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Index of Packages Matching 'postgresql'

Package Weight* Description
pytest-postgresql 1.2.0 9 Postgresql fixtures and fixture factories for Pytest.
sact.recipe.postgresql 0.10.0 9 zc.buildout recipe to build PostgreSQL.
centrifuge-postgresql 0.2.2 7 PostgreSQL structure backend for Centrifuge
devpi-postgresql 0.1.0 7 devpi-postgresql: a PostgreSQL storage backend for devpi-server
django-postgresql-manager 0.2.1 7 django-postgresql-manager is a Django based management interface for PostgreSQL users and databases.
django-postgresql-setrole 1.0.8 7 Execute SET ROLE on every PostgreSQL connection in the Django ORM
infi.django_postgresql_migrations 0.2 7 Custom Django migration operations for PostgreSQL
lazr_postgresql 0.0.1 7 LAZR postgresql specific support code.
PostgreSQL-Audit 0.8.4 7 Versioning and auditing extension for PostgreSQL and SQLAlchemy.
py-postgresql 1.2.1 7 PostgreSQL driver and tools library.
reahl-postgresqlsupport 3.2.0 7 Support for using PostgreSQL with Reahl.
sprockets.clients.postgresql 2.0.0 7 PostgreSQL client library wrapper providing environment variable based configuration
sprockets.mixins.postgresql 1.0.1 7 A sprockets mixin that automatically connects to PostgreSQL
sqlalchemy-postgresql-json 0.5.0 7 Postgresql JSON Extension for sqlalchemy
testing.postgresql 1.3.0 7 automatically setups a postgresql instance in a temporary directory, and destroys it after testing
tiddlywebplugins.postgresql 0.1.3 7 postgresql-based store for tiddlyweb
mongo-connector-postgresql 1.1.0 6 Doc Manager Postgresl for Mongo connector Distribution Utilities
pulsar-postgresql 0.1.0 6 Pulsar store for postgresql database based on aiopg
shinkenplugins.plugins.postgresql_lag 1.2 6 Check PostgreSql lag
aiopg8000 1.10.3 5 PostgreSQL interface library, for asyncio 0.6 5 Postgresql database snapshot versionning tool
cuisine-postgresql 0.2.1 5 Cuisine methods for PosgreSQL
decogres 1.0.5 5 Postgresql decorator
django-db-quick-setup 0.0.2 5 Create and start MySQL/PostgreSQL containers with a single management command
django-minipg 0.2.0 5 Yet another Django PostgreSQL database backend for minipg
django-pg-array-lookups 0.2.0 5 ANY/ALL lookups for PostgreSQL arrays
django-pgrunner 0.2.2 5 Create and autorun a PostgreSQL development database for your Django project
djorm-ext-pgjson 0.3 5 PostgreSQL native json field support for Django.
djorm-ext-pguuid 0.2 5 PostgreSQL native uuid field support for Django.
execsql 5 Multi-DBMS SQL script processor. Runs a SQL script against a PostgreSQL, MS-Access, SQLite, MS-SQL-Server, MySQL, MariaDB, or Firebird database, or an ODBC DSN, with metacommands to import and export data, copy data between databases, conditionally execute SQL and metacommands, and dynamically alter SQL and metacommands with substitution variables.
fawn 2.1.1 5 flask async uwsgi websocket postgresql notify
gotthard 1.10 5 Command line utility to tunnel a PostgreSQL connection
lovely.testlayers 0.7.1 5 test layers for use with zope.testrunner: apacheds, cassandra, memcached, mongodb, mysql, nginx, openldap, postgresql
minipg 0.5.6 5 Yet another PostgreSQL database driver
mongostat-fdw 0.0.1 5 mongo databases and collections statistics fdw for postgresql
pandas-rs 0.1.6 5 pandas extension for PostgreSQL and AWS RedShift (Not Officail library)
paragres 0.6.2 5 Utility for synchronizing parallel PostgreSQL databases on Heroku, local, and remote servers
patroni 1.2.4 5 PostgreSQL High-Available orchestrator and CLI
pg-view 1.4.1 5 PostgreSQL Activity View Utility
pg8000 1.10.6 5 PostgreSQL interface library
pg8000-py3 1.07 5 PostgreSQL interface library
pg_jts 0.0.1 5 Create JSON-table-schema from a live PostgreSQL database
PGH 0.1 5 PGH is a command line tool to help you monitor and debug your PostgreSQL database.
pglib 2.7.0 5 A PostgreSQL interface
pgpagecache 0.1 5 PostgreSQL objects resident in OS memory
pgpasslib 1.1.0 5 Library for getting passwords from PostgreSQL password files
pgqueue 0.6 5 Light PgQ Framework - queuing system for PostgreSQL
PgStructure 0.0.1 5 You can check the database structure of PostgreSQL
pgtool 0.0.1 5 Command-line tool to simplify some common maintenance tasks on PostgreSQL databases
pgtricks 0.9.1 5 PostgreSQL utilities
pgwebsocket 0.0.1b2 5 Async websocket to PostgreSQL proxy
plpylint 0.1.2 5 runs pylint over PostgreSQL PL/Python functions
postgresqlbackup 1.0.5 5 UNKNOWN
psycopg 1.1.21 5 Python-PostgreSQL Database Adapter
py-mysql2pgsql 0.1.5 5 Tool for migrating/converting from mysql to postgresql.
pygcat 0.7.0 5 Extract statistical information from PostgreSQL.
PyGreSQL 5.0.3 5 Python PostgreSQL Interfaces
quickpiggy 0.2 5 QuickPiggy - launch a PostgreSQL server, without the hassle.
relstorage_packer 2.1 5 Packs a History Free PostgreSQL RelStorage for ZODB.
repoze.pgtextindex 1.4 5 Text index for repoze.catalog based on PostgreSQL 8.4+
Simpycity 2.0.1 5 A database-respecting object-relational mapper for PostgreSQL.
swiftwal 0.2.2 5 PostgreSQL backups, WAL archiving & PITR to OpenStack Swift
viewmydb 0.1.5 5 Python terminal GUI for MySQL and PostgreSQL DBs.
alabama 0.1.4 4 A small and simple python orm to connect with postgresql database.
bosh-db2bt 0.0.5 4 copy mysql/postgresql tables to BigObject server
django-cte-forest 0.2.1 4 Django Adjacency-List trees using PostgreSQL Common Table Expressions (CTE).
django-cte-trees 1.0b1 4 Django Adjacency-List trees using PostgreSQL Common Table Expressions (CTE).
django-cte-trees-python3 1.0.2 4 Django Adjacency-List trees using PostgreSQL Common Table Expressions (CTE).
django-encrypted-pgjson 0.2.3 4 Encrypted PostgreSQL json field support for Django.
django-pg-current-timestamp 0.2.4 4 Add true postgresql `CURRENT_TIMESTAMP` support to Django + PostgreSQL
django-pg-fts 0.1.1 4 Implementation of PostgreSQL Full Text Search for django 1.7
django-pgconninfo 0.9.1 4 PostgreSQL connection info from environment variables
django-pgjson 0.3.1 4 PostgreSQL json field support for Django.
django-postgresql 0.0.3 4 Postgres-specific django goodness.
Elephantoplasty 0.1 4 A PostgreSQL ORM
little_pger 1.0.2 4 A thin layer just a tad above SQL, for use with PostgreSQL and psycopg2, when you want to wrap queries in a convenient way, using plain data structures (but you don't feel like using an ORM, for some reason).
peewee-ip4r 0.1 4 Support for the ip4r extensions to PostgreSQL for Peewee
pgdb 0.0.3 4 PostgreSQL wrapper
pgdocgen 0.4 4 Documentation generator for Postgresql schema
pgobserver-gatherer 0.1.1 4 PostgreSQL metrics gathering daemon
psmtool 1.0.7 4 Migration tool for PostgreSQL
psqlwrapper 0.0.1 4 PostgreSQL wrapper
psycopg2-dateutils 0.1 4 Use dateutils.relativedelta to represent PostgreSQL interval types
testgres 0.1.19 4 Testing utility for postgresql and its extensions
tornpsql 2.0.0a5 4 PostgreSQL handler for Tornado Web
zpgdb 0.4.1 4 Library for simple PostgreSQL connection and transaction management
barman 2.1 3 Backup and Recovery Manager for PostgreSQL
barman-cli 1.2 3 Client Utilities for Barman, Backup and Recovery Manager for PostgreSQL
coinbridge 0.1.4 3 Bitcoin/PostgreSQL bridge
DatabasePipe 2.2.1 3 A pipe to connect various SQL databases to a PipeStack application. Supports PostgreSQL, SQLite and SQLServer 2000 via plugins.
DbMother 0.2 3 A python library to manage sqlite and postgresl connectivity
dbms 1.1.1 3 DataBases Made Simpler - Uniform interface for multiple adapters
DBQuery 0.4.1 3 Simplify your database access.
deeno 0.5 3 Deeno is not an ORM.
disttune 2015.1 3 Distributed Autotuning with PostgreSQL
Django-ArrayAccum 1.6.1 3 Patch for Django-1.6.1 that allows you to use Postgres's array_accum function. It adds function ArrayAccum in django.db.models. Using ArrayAccum will only work on Postgresql. First install Django-1.6.1 then install this package.
django-arrayfields 0.1.0 3 A collection of array fields for Django and PostgreSQL
django-dbarray 0.2 3 Django ORM field for Postgres array types.
django-ddp 0.19.1 3 Django/PostgreSQL implementation of the Meteor server.
django-earthdistance 1 3 Add support for PostgreSQL earthdistance extension to Django
django-heroku-postgresify 0.4 3 Automatic Django database configuration on Heroku.
django-iban-field 0.8 3 IBAN field for django with validation and optional postgresql in database constraint checking
django-jsonbfield 0.1.0 3 Django JSONField that utilized PostGRESQL jsonb field type
django-localized-fields 3.6 3 Implementation of localized model fields using PostgreSQL HStore fields.
django-multitenants 1.0.0 3 Tenant support for Django using PostgreSQL schemas. Supports url patterns as well as sub-domains. Inspired by django-tenant-schemas.
django-netfields 0.7.2 3 Django PostgreSQL netfields implementation
django-pgallery 0.7.1.dev0 3 Photo gallery app for PostgreSQL and Django.
django-pgfuzzy 0.1.4 3 A set of lookups for Django to allow usage of PostgreSQL fuzzystrmatch extension
django-pgindex 0.8.2 3 Search for Django and PostgreSQL
django-pglocks 1.0.2 3 django_pglocks provides useful context managers for advisory locks for PostgreSQL.
django-postgres-delete-cascade 2.0a1 3 PostgreSQL engine for Django that supports "ON DELETE CASCADE" at the database level
django-postgres-extra 1.5 3 Bringing all of PostgreSQL's awesomeness to Django.
django-postgres-fuzzycount 0.1.7 3 A Django model manager providing fast / fuzzy counts for PostgreSQL database tables.
django-pq 0.3.2 3 A task queue based on the RQ api with a postgresql backend
django-sql-log 1.2.1 3 Write Start/Stop events in your SQL logs.
django-tenant-schemas 1.7.0 3 Tenant support for Django using PostgreSQL schemas.
django-tenant-schemas-ap 0.1.1 3 Tenant support for Django using PostgreSQL schemas.
django-tenants 1.2.1 3 Tenant support for Django using PostgreSQL schemas.
django-tsvector-field 0.9.3 3 Django field implementation for PostgreSQL tsvector.
djorm-ext-pgarray 0.10 3 PostgreSQL native array fields extension for Django.
djorm-ext-pgfulltext 0.9.3 3 PostgreSQL Full Text Search integration with django orm.
djorm-ext-pgtrgm 0.3 3 Django application with some addons regarding PostgreSQL trigram text comparison
djorm-ext-pool 0.8.2 3 DB-API2 connection pool for Django (for postgresql, mysql and sqlite)
djorm-pgarray 1.2 3 PostgreSQL native array fields extension for Django.
