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Index of Packages Matching 'oauth'

Package Weight* Description
oauth 1.0.1 10 Library for OAuth version 1.0a.
alauda-django-oauth 0.9.0 9 OAuth2 goodies for Django
ckanext-oauth2 0.4.0 9 OAuth2 support for CKAN
courseraoauth2client 0.0.1 9 An OAuth2 client for the Coursera App Platform.
django-oauth-toolkit-fork 0.11.0 9 Fork of django-oauth-toolkit
django-oauth-toolkit-hup 0.7.2 9 OAuth2 goodies for Django
django-oauth-toolkit-scopes-backend 0.10.0 9 OAuth2 for Django with scopes
django-replyify-oauth2 0.0.5 9 Replyify OAuth2 consumer for Django
djdg-django-oauth 1.0.1 9 djdg OAuth2 method for Django
djoauth2 0.6.0 9 OAuth 2.0 server implementation.
Flask-OAuth2-Provider 0.4.1 9 A simple flask oauth2 provider
generic_oauth 0.1 9 generic_oauth makes it extremely simple to use any OAuth v2 API purely from the command line.
google-oauth 1.0.1 9 OAuth2 for Google APIs
guillotina-oauth 1.0.30 9 guillotina oauth support
hubspot-oauth2client 0.1 9 Hubspot OAuth 2.0 client library
instagram-oauth 0.1.1 9 Instagram API oauth authentication helper
invenio-oauth2server 1.0.0b3 9 Invenio module that implements OAuth 2 server.
invenio-oauthclient 1.0.0b4 9 Invenio module that provides OAuth web authorization support.
mvoauthapi 0.2 9 Mobile Vikings OAuth API Client
NCTU-Oauth 0.1.0 9 adds NCTU-Oauth support to flask
oauth-dropins 1.10 9 Drop-in App Engine OAuth client handlers for many popular sites.
oauth-flow 1.0.3 9 Authenticate and make calls to OAuth 1.0, OAuth 2.0 services
oauth-proxy 1.0.5 9 OAuth HTTP proxy
oauth1-provider 0.4.10 9 OAuth 1.0a Provider for Python
oauth2-proxy 1.0.11 9 OAuth2 proxy with authorization/redirect flow
oauth2-proxy-cookie 0.1.0 9 bitly/oauth2-proxy compatible library to decode and validate authenticated cookie.
oauth2client 4.1.2 9 OAuth 2.0 client library
oauth2sample 0.1 9 Sample OAuth2 Client
OAuthClientUser 0.1.1 9 A User Authenticate APP for OAuth2 of django-oauth-toolkit
oauther 0.1 9 An simple oauth base client.
oauthnesia 1.0.5 9 Client for Urbanesia's OAUTH v1.0a API
py-oauth2 0.0.10 9 A Python wrapper for the OAuth 2.0 specification.
pyramid_oauth2 0.14.4 9 OAuth2 support for pyramid
pyramid_oauth2_client 0.1 9 Library for authenticating Pyramid apps using OAuth2
pyramid_oauth2_provider 0.2 9 Oauth2 endpoint for pyramid applications
pyramid_oauthlib 0.2.0 9 Pyramid OAuthLib integration
pyramid_shopify_oauth 0.0.1 9 create pyramid app without worrying about Shopify OAuth
pyvkoauth 0.9.1 9 OAuth authentification for
pywe-oauth 1.0.6 9 Wechat Oauth Module for Python.
repoze-oauth-plugin 0.2 9 OAuth plugin for repoze.who and repoze.what
salesforce-requests-oauthlib 0.1.2 9 An extension to requests-oauthlib to use with Salesforce.
socialoauth 0.3.3 9 Python Package For SNS sites with OAuth2 support
tornado-NCTU-OAuth 0.1.2 9 adds NCTU-OAuth support to tornado
txoauth2 1.0 9 A module that allows implementing OAuth2 with twisted
wechatOauth 0.0.8 9 A python SDK that use to wechat oauth verification
wsgioauth 0.3 9 A WSGI OAuth for working with OAuth from the consumer and service provider perspective. Contains a middleware for protected WSGI applications with an associated administration application. Provides a simple library to help consumers integrate OAuth protected resources into their applications.
wsgioauth.zodb 0.2 9 A package that implements OAuth with ZODB storage.
yahoo_oauth 0.1.9 9 Python Yahoo OAuth Library. Supports OAuth1 and OAuth2
ak-django-oauth-toolkit 1.0.2 8 OAuth2 Provider for Django
django-google-oauth 1.0.4 8 Django Integration for Google+ OAuth2
django-oauth-api 0.5.3 8 OAuth API for Django using Django Rest Framework
django-oauth-toolkit 1.0.0 8 OAuth2 Provider for Django
foauth2 0.9 8 Library for OAuth version 2 'Bearer Token'
haobtc-oauth2 0.0.6 8 haobtc oauth2 lib version
oauth-python-twitter 1.0 8 OAuth implementation for python-twitter
oauth10a 1.9.1 8 library for OAuth 1.0a
oauth2 1.9.0.post1 8 library for OAuth version 1.9
oauth2-facebook-login 1.0.0 8 Returns Facebook OAuth2 access token
oauth2-google-login 1.0.0 8 Returns Google/YouTube OAuth2 access token
oauth2-utf8 1.5.170 8 library for OAuth version 1.0 with to_url utf8 fix
oauth2.3 1.5.211 8 library for OAuth version 1.0
oauthlib-extras 1.0 8 Extends the oauthlib package with additional grant types
praw-script-oauth 0.1.3 8 Script OAuth utility for Reddit and PRAW
tyoi.OAuth2 0.2.1 8 Implements the client side of the OAuth 2 protocol
yandex-oauth-py 0.1.1 8 Package for working with Yandex OAuth
aioauth-client 0.10.0 7
aiohttp_oauth 0.7.0 7 oauth middleware for aiohttp
authentic2-idp-oauth2 1.0.14 7 Authentic2 IdP OAuth2
backstage-oauth2 0.1.3 7 App de integração com o login do backstage
basic_oauth 0.1.5 7 Implements the "Resource Owner Password Credentials Grant" from Oauth v2.
django-admin-oauth2 1.0.2 7 A django app that replaces the django admin authentication mechanism by deferring to an oauth2 provider
django-crwyoauth 1.0.1 7 OAUTH 2.0 for django
django-fb-oauth 0.0.2.dev1 7 Simple facebook authentication for Django.
django-hotsauce-oauthclient 0.2 7 Simple WSGI middleware for OAuth 2.0
django-jira-oauth 0.1.2 7 OAuth authentication with JIRA from Django
django-oauth-tokens 0.6.3 7 Application for getting, refreshing and storing OAuth access_tokens for Django standalone applications
django-oauth2 1.2 7 Provide OAuth2 access to your app (fork of django-oauth2-provider)
django-oauth2-provider 7 Provide OAuth2 access to your app
django-oauth2-provider-ng 0.3.1 7 Provide OAuth2 access to your app
django-oauth2-provider-unleashed 0.2.12 7 Provide OAuth2 access to your app
django-oauthost 0.5.0 7 Reusable application for Django to protect your apps with OAuth 2.0.
django-rest-framework-social-oauth2 1.1.0 7 python-social-auth and oauth2 support for django-rest-framework
django-slack-oauth 1.4.3 7 Handles OAuth and stores slack token
django-tastypie-oauth 0.0.3 7 Providing OAuth services for Tastypie APIs
django-twittersync-oauth 0.1.1 7 OAuth Plugin for django-twittersync
edx-django-oauth2-provider 1.3.2 7 edX fork of django-oauth2-provider
fboauth2 0.1.1 7 Bare minimum Facebook OAuth2 client
flask-mwoauth 0.3.61 7 Flask blueprint to connect to a MediaWiki OAuth server
Flask-OAuth 0.12 7 Adds OAuth support to Flask
Flask-OAuth2 0.01 7
flask-oauth2-devices 0.0.1 7 OAuth2 for devices flow implementation for Flask
Flask-OAuth2Server 0.1 7 Flask-OAuth2Server allows you to quickly add an OAuth2 provider to your Flask application.
Flask-OAuthlib 0.9.4 7 OAuthlib for Flask
flask-oauthprovider 0.1.3 7 A full featured and secure OAuth provider base
Flask-WX-OAuth 0.1.1 7 Flask Extension for wechat oauth2.0.
gcs-oauth2-boto-env-plugin 0.1.3 7 Google Storage auth2 plugin with support for passing service key via environment
gcs-oauth2-boto-plugin 1.14 7 Auth plugin allowing use the use of OAuth 2.0 credentials for Google Cloud Storage in the Boto library.
gcs-oauth2-boto-plugin-grow 1.14 7 Auth plugin allowing use the use of OAuth 2.0 credentials for Google Cloud Storage in the Boto library.
ghoauth 0.5.1 7 OAuth Provider Library for Python 3
google-auth-oauthlib 0.2.0 7 Google Authentication Library
google-oauth2l 1.0.1 7 command-line google oauth tools
googleautoauth 0.2.9 7 Library to streamline Google authentication from the command-line.
gpsoauth 0.4.1 7 A python client library for Google Play Services OAuth.
httpie-oauth 1.0.2 7 OAuth plugin for HTTPie.
jupyterhub_oauth_spawner 0.0.7 7 Spawner for jupyterhub with oauth authentication.
kedo-oauthlib 7 A generic, spec-compliant, thorough implementation of the OAuth request-signing logic
liboauth2 0.0.4 7 Light Python wrapper for the OAuth 2.0 protocol
muffin-oauth 0.3.0 7
mwoauth 0.3.2 7 A generic MediaWiki OAuth handshake helper.
ndg-oauth-client 0.6.0 7 OAuth 2.0 client
ndg-oauth-server 0.6.0 7 OAuth 2.0 server
nemo_oauth_plugin 0.0.5 7 OAuth2 Plugin for Nemo
oauth-middleware 0.3.3 7 Simple flask_oauthlib based middleware for WSGI app to preform oauth
oauth2-client 0.0.21 7 A client library for OAuth2
oauth2-stateless 1.0.1 7 OAuth 2.0 provider for python with Stateless tokens support
oauth2lib 1.0.0 7 OAuth 2.0 compliant client and server library.
oauth2py 1.1.5 7 a simple, lightweight oauth client
oauth_redirect 0.3.0 7 Securely redirects OAuth responses to known clients.
oauthclient 1.0.3 7 OAuth2 client library
oauthenticator 0.7.3 7 OAuthenticator: Authenticate JupyterHub users with common OAuth providers.
oauthlib 2.0.6 7 A generic, spec-compliant, thorough implementation of the OAuth request-signing logic
odoo9-addon-oauth-provider 7 Allows to use Odoo as an OAuth2 provider
odoo9-addon-oauth-provider-jwt 7 Adds the JSON Web Token support for OAuth2 provider
open-humans-tornado-oauth2 2.1.0 7 An Open Humans OAuth2 authentication provider for Tornado
openerp-auth-oauth 7.0.406 7 OAuth2 Authentication
openerp-auth-oauth-signup 7.0.406 7 Signup with OAuth2 Authentication
paytm-oauth 0.2 7 Consumer for paytm oauth
pmr2.oauth 0.6.1 7 OAuth PAS Plugin, OAuth 1.0 provider for Plone.
praw-oauth2util 0.3.5 7 OAuth2 wrapper for PRAW
prawoauth2 0.3 7 Library to make your life easier using OAuth2 for PRAW
proauth2 1.2.1 7 An OAuth2 Provider Module for Python
py3oauth2 0.4.7 7 OAuth 2.0 library for Python 3.
pyoauth2 0.0.4 7 Simple OAuth 2.0 client library
pyoauth2-je 0.0.1 7 OAuth 2.0 compliant client and server library.
pyoauth2-shift 0.0.1 7 OAuth 2.0 compliant client and server library.
pyramid_backend_vgid_oauth2 1.0.2 7 pyramid_backend_vgid_oauth2
pyramid_vgid_oauth2 1.1.1 7 pyramid_vgid_oauth2
pyramid_whoauth 0.1.2 7 pyramid_whoauth
python-oauth2 1.0.1 7 OAuth 2.0 provider for python
rb_oauth 0.3 7 This reviewboard extension allows authentication via OAuth.
requests-foauth 0.1.1 7 Requests TransportAdapter for!
requests-oauth 0.4.1 7 Hook for adding Open Authentication support to Python-requests HTTP library.
requests-oauth2 0.2.0 7 Open Authentication 2 support to Python-requests HTTP library.
