0.4.1 1 IP Authentication for Django
django-js-error-hook 0.6 1 Generic handler for hooking client side javascript error.
django-json-dbindex 1.2.3 1 Django complementary index definition and management.
django-json-settings 0.2 1 A Django application to let you provide local settings in json format
django-jsonview 1.1.0 1 Always return JSON from your Django view.
django-jutil 1.0.5 1 Collection of small utilities for Django and Django REST framework projects
django-jwt-expiringlinks 0.2.0-dev 1 Django app that uses JWT to manage one-time and expiring links to protected URLs.
Django-Kolibri 0.2.0a 1 Asynchronous Processors/Workflow management for django.
django-lightpdf 0.1.1 1 A simple Django app to help generate pdfs
django-log-formatter-json 0.2.0 1 Django JSON log formatter
django-logdb 1.1 1 Django-logdb enables you to log entries to a database and aggregate them periodically.
Django-Lookout 0.1.1 1 API endpoint for receiving incident reports from Content Security Policy (CSP), HTTP Public Key Pinning (HPKP), and the HTTP Reporting API.
django-mail-panel 1.0.7 1 A panel for django-debug-toolbar that allows for viewing of recently sent email.
django-misery 0.0.3 1 A simple ban system for Django, that does nasty stuff to trolls wandering on your website.
django-mockups 0.4.8 1 Provides tools to auto generate content.
django-mockups-ng 0.5.0 1 Provides tools to auto generate content.
django-model-ya-publisher 0.4.0.dev1 1 Handy mixin/abstract class for providing a "publisher workflow" to arbitrary Django models.
django-modelhistory 0.0.2 1 django-modelhistory reusable application for loggin models changes.
django-mongokit 0.2.6 1 Bridging Django to MongoDB with the MongoKit ODM
django-mongolog 0.8.1 1 A simple mongo based log handler for python/django
django-monsieur 0.0.2 1 .
django-multisafepay 1.0 1 MultiSafepay Payments Gateway integration for Django
django-netjsongraph 0.4.3 1 Reusable django app for collecting and visualizing network topology
django-nexmo 2.0.0a1 1 A simple Django app to send text messages using the Nexmo api.
django-oraclepool 1.4 1 django database backend that uses cx_Oracle session pooling for connections
django-oscar-cybersource 3.3.0 1 Integration between django-oscar and the Cybersource Secure Acceptance.
django-oscar-datacash 0.8.3 1 Datacash payment module for django-oscar
django-oscar-docdata 1.2.10 1 Docdata Payments Gateway integration for django-oscar
django-oscar-eway 0.2.0 1 eWay payment module for django-oscar (Rapid 3.0)
django-pagseguro 1.4.2 1 A pluggable Django application for integrating PagSeguro payment system
django-pagseguro-v1-p3 1.4.3 1 A pluggable Django application for integrating PagSeguro payment system
django-passbook 0.1.0dev 1 Django Passbook server app
django-password-session 0.3.3 1 A reusable Django app that will invalidate all active sessions after change password.
django-pay2pay 0.9.6 1 A simple Django app for pay via system.
django-paymecash 0.0.4 1 It's application for pay-system
django-paypal-express-checkout 1.9.1 1 A reusable Django app to include a PayPal payment flow to your site.
django-pedant 1.0.1 1 Make django templates fail fast on errors
django-perftools 0.7.2 1 UNKNOWN
django-periodically 0.3.0 1 Periodic task management for your Django projects.
django-php-bridge 0.1.1 1 Authentication bridge between Django and PHP
django-pindb 0.1.12 1 Manages master/replica pinning for django
django-popularity 0.2 1 A generic view- and popularity tracking pluggable for Django.
django-portlets 1.5 1 Generic portlets for Django.
django-post_office 3.0.4 1 A Django app to monitor and send mail asynchronously, complete with template support.
django-postgres-queue 0.2.1 1
django-pq 0.3.2 1 A task queue based on the RQ api with a postgresql backend
django-profiler 2.0.0 1 util for profiling python code mainly in django projects, but can be used also on ordinary python code
django-py-zipkin 0.2.5 1 py2 & py3 compatible zipkin for Django
django-query-tracer 0.1.8 1 A simplified version of django-devserver limited to SQL tracing and Ajax dump.
django-quiet-runserver 0.2.0 1 Quieter runserver for Django
django-redis-views 0.2.2 1 An implementation of the server-side component for Lightning Fast single page app deploys.
django-registration-email 0.10 1 Provides a custom authentication backend so that users can signup to the site via their email address instead of a username. Also provides a set of standard templates and sane URL mappings for the whole registration workflow.
django-remotestorage 13.08.0 1 Unhosted remoteStorage server app for django
django-request-log 0.0.12 1 Pluggable Django applications to record user login and logout events and URL views.
django-request-profiler 0.12.2 1 Django Request Profiler - a simple profiler for timing HTTP requests.
django-request-token 0.7.5 1 JWT-backed Django app for managing querystring tokens.
django-reroute 1.1.1 1 A drop-in replacement for django.conf.urls.defaults which supports HTTP verb dispatch and view wrapping.
django-rest-authemail 1.4.0 1 A RESTful API for user signup and authentication using email addresses
django-reversion-compare 0.8.3 1 history compare for django-reversion
django-rms 0.0.0 1 Django Rule Management System app
django-rq 1.0.1 1 An app that provides django integration for RQ (Redis Queue)
django-rq-mail 0.1.3.alpha 1 simple Python library based on rq to store emails sent by Django and process them in the background with workers
django-sae 0.2.1 1 for django in sae
django-saml-idp 0.24.0 1 SAML 2.0 IdP for Django
django-scaffold-toolkit 0.4.2 1 Django开发中一组常用工具。包括表单生成,验证,富文本编辑器,useragent检测等等
django-screamshot 0.8.1 1 Web pages capture using Django & CasperJS
django-secure-js-login 0.3a0 1 JavaScript Challenge-handshake authentication django app
django-secure-login 0.3.4 1 Django app to harden the security around login
django-security 0.9.6 1 A collection of tools to help secure a Django project.
django-security-knaperek 0.9.5 1 A collection of tools to help secure a Django project.
django-sessioninfo 0.0.5 1 Your project description goes here
django-shoogie 0.8 1 Log server errors to database
django-shopify-auth 0.7.0 1 A simple package for adding Shopify authentication to Django apps.
django-simple-socialauth 1.1.0 1 Django social account authentication app based on requests-oauthlib.
django-slow-log 0.1.3 1 slow request log for django
django-socketio 0.3.9 1 A Django app providing the features required to use websockets with Django via Socket.IO
django-speedbar 0.2.2 1 Provides a break down of page loading time
django-sql-log 1.2.1 1 Write Start/Stop events in your SQL logs.
django-sqs 0.2 1 django FormFields using the Chosen javascript plugin for jQuery
django-sqs-qc 0.3 1 django package to use existing Amazon SQS Queue
django-staticblog 0.2.5 1 Markdown-based blog engine that compiles to static html pages
django-statify 0.2.0 1 Build out a static version of your website.
django-stdfields 1.0.2 1 Extra model and form fields for Django: minutes and enumerations
django-super-deduper 0.0.5 1 Utilities for deduping Django model instances
django-superuser 0.2.2 1 Middleware that gives you super powers.
django-swiftbrowser 0.22 1 A simple Django app to access Openstack Swift
django-synchro 0.7 1 Django app for database data synchronization.
django-task 0.3.2 1 A Django app to run new background tasks from either admin or cron, and inspect task history from admin
django-tastypie-sepomex 0.1.0 1 Little django application that exposes the sepomex database in a RESTful way.
django-tastypie-sorl-thumbnail 0.1.5 1 sorl-thumbnail support for a Django Tastypie
django-telegrambot 1.0.1 1 A simple app to develop Telegram bot with Django
django-tequila 2.1.18 1 A Tequila authentication backend for django
django-test-plus 1.0.22 1 django-test-plus provides useful additions to Django's default TestCase
django-time-logger 0.0.17 1 Time logger for django
django-timesickle 0.2 1 Template name resolution for Django class-based views
django-tools 0.38.9 1 miscellaneous tools for django
django-trello-freckle-sprints 0.1.1 1 A reusable Django app that creates burndown charts based on Trello boards and Freckle entries.
django-trello-webhooks 0.3 1 Django Trello Webhooks - Trello callback integration for Django.
django-unifi-portal 0.0.2 1 Authenticate Unifi WiFi Guests with Django.
django-url-migration 0.1.1 1 Advanced url migration application
django-uwsgi-admin2 0.2.1 1 uWSGI monitoring page in django admin and debug_toolbar panel.
django-vault-helpers 0.4.2 1 Helper functionality for obtaining secrets and credentials from Hashicorp Vault in a Django project
django-viewtester 10.4.3 1 A django views-tester
django-wapiti 1.0.3 1 Django API layer
django-watchman 0.14.0 1 django-watchman exposes a status endpoint for your backing services
django-web-profiler 0.1.3 1 a django profiling tool which logs, stores debug toolbar statistics and also a set of URL's statistics using a management command.
django-webhooks2 0.1.0 1 Simple webhooks for Django
django-websocket-request 0.1.1 1 Support for Django's request/response lifecycle to automatically handle WebSocket messages.
django-wepay 1.0.3 1 Django WePay Application.
django-wizard-builder 2.5.7 1 Create multi-page forms from the Django admin
django-wsgiserver 0.8.0rc1 1 django-wsgiserver installs a web server for Django using CherryPy's WSGI server.
django-xff 1.2.0 1 Django X-Forwarded-For Properly
django-ya-model-publisher 0.7.0 1 Publisher workflow for django models and Django CMS pages.
django-yapi 0.3.4 1 A mini-framework for Django for creating RESTful APIs.
django-yplaces 0.2.9 1 Places app.
django-yutils 0.2 1 Collection of utilities for Django
django-zipkin 0.0.3 1 django-zipkin is a Django middleware and api for recording and sending messages to Zipkin
django12factor 1.3 1 django12factor: Bringing 12factor to Django
django_arecibo 0.3.4dev 1 Connector from Django to Arecibo
django_auth0_toolkit 0.2.2 1 Toolkit for using Auth0 with Django projects
django_authstrap 0.2.2 1 Bootstrap templates for django.contrib.auth
django_logger 1 django_logger
django_queue_mailer 0.1.7b 1 A reusable Django app for controlling queuing and sending of app emails
django_smoknur 0.3.20 1 django-smoknur
django_wsgi_deployer 0.3.3 1 Django WSGI Project Deployer
djangoautoconf 0.6.32 1 Create a package for ease setting django project settings.
djangobot 0.1 1 Bridge between Slack and Channels-based Django apps
djangopypi 0.4.7 1 A Django application that emulates the Python Package Index.
djangorecipe 2.2.1 1 Buildout recipe for Django
djangorecipebook 1.4 1 Buildout recipes for django development
djangosaml2 0.16.11 1 pysaml2 integration for Django
djangosaml2-bernii 0.11.2 1 pysaml2 integration in Django
djangosaml2-dj16 0.10.0 1 pysaml2 integration in Django 1.6
djangosaml2-knaperek 0.14.1 1 pysaml2 integration for Django
djangoshop-subscribe 0.2.1 1 An email subscription plugin for Django-SHOP
djangothis 0.9 1 Serve static files and django templates in current folder.
djc.recipe 0.9.7 1 A Django buildout recipe
djc.recipe2 2.1 1 A Django buildout recipe
djcacheutils 3.0.0 1 Caching decorator and django cache backend with advanced invalidation ability and dog-pile effect prevention
djdg_python_common_verify_SDK 0.0.6 1 djdg common verify
djhipchat2 0.5.1 1 The most complete and configurable HipChat library for Django.
djtemps 0.1.1 1 Django - Jinja2 Templates Integration
dlffmpeg 0.6.3 1 Download and install ffmpeg, cross-platform.
dlogg-driver 0.2.0 1 Unofficial library to read data from a Technische Alternative D-LOGG device.
dm.zodb.asynchronous 1.0.2 1 Utilities to implement asynchronous operations accessing the ZODB 1.0 1 ZODB: recover lost objects from a backup
dm.zope.saml2 3.1b2 1 Zope 2/Plone extension for SAML2 based Single Sign On: identity, attribute and service providers
dmsa 0.5.8 1 SQLAlchemy models and DDL and ERD generation from chop-dbhi/data-models style JSON endpoints.
docker-cleaner 1.3.0 1 This utility is designed for cleaning up docker resources.
docker-compose-swarm-mode 2.1.0 1 Drop in replacement for docker-compose that works with swarm mode introduced in Docker 1.12 (and converter to Kubernetes format).
docker-console 1.0.15 1 Application that improves and speeds up web development process using Docker
docker-events 0.0.10 1 A Python client for docker events API.
docker-fabric 0.5.0 1 Build Docker images, and run Docker containers in Fabric.
docker-forklift 0.2.52 1 Utility for running a container
docker-hostdns 1.1.1 1 Update BIND nameserver zone with Docker hosts via DNS Updates.
docker-launcher 0.1.10 1 Deploy multi-node, multi-container clusters from simple configuration files
docker-registry 0.9.1 1 Registry server for Docker
docker-registry-client 0.5.2 1 Client for Docker Registry V1 and V2
dockerhub-webhook 0.2.1 1 Webhook handler for dockerhub autodeployments
dockerize 0.2.2 1 UNKNOWN
docon 0.1.3 1 A sentiment analysis server implementation. Designed to be extendable, so new algorithms and sources can be used.
doconv 0.1.6 1 conversion from AsciiDoc and DocBook to DITA
dogslow 1.2 1 A Django middleware that logs tracebacks of slow requests. 1.1.1 1 Dolmen CMS authentication package
dolmen.forms.crud 1.0 1 CRUD forms and actions for `dolmen.content`
domovoi 1.5.3 1 AWS Lambda event handler manager
don 0.1.1 1 Dot Object Notation (DON) parser.
donkey-make 0.0.4 1 Like make but for the 21st century.
Doorstop 1.5b1 1 "Requirements management using version control."
Dozer 0.6 1 WSGI Middleware version of the CherryPy memory leak debugger
draftjs_exporter 2.0.0 1 Library to convert rich text from Draft.js raw ContentState to HTML
dragonlib 0.1.7 1 Library around 6809 computers like Dragon 32/64, CoCo...
drf-jwt-knox 0.1.0 1 JSON Web Tokens with a Knox-powered database backend
drfpasswordless 1.1.5 1 Passwordless auth for Django Rest Framework Token Authentication.
drive-ami 1.0.7 1 An interface layer for scripting the AMI-Reduce pipeline.
driver2200087 0.6.1 1 Python Package to interface with Radio Shack's 2200087 Multimeter
drydock 0.6.10 1 A Docker cluster construction utility.
drypy 0.3 1 Python utilities to perform dryrun.
ds_utils 0.4.1 1 Utilities for Hudl Data Science
Dtls 1.2.3 1 Python Datagram Transport Layer Security
Dumper 1.0.4 1 Tool to conveniently describe any Python datastructure
dvdje 20131030-2 1 DV Dream Journal Exporter. Exports dream journals from Dream Views in original BBCode format.
dwim 0.3.1 1 Location aware application launcher
dwload_server 0.4.0 1 DWLOAD server implemented in Python
dwupload 0.1.4 1 Demandware upload file watcher. Keeps your files in sync with your sandbox so you don't have to use Eclipse
dyn 1.8.1 1 Dyn REST API wrapper
Dynamism 0.4.9 1 Dynamism
dynamo-objects 1.0.17 1 Simple DynamoDB object mapper and utils
dynamodb-backup 0.4.0 1 Backup a DynamoDB table to an Avro container
dynComLogin 0.1 1 log in to
dyndnsc 0.4.4 1 dynamic dns (dyndns) update client with support for multiple protocols
DynHost 1.0.5 1 Multiple DynDNS updating script
DynIP 0.1e 1 A painfully simple UDP Client/Server for tracking the IP addresses of your devices.
dyno 0.2 1 Dependency injection framework based of Netflix's Hystrix
e3-core 20.8.20170729 1 E3 core. Tools and library for building and testing software
eagexp 0.2.1 1 export eagle schematic or board to image or partlist
easy-menu 1.3.1 1 Super Simple Terminal Command Launcher Generator
easybuild-framework 3.5.1 1 The EasyBuild framework supports the creation of custom easyblocks that implement support for installing particular (groups of) software packages.
easync 1.2.0b2 1 An easy async decorators and promises.
EasyProcess 0.2.3 1 Easy to use python subprocess interface.
ebay-tweet-bot 1.0.0 1 eBay Tweet Bot is a simple program that posts results from an eBay search to Twitter
ebb-lint 1 lint for ensuring quality software
ebdata 1.2 1 Data scraper infrastructure for OpenBlock (hyperlocal news for Django)
ebpub 1.2 1 Core models and views for OpenBlock (hyperlocal news for Django)
eckerd-django-google-sso 0.0.1 1 A reusable django application for google sso
ecsminion 0.7.6 1 A library for interacting with the ECS 2.x Management API
ecstool 1.5 1 Helper for pushing docker images to ECS repositories
edbob 0.1.2 1 Pythonic Software Framework
eddie 0.9.5 1 A lib to create chatbots
edeposit.amqp.aleph_link_export 1.2.2 1 Subsystem for updating Edeposit's links in Aleph.
ediblepickle 1.1.3 1 Checkpoint
edrn.labcas.ui 1.0.16 1 User interface for LabCAS, for EDRN
edx-celeryutils 0.2.7 1 Code to support working with celery
edx-enterprise 0.65.7 1 Your project description goes here
eea.converter 12.1 1 SVG, PNG, PDF converters using external tools as ImageMagick
eea.graylogger 1.6 1 GELF (Graylog Extended Log Format) for Zope
eea.relations 10.1 1 EEA Possible Relations. This package provides a flexible way to manage relations in a Plone site. it provides a new reference browser widget and a central management interface for relations, their labels and requirements.
eilat-web-browser 1.5.5 1 QtWebKit based web browser
einder 0.3.1 1 API wrapper for Samsumgs set-top boxes SMT-G7400 and SMT-G7401.
elasticsearch-django 5.0.6 1 Elasticsearch Django app
elasticsearch-dsl 6.1.0 1 Python client for Elasticsearch
elasticsearch-fabric 0.1.5 1 This package provides a unified command line interface to Elasticsearch in Fabric.
elasticsearch1-dsl 0.0.12 1 Python client for Elasticsearch1
elektronn2 0.5.1 1 ELEKTRONN2 a is highly configurable toolkit for training 3d/2d CNNs and general Neural Networks
Elevator 0.5 1 On disk key/value store based on levelDB backend
elita 0.64.1 1 Continuous deployment (continuous delivery) and infrastructure management REST framework
elkhound 0.0.4 1 Elkhound workflow engine
emadb 1.0.9 1 A package to collect measurements published by EMA using MQTT and a SQlite database
emily 1.0.8 1 A highly customizable chatbot implemented in Python.
emogenerator 0.1.13 1 Estranged Managed Object Generator
emtex_common_utils 0.4 1 Contains common application for Emtex
enlighten 1.0.7 1 Enlighten Progress Bar
EntityStore 0.3.6 1 EntityStore - REST interface for CRUD on (RDF) Entities.
entrypoint2 0.0.6 1 easy to use command-line interface for python modules, fork of entrypoint
environ-config 18.2.0 1 Boilerplate-free configuration with env variables.
eopayment 1.23 1 Common API to use all French online payment credit card processing services
ephemeris 0.8.0 1 Ephemeris is an opinionated library and set of scripts for managing the bootstrapping of Galaxy project plugins - tools, index data, and workflows.
eri 0.1.1 1 Common functionality for data science at ERI
erp5.appliance.test 2.14 1 ERP5 Appliance testing system
erp5.util 0.4.50 1 ERP5 related utilities.
errbit 1.4.0 1 An errbit client for python
errol 1.0.6 1 Errol is a file sender that rely on inotify. It can be used to watch a directory and automatically transfer the new files (or modified ones) with XMPP.
eseries 1.1.1 1 Working with the E-series of preferred numbers used for electronic components, such as resistors and capacitors
eslib 0.0.14 1 Document processing framework and utility for Elasticsearch (or whatever).
esmond_client 2.0 1 API client libraries and command line tools for the ESnet Monitoring Daemon (esmond).
etherws 1.3 1 Ethernet over WebSocket
etitle 1.0.2 1 Enables storage and retrieval of extended metadata using filename.
etsy 0.3.1 1 Python access to the Etsy API
eudat.accounting.client 1.0.1 1 Upload accounting records to an eudat accounting server
evasion-director 1.1.6 1 The evasion-director allows the creation of programs from configuration.
evasion-messenger 1.2.0 1 A Python ZeroMQ Pub/Sub Implementation and Messaging library.
Eve 0.7.8 1 Python REST API for Humans.
eventemitter 0.2.0 1 Tools for working with async events.
eventlib 0.1.5 1 Library to make it easy to track events in python/django apps
eventlib-pyqs 0.1.6 1 Library to make it easy to track events in python/django apps
eventlite 0.1.1 1 UNKNOWN
eventlog 0.11.0 1 an event logger
eventor 5.1.9 1 eventor is a python programming facility to program event based sequence of activities
exaManagementSystem 1.1.19 1 Manages Series
example_maths 0.1.1 1 example python package performing addition
exchangelib 1.10.7 1 Client for Microsoft Exchange Web Services (EWS)
exclusiveprocess 0.9.4 1 Exclusive process locking to ensure that your code does not execute concurrently, using POSIX file locking.
executor 19.0 1 Programmer friendly subprocess wrapper
exitnaver 0.3.0 1 Exports your Naver blog in Markdown format.
exoline 0.10.0 1 Command line interface for Exosite platform.
expan 0.6.12 1 Experiment Analysis Library
experimental.catalogqueryplan 3.2.8 1 Static query optimized with one plan
experimental.gracefulblobmissing 0.4.0 1 Patch for Plone. Don't raise errors for file contents with missing BLOB file
expiredict 3.1 1 Support Expire and Max length Dict 0.1 1 UNKNOWN
eyeD3 0.8.4 1 Python audio data toolkit (ID3 and MP3)
ezboot 2.0.2 1 Automatically configure a Boot2Gecko Device. It's so ez!
ezboot1 1.1.14 1 Automatically configure a Boot2Gecko Device. It's so ez!
ezdxf 0.8.6 1 A Python package to create/manipulate DXF drawings.
ezIBpy 1.12.56 1 Pythonic Wrapper for IbPy
fabulous 0.3.0 1 Makes your terminal output totally fabulous
fabvenv 0.2.1 1 A fabric utility for creating remote virtual environments, and installing and updating packages.
factory_boy 2.10.0 1 A versatile test fixtures replacement based on thoughtbot's factory_bot for Ruby.
fake-rpi 0.6.0 1 A bunch of fake interfaces for development when not using the RPi or unit testing
fake-useragent 0.1.10 1 Up to date simple useragent faker with real world database
falcon 1.4.1 1 An unladen web framework for building APIs and app backends.
falcon-stats 0.5 1 A simple middleware to gather request-response statistics from the falcon REST framework
fastbill 0.7.3 1 A thin python wrapper for the fastbill API
FatBotSlim 0.2 1 Yet another IRC bot library
fauxmo 0.4.6 1 Emulated Belkin WeMo devices that work with the Amazon Echo
fb-credentials 0.3.0 1 Functionality for getting credentials from .fogbugzrc or prompting the user for FogBugz and related interfaces
fb_messenger 0.3.0 1 Python API client for FB Messenger
fbcli 3.3 1 FogBugz command line interface.
fc.qemu 0.9.8 1 Qemu VM management utilities
fctdl 0.1.1 1 Download factorio alpha from your command line
featureforge 0.1.6 1 A library to build and test machine learning features
Feedjack 16.8.1 1 Multisite Feed Agregator (Planet) or personal feed reader
ffmigration 0.5.1 1 Simple Forward-only database migrations
fh-django-gae-tasks 0.2.4 1 Django GAE tasks improves upon App Engine's Deferred library and is forked from FreshPlanet's project.
