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Index of Packages Matching 'plotting'

Package Weight* Description
edaplotting 0.7 6 plotting for exploratory data analysis
asyncplot 0.1 5 Asynchronous client-server library for simple plotting.
bashplotlib 0.6.5 5 plotting in the terminal
bqplot 0.10.2 5 Interactive plotting for the Jupyter notebook, using d3.js and ipywidgets.
dataviz 0.2.0 5 Bokeh-powered plotting of data, with dynamic loading
enplot 1.1.0 5 enplot: a one-line command line plotting tool for CSV data
Heppi 2.1.0 5 High Energy Physics Plotting Interface
JyPlotter 0.9.5 5 Graph plotting library with backends for different GUIs
matplotlib-subsets 1.0 5 Functions for plotting area-proportional hierarchical subset diagrams in matplotlib.
matplotlib-venn 0.11.5 5 Functions for plotting area-proportional two- and three-way Venn diagrams in matplotlib.
NanoPlot 1.9.1 5 Plotting suite for Oxford Nanopore sequencing data and alignments
nanoplotter 0.32.0 5 Plotting functions of Oxford Nanopore sequencing data
patella 0.1.12 5 A webservice for scraping files and plotting data against presidential party variation
plawt 1.1.13 5 JSON-like sugar for plotting with matplotlib
plotbox 0.1.0 5 Plotting library with a common API for static and interactive visualization
plotEnv 0.0.2.dev2 5 Python plotting wrapper utilizing matplotlib and seaborn
saneplot 0.1.0 5 A simple plotting tool with sane default
betterplotlib 1.5.0 4 Some wrappers for matplotlib to make plotting easier and nicer.
colorview2d 0.6.5 4 2d color plotting tool
dviplot 0.0.3 4 Plotting using DVIdraw
iot_plot 0.6.0 4 Remote plotting library
probe-plotting2 0.0.1 4 Helper functions to deal with matplotlib.
pygmyplot 0.2.11rc 4 Matplotlib wrapper plotting library
PyRealtime 0.1.9 4 A package for realtime data processing, including reading from serial ports and plotting.
qexpy 1.0.1 4 Package to handle error analysis and data plotting aimed at undergraduate physics.
thermoplotting 0.1.4 4 Tools for visualizing data related to cluster expansions and manipulating casm output.
Anemone 0.0.1 3 Monitor long running analyses by remote plotting of selected variables
APLpy 1.1.1 3 The Astronomical Plotting Library in Python
artist 0.18.2 3 A plotting library for Python with LaTeX output
aviplot 1.0.2 3 Provide a matplotlib like interface to plotting data with Google Maps
axibot 0.0.2 3 Software for AxiDraw pen plotting robot
barrett 0.2.1 3 out-of-core processing and plotting of MultiNest output
biggles 1.7.2 3 simple, elegant python plotting
catplot 1.3.3 3 A Python Library for Energy Profile and 2D/3D Lattice Grid Plotting
ccplot 1.5.2 3 CloudSat and CALIPSO plotting tool
chaco 4.7.1 3 interactive 2-dimensional plotting
CME 1.0 3 GUI for interactive plotting of colour-magnitude and colour-colour diagrams
commandlineplot 1.1 3 a command line plotting utility written in python
ContactVis 0.1.6 3 Contact map plotting for predicted protein residue-residue contacts.
contours 0.0.2 3 Contour calculation with Matplotlib.
dataexplore_plot 0.0.1 3 Plotting module for use in data exploration for ML and Kaggle
DataPipeline 1.2 3 Importing and fitting tool for scientific text data.
dempy 0.0.4 3 A Python project to work with raster, shapefile, and lidar data
DisplayNode 0.3.0 3 Web-based plotting and data visualisation package.
footballpitchplot 0.1 3 Python library using Plotly for plotting a football pitch with events.
Fplot 0.2.2 3 Plot functions with simple syntax
FreqDemod 0.2.1 3 This package provides functions for analyzing and plotting the
FsnViz 0.3.0 3 Tool for plotting gene fusion events detected by various tools using Circos.
GetDist 3 GetDist Monte Carlo sample analysis, plotting and GUI
gmplot 1.2.0 3 Provide a matplotlib like interface to plotting data with Google Maps
gnuplot-py 1.8 3 A Python interface to the gnuplot plotting program.
guiqwt 3.0.3 3 guiqwt is a set of tools for curve and image plotting (extension to PythonQwt)
hoggormplot 0.9.0 3 Plotting functions for visualisation of data analysis results from the hoggorm package
holoviews 1.9.2 3 Stop plotting your data - annotate your data and let it visualize itself.
joystick 0.3.8 3 Real-time plotting and logging while console controlling
jscatter 0.6.7 3 Combines dataArrays with attributes for fitting, plotting and analysis including models for Xray and neutron scattering
kaplot 1.0.0-beta6 3 A plotting tool built around/on matplotlib
lmj.plot 0.4.1 3 A command line tool for plotting data from text files
mc2 0.1.1 3 Useful plotting tank stuff.
mpa 0.1.1b6 3 Matplotlib Plotting Assistant
mpl_utils 3 plotting utilites build around matplotlib
mpls 0.2.0 3 An open library of matplotlib styles
MSPlot 3 Utilities for plotting 3D mass spec data, XIC etc from mzML data files
NanoComp 0.13.0 3 Comparing runs of Oxford Nanopore sequencing data and alignments
niwidgets 0.1.4 3 A package that provides ipywidgets for standard neuroimaging plotting
numerics 0.2 3 personal experiments in numerics + plotting
omegaplot 0.7.3 3 The last plotting package you'll ever need.
paida 3.2.1_2.10.1 3 A pure Python package for the scientific data analysis and plotting
partial-dependence 0.0.1 3 PartialDependence is a library for visualizing input-output relationships of machine learning models.
pauvre 0.1.86 3 Tools for plotting Oxford Nanopore and other long-read data.
plotpy 0.1.0 3 plotpy is a set of tools for curve and image plotting (extension to PythonQwt)
plotrique 0.3.0-1a 3 plotrique - Convenience plotting tools
plottags 0.1.2 3 A package for plotting the tag history of repositories
psychopy_ext 3 A framework for a rapid reproducible experimental design, analysis and modeling of data in neuroscience and psychology.
pybst 1.0 3 Implements Binary Search Trees, AVL Trees, Splay Trees, and Red Black Trees in Python with plotting.
