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Index of Packages Matching 'rsvg'

Package Weight* Description
Aesthete 0.4.2 1 Integrated mathematics environment
agoraplex.themes.sphinx 0.1.3 1 A Sphinx theme for Agoraplex projects, based on the Pylons Sphinx theme
iconframer 0.3.1 1 Generate framed and labelled SVG icons
imgserve 0.2 1 Imgserve is a daemon program to provide common image processing service
Naghni 0.1 1 A breath-taking side-scroller focusing on round lifeforms
pyconizr 0.1b2 1 Generate sprites from SVG icons
qrplatba 0.3.4 1 QR platba SVG QR code and SPAYD string generator
sphinx-scruffy 1.0.0 1 Plug-in for Sphinx to render "scruffy" diagrams.
Sutekh 0.8.7 1 VtES Card Collection Manager
svglue 0.3.0 1 Create templates using Inkscape, then fill them in (and render them to PDF, if you like).

*: occurrence of search term weighted by field (name, summary, keywords, description, author, maintainer)