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Index of Packages Matching 'rsync'

Package Weight* Description
auto-rsync 0.0.7 9 Auto RSync by watch filesystem events.
boto_rsync 0.8.1 9 An rsync-like wrapper for boto's S3 and Google Storage interfaces.
collective.recipe.rsync 2.2.2 9 A zc.buildout recipe to copy files from one location to another via rsync
pyobjc-framework-ColorSync 4.1 9 Wrappers for the framework ColorSync on Mac OS X
pyobjc-framework-FinderSync 4.1 9 Wrappers for the framework FinderSync on macOS 2.1 9 Python port of rsync. Should help to synchronize folders.
strsync 1.3.2 9 strsync - Automatically translate and synchronize localizable resource files from defined base language for Xcode.
arrrsync 0.1.0 8 Secure and restricted file copying and exploring with rsync over ssh.
rsyncr 2018.1210.2356 8 rsyncr - An enhanced rsync backup wrapper script
bzrsync 0.2 7 Tool to automatically synchronize Bazaar repositories between multiple nodes
django-rsync 0.1 7 Simple deployment script using rsync for django projects
django-rsync-storage 0.0.6 7 Django storage for rsync distributive copy of files
django-twittersync-oauth 0.1.1 7 OAuth Plugin for django-twittersync
flickr-rsync 1.0.4 7 A python script to manage synchronising a local directory of photos with flickr based on an rsync interaction pattern
pyrsync 0.1.0 7 A Python module which implements rsync with SHA256 hash.
pyrsync2 0.2.6 7 A Python 3 module which implements rsync binary diff algorithm.
python-librsync 0.1-5 7 Python ctypes wrapper for librsync.
rsync-system-backup 0.9 7 Linux system backups powered by rsync
rsyncrun 1.1.2 7 Rsync your code to server and run.
sneakersync 1.1.2 7 Synchronize files through the sneakernet
srsync 1.0.0-dev 7 Rsync with a memory
drsync 2.0.3 6 Syncs directories across systems
rsync4python 0.2 6 rsync4python - rsync