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Index of Packages Matching 'mock'

Package Weight* Description
mock 2.0.0 11 Rolling backport of unittest.mock for all Pythons
AerospikeClientMock 9 Aerospike client mock
celery-mock 1.0.1 9 celery-mock allows you to mock celery task and then run them when you want
cli-mock 0.2.0 9 Mock command line utils by replaying recorded invocations
ddbmock 1.0.3 9 Amazon DynamoDB mock implementation
django_mock_queries 9 A django library for mocking queryset functions in memory for testing
dm.zope.mockup 9 A (still small) repository of mockup objects for Zope [2] tests.
eve-mocker 0.1.0 9 Mocking tool for Eve powered REST API.
flake8-mock 0.3 9 Provides checking for non-existent mock methods
flexmock 0.10.2 9 flexmock is a testing library for Python that makes it easy to create mocks,stubs and fakes.
httmock 1.2.6 9 A mocking library for requests.
MiniMock 1.2.8 9 The simplest possible mock library
MiniMockTest 0.5 9 Custom unittest TestCase that wraps minimock
mock-import 0.0.3 9 A helper mocking function to mask ImportErrors
mock-services 0.3 9 Mock services.
Mockdown 0.1.0-dev3 9 HTML mockups simplified!
mockingjay 0.2.0 9 A simple library to build mock http services based on HTTPretty
mockingmirror 0.2 9 Make strict mocks using a mirror
mockldap 0.2.8 9 A simple mock implementation of python-ldap.
mockldap-fork 0.1.6 9 Mockldap fork, A simple mock implementation of python-ldap.
mockpy 0.1.7 9 Mockpy is a python open source line utility to quickly create mock servers on Mac OS X.
MockSSH 1.4.5 9 MockSSH: Mock an SSH server and all commands it supports.
mocktest 0.7.1 9 mocking library for python, inspired by rspec
mockup-highlightjs 1.0.0a2 9 Extension to Mockup's patterns.
Mocky 0.2 9 Mocky is a class that helps you create mock objects for use in doctests.
plone.mockup 1.0 9 Plone integration package for mockup
pytest-mock 1.6.0 9 Thin-wrapper around the mock package for easier use with py.test
requests-staticmock 1.2.0 9 A static HTTP mock interface for requests
sealedmock 0.3.0 9 Mocks that whitelist its interface
serial_mock 0.1 9 mocks serial ports for use with com0com(windows) or socat(*nix)
shoobx.mocks3 1.2.0 9 Shoobx Mock S3 Implementation
spongemock 0.3.4 9 Mock some text like spongebob would. mOCk SoMe TexT lIKe SpONGebOb wOuLd.
swagger_mocker 0.1.2 9 swagger mocker
webmock 1.1.0 9 Mock web server for testing web clients
wiremock 1.1.1 9 Wiremock Admin API Client
XStatic-Angular-Mock 9 Angular-Mock 1.2.1 (XStatic packaging standard)
iomock 0.1 8 Python module which provides mock classes that emulate file access methods in os, os.path, glob.
jsonapi-mock-server 0.14 8 JSON API mock server
mock-open 1.3.1 8 A better mock for file I/O
mock_utils 0.4.1 8 Python package providing utilities for mocking stuff on Python.
mockfs 1.0.2 8 Mock filesystem implementation for unit tests
MockProc 0.3.1 8 Simple stubs/mocks for processes (mostly for use with Nose)
api.mock 1.0.6 7 A utility of APIMock. (
backports.unittest_mock 1.3 7 backports.unittest_mock
CaptureMock 1.1.2 7 A tool for creating mocks via a capture-replay style approach
copyingmock 0.1 7 A subclass of MagicMock that copies the arguments
django-request-mock 0.1.4 7 Create a Django request object that mocks a real one.
fluentmock 0.3.3 7 Fluent interface facade for Michael Foord's mock.
hadoop_mock 0.1 7 Utility to mock hadoop command-line interface
happybase-mock 0.9.0 7 A mocking library for HappyBase
mock-chroot 0.0.1.dev4 7 Python library for using the Mock chroot-based build tool
mock-decorators 1.1.1 7 Mock library using python decorators
mock-server 0.3.7 7 Simple mock server for REST API
mock-ssh-server 0.2.0 7 Mock SSH server for testing purposes
mock_http 1.0 7 A mock http server for unit testing code that uses web services.
mock_matchers 0.0.1 7 hamcrest matchers for mock assertions
mockaccino 0.2 7 Python mocking library with an EasyMock flavor
mockbcrypt 0.2.3 7 A bcrypt mock plugin for nosetests
mockcache 1.0.3 7 The Python dictionary-based mock memcached client library.
mockdjangosaml2 0.10.1 7 Django application that mocks functionality of djangosaml2 app for testing and development purposes.
mocket 1.8.2 7 Socket Mock Framework - for all kinds of socket animals, web-clients included - with gevent/asyncio/SSL support
mockextras 1.0.2 7 Extensions to the mock library
Mocki 1.7.7 7 An easy-to-use but full featured mocking library for Python.
mockie 0.0.1 7 Helper classes for easier mocking and patching tests.
MockMockMock 0.5.2 7 Mocking library focusing on very explicit definition of the mocks' behaviour
mockprocess 0.2 7 Mocks for subprocess commands
mockredis 0.1.3dev 7 A mock redis object.
mockservation 0.3.0 7 Managing and manipulating mock observations
mocksey 0.3.1 7 Stupidly-simple python mocking utility with moxie.
mockstar 1.1.0 7 Small mocking/unit-testing improvements on top of mock library
mockturtle 0.1.6 7 mockturtle is the command-line interface to the Turtle Services private network,
mockup 2.4.1 7 A collection of client side patterns for faster and easier web development
mockupdb 1.1.3.post0 7 MongoDB Wire Protocol server library
plone.mocktestcase 1.0 7 Mock unit test case based on ``mocker``
pmock 0.3.1 7 pMock: Python mock object framework.
py-mock-couchbase 1.0.0 7 py-mock-couchbase
pytest-mockito 0.0.3 7 Base fixtures for mockito
python-auto-mock 0.1.1 7 A module to easily mock code while testing.
python-dbusmock 0.16.7 7 Mock D-Bus objects
requests-mock 1.3.0 7 Mock out responses from the requests package
shmock 1.0.0.post70 7 SHell command MOCKer for integration testing
sphinxcontrib-mockautodoc 0.0.1dev-20130518 7 Sphinx mocking autodoc extension
sphinxcontrib-webmocks 0.1.0 7 Sphinx "webmocks" extension
statsdmock 0.0.3 7 statsd mock server based on gevent
svnmock 0.3 7 Testing library for Subversion's python bindings
urllib3-mock 0.3.3 7 A utility library for mocking out the `urllib3` Python library.
vimmock 0.1.1 7 vim mock object for easier testing of vim plugins written in Python.
aiomock 0.1.0 6 a python mock with async methods
async-mock 1.0.6 6 asyncio mocker builder library
cbmock 0.3.2 6 Couchbase mock server
dnsdb-mock-apiserver 0.1.0a1 6 DnsDB Mock API Server
ElasticMock 1.3.1 6 Python Elasticsearch Mock for test purposes
magicmock 0.03 6 A generic mock server
matchmock 0.7.1 6 Hamcrest matchers for mock objects
mattys_mocks 0.1.2 6 Yet another mocking library
MiniMockUnit 0.1-r0 6 Utilities for unit testing with MiniMock
mock_helpers 0.1.1 6 A number of helpers for use with python-mock.
mocka 0.0.8 6 Mocka mocks APIs
MockBearTest 0.1.2 6 The MockBearTest bear for coala (Code Analysis Application)
mocker 1.1.1 6 Graceful platform for test doubles in Python (mocks, stubs, fakes, and dummies).
mockhttp 0.1 6 Utilities for mocking HTTP requests with Mock
mockito-python3 0.1 6 Test Spy Framework
mockle 0.0.3 6 Auto Mocking + Pickle
mockredispy 2.9.3 6 Mock for redis-py
mocksqlalchemy 0.1.2 6 A collection of mocks for unit testing code using the SQLAlchemy library.
mockthink 0.9.7a0 6 A pure-python in-memory mock of rethinkdb
pocketmock 0.8 6 A very easy mocking library
python-collectd-mock 0.0.2 6 A python mock module for collectd plugin unittest test.
redismock 1.0.5 6 Mock for redis-py
response-mocker 1.0.2 6 A simple mocking library for Requests
tornado-httpclient-mock 0.1.0 6 A library for mocking requests in Tornado HTTP client
vmock 0.1 6 Advanced Mock library following record and replay approach.
web-mocker 0.6 6 A test lib for stubbing http response
webmocker 0.6.4 6 A test lib for stubbing http response
webmocker-deprecated 0.1 6 A test lib for stubbing http response
webmocker3 3.0 6 A test lib for stubbing http response
bond 1.1.0 5 Testing with Spies and Mocks
caliendo 2.1.10 5 Makes mocking services for tests simpler by caching calls to services and loading those responses as fixtures.
chai 1.1.1 5 Easy to use mocking, stubbing and spying framework.
collective.MockMailHost 1.0 5 Used for integration testing with Plone
collective.recipe.mockedeggs 1.0rc1 5 A recipe to simulate eggs for non eggs modules installed at python level
dingus 0.3.4 5 A record-then-assert mocking library
django-mockups 0.4.8 5 Provides tools to auto generate content.
django-mockups-ng 0.5.0 5 Provides tools to auto generate content.
dutch-boy 0.1.8 5 A library for detecting memory leaks in tests, mainly with mocks
echod 0.1.0 5 Echod is a mock server and a callback recorder.
eyam 0.1 5 A Python Mocking Isolation Library for Testing
ftw.testing 1.11.0 5 Provides some testing helpers and an advanced MockTestCase.
