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Index of Packages Matching 'matplotlib'

Package Weight* Description
matplotlib 2.1.2 9 Python plotting package
matplotlib-colorbar 0.3.5 9 Artist for matplotlib to display a color bar
matplotlib-scalebar 0.4.1 9 Artist for matplotlib to display a scale bar
matplotlib-subsets 1.0 9 Functions for plotting area-proportional hierarchical subset diagrams in matplotlib.
matplotlib-venn 0.11.5 9 Functions for plotting area-proportional two- and three-way Venn diagrams in matplotlib.
matplotlib_iterm2 0.1.0 9 iTerm2 exterimental backend for matplotlib
matplotlib-label-lines 0.3.1 7 Label lines in matplotlib.
matplotlib2tikz 0.6.14 7 convert matplotlib figures into TikZ/PGFPlots
fc-matplotlib4mesh 0.0.3 6 The fc_matplotlib4mesh package displays simplicial meshes or datas on simplicial meshes by using Matplotlib
fc-simesh-matplotlib 0.0.3 6 Matplotlib add-on to the fc_simesh package
matplotlib-helpers 0.1.post6 6 Helper functions, etc. for matplotlib
matplotlib_venn_wordcloud 0.2 6 Create a Venn diagram with word clouds corresponding to each subset.
addcopyfighandler 1.0.0 5 Adds a Ctrl+C handler to matplotlib figures for copying the figure to the clipboard
anafit 0.1.4 5 A toolbox providing interactive fitting tools for matplotlib
animateimages 0.2.3 5 Animation of matplotlib images
atlas-mpl-style 0.1.post1 5 ATLAS style for Matplotlib 2.0+
betterplotlib 1.5.0 5 Some wrappers for matplotlib to make plotting easier and nicer.
canvas 0.2 5 canvas is a simple interface to most common matplotlib functions
colorobject 0.8.1 5 Dynamic color objects compatible with Matplotlib
contours 0.0.2 5 Contour calculation with Matplotlib.
crowdedText 0.2.1 5 A small library for automatically adjusting text position in matplotlib plots to minimize overlaps (forked and modified from Phlya's adjustText)
daynight2geojson 0.1 5 Get day and night global geometry and dumps to a GeoJSON file. Builded on top of Matplotlib Basemap Toolkit Library.
descartes 1.1.0 5 Use geometric objects as matplotlib paths and patches
EasyPlot 1.0.0 5 A matplotlib wrapper for fast and easy generation of reusable plots
easypyplot 1.0.0 5 Lightweight utilities and wrappers for Python matplotlib.
funsliders 5 Funsliders are user-friendly Matplotlib sliders
geojsoncontour 0.1.4 5 Convert matplotlib contour plots to geojson
graf 0.1.2 5 Light weight numpy, scipy, and matplotlib wrapper
justplot 0.1.3a3 5 A thin wrapper around matplotlib, which lets you save figure and axes settings.
lifeqstyles 0.0.5 5 Standard Matplotlib LifeQ and HealthQ plot styles.
matplotsave 0.1.3 5 Helper functions and context manager to make it easier to save matplotlib plots as images.
mpl-animationmanager 1.0a1 5 Matplotlib animation manager (GUI).
mpls 0.2.0 5 An open library of matplotlib styles
mpt-multiplot 0.0.2 5 Convenient matplotlib subplot grids
plawt 1.1.13 5 JSON-like sugar for plotting with matplotlib
plotexplorer_gui 0.4.1 5 A wxpython/matplotlib script for plotting and contrasting a collection of graphs
plt 0.0.1 5 "plt" let people to use matplotlib without the knowledge of python
pubplot 0.1.1 5 Seamless LaTeX and Matplotlib integration for publication plots
pygmyplot 0.2.11rc 5 Matplotlib wrapper plotting library
pysmithplot 0.1.0 5 A simple Smith Plot/Chart extension for matplotlib.
python-ternary 1.0.3 5 Make ternary plots in python with matplotlib
pywaffle 0.0.7 5 A FigureClass of Matplotlib to make waffle chart.
SphinxReport 2.4.1 5 SphinxReport : a report generator in python based on Sphinx and matplotlib
webplotlib 0.1 5 A package for creating server-side charts/graphs using matplotlib; examples are also given for serving those charts directly via Django.
windrose 1.6.3 5 Python Matplotlib, Numpy library to manage wind data, draw windrose (also known as a polar rose plot)
boomslang 1.0 4 A thin layer over matplotlib that simplifies creation of common plots
classFig 0.0.5 4 Comfortable figure handling in Python3 / Matplotlib
clearplot 1.2.0 4 Clearplot creates publication quality plots using matplotlib
Cyrcos 1.0 4 A Circos-like implementation in Python 3 using Matplotlib
fishbowl 0.3.1 4 Customizable matplotlib style extension
goosempl 0.1.6 4 Style and extension functions for matplotlib
imutils 0.4.5 4 A series of convenience functions to make basic image processing functions such as translation, rotation, resizing, skeletonization, displaying Matplotlib images, sorting contours, detecting edges, and much more easier with OpenCV and both Python 2.7 and Python 3.
ipympl 0.1.0 4 Matplotlib Jupyter Extension
mapsplotlib 1.0.6 4 Custom Python plots on a Google Maps background. A flexible matplotlib like interface to generate many types of plots on top of Google Maps.
matplotlib-hep 0.1.0 4 Module for making data analysis in High Energy Physics with Python more convenient
multilabel 0.2.2 4 A Python module that will create multi-line xlabels in matplotlib with left-side titles
PlotDraw 0.0.1 4 interface of Matplotlib
prettyfigure 0.1.1 4 Styles for matplotlib
py-heat 0.0.2 4 pprofile + matplotlib = Python program profiled as an awesome heatmap!
richardsplot 1.1 4 Matplotlib plotting standards for Gordon Richards' group
sciplot 0.6.3 4 Pythonic data visualization tool based on matplotlib
simpleplotlib 0.12 4 A matplotlib wrapper focused on beauty and simplicity
asyncplot 0.1 3 Asynchronous client-server library for simple plotting.
aviplot 1.0.2 3 Provide a matplotlib like interface to plotting data with Google Maps
bandwagon 0.1.1 3 Simulate DNA band patterns for gel migration experiments
basemap 1.0.7 3 Plot data on map projections with matplotlib
brewer2mpl 1.4.1 3 Connect color maps to Python and matplotlib
Cartopy 0.15.1 3 A cartographic python library with matplotlib support for visualisation
chartpy 0.05 3 Plot using Plotly, matplotlib, Bokeh & more using simple unified Python API
Circos 1.3.5 3 Circos plots in Python!
clplot 0.2.1a0 3 clplot is a command line utility to create plots and pages of plots from csv-like files.
colormap 1.0.1 3 Utilities to ease manipulation of matplotlib colormaps and color codecs (e.g., hex2rgb)
colorview2d 0.6.5 3 2d color plotting tool
dna_features_viewer 0.1.5 3 Plot features from DNA sequences (e.g. Genbank) with Python
ds9norm 0.1 3 A Matplotlib normalize object that replicates DS9 image stretching
dyplot 0.8.8 3 matplotlib-like plot functions for dygraphs.js and c3.js.
ezplot 0.1.0a4 3 Remote Procedure interface to Matplotlib
figplotter 0.0.3 3 A figure plotter using matplotlib
Fplot 0.2.2 3 Plot functions with simple syntax
gmplot 1.2.0 3 Provide a matplotlib like interface to plotting data with Google Maps
hiveplot 2017. 3 Hive plots in Python!
ipython-cypher 0.2.5 3 Neo4j Cypher cell and line magic for IPython, Pandas, NetworkX and matplotlib
joystick 0.3.8 3 Real-time plotting and logging while console controlling
JSAnimation 0.1 3 Javascript Animation exporter for matplotlib and IPython
kaplot 1.0.0-beta6 3 A plotting tool built around/on matplotlib
latexipy 1.0.1 3 Generate beautiful plots for LaTeX using your existing matplotlib-based code.
lmj.plot 0.4.1 3 A command line tool for plotting data from text files
M_robot 0.39 3 2-D movement robot simulation
matplotlylib 0.1.0 3 Matplotlib to Plotly Converter
MatPlotTheme 0.1.2 3 MatPlotTheme is a theming library for MatPlotLib.
ModelicaRes 0.12.2 3 Utilities to set up and analyze Modelica simulation experiments
ModestImage 0.1 3 Friendlier matplotlib interaction with large images
mpa 0.1.1b6 3 Matplotlib Plotting Assistant
mpl-scatter-density 0.3 3 Matplotlib helpers to make density scatter plots
mpl_utils 3 plotting utilites build around matplotlib
mplapp 0.1 3 An GUI toolkit for creating interactive applications with a set of GUI neutral widgets implemented with Matplotlib artists.
mplcursors 0.1 3 Interactive, clickable annotations for matplotlib
mpld3 0.3 3 D3 Viewer for Matplotlib
mpldatacursor 0.6.2 3 Interactive data cursors for Matplotlib
mplgbw 0.1 3 Matplotlib, Generic Boilerplates and Workarounds
mplh5canvas 0.7 3 A matplotlib backend based on HTML5 Canvas.
mplotlab 0.2 3 Interactive Matplotlib Application using wxPython
mplstereonet 0.5 3 Stereonets for matplotlib
mplsvds 0.1.7 3 matplotlib styling for svds
mpltex 0.5.1 3 mpltex is a python package for creating publication-quality plots using matplotlib.
mpltools 0.2.0 3 Tools for Matplotlib
mplview 0.0.5 3 A simple, embeddable Matplotlib-based image viewer.
mpxl 1.4-beta1 3 Matplotlib plotting tool for Microsoft Excel on OS X
myscipkg2 0.1.3 3 A package for science using numpy, matplotlib, readthedocs, etc.
myscipkg3 0.1.1 3 A package for science using numpy, matplotlib, readthedocs, etc.
niceplot 3 "Hey, that's a nice plot!"
numpngw 0.0.6 3 Write numpy array(s) to a PNG or animated PNG file.
panel-plots 0.1.0 3 Organize matplotlib plots in panels
paretochart 1.0 3 Pareto chart for python (similar to Matlab's, but much more flexible)
plotchecker 0.1.0 3 A set of utilities for testing matplotlib plots in an object-oriented manner.
plotEnv 0.0.2.dev2 3 Python plotting wrapper utilizing matplotlib and seaborn
plotnow 0.1.0 3 A terminal application which plot 2D data and generate a graph.
plotserver 0.5 3 Expose matplotlib figures over http
plotsettings 1.0.4-2 3 Easily format figures to match the publication requirements of an academic journal
plotutils 0.3.2 3 Simple matplotlib-related utility functions.
pngrenderer 0.1.2 3 Render matplotlib png images to a zip file
prettyplotlib 0.1.7 3 Painlessly create beautiful default `matplotlib` plots.
probscale 0.2.3 3 mpl-probscale: Probabily scales for matplotlib
prynt 0.4 3 Generating HTML/PDF directly from your console.
psychrochart 0.1.10 3 A Python 3 library to make psychrometric charts and overlay information on them.
PXL 0.0.9 3 Extra functions built on NumPy, SciPy, pandas, matplotlib, etc.
pybmp 1.0.1 3 BMP image handler for Python (to numpy ndarray or PIL) native C .pyd
pycbc-mpld3 0.3.dev0 3 D3 Viewer for Matplotlib
pytest-mpl 0.9 3 pytest plugin to help with testing figures output from Matplotlib
pythalesians 0.1a 3 Financial analysis library
python-controlchart 0.1.6 3 Creation of control charts with matplotlib
pyxpm 1.0.1 3 XPM image file loader for Python (to numpy ndarray or PIL) native C .pyd
quickplot 0.1.2 3 The batteries-included plotting wrapper for matplotlib
replotlib 0.0.1 3 Replotting matplotlib figure the css way
savefig 0.0.4 3 Save matplotlib figures with embedded metadata for reproducibility and profit
sciplot-pyqt 0.2.1 3 A small matplotlib wrapper/UI for creating publication-ready plots, graphs, and images
SciSalt 1.11.1 3 Tools to make scientific data analysis easier
SERP-History-Visualization 1.2.0 3 View trends in serps over time using AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, and matplotlib
simple-venn 0.1.0 3 Simple venn diagrams
sixelplot 0.0.3 3 thin-wrapper for pysixel and matplotlib.
smopy 0.0.6 3 OpenStreetMap image tiles in Python
supersight 0.2.5 3 A static website generator for MatplotLib plots
TextClassifier 0.0.8 3 Short text Classifier based on Numpy,scikit-learn,Pandas,Matplotlib
tgext.matplotrender 0.0.1 3 Renderer to expose matplotlib figures
tilemapbase 0.4.3 3 Use OpenStreetMap tiles as basemaps in python / matplotlib
wes 0.1.5 3 Use Wes Anderson Color Palettes in Matplotlib & Seaborn
wxmplot 0.9.27 3 A library for plotting in wxPython using matplotlib
adjustText 0.6.1 2 Iteratively adjust text position in matplotlib plots to minimize overlaps
animatplot 0.1.dev3 2 Making animating in matplotlib easy
aperture 0.1.14 2 Wrappers, settings, and extensions for Python/matplotlib
bam2x 0.2.6 2 bionformatics python lib for query bam files, this version set matplotlib as optional.
businessplots 0.1 2 A Python / Matplotlib toolkit to quickly draw business & consulting-style quality plots.
