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Index of Packages Matching 'plotting'

Package Weight* Description
artist 0.17.0 5 A plotting library for Python with LaTeX output
asyncplot 0.1 5 Asynchronous client-server library for simple plotting.
bashplotlib 0.6.5 5 plotting in the terminal
bqplot 0.9.0 5 Interactive plotting for the Jupyter notebook, using d3.js and ipywidgets.
enplot 1.1.0 5 enplot: a one-line command line plotting tool for CSV data
Heppi 2.1.0 5 High Energy Physics Plotting Interface
JyPlotter 0.9.4 5 Graph plotting library with backends for different GUIs
matplotlib-subsets 1.0 5 Functions for plotting area-proportional hierarchical subset diagrams in matplotlib.
matplotlib-venn 0.11.5 5 Functions for plotting area-proportional two- and three-way Venn diagrams in matplotlib.
plawt 1.0.9 5 JSON-like sugar for plotting with matplotlib
plotbox 0.1.0 5 Plotting library with a common API for static and interactive visualization
plotEnv 0.0.2.dev2 5 Python plotting wrapper utilizing matplotlib and seaborn
saneplot 0.1.0 5 A simple plotting tool with sane default
betterplotlib 1.2.0 4 Some wrappers for matplotlib to make plotting easier and nicer.
colorview2d 0.6.5 4 2d color plotting tool
dviplot 0.0.3 4 Plotting using DVIdraw
probe-plotting2 0.0.1 4 Helper functions to deal with matplotlib.
pygmyplot 0.2.11rc 4 Matplotlib wrapper plotting library
qexpy 0.3.8 4 Package to handle error analysis and data plotting aimed at undergraduate physics.
Anemone 0.0.1 3 Monitor long running analyses by remote plotting of selected variables
APLpy 1.1.1 3 The Astronomical Plotting Library in Python
aviplot 1.0.2 3 Provide a matplotlib like interface to plotting data with Google Maps
axibot 0.0.2 3 Software for AxiDraw pen plotting robot
barrett 0.1.1 3 out-of-core processing and plotting of MultiNest output
biggles 1.7.2 3 simple, elegant python plotting
ccplot 1.5.2 3 CloudSat and CALIPSO plotting tool
chaco 4.6.0 3 interactive 2-dimensional plotting
CME 1.0 3 GUI for interactive plotting of colour-magnitude and colour-colour diagrams
commandlineplot 1.1 3 a command line plotting utility written in python
ContactVis 0.1.6 3 Contact map plotting for predicted protein residue-residue contacts.
DataPipeline 1.2 3 Importing and fitting tool for scientific text data.
DisplayNode 0.3.0 3 Web-based plotting and data visualisation package.
footballpitchplot 0.1 3 Python library using Plotly for plotting a football pitch with events.
Fplot 0.1.1 3 Plot functions with simple syntax
FreqDemod 0.2.1 3 This package provides functions for analyzing and plotting the
FsnViz 0.2.0 3 Tool for plotting gene fusion events detected by various tools using Circos.
GetDist 0.2.7 3 GetDist Monte Carlo sample analysis, plotting and GUI
gmplot 1.1.1 3 Provide a matplotlib like interface to plotting data with Google Maps
gnuplot-py 1.8 3 A Python interface to the gnuplot plotting program.
guiqwt 3.0.3 3 guiqwt is a set of tools for curve and image plotting (extension to PythonQwt)
hoggormplot 0.9.0 3 Plotting functions for visualisation of data analysis results from the hoggorm package
holoviews 1.6.2 3 Stop plotting your data - annotate your data and let it visualize itself.
joystick 0.3.1 3 Real-time plotting and logging while console controlling
kaplot 1.0.0-beta6 3 A plotting tool built around/on matplotlib
lmj.plot 0.4.1 3 A command line tool for plotting data from text files
mc2 0.1.1 3 Useful plotting tank stuff.
mpa 0.1.1b6 3 Matplotlib Plotting Assistant
mpl_utils 3 plotting utilites build around matplotlib
MSPlot 3 Utilities for plotting 3D mass spec data, XIC etc from mzML data files
numerics 0.1 3 personal experiments in numerics + plotting
omegaplot 0.7.2 3 The last plotting package you'll ever need.
paida 3.2.1_2.10.1 3 A pure Python package for the scientific data analysis and plotting
plotpy 0.1.0 3 plotpy is a set of tools for curve and image plotting (extension to PythonQwt)
plotrique 0.3.0-1a 3 plotrique - Convenience plotting tools
plottags 0.1.2 3 A package for plotting the tag history of repositories
psychopy_ext 3 A framework for a rapid reproducible experimental design, analysis and modeling of data in neuroscience and psychology.
pybst 1.0 3 Implements Binary Search Trees, AVL Trees, Splay Trees, and Red Black Trees in Python with plotting.
pydass_vasp 0.1 3 Convenient Python modules and wrapping script executables
pyepix 6-1.0.4 3 Python Interface for the ePiX mathematical plotting library
pygrace 0.4 3 Python bindings for grace
pymeteo 0.7 3 Meteorology utilities, SkewT plotting and more
PyProcessMacro 0.9.2 3 A Python library for moderation, mediation and conditional process analysis. Based on Andrew F. Hayes Process Macro.