FHIRstorm 0.0.1.dev6 1 SMART on FHIR client for Python
fifostr 1.1.9 1 fifostr - A FIFO (first in first out) buffer for strings derived from deque with pattern match callbacks
financeager 0.9 1 command line tool for organizing finances
fints 0.2.1 1 Pure-python FinTS 3.0 (formerly known as HBCI) implementation
firepy 0.1.5 1 FirePHP for Python
fit-classification 0.1.2 1 Access Classification portal API from your Python programs
fiware-cloto 2.8.0 1 This module is part of FIWARE Policy Manager. It provides a REST API to create rules associated to servers, subscribe servers to Context Broker to get information about their resources consumption and launch actions described in rules when conditions are met.
fiware-facts 2.8.0 1 Server to process the incoming facts from the Orion Context Broker
fiware-glancesync 1.7.0 1 Tool to synchronise images from a master region to other regions
fixtest 0.1.3 1 Tool for testing FIX (Financial Information eXchange protocol) services
fixtures 3.0.0 1 Fixtures, reusable state for writing clean tests and more.
flake8-import-order 0.17 1 Flake8 and pylama plugin that checks the ordering of import statements.
flarecast-service 1 Flarecast Service is the base package of all flarecast connexion services.
Flask-Actions 0.6.6 1 custom actions for flask to help manage your application
Flask-Auth 0.85 1 Auth extension for Flask.
flask-bluelogin 0.2.7 1 Flask BlueLogin module
Flask-Context 0.1 1 Provide an arbitrary context object to Flask. Useful for microservice environments.
Flask-Cors 3.0.3 1 A Flask extension adding a decorator for CORS support
Flask-DebugToolbar 0.10.1 1 A toolbar overlay for debugging Flask applications.
Flask-DebugToolbar-LineProfilerPanel 1.0.2 1 Panel for the Flask Debug toolbar to capture and view line-by-line profiling stats
Flask-DebugToolbar-Mongo 0.1 1 MongoDB panel for the Flask Debug Toolbar
Flask-Digest 0.2.1 1 A RESTful authentication service for Flask applications
Flask-Limiter 1.0.1 1 Rate limiting for flask applications
Flask-Log-Request-ID 0.10.0 1 Flask extension that can parse and handle multiple types of request-id sent by request processors like Amazon ELB, Heroku or any multi-tier infrastructure as the one used for microservices.
Flask-Login 0.4.1 1 User session management for Flask
flask-logmanager 0.2.10 1 Flask LogManager module
flask-monitor 0.2.5 1 Flask Monitor module
Flask-oDesk 1 Adds oDesk API support to Flask
Flask-PW 1.1.3 1 Peewee ORM integration for Flask framework
Flask-pysnow 0.1.3 1 Flask extension for pysnow
Flask-RAML 0.2.2 1 Flask-RAML (REST API Markup Language) API server with parameter conversion, response encoding, and examples
Flask-ReportableError 0.4.3 1 handle errors that can be reported to the web client
flask-session-captcha 1.1.0 1 Captcha implementation for flask and flask-session.
Flask-Shield 0.2.2 1 Flask-Shield is an extension of Flask for permission management based on RBAC.
Flask-Storm 0.1.2 1 Storm integration for Flask.
Flask-Upwork 1.0-pre2 1 Upwork API support to Flask
flaskcbv 1.4.11 1 FlaskCBV is Alternative Framework for working with flask with the class Based Views approach (CBV)
flaskJSONRPCServer 0.9.3 1 A Python JSON-RPC over HTTP with flask and gevent
flawless 0.4.1 1 Python Error Monitoring and Reporting
flea 8.0.3 1 Functional testing for WSGI applications: a library to drive WSGI apps from your test suite
flickr-rsync 1.0.4 1 A python script to manage synchronising a local directory of photos with flickr based on an rsync interaction pattern
flickr2markdown 0.3 1 A tool to get a number of flickr uploads or single pictures and create markdown strings out of them
flimp 0.7.alpha.0 1 FLuiddb IMPorter - automates importing data into FluidDB
flopymetascript 1.0.0 1 Converts a zip with MODFLOW input files to a zip containing Flopy script
floraconcierge-client 0.7.52 1 FloraExpress API python client library.
flowbber 1.2.1 1 Flowbber is a generic tool and framework that allows to execute custom pipelines for data gathering, publishing and analysis.
Flutterwave 1.0.7 1 Flutterwave
fn 0.4.3 1 Implementation of missing features to enjoy functional programming in Python
FontTools 3.22.0 1 Tools to manipulate font files
forestdb 0.1.1 1 Fast Python bindings for the forestdb embedded database.
forkme 0.10 1 Fork your process like a boss
FormBuild 4.0.0 1 Build HTML forms quickly and easily. (Pre-release not ready for broad use, please use 0.3.x).
forms2 1.1.2 1 Extra features for Django Forms
fourdigits.recipe.supervisor 0.18dev 1 A buildout recipe to install supervisor
freeproxy 1.0.2 1 Get http proxies from some free proxy sites
freezer 1 The OpenStack Backup Restore and Disaster Recovery as a Service Platform
freitag.releaser 1.0.post0 1 Release facilities to ease the management of buildout based projects.
fresco 0.8.1 1 A web micro-framework
FriedRing 2.0.6 1 this is a FriedRing package for get http request and response.
fritzcollectd 0.5.0 1 A collectd plugin for monitoring AVM FRITZ!Box routers
fsm_eigenvalue 1.0.0 1 Console app and Python API implementing a generalization of eigenvalue problem within the harmonic coupled finite strip method, used for parametric modeling of static and dynamic inelastic buckling, free vibration, damage and failure in prismatic shell structures.
fsm_load_modal_composites 1.0.0 1 Python library that loads modal composites from the file containing the parametric model of buckling and free vibration in prismatic shell structures, as computed by the fsm_eigenvalue project.
fsm_modal_analysis 1.0.2 1 Console app and Python API for visualization and modal analysis of the parametric model of buckling and free vibration in prismatic shell structures, as computed by the fsm_eigenvalue project.
fstring427 0.9.9 1 Python 3.6 f-string sympathy for Python 2.7. Now with printf()
fsubot 0.4.1 1 Base bot for developing FSU bots.
ftp-cloudfs 0.35 1 FTP interface to OpenStack Object Storage (Swift)
ftpext 0.1.0 1 extensions to the 'ftplib' module
ftw.activity 2.3.2 1 An activity feed for Plone.
ftw.blueprints 1.1.1 1 Provides useful blueprints for migrations with transmogrifier
ftw.contentstats 1.0.3 1 Collect and display content statistics for Plone sites
ftw.participation 1.5.3 1 Invite other users (registered or unregistered) to a context in plone.
ftw.publisher.sender 2.7.13 1 Staging and publishing addon for Plone contents.
ftw.raven 1.2.0 1 Plone integration for raven / sentry.
ftw.slacker 1.0.2 1 Uses webhooks to post messages into a slack channel.
ftw.tika 2.9.0 1 Apache Tika integration for Plone using portal transforms.
ftw.upgrade 2.11.0 1 An upgrade control panel and upgrade helpers for plone upgrades.
ftw.usermigration 1.2.0 1 User migration for Plone
fuku 0.0.28 1 Easier Docker based deployments to AWS.
fulmar 0.0.2 1 A Distributed Web Crawler System in Python
funcserver 0.2.17 1 Simple and opiniated way to build APIs in Python
funnelweb 1.1.1 1 Crawl and parse static sites and import to Plone
funpdbe_client 1.1.1 1 Deposition client for FunPDBe
fut 0.3.10 1 fut is a simple library for managing Fifa Ultimate Team.
fut14 0.0.16 1 fut14 is a simple library for managing Fifa 14 Ultimate Team.
FUTIL 0.1.4 1 A personal librairy with utils
fuzzify 0.0.1 1 rSync fuzzy file pool creation
fuzzmon 0.4 1 A transport layer proxy which monitors the target server using ptrace
galaxy-lib 17.9.12 1 Subset of Galaxy ( core code base designed to be used a library.
ganglia-dyngraph 0.1.2 1 A daemon to dynamically create and purge Ganglia graphs.
gangliarest 0.1.12 1 A ReSTFUL frontend to Ganglia exposing metrics via HTTP.
gback 0.52 1 Google Calendar Backup utility.
gcloud 0.18.3 1 API Client library for Google Cloud
GcpUploader 2015.2.28 1 A tool to upload FIT, GPX, and TCX files to the Garmin Connect web site.
gdrivefs 0.14.9 1 A complete FUSE adapter for Google Drive. 1.0.0 1 Official Python client for the Geckoboard Datasets API
gelfHandler 1.0.0 1 Log handler that ships in gelf format
gene-map 0.4.3 1 Map gene ids using UniProt.
GeobricksCommon 0.0.9 1 Geobricks common library.
GeomagPy 0.3.98 1 Geomagnetic analysis tools.
geomate 0.0.7 1 geomate is a automate geocoding tools using Google GeoCoding API.
GEOparse 1.0.5 1 Python library to access Gene Expression Omnibus Database (GEO)
getpaid.payflowpro 1.1 1 Get paid paypal payment processor functionality
getpaid.paypal 0.4.4 1 Get paid paypal payment processor functionality
geventconnpool 0.2.1 1 TCP connection pool for gevent
gff3 0.3.0 1 Manipulate genomic features and validate the syntax and reference sequence of your GFF3 files.
gh-python-remote 1.1.2 1 GH Python Remote is a package to get Rhinoceros3D/Grasshopper and Python to collaborate better: connect an external python instance to Grasshopper, and vice-versa.
ghrelease 0.1.2 1 A GitHub release helper
gigantum 0.5 1 CLI for the Gigantum Platform
git-svn-helpers 0.9 1 Command-line tools to make git-svn simple
git_deploy 0.3.0dev-20140209 1 Tool to manage using git as a deployment management tool
gitblog 0.0.1 1 Because you've always wanted to blog from a command prompt and/or Python script... Right?
github-bot-close-inactive-issues 0.0.3 1 Bot for automatically closing inactive issues in GitHub repositories
github-collective 0.4 1 Script to manage GitHub organizations in a collective manner
github2 0.6.2 1 GitHub API v2 library for Python.
GitMan 1.5b2 1 A language-agnostic dependency manager using Git.
GitResultsManager 0.3.3 1 The GitResultsManager Python module and scripts (resman) for keeping track of research results using Git.
gitwalker 0.1.7 1 A tool for collecting data from git repositories.
Glastopf 3.1.2 1 Web application honeypot
globexc 0.1.1 1 Write a detailed stack trace if a program crashes
glogcli 0.8.3 1 Graylog command line interface.
Gloo 0.1.2 1 Project management for data analysis projects.
glorpen-config 1.0.1 1 Loads, validates, normalizes configuration in yaml.
gmusicapi 11.0.0 1 An unofficial api for Google Play Music.
Gnotty 0.2.7 1 Gnotty ties the knot between the web and IRC. It is a web client and message archive for IRC.
gnowsys-studio 1 A collaborative blogspace for constructing and publishing semantic knowledge networks and ontologies
gntp 1.0.3 1 Growl Notification Transport Protocol for Python
gnulynx 0.1.2 1 a task-based command line interface for analytics data
goanna 0.1.0 1 SCM Change Monitoring service and scripts
gocept.amqprun 1.7.1 1 gocept.amqprun helps you writing and running AMQP consumers, and sending AMQP
gocept.async 0.3.3 1 Asynchronous function calls using lovely.remotetask
gocept.bbissues 0.8.1 1 Collect issues from multiple bitbucket repositories and generate a nice html page.
gocept.imapapi 0.5 1 Object-oriented API for accessing IMAP accounts.
gocept.runner 1.0 1 Create stand alone programs with full Zope3 runtime environment
gocept.sftpcopy 0.6.0 1 Upload/download files via SFTP to a maildir structure
gogeta-configure 0.0.3 1 gogeta-configure: Maintain etcd configuration for gogeta from YAML file
goldfinchsong 0.1.4 1 Easily post tweets from an image library.
google-cloud 0.32.0 1 API Client library for Google Cloud
google-python-cloud-debugger 2.4 1 Python Cloud Debugger
google_news_crawler 0.3.9 1 Google News Crawler
GoogleToken 0.7.6 1 Google User Account login automation
gotipy 0.1.5 1 Migrate Google Play Music's playlists to Spotify
gpgkeys 1.23 1 A GnuPG Shell
gphoto2 1.8.2 1 Python interface to libgphoto2
grab 0.6.38 1 Web Scraping Framework
grail 1 Grail is a library which allows test script creation based on steps. It helps to structure your tests and get rid of additional test documentation for your code.
graphite-blueflood 0.2.1 1 Add optional -p option to prepend metrics before forwarding to blueflood
graphite-metrics 15.03.0 1 Standalone Graphite metric data collectors for various stuff thats not (or poorly) handled by other monitoring daemons
graphite_beacon 0.27.0 1 Simple alerting system for Graphite metrics.
graphite_beacon_cron 1 Simple alerting system for Graphite metrics.
graphiteudp 0.0.4 1 A clean interface for sending metrics to Graphite over UDP
graphwalker 1.0.3 1 Finite state machine based testing tool.
graphyte 1.4 1 Python 3 compatible library to send data to a Graphite metrics server (Carbon)
graylog-json-formatter 0.0.1 1 JSON formatter for graylog JSON extractor.
graystruct 0.1.1 1 Integration between structlog and graylog GELF, provided by graypy
grblcom 0.0.0 1 Rich serial-console client for GRBL
greenbalance 0.2.0 1 Load Balancer for TCP.
GreenRocket 0.30 1 A simple and compact implementation of Observer design pattern
greenscreen-control 0.0.2 1 Python module, server and utility to control greenscreen.
greins 0.2.1 1 Greins is tack for Gunicorn.
Gribble 1.0.0 1 python daemon that munches on logs and sends their contents to logstash
grit 0.1 1 Grit is a simple git repo manager with limited remote object proxying, a http back-end and simple cli.
grokcore.view 3.0.3 1 Grok-like configuration for Zope browser pages
grokproject 2.12 1 Script that creates a Grok project directory, installs Grok, the Grok Toolkit and the Zope Toolkit and sets up a complete skeleton for a new Grok web application.
groundwork-spreadsheets 0.3.0 1 Patterns for reading writing spreadsheet documents
GRunner 0.3.4 1 Lightweight gevent program runner
gsh 0.12.4 1 Pluggable Distributed SSH Command Executer.
gssapi_console 1.0.0 1 An interactive tool for testing Python GSSAPI programs
guacamole 0.9.2 1 Guacamole is an command line tool library for Python
guillotina 2.3.27 1 asyncio REST API Resource database
guillotina-elasticsearch 1.2.9 1 elasticsearch catalog support for guillotina
guillotina-oauth 1.0.31 1 guillotina oauth support
gwrappy 0.4.3 1 User friendly wrapper for Google APIs
habitica 0.0.16 1 Commandline interface to Habitica (
hacheck 0.7.0 1 HAProxy health-check proxying service
hacking 1.0.0 1 OpenStack Hacking Guideline Enforcement
hacks 0.0.12 1 hacks, a Python plugin library that doesn't play by the rules
hadoop-inspector 0.1.6 1 A measurement and inspection tool to manage Hadoop data quality, manageability and health
haldane 0.2.1 1 A friendly http interface to the aws api
halite 0.1.17 1 SaltStack Web UI
hamster-bridge 0.7.0 1 let your hamster log your work to your favorite bugtracker
hamster-lib 0.13.2 1 A library for common timetracking functionality.
hamsterlib 0.1.0 1 A library for common timetracking functionality.
handofcats 0.4.4 1 python function to command translator
HangupsBot 1.7.1 1 Bot for Google Hangouts
haproxystats 0.3.15 1 A HAProxy statistics collection program
har2case 0.1.4a0 1 Convert HAR(HTTP Archive) to YAML/JSON testcases for HttpRunner.
hare 0.6 1 A python ORM based on pymysql with ActiveRecord
harmony-discord 0.5.1 1 A free/libre program for performing various tasks with Discord.
hash_benchmark 0.2.0 1 Simple management commands for benchmarking a Django project's hash settings
hashedin-logan 0.6 1 Python Logger plugin to send logs to Logan
haufe.hrs.configuration 0.5.18 1 A central configuration service for Zope 2/3-based applications based on a pseudo-hierarchical INI-file format with model support for defining the configuration schema
haufe.monitoring 1 Zope 2 ZEO Client Watch
haufe.sharepoint 0.1.9 1 Experimental Python-Sharepoint connector
haufe.sharepoint.extended 0.1.0 1 Experimental Python-Sharepoint connector w/ CopyList sharepoint
hcpupd 0.2.5 1 hcpupd - HCP upload daemon
hcs_utils 2.0 1 My personal library collecting some useful snippets.
hdx-python-api 2.7.8 1 HDX Python Library
hdx-python-utilities 1.2.5 1 HDX Python Utilities
hedgehog-hedgehog-pyvisa 2.0.0 1 Python VISA bindings for GPIB, RS232, and USB instruments
hedgehog-pyvisa 2.0.0 1 Python VISA bindings for GPIB, RS232, and USB instruments
hedgehog-pyvisa-py 0.4 1 Python VISA bindings for GPIB, RS232, and USB instruments
heka-py-raven 0.7 1 A heka-py plugin to send exceptions to Sentry
helper 2.4.2 1 Development library for quickly writing configurable applications and daemons
heroku 0.1.4 1 Heroku API Wrapper.
heroku3 3.3.0 1 Heroku API Wrapper.
hexagonit.recipe.cmmi 2.0 1 zc.buildout recipe for compiling and installing source distributions.
HeyAthena 1.3.2 1 Your personal voice assistant
hipchatpy 0.1.17 1 Simple HipChat client library
HiYaPyCo 0.4.11 1 Hierarchical Yaml Python Config
hoarder 0.0.6 1 Django analytics kit for the data-obsessed.
holmium.core 0.8.5 1 selenium page objects and other utilities for test creation
homevent 0.2.8 1 Event handler for home automation
Honeybadger-Extensions 0.1.2 1 Honeybadger extension that can log exceptions raised by Flask or Celery, adding more context than the original honeybadger python library.
hookbox-dax 0.3.4a1 1 HookBox is a Comet server and message queue that tightly integrates with your existing web application via web hooks and a REST interface.
HookWorker 0.0.6 1 Lightweight API to handle call and distribute them over a redis server
hopla 1.0.1 1 |Travis|_ |Coveralls|_ |Python27|_ |Python34|_ |PyPi|_
horsejax 0.1.2 1 Secure password generator via not so secure JSON.
horsephrase 0.5.1 1 Secure password generator.
hostout.centos 0.1 1 Plugin for collective.hostout that bootstraps a CentOS host ready for hostout deployment
hostout.supervisor 1.0a5 1 Plugin for collective.hostout that starts and stops supervisor during deployment
hostout.ubuntu 1.0a3 1 Plugin for collective.hostout that bootstraps an ubuntu host ready for hostout deployment
hotspot 0.0.2 1 Performance report generator for OpenMP programs in GNU/Linux
hroute 0.2.0 1 HTTP router
htheatpump 1.0.0 1 Easy-to-use Python communication module for Heliotherm heat pumps
htmllistparse 0.2 1 Python parser for Apache/nginx-style HTML directory listing.
htq 0.1.0 1 HTTP Task Queue
httpie-django-auth 0.1.1 1 django Auth plugin for HTTPie.
httpimport 0.5.15 1 Module for remote in-memory Python package/module loading through HTTP
httproxy 0.9.0 1 A tiny HTTP proxy implementation
httpwatcher 0.5.1 1 Web server library and command-line utility for serving static files with live reload functionality
hud 0.3b2 1 Home Assistant UI Display
hunter 2.0.2 1 Hunter is a flexible code tracing toolkit.
hupwatch 0.0.3 1 Simple process supervision agnostic utility for graceful reloading of services
hurr-durr 0.2.2 1 Streaming async interface to 4chan boards
hurry.resource 0.10 1 Flexible resources for web applications.
hyper 0.7.0 1 HTTP/2 Client for Python
hyperion-logs 0.0.3 1
hyperstream 0.3.8 1 Hyperstream is a large-scale, flexible and robust software package for processing streaming data
i3geoweather 0.1.2 1 Provide temperature information to i3blocks based on geolocated IP address
i3situation 1.0.5 1 A replacement for i3status that allows for the use of plugins.
iamine 0.3.6 1 Concurrently retrieve metadata from items.
ianitor 0.0.5 1 Doorkeeper for consul discovered services.
ibflex 0.11 1 Parse Interactive Brokers Flex XML reports and convert to Python data types
ibstract 1.0.0a2 1 Asynchronous financial trading data management
ice_latency_metrics_collector 0.1.0a9 1 ZerocIce latency metrics collector
icecake 0.6.0 1 An easy and cool static site generator
IceVolt 0.1.0 1 A mini blog with minimal architecture
iddt 0.1.13 1 Internet Document Discovery Tool
igor-inotify 0.4 1 inotify based managment system
iiswsgi 0.3 1 Serve WSGI apps using IIS's modified FastCGI support.
ilrt.contentmigrator 1.14 1 Migrate old Plone or Google Sites content to current Plone 4
im-pipelines-utils 1.0.2 1 Utilities for Informatics Matters Pipelines
ImageResolver 0.3.0 1 Find the most significant image in an article.
imaprelay 0.0.5 1 IMAP-to-SMTP relay: imaprelay relays messages from an IMAP INBOX to an SMTP server
imio.actionspanel 1.32 1 Actions panel
imio.helpers 0.11 1 Various helper methods for development.
import-profiler 0.0.3 1 Import profiler to find bottlenecks in import times.