CGATReport 2 CGATReport : a report generator in python based on sphinx
chainplot 0.2.1 2 A(nother) matplotlib wrapper
chartjs 1.2 2 Python 3.x implementation of ChartJS to create web based charts
cppcolormap 0.1.5 2 Library with colormaps
dfparaplot 0.1.1 2 A wrapper around matplotlib plot for parametric pandas dataframe experiment data
ElegantPy 1.0rc0.dev1 2 More Pythonic wrapper for Elegant
ficus 0.3.3 2 context managers for matplotlib
fillplots 0.0.2 2 Library to plot regions and boundaries given inequalities
gdpy3 0.2.1 2 Gyrokinetic Toroidal Code Data Processing tools written in python3
gpcharts v1.3.3 2 A Google Charts API for Python and Jupyter
graphbutler 0.2.0 2 Generate simple, reproducible graphs.
hipsterplot 0.1 2 because matplotlib is too mainstream
hpcplot 0.1 2 A matplotlib wrapper for HPC Plots
ipyslack 1.2.1 2 IPython magic for sending slack notifications
itermplot 0.20 2 An awesome iTerm2 backend for Matplotlib, so you can plot directly in your terminal.
jupyter-tools 0.1.0 2 Some tools to make working in jupyter notebooks easier
legend 0.1.0 2 Work with legends in plots from matplotlib
lightningtrace 0.1.2 2 Quickly contour a digital elevation model using rasterio and matplotlib
meteogram-py 0.0.1 2 Python module built around Matplotlib for quickly creating meteograms from weather data.
mobobob 0.5.1 2 An alias for matplotlib
mpl 1.5.0 2 Python plotting package
mpl-aea 0.0.4 2 AEA Projection for Matplotlib derived from skywalker
mpl_style_gallery 0.1 2 Gallery for Matplotlib stylesheets
mplkit 0.6 2 A collection of tools that sit on top of matplotlib that allow one to consistently format plots.
mplstyle 0.1.2 2 A simple API for setting matplotlib styles in matplotlib.
nc-time-axis 1.0.2 2 netcdftime support for matplotlib axis
NCs_tools 0.2 2 A collection of useful python scripts
nebm-plot-tools 1.1 2 Plotting library for NEBM data based on Matplotlib and Mayavi
netgraph 2.0.9 2 Fork of networkx drawing utilities for publication quality plots of networks.
nix_visualize 1.0.4 2 CLI to automate generation of pretty Nix dependency trees
plorts 0.3 2 Graphing wrapper around matplotlib
plot 0.6.1 2 A matplotlib frontend executable using JSON file as user input
plotcat 1.0.4 2 tool to plot live serial input
plotcsv 0.1.2 2 Plot CSV with matplotlib
plotdf 0.2 2 Plot phase portraits of 2D differential equations
probe-plotting2 0.0.1 2 Helper functions to deal with matplotlib.
projmap 0.7.2 2 High level wrapper of matplotlib-Basemap
publib 0.1.11 2 Produce publication-level quality images on top of Matplotlib
py-heat-magic 0.0.2 2 py-heat as IPython magic
pyplot 1.5.0 2 Python plotting package
pyplotz 0.24 2 A light weight wrapper for matplotlib users with Chinese characters supported
pywcsgrid2 1.0-b3 2 pywcsgrid2 is a python module to be used with matplotlib for displaying astronomical fits images
QuickView 0.2 2 QuickView gives you a quick glance at the dataset, just pass the pandas dataframe. It gives some useful summary and plots with just one line of code. All the summary that it outputs is made available through member variables. Its built using matplotlib.
rogues 0.4.0 2 Python and numpy port of Nicholas Higham's m*lab test matrices
scida-pro 1.7.1 2 Solar cell data analysis using python modules pandas, matplotlib and pyqt
ThermoPyle 0.7.1 2 Creation of Thermodynamic Surfaces using CoolProp
toureditor 1.3.1 2 Editor for GPX/CRP tour files and height profiles. Generates nicer output if matplotlib is installed.
treeRes 1.1.0 2 implimention of tree regression in python,and you can set the spilt methods in linear model to split or in constant model by changing the argument and a use for both conditons.Then use matplotlib and Tkinter,we can build the tree and change it by change its paramenter tolS and tolN
vectorspector 0.1 2 Library for plotting vector fields, based on Matplotlib quiver
vidi3d 0.2.0 2 Visualizes 3d NumPy arrays using Matplotlib and PyQt4.
vistrails 2.2.4 2 Data analysis and visualization tool
yellowbrick 0.5 2 A suite of visual analysis and diagnostic tools for machine learning.
abipy 0.2.0 1 Python package to automate ABINIT calculations and analyze the results.
abtools 0.1.9 1 Utilities for analysis of antibody NGS data
ace 0.3 1 Non-parametric multivariate regressions by Alternating Conditional Expectations
acorn 0.0.15 1 Automated computational research notebook.
adaptfilt 0.2 1 Adaptive filtering module for Python
addm-toolbox 0.1.12 1 A toolbox for data analysis using the attentional drift-diffusion model.
ADiPy 0.6.3 1 Automatic Differentiation for Python
ae 0.2.83 1 Python accoustic emission tools
aesop 1.1.0 1 Module for analyzing electrostatics with protein structures
Aesthete 0.4.2 1 Integrated mathematics environment
aestimo 1.1.0 1 A bandstructure simulator of semiconductor nanostructures called quantum wells.
afplot 0.2.1 1 Plot allele frequencies in VCF files
agfusion 1.0 1 Python package to annotate and visualize gene fusions.
ahkab 0.18 1 a SPICE-like electronic circuit simulator
ai.cdas 1.2.1 1 Python interface to CDAS data via REST API
aianalytics-client 0.1.5 1 This project enables quering the Application Insights Analytics API while parsing the results for furthur processing using data analysis tools, such as numpy
AIGO 0.1.0 1 Analysis and Inter-comparison of Gene Ontology functional annotations
alphalens 0.2.1 1 Performance analysis of predictive (alpha) stock factors
amodem 1.13 1 Audio Modem Communication Library
analyzefit 0.3.8 1 Performs analysis of the fit of a model.
anchor-bio 1.1.1 1 Anchor is a python package to estimate modality of splicing, percent methylated, any data that is normalized between 0 and 1
Anemone 0.0.1 1 Monitor long running analyses by remote plotting of selected variables
APASVO 0.0.6 1 A graphical tool to perform event detection/picking in seismic traces.
api_stats 0.3 1 Record historical statistics from an API that only offers current numbers.
APPLPy 0.4.12 1 open source computational probability software
apsg 0.5.1 1 APSG - structural geology module for Python
arachnid 0.1.7 1 Single Particle Data Analysis Suite
arch 4.3.1 1 ARCH for Python
AREM 1.0.1 1 Aligning Reads by Expectation-Maximization. Based on MACS (Model Based Analysis for ChIP-Seq data)
arosics 0.8.0 1 An Automated and Robust Open-Source Image Co-Registration Software for Multi-Sensor Satellite Data
asammdf 2.8.1 1 ASAM MDF measurement data file parser
ase 3.15.0 1 Atomic Simulation Environment
ashlar 1.0.3 1 Alignment by Simultaneous Harmonization of Layer/Adjacency Registration
Assimulo 2.9 1 A package for solving ordinary differential equations and differential algebraic equations.
astetik 0.9.3 1 Astetik data visualization and reporting library
astro-scripts 0.4.0 1 Small scripts for astronomy
astrobase 0.3.3 1 Python modules and scripts useful for variable star work in astronomy.
astroML 0.3 1 tools for machine learning and data mining in Astronomy
astroML_addons 0.2.2 1 Performance add-ons for the astroML package
astroobs 1.4.5 1 Provides astronomy ephemeris to plan telescope observations
atomman 1.1.5 1 Atomistic Manipulation Toolkit
attk 0.0.6 1 Audio Tagging Toolkit: A collection of scripts to expedite audio annotation and classifier training.
audiolazy 0.6 1 Real-Time Expressive Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Package for Python!
auditok 0.1.5 1 An Audio/Acoustic Activity Detection and Audio Segmentation Tool
autobasedoc 0.0.16 1 autobasedoc - convenience reportlab tool
autolux 0.0.30 1 an auto luxer
axographio 0.1.1b1 1 A python library for reading and writing AxoGraph data files
backtrader 1 BackTesting Engine
bamboo-server 0.6.3 1 Dynamic data analysis over the web. The logic to your data dashboards.
bananaplots 0.0.3 1 Plot bananas from combined MCMC (Markov Chain Monte Carlo) chains. For example, Planck or WMAP satellite likelyhood samples.
banditvis 0.9 1 A library for simulating and visualizing bandit algorithms.
barrett 0.2.1 1 out-of-core processing and plotting of MultiNest output
bat 0.3.4 1 Bro Analysis Tools
bat_min 0.3.2 1 Bro Analysis Tools
BATS 1.1.0a4 1
bdbcontrib 1 Hodgepodge library of extras for bayeslite
bench 2.8 1 Benchmark resources usage
beprof 0.1.3 1 Beam Profile Analysing Tools
betse 0.6.1 1 BETSE, the BioElectric Tissue Simulation Engine.
bezier 0.6.1 1 Helper for Bézier Curves, Triangles, and Higher Order Objects
BicycleDataProcessor 0.1.0 1 Processes the data collected from the instrumented bicycle.
BicycleParameters 1.0.0 1 Generates and manipulates the physical parameters of a bicycle.
biopython 1.70 1 Freely available tools for computational molecular biology.
biosppy 0.5.1 1 A toolbox for biosignal processing written in Python.
bipython 0.1.3.-894b734- 1 bipython: the boldly indiscriminate python interpreter
blast-score-ratio 1.0.6 1 Get BLAST Score Ratios (BSR; as described in Rasko et al (2006) doi:10.1186/1471-2105-6-2)
BMDanalyse 0.2.0 1 Tool to analyse regional changes in a time series of 2D medical images.
boadata 0.3.7 1 (B)rowser (O)f (A)rbitrary Data - a Python GUI browser of data.
bomber 0.0.5 1 Get data from the BoM in Python
bootstrapped 0.0.1 1 Implementations of the percentile based bootstrap
bpch 1.0 1 GEOS-Chem Binary Punch File Reader/Plotter/ncdumper
bpf4 0.7.2 1 Peace-wise interpolation and lazy evaluation in cython
bpmagic 0.13.1 1 Magic functions to load boilerplate code
brew 0.1.4 1 BREW: Python Multiple Classifier System API
brillouin-zone 1.1.7 1 Provides the object bz, that defines a lattice in mometum space.
brokenaxes 0.3.9 1 Create broken axes
bss 0.9.4 1 BrainSuite statistics toolbox
buildingspy 1.6.0 1 Package for simulating and testing models from the Modelica Buildings and IBPSA libraries
bumps 0.7.6 1 Data fitting with bayesian uncertainty analysis
bw2all 0.1 1 UNKNOWN
c2xg 0.22 1 Learn, vectorize, and annotate Construction Grammars
caeroc 0.0.2b2 1 Compressible aerodynamics calculator in Python
calibcant 0.9 1 calibcant: tools for thermally calibrating AFM cantilevers
calmap 0.0.6 1 Calendar heatmaps from Pandas time series data
catsim 0.13.3 1 Computerized Adaptive Testing Simulator
ccsnmultivar 0.0.5 1 Multivariate regression analysis of core-collapse simulations
CGvsPhoto 0.0.3 1 A deep-learning method for distinguishing computer graphics from real photogrphic images
challenge.uccs 1.0.2 1 Running baseline experiments and evaluations for the IJCB 2017 UCCS challenge
chembl_beaker 1.2.16 1 RDKit in the Bottle on Tornado
chemevolve 0.0.8 1 Tools for Simulating Chemical Evoltion
chemlab 1.1 1 The python chemistry library you were waiting for
chempy 0.5.7 1 ChemPy is a Python package useful for solving problems in chemistry.