python-ternary 1.0.1 3 Make ternary plots in matplotlib
PythonQwt 0.5.5 3 Qt plotting widgets for Python
quickplot 0.1.2 3 The batteries-included plotting wrapper for matplotlib
quickplots 2.1.0 3 A simple plotting library
scikit-plot 0.2.3 3 An intuitive library to add plotting functionality to scikit-learn objects.
sciplotpy 3 Scientific Plotting for Python
scraps 0.2.3 3 SuperConducting Resonator Analysis and Plotting Software.
shapelets 0.2 3 Shapelet fitting and plotting
shapelib 0.1.0 3 Python utilities to facilitate working with shapely (shape creation, rasterization, plotting)
superplot 2.0.3 3 Python GUI for plotting SuperPy/SuperBayes/MultiNest/BAYES-X results
svgplotlib 0.2 3 SVG plotting library
tephi 0.1.0 3 Tephigram plotting in Python
toyplot 0.13.0 3 A modern plotting toolkit supporting electronic publishing and reproducibility.
TRAPpy 5.9.0 3 Trace Analysis and Plotting
trstk 1.0.4 3 TABULA RASA (EU-project) plotting/score checking tool
vcfplt 0.8 3 Convenient plotting functions for variant call data.
veusz 1.25.1 3 A scientific plotting package
wxmplot 0.9.23 3 A library for plotting in wxPython using matplotlib
ygl 1.0 3 A wrapper for the Ygl plotting library.
argos 0.2.1 2 Argos Panoptes HDF/NCDF/scientific data viewer.
ASCII-Plotter 1.0 2 Allows plotting of simple graphs in ASCII-art
bamplot 0.9.0 2 bamplot python package
bandstructureplot 0.1.2 2 A Lightweight Band Structure Plotting Library
basemap 1.0.7 2 Plot data on map projections with matplotlib
basemap_Jim 0.1.1 2 basemap of Northwestern Atlantic Coastline for python plotting .
BOTEC 0.3.5 2 A simple astrophysics and orbital mechanics simulator
caesarplotlib 0.1 2 A set of plotting tools for plotting output data from the CAESAR-Lislfood models and derived models.
ccsgp_get_started 2.1.0 2 get started with the ccsgp plotting library
charts 0.4.6 2 Use the highcharts js library in Python
clearplot 1.1.0 2 Clearplot creates publication quality plots using matplotlib
clplot 0.2.1a0 2 clplot is a command line utility to create plots and pages of plots from csv-like files.
cmocean 1.1 2 Colormaps for Oceanography
cpc.geoplot 0.1.6 2 CPC geospatial plotting
cufflinks 0.8.2 2 Productivity Tools for Plotly + Pandas
deli 0.1dev 2 Interactive 2-dimensional plotting
densplot 2.1 2 ['Plotting free energy landscapes']
drawnow 0.71.2 2 MATLAB-like drawnow
figplotter 0.0.3 2 A figure plotter using matplotlib
fishbowl 0.2.1 2 Customizable matplotlib style extension
FlydraAnalysisTools 0.0.1 2 Analysis scripts for analyzing and plotting flydra data
geoplot 0.0.3 2 High-level geospatial plotting for Python.
geoviews 0.0.0 2 Stop plotting your data - annotate your data and let it visualize itself... on a map!
ggpy 0.1.2 2 ggplot2 from your command line
github-plots 0.1 2 Alternative plots from GitHub stats.
gnuplotlib 0.14 2 Gnuplot-based plotting for numpy
googleearthplot 0.0.2 2 KML file generator for plotting on Google Earth
h5browse 0.2 2 h5browse is a utility for browsing HDF5 files.
hicplotlib 0.3 2 Hi-C data plotting and analysis tool
HippoDraw 1.16.5 2 Interactive data visualizaton python extenstion module
jmpy 0.10.4 2 JMP Style Plotting and Modeling
liveplot 0.1.2 2 System for minimal hassle, on-the-fly, dataset visualization
matplotlib 2.0.0 2 Python plotting package
mgplottools 1.0.0 2 Collection of Utilities for plotting and visualization
mpl 1.5.0 2 Python plotting package
mplstereonet 0.5 2 Stereonets for matplotlib
mpxl 1.4-beta1 2 Matplotlib plotting tool for Microsoft Excel on OS X
neovis 0.1.0dev 2 neovis is a package for plotting neo objects
orangery 0.3.0 2 Python library to support analysis of topographic cross-sections
pandashells 0.1.8 2 Command line data tools
percentile 1.0.1 2 Plotting CDF tail percentiles
phiplot 0.0.1 2 Python tools for plotting IIT figures
plotcat 1.0.4 2 tool to plot live serial input
plotexplorer_gui 0.4.1 2 A wxpython/matplotlib script for plotting and contrasting a collection of graphs
plotly 2.0.6 2 Python plotting library for collaborative, interactive, publication-quality graphs.
plotly_modified 0.1.2 2 Python plotting library for collaborative, interactive, publication-quality graphs.
plotta 1.0.1a1 2 Python wrapper for Plotta API
plotypus 0.2.5.dev0 2 Plotypus: variable star light curve analysis and plotting library.
polyplot 0.0.0 2 awesome plotting wrapper for python
ppgplot 1.3 2 Python / Numeric-Python bindings for PGPLOT
PyDexter 0.0.1 2 Simple plotting for Python. Render charts in the browser with simple Python syntax.