ImportConfig 0.0.4 1 JSON and YAML parsing with imports.
importwatch 0.2 1 Track packages.
imposm 2.6.0 1 OpenStreetMap importer for PostGIS.
Impression-CMS 0.2.0 1 UNKNOWN
incf.dai 0.7 1 Python API for the INCF Digital Atlasing infrastructure
inferno-pytorch 0.1.7 1 Inferno is a little library providing utilities and convenience functions/classes around PyTorch.
infi.nose_logbook 1.0.1 1 Logbook integration for Nose
infi.watchdog 0.6.3 1 Filesystem events monitoring
influxdb-sysmond 0.0.6 1 System monitoring daemon that logs to InfluxDB
influxdbpusher 0.1.0 1 Minimal and smart pusher of samples to InfluxDB for asyncio programs
infoblox-client 0.4.19 1 Client for interacting with Infoblox NIOS over WAPI
infra 0.0.1 1 UNKNOWN
infrae.comethods 1.0 1 Sugar around Python generators and context managers
infrae.i18nextract 1.3.1 1 Buildout recipe to extract i18n files in Silva
infrae.wsgi 2.2.1 1 WSGI support for Zope 2
inlineplz 0.24.0 1 Inline your lint messages
inmembrane 0.95.0 1 A bioinformatic pipeline for proteome annotation to predict if a protein is exposed on the surface of a bacteria.
inotify 0.2.9 1 An adapter to Linux kernel support for inotify directory-watching.
inputexec 0.2.4 1 Simple Python program to execute commands on keypress on headless systems
inspectcall 0.0.1 1 Tools for working with container types, command data operations, and concise exception handling
installdist 0.2.1 1 Smartly install local Python source packages
instaloader 3.2.2 1 Download pictures (or videos) along with their captions and other metadata from Instagram.
instaLooter 0.14.0 1 Another API-less Instagram pictures and videos downloader
insteonlocal 0.53 1 InsteonLocal allows local (non-cloud) control of the Insteon Hub 2245-222
Intellect 1.4.9 1 A Domain-specific language and Rules Engine for Python
interlegis.intranetmodelo.policy 1.0b7 1 Intranet Modelo do Programa Interlegis.
intmaniac 0.18.1 1 A generic integration test tool utilizing docker-compose (for now)
intriniorealtime 2.0.0 1 Intrinio Python SDK for Real-Time Stock Prices
invenio 3.0.0a4 1 Invenio digital library framework - v3.0 release series
invenio-utils 0.2.0 1 Various utility functions and datatypes for Invenio.
iotrelay-eagle 1.0.2 1 IoT Relay plugin for the Eagle™ Home Energy Gateway
ipquery 1.0.1 1 Web application to allow SAML authenticated users to searchmultiple AWS accounts for instances by IP
IPTCInfo 1.9.5-6 1 IPTCInfo: extract and modify IPTC (metadata) information on images - port of by Josh Carter <>'
IPTCInfo3 2.0.2 1 # IPTCINFO 3
ipwhois 1.0.0 1 Retrieve and parse whois data for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
ipython 6.2.1 1 IPython: Productive Interactive Computing
ipython-cache 0.2.6 1 versatile cache line magic for ipython
IPython-Dashboard 0.1.5 1 An stand alone, light-weight web server for building, sharing graphs in created in ipython. Let ipython do what it focus, let this do what everyone needs for building a interactive, collaborated and real-time streaming dashboards.
irclogger 0.0.2 1 Python IRC Logger Daemon
ircpdb 1.8.1 1 Remotely and collaboratively debug your Python application via IRC
irduino 0.0.1 1 An XBMC IR Remote Control protocol using Arduino
ironic-discoverd 1.1.1 1 Hardware introspection for OpenStack Ironic
ironic-oneviewd 1.2.0 1 Deamon service to enroll nodes to be used for the Ironic OneView Driver
iscool_e.pynba 0.5.0 1 lightweight timers and wsgi middleware to monitor performance in production systems
iso8601 0.1.12 1 Simple module to parse ISO 8601 dates
Isomyr 0.1 1 A Python Isometric Game Engine.
isotoma.buildout.logger 0.0.0 1 Buildout extension to produce a log of actions.
isotoma.recipe.apache 1.0.4 1 Buildout recipes for apache.
isotoma.recipe.django 3.1.5 1 Buildout recipe for Django
isotoma.recipe.pound 0.1.13 1 Buildout recipes to configure the pound load balancer
isotoma.recipe.zeo 2.0.4 1 Custom version of plone.recipe.zeoserver
iss-positioner 1.0.6 1 ISS position computing service
it4i.portal.clients 0.6.7 1 Client tools for accessing various client APIs of IT4I portals
iw.fss 2.8.0rc5 1 Archetypes storage for storing fields raw values on the file system.
iw.memberreplace 1.0.0-RC1 1 Replace a Plone member by another one (ownership, creators, sharings and mutable groups).
iw.rejectanonymous 1.2.3 1 Disallow access to a Plone site and its children if user is anonymous
iw.rotatezlogs 0.1.2 1 Rotates Zope logs
IXDjango 1.0.3 1 Management commands for deploying Django projects.
jab 0.1 1 Just A Blog
jaraco.mongodb 7.5 1 Routines and classes supporting MongoDB environments
jardin 0.14.4 1 A dataframe-base ORM
jarn.xmpp.collaboration 0.1b3 1 Collaborative editing for Plone
jarn.xmpp.twisted 0.1 1 Zope/Twisted integration for jarn.xmpp packages
jarvy 1.3.0 1 Python Intelligent Assistant for Humans.
jasper-sys 0.2.4 1 Jasper is a system designed to supervise your programs that need to be kept running.
jb-python-etcd 0.1.3 1 A python client for etcd (fork of python-etcd for testing)
jenkins-jobs-sauce-ondemand 0.0.1.dev2 1 Jenkins Job Builder plugin for SauceLabs Ondemand
jersey 0.1.5 1 Jersey Core Libraries
jira 1.0.11 1 Python library for interacting with JIRA via REST APIs.
jlddk 0.7.37 1 Collection of robots
jlog 1.0.2 1 JLog Python Library
jmbo 3.0.5 1 The Jmbo base product introduces a content type and various tools required to build Jmbo products.
jmbo-neo 1 Jmbo Neo Web Services integration app.
job-runner 3.5.2 1 Tool for scheduling jobs and realtime monitoring
job-runner-ws-server 1.0.0 1 Job-Runner WebSocket Server
joblib 0.11 1 Lightweight pipelining: using Python functions as pipeline jobs.
jobnotify 0.1.0 1 Send notifications about new job listings.
jobspy 0.26.1 1 Use Redis as a job input/output coordinator.
jobtastic 2.0.0 1 Make your user-facing Celery jobs totally awesomer
json-lines 0.3.1 1 Reading JSON lines (jl) files, recover broken files
JSON-log-formatter 0.2.0 1 JSON log formatter
json2swagger 0.1.0 1 generate swagger spec from json (or yaml) file
jsonrpc2 0.4.1 1 WSGI Framework for JSON RPC 2.0
jsonrpc2-zeromq 2.0.1 1 Library for JSON-RPC 2.0 over ZeroMQ
jsonrpc_tornado 0.1.0 1 Asynchronous JSON-RPC client for Tornado
jsonrpcclient 2.5.2 1 Send JSON-RPC requests
jsonrpcserver 3.5.3 1 Process JSON-RPC requests
juju 0.7.3 1 Python library for Juju
juju-quickstart 2.2.4 1 Juju Quickstart is a Juju plugin which allows for easily setting up a Juju environment in very few steps. The environment is bootstrapped and set up so that it can be managed using a Web interface (the Juju GUI).
junebug 0.1.40 1 A system for managing text messaging transports via a RESTful HTTP interface
jupyter-spy 1.0.0 1 Log Jupyter messages
jvc-proxy 0.0.1 1 Simple Python server to proxy commands to a JVC projector.
jwalk 0.5.3 1 Representational learning on graphs
jxwechattool 1.1.0 1 pywechat access_token qrcode
jznet 0.0.2-alpha2 1 a python RPC library based on websocket
kaiju 0.1.0 1 Data analysis framework to log operations and interface with MongoDB.
kamo 0.0 1 kamo is almost subset of mako, maybe
Kanedama 0.1.1 1 Download and email Heroku invoices
kaoru 0.5.0 1 A Telegram Bot as your personal IoT assistant
kappa 0.7.0 1 A CLI tool for AWS Lambda developers
kazoo 2.4.0 1 Higher Level Zookeeper Client 2.0dev 1 Higher Level Zookeeper Client
kclpy 0.2.0 1 A python interface for the Amazon Kinesis Client Library MultiLangDaemon 0.4.1 1 A Build System
kedo-kazoo 1 Higher Level Zookeeper Client
keenmqtt 0.0.10 1 An MQTT client which will send configured MQTT messages to keen IO as events for later analysis.
keepercommander 0.7.8 1 Keeper Commander for Python 3
Keg 0.6.4 1 A web framework built on Flask & SQLAlchemy. Somewhere North of Flask but South of Django.
keggm 0.0.1 1 A tool for doing enrichment tests of functional groupings of genes across genomes and lineages.
keymaker 0.5.1 1 Lightweight SSH key management on AWS EC2
keyriban 0.0.1 1 UNKNOWN
kicost 0.1.42 1 Build cost spreadsheet for a KiCad project.
kik-desktop 0.0.3 1 Kik Desktop
kimo 1.2.1 1 Finds owner processes of MySQL queries.
kinto 8.1.5 1 Kinto Web Service - Store, Sync, Share, and Self-Host.
kinto-client 5.0.0 1 Kinto client
kinto-dist 5.2.1 1 Kinto Distribution
kinto-http 9.1.1 1 Kinto client
kitehistory 1.5 1 Kite History API wrapper
klag 1.0.2 1 A Kafka consumer group monitoring CLI.
knave 0.3.1 1 Authorization library for WSGI applications
kobato 0.1 1 A command line interface to your blog
kolla 1 Kolla OpenStack Deployment
kolla-ansible 1 Ansible Deployment of Kolla containers
Kotti 2.0.0a1 1 A high-level, Pythonic web application framework based on Pyramid and SQLAlchemy. It includes an extensible Content Management System called the Kotti CMS.
krux-scheduler 0.0.2 1 Library for interacting with APScheduler built on krux-stdlib
ks-email-parser 0.2.7 1 A command line tool to render HTML and text emails of markdown content.
kss.core 1.6.5 1 KSS (Kinetic Style Sheets) core framework
kt.testing 1.2.0 1 Test support code featuring flexible harness composition
ktm 0.1.1 1 Configurable notification daemon with queues and history display
kuroko 0.1.7 1 Minimalistic Python Bot Framework
kuryr-libnetwork 1.0.0 1 Docker libnetwork driver for OpenStack Neutron
ladon 0.9.40 1 Serve your python methods to several web service interfaces at once, including JSON-WSP, SOAP and JSON-RPC.
lambda-decorators 0.1 1 A collection of useful decorators for making AWS Lambda handlers
lambda-deploy 0.1.2 1 Easily deploy code to AWS Lambda
lament v0.5 1 An easy way to handle application configuration (and open a schism to a dimention of endless pain and suffering).
lancet 0.7.6 1 Lancet
land.copernicus.content 3.8 1 Custom Content-Types for Land Copernicus
landez 2.4.0 1 Landez is a python toolbox to manipulate map tiles.
Lantz 0.3 1 Instrumentation framework
lasio 0.19 1 Read/write well data from Log ASCII Standard (LAS) files
latua 0.2 1 latua is a lightweight reusable code library.
launchkey 3.1.1 1 LaunchKey Python SDK
launchkey-twisted 1.0.0 1 LaunchKey Asynchronous SDK for Twisted
launchpadstats 0.2.1 1 Get data from Stackalytics trough the CLI.
lavatory 1.1.1 1 Run retention policies against Artifactory repositories
lck.django 0.8.10 1 Various common Django-related routines.
leeroy 0.3.0 1 Leeroy integrates Jenkins CI with GitHub pull requests
lf-backup 0.4.5 1 lf-backup is a tool for backing up large files to object storage , e.g. swift.
libyate 1.0 1 Python library for developing Yate external applications
lightstreamer_adapter 1.1.2 1 Lightstreamer SDK for Python Adapters
limbo 6.5.1 1 Simple and Clean Slack Chatbot
lindypy 0.2 1 Linda Tuple Spaces for Python
linereader 1.0.0 1 Gives Python the ability to randomly access any chunk of a file quickly, without loading any content into memory, and implements two new dynamic types of file handles.
link.utils 2.0 1 Link utilities
liota 0.4 1 Little IoT Agent (liota)
lirconian 0.2.1 1 Pure Python implementation of the Lirc irsend program.
live-serial 0.1.7 1 Real-time serial port plotter/logger.
liveblog 1.5.0 1 Liveblog
livecoding 2.02 1 Code reloading support library for Python
lizard-map 5.5 1 Basic map setup for lizard web sites
lizard-ui 5.3 1 Basic user interface for lizard websites
local-visualizer 0.2.0 1 Simple python api to visualize the plots in a script.
localconfig 1.0.2 1 A simplified interface to ConfigParser using dot notion with data type / comment support.
log-to-kafka 1.1.4 1 log to kafka
log2 0.1.0.dev5 1 Cross module logger
log2jsconsole 0.4 1 Simple WSGI middleware that helps to log messages into JavaScript console object
log2slack 0.3 1 Simple logger for posting log to
logassert 4 1 Log Assertion.
logbin 0.1a 1 UNKNOWN
logbind 2017.11.7 1 logbind
logbook-logstash 0.1.3 1 JSON logstash formatter for logbook
logbook-systemd 0.1.2 1 Logbook handler for systemd journal
logcat-color 0.6.0 1 A colorful alternative to "adb logcat"
logcc 2018.2.3 1 log with colors
logchart 1.0.1 1 Monitor report generator using misc logs.
logcollect 0.14.0 1 Helper for collecting logs to ELK stack via RabbitMQ
logdog 0.2.11 1 logs watching + webui
logdogs 0.3rc1 1 A daemon to monitor keywords in any log files specified by glob pattern
Logentries 0.17 1 Python Logger plugin to send logs to Logentries
logentries-envs 0.0.5 1 Logentries Handler to get Token from environment variable.
LogentriesLogger 0.2.1 1 Python Logger plugin to send logs to Logentries
logex 2.1.1 1 Easily log uncaught exceptions in D-Bus, thread and other functions.
logfollow-server 0.0.9 1 Real-time Web Monitor for your logs
logger-helper 0.1.0 1 A simple way to gather verbose logs from your application!
logilab-common 1.4.1 1 collection of low-level Python packages and modules used by Logilab projects
logjson 2017.12.1 1 logjson
logmatic-python 0.1.7 1 Python plugin to send logs to
logsna 1.2 1 A small Python library that provides a sane log output format
logstash_formatter 0.5.17 1 JSON formatter meant for logstash
logstash_handler 0.1.0 1 Log handler meant for logstash
logstashHandler 0.1.4 1 Log handler that ships json formatted messages to logstash via TCP and UDP
logtf-analyser 0.3.0 1 Downland and search chat logs from
logthing 0.10.1 1 Size based rotating log handler and various log config tools
LogTrace 0.1.1 1 Aggregate Python log messages into a single log entry.
look_at_me 0.0.0 1 Draw your variables and control them, from the browser
Looppool 0.4.0 1 Tornado IO loop process pool with message passing
lore 0.5.1 1 a framework for building and using data science
lovely.gae 1.0.0a2 1 Appengine related Python Packages from Lovely Systems
lovely.memcached 0.2.2 1 A memcached client utiltiy for zope 3
lovely.remotetask 0.5.2 1 A remotetask client utiltiy for zope 3
lovely.testlayers 0.7.1 1 test layers for use with zope.testrunner: apacheds, cassandra, memcached, mongodb, mysql, nginx, openldap, postgresql
loxun 2.0 1 large output in XML using unicode and namespaces
LPBS 0.9.1 1 Local Portable Batch System
lsdmap 2.4.1 1 LSDMap package
lsshipper 0.1.8 1 Very basic python logstash shipper
ltsvlogger 0.9.1 1 labeled TSV logger.
lumper 0.3.0 1 Containers builder for docker.
lunch 0.6.0 1 The Lunch Distributed Process Launcher
lydoc 0.1.1 1 An API documentation generator for Lilypond files
lymph-sqlalchemy 0.7.0 1 UNKNOWN
lyrico 0.6.0 1 A simple command-line lyrics downloader.
lzo-indexer 0.0.1 1 Library for indexing LZO compressed files
m01.remote 3.0.0 1 Remote processing queue for Zope3
m2bk 0.4.0 1 A command line tool to orchestrate MongoDB backups
m2websocket 0.2.2 1 Makes websockets with Mongrel2 and Python super easy
Maga 3.0.0 1 A DHT crawler framework using asyncio.
magiclog 1.0.2 1 Easy logger management for libraries and CLI tools.
magneticod 0.6.0 1 Autonomous BitTorrent DHT crawler and metadata fetcher.
mailbox 0.4 1 Python IMAP for Humans
mailchimp3 2.1.0 1 A python client for v3 of MailChimp API
maildiff 1.2.0 1 Package to email color git diff
mailman-rss 0.2.0 1 Scrape mailman archive and convert to rss
malleefowl 0.3.11 1 Malleefowl simplifies the usage of WPS and has some supporting WPS processes.
mallet-lldb 1.0a2 1 LLDB additions for iOS project.
managesieve 0.5 1 ManageSieve client library for remotely managing Sieve scripts
mandrel 0.3.0 1 Provides bootstrapping for sane configuration management
manhole 1.5.0 1 Manhole is in-process service that will accept unix domain socket connections and present the
manifest-ingest 0.5.1 1 Download a project JSON manifest and its media files via SFTP, HTTP or Amazon S3. This tool was developed for internal use on all X Studios interactive installations which need to have the ability to run "offline" when there is no active network connection.
mapentity 3.3.0 1 Generic CRUD with maps
maproxy 0.0.12 1 My first attempt to create a simple and awesome TCP proxy using Tornado
markdown-magic 1.1.2 1 A Python-Markdown plugin for creating memes and finding the best-fitting gifs for your posts.
markus 1.1 1 Metrics system for generating statistics about your app
marrow.mongo 1.1.2 1 Light-weight utilities to augment, not replace the Python MongoDB driver.
marrow.package 1.1.0 1 A collection of utilities for resolving object names, names to objects, and managing plugins/extensions.
marrow.schema 1.2.0 1 A generic declarative syntax toolkit for Python objects that uses itself to define itself. Really.
masc 0.2.2 1 A malware web scanner
matrix-synapse-ldap3 0.1.3 1 An LDAP3 auth provider for Synapse
mattermostdriver 4.4.0 1 A Python Mattermost Driver
max 4.0.26 1 Activity Stream and Subscription Enhanced Engine (Motor d'Activitat i subscripcions eXtes)
mayan-edms 2.7.3 1 Free Open Source Electronic Document Management System
mayan-edms-maestropdf 1 A fork of Mayan EDMS that lets you download any document as PDF
mbed-host-tests 1.3.1 1 mbed tools used to flash, reset and supervise test execution for mbed-enabled devices
mbot 0.0.2 1 Yet another Bot implemented in pure Python.
mciutil 0.5.0 1 MasterCard file utilities
md.recipe.celery 1.1 1 Buildout recipe for installing celery for use with Zope's ZCA and configuring it using an ini file.
md_utils 0.10.0 1 Utility scripts for MD data
meepo 0.1.9 1 event sourcing for databases.
megacl 0.4.6 1 command line client.
mem_top 0.1.7 1 Shows top suspects for memory leaks in your Python program.
menagerie 0.1.0 1 UNKNOWN
mercurial_dynamic_username 1.0.4 1 Mercurial Dynamic Username Extension
metaconfig 0.1.4 1 A ConfigParser bootstraping library
metadata_parser 0.9.18 1 A module to parse metadata out of urls and html documents
metamake 1.1.7 1 Metamake is a dead-simple task-based automation tool written in Python.
metapensiero.sqlalchemy.asyncpg 0.1 1 SQLAlchemy adaptor for asyncpg
methodpickle 0.1.0 1 Simple method invocation pickling.
MetPX-sarracenia 2.18.2a1 1 Subscribe, Acquire, and Re-Advertise products.
metrology 1.2.4 1 A library to easily measure what\'s going on in your python.
Mezzanine 4.2.3 1 An open source content management platform built using the Django framework.
MezzanineFor1.7 3.1.10 1 An open source content management platform built using the Django framework.
mfabrik.zoho 1.1 1 Zoho API integration for Python
micomplete 0.2 1 Quality control of assembled genomes
microbuild 0.3.3 1 Lightweight Python Build Tool.
microhttp 0.6.0 1 A tool-chain for creating web application based on nanohttp
micropython-uaioftp 0.9.2 1 Lightweight ftp asyncio library for MicroPython.
midonetclient 5.2.0 1 Midonet API client library for Python applications
mignis 0.9.5.post1 1 Mignis is a semantic based tool for firewall configuration
mikkoo 1.0.0 1 Mikkoo is a PgQ to RabbitMQ Relay
MindYourNeighbors 1.0.0 1 IP Neighbors table watching script
minetime 0.2.9 1 A simple Command line application helping you play with timelogs of configured redmine server.
miniconfig-argparse 0.0.4 1 argparser factory for miniconfig
minipyp 0.2.0a1 1 A more traditional web server
minitage 2.0.67 1 A meta package-manager to deploy projects on UNIX Systemes sponsored by Makina Corpus.
minitage.core 2.0.57 1 moved to minitage
minitage.recipe 1.41 1 zc.buildout recipes to compile and install software or python packages and generate scripts or configuration files sponsored by Makina Corpus.
minitage.recipe.common 1.90 1 zc.buildout recipes to compile and install software or python packages and generate scripts or configuration files sponsored by Makina Corpus.
minitest 2.0.3 1 Minitest is inspired by Ruby minispec.