Funk 0.4.0 5 A mocking framework for Python
hammock 0.2.4 5 rest like a boss
hammock-builder 0.1.0 5 Create ReST APIs how you've always wanted.
hammock-rest 0.0.1 5 A good place to REST
hitchs3 0.1 5 Mock S3 server.
hitchsmtp 0.2.1 5 Mock SMTP server that logs incoming messages to stdout as JSON for easy parsing and testing by the hitch framework.
httpsrv 1.0b1 5 Simple http server for API mocking during automated testing
lie_to_me 0.0.1b 5 Lie to me is a mock library to test code using pyVows.
ludibrio 3.1.0 5 Platform for test doubles in Python (mocks, stubs, and dummies)
mock-django 0.6.10 5 UNKNOWN
mockingbird 0.1.4 5 Your models, fake data
mockito 1.0.11 5 Spying framework
mockito-without-hardcoded-distribute-version 0.5.4 5 Spying framework
NonMockObjects 0.2.1 5 A module for easily creating more realistic test data
nose-leak-detector 0.1.5 5 A Nose plugin that detects leaks between tests, mainly with mocks
pg13 0.1.1 5 sql evaluator for mocking
pyfakefs 3.2 5 pyfakefs implements a fake file system that mocks the Python file system modules.
pymock 5 UNKNOWN
python-mdc-utils 2012.1 5 Automate exporting Mock Draft Central baseball ADP rankings
requests-testadapter 0.3.0 5 Provides an adapter for mocking HTTP requests for unit test purposes.
sl4a_pydroid_mock_api 0.4.1 5 Simulates the SL4A Python API for Android
testix 2.0.0 5 Mocking framework Python with *exact* Scenarios
tl.testing 0.5 5 Utilities for writing tests: sandbox directories, mock external programs, graphical doc-tests for cairo surfaces, error handling in threads.
turq 0.3.1 5 Mock HTTP server
abe-mocks 0.1.0 4 Parse ABE files for usage within python tests
django-bootstrap-mockups 0.1.1 4 Web style guide based on bootstrap
dumbserver 1.0 4 Mock several REST services in one go!
JSONMock 0.0.1 4 Generate a REST testing server from a json file.
mongomock 3.8.0 4
protoweb 0.1.0-alpha 4 a very simple Cyclone web development mock tool
pytchuka 0.0.5 4 A very simple http mock server
stubs 1.0.0 4 Tools for setting up stubs and mocks.
substitute 1.1.2 4 A friendly substitute for python mocking frameworks
yamf 0.7 4 A Python (yet another) mock framework
aioresponses 0.1.4 3 Mock out requests made by ClientSession from aiohttp package
aspectlib 1.4.2 3 ``aspectlib`` is an aspect-oriented programming, monkey-patch and decorators library. It is useful when changing
bemo 0.0.2 3 It's simple way to mock your back-end from webdriver UI tests
bluepill 0.1.0 3 A mock server for testing Matrix SDKs.
callee 0.3 3 Argument matchers for unittest.mock
case 1.5.3 3 Python unittest Utilities
decmoc 20130206 3 Declarative mocking
doubles 1.2.1 3 Test doubles for Python.
ectou-metadata 1.0.2 3 Yet another EC2 instance metadata mocking service.
expect 0.0.1 3 Terse mock expectations for Python and Mock
fillmydb 0.1.0 3 Fill your database with mocked instances.
Flask-httpretty 1.3.0 3 flask-httpretty help you to mock http requests via flask.
fmipp 1.1 3 FMI++ Python Interface for Windows
fmpy 0.0.4 3 Simulate Functional Mockup Units (FMUs) in Python
freezefrog 0.3 3 Efficient datetime mocking in tests
fudge 1.1.0 3 Replace real objects with fakes (mocks, stubs, etc) while testing.
fudge-je 1.0.3 3 Replace real objects with fakes (mocks, stubs, etc) while testing.
garland 0.2.0 3 Python decorator mocking.
gmcquillan-mimic 0.0.2 3 Mock object framework
hitchhttp 0.4.2 3 Mock HTTP server and example code generator for the Hitch testing framework
httpretty 0.8.14 3 HTTP client mock for Python
httpretty_fixtures 2.1.1 3 Fixture manager for httpretty
humongous 1.3.0 3 Mongo database mocking with fixtures
hunk 0.1.0 3 Mock for JSON API server.
icm-python-client 0.0.3 3 A simple python client for InformaCast Mobile based on requests and Hammock
jokk 0.2 3 RESTful Mock api server
mailsink 0.0.2 3 a mock SMTP server
mcok 0.0.2 3 Mock mock's Mock
MI7 0.1.0 3 MI7 is a lightweight and fun spying test framework. It's main goal is to be as easy to use as possible.
mocurly 0.2.2 3 A library that allows your python tests to easily mock out the recurly library
mookoo 0.1.0 3 Mock HTTP server
mox 0.5.3 3 Mock object framework
mox3 0.21.0 3 Mock object framework for Python
pfrock-http-plugin 0.2.1 3 http mock plugin for pfrock
pfrock-proxy-plugin 0.2.1 3 proxy http mock plugin for pfrock
pfrock-static-plugin 0.2.7 3 static http mock plugin for pfrock
pock 0.0.6 3 A python mocking framework.
pook 0.2.3 3 HTTP traffic mocking and expectations made easy
pretenders-client 1.1.1 3 Client for the pretenders mock server
pungi 0.1.4 3 Simple and powerful mocking framework with extensible assertion matchers
PyFMI 2.4 3 A package for working with dynamic models compliant with the Functional Mock-Up Interface standard.
pyforge 1.3.0 3 Python mocking framework
pymountebank 1.2.0 3 Mountebank wrapper for mocking HTTP APIs
pytest-ubersmith 1.2.0 3 Easily mock calls to ubersmith at the `requests` level.
python-placebo 1.0.1 3 Placebo is a tool for mocking external API's in python applications.
rediswrapper 0.2.1 3 Pythonic wrapper for Redis Client.
responses 0.5.1 3 A utility library for mocking out the `requests` Python library.
revisions 0.2.0 3 Mock Python Requests with versioned cache control.
rmoq 0.4.1 3 A simple request-mocker that will download
silly-server 0.2 3 One more silly server for mocking HTTP services
simian 2.0.0 3 A decorator for easily mocking out multiple dependencies by monkey-patching.
sinon 0.1.1 3 Standalone and test framework agnostic Python test spies, stubs and mocks (pronounced "sigh-non").
SizeFS 0.3.1 3 SizeFS is a mock filesystem for creating files of particular sizes with specified contents.
testfixtures 4.14.3 3 A collection of helpers and mock objects for unit tests and doc tests.
trellopy 0.0.0 3 A Python mockup of Trello with CLI
umongo 0.14.0 3 sync/async MongoDB ODM, yes.
astro-smpy 2 SMpy: Flexible stellar pops., masses and mock observations with python
asynctest 0.10.0 2 Enhance the standard unittest package with features for testing asyncio libraries
bigquerytest 0.1.6 2 unittest TestCase with BigQuery table mocks in human-readable format
bottle-config 0.1.2 2
bottle-login 0.0.3 2
cassette 0.3.8 2 Cassette stores and replays HTTP requests.
collective.formtoy 0.3.0 2 A tool to mock up ad hoc forms in Plone
csvfaker 1.0.5 2 Generate CSV files with fake data.
dalton 1.0 2 An httplib injection library for recording and playing back HTTP interactions.
deterministic-dingus 0.0.5 2 A handy extension of the dingus record and assert library
ditto 1.2.4 2 Python Class Mocking Framework
django_call_prevention 0.1.1 2 Mocks calls automatically during testing time
dummy_spark 0.0.1 2 A pure python mocked version of pyspark's rdd class
dummyrdd 0.1.0 2 A pure python mocked version of pyspark's rdd class
duniter-mirage 0.1.8 2 A python mock server of [duniter]( API
fakeable 1.0.3 2 enables seamless replacement of "real" objects with "fake" objects during unit testing
Faker 0.7.12 2 Faker is a Python package that generates fake data for you.
fakery 0.1.4 2 Trying to make fudge mocks in Python easier.
fauxquests 1.1 2 Mock HTTP requests sent with the requests package. For Python 2 or Python 3.
flake8_doubles 0.3 2 flake8 doubles checker, ensures mock.patch is not used
foxy 0.0.1 2 Mock pyhon web server used for testing web requests
hedgehog-pyvisa-sim 0.5 2 Simulated backend for PyVISA implementing TCPIP, GPIB, RS232, and USB resources
httpsrvvcr 0.1.9 2 VCR recording proxy-server for usage with httpsrv
isotoma.zope.testpythonscript 1.0.0 2 Provides simple classes to be used for unit testing PythonScript and FSPythonScripts from Zope / Plone.