pygal 2.3.1 2 A python svg graph plotting library
PyMeasure 0.4.2 2 Scientific measurement library for instruments, experiments, and live-plotting 1.0 2 python interfaces to NCAR graphics
PyNGL 1.0 2 PyNGL is a module used to visualize scientific data.
pyNmonAnalyzer 1.0.3 2 Python tool for reformatting and plotting/graphing NMON output
pynteractive 1.1.1 2 Pynteractive, a suite to generate interactive Javascript graphics
pyon 0.0.5 2 A Lattice QCD library including statistical, fitting, plotting functions and a runner module to help organise projects.
pyplot 1.5.0 2 Python plotting package
PyQt-Fit 1.3.4 2 Parametric and non-parametric regression, with plotting and testing methods.
pystplot 0.1.1 2 Browser based plotting in python
qtplot 0.1.0.dev22 2 Data plotting and analysis tool
quiver 0.1 2 A simple library to plot direction fields
quorra 0.0.8 2 A python extension for generating quorra.js plots directly from python
regionmask 0.3.1 2 plotting and creation of masks for spatial regions
rootplot 2.2.1 2 Tools for quick and beautiful plotting with ROOT
sastool 1.0.4 2 Python macros for [A]SA(X|N)S data processing, fitting, plotting etc.
scikits.vectorplot 0.2 2 Vector fields plotting algorithms.
sdaxen_python_utilities 0.1.3 2 A collection of useful tools for common Python tasks
Spinmob 2.2.1 2 Data Handling, Plotting, Analysis, and GUI Building for Laboratories
survey_utils 0.0.5 2 Utilities for plotting survey and other results.
survivalvolume 1.0.0 2 Plotting tools for survival data
threeplot 0.11 2 Browser-based 3D plotting, with zero dependencies
TimeDiff 1.17 2 Program for login and plotting time-differences in log-files.
TurboFlot 0.7.0 2 A TurboGears widget for Flot, a jQuery plotting library
vispy 0.4.0 2 Interactive visualization in Python
visvis 1.9.4 2 An object oriented approach to visualization of 1D to 4D data.
viztricks 0.1.0 2 Recipes and helper functions for plotting with Python
wcsaxes 0.9 2 WCSAxes: a framework for plotting astronomical and geospatial data
wrf-python 1.0.1 2 Diagnostic and interpolation routines for WRF-ARW data.
zplot 1.4 2 A simple graph-creation library
abipy 0.2.0 1 Python package to automate ABINIT calculations and analyze the results.
acc 0.1.1 1 Adaptive Cruise Control
ace 0.3 1 Non-parametric multivariate regressions by Alternating Conditional Expectations
adenine 0.1.4 1 A Data ExploratioN pIpeliNE
ae 0.2.80 1 Python accoustic emission tools
agfusion 0.134 1 Python package providing that can visualize different annotations of a gene fusion.
ahkab 0.18 1 a SPICE-like electronic circuit simulator
AllanTools 2016.11 1 Allan deviation and related time/frequency statistics
antispoofing.clientspec 1.0.3 1 Building client-specific models for anti-spoofing
antispoofing.evaluation 2.0.5 1 Evaluation tools for verification systems under spoofing attacks: examples in face verification
antispoofing.fusion_faceverif 3.0.2 1 Decision and score-level fusion tools for joint operation of face verification and anti-spoofing system
antispoofing.motion 2.0.3 1 Motion counter-measures for the REPLAY-ATTACK database
APPLPy 0.4.10 1 open source computational probability software
apsg 0.4.3 1 APSG - structural geology module for Python
artemis-ml 1.2 1 UNKNOWN
astroobs 1.4.5 1 Provides astronomy ephemeris to plan telescope observations
atomman 1.1.1 1 Atomistic Manipulation Toolkit
audiolazy 0.6 1 Real-Time Expressive Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Package for Python!
axographio 0.1.1b1 1 A python library for reading and writing AxoGraph data files
backtrader 1 BackTesting Engine
bandwagon 0.1.1 1 Simulate DNA band patterns for gel migration experiments
bdbcontrib 1 Hodgepodge library of extras for bayeslite
biokit 0.4.1 1 Access to Biological Web Services from Python
blockcanvas 4.0.3 1 visual environment for creating simulation experiments
bob.paper.ICB2015 2.0.0a0 1 Running the experiments as given in paper: "On the Vulnerability of Palm Vein Recognition to Spoofing Attacks".
bpch 1.0 1 GEOS-Chem Binary Punch File Reader/Plotter/ncdumper
breaker 1.8.1 1 CL-tools for PanSTARRS & ATLAS LIGO-VIRGO (PSAT) group to aid surveys of the likely sky-locations of LIGO-VIRGO discovered Gravitational Waves
brew 0.1.4 1 BREW: Python Multiple Classifier System API
buildingspy 1.5.0 1 Package for simulating and testing models from the Modelica Buildings and Annex 60 libraries
caar 5.0.0b6 1 Accelerating analysis of time stamped sensor observations and cycling device operations.