MishMash 0.3b6 1 Music database and web interface.
missingTvShows 1.1.8 1 Manages Kodi TVShows
mistral 5.2.2 1 Mistral Project
mls.fabfile 0.4 1 Deploy and manage Propertyshelf MLS applications using Fabric.
mminte 1.0.3 1 Microbial Metabolic interactions
MnemoPwd 1.2.0 1 A client-server application to store secret information
mo-threads 1.7.18043 1 More Threads! Simpler and faster threading.
mod_wsgi-metrics 1.1.1 1 Metrics package for Apache/mod_wsgi.
modified 1.04 1 Python file modification tracker
modislock 0.1.12 1 Administration web interface for Modis© Lock
moke 1.1.9 1 moke is not like make
molt 0.1.1 1 Mustache project templates using Python and Groome
monasca-api 2.5.0 1 OpenStack Monitoring as a Service
mongopersist 0.8.4 1 Mongo Persistence Backend
montague 0.2.1 1 Montague provides functions to load WSGI apps and servers based on configuration files. It's based on PasteDeploy's INI file support.
montague_pastedeploy 0.2.0 1 Montague provides functions to load WSGI apps and servers based on configuration files. It's based on PasteDeploy's INI file support.
monzo-api-stub 0.1.3 1 Stub API for Monzo
moodlefuse 0.3.2 1 FUSE filesystem based on moodle implementation
Mopidy-Auto 0.4.0 1 Mopidy extension to automate music playback based on time of day
Mopidy-Moped 0.7.1 1 Responsive Web client for Mopidy
Mopidy-WebSettings 0.2.1 1 Mopidy extension for editing settings in a webinterface
morepath 0.18.1 1 A micro web-framework with superpowers
moya 0.6.20 1 web development platform
mozi 2.0.3 1 Deep learning package based on theano for building all kinds of models
mozilla-logger 0.2 1 Django interface with statsd
mozsvc 0.10 1 Various utilities for Mozilla apps
mpd-box 0.1.1 1 MPD-Box start a song in Music Player Daemon by simply scanning a NFC tag.
mpdlcd 0.4.3 1 Display MPD status on a lcdproc server.
mr.developer 1.38 1 A zc.buildout extension to ease the development of large projects with lots of packages.
mr.migrator 1.2 1 Drive-by transmogrifiction made easy!
mrfh 0.0.1 1 Multiprocess Rotating File Handler
mrpython 0.0.18 1 Collection of things for Python that dont warrant their own libraries.
msrest 0.4.26 1 AutoRest swagger generator Python client runtime.
mtaf 1.0.37 1 Mobile Test Automation Framework with Appium Inspector GUI for Android Applications
muffin 0.10.7 1 web framework based on Asyncio stack
mujson 0.1 1 Use the fastest JSON functions available at import time.
MultiApp 1.0 1 A framework for command-line apps with multiple commands.
multicerti 0.0.1 1 Obtain and renew ssl certificates for multiple domains and configure a reverse proxy for these, all in one step.
multiprocessing 1 Backport of the multiprocessing package to Python 2.4 and 2.5
munin.zope 2.1 1 Munin plugins for Zope/Plone.
mutaprops 0.6.4 1 Simple UI, autogenerated from your classes.
mv-logger 0.0.7 1 mv-logger
mwdb 0.1.2 1 A set of utilities for connecting to and querying a MediaWiki database.
mxbox 0.0.22 1 Image and video datasets and models for mxnet deep learning
mypytest 1.0 1 The descusr web application development framework, a Pylons project
mystic 0.3.1 1 highly-constrained non-convex optimization and uncertainty quantification
myterm 0.3.0 1 module for add function in terminal
nacelle 0.4.1 1 A lightweight Python framework (built on top of webapp2) for use on Google Appengine
nagiosplugin 1.2.4 1 Class library for writing Nagios (Icinga) plugins
nano 1.0-alpha3 1 Does less! Loosely coupled mini-apps for django.
nanogen 1.0.1 1 A very small static blog generator
nanoget 1.5.0 1 Functions to extract information from Oxford Nanopore sequencing data and alignments.
napalm-logs 0.4.2 1 Network Automation and Programmability Abstraction Layer with Multivendor support: syslog parser
natcap.invest 3.4.2 1 InVEST Ecosystem Service models
natcap.opal 1.1.0 1 Decision support tool for mitigating development impacts to ecosystem services
nats-scan-wrapper 0.0.2 1 NATS wrapper for fast scanner development
navdoon 0.3.0 1 Powerful Statsd server, made easy
ncclient 0.5.3 1 Python library for NETCONF clients
ncmirtools 0.4.0 1 Set of commandline tools for NCMIR
nd_service_registry 1.1.0 1 Nextdoor Service Registry Module
nefelibata 0.1 1 A weblog engine based on data ownership and persistence
nejimaki 0.1.2 1 emit files from one yaml file
nengo 2.6.0 1 Tools for making neural simulations using the Neural Engineering Framework
nensskel 1.37 1 Skeleton for Nelen & Schuurmans projects
neo-python 0.4.3 1 Python Node and SDK for the NEO blockchain
neo4j-driver 1.5.3 1 Neo4j Bolt driver for Python
NeoDym 0.2.1 1 A thin message-bus wrapper around asyncore.
neoppod 1.8.1 1 Distributed, redundant and transactional storage for ZODB
nephele 0.0.43 1 A shell for AWS
nereo-django-cas-ng 4.0.2 1 CAS 1.0/2.0 client authentication backend for Django (inherited from django-cas)
netatmo-client 0.0.3 1 A client library for Netatmo
netmagus 0.7.5 1 Python module for JSON data exchange via files or RPC with the Intelligent Visibility NetMagus system.
netsight.cloudstorage 1.8.1 1 Allows you to store large files in the cloud
Netzob 1.0.2 1 Protocol Reverse Engineering, Modeling and Fuzzing
new_nexus 0.3.1 1 An extendable admin interface
newrelic_marklogic_plugin 0.2.8 1 NewRelic plugin for monitoring MarkLogic.
newrelic_ops 1.2 1 newrelic manipulation tool
newrelic_plugin_agent 1.3.0 1 Python based agent for collecting metrics for NewRelic
nexus 0.3.1 1 An extendable admin interface
nfsinkhole 0.1.0 1 nfsinkhole is a Python library and scripts for setting up a Unix server as a sinkhole (monitor, log/capture, and drop all traffic to a secondary interface).
ng.adapter 0.2.1 1 A few litle but useful adapters
ngCGH 0.4.4 1 Pseudo-cgh of next-generation sequencing data
ngSeqUtils 1.2.1 1 Some utility scripts for handling Next Generation Sequencing data and for working with wig/bigwig and gff files in python
nicecall 1.0.10 1 A library which provides a slightly more convinient way to launch processes, compared to Python's subprocess module.
nikeplusapi 0.4.1 1 Export nikeplus data to CSV format
nirum-wsgi 0.2.0 1 Nirum services as WSGI apps
niteoweb.click2sell 0.4.5 1 Integrates click2sell digital products retailer system with Plone for paid memberships.
niteoweb.ipn.jvzoo 1.5 1 JVZoo IPN support in Plone.
niteoweb.jvzoo 0.3 1 Integrates JVZoo digital products retailer system with Plone for paid memberships.
nitrate 1.3.1 1 Python API for the Nitrate test case management system
nitroapi 0.1.0 1 Minimal wrapper around the NetScaler NITRO API
nmi_mysql 0.77 1 A simple mysql client wrapper for sqlalchemy
no-you-talk-to-the-hand 1.0.3 1 nyttth: Boss your corporate network effortlessly. Automatic and organized tunneling with sshuttle + supervisord + yaml
nodeenv 1.2.0 1 Node.js virtual environment builder
nodepool 0.5.0 1 Node pool management for a distributed test infrastructure
nose-colorxunit 0.2.0 1 make unittest formatted and colorful output(cross platform)
nose-html-reporting 0.2.3 1 Nose plugin that generates a nice html test report with ability of using template based on jinja2 templates from any folder.
nose-progressive 1.5.1 1 A testrunner with a progress bar and smarter tracebacks
nose2django 0.1.2 1 Nose2 plugin to run django tests through nose2 instead of the django test runner.
NoseGAE 0.5.10 1 NoseGAE: nose plugin for Google App Engine testing
Nosyd 0.0.5 1 A _minimalist_ personal command line friendly CI server. Automatically runs your build whenever one of the monitored files of the monitored projects has changed.
noterator 0.4.3 1 The Noterator: bringing notification to iteration.
nova-powervm 1 PowerVM driver for OpenStack Nova.
novajoin 1.0.18 1 Nova integration to enroll IPA clients
nplusone 0.9.0 1 Detecting the n+1 queries problem in Python
npm-accel 1.0 1 Accelerator for npm, the Node.js package manager
nscaweb 0.1.20 1 A more feature rich alternative than the classic NSCA daemon.
nsqs 0.2.0 1 A complete, gevent-based, non-Tornado NSQ client.
nti.transactions 1.1.0 1 NTI Transactions Utility
ntlmlib 0.72 1 A robust, fast and efficient first-class Python library for NTLMv1 and NTLMv2 authentication with signing and encryption
nxsim 0.1.2 1 nxsim is a Python package for simulating agents in a network.
nxviz 0.3.6 1 Graph Visualization Package
nyamuk 0.2.0 1 Python MQTT Client Library
oar-cli 0.3.5 1 OAR Command line interface.
oar-docker 1.4.0.dev0 1 Manage a small OAR developpement cluster with docker.
oar-lib 0.4.1 1 Python OAR Library
obadmin 1.2 1 Setup and administrative tools for OpenBlock (hyperlocal news for Django)
obdemo 1.2 1 Demo website configuration for OpenBlock (hyperlocal news for Django)
obj 9 1 timestamped JSON objects
object_pool 0.2 1 thread-safe python object pool
ocspbot 0.9.2 1 Ensure up-to-date OCSP responses for certificates are available.
oct2py 4.0.6 1 Python to GNU Octave bridge --> run m-files from python.
octo 0.3.0 1 A plugin framework which allows you to write your application as a collection of (optionally interconnected) plugins.
octodns 0.8.8 1 OctoDNS: DNS as code - Tools for managing DNS across multiple providers
odoo10-addon-auth-brute-force 1 Tracks Authentication Attempts and Prevents Brute-force Attacks module
odoo10-addon-auth-signup-verify-email 1 Force uninvited users to use a good email for signup
odoo10-addon-auth-totp 1 Allows users to enable MFA and add optional trusted devices
odoo10-addon-base-multi-company 1 Provides a base for adding multi-company support to models.
odoo10-addon-queue-job 1 Job Queue
odoo10-addon-sentry 1 Report Odoo errors to Sentry
odoo11-addon-queue-job 1 Job Queue
odoo11-addon-sentry 1 Report Odoo errors to Sentry
odoo8-addon-auditlog 1 Audit Log
odoo8-addon-auth-brute-force 1 Tracks Authentication Attempts and Prevents Brute-force Attacks module
odoo8-addon-auth-signup-verify-email 1 Force uninvited users to use a good email for signup
odoo8-addon-base-concurrency 1 Base Concurrency
odoo8-addon-dead-mans-switch-server 1 Be notified when customers' odoo instances go down
odoo8-addon-profiler 1 profiler
odoo8-addon-sentry 1 Report Odoo errors to Sentry
odoo9-addon-auth-signup-verify-email 1 Force uninvited users to use a good email for signup
odoo9-addon-auth-totp 1 Allows users to enable MFA and add optional trusted devices
oe_daemonutils 0.9.0 1 Daemon Utility Library
off2txt 0.1.0 1 off2txt: extract text from Office files
ofpy 0.25 1 Add tasks to OmniFocus from Linux
olefile 0.45.1 1 Python package to parse, read and write Microsoft OLE2 files (Structured Storage or Compound Document, Microsoft Office) - Improved version of the OleFileIO module from PIL, the Python Image Library.
omgircd3 1.0.0 1 A Python3 IRC server/daemon
omni_gumshoe 0.1.1 1 Simple django signal for tracking superuser logins.
omnilog 0.9.2 1 A remote log watcher daemon that uses ssh, and multithreaded design.
onegov.core 0.62.1 1 Contains code shared by all OneGov applications.
onetimejwt 1.0.2 1 Simple one time jwt - server and client bits
onlinepayment 1.0.0 1 a generic Python API for making online payments
Oohlalog 0.0.3 1 Useful remote logger api.
oops-tools 0.6.7 1 =================
oops_twisted 0.0.7 1 Translate twisted error logs into OOPS error reports.
open-humans-api 0.1.4 1 Tools for working with Open Humans APIs
opencafe 0.3.3 1 The Common Automation Framework Engine
opencensus 0.1.2 1 A stats collection and distributed tracing framework
opencl4py 1.5.1 1 OpenCL cffi bindings and helper classes
openclip 0.0.12 1 OpenClip XML Media Management Python Module 0.0.12
openerp-document-webdav 7.0.406 1 Shared Repositories (WebDAV)
openerp-l10n-be-coda 7.0.406 1 Belgium - Import Bank CODA Statements
opengeode 1.5.2 1 A tiny, free SDL editor for TASTE
openid2rp 1.12 1 OpenID 2.0 Relying Party Support Library with WSGI and Django support
openlmi-scripts-journald 0.4.0 1 journald
openPMD-viewer 0.8.0 1 Visualization tools for openPMD files
openstacksdk 0.11.3 1 An SDK for building applications to work with OpenStack
opentaxforms 0.5.7 1 Modernizes tax forms and provides an API for new tax form interfaces
openupgradelib 1.3.2 1 A library with support functions to be called from Odoo migration scripts.
openweathermap_requests 0.0.5 1 openweathermap requests fetch weather history Pandas DataFrame
OpScripts 1.6.7 1 Python libraries to assist with writing Linux Ops scripts.
opus20 1.0.1 1 Interface to Lufft OPUS20 devices
opx 0.0.4 1 OpenSwitch Development Tool
orangeapisms 0.28 1 Django app to add support for Orange API SMS-MO, SMS-MT/DR
ore.xapian 0.5.0 1 A Xapian Content Indexing/Searching Framework for Zope3
orphanblack 0.2.0 1 Static Analysis for Software Clone Detection
os-log-merger 1.1.0 1 OpenStack Log merge tool
osbrowser 0.2dev 1 OSBrowser provides a high level interface to local filesystems
osc.recipe.sysegg 0.1.2 1 zc buildout recipe to reuse eggs from python site-packages.
osha.oira 4.0.18 1 Euphorie customisations for OSHA-OiRA site.
oslo.context 2.20.0 1 Oslo Context library
oslo.log 3.30.2 1 oslo.log library
oslo.reports 1.26.0 1 oslo.reports library
oss-lib 0.1.1 1 OSS Tooling Library
otpl-service-check 1.1.4 1 A selection of Nagios plugins to monitor services hosted in OpenTable Mesos.
otrace 0.30.9 1 An object-oriented python debugger for nonlinear tracing
ouimeaux 0.8 1 Open source control for Belkin WeMo devices
outbit 0.0.9 1 The command line and control center of a Data Center or Cloud.
outbit-cli 0.0.6 1 The command line and control center of a Data Center or Cloud.
overlock 0.2.1 1 Overlock client library for instrumenting code
ovh-dynhost 0.3 1 A script to update the OVH DynHost service public IP
OWSLib 0.16.0 1 OGC Web Service utility library
p-ages 1.0.1 1 pages is a lightweight page object and component Python library for UI tests
p01.elasticstub 0.5.4 1 Elasticsearch server stub setup
p01.fswidget 0.5.4 1 File system file widget based on z3c.form for Zope3
pacer 0.30.6 1 pacer is a lightweight Python package for implementing distributed data processing workflows.
paddingoracle 0.2.2 1 A portable, padding oracle exploit API
pagerdutyapi 0.4.1 1 PagerDuty support, mostly reporting alerts
PagingServer 16.10.1 1 SIP-based Announcement / PA / Paging / Public Address Server system
paho-mqtt 1.3.1 1 MQTT version 3.1.1 client class
palladium 1 Framework for setting up predictive analytics services
pandas_degreedays 0.0.6 1 Pandas degree days
pantsbuild.pants 1.5.0.dev4 1 A scalable build tool for large, complex, heterogeneous repos. 1.4.0rc2 1 Android Pants plugin
pantsbuild.pants.contrib.avro 1.4.0rc2 1 Avro Java code generation support for pants
pantsbuild.pants.contrib.buildgen 1.4.0rc2 1 Automatic manipulation of BUILD dependencies based on source analysis.
pantsbuild.pants.contrib.codeanalysis 1.4.0rc2 1 Support for various code analysis tools in Pants.
pantsbuild.pants.contrib.confluence 1.4.0rc2 1 Confluence pants plugin
pantsbuild.pants.contrib.cpp 1.4.0rc2 1 C++ pants plugin.
pantsbuild.pants.contrib.errorprone 1.4.0rc2 1 Error Prone pants plugin
pantsbuild.pants.contrib.findbugs 1.4.0rc2 1 FindBugs pants plugin
pantsbuild.pants.contrib.go 1.4.0rc2 1 Go language support for pants.
pantsbuild.pants.contrib.haskell 0.0.79 1 Haskell pants plugin
pantsbuild.pants.contrib.jax_ws 1.4.0rc2 1 JAX-WS Pants plugin
pantsbuild.pants.contrib.mypy 1.4.0rc2 1 mypy static type analyzer
pantsbuild.pants.contrib.node 1.4.0rc2 1 Node.js support for pants.
pantsbuild.pants.contrib.python.checks 1.4.0rc2 1 Additional python lints and checks.
pantsbuild.pants.contrib.scalajs 1.4.0rc2 1 scala.js support for pants.
pantsbuild.pants.contrib.scrooge 1.4.0rc2 1 Scrooge thrift generator pants plugins.
pantsbuild.pants.contrib.spindle 1.1.0-pre4 1 Spindle thrift -> scala generator pants plugins.
pantsbuild.pants.testinfra 1.4.0rc2 1 Test support for writing pants plugins.
pappyproxy 0.2.14 1 The Pappy Intercepting Proxy
paradag 0.2.0 1 A robust DAG implementation for parallel programming
parallel-queue 0.5 1 A multi-process task queue that maintains FIFO order.
parallel-ssh 1.4.0 1 Asynchronous parallel SSH library
param-medic 0.2 1 Param-Medic optimizes MS/MS search parameter settings.
parse 1.8.2 1 parse() is the opposite of format()
parsedoc 0.2.0 1 Parses PHP doc blocks into markdown
parsely 0.7.0 1 Parsely is a framework for enqueuing messages via HTTP request for Celery.
parsim 0.6.3 1 A tool for working with parameterized simulation models
passman 1.2.3 1 A terminal-based password manager
pbcommand 0.3.29 1 Library and Tools for interfacing to PacBio pbsmrtpipe workflow engine.
pbm 0.6.4 1 pbm works with Chromium bookmarks JSON.
pbp.recipe.trac 0.4.3 1 ZC Buildout recipe to install and configure a Trac server.
pcpp 1.0.1 1 A C99 preprocessor written in pure Python
pdfrw 0.4 1 PDF file reader/writer library
peekextn 0.74 1 Peek extension and show respective sources
peep 3.1.2 1 A "pip install" that is cryptographically guaranteed repeatable
peer 0.26.0 1 Public Endpoint Entities Registry
pelican 3.7.1 1 Static site generator supporting reStructuredText and Markdown source content.
pelicangit 0.1 1 Automatically build your Pelican powered blog whenever you push a blog post into git
penates 0.2.0 1 Suite
pendrell 0.3.7 1 HTTP 1.1 user agent for the programmable web
perflog 2017.8.7 1 Performance stats logger
performanceplatform-collector 0.3.1 1 performanceplatform-collector: tools for sending data to the Performance Platform
persephone 0.1.9 1 A tool for developing automatic phoneme transcription models
persistent_pineapple 1.0.0 1 JSON Settings
pesto 25 1 Library for WSGI applications
petrel 1 Storm Topology Builder
peyotl 0.1.2 1 Library for interacting with Open Tree of Life resources
pg-materialize 0.4.1 1 Postgres Materialized View Dependency Manager
pg_simple 0.2.3 1 A simple wrapper for Python psycopg2 with connection pooling
pgbackups-py 0.0.1 1 A cli to perform a backup of postgres db on heroku and store to s3
pghoard 1.7.0 1 PostgreSQL automatic backup/restore service daemon
pglookout 1.4.0 1 PostgreSQL replication monitoring and failover daemon
pgpm 0.1.62 1 Postgres package manager
pgwrap 0.7 1 Simple PostgreSQL database wrapper - provides wrapper over psycopg2 supporting a Python API for common sql functions
PhilDB 0.6.11 1 Timeseries database
photon-pump 0.2.4 1 Fast, easy to use client for EventStore
pi-ina219 1.1.0 1 This Python library for Raspberry Pi makes it easy to leverage the complex functionality of the Texas Instruments INA219 sensor to measure voltage, current and power.
picage 0.0.4 1 Object style interface for package/module.
picasa-downloader 1.0 1 A script that automatically downloads all images from a Picasa Web Album.
PieCrust 3.0.2 1 A powerful static website generator and lightweight CMS.
pigpy 0.7 1 a python tool to manage Pig reports
pilosa 0.8.2 1 Python client library for Pilosa
pinax-eventlog 2.0.3 1 an event logger for Django projects
pinhook 1.4.0 1 a pluggable irc bot framework in python
pinliner 0.2.0 1 Python Inliner merges in a single file all files from a Python package.
pipedrive-py 0.3.33 1 Python lib for the api
pipreqs 0.4.9 1 Pip requirements.txt generator based on imports in project
piwikapi-drred 0.4.1 1 Python Piwik API
pixiv 0.1.1 1 Pixiv API client.
pkgme 0.4.3 1 =====
planb 1.2 1 PlanB automates remote SSH+rsync backups
planemo 0.47.0 1 Command-line utilities to assist in building tools for the Galaxy project (
plankton 0.1.2 1 Plankton - wkhtmltopdf REST service
PlanOut 0.6.0 1 PlanOut is a framework for online field experimentation.
plaster-pastedeploy 0.4.2 1 A loader implementing the PasteDeploy syntax to be used by plaster.