Chips 2.1.2 1 Design hardware with Python
choropie 0.0.3 1 Create a choropleth map with pie charts in each polygon centroid.
civis-compute 0.1.0 1 Batch computing in the cloud with Civis Platform.
classipy 1.1.1 1 a command-line based text classification tool
clinical-research-study-manager 1.2.8.dev1 1 Program to manage some common clinical research tasks from the command line
clusterp 0.1.1 1 Clusterp : Cluster profiling made easy
cma 2.3.1 1 CMA-ES, Covariance Matrix Adaptation Evolution Strategy for non-linear numerical optimization in Python
cmocean 1.1 1 Colormaps for Oceanography
cmvisualizations 0.0.2.dev0 1 Visualizing ContentMine facts.
co2mpas 1.7.4 1 The Type-Approving vehicle simulator predicting NEDC CO2 emissions from WLTP
collection-pipelines 0.1.3 1 Framework to implement collection pipelines in python.
colouringmap 0.0.3 1 a mapping tool for generating choropleth map from map data (shpfile), by breaking sequential values into groups, or beforehand prepared category/level.
CombiVEP 0.1.2 1 Combined Variant Effect Predictors
commandlineplot 1.1 1 a command line plotting utility written in python
community_detect 1.0.0 1 Community Detector based on algorithm for community detection using structural and attribute similarities
ComplexNetworkSim 0.1.2 1 Simulation framework for agents connected in a (complex) network.
control 0.7.0 1 Python control systems library
cooler 0.7.6 1 Sparse binary format for genomic interaction matrices
copulalib 1.1.0 1 A library for the copula
cord 0.2.4 1 Coupled RipCAS-DFLOW for Vegetation and Hydrology of Streams
cosmoabc 1.0.7 1 Python ABC sampler
craterpy 0.2.1 1 A package for impact crater data science.
craw 1.0.0b2 1 Counter RNA seq Window is a package which aim to compute and visualize the coverage of RNA seq experiment.
CreateCloudMap 0.9.5 1 Create a cloud map for xplanet using satellite images from the Dundee Satellite Receiving Station
crisp 2.2 1 Camera-to-IMU calibration and synchronization toolkit
crispy 0.3.0 1 Core-level spectRoscopy Simulations in Python
crosscompute-types 0.7.5 1 Default data type plugins for CrossCompute
cthulhu 0.1.0 1 Python software suite for various ionospheric analyses
cvloop 0.3.5 1 cvloop allows online video transformation and evaluation with OpenCV. Designed for jupyter notebooks.
cvu 0.5.2 1 A visualizer for human brain networks
cvutils 0.2.4 1 Utilites for Computer Vision and Image Processing
cwhmi 0.0.1 1 WebHMI for machine vision
cxnet 0.3 1 Complex networks in education
Cycler 0.10.0 1 Composable style cycles
cytoflow 0.5.2 1 Python tools for quantitative, reproducible flow cytometry analysis
daft 0.0.4 1 PGM rendering at its finest.
dagpy 0.3.2 1 Data science collaboration tool based on iPython notebooks.
data-utilities 1.2.9 1 A data analysis and visualization helper module.
DataFile 0.1.6 1 Easy way to read data files
dbb 1.0.6 1 Bin scaffolds into population genomes.
Dcluster 0.5.2 1 A Python package for Clustering by fast search and find of density peaks
ddrage 1.4.0 1 Simulator for ddRADseq (double digest restriction site associdated DNA squencing) datasets. Generates reads (FASTQ format) that can be analyzed and validated using a ground truth file (YAML).
deap 1.2.2 1 Distributed Evolutionary Algorithms in Python
debias 0.165 1 remove bias from GAF files
DeCiDa 1.0.5 1 Device and Circuit Data Analysis
decimalpy 0.101 1 decimalpy - A Decimal based version of numpy
deepsurv 0.1.0 1 Deep Cox Proportional Hazards Network for deep learning and survival analysis.
deer 0.3.1 1 Framework for deep reinforcement learning
deltasigma 0.2.2 1 a Python package to synthesize, simulate, scale and map to implementable topologies delta sigma modulators.
demcoreg 0.4.0 1 Utilities for DEM co-registration
DEnM-Visualizer 1.1.1 1 TriKinetics Environnemental Monitor visualiser
Density_Sampling 1.3 1 For a dataset comprising a mixture of rare and common populations, density sampling gives equal weights to the representatives of those distinct populations.
densityestimation 0.1.2 1 Density estimation functions.
dexplorer 0.1.1 1 View, summarize and visualize data in the browser
DFTtoolbox 1.6 1 A toolbox to initialize or postpocess several DFT codes
dicompyler 0.4.2 1 Extensible radiation therapy research platform and viewer for DICOM and DICOM RT.
dicompyler-core 0.5.3 1 A library of core radiation therapy modules for DICOM / DICOM RT used by dicompyler
diffpy.pdfgui 1.1.2 1 GUI for PDF simulation and structure refinement.
diffpy.srmise 0.5.2 1 Peak extraction and peak fitting tool for atomic pair distribution functions.
dionysus 2.0.4 1 Library for computing persistent homology
DiscoPlot 1.0.2 1 DiscoPlot: identify genomic rearrangements, misassemblies and sequencing artefacts in NGS data
django-excel 0.0.10 1 A django middleware that provides one application programminginterface to read and write data in different excel file formats
django-graphos 0.3.41 1 Django app to provide a JS agnostic way to work with charts.
django-graphos-3 1.1 1 Django app to provide a JS agnostic way to work with charts for Python 3+
django-metaimage 0.4 1 Wrapper around django-photologue dealing w/ remote images, and server-side-generated images.
dmdd 0.2 1 Enables simple simulation and Bayesian posterior analysis of recoil-event data from dark-matter direct-detection experiments under a wide variety of scattering theories.
dotplot 0.4.5 1 Small bioinformatic package for dotplot's generation (in command line and in GUI)
drosolf 0.1.1 1 Responses of 1st , 2nd, and soon 3rd order Drosophila olfactory neurons
dstack-factory 1.0.7 1 CLI that accompanies dstack-factory for building and publishing docker images for python packages.
du 0.0.1.dev0 1 random utils
duster 0.2.5 1 Reset IPython namespace and reload specified packages
DynamicistToolKit 0.5.3 1 Various tools for theoretical and experimental dynamics.
dynpy 0.2.3 1 Dynamical systems for Python
dynts 0.4.1 1 Quantitative financial timeseries analysis
e13tools 0.4.2a0 1 Provides a collection of functions that were created by 1313e.
EasyModeler 2.2.6 1 Simple ODE Tools for Modelers
ECLAIR 1.18 1 Robust inference of cell lineages from gene expression data via consensus clustering and the aggregation of ensembles of minimum spanning trees.
ecspy 1.1 1 A framework for creating evolutionary computations in Python.
ElecSus 2.0.0rc1 1 (Atomic Physics) Calculate the weak-probe electric susceptibility for alkali-metal vapours
elsen 0.1.2 1 Elsen API Library
empirical 0.2 1 Emperical Method of Fundamental Solutions solver for Python.
emspring 0.86.1661 1 Electron Microscopy Single-Particle Based Helical Reconstruction
enerpi 0.9.7 1 AC Current Meter for Raspberry PI with GPIOZERO and MCP3008
enlopy 0.1.dev9 1 Python library with methods to generate, process, analyze, and plot energy related timeseries.
enplot 1.1.0 1 enplot: a one-line command line plotting tool for CSV data
eqtools 1.3.1 1 Python tools for magnetic equilibria in tokamak plasmas
Equation 1.2.01 1 General Equation Parser and Evaluator
errorpro 0.1.6 1 ErrorPro allows to do calculations in IPython with physical quantities, which contain a value, error and unit.
evalys 2.6.1 1 Infrastructure Performance Evaluation Toolkit
exocode 1.2.0 1 Automation of debris disk detection
exodata 2.1.7 1 Exoplanet catalogue interface
ezclimate 1.2.2b1 1 EZ-Climate model
f3 1.0.4 1 Photometry for Kepler Full Frame Images
fa2 0.2 1 The fastest ForceAtlas2 algorithm for Python (and NetworkX)
fa2l 0.2 1 Force Atlas 2 graph layout
Fantasy_Basketball 0.2 1 A package that fetches, processes and visualizes fantasy basketball statistics
faodata 1.1 1 Download data from the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)
fast-atomic 1.1.2 1 FAST is an acronym for FAST Atomic Spectroscopy from Theory.
fast-intensity 0.1.5 1 Fast density inference
FastDRaW 1.2.1 1 Image segmentation algorithm using Fast Delineation by RAndom Walker
fastlmm 0.2.32 1 Fast GWAS
fastmat 0.1.1 1 fast linear transforms in Python
fbu 0.0.2 1 UNKNOWN
fc-hypermesh 0.0.9 1 Generate conforming meshes of any d-orthotopes by simplices or orthotopes with their m-faces
fdint 2.0.2 1 A free, open-source python package for quickly and precisely approximating Fermi-Dirac integrals.
featureimpact 1.1.0 1 Compute the statistical impact of features given a scikit-learn estimator
ffnetui 1 GUI for ffnet - feed-forward neural network for python
FFT-tools 0.5 1 Wrap NumpPy's FFT routines to reduce clutter.
figures2canvas 0.3 1 merges currently open figures
FilFinder 1.2.2 1 Python package for analysis of filamentary structure in molecular clouds.
FinPy 0.4.6 1 Financial Python. Using python to do stock analysis.
FiPy 3.1.3 1 A finite volume PDE solver in Python
fir 0.1 1 Finite Impulse Response package for time series analysis.
fireant 0.19.3 1 Data analysis tool for Python and Jupyter Notebooks
fit_neuron 0.0.6 1 Package for estimation and evaluation of neural models from patch clamp neural recordings.
fits-viewer 0.5.dev2 1 A lightweight FITS file viewer
flametree 0.1.6 1 Python file and zip operations made easy
Flask-Excel 0.0.7 1 A flask extension that provides one application programming interface to read and write data in different excel file formats
FlattenList 0.1.4 1 Given a list of nested lists/tuples, returns all the elements in a single list
floris 0.1.0 1 A wind turbine wake modeling software
FlowCytometryTools 0.4.6 1 A python package for performing flow cytometry analysis
FluGibson 1.2 1 A Python package for designing influenza reverse genetics primers using the seamless cloning methods (e.g. Gibson assembly, CPEC assembly).
fluiddyn 0.2.0 1 framework for studying fluid dynamics.
fluo 1.0 1 Fluorescence in time domain toolkit.
fluxpyt 0.1.3 1 A stationary 13C-MFA tool.
fontaine 1.3.10 1 font analysis tool for determining character/glyph support
foolbox 0.11.1 1 Python toolbox to create adversarial examples that fool neural networks
ForceAtlas2 1.0 1 The ForceAtlas2 algorithm for Python (and NetworkX)
freestream 1.0.1 1 Free streaming for heavy-ion collision initial conditions.
FreqDemod 0.2.1 1 This package provides functions for analyzing and plotting the
FriedRing 2.0.6 1 this is a FriedRing package for get http request and response.
friendlysam 0.3.0 1 Toolbox for optimization-based modelling and simulation.
ftdetect 1.0.0 1 An assortment of algorithms related to computer vision and image feature detection
fuefit 0.0.6 1 *fuefit* fits engine-maps on physical parameters
fuzzy_logic 0.0.1 1 Python module for fuzzy operations.
FyeldGenerator 0.1.6 1 Simple package to symmetric generate random field.