DynamodbFdw 0.1.1 3 Postgresql Foregin Data Wrapper mapping Amazon DynamoDB
ec2cluster 0.28 3 Tools to work with clustered applications (PostgreSQL, Redis) on EC2
elephunk 0.0.2 3 PostgreSQL Investigation Console
esfdw 0.1.1 3 PostgreSQL foreign data wrapper for Elasticsearch
fabric-pgbackup 0.1.0 3 PostgreSQL backup/restore utilities for Fabric
Flask-MoreSQL 0.4 3 Call PostgreSQL stored procedures from Flask
Flask-Psycopg2 1.3 3 postgresql adapter for Flask
Flask-Scaffold 0.5.1 3 Scaffold Database Applications in MySQL or PostgreSQL with Flask
hey_pgsqlexec 1.0.2 3 Hey! PostgreSQL SQL Executable Object
hitchpostgres 0.7.0 3 Plugin to run Postgres using the Hitch testing framework.
hstore-field 1.0.3 3 Support for PostgreSQL's hstore for Django.
hstore-field-caseinsensitive 1.0.2 3 Support for PostgreSQL's hstore for Django.
HTSQL-PGSQL 2.3.3 3 A Database Query Language (PostgreSQL backend)
hurm.db 0.10 3 Human Resources Manager, database definition
inipgdump 0.2.2 3 Creates a dump of the PostgreSQL database. Stores the specified number of dumps, deletes the old dumps.
ipython-sql 0.3.8 3 RDBMS access via IPython
kairos 0.10.1 3 Time series data storage in Redis, Mongo, SQL and Cassandra
LogToPG 0.1.1 3 Python logging handler that stores logs in postgresql
makina.recipe.postgres 0.1 3 init a postgresql's database for the project
mamonsu 2.3.0 3 Monitoring agent for PostgreSQL
micropg 0.1.2 3 PostgreSQL database driver for MicroPython
migra 1.0.1489905075 3 Like diff but for PostgreSQL schemas
migranto 0.1.9 3 Simple SQL migration tool for SQLite and PostgreSQL
mikkoo 1.0.0 3 Mikkoo is a PgQ to RabbitMQ Relay
myorm 0.0.9 3 Provides a simple ORM for MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite.
nece 0.6.1 3 A content translation framework using Postgresql's jsonb field in the background
newt.db 0.4.0 3 Newt DB, the amphibious database
ocpgdb 2.0.2 3 A simple and safe PostgreSQL DB-API 2 adapter 0.1 3 A minimal ORM for postgres
pg-diff 0.2.1 3 a simple tool to diff schemas in two postgresql database
pg-discuss 1.0b1 3 A comment system backend on top of PostgreSQL
pg-utils 0.6.0 3 Utility libraries for working with PostgreSQL
pg4geks 0.2.3 3 PostgreSQL for Gevent kept Simple
pg_chameleon 1.0b1 3 MySQL to PostgreSQL replica
pg_fabrep 0.0.5 3 Postgresql Streaming Replication with Fabric and Repmgr
pg_hotcache 0.2.1 3 Loading into cache from said PostgreSQL database the tables, which are most frequently scanned.
pg_monitor 1.7.3 3 PostgreSQL monitoring checks
pg_pybench 1.6 3 PostgreSQL benchmarking
pg_raxarchive 1.1 3 Command line tool to handle Postgresql WAL archiving on Rackspace's cloudfiles.
pg_simple 0.2.3 3 A simple wrapper for Python psycopg2 with connection pooling
pgcopy 1.2.0 3 Fast db insert with postgresql binary copy
pghoard 1.4.0 3 PostgreSQL automatic backup/restore service daemon
pghstore 0.9.2 3 PostgreSQL hstore formatter
pglookout 1.3.1 3 PostgreSQL replication monitoring and failover daemon
pgmigrate2 1.2.3 3 Database schema migration tool for people who do not afraid SQL
pgpart 0.1.0 3 Generate PostgreSQL partitioned table DDL
pgrepup 0.3.7 3 Upgrade PostgreSQL clusters using logical replication
pgsanity 0.2.8 3 Check syntax of sql for PostgreSQL
pgv 0.0.2 3 PostgreSQL schema versioning tool
pgwrap 0.7 3 Simple PostgreSQL database wrapper - provides wrapper over psycopg2 supporting a Python API for common sql functions
pgwrapper 0.1.7 3 A simple, fast way to access postgresql
pgxnclient 1.2.1 3 A command line tool to interact with the PostgreSQL Extension Network.
pjpersist 1.0.0 3 PostgreSQL/JSONB Persistence Backend
postgraas_server 0.1.11 3 Postgraas is a super simple PostgreSQL-as-a-service
postgres_kernel 0.1 3 A PostgreSQL kernel for IPython
postgression 0.1 3 A python client for the postgression API.
pq 1.4 3 PQ is a transactional queue for PostgreSQL.
prom 0.9.101 3 A lightweight orm for PostgreSQL or SQLite
psycopg2 2.7.1 3 psycopg2 - Python-PostgreSQL Database Adapter
py-q4pg 0.2.0 3 A simple transactional message queue using PostgreSQL in Python.
Pygmie 1.4 3 Webinterface for working with PostgreSQL queries
pymcache-fdw 0.2.0 3 memcache fdw for postgresql
Pymm 0.1.1a0 3 Pymm - Python Model Manager
pypgadmin 0.0.1 3 A web client for PostgreSQL. In spirit and intention: a PhpPgAdmin clone.
pypgoptimizator 1.4 3 Postgresql configuration optimizator sponsored by Makina Corpus
pypgwrap 0.1.16 3 PostgreSQL database wrapper - provides wrapper over psycopg2 supporting a Python API for common sql functions, transaction and pooling
pypo 0.1.0a2 3 PyPo - An onion-skin thick layer on libpq for PostgreSQL.
pypq 0.1.3 3 Python PostgreSQL DBAPI 2.0 compliant driver using ctypes and, works with PyPy
PyStratum 0.10.14 3 A stored procedure and function loader and wrapper generator for MySQL, SQL Server, and PostgresSQL
pytable 0.8.23a 3 BasicProperty-based RDBMS Wrapper
pytest-dbfixtures 1.0.0 3 Databases fixtures plugin for py.test.
python-pgsql 0.9.7 3 PostgreSQL bindings for Python w/ bind parameters support
queries 1.9.1 3 Simplified PostgreSQL client built upon Psycopg2
relately 0.0.5 3 PostgreSQL REST access
RelStorage 2.1a1 3 A backend for ZODB that stores pickles in a relational database. (Python 2 and 3, PyPy, current ZODB versions.)
schema-migrations 0.2.3 3 PostgreSQL Schema Migrations
schemainspect 0.1.1488410765 3 Schema inspection for PostgreSQL
searchstringparser 0.2.3 3 Parse a more general search syntax to conform with a particular SQL dialect.
siqueries 1.0.8 3 Setup wizard and connection client for connecting MySQL/PostgreSQL databases to
sniprd 3 Status Report - Comfortable CLI Activity Status Reporting
spyne 2.12.14 3 A transport and architecture agnostic rpc library that focuses on exposing public services with a well-defined API.
sqlalchemy-postgres-copy 0.4.0 3 Utilities for using PostgreSQL COPY with SQLAlchemy
sqlalchemy_pgcatalog 0.1.1 3 SQLAlchemy definitions for PostgreSQL catalog tables
sqlalchemy_pygresql 1.0.1 3 PyGreSQL dialect for SQLAlchemy
sqltodict 1.2 3 Raw sql results returns as dictionary.
Stirimango 0.2.2 3 Database migrations for Postgresql.
StormSpans 0.1.0 3 PostgreSQL range type support for Canonical's Storm ORM using Spans
topic-db 0.6.0 3 TopicDB is a topic map-based graph library (using PostgreSQL for persistence).
tornado-pgsql 0.5 3 Asynchronous PostgreSQL client for the Tornado Web Server.
txpostgres 1.6.0 3 Twisted wrapper for asynchronous PostgreSQL connections
upsert 0.0.1 3 Upsert for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite3.
UserManager 0.5.3 3 A pipe to allow simple user management operations via PostgreSQL as well as username and password checks from a config file or LDAP 2.0 3 Tools to programmatically manage PostgreSQL clusters as Python test fixtures.
wagtail-pg-search-backend 1.3.0 3 PostgreSQL full text search backend for Wagtail CMS
wal-e 1.1.0b1 3 Continuous Archiving for Postgres
xml2ddl 0.3.1 3 Xml to DDL is a set tools to convert an XML representation of a database into a set of SQL (or DDL) commands and vice versa.
zgres 0.4 3 Database Connection and failover manager for PostgreSQL
zope.psycopgda 1.1.1 3 Psycopg Database Adapter for Zope 3
abridger 0.1.1 2 Abridger database subsetting tool
Active-Alchemy 1.0.0 2 ================== Active-Alchemy ================== A framework agnostic wrapper for SQLAlchemy that makes it really easy to use by implementing a simple active record like api, while it still uses the db.session underneath :copyright: © 2014/2017 by `Mardix`. :license: MIT, see LICENSE for more details.