PlexAPI 3.0.5 1 Python bindings for the Plex API.
ploghandler 0.5.0 1 Provides concurrent rotating file handler for posix-compatible OSes. 1.2.20 1 Plone UI and default rules for plone.caching/z3c.caching 4.0.18 1 Plone integration for plone.contentrules 1.4.9 1 Default content types for Plone based on Dexterity 2.7.5 1 Layout mechanisms for Plone 3.3.4 1 Manage link integrity in Plone. 1.7 1 Zope 2 and Plone integration for plone.registry 1.2.0 1 Robot Framework testing resources for Plone 2.2.0 1 Tiles for page composition 5.0.8 1 Testing tools for Plone-the-application, based on plone.testing.
plone.autoform 1.7.5 1 Tools to construct z3c.form forms
plone.jsonapi.core 0.6 1 Plone JSON API
plone.portlets 2.3 1 An extension of zope.viewlet to support dynamic portlets
plone.postpublicationhook 1.1 1 Zope 2 post-publication hook
plone.protect 3.1.2 1 Security for browser forms
plone.recipe.pound 0.5.5 1 Recipe to install and configure Pound
plone.recipe.zeoserver 1.4.1 1 ZC Buildout recipe for installing a ZEO server
plone.recipe.zope2instance 5.0.0 1 Buildout recipe for creating a Zope 2 instance
plone.reload 2.0.2 1 Configuration and code reload without server restarts.
plone.testing 6.0.0 1 Testing infrastructure for Zope and Plone projects.
plone.validatehook 1.0 1 Zope 2 publisher validation hook
plonehrm.contracts 3.10 1 Contracts for Plone HRM
ploneintranet 1.2.72 1 Intranet suite for Plone
Plugins 0.5a1dev 1 Easily add hooks and plugins to your applications
plumbum 1.6.6 1 Plumbum: shell combinators library 4.5 1 Plumi video sharing
pms 0.1.6 1 An application monitoring service
pmxbot 1121.1 1 IRC bot - full featured, yet extensible and customizable
pogo 1 Pogo is a utility for putting data generated by a HonSSH honeypot into an Elasticsearch database.
polemarch 0.1.3 1 Polemarch is ansible based service for orchestration infrastructure.
poliBeePsync 0.3.0 1 Sync files from (for students of Politecnico di Milano)
polished 0.0.15 1 Generates screenshots of a website based on git history
polkadots_dotfile_manager 0.0.6 1 Yet another dotfile manager
polymer 0.0.16 1 Polymer
PopIt-Python 0.1.11 1 Python bindings to connect to the PopIt API
popmodel 0.4.0 1 Model molecular excited state populations over time
poppycdn 1.0.13 1 A modular, vendor-neutral API, that wraps provisioning instructions for all CDN vendors that support it.
por.trac 1.6 1 Penelope: Trac integration
porper 0.3.0 1 Portable Permission Controller
postage 1.2.1 1 A Python library for AMQP-based network components
PowerGrASP 0.6.0 1 Graph compression with Answer Set Programming
poyo 0.4.1 1 A lightweight YAML Parser for Python
ppmail 2.0.6 1 Tool to send messages via Sendgrid/Slack
predictive-punter 1.0.0a4 1 Applying predictive analytics to horse racing via Python
predix 0.0.9 1 Python Client SDK for Predix Services
prefsync 1.2 1 A little tool to help synchronize Mac OS X plist files (used for preferences for most Mac Apps) seamlessly, in a way that can be tracked by git.
premailer 3.1.1 1 Turns CSS blocks into style attributes
prep 0.1.10 1 Pre-deployment configuration parser/generator
presto 0.5.6 1 A bioinformatics toolkit for processing high-throughput lymphocyte receptor sequencing data.
pretix-bounces 1.0.0 1 Allows automatic processing of bounces or automatic replies to emails sent by pretix.
prettylogger 0.1.0 1 Logs things in color and beautiful format.
preview-markup 0.3.2 1 Live preview Markdown and reStructuredText files as HTML in a web browser
Price-Database 1.1.0 1 Price database storage for commodities
pride 5.9.43 1 Python runtime and integrated development environment
print_helper 1.0.1 1 Minitest is inspired by Ruby minispec.
printargs 1.0.1 1 Show and print the content of argparse.Namespace (args) objects for debugging.
prjct 0.6.0 1 Project Management for Living Life
ProcessHandler 1.0 1 Manage your process (Master Worker Mode)
processor 0.10.0 1 A microframework to build source -> filter -> action workflows.
processrunner 2.0.0 1 Easily trigger and manage output from external processes.
proconex 0.4 1 producer/consumer with exception handling
Products.Archetypes 1.15 1 Archetypes is a developers framework for rapidly developing and deploying rich, full featured content types within the context of Zope/CMF and Plone.
Products.AROfficeTransforms 0.11.0 1 Plone module to add conversion from office format to HTML in portal_transforms tool
Products.ATContentTypes 2.3.7 1 Default Content Types for Plone 2.1-4.3
Products.ATSchemaEditorNG 0.6 1 ATSchemaEditorNG is a framework to provide flexible schema editing for AT content-types
Products.AttachmentField 1.4.5 1 AttachmentField/Widget for Plone
Products.CMFBibliographyAT 1.2.1 1 Bibliographic references in Plone
Products.CMFEditions 3.1.1 1 Versioning for Plone
Products.CMFFormController 3.1.5 1 CMFFormController provides a form validation mechanism for CMF.
Products.CMFLDAP 1.0 1 LDAP-enabled CMF membership tools
Products.CMFQuickInstallerTool 3.0.16 1 A facility for comfortable activation/deactivation of CMF compliant add ons for Zope.
Products.contentmigration 2.1.19 1 A generic content migration framework for Plone.
Products.DocFinderTab 1.0.5 1 Makes Dieter Maurer's DocFinder available from a ZMI management tab
Products.ExtendedPathIndex 3.3.0 1 Zope catalog index for paths
Products.ExternalStorage 0.8.1 1 An add-on Plone product which provides an extra storage for Archetypes.
Products.feedfeeder 3.0.1 1 Turn external feed entries into content items
Products.JRedirector 1.4 1 Simple Zope 2 redirection manager object
Products.LDAPConnector 1.0 1 Persistent Zope 2 LDAP connection manager
Products.LDAPUserFolder 2.27 1 A LDAP-enabled Zope 2 user folder
Products.LinguaPlone 4.3.0 1 Manage and maintain multilingual content that integrates seamlessly with Plone.
Products.LoginLockout 0.4.0 1 This Pluggable Authentication Service (PAS) plugin will lock a login after a predetermined number of incorrect attempts. Once locked, the user will be shown a page that tells them to contact their administrator to unlock.
Products.LongRequestLogger 2.1.0 1 Dumps sequential stack traces of long-running Zope2 requests
Products.Marshall 2.3 1 Configurable Marshallers for Archetypes
Products.MimetypesRegistry 2.0.11 1 MIME type handling for Zope
Products.PDBDebugMode 1.3.1 1 Post-mortem debugging on Zope 2 excpetions
Products.PlacelessTranslationService 2.0.7 1 PTS provides a way of internationalizing (i18n'ing) and localizing (l10n'ing) software for Zope 2.
Products.PloneGlossary 1.7.3 1 Highlight Plone content terms, mouseover shows the term definition as tooltip.
Products.PloneHotfix20110531 2.0 1 Plone critical security hotfix addressing multiple vulnerabilities
Products.PloneInvite 1.1.6 1 Members can invite new members; registration only possible if invited
Products.PlonePAS 5.0.15 1 PlonePAS modifies the PluggableAuthService for use by Plone.
Products.PloneSubscription 1.6.3 1 A Plone tool supporting different levels of subscription and notification.
Products.PluggableAuthService 1.11.0 1 Pluggable Zope2 authentication / authorization framework
Products.PortalTransforms 3.1.2 1 MIME based content transformations
Products.PrintingMailHost 1.0 1 A monkey patch to send MailHost messages to standard out
Products.SQLAlchemyDA 0.6.2b2 1 A generic database adapter for Zope 2
proglog 0.1.8 1 Log and progress bar manager for console, notebooks, web...
progressbar2 3.35.2 1 A Python Progressbar library to provide visual (yet text based) progress to long running operations.
proigia_logstash_formatter 1.0 1 JSON formatter meant for logstash
project_runpy 0.3.1 1 Helper utilities for Python projects
ProjectManager 0.1.0 1 Project management for data analysis projects.
prometheus-smart-exporter 0.2.2 1 S.M.A.R.T. exporter for Prometheus
promethor 1.1.1 1 This is a bunch of custom prometheus collectors.
propertyshelf.fabfile.plone 0.1 1 Deploy and manage Propertyshelf Plone applications using Fabric.
prose-wc 0.3.4 1 Jekyll-aware prose wordcount utility
proxiedssl 0.1.1 1 Django Middleware for handling proxied ssl
proxmoxer 1.0.2 1 Python Wrapper for the Proxmox 2.x API (HTTP and SSH)
prudentia 2.5 1 Continuous Deployment toolkit.
psd-tools 1.4 1 Python package for working with Adobe Photoshop PSD files
psd-tools2 1.7.2 1 Fork of psd-tools for working with Adobe Photoshop PSD files
psq 0.6.0 1 A simple task queue using Google Cloud Pub/Sub
psquery 2.0 1 Predictive Services Query Client
ptsmpp 0.1.0 1 PTSMPP - Python Twisted SMPP 3.4 client library
publickeymanager 0.3 1 Public Key Manager is designed to generate authorized_keys file and to distribute those to specified servers.
PubliForge 2.1 1 Online multimedia publishing system
pucas 0.5.1 1 Django app to login with CAS and populate user accounts with LDAP.
pulsar-agile 0.5.0 1 Python toolkit for agile release managing, building and issue tracking
pulsar-app 0.8.3 1 Distributed job execution application built for Galaxy (
pulsar-galaxy-lib 0.8.3 1 Distributed job execution application built for Galaxy (
pulsar-queue 0.5.2 1 Asynchronous task queue
pulsebuildmonitor 0.90 1 monitor mozilla tinderbox builds via pulse
pulsus 1.0.0 1 Push Notification Service handling Apple Push Notification Service (APNS), and Google Cloud Messaging (GCM).
pumptweet 2.1 1 Cross posts from to Twitter.
puppet-es 0.8.1 1 Tooling for submitting JSON dumps of Puppet reports to ElasticSearch
puppetboard 0.3.0 1 Web frontend for PuppetDB
purpler 0.2.0 1 A suite of tools for purpling things
pusherclient 0.3.0 1 Pusher websocket client for python
pusherclientb 0.3.1 1 Pusher websocket client for python
pushjack 1.4.0 1 Push notifications for APNS (iOS) and GCM (Android).
pwnypack 0.9.0 1 Official Certified Edible Dinosaurs CTF toolkit.
py-coinspot-api 0.2.2 1 A python library for the Coinspot API
py-nsapi 0.9.3 1 Python3 NS Train api script
py-radius 2.0.2-1 1 RADIUS authentication module
py-skeleton 0.0.3 1 Python project skeleton
py2app 0.14 1 Create standalone Mac OS X applications with Python
py3-netsyslog 0.1.1 1 Send log messages to remote syslog servers.
py3tftp 1.0.1 1 Python 3 asynchronous TFTP server.
py_code_helpers 1.0.14 1 Code helpers
pyade 0.0.2 1 Python client for ADE web API
pyaml 17.12.1 1 PyYAML-based module to produce pretty and readable YAML-serialized data
pyampio 0.1.2 1 A Python Ampio Server USB<->CAN
pyatv 0.3.9 1 Library for controlling an Apple TV
pyaux 2.2.0 1 pyaux
pybald 0.5.0 1 A lightweight python web framework
pybald-routes 2.11 1 Routing Recognition and Generation Tools
pybeautifier 0.1.1 1 Python beautifier tcp server
pybinsim 1.2.1 1 Real-time dynamic binaural synthesis with head tracking.
pyblosxom 1.5.3 1 Pyblosxom is a file-based weblog engine.
pybreaker 0.4.2 1 Python implementation of the Circuit Breaker pattern
pycdi 0.0.5 1 Python Code Dependency Injection
pychalk 2.0.0 1 Color printing in python
pyChomikBox 0.2.0 1 Python library for filesharing service
PyCIM 15.15.0 1 Python implementation of the Common Information Model.
pyCLI devel 1 Simple, object-oriented approach to Python CLI apps
pycli_tools 2.0.2 1 A python module to help create predictable command line tools for python >= 2.6 and 3.x
PyCodeigniter 0.3.2 1 Codeigniter(PHP) implement by python If you want to build high performance service you'd better use gevent.
PyCogWorks 0.3.1 1 Miscellaneous functions used in the CogWorks lab.
pycomm 1.0.8 1 A PLC communication library for Python
pycompress 0.93.1 1 Python binding for high compression ratio ZPAQ library
pyconverge 0.0.18 1 Resolve configurations from abstract hierarchies and templates
pydatasentry 0.1.4 1 Memory tool for Python-Based Data Science
pydebug 1.0.3 1 Tiny python debugging utility modeled after visionmedia's node.js debug module
pydecor 1.1.3 1 Easy peasy Python decorators
pydica-watchdog 0.6.2 1 Native and Virtual Filesystem Events Monitoring
pyditz 0.10.1 1 Python implementation of Ditz (
pydomo 1 The official Python3 Domo API SDK - Domo, Inc.
pydrobert-kaldi 0.5.0 1 Swig bindings for kaldi
pyee-topics 0.0.13 1 A port of node.js's EventEmitter to python with mqtt topics support.
pyelasticsearch 1.4 1 Flexible, high-scale API to elasticsearch
pyelastictest 0.3 1 Integration test harness for ElasticSearch
pyempt 1.0.26 1 Python emacs syntax checking
pyensemblrest 0.2.3 1 An easy way to access EnsEMBL data with Python.
pyentrypoint 0.5.1 1 pyentrypoint manages entrypoints in Docker containers.
pyetsy 0.4.10 1 Python access to the Etsy API
pyexperiment 0.8.11 1 Run experiments with Python - quick and clean.
pyf-programmers-find 0.9.0 1 pyf: programmers find
pyFF 0.9.4 1 Federation Feeder
pyfldigi 0.4 1 Python library to control FLDIGI via XML-RPC
pyfrank 0.2.8 1 python binding for iOS automation using frank.
pyfspot 0.3 1 Perform operations on your F-Spot database.
pygatt 3.2.0 1 Python Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) and GATT Library
pygeocode 0.0.5 1 pygeocode -- Wrapper for several public geocoding APIs
pyglyph 0.3.5 1 Symbolic regression tools.
pygodaddy 0.2.2 1 3rd Party Client Library for Manipulating Go Daddy DNS Records.
pygraph_redis 0.2.1 1 Python Library to manipulate directed graphs in redis
pyharmony 1.0.20 1 Python library for programmatically using a Logitech Harmony Link or Ultimate Hub.
PyHDFS 0.2.1 1 Pure Python HDFS client
pyhermes 0.3.1 1 The Python interface to the Hermes message broker.
pyhottop 0.2.2 1 Interface for interacting with Hottop KN-8828b-2k+ roasters
PyInstaller 3.3.1 1 PyInstaller bundles a Python application and all its dependencies into a single package.
pyiso 0.4.0 1 Python client libraries for ISO and other power grid data sources.
pyitachip2ir 0.0.7 1 A library for sending IR commands to an ITach IP2IR gateway
Pyjamas 0.8.1 1 Pyjamas Widget API for Web applications, in Python
Pyjoyment 0.0.1 1 An asynchronous, event driver web framework for the Python programming language.
pykeeper 0.2.1 1 Higher-level bindings for ZooKeeper.
pykevocontrol 2.0.0 1 Control Kwikset Kevo locks
pykevoplus 1.0.1 1 Control Kwikset Kevo locks
pykwalify 1.6.0 1 Python lib/cli for JSON/YAML schema validation
pykwalify-unfixed 1.5.1 1 Python lib/cli for JSON/YAML schema validation
PyLg 1.3.2 1 Python module to facilitate and automate the process of writing runtime logs.
pyline 0.3.16 1 Pyline is a grep-like, sed-like, awk-like command-line tool for line-based text processing in Python.
pylint-odoo 1.9.3 1 Pylint plugin for Odoo
pymassmailer 1.1 1 Mass Mailer using mallow mailer and jinja2 templates
PyMeasure 0.5 1 Scientific measurement library for instruments, experiments, and live-plotting
pymetawear 0.7.2 1 Python client for connecting to MbientLab's MetaWear boards
pymmails 0.2.237 1 A module to download emails from an IMAP4 server
pymygdala 0.2.2 1 Pymygdala: Archive messaging for Python
PyMysqlPool 1.0.5 1 python practical mysql pool -motivation from=>[lost connection to MySQL server during query] base on mysql-connector support fixed | dynamic pool
pymysqlslave 1.0.8 1 Simple Master Slave Load Balancing
pynba 0.5.5 1 lightweight timers and wsgi middleware to monitor performance in production systems
pynessus 0.9.1 1 Library to talk to a remote Nessus 5 server that via its xmlrpc interface.
pyNmonAnalyzer 1.0.9 1 Python tool for reformatting and plotting/graphing NMON output
pynt 0.8.1 1 Lightweight Python Build Tool.
pynzbget 0.6.1 1 Provides a framework for NZBGet script deployment and development
pyOCD 0.8.1a1 1 CMSIS-DAP debugger for Python
pyonep 0.13.8 1 Python bindings for Exosite API over HTTP JSON RPC.
PyOphidia 1.5.0 1 Python bindings for the Ophidia Data Analytics Platform
pyparadox 0.3.10 1 PyParadox is a nix launcher for Paradox titles.
pypepa 0.4.13 1 pypepa is a PEPA library and a toolset for PEPA.
pypeton 0.5.0 1 Tool to start Django and Bongo projects
pypgwrap 0.1.16 1 PostgreSQL database wrapper - provides wrapper over psycopg2 supporting a Python API for common sql functions, transaction and pooling
pypimirror 1 A module for building a complete or a partial PyPI mirror
pypipegraph 0.159 1 A workflow (job) engine/pipeline for bioinformatics and scientific computing.
pypiserver 1.2.1 1 A minimal PyPI server for use with pip/easy_install.
pyplantuml 0.1.51 1 Creates UML diagrams from python source code.
pyplay 1.0.5 1 Python Interactive Playground
pyplete 0.0.5 1 PYPLETE (PYthon autocomPLETE) is a interface to autocomplete in python
pypn 0.9 1 Abstraction library to send push notifications through APNs, GCM and OneSignal
pyprf 1.3.6 1 A free & open source python tool for population receptive field analysis of fMRI data.
pypsa 0.13.0 1 Python for Power Systems Analysis
pypsexec 0.0.1.dev4 1 Run commands on a remote Windows host using SMB/RPC
pypyr 0.6.1 1 pipeline runner command line to run pipelines defined in yaml
pyqs 0.0.23 1 A simple task-queue for SQS.
pyral 1.4.1 1 Python toolkit for Agile Central (Rally) REST API
pyramid-notebook 0.2.1 1 Embed IPython Notebook shell on your Pyramid website
pyramid-session-redis 1.4.1 1 Pyramid web framework session factory backed by Redis
pyramid_analytics 0.2.1 1 wrapper for the Pyramid Web Framework
pyramid_celery 3.0.0 1 Celery integration with pyramid
pyramid_debugtoolbar 4.4 1 A package which provides an interactive HTML debugger for Pyramid application development
pyramid_debugtoolbar_mongo 0.2.3 1 Pyramid debugtoolbar extension for mongo
pyramid_debugtoolbar_security 0.1.2 1 security panel for pyramid_debugtoolbar (principals, context acl, view permission)
pyramid_exclog 1.0 1 A package which logs to a Python logger when an exception is raised by a Pyramid application
pyramid_extdirect 0.6.0 1 ExtDirect Implementation for Pyramid
pyramid_facebook 2.0.2 1 Pyramid routes and helpers for Facebook canvas applications
pyramid_force_https 0.1.1 1 A tween to force HTTPS.
pyramid_heroku 0.1.3 1 A bunch of helpers for successfully running Pyramid on Heroku.
pyramid_multiauth 0.9.0 1 pyramid_multiauth
pyramid_persona 1.6.1 1 pyramid_persona
pyramid_raven 0.2.2 1 Integrate raven and raven-js with a Pyramid web application.
pyramid_redirect 0.2 1 Small Pyramid extension for redirecting urls
pyramid_rewrite 0.2 1 Small Pyramid extension for rewriting urls
pyramid_scheduler 0.3.3 1 A pyramid plugin that allows asynchronous and deferred task scheduling and management.
pyramid_socketio 0.9 1 Gevent-based Socket.IO pyramid integration and helpers
pyramid_twitcher 0.3.4 1 Security Proxy for OGC Services like WPS.
pyramid_urireferencer 0.6.0 1 A pyramid plugin to handle referencing external URIs.
PyramidAuthService 0.1 1 Pyramid AuthService
PyramidLogService 0.1 1 Pyramid LogService
pyray 0.1.0 1 A python client to interact with the Riverbed Stingray REST API.
pyrealsense 2.2 1 Cross-platform ctypes/Cython wrapper to the librealsense library.
PyRedPitaya 1.0 1 Python utilities for redpitaya
PyRedstone 0.2.0 1 A Minecraft server wrapper and remote API
pyrfoutlet 0.0.2 1 A library for controlling Holiday Time rf outlets
pyriform 0.5 1 Connect the requests library to your WSGI app without using sockets.
pyris 0.4 1 INSEE/IRIS geolocalization
pyRobots 2.2 1 A Python toolset for event-based, asynchronous programming of robot controllers
pyrocket 0.2.5 1 Rocket sync-tracker client
PyRook 0.5.2 1 A standalone client for RookChat
pyscaleio 0.1.5 1 ScaleIO API client
pyscreenshot 0.4.2 1 python screenshot
pysdl2-sdl2ui 0.1.14 1 A Python library to make simple UI using pysdl2
pyservice 0.8.0 1 web services with python made easy
pysftp 0.2.9 1 A friendly face on SFTP
Pysher 0.3.0 1 Pusher websocket client for python, based on Erik Kulyk's PythonPusherClient
PySignalHound 0.0.2 1 Wrapper for SignalHound spectrum analysers.
pysimplelog 0.3.0 1 This is a pythonic simple yet complete system logger.