requests-oauthlib 0.8.0 7 OAuthlib authentication support for Requests.
salesforce-oauth-request 1.0.6 7 Util package to drive Salesforce Oauth Web flow for testing.
salesforce-oauth-request-yplan 1.1.1 7 Util package to drive Salesforce Oauth Web flow for testing.
sanic-oauth 0.1.1 7
talons.auth.oauth 0.0.1 7 OAuth 1.0 extension for Talons WSGI middleware library
tipfy.ext.auth.oauth 0.1 7 OAuth authentication extension for tipfy
weppy-Oauth2 0.1 7 Oauth2 login interface for weppy
wsgi-oauth2 0.2.0 7 Simple WSGI middleware for OAuth 2.0
bottle-oauthlib 1.2.1 6 Bottle adapter for OAuthLib framework (OAuth2.0)
brubeck-oauth 0.1.11 6 Brubeck OAuth module
byuoauth 1.6 6 Scripts to easily allow BYU applications to generate OAuth tokens and JWTs for test use.
django-oauth 1.1 6 Support of OAuth in Django.
django-oauth-plus 2.2.9 6 Support of OAuth 1.0a in Django using python-oauth2.
django-oauth10a-mod 2.2.10 6 Support of OAuth 1.0a in Django using python-oauth10a.
django_rest_framework_oauth 0.0.2 6 OAuth Support for Django REST Framework
djangorestframework-oauth 1.1.0 6 OAuth support for Django REST Framework
djoauth 0.1.3 6 Django application for oauth.
edx-oauth2-provider 1.2.2 6 Provide OAuth2 access to edX installations
Flask-OAuth2-Login 0.0.9 6 Simple OAuth2 login
Flask-OAuthRes 0.2.0 6 OAuth Resource for Flask
geventhttpclient-oauthlib 0.1a 6 Add support for OAuth to geventHTTPclient
hypers-oauth2 0.1 6 Hypers HFA OAuth 2 API Python SDK
inovonics-cloud-oauth 6 Classes implementing functionality for flask-oauthlib using Redis as the backing store.
kong_oauth 0.1 6 Basic oauth2 functionality for user with Kong
oauth1-py3 1.0.1 6 Library for OAuth version 1.0a. (Python 3)
oauth2_sso 0.4.0 6 Django OAuth 2 Authentication Made Easy
oauth_provider 1.1 6 Support of OAuth in Django.
plurk-oauth 0.9.2 6 Plurk OAuth API
pyoauth 0.1 6 OAuth implementation in Python
pyoauthverifyserver 0.1.2 6 A simple server to receive an OAuth Verification to simplify asking permission for desktop and console applications
simpleoauth 0.0.1 6 An incredibly simple, generic OAuth library
txoauth 1.0.16 6 provides OAuth 2.0 support for Twisted.
uvoauth 0.8 6 Oauth client for uvhttp
ymci-ext-oauth 1.5.0 6 OAuth plugin for ymci
zhihu_oauth 0.0.41 6 尝试解析出知乎官方未开放的 OAuth2 接口,并提供优雅的使用方式,作为 zhihu-py3 项目的替代者
ZOAuth 0.3.2 6 Zack's OAuth client library.
aha.plugin.twitteroauth 0.93bdev 5 A twitter auth plugin for aha
aio-alf 0.1.3 5 OAuth Client For aiohttp
airlock 0.0.13 5 A lightweight wrapper providing Google OAuth2 integration, sessions, XSRF validators, and user management for App Engine apps.
alf 0.7.1 5 OAuth Client
bh_oauth 2.0.0 5 REST API Client
bitly-oauth2-proxy-session 0.1.5 5 LSST Data Management SQuaRE Bitly-Proxy Authenticated Sessions
collective.facebook.accounts 1.0b4 5 This product allows you to associate Facebook accounts with a Plone site using OAuth authentication.
django-oauth-backend 0.2.3 5 UNKNOWN
django-pgcryptoauth 0.3 5 Django hasher for pgcrypto encoded passwords.
django-sanction 0.3.1 5 A Django front end for the sanction OAuth2 client library
django-social-login 0.2.0 5 A Django APP for Social account login via OAuth2 Service
ecog 5 Ecogwiki OAuth client
fanfou 0.2.6 5 OAuth of Fanfou
flask-social-blueprint 0.7.2 5 An OAuth based authentication blueprint for flask. Easy to extend and override
googleDriveAccess 0.1.6 5 update spreadsheet with OAuth2 and recursive upload to Google Drive ( supports OAuth2, Calendar, Gmail, geocoding, spreadsheet, etc ) and import-export Google Apps Script source code
holmesalf 0.1.3 5 holmes-alf is a wrapper for OAuth 2 synchronous (based on alf) and asynchronous (based on the tornado-alf) clients that can bu used in holmes.
httpie-nsof 0.9 5 Nsof OAuth 2 plugin for HTTPie.
httpie-zign 0.2 5 Zign OAuth 2 plugin for HTTPie.
ion_oauth 0.1 5 python-social-auth plugin for ion
kotti_velruse 0.3.4 5 Kotti authentication with Velruse: OpenID, OAuth2, Google, Yahoo, Live, Facebook, Twitter and others
linkedin 0.1.5 5 A Python Library to interface with LinkedIn API, OAuth and JSON responses
noauthsftp 0.4 5 Simple SFTP server that allows all logins (anon sftp)
openid-selector 0.2 5 openid-selector is a frontend in JavaScript for authentication with OpenID, OAuth2, etc
osmoapi 0.1 5 OpenStreetMap OAuth API
pas.plugins.authomatic 1.0b1 5 Provides OAuth2/ OpenID login for Plone using Authomatic.
PyJOAT 1.1.1 5 JWT OAuth 2.0 Access Token management
python-flickr 0.3.2 5 A Python Library to interface with Flickr REST API, OAuth & JSON Responses
python-harvest-oauth 0.0.1a0 5 Harvest api client
python-netflix 0.4.1 5 A Python Library to interface with Netflix REST API & OAuth
python-tumblpy 1.1.4 5 A Python Library to interface with Tumblr v2 REST API & OAuth
rauth 0.7.3 5 A Python library for OAuth 1.0/a, 2.0, and Ofly.
robotframework-extendedrequestslibrary 0.5.5 5 Extended HTTP client testing library for Robot Framework with OAuth2 support
sanction 0.4.1 5 A simple, lightweight OAuth2 client
simpleauth 0.1.5 5 A simple auth handler for Google App Engine supporting OAuth 1.0a, 2.0 and OpenID
tornado-alf 0.4.4 5 OAuth Client For Tornado
TracDjangoAuth 0.4.0 5 Trac Authentication against Django's userdb
utvsapitoken 0.0.2 5 OAuth2 token validation for UTVS API
WeChat-OAuth2 0.1.2 5 wechat sdk
yasso 0.1 5 Yet Another Single Sign-On: An OAuth2 Provider
autoauth 1.0.2 4 authentication in urllib2 and requests for the command line
banana_py 0.1.2 4 OAuth2 Backend for MailChimp
cubicweb-oauth 0.3.1 4 External service (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc) Authentication
deepthoughtconsumeroauth 1.0.0 4 Python implementation of the Deep Thought Library
dewpoint 0.4.1 4 urllib2 openers that sign requests for OAuth or Amazon APIs
django-oauth-twitter 1.11 4 A Django application that lets you associate Twitter accounts with your User accounts
django-oauthlib 0.0.0 4 Nothing to see here, move along please
django-slack-integration 1.0 4 Lightweight OAuth integration with Slack for your Django Projects.
django-student-oauth 0.4 4 Description
douban-client 0.0.6 4 Python client library for Douban APIs (OAuth 2.0)
google-oauth-flask 0.0.1 4 UNKNOWN
google_oauthclient 2.3 4 UNKNOWN
koalaoauth2 0.1.2-alpha 4 UNKNOWN
microauth 0.0.1 4
moneybird 0.1.3 4 MoneyBird API and OAuth client library
oauth2_provider 0.0 4 UNKNOWN
oauth2app 0.3.0 4
oauth2p 0.206 4
OAuthy2 0.01 4
orfium-oauth-provider 0.1.6 4 A django-allauth provider for the music platform.
pas.plugins.osiris 1.0 4 Osiris oauth server PAS plugin.
sanic-jwt 0.4.1 4 JWT oauth flow for Sanic
adp-connection 1.0.1 3 A library to help connect to ADP using Openid-Connect and OAuth 2.0
AnyMetaAPI 1.27 3 Support library for accessing AnyMeta-based websites from Python.
Authlib 0.5.1 3 A ready to use authentication library for OAuth1, OAuth2, OpenID connect and more.
Authomatic 0.1.0.post1 3 Authorization / authentication client library for Python web applications
bambu-api 2.0.1 3 Quickly expose your models to a JSON or XML API, authenticated via HTTP or OAuth.
bottle-rauth 0.1.1 3
boxsdk 2.0.0a11 3 Official Box Python SDK
bratabase-social-auth-backend 0.1.2 3 OAuth2 Backend for to be used with Django-social-auth
clearance 0.1.1 3 Clearance - A Python OAuth 2.0 Library
coinbase 2.0.7 3 Coinbase API client library
connexion 1.3 3 Connexion - API first applications with OpenAPI/Swagger and Flask
curlish 1.22 3 A wrapper for curl that adds OAuth support
dataporten-auth 0.1.1 3 A plugin for python-social-auth to authenticate with dataporten
dendrite 1.1.3 3 Social connectivitiy as a library
django-all-access 0.9.0 3 django-all-access is a reusable application for user registration and authentication from OAuth 1.0 and OAuth 2.0 providers such as Twitter and Facebook.
django-allauth-correctiv 0.0.2 3 Django applications addressing authentication with as a django-allauth module
django-allauth-dreamjub 0.1.3 3 An OAuth provider for django-allauth and dreamjub
django-allauth-intersis 0.5.5 3 OAuth2.0 InterSIS access module for projects using django-allauth.
django-appengine-auth 1.0 3 django-appengine-auth is an extension to django-social-auth with a backend for the Google App Engine OAuth endpoint
django-auth-adfs 0.2.1 3 A Django authentication backend for Microsoft ADFS
django-auth-oidc 0.4.5 3 OpenID Connect authentication support for Django
django-auth_mac 0.1.2 3 Basic Django implementation of the draft RFC ietf-oauth-v2-http-mac-01
django-canvas-api-token 0.2.0 3 Django app for generating Canvas API user oauth tokens
django-connected 0.1.5 3 Connect your Django powered sites to social networks and other online services.
django-deviantart 0.2 3 Deviantart API (OAuth2) for your django project
django-google-credentials 0.0.2 3 Django app storing Google API OAuth credentials.
django-googleauth 2.1 3 OAuth 2.0 authentication for Google and Google Apps accounts
django-googleauth-ng 2.3 3 OAuth 2.0 authentication for Google and Google Apps accounts
django-linked-accounts 2.2.1 3 Link third-party service accounts to Django accounts.
django-netauth 0.1.94 3 Django openid, oauth authentification. Support next sites: - - - - - and custom openid and oauth providers
django-plantains 0.2 3 Persistable oauth2 Mailchimp backend for Django.
django-remotestorage 13.08.0 3 Unhosted remoteStorage server app for django
django-sauth 1 3 django sauth is an easy to setup social authentication/registration mechanism with support for several auth providers.
django-simple-socialauth 1.1.0 3 Django social account authentication app based on requests-oauthlib.
django-social-auth 0.7.28 3 Django social authentication made simple.
django-social-auth3 0.7.23 3 Django social authentication made simple. Python 3 support fork.
django-socialregistration 0.5.10 3 Django app providing registration through a variety of APIs
django-taobao 0.2.6 3 Taobao SDK for django.
django-upwork-auth 1.0-beta 3 Upwork OAuth login for your Django-based project
django-we 1.1.2 3 Django WeChat OAuth2/Share/Token API
doac 0.2.0 3 An OAuth2 Consumer application for your Django project.
eve-auth-jwt 1.0.5 3 Eve JWT authentication
fhir.heart 1.0.0a1 3 Health Relationship Trust Profile (HEART) implementation for FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) compliance for Healthcare System.
