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Index of Packages Matching 'rbco'

Package Weight* Description
krbcontext 0.8 5 A Kerberos context manager
rbco.caseclasses 1.0.1 5 Provide a compact syntax to define simple "struct-like" (or "record-like", "bean-like") classes.
rbco.msexcel 0.0.4 5 Provide functions to read, parse and convert MS Excel spreadsheets into various data structures.
rbco.nautilusscripts 0.8 5 A set of scripts for Nautilus, the Gnome file manager application.
rbco.recipe.pyeclipse 0.0.5 5 Creates a Pydev project for Eclipse.
rbco.rename 0.5 5 A set of Python scripts to rename files in batch.
rbco.statcvswrapper 0.2 5 Very simple package to make use of StatCVS easier.
rbco.wfdocumentator 1.0.0 5 An add-on for Zope and Plone which aims to provide user-friendly automatically generated documentation about workflow definitions.
rbco.cliprogram 0.0.1 4 Helpers to write Command Line Interface (CLI) programs.
rbco.commandwrap 0.0.2 4 Provide a set of decorators to make functions that run OS commands.
rbcommenttype 1.0.1 4 Comment type categorization for Review Board
beanbag-docutils 1.6 1 Sphinx utility modules for Beanbag's documentation format.
kedo-pex 1 The PEX packaging toolchain.
kgb 2.0.1 1 Utilities for spying on function calls in unit tests.
netmagus 0.7.5 1 Python module for JSON data exchange via files or RPC with the Intelligent Visibility NetMagus system.
pantsbuild.pants 1.6.0.dev0 1 A scalable build tool for large, complex, heterogeneous repos.
pantsbuild.pants.contrib.googlejavaformat 1.6.0.dev0 1 Google Java Format code formatter pants plugins.
pantsbuild.pants.contrib.haskell 0.0.79 1 Haskell pants plugin
pantsbuild.pants.contrib.spindle 1.1.0-pre4 1 Spindle thrift -> scala generator pants plugins.
pex 1.3.1 1 The PEX packaging toolchain.
prdg.util 0.0.7 1 General utilities.
ReviewBoard 3.0.5 1 Review Board, a fully-featured web-based code and document review tool made with love <3
twitter.common.pants 0.8.3 1 twitter.common plugins for the pants build system.

*: occurrence of search term weighted by field (name, summary, keywords, description, author, maintainer)