GaitAnalysisToolKit 0.1.2 1 Various tools for gait analysis used at the Cleveland State University Human Motion and Control Lab.
galanyl 0.1.7 1 UNKNOWN
galpy 1.2 1 Galactic Dynamics in python
gauged 1.0.0 1 A fast, append-only storage layer for numeric data that changes over time
gaunn 1.0.0 1 Lib
gceising 1.0 1 Monte Carlo simulation of Generalized Canonical Ensemble for Ising Model
gcmap 0.0.3 1 Great circle visualization of many coordinate pairs
gdctools 0.2.6 1 GDCtools: Python and UNIX CLI utils to simplify interaction with the NIH/NCI Genomics Data Commons.
gdsCAD 0.4.5 1 A simple Python package for creating or reading GDSII layout files.
gdspy 1.2.1 1 Python module for creating/importing/merging GDSII files.
gdsyuna 0.0.2 1 Python module for creating/importing/merging GDSII files.
genepy 1.0.0b1 1 Simple genetic programming library using tree representation for individuals
generatewordcloud 0.3 1 A simple Python (2 or 3) script to generate a PNG word-cloud image from a bunch of text files. Based on word_cloud.
geneview 0.0.1.dev8 1 Geneview: A python package for genomics data visualization
geoarray 0.7.11 1 Fast Python interface for geodata - either on disk or in memory.
GeobricksRasterCorrelation 0.1.13 1 Geobricks library to correlate two raster and create statistics and scatter charts.
geoio 1.2.7 1 Geo image reading/writing tools.
GeomagPy 0.3.98 1 Geomagnetic analysis tools.
geomeppy 0.4.4 1 Geometry editing for E+ idf files
geonum 1.2.0 1 Toolbox for 3D geonumerical calculations
geoprobe 0.3.1 1 Reads and (partially) writes seismic data in Landmark's Geoprobe format
geopyspark 0.3.0 1 Python bindings for GeoTrellis
georasters 0.5.8 1 Tools for working with Geographical Information System Rasters
geotecha 0.1.4 1 geotecha: A software suite for geotechncial engineering
GetDist 1 GetDist Monte Carlo sample analysis, plotting and GUI
gFlex 1.0.0 1 One- and two-dimensional plate bending, designed for Earth's lithosphere
gimmemotifs 0.11.1 1 GimmeMotifs is a motif prediction pipeline.
gitwalker 0.1.7 1 A tool for collecting data from git repositories.
Glances 2.11.1 1 A cross-platform curses-based monitoring tool
Gluttony 0.8 1 A tool for find dependencies relationships between Python packages
GOFindBias 1.2.3b1 1 Analysis of the .gaf files for futher debias analysis.
goldilocks 0.1.1 1 Locating genomic regions that are "just right".
gperf 0.2 1 Graphing from sysstat sar data into time-based graph
gplib 0.5.2 1 Python library for Gaussian Process Regression.
GPRas 0.1.1 1 algorithms for measuring concentration distribution in a spatial network.
GPyOpt 1.2.1 1 The Bayesian Optimization Toolbox
gr 1.0.2 1 Python visualization framework
graph-alchemy 0.1.0 1 Basic Node/Edge model for SQLAlchemy
GraphAlViz 0.5.0 1 Graph algorithm visualization library
graphite_anomaly_detector 0.2.1 1 Tool for detecting spikes in Graphite timeseries
grasp 0.3.2 1 Useful introspection tools.
gravely 0.0.2 1 A gravity simulator written to taste modern Python packaging practices
gridcells 0.1.3 1 Package for grid cell analysis and simulation.
groupbytime 0.3.2 1 Convenience functions for grouping datetimes in pandas
gseapy 0.9.3 1 Gene Set Enrichment Analysis in Python
gtabview 0.8 1 A simple graphical tabular data viewer
gullikson-scripts 0.1.3 1 A series of packages for my analysis
GWAS_benchmark 0.1.3 1 GWAS benchmark
Gwydion 0.1 1 Gwydion allows users to generate pseudo-random scientific data easily.
gwyfile 0.2.0 1 Pure Python implementation of the Gwyddion file format
gyroid 0.4 1 A symmetry adapted basis function (SABF) generator.
h5config 0.3 1 Conveniently save and load config-options from HDF5 and YAML files.
habu 0.0.43 1 Python Network Hacking Toolkit
Hamilton 0.1.0 1 Visualize and control mechanic systems through solving these systems with Hamiltonian mechanics.
happyml 0.0.5 1 Machine Learning library for educational purpose.
harold 0.1.1b4 1 A control systems library for Python3
haystack_bio 0.4.0 1 Epigenetic Variability and Transcription Factor Motifs Analysis Pipeline
hdf_compass 0.7b3 1 An experimental viewer program for HDF5 and related formats.
heatmapcluster 0.1.2 1 Heatmap cluster dendrogram plotter.
hedfpy 0.0.dev3 1 convert SR Research eyelink edf output to tabular hdf5 format.
hedgeye_analysis 0.2.1 1 Python analysis tools used by Hedgeye
helixmc 0.9 1 Python-based Monte Carlo simulator for DNA/RNA duplexes.
hessianfree 0.4.0 1 Hessian-free optimization for deep networks
hh-stats 1.4.0 1 Utility for a collection of a vacancies stats from service
HISpectralModel 0.1.0 1 Generates model HI spectral profiles.
Histogrammar 1.0.9 1 Composable histogram primitives for distributed data reduction.
histogramy 0.1.5 1 A small program to analysis 1 dimensional data
hmmlearn 0.2.0 1 Hidden Markov Models in Python with scikit-learn like API
hmms 0.1 1 Discrete-time and continuous-time hidden Markov model library able to handle hundreds of hidden states
hoggormplot 0.9.0 1 Plotting functions for visualisation of data analysis results from the hoggorm package
hotspot 0.0.2 1 Performance report generator for OpenMP programs in GNU/Linux
hydropy 0.1.2 1 Analysis of hydrological oriented time series
hyo.bag 0.5.3 1 A package to manage Bathymetric Attributed Grid (BAG) data files.
hyo.bagexplorer 0.5.1 1 An application to browse and manage BAG files.
hyperspy-gui-traitsui 1.0.3 1 traitsui GUI elements for HyperSpy.
hypertools 0.4.2 1 A python package for visualizing and manipulating high-dimensional data
Icarus 2.3.1 1 Icarus is a stellar binary light curve synthesis tool initially developed by Rene Breton
Icics 0.3.3 1 A package that used in Inter Credit case assign.
icing 0.1.9 1 A package to clonal relate immunoglobulins
ift_nifty 1.0.8 1 Numerical Information Field Theory
igor 0.3 1 igor: interface for reading binary IGOR files.
igwtools 1 Tools for internal gravity waves experiments
ImagingReso 1.5.15 1 tool for resonance neutron imaging
imbalanced-learn 0.3.2 1 Toolbox for imbalanced dataset in machine learning.
imfusion 0.3.2 1 Tool for identifying transposon insertions in Insertional Mutagenesis screens from gene-transposon fusions using single- and paired-end RNA-sequencing data.
impyla 0.14.0 1 Python client for the Impala distributed query engine
imreg_dft 2.0.0 1 Image registration utility using algorithms based on discrete Fourier transform (DFT, FFT)
imshow 0.0.3 1 Command line tool to visualize numeric arrays.
imview 0.3.0 1 Image viewers for geospatial data
infpy 0.4.13 1 A python inference library
inspyred 1.0.1 1 A framework for creating bio-inspired computational intelligence algorithms in Python
Instrumental-lib 0.4.2 1 Library with high-level drivers for lab equipment
interpies 0.2.0 1 A collection of functions for reading, displaying, transforming and analyzing geophysical data.
IntervalArithmetic 0.2.0 1 An interval arithmetic module
ionics 0.2.3 1 This package contains various ionization cross section models.
iperflexer 0.1.4 1 A program to parse iperf files
ipython-animated-array 1.1.0 1 animated array rendering on ipython-notebook (jupyter)
ipython-autoimport 0.3 1 Automagically import missing modules in IPython.
IPython-Dashboard 0.1.5 1 An stand alone, light-weight web server for building, sharing graphs in created in ipython. Let ipython do what it focus, let this do what everyone needs for building a interactive, collaborated and real-time streaming dashboards.
ipython-sql 0.3.8 1 RDBMS access via IPython
itch 0.3.0 1 Twitch APIs client
ivy-phylo 20120228 1 An interactive visual shell for phylogenetics
iwx 0.1.0.dev1 1 wxPython utilities and enhanced controls
japanmap 0.0.9 1 `japanmap` is a package for Japanese map.
javelin 0.1.0 1 Disordered materials modelling and single crystal diffuse scattering calculator
JBidwatcher-Companion 0.1.7 1 Price Statistics for Ebay - Use with JBidwatcher
jcvi 0.7.7 1 Python utility libraries on genome assembly, annotation and comparative genomics
jdhp-pyai 0.1.dev2 1 A set of open source frameworks for Artificial Intelligence (mostly machine learning and optimization).
jgtextrank 0.1.1 1 Yet another Python implementation of TextRank: package for the creation, manipulation, and study of TextRank algorithm based keywords extraction and summarisation
jhBacktestMini 20170124.0 1 Mini Backtest and analysis trading strategy with Python
jira-cycle-extract 0.10 1 Extract cycle time analytics data from JIRA
jira-metrics-extract 0.46 1 Extract agile metrics data from JIRA
job-advert-manager 0.1.dev1 1 A tool to manage job adverts for job seekers.
jpeg4py 0.1.2 1 libjpeg-turbo cffi bindings and helper classes
jscatter 0.6.7 1 Combines dataArrays with attributes for fitting, plotting and analysis including models for Xray and neutron scattering
julesTk 0.3.3 1 MVC Framework for TKinter
JyPlotter 0.9.5 1 Graph plotting library with backends for different GUIs
k2flix 2.3.0 1 Create beautiful quicklook movies from the pixel data observed by NASA's Kepler spacecraft.
kafe 1.3.0 1 A Python Package for Introduction to Data Analysis in Physics Lab Courses
kaftools 0.1.1 1 Small extensible package for Kernel Adaptive Filtering (KAF) methods.
kanban-simulator 0.3 1 Simulate work flowing through a Kanban board
Kapok 0.2.1 1 A Python library for PolInSAR forest height estimation using UAVSAR data.
kapteyn 2.3.1 1 Kapteyn Package: Python modules for astronomical applications
karmapi 1 Data with karma and pi
katdal 0.9 1 Karoo Array Telescope data access library to interact with HDF5 and MS files
keepaAPI 0.14.2 1 Interfaces with
kenchi 0.6.0 1 A set of python modules for anomaly detection
keras-importance-sampling 0.5 1 Accelerate training of neural networks using importance sampling.
keras-toolbox 0.1.2 1 Everyday toolbox for Keras
kglib 0.2.0 1 A series of packages for my analysis
kHLL 0.0.4 1 Memory saving and fast k-deterministic k-means with HyperLogLog
KiwiDist 0.3.6 1 Combining gene-set analysis with network properties.