PySimpleSOAP 1.16.2 1 Python simple and lightweight SOAP Library (master branch)
pySpecData 1 object-oriented N-dimensional data processing with notebook functionality
pyspf 2.0.12 1 SPF (Sender Policy Framework) implemented in Python.
pysqes 0.2.1 1 A simple queue service using Amazon SQS and boto
pysqllike 0.1.168 1 An intent to write SQL like programs and to translate them in Python, SQL, Hive, PIG.
pySqsListener 0.7.2 1 A simple Python SQS utility package
PySteamWeb 1.2.2 1 python3 steam web login async
PySter 0.1.0beta 1 Python anywhere
pystiler 0.4.1 1 Python simple tiler for non-tiling window managers
pystray 0.14.3 1 Provides systray integration
pystun 0.1.0 1 A Python STUN client for getting NAT type and external IP (RFC 3489)
pysubman 1 kafka simple using
pyTelegramBotAPI 3.5.2 1 Python Telegram bot api.
pytest-bdd 2.20.0 1 BDD for pytest
pytest-capturelog 0.7 1 py.test plugin to capture log messages
pytest-dbfixtures 1.0.0 1 Databases fixtures plugin for py.test.
pytest-hidecaptured 0.1.2 1 Hide captured output
pytest-logbook 1.2.0 1 py.test plugin to capture logbook log messages
pytest-oot 0.6.1 1 Run object-oriented tests in a simple format
pytest-postgresql 1.3.2 1 Postgresql fixtures and fixture factories for Pytest.
pytest-profiling 1.2.11 1 Profiling plugin for py.test
pytest-qt 2.3.1 1 pytest support for PyQt and PySide applications
pytest-redis 1.3.2 1 Redis fixtures and fixture factories for Pytest.
pytest-reportportal 1.0.2 1 Agent for Reporting results of tests to the Report Portal
pytest-rerunfailures 4.0 1 pytest plugin to re-run tests to eliminate flaky failures
pytest-services 1.2.1 1 Services plugin for pytest testing framework
pytestcenter 1.1.7 1 Python OO API package to automate Spirent TestCenter (STC) traffic generator
pytgram 0.0.7 1 Library to create Telegram Bot based on Twisted
python-ambariclient 0.5.10 1 Client library for Apache Ambari.
python-appengine 1.9.15 1 GAE SDK Pip installable Mirror
python-barcode-spreadSheet 1.1.3 1 A simple Python tool to generate bar-codes and programmatically insert them into Google Spreadsheets for printing.
python-baremetrics 0.4.0 1 Python wrapper for Baremetrics API
python-bayeux 0.1.2 1 A bayeux client for python.
python-bitcoinrpc 1.0 1 Enhanced version of python-jsonrpc for use with Bitcoin
python-brink 0.0.1 1 A python wrapper to the brink api
python-brisa 0.9.0 1 UPnP framework
python-circuit 0.1.9 1 Simple implementation of the Circuit Breaker pattern
python-cloudlb 0.6.2 1 Python interface to Rackspace Load Balancer as a Service product
python-dbusmock 0.17.1 1 Mock D-Bus objects
python-dikbm-adapter 0.1.7 1 DiKBM adapter to send request to RSA web service
python-dnslb 0.2.8 1 Simple Python DNS load balancer for geodns
python-dtuf 3.1.0 1 Docker registry bindings for The Update Framework
python-envtools 0.0.1rc1 1 Python environment toolchain
python-etcd 0.4.5 1 A python client for etcd
python-foneworx 0.1 1 Foneworx XML API library
python-isl 1.3 1 A python package to wrap the islapi.
python-kanbanize 0.2.0 1 Python API Wrapper
python-lambda 3.1.2 1 The bare minimum for a Python app running on Amazon Lambda.
python-leetchi 0.3.10 1 Leetchi API implementation in Python
python-meteor 0.1.6 1 An event driven meteor client
python-mpd2 1.0.0 1 A Python MPD client library
python-object-persistence 0.9.5 1 Easily save, load, query your Python objects with SQLite3.
python-onedrive 15.10.5 1 Obsolete python/cli module for MS SkyDrive/OneDrive old API, do not use for new projects
python-oneviewclient 2.6.6 1 Library to use OneView to provide nodes for Ironic
python-qsoptex 0.5 1 Python bindings for QSopt_ex, an exact linear programming solver
python-rtkit 0.7.2 1 Request Tracker REST Interface
python-sfor 0.1.3 1 Simple Failover Resolver
python-skos 0.1.1 1 A basic implementation of some core elements of the SKOS object model
python-stackato 1.4 1 Python interface to Stackato
python-statsd 2.1.0 1 statsd is a client for Etsy's node-js statsd server. A proxy for the Graphite stats collection and graphing server.
python-telegram-bot 9.0.0 1 We have made you a wrapper you can't refuse
python-utils 2.3.0 1 Python Utils is a module with some convenient utilities not included with the standard Python install
python-vagrant 0.5.15 1 Python bindings for interacting with Vagrant virtual machines.
python-veracity 0.0.11 1 Python wrapper for Veracity's command-line interface.
python-vnfm-sdk 4.0.1b0 1 The Python version of the Open Baton vnfm-sdk
python-yr 1.4.5 1 Get the forecast from the norwegian wheather service in python
python2-pythondialog 3.4.0 1 A Python interface to the UNIX dialog utility and mostly-compatible programs (Python 2 backport)
python3-brisa 0.10.1 1 UPnP framework
python_spin 2017.1.16.1950 1 a small utility to assist in setting usage modes of laptop-tablet devices
pythondialog 3.4.0 1 A Python interface to the UNIX dialog utility and mostly-compatible programs
pythonrv 0.1.3 1 A runtime verification framework
Pytomo 3.0.5 1 Python tomography tool
pytools 2018.1 1 A collection of tools for Python
pytos 0.0.3 1 The Tufin TOS SDK for Python
pytrafficgen 1.2.2 1 Base Python OO API package to automate traffic generators (Spirent TestCenter, Ixia IxNetwork etc.)
pytrends 4.3.0 1 Pseudo API for Google Trends
PyTumblr 0.0.7 1 A Python API v2 wrapper for Tumblr
pytwitcherapi 0.9.3 1 Python API for interacting with
pytypes 1.0b3 1 Typing toolbox for Python 3 _and_ 2.
pyunpack 0.1.2 1 unpack archive files
pyupio 0.8.2 1 A tool to update all your projects requirements
pyuploadcare 2.2.1 1 Python library for
pyutilib.component.config 3.8 1 Extensions for configuring components in the PyUtilib Component Architecture
pyvcloud.mishkin 15rc2 1 VMware vCloud Python SDK
pyvips 2.1.1 1 binding for the libvips image processing library, API mode
PyVISA 1.8 1 Python VISA bindings for GPIB, RS232, and USB instruments
PyVISA-py 0.2 1 Python VISA bindings for GPIB, RS232, and USB instruments
pyvk 0.0.1 1 VK API for Python
PyWebDAV 0.9.8 1 WebDAV library including a standalone server for python
PyWebDAV3 0.9.12 1 WebDAV library including a standalone server for python 3
PyWebDAV3-GNUHealth 0.10.2 1 WebDAV library for Python3 - GNU Health port
pywebhooks 0.5.4 1 WebHooks Service
pywiki 0.3.4 1 A command line mediawiki client.
pywikibot 3.0.20180204 1 Python MediaWiki Bot Framework
pyXMLSecurity 0.17 1 pure Python XML Security
pyXSteam 0.3.3b1 1 pyXSteam is a port of the Matlab/Excel Package XSteam by Magnus Holmgren, to Python
pyxtcp 1.1.9 1 Tcp-based communication protocol, RPC protocol
pyxtra 1.6.1 1 A small commandline utility to access the Swisscom Xtrazone SMS service
pyzenkit 0.42 1 Python 3 script and daemon toolkit
pyzpl 0.1.9 1 ZPL: ZeroMQ Property Language
qam 0.2.18 1 QAM is a simple RPC Framework which uses the AMQP Protocol as Transport Protocol.
qi.LiveChat 0.21 1 A chat product for plone
qpass 2.1 1 Frontend for pass (the standard unix password manager)
qtfaststart 1.8 1 Quicktime atom positioning in Python for fast streaming.
QualysConnect 0.0.9 1 uWaterloo QualysGuard(R) QualysConnect Package
quandl_fund_xlsx 0.1.6 1 A CLI tool which uses the Quandl Fundmentals API and writes results to Excel Spreadsheets.
quark 1.0.0 1 Neutron Plugin utilized by Rackspace to achieve large scale in Openstack. Quark developed on the ideas of segmentation and it being the source of truth for all things related to Neutron.
qubits 0.3.4 1 The Queen's University Belfast Imitation Transient Surveys
queuey 0.8 1 RESTful Message Queue
quick_orm 0.4.4 1 Python ORM framework, quick, easy, simple yet powerful, based on sqlalchemy.
quickargs 0.1 1 YAML config file -> command line interface
quickrspecpuppet 0.1.1 1 quickrspecpuppet - Quickly create basic rspec tests for your puppet modules
quokka-flask-login 0.3.0 1 User session management for Flask
r7insight_python 0.9 1 Python Logger plugin to send logs to Rapid7 Insight
rabbitmq-alert 1.4.0 1 Send notifications when predefined conditions are met
rabird.core 0.3.13 1 A library contained miscellaneous functions and fixes that used during our development
radical.pilot 0.47.1 1 The RADICAL pilot job framework (
radical.pilot.sc15 1 The RADICAL pilot job framework (
radical.utils 0.47.1 1 Shared code and tools for various RADICAL Projects (
raffaello 3.0.4 1 Raffaello command-line output colorizer
rakomon 0.1.2 1 Dead simple, configurable monitoring service based on tornado and apscheduler.
ralph_scrooge 3.0.1 1 Pricing module for Ralph
rancon 0.17.1 1 A python tool which adds Rancher services to Consul based on label selectors
raphendyr-django-essentials 1.2.1 1 Some essential tools when working with any Django project
rapid-framework 1.1.8 1 Rapid Framework
rasengan 0.2.6 1 Is a command-line tool for automated testing of multiple kind of integrations tests for domains, with a simple and flexible YAML definition syntax.
raspi_door 0.7.1 1 Raspberry Pi Smart-ish Door
raspisump 1.1.2 1 A sump pit monitoring system for Raspberry Pi
raven-harakiri 0.1.2 1 Send UWSGI harakiri logs to sentry
rawes 0.5.5 1 rawes elasticsearch driver
rawgithub 0.1 1 rawgithub
raygun4py 3.1.5 1 Official Raygun provider for Python 2.6/2.7 and Python 3+
raygun4py_alt 3.1.3 1 Official Raygun provider for Python 2.6/2.7 and Python 3+
raze 1.2.0 1 RAZE Python Libraries
rcli 0.4.0 1 A library for rapidly creating command-line tools.
rcs4cvs2svn 1.2 1 prepare RCS project for processing with cvs2svn
rdf-to-html 1.1.0 1 RDF to HTML converter
rdlm 0.4.2 1 RDLM (Restful Distributed Lock Manager) is a lock manager over HTTP build on Tornado
rdoclient-py3 2.0.3 1 RANDOM.ORG JSON-RPC API (release 2) Python 3 implementation.
readable-log-formatter 0.1.4 1 A human readable log formatter for Python
readinglist 2.0.0 1 readinglist
readtagger 0.4.6 1 Tags reads in a BAM file based on other BAM files.
record-recommender 0.0.2 1 Record to Record Recommendations for Invenio.
RecoVoc 1.0.5 1 Reconnaissance vocale.
reda 0.1.0 1 Reproducible Electrical Data Analysis
reddel-server 0.2.0 1 Python EPC server for reddel.
redis-helper 0.3.27 1 Easily store, index, and modify Python dicts in Redis (with flexible searching)
redis-limpyd-jobs 1.0 1 A queue/jobs system based on redis-limpyd, a redis orm (sort of) in python
redisqueue 0.1.5 1 Simple Redis Queue Library
redisrpc 0.3.4 1 Lightweight RPC using Redis
redmine-gitlab-migrator 1.0.2 1 Migrate a redmine project to gitlab
redmine-releasedate 0.1.2 1 Track when your features are shipped to production in Redmine.
redsolution.djangorecipe 1.1.2 1 Buildout recipe for Django
refline.srccheck 1.0 1 Source checking/linting tool
regmitter 1.0.2 1 This utility is designed for transferring docker registries data.
rehive 1.1.4 1 Rehive SDK for Python
rejected 3.19.5 1 Rejected is a Python RabbitMQ Consumer Framework and Controller Daemon
relstorage_packer 2.1 1 Packs a History Free PostgreSQL RelStorage for ZODB.
remoto 0.0.30 1 Execute remote commands or processes.
renard 1.3.1 1 Working with the Renard series of preferred numbers specified in ISO 3.
Reparse 3.0 1 Regular Expression based parsers for extracting data from natural language
replisome 0.0.1 1 replisome - handsomely replicate something
repoze.debug 1.1 1 Forensic debugging WSGI middleware
repoze.mailin 0.4 1 Map inbound mail onto application-defined handlers
repoze.postoffice 0.25 1 Provides central depot for incoming mail for use by applications.
repoze.recipe.egg 0.3 1 Recipe for installing Python package distributions as eggs
repoze.sendmail 4.4.1 1 Repoze Sendmail
repoze.what.plugins.ini 0.2.5 1 repoze.what pluggin with sources based on INI files.
repoze.who 2.3 1 repoze.who is an identification and authentication framework for WSGI.
repoze.zodbconn 0.15 1 Opens ZODB by URI and provides ZODB-related WSGI apps
repoze.zope2 1.0.3 1 Zope2 via WSGI and Paste
requesocks 0.10.8 1 Python HTTP for Humans, with socks proxy support
request-id 0.3.1 1 Attach a unique identifier to every WSGI request.
requests 2.18.4 1 Python HTTP for Humans.
requests-credssp 0.1.0 1 HTTPS CredSSP authentication with the requests library.
requests-crtauth 0.4 1 A crtauth authentication plugin for Python Requests.
requests-gssapi 1.0.0 1 A GSSAPI authentication handler for python-requests
requests-kerberos 0.12.0 1 A Kerberos authentication handler for python-requests
requests-oauthlib 0.8.0 1 OAuthlib authentication support for Requests.
requests-raven 0.0.1 1 Requests wrapper to log onto Raven (University of Cambridge).
requests2 2.16.0 1 Python HTTP for Humans.
requests_netdna 0.13.6 1 Python HTTP for Humans.
requests_SSL_v3 2.1.0 1 Python HTTP for Humans.
res-core 1.0.4 1 Resystem common service package
resdk 3.0.0 1 Resolwe SDK for Python
rest_arch 0.1.4 1 A Restful Framework Based On Gunicorn
RESTpy 0.7.1 1 Werkzeug extensions for building RESTful services.
retort 0.1.0 1 Retort is a schema migration tool for SQLAlchemy.
retox 1.5.0 1 A parallel service for tox
retrospect 0.1.4 1 Log with 20/20 vision
retry 0.9.2 1 Easy to use retry decorator.
retryp 0.3.post9 1 Well-featured retry decorator
reusables 0.9.2 1 Commonly Consumed Code Commodities
rflink 0.0.37 1 Library and CLI tools for interacting with RFlink 433MHz transceiver.
rhubarbe 1.7.3 1 Testbed Management Framework for R2Lab
ricecooker 0.6.13 1 API for adding content to the Kolibri content curation server
rich-traceback 1.0.2 1 Rich Traceback Logger
rigor 0.4.3 1 rigor
ringo 1.14.0 1 A simple web framework with base functionality to build web applications.
rios_preprocessor 0.2.0 1 Preprocessor for the Natural Capital Project's RIOS software package
ripe-atlas-monitor 0.1.10 1 A tool to monitor results collected by RIPE Atlas probes and verify they match against predefined expected values.
rlflow 0.1.3 1 A framework for learning about and experimenting with reinforcement learning algorithms
rma 0.1.16 1 Utilities to profile Redis RAM usage
rmate 1.0.3 1 Edit files over SSH.
ro-manager 0.2.20 1 Research Object manager (command line tool)
robotremoteserver 1.1 1 Robot Framework remote server implemented with Python
robutils 1.0.1 1 Convenience classes for CLI Python applications.
rocketeer 0.2 1 Advanced remote process launcher, watchdog and manager.
rockettm 2.2.13 1 Rocket task manager
rof-rcon-client 0.2.0 1 RCon client for Rise of Flight dedicated server.
rollbar 0.13.18 1 Easy and powerful exception tracking with Rollbar. Send messages and exceptions with arbitrary context, get back aggregates, and debug production issues quickly.
romana-python-etcd 0.1.1 1 A python client for etcd
rootpy 1.0.1 1 A pythonic layer on top of the ROOT framework's PyROOT bindings.
roscreate-qt-pkg 0.1.4 1 Creates qt package templates for RoS
rotate-backups 4.4 1 Simple command line interface for backup rotation
rotate-backups-s3 0.3 1 Simple command line interface for S3 backup rotation
routemaster-sentry 1.1.5 1 Sentry error reporting for Routemaster.
Routes 2.4.1 1 Routing Recognition and Generation Tools
rpi-greenhouse 0.4.1 1 Simple interface to Raspberry Pi Plantpot Greenhouse add-on board
RPIHomeAlarmSystem 13.8 1 Raspberry Pi Home Alarm System
rq-scheduler-ng 0.5.1 1 Provides job scheduling capabilities to RQ (Redis Queue)
rr 0.2.0 1 Runner-Reloader for development
rsclib 0.49 1 Misc. basic stuff needed by RSCs tools
rshell 0.0.11 1 A remote shell for working with MicroPython boards.
rsl.xsd 0.2.4 1 Remote Service Library xsd module
rst2marsedit 1.4.1 1 Convert rst input to HTML suitable for use with MarsEdit
rstviewer 1 An in-browser RST viewer with live updating
rstwatch 1.0.2 1 Watch directories for changes to RST files and generate HTML
rsub 1.0.2 1 Open and edit files from a remote machine in your local Sublime Text or TextMate 2.
rsync-system-backup 0.9 1 Linux system backups powered by rsync
rtcclient 0.6.0 1 RTCClient for Rational Team Concert
rtorrent-python 0.2.9 1 A simple rTorrent interface written in Python
ruamel.dcw 0.5.0 1 docker-compose wrapper allowing for user data and env. var defaults
ruffruffs 0.0.2 1 Barkyipyipruff grr woofwoof.
rules 1.3 1 Awesome Django authorization, without the database
runlog 0.1.1 1 Managable detaied per-run logs for recurring jobs.
RunnerBean 0.4.4.dev0 1 A simple tool for creating long-running Python workers listening for Beanstalk jobs.
ruuvitag_sensor 0.9.0 1 Find RuuviTag sensor beacons and get data from selected sensor and decode data from eddystone url
rython 0.0.1 1 rython transparently mixes Ruby code into Python
s01.scrapy 0.16.2 1 Package for buildout based scrapy spider development
s3 3.0.0 1 Python module which connects to Amazon's S3 REST API
S3Backup 0.8 1 Perform scripted backups to Amazon S3
s3clumper 0.1.post16 1 Aggregate an S3 folder into a file in another
s3copy 0.0.2 1 Multi-threaded, fault-tolerant, bucket-to-bucket copy for s3.
s3lncoll 0.1.post16 1 Line stream s3 files into ~uniform lumps in S3
s3stat 2.3.1 1 An extensible Amazon S3 and Cloudfront log parser.
s3tup 0.1.0 1 Declarative configuration management and deployment tool for amazon s3
s3workers 0.3.0 1 Helper to simplify concurrent access to object scanning in AWS S3 buckets.
saga-python 0.47 1 A light-weight access layer for distributed computing infrastructure(
sagemaker 1.0.2 1 Open source library for training and deploying models on Amazon SageMaker.
salary-timetracker 0.3.0 1 A simple and easy timetracker for loging working hours and automatic wage calculation.
salesforce_bulk_api 1.2.0 1 A Python 2 and 3 interface to the Salesforce Bulk API.
salve 2.4.2 1 SALVE Configuration Deployment Language
Sanic-Cors 0.9.3 1 A Sanic extension adding a decorator for CORS support. Based on flask-cors by Cory Dolphin.
sanic-service-utils 0.1.8 1 Toolkit for sanic usage
sat 1 Salut à Toi multi-frontend XMPP client
satyr 0.2.1 1 Extensible Python Framework for Apache Mesos
sauna.reload 0.5.5 1 Instant code reloading for Plone using a fork loop
say_it_to_my_face 1.0 1 Log handler and exception hook to verbalize messages.
sbo-selenium 0.7.2 1 Selenium testing framework for Django applications 1.1b1 1 A content type describing a blog.
sc2reader 0.8.0 1 Utility for parsing Starcraft II replay files
scapy-nflog-capture 13.05.0 1 Driver for scapy to allow capturing packets via Linux NFLOG interface
scdlbot 0.9.14 1 Telegram Bot for downloading MP3 rips of tracks/sets from SoundCloud, Bandcamp, YouTube with tags and artwork.
sceptre 1.3.4 1 Cloud Provisioning Tool
SchemaBot 0.1.0a5 1 Python package to automatically manage database schema version control when using SQLAlchemy. Databases can be easily upgraded or downgraded to any version of the schema.
scikit-tensor 0.1 1 Python module for multilinear algebra and tensor factorizations
scilab2py 0.6.1 1 Python to Scilab bridge
sciluigi 0.9.6b7 1 Helper library for writing dynamic, flexible workflows in luigi
scrapekit 0.2.1 1 Light-weight tools for web scraping
scrapinghub-entrypoint-scrapy 0.11.1 1 Scrapy entrypoint for Scrapinghub job runner
scrapy-jsonrpc 0.3.0 1 Scrapy extenstion to control spiders using JSON-RPC
scrapy-redis 0.6.8 1 Redis-based components for Scrapy.
scrapy-rotating-proxies 0.5 1 Rotating proxies for Scrapy
scrapy-splash 0.7.2 1 JavaScript support for Scrapy using Splash
scrapydo 0.2.2 1 Crochet-based blocking API for Scrapy.
ScrapyElasticSearch 0.9.1 1 Scrapy pipeline which allow you to store multiple scrapy items in Elastic Search.
scratchapi 1.4.1 1 ScratchAPI is a Scratch API interface written in Python
screenutils 1 lib for gnu-screen: creates/close/list/log sessions, injects commands...
scribe 0.3.1 1 Log like it's going out of style
scripter 3.4.2 1 a tool for parallel execution of functions on many files
scription 0.81.9 1 simple script parameter parser
Scripy 0.9.3 1 Python tools for manage system commands as replacement to bash script
scrivener 0.2 1 Twisted Scribe Client/Server
scrooge 2.4.0 1 Pricing module for Ralph
scunch 0.5.8 1 Update svn working copy from folder.
secobj 0.2a-1 1 ACL security for functions and classes
security-manager 0.2.4 1 The SoftFIRE Security Manager
seed-papertrail 1.5.0 1 This is the seed-papertrail project.
seedboxtools 1.2.11 1 A tool to automate downloading finished torrents from a seedbox
seedme 1.2.4 1 Python REST like client for
seleniumpm 2.13.0 1 Selenium Pagemodel implementation for Python.
senaite.core 1.2.3 1 SENAITE Core
sentinel-s3 0.8.0 1 Python libraries for extracting Sentinel-2's metadata from Amazon S3
sentry-kafka 1.1 1 A Sentry extension which integrates with Apache Kafka.
sentry-nameko 0.1.2 1 Integration helpers for Sentry and Nameko
sentry_tryton 0.1 1 Sentry Integration for the Tryton Framework
sequent 3.1.7 1 sequent is a programming interface based on eventor providing simple way to write program flows
serialtime 0.1.1 1 A Python serialization tool containing many serialization and deserialization shortcuts with timing.
seriesManagementSystem 1.1.6 1 Manages Series
seriesnatch 0.0.2 1 Automatically download series.