Flask-Dance 0.13.0 3 Doing the OAuth dance with style using Flask, requests, and oauthlib
Flask-FBLogin 0.0.1 3 Extends Flask-Login to use Facebook's OAuth2 authorization
Flask-Goat 0.2.1 3 Flask plugin for security and user administration via GitHub OAuth & organization
Flask-GoogleLogin 0.3.1 3 Extends Flask-Login to use Google's OAuth2 authorization
Flask-GSA 0.1.1 3 A simple wrapper for the Google OAuth2 client library
Flask-Rauth 0.3.2 3 Adds OAuth 1.0/a, 2.0, and Ofly consumer support for Flask.
Flask-Sentinel 0.0.7 3 OAuth2 Provider for Flask applications.
Flask-Social 1.6.2 3 Simple OAuth provider integration for Flask-Security
Flask-URS 0.1.3 3 JWT token authentication using NASA URS Oauth2 for Flask apps
google-auth-httplib2 0.0.3 3 Google Authentication Library: httplib2 transport
GoogleToken 0.7.6 3 Google User Account login automation
Janitor 0.1.1 3 Simple HTTP Server behind the OAuth
metricz 3 Metricz makes it easy to write metrics to a Kairosdb instance running with OAuth2 security.
openid-connect 0.4.2 3 Low-level Python OIDC Client library
osiris 1.4 3 Pyramid based oAuth server
playlyfe 0.4.0 3 This is the official OAuth 2.0 Python client SDK for the Playlyfe API
pyflix2 0.2.1 3 A python module for accessing Netflix REST webservice, both V1 and V2 supports oauth and oob.
pyramid_hybridauth 0.1.0 3 Pyramid hybrid auth.
pyramid_twitterauth 0.2.1 3 Twitter OAuth for Pyramid.
python-appengine-auth 0.1.dev0 3 python-appengine-auth is an extension to python-social-auth with a backend for the Google App Engine OAuth endpoint
python-dataporten-auth 2.0.0 3 A plugin for python-social-auth to authenticate with dataporten
python-fs-stack 0.2 3 Python wrapper for all FamilySearch APIs
python-onedrive 15.10.5 3 Obsolete python/cli module for MS SkyDrive/OneDrive old API, do not use for new projects
python-social-auth-waveapps 0.2.0 3 Waveapps backend for python-social-auth.
RenrenOath2 1.0.2 3 Renren OAuth 2 API Python SDK
renrenpy 1.5 3 Renren API and OAuth 2 Python SDK
repoze.who.plugins.vepauth 0.3.0 3 repoze.who.plugins.vepauth
requests-auth 1.0.2 3 Easy Authentication for Requests
rgomes_velruse 1.1.2 3 Simplifying third-party authentication for web applications.
scholarNetwork 3 Coauthor-Network of your Google Scholar
sinaweibopy 1.1.3 3 Sina Weibo OAuth 2 API Python SDK
sinaweibopy-ng 1.2 3 Sina Weibo OAuth 2 API Python SDK
social-auth-backend-b2access 1.0.0 3 A plugin for social-auth to authenticate with b2access
social-auth-steemconnect 0.0.2 3 SteemConnect backend for python-social-auth.
stups-tokens 1.1.19 3 Python library to manage OAuth access tokens
stups-zign 1.1.31 3 OAuth2 token management CLI 0.1 3 Google authentication extension for tipfy using OpenId/Oauth
twilight 0.3.10 3 Twitter (crawling) tools.
uniauth 0.0.2 3 Minimalist and framework independent OAuth(1 & 2) consumers
wordpress-api 1.2.6 3 A Python wrapper for the Wordpress and WooCommerce REST APIs with oAuth1a 3leg support
zalando-kubectl 3 Kubectl wrapper in Python with OAuth token auth
ZotonicClient 1.0 3 Support library for accessing Zotonic websites from Python.
AuthServerClient 0.0.3 2 AuthServer client lib
blotre 0.1.12 2 Thin Python Blot're client.
box-auth 0.1.0 2 Headless box api v2 auth provider
context-io-2 2.0.1 2 I did not create this package; I'm just adding it to pypi. It's already freely available on GitHub.
credulous 0.2.4 2 Tool for generating API credentials. Google API is supported.
django-allauth 0.35.0 2 Integrated set of Django applications addressing authentication, registration, account management as well as 3rd party (social) account authentication.
django-allauth-adfs 0.0.4 2 ADFS oAuth provider for django-allauth
django-allauth-james 0.20.0 2 Temp fork: Integrated set of Django applications addressing authentication, registration, account management as well as 3rd party (social) account authentication.
django-allauth-microsoft 0.0.1 2 Microsoft OAuth2 provider for django-allauth
django-allauth-templates-bootstrap4 0.34.12 2 Bootstrap4 template pack for django-allauth
django-authenticator 0.1.5 2 authentication client for django
django-battlenet 0.0.3 2 API wrapper for Blizzards Community REST APIs & OAuth2 login
django-fulmine 0.1.1 2 Django OAuth 2.0 (RFC 6749) pluggable implementation
django-slxauth 1.8.2 2 Authentication provider for Solarlux Auth Service.
django_twilio_otp 0.1.1 2 OTP integreation in django based applications with Twilio Messageing service.
epitropos 0.0.0 2 Fabulously simple OAuth2 server with pluggable storage and authentication plugins.
fakebook_server 0.1.6 2 fakebook is a Facebook API simulator meant for test purposes
flask-canvas 0.1 2 A Flask extension for Facebook canvas-based apps
Flask-naver 1.2 2 Oauth2 wraper for Naver login
gaesd 0.7.2 2 Capture and dispatch Stack-Driver compatible traces using a pure python implementation with a pythonic api: context-managers, thread-locals (for web requests) and method decorators. The full patchTraces API is supported. Uses the `google_api_python_client` and `oauth2client` libraries under the hood and easily usable on AppEngine if these libraries are vendored-in. Documentation can be found here:
gbdx-auth 0.2.4 2 An Oauth2 Helper Tool for the GBDX Platform
gcb-web-auth 0.8 2 Django app to integrate Duke OAuth for use in GCB.
gimgurpython 0.0.4 2 A fork of Official Imgur python library with OAuth2 and samples, modified as it seems not maintained anymore
google-auth 1.4.1 2 Google Authentication Library
heroku-bouncer 1.3 2 WSGI middleware that requires Heroku OAuth for all requests.
hydra-sdk 0.9.0 2 Go Hydra SDK for Python
imgurapi 1.1.10 2 Fork of the Official Imgur python library with OAuth2 and samples
imgurpython 1.1.7 2 Official Imgur python library with OAuth2 and samples
jizhi 0.1.1 2 jizhi api SDK 1.0.0 2 MVC web framework in Python with Gevent, Jinja2, Werkzeug
lettoo-email-quick-signup 1.2.0 2 Django social authentication made simple.
lettoo-phone-quick-signup 1.1.8 2 Django social authentication made simple.
liveconnect 0.1.113 2 LiveConnect OAuth adapter for Python
medium 0.3.0 2 SDK for working with the Medium API
meetup 0.0.1 2 A python meetup api that uses the requests module
MicrosoftHealth 0.1.0 2 Python SDK for Microsoft Health API
mingdao 0.1.4 2 Python SDK for, provides Mingdao OAuth2 authorization and API wrapper.
myyoutube 0.4 2 Upload videos to youtube using OAuth2.0 and the youtube API
namemapping 0.1.0.dev1 2 A Python project uses Yahoo BOSS API to unify company names
NCP-Geolocation 0.12 2 This is for Geolocation service of Naver Cloud Platfrom It is simple to use 1. Import and fill your security code ncp_geolocation = NCP_Geolocation_API(oauth_consumer_key="$oauth_consumer_key", secret_key="$secret_key") 2. execute `get_geolocation` function print(ncp_geolocation.get_geolocation("")) results : {"returnCode": 0,"requestId": "c2032c47-f678-4de1-b595-461906ea90c4","geoLocation": {"country": "KR","code": "4113558000","r1": "경기도","r2": "성남시 분당구"}}
oa2 0.0 2 Python OAuth 2.0 library and command line token fetcher.
oic 0.12.0 2 Python implementation of OAuth2 and OpenID Connect
oupengauth 0.1.2 2 A oauth client library.
ourl 0.0.1 2 http client with oauth and pipelined processing
patreon 0.5.0 2 Python library for interacting with the Patreon API. OAuth-centric for now.
piston-api-auth 0.1.1 2 Piston authentication extension that adds per request signing (similar with 2 legged OAuth).
pixelpin-auth-core 1.0.3 2 Python PixelPin authentication made simple.
plurk-api 2.0.2 2 Plurk API
poetri 0.0.5 2 Pre-OAuth Entity Trust Reference Implementation
pyoutube 0.5 2 Upload videos to youtube using OAuth2.0 and the youtube API
pyramid_clearance 0.1.2 2 Pyramid integration for the clearance OAuth 2.0 package
pyramid_odesk 1.1.5 2 pyramid_odesk
pyramid_upwork 1.1.6 2 pyramid_upwork
python-linkedin-client 1.0.1 2 LinkedIn API in python
pyvka 0.1 2 Python package for authorize and getaccess_token for vkontakte api.
pywe-miniapp 1.0.0 2 Wechat Oauth Module for Python.
renren_client 0.0.1 2 The renren API2.0 SDK for python
requests-facebook 0.4.2 2 A Python Library to interface with Facebook Graph API
requests-facebook-py3 0.2.1 2 A Python Library to interface with Facebook Graph API
shiftboiler 0.3.3 2 Boilerplate setup for webapps, apis and cli applications with flask
signed-http-req 1.0 2 Python implementation of Signed HTTP Requests for OAuth.
strippers.facebook 0.9b 2 Python library for Facebook Graph API
strippers.mixi 1.0 2 Python library for mixi Graph API
tgauth 1.1.1 2 Tgauth is a package for authentication and authorization with Telegram Messenger. its provide the Token Based Authentication.
tipfy.ext.auth.friendfeed 0.1 2 FriendFeed authentication extension for tipfy using OAuth
tipfy.ext.auth.twitter 0.1 2 Twitter authentication extension for tipfy using OAuth
tornadocnauth 1.3 2 providing similar interfaces as tornado.auth for popular websites OAuth in China
twitterxauth 0.1.0dev 2 thin wrapper module for xAuth
txOneDrive 15.10.0 2 Obsolete twisted-based python async interface for old MS OneDrive API
UnderArmour 0.1.3 2 Python SDK for Under Armour API
userapp 1.0.5 2 Client for accessing the UserApp API.
velruse 1.1.1 2 Simplifying third-party authentication for web applications.
vidme 0.8.11 2 A Python VidMe API interface library that supports oauth.
VKAppAuth 0.0.1 2 Python package for authorize a standalone VK/Vkontakte application and getaccess_token for vkontakte api.
wixot-auth 0.4.2 2 A simple Google OAuth2 for wixot
youtube3 2 Python Youtube v3 API Wrapper
abiquo-api 0.1.12 1 Abiquo API Python Client
accountable 0.1 1 Command line tools for interacting with JIRA
acdcli 0.3.2 1 a command line interface and FUSE filesystem for Amazon Cloud Drive
actingweb 2.3.0 1 The official ActingWeb library
adarnauth-esi 1.4.3 1 Django app for accessing the EVE Swagger Interface.
aioautomatic 0.6.5 1 Asyncio library for the Automatic API
aiocouchdb 0.9.1 1 CouchDB client built on top of aiohttp (asyncio)
aiohttp-json-rpc 0.9.1 1 Implementation JSON-RPC 2.0 server and client using aiohttp on top of websockets transport
aionap 0.4 1 Python Asyncio REST Client
alkivi-google-client 1.0.3 1 Google python client used at Alkivi
annict 0.6.1 1 Annict API for Python
apiclient 1.0.3 1 Framework for making good API client libraries using urllib3.
applause-tool 0.5.0 1 This package allows integration with Applause Inc. services.
applyaf 1.0.1 1 Apply antenna factor and cable loss tospectrum analyzer measurements
arghelper 0.4.2 1 Python argparse helper module
asana-hub 0.2.12 1 A python lib & tool for creating issues and tasks simultaneously on github and asana, and keeping them in sync.
async_http 0.12 1 An http/https client library that works with asyncore/asynchat
asynctwitch 4.2.1 1 Asynchonous wrapper for twitch IRC3
auth0db 0.1.0 1 Auth0 authentication backend for Django
auth0plus 0.3.0 1 Unofficial enhancements to the Auth0-python package
authentic2 2.1.20 1 Authentic 2, a versatile identity management server
authentic2-auth-msp 1.0.5 1 Authentic2 plugin
autolycus 0.0.7 1 Exports/synchronizes a Mercurial repo to Git
autotweet 0.5.3 1 learn your tweet and auto tweet it.