KrATER 0.40 1
krypy 2.1.7 1 Krylov subspace methods for linear systems
la 0.6.0 1 Label the rows, columns, any dimension, of your NumPy arrays.
labelmaker 0.2.1 1 Simple labeling tool for segyio files
labugr 1.1 1 Laboratorio de señales UGR
larray 0.27 1 N-D labeled arrays in Python
las 0.0.3 1 A reader for Canadian Well Logging Society LAS (Log ASCII Standard) files.
latbin 0.1.4 1 Python lattice binning package for large data
latticegraph-designer 1.0a1 1 PyQt based GUI tool which allows to visualize, design and export the lattice graph models.
lazyEEG 1 An analyzer of EEG data
legendgram 0.0.2 1 Legendgrams are map legends that visualize the distribution of observations by color in a given map
LFPy 1.1.3 1 A module for modeling Local Field Potentials built on NEURON
lifelines 0.13.0 1 Survival analysis in Python, including Kaplan Meier, Nelson Aalen and regression
Lifetimes 1 Measure customer lifetime value in Python
lineage 1.0b1 1 tools for genetic genealogy and the analysis of consumer DNA test results
lineid_plot 0.5 1 Automatic placement of labels in a plot.
live-serial 0.1.7 1 Real-time serial port plotter/logger.
lizard-map 5.5 1 Basic map setup for lizard web sites
lizard-ui 5.3 1 Basic user interface for lizard websites
lmj.pursuit 0.3.1 1 A library of matching pursuit implementations
local-visualizer 0.2.0 1 Simple python api to visualize the plots in a script.
localcider 0.1.14 1 Tools for calculating sequence properties of disordered proteins [from the Pappu Lab at Washington University in St. Louis]
loge 0.1.9 1 Easy and fast dynamic report generation with Python3
look_at_me 0.0.0 1 Draw your variables and control them, from the browser
lore 0.5.0rc1 1 a framework for building and using data science
lsdmap 2.4.1 1 LSDMap package
mackinac 0.8.4 1 Mackinac: A bridge between ModelSEED and COBRApy
MadQt 0.0.4 1 GUI for accelerator simulations using MAD-X.
magnetmatter 0.1.6 1 Visualization of FullProf-refined neutron and X-ray powder diffraction data
mahotas 1.4.4 1 Mahotas: Computer Vision Library
maidenhair 0.3.5 1 Convert raw text data files into a single excel file.
malss 1.1.2 1 MALSS: MAchine Learning Support System
masktools 0.0.6 1 Tools for making DEIMOS slit masks
materials 0.1.5 1 Density, magnetic permeability etc. for a range of materials.
maverig 1.0.5 1 MAVERIG is a visualization component for the mosaik framework
mcerp 0.11 1 Real-time latin-hypercube-sampling-based Monte Carlo Error Propagation
MCres 0.5.8 1 Provides simple filtering and visualization tools for Monte-Carlo simulation data
mct 0.2 1 The MRI Coil-reconstruct Toolbox
mdt 0.10.5 1 Maastricht Diffusion Toolbox
med2image 1.1.1 1 (Python) utility to convert medical images to jpg and png
memory_profiler 0.51.0 1 A module for monitoring memory usage of a python program
menace 0.1.3 1 A metagenomics pipeline to estimate relative cell periods.
MetPy 0.7.0 1 Collection of tools for reading, visualizing andperforming calculations with weather data.
metric-learn 0.3.0 1 Python implementations of metric learning algorithms
metrique 0.3.2-1 1 Metrique - Client Libraries
metrique-client 0.1.3-alpha27 1 Python/MongoDB Information Platform - Client
metrique-server 0.1.3-alpha27 1 Python/MongoDB Information Platform - Server
metriqued 0.2.7-1a 1 Python/MongoDB Information Platform - Server
mfoutparser 1.4.1 1 mfoutparser: efficient and convenient parsing of ModelFree output files.
micomplete 0.2 1 Quality control of assembled genomes
microarray_quantilenorm 0.1008 1 Quantile normalization of microarray data.
mikePlotLib 2.0.0 1 mikePlotLib
mixedvines 1.1 1 Package for canonical vine copula trees with mixed continuous and discrete marginals.
mmf-setup 0.1.10 1 Python Tools
mminte 1.0.3 1 Microbial Metabolic interactions
mne 0.15.2 1 MNE python project for MEG and EEG data analysis.
mne-hcp 0.1.dev12 1 MNE HCP project for accessing the human connectome MEG data in Python.
modelr 0.5.5 1 Web Service like google charts API
monthly-returns-heatmap 0.0.8 1 Utility to create a monthly returns heatmap from Pandas series
moviepy 1 Video editing with Python
mozaik 0.1.0 1 Python package mozaik is an integrated workflow framework for large scale neural simulations.
MPInterfaces_Latest 2.0.3 1 High throughput analysis of interfaces using VASP and Materials Project tools
MPInterfaces_Latest_Test 1.0.2 1 High throughput analysis of interfaces using VASP and Materials Project tools
mpseudo 0.1.4 1 Computation of pseudospectra of matrices in parallel
mptcpanalyzer 0.2.dev0 1 Analyze mptcp traces (.pcap)
msmexplorer 1.0.0 1 Visualizations for statistical modelsof biomolecular dynamics.
MSPlot 1 Utilities for plotting 3D mass spec data, XIC etc from mzML data files
mtg-deck-editor 1.0.2 1 A GUI deck editor for the card game Magic: The Gathering.
mtools 1.3.2 1 Useful scripts to parse and visualize MongoDB log files, launch test environments, and reproduce issues.
mtspec 0.3.2 1 Python bindings for multitaper `mtspec` f90 Library.
mudicom 0.1.2 1 Read, validate, anonymize, and extract images from a DICOM file using GDCM
multi-mechanize 1.2.0 1 Multi-Mechanize - Performance Test Framework
multihist 0.5.4 1 Convenience wrappers around numpy histograms
muonic 3.0.0 1 Software to work with QNet DAQ cards. This is a TRUNK version
murcss 1.6.1 1 MurCSS: A Tool for Standardized Evaluation of Decadal Hindcast Systems
music-score-creator 0.9.1 1 Music score creator. Generate a music score from an audio.
mymat 1.1.0 1 Subclass of numpy.matrix behaving as matrices in matlab.
mympingpong 0.8.0 1
mystic 0.3.1 1 highly-constrained non-convex optimization and uncertainty quantification
nanonispy 1.0.5 1 Library to parse Nanonis files.
NanoPlot 1.9.1 1 Plotting suite for Oxford Nanopore sequencing data and alignments
nanoplotter 0.32.0 1 Plotting functions of Oxford Nanopore sequencing data
natcap.invest 3.4.2 1 InVEST Ecosystem Service models
nb2plots 0.5.2 1 Converting between ipython notebooks and sphinx docs
nbashots 0.1.0a9 1 A visualization library that helps create NBA player shot charts.
NebulaBayes 0.9.2 1 Compare observed emission line fluxes to predictions
neleval 3.0.3 1 Evaluation utilities for named entity linking and (cross-document) coreference resolution
nengo_distilled 0.1.0 1 Distilled backend for Nengo.
nengo_ocl 1.3.0 1 OpenCL-backed neural simulations using the Neural Engineering Framework
nensskel 1.37 1 Skeleton for Nelen & Schuurmans projects
nept 0.1.0.dev0 1 Neuroelectrophysiology tools
netcdf4_pydap 0.2.6 1 netCDF4 and CAS compatibility layer for pydap
ngpy 0.3 1 Web application for Monte Carlo simulation on nucleation and growth phenomena
ngsfig 0.1.1 1 Classes and functions for NGS data illustration
nilearn 0.4.0 1 Statistical learning for neuroimaging in Python
nimfa 1.3.4 1 A Python module for nonnegative matrix factorization
nipy 0.4.1 1 A python package for analysis of neuroimaging data
nistats 0.0.1a0 1 Modeling and Statistical analysis of fMRI data in Python
nlmpy 0.1.5 1 A Python package to create neutral landscape models
nlputils 1.0.2 1 Natural Language Processing Utility Functions
nmrglue 0.6 1 A module for working with NMR data in Python
nolds 0.4.1 1 Nonlinear measures for dynamical systems (based on one-dimensional time series)
nolearn-utils 0.3.1 1 Utilities for nolearn.lasagne
notedown 1.5.1 1 Convert markdown to IPython notebook.
npplus 0.9.6 1 Enhancements to Numpy
npstreams 1.3.0 1 Streaming operations on NumPy arrays
NuGridpy 0.7.4 1 Python tools for NuGrid
Numdifftools 0.9.20 1 Solves automatic numerical differentiation problems in one or more variables.
numerics 0.2 1 personal experiments in numerics + plotting
numpy-stl 2.3.2 1 Library to make reading, writing and modifying both binary and ascii STL files easy.
numpydoc 0.7.0 1 Sphinx extension to support docstrings in Numpy format
NURBS-Python 3.0.9 1 NURBS 2D/3D curve and surface evaluation library in native Python
nway 3.8 1 Probabilistic Cross-Identification of Astronomical Sources
nxsim 0.1.2 1 nxsim is a Python package for simulating agents in a network.
oBB 0.8b 1 Parallel global optimization of Hessian Lipschitz continuous functions.
obpds 0.1.2 1 free, open-source technology computer aided design software for simulating semiconductor structures and devices
oceans 0.4.0 1 Misc functions for oceanographic data analysis
ocellaris 2017.1.dev1 1 A discontinuous Galerkin FEM solver for multiphase free surface flows
ocr-testbed 0.0.1 1 OCR development and testing.
odenlls 0.1.0 1 Non-linear least squares fitting of chemical kinetics data using ODE simulations
odscharts 0.0.11 1 Creates OpenDocument Spreadsheets with charts for Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice
oklo 0.1 1 A toolkit for modeling nuclides and nuclear reactions.
olimex-ekg-emg 0.2.1 1 A package for gathering data from the Olimex EKG/EMG Shield.
opacity_calculator 0.1 1 Calculating opacities
OpenGoddard 1.1.0 1 Optimal Trajectories module with PseudoSpectral Method
OpenModes 1.2.0 1 An eigenmode solver for open electromagnetic resonantors
opty 0.2.0 1 Tools for optimizing dynamic systems using direct collocation.
opus20 1.0.1 1 Interface to Lufft OPUS20 devices
OrbitalPy 0.7.0 1 High level orbital mechanics package.
orgviz 0.0.1.dev0 1 view org-mode files from different directions
orthoproj 0.0.3 1 Python package to create an Orthogonal Projection of 3D data with full axes synchronisation
ortoolpy 0.2.10 1 `ortoolpy` is a package for Operations Research.
osbpy 2.1.0 1 Simple library for osu! storyboarding
osprey 1.1.0 1 |Build Status| |Coverage Status| |PyPi version| [|License|] ( |DOI| [|Documentation|] (
otb 0.2.1 1 Orieux toolbox. Utility functions for scientific numerical computation.
owlcat 1.4.2 1 miscellaneous utility scripts for manipulating radio interferometry data
paegan-viz 0.3.1 1 Visualization packages for the Paegan library
palettable 3.1.0 1 Color palettes for Python
palladio 2.0.4rc1 1 ParALleL frAmework for moDel selectIOn
pandana 0.4.0 1 Pandas Network Analysis - dataframes of network queries, quickly
pandas-highcharts 0.5.2 1 pandas-highcharts is a Python package which allows you to easily build Highcharts plots with pandas.DataFrame objects.
pandas-montecarlo 0.0.2 1 Monte Carlo Simulator for Pandas
pandas-summary 0.0.41 1 An extension to pandas describe function.
panfig 0.1.1 1 A framework for describing figures in Pandoc documents
papermill 0.12.0 1 Map Reduce for Notebooks
parsecpy 0.9.0 1 Parsec Benchmark interface tool
PAScual 2.0.0 1 Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy data analysis
PassportEye 1.1.1 1 Extraction of machine-readable zone information from passports, visas and id-cards via OCR
pboost 0.5.4 1 Parallel Implementation of Boosting Algorithms with MPI.
pbxplore 1.3.8 1 PBxplore is a suite of tools dedicated to Protein Block analysis.
pco-tools 1.0.0 1 A Python module for loading PCO CamWare images
peaker 0.0.1 1 Easy-to-use application for registering time-based data
pearlib 1.0 1 The library that makes neural networks appear
perfume-bench 0.1.3 1 Interactive performance benchmarking in Jupyter
petropy 0.1.5 1 A package to calculate petrophysical properties for formation evaluation.
pHcalc 0.1.2 1 Systemtic pH calculation package for Python.
phenum 2.0.11 1 Enumeration of symmetrically unique derivative superstructures of crystals.
photovoltaic-modeling-python 0.2.1 1 Get the parameters that are not available in the datasheet of photovoltaic modules and get I-V and P-V curves.
phyde 0.4.0 1 Hybridization detection using phylogenetic invariants
phylotoast 1.3.0 1 Tools for phylogenetic data analysis including visualization and cluster-computing support.
physt 0.3.30 1 P(i/y)thon h(i/y)stograms.