ServeIt 0.0.2a12 1 Machine learning prediction serving
serverPKI 0.9.1 1 PKI for internet server infrastructure
setip3 0.1.3 1 Set your router's public IP at
setLog 1.0 1 Sets up an easy-to-use logger
setuptools_subversion 3.1 1 Setuptools revision control system plugin for Subversion
setuptools_webdav 0.0.1 1 Setuptools/distribute plugin for uploading to webdav servers
seven 1.0.0 1 Python 2.5 compatibility wrapper for Python 2.7 code.
seveno-pyutil 0.2.8 1 Various unsorted Python utilities
sf-suds 0.4.5 1 Lightweight SOAP client, with mods for Salesforce SOAP API
sftp-cloudfs 0.19 1 SFTP interface to OpenStack Object Storage (Swift)
shade 1.27.0 1 Simple client library for interacting with OpenStack clouds
shakky 0.0.5 1 shakky 是一个脚本(命令等)定时执行的 WebService 框架,它提供了 RestAPI 来帮助开发人员更容易的将脚本设置成一个定时任务。
shaku 0.0.4 1 Shaku 是一个脚本(命令等)定时执行的 WebService 框架,它提供了 RestAPI 来帮助开发人员更容易的将脚本设置成一个定时任务。
Shapely 1.6.4.post1 1 Geometric objects, predicates, and operations
shcs 0.1.7 1 self hosted cloud storage
sheetsync 0.2.2 1 Synchronize rows of data with a google spreadsheet
sheetsync2 0.2.5 1 Synchronize rows of data with a google spreadsheet (Python2.7 version)
sheetsync3 0.1.0 1 Synchronize rows of data with a google spreadsheet
shellfoundry 1.1.3 1 shellfoundry - Quali tool for creating, building and installing CloudShell shells
shelter 1.1.1 1 Simple Python's Tornado wrapper which provides helpers for creationa new project, writing management commands, service processes, ...
shirka 0.0.3 1 A small bot based on twisted
show 1.6.0 1 Debug print statements, done right. E.g. show(x)
sidewalk 0.3.0 1 The Simple Activity Aggregator.
Signaller 1.1.0 1 Signals and slots implementation with asyncio support
SilentDune-Client 0.5.14 1 Silent Dune FPA Client
silicon-clustering 0.3.1 1 Single-linkage connectivity clustering by cosine similarity
silva.resourceinclude 2.2.1 1 z3c.resourceinclude like support for Silva 2.3
silverberg 0.1.12 1 Twisted CQL Cassandra Client
simple-settings 0.12.1 1 A simple way to manage your project settings
SimpleAciUiLogServer 1.1.3 1 A remote API Inspector written in Python
simpleauth 0.1.5 1 A simple auth handler for Google App Engine supporting OAuth 1.0a, 2.0 and OpenID
SimpleDaemon 1.3.0 1 Provides a simple Daemon class to ease the process of forking a python application on Unix systems.
simpledb 0.3.0 1 simpledb
simpleflow 0.20.6 1 Python library for dataflow programming with Amazon SWF
SimpleInterceptor 0.1 1 Simple interceptor related to concepts of AOP
simplemail 1.0 1 An easy way to send emails in Python
simplesecuritygroups 0.0.2 1 Programatic way of creating Cloudformation SecurityGroup Templates
simpy-events 0.0.2 1 event types with simpy to ease code reusing.
simpype 1.0.0rc6 1 SimPype is a simulation framework based on Simpy that relies on the concepts of resource and pipe.
sinfonier-api 1.0.0 1 Sinfonier API was develop to manage Sinfonier Backend and deal with Apache Storm cluster. This software is part of Sinfonier-Project
sirepo 20180216.204148 1 accelerator code gui
siringa 0.1.3 1 Minimalist and idiomatic dependency injection library
skeleton 0.6 1 Basic Template system for project skeleton.
skeleton_stu 0.6.3 1 Basic Template system for project skeleton.
skitai 0.26.18b45 1 Skitai App Engine
sklad 0.1 1 tiny wsgi file-uploader - multiple or single selections, progress-per-file, unlimited size
skytap 1.4.0 1 Skytap REST API access modules
slack-pdb 2.0.4 1 Collaboratively debug your Python application in Slack
slack_log_handler 0.3.0 1 Python Slack log handler using webhook
slacker-log-handler 1.6.1 1 Posts log events to Slack via API
slacksound 0.1.2 1 Create playlists democratically by reactions in Slack
slapos.cookbook 1.0.53 1 SlapOS recipes.
slapos.recipe.cmmi 0.7 1 zc.buildout recipe for compiling and installing source distributions.
slapos.toolbox 0.74 1 SlapOS toolbox.
slc.autotranslate 1.5.4 1 Automatically translate files uploaded by PloneFlashUpload
slc.docconv 1.3 1 Add-on for collective.documentviewer that allows web service like conversion
slc.linguatools 1.4.4 1 A set of tools that simplify handling multilingual content in Plone based on LinguaPlone
slc.zopescript 1.0.4 1 Base classes for running code as Zope console scripts
sleekxmpp 1.3.3 1 SleekXMPP is an elegant Python library for XMPP (aka Jabber, Google Talk, etc).
slixmpp 1.3.0 1 Slixmpp is an elegant Python library for XMPP (aka Jabber, Google Talk, etc).
sllurp 0.3.9 1 RFID reader control library
sloq 0.2 1 Rate-limited Queue
sloth-ci.ext.build_email_notifications 1.0.8 1 Email notifications for Sloth CI apps
sloth-ci.ext.file_logs 1.1.3 1 File logs for Sloth CI apps
sloth-ci.ext.webhooks 1.0.2 1 Webhooks for Sloth CI
slowlog 0.9 1 Log and graph slow Pyramid and WSGI apps
slowpoke 1.0.1 1 A utility to track test execution over time.
smalisca 0.2 1 Static code analysis tool for Smali files
smartbotsol 1.0.1 1 smart conversation bots package
smartfile 2.19 1 A Python client for the SmartFile API. 0.4.0 1 A wrapper for the SmartyStreets address validation and geolocation API"
smbprotocol 0.0.1.dev4 1 Interact with a server using the SMB 2/3 Protocol
smc-python 0.6.0 1 Python based API to Stonesoft Security Management Center
smclip 0.3.0 1 Simple Multi Command Line Parser
smipyping 0.6.0 1 A pure Python client for SNIA SMI test support.
smk_python_sdk 9.4.1 1 Smarkets Python SDK - API clients and utility library
smoothtest 0.3.6 1 General purpose Testing Utilities and also special testing tools for for Web Applications
smpp.twisted 0.4 1 SMPP 3.4 client built on Twisted
sms_log_handler 0.0.1 1 SMS log handler.
smsframework 0.0.7-1 1 Bi-directional SMS gateway with pluggable providers
snaplayer 0.1.1 1 Make images out of your Softlayer virtual servers, painlessly
snapperS 1.1.8 1 A set of supplementary commands to be used with snapper
snapsearch-client-python 0.0.9 1 Pythonic HTTP Client and Middleware Library for SnapSearch
snaptastic 0.2.12 1 Snaptastic is a python tool to enable easy snapshotting and mounting of snapshots on AWS/EC2 EBS volumes.
snipsmanager 1 Snips Manager
snipsskills 1 Snips Skills Manager
snorky 0.1.0a4 1 Framework for developing WebSocket servers
snowflake-smart-suspend 0.2.2 1 Unix service to suspend the snowflake warehouses smartly to cut the cost.
soap2py 1.16 1 Python simple and lightweight SOAP Library
Soapbox 0.3.7 1 A SOAP library for Python.
socketIO-client 0.7.2 1 A client library
socketIO-client-2 0.7.5 1 A client library
socketIO-client-nexus 0.7.6 1 A client library
socketIO-client3 0.8.0 1 A client library
SocketTornad.IO 0.1.3 1 Python implementation of the Socket.IO protocol for the Tornado webserver/framework.
softwarefabrica.django.utils 1 Utility module for SoftwareFabrica django projects
solidfire-sdk-python 1 SolidFire Python SDK
solr_recipe 1.0 1 Buildout recipe that installs and configures Apache Solr. The default setup works with haystack 1.2.3.
solrdataimport 1.0.2 1 Data import from cassandra to solr 1.3.2 1 SQLAlchemy components for the SPARC platform
spark-yarn-submit 1.0.0 1 library to handle spark job submit in a yarn cluster in different environment
Sparked 0.15 1 Application development framework for interactive installations
sphere2cube 0.1.8 1 Utility to map an equirectangular (cylindrical projection; skysphere) map into 6 cube (cubemap; skybox) faces
sphinxcontrib-github 0.1.3 1 github directives and roles for sphinx
Spidy 0.2 1 Spidy - Web scraping simplified!
spidy-web-crawler 1.6.5 1 Spidy is the simple, easy to use command line web crawler.
spigot 2.3.0 1 Rate-limited feed aggregation to
spiny 0.6 1 Spiny will run your Python tests under multiple versions of Python
spline 1.7.1 1 (s)hell oriented (p)ipe(line) tool for ci/cd
splunk_logger 1.0.0 1 Splunk logger sends log messages to splunk directly from your Python code.
spoof 1.0.5 1 HTTP server for testing environments
spoppy 2.3.0 1 A lightweight spotify CLI
sprockets-influxdb 2.1.0 1 Buffering InfluxDB client and mixin for Tornado applications
sprockets.cli 0.1.0 1 Sprockets command line application runner
sprockets.mixins.avro-publisher 2.1.0 1 Mixin for publishing events to RabbitMQ as avro datums
spydey 0.5 1 A simple web spider with pluggable recursion strategies
spyne 2.12.14 1 A transport and architecture agnostic rpc library that focuses on exposing public services with a well-defined API.
spyne-delegate 1.0.2 1 Extension for spyne so you can easy override services using delegate classes
spyrk 0.0.4 1 Python module for Spark devices
sqlpharmacy 3.0.0 1 Python ORM framework, quick, easy, simple yet powerful, based on sqlalchemy.
sqmpy v1.0.0-alpha.3 1 Simple Queue Manager, also sqmpy, is a web interface for submitting jobs to HPC resources.
squishy 0.1.1 1 A simple Amazon SQS consumer library.
ssbench 0.3.9 1 SwiftStack Swift Benchmarking Suite
sshaolin 0.0.5 1 SSH for Ninjas
SSHCustodian 0.2.6 1 A modification to the Custodian class in custodian ( to allow for copying the temp_dir to other compute nodes via ssh.
sshpipe 0.5.2 1 sshpipe provide tools to manage ssh channel to remote hosts.
sshtunnel 0.1.3 1 Pure python SSH tunnels
ssloop 0.0.4 1 super lightweight event loop
sstc 0.1.0 1 Simple torrent client on top of libtorrent rasterbar
starlink-pywrapper 0.2 1 Provides a wrapper around the Starlink software suite commands.
state-machine-db 0.1 1 Provides the implementation of a configurable state machine
statx 0.0.2 1 A tool to count things
stcooapi 1.1.6 1 Python OO API package to automate Spirent TestCenter (STC) traffic generator
stefuna 0.9.6 1 AWS Step Function Activity server framework
stepsim 0.5.8a 1 StepSim - Python Step-based Simulation Package
stix2-elevator 1.0.0 1 Utilities to upgrade STIX and CybOX content to 2.0
stltimelogger 0.0.4 1 cli time logger
stopit 1.1.2 1 Timeout control decorator and context managers, raise any exception in another thread
storelet 0.1.8 1 Simple and easy framework for writing backup scripts
storjkademlia 0.7.4 1 Kademlia is a distributed hash table for decentralized peer-to-peer computer networks.
strainer 0.1.4 1 Tools to allow developers to cleanup web serialization objects (HTML, JSON, XHTML)
stratos 1.0 1 CLI tool to interact with Apache Stratos
stratos-cli 1.0 1 CLI tool to interact with Apache Stratos
strazar 0.2.8 1 Automatic upstream dependency testing
stump 0.12 1 Logs program flow with decorators
stxnext.staticdeployment 1.1 1 Deploy Plone site to static files.
styn 1.0.0 1 Lightweight Python Build Tool for Celery Users.
subgrab 0.17 1 A python script for automating subtitles downloading.
subler 0.4.2 1 Python interface to the Subler style metadata tagging.
subliminal 2.0.5 1 Subtitles, faster than your thoughts
subprocess_manager 0.1.2 1 Python Subprocess Manager
subspace 0.5.1 1 A pragmatic interface to programmatically use Ansible.
succubus 1.0.post239 1 Lightweight Python module for daemonizing
sucklesync 0.3.8 1 A wrapper around rsync to simplify continuous sychnronization of remote directories
suds-fc 0.4.1 1 Lightweight SOAP client
suds-py3k 1 Lightweight SOAP client
suds-unleashed 0.4.2 1 Lightweight SOAP client
suds3 0.1 1 Lightweight SOAP client
supergauge 0.0.2 1 supervisor process gauge eventlistener
supervisor 3.3.4 1 A system for controlling process state under UNIX
supervisor-logstash-notifier 0.2.4 1 Stream supervisor events to a logstash instance
supervisor-stdout 0.1.1 1 UNKNOWN
supplychainpy 0.0.5 1 A library for supply chain, operations and manufacturing, analysis, modelling and simulation.
supycache 0.3.0 1 Simple yet capable caching decorator for python
svnpoller 0.0.10 1 polling svn repository and notify by email.
svnpublish 2.12 1 Enables powerful automation from a subversion repository.
swadr 1.2.1 1 Import data from CSV, TSV, etc. files into SQLite3 database.
swarm 0.0.2-dev 1 multiprocessing based framework for tasks humanization
SwiftyBeaver 0.1 1 A Python implementation of the SwiftyBeaver Platform.
switchio 0.1.0a1 1 asyncio powered FreeSWITCH cluster control
synapse_ldap_password_provider 1 1 LDAP3 password provider for Synapse
syncano-cli 0.8 1 Syncano command line utilities
syntribos 0.5.0 1 API Security Scanner
syseggrecipe 1.5.1 1 Syseggrecipe allows the reuse of system eggs in buildout installs
Syslogger 0.0.4 1 Log messages by facility and level.
systemd 0.15.1 1 Python systemd wrapper
systest 3.3.0 1 System test framework with serial and parallel execution.
tableaurest 0.3.0 1 A Python based Tableau REST API interface.
tadpole 1.0.10 1 flask starter, support gunicorn start,stop,reload script and restful view , auto restful sqlalchemy model, auth and permission
tags2sdists 1.2 1 Create python sdists from tags
tailchaser 0.2.8 1 the ultimate tailer
talisker 0.9.6 1 A common WSGI stack
talisker-fork 0.10.1 1 A common WSGI stack
talons 0.3 1 Hooks for Falcon
tanto 1.1 1 Takes monitoring data from Nagios-plugins to push with NSCA (Nagios or Icinga) or WS-Shinken.
taobao-tmc-py 0.1dev-r0 1 淘宝平台消息服务python版本
tapp-config 0.0.3 1 Configuration for tapps (redis, logger, etc.)
tarman 0.1.3 1 UNKNOWN
taskforge 0.1.1 1 Plugin-friendly workflow system for interacting with taskwarrior tasks
taskjuggler-python 0.0.2 1 Python interfaces to TaskJuggler 3 planner
tasktiger 0.9.3 1 Python task queue
taxii-services 0.5 1 Django TAXII installable app & utilities for creating TAXII Django Web Apps.
tbk 0.2.0 1 Python implementation of Transbank's Webpay protocol.
tbx 1.7.0 1 Python Toolbox Library. Collection of useful tools and snippets.
tclient 0.0.4 1 HTTP client for parallel http requests
tcm2sql 1.0.0 1 Tool for generating SQL commands from a tcm static structure diagram (SSD)
tcms-api 4.0.0 1 Python API for the Kiwi TCMS test case management system
tddmon 0.2.0 1 TDD flow monitor.
techies 0.2.0 1 Opinionated Python toolbox
technicolor 2017.1.16.1544 1 UNKNOWN
telemetry-email-alerter 1.0.7 1 Script for subscribing to Arista Telemetry Events and sending email alerts.
tellive-py 0.5.2 1 Python wrapper for connecting to Telldus Live
telnetsrv 0.4 1 Telnet server handler library 0.1 1 API for interacting with Telstra's mobile services via cellular modem
temperusb 1.5.3 1 Reads temperature from TEMPerV1 devices (USB 0c45:7401)
tenacity 4.8.0 1 Retry code until it succeeeds
tendo 0.2.8 1 A Python library that extends some core functionality
tensorboard_logger 0.1.0 1 Log TensorBoard events without Tensorflow
tensorflow-qnd 0.1.11 1 Quick and Dirty TensorFlow command framework
tensorfx 0.1.3 1 TensorFX Framework
terminal 0.4.0 1 terminal ~~~~~~~~ A terminal environment tools. :copyright: (c) 2013 by Hsiaoming Yang.
terminal-coin-ticker 0.0.8 1 A cryptocurrency ticker for modern terminal emulators
termtool 1.1 1 Declarative terminal tool programming
terraflow 0.0.2 1 A Terraform wrapper script for managing stacks and environments.
terrascan 0.1.0 1 Security and best practices tests for terraform
tessdb 1.0.4 1 A package to collect measurements published by TESS instruments into a SQlite database
tessellate 0.3.6 1 A package for quantifying cyclic molecule conformations.
tessflux 0.1.2 1 MQTT to InfluxDB adapter for the STARS4ALL project
test-image-results 0.0.3 1 Upload test images to web service
testdata 0.6.24 1 Easily generate random unicode test data among other things
testfixtures 5.4.0 1 A collection of helpers and mock objects for unit tests and doc tests.
testharness 1.0.5 1 This is intended to be used as a generic functional test framework.
testing.postgresql 1.3.0 1 automatically setups a postgresql instance in a temporary directory, and destroys it after testing
testtrackpro 1.0.1 1 Python interface to TestTrackPro SOAP API
textteaser 0.3 1 A package for summarizing text using the TextTeaser API
tg.ext.repoze.who 0.1-r26 1 tg.ext.repoze.who are repoze.who plugins for TurboGears 2
tgapp-activitystream 0.0.3 1 Pluggable for create a simple activity stream.
tgapp-fbauth 0.3.1 1 Facebook Authentication for TurboGears2
tgapp-mailtemplates 0.12.0 1 Email template management for web applications
tgapp-permissions 0.3.1 1 Permission management for web application in turbogears2
tgapp-smallpress 0.6.2 1 Pluggable Minimalistic Blog for TurboGears2 with Attachments and Tags
tgapp-tgcomments 0.2.0 1 TurboGears2 pluggable application for comments to entities with facebook sharing
tgapp-tgpolls 0.0.6 1 TurboGears2 pluggable application to handle simple polls
tgapp-turbopress 0.0.5 1 Pluggable Blog for TurboGears2 supporting SQLAlchemy and MongoDB
tgapp-youtubevideo 0.0.3 1 Provides a pluggable youtube video gallery in TurboGears applications and provides a way to filter them by tags.
tgbot 1.0.dev32 1 Framework to build a Telegram Bot based on a UWSGI Server
tgext.celery 0.0.2 1
tgext.debugbar 0.3.0 1 Provides debug toolbar for TurboGears2
TGFirebugLite 1.0b 1 A TurboGears widgets wrapper for the Firebug Lite JavaScript Library.
tgnooapi 1.1.0 1 Base Python OO API package to automate traffic generators (Spirent TestCenter, Ixia IxNetwork etc.)
tha.taglist 1.5 1 Create find-links list of tags
theanets 0.7.3 1 Feedforward and recurrent neural nets using Theano
theape 2014.11.10 1 The All-Purpose Experimenter.
themelog 0.1.0 1 256-colour log messages
thingspeak 0.4.1 1 Client library for the API
thredds_crawler 1.5.3 1 A Python library for crawling THREDDS servers
threebot-worker 0.1.4 1 Worker scripts for the 3bot plattform
thriftpool 0.2.9 1 Container for thrift services.
thymus-timeseries 0.1.1 1 An intuitive library tracking dates and timeseries in common using NumPy arrays.
ticketscloud 0.6.4 1 UNKNOWN
ticketutil 1.3.0 1 Python ticketing utility supporting JIRA, RT, Redmine, Bugzilla, and ServiceNow
tidbits 0.3.1 1 Useful Python Tidbits
tiingo 0.4.2 1 REST Client for Tiingo Data Platform API
tilecloud-chain 1.4.1 1 Tools to generates tiles from WMS or Mapnik, to S3, Berkley DB, MBTiles, or local filesystem in WMTS layout using Amazon cloud services.
timera 0.2.1 1 Store metrics in InfluxDB.
timeswitch 1.0.1 1 Test date/time against a time period expressed in a simple grammar
timewatch 0.5.4 1 A library automating worktime reports for
timmytimer 0.2 1 minimal timer wrapper with print or log
timo-zappa 1 Server-less Python Web Services for AWS Lambda and API Gateway
tinyblog 0.5.2 1 A Django app for a very simple blog.
tinylog 0.1.4 1 Just a tiny logger. Nothing more, nothing less.