pydass_vasp 0.1 3 Convenient Python modules and wrapping script executables
pyechoplot 1.0.0.dev1 3 An echogram plotting tool
pyepix 6-1.0.4 3 Python Interface for the ePiX mathematical plotting library
pygrace 0.4 3 Python bindings for grace
pymeteo 0.7 3 Meteorology utilities, SkewT plotting and more
python-ternary 1.0.3 3 Make ternary plots in python with matplotlib
PythonQwt 0.5.5 3 Qt plotting widgets for Python
quickplot 0.1.2 3 The batteries-included plotting wrapper for matplotlib
quickplots 2.1.0 3 A simple plotting library
replotlib 0.0.1 3 Replotting matplotlib figure the css way
scikit-plot 0.3.3 3 An intuitive library to add plotting functionality to scikit-learn objects.
sciplotpy 3 Scientific Plotting for Python
scraps 0.3.1 3 SuperConducting Resonator Analysis and Plotting Software.
shapelets 0.2 3 Shapelet fitting and plotting
shapelib 0.1.0 3 Python utilities to facilitate working with shapely (shape creation, rasterization, plotting)
SkewTplus 1.1.1 3 Atmospheric Profile Plotting and Diagnostics
snowpyt 0.1.67 3 A Python project to visualize snowpit
superplot 2.0.4 3 Python GUI for plotting SuperPy/SuperBayes/MultiNest/BAYES-X results
svgplotlib 0.2 3 SVG plotting library
swutil 1.1 3 Provide common code for validation, multiprocessing, logging, decorator, configuration, plotting, etc.
tephi 0.1.0 3 Tephigram plotting in Python
toyplot 0.16.0 3 A modern plotting toolkit supporting electronic publishing and reproducibility.
TRAPpy 5.9.0 3 Trace Analysis and Plotting
trstk 1.0.4 3 TABULA RASA (EU-project) plotting/score checking tool
vcfplt 0.8 3 Convenient plotting functions for variant call data.
veusz 2.1.1 3 A scientific plotting package
vtkInterface 0.5.1 3 Easier Pythonic interface to VTK
wxmplot 0.9.27 3 A library for plotting in wxPython using matplotlib
ygl 1.0 3 A wrapper for the Ygl plotting library.
argos 0.2.1 2 Argos Panoptes HDF/NCDF/scientific data viewer.
ASCII-Plotter 1.0 2 Allows plotting of simple graphs in ASCII-art
atlas-mpl-style 0.1.post1 2 ATLAS style for Matplotlib 2.0+
bamplot 0.9.0 2 bamplot python package
bands-inspect 0.0.0b4 2 Utilities for creating, comparing and plotting bandstructures of materials.
bandstructureplot 0.1.2 2 A Lightweight Band Structure Plotting Library
bapt 1.0.0 2 Band alignment plotting tool
basemap 1.0.7 2 Plot data on map projections with matplotlib
basemap_Jim 0.1.1 2 basemap of Northwestern Atlantic Coastline for python plotting .
BOTEC 0.3.5 2 A simple astrophysics and orbital mechanics simulator
brizzy 0.17 2 Tools for plotting Oxford Nanopore and other long-read data.
caesarplotlib 0.1 2 A set of plotting tools for plotting output data from the CAESAR-Lislfood models and derived models.
ccsgp_get_started 2.1.0 2 get started with the ccsgp plotting library
charts 0.4.6 2 Use the highcharts js library in Python
clearplot 1.2.0 2 Clearplot creates publication quality plots using matplotlib
clplot 0.2.1a0 2 clplot is a command line utility to create plots and pages of plots from csv-like files.
cmocean 1.1 2 Colormaps for Oceanography
cpc.geoplot 0.1.10 2 CPC geospatial plotting
deli 0.1dev 2 Interactive 2-dimensional plotting
densplot 2.1 2 ['Plotting free energy landscapes']
descolors 0.1.0 2 Standard color scheme for plotting DES/DECam filters.
diva 0.1.5 2 Analytics dashboards made simple
dyst 0.0.4 2 Dyst Dynamic histograms in the terminal
fastq-anonymous 1.0.1 2 Change the sequence of a fastq file to enable sharing of confidential information, for troubleshooting of tools.
figplotter 0.0.3 2 A figure plotter using matplotlib
figures2canvas 0.3 2 merges currently open figures
fishbowl 0.3.1 2 Customizable matplotlib style extension
florent 1.0.5 2 A library for plotting, fitting and modelling photoelectrochemistry data.
FlydraAnalysisTools 0.0.1 2 Analysis scripts for analyzing and plotting flydra data
geoplot 0.1.2 2 High-level geospatial plotting for Python.
geoviews 0.0.0 2 Stop plotting your data - annotate your data and let it visualize itself... on a map!
ggpy 0.1.2 2 ggplot2 from your command line
github-plots 0.1 2 Alternative plots from GitHub stats.
gnuplotlib 0.18 2 Gnuplot-based plotting for numpy
googleearthplot 0.0.2 2 KML file generator for plotting on Google Earth
h5browse 0.2 2 h5browse is a utility for browsing HDF5 files.
hicplotlib 0.3 2 Hi-C data plotting and analysis tool
HippoDraw 1.16.5 2 Interactive data visualizaton python extenstion module
imgtools 0.2.0 2 Some tools for manipulating image files
ipyslack 1.2.1 2 IPython magic for sending slack notifications
jmpy 0.10.4 2 JMP Style Plotting and Modeling
liveplot 0.1.2 2 System for minimal hassle, on-the-fly, dataset visualization
MapGenerator 0.1a0 2 Map Generator is a tool that provides easy to use 2D plotting functions for Earth sciences datasets.
matplotlib 2.1.2 2 Python plotting package
mgplottools 1.0.0 2 Collection of Utilities for plotting and visualization
mpl 1.5.0 2 Python plotting package
mplot 0.1 2 This is a plotting library designed to be similar in usage to maple
mplstereonet 0.5 2 Stereonets for matplotlib
mpxl 1.4-beta1 2 Matplotlib plotting tool for Microsoft Excel on OS X
mytools 1.1.3 2 Set of tools for photometric time series data and plotting
nanoget 1.3.0 2 Functions to extract information from Oxford Nanopore sequencing data and alignments.