jboss 0.1.3 2
jj 0.1.2 2 A simple testing tool for mocking HTTP responses
ldap 1.0.1 2 LDAP utils.
localstack 0.4.3 2 An easy-to-use test/mocking framework for developing Cloud applications
matchsticks 0.0.1 2 Complex argument matchers for use with mock
milkman 0.5 2 Testing Django without all the fixtures
mimic 2.2.0 2 An API-compatible mock service
module-build-service 1.3.22 2 The Module Build Service for Modularity
monkeypatcher 1.2.0 2 A python monkey-patching library
moto 1.0.0 2 A library that allows your python tests to easily mock out the boto library
moto-ext 2 A library that allows your python tests to easily mock out the boto library
mountebank 0.1.3 2 Mountebank for Python Developers
mucket 0.1.0 2 Mock whole S3 buckets
muffin-debugtoolbar 0.3.0 2
muffin-peewee 1.2.0 2 Peewee integration to Muffin framework
octocat 0.4.0 2
py-lorem 1.2 2 Generate mock sentences/paragraphs with the Lorem Ipsum prose
py211mm 0.0.3 2 Tool for generating mock catalogs for 21cm experiments.
pytest-httpretty 0.2.0 2 A thin wrapper of HTTPretty for pytest
pytest-idapro 0.1.10 2 A pytest plugin that mocks idapython modules to performtests outside of IDA in an automated manner.
pytest-moto 0.2.0 2 Fixtures for integration tests of AWS services,uses moto mocking library.
pytest-vts 0.4.1 2 pytest plugin for automatic recording of http stubbed tests
pytestutils 0.1 2 A pytest plugin that patches imports and replaces them with mocks, when the imports are initially run.
python-faasclient 0.2.3 2 Python mock to the Filer as a Service API.
PyVISA-sim 0.3 2 Simulated backend for PyVISA implementing TCPIP, GPIB, RS232, and USB resources
requirements-pyconpl2016.txt 0.0.0 2 Mocking you since 2016
sailplay 0.2.0 2 API Client for
should-dingus 0.3 2 Dingus call matcher for should-dsl
stormpath-seed 0.0.3 2 Seed your Stormpath Application with fake user data.
stub 0.2.1 2 Temporarily modify callable behaviour and object attributes.
tattler 0.1 2 A nose plugin that tattles on functions.
ticketscloud 0.6.4 2 UNKNOWN
upm 0 2
vcrpy 1.11.1 2 Automatically mock your HTTP interactions to simplify and speed up testing
vcrpy-unittest 0.1.6 2 Python unittest integration for
zato-apimox 1.3 2 Zato API Mox - Human Friendly HTTP and ZeroMQ mocks
abakus-status-checks 0.0.1 1 Abakus Status Checks
aboutyou 1.0.1 1 A connection to the shop.
acetone 0.1.0 1 Glue code removal.
aio-service-client 0.6.1 1 Service Client Framework powered by Python asyncio.
aiohttp_tests 1.0.3 1 unittest helper for aiohttp
aioimaplib 0.6.1 1 Python asyncio IMAP4rev1 client library
alkey 0.7.1 1 Redis backed tool for generating cache keys.
anybox.testing.datetime 0.5 1 Various utilities related to date and time for testing purposes.
anytemplate 0.1.1 1 A python template abstraction layer module
AnyValid 1.0.0 1 Library that eases partial matching of objects.
apyclient 0.3.1 1 A Python Api Client
AREM 1.0.1 1 Aligning Reads by Expectation-Maximization. Based on MACS (Model Based Analysis for ChIP-Seq data)
ARS 0.5b1 1 Physically-accurate robotics simulator
asana-kazoo 2.0.8dev 1 Higher Level Zookeeper Client
asphalt-mailer 3.0.0 1 Mailer component for the Asphalt framework
asserts 0.6 1 Stand-alone Assertions
asynq 0.1.4 1 Quora's asynq library
asynq-nocython 0.1.4 1 Quora's asynq library
audiolazy 0.6 1 Real-Time Expressive Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Package for Python!
autosubmit 3.8.1 1 Autosubmit: a versatile tool to manage Weather and Climate Experiments in diverse Supercomputing Environments
awssig 0.2.2 1 AWS signature verification routines
awstools 0.3.10 1 High level tools to manage an AWS infrastructure
backup2swift 0.9.5 1 Backup data to OpenStack Swift
bandcamp-downloader 0.0.8.post6 1 bandcamp-dl downloads albums and tracks from Bandcamp for you
baya 1.0.0 1 Nested LDAP Groups authorization.
bbarchivist 3.4.0 1 BlackBerry autoloader tools
bcTesting 0.3.2 1 A Simple Testing Framework
bdbcontrib 1 Hodgepodge library of extras for bayeslite
Beaver 36.2.1 1 python daemon that munches on logs and sends their contents to logstash
before_after 1.0.1 1 before_after provides utilities for testing race conditions
behaving 1.5.6 1 Behavior-Driven-Development testing for multi-user web/mail/sms apps
Behaviour 0.1a4 1 Behaviour Driven Development in Python
bes 0.3 1 Log actions to Elastic Search via bulk upload
betahaus.viewcomponent 0.4.1 1 Plugin structure for menus, JSON responses or similar.
betamax 0.8.0 1 A VCR imitation for python-requests
bigtempo 0.38.9 1 BigTempo is a powerful and scalable programming model, originally crafted for temporal data processment / analysis.
binarytree 1.1.1 1 Python Library for Learning Binary Trees
black-hole 0.0.3 1 一个增强时间管理库
BlazeWeb 0.5.0 1 A light weight WSGI framework with a pluggable architecture
blueflood-carbon-forwarder 0.4.2 1 Sending graphite metrics to blueflood
Boolean-Solver 0.5.2 1 Fast development with generated boolean expressions.
boost_queue 0.4.2 1 Queue using boost's locking API
bprc 0.7.0 1 Batch Processing RESTful Client
britney 0.5.1 1 Python implementation of SPORE
butterdb 0.1.5 1 butterdb is a Python ORM for Google Drive Spreadsheets.
c2.recipe.bkups3 1.1b1 1 This recipe is backup for Plone data and send to Amazon S3
cabu 0.0.2 1 cabu is a simple REST microservice to scrap content from anywhere. 1.0.3 1 Package for aiding the development of JavaScript code to be provided as part of Python packages through integration with Node.js development tools into a Python environment via the Calmjs framework.
camplight 0.9.6 1 Python implementation of the Campfire API
castle.cms 2.0.32 1 Castle CMS Plone distribution main package
cdl_convert 0.9.2 1 Converts between common ASC Color Decision List (CDL) formats
celery-testutils 0.1.2 1 Run a monitored Celery worker for integration tests that depend on Celery tasks
celerytest 0.1.1 1 Run a monitored Celery worker for integration tests that depend on Celery tasks
cellml.recipe.api 0.4 1 Recipe to call CMake to build CellML API and Python bindings
ceph-deploy 1.5.38 1 Deploy Ceph with minimal infrastructure
certbot-py 0.10.1 1 Python module to integrate automated Let's Encrypt `certbot certonly` certificate creation into Python projects.
cfn-resource-timeout 1.2.0 1 Wrapper decorators for building CloudFormation custom resources
cfn_resource 0.2.2 1 Wrapper decorators for building CloudFormation custom resources
check-manifest 0.35 1 Check in a Python source package for completeness
checkmate-api 1.0.0 1 A Python wrapper for the CheckMate REST API.
CheesePrism 0.4.0b5 1 CheesePrism: your personal cheeseshop
chimprewriter 0.1 1 Python bindings for ChimpRewriter API
Cim2BusBranch 0.1 1 Tansforms CIM topologies into a bus/branch model for load flow analyses
clatter 0.1.1 1 A Doctest-stype Command Line Application Tester
cliche 0.1 1 Tool to create Python application skeletons from templates
cloudbrain 0.2.1 1 Platform for real-time sensor data analysis and visualization.
ClueMapperTools 0.6.1 1 Common tools used by ClueMapper
clustercron 0.4.10 1 Cron job wrapper that ensures a script gets run from one node in the cluster.
cmakew 0.0.3 1 A CLI tool for CMake wrapper.
collective.anonymousbrowser 0.11 1 A zope.testbrowser extension with useragent faking and proxy abilities by Makina Corpus
collective.ATClamAV 1.2 1 Provides ClamAV antivirus integration for Archetypes based content types
collective.beaker 1.0b3 1 Beaker integration for Zope and Plone
collective.beancounter 0.3.1 1 package to display a fill-percentage for AT based content
collective.behavior.relatedmedia 1.0b1 1 Adds Various configuration fields and viewlets to manage and show content related images and attachments
collective.geolocationbehavior 1.5.1 1 Dexterity behavior to add geographic locations to contents.
collective.js.datatables 4.1.2 1 Plone Integration of jquery.dataTables plugin
collective.listingviews 1.0beta3 1 Listing views
collective.portlet.collectionfilter 1.4.1 1 Portlets for filtering collection results.
collective.recipe.i18noverrides 1.2 1 Override translations by putting some .po files in the i18n directory of the zope 2 instance
collective.testcaselayer 1.6.1 1 Use test cases as zope.testing layers
collective.themefragments 2.6.1 1 Theme fragments for
colorama 0.3.9 1 Cross-platform colored terminal text.
conda-build 2.1.5 1 tools for building conda packages 1.0a5 1 Web application stub
config-probe 0.1.5 1 Auto-discovery of configurations for easy inline use
connect-sdk-python2 2.5.0 1 SDK to communicate with the GlobalCollect platform using the Ingenico Connect Server API
connect-sdk-python3 2.5.0 1 SDK to communicate with the GlobalCollect platform using the Ingenico Connect Server API
ConvUtils 2.0 1 A library of convenient utility functions and pure Python data structures.
cooler 0.7.4 1 Sparse binary format for genomic interaction matrices
cooper 0.1.3 1 Easy and safe cooperative methods
Corrfunc 2.0.0 1 Blazing fast correlation functions on the CPU
crunner 0.4.1 1 Continues test runner.