camb 0.1.4 1 Code for Anisotropies in the Microwave Background
cameo 0.10.2 1 cameo - computer aided metabolic engineering & optimziation
cf-plot 2.1.10 1 Climate contour, vector and line plots in Python
challenge.uccs 1.0.1 1 Running baseline experiments and evaluations for the IJCB 2017 UCCS challenge
chartpy 0.05 1 Plot using Plotly, matplotlib, Bokeh & more using simple unified Python API
chessboard 1.5.3 1 CLI to solve combinatoric chess puzzles.
clusteror 0.0.2 1 Dataset pattern discovery tool
cma 1.1.7 1 CMA-ES, Covariance Matrix Adaptation Evolution Strategy for non-linear numerical optimization in Python
co2mpas 1.5.6.dev3 1 The Type-Approving vehicle simulator predicting NEDC CO2 emissions from WLTP
cohorts 0.5.2 1 Utilities for analyzing mutations and neoepitopes in patient cohorts
collective.jqueryflot 0.1 1 Flot JQuery implementation for Plone
colorobject 0.8.1 1 Dynamic color objects compatible with Matplotlib
colour-hdri 0.1.2 1 Colour - HDRI
ConsumerCheck 1.3.3 1 Software for analysis of sensory and consumer data
cosmoabc 1.0.5 1 Python ABC sampler
cvu 0.5.2 1 A visualizer for human brain networks
cxnet 0.3 1 Complex networks in education
DAGPype 1 Low-footprint flexible data-processing and data-preparation pipelines
datashader 0.4 1 Data visualization toolchain based on aggregating into a grid
datashell 0.4.4 1 Because namespaces are a honking great idea, but loading a gazillion packages to take a quick peek at some data is not.
densityestimation 0.1.2 1 Density estimation functions.
diffpy.pdffit2 1.1 1 PDFfit2 - real space structure refinement program.
diffpy.pdfgui 1.1.2 1 GUI for PDF simulation and structure refinement.
diffpy.srfit 1.2 1 SrFit - Structure refinement from diffraction data
diffpy.srmise 0.5.2 1 Peak extraction and peak fitting tool for atomic pair distribution functions.
discoursegraphs 0.3.2 1 graph-based processing of multi-level annotated corpora
discretisedfield 0.7 1 A Python package for analysing and manipulating discretised fields.
django-highchartit 0.2.3 1 A Django app to plot charts and pivot charts directly from the models. Uses HighCharts and jQuery JavaScript libraries to render the charts on the webpage.
django-qsstats-magic 0.7.2 1 A django microframework that eases the generation of aggregate data for querysets.
django-qsstats-magic-redux 0.7.3 1 A django microframework that eases the generation of aggregate data for querysets.
django-skwissh 0.0.8 1 SSH monitoring Django application
django-sparklines 0.1 1 Simple tag abstraction for jquery sparklines
django_chartit 0.2.9 1 A Django app to plot charts and pivot charts directly from the models. Uses HighCharts and jQuery JavaScript libraries to render the charts on the webpage.
django_chartit2 0.2.2 1 A Django app to plot charts and pivot charts directly from the models. Uses HighCharts and jQuery JavaScript libraries to render the charts on the webpage.
dna_features_viewer 0.1.2a0 1 Plot features from DNA sequences (e.g. Genbank) with Python
dvipy 0.0.3 1 Python library for processing TeX's Device Independent output
dxfwrite 1.2.1 1 A Python library to create DXF R12 drawings.
dynts 0.4.1 1 Quantitative financial timeseries analysis
earlinet-reader 0.2.4 1 Package to read processed lidar data in the EARLINET NetCDF formats.
EasyModeler 2.2.6 1 Simple ODE Tools for Modelers
EasyPlot 1.0.0 1 A matplotlib wrapper for fast and easy generation of reusable plots
ecspy 1.1 1 A framework for creating evolutionary computations in Python.
em_examples 0.0.6 1 em_examples
epys 0.3.5 1 A python library for handling EPS output.
errorpro 0.1.6 1 ErrorPro allows to do calculations in IPython with physical quantities, which contain a value, error and unit.
exodata 2.1.6 1 Exoplanet catalogue interface
ezplot 0.1.0a4 1 Remote Procedure interface to Matplotlib
fatsecret 0.2.3 1 Python wrapper for FatSecret REST API
fchart 0.3 1 Collection of Python scripts to make beautiful deepsky finder charts in various formats
FigRecipes 0.0.2 1 FigRecipes is a skeleton for creating Python projects
FiPy 3.1.3 1 A finite volume PDE solver in Python
FlowCal 1.1.2 1 Flow Cytometry Calibration Library
FlowCytometryTools 0.4.6 1 A python package for performing flow cytometry analysis
folium 0.3.0 1 Make beautiful maps with Leaflet.js & Python
galanyl 0.1.7 1 UNKNOWN
gauged 1.0.0 1 A fast, append-only storage layer for numeric data that changes over time
GazeParser 0.9.0 1 Gaze tracking, parsing and visualization tools
gdx 3 1 GAMS Data Exchange (GDX) file access
gelsimulator 0.1.0 1 Simulate DNA band patterns for gel migration experiments
generatewordcloud 0.3 1 A simple Python (2 or 3) script to generate a PNG word-cloud image from a bunch of text files. Based on word_cloud.
GeobricksRasterCorrelation 0.1.13 1 Geobricks library to correlate two raster and create statistics and scatter charts.
geoio 1.2.7 1 Geo image reading/writing tools.