NanoGUI 0.1.0 2 GUI for NanoPlot
nanomath 0.17.1 2 A few simple math function for other Oxford Nanopore processing scripts
nebm-plot-tools 1.1 2 Plotting library for NEBM data based on Matplotlib and Mayavi
orangery 0.4.1 2 Python library to support analysis of topographic cross-sections
pandashells 0.1.8 2 Command line data tools
parfit 0.164 2 A package for parallelizing the fit and flexibly scoring of sklearn machine learning models, with optional plotting routines.
penkit 0.0.6 2 Library for pen plotting in Python.
percentile 1.0.1 2 Plotting CDF tail percentiles
phiplot 0.0.1 2 Python tools for plotting IIT figures
physplotlib 0.1.2 2 Library for plotting data from log files
plotcat 1.0.4 2 tool to plot live serial input
plotexplorer_gui 0.4.1 2 A wxpython/matplotlib script for plotting and contrasting a collection of graphs
plotly 2.2.3 2 Python plotting library for collaborative, interactive, publication-quality graphs.
plotly_modified 0.1.2 2 Python plotting library for collaborative, interactive, publication-quality graphs.
plotta 1.0.1a1 2 Python wrapper for Plotta API
plotypus 0.2.5.dev0 2 Plotypus: variable star light curve analysis and plotting library.
polyplot 0.0.0 2 awesome plotting wrapper for python
ppgplot 1.3 2 Python / Numeric-Python bindings for PGPLOT
PyDexter 0.0.1 2 Simple plotting for Python. Render charts in the browser with simple Python syntax.
pyecharts 0.3.1 2 Python echarts, make charting easier
pygal 2.4.0 2 A python svg graph plotting library
pyjoyplot 0.7 2 Joy Plots in Python
pylantern 0.0.11 2 Analytics library
PyMeasure 0.5 2 Scientific measurement library for instruments, experiments, and live-plotting 1.0 2 python interfaces to NCAR graphics
PyNGL 1.0 2 PyNGL is a module used to visualize scientific data.
pyNmonAnalyzer 1.0.9 2 Python tool for reformatting and plotting/graphing NMON output
pynteractive 1.1.1 2 Pynteractive, a suite to generate interactive Javascript graphics
pyon 0.0.5 2 A Lattice QCD library including statistical, fitting, plotting functions and a runner module to help organise projects.
pyplot 1.5.0 2 Python plotting package
PyQt-Fit 1.3.4 2 Parametric and non-parametric regression, with plotting and testing methods.
pysrim 0.1.5 2 Srim Automation of Tasks
pystplot 0.1.1 2 Browser based plotting in python
qcustomplot 1.3.1-1 2 QCustomPlot is a Qt C++ widget for plotting and data visualization
qplots 0.7 2 Python package with functions for plotting
qtplot 0.1.1.dev9 2 Data plotting and analysis tool
quail 0.1.4 2 A python toolbox for analyzing and plotting free recall data
quicktracer 1.2.0 2 A simple function to do realtime tracing/monitoring/plotting
quiver 0.1 2 A simple library to plot direction fields
quorra 0.0.8 2 A python extension for generating quorra.js plots directly from python
regionmask 0.3.1 2 plotting and creation of masks for spatial regions
richardsplot 1.1 2 Matplotlib plotting standards for Gordon Richards' group
rootplot 2.2.1 2 Tools for quick and beautiful plotting with ROOT
sastool 1.0.4 2 Python macros for [A]SA(X|N)S data processing, fitting, plotting etc.
scikits.vectorplot 0.2 2 Vector fields plotting algorithms.
sdaxen_python_utilities 0.1.4 2 A collection of useful tools for common Python tasks
skymap 0.1.0 2 Python tools for making skymaps
Spinmob 2.2.9 2 Data Handling, Plotting, Analysis, and GUI Building for Laboratories
surficial 0.0.2 2 Python library and CLI tools to support analysis of stream long-profiles
survey_utils 0.0.5 2 Utilities for plotting survey and other results.
survivalvolume 1.1.0 2 Plotting tools for survival data
tarmac 0.4 2 Tools for processing and visualisation markov chain samples
threeplot 0.11 2 Browser-based 3D plotting, with zero dependencies
TimeDiff 1.17 2 Program for login and plotting time-differences in log-files.
TurboFlot 0.7.0 2 A TurboGears widget for Flot, a jQuery plotting library
vectorspector 0.1 2 Library for plotting vector fields, based on Matplotlib quiver
vibrationtesting 0.21 2 Signal processing, modal analysis, plotting, and system identification for vibrating systems
vispy 0.5.2 2 Interactive visualization in Python
visvis 1.10.0 2 An object oriented approach to visualization of 1D to 4D data.
viztricks 0.1.0 2 Recipes and helper functions for plotting with Python
wcsaxes 0.9 2 WCSAxes: a framework for plotting astronomical and geospatial data
wrf-python 1.0.5 2 Diagnostic and interpolation routines for WRF-ARW data.
WrightTools 2.13.9 2 Tools for loading, processing, and plotting multidimensional spectroscopy data.
zplot 1.41 2 A simple graph-creation library
abipy 0.2.0 1 Python package to automate ABINIT calculations and analyze the results.
acc 0.1.1 1 Adaptive Cruise Control
ace 0.3 1 Non-parametric multivariate regressions by Alternating Conditional Expectations
adenine 0.1.4 1 A Data ExploratioN pIpeliNE
ae 0.2.83 1 Python accoustic emission tools
afplot 0.2.1 1 Plot allele frequencies in VCF files
agfusion 1.0 1 Python package to annotate and visualize gene fusions.
ahkab 0.18 1 a SPICE-like electronic circuit simulator
aivika-modeler 1.0.0 1 A discrete event simulation modeling tool
albopictus 1.2 1 Environmentally-driven population dynamics model of Aedes albopictus
AllanTools 2016.11 1 Allan deviation and related time/frequency statistics
analyzefit 0.3.8 1 Performs analysis of the fit of a model.
antispoofing.clientspec 1.0.3 1 Building client-specific models for anti-spoofing
antispoofing.evaluation 2.0.5 1 Evaluation tools for verification systems under spoofing attacks: examples in face verification
antispoofing.fusion_faceverif 3.0.2 1 Decision and score-level fusion tools for joint operation of face verification and anti-spoofing system
antispoofing.motion 2.0.3 1 Motion counter-measures for the REPLAY-ATTACK database
apc 0.2.0 1 Age-Period-Cohort Analysis
APPLPy 0.4.12 1 open source computational probability software
apsg 0.5.1 1 APSG - structural geology module for Python
artemis-ml 2.0.0 1
asammdf 2.8.1 1 ASAM MDF measurement data file parser
ase 3.15.0 1 Atomic Simulation Environment
astroobs 1.4.5 1 Provides astronomy ephemeris to plan telescope observations
atomman 1.1.5 1 Atomistic Manipulation Toolkit
audiolazy 0.6 1 Real-Time Expressive Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Package for Python!
axographio 0.1.1b1 1 A python library for reading and writing AxoGraph data files
backtrader 1 BackTesting Engine
bandwagon 0.1.1 1 Simulate DNA band patterns for gel migration experiments
bdbcontrib 1 Hodgepodge library of extras for bayeslite
biokit 0.4.2 1 Access to Biological Web Services from Python
blockcanvas 4.0.3 1 visual environment for creating simulation experiments
bob.paper.ICB2015 2.0.0a0 1 Running the experiments as given in paper: "On the Vulnerability of Palm Vein Recognition to Spoofing Attacks".