Active-SQLAlchemy 0.4.0 2 ================== Active-SQLAlchemy ================== A framework agnostic wrapper for SQLAlchemy that makes it really easy to use by implementing a simple active record like api, while it still uses the db.session underneath :copyright: © 2014/2015 by `Mardix`. :license: MIT, see LICENSE for more details.
agent.pgep 0.2.1 2 Rackspace Cloud Monitoring plugin for PostgreSQL endpoints as an agent.plugin type of check.
alembic_autogenerate_enums 0.0.2 2 Alembic hook that causes --autogenerate to output PostgreSQL ALTER TYPE statements.
ambryfdw 0.0.4 2 Ambry partitions msgpack files Foreign Data Wrapper (postgresql, multicorn).
amitu-hstore 1.3.5 2 Bring schemaless PostgreSQL (HStore) in Django
bpgsql 2.0alpha2 2 barebones pure-python PostGreSQL client
cetus 0.3.1 2 asynchronous working with PostgreSQL/MySQL based on asyncpg/aiomysql
chilero_pg 0.4.0 2 PostgreSQL utilities for chilero
cornet 0.1.3 2 Easily generate Apache Sqoop commands based on YAML config file
crossbar 17.2.1 2 - The Unified Application Router
CuriousORM 1.2.0 2 Simple object-relational mapper for Python and PostgreSQL
datahog 0.0.2 2 a shardable postgresql-backed data store
datums 1.0.0 2 A PostgreSQL pipeline for Reporter.
db-migrator 0.2.0 2 Python package to migrate postgresql database
dblayer 0.6.0 2 Database Abstraction Layer Generator
ddldump 0.2 2 Dump a clean version of the DDLs of your tables, so you can version them.
did 0.9.1 2 did - What did you do last week, month, year?
django-aggtrigg 1.1.0 2 Django complementary index definition and management.
django-dbtunnel 1.0.0 2 Connect to and use a remote database over an SSH tunnel in Django.
django-hstore 1.4.2 2 PostgreSQL HStore support for Django
django-json-dbindex 1.2.3 2 Django complementary index definition and management.
django-mga-schemata 0.1 2 This project adds the PostgreSQL schema support to Django. The schema, which can be seen as a namespace in which any database object exists, allows to isolate the database objects even when they have the same names. You can have same set of tables, indices, sequences etc. many times under the single database.
django-pg-badges 0.1 2 Create badge for your django user with postgresql triggers
django-pg-utils 0.1.5 2 Utility methods for Django + PostgreSQL applications
django-pgfields 1.4.4 2 Provides custom Field subclasses intended for use with types available in PostgreSQL but not in the Django core ORM, including arrays and composite types. For Python 2 or Python 3.
django-pgmp 0.1 2 Django ORM types for PostgreSQL multi-precision numeric types.
django-pgsql-interval-field 0.9.4 2 Support for PostgreSQL INTERVAL for Django
django-pgtools 0.3 2 Set of Django management commands for handling various aspects of managing PostgreSQL database.
django-postgres-copy 0.2.0 2 Quickly load comma-delimited data into a Django model using PostgreSQL's COPY command
django-tsearch2 0.3.0 2 Postgresql's full text search support for Django
djorm-ext-filtered-contenttypes 0.3 2 GenericForeignKey with filtering capabilities for Django ORM + PostgreSQL
djorm-ext-pggeom 0.4.1 2 PostgreSQL native geometric types and fields extension for Django.
docker-postgres-client 0.0.2 2 Client that uses the PostgreSQL client inside a Docker container.
es-map-writer 1.0.0a4 2 A command line tool that writes an Elasticsearch index mapping for a PostgreSQL database table.
fake2db 0.5.1 2 Generate test databases filled with fake data (NOW CUSTOM SCHEMA CREATION SUPPORTED)(current support - sqlite, mysql, postgresql, mongodb, redis, couchdb)
findpg 3.0 2 Find the best suited version of PostgreSQL to restore a dump
geoprisma_config 0.0.2 2 A Django app to help configure a postgresql geoprisma system
green-pg 1.1 2 Postgresql gevent toolkit
HiveFDW 0.0.2 2 Hive FDW for PostgreSQL
hv 0.1.1 2 postgresql connection manager for scalability freaks
json-schema-toolkit 1.0a1 2 JSON Schema Toolkit
ltree 0.0.1 2 PostgreSQL ltree wrapper
lunatic 1.1.7 2 PostgreSQL Python booster utilities
mapkit 1.2.1 2 Mapping tools for PostGIS-enabled PostgreSQL databases.
microcosm-postgres 0.21.0 2 Opinionated persistence with PostgreSQL
mjetplex 0.6.0 2 Test Database model based on PostgreSQL and SqlAlchemy
monsql 0.2.0 2 MonSQL - Lightweight and use-friendly wrapper for multiple relational databases. Currently supporting MySQL, SQLite3, PostgreSQL
mschematool 0.7.1 2 Minimal database schema migrations tool
neo_my2pg 0.1 2 Migration package from mysql to postgresql
openarc 0.5.0 2 Functional reactive graph backed by PostgreSQL
pdnssync 0.4 2 PowerDNS sync tool
pg_activity 1.3.1 2 Command line tool for PostgreSQL server activity monitoring.
pg_rollingwindow 1.0 2 Manage partition tables in PostgreSQL
pg_warmup 0.2.0 2 PostgreSQL warmup tool
pga.basemodel 0.3 2 Columns that should be in every Postgresql SQLAlchemy model. Used as a mixin. Support Postgres only.
pgawedge 0.0.8 2 sqlalchemy postgresql adapter and utilities.
pgdumper 0.1 2 Simple PostgreSQL dumper
pgsql 1.1 2 A PostgreSQL database adapter for Python 3
pgsql2gist 0.3.0 2 Create maps using the Github Gist API as GeoJSON or TopoJSON, directly from PostGIS.
pgsql_wrapper 1.1.2 2 PostgreSQL / psycopg2 caching wrapper class
pgtest 1.0.0 2 Creates a temporary, local PostgreSQL database cluster and server for unittesting, and cleans up after itself
pgup 0.5.4 2 pgup - util for build postgresql structure
pharao 2 pharao
postgresfixture 0.4.0 2 A fixture for creating PostgreSQL clusters and databases, and tearing them down again, intended for use during development and testing.
postpy 0.0.6 2 Postgresql utilities for ETL and data processing.
ppygis3 0.4 2 PostGIS geometry objects synchronized in Python
psqldumper 0.1.5 2 Postgresql dump management helper.
psqlparse 1.0rc4 2 Parse SQL queries using the PostgreSQL query parser
psycopgwrap 1.05 2 A wrapper around psycopg2 to make common things easier.
pueuey 1.0.post2 2 queue_classic ported to Python 2: Simple, efficient worker queue for Ruby & PostgreSQL.
pydba 1.2.1 2 Python tools for DBAs with deadlines!
pygres 1.2.7 2 Postgres simple driver
pypg 0.1.0 2 UNKNOWN
pypgqueue 0.9.0 2 A job queue based on PostgreSQL's listen/notify features
pyPgSQL 2.5 2 pyPgSQL - A Python DB-API 2.0 compliant interface to PostgreSQL.
pyramid_eplasty 0.1.2 2 Include this in a pyramid project to get elephantoplasty support
pytest-postgres 0.1.0 2 Run PostgreSQL in Docker container in Pytest.
python_essentials 1.1.5.post10 2 Basic python scripts and a wrapper around osm2pqsql which incorporates database creation and associated modularized library functions 0.2 2 Reverse Entity-Relationship Storm
sdic 0.2 2 Asynchronous soft constraints executed against you databases
sqlabstr 0.5 2 Python-SQL PostgreSQL mapping
sqlalchemy_mixins 0.2 2 Active Record, Django-like queries, nested eager load and beauty __repr__ for SQLAlchemy
sqlstring 0.1.2 2 sqlstring creates SQL query strings.
sqltriples 0.3.3 2 A simple SQL-accessible RDF triple store
sqlwrapper 0.1 2 This module is a wrapper aroung SQL query language, i.e an interface between the database and python.
status_report 0.3.1 2 Status Report - Comfortable CLI Activity Status Reporting
tornado-alchemy-rest 0.1.3 2 Tornado REST API
tornado-async-pg 0.0.5 2 Async postgresql for Tornado.
torpeewee 0.0.5 2 Tornado asynchronous ORM by peewee
torus 0.7.1 2 Carbon and Graphite replacement using Kairos for timeseries storage
treestore 0.1.2 2 A tree path indexed key-value store based on L-Tree of PostgreSQL
trelliopg 0.0.19 2 A fast database connector and micro-orm for postgresql
unitstorm 0.1.1 2 Unit testing microframework for Storm ORM models
websauna 1.0a4 2 Websauna is a full stack Python web framework for building web services and back offices with admin interface and sign up process.
yandex-pgmigrate 1.0.0 2 PostgreSQL migrations made easy
zfs_backup 0.1.2 2 Backup tool using ZFS snapshots
12factor-vault 0.1.8 1 Helper classes to integrate Django and other projects with Vault
abilian-sbe 0.2.23 1 Social Business platform, including: document management, wiki, forum, enterprise social networking, and more
acid.senza.templates 1.93 1 Senza template for the automatic PosgreSQL DB deployments
adhocracy 2.5.3 1 Policy drafting and decision-making web platform
ailove-django-fias 0.5.2 1 FIAS Django integration (fork Ailove)
aiohttp-devtools 0.3.2 1 Dev tools for aiohttp
aiohttp_ac_hipchat_postgre 0.3.dev1 1 Postgre store for aiohttp_ac_hipchat
aiohttp_admin 0.0.1 1 admin interface for aiohttp application
aioodbc 0.0.3 1 ODBC driver for asyncio.
aiopg 0.13.0 1 Postgres integration with asyncio.
aiopgx 0.7.0 1 Postgres integration with asyncio.
aiven-client 1.1.2 1 client library / command-line client
alembic 0.9.1 1 A database migration tool for SQLAlchemy.
almir 0.1.8 1 Almir is a Bacula (backup solution) web interface written in Python.
ambry 0.3.2031 1 Data packaging and distribution framework
ambry-sources 0.1.10 1 Ambry Partition Message Pack File
anosql 0.1.2 1 Easy SQL in Python
anouman 1 Rapidly deploy your django project behind gunicorn and nginx
ansible-bundle 0.5.2 1 Manage ansible role and modules versioned dependencies.
anthem 0.6.0 1 Make your Odoo scripts sing.