GeomagPy v0.3.9 1 Geomagnetic analysis tools.
geoprobe 0.3.1 1 Reads and (partially) writes seismic data in Landmark's Geoprobe format
GermlineFilter 1.2 1 Encrypted filtering of germline calls from a somatic vcf.
gFlex 0.9 1 One- and two-dimensional plate bending, designed for Earth's lithosphere
ginga 2.6.2 1 An astronomical image viewer and toolkit
git-pandas 1.2.0 1 A utility for interacting with data from git repositories as Pandas dataframes
gitnet 0.1.1 1 A data extraction and network generation tool for local git repositories.
goldilocks 0.1.1 1 Locating genomic regions that are "just right".
GoreUtilities 0.5.0 1 Some utility functions useful for GoreLab members
graphite_anomaly_detector 0.2.1 1 Tool for detecting spikes in Graphite timeseries
graphterm 0.57.0 1 A Graphical Terminal Interface
grasp 0.3.2 1 Useful introspection tools.
groupbytime 0.3 1 Convenience functions for grouping datetimes in pandas
gyroid 0.4 1 A symmetry adapted basis function (SABF) generator.
hdbscan 0.8.8 1 Clustering based on density with variable density clusters
hdbscan-with-cosine-distance 0.8.1 1 Clustering based on density with variable density clusters
hdfqs 1.1.0 1 HDFQS Python Library
hedgehog-hedgehog-pyvisa 2.0.0 1 Python VISA bindings for GPIB, RS232, and USB instruments
hedgehog-pyvisa 2.0.0 1 Python VISA bindings for GPIB, RS232, and USB instruments
hedgehog-pyvisa-py 0.4 1 Python VISA bindings for GPIB, RS232, and USB instruments
hedgehog-pyvisa-sim 0.5 1 Simulated backend for PyVISA implementing TCPIP, GPIB, RS232, and USB resources
hypertools 0.1.6 1 A python package for visualizing and manipulating high-dimensional data
igwtools 1 Tools for internal gravity waves experiments
imexam 0.7.1 1 Astropy affiliated package
img2txt 2008.11.20 1 superseded by asciiporn,
imreg_dft 2.0.0 1 Image registration utility using algorithms based on discrete Fourier transform (DFT, FFT)
imview 0.2.0 1 Image viewers for geospatial data
influxgraph 1.3.2 1 InfluxDB storage plugin for Graphite-API
Instrumental-lib 0.2.1 1 Library with high-level drivers for lab equipment
ipython-sql 0.3.8 1 RDBMS access via IPython
ipythontools 0.1.0 1 Jupyter/IPython notebook to latex converter and spell checker
iwx 0.1.0.dev1 1 wxPython utilities and enhanced controls
julesTk 0.3.0a0 1 MVC Framework for TKinter
kabuki 0.6.2 1 kabuki is a python toolbox that allows easy creation of hierarchical bayesian models for the cognitive sciences.
keepaAPI 0.12 1 Interfaces with
lancet-ioam 0.9.0 1 Launch jobs, organize the output, and dissect the results.
lasagne_visualizer 0.1.0 1 A tiny package to enable live-visualization of weight learning using lasagne models in ipython notebook.
Lifetimes 1 Measure customer lifetime value in Python
lineid_plot 0.5 1 Automatic placement of labels in a plot.
live-serial 0.1.7 1 Real-time serial port plotter/logger.
liveplots 0.8.5 1 Real-time live plot server
lizard-map 5.4 1 Basic map setup for lizard web sites
localcider 0.1.14 1 Tools for calculating sequence properties of disordered proteins [from the Pappu Lab at Washington University in St. Louis]
MagikEDA 0.1.7 1 Scripts to help Exploratory Data Analysis
maidenhair 0.3.5 1 Convert raw text data files into a single excel file.
maskattack.lbp 1.0.4 1 Texture (LBP) based counter-measures for the 3D MASK ATTACK database
matlab_kernel 0.14.2 1
matminer 0.0.8 1 matminer is a library that contains tools for data mining in Materials Science
MatPlotTheme 0.1.2 1 MatPlotTheme is a theming library for MatPlotLib.
mcerp 0.11 1 Real-time latin-hypercube-sampling-based Monte Carlo Error Propagation
MCres 0.5.7 1 Provides simple filtering and visualization tools for Monte-Carlo simulation data
memory_profiler 0.45 1 A module for monitoring memory usage of a python program
metaseq 0.5.6 1 Integrative analysis of high-thoughput sequencing data
mfoutparser 1.4.1 1 mfoutparser: efficient and convenient parsing of ModelFree output files.
mikePlotLib 2.0.0 1 mikePlotLib
mne-hcp 0.1.dev12 1 MNE HCP project for accessing the human connectome MEG data in Python.