bpch 1.0 1 GEOS-Chem Binary Punch File Reader/Plotter/ncdumper
bpmagic 0.13.1 1 Magic functions to load boilerplate code
breaker 1.9.6 1 CL-tools for PanSTARRS & ATLAS LIGO-VIRGO (PSAT) group to aid surveys of the likely sky-locations of LIGO-VIRGO discovered Gravitational Waves
brew 0.1.4 1 BREW: Python Multiple Classifier System API
buildingspy 1.6.0 1 Package for simulating and testing models from the Modelica Buildings and IBPSA libraries
caar 5.0.0b6 1 Accelerating analysis of time stamped sensor observations and cycling device operations.
caeroc 0.0.2b2 1 Compressible aerodynamics calculator in Python
camb 1 Code for Anisotropies in the Microwave Background
causality 0.0.6 1 Tools for causal analysis
cf-plot 2.1.57 1 Climate contour, vector and line plots in Python
challenge.uccs 1.0.2 1 Running baseline experiments and evaluations for the IJCB 2017 UCCS challenge
chartpy 0.05 1 Plot using Plotly, matplotlib, Bokeh & more using simple unified Python API
chemevolve 0.0.8 1 Tools for Simulating Chemical Evoltion
choropie 0.0.3 1 Create a choropleth map with pie charts in each polygon centroid.
ciles 0.1.0 1 Langevin integrator for SDEs with constant drift and diffusion on continuous intervals with circular boundary conditions.
clusteror 0.0.2 1 Dataset pattern discovery tool
clusterp 0.1.1 1 Clusterp : Cluster profiling made easy
cma 2.3.1 1 CMA-ES, Covariance Matrix Adaptation Evolution Strategy for non-linear numerical optimization in Python
co2mpas 1.7.4 1 The Type-Approving vehicle simulator predicting NEDC CO2 emissions from WLTP
cohorts 0.7.3 1 Utilities for analyzing mutations and neoepitopes in patient cohorts
collective.jqueryflot 0.1 1 Flot JQuery implementation for Plone
colorobject 0.8.1 1 Dynamic color objects compatible with Matplotlib
colour-hdri 0.1.3 1 Colour - HDRI
concise 0.6.4 1 CONCISE (COnvolutional Neural for CIS-regulatory Elements)
ConsumerCheck 1.3.3 1 Software for analysis of sensory and consumer data
cosmoabc 1.0.7 1 Python ABC sampler
cvbase 0.4.0 1 Utils for computer vision research
cvu 0.5.2 1 A visualizer for human brain networks
cxnet 0.3 1 Complex networks in education
datashader 0.4 1 Data visualization toolchain based on aggregating into a grid
datashell 0.4.4 1 Because namespaces are a honking great idea, but loading a gazillion packages to take a quick peek at some data is not.
dd 0.5.3 1 Binary decision diagrams implemented in pure Python, as well as Cython wrappers of CUDD, Sylvan, and BuDDy.
denarius 2018.1.23.11 1 currency and other utilities
densityestimation 0.1.2 1 Density estimation functions.
dicompyler-core 0.5.3 1 A library of core radiation therapy modules for DICOM / DICOM RT used by dicompyler
diffpy.pdffit2 1.1 1 PDFfit2 - real space structure refinement program.
diffpy.pdfgui 1.1.2 1 GUI for PDF simulation and structure refinement.
diffpy.srmise 0.5.2 1 Peak extraction and peak fitting tool for atomic pair distribution functions.
dionysus 2.0.4 1 Library for computing persistent homology
discoursegraphs 0.3.2 1 graph-based processing of multi-level annotated corpora
discretisedfield 0.7.6 1 A Python package for analysing and manipulating discretised fields.
django-highchartit 0.2.3 1 A Django app to plot charts and pivot charts directly from the models. Uses HighCharts and jQuery JavaScript libraries to render the charts on the webpage.
django-qsstats-magic 1.0.0 1 A django microframework that eases the generation of aggregate data for querysets.
django-qsstats-magic-redux 0.7.3 1 A django microframework that eases the generation of aggregate data for querysets.
django-skwissh 0.0.8 1 SSH monitoring Django application
django-sparklines 0.1 1 Simple tag abstraction for jquery sparklines
django_chartit 0.2.9 1 A Django app to plot charts and pivot charts directly from the models. Uses HighCharts and jQuery JavaScript libraries to render the charts on the webpage.
django_chartit2 0.2.2 1 A Django app to plot charts and pivot charts directly from the models. Uses HighCharts and jQuery JavaScript libraries to render the charts on the webpage.
dna_features_viewer 0.1.5 1 Plot features from DNA sequences (e.g. Genbank) with Python
drawnmr 0.24 1 A module for displaying NMR data with bokeh in Python or Jupyter Notebooks.
dvipy 0.0.3 1 Python library for processing TeX's Device Independent output
dxfwrite 1.2.1 1 A Python library to create DXF R12 drawings.
dynts 0.4.1 1 Quantitative financial timeseries analysis
earlinet-reader 0.2.4 1 Package to read processed lidar data in the EARLINET NetCDF formats.
EasyModeler 2.2.6 1 Simple ODE Tools for Modelers
EasyPlot 1.0.0 1 A matplotlib wrapper for fast and easy generation of reusable plots
ecspy 1.1 1 A framework for creating evolutionary computations in Python.
elektronn2 0.5.1 1 ELEKTRONN2 a is highly configurable toolkit for training 3d/2d CNNs and general Neural Networks
em_examples 0.0.18 1 em_examples
epys 0.3.5 1 A python library for handling EPS output.
errorpro 0.1.6 1 ErrorPro allows to do calculations in IPython with physical quantities, which contain a value, error and unit.
espei 0.4 1 Fitting thermodynamic models with pycalphad.
exodata 2.1.7 1 Exoplanet catalogue interface
ezplot 0.1.0a4 1 Remote Procedure interface to Matplotlib
fastmat 0.1.1 1 fast linear transforms in Python
fatsecret 0.2.3 1 Python wrapper for FatSecret REST API
fchart 0.3 1 Collection of Python scripts to make beautiful deepsky finder charts in various formats
FiPy 3.1.3 1 A finite volume PDE solver in Python
fissa 0.5.1 1 A Python Library estimating somatic signals in 2-photon data
FlowCal 1.1.4 1 Flow Cytometry Calibration Library
FlowCytometryTools 0.4.6 1 A python package for performing flow cytometry analysis
galanyl 0.1.7 1 UNKNOWN
gauged 1.0.0 1 A fast, append-only storage layer for numeric data that changes over time
GazeParser 0.9.0 1 Gaze tracking, parsing and visualization tools
gdx 3 1 GAMS Data Exchange (GDX) file access
generatewordcloud 0.3 1 A simple Python (2 or 3) script to generate a PNG word-cloud image from a bunch of text files. Based on word_cloud.