anybox.buildbot.openerp 0.9 1 Buildbot setup for buildout based openerp installations
anybox.migration.openerp 0.9 1 Fast OpenERP migration framework
anybox.recipe.odoo 1.9.2 1 A buildout recipe to install and configure Odoo
anybox.recipe.sysdeps 0.5 1 A buildout recipe to check system dependencies
anybox.testing.openerp 1.3.1 1 Useful testing base classes and tools for OpenERP
aquests 0.6.10 1 Asynchronous Multiplexing HTTP2/DBO Requests
architect 0.5.5 1 A set of tools which enhances ORMs written in Python with more features
arstecnica.sqlalchemy.async 0.4 1 Asyncio middleware for SQLAlchemy
ascetic 1 Lightweight python datamapper ORM (Object-relational mapper).
askbot 0.10.2 1 Question and Answer forum, like StackOverflow, written in python and Django
askbot-tuan 1.5 1 Question and Answer forum, like StackOverflow, written in python and Django
askbot-tuanpa 0.7.48 1 Question and Answer forum, like StackOverflow, written in python and Django
assetcloud 2.3.1 1 Lightweight Digital Asset Management
asyncpg 0.9.0 1 An asyncio PosgtreSQL driver
autotask 0.5.4 1 A django-application for handling asynchronous tasks.
babbage 0.2.0 1 A light-weight analytical engine for OLAP processing
backalaika 0.2.1 1 Backup utility for small offices
backupallthethings 0.0.5 1 Batt simply backup all the things; databases and files
bacula_configuration 1.0 1 Bacula configuration management tool
BaculaFS 0.1.7 1 Bacula Filesystem in USErspace
bandoleers 1.1.1 1 AWeber development tool belt
baruwa 2.0.9 1 Ajax enabled MailScanner web frontend
benchbuild 1.3.2 1 This is the experiment driver for the benchbuild study
bigmouth 0.1.3 1 Django interface to the Pelican static blog generator.
bindep 2.2.0 1 Binary dependency utility
binder 0.6 1 Binder is a lightweight mapping engine for SQL databases.
birdhousebuilder.recipe.postgres 0.2.0 1 A Buildout recipe to install and configure Postgres database with Anaconda.
BlastOff 0.3a2 1 A Pylons application template providing a working site skeleton configured with SQLAlchemy, mako, repoze.who, ToscaWidgets, TurboMail, WebFlash and (optionally) SchemaBot. The generated app is pre-configured with authentication, login and registration forms, and (optionally) email confirmation.
blaze 0.10.1 1 Blaze
bobtemplates.niteoweb 0.3 1 Templates for NiteoWeb projects.
bots 3.3.0 1 Bots open source edi translator
Bottle-Cuturl 0.0.21 1 A simple URL Shortener
bottle-pgsql 0.2 1 PgSQL integration for Bottle
brain 0.1.6 1 DDB front-end for SQL engines
c2cwsgiutils 0.6.0 1 Common utilities for Camptocamp WSGI applications
cacao-accounting-commons 0.1.0rc1 1 Commons framework for the cacao accounting software.
cartodb_backup 0.1 1 Python CLI to make a backup of an entire CartoDB domain to SQL dump file (zipped). Optionally you can restore SQL dumped file to a new (created) PostGIS DB. Also you can upload sql files to Amazon S3.
catsnap 4.2.0 1 catalog and store images
cauldron 1.0.14 1 Utils to reduce boilerplate code
ccnmtldjango 1.10.0 1 Paste template for Django development at CCNMTL
Ceranubis 0.7 1 Minimal Distributed Computing
cherrys 0.4 1 Redis backend for CherryPy sessions
Chestnut-FTP-Search 0.8 1 A Web application to search for files on FTP servers
ckanext-datastore_ts 0.1.1 1 Timeseries-based datastore extension
ckanext-timeseries 1.1.3 1 Timeseries-based datastore extension
cliquet 3.1.5 1 Micro service API toolkit
clutchserver 0.1.0 1 The server component for Clutch framework and Cluth A/B Testing.
cmemcache_hash 0.1.1 1 cmemcache-style CRC32 hashing for python-memcached.
cnx-archive 2.5.1 1 An archive for Connexions documents.
coaster 0.5.1 1 Coaster for Flask
collective.recipe.distutils 0.1 1 A buildout recipe to install distutils Python packages.
commandlib 0.2.7 1 Pythonic command runner
comt 2.6.4 1 Web-based Text Annotation Application.
configgen 1.0.0 1 a noble script configgens the smallest app
conn-check 1.3.1 1 Utility/library for checking connectivity between services
connexion_sql_utils 0.1.2 1 Sqlalchemy, Postgres, Connexion utility
cookiecutter-django 1.9 1 A Cookiecutter template for creating production-ready Django projects quickly.
cotede 0.18.0 1 Quality Control of Temperature and Salinity profiles
courier-pythonfilter 1.11 1 Python filtering architecture for the Courier MTA.
cp.buildout_postgres 0.1-r2723 1 zc.buildout recipes for setting up a Postgres Environment.
cpghstore 0.1 1 Fast postgres hstore parser.
cred-server 0.3.0 1 Connected Reactive Electronic Devices.
crontabber 0.18.1 1 A cron job runner with self-healing and job dependencies.
crunchyfrog 0.4.2 1 SQL client (not-only) for GNOME
cryptoassets.core 0.2 1 A Python framework for building Bitcoin, other cryptocurrency (altcoin) and cryptoassets services
cryptoassets.django 0.1 1 cryptoassets.core library integration for Django
CslBot 0.21 1 An easily extensible, modular irc bot.
csv_to_table 0.0.3 1 Generates a CREATE TABLE statement from a CSV file by guessing at column types
ctf-cli 1.0.2 1 Simple command line tool for executing Containers Testing Framework
cubicweb-accidents 0.1.0 1 UNKNOWN
cubicweb-celery 0.3.0 1 Celery cube
cubicweb-dataio 0.7.0 1 Cube for data input/output, import and export
cubicweb-elections 0.2.1 1 Cube for elections data from
cubicweb-jsonb 0.1.0 1 Add jsonb type to CubicWeb
cubicweb-postgis 0.5.0 1 Test for postgis
cuisine 0.7.13 1 Chef-like functionality for Fabric
cuttle 0.5.0 1 A simple ORM
dap.plugins.sql 0.2.7 1 SQL plugin for pydap server
DatabaseWizzard 0.4 1 Web framework for easy database access.
datacube 1.3.0 1 An analysis environment for satellite and other earth observation data
datagrepper 0.7.1 1 A webapp to query fedmsg history
dataserv 2.2.13 1 Federated server for getting, pushing, and auditing data on untrusted nodes.
datasync 0.0.1.dev0 1 Sync environment
datetime_truncate 1.0.1 1 Truncate datetime objects to a set level of precision
db-obcuscate-id 0.1 1 A reusable Django app that psuedo encrypts your id from a database level. 0.5.2 1 a db package that doesn't suck
db_cache 0.1.2 1 database caching for dynamic programming
db_migration 2.6.0 1 db_migration is a database migration tool
dbackups 0.5.4 1 A simple python application that makes database backups a little easier.
dbgis 0.2 1 PostGIS/SpatiaLite adapter for Psycopg/pyspatialite
dbhelpers 1 Database helpers and utilities .
dbinfo 0.1.beta2 1 Database Information Tool
dbio 0.5.0 1 Simple module for database I/O operations.
dbkit 0.2.4 1 DB-API made easier
dbsql 0.7.1 1 A tool to sync pilot-db databases with an SQL database.
dbThrottle 0.0.3 1 Python Class to run code with consideration to DB load.
dci 0.1a1 1 Server which manage products deployments
ddlgenerator 0.1.9 1 Generates SQL DDL that will accept Python data
ddtrace 0.6.0 1 Datadog tracing code
depl 0.0.1 1 depl - deploy easy and fast.
deploytool 1.1 1 Deploytool - a Django Fabric deploytool
deployv 0.9.13 1 Base for all clases and scripts in VauxooTools
distcontrib-migrate 0.1.1 1 Contributions to Distutils
dj-config-url 0.1.1 1 Use configuration URLs in your Django Application.
dj-database-url 0.4.2 1 Use Database URLs in your Django Application.
dj-git 0.3 1 A simple Django app to manage your Git projects.
dj-paas-env 0.6.1 1 Helper methods to configure Django database and static files in a PAAS environment.
dj-stripe 0.8.0 1 Django + Stripe Made Easy
dj-stripe-kando 1.0.0.dev3 1 Django + Stripe Made Easy
django-aggregates 0.1.3 1 Aggregate, String and Conditional SQL functions for Django ORM.
django-amazon-price-monitor 0.7 1 Monitors prices of Amazon products via Product Advertising API
django-anonymizer 0.5.1 1 App to anonymize data in Django models.
django-anonymizer-compat 0.4 1 App to anonymize data in Django models.
django-arquea 2.4.16 1 Sistema administrativo do ANSP
django-atlas 0.0.5 1 Geolocation models, data and tools using GeoDjango
django-axes 2.3.2 1 Keep track of failed login attempts in Django-powered sites.
django-bananas 1.0.12b1 1 Django Bananas - Django extensions the monkey way
django-before 1.0.0 1 Tools that are needed BEFORE any others in each django project
django-bigautohack 0.1 1 Nice working solution to make up for the absence of BigAutoField in django (#14286).
django-bitfield 1.8.0 1 BitField in Django
django-boolean-sum 0.2 1 UNKNOWN
django-celery-fulldbresult 0.5.3 1 Celery result backend that stores everything.
django-chunkator 1.1.0 1 Chunk large QuerySets into small chunks, and iterate over them without killing your RAM.
django-ci-emailfield 0.0.1 1 django-ci-emailfield
django-cities-light 3.3.0 1 Simple alternative to django-cities
django-cmsplugin-blurp 1.10.0 1
django-collectionfield 0.0.4 1 Custom Django model field to store multiple values.
django-connection-url 0.1.2 1 Use connection URLs for Database/Cache settings in your Django project.
django-datasync 0.0.2.dev0 1 Sync environment
django-datetime-utc 1.0.2 1 Django UTC datetime field - timestamp without time zone
django-db-call 0.2.0 1 UNKNOWN
django-db-geventpool 1.21 1 Add a DB connection pool using gevent to django
django-db-parti 0.3.4 1 Fully automatic database table partitioning for Django
django-db-parti2 0.3.5 1 Fully automatic database table partitioning for Django
django-db-pool 0.0.10 1 Basic database persistance / connection pooling for Django + Postgres.