CSV-anomaly-detector 1.2.17 1 A Python tool to detect Anamolies
dataflake.fakeldap 1.1 1 LDAP connection library
datamountaineer-schemaregistry 0.3 1 DataMountaineer Python 3 Confluent Schema Registry Client
dedun 0.3.2 1 Dedun is a Python client for the RESTful API of API.Leipzig. This API gives access to the public data of the city of Leipzig.
deezer-python 0.6.0 1 A friendly wrapper library for the Deezer API
deltacloud 0.9.1 1 Python client library for Deltacloud API
deltacloud_heat 0.1.0 1 Deltacloud backend for Heat
deproxy 0.10 1 Python library for testing HTTP proxies.
describe 0.1.2 1 An experimental behavioral framework inspired from rspec.
dfrnt 0.2 1 A Library for visual diffs
dicttoxml 1.7.4 1 Converts a Python dictionary or other native data type into a valid XML string.
dijitso 2017.1.0 1 Distributed just-in-time building of shared libraries
DiscoPlot 1.0.2 1 DiscoPlot: identify genomic rearrangements, misassemblies and sequencing artefacts in NGS data
distribute-install_component 0.1 1 Distribute extension to install components listed in extras_require
django-admin-utils 0.3.0 1 Utility code and patterns.
django-amazon-ses 0.3.0 1 A Django email backend that uses Boto3 to interact withAmazon Simple Email Service (SES).
django-anonymizer 0.5.1 1 App to anonymize data in Django models.
django-anonymizer-compat 0.4 1 App to anonymize data in Django models.
django-appregistration 0.0.6 1 Dynamic registration between django apps.
django-argonauts 1.2.0 1 A lightweight collection of JSON helpers for Django.
django-async-test 0.2.2 1 asyncio unit tests with Django transactional support.
django-coinbase 0.2 1 a Django app for receiving payment notifications from Coinbase
django-constance-trbs 0.7.9 1 Django live settings with pluggable backends, including Redis.
django-cookieless 1.0 1 Django cookie free sessions optional decorator
django-datadownloader 0.2.3 1 Admin interface for manage archives of db's json dumps and/or media datas
django-diary 0.3.4 1 A pluggable diary app for use in the Django framework.
django-docdata 0.9 1 Python/Django client to the Docdata payment system.
django-drapes 0.1.2 1 Some decorators and classes to make working with django projects easier.
django-facetools 0.2.1 1 Django Facetools provides a set of features to ease development of Facecbook canvas apps in a Django project.
django-feedreader 1.3.7 1 A simple Django app to aggregate RSS feeds.
django-financial-transactions 0.2 1 A Django app to import and categorise financial transactions.
django-hashbrown 0.7.0 1 Yet another dead simple feature switching library for Django.
django-holding-page 1.0.0 1 A viral holding page to collect email addresses with export and unsubscribe functionality.
django-hotrunner 0.2.4 1 HotRunner is a Django test runner with useful features, like excluding apps and displaying running times of individual tests.
django-jinja-knockout 0.5.0 1 Django AJAX ModelForms. Read-only display ModelForms. Django AJAX grids with CRUD and custom actions. Supports Django Templates.
django-jsonview 1.0.0 1 Always return JSON from your Django view.
django-jstemplate 1.3.8 1 A Django template tag for embedding Mustache.js templates -- or other JavaScript templates -- safely.
django-kenny 0.1.0 1 An extremely simple dynamic TemplateView for django
django-kidotest 1.1 1 Code snippets which help writing automated tests for Django.
django-lastfm 1.0.1 1 Access from your Django site.
django-lockdown 1.4.2 1 Lock down a Django site or individual views, with configurable preview authorization
django-masquerade 1.2 1 django-masquerade
django-mozilla-product-details 0.12.1 1 Product and locale details for Mozilla products.
django-oauth-tokens 0.6.3 1 Application for getting, refreshing and storing OAuth access_tokens for Django standalone applications
django-pdfy 0.2.2 1 <Include a description of your project>
django-pj-portfolio 2.0.4 1 Portfolio tracking
django-pluggableappsettings 1.1.6 1 A convenience class for providing default values for a django app setting.
Django-Pushy 0.1.13 1 Handle push notifications at scale.
django-remote-scenario 0.3.1 1 Remote scenario setup for e2e testing of django projects
django-reportato 1.0 1 Very simple CSV reports with Django
django-rest-assured 0.2.1 1 Django REST Assured instantly test-covers your Django REST Framework based API.
django-rest-params 1.0.2 1 Function decorator for Django REST Framework for specifying and constraining API parameters.
django-rest-sessions 0.2.2 1 Rest Session Backend For Django
django-scaffolding 0.2.6 1 Automatically generate reasonable database entries for your app
django-send-messages 1.0.1 1 A simple API to send messages, includes Yunpian backend and Wechat(weixin) backend.
django-sequere 0.4.1 1 A Django application to implement a follow system and a timeline using multiple backends (db, redis, etc.)
django-side-effects 0.2 1 Django app for managing external side effects.
django-silk 1.0.0 1 Silky smooth profiling for the Django Framework
django-snippetscream 0.0.7 1 Django app packaging the best snippets found on
django-static-angular v1.3.15 1 AngularJS packaged in an handy django app to speed up new applications and deployment.
django-static-sitemaps 4.2.1 1 Tool for generating sitemaps as static files
django-test-autocomplete 0.1.4 1 A shell-autocomplete helper that list TestCases and tests
django-thema 1.2 1 Application that provides EDItEUR Thema categories, and translations for the headers.
django-tidings 1.2 1 Framework for asynchronous email notifications from Django
django-timesickle 0.2 1 Template name resolution for Django class-based views
django-tools 0.32.13 1 miscellaneous tools for django
django-transplant 0.0.2 1 Automated merges of User accounts.
django-trello-webhooks 0.3 1 Django Trello Webhooks - Trello callback integration for Django.
django-ups-tnt 1.0.1 1 Django wrapper around UPS Time In Transit JSON API
django-weblog 0.2.0 1 A Django weblog app with hierarchic categories.
django_fiobank 0.1.2 1 Django-app for managing and processing Fio Bank transaction
djangorecipe 2.2.1 1 Buildout recipe for Django
djaodjin-deployutils 0.2.10 1 Management commands to deploy Django webapps
djet 0.2.1 1 Set of helpers for easy testing of Django apps.
djoser 0.5.4 1 REST version of Django authentication system.
DLRN 0.1.0 1 Build and maintain yum repositories following OpenStack uptream commit streams.
dmc 0.0.1 1 Date and Time handling, the right way.
doublex 1.8.4 1 Python test doubles
doublex-expects 0.7.0rc2 1 Expects matchers for Doublex test doubles assertions
drf-cached-instances 0.3.4 1 Cached instances for Django REST Framework
dummy 0.1.0 1 Dummy package adding, subtracting or multiplying two numbers - to try releasing a Python package
dummyserial 1.0.0 1 Dummy Serial Implementation.
dynamo-objects 1.0.17 1 Simple DynamoDB object mapper and utils
dynamodb-mapper 1.8.1 1 Object mapper for Amazon DynamoDB
dyno 0.2 1 Dependency injection framework based of Netflix's Hystrix
easy-aws 1.0.6 1 Deploying django-projects to Amazon AWS
ecreall.helpers.testing 1.7 1 Helpers for testing often used at Ecreall
effect 0.11.0 1 pure effects for Python
equals 0.0.25 1 Python Fuzzy Matchers
EVELink 0.7.5 1 Python Bindings for the EVE Online API
exam 0.10.6 1 Helpers for better testing.
expan 0.5.2 1 Experiment Analysis Library
expiringdict 1.1.3 1 Dictionary with auto-expiring values for caching purposes
fakeldap 0.5.1 1 An implementation of a LDAPObject to fake a ldap server in unittests.
falcon 1.2.0 1 An unladen web framework for building APIs and app backends.