GeobricksRasterCorrelation 0.1.13 1 Geobricks library to correlate two raster and create statistics and scatter charts.
geoio 1.2.7 1 Geo image reading/writing tools.
GeomagPy 0.3.98 1 Geomagnetic analysis tools.
geoprobe 0.3.1 1 Reads and (partially) writes seismic data in Landmark's Geoprobe format
GermlineFilter 1.2 1 Encrypted filtering of germline calls from a somatic vcf.
gFlex 1.0.0 1 One- and two-dimensional plate bending, designed for Earth's lithosphere
ginga 2.6.6 1 A scientific image viewer and toolkit
git-pandas 1.2.0 1 A utility for interacting with data from git repositories as Pandas dataframes
gitnet 0.1.1 1 A data extraction and network generation tool for local git repositories.
goldilocks 0.1.1 1 Locating genomic regions that are "just right".
GoreUtilities 0.5.0 1 Some utility functions useful for GoreLab members
graphite_anomaly_detector 0.2.1 1 Tool for detecting spikes in Graphite timeseries
graphterm 0.57.0 1 A Graphical Terminal Interface
grasp 0.3.2 1 Useful introspection tools.
groupbytime 0.3.2 1 Convenience functions for grouping datetimes in pandas
gyroid 0.4 1 A symmetry adapted basis function (SABF) generator.
harold 0.1.1b4 1 A control systems library for Python3
hdbscan 0.8.12 1 Clustering based on density with variable density clusters
hdbscan-with-cosine-distance 0.8.1 1 Clustering based on density with variable density clusters
hdfqs 1.1.0 1 HDFQS Python Library
hedgehog-hedgehog-pyvisa 2.0.0 1 Python VISA bindings for GPIB, RS232, and USB instruments
hedgehog-pyvisa 2.0.0 1 Python VISA bindings for GPIB, RS232, and USB instruments
hedgehog-pyvisa-py 0.4 1 Python VISA bindings for GPIB, RS232, and USB instruments
hedgehog-pyvisa-sim 0.5 1 Simulated backend for PyVISA implementing TCPIP, GPIB, RS232, and USB resources
hydrobox 0.0.4 1 Hydrological toolbox build on top of scipy and pandas
hypertools 0.4.2 1 A python package for visualizing and manipulating high-dimensional data
igwtools 1 Tools for internal gravity waves experiments
ILAMB 2.2 1 The International Land Model Benchmarking Package
ImagingReso 1.5.15 1 tool for resonance neutron imaging
imexam 0.8.0 1 Astropy affiliated package
imfusion 0.3.2 1 Tool for identifying transposon insertions in Insertional Mutagenesis screens from gene-transposon fusions using single- and paired-end RNA-sequencing data.
img2txt 2008.11.20 1 superseded by asciiporn,
imreg_dft 2.0.0 1 Image registration utility using algorithms based on discrete Fourier transform (DFT, FFT)
imview 0.3.0 1 Image viewers for geospatial data
influxgraph 1.5.0 1 InfluxDB storage plugin for Graphite-API
Instrumental-lib 0.4.2 1 Library with high-level drivers for lab equipment
ionics 0.2.3 1 This package contains various ionization cross section models.
iotile-analytics-interactive 0.1.1 1 A data science bridge for
ipython-sql 0.3.8 1 RDBMS access via IPython
ipythontools 0.1.0 1 Jupyter/IPython notebook to latex converter and spell checker
ir-kit 1.0.1rc0 1 Utilities for information retrieval in python
iwx 0.1.0.dev1 1 wxPython utilities and enhanced controls
javelin 0.1.0 1 Disordered materials modelling and single crystal diffuse scattering calculator
julesTk 0.3.3 1 MVC Framework for TKinter
kabuki 0.6.2 1 kabuki is a python toolbox that allows easy creation of hierarchical bayesian models for the cognitive sciences.
karmapi 1 Data with karma and pi
kenozooid 0.17.0 1 Kenozooid is dive planning and analysis toolbox
kmdvalg 0.13 1 A module for displaying danish Voting poll in Bokeh maps.
kuchinawa 0.4 1 Development environment to create a control program for measurement instruments
lancet-ioam 0.9.0 1 Launch jobs, organize the output, and dissect the results.
larray 0.27 1 N-D labeled arrays in Python
lasagne_visualizer 0.1.0 1 A tiny package to enable live-visualization of weight learning using lasagne models in ipython notebook.
lenstronomy 0.0.4 1 Strong lens modeling package.
limix 1.0.12 1 A flexible and fast mixed model toolbox.
lineage 1.0b1 1 tools for genetic genealogy and the analysis of consumer DNA test results
lineid_plot 0.5 1 Automatic placement of labels in a plot.
live-serial 0.1.7 1 Real-time serial port plotter/logger.
liveplots 0.8.5 1 Real-time live plot server
lizard-map 5.5 1 Basic map setup for lizard web sites
localcider 0.1.14 1 Tools for calculating sequence properties of disordered proteins [from the Pappu Lab at Washington University in St. Louis]
MadQt 0.0.4 1 GUI for accelerator simulations using MAD-X.
MagikEDA 0.1.7 1 Scripts to help Exploratory Data Analysis
maidenhair 0.3.5 1 Convert raw text data files into a single excel file.
markovfsm 0.1a 1 Markov Chain generator from random process data
maskattack.lbp 1.0.4 1 Texture (LBP) based counter-measures for the 3D MASK ATTACK database
matlab_kernel 0.15.0 1
MatPlotTheme 0.1.2 1 MatPlotTheme is a theming library for MatPlotLib.
mcerp 0.11 1 Real-time latin-hypercube-sampling-based Monte Carlo Error Propagation
MCres 0.5.8 1 Provides simple filtering and visualization tools for Monte-Carlo simulation data
memory_profiler 0.51.0 1 A module for monitoring memory usage of a python program
metaseq 0.5.6 1 Integrative analysis of high-thoughput sequencing data
mfoutparser 1.4.1 1 mfoutparser: efficient and convenient parsing of ModelFree output files.
mikePlotLib 2.0.0 1 mikePlotLib
mne-hcp 0.1.dev12 1 MNE HCP project for accessing the human connectome MEG data in Python.