PhytoSFDM 1.0.4 1 PhytoSFDM is a modelling framework to quantify phytoplankton community structure and functional diversity
pickleback 0.1a1 1 Helpers for building parameter grids for scikit-learn grid search
PIMS 0.4.1 1 Python Image Sequence
pimsviewer 1.0 1 Viewer for Python IMage Sequence (PIMS).
pipdate 0.2.1 1 check for updates on PyPi
pipdated 0.1.8 1 check for updates on PyPi
pipreqs 0.4.9 1 Pip requirements.txt generator based on imports in project
pique 0.1.7 1 An efficient peak finder for high coverage ChIP-seq experiments.
planetaryimage 0.5.0 1 Planetary image parser supporting
plotify 0.1.1 1 Make beautiful plots, fast.
plotille 3.1 1 Plot in the terminal using braille dots.
plotly 2.2.3 1 Python plotting library for collaborative, interactive, publication-quality graphs.
plotly_modified 0.1.2 1 Python plotting library for collaborative, interactive, publication-quality graphs.
plotpot 1.2.2 1 Plot potentiostatic data
plottools 0.2.0 1 UNKNOWN
plotypus 0.2.5.dev0 1 Plotypus: variable star light curve analysis and plotting library.
pnb 0.2.4 1 A beautiful and lighweight notebook for the python interpreter.
poliastro 0.8.0 1 Python package for Orbital Mechanics
popmodel 0.4.0 1 Model molecular excited state populations over time
positronium 0.1.8 1 python tools pertaining to positronium
postman_problems 0.2 1 Solutions to Postman graph optimization problems: Chinese and Rural Postman problems
POT 0.4.0 1 Python Optimal Transport Library
powerlaw 1.4.3 1 Toolbox for testing if a probability distribution fits a power law
pplot 1.1.2 1 This module can be used to create high-quality, presentation-ready X-Y graphs quickly and easily
ppsqlviz 1.0.1 1 A command line visualization utility for SQL using Pandas library in Python.
prespy 0.0.12 1 Package for working with the Neurobehavioural Systems Presentation logfiles within python
probfit 1.0.5 1 Distribution Fitting/Regression Library
promo 1.3.0 1 Library for manipulating pitch and duration in an algorithmic way, for resynthesizing speech
prov 1.5.1 1 A library for W3C Provenance Data Model supporting PROV-JSON, PROV-XML and PROV-O (RDF)
pseudopy 1.2.4 1 Compute and visualize pseudospectra of matrices (like eigtool)
psrecord 1.0 1 Python package to record activity from processes
psst 0.1.2 1 Power System Simulation Toolbox
psychopy_ext 1 A framework for a rapid reproducible experimental design, analysis and modeling of data in neuroscience and psychology.
psyplot 1.0.0.post1 1 Python package for interactive data visualization
puq 2.6 1 PUQ Uncertainty Quantification Tool
pvmismatch 3.1.1 1 PV Mismatch Calculator
Pweave 0.30.2 1 Scientific reports with embedded python computations with reST, LaTeX or markdown
py2app 0.14 1 Create standalone Mac OS X applications with Python
PyAbel 0.7.6 1 A Python package for forward and inverse Abel transforms
pyabf 0.1.17 1 Python library for reading files in Axon Binary Format (ABF)
PyAgg 0.2.0 1 Simple user-oriented graphics drawing and image manipulation.
pyak47 1.2.1 1 pyak47 - Performance Test Framework
pyarm 1.1.dev1 1 A robotic arm model and simulator.
pybbfmr 0.2 1
pyblock 0.2 1 Reblocking analysis tools for correlated data
pybloqs 1.1.6 1 Data Visualization and Report Building
pybps 0.2.5 1 A parametric simulation manager for building performance simulation projects
PyBrain2 0.4.0 1 PyBrain2 is the modestly improved PyBrain, the Swiss army knife for neural networking.
pybst 1.0 1 Implements Binary Search Trees, AVL Trees, Splay Trees, and Red Black Trees in Python with plotting.
pycalc 0.0.2 1 Use python as a calculator...
pycalphad 0.6.1 1 CALPHAD tools for designing thermodynamic models, calculating phase diagrams and investigating phase equilibria.
pycephes 0.1.0 1 Python wrapper for CEPHES using CFFI and numba
pychemia 1 Python framework for Materials Discovery and Design
pyclits 0.1 1 Python Climate Time Series package
pyclustering 0.7.2 1 pyclustring is a python data mining library
pycorn 0.19 1 A script to extract data from UNICORN result (res) files
pycpd 0.4 1 Pure Numpy Implementation of the Coherent Point Drift Algorithm
pycraf 0.25.5 1 pycraf
pyCTQW 1.1.0 1 An MPI enabled CTQW simulator
pycvodes 0.9.1 1 Python binding for cvodes from the sundials library.
pycwt 0.3.0a22 1 Continuous wavelet transform module for Python.
pyda 1.0 1 pyda is a general object-oriented data assimilation package
pydaqtools 0.2.0 1 Python Data Acquisition Tools
pydass_vasp 0.1 1 Convenient Python modules and wrapping script executables
pydiagram 0.6 1 PyDiagram is a python package for generating a phase diagram from results output by polymer field-theoretic simulations. PyDiagram also provides functions for analysis of simulation results.
PyDistMesh 1.2 1 A Simple Mesh Generator in Python
pydmd 0.1.0 1 Python Dynamic Mode Decomposition.
pydna 2.0.3 1 Contains classes and code for representing double stranded DNA and functions for simulating homologous recombination between DNA molecules.
pydoas 1.1.0 1 A Python toolbox for post analysis of DOAS (Differential Optical Absorbtion Spectroscopy) results
PyDSTool 0.90.2 1 Python dynamical systems simulation and modeling
pyDune 0.1.5 1 assorrted DUNE related scripts and utilities
PyDvi 0.1.0 1 A library to read and process DVI (DeVice Independent) files, the native output of TeX. The source code provides also a PNG converter and a viewer featuring an hardware acceleration based on the OpenGL API.
pydy 0.4.0 1 Python tool kit for multi-body dynamics.
pydy-code-gen 0.1.0 1 Code generation for multibody dynamic systems.
pydy-viz 0.1.0 1 Browser based 3D visualization of multibody simulations.
pyebl 0.03 1 Scripting interface for .ely files
pyeviews 0.1.10 1 Data import/export and EViews function calls from Python
pyexcel 0.5.7 1 A wrapper library that provides one API to read, manipulate and writedata in different excel formats
pyexcel-cli 0.0.3 1 A command utility to read and write data in csv, tsv, xls, xlsx and ods format.
pyexcel-webio 0.1.4 1 A generic request and response interface for pyexcel web extensions.
pyexperiment 0.8.11 1 Run experiments with Python - quick and clean.
pyFAI 0.14.2 1 Python implementation of fast azimuthal integration
pyfda 0.1 1 pyFDA is a python tool with a user-friendly GUI for designing and analysing discrete time filters.
pyflex 0.1.5 1 Python port of the FLEXWIN package
pyflo 0.3.3 1 PyFlo is an open-source library written in Python for performing hydraulic and hydrology stormwater analysis.
PyFMI 2.4 1 A package for working with dynamic models compliant with the Functional Mock-Up Interface standard.
pyfof 0.1.2 1 Friends-of-friends cluster finding in python
pygacs 0.2.8 1 Toolkit to access and manipulate Gaia catalogue tables hosted at ESA's Gaia Archive Core Systems (GACS)
PyGaia 1.2 1 Basic Gaia data simulation, manipulation, and analysis toolkit
pygaps 1.0.0 1
pygauss 0.6.0 1 Python API for analysis and documentation of molecular chemical computations
pygenenet 0.1.1 1 Python implementation of GeneNet algorithm (Barker et al. 2011)
pygeotools 0.4.0 1 Libraries and command-line utilities for geospatial data processing/analysis
pygfunction 1.0.0 1 A g-function calculator for Python
pyggplot 23 1 A Pythonic wrapper around R's ggplot
pygmi 2.4.1 1 Python Geophysical Modelling and Interpretation
pygnm 0.1 1 Python Gaussian Network Model
pygom 0.1.1 1 ODE modeling in Python
pyGPs 1.3.5 1 Gaussian Processes for Regression and Classification
PyGS 0.5.0 1 Interactive program to deal with Galaxy Surveys.
pygslodeiv2 0.8.0 1 Python binding for odeiv2 in GNU Scientific Library (GSL).
PyGSP 0.5.1 1 Graph Signal Processing in Python
pyGTC 0.3.1 1 Make an awesome giant triangle confusogram (gtc)!
pyhdust 1.3.1 1 Analysis tools for multi-technique astronomical data and hdust models
pyhistogram 0.1 1 Convinient and intuitive histograms with minimal dependencies
pyHMSA-gui 0.1.5 1 Graphical components to represent HMSA specification
pyhspf 0.2.4 1 Python Extensions for utilizing the Hydrological Simulation Program in Fortran (HSPF)
PyInference 0.4.2 1 Python module for building bayesian and mixed inference nets
PyInstaller 3.3.1 1 PyInstaller bundles a Python application and all its dependencies into a single package.
pyJHTDB 20170411 1 Python wrapper for the Johns Hopkins turbulence database library
PyKat 1.0.19 1 Python interface and tools for FINESSE
pylearning 3.2.2b1 1 Simple high-level library to use machine learning algorithms
pyleoclim 0.3.1 1 A Python package for paleoclimate data analysis
pylightcurve 1.1.5 1 A python package for modeling and analysing transit light-curves.
pylinac 2.0.1 1 A toolkit for performing TG-142 QA-related tasks on a linear accelerator
PyLMNN 1.5.2 1 Large Margin Nearest Neighbor implementation in python
pyLuminous 0.8 1 Optical Transfer Matrix and simple Quantum Well modelling
pymadlib 0.1.7 1 A Python wrapper for MADlib ( - an open source library for scalable in-database machine learning algorithms
pymadx 0.91.0 1 Write MADX models and load MADX output.
PyMapRetinotopic 1.0.0 1 retinotopic mapping tools
pymatsolver 0.1.2 1 pymatsolver: Matrix Solvers for Python
pymc 2.3.6 1 Markov Chain Monte Carlo sampling toolkit.
pymca 5.2.1 1 pymca
pyMdfParser 0.0.7 1 Parser for MDF files
pymicra 0.4.1 1 A Python tool for Micrometeorological Analyses
PyMois 0.1 1 Applications for interactive visualization of numerical methods.
pyMOR 0.4.2 1
pymoskito 0.2.1 1 Python based modular simulation & postprocessing kickass toolbox
Pymote 0.2.2 1 A high-level Python library for simulation of distributed algorithms.
pymrio 0.3.5 1 A python module for automating input output calculations and generating reports
pymunk 5.3.2 1 Pymunk is a easy-to-use pythonic 2d physics library
pynamical 0.1.1 1 Model, simulate, and visualize discrete nonlinear dynamical systems
PyNeb 1.1.3 1 Nebular tools
PyNEC 1 Python Antenna Simulation Module (nec2++) object-oriented interface
pyneqsys 0.5.3 1 Package for numerically solving symbolically defined systems of non-linear equations.
pyNeuroML 0.3.6 1 Python utilities for NeuroML
PyNFG 0.1.2 1 A Python package for implementing and solving Network form games.
pyniscope 0.4.0 1 Python wrapper for NI Oscilloscopes
pyNLO 0.1.1 1 Python nonlinear optics
pyNmonAnalyzer 1.0.9 1 Python tool for reformatting and plotting/graphing NMON output
pyny3d 0.2 1 Engineering-oriented tool to interactively build, work and perform shading simulations with 3D geometries.
pyodeint 0.9.0 1 Python binding for odeint from boost.
pyodesys 0.11.6 1 Straightforward numerical integration of ODE systems from Python.
pyofss 0.9 1 Optical fibre system simulator
pyoof 0.2.3 1 pyoof is a Python package which performs out-of-focus (OOF) holography on astronomical beam maps for single-dish radio telescopes.