ModelicaRes 0.12.2 1 Utilities to set up and analyze Modelica simulation experiments
modlamp 2.7.7 1 python package for in silico peptide design and QSAR studies
moltools 1.2 1 Running point dipole calculations on chemical systems
moose 3.0 1 MOOSE is the Multiscale Object-Oriented Simulation Environment. It is the base and numerical core for large, detailed simulations including Computational Neuroscience and Systems Biology.
mosaic-nist 1.3.2 1 A Modular Single-Molecule Analysis Interface.
mplotlab 0.2 1 Interactive Matplotlib Application using wxPython
mpltools 0.2.0 1 Tools for Matplotlib
multihist 0.5.1 1 Convenience wrappers around numpy histograms
mystic 0.3.0 1 highly-constrained non-convex optimization and uncertainty quantification
nanoraw 0.4.1 1 Analysis of nanopore sequencing data.
nelpy 0.0.96 1 Neuroelectrophysiology object model and data analysis in Python.
networkx_viewer 0.2.0 1 Interactive viewer for networkx graphs.
neuro_athelets 0.11 1 python ml library for neuro eeg data
nilearn 0.3.0b1 1 Statistical learning for neuroimaging in Python
nipy 0.4.1 1 A python package for analysis of neuroimaging data
nmrglue 0.5 1 A module for working with NMR data in Python
npplus 0.9.5 1 Enhancements to Numpy
nsim 0.1.17 1 Simulate systems from ODEs or SDEs, analyze time series.
numpy-stl 2.2.0 1 Library to make reading, writing and modifying both binary and ascii STL files easy.
oct2py 4.0.5 1 Python to GNU Octave bridge --> run m-files from python.
octave_kernel 0.26.2 1 A Jupyter kernel for Octave.
omega 0.1.0 1 Symbolic algorithms for solving games of infinite duration.
OpenElectrophy 0.3.5 1 OpenElectrophy : an electrophysiological data- and analysis-sharing framework
osmapping 0.1.5 1 Mapping Library for Open Street Maps
otb 0.2.1 1 Orieux toolbox. Utility functions for scientific numerical computation.
pandapower 1.2.2 1 Convenient Power System Modelling and Analysis based on PYPOWER and pandas
pandas 0.19.2 1 Powerful data structures for data analysis, time series,and statistics
pandexo.engine 0.2 1 pandexo transiting exoplanet simulator
perfin 0.0.3dev 1 PerFin a Personal Finance library.
perfplot 0.1.5 1 Performance plots for small Python code snippets
permutation_test 0.18 1 Implementation of Fishers permutation test
pHcalc 0.1.2 1 Systemtic pH calculation package for Python.
phylogenetics 0.3 1 Python API that provides simple tools for doing phylogenetics.
physt 0.3.26 1 P(i/y)thon h(i/y)stograms.
plfit 1.0.2 1 Python implementation of Aaron Clauset's power-law distribution fitter
plot_joblog 1.0.1 1 Produce a time chart of the jobs ran by GNU parallel
plotchecker 0.1.0 1 A set of utilities for testing matplotlib plots in an object-oriented manner.
PlotKit 0.9.1w3 1 PlotKit packaged as TurboGears widgets.
plotnow 0.1.0 1 A terminal application which plot 2D data and generate a graph.
plotserver 0.5 1 Expose matplotlib figures over http
plottools 0.2.0 1 UNKNOWN
plotutils 0.3.2 1 Simple matplotlib-related utility functions.
pmagpy 3.8.9.post2 1 Analysis tools for paleo/rock magnetic data
pmagpy-cli 3.8.9.post2 1 Analysis tools for paleo/rock magnetic data
pngrenderer 0.1.2 1 Render matplotlib png images to a zip file
poliastro 0.6.0 1 Python package for Orbital Mechanics
ppsqlviz 1.0.1 1 A command line visualization utility for SQL using Pandas library in Python.
prettyplotlib 0.1.7 1 Painlessly create beautiful default `matplotlib` plots.
probfit 1.0.5 1 Distribution Fitting/Regression Library
PRST 0.0.3 1 Python Reservoir Simulation Toolbox
psicons.core 0.1 1 A tool for documentable and reproducible analysis and research
psrecord 1.0 1 Python package to record activity from processes
psyplot 0.2.18 1 Python package for interactive data visualization
PXL 0.0.9 1 Extra functions built on NumPy, SciPy, pandas, matplotlib, etc.
PyAgg 0.2.0 1 Simple user-oriented graphics drawing and image manipulation.
pyair_utils 3.0.0 1 Utilities for the pyair package. Requires the windrose package to work.
pycbc-pylal 1.0.1 1 legacy support python ligo algorithm library
pycorn 0.18 1 A script to extract data from UNICORN result (res) files
pyCTQW 1.1.0 1 An MPI enabled CTQW simulator
pydendroheatmap 1.3 1 Tool for creating heatmaps, where rows and columns are organized by hierarchical clusters as seen in
pydiagram 0.6 1 PyDiagram is a python package for generating a phase diagram from results output by polymer field-theoretic simulations. PyDiagram also provides functions for analysis of simulation results.
pydoas 1.1.0 1 A Python toolbox for post analysis of DOAS (Differential Optical Absorbtion Spectroscopy) results
PyDSTool 0.90.2 1 Python dynamical systems simulation and modeling
pyexperiment 0.8.11 1 Run experiments with Python - quick and clean.
pyfact 0.8.6 1 A module containing useful methods for working with fact
PyFlot 0.2 1 Python Interface the JavaScript Flot chart librabry
pyFRET 0.1.9 1 Library for analysis of single-molecule fluorescence (smFRET) data
pygacs 0.2.6 1 Toolkit to access and manipulate Gaia catalogue tables hosted at ESA's Gaia Archive Core Systems (GACS)
PyGaia 1.2 1 Basic Gaia data simulation, manipulation, and analysis toolkit
pygcam 1.0b10 1 Python 2.7 library and scripts for interfacing with GCAM
pygnm 0.1 1 Python Gaussian Network Model
PyGSP 0.4.0 1 The official Graph Signal Processing Toolbox
pyhistogram 0.1 1 Convinient and intuitive histograms with minimal dependencies
pyinstruments 0.4.5 1 Control of data acquisition with remote instruments using IVI-C or IVI-COM, Visa, and serial protocols.