ModelicaRes 0.12.2 1 Utilities to set up and analyze Modelica simulation experiments
modlamp 3.3.2 1 python package for in silico peptide design and QSAR studies
moltools 1.2 1 Running point dipole calculations on chemical systems
monthly-returns-heatmap 0.0.8 1 Utility to create a monthly returns heatmap from Pandas series
mosaic-nist 1.3.5 1 A Modular Single-Molecule Analysis Interface.
mpl-scatter-density 0.3 1 Matplotlib helpers to make density scatter plots
mplotlab 0.2 1 Interactive Matplotlib Application using wxPython
mpltools 0.2.0 1 Tools for Matplotlib
multihist 0.5.4 1 Convenience wrappers around numpy histograms
mystic 0.3.1 1 highly-constrained non-convex optimization and uncertainty quantification
nanopack 1.0.0 1 Install all Oxford Nanopore scrips and modules for processing and analysis
nanoraw 0.5 1 Analysis of nanopore sequencing data.
nelpy 0.1.1 1 Neuroelectrophysiology object model and data analysis in Python.
networkx_viewer 0.2.0 1 Interactive viewer for networkx graphs.
neuro-pypes 1.0.1 1 Reusable and configurable neuroimaging pipelines with Nipype.
neuro_athelets 0.11 1 python ml library for neuro eeg data
niceplot 1 "Hey, that's a nice plot!"
nilearn 0.4.0 1 Statistical learning for neuroimaging in Python
nipy 0.4.1 1 A python package for analysis of neuroimaging data
nistats 0.0.1a0 1 Modeling and Statistical analysis of fMRI data in Python
nmrglue 0.6 1 A module for working with NMR data in Python
nolds 0.4.1 1 Nonlinear measures for dynamical systems (based on one-dimensional time series)
npplus 0.9.6 1 Enhancements to Numpy
nsim 0.1.17 1 Simulate systems from ODEs or SDEs, analyze time series.
numpy-stl 2.3.2 1 Library to make reading, writing and modifying both binary and ascii STL files easy.
oceanwaves 1.0.0rc1 1 A toolbox for ocean wave datasets
oct2py 4.0.6 1 Python to GNU Octave bridge --> run m-files from python.
octave_kernel 0.28.3 1 A Jupyter kernel for Octave.
omega 0.1.2 1 Symbolic algorithms for solving games of infinite duration.
ont-tombo 1.1.1 1 Analysis of raw nanopore sequencing data.
OpenElectrophy 0.3.6 1 OpenElectrophy : an electrophysiological data- and analysis-sharing framework
Orange-Infrared 0.2.1 1 Extends Orange to handle spectral and hyperspectral analysis.
Orange-Spectroscopy 0.3.2 1 Extends Orange to handle spectral and hyperspectral analysis.
orderfix 0.1.0 1 reorder solutions of parametric studies to make continuous curves
osmapping 0.1.5 1 Mapping Library for Open Street Maps
otb 0.2.1 1 Orieux toolbox. Utility functions for scientific numerical computation.
pandapower 1.4.2 1 Convenient Power System Modelling and Analysis based on PYPOWER and pandas
pandas 0.22.0 1 Powerful data structures for data analysis, time series,and statistics
pandastable 0.8.3 1 Library for embedding tables in Tkinter using pandas DataFrames
pandexo.engine 0.7 1 pandexo transiting exoplanet simulator
pandoc-imagine 0.1.5 1 A filter to process codeblocks into images or ascii art
papermill 0.12.0 1 Map Reduce for Notebooks
perfin 0.0.3dev 1 PerFin a Personal Finance library.
perfplot 0.2.6 1 Performance plots for Python code snippets
permutation_test 0.18 1 Implementation of Fishers permutation test
pHcalc 0.1.2 1 Systemtic pH calculation package for Python.
physt 0.3.30 1 P(i/y)thon h(i/y)stograms.
pimsviewer 1.0 1 Viewer for Python IMage Sequence (PIMS).
plfit 1.0.2 1 Python implementation of Aaron Clauset's power-law distribution fitter
plot_joblog 1.0.1 1 Produce a time chart of the jobs ran by GNU parallel
plotchecker 0.1.0 1 A set of utilities for testing matplotlib plots in an object-oriented manner.
plotille 3.1 1 Plot in the terminal using braille dots.
PlotKit 0.9.1w3 1 PlotKit packaged as TurboGears widgets.
plotnine 0.3.0 1 A grammar of graphics for python
plotnow 0.1.0 1 A terminal application which plot 2D data and generate a graph.
plotserver 0.5 1 Expose matplotlib figures over http
plottools 0.2.0 1 UNKNOWN
plotutils 0.3.2 1 Simple matplotlib-related utility functions.
pmagpy 3.14.3 1 Analysis tools for paleo/rock magnetic data
pmagpy-cli 3.14.3 1 Analysis tools for paleo/rock magnetic data
pnb 0.2.4 1 A beautiful and lighweight notebook for the python interpreter.
pngrenderer 0.1.2 1 Render matplotlib png images to a zip file
poliastro 0.8.0 1 Python package for Orbital Mechanics
ppsqlviz 1.0.1 1 A command line visualization utility for SQL using Pandas library in Python.
prettyplotlib 0.1.7 1 Painlessly create beautiful default `matplotlib` plots.
probfit 1.0.5 1 Distribution Fitting/Regression Library
PRST 0.0.3 1 Python Reservoir Simulation Toolbox
psicons.core 0.1 1 A tool for documentable and reproducible analysis and research
psrecord 1.0 1 Python package to record activity from processes
psychrochart 0.1.10 1 A Python 3 library to make psychrometric charts and overlay information on them.
psyplot 1.0.0.post1 1 Python package for interactive data visualization
PXL 0.0.9 1 Extra functions built on NumPy, SciPy, pandas, matplotlib, etc.
PyAgg 0.2.0 1 Simple user-oriented graphics drawing and image manipulation.
pyair_utils 3.0.0 1 Utilities for the pyair package. Requires the windrose package to work.
pyansys 0.21.0 1 Pythonic interface to ANSYS binary files
pybinding 0.9.4 1 Package for tight-binding calculations
pycorn 0.19 1 A script to extract data from UNICORN result (res) files
pyCTQW 1.1.0 1 An MPI enabled CTQW simulator
pydendroheatmap 1.3 1 Tool for creating heatmaps, where rows and columns are organized by hierarchical clusters as seen in
pydftools 0.1.0 1 A pure-python port of the dftools R package.
pydiagram 0.6 1 PyDiagram is a python package for generating a phase diagram from results output by polymer field-theoretic simulations. PyDiagram also provides functions for analysis of simulation results.
pydoas 1.1.0 1 A Python toolbox for post analysis of DOAS (Differential Optical Absorbtion Spectroscopy) results
PyDSTool 0.90.2 1 Python dynamical systems simulation and modeling
pyeer 0.4.1 1 A python package for biometric and binary classification systems performance evaluation
pyexperiment 0.8.11 1 Run experiments with Python - quick and clean.