FALCONN 1.2.2 1 A library for similarity search over high-dimensional data based on Locality-Sensitive Hashing (LSH)
fastbill 0.7.3 1 A thin python wrapper for the fastbill API
filemerge 0.0.3 1 Filemerge: Tool to merge small HDFS files
FileServer 0.3 1 a simple static fileserver and directory index server in python (WSGI app)
firehose 0.5 1 Library for working with output from static code analyzers
fiware-glancesync 1.7.0 1 Tool to synchronise images from a master region to other regions
fixtion 0.0.1 1 fixtion: Test fixture function definition in Python using context manager style generators.
fixtures 3.0.0 1 Fixtures, reusable state for writing clean tests and more.
flake8-tidy-imports 1.0.6 1 A flake8 plugin that helps you write tidier imports.
Flask-Fixtures 0.3.7 1 A simple library for adding database fixtures for unit tests using nothing but JSON or YAML.
Flask-Loopback 1.4.5 1 Library for faking HTTP requests using flask applications without actual network operations
Flask-Redis 0.3.0 1 Redis Extension for Flask Applications
Flask-Statics-Helper 1.0.0 1 Provides Bootstrap3 and other static resources in a modular fashion.
flexer 1.1.7 1 Flexer is a command line tool for interacting with nFlex and running nFlex modules locally.
freezegun-vinta 1 Let your Python tests travel through time
frozendate 0.1.2 1 Frozen date: freeze at a known value for testing
fso 0.3.1 1 File System Overlay - filesystem layering for unit testing
ftpretty 0.2.5 1 Pretty FTP wrapper
ftw.meeting 1.6.2 1 A meeting content type for Plone.
ftw.table 1.18.1 1 Table generator utility for use within zope.
ganapi 0.1.0 1 Get a Newsletter REST API wrapper
gasket-kv 0.1.1a2 1 kv tools for gasket streams
gengo 1.0.0 1 Official Python library for interfacing with the Gengo API.
geotrigger-python 0.1.1 1 A simple client library for interacting with the ArcGIS Geotrigger API. 1.0.0a4 1 Python wrapper for the GitHub API(
glinda 0.0.3 1 Helping your through the Tornado.
glock 0.1 1 Abstraction of time to ease testing
gluster-stats 1.2.2 1 Display gluster stats
goanna 0.1.0 1 SCM Change Monitoring service and scripts
gocept.jasmine 0.6 1 Jasmine integration for selenium.
gocept.mochikit 1 MochiKit integration into Zope 3
gocept.testing 1.11 1 A collection of test helpers, additional assertions, and the like.
GoodTests 2.1.1 1 A fast, parallel, featured python unit-testing framework
gpiocrust 1.0.0 1 A pythonic wrapper around RPi.GPIO
graphite-blueflood 0.2.1 1 Add optional -p option to prepend metrics before forwarding to blueflood
grappa-http 0.1.3 1 HTTP assertion plugin for grappa
graveolens 0.1.1 1 The missing test library for Celery.
Gribble 1.0.0 1 python daemon that munches on logs and sends their contents to logstash
guildwars2api 0.7.1 1 A Python API Wrapper for the Guild Wars 2 API
hacheck 0.7.0 1 HAProxy health-check proxying service
haralyzer-api 0.1.2 1 REST API for storing HAR data and retrieving analyzed results
helper 2.4.2 1 Development library for quickly writing configurable applications and daemons
hexagonit.testing 1.2.2 1 Plone4 test helper which uses plone.testing and manuel.
housecanary 0.7.1 1 Client Wrapper for the HouseCanary API
hp3parclient 3.3.2 1 HP 3PAR HTTP REST Client
hplefthandclient 1.1.0 1 HP LeftHand/StoreVirtual HTTP REST Client
html5 0.0.9 1 HTML parser based on the WHATWG HTML specification
html5lib 0.999999999 1 HTML parser based on the WHATWG HTML specification
httptestserver 0.3.1 1 HTTP(s) and SMTP testing server
hulk 0.2.2 1 Big dumb proxy server for testing service-heavy applications based on requests.
hurry.query 2.3 1 Higher level query system for the zope.catalog
influxdb 4.1.0 1 InfluxDB client
Inject 3.3.1 1 Python dependency injection framework
injector 0.12.1 1 Injector - Python dependency injection framework, inspired by Guice
instrumented-soap 1.1.0 1 Wrapper around suds-jurko that adds django_statsd instrumentation and improved proxy support.
integrate 1.0.0 1 Test framework for integration tests with dependencies
intmaniac 0.18.1 1 A generic integration test tool utilizing docker-compose (for now)
invenio-devserver 0.13 1 An HTTP server for Invenio with automatic code reloading
invenio-records 1.0.0b1 1 Invenio-Records is a metadata storage module.
invoke 0.17.0 1 Pythonic task execution
iotile-test 0.8.0 1 IOTile Test Infrastructure
iotlabcli 2.4.0 1 IoT-LAB testbed command-line client
ipythonblocks 1.7.0 1 Practice Python with colored grids in the IPython Notebook
isotoma.recipe.zeo 2.0.4 1 Custom version of plone.recipe.zeoserver
iyzipay 1.0.25 1 iyzipay api python client
jeni 0.4.1 1 jeni injects annotated dependencies
jigna 0.10.1 1 HTML frontend for Traits models.
jingen 0.1.0 1 Jinja2 File Generator
jmbo-neo 1 Jmbo Neo Web Services integration app.
js.angular 1.1.4 1 Fanstatic packaging of AngularJS
json2email 0.0.6 1 Takes a jinja2 template and some json and sends an email
kafka-scanner 0.3.1 1 High Level Kafka Scanner, supporting inverse consuming and deduplication. Based on kafka-python library.
kappa 0.7.0 1 A CLI tool for AWS Lambda developers
karellen-testing 0.0.1.dev20161012185112 1 Karellen Testing Frameworks and Utilities
katello-cli 1.3 1 Command line interface for the Katello System's Management Project.
kazoo 2.2.1 1 Higher Level Zookeeper Client 2.0dev 1 Higher Level Zookeeper Client
kedo-kazoo 1 Higher Level Zookeeper Client
keen 0.4.0 1 Python Client for Keen IO
kernelconfig 0.3.2 1 Generate custom Linux kernel configurations from curated sources
kerno 0.1.2 1 Framework for the application service layer, approximating Uncle Bob Martin's Clean Architecture.
kids.file 0.0.6 1 Kids file management library.
kids.test 0.0.1 1 Kids test library.
kinto 6.1.0 1 Kinto Web Service - Store, Sync, Share, and Self-Host.
knitpy 0.1.1 1 Elegant, flexible and fast dynamic report generation with python
Kotti 1.3.0 1 A high-level, Pythonic web application framework based on Pyramid and SQLAlchemy. It includes an extensible Content Management System called the Kotti CMS.
kt.testing 1.2.0 1 Test support code featuring flexible harness composition
lazr.restfulclient 0.13.3 1 A programmable client library that takes advantage of the commonalities among
ledgrid 0.4 1 An 8x8 grid of virtual LEDs implemented in Pygame.
leekspin 2.1.1 1 An Onion Router descriptor generator
libfaketime 0.4.2 1 A fast alternative to freezegun that wraps libfaketime.
lingua 4.13 1 Translation toolset
linkedin-api-json-client 0.2.6 1 Python API for interacting with LinkedIn API.
LitleSdkPython3 9.3.1b0 1 Vantiv eCommerce SDK for Python
localimport 1.5.2 1 Isolated import of Python Modules
logfile 1.2.0 1 File-based logging library
loginsight-export 0.7.1 1 Log Insight Export
logwood 3.1.0 1 Simple, but fast logging library for Python 3.5+
lopy 0.0.10 1 Local Python package manager
lrdgdal 0.0.5 1 Linked Raster Data for gdal for python
ls-s3-logs 0.1.2 1 A library to parse S3 log files.
MACS 1.4.3 1 Model Based Analysis for ChIP-Seq data
MACS2 1 Model Based Analysis for ChIP-Seq data
mailem 0.0.3-1 1 Full-featured e-mailing system: flexible, slim and sexy
mal-scraper 0.3.0 1 MyAnimeList web scraper
mamba 0.8.6 1 The definitive testing tool for Python. Born under the banner of Behavior Driven Development.
manila-ui 2.8.0 1 Manila Management Dashboard
mapentity 3.1.0 1 Generic CRUD with maps
markus 0.2 1 Metrics system for generating statistics about your app
marvelous 1.0.3 1 Marvel API wrapper for python.
max 4.0.26 1 Activity Stream and Subscription Enhanced Engine (Motor d'Activitat i subscripcions eXtes)
mbed-ls 1.2.13 1 mbed-ls is a Python module that detects and lists mbed-enabled devices connected to the host computer
mekk.rtm 1.2.3 1 RememberTheMilk client API and command line client
memcache_wrapper 1.0.4 1 A Python function wrapper to cache method results using memcache
mezzanine-pubsubhubbub-pub 0.0.5 1 publisher of pubsubhubbub (PuSH) in Mezzanine.
mixcloud 0.4.0 1 Bindings for the API
mixer 5.6.6 1 Mixer -- Is a fixtures replacement. Supported Django ORM, SqlAlchemy ORM, Mongoengine ODM and custom python objects.
moat 0.1.0 1 A simple authorization API for Python.
mobject 0.2.0 1 Lightweight library to construct objects and object trees
ModelicaRes 0.12.2 1 Utilities to set up and analyze Modelica simulation experiments
moira v1.3.2 1 Quality-filter raw sequence reads using the Poisson binomial filtering algorithm
mongo-profile 0.4.1 1 MongoDB profile helper
mountepy 0.4.1 1 Utilities for creating (micro)service tests. Based on Mountebank.
mygengo 1.3.3 1 Official Python library for interfacing with the MyGengo API.