PyKat 1.0.18 1 Python interface and tools for FINESSE
pyleoclim 0.1.4 1 A Python package for paleoclimate data analysis
pylinac 1.9.0 1 A toolkit for performing TG-142 QA-related tasks on a linear accelerator
PyLinkbot 2.3.7 1 Barobo Linkbot package
PyLinkbot3 3.1.14 1 This is a pure Python implementation of PyLinkbot. See
pymc 2.3.6 1 Markov Chain Monte Carlo sampling toolkit.
pymc3 3.1rc2 1 PyMC3
pymeshfix 0.10 1 Repairs triangular meshes
pymetar 0.21 1 PyMETAR is a python module and command line tool designed to fetch Metarreports from the NOAA ( and allow access to theincluded weather information.
pymix 0.8b 1 PyMix -- Python mixture package
PyMois 0.1 1 Applications for interactive visualization of numerical methods.
pymprog 1.0.0 1 An easy and flexible mathematical programming environment for Python
pymultinest 2.1 1 Access modules for the MultiNest, APEMoST, Cuba and PolyChord integration libraries
pyNLO 0.1.1 1 Python nonlinear optics
pynotebook 0.2.2 1 A notebook interface for wxpython
PyOPUS 0.8 1 Simulation, optimization, and design for circuits and everything else
pyparty 0.3.0 1 Tools for patterning 2d-shapes on ndarrays
pypi-cli 0.4.1 1 A command-line interface to the Python Package Index (PyPI).
pypipegraph 0.157 1 A workflow (job) engine/pipeline for bioinformatics and scientific computing.
pypiview 1.0.0 1 Utility to visualise the number of downloads of package(s) available on Pypi website
pypore 0.0.6.dev20161116235131 1 Pythonic/Cythonic Nanopore Translocation Analysis
PyPTS 0.2.5 1 Python toolbox for plant tissue simulation prototypes
pyrtlsdr 0.2.4 1 A Python wrapper for librtlsdr (a driver for Realtek RTL2832U based SDR's)
PySCeS 0.9.3 1 The Python Simulator for Cellular Systems - simulation and analysis tools for modelling biological systems
PySimulator 0.61 1 Simulation and Analysis Environment in Python with Plugin Infrastructure
pyslha 3.2.0 1 Parsing, manipulating, and visualising SUSY Les Houches Accord data
pysmithplot 0.1.0 1 A simple Smith Plot/Chart extension for matplotlib.
PySurvey 0.1.2 1 UNKNOWN
pytecplot 0.7.0 1 A python interface to Tecplot 360 EX
pytelemetry 1.1.9 1 First class data visualization and communication with embedded devices
pytelemetrycli 1.1.0 1 command-line interface for data visualization and communication with embedded devices
pytest-benchmark 3.1.0a2 1 A ``py.test`` fixture for benchmarking code. It will group the tests into rounds that are calibrated to the chosen timer. See calibration_ and FAQ_.
python-igraph 0.7.1.post6 1 High performance graph data structures and algorithms
python-weka-wrapper 0.3.10 1 Python wrapper for the Weka Machine Learning Workbench
pytimechart 1.0.0.rc2 1 Fast graphical exploration and visualisation for linux kernel traces
pytopo 1.4 1 Map viewer, using cached offline map tiles and track files
PyVISA 1.8 1 Python VISA bindings for GPIB, RS232, and USB instruments
PyVISA-py 0.2 1 Python VISA bindings for GPIB, RS232, and USB instruments
PyVISA-sim 0.3 1 Simulated backend for PyVISA implementing TCPIP, GPIB, RS232, and USB resources
pyvttbl 1 Multidimensional pivot tables, data processing, statistical computation
pyxplorer 0.1.0 1 Simple Big Data Profiling
qcodes 0.1.3 1 Python-based data acquisition framework developed by the Copenhagen / Delft / Sydney / Microsoft quantum computing consortium
quakefeeds 0.2 1 Python 3 tools for handling USGS earthquake data feeds
QuantDigger 0.4.4 1 量化交易Python回测系统
radical.pilot 0.45.1 1 The RADICAL pilot job framework (
radical.pilot.sc15 1 The RADICAL pilot job framework (
redundans 0.13a5 1
rhessyscalibrator 2.1.0 1 Libraries and command-line scripts for handling RHESSys model calibration.
root_numpy 4.7.2 1 The interface between ROOT and NumPy
rootpy 0.9.0 1 A pythonic layer on top of the ROOT framework's PyROOT bindings.