PyFlot 0.2 1 Python Interface the JavaScript Flot chart librabry
pyFRET 0.1.9 1 Library for analysis of single-molecule fluorescence (smFRET) data
pygacs 0.2.8 1 Toolkit to access and manipulate Gaia catalogue tables hosted at ESA's Gaia Archive Core Systems (GACS)
PyGaia 1.2 1 Basic Gaia data simulation, manipulation, and analysis toolkit
pygnm 0.1 1 Python Gaussian Network Model
PyGSP 0.5.1 1 Graph Signal Processing in Python
pyhistogram 0.1 1 Convinient and intuitive histograms with minimal dependencies
pyinstruments 0.4.5 1 Control of data acquisition with remote instruments using IVI-C or IVI-COM, Visa, and serial protocols.
pyJac 1.0.5b0 1 Create analytical Jacobian matrix source code for chemical kinetics
PyKat 1.0.19 1 Python interface and tools for FINESSE
pyleoclim 0.3.1 1 A Python package for paleoclimate data analysis
pylinac 2.0.1 1 A toolkit for performing TG-142 QA-related tasks on a linear accelerator
PyLinkbot 2.3.7 1 Barobo Linkbot package
PyLinkbot3 3.1.17 1 This is a pure Python implementation of PyLinkbot. See
PyMapRetinotopic 1.0.0 1 retinotopic mapping tools
pymc 2.3.6 1 Markov Chain Monte Carlo sampling toolkit.
pymc3 3.3rc2 1 PyMC3
pymeshfix 0.10.1 1 Repairs triangular meshes
pymetar 0.21 1 PyMETAR is a python module and command line tool designed to fetch Metarreports from the NOAA ( and allow access to theincluded weather information.
pymicra 0.4.1 1 A Python tool for Micrometeorological Analyses
pymix 0.8b 1 PyMix -- Python mixture package
PyMois 0.1 1 Applications for interactive visualization of numerical methods.
pymprog 1.0.1 1 An easy and flexible mathematical programming environment for Python
pymultinest 2.6 1 Access modules for the MultiNest and Cuba integration libraries
pyNLO 0.1.1 1 Python nonlinear optics
pyoof 0.2.3 1 pyoof is a Python package which performs out-of-focus (OOF) holography on astronomical beam maps for single-dish radio telescopes.
PyOPUS 0.8 1 Simulation, optimization, and design for circuits and everything else
pyp_beagle 0.5.9 1 Package for post-processing of results obtained with the Beagle SED fitting tool
pyparty 0.3.0 1 Tools for patterning 2d-shapes on ndarrays
pype9 0.2 1 PYthon PipelinEs for 9ML (Pype9) is a collection of Python pipelines for simulating networks of neuron models described in 9ML with various simulator backends.
pypi-cli 0.4.1 1 A command-line interface to the Python Package Index (PyPI).
pypipegraph 0.159 1 A workflow (job) engine/pipeline for bioinformatics and scientific computing.
pypiview 1.0.0 1 Utility to visualise the number of downloads of package(s) available on Pypi website
pypore 0.0.6.dev20161116235131 1 Pythonic/Cythonic Nanopore Translocation Analysis
PyProcessMacro 0.9.4 1 A Python library for moderation, mediation and conditional process analysis. Based on Andrew F. Hayes Process Macro.
pypsa 0.12.0 1 Python for Power Systems Analysis
PyPTS 0.2.5 1 Python toolbox for plant tissue simulation prototypes
pyrtlsdr 0.2.7 1 A Python wrapper for librtlsdr (a driver for Realtek RTL2832U based SDR's)
PySCeS 0.9.5 1 The Python Simulator for Cellular Systems - simulation and analysis tools for modelling biological systems
PyscesToolbox 0.8.9 1 A set of metabolic model analysis tools for PySCeS.
PySimulator 0.61 1 Simulation and Analysis Environment in Python with Plugin Infrastructure
pyslha 3.2.1 1 Parsing, manipulating, and visualising SUSY Les Houches Accord data
pysmithplot 0.1.0 1 A simple Smith Plot/Chart extension for matplotlib.
pySpecData 1 object-oriented N-dimensional data processing with notebook functionality
pySPIRALTAP 0.4.12 1 A compressed sensing library for Python
PySurvey 0.1.2 1 UNKNOWN
pytecplot 0.9.3 1 A python interface to Tecplot 360
pytelemetry 1.1.9 1 First class data visualization and communication with embedded devices
pytelemetrycli 1.1.0 1 command-line interface for data visualization and communication with embedded devices
pytest-benchmark 3.1.1 1 A ``py.test`` fixture for benchmarking code. It will group the tests into rounds that are calibrated to the chosen timer. See calibration_ and FAQ_.
python-igraph 0.7.1.post6 1 High performance graph data structures and algorithms
python-lala 0.1.0 1 Library of web access log analysis
python-weka-wrapper 0.3.11 1 Python wrapper for the Weka Machine Learning Workbench
pytimechart 1.0.0.rc2 1 Fast graphical exploration and visualisation for linux kernel traces
pytopo 1.4 1 Map viewer, using cached offline map tiles and track files
PyVISA 1.8 1 Python VISA bindings for GPIB, RS232, and USB instruments
PyVISA-py 0.2 1 Python VISA bindings for GPIB, RS232, and USB instruments
PyVISA-sim 0.3 1 Simulated backend for PyVISA implementing TCPIP, GPIB, RS232, and USB resources
pyvttbl 1 Multidimensional pivot tables, data processing, statistical computation
pyxplorer 0.1.0 1 Simple Big Data Profiling
qcodes 0.1.7 1 Python-based data acquisition framework developed by the Copenhagen / Delft / Sydney / Microsoft quantum computing consortium
quakefeeds 0.2 1 Python 3 tools for handling USGS earthquake data feeds
QuantDigger 0.4.4 1 量化交易Python回测系统
qubits 0.3.4 1 The Queen's University Belfast Imitation Transient Surveys 0.47.0 1 The RADICAL analytics framework (
radical.pilot 0.47.1 1 The RADICAL pilot job framework (
radical.pilot.sc15 1 The RADICAL pilot job framework (
rdplot 1.0.0 1 A plot tool for rate distortion curves
redundans 0.13a5 1
retinotopic-mapping 2.2.3 1 retinotopic mapping tools
retinotopic-maps 2.0.0 1 retinotopic mapping tools
rhessyscalibrator 2.1.0 1 Libraries and command-line scripts for handling RHESSys model calibration.