django-dbdiff 0.7.0 1 Database data diffing against fixtures for testing
django-devfixtures 0.1.3 1 Share development fixtures across your team, with git commit id tracing and autodetect.
django-dumpdb 0.1 1 A better, faster, stronger alternative for dumpdata
django-dynamic-initial-data 0.7.0 1 Dynamic initial data fixtures for Django apps
django-env-overrides 0.1.0 1 Override arbitrary Django settings via environment variables.
django-envconf 0.3.4 1 Django-envconf allows you to configure your application using environment variables as recommended by the 12factor methodology.
django-environ 0.4.1 1 Django-environ allows you to utilize 12factor inspired environment variables to configure your Django application.
django-extra-tools 0.2.0b1 1 A set of functions related with Django
django-fabdeploy-plus 0.4 1 Fabric deployment for Django
django-fasttest 0.1 1 A variant on django.test.TestCase optimized for postgres
django-fernet-fields 0.5 1 Fernet-encrypted model fields for Django
django-fias 1.2.2 1 FIAS Django integration
django-forcedfields 0.1.1 1 Django model fields designed to more precisely define data types in database fields.
django-gcharts 1.3 1 Provides a QuerySet, Manager and other tools for easy integration with the Google Visualization API
django-geventpool 1.2.2 1 Add a DB connection pool using gevent to django (based on django-db-geventpool)
django-gravy-bitfield 1.9.1 1 BitField in Django
Django-Health-Checks 0.0.1 1 Adds some common health check endpoints (ping, time, status)
django-herokuapp 0.9.20 1 A set of utilities and a project template for running Django sites on heroku.
django-hhypermap 0.2 1 Use Registry in your django projects.
django-i18nfield 1.0.0 1 Store internationalized strings in Django models
django-icybackup 0.1.1 1 A Django database/media backup tool with Amazon Glacier and local folder support
django-infinite-pagination 1.0 1 Infinite pagination for Django.
django-influxdb-metrics 1.3.1 1 A reusable Django app that sends metrics about your project to InfluxDB
django-iprir 1.0.5 1 Retrieve, store and query information about Regional Internet Registries
django-janyson 0.1.1 1 Virtual model fields that are transparently mapped to Postgres jsonb
django-jsoneditor-ng 0.0.3 1 Django JSON Editor
django-jsonfield-compat 0.4.4 1 Compatability layer between django-jsonfield and Django's native JSONField
django-like 0.2.0 1 Django application that provider the like and ilike lookups for the querysets
django-local-settings 1.0b6 1 A system for dealing with local settings in Django projects
django-microservices 0.1 1 A framework for building microservices with Django.
django-migrate-sql 0.1.1 1 Migration support for raw SQL in Django
Django-migration-manager 1.1 1 A simple manager for migrations stored as plain SQL files
django-migrations-plus 0.1.1 1 Provides a method to run raw SQL in migrations with multiple databases
django-mips 0.3.2 1 A simple API (build on top of the Django Model API) to store and manage MIP (molecular inversion probe) markers.
django-mongokit 0.2.6 1 Bridging Django to MongoDB with the MongoKit ODM
django-mstats 0.1.2 1 Simple, re-usable, stateless Django app for visualizing and browsing statistics, mainly based on your existing Django models.
django-north 0.1.0 1 Yet another way to manage migrations: DBA as a service
django-nose 1.4.4 1 Makes your Django tests simple and snappy
django-numpy 1.0.1 1 Application for Django projects that adds some utilities and integration tools with Numpy.
django-nupages 0.1.7 1 Pages application for django projects
django-organice 0.4.0 1 All-in-one collaboration solution providing an intuitive, consistent user experience.
django-orm 2.0.5 1 Advanced improvement of django-orm with a lot of third-party plugins for use different parts of databases are not covered by the standard orm.
django-oscar-cybersource 3.1.4 1 Integration between django-oscar and the Cybersource Secure Acceptance.
django-oscar-eway 0.2.0 1 eWay payment module for django-oscar (Rapid 3.0)
django-pagebase 0.4.1 1 Pages for Django
django-peavy 0.9.0 1 django-peavy makes it easy to collect and monitor Django application logging.
django-pg-agefilter 0.0.4 1 Helpers to leverage postgres's age filter from django
django-pgcrypto-expressions 0.1 1 PGCrypto support for Django 1.8+
django-pgcryptoauth 0.3 1 Django hasher for pgcrypto encoded passwords.
django-pgjsonb 0.0.24 1 Django Postgres JSONB Fields support with lookups
django-pgviews 0.3.0 1 Create and manage Postgres SQL Views in Django
django-phpBB3 0.3.0 1 django database models of phpBB3
django-planet 0.10.1 1 Django app to build a planet, RSS/Atom feeds aggregator.
django-postfix 0.0.1dev 1 A django app to manage postfix mailboxes
django-postgres-composite-types 0.3.4 1 Postgres composite types support for Django
django-postgres-dbdefaults 0.1.1 1 Maintain database defaults in django sql migrations (instead of dropping them).
django-postgres-readonly 1.0.0 1 A backend for Django and Postgres that sets up a readonly connection
django-postgrespool 0.3.1 1 Postgres Connection Pooling for Django.
django-postgrespool-lab 0.3.0 1 Postgres Connection Pooling for Django.
django-psycopg2-pool 0.1.1 1 A db backend for Django using the gevent psycopg2-pool
django-qsstats-magic 0.7.2 1 A django microframework that eases the generation of aggregate data for querysets.
django-qsstats-magic-redux 0.7.3 1 A django microframework that eases the generation of aggregate data for querysets.
django-rank-query 0.1.0 1 Enable SQL Window functions for use in Django queries. Add rank to your query.
django-readonly-field 1.0.1 1 Make Django model fields readonly
django-reversion 2.0.8 1 An extension to the Django web framework that provides version control for model instances.
django-river 0.9.0 1 Django Workflow Library
django-rms 0.0.0 1 Django Rule Management System app
django-robust 0.1.13 1 robust background queue for django
django-scrub-pii 1.1.3 1 A django add-on that allows models to be decorated with information about which fields contain sensitive information, and an associated management command that creates a script to remove that information.
django-scspostgis 1.0 1 A PostGIS db backend that works with standard_conforming_strings.
django-selenium-test-runner 0.1.0 1 Django Selenium test runner. Incorporate functional testing into Django's test subcommand using Selenium web testing tools.
django-server-config 0.1.3 1 Useful for deploy server installation. Adds management command to make configs for your project. Automatically recognizes media directories in 3-party applications
django-sharded 0.1.2 1 Get started with sharded databases using ShardedModel, related fields, querysets, managers and a shard-aware database router.
django-shared 0.0.1 1 Additional Django functionality
django-shareddb 0.1.2 1 Shared database connections for multi-threaded Django test setups.
django-site-metrics 0.1a1 1 django-site-metrics is a statistics module for django. It stores requests in a database for admins to see, it can also be used to get statistics on who is online etc.
django-snapshot 0.1.0 1 Django backup and restore tool. Handle upload files and database
django-sortedm2m 1.3.3 1 Drop-in replacement for django's many to many field with sorted relations.
django-spirit 0.4.8 1 Spirit is a Python based forum powered by Django.
django-sql-explorer 1.1 1 A pluggable app that allows users (admins) to execute SQL, view, and export the results.
django-sshkm 0.1.12 1 A Django based ssh-key management tool.
django-statify 0.2.0 1 Build out a static version of your website.
django-stormpath 1.1.0 1 Stormpath integration for Django.
django-stringfield 0.3.0 1 Better string field for Django.
django-sysadmin 0.3 1 Django models to make a sysadmins life easier
django-tenant-users 0.3.7 1 A Django app to extend django-tenant-schemas to incorporate global multi-tenant users
django-tethys_apps 0.9.0 1 An app to enable development and hosting capabilities for Tethys Apps.
django-timedeltafield 0.7.10 1 TimedeltaField for django models
django-timeline-logger 0.5.1 1 Generic event logger for Django models.
django-timepiece 1.1.0 1 A multi-user application for tracking employee time on projects.
django-timeseries 1.0.2 1 `timeseries` is a set of django application tools designed to facilitate the collation and maintenance of timeseries data.
django-transaction-hooks 0.2 1 Django database backends that permit registering post-transaction-commit hooks
django-tree 0.1.0 1 Fast and easy tree structures.
django-treebeard 4.1.0 1 Efficient tree implementations for Django
django-treensl 0.2.5 1 Django application to the tree structure in the model.
django-ttdb 0.5 1 Creates a django test database using a postgres template database.
django-unity-asset-server-http-client 0.1.5 1 REST-api bases over unity asset server for some routines.
django-vmail 0.2.3 1 Virtual mail administration django app
django-wfs 0.0.10 1 A WFS (web feature service) implementation as a Django application.
django-zap 0.0.7 1 Automate the destruction and re-creation of django databases
django_cryptofield 0.2 1 A field for database backed password crypto
django_healthchecks 1.2.0 1 Simple Django app/framework to publish health checks
django_maccman 0.1.2 1 A Django application to simplify mail account management.
django_pynuodb 2.0.4 1 NuoDB Extension for Django
djangoautoconf 0.6.26 1 Create a package for ease setting django project settings.
djangocms-installer 0.9.6 1 Command to easily bootstrap django CMS projects
djangorestframework-gis 0.11 1 Geographic add-ons for Django Rest Framework
djc.recipe2 2.1 1 A Django buildout recipe
djhcup_core 0.20150403 1 A django-based interface for warehousing HCUP data
djorm-ext-core 0.7 1 Core module of django orm extensions package. Is a collection of third party plugins build in one unified package.
djorm-ext-expressions 0.6 1 Facility of complex sql expressions for Django orm.
djorm-ext-hstore 0.6 1 Hstore module of django orm extensions package (collection of third party plugins build in one unified package).
djorm-ext-pgbytea 0.6.0 1 Core module of django orm extensions package. Is a collection of third party plugins build in one unified package.
dmsa 0.5.8 1 SQLAlchemy models and DDL and ERD generation from chop-dbhi/data-models style JSON endpoints.
docker-forklift 0.2.52 1 Utility for running a container
docker-tasks 0.0.3 1 Utilze docker exec to run commands on yaml base config
dossier.label 0.4.10 1 Label (ground truth) storage for DossierStack
dossier.models 0.0.0 1 Active learning models for Memex 0.5.1.dev6 1 Feature collection storage for DossierStack
DRY-orm 0.0.61 1 DRY is inspired by Django-ORM
dse 4.0.0.Beta 1 DSE - Simplified "bulk" insert/update/delete for Django.