PyOPUS 0.8 1 Simulation, optimization, and design for circuits and everything else
pyp_beagle 0.5.9 1 Package for post-processing of results obtained with the Beagle SED fitting tool
PyParticles 0.3.5 1 Particles simulation toolbox in python, with some force model and integrations methods
pyparty 0.3.0 1 Tools for patterning 2d-shapes on ndarrays
pype9 0.2 1 PYthon PipelinEs for 9ML (Pype9) is a collection of Python pipelines for simulating networks of neuron models described in 9ML with various simulator backends.
pypepa 0.4.13 1 pypepa is a PEPA library and a toolset for PEPA.
pyphs 1 Development Status :: 4 - Beta
pypi-cli 0.4.1 1 A command-line interface to the Python Package Index (PyPI).
pypi-stat 1.3.2 1 solution for getting packages stat, and graphing them
pypiezo 0.7 1 Tools for controlling piezoelectric actuators.
pyplearnr 1 Pyplearnr is a tool designed to easily and more elegantly build, validate (nested k-fold cross-validation), and test scikit-learn pipelines.
pyplis 1.0.1 1 Python library for the analysis UV SO2 camera data
pyplotwrap 0.28beta 1 A way to plot data directly from python dictionaries
PyProcessMacro 0.9.4 1 A Python library for moderation, mediation and conditional process analysis. Based on Andrew F. Hayes Process Macro.
pypsa 0.12.0 1 Python for Power Systems Analysis
pypstats 1.4 1 Retrieve monthly package download statistics from PyPI
PyPTS 0.2.5 1 Python toolbox for plant tissue simulation prototypes
PyQt-Fit 1.3.4 1 Parametric and non-parametric regression, with plotting and testing methods.
PyQtdesignerplugins 1.1 1 PyQtdesignerplugins installs Qt Designer plugins for PyQt4
pyradi 1.1.2 1 The PyRadi toolkit provides utilities for radiometry (flux flow) calculations, supporting electro-optical and infrared system design.
pyramid-excel 0.0.5 1 A pyramid extension that provides one application programming interface to read and write data in different excel file formats
pyrealsense 2.2 1 Cross-platform ctypes/Cython wrapper to the librealsense library.
pyresistivity 1.0.0 1 pyres is a Python package to create, run, and post-process R2 electrical resistivity forward and inverse models.
pyrk 0.9.0 1 A simple runge-kutta 4 integrator
pyrocko 2018.1.16 1 A versatile seismology toolkit for Python.
pyroomacoustics 0.1.13 1 A simple framework for room acoustics and audio processing in Python.
pyrtlsdr 0.2.7 1 A Python wrapper for librtlsdr (a driver for Realtek RTL2832U based SDR's)
pysawsim 0.10 1 Python framework for the sawsim force spectroscopy simulator.
PyscesToolbox 0.8.9 1 A set of metabolic model analysis tools for PySCeS.
pyseer 0.3.1 1 Sequence Elements Enrichment Analysis (SEER), python implementation
pysegbase 1.2.9 1 Graph Cut based 3D segmentation with editor
pysickle 0.1.1 1 Remove outlier sequences from multiple sequence alignment
pySpecData 1 object-oriented N-dimensional data processing with notebook functionality
PySpice 1.1.4 1 Simulate electronic circuit using Python and the Ngspice simulator
pySPIRALTAP 0.4.12 1 A compressed sensing library for Python
pySPT 0.1.1 1 Package dedicated to the source position transformation in lens modeling.
pysptools 0.14.2 1 A hyperspectral imaging tools box
pySRU 0.5.3 1 Python synchrotron undulator calcution
pySSSO 1.0.1 1 Useful script to manipulate data and visualize them.
pystan 1 Python interface to Stan, a package for Bayesian inference
pysto 1.4.1 1 Miscellaneous image processing functions
pyswarms 0.1.7 1 A Python-based Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) library.
pysynphot 0.9.7 1 Python Synthetic Photometry Utilities
pytc-fitter 1.1.5 1 Python software package for analyzing Isothermal Titration Calorimetry data
pyteomics 3.4.2 1 A framework for proteomics data analysis.
Pyterate 1.0.0 1 Pyterate is a Sphinx add-ons to generate API documentation using autogen and litterate programming documentation for Python projects.
pytest-arraydiff 0.1 1 pytest plugin to help with comparing array output from tests
pytest-astropy 0.2.1 1 Meta-package containing dependencies for testing
python-picard 0.1 1 Preconditoned ICA for Real Data
python_plot_wrapper 0.1beta 1 UNKNOWN
PythonToolkit 11.04 1 Python interactive environment / IDE
PyTuning 0.7.2 1 A Python package for the exploration of musical tunings.
pyTvocal 0.1.0 1 A python tutorial for vocal detection @ZHANG Xu-long
PyUniversalLibrary 20061020 1 UNKNOWN
PyValentina 0.1.0 1 Python implementation of Valentina Pattern Making Software
pyvap 0.1.1 1 Kinetic model of particle evaporation
pyvlfeat 0.1.1a3 1 Python interface to the VLFeat computer vision library
PyXRD 0.7.5 1 PyXRD is a python implementation of the matrix algorithm developed for the X-ray diffraction analysis of disordered lamellar structures
pyXSteam 0.3.3b1 1 pyXSteam is a port of the Matlab/Excel Package XSteam by Magnus Holmgren, to Python
PyZDDE 2.0.3 1 Zemax / OpticStudio standalone extension using Python
pyzgoubi 0.6.0 1 PyZgoubi is an interface to the Zgoubi particle tracker written in python.
qcodes 0.1.7 1 Python-based data acquisition framework developed by the Copenhagen / Delft / Sydney / Microsoft quantum computing consortium
qctoolkit 0.0.14 1 quantum chemistry tool kit
qfrm 1 Quantitative Financial Risk Management: awesome OOP tools for measuring, managing and visualizing risk of financial instruments and portfolios.
qiime-tools 1.1.2 1 Useful additions to the QIIME analysis pipeline including tools for data visualization and cluster-computing.
QInfer 1.0 1 Bayesian particle filtering for parameter estimation in quantum information applications.
qit 0.11.0 1 Quantum Information Toolkit
QSTK 0.2.8 1 QuantSoftware Toolkit
qt-dataflow 0.2.3 1 A base for custom visual programming enviroments
quantarhei 0.0.33 1 Quantarhei: Open Quantum System Theory for Molecular Systems
QuantDigger 0.4.4 1 量化交易Python回测系统
quantile_regression_demo 1.0 1 demonstration of quantile regression
queueing-tool 1.2.1 1 Queueing network simulator
qutip 4.2.0 1 QuTiP: The Quantum Toolbox in Python
rabifier 2.0.2 1 A bioinformatic classifier of Rab GTPases
radial-distance-layout 0.1 1 Generates a radial layout for trees whose nodes are associated with a distance to the root. 0.47.0 1 The RADICAL analytics framework (
radontea 0.2.1 1 Collection of algorithms to compute the inverse Radon transform
railgun 0.1.8 1 ctypes utilities for faster and easier simulation programming in C and Python
raspisump 1.1.1 1 A sump pit monitoring system for Raspberry Pi
rbcz 0.6 1 library for interacting with Czech Raiffeisen Bank's text bank statements
rdplot 1.0.0 1 A plot tool for rate distortion curves
readtagger 0.4.6 1 Tags reads in a BAM file based on other BAM files.
redrum 1.5.1 1 uses math to select wallpapers from Reddit
redundans 0.13a5 1
regulome-web 2.0.0 1 Human Islet Regulome Browser
reimaginedQuantum 1.0.0 1 Build to simplify usage of Tausands tools.
reportgen 0.1.7 1 reportgen is a Python library for creating and updating analysis report.
resim 0.1.1 1 chemoREsistance SIMulator
ResoFit 0.0.5 1 Fitting tool for neutron resonance imaging
resonance 0.19.1 1 Learning mechanical vibrations through computation.
rest-pandas 1.0.0 1 Serves up pandas dataframes via the Django REST Framework for client-side(i.e. d3.js) visualizations
retinotopic-mapping 2.2.3 1 retinotopic mapping tools
retinotopic-maps 2.0.0 1 retinotopic mapping tools
rhessysworkflows 1.34 1 Libraries and command-line scripts for performing RHESSys data preparation workflows.
RiboCode 1.2.7 1 A package for identifying the translated ORFs using ribosome-profiling data
riboplot 0.3.1 1 Plot read counts of RiboSeq data from BAM format alignment files
ribotish 0.1.11 1 Python Modules for Riboseq data analysis.
rmats2sashimiplot 2.0.2 1 rmats2sashimiplot
rms2dfinder 0.1.2 1 A helper utility to find minimum mean RMSd structures of clusters found in rms2d plot.
rnnlab 5.2.0 1 Playground for testing theories of semantic development in recurrent neural networks.
root_numpy 4.7.3 1 The interface between ROOT and NumPy
rootlocker 1.0.4 1 global analytic equation solver
rootplot 2.2.1 1 Tools for quick and beautiful plotting with ROOT
rootpy 1.0.1 1 A pythonic layer on top of the ROOT framework's PyROOT bindings.
rowingdata 1.5.8 1 The rowingdata library to create colorful plots from CrewNerd, Painsled and other rowing data tools
rst2pdf 0.93 1 Convert restructured text to PDF via reportlab.
rtapylysis 0.3 1 Synchrotorn Rapid Thermal Annealing (RTA) X-ray Diffraction (XRD) Data Analysis Project
RyGames 0.1a12 1 Python games by Ryan J. Slater
s4cmb 0.6.1 1 Simulate systematic effects in the context of CMB
sagemath 1.2.8 1 A free open-source mathematics software system
SALib 1.1.2 1 Tools for sensitivity analysis. Contains Sobol, Morris, and FAST methods
samplepy 1.0.11 1 sampling from univariate distributions
SamSifter 1.0.0 1 Workflow editor for metagenomic analysis
saneplot 0.1.0 1 A simple plotting tool with sane default
save 0.1 1 A very simple module to safely save data to files in python
scanalignment 0.0.6 1 Scan Alignment of STXM images.
sci_analysis 2.0.0 1 An easy to use and powerful python-based data exploration and analysis tool
scibag 0.2.1 1 Data science meta-package
sciblox 0.2.11 1 Making data science and machine learning in Python easier.
Scidoc 1.9.3 1 Scidoc installs scientific Python libraries documentation
scikit-aero 0.1 1 Aeronautical engineering calculations in Python.
scikit-kinematics 0.7.0 1 Python utilites for movements in 3d space
scikit-learn 0.19.1 1 A set of python modules for machine learning and data mining
scikit-learn_runnr 0.18.dev1 1 A set of python modules for machine learning and data mining
scikit-plot 0.3.3 1 An intuitive library to add plotting functionality to scikit-learn objects.
scikit-posthocs 0.3.3 1 Statistical post-hoc analysis and outlier detection algorithms
scikit-ribo 0.2.4b1 1 A scikit framework for joint analysis of Riboseq and RNAseq data
scikits.statsmodels 0.3.1 1 Statistical computations and models for use with SciPy
scimpy 0.0.dev1 1 Speaker design and impedance measuring tool
sciplotpy 1 Scientific Plotting for Python
scot 0.2.1 1 EEG/MEG Source Connectivity Toolbox
scrapenhl2 0.4.1 1 scrapenhl2 is a python package for scraping and manipulating NHL data pulled from the NHL website.
sdt_metrics 1 Signal Detection Theory (SDT) metrics for Python
seaborn 0.8.1 1 Seaborn: statistical data visualization
seapy 1 Statistical Energy Analysis module for Python.
seasonal 0.3.1 1 Estimate trend and seasonal effects in a timeseries
sed3 1.1.34 1 3D viewer and editor of color seeds
SeedWaterSegmenter 1 graphical program to interactively segment image stacks of cells in tissue with edge-labels (aka. white outlines)
seepy 0.5.1 1 Python script visualization tool
seipy 1.2.0b1 1 Helper functions for data science
seis-suite 0.1.22 1 Python Tools for Ambient Noise Seismology
seissuite 0.1.3 1 Python Tools for Ambient Noise Seismology
SeqFindr 0.35.0 1 A tool to easily create informative genomic feature plots
seqpipe 0.0.7 1 Sequencing pipeline
seqSieve 0.9.2 1 Remove outlier sequences from multiple sequence alignment
sfc_models 1.0.0 1 Stock-Flow Consistent (SFC) model generation
sfDM 0.3.1 1 serial function Diffusion Mapping software
sfs 0.3.1 1 Sound Field Synthesis Toolbox
shaolin 0.0.1b2 1 Interactive dashboard programming framework for the jupyter notebook
shapelib 0.1.0 1 Python utilities to facilitate working with shapely (shape creation, rasterization, plotting)
shellstats 0.1 1 Show the most used shell commands.
sherpa 4.9.1 1 Modeling and fitting package for scientific data analysis
shmlast 1.2 1 An improved implementation of Conditional Reciprocal Best Hits with LAST and Python.