avs 0.1.1 1 Python implementation of Alexa Voice Service App
aweber_api 1.4.0 1 A python client library for the AWeber API.
awesome-finder 1.1.3 1 A TUI based awesome curated list finder
azure-batch-apps 0.5.2 1 Batch Apps Python Client
azure-graphrbac 0.40.0 1 Microsoft Azure Graph RBAC Client Library for Python 0.11.0 1 Post to Blogger or WordPress in markup language seamlessly
b2gperf-v1.3 0.1 1 App startup tests for B2G
b2gperf-v1.4 0.1 1 App startup tests for B2G
bifrost 3.1.1 1 Deployment of physical machines using OpenStack Ironic and Ansible
bigcommerce 0.17.3 1 Connect Python applications with the Bigcommerce API
bigcommerce-api 0.10.1 1 (Deprecated) Connect Python applications with the Bigcommerce API
bingads 11.5.8 1 A library to make working with the Bing Ads APIs and bulk services easy
biocode_fims 0.2.4 1 A Python client for accessing data from the Biocode FIMS database.
birdy 0.3.2 1 birdy is a super awesome Twitter API client for Python.
bitbucket-api 0.5.0 1 Bitbucket API
bitbucket-sync 0.3.3 1 bitbucket-sync synchronize locally all the repositories of a bitbucket account
bitly_api 0.3 1 An API for
BitlyShorter 1.1.2 1 Branded bitlink generator for Bitly
Bivouac 0.1.1 1 a light-weight, wsgi-compliant web framework in Python
bottle-auth 0.3.3 1 Bootle authentication, for Personal, Google, Twitter and facebook.
brittle_wit_core 0.0.3 1 Version-agnostic core for brittle_wit package
bufferapp 0.2.0 1 Python library for Buffer App
bullhorn_interface 2.0.14.dev0 1 A simple Python package to facilitate interactions with the Bullhorn REST API
butterdb 0.1.5 1 butterdb is a Python ORM for Google Drive Spreadsheets.
cabu 0.0.2 1 cabu is a simple REST microservice to scrap content from anywhere. 2.2.2 1 CAS Client library
cbas 156 1 Command line interface to the c-bastion
celtic_lib 0.0.7 1 A python library for wrapping around the CELTIC service
cf_api 0.1.11a1 1 Python Interface for Cloud Foundry APIs
chalice 1.1.0 1 Microframework
chinaapi 0.8.9 1 Python SDK For China API: Sina Weibo, QQ Weibo, Taobao, Renren, Douban
chrome-webstore-deploy 0.0.2 1 Automate deployment of Chrome extensions/apps to Chrome Web Store.
CI_CloudConnector 0.55 1 IOT application that collect data from PLC (ModBus or AnB Ethernet/IP) and send to cloud using https
CI_LocalConnector 0.18 1 IOT application that collect data from PLC (ModBus or AnB Ethernet/IP) and send to cloud using https
cibopath 0.1.0 1 Search Cookiecutters on GitHub.
cinder_auths 0.1.1 1 Cinder Authentication Examples
ckanext-wirecloud_view 1.0.1 1 Provide visualization dashboards on CKAN using WireCloud
click-toolbelt 0.5.1 1 Click App Toolbelt
cliquet 3.1.5 1 Micro service API toolkit
cliquet-fxa 1.4.0 1 deprecated! see kinto-fxa instead. was: Firefox Accounts support in Cliquet
clone-github 0.12 1 Clone github repos in bulk.
cloudaux 1.4.7 1 Cloud Auxiliary is a python wrapper and orchestration module for interacting with cloud providers
cloudprinting 0.3.2 1 Simple API for Google Cloud Print
clusterclienttest 0.2.0 1 Client for compute nodes to communicate via REST API with master server.
cmsplugin-tumblr 1.0 1 A django-cms plugin that displays the last number of posts of a tumblr user
cmsplugin-viadeo-resume 0.4 1 Viadeo resume plugin for django-cms 2.2
codeorigins 0.3.0 1 Code origins contest based on GitHub data
collective.googleanalytics 1.6.1 1 Tools for pulling statistics from Google Analytics.
collective.linguaanalytics 1.0 1 Google Analytics specialized for MultiLanguage sites
collective.simplesocial 1.8 1 Basic Facebook Connect support for Plone
collective.twitter.accounts 1.0.3 1 Provide Twitter integration for a Plone Site
corrections 0.2.3 1 UNKNOWN
cosmicray 0.0.9 1 Develop a client for your HTTP API and document its quirks and features
courseraprogramming 0.18.0 1 A toolkit to help develop asynchronous graders for Coursera based on docker images.
courseraresearchexports 0.0.25 1 Command line tool for convenient access to Coursera Research Data Exports.
cs.auth.twitter 1.1.1 1 Twitter based login for Plone
CslBot 0.21 1 An easily extensible, modular irc bot.
ct-core-api 2.5.0 1 Catalant Core API Framework
cumulusci 2.0.0b84 1 Build and release tools for Salesforce developers
Custom-FAB 0.0.9 1 Simple and rapid application development framework, built on top of Flask App Builder. includes detailed security, auto CRUD generation for your models, google charts and much more.
dankbot 0.0.6 1 Slack bot for posting dank memes from Reddit
ddpclient 2.0.0 1 A client library for DDP API
demotesttelstraruby 2.2.4 1 The Telstra SMS Messaging API allows your applications to send and receive SMS text messages from Australias leading network operator. It also allows your application to track the delivery status of both sent and received SMS messages.
denarius 2018.2.7.53 1 currency and other utilities
designer-news 0.1.0 1 Python library for the Designer News API
deux 1.2.0 1 Multifactor Authentication for Django Rest Framework
df2gspread 0.2.5 1 Export tables to Google Spreadsheets.
dictsheet 0.0.10 1 Dict wrapper for google spreadsheet
dirwalker 0.5.0 1 Python Directory Walker module
discotech 1 python library to help working with social media providers
dj-api-auth 0.7 1 A Django application provides an AWS-alike authentication for API access.
dj-sso-client 0.21 1 A Django SSO client application, works with dj-sso-server
dj-sso-client2 0.23 1 A Django SSO client application, works with dj-sso-server
django-admin-sso 2.4.0 1 Django SSO solution
django-admin-sso2 2.0.4 1 Django SSO solution
django-allauth-cas 1.0.0b2 1 CAS support for django-allauth.
django-analytics-kits 0.1.9 1 A Django app to get analytics data from Google Analytics and save them in other django app models
django-arcgis-marketplace 0.0.13 1 Arcgis marketplace app.
django-asana 0.6.3 1 Django Asana integration project
django-atol 1.2.0 1 Django integration with ATOL online
django-auth-gitlab 0.1.0 1 OpenID Connect authentication support for Django
django-auth-network-client 0.2.5 1 Django Auth Network (DAN) is a set of two packages that create Google and Facebook-style authentication, but using your own provider instead of Google or Facebook. This is the client package, and it allows an app to connect to your provider package.
django-auth-pubtkt 1.1.2 1 Implementation of mod_auth_pubtkt as Django middleware
django-auth0 0.0.3 1 Django Auth0 authentication background
django-auth0-auth 2.3.2 1 Authenticated users using Auth0.
django-authlib 0.6.1 1 Authentication utils for Django
django-authsch 0.8.6 1 Easy-to-use auth.sch client.
django-azure-ad-auth 1.3.1 1 Authenticated users using Azure Active Directory.
django-baton 1.0.9 1 A cool, modern and responsive django admin application
django-bosssearch 1.1 1 Search with Yahoo BOSS!
django-bot 0.2.2 1 A lightweight django framework for bots
django-cas-server 0.9.0 1 A Django Central Authentication Service server implementing the CAS Protocol 3.0 Specification
django-chatterbox 0.0.8 1 Social listening made easy
django-cmsplugin-blurp 1.18 1
django-compat 1.0.15 1 For- and backwards compatibility layer for Django 1.4, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, and 1.11
django-datapurge 0.0.2 1 A simple Django app to easily handle cleanup of old data (sessions, nonces, etc.)
django-discord-bind 0.2.0 1 A Django app for securely associating a user with a Discord account.
django-embed 0.2.1 1 A simple Django app to generate embed code from youtube, twitter and slideshare.
django-eve-data 0.1.3 1 Package for retrieving Data via API or static from Eve Online.
django-exacttarget 0.0.9-beta 1 ExactTarget SOAP Api made simple
django-facebook 6.0.3 1 Facebook open graph API client in python. Enables django applications to register users using facebook. Fixes issues with the official but unsupported Facebook python-sdk. Enables mobile facebook authentication. Canvas page authentication for facebook applications. FQL access via the server side api.
django-facebook-api 0.6.8 1 Django implementation for Facebook Graph API
django-facebook-applications 0.6.0 1 Django implementation for Facebook Graph API Applications
django-facebook-auth 3.9.0 1 Authorisation app for Facebook API.
django-facebook-pages 0.6.1 1 Django implementation for Facebook Graph API Pages
django-facebook-pages-statistic 0.6.0 1 Application for storing Facebook Pages statistic for different timesnaps
django-facebook-photos 0.5.2 1 Django implementation for Facebook Graph API Photos and Albums
django-facebook-posts 0.6.1 1 Django implementation for Facebook Graph API Posts
django-facebook-users 0.6.0 1 Django implementation for Facebook Graph API Users
django-flux 0.3.0 1 locally fetch, store, and present social media flux
django-gcs 0.1.1 1 Django file storage backend for Google Cloud Storage
django-gipsy 2.10 1 A set of fancy tools for django.
django-google-adwords 0.7.2 1 Django modelling and helpers for the Google Adwords API.
django-google-auth 0.4.0 1 google-auth support for django
django-helusers 0.4.2 1 Django app for the user infrastructure of the City of Helsinki
django-instagram-api 0.3.7 1 Django implementation for instagram API
django-jwt-auth 0.0.2 1 JSON Web Token based authentication for Django
django-lastfm-auth 0.2.3 1 django-lastfm-auth is an extension to django-social-auth which adds a backend for
django-le-social 0.9 1 External registration / authentication for Django
django-le-twitter 0.2 1 Twitter authentication that sucks
django-locksmith 0.8.0 1 Django apps for API authentication and centralized authorization
django-meetup-auth 0.2.1 1 django-meetup-auth is an extension to django-social-auth which adds a backend for
django-microsoft-auth 1.0.4 1 Simple app to enable Microsoft Account, Office 365 and Xbox Live authentcation as a Django authentcation backend.
django-moat 0.1.1 1 django-moat
django-newswall 0.1.0 1 My version of a Tumblelog, because I can.
django-odesk-auth 0.2 1 A simple Django app for basic “Log in via Upwork” functionality.
django-odnoklassniki-api 0.2.6 1 Django implementation for odnoklassniki API
django-odnoklassniki-discussions 0.1.8 1 Django implementation for odnoklassniki API Discussions
django-odnoklassniki-groups 0.1.4 1 Django implementation for odnoklassniki API Groups
django-odnoklassniki-photos 0.1.5 1 Django implementation for odnoklassniki Photo and Album API
django-odnoklassniki-users 0.2.1 1 Django implementation for odnoklassniki API Users
django-oidc-client 0.0.0 1 OpenID Connect Client implementation for Django.
django-openid-op 0.1.19 1 A django database based implementation of a subset of openid protocol, targeted at python3.6 and django 1.11+
django-orders-flavor 0.0.7 1 Django app for orders
django-otto-admin 0.1.2 1 Django admin customization app for django-suit providing google analytics widgets in the admin index
django-pesapal 1.2.0 1 A django port of pesapal payment gateway
django-reportato 1.0 1 Very simple CSV reports with Django
django-salesforce 0.7.2 1 a Salesforce backend for Django's ORM
django-scim2 0.2.25 1 A partial implementation of the SCIM 2.0 provider specification for use with Django.
django-shopify-auth 0.7.0 1 A simple package for adding Shopify authentication to Django apps.
django-simple-social 0.1.10 1 A generic system for interacting with remote APIs that need to create Django socials.
django-simpletwitchauth 1.0 1 Use this simple module to easily enable authorization in your Django application via Twitch API
django-smart-proxy 0.2.1 1 The django-smart-proxy app allows you to configure plug-and-play reverse proxy solutions for social networks and other complex integration points with your website.
django-social-api 0.1.1 1 Django social networks API abstraction layer
django-social-authsch 0.1 1 A Django app for AuthSCH.
django-social-user 0.1.9 1 A generic system for interacting with remote APIs that need to create Django users.
django-socialnetwork 0.0.6 1 Provides functionality to login and share with social networks to Django.
django-socialnetworks 0.5.0a7 1 Extends Django with “log in” and “share” functionalities for the most common social networks.
django-socialprofile 1.2.1 1 django-socialprofile enables users to manage their user profile built by logging in via a social service such as Google, Twitter, or Facebook. It relies on python-socialauth.
django-stormpath 1.1.0 1 Stormpath integration for Django.
django-switter 0.1 1 Switter is a drop-in Django app that gets tweets for you, keeps them cached for a short while and makes it easy to display them on your site. Switter provides a django-cms plugin.
django-tastypie-hmacauth 0.1 1 A HMAC class authentication for Tastypie and Django
django-throttle-requests 0.5.4 1 A Django framework for application-layer rate limiting
django-tokenapi 1.0 1 Add an API to your Django app using token-based authentication.
django-trello-freckle-sprints 0.1.1 1 A reusable Django app that creates burndown charts based on Trello boards and Freckle entries.
django-trello-webhooks 0.3 1 Django Trello Webhooks - Trello callback integration for Django.
django-tumblr-auth 0.0.1 1 django-tumblr-auth is an extension to django-social-auth which adds a backend for
django-twemoir 0.2.1 1 Twitter data models
django-twitter 0.1.0 1 An inobstrusive way to login with Twitter into your Django application.
django-twitter-api 0.2.10 1 Django implementation for Twitter API
django-twitter-relations-history 0.3.8 1 Django implementation for storing twitter user relations history
django-twitter-tag 1.2.1 1 A django template tag to display user's recent tweets.
django-unifi-portal 0.0.2 1 Authenticate Unifi WiFi Guests with Django.
django-users-api 0.1 1 Django users RESTful API using Tastypie.
django-vkontakte-ads 0.5.0 1 Django implementation for vkontakte API Ads
django-vkontakte-api 0.8.7 1 Django implementation for vkontakte API
django-vkontakte-board 0.7.1 1 Django implementation for vkontakte API Board
django-vkontakte-groups 0.7.2 1 Django implementation for vkontakte API Groups
django-vkontakte-groups-migration 0.6.6 1 Django implementation for vkontakte API Groups Users Migration
django-vkontakte-groups-statistic 0.5.3 1 Django implementation for vkontakte API Groups Statistic
django-vkontakte-photos 0.8.0 1 Django implementation for vkontakte API photos
django-vkontakte-places 0.7.1 1 Django implementation for vkontakte API Places (any kind of geo objects)
django-vkontakte-polls 0.7.4 1 Django implementation for vkontakte API Polls
django-vkontakte-users 0.8.7 1 Django implementation for vkontakte API Users
django-vkontakte-video 0.8.0 1 Django implementation for vkontakte API video
django-vkontakte-wall 0.8.1 1 Django implementation for vkontakte API Wall
django-vkontakte-wall-statistic 0.7.3 1 Django implementation for vkontakte API Wall Statistic
django-wapiti 1.0.3 1 Django API layer
django-wordpress-rest 0.1.4 1 Sync a WordPress site to Django via the REST API
django-youtube 0.2 1 Youtube API wrapper app for Django. It helps to upload, display, delete, update videos from Youtube
django-zipkin 0.0.3 1 django-zipkin is a Django middleware and api for recording and sending messages to Zipkin
django_facebook_helper 0.3.7 1 A Django application for helping in facebook login an managing.
django_yafotki 0.7.3 1 Yandex.Fotki files backend for django
djangodoo 1.0 1 A Django app to copy models, load and save records from a running Odoo instance
djangomailup 0.2.0 1 Django app to integrate with MailUp
djangorestframework 3.7.7 1 Web APIs for Django, made easy.
djangorestframework-jwt 1.11.0 1 JSON Web Token based authentication for Django REST framework
djangorestframework-jwt-custom-user 1.11.1 1 JSON Web Token based authentication for Django REST framework
djangorestframework-jwt-refresh-token 0.5 1 Long Refresh Tokens for JSON Web Token based authentication
djoser 1.1.5 1 REST version of Django authentication system.
draceditor 1.1.8 1 Django Markdown Editor built for Dracos Linux
dropbox 8.7.1 1 Official Dropbox API Client
dropbox_compatiable 3.38 1 Official Dropbox API Client
drunkbot 1.9 1 A discord bot platform independent using ffmpeg, youtube-dl, scrapers and more
drupal_services 0.1.0 1 Some simple Python classes for interacting with the Drupal 'services' module.
dwm 1.0.2 1 Best practices for marketing data quality management
dwolla 2.3.2 1 An official requests based wrapper for the Dwolla API
dwollav2 1.2.4 1 Official Dwolla V2 API client
e-lti 0.9.5 1 A python library for building and/or consuming LTI apps. Forked from
easy-web-app 0.3.1 1 Create web applications easily by defining them in JSON format.
EasyBlogger 2.0.0 1 A (very) easy CLI interface to Blogger blogs
easytrakt 0.1.6 1 simple client for Trakt.TV api
EbookLib 0.16 1 Ebook library which can handle EPUB2/EPUB3 and Kindle format
eckerd-django-google-sso 0.0.1 1 A reusable django application for google sso
ecl_facebook 1.4.1 1 Easy Facebook integration for Django.
ecl_twitter 1.2.2 1 Easy Twitter integration for Django.
edo_client 0.9.3 1 SDK for
edx-api-client 0.4.0 1 Python interface to the edX REST APIs
edx-auth-backends 1.1.3 1 Custom edX authentication backends and pipeline steps
edx-enterprise 0.65.7 1 Your project description goes here
egnyte 0.5.3 1 Egnyte Public API SDK
eleme.openapi.sdk 1 eleme openapi python sdk
emailer 0.3.0 1 Send scheduled emails
environmentalist 0.1.1 1 Accessing environment variables for lazy people.
eveauth 0.0.3 1 A library for working with the EVE Online SSO.
eventbrite 3.3.3 1 Official Eventbrite SDK for Python
evernote 1.25.3 1 Evernote SDK for Python
evernote-moment 1.25.0 1 Evernote SDK for Python
everyplay 0.3.6 1 A friendly wrapper library for the Everyplay API
exactonline 0.3.2 1 Exact Online REST API Library in Python
exist 1 Exist API client implementation
ezfacebook 0.87.0 1 Django Tools to use facebook seamlessly without having to build around it.
facebook-sdk-test 0.4.2 1 This client library is designed to support the Facebook Graph API and the official Facebook JavaScript SDK, which is the canonical way to implement Facebook authentication.
facebookinsights 0.3.4 1 A wrapper and command-line interface for the Facebook Insights API.
facebooktoken 0.0.1 1 Lightweight library for refreshing your facebook access token.
facepy 1.0.9 1 Facepy makes it really easy to use Facebook's Graph API
facepy-pozytywnie 1.0.5 1 Facepy makes it really easy to interact with Facebook's Graph API
factual 0.1.3 1 Wrapper for the Factual HTTP API.
falcon-swagger-ui 0.0.8 1 Swagger UI Application for Falcon
fandjango 4.2.1 1 Fandjango makes it stupidly easy to create Facebook applications with Django.
fanfou-cli 0.1.20 1 Fanfou Command Line Client
fanpy 0.2.0 1 An API and cli toolset for
fantastico 0.7.1 1 Python 3 MVC web framework with built in capabilities for developing Web Services and Modular Web Applications.
feed2mb 0.9.1 1 Publish your feed items to a microblog
FHIRstorm 0.0.1.dev6 1 SMART on FHIR client for Python
finsky 0.3.3 1 Google Play API
fitbit 0.3.0 1 Fitbit API Wrapper.
Flask-AppBuilder 1.9.6 1 Simple and rapid application development framework, built on top of Flask. includes detailed security, auto CRUD generation for your models, google charts and much more.
Flask-Dropbox 0.3 1 Dropbox Python SDK support for Flask applications.
Flask-Heroku-Auth 0.0.5 1 Flask Based Heroku Authentication.
Flask-IdentityClient 0.5.2 1 PassaporteWeb connection for Flask applications
Flask-JIRA-Helper 0.2.0 1 JIRA support for Flask without breaking PyCharm inspections.
Flask-Multipass-LDAP-CERN 1.0.4 1 CERN-specific Flask-Multipass providers
Flask-oDesk 1 Adds oDesk API support to Flask
flask-oidc 1.3.0 1 OpenID Connect extension for Flask
Flask-pysnow 0.1.3 1 Flask extension for pysnow
flask-restplus 0.10.1 1 Fully featured framework for fast, easy and documented API development with Flask
flask-swagger-ui 3.6.0 1 Swagger UI blueprint for Flask
Flask-Turbo-Boost 0.0.11 1 Forked Flask-Boost - Flask application generator for boosting your development.
Flask-Upwork 1.0-pre2 1 Upwork API support to Flask
flasker 0.1.45 1 Flask, SQLAlchemy, and Celery integration
flat-api 0.5.0 1 Flat API Client
flattrclient 0.2 1 Implementation of a python library for the flattr restful api
flickr-pony 0.5 1 Library for handle Flickr API with Django.
flickr_api 0.5 1 Python wrapper for the Flickr API
flickrsyncr 0.1.4 1 Syncs photos between local filesystem and Flickr album
fluid-nexus 0.3.1 1 PyQt4 application that enables one to share messages and data independent of centralized data networks
foursquare 1!2016.9.12 1 easy-as-pie foursquare wrapper library
ftw.recipe.translations 1.2.6 1 Mass export / import of translations into Google Docs Spreadsheets
fulfil_client 0.12.0 1 Fulfil REST API Client in Python
gallery-dl 1.2.0 1 Command-line program to download image galleries and collections from pixiv, exhentai, danbooru and more
gapy 1.3.5 1 Painless Google Analytics
gback 0.52 1 Google Calendar Backup utility.
gcalcli 4.0.0a3 1 Google Calendar Command Line Interface
gcalendar-cli 0.2.3 1 Command-line Interface for Google Calendar
gce-api 3.0.0 1 OpenStack Gceapi Service
gclient-service-account-auth 0.2.2 1 Easily create an authorized service-object for interacting with google's client APIs, server to server.
gclouddatastore 0.1.2 1 API Client library for Google Cloud Datastore
gdrivedownload 1.0.1 1 Simple script that downloads all files from given Google Drive directory
gdrivefs 0.14.9 1 A complete FUSE adapter for Google Drive.
gearbox 0.1.1 1 Command line toolkit born as a PasteScript replacement for the TurboGears2 web framework
genscrapeclient 0.2.2 1 Client API library for the Genscrape API
Geofront 0.4.0 1 Simple SSH key management service
geokey-airquality 1.2.0 1 GeoKey extension for Air Quality functionality
geventconnpool 0.2.1 1 TCP connection pool for gevent
geventhttpclient-facebook 0.4.4 1 Port of the original facebook sdk <>to use geventhttpclient <>This client library is designed to support the Facebook Graph API and the official Facebook JavaScript SDK, which is the canonical way to implement Facebook authentication.
ghstats 1.1.1 1 GitHub Release download count and other statistics.
ghtools 0.23.0 1 ghtools: tools for interacting with the GitHub API
gister 1.0.23 1 gist making script
gists.cli 0.351 1 A CLI to create, edit, view and list your GitHub Gists
git-remote-dropbox 1.0.4 1 A transparent bidirectional bridge between Git and Dropbox
git-repo 1.10.3 1 Tool for managing repository services from your git CLI tool
github-backup 0.16.0 1 backup a github user or organization
github-email-explorer 0.2.8 1 A tool to get email addresses by action types such as starred, watching or fork on GitHub repositories; Send email content to those addresses with a template.
github-status 0.0.5 1 Simple updates to SHA commits with CI the status
github2 0.6.2 1 GitHub API v2 library for Python.
github2fedmsg 0.3.6 1 Pubsubhubbub app that rebroadcasts GH events over fedmsg
githubbuildout 0.2 1 Buildout extension to enable downloads from private GitHub repositories into buildout find-links and download recipes
githubpy 1.1.0 1 Github v3 API Python SDK
githubrelease 1.5.7 1 githubrelease is a CLI to easily manage GitHub releases, assets and references
githubstars 0.0.6 1 List repository stars and info through Gituhb v4 GraphQL API
gito 2.0 1 Tool to view list of Git TODO`s and sync with wunderlist
globus-nexus-client 0.2.7 1 Unofficial Globus Nexus Client (based on SDK clients)
globusonline-transfer-api-client 0.10.18 1 Globus Online Transfer API client library
gmail-api-wrapper 0.1.1a2 1 Gmail API Wrapper - Python Client
gmail_pythonic 0.0.5 1 A Pythonic interface for Google Mail.
gmus 0.0.1 1 Compact player for Google Music
gmusicapi 11.0.0 1 An unofficial api for Google Play Music.
gnocchi-nagios 1.1.1 1 Gnocchi-nagios allows to push Nagios perfdata to Gnocchi
go-auth 0.1.3 1 Authentication services and utilities for Vumi Go APIs.
Gogokit 0.1.5 1 GogoKit is a lightweight, viagogo API client library for Python.
goobook 1.9 1 Search your google contacts from the command-line or mutt.
Goodreads 0.3.2 1 Python wrapper for Goodreads API
goodreads2 0.3.4 1 Python wrapper for Goodreads API
googl-python 0.1 1 API wrapper for Python.
google-api-helper 0.2.2 1 Python helper class to streamlime interaction with Google APIs. Based on python-google-api-client.
google-assistant-grpc 0.1.0 1 Google Assistant API gRPC bindings
google-assistant-library 0.1.0 1 Google Assistant Library Python wrapper
google-assistant-sdk 0.4.2 1 Samples and Tools the Google Assistant SDK
google-music-manager-auth 0.7.2 1 Google MusicManager package to manage your music library to Google Music - Auth module
google-music-manager-downloader 0.7.2 1 Google MusicManager package to manage your music library to Google Music - Download module
google-music-manager-uploader 0.7.2 1 Google MusicManager package to manage your music library to Google Music - Upload module
google_spreadsheet 0.0.6 1 Google spreadsheet create/update util
googleanalytics 0.26.0 1 A wrapper for the Google Analytics API.
googleprint 0.1.5 1 Simple API for Google Cloud Print
gopay 1.2.3 1 GoPay's Python SDK for Payments REST API
GoSync 0.4 1 GoSync is an open source Google Drive client written in python.
gplay 1.0.5 1 A Google Play Api Command Line Interface (CLI)
gsheets 0.3 1 Pythonic wrapper for the Google Sheets API
gsn 0.2.0 1 A python wrapper for Global Sensor Networks API
gspread-pandas 0.15.4 1 A package to easily open an instance of a Google spreadsheet and interact with worksheets through Pandas DataFrames. 0.6.11 1 A Fast Command-line Interface for Trello
HabitatOS 0.9.0 1 Analog space habitat operating system.
HangupsBot 1.7.1 1 Bot for Google Hangouts
harvest_api_client 1.1.3 1 A client for the Harvest API (
hatena-haiker 0.4.0 1 Hatena Haiku for Python 3
healthgraph-api 0.3.0 1 Python Client for HealthGraph API from
helga-poems 0.2.0 1 A helga command to generate either haiku or tanka poems
hellosign-python-sdk 3.8.6 1 A Python wrapper for the HelloSign API (
heroku3 3.3.0 1 Heroku API Wrapper.
hfut 2.2.3 1
hgreview 0.4 1 Mercurial extension to work with rietveld codereview
hiveary-agent 1.4.0 1 Hiveary Monitoring Agent
HookTest 1.1.5 1 Hook Test Script for GitHub/CapiTainS repositories
hpx-bitly 0.1 1 An API for Forked from bitly-api-python which is not updating the project
httpie 0.9.9 1 HTTPie - a CLI, cURL-like tool for humans.
httpie-plex 1.0.1 1 Auth plugin for HTTPie for MediaMath's Plex.
httplib2shim 0.0.3 1 A wrapper over urllib3 that matches httplib2's interface
hubugs 0.18.0 1 Simple client for GitHub issues
huckle 1.0.1 1 A CLI that can act as an impostor for any CLI expressed through hypertext command line interface (HCLI) semantics.
human_curl 0.2.0 1 Simple cURL wrapper for Humans
ibm-cos-sdk 1.1.1 1 IBM SDK for Python
IdopTest 1.0 1 IOT application that collect data from PLC (ModBus or AnB Ethernet/IP) and send to cloud using https
imgur-uploader 0.2.1 1 A simple command line client for uploading files to Imgur.
importio_gsei 0.4.0 1 Command line to feed URLs from a Google Sheet into an Extractor
ingre.api.client 0.2.3 1 ingre api client
instacache 0.2.3 1 Simple program to back up Instapaper favorites in plaintext and html form.
invenio 3.0.0a4 1 Invenio digital library framework - v3.0 release series
ipernity_api 0.13 1 Python Ipernity API
isogeo-pysdk 2.18.0.post491 1 Abstraction class to use Isogeo REST API
jabbbar 0.3.0 1 A python 3 wrapper for the Dribbble API
jira 1.0.11 1 Python library for interacting with JIRA via REST APIs.
jira-context 1.0.0 1 Cache JIRA basic authentication sessions to disk for console apps.
jmbo-foundry 2.1.3 1 Jmbo Foundry ties together the various Jmbo products enabling you to rapidly build multilingual web and mobi sites with the minimum amount of code and customization.
jsoncatalogue 0.1.1 1 Local filesystem based JSON catalogue, usable e.g. with package `jsonschema`
jsontableschema-bigquery 0.5.0 1 Generate BigQuery tables, load and extract data, based on JSON Table Schema descriptors.
juju-docean 0.6.0 1 Digital Ocean integration with juju
jupyter-notebook-gist 0.4.0 1 Create a gist from the Jupyter Notebook UI
just-salesforce 0.1.0 1 first release
KATO-BASE 1.2.12 1 Custom module build on top of flask app builder for internal use.
Kato-FlaskAppBuilder 1.1.13 1 Simple and rapid application development framework, built on top of Flask. includes detailed security, auto CRUD generation for your models, google charts and much more.
KATO-SAAS 1.0.0 1 Custom module build on top of flask app builder for internal use.
keysight 1.1.0 1 Package for working with Keysight/Agilent/HP test equipment
KFlask-AppBuilder 1.0.1 1 Simple and rapid application development framework, built on top of Flask. includes detailed security, auto CRUD generation for your models, google charts and much more.
kiefer 0.2 1 A Python wrapper for the Jawbone UP API.
kinto 8.1.5 1 Kinto Web Service - Store, Sync, Share, and Self-Host.
kinto-dist 5.2.1 1 Kinto Distribution
kinto-fxa 2.4.0 1 Firefox Accounts support in Kinto
kinto-github-token 0.1.1 1 Github Authentication support for Kinto
kinto-http 9.1.1 1 Kinto client
kinto-portier 0.4.0 1 Portier authentication support in Kinto
kinto-trello 0.1.3 1 Trello authentication plugin for Kinto
kit 0.2.15 1 Flask, Celery, SQLAlchemy integration framework.
konf 1.2 1 Konf is a Python package which designed to simplify the use of variables in configuration files. json and yaml supported out of the box.
KPyGithub 1.32a1 1 Slightly modified version of PyGithub while we work on a PR passing review. Added ability to interact with release assets.
krankshaft 0.3.17 1 A Web API Framework (with Django, ...)
lark 0.0.4 1 Lark is a RESTy interface for python
latest-repo 0.1 1 Get latest repository of any GitHub user or organisation
launchpadlib 1.10.5 1 Script Launchpad through its web services interfaces. Officially supported.
lazr.authentication 0.1.3 1 This is a template for your lazr package. To start your own lazr package,
lazr.restful 0.20.0 1 Publish Python objects as RESTful resources over HTTP.
lazr.restfulclient 0.13.5 1 A programmable client library that takes advantage of the commonalities among
lectocal 1.0.0a3 1 Syncronize Lectio schedules to Google Calendar.
leonardo-module-auth 2015.0.1 1 Authentication, registration, account management as 3rd party (social) account authentication and SAML support to your Leonardo sites
leonardo-newswall 0.1.1 1 Feincms Newswall integration module to Leonardo (Support Django 1.8 +)
li-pagador-mercadopago 2.2.11 1 Meio de pagamento usando o MercadoPago (
li-pagador-mercadopago-transparente 1.2.15 1 Meio de pagamento usando o checkout transparente do MercadoPago (
libgreader 0.7.1 1 Library for working with the Google Reader API
librssreader 0.0.10 1 Library for working with the Google Reader Like API
lifelogger 0.1.3 1 Track your life like a pro on Google Calendar via your terminal.
linkedin-api-json-client 0.2.6 1 Python API for interacting with LinkedIn API.
lizzy 2.5.4 1 REST Service to deploy AWS CF templates using Senza
logtogss 0.1 1 Log rows to a Google SpreadSheet
lovely.buildouthttp 0.6.1 1 Buildout extension to add http authentication for find-links and download recipies
lti 0.9.2 1 A python library for building and/or consuming LTI apps
lyft_rides 0.2 1 Unofficial Lyft Rides API Python SDK
macauthlib 0.6.0 1 macauth
markdown-tweetable 1.3.0 1 Tweetable quotes for Python-Markdown.
martor 1.2.5 1 Django Markdown Editor
mattermostdriver-asyncio 5.1.0 1 An asyncio Python Mattermost Driver
mautic 0.2.0 1 Python wrapper for Mautic API
mauticapi 0.2 1 An API for Mautic
max 4.0.26 1 Activity Stream and Subscription Enhanced Engine (Motor d'Activitat i subscripcions eXtes)
maxclient 5.1 1 Client library wrapper to access MAX API.
metwit-weather 0.1.0 1 Metwit weather API client library
mezzanine-api 0.6.1 1 A RESTful web API for Mezzanine CMS.
mezzanine-client 0.2.2 1 A remote CLI and Python client SDK for Mezzanine REST API.
mezzanine-instagram-quickphotos 0.0.2 1 Latest Photos from Instagram for Mezzanine
mezzanine-page-auth 0.3.3 1 A Mezzanine module for add group-level permission to pages.
MezzanineFor1.7 3.1.10 1 An open source content management platform built using the Django framework.
MiiCardConsumers 1.7.0 1 Wrapper around the miiCard API.
mission-control2 3.12.0 1 Mission Control - allows for easy launching of apps on Marathon
mixcloud 0.4.0 1 Bindings for the API
mkmsdk 0.4.1 1 MagicKardMarket sdk
modulbank 0.0.9 1 Python client for ModulBank REST API
money-to-prisoners-common 6.8.1 1 Django app with common code and assets for Money to Prisoners serivces
monobot 1.1.2 1 Populates bot accounts with comments.
monz 0.2.1 1 Simple (and awesome) command line interface for quickly accessing your (equally awesome) Monzo account info, its current balance, latest transactions, etc.
monzo-api-stub 0.1.3 1 Stub API for Monzo
monzo-fs 0.1.3 1 A FUSE file system for Monzo bank.
Mopidy-Spotify-Web 0.3.0 1 Mopidy extension for providing the browse feature of Spotify for artists and albums
Mopidy-TwitterDJ 0.1.4 1 Controls Spotify via Twitter
more.jwtauth 0.11 1 JWT Access Auth Identity Policy for Morepath
moth 2.1.1 1 token system using MongoDB
mr.cabot 1.0 1 A utility for finding and mapping contributions to open source projects
mr.sisyphus 1.0 1 His pointless toil will never end
mrpump 0.2 1 A twitter bot extensible by means of eggs
msrest 0.4.26 1 AutoRest swagger generator Python client runtime.
muffin 0.10.7 1 web framework based on Asyncio stack
music_story 0.1 1 Music Story Python SDK
mxit 0.3.8 1 Python utility library for accessing Mxit's public APIs.
my_beacon_manager 2.5 1 Beacon Manager
MyKeys 0.1 1 Key/secret provider
myql 1.2.7 1 Python Wrapper for the Yahoo! Query Language. Allowing to run YQL queries, fetch financial data and create YQL Open Tables
myql-cli 0.2.3 1 Python command line tool to run YQL queries and generates YQL Tables
myshowsapi 0.1.5 1 API wrapper for
nagios-notification-google-calendar 0.3.1 1 Notifications via Google Calendar Nagios plugin
noseapp_requests 0.0.2 1 requests extension for noseapp lib
note0 0.1.0 1 A command line note taking application
notebook-viewer 1.0.1 1 ipython notebook link generation script
nvchecker 1.0 1 New version checker for software
octokitpy 0.4.3 1 Python client for GitHub API
octoprint-dashboard 0.3.3 1 Runs server application for controlling multiple 3D printers with OctoPrint
odoo8-addon-connector-salesforce 1 Provides core synchronization interfaces with Salesforce.
Office365Api 0.0.9 1 Python library for working with Microsoft Office 365
Office365Api-27 0.0.7 1 Python library for working with Microsoft Office 365
Okydoky 0.9.6 1 Automated docs builder using Sphinx/GitHub/Distribute for private use
olass 0.0.3 1 OneFlorida Linkage Submission System
OnedriveCMD 0.1.5 1 A command line client for Onedrive. 0.3.2 1 Payments for OneGov Cloud.
open-helpdesk 0.4.4 1 Helpdesk app for Django/Mezzanine project
open-humans-api 0.1.3 1 Tools for working with Open Humans APIs
openapp_indivo_demographics 1.0.1 1 App to display and edit the Indivo Demographics Record
opps-ganalytics 0.2.6 1 Google Analytics for Opps CMS
orange-datashare 1.4.0 1 A client library for Orange Datashare
orangeapisms 0.28 1 Django app to add support for Orange API SMS-MO, SMS-MT/DR
orangecloud-client 0.0.2 1 A client library for Orange cloud
orcid 0.7.0 1 A python wrapper over the ORCID API
orcoursetrion 0.2.1 1 Automatic course provisioning for the edx-platform using github and zendesk.
p01.buildouthttp 1.0.1 1 Buildout authentication extension
papergit 0.1.3 1 Sync between Dropbox Paper and any local git repo.
patatmo 0.2.13 1 painless access to the netatmo weather api
pcsv 1.0.6 1 This module can be used to handle comma-separated values (CSV) files and do lightweight processing of their data with support for row and column filtering
pd-sprintstats 3.2.2 1 Gathers some statistics for a sprint from JIRA
peng 1.0.6 1 This package provides engineering-related classes and functions
peony-twitter 1.0.3 1 An asynchronous Twitter API client for Python 3.5+
performanceplatform-collector 0.3.1 1 performanceplatform-collector: tools for sending data to the Performance Platform
periscope-firehose 0.0.7 1 Listener for new public Periscope streams
pgist 0.4.3 1 A Python command-line wrapper with library to access GitHub Gist
pgsheets 0.0.1 1 Manipulate Google Sheets Using Pandas DataFrames
ph_py 0.1 1 Product Hunt Beta Python Library
Photini 2018.2.0 1 Simple photo metadata editor
pip-lock 1.1.0 1 Check for differences between requirements.txt files and your environment.
pipev 0.1.1 1 Expand environment variables in pip requirement files.
pipulate 0.1.7 1 Simplifes Google Spreadsheet Automation
plastclient 0.2.1 1 Plastclient is an API wrapper for Plast.
Plomino 1.13.4 1 Create specific applications in Plone without developing. Created by Makina Corpus. 2.0.2 1 Integrates the Diazo theming engine with Plone
pluct 1.2.7 1 JSON Hyper Schema client
plush-fabric 0.1.0 1 Helper library for Fabric to simplify creating and managing GitHub deploy keys when deploying GitHub-hosted repositories
pmr2.client 0.1 1 Client for PMR
pocket2pinboard 0.1.0 1 Import pocket articles into
PocketPy 0.1.1 1 A python wrapper and some scripts for communication with pocket api
pockyll 0.1.1 1 sync your pocket bookmarks to Jekyll linkposts
popget 1.5.0 1 Simple REST-API client for Python.
porper 0.3.0 1 Portable Permission Controller
positional 1.2.1 1 Library to enforce positional or key-word arguments (deprecated/unmaintained)
pp.core 0.4.1 1 pp.core
pp.core2 0.5.0 1 pp.core
pplot 1.1.2 1 This module can be used to create high-quality, presentation-ready X-Y graphs quickly and easily
praw 5.3.0 1 PRAW, an acronym for `Python Reddit API Wrapper`, is a python package that allows for simple access to reddit's API.
predicthq 0.0.11 1 PredictHQ Event Intelligence
princeton-bibreduce 0.2 1 Reduce authors/titles/links in .bib files
Products.CMFPlomino 2.0b7 1 Application builder for Plone
prospecting 0.1.5 1 Marketing toolset using Pandas & Google Sheets API, with classes for a variety of other Google APIs
puffer 1.8.2 1 Python wrapper for the Buffer API
pulsar-twitter 0.1.0 1 Twitter consumer for pulsar queue
pumptweet 2.1 1 Cross posts from to Twitter.
pushed 0.1.4 1 Unofficial API wrapper
py-bing-search 0.2.6 1 A simple lightweight python wrapper for the Azure Bing Search API.
py-rest-client 0.1.1 1 Py-Rest-Client is a useful lib for programmers who work with clients for REST API. In simply and easy way you can build Endpoint classes where you put endpoint settings.In that case you have clean structure of endpoints in your code. This lib is only for consume REST API endpoints.
py-trello 0.10.0 1 Python wrapper around the Trello API
pybitbucket 0.12.0 1 A Python wrapper for the Bitbucket API
pybitbucket_fork 0.12.2 1 Fork of a Python wrapper for the Bitbucket API
pyBlueVia 0.1.0 1 A Python wrapper around the BlueVia API.
PyCascade 1.0 1 A Python client for Cascade, the Yahoo! Mail API
pycsync 0.1b1 1 Sync local photos with Flickr
PyDrive 1.3.1 1 Google Drive API made easy.
PyDrive3 1.0.0 1 Google Drive API made easy.
pyecobee 1.2.1 1 A Python implementation of the ecobee API
pyetsy 0.4.10 1 Python access to the Etsy API
PyFxA 0.5.0 1 Firefox Accounts client library for Python
pygfolder 0.0.5 1 PyGFolder is a package for managing Google Drive folders as a dictionary.
PyGithub 1.36 1 Use the full Github API v3
PyGithub-ReadOnly 1.34.post3 1 This fork of PyGithub provides support for read-only deploy keys
pygithub-redux 1.33.0 1 Use the full Github API v3
PyGithub-requests 1.26.0 1 Use the full Github API v3
pygithub3 0.5.1 1 Python wrapper for the github v3 api
pygithub3-intellisense 0.5 1 Python wrapper for the github v3 api
pygithub33 0.6.2 1 Python wrapper for the github v3 api
pyimgur 0.6.0 1 The easy way of using Imgur.
pyinstapaper 0.1.0 1 A Python wrapper for the full Instapaper API.
PyLinkedIn 0.1 1 Client for LinkedIn API
PyLTI 0.5.1 1 PyLTI provides Python Implementation of IMS LTI interface that works with edX
pyoath 1.0.1 1 Python OATH implementation for two-factor systems.
pypi-cli 0.4.1 1 A command-line interface to the Python Package Index (PyPI).
pyportify 0.4.1 1 App to transfer your spotify playlists to Google Play Music
PyPump 0.7 1 Python library
pyramid_fullauth 0.6.0 1 This package intends to provide full authentication / authorisation implementation for pyramid applications
pyramid_google_login 1.1.0 1 Google Login for Pyramid
pyramid_jwtauth 0.1.3 1 pyramid_jwtauth
pyramid_macauth 0.3.0 1 pyramid_macauth
pyramid_sna 0.3.2 1 Pyramid Social Network Authentication
pyrate 0.5a9 1 Pyrate is a python wrapper for restful web apis. It's like magic but simpler.
pysubman 1 kafka simple using
pysugarcrm 1.0.0 1 API Wrapper for SugarCRM v10
python-bright 0.0.8 1 BRIGHT API wrapper
python-congressclient 1.9.0 1 Client for Congress
python-etsy 0.1.2 1 Python wrapper for the Etsy api
python-fb 0.2 1 This client library is designed to support the Facebook Graph API and the official Facebook JavaScript SDK, which is the canonical way to implement Facebook authentication.
python-fusiontables 0.1 1 Python client for Google Fusion Tables
python-google-calendar-api 0.5 1 A simple app to integrate Google calendar.
python-google-shopping 0.1 1 Python client for Google Shopping API
python-gyazo 1.0.0 1 A Python wrapper for Gyazo API
python-gyazo-backup 0.3.0 1 A command-tool for creating backup of Gyazo
python-keystoneclient-rackspace 0.1.3 1 Rackspace Auth Plugin for OpenStack Clients.
python-kong 0.4.1 1 A Python client for the Kong API (
python-linkedin 4.1 1 Python Interface to the LinkedIn API
python-linkedin-v2 0.9 1 Python Interface to the LinkedIn API V2
python-meli 1.0 1 Mercado Libre API wrapper
python-monascaclient 1.10.0 1 Monasca API Client Library
python-odesk 0.5.8 1 Python bindings to oDesk API
python-quickbooks 0.7.3 1 A Python library for accessing the Quickbooks API.
python-quickbooks3 0.4.1 1 A Python library for accessing the Quickbooks API. Forked from to improve Python 3 compatibility. Thanks to Edward Emanuel Jr.
python-rdio 0.6 1 An unofficial wrapper for the Rdio API.
python-rdio-export 1.3.0 1 A command-line utility for exporting an Rdio collection.
python-rightscale 0.1.3 1 Python wrapper for the Rightscale API
python-salesforce 0.2.0 1 Python Salesforce auth/authorization client.
python-twitch-stream 1.0.2c 1 An interface to the Twitch website, to interact with their video and chat
python-twitter 3.3 1 A Python wrapper around the Twitter API
python-upwork 1.2.3 1 Python bindings to Upwork API
python3-linkedin 1.0.2 1 Python Interface to the LinkedIn API
python_jwt 3.0.0 1 Module for generating and verifying JSON Web Tokens
python_wpapi 0.3.1 1 Simple wrapper around the Wordpress REST API
PythonGists 1.1.3 1 A Python Module to create and access GitHub Gists
pytidyclub 0.0.8 1 A simple Python wrapper for the TidyClub API
PyTumblr 0.0.7 1 A Python API v2 wrapper for Tumblr
Pytwcla 0.1.5 1 Command-line app for collecting keyword-based Twitter data.
pyulogin 0.0.3 1 Package for work with service
pyupio 0.8.2 1 A tool to update all your projects requirements
pywithings 0.4.0 1 Library for the Withings API
pyxero 0.9.0 1 Python API for accessing the REST API of the Xero accounting tool.
pyyelp 0.1.1 1 Comprehensive Python wrapper for the Yelp v2 api
QHangups 1.8.1 1 Alternative client for Google Hangouts written in PyQt
rainbowstream 1.3.7 1 A smart and nice Twitter client on terminal.
readinglist 2.0.0 1 readinglist
readme-test 2.0.0 1 testing readme rendering on pypi
readwise-pyinstapaper 0.1.3 1 A Python wrapper for the full Instapaper API.
realms-wiki 0.9.3 1 Simple git based wiki
refreshbooks 2.0 1 A client library for the FreshBooks API
relengapi 3.3.8 1 The code behind
remind-caldav 0.6.0 1 Remind CalDAV tools
replyify 0.0.6 1 Replyify REST API Client
repoze.who.plugins.macauth 0.1.0 1 repoze.who.plugins.macauth
requesocks 0.10.8 1 Python HTTP for Humans, with socks proxy support
requests 2.18.4 1 Python HTTP for Humans.
requests-f5auth 0.1.2 1 F5 REST Authentication support for Requests.
requests-gssapi 1.0.0 1 A GSSAPI authentication handler for python-requests
requests-jwt 0.4 1 This package allows for HTTP JSON Web Token (JWT) authentication using the requests library.
requests2 2.16.0 1 Python HTTP for Humans.
requests_netdna 0.13.6 1 Python HTTP for Humans.
requests_SSL_v3 2.1.0 1 Python HTTP for Humans.
rest_social_auth 1.2.0 1 Django rest framework resources for social auth
Rester 0.5.0 1 Rest API Testing
restkit 4.2.2 1 Python REST kit
restmapper 2.0.0 1 RestMapper takes the pain out of integrating with RESTful APIs
restnavigator 1.0.1 1 A python library for interacting with HAL+JSON APIs
restorm 0.2 1 RestORM allows you to interact with resources as if they were objects.
restorm-setuptools 0.3.1 1 RestORM allows you to interact with resources as if they were objects.
resyndicator 0.8.2 1 Aggregates data from many sources into merged and filtered Atom feeds.
rpitwit 0.2.0 1 Remote control your RaspberryPI from Twitter.
rss2twitter 0.0.3 1 Checks rss feed for new posts and adds them to twitter.
ruffruffs 0.0.2 1 Barkyipyipruff grr woofwoof.
salesforce-bulk-yplan 1.2.1 1 Python interface to the Bulk API.
salesforce-streaming-client 0.1.3 1 A python client for the Salesforce Streaming API.
sayminimal 2.0.3 1 A minimalist write-only Twitter client.
schul-cloud-resources-server-tests 1.0.387 1 Schul-Cloud Content API
schul-cloud-ressources-server-tests 1.0.27 1 Schul-Cloud Content API
sdfascii 0.3.1 1 Read HP SDF binary and ASCII files
seganndb_login 1.0 1 Pyramid login module for SegAnnDB login
sentry-bitbucket 0.1.5 1 A Sentry extension which integrates with Bitbucket.
sentry-sso-google 1.2 1 Google SSO support for Sentry
shanbay 0.3.6 1 Python wrapper for
sheetsync 0.2.2 1 Synchronize rows of data with a google spreadsheet
sheetsync2 0.2.5 1 Synchronize rows of data with a google spreadsheet (Python2.7 version)
sheetsync3 0.1.0 1 Synchronize rows of data with a google spreadsheet
shellstreaming 0.1.1 1 A stream processor working with shell commands
shiori 0.4.0 1 bookmarking tool based on Web UI and JSON REST API
shoogle 0.1.4 1 Google API from the command line
shooju 2.0.1 1 Official Shooju Client
shreddit 6.0.7 1 Remove your comment history on Reddit as deleting an account does not do so.
siganalysis 0.4.0 1 Perform signal analysis
simple-django-twitter-auth 1.0 1 Simple Django app to allow users to login with Twitter
simple-salesforce 0.73.0 1 Simple Salesforce is a basic REST API client. The goal is to provide a very low-level interface to the API, returning an ordered dictionary of the API JSON response.
simple-salesforce-wrapper 0.2.0 1 Simple Salesforce is a basic REST API client. The goal is to provide a very low-level interface to the API, returning an ordered dictionary of the API JSON response.
simple4sq 0.1 1 UNKNOWN
siren-client 1.0.2 1 Client for a Siren based Hypermedia API
skitai 0.26.18b45 1 Skitai App Engine
slack-backup 0.7 1 Make copy of slack converstaions
slack-bulkdelete 1.1.0 1 keep your team under the file upload limit
slack-groupmgr 1.0.3 1 manage private group membership
slack_to_trello 1.0.0 1 Perform Trello actions via slash commands in Slack
slackclient-cli 0.4.6 1 A command line interface for Slack
slackpile 0.4.4 1 Store Slack Conversations in Local DB
slotty 0.1dev 1 Web Racing Management System
smappy 0.2.15 1 A python API wrapper for Smappee
smartfile 2.19 1 A Python client for the SmartFile API.
smashrun-client 0.5.0 1 A Python client for the Smashrun API
snowflake-connector-python 1.5.1 1 Snowflake Connector for Python
socialauth 0.2.0 1 A framework- and backend-independent social login provider.
socket-gatekeeper 1.3.2 1 Add authentication and enhance security to any existing service/protocol
socli 3.6 1 Stack overflow commnand line interface. SoCLI allows you to search and browse stack overflow from the terminal.
somutils 1.3 1 Tools we use at Somenergia and can be useful
sorno-py-scripts 0.44.1 1 Herman Tai's python scripts all prefixed with "sorno_"
soundcloud 0.5.0 1 A friendly wrapper library for the Soundcloud API
spellbook 1.1.5 1 store and search command lines
spotifyPlaylistConverter 1.4 1 scripts to convert a Spotify playlist to a Google Music one
spreadsheet-maker 1.0 1 Simple framework to create Google Spreadsheet with python
sqlitebiter 0.12.0 1 A CLI tool to convert CSV/Excel/HTML/JSON/LTSV/Markdown/SQLite/TSV/Google-Sheets to a SQLite database file.
sqre-apikit 0.1.2 1 LSST Data Management SQuaRE microservice tools
sqre-ghowlauth 0.0.10 1 JupyterHub authenticator that uses GH orgs as whitelists
storageprovider-client 2.3.0 1 storageprovider client
stormpath 2.5.5 1 Official Stormpath SDK, used to interact with the Stormpath REST API.
striptls 0.5 1 poc implementation of STARTTLS stripping attacks
sugarcrm 0.1.2 1 Python client for SugarCRM API
sugarcrm-python 0.1 1 API wrapper for SugarCRM written in Python
supervisor 3.3.4 1 A system for controlling process state under UNIX
superwrap 0.0.4 1 The easy way to contribute to python packages
SurveyGizmo 1.2.3 1 A Python Wrapper for SurveyGizmo's restful API service.
swagman 0.4 1 Convert PostMan Collection Report to Swagger file.
tableschema-bigquery 0.6.3 1 Generate BigQuery tables, load and extract data, based on JSON Table Schema descriptors.
taffmat 1.0.1 1 Read and write Teac TAFFmat files.
teambition 0.2.0 1 Teambition Python API
tentapp 0.1.0dev6 1 Python client/app library for the Tent protocol (
tgapp-googlePlusAuth 0.0.2 1 Google Authentication for TurboGears2
tictail 0.2.2 1 Python bindings for the Tictail API
tidehunter 1.0.1 1 HTTP streaming with accurate flow control
timetric 1.3 1 Client library for Timetric (
timo-zappa 1 Server-less Python Web Services for AWS Lambda and API Gateway
tipfy.ext.auth 0.6.4 1 Authentication extension for tipfy
tlslite 0.4.9 1 tlslite implements SSL and TLS.
todoist-tracker 0.1.3 1 track various metrics for todoist
tokenlib 2.0.0 1 Generic library for managing signed authentication tokens.
tosheets 0.3.0 1 Cmd utility that send stdin to google sheets
trac-oidc 0.1.5 1 OpenID Connect authentication for Trac
trakt 2.7.2 1 Pythonic abstraction layer for easier scripting of the REST API.
translate 3.5.0 1 This is a simple, yet powerful command line translator with google translate behind it. You can also use it as a Python module in your code.
trello-todoist 0.2.0 1 convert due trello cards to todoist tasks
trellobug 1.1.1 1 Files Bugzilla bugs from Trello cards
tribe-client 1.1.11 1 Portable Python package to connect with the Tribe web service at the University of Pennsylvania
trollop 0.0.17 1 A Python library for working with the Trello api.
ts 0.4.3 1 Twitter Search CLI
tumblr_terminal 0.3 1 Just another way for you to feed your Tumblr addiction.
turses 0.3.1 1 A Twitter client for the console.
tweetcal 0.5.2 1 Convert a tweet stream to ics calendar
tweetfeels 0.4.0 1 Real-time sentiment analysis for twitter.
tweetuoso 1.0.5 1 Tweetuoso is a very light Twitter Command-line client developed in Python.
tweetvac 0.3 1 Package that makes sucking down tweets from Twitter easy.
twitch_chat_wrapper 0.4.2 1 Simple Twitch Chat Wrapper written in Python
twitchobserver 0.7.6 1 Turn Twitch chatter into Python events.
twitter 1.18.0 1 An API and command-line toolset for Twitter (
twitter-monitor 0.3.0 1 A Twitter streaming library built on tweepy that enables dynamic term tracking
twitter_markov 0.5.0 1 Create markov chain ("_ebooks") accounts on Twitter
twitterbot 0.3.2 1 Configurable bot that replies to mentions and posts messages to twitter
TwitterFollowBot 2.0.2 1 A Python bot that automates several actions on Twitter, such as following users and favoriting tweets.
twitterpandas 0.0.1 1 A library for getting and interacting with twitter data via pandas
twutil 0.2.2 1 Utilities for manipulating tweets
twypy 1.0.0 1 Twitter REST API v1.1 client for Python
twython 3.6.0 1 Actively maintained, pure Python wrapper for the Twitter API. Supports both normal and streaming Twitter APIs
twython-django 1.5.2 1 Django Integration for Twython -- the actively maintained, pure Python wrapper for the Twitter API. Supports both normal and streaming Twitter APIs
txboxdotnet 15.5.0 1 Twisted-based async interface for Box ( API v2.0
txghserf 0.3.0 1 Simple server to listen for GitHub repo hooks.
txgoogle 0.0.1 1 Google Data APIs for twisted
txgoogleapi 0.0.1 1 Google Data APIs for twisted
txu1 13.06.0 1 Twisted-based async interface for Ubuntu One Files Cloud REST API v1
typepad 2.0 1 TypePad API SDK
tyrs 0.6.2 1 Twitter and Identica client using curses
uber_rides 0.6.0 1 Official Uber API Python SDK
uberpy 1.0 1 A pure python wrapper for the Uber API.
udata 1.3.0.dev6546 1 Open data portal
UniversalClient 0.6.4 1 A Universal REST api client for python.
unreleased 0.1.0 1 Print a changelog from closed GitHub pull requests
untappd 0.1 1 untappd wrapper library
uservoice 0.0.23 1 UserVoice Python library
van 0.0.6 1 Fanfou SDK in Python
vcloudair 0.5 1 Python SDK for vCloud Air
vidscraper 1.0.2 1 UNKNOWN
vimeo 0.1.9 1 Python module for using Vimeo API.
vinli_tornado_auth 0.1.0 1 Tornado web authentication for the Vinli Platform.
viron 0.6.0 1 Put environment variables in text file templates.
vk-requests 1.1.0 1 requests for humans. API library for
vkontakte 1.3.5 1 (aka API wrapper
vkontakte2 1.3.4 1 ( API wrapper
vtwt 0.1.2 1 Ver's Twitter CLI
vzaar 1.0.7 1 Python library wrapping Vzaar's v1.0 API
wafflehaus 0.3.6 1 A collection of middleware for openstack
wagtailaltgenerator 3.1.1 1 Autogenerate image descriptions with the help of computer vision
webdavclient 1.0.8 1 Webdav API, resource API и wdc для WebDAV-серверов (Yandex.Disk, Dropbox, Google Disk, Box, 4shared и т.д.)
websauna 1.0a7 1 Websauna is a full stack Python web framework for building web services and back offices with admin interface and sign up process.
weibo 0.2.2 1 Python sina weibo sdk
weibopy 0.1.1 1 Sina Weibo API SDK 2.0.4 1 HTML5 audio and video integration with plone
wish-facebook 6.0.6 1 Facebook open graph API client in python. Enables django applications to register users using facebook. Fixes issues with the official but unsupported Facebook python-sdk. Enables mobile facebook authentication. Canvas page authentication for facebook applications. FQL access via the server side api.
WooCommerce 1.2.1 1 A Python wrapper for the WooCommerce REST API
workthing 3.0.1 1 Official Eventbrite SDK for Python
wrap2 0.9 1 Wrapper for social network wrappers
ws.plusfeed 1.1 1 Creates anAtom feed from the public timeline of Google Plus users.
wunderpy2 0.1.4 1 A Python library for the Wunderlist 2 REST API
wyvern 0.1.0 1 Python 3k wrapper for the Twitter API
XeroAPI 0.0.6 1 Python client API for private XERO applications.
xmldirector.plonecore 2.1.1 1 XML-Director
yaaHN 0.1.1 1 Yet another API wrapper for offical Hacker News
YahooBoss-Python 0.2.0 1 Simple wrapper around the Yahoo Boss API (
yametrikapy 1.0 1 Python library for Yandex Metrika API
Yasuf 0.5.dev0 1 Simple framwork for executing python functions via Slack
yith-library-server 0.4 1 yith-library-server
yith-web-client 1.0.2 1 yith-web-client
youtube-api-wrapper 0.2 1 Python Youtube Data API
youtube-autodownloader 0.2.4 1 Tool to auto-download new playlist entries.
ytwizard 0.0.5 1
z3c.authenticator 1.0.0 1 IAuthentication implementation for for Zope3
zalando-aws-cli 1 AWS login CLI
zappa 0.45.1 1 Server-less Python Web Services for AWS Lambda and API Gateway
zcrmsdk 0.0.1 1 Zoho CRM SDK for Python developers
zhihu-py3 0.3.23 1 Zhihu UNOFFICIAL API library in python3, with help of bs4, lxml, requests and html2text.
zhupengfei.eleme 1.0.0 1 this is a test package for packing python liberaries tutorial.
zinnia-twitter 1.1 1 Twitter plugin for django-blog-zinnia 4.0.0 1 Principals and groups management for the pluggable authentication utility

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