dsql 0.3.3 1 Dead simple RDBMS handling lib
dump 0.0.1 1 ...
dumpyme 0.1.0 1 Command line package to get dump databases
eac-toolbelt 2.5.5 1 Database tool scripts.
ebdata 1.2 1 Data scraper infrastructure for OpenBlock (hyperlocal news for Django)
ebpub 1.2 1 Core models and views for OpenBlock (hyperlocal news for Django)
efesto 0.7.5 1 RESTful (micro)server that can build an API in minutes.
egenix-mxodbc 3.3.6 1 eGenix mxODBC - Python ODBC Database Interface
egenix-mxodbc-connect-client 2.1.5 1 eGenix mxODBC Connect Client for Python
egenix-mxodbc-connect-server 2.1.5 1 eGenix mxODBC Connect Server
egenix-mxodbc-django 1.2.0 1 eGenix mxODBC Django Database Engine
egenix-mxodbc-zopeda 2.2.3 1 eGenix mxODBC Zope/Plone Database Adapter for Plone and Zope
elex 2.4.1 1 Client for parsing the Associated Press's elections API
emerald 0.0.1.dev0 1 Service registry using pymicroservice
enriquepablo 0.1.0b4 1 A smart knowledge store
epsg-ident 0.1.1 1 Quickly get the EPSG code from a .prj file or WKT
ERAlchemy 1.1.0 1 Simple entity relation (ER) diagrams generation
erpdbcopy 0.0.4 1 ERP DB Copy
esser 0.1.0 1 Python Event Sourcing framework
ETLT-pgSQL 0.0.6 1 ETLT extension for MariaDB and MySQL databases
Eve-SQLAlchemy 0.4.1 1 REST API framework powered by Flask, SQLAlchemy and good intentions.
event-store 1.0.1a9 1 Event Store implemented in Python
Exceptable 0.1.0 1 DB Exception Management
experimentdb 0.2 1 A web based application for storage and organization of data regarding experimental data.
fabtools 0.20.0 1 Tools for writing awesome Fabric files
fabtools-python 0.19.7 1 Fabtools version compatible with both Python2 and Python3
fabtools3 0.19.0 1 [Python3 fork] Tools for writing awesome Fabric files
factopy 0.0.4 1 A python framework that provides abstract classes for a high performance computing cluster based in a pipe and filter architecture
falcon-autocrud 1.0.31 1 Makes RESTful CRUD easier
fast-test-database 0.0.3 1 Configure an in-memory database for running Django tests
fb-to-redshift 0.1.2 1 Download Facebook Page post and video data in CSV format, and import into Amazon Redshift tables.
ferry 1 Big data development environments using Docker
fgdb2postgis 0.2.5 1 ESRI file geodatabase to PostGIS converter
Flask-Celery-Helper 1.1.0 1 Celery support for Flask without breaking PyCharm inspections.
Flask-RestPoints 0.0.8 1 Adds some common health check endpoints (ping, time, status)
flask-sqlalchemy-rls 0.0.2 1 Flask-SQLAlchemy with row-level security
Flask-ZODB 0.1 1 Use the ZODB with Flask
FoxMemo k303-q100 code name: virtual 1 foxmemo is gui-based form development tool over the web with no programming required.
Fozzy 0.7 1 Full-Text search REST Service
frla 0.0.1dev-r2 1 FreeRadius Log Analyser
gandi.cli 0.19 1 Gandi command line interface
gargoyle-yplan 1.2.7 1 Gargoyle is a platform built on top of Django which allows you to switch functionality of your application on and off based on conditions.
gauged 1.0.0 1 A fast, append-only storage layer for numeric data that changes over time
GeobricksDBMS 0.1.5 1 Geobricks DB Management System.
geodjango-tigerline 1.0.1 1 A resuable app with the boilerplate necessary for getting TIGER/LINE data into a GeoDjango project.
geokey 1.3 1 Platform for participatory mapping
geoparsepy 1.0.4 1 Geoparsing library to extract and disambiguate locations from text, using OSM database for very high throughputs and no rate limits
gerald 1 Gerald database schema management utility
gludb 0.2.0 1 A simple database wrapper
gocept.rdbmanagement 1.0 1 Recipe for managing RDB schemas
gocept.testdb 1.3 1 Creates and drops temporary databases for testing purposes.
grapple 0.2.2 1 Ripple ledger extractor
greenapple 0.1.2 1 Useful Database Layer Package
gtabview 0.8 1 A simple graphical tabular data viewer
gtfsdb 0.1.5 1 GTFS Database
guillotina 1.0.0a3 1 asyncio REST API Resource database
herman 1.2.4 1 a little fork of peewee
hitch 0.5.7 1 Bootstrapper for hitchtest - the loosely coupled integration testing framework
htables 0.5.1 1 htables is a database library for storing mapping objects in a relational database.
htq 0.1.0 1 HTTP Task Queue
HTSQL 2.3.3 1 A Database Query Language (core & SQLite backend)
HTSQL-DJANGO 2.3.3 1 A Database Query Language (Django gateway)
hydratk-lib-network 0.2.0 1 Clients/API for many network protocols and technologies
imposm 2.6.0 1 OpenStreetMap importer for PostGIS.
imposm.geocoder 0.1.3 1 Imposm Geocoder for OSM-Data
infocards 0.5.3 1 Simple information card archive library
interval-binning 1.0.0 1 A Python implementation of the interval binning scheme
into 0.2.2 1 Data migration utilities
invenio 3.0.0a4 1 Invenio digital library framework - v3.0 release series
invisibleroads-scaffolds 1.8.0 1 Pyramid application scaffolds based on
ipython-db 1.0 1 Ipython shell extension
isotoma.recipe.zope2instance 0.0.6 1 Buildout recipes for create zope2instances
IssueTrackerProduct 0.14.2 1 Bug/issue tracker for Zope2.
ityou.ESI 1 ITYOU ESI - A Social Intranet Solution based on Plone
jambi 0.1.3 1 A peewee database migration manager
JayDeBeApi 1.1.1 1 Use JDBC database drivers from Python 2/3 or Jython with a DB-API.
jobcontrol 0.1a 1 Job scheduling and tracking library
jsam 0.7 1 JSAM (JSON Storage Access Methods) is a "NoSQL" Database for JSON objects.
jsonfield 2.0.1 1 A reusable Django field that allows you to store validated JSON in your model.
karakuri 0.2.6 1 Task management tool for docker image
Keg 0.4.1 1 A web framework built on Flask & SQLAlchemy. Somewhere North of Flask but South of Django.
kinto 6.0.3 1 Kinto Web Service - Store, Sync, Share, and Self-Host.
kinto-dist 2.0.1 1 Kinto Distribution
kinto-signer 1.3.2 1 Kinto signer
kiwi_project 1 Kiwi est un module Django dont le but est de gérer des pages Wiki
kobo 0.3.8 1 Python modules for tools development
koboldfs 0.3.2 1 application-level distributed file system written in Python
kolekti-server 0.0.1 1 Lightweight monitoring system
kpm 0.24.4 1 KPM cli
kvlayer 0.5.9 1 table-oriented abstraction layer over key-value stores
Lagring 1 Asset storage for Flask
lazyconf 0.5.5 1 Insultingly simple configuration for Python 2.7 applications.
lck.django 0.8.10 1 Various common Django-related routines.
lettuce_utils 0.4.15 1 A nice mix of great BDD ingredients
lf-backup 0.4.5 1 lf-backup is a tool for backing up large files to object storage , e.g. swift.
libpq-dev 9.0.0 1 Psycopg2 binary dependencies
libres 0.2.4 1 A library to reserve things
lifter 0.4.1 1 A lightweight query engine for Python iterables, inspired by Django ORM
logchart 1.0.1 1 Monitor report generator using misc logs.
lttnganalyses 0.6.1 1 LTTng analyses
lymph-sqlalchemy 0.7.0 1 UNKNOWN
Madpy 0.2.beta 1 cms
marabunta 0.6.3 1 Migration tool for Odoo
massiviu 0.1.0 1 MassivIU - Simplified "bulk" insert/update/delete for Django.
mayan-edms 2.2b3 1 Free Open Source Electronic Document Management System
mayan-edms-maestropdf 1 A fork of Mayan EDMS that lets you download any document as PDF
mbdata 2017.1.18 1 MusicBrainz Database Tools
medic 2.4.1 1 A command line tool to manage a PubMed DB mirror.
merengue 0.9.0 1 Django-based CMS on steroids
metapensiero.sphinx.autodoc_sa 1.2 1 Autodoc extension to pretty print canned SA queries
metapensiero.sphinx.patchdb 2.18 1 Extract scripts from a reST document and apply them in order.
metapensiero.sqlalchemy.dbloady 1.11 1 YAML based data loader
metaset 1.1.1 1 A container for dicts of sets - alternative to dictset
metavariant 1 a lexical manipulation toolkit for genetic variant descriptors (hgvs, etc)
metrique 0.3.2-1 1 Metrique - Client Libraries
metriquec 0.2.7-1a 1 Metrique - Cubes
midnight 0.1.1a0 1 Amazing cms powered by Django framework
minitage.paste 1.4.6 1 PasteScripts to facilitate use of minitage and creation of minitage based projects sponsored by Makina Corpus.
minitage.recipe.common 1.90 1 zc.buildout recipes to compile and install software or python packages and generate scripts or configuration files sponsored by Makina Corpus.
MishMash 0.3b2 1 Music database and web interface.
mistral 4.0.0 1 Mistral Project
ModelingCore 0.9 1 The Modeling Framework is an Object-Relational Bridge for python
modoboa 1.7.2 1 Mail hosting made simple
monarch 0.1.8 1 The un-migration migration tool
mongosql 1.2.1-0 1 SqlAlchemy queries with MongoDB-style
mongrey 0.4.4 1 Greylist Service for Postfix
moodle-sdk 1.6.0 1 Moodle Development Kit
mootiro_form 1.0beta1 1 A web tool that lets you create forms, collect information and generate reports
Mother 0.6.4-r3 1 Mother is a Python Orm oriented to introspection and self autoadaption.