ShotCode 0.1dev 1 UNKNOWN
sidc-gui 0.4 1 Sudden ionospheric disturbance colletor (sidc) GUI
siganalysis 0.4.0 1 Perform signal analysis
silicon-clustering 0.3.1 1 Single-linkage connectivity clustering by cosine similarity
silx 0.6.1 1 Software library for X-Ray data analysis
simcx 1.0.0b21 1 Simulation Framework for Complex Systems
simec 0.9.5 1 Similarity Encoders (SimEc) for learning similarity preserving representations
simple-imshow 1.0.post1 1 A simple tool to display (and read to np.ndarray) images from a url, file, image object, etc.
SimpleGUICS2Pygame 01.09.00 1 Primarily a standard Python module reimplementing the SimpleGUI particular module of CodeSkulptor (a browser Python interpreter).
SimpleGUITk 1.1.3 1 A wrapper for the CodeSkulptor SimpleGUI API using TkInter
SimpleHist 0.1 1 Simple histogram classes, designed for data manipulation
SimpSOM 1.3.1 1 A lightweight Python library for Kohonen Self-Organising Maps
simpy 3.0.10 1 Event discrete, process based simulation for Python.
simupy 1.0.0 1 A framework for modeling and simulating dynamical systems.
sisl 0.9.2 1 Tight-binding models (interface to NEGF calculator TBtrans) and generic DFT output manipulation
sk_modelcurves 0.4 1 A wrapper for easy plots of learning and validation curves
skater 1.0.3 1 Model Agnostic Interpretation Library
SkewT 1.1.0 1 Plots and analyses atmospheric profile data from UWyo database
SkewTplus 1.1.1 1 Atmospheric Profile Plotting and Diagnostics
sklearn-contrib-py-earth 0.1.0 1 A Python implementation of Jerome Friedman's Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines.
sldtk 0.1.0 1 The Solar Limb Darkening Toolkit
sliced 0.4.0 1 Toolbox for sufficient dimension reduction (SDR).
SMACT 1.2 1 Semiconducting Materials by Analogy and Chemical Theory
small-particle-detection 0.0.3 1 Small Particle Detection, a shapes library-based object detector.
smallgenomeutilities 0.2.1 1 A collection of scripts that are useful for dealing with viral RNA NGS data.
smap_io 0.2 1 SMAP (Soil Moisture Active Passive) data readers
smartquadtree 1.0 1 Implementation of quadtrees for moving objects
smoomapy 0.1.9 1 Brings smoothed maps through python
snowpyt 0.1.67 1 A Python project to visualize snowpit
Soar 1.3.7 1 An extensible Python framework for simulating and interacting with robots
sockeye 1.16.2 1 Sequence-to-Sequence framework for Neural Machine Translation
soerp 0.9.6 1 Second Order Error Propagation
solidspy 1.0.11 1 A simple Finite Element program
soma-workflow_test 2.3aa 1 Soma-workflow is a unified and simple interface to parallel computingresources. It aims at making easier the use of parallel resources bynon expert users and software.
spacegrids 1.9 1 numpy array with grids and associated operations
spatial_efd 1.0.4 1 Spatial elliptical fourier analysis
speedml 0.9.3 1 Speedml Machine Learning Speed Start
speview 0.6.2 1 Program to display binary SPE files containing Raman spectra
spherepy 0.0.9 1 Numerical routines for working with spherical harmonic coefficients
sphereTS 1.0 1 Calculates the acoustic target strength of an elastic sphere immersed in a fluid
sphinx-gallery 0.1.13 1 Sphinx extension to automatically generate an examples gallery
SPIEPy 0.2.0 1 SPIEPy (Scanning Probe Image Enchanter using Python) is a Python library to improve automatic processing of SPM images.
spike_py 0.6.3 1 Package for processing datasets obtained with FT analytic tools.
SpikeSort 0.13 1 Python Spike Sorting Package
splat 0.32 1 SpeX Prism Library Analysis Toolkit
stagpy 0.7.0 1 Tool for StagYY output files processing
stimator 0.9.110 1 Analysis of ODE models with focus on model selection and parameter estimation.
stochastic 0.1.0 1 Stochastic process realizations.
Stoner 0.7.2 1 The Stoner Python package is a set of utility classes for writing data analysis code. It was written within the Condensed Matter Physics group at the University of Leeds as a shared resource for quickly writing simple programs to do things like fitting functions to data, extract curve parameters, churn through large numbers of small text data files and work with certain types of scientific image files
strupy 0.5.7 1 structural engineering design python package
struthon 0.6.3 1 structural engineering design python applications
stsci.sphinxext 1.2.1 1 A set of tools and templates to customize Sphinx for use in STScI projects
stxmalign 0.0.10 1 Pixel Alignment of STXM images.
stxmnorm 0.0.10 1 Normalization techniques for STXM images.
stxmproc 0.0.1 1 Pixel Alignment and Normalization of STXM images.
stylo 0.3.0 1 Using a blend of Python and Maths for the creation of images
sumatra-server 0.2.0 1 Sumatra Server is a Django app that implements an HTTP-based store for records of computational experiments.
superplot 2.0.4 1 Python GUI for plotting SuperPy/SuperBayes/MultiNest/BAYES-X results
survivalstan 1 Library of Stan Models for Survival Analysis
suspenders 0.2.5 1 Allows the merging of alignments that have been annotated using pylapels into a single alignment that picks the highest quality alignment.
SVGCompress 0.60 1 Compress svg graphics
svgplotlib 0.2 1 SVG plotting library
switchio 0.1.0a1 1 asyncio powered FreeSWITCH cluster control
switchy 0.1.0a1 1 A fast FreeSWITCH control library purpose-built on traffic theory and stress testing.
swmmio 0.2.0 1 Tools for reading, writing, visualizing, and versioning EPA SWMM5 models.
symfit 0.4.0 1 Symbolic Fitting; fitting as it should be.
tag2trend 1.0 1
taskpacker 0.1.1 1
taskplot 0.1.2 1 Susam's taskplot program to plot effort versus time for multiple tasks.
tbee 0.1 1 TBEE is a package providing a Python implementation, with heavy use of numpy vectorization, of Tight-Binding models. It can be used to build up and solve tight-binding models with complex-valued onsite energies and hoppings.
TelFit 1.3.2 1 A package to fit the telluric absorption in astronomical spectra.
TensorToolbox 1.0.19 1 Tools for the decomposition of tensors
texext 0.5 1 Sphinx extensions for working with LaTeX math
texfigure 0.1 1 Manage figures in your PythonTeX documents.
text_histogram 0.0.7 1 A dependency-free library to quickly make ascii histograms from data.
textacy 0.5.0 1 Higher-level text processing, built on spaCy
textcatvis 1.0.1 1 Text Dataset Categories/Clusters Visualization with Word Clouds
TFBS-footprinting 1.0.0b25 1 Tool for identifying conserved TFBSs in vertebrate species.
thinkx 1.1.3 1 Modules supporting books by Allen Downey
thLib 0.12.1 1 Collection of Python utilities for signal analysis
thorns 0.10 1 Spike analysis software
TiffCapture 0.1.6 1 Brings the power of OpenCV to TIFF videos; provides interface to multi-part TIFFs compatible with OpenCV's VideoCapture.
tifffile 0.13.5 1 Read and write image data from and to TIFF files.
TimeDiff 1.17 1 Program for login and plotting time-differences in log-files.
TiMemory 1.0b3 1 Python timing + memory manager
timetools 0.6.0 1 Python utilities relating to synchronization analysis and visualization
tindetheus 0.2.0 1 Build personalized machine learning models for Tinder based on your historical preference
tom_lib 0.2.2 1 A library for topic modeling and browsing
topicexplorer 1.0b192 1 InPhO Topic Explorer
topographica 0.9.8-1 1 A general-purpose neural simulator focusing on topographic maps.
toxtweet 0.10 1 ToxTweet- Tools for Toxicovigliance on Twitter
trackanimation 1.0.3 1 GPS Track Animation Library
tradingeconomics 0.2.84 1 Library to download data from Trading Economics API
tradingmachine 0.1.7 1 A backtester for financial algorithms.
transmutagen 1.1.0 1 Code geneartion tools for transmutation solvers
TransportMaps 1.1b2 1 Tools for the construction of transport maps
treehmm 0.1.0 1 Variational Inference for tree-structured Hidden-Markov Models
TrendVis 0.2.2 1 Publication-quality data trend visualization
trippy 0.5.1 1 Pill aperture photometry for trailed astronomical sources
trstk 1.0.4 1 TABULA RASA (EU-project) plotting/score checking tool
tunepy 1.1 1 Interactive function argument tuning
tvstats 0.0.2 1 Scrape data of all the episodes of a Tv Series from IMDB
tweetfeels 0.4.0 1 Real-time sentiment analysis for twitter.
twod_materials 0.0.6 1 High throughput 2D material modules
UConnRCMPy 3.0.5 1 A package to process RCM data
unfold-protein 0.2 1 unfold-protein: velocity clamp protein unfolding experiment control
utcdtw-cffi 0.1 1 CFFI binding for UTC DTW suite
vamp 1.1.0 1 Use Vamp plugins for audio feature analysis.
vcfnp 2.3.0 1 Load numpy arrays from a VCF (variant call file).
vegindex 0.5.0 1 Python tools for generating vegetation index timeseries from PhenoCam images.
velvet 0.0.2 1 Beautiful signal processing and communications algorithms in Python
verif 1.0.0 1 A verification program for meteorological forecasts and observations
vip-hci 0.8.2 1 Package for astronomical high-contrast image processing.
VirtualMicrobes 0.1.4 1 Virtual Microbe Evolutionary Simulator
visbrain 0.3.9 1 Hardware-accelerated visualization suite for brain-data in Python
viscm 0.7 1 A colormap tool
visualize_ML 0.2.2 1 To visualize various processes involved in dealing with a Machine Learning problem.
viz 0.0.5 1 Data visualization in the terminal
viznet 0.1.0 1 Python module for network visualization.
vmap 0.2.0 1 Velocity map generation using the Ames Stereo Pipeline image correlator
vmfactory 0.1.03 1 Automatic generation of Viennese mazes with Python
vsmrfs 0.9.0 1 Vector-Space Markov Random Fields
vtools 0.0.35 1 Visual Tools - an object oriented approach to image processing and analysis.
vzlog 0.1.8 1 Python tool for logging rich content, particularly plots and images
w2m 0.2 1 www spider producing an adjacency matrix
warn 0.1.0 1 A more flexible warning module.
wfdb 1.3.9 1 The WFDB Python Toolbox
wheels2dmg 0.2.0 1 Make pkg installer and dmg from wheels
whirls 1.2 1 A fullscreen program that displays an animated, twisting tessellation of whirls.
wmf 0.4.2 1 Watershed Modelling Framework
WuMapPy 0.31 1 Graphical user interface for sub-surface geophysical survey data processing
wxgen 0.2.0a1 1 A package for generating arbitrarily long weather time-series
wxPyGameVideoPlayer 1 Just a simple video player using wxPython, PyGame, and OpenCV
wxtextview 0.3.6 1 A styled text widget for wxpython.
XAFSmass 1.3.7 1 A program for calculating the mass of XAFS samples. For synchrotron users.
xbob.measure.idmeasure 0.0.3 1 Detection and Identification Rate
xfacereclib.paper.IET2015 1.0.1 1 Source code to reproduce the paper "Impact of Eye Detection Error on Face Recognition Performance"
xframes 0.3.7 1 XFrame data manipulation for Spark.
xmisc 0.1.6 1 Xiaobei's miscellaneous classes and functions
xrayutilities 1.4.2 1 package for x-ray diffraction data evaluation
xrt 1.3.0beta 1 Ray tracing and wave propagation in x-ray regime, primarily meant for modeling synchrotron sources, beamlines and beamline elements. Includes a GUI for creating a beamline and viewing it in 3D.
xyClass 0.1dev 1 Class to work with 2d data
xymath 0.2.1 1 A GUI and API that creates, documents and explores y=f(x) curve fits
ym-impyla 0.14.0 1 Python client for the Impala distributed query engine
yoinkery 0.3 1 Yoinking data from rasterized images
zignal 0.2.0 1 Audio signal processing library
ZtoRGBpy 0.3.dev20170727 1 Complex number to perceptually uniform RGB subset mapping library
ztv 0.2.3.post4 1 Simple python image viewer, largely intended for astronomical applications

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