Navigator 0.2.2 1 A framework to create simple, interactive command line tools.
nb2plots 0.5.1 1 Converting between ipython notebooks and sphinx docs
nensskel 1.37 1 Skeleton for Nelen & Schuurmans projects
neorg 0.0.3 1 NEOrg - Numerical Experiment Organizer
nept 0.1.0.dev0 1 Neuroelectrophysiology tools
nestly 0.6.1 1 Nestly is a collection of functions designed to make running software with combinatorial choices of parameters easier.
netsight.aspxauthplugin 1.0.3 1 PAS Plugin for Zope/Plone that can authenticate a user via the .NET ASPXAUTH cookie
newspaper 1 Simplified python article discovery & extraction.
newspaper3k 0.1.9 1 Simplified python article discovery & extraction.
nfsnapi 0.3.0 1 Stuff to make working with the NearlyFreeSpeech.NET API easier.
nicecall 1.0.10 1 A library which provides a slightly more convinient way to launch processes, compared to Python's subprocess module.
nipy 0.4.1 1 A python package for analysis of neuroimaging data
niteoweb.ipn.jvzoo 1.5 1 JVZoo IPN support in Plone.
nose-blockage 0.1.2 1 Raise errors when communicating outside of tests
nose-progressive 1.5.1 1 A testrunner with a progress bar and smarter tracebacks
nozdormu 0.3.3 1 Python benchmarking for humans and dragons
ntpdatetime 0.1.6 1 Extend datetime module so it can return the time fetched from a NTP poolserver
obelus 0.1 1 Protocol implementation of the Asterisk Manager Interface and Asterisk Gateway Interface
objgraph 3.1.0 1 Draws Python object reference graphs with graphviz
octopusapi 0.1 1 octopusapi
oejskit 0.9.0 1 Open End JavaScript testing and utility kit
ohoh 0.1.0 1 A debug server for WSGI apps.
Oktest 0.15.2 1 a new-style testing library
olimex-ekg-emg 0.2.1 1 A package for gathering data from the Olimex EKG/EMG Shield.
onctuous 0.5.90 1 Fluid and pleasing to use data validator for Python
OpenSprinklerLib 0.1.0 1 OpenSprinkler Library
openstack-requirements 1.0.0 1 OpenStack python dependency management tools
OpScripts 1.6.7 1 Python libraries to assist with writing Linux Ops scripts.
ore.contentmirror 0.7.1 1 Deploy Content from Plone to a Relational Database
orloclient 0.4.5 1 Client to the Orlo deployment _data capture API
oslotest 2.15.0 1 Oslo test framework
ozymandias 0.0.1 1 Functional persistent data structures for Python.
pact-python 0.4.0 1 Tools for creating and verifying consumer driven contracts using the Pact framework.
pantsbuild.pants 1.4.0.dev1 1 A scalable build tool for large, complex, heterogeneous repos. 1.4.0.dev1 1 Android Pants plugin
pantsbuild.pants.contrib.buildgen 1.4.0.dev1 1 Automatic manipulation of BUILD dependencies based on source analysis.
pantsbuild.pants.contrib.cpp 1.4.0.dev1 1 C++ pants plugin.
pantsbuild.pants.contrib.errorprone 1.4.0.dev1 1 Error Prone pants plugin
pantsbuild.pants.contrib.findbugs 1.4.0.dev1 1 FindBugs pants plugin
pantsbuild.pants.contrib.go 1.4.0.dev1 1 Go language support for pants.
pantsbuild.pants.contrib.haskell 0.0.79 1 Haskell pants plugin
pantsbuild.pants.contrib.jax_ws 1.4.0.dev1 1 JAX-WS Pants plugin
pantsbuild.pants.contrib.node 1.4.0.dev1 1 Node.js support for pants.
pantsbuild.pants.contrib.python.checks 1.4.0.dev1 1 Additional python lints and checks.
pantsbuild.pants.contrib.scalajs 1.4.0.dev1 1 scala.js support for pants.
pantsbuild.pants.contrib.scrooge 1.4.0.dev1 1 Scrooge thrift generator pants plugins.
pantsbuild.pants.contrib.spindle 1.1.0-pre4 1 Spindle thrift -> scala generator pants plugins.
pantsbuild.pants.testinfra 1.4.0.dev1 1 Test support for writing pants plugins.
patchy 1.4.0 1 Patch the inner source of python functions at runtime.
path_pipe_conf_tools 0.0.2 1 Tools for working with the pathogen pipeline at The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
pbcommand 0.3.29 1 Library and Tools for interfacing to PacBio pbsmrtpipe workflow engine.
pcsv 1.0.5 1 This module can be used to handle comma-separated values (CSV) files and do lightweight processing of their data with support for row and column filtering
peep 3.1.2 1 A "pip install" that is cryptographically guaranteed repeatable
peepin 0.14 1 Edits your requirements.txt by peep-hashing them
pelican-gist 0.3.3 1 Easily embed GitHub Gists in your Pelican articles.
peng 1.0.6 1 This package provides engineering-related classes and functions
pesto 25 1 Library for WSGI applications
petrel 1 Storm Topology Builder
pexdoc 1.0.9 1 This package provides a light framework that can be used to automatically generate exceptions documentation marked up in reStructuredText
pg-utils 0.6.0 1 Utility libraries for working with PostgreSQL
phil 1.3 1 Sends email reminders for events in an iCalendar file
PieCrust 2.1.1 1 A powerful static website generator and lightweight CMS.
pignacio_scripts 0.0.3 1 Reusable python scripts and snippets I find useful
pipcheck 1.3.1 1 Environment package update checker
pipreq 0.4.4 1 Manages pip requirements files for multiple environments, e.g. production and development
pipwrap 0.2.1 1 Manages pip requirements files for multiple environments, e.g. production and development
pkgcore 0.9.4 1 package managing framework
pkglib 0.9 1 Company-centric packaging and testing library
placebo 0.8.1 1 Make boto3 calls that look real but have no effect
plex-scrobble 4.1.1 1 Scrobble audio tracks played via Plex Media Center 3.4.1 1 Content Views for Plone 4.0.16 1 Plone integration for plone.contentrules 2.0.1 1 Crops Images in Plone manually using cropper JS library 2.7.0 1 Layout mechanisms for Plone 5.0.6 1 Multilingual Plone UI package, enables maintenance of translations for both Dexterity types and Archetypes 1.1 1 Robot Framework testing resources for Plone 5.0.6 1 Testing tools for Plone-the-application, based on plone.testing. 2.0 1 Integrates the Diazo theming engine with Plone 1.4.0 1 Toolbar for Plone 2.0.3 1 Upgrade machinery for Plone. 4.0.3 1 Collection of generally useful vocabularies for Plone. 2.1 1 better plone widgets 3.0 1 A collection of widgets, templates and other components for use with z3c.form and Plone
plone.dexterity 2.5.1 1 Framework for content types as filesystem code and TTW (Zope/CMF/Plone)
plone.indexer 1.0.4 1 Hooks to facilitate managing custom index values in Zope 2/CMF applications
plone.outputfilters 3.0.1 1 Transformations applied to HTML in Plone text fields as they are rendered
plone.patternslib 0.2.1 1 An add-on to make patternslib patterns available within Plone 5.
plone.recipe.codeanalysis 2.2 1 Static code analysis for buildout-based Python projects.
plone.recipe.zeoserver 1.3.1 1 ZC Buildout recipe for installing a ZEO server
plone.resourceeditor 2.0.5 1 Integrates ACE editor into Plone
plone.schemaeditor 2.0.17 1 Provides through-the-web editing of a zope schema/interface.
plone.testing 5.1.1 1 Testing infrastructure for Zope and Plone projects.
plonesocial.microblog 0.5.3 1 Simple microblogging in Plone
plonetheme.barceloneta 1.7.1 1 The default theme for Plone 5.
plonetheme.onegov 3.0.2 1 Theme package for OneGov
plonetheme.persona 1.0a1 1 The Persona Theme for Plone 5.
plorma 0.3.1 1 Plorma is a task management application to plan organise and manage your tasks.
pmisc 1.2.2 1 This module contains miscellaneous utility functions that can be applied in a variety of circumstances; there are context managers, membership functions (test if an argument is of a given type), numerical functions, string functions and functions to aid in the unit testing of modules
pnc-cli 1.0.4 1 CLI wrapper for PNC REST calls
pontoon 0.2.4 1 A Python CLI for Digital Ocean
powerbox 0.4.3 1 Create arbitrary boxes with isotropic power spectra
pplot 1.0.4 1 This module can be used to create high-quality, presentation-ready X-Y graphs quickly and easily
pretend 1.0.8 1 A library for stubbing in Python
pretend_extended 2.1 1 Fake servers for testing
pretend_extended3 3.1 1 Fake servers for testing
pretenders 1.4.3 1 Fake servers for testing
Products.Archetypes 1.14.0 1 Archetypes is a developers framework for rapidly developing and deploying rich, full featured content types within the context of Zope/CMF and Plone.