Mothership 0.0.35 1 Mothership - asset managment
MP_Sliding_Window 0.0.26 1 Multiprocessing Based Sliding window
multigtfs 1.0.0 1 General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) as a Django app
musette 0.5.10 1 os.environ proxy based on django-environ
mysql-autodoc 0.2 1 Generate HTML documentation from a mysql database
nback 0.1.16 1 Backups files and databases (MySQL, MongoDB) to AWS S3
newrelic_plugin_agent 1.3.0 1 Python based agent for collecting metrics for NewRelic
newslynx 1.2.2 1 A modular toolkit for analytics.
nitrate 1.3.1 1 Python API for the Nitrate test case management system
noaadata-py 0.45 1 Encode/decode NOAA co-ops marine data and marine AIS
nosql 0.0.1 1 NoSQL ORM for relational db backed by SQLAlchemy
nous.migration 0.7.1 1 Yet another sqlalchemy based database schema migration tool
ntorque 0.4.2 1 Web hook task queue service.
nucleon 0.1 1 A gevent-based microframework for building RESTful web services that provide AMQP interfaces.
nyt-ap-elections 0.0.41 1 Python client for parsing the Associated Press's elections API.
oar-cli 0.3.5 1 OAR Command line interface.
oar-docker 1.3.0 1 Manage a small OAR developpement cluster with docker.
oar-lib 0.4.1 1 Python OAR Library
obadmin 1.2 1 Setup and administrative tools for OpenBlock (hyperlocal news for Django)
obdemo 1.2 1 Demo website configuration for OpenBlock (hyperlocal news for Django)
oboe 1.5.11 1 TraceView Oboe libraries, instrumentation, and web middleware components for WSGI, Django, and Tornado.
odbo 0.0.6 1 odbo is a tool to simplify the distribution of pandas DataFrames as CSV and database files.
odo 0.5.0 1 Data migration utilities
ogrtools 0.7.3 1 Collection of libraries and tools built with the Python API of OGR.
onegov.event 0.5.1 1 Calendar of events for OneGov.
Oneline 1.0.0RC1 1 A Python project that adds real time streaming to your web app's data.
onespacemedia-server-management 0.5.0 1 A set of server management tools used by Onespacemedia.
oops-tools 0.6.7 1 =================
openslides 2.1b4 1 Presentation and assembly system
opentaxforms 0.5.7 1 Modernizes tax forms and provides an API for new tax form interfaces
organize 0.1.2 1 Parse real-world tabular data in a wide variety of formats.
ORM 1.1.0 1 An easy-to-use and framework-independent light wrapper for SQLAlchemy
OSMAlchemy 0.1.4.dev0 1 OpenStreetMap to SQLAlchemy bridge
osmo 0.2.5 1 python tools library for daemon or web application
overtest 0.14.0 1 Suite of tools to manage daemons for testing
participation 0.1.dev1 1 Participation is a python package for social participation ontologies, rdf data (linked data) triplification and analysis
pas.plugins.sqlalchemy 0.4 1 SQLAlchemy-based PAS user/group/prop store.
Pastebin 1.1.2 1 Python Pastebin API interaction object.
pedsnetcdms 0.1.1 1 PEDSnet Common Data Model Definitions
peewee 2.9.1 1 a little orm
peewee-async 0.5.7 1 Asynchronous interface for peewee ORM powered by asyncio.
peewee-db-evolve 0.6.1 1 Schema Evolution for Peewee
pet-debian 1.2.74 1 PET is a collection of scripts that gather informatio about your packages
pg2cf 1.0.2 1 Performs PostgresSQL dumps and stashes them in CloudFiles
pg4nosql 0.4.2 1 A simple psycopg2 based wrapper for nosql like database interaction with python.
pgbackups-py 0.0.1 1 A cli to perform a backup of postgres db on heroku and store to s3
pgcli 1.5.1 1 CLI for Postgres Database. With auto-completion and syntax highlighting.
pgcontents 0.5.0 1 A Postgres-backed ContentsManager for IPython/Jupyter.
pgdbconn 0.8.dev0 1 Object-oriented layer over Psycopg2 to connect and interact with Postgres databases
pgextras 0.2.0 1 Unofficial Python port of Heroku's pgextras that provides various statistics for a Postgres instance.
pgpm 0.1.62 1 Postgres package manager
pgpubsub 0.0.5 1 A convenient Python interface to Postgres's LISTEN and NOTIFY features.
pgraph 0.5.1 1 Drawing graph of the dependencies of Python packages
pgspecial 1.7.0 1 Meta-commands handler for Postgres Database.
phialapi 0.0.2 1 Simple django-rest implementation to store files in a plethora of storage engines
phpbb-python 0.0.1 1 phpBB authentication in Python
picalo 4.94 1 A data analysis/structure library with tables, type-aware columns, records, and cells.
pifpaf 0.26.0 1 Suite of tools and fixtures to manage daemons for testing
pikka-bird-collector 0.2.0 1 Pikka Bird ops monitoring tool Collector component.
pikka-bird-server 0.1.0 1 Pikka Bird ops monitoring tool Server component.
pingdomexport 0.1.2 1 Export your pingom data to CSV or database
pkgme-devportal 0.5.1 1 UNKNOWN
PLOD 0.1.7 1 a simpler and easier way to manipulate lists of dictionaries
plone.recipe.zope2instance 4.2.22 1 Buildout recipe for creating a Zope 2 instance
plorma 0.3.1 1 Plorma is a task management application to plan organise and manage your tasks.
plpydbapi 0.20121018 1 DB-API compatible interface on top of PL/Python
plugml 0.2.1 1 easy-to-use and highly modular machine learning framework
policyd-rate-limit 0.7.1 1 Postfix rate limit policy server implemented in Python3.
polyarchiv 0.14.1 1 Multiple-source backup tool: backup files|MySQL|LDAP|PostgresSQL to git|rsync|tar archives
pony 0.7.1 1 Pony Object-Relational Mapper
pov-fabric-helpers 0.3 1 Fabric helpers we use at PoV
ppsqlviz 1.0.1 1 A command line visualization utility for SQL using Pandas library in Python.
PPyGIS 0.2 1 PostGIS adapter for Psycopg
preflyt 0.4.0 1 A simple system state test utility
PrettyTable 0.7.2 1 A simple Python library for easily displaying tabular data in a visually appealing ASCII table format.
prudentia 2.3 1 Continuous Deployment toolkit.
psycopg2-managed-connection 1.0.0 1 Thread-safe connection manager for psycopg2 connections.
psycopg2cffi 2.7.5 1 .. image::
psycopg2ct 2.4.4 1 An implementation of the psycopg2 module using ctypes.
psycopgda 1.0 1 Psycopg Database Adapter for Zope 3
PsycoSpans 0.1.0 1 Psycopg2 support for the Spans library
pug 0.1.22 1 Meta package to install the PDX Python User Group utilities.
pug-ann 0.0.22 1 # pug-ann
pug-dj 0.0.18 1 # pug-dj
pug-invest 0.0.18 1 # pug-invest
pug-nlp 0.1.14 1 Python Natural Language Processing by and for the Python User Group in Portland, OR
pugnlp 0.0.2 1 Python Natural Language Processing by and for the Python User Group in Portland, OR
pulsar-django 0.2.0 1 django command to serve sites with pulsar asynchronous framework
pulsar-odm 0.6.2 1 Object Data Mapper for pulsar asynchronous framework
pw-database-url 0.2.0 1 Use Database URLs in your Peewee ORM application.
pwman3 0.9.3 1 a command line password manager with support for multiple databases.
py4jdbc 1 py4j JDBC wrapper
py_versioning 1.0.0 1 Set of tools helping in versioning projects
pyanyapi 0.6.0 1 Tools for convenient interface creation over various types of data in a declarative way.
pybean 0.2.1 1 Python implementation of RedBeanPHP, easy to use ORM.
PyBSD 0.0.2 1 a Python tool to provision, keep in sync and manage FreeBSD boxes and jails
pychembldb 0.3.6 1 ChEMBLdb interface for Python
pydosh 2.1 1 Bank statement transaction manager, written in PySide
pyelt 1 Pyelt is a DDL and ETL framework for creating and filling data vault datawarehouses on a postgress database.
pygermanet 1.0.2 1 GermaNet API for Python
PyHacc 0.9.0 1 pyhacc personal accounting
pylogsparser 0.8 1 A log parser library packaged with a set of ready to use parsers (DHCPd, Squid, Apache, ...)
pymadlib 0.1.7 1 A Python wrapper for MADlib ( - an open source library for scalable in-database machine learning algorithms
PyMunin 0.9.27 1 Python Module for developing Munin Multigraph Monitoring Plugins.
pynoorm 0.2.0 1 Easier raw SQL, with or without an ORM.
PyORQ 0.1 1 Object Relational binding with Queries as Python expressions
pypi-server 0.3.30 1 Tornado PyPi server
pyque 0.4.0 1 pythonic devops toolbelt
pyramid-georest 3.0.31 1 pyramid_georest, extension for pyramid web frame work to provide rest interface for sql-alchemy mappers
pyramid_authz 0.1.0 1 A pyramid authorization (not authentication) suite
pyramid_fullauth 0.6.0 1 This package intends to provide full authentication / authorisation implementation for pyramid applications
pyramid_nitro 0.0.1 1 The "Batteries Included" layer for a Pyramid application.
pyramid_peewee 0.5 1 Utilize Peewee as your ORM with Pyramid webapplications. - pyramid_peewee
pyris 0.4 1 INSEE/IRIS geolocalization
pyrone 1.4.0 1 pyrone
Pyrseas 0.7.3 1 Framework and utilities to upgrade and maintain databases
pyshop 1.2.3 1
pyspider 0.3.9 1 A Powerful Spider System in Python
PyStratum-MySQL 0.10.12 1 A stored procedure and function loader, wrapper generator for MySQL
PyStratum-pgSQL 0.10.8 1 A stored procedure/function loader and wrapper generator for PostgresSQL
pyswarmsdk 0.7.1 1 Model-driven development of Python applications.
pytest-echo 1.4 1 pytest plugin with mechanisms for echoing environment variables, package version and generic attributes
python-rdm 0.1.8a 1 Relational data mining in python
python-server-metrics 0.2.1 1 A very simple set of methods to collect metrics about your servers
python-tempo 0.1.0 1 Scheduling library, that provides a generic way to compose and query schedules of recurrent continuous events, such as working time of organizations, meetings, movie shows, etc.
python-watcherclient 1.0.0 1 Python client library for Watcher API
rapidpro-pull 1.0.3 1 An open-source tool to pull and cache data from RapidPro servers.
rdb2rdf 0.1.3 1 PyRDB2RDF
rdbhdb 0.11.0 1 DB API module for accessing hosted databases at
rdbms-subsetter 0.2.5 1 Generate consistent subset of an RDBMS
rds-host 0.1.2 1 Get hostname from Amazon RDS instance name
readinglist 2.0.0 1 readinglist
realms-wiki 0.9.3 1 Simple git based wiki
redmine_migrator 0.3 1 Migrate Redmine data from SQLite to Postgres with consistent type conversion.