RiboCode 1.2.7 1 A package for identifying the translated ORFs using ribosome-profiling data
rmats2sashimiplot 2.0.2 1 rmats2sashimiplot
root_numpy 4.7.3 1 The interface between ROOT and NumPy
rootpy 1.0.1 1 A pythonic layer on top of the ROOT framework's PyROOT bindings.
rowingdata 1.5.8 1 The rowingdata library to create colorful plots from CrewNerd, Painsled and other rowing data tools
runviewer 1.0 1 Part of teh labscript suite, runviewer plots instruction tables so you can visualise how outputs will change during an experiment shot
salem 0.2.1 1 Geoscientific data I/O and map projections
sc8pr 1.0.0 1 Create interactive animations with features inspired by Scratch, Processing, and robotics
ScalPy 0.1.0b 1 a package for studying dynamics of scalar fields in cosmology.
scikit-dsp-comm 0.0.4 1 DSP and Comm package.
scikit-posthocs 0.3.3 1 Statistical post-hoc analysis and outlier detection algorithms
scikit-viz 0.1 1 Convenient plot templates for scikit learn
scikits.hydroclimpy 0.67.0 1 Environmental time series manipulation
scikits.statsmodels 0.3.1 1 Statistical computations and models for use with SciPy
scikits.timeseries 0.91.3 1 Time series manipulation
scilab2py 0.6 1 Python to Scilab bridge
sciplot-pyqt 0.2.1 1 A small matplotlib wrapper/UI for creating publication-ready plots, graphs, and images
scipyplot 0.0.5 1 A Python Toolbox for Creating Scientific Article Figures
shaolin 0.0.1b2 1 Interactive dashboard programming framework for the jupyter notebook
sherpa 4.9.1 1 Modeling and fitting package for scientific data analysis
sidc-gui 0.4 1 Sudden ionospheric disturbance colletor (sidc) GUI
siganalysis 0.4.0 1 Perform signal analysis
simpy 3.0.10 1 Event discrete, process based simulation for Python.
sistagen 1.0.47 1 Simple Stat Generator
skater 1.0.3 1 Model Agnostic Interpretation Library
SkewT 1.1.0 1 Plots and analyses atmospheric profile data from UWyo database
SkillMetrics 1.1.4 1 A package for calculating skill of model predictions against observations
soerp 0.9.6 1 Second Order Error Propagation
sound_field_analysis 0.3 1 Analyze, visualize and process sound field data recorded by spherical microphone arrays.
spacegrids 1.9 1 numpy array with grids and associated operations
spatial_efd 1.0.4 1 Spatial elliptical fourier analysis
speview 0.6.2 1 Program to display binary SPE files containing Raman spectra
spherepy 0.0.9 1 Numerical routines for working with spherical harmonic coefficients
spotpy 1.3.20 1 A Statistical Parameter Optimization Tool
spykeutils 0.4.3 1 Utilities for analyzing electrophysiological data
statio 0.0.2 1 The statio statistical library in Python.
stochastic 0.1.0 1 Stochastic process realizations.
Stoner 0.7.2 1 The Stoner Python package is a set of utility classes for writing data analysis code. It was written within the Condensed Matter Physics group at the University of Leeds as a shared resource for quickly writing simple programs to do things like fitting functions to data, extract curve parameters, churn through large numbers of small text data files and work with certain types of scientific image files
stosim 0.2.20 1 Stochastic Simulations
stsci.sphinxext 1.2.1 1 A set of tools and templates to customize Sphinx for use in STScI projects
sympy 1.1.1 1 Computer algebra system (CAS) in Python
tapir 1.0 1 Tally Approximations of Phylogenetic Informativeness Rapidly (TAPIR)
tcsv2png 1.0.1 1 Data visualization of csv data with a time column.
terminalplot 0.2.6 1 Plot points in terminal
thermo 0.1.39 1 Chemical properties component of Chemical Engineering Design Library (ChEDL)
thinkx 1.1.3 1 Modules supporting books by Allen Downey
thLib 0.12.1 1 Collection of Python utilities for signal analysis
tifffile 0.13.5 1 Read and write image data from and to TIFF files.
TiMemory 1.0b6 1 Python timing + memory manager
titration 0.2 1 Titration curves for arbitrary solutions
torus 0.7.1 1 Carbon and Graphite replacement using Kairos for timeseries storage
Transcrypt 3.6.82 1 Python to JavaScript transpiler, supporting multiple inheritance and generating lean, highly readable code
TransportMaps 1.1b2 1 Tools for the construction of transport maps
treehmm 0.1.0 1 Variational Inference for tree-structured Hidden-Markov Models
TrendVis 0.2.2 1 Publication-quality data trend visualization
tw2.jqplugins.flot 2.0.2 1 toscawidgets2 wrapper for the flot jQuery plugin
tw2.jqplugins.jqplot 2.0.4 1 toscawidgets2 wrapper for the jqPlot jQuery plugin
twod_materials 0.0.6 1 High throughput 2D material modules
UQToolbox 1.0.3 1 Tools for Uncertainty Quantification
vegindex 0.5.0 1 Python tools for generating vegetation index timeseries from PhenoCam images.
vincent-qt 0.0.4 1 Vincent in QtWidgets applications
visdom 0.1.7 1 A tool for visualizing live, rich data for Torch and Numpy
visdom_plotly 1 Visdom with the support
visualize_ML 0.2.2 1 To visualize various processes involved in dealing with a Machine Learning problem.
vzlog 0.1.8 1 Python tool for logging rich content, particularly plots and images
wfdb 1.3.9 1 The WFDB Python Toolbox
windrose 1.6.3 1 Python Matplotlib, Numpy library to manage wind data, draw windrose (also known as a polar rose plot)
wltp 0.1.0a2 1 *wltp* gear-shifts calculator
wxPyGameVideoPlayer 1 Just a simple video player using wxPython, PyGame, and OpenCV
xbob.measure.idmeasure 0.0.3 1 Detection and Identification Rate
xbob.paper.BIOSIG2014 1.0.0 1 Running the experiments as given in paper: "On the Vulnerability of Finger Vein Recognition to Spoofing".
xbob.paper.example 0.2.0 1 Example of an article using Bob for reproducible experiments
xbob.paper.jmlr2013 0.2.0 1 Example of an article using Bob for reproducible experiments
xshape 0.1.0 1 Tools for working with shapefiles, topographies, and polygons in xarray

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