Products.CMFPlone 5.1b3 1 The Plone Content Management System (core)
Products.DigestoContentTypes 1.2a1 1 Plone content types for legislative documents
Products.kupu 1.5.2 1 UNKNOWN
Products.Reflecto 3.0.6 1 Access the filesystem from Plone
Products.TextIndexNG3 3.4.14 1 Pluggable fulltext indexing solution for Zope and Plone
proselint 0.8.0 1 A linter for prose
ptbtest 1.3 1 A testsuit for use with python-telegram-bot
pthread_event 0.2 1 Event using pthread lock API
pudl 0.1.3 1 pudl is an Active Directory client library and CLI
py-deps 0.5.5 1 parsing the Python deps and generating graph data
py3njection 1.4.1 1 A simple dependency injection module using python 3 annotations
py_eventsocket 0.1.5 1 Easy to use TCP socket based on libevent
pyafraid 0.1 1 Command-line tool for manipulating DDNS
pyatomdb 1 AtomDB python library. This is a very early development version.
pyautotest 0.1.0 1 Autotest Python unittest modules
pychroot 0.9.16 1 a python library and cli tool that simplify chroot handling
pycookiecheat 0.4.1 1 Borrow cookies from your browser's authenticated session foruse in Python scripts.
pyctools.core 0.3.0 1 Picture processing algorithm development kit
pyditz 0.10 1 Python implementation of Ditz (
pydnstest 0.3.1 1 Tool to test DNS changes on a staging server and verify in production
PyDSTool 0.90.2 1 Python dynamical systems simulation and modeling
pyem7 0.0.dev1 1 Library for accessing the Science Logic EM7
pyfarm.agent 0.8.6 1 Core module containing code to run PyFarm's agent.
pyglet2d 0.2.1 1 2D shape primitives for pyglet.
pyhdb 0.3.3 1 SAP HANA Database Client for Python
pyhorn 0.8.1 1 Python wrapper for the Matterhorn RESTful APIs
pyliquidplanner 0.0.2 1 Python library for accessing the REST API of the Liquid Planner project management tool
pyloginsight 0.1 1 VMware vRealize Log Insight Client
pymemcache 1.4.3 1 A comprehensive, fast, pure Python memcached client
pymetawear 0.7.2 1 Python client for connecting to MbientLab's MetaWear boards
pymple 0.1.3 1 A simple Inversion of Control container
pymystem3 0.1.5 1 Python wrapper for the Yandex MyStem 3
pynt-contrib 0.2.0 1 Common pynt tasks.
PyOTA-CCurl 1.0.2 1 C Curl extension for PyOTA
pyp_beagle 0.4.3 1 Package for post-processing of results obtained with the Beagle SED fitting tool
pyparadox 0.3.10 1 PyParadox is a nix launcher for Paradox titles.
pypi-publisher 0.0.4 1 A cli for publishing packages to pypi, without the hassle
pypi-uploader 1.1.0 1 Upload source distributions to your PyPI server.
pypiserver 1.2.0 1 A minimal PyPI server for use with pip/easy_install.
pyramid-kvs 0.2.3 1
pyramid_facebook 2.0.2 1 Pyramid routes and helpers for Facebook canvas applications
pyramid_geoip 0.3 1 Integrate MaxMind GeoIP data with a Pyramid web application.
pyramid_html_minifier 0.1 1 pyramid_html_minifier
pyramid_postmark 0.3.2 1 Integrate the Postmark email service with a Pyramid web application.
pyramid_raven 0.2.2 1 Integrate raven and raven-js with a Pyramid web application.
pyramid_simpleauth 0.10.1 1 Session based authentication and role based security for a Pyramid web application.
pyramid_sqlalchemy 1.6 1 SQLAlchemy integration for pyramid
pyramid_twitterauth 0.2.1 1 Twitter OAuth for Pyramid.
pyramid_weblayer 0.14.7 1 Common / reusable utilities for a Pyramid web application.
pyraml-parser 0.1.6 1 Python parser for RAML.
pyrocksdb 0.4 1 Python bindings for RocksDB
pyrocksdb-cf 0.5.3 1 Python bindings for RocksDB with Column Families support.
PySimulator 0.61 1 Simulation and Analysis Environment in Python with Plugin Infrastructure
pysyncthing 0.0.4 1 Python bindings for Syncthing REST API
pySyringe 1.2.0 1 Pythonic dependency injection container
pytest-doctest-custom 1.0.0 1 A py.test plugin for customizing string representations of doctest results.
pytest-localserver 0.3.7 1 py.test plugin to test server connections locally.
pytest-mongodb 2.1.0 1 pytest plugin for MongoDB fixtures
pytest-oerp 0.2.0 1 pytest plugin to test OpenERP modules
pytest-profiling 1.2.6 1 Profiling plugin for py.test
pytest-runner 2.11.1 1 Invoke py.test as distutils command with dependency resolution
python-3parclient 4.2.3 1 HPE 3PAR HTTP REST Client
python-ambariclient 0.5.10 1 Client library for Apache Ambari.
python-cg 0.1.3 1 Python wrapper for NVidia Cg Toolkit
python-epo-ops-client 2.2.0 1 Python Client for the European Patent Office's Open Patent Services API
python-foneworx 0.1 1 Foneworx XML API library
python-lefthandclient 2.1.0 1 HPE LeftHand/StoreVirtual HTTP REST Client
python-panopticon 0.3.0 1 A collection of healthcheck and monitoring helpers.
python-parrot 1.0.2 1 Parrot is a simple HTTP server that responds to requests with a specified filename
python-redfish 0.4.1 1 Reference implementation of Redfish standard client.
python-simple-di 1.6.0 1 A simple dependency injection container.
python-specfor 0.1.0 1 A Framework for Behavior Driven Development(BDD) based on stdlib's unittest
python-stdnet 0.8.2 1 Object data mapper and advanced query manager for non relational databases.
python-toggl 0.1.4 1 Python Wrapper for Toggl API
python-twitter 3.3 1 A Python wrapper around the Twitter API
python-wepay 1.5.0 1 Python SDK for WePay API (third party).
pywinservicemanager 1.0.5 1 Windows Service Manager Module that wraps for the win32service api
pyxero 0.8.0 1 Python API for accessing the REST API of the Xero accounting tool.
PyXRD 0.7.3 1 PyXRD is a python implementation of the matrix algorithm developed for the X-ray diffraction analysis of disordered lamellar structures
pyzillow 0.5.5 1 Python API wrapper for Zillow's API
qPython 1.2.2 1 kdb+ interfacing library for Python
rabbitrpc 0.6.1 1 RabbitMQ/AMQP-based RPC Client/Server Library
ramlfications 0.1.9 1 A Python RAML parser
rapidpro-pull 1.0.3 1 An open-source tool to pull and cache data from RapidPro servers.
rawes 0.5.5 1 rawes elasticsearch driver
redef 1.7 1 Test utility for redefining functions 0.2.1 1 An alternative method for handling and showing tiles
remoter 0.1.3 1 Python 3 compatible remote task runner
repoze.filesafe 2.2 1 Transaction-aware file creation
repoze.filesafe-nfs 2.0b3 1 Transaction-aware file creation
reqcheck 0.1.7 1 Compare installed Python package versions with PyPI
requests-respectful 0.2.0 1 Minimalist wrapper on top of Requests to work within rate limits of any amount of services simultaneously. Parallel processing friendly.
restfmclient 1.2.1 1 Python client library for RESTfm
restorm 0.2 1 RestORM allows you to interact with resources as if they were objects.
restorm-setuptools 0.3.1 1 RestORM allows you to interact with resources as if they were objects.
RestrictedPython 4.0a2 1 RestrictedPython is a defined subset of the Python language which allows to provide a program input into a trusted environment.
revotool 0.1.0 1 Revotool is a CLI tool for working with MODX Revolution™
riboplot 0.3.1 1 Plot read counts of RiboSeq data from BAM format alignment files
riprova 0.2.3 1 Small and versatile library to retry failed operations using different backoff strategies
ro-manager 0.2.20 1 Research Object manager (command line tool)
robotframework-imagehorizonlibrary 0.1 1 Cross-platform Robot Framework library for GUI automation based on image recognition
rod.recipe.mongodb 1.2.2 1 ZC Buildout recipe for setting up mongoDB.
ronkyuu 0.5 1 Webmention Manager
roughly 0.0.6 1 approximations for equality testing
rrdtool_cffi 0.1 1 Bindings for rrdtool via cffi
rrtools 1.1.0a1.post1 1 Raster Restoration tools
rtsimple 0.9.0 1 A Python wrapper for the Rotten Tomatoes API v1.0
rubber 0.1.8 1 Elasticsearch client with Django support.
run-lambda 0.1.5 1 Run AWS Lambda functions locally
ruuvitag_sensor 0.6.0 1 Find RuuviTag sensor beacons and get data from selected sensor and decode data from eddystone url
s3po 0.4.7 1 An uploading daemon for S3
saddle 0.1.1 1 Functional testing framework.
salt-eventsd 0.9.3 1 Daemon that collects events from the salt-event-bus and writes them into any backend, mysql, redis, etc.