redshift-sqlalchemy 0.4.1 1 Amazon Redshift Dialect for sqlalchemy
redsolutioncms.django-server-config 0.1.4 1 Useful for deploy server installation. Adds management command to make configs for your project. Automatically recognizes media directories in 3-party applications
rejected 3.18.1 1 Rejected is a Python RabbitMQ Consumer Framework and Controller Daemon
Renuntius 0.1 1 Renuntius is a RESTful webservice for sending messages.
repozitory 1.3 1 Simple document versioning for web apps, especially Pyramid apps.
res-scheduling 1.0.2 1 Resystem Scheduling Service
resolwe 1.4.1 1 Open source enterprise dataflow engine in Django
resolwe-bio 1.3.0 1 Bioinformatics pipelines for the Resolwe platform
restarter 0.4.4 1 Automatic service restart after updates
ringo 1.14.0 1 A simple web framework with base functionality to build web applications.
ripozo-oasis 1.0.1 1
risclog.sqlalchemy 2.2 1 Encapsulate sqlalchemy modelling infrastructure.
rocker 0.1.0.dev7 1 Docker management tool
roundup 1.5.1 1 A simple-to-use and -install issue-tracking system with command-line, web and e-mail interfaces. Highly customisable.
rsclib 0.48 1 Misc. basic stuff needed by RSCs tools
rstcv 0.1.2 1 UNKNOWN
s3-backups 0.1.0 1 Backup stuff to S3
s4u.upgrade 1.3 1 2Style4You upgrade framework
sa_mysql_dt 0.1.2 1 Alternative implementation of DateTime column for MySQL.
saddle 0.1.1 1 Functional testing framework.
salad 0.4.14 1 A nice mix of great BDD ingredients
sandman 0.9.8 1 Automated REST APIs for existing database-driven systems
sandman2 1.0.6 1 Automated REST APIs for legacy (existing) databases
saw 0.1.2 1 Simple sqlalchemy wrapper
sbackup2 1.1.3 1 empty
schema2rst 0.9.0 1 schema2rst generates reST doc from database schema
seantis.reservation 1.4.0 1 Plone addon to reserve stuff in a calendar.
setix 0.8.3 1 Fast data structures for finding intersecting sets and similar strings
setproctitle 1.1.10 1 A Python module to customize the process title
shrebx 0.0.1 1 Load secrets from a configuration file, generating them if needed.
simpledbf 0.2.6 1 Convert DBF files to CSV, DataFrames, HDF5 tables, and SQL tables. Python3 compatible.
SimpleSite 0.3.0 1 A simple website application written as a demonstration of Pylons for the Definitive Guide to Pylons
skitai 0.25.7 1 Skitai App Engine
skygear 0.22.0 1 Python plugin runtime for Skygear
slc.clicktracker 0.4 1 Track user movements on your plone site.
slowpoke 1.0.1 1 A utility to track test execution over time.
smartconfigparser 0.1.1 1 SmartConfigParser add missing default value in ConfigParser module
snaptastic 0.2.12 1 Snaptastic is a python tool to enable easy snapshotting and mounting of snapshots on AWS/EC2 EBS volumes.
snipper 1.2 1 A command-line tool to manage Bitbucket snippets.
snovault 0.23 1 Snovault Hybrid Object Relational Database Framework
sorna-manager 0.9.4 1 Sorna Manager
Spans 0.4.1 1 Continuous set support for Python
sprockets.mixins.metrics 3.0.1 1 Record performance metrics about your application
sqla-hierarchy 0.1 1 Adjacency List Relationships helper (only using databases own implementations)
sqlacodegen 1.1.6 1 Automatic model code generator for SQLAlchemy
sqlakeyset 0.1.1485813522 1 offset-free paging for sqlalchemy
sqlalchemy-citext 1.3-0 1 A sqlalchemy plugin that allows postgres use of CITEXT.
sqlalchemy-find 0.1 1 Syntactic sugar for SQLAlchemy: a Storm ORM-like find method
SQLAlchemy-ImageAttach 1.0.0 1 SQLAlchemy extension for attaching images to entity objects
SQLAlchemy-JSONField 0.5.0 1 SQLALchemy JSONField implementation for storing dicts at SQL
sqlalchemy-redshift 0.5.0 1 Amazon Redshift Dialect for sqlalchemy
sqlalchemy-redshift-psycopg2cffi 0.5.1.dev1 1 Amazon Redshift Dialect for sqlalchemy
SQLAlchemy-Utc 0.9.0 1 SQLAlchemy type to store aware datetime values
SQLAlchemyBWC 0.3.0 1 An SQLAlchemy component for BlazeWeb applications
sqlamp 0.6 1 sqlamp is an implementation of Materialized Path for SQLAlchemy.
sqlcmd 0.7.1 1 A cross-platform, cross-database SQL command line tool
sqlexceller 0.1.0 1 Command line program that executes SQL queries and stores results in Excel files
sqlibrist 0.1.10 1 Simple tool for managing DB structure, automating patch creation for DB structure migration.
sqlize-pg 1.0 1 Lightweight SQL query builder
SQLObject 3.2.0 1 Object-Relational Manager, aka database wrapper
sqlsoup 0.9.1 1 A one step database access tool, built on the SQLAlchemy ORM.
squery-pg 2.0 1 UNKNOWN
stalker 0.2.18 1 A Production Asset Management (ProdAM) System
stdiff 0.2.0 1 stdiff - File Integrity Checker
stellar 0.4.3 1 stellar is a tool for creating and restoring database snapshots
stfc_stratum_uploader 0.1.4 1 Provides interface for uploading and distributing software through cvmfs repositories.
storm 0.20 1 Storm is an object-relational mapper (ORM) for Python developed at Canonical.
stups-senza 2.1.66 1 AWS Cloud Formation deployment CLI
subtoml 0.1.0 1 Sed for TOML: subtitute parts of a TOML file
swailing 0.1.2 1 Logging library for apps that produce debilitating amounts of log output.
swiftbackmeup 0.0.4 1 Tools to backup databases to OpenStack Object Store Swift
syncto 1.5.0 1 Read Firefox Sync server using Kinto API.
takumi-config 0.1.2 1 Takumi service framework configuration module
tamarack 0.0.5 1 A quantitative web application profiler
tcm2sql 1.0.0 1 Tool for generating SQL commands from a tcm static structure diagram (SSD)
tcrudge 0.9.6 1 Tornado RESTful API with Peewee
Telemeta 1.6 1 Open web audio application with semantics
tempy 0.7 1 CLI for cleaning Windows temporary files
tentacles 0.1.1 1 Object-Relational Mapping (ORM)
test-helpers 1.5.4 1 A collection of test helpers to facilitate AAA testing.
testing.common.database 2.0.0 1 utilities for testing.* packages
ticketus 0.6.0 1 Ticketus is a simple, no-frills ticketing system for helpdesks.
tiote 0.2.4 1 Database administrator written in Python
torcms 0.5.23 1 Flexible, extensible Web CMS framework built on Tornado, compatible with Python 3.4 and above. Integrated with basic GIS(Geographic information system) function, including map showing, map overlaying, GIS data editing.
tornado_jsonapi 0.1.3 1 Framework providing REST JSON API to Tornado web server
tornpg 0.1.0 1 A lightweight PostgresSQL database adapter wrappered around psycopg2.
toughradius 1.1.2 1 RADIUS Server
TracSQL 0.3.1 1 A Trac plugin for querying the project database
TracStats 0.6.1 1 A Trac plugin for project statistics
TranslationsServer 0.1.1 1 The translations service server
Trump 0.0.5 1 Persistent Objectified Indexed Data
tryton 4.2.4 1 Tryton client
trytond 4.2.2 1 Tryton server
turbodbc 1.1.0 1 turbodbc is a Python DB API 2.0 compatible ODBC driver
tx_highered 0.3.5 1 Django app for Texas higher education data
ua2.patch 2.0.0 1 UA2WEB Django patch system
uliweb-alembic 0.6.9 1 A port of alembic for uliweb framework.
underwear 0.4.5 1 Dead simple LAMP-stack deployments for Python-powered web applications
unixpackage 0.4.5 1 One command to install equivalent packages in Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Fedora, Red Hat and Mac OS X.
vdw 0.4.1 1 Models and loader for processing, storing, and querying genetic data
verschemes 1.2.1 1 Version identifier management
wagtail 1.9 1 A Django content management system focused on flexibility and user experience
warp_prism 0.1.1 1 Quickly move data from postgres to numpy or pandas.
web2py 2.1.1 1 full-stack framework for rapid development and prototyping of secure database-driven web-based applications, written and programmable in Python.
WebGrid 0.1.31 1 A library for rendering HTML tables and Excel files from SQLAlchemy models.
WebPython 0.6.4 1 WebPython: A Python web-application toolkit
webstack-django-db-multitenant 0.9 1 Multitenant support for Django, using one tenant per database.
whatportis 0.6 1 A command to search port names and numbers
wikilabels 0.4.0 1 A generalized data labeling system for use in MediaWiki wikis
xelpaste 3.0.1 1 Standalone, django-based pastebin with image support.
xenzen 1.0.0 1 A Django UI for managing XenServer in the simplest possible way.
xlsconv 0.3.0 1 Tool to convert ODK-style XLSForms into Django models and HTML templates for use with wq (
xychan 0.3 1 A 'chan-style' web message board similar to Wakaba
yamlsettings 0.2.5 1 Yaml Settings Configuration Module
yith-library-server 0.4 1 yith-library-server
yoyo-migrations 5.0.5 1 Database schema migration tool using SQL and DB-API
z3c.dobbin 0.4.2 1 Relational object persistance framework
z3c.recipe.scripts 1.0.1 1 Recipe for installing Python scripts
zc.recipe.cmmi 1.3.6 1 ZC Buildout recipe for configure/make/make install
zenfeed 0.4.0 1 Zen RSS feed reader.
zope.sqlalchemy 0.7.7 1 Minimal Zope/SQLAlchemy transaction integration
ZPsycopgDA 2.4.6 1 Zope bindings for psycopg2.
ztc 13.01 1 Zabbix Template Collection
ztfy.alchemy 0.3.6 1 SQLAlchemy integration package for Zope3
zuup 1.0.6 1 Command line to consult Openstack zuul status

*: occurrence of search term weighted by field (name, summary, keywords, description, author, maintainer)