TinyLogAnalyzer 0.4.0 1 Command line utility for perform response time analysis onto HTTP access logs
tlcache 0.2.1 1 Two Level Local Cache
tldp 0.7.13 1 automatic publishing tool for DocBook, Linuxdoc and Asciidoc
tle-storage-service 1.0.7 1 Small aiohttp server application for TLE storage
tls-syslog 0.1.0 1 Send syslog data over a TCP/TLS socket.
tmcpy 0.3.7 1 淘宝平台消息服务客户端 for Python
toastbot 0.4.1 1 A clean, extensible IRC bot using irckit.
tomodachi 0.7.0 1 Python 3 microservice library / framework using asyncio with HTTP, websockets, RabbitMQ / AMQP and AWS SNS+SQS support.
tool-box 0.5.1 1 tools for your toolbox , neatly organised
topology 1.9.5 1 Network Topology Framework using NML, with support for pytest.
topology-docker 1.6.0 1 Docker based Platform Engine plugin for the Network Topology Framework.
topp.featurelets 0.3.0 1 Base support for plone featurelets (i.e. feature plugins)
tor_async_util 1.14.0 1 Tornado Async Utilities
torchpack 0.0.11 1 A set of interfaces to simplify the usage of PyTorch
torment 3.0.3 1 A Study in Fixture Based Testing Frameworking
tornado_msgpack 0.4 1 ore ore MessagePack RPC
tornadorpc 0.1.1 1 TornadoRPC is a an implementation of both JSON-RPC and XML-RPC handlers for the Tornado framework.
Torrelque 0.1.2 1 Asynchronous Tornado Redis-based reliable queue package
torskel 0.1.54 1 Python package with skeleton of the base Tornado application
torus 0.7.1 1 Carbon and Graphite replacement using Kairos for timeseries storage
touchworks 0.3 1 Allscripts Touchworks API Client for Python
tpq 1.7 1 Trivial Postgres Queue
TracCaptcha 0.3.1 1 pluggable captcha infrastructure for Trac with reCAPTCHA included
TracGoogleAnalytics 0.2.4 1 Trac plugin to enable your trac environment to be logged by Google Analytics
TracPiwik 0.1.1 1 Trac plugin to enable your trac environment to be logged by Piwik
trakt 2.7.2 1 Pythonic abstraction layer for easier scripting of the REST API.
tranchitella.recipe.fs 0.3 1 Buildout recipe to create files and directories
transmogrify.htmlcontentextractor 1.0 1 This blueprint extracts out title, description and body from html either via xpath or by automatic cluster analysis
transmogrify.pathsorter 1.0b4 1 transmogrify.pathsorter is a blueprint for reordering items into tree sorted order
transmogrify.ploneremote 1.3 1 Transmogrifier blueprints for uploading content via xmlrpc to a plone site
transmogrify.siteanalyser 1.3 1 transmogrifier source blueprints for crawling html
transmogrify.webcrawler 1.2.1 1 Crawling and feeding html content into a transmogrifier pipeline
transmute 5.0 1 Automatically update Python Eggs on application startup.
trapperkeeper 0.6.1 1 SNMP Trap Daemon.
tredis 0.7.2 1 An asynchronous Redis client for Tornado
tree_output 0.1.4 1 Python library to simplify building of tree output with command-line interfaces.
treelogger4mongo 0.1.0 1 A logger that logs in a tree structure form in mongo
trezor-gpg 0.0.6 1 Use Trezor for GPG passphrases
trezor-gpg-pinentry-tk 0.0.3 1 A pinentry for GPG with Trezor
triage 2.1.0 1 Risk modeling and prediction
tripoli 2.0.0 1 IIIF Presentation API validation.
trophyfetcher 0.1.0 1 A package used to fetch public information about trophies from PSN.
trueseeing 2.0.9 1 Trueseeing is a non-decompiling Android application vulnerability scanner.
trustpilot 3.0.1 1 trustpilot api client including cli tool
trytond_sentry 1 Sentry Client for Tryton
tstat_transport 0.6.5 1 Tools to send Tstat (TCP STatistic and Analysis Tool) log data to archive servers.
tstl 1.1.8 1 Template scripting testing language (TSTL)
TTYLight-Python 1.1.1 1 easily stylize terminal text
tune_reporting 2.7.4 1 TUNE Reporting API client library.
turnstile 0.7.0b2 1 Distributed rate-limiting middleware
turses 0.3.1 1 A Twitter client for the console.
tvb-library 1 A package for performing whole brain simulations
tvbutler 0.1b1 1 tvbutler reads RSS feeds from and downloads torrents of new episodes for you in your preferred quality
tvrenamr 4.4.0 1 Rename tv show files using online databases
twisted-mqtt 0.3.6 1 MQTT client protocol package for Twisted
twistml 0.9 1 TWItter STock market Machine Learning package
twitcher 1.7.5 1 A tool for watching Zookeeper nodes.
twitter_bot_utils 0.11.6.post1 1 Python utilities for twitter bots
TWLogger 0.1.0 1 Client for TaskWorkshop exceptions
twork 2.0.14 1 twork is a Tornado Application FrameWork, it supports plug-in module injection, the module called TworkApp.
tws-async 0.5.7 1 Use the Interactive Brokers API (IBAPI) asynchonouslywith asyncio or PyQt5
tx-manager 0.2.64 1 Classes for executing tX Manager
tx-manager-test1 0.2.3 1 Classes for executing tX Manager
txaioetcd 0.4.0 1 Asynchronous client library for etcd3
txLoadBalancer 1.1.0 1 txLoadBalancer - A Twisted-based TCP load balancer.
txpool 0.9 1 A persistent process pool for Twisted
txSpore 0.0.2 1 An asynchronous Spore Python API using Twisted.
txweb 0.0.8 1 python web framework
txwebbackendbase 0.2.1 1 Generic Base framework for Web App backend using Twisted
txwinrm 1.1.18 1 Asynchronous Python WinRM client
typedjsonrpc 0.4.0 1 A typed decorator-based JSON-RPC library for Python
typeguard 2.1.4 1 Run-time type checker for Python
typtop 0.2.11 1 Adaptive typo-tolerant password checking for Debian logins
tzcelery 3.1.27 1 Distributed Task Queue
uaverify 0.7.3 1 Urban Airship Build Verification
ubcpi-xblock 0.6.4 1 UBC Peer Instruction XBlock
ucscsdk 1 Python SDK for Cisco Ucs Central
udata 1.3.0.dev6775 1 Open data portal
udiskie 1.7.3 1 Removable disk automounter for udisks
umilandez 2.0.3.dev0 1 Landez is a python toolbox to manipulate map tiles.
uModbus 1.0.0 1 Implementation of the Modbus protocol in pure Python.
undead 0.2.2 1 Dead Easy UNIX Daemons!
unilog 2.0.0 1 Representing complex object as unicode or simple string.
unishark 0.3.2 1 A test framework extending unittest, providing flexible test suites config, concurrent execution, Html/XUnit reports, and data driven utility.
update-dotdee 3.0 1 Generic modularized configuration file manager
update_checker_app 0.6 1 Flask Application that provides the interface to the update_checker package.
urconf 2016.5 1 Declarative configuration library for Uptime Robot
url_shortener 0.5.20 1 Simple URL Shortener
URLConvert 0.3.2 1 A simple, extensible URL dispatcher
urlimport 0.86c-dev 1 Allow importing files through the web, by adding urls to pythonpath
urllib3 1.22 1 HTTP library with thread-safe connection pooling, file post, and more.
usdt 0.1.4 1 Python libusdt bindings
userdocker 2.0.0 1 userdocker allows admins to grant restricted docker command access to users.
uservoice 0.0.23 1 UserVoice Python library
usrsvc 1.5.12 1 A service manager for running/managing/monitoring/auto-restarting daemons and services at the user (non-root) level
uwaterloo-addcourse 1.2.1 1 Package for easily adding a course on UWaterloo's QUEST.
uwosh.transitionbuttons 0.9.8 1 Adds a button interface for the different state ttransitions
uwsgi-tasks 0.6.4 1 Asynchronous tasks management with UWSGI server
uwsgidns 1.0.1 1 Dinamically route to localhost request for uWSGI locally subscribed domains.
v1pysdk-unofficial 0.4.post4 1 VersionOne API client
vanity 2.2.2 1 Get package download statistics from PyPI
vault-redirector 0.2.0 1 Python/Twisted application to redirect Hashicorp Vault client requests to the active node in a HA cluster
vcapi 1.0.1a4 1 Python CLI for Veracode's API
vcloudair 0.5 1 Python SDK for vCloud Air
vcs-repo-mgr 2.0.1 1 Version control repository manager
vedit 0.0.3 1 Library for editing video by wrapping ffmpeg.
vero 2.0.1 1 Python wrapper for Vero API
version_utils 0.3.0 1 Library for parsing system package strings and comparing package versions
versionfinder 0.1.1 1 Python package to find the version of another package, whether installed via pip, setuptools or git.
vidcutter 5.5.0 1 the simplest + fastest media cutter and joiner
virtenviro 0.7.12 1 Open source content management system (CMS) based on the django framework.
vk-requests 1.1.0 1 requests for humans. API library for
VPNocchio 0.0.24 1 Just a Python module suitable to use multiple OpenVPN connections at same time
vsc-base 2.5.8 1 Common tools used within our organization. Originally created by the HPC team of Ghent University (
vsc-zk 0.9.7 1 vsc-zk contains scripts to build zookeeper trees and tools using zookeeper.
vulnmine 1.0.5 1 Mine SCCM and NIST NVD for host vulnerability data
vumi-go 0.5.0 1 Vumi Go
vxmessenger 2.0.1 1 This is the vxmessenger project.
vxUtils 0.0.8 1 我的工具箱
wa-kat 1.1.9 1 Web page analyzator for czech webarchive.
waeup.kofa 1.5 1 A student online information and registration portal
wagtail-blog-app 0.1.2 1 Simple wagtail blog for your Django project.
wagtailnews 0.18.1 1 News / blog plugin for the Wagtail CMS
wagtailnews-collection 0.17.11 1 News / blog plugin for the Wagtail CMS, but with news items belonging to collections, enforcing permissions
waiter 0.5 1 Delayed iteration for polling and retries.
waiting 1.4.1 1 Utility for waiting for stuff to happen
wakatime 10.1.0 1 Common interface to the WakaTime api.
wal-e 1.1.0 1 Continuous Archiving for Postgres
watchdog 0.8.3 1 Filesystem events monitoring
watchmaker 0.9.2 1 Applied Configuration Management
wav2vec 1.0.1 1 A Python package to convert waveform files (WAV or AIFF) to vector graphics (SVG, PostScript, or CVS)
WCatalog 1.8.5 1 Media web cataloging application
wdwapp 0.0.7 1 Webapps for recording and displaying weather data
web-trawler 0.2.0 1 Trawl web pages for files to download 0.1.4 1 is a cross-platform script (web) and API for launching a browser(with x-www-browser (Linux, Unix), open (OSX), start (Windows),or python -m webbrowser)
web2pyrecipe 1.0.1 1 A web2py recipe for buildout.
WebCore 2.0.3 1 A powerful web development nanoframework so small it's not even a microframework.
WebGrid 0.1.35 1 A library for rendering HTML tables and Excel files from SQLAlchemy models.
webhook-logger 0.2.0 1 A Python logger to send information to Webhooks
webhook2lambda2sqs 0.2.0 1 Generate code and manage infrastructure for receiving webhooks with AWS API Gateway and pushing to SQS via Lambda.
webid-delegated-auth 0.1 1 WebID delegated authentication tools (signing and checking auth URLs)
webparser 1.0 1 Tiny framework for parsing web.
websockify 0.8.0 1 Websockify.
webtail 0.1b16 1 Tornado-based log viewer
wechatsogou 4.0.2 1 Api for wechat mp with sogou
wf-api-client 1.0.1 1 A local client for interfacing to the WebFaction web hosting server API.
wfastcgi 3.0.0 1 An IIS-Python bridge based on WSGI and FastCGI.
wfm 0.1.4 1 A command-line interface for adding to your WorkflowMax timesheet.
widely 0.16 1 Static Site as a Service using AWS S3
wifi 0.8.0rc1 1
wifi-tools 0.7 1 Wifi python scripts for raspberry pi wardriving. Supports wifi, bluetooth, nrf24
winkar_utils 0.0.7 1 Util functions for python
wishlist 0.2.1 1 Amazon wishlist scraper
wlister 0.1.0 1 Web application firewall designed to whitelist and/or blacklist HTTP requests.
wm.sampledata 0.5.2 1 UI and utility methods to generate sampledata for Plone projects
wmf_umapi_client 0.1.1-dev 1 Client wrapper for Wikimedia UMAPI.
wmowonen.theme 0.12 1 Theme for WMO Wonen NH (2014)
wormhole-proxy 2.0.2 1 Asynchronous I/O HTTP and HTTPS Proxy on Python 3.5
WorQ 1.1.0 1 Python task queue
wotw-highlighter 0.3.0 1 Formats code as an editor-esque (Sublime, VS Code) block
woudc-formats 0.1.0 1 Python library for converting non-standard formats to WOUDC extended CSV format.
wpbiff 0.1.1 1 Wordpress Two-Factor Authentication Brute-forcer
wpull 2.0.1 1 Wget-compatible web downloader and crawler.
wrap 2018.2.2 1 useful wrap collections
wrappers 0.1.9 1 convenient wrappers around existing modules
WS2801-RPI 1.0.2 1 Conecting WS2801 LED strip to Raspberry Pi
wsapi4plone.core 0.2 1 A Web Services API for Plone (>=3.x).
wsgi-harakiri 1.0.0 1 WSGI Middleware that implements a customizable 'harakiri' like uWSGI
wsgid 0.9 1 WSGI Server with SSL, code reloading.
wsgintegrate 0.1.3 1 WSGI integration layer
WsgiUnproxy 1.0 1 Unproxy WSGI middleware
wspy 0.9.1 1 A standalone implementation of websockets (RFC 6455).
wtframework 0.4.11 1 WTF - Web Test Framework
wukong 0.5.1 1 An ORM Client library for SolrCloud
wurst 0.1.1 1 Wurst is a python package for linking and modifying industrial ecology models
wxr-parser 0.1 1 A simple Worpdress eXtended RSS (WXR) parser
x10_any 0.0.6 1 Issue x10 commands via CM17A Firecracker or Mochad (CM15A RF/PL and CM19A RF)
x2y 0.1.0 1 x2y: convert line ending between DOS, Mac and Unix
xavier 0.0.12 1 Lambda bot
xbot 2 1 Framework to program bots. 0.2.0 1 Xbus Broker written in Python3
XComment 0.0.2 1 A script to remove comments from code.
xdaemonocle 0.8.1 1 A Python library for creating super fancy Unix daemons
xdcc_dl 2.1.0 1 An XDCC File Downloader based on the irclib framework
xdgmenu 0.0.0 1 A simple freedesktop based Applications menu using ncurses
xdiff 0.1.0 1 A CLI tool to compare data structures, files, folders, http responses, etc.
xdv 0.4b3 1 XDV implements a subset of Deliverance using a pure XSLT engine. With XDV, you "compile" your theme and ruleset in one step, then use a superfast/simple transform on each request thereafter. Alternatively, compile your theme during development, check it into Subversion, and not touch XDV during deployment.
xFlow 0.1.16 1 A serverless workflow architecture using AWS Lambda functions and Kinesis 1.0.1 1 XHOSTPLUS Blog Product for Plone 4
xmldirector.plonecore 2.1.1 1 XML-Director
Xmlify 0.1.1 1 Simple and fast Python built-in type XML serialiser
xmm 0.8.0 1 A package manager for Xonotic.
Xnt 0.6.3 1 High-Level build script for doing more complex build tasks
xtab 1 Crosstabulate data in a text file.
xutils 0.10 1 A Fragmentary Python Library.
xWoTModelTranslator 1.6 1 Translates xWoT models into various code snippets
yac 1.4.6 1 yac - portable services
YaCms 1.0.0 1 An open source content management platform built using the Django framework.
yafowil.plone 2.4.1 1 Plone Integration with YAFOWIL
yahooweather 0.10 1 a Python module that provides an interface to the Yahoo! Weather RSS feed.
yaml_configuration 0.0.9 1 A python module to easily read from and write to yaml config files.
yamlsettings 0.2.8 1 Yaml Settings Configuration Module
yamp 0.0.5-6 1 UNKNOWN
yassh 1.0.1 1 A remote process launcher.
yawn 0.1.1 1 Yawn is Awesome WickedNess for tests (it is a helper for selenium testing)
yawns 0.1.8 1 Yet Another Workflow Engine, a subprocess-based DAG execution system
yay 3.1.1 1 An extensible config file format
Yaybu 3.1.1 1 Server deployment and configuration management in Python
yconf 0.3.4 1 Wrapper that combines argparse with yaml config files.
yixin 4.2.2 1 An django CMS
ynot 0.2.18 1 Yaml-based No-xml Transformation
yolk 0.4.3 1 Command-line tool for querying PyPI and Python packages installed on your system.
yosai 0.3.2 1 Yosai is a powerful security framework with an intuitive api.
yoyo-migrations 5.0.5 1 Database schema migration tool using SQL and DB-API
yql 1.0.1 1 python interface for yql
yubico-client 1.10.0 1 Library for verifying Yubikey One Time Passwords (OTPs)
yxpy 0.1.5 1 Python utils
z3c.authviewlet 1.0.1 1 Authentication viewlet for Zope3
z3c.blobfile 0.1.5 1 File and Image Using Blob Support of ZODB -- Zope 3 Content Components
z3c.pypimirror 1.0.16 1 A module for building a complete or a partial PyPI mirror
z3c.recipe.winservice 0.7.0 1 Zope3 windows service installer
z3c.repoexternals 0.3 1 Generate externals from a repository
z3c.requestlet 0.9.1 1 UNKNOWN
z3c.rml 3.3.0 1 An alternative implementation of RML
z3c.saconfig 0.14 1 Minimal SQLAlchemy ORM session configuration for Zope
zappa 0.45.1 1 Server-less Python Web Services for AWS Lambda and API Gateway
zato-enclog 1.0.5.post2 1 Encrypted logger reusable in any Python application
zc.ajaxform 0.7.0 1 UNKNOWN
zc.async 1.5.4 1 Schedule durable tasks across multiple processes and machines.
zc.buildoutsftp 0.11.0 1 Specialized zc.buildout plugin to add sftp support.
zc.catalogqueue 0.3.1 1 UNKNOWN
zc.configuration 1.2.0 1 Extensions to zope.configuration
zc.lockfile 1.2.1 1 Basic inter-process locks
zc.monitor 0.3.1 1 A network-accessible command-line monitoring interface.
zc.monitorlogstats 0.1.0 1 Log handler and zc.z3monitor plugin to monitor log activity
zc.ngi 2.1.0 1 Network Gateway Interface
zc.recipe.cmmi 2.0.0 1 ZC Buildout recipe for configure/make/make install
zc.recipe.egg 2.0.5 1 Recipe for installing Python package distributions as eggs
zc.resumelb 1.0.2 1 Résumé-based WSGI load balancer
zc.sentrywsgi 1.1.0 1 Sentry configuration middleware.
zc.wsgirunner 0.1.0 1 **************************************************************
zc.zkzeo 1.0.1 1 ZEO ZooKeeper
zc.zkzopeserver 1.3.2 1 zope.server wrapper that registers with ZooKeeper
zc.zodbdgc 1.0.1 1 ZODB Distributed Garbage Collection
zc.zodbrecipes 2.0.0 1 ZC Buildout recipes for ZODB
zc.zope3recipes 0.18.0 1 ZC Buildout recipe for defining Zope 3 applications
zcms 0.6.4 1 Serve filesystem content via repoze.bfg
zconfig_watchedfile 1.0 1 UNKNOWN
zdaemon 4.2.0 1 Daemon process control library and tools for Unix-based systems
zenoss.toolbox 0.5.2 1 Utilities for analyzing and debugging Zenoss environments.
ZEO 5.1.1 1 ZEO - Single-server client-server database server for ZODB
zeroconf 0.20.0 1 Pure Python Multicast DNS Service Discovery Library (Bonjour/Avahi compatible)
zeroless 1.0.0 1 ZeroMQ for Pythonistas™
zest.releaser 6.13.5 1 Software releasing made easy and repeatable
zest.specialpaste 1.2 1 Special paste action with extra options
zest.stabilizer 1.4 1 Script to help move a buildout from unstable to stable
zhihu-py3 0.3.23 1 Zhihu UNOFFICIAL API library in python3, with help of bs4, lxml, requests and html2text.
Zibrato 0.2.0 1 Send metrics to Librato via ZeroMQ.
zigate 0.9.1 1 python library for the zigate gateway (zigbee)
zipline-poloniex 0.1.2 1 Poloniex data bundle for zipline, the pythonic algorithmic trading library.
zk-flock 1 Utility to launch process under distributed Zookeeper lock
zk_monitor 0.1.2 1 Zookeeper Monitoring Service
zkpytb 0.0.4 1 A collection of useful functions by Zertrin
zmq_rpc 0.2 1 0mq RPC calls implemented with pyzmq.
zmwangx 0.3 1 A collection of shared utilities for day-to-day scripting
ZODB 5.3.0 1 ZODB, a Python object-oriented database
zodbupdate 1.0 1 Update ZODB class references for moved or renamed classes.
Zookeeper-Watcher 0.1.4 1 Watches a designated node in Zookeeper for data or member changes and trigger a function when an event is detected. 4.0.0 1 Zope app setup helper 4.0.0 1 Principals and groups management for the pluggable authentication utility 4.0.0 1 ZMI UI for zope.generations 4.2.1 1 Zope publication 4.0.0 1 ZMI Views For Zope3 Security Components 4.1.0 1 WSGI application for the zope.publisher
zope.pluggableauth 2.3.0 1 Pluggable Authentication Utility
zope.publisher 4.3.2 1 The Zope publisher publishes Python objects on the web.
zope.server 4.0.1 1 Zope Server (Web and FTP)
zope.testrunner 4.8.1 1 Zope testrunner script.
Zope2 2.13.27 1 Zope2 application server / web framework
zopyx.convert 1.1.11 1 A Python interface to XSL-FO libraries (Conversion HTML to PDF, RTF, DOCX, WML and ODT)
zopyx.existdb 1 Plone-ExistDB integration
zopyx.sharepoint 0.2.0 1 Experimental Python-Sharepoint connector
zopyx.smartprintng.client 0.8.5 1 ZOPYX SmartPrintNG Client Library
zopyx.smartprintng.plone 2.1.27 1 Produce & Publisher server integration with Plone
zopyx.smartprintng.server 1.1.2 1 ZOPYX SmartPrintNG Server
zopyx_gridfs 0.3.0 1 A MongoDB-to-Web gateway based on the Pyramid web framework
zperfmetrics 1.0b5 1 Perfmetrics configuration for Zope/Plone.
zsft.recipe.cmd 0.4 1 Buildout recipe to execute commands via shell or python
zugbruecke 0.0.6 1 Calling routines in Windows DLLs from Python scripts running under Linux, MacOS or BSD
zuora-client 1.0 1 Zuora client SOAP API

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