Saltscaffold 3.0.5 1 sets up files and directories for a new salt formula
sandglass 0.0.1 1 datetime enhance
sathub 0.2 1 Compartilhamento do equipamento SAT via RESTful API
scidb-py 15.12.dev1 1 Python wrappers for SciDB
scrapy-tdd 0.1.2rc1 1 Helpers and examples to build Scrapy Crawlers in a test driven way.
sdetools 5.10.5 1 SD Element Tools: A collection of SD Elements integration tools built around SD Elements API.
sdklib 1.8.7 1 SDK helper library
seedme 1.2.4 1 Python REST like client for
seismograph 0.4.7 1 Framework for test development
selenium-respectful 0.1.0 1 Minimalist Selenium webdriver wrapper to work within rate limits of any amount of services simultaneously. Parallel processing friendly.
sepiida 13.4 1 The root library, bringer of common code and goodness
setuphelpers 0.1.0 1 Setuptools helper functions
setupreader 0.0.3 1 retrieve package specification from
sftpclone 1.2 1 A tool for cloning/syncing a local directory tree with an SFTP server.
shirka 0.0.3 1 A small bot based on twisted
shjson 0.2 1 Stream based JSON parsing with a Python C-Extension around YAJL
silverpop 0.6 1 API for Silverpop Enterprise Newslettering
siringa 0.1.3 1 Minimalist and idiomatic dependency injection library
sixer 1.6 1 Add Python 3 support to Python 2 applications using the six module.
Sixpack 2.3.1 1 A/B testing framework under active development at SeatGeek
skll 1.3 1 SciKit-Learn Laboratory makes it easier to run machinelearning experiments with scikit-learn.
SkPy 0.8 1 An unofficial Python library for interacting with the Skype HTTP API.
slapos.core 1.3.18 1 SlapOS core.
smart_open 1.5.3 1 Utils for streaming large files (S3, HDFS, gzip, bz2...)
smssluzbacz-api 1.1 1 api library for sending SMS (shor text message) via service
snakeoil 0.7.1 1 misc common functionality and useful optimizations
sofort 0.4.1 1 Building brick to ease Sofort payments in your application
sparql-client 2.7 1 Python API to query a SPARQL endpoint
spinchimp 0.1.1 1 Python bindings for SpinChimp API
spinnerchief 0.1.1 1 Python bindings for SpinnerChief API
spoof 1.0.5 1 HTTP server for testing environments
spreadsheet 1.2.1 1 A tool to manipulate Google Spreadsheets
sprockets.handlers.status 0.1.2 1 A small handler for reporting application status
sqlalchemy_monetdb 0.9.3 1 SQLAlchemy dialect for MonetDB
sqlalchemy_sphinx 0.8.3 1 SQLAlchemy extension for dealing with SphinxQL 1.0.0a4 1 Python wrapper for the GitHub API(
ssbench 0.3.9 1 SwiftStack Swift Benchmarking Suite
sseclient 0.0.18 1 Python client library for reading Server Sent Event streams.
sst 0.2.4 1 SST - Web Test Framework
starterpyth 1.5.13 1 Generate skeletons for new Python applications.
statsdmetrics 1.0.0 1 Statsd metrics classes and clients
stor 1.4.3 1 Cross-compatible API for accessing Posix and OBS storage systems
strazar 0.2.5 1 Automatic upstream dependency testing
stubserver 1.0.1 1 A stub webserver used to enable blackbox testing of applications that call
subscope 1.0.2 1 A command line tool to download subtitles for your movies.
supervisor 3.3.1 1 A system for controlling process state under UNIX
svgbatch 0.1.9 1 Loads SVG files into pyglet Batch objects for OpenGL rendering.
swagger-parser 0.1.11 1 Swagger parser giving useful informations about your swagger files
swagger-stub 0.2.1 1 Generate a stub from a swagger file
swagger-tester 0.2.7 1 Automatically test your swagger API
swiftsc 0.7.2 1 Simple client library of OpenStack Swift
SwiftyBeaver 0.1 1 A Python implementation of the SwiftyBeaver Platform.
syringe 0.3.0 1 A simple dependency injection library
Syslogger 0.0.4 1 Log messages by facility and level.
tabulator 1.0.0a5 1 Consistent interface for stream reading and writing tabular data (csv/xls/json/etc)
tachyonic.pysmartsmtp 1.0.1 1 It does cool things
tddc 0.1.1 1 Scaffold out methods and tests for collaborative data cleaning.
test-generator 0.1.2 1 Generator is a helper for generating test methods for nose while still using unittest
testdata 0.6.16 1 Easily generate random unicode test data among other things
testdoubles 0.1.0 1 testdoubles is a library that provides testdoubles.
testify 0.11.0 1 Testing framework
testpath 0.3.1 1 Test utilities for code working with files and commands
texturepacker 0.12 1 Assemble texture packs for Minecraft
tftables 1.1.1 1 Interface for reading HDF5 files into Tensorflow.
tha.sdistmaker 1.1 1 Superseded by 'sdistmaker' (was: Make sdists tarballs for projects in svn tree)
Theano 0.9.0 1 Optimizing compiler for evaluating mathematical expressions on CPUs and GPUs.
theape 2014.11.10 1 The All-Purpose Experimenter.
thebestspinner 1.0.2 1 Python bindings for TheBestSpinner API
tl.pkg 0.1 1 A paste.script template for a namespaced Python package and a Sphinx theme.
tonicdnscli 0.10 1 TonicDNS CLI tool
tornado_testing 0.2.1 1 tornado testlayer for use with zope.testrunner
traits 4.6.0 1 explicitly typed attributes for Python
trakt 2.7.2 1 Pythonic abstraction layer for easier scripting of the REST API.
trakt_aiohttp 1.0.1 1 python3.5+ library
trestle 0.2 1 Trestle: doctest for ReST(ful services)
twodolib 0.3.1 1 Functions to manage the 2DoApp from the command line.
twython 3.4.0 1 Actively maintained, pure Python wrapper for the Twitter API. Supports both normal and streaming Twitter APIs
uaconnect 0.2 1 Python package for using Urban Airship Connect
uareach 0.1.0 1 Python package for using the Urban Airship Reach API
ubjsonstream 0.0.2 1 A library for serializing and async deserializing UBJSON
ucg 0.1.2 1 Python bindings for UCG API
ucloudclient 0.2.4 1 Ucloud( python client and command line tools.Author's bolg
udo 4.2.12 1 Automate AWS Orchestration and Deployments
unittest-xml 0.2.2 1 Additional assertion methods for testing XML
urlpath 1.1.2 1 Object-oriented URL from `urllib.parse` and `pathlib`
uwosh.double_blind_review 0.9 1 Double Blind Review Workflows
v1pysdk-unofficial 0.4.post4 1 VersionOne API client
vault-redirector 0.2.0 1 Python/Twisted application to redirect Hashicorp Vault client requests to the active node in a HA cluster
vcdriver 2.6.0 1 A vcenter driver based on pyvmomi, fabric and pywinrm
vcr 0.0.9 1 VCR - decorator for capturing and simulating network communication
vidscraper 1.0.2 1 UNKNOWN
wa-kat 1.1.8 1 Web page analyzator for czech webarchive.
web.dispatch.resource 2.0.0 1 Resource dispatch; a method to resolve a request to an endopint using the WSGI HTTP_METHOD and attribute access.
webcam-streamer 1.0.5 1 Simple USB webcam streaming
wildcard.foldercontents 2.0b4 1 A backport of the Plone 5 folder contents implementation.
wordai 0.1 1 Python bindings for WordAi API
wow.activityapi 0.4 1 Python World of Warcraft Activity API
wow.armoryapi 0.8 1 Python World of Warcraft Armory API
wow.realmstatusapi 0.4 1 Python World of Warcraft Realmstatus API
wptools 0.2.3 1 Wikipedia tools (for Humans)
ws-recorder 0.9.9 1 Tool to record Web Service calls and to serve them afterwards
ws.dependencychecker 1.1.1 1 Checks whether imported packages are declared in
wsgioauth 0.3 1 A WSGI OAuth for working with OAuth from the consumer and service provider perspective. Contains a middleware for protected WSGI applications with an associated administration application. Provides a simple library to help consumers integrate OAuth protected resources into their applications.
WSGIT 0.3.1 1 WSGI Server on TCP
xm.theme 1.3 1 Theme for eXtremeManagement
yith-library-server 0.4 1 yith-library-server
ynm3k 0.1.11 1 UNKNOWN
z3c.layout 0.2 1 HTML layout engine
zanna 0.3.1 1 Simple Dependency Injection library
zc.buildoutsftp 0.11.0 1 Specialized zc.buildout plugin to add sftp support.
zc.catalog 2.0.0 1 Extensions to the Zope 3 Catalog
zc.sqs 1.0.0 1 ==================
zc.zkzopeserver 1.3.2 1 zope.server wrapper that registers with ZooKeeper
zc.zodbwsgi 1.2.0 1 .. image::
zc.zookeeperrecipes 0.2.0 1 =================
zeam.form.ztk 1.3.5 1 Zope Toolkit support for zeam.form
zope.error 4.3.0 1 An error reporting utility for Zope3
zope.testing 4.6.1 1 Zope testing helpers
zopeproject 0.4.2 1 Tools and scripts for creating development sandboxes for web applications that primarily use Zope

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