rowingdata 0.97.7 1 The rowingdata library to create colorful plots from CrewNerd, Painsled and other rowing data tools
runviewer 1.0 1 Part of teh labscript suite, runviewer plots instruction tables so you can visualise how outputs will change during an experiment shot
salem 0.2.1 1 Geoscientific data I/O and map projections
sc8pr 1.0.0 1 Create interactive animations with features inspired by Scratch, Processing, and robotics
ScalPy 0.1.0b 1 a package for studying dynamics of scalar fields in cosmology.
scikit-viz 0.1 1 Convenient plot templates for scikit learn
scikits.hydroclimpy 0.67.0 1 Environmental time series manipulation
scikits.statsmodels 0.3.1 1 Statistical computations and models for use with SciPy
scikits.timeseries 0.91.3 1 Time series manipulation
scilab2py 0.6 1 Python to Scilab bridge
sciplot-pyqt 0.1.1 1 A small matplotlib wrapper/UI for creating publication-ready plots, graphs, and images
shaolin 0.0.1b1 1 Interactive dashboard programming framework for the jupyter notebook
sherpa 4.9.0 1 Modeling and fitting package for scientific data analysis
sidc-gui 0.4 1 Sudden ionospheric disturbance colletor (sidc) GUI
siganalysis 0.4.0 1 Perform signal analysis
simpy 3.0.10 1 Event discrete, process based simulation for Python.
sistagen 1.0.47 1 Simple Stat Generator
SkewT 1.1.0 1 Plots and analyses atmospheric profile data from UWyo database
skggm 0.2.6 1 Gaussian graphical models for scikit-learn.
SkillMetrics 1.1.3 1 A package for calculating skill of model predictions against observations
snpy 2.1.4 1 SNooPy: Supernova light-curve analysis tool
soerp 0.9.6 1 Second Order Error Propagation
sound_field_analysis 0.3 1 Analyze, visualize and process sound field data recorded by spherical microphone arrays.
spacegrids 1.9 1 numpy array with grids and associated operations
spatial_efd 1.0.4 1 Spatial elliptical fourier analysis
speview 0.6.2 1 Program to display binary SPE files containing Raman spectra
spherepy 0.0.9 1 Numerical routines for working with spherical harmonic coefficients
spotpy 1.2.35 1 A Statistical Parameter Optimization Tool
spykeutils 0.4.3 1 Utilities for analyzing electrophysiological data
statio 0.0.2 1 The statio statistical library in Python.
Stoner 0.7.0b6 1 Classes to represent simple scientific data sets and write analysis codes, developed for the University of Leeds Condensed Matter Physics Group
stosim 0.2.20 1 Stochastic Simulations
stsci.sphinxext 1.2.1 1 A set of tools and templates to customize Sphinx for use in STScI projects
sympy 1.0 1 Computer algebra system (CAS) in Python
tapir 1.0 1 Tally Approximations of Phylogenetic Informativeness Rapidly (TAPIR)
tcsv2png 1.0.1 1 Data visualization of csv data with a time column.
terminalplot 0.2.6 1 Plot points in terminal
thermo 0.1.30 1 Chemical properties component of Chemical Engineering Design Library (ChEDL)
thinkx 1.1.2 1 Modules supporting books by Allen Downey
thLib 0.12.1 1 Collection of Python utilities for signal analysis
tifffile 0.11.1 1 Read and write image data from and to TIFF files.
titration 0.2 1 Titration curves for arbitrary solutions
torus 0.7.1 1 Carbon and Graphite replacement using Kairos for timeseries storage
Transcrypt 3.6.24 1 Python to JavaScript transpiler, supporting multiple inheritance and generating lean, highly readable code
treehmm 0.1.0 1 Variational Inference for tree-structured Hidden-Markov Models
TrendVis 0.2.2 1 Publication-quality data trend visualization
tw2.jqplugins.flot 2.0.2 1 toscawidgets2 wrapper for the flot jQuery plugin
tw2.jqplugins.jqplot 2.0.4 1 toscawidgets2 wrapper for the jqPlot jQuery plugin
twod_materials 0.0.6 1 High throughput 2D material modules
ufit 1.0.1 1 Universal scattering data fitting tool
UQToolbox 1.0.3 1 Tools for Uncertainty Quantification
vincent-qt 0.0.4 1 Vincent in QtWidgets applications
visdom 0.1.02 1 A tool for visualizing live, rich data for Torch and Numpy
visualize_ML 0.2.2 1 To visualize various processes involved in dealing with a Machine Learning problem.
vzlog 0.1.8 1 Python tool for logging rich content, particularly plots and images
wfdb 0.1.2 1 The WFDB Python Toolbox
windrose 1.6 1 Python Matplotlib, Numpy library to manage wind data, draw windrose (also known as a polar rose plot)
wltp 0.1.0a1 1 *wltp* gear-shifts calculator
wxPyGameVideoPlayer 1 Just a simple video player using wxPython, PyGame, and OpenCV
xbob.measure.idmeasure 0.0.3 1 Detection and Identification Rate
xbob.paper.BIOSIG2014 1.0.0 1 Running the experiments as given in paper: "On the Vulnerability of Finger Vein Recognition to Spoofing".
xbob.paper.example 0.2.0 1 Example of an article using Bob for reproducible experiments
xbob.paper.jmlr2013 0.2.0 1 Example of an article using Bob for reproducible experiments
ympy 1 Young Monkey Python project set of utilities

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