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Index of Packages Matching 'openstreetmap'

Package Weight* Description
sphinxcontrib-openstreetmap 0.4.0 7 Sphinx "OpenStreetMap" extension
django-osm-field 0.3.1 5 Django OpenStreetMap Field
opening_hours 0.1.1 5 Python wrapper embedding the C_OpeningHours writing on my own, implementation of the opening hours standard as described here:
osmcha 0.3.5 5 Python package to detect suspicious OpenStreetMap changesets
osmoapi 0.1 5 OpenStreetMap OAuth API
smopy 0.0.6 5 OpenStreetMap image tiles in Python
umap-project 0.8.2 5 Create maps with OpenStreetMap layers in a minute and embed them in your site.
openstreetmap-writer 0.2.1 4 Write OSM data files
OSMPythonTools 0.1.3 4 A library to access OpenStreetMap related services
overpass 0.5.6 4 Python wrapper for the OpenStreetMap Overpass API
chimere 2.0.3 3 Chimere is a kind of online “mashup” which is designed to aggregate geographic data from several sources. Chimere gets a map from OpenStreetMap and display other data added by users. Datas are freely submitted by visitors and then validated by an administrator.
cubicweb-osmfrance 0.2.2 3 Shapefiles (french regions, departements, cantons, communes) from OpenStreetMap
etl2osm 0.2.0 3 Extract, Transform and Load to OpenStreetMap.
geo-sampling 0.0.7 3 Scripts for sampling Geo data sets by the specific region name
geoparsepy 1.0.4 3 Geoparsing library to extract and disambiguate locations from text, using OSM database for very high throughputs and no rate limits
imposm 2.6.0 3 OpenStreetMap importer for PostGIS.
imposm.parser 1.0.7 3 Fast and easy OpenStreetMap XML/PBF parser.
OSMAlchemy 0.1.4.dev0 3 OpenStreetMap to SQLAlchemy bridge
osmapi 0.8.1 3 Python wrapper for the OSM API
OSMerge 0.0.0 3 Merges custom data sets with OpenStreetMap polygons.
osmgraph 0.0.1 3 Create networkx graphs from OpenStreetMap data
osmium 2.12.0 3 Python bindings for libosmium, the data processing library for OSM data
OSMnx 0.4 3 Retrieve, construct, analyze, and visualize street networks from OpenStreetMap
paulla.checkplanetdiff 0.4 3 A nagios|icinga plugin to check diff delay with the official OpenStreetMap Planet.
tl.geodrawing 0.1 3 A geographic pygtk drawing area. The drawing surface provides a geographic coordinate system and displays map images in the background.
addok 1.0.0rc3 2 Search engine for address. Only address.
at-address-compare 0.3.0 2 Address comparison of OSM data with official open data for Austria.
caipyrus 0.2 2 Cairo based procedural rendering tool.
earth_distance 0.10.0 2 earth_distance - Modules for working with points on Earth
maprouletteupload 0.1.0 2 A simple Maproulette uploader
Nik4 1.6.0 2 Command-line interface to a Mapnik rendering toolkit
Osm4routing 1.0.4 2 A simple tool to parse OpenStreetMap data to use them for routing
osm_diff_tool 1.0.3 2 Tool for use with OpenStreetMap planet diffs.
osm_hall_monitor 0.52.1 2 Passive changeset monitoring for OpenStreetMap.
osm_opening_hours 0.1.1 2 Tools to parse opening hours format from OpenStreetMap.
osmqa-parser 0.0.1 2 Imposm parser for OpenStreetMap QA tiles
osmread 0.1 2 Simple library for reading OpenStreetMap XML and PBF data files
overpy 0.4 2 Python Wrapper to access the OpenStreepMap Overpass API
ParkFinder 0.0.0 2 Find and validate park data on OpenStreetMap.
pyopening_hours 0.3.0 2 Python module providing access to the opening_hours.js library which is written in JavaScript.
pyosm 0.4.0 2 Parses OSM XML files in a fast and reliable way.
spiderosm 0.4.3 2 GIS conflation tool for matching street networks.
tilelite 0.1.5 2 Lightweight WSGI tile-server, written in Python, using Mapnik rendering and designed to serve tiles in the OSM/Google scheme.
tilelive 2 Lightweight WSGI tile-server, written in Python, using Mapnik rendering and designed to serve tiles in the OSM/Google scheme.
upoints 0.12.2 2 Modules for working with points on Earth
collective.geo.bundle 2.3 1 Plone Maps (collective.geo)
collective.geo.leaflet 0.2.3 1 Add geo views for dexterity content with leaflet js library
collective.geo.polymaps 0.1 1 Collective Geo Polymaps integation
collective.js.leaflet 0.7.1 1 Leaflet maps integration for Plone
contextily 0.9.2 1 Context geo-tiles in Python
cubicweb-elections 0.2.1 1 Cube for elections data from
django-leaflet-cadasta 0.21.0 1 Use Leaflet in your django projects
django-map-widgets 0.1.8 1 Map widgets for Django PostGIS fields
django-mapit 1.5.4 1 A web service for mapping postcodes and points to current or past administrative area information and polygons.
django-tilebundler 0.1-beta3 1 Service that creates tilesets from layer sources and serves them
django-user-map 1.1.1 1
djangocms-maps 0.7.0 1 Universal maps plugin for django CMS
djangorestframework-gis 0.11 1 Geographic add-ons for Django Rest Framework
folium 0.3.0 1 Make beautiful maps with Leaflet.js & Python
gabbar 0.3 1 Guarding OSM from invalid or suspicious edits!
geocoder 1.21.2 1 Geocoder is a simple and consistent geocoding library.
geopy 1.11.0 1 Python Geocoding Toolbox
imposm.geocoder 0.1.3 1 Imposm Geocoder for OSM-Data
jinja2_maps 0.2.0 1 Maps filters for Jinja2
landez 2.4.0 1 Landez is a python toolbox to manipulate map tiles.
lizard-map 5.4 1 Basic map setup for lizard web sites
mapbox 0.11.0 1 A Python client for Mapbox services
nekbot.plugins.geo 1 geo, a plugin for NekBot, a modular and multiprotocol bot written in Python.
osm-find-first 0.3.0 1 Find the first version, incl. datetime, of objects in the OSM database
osmapping 0.1.5 1 Mapping Library for Open Street Maps
osmhm_site 0.52 1 osmhm_site
osmviz 1.0 1 UNKNOWN
pandana 0.2.0 1 Pandas Network Analysis - dataframes of network queries, quickly
Photini 2017.3.0 1 Simple photo metadata editor
pyGeoDb 1.3 1 distance calculation based on ZIP codes and map generation
pygle 0.0.13 1 API wrapper for WiGLE
pyrt 0.0.1a1 1 pyRT - The Python Raytracer
pyslip 3.0.4 1 A slipmap widget for wxPython
pytopo 1.4 1 Map viewer, using cached offline map tiles and track files
Skeletron 0.10.0 1 Generalizes collections of lines on maps to simpler lines for improved labeling.
tilecloud 0.4.0 1 Tools for managing tiles
tilejet-cache 0.0.3 1 A performant python library for caching tiles in-memory using memcached.
tilejet-logs 0.0.2 1 A python utility library containing functions for logging tile service usage.
tilejet-stats 0.0.2 1 A python utility library containing functions for generating statistics on tile service usage.
tilejet-util 0.0.2 1 A python utility library containing functions for managing tile services, such as converting between z/x/y to geojson.
umilandez 2.0.3.dev0 1 Landez is a python toolbox to manipulate map tiles.
wagtailosm 0.1.3 1 Open Street Map integration for Wagtail
wavetrace 3.0.1 1 Python 3.5 tools to produce radio signal coverage reports, mostly for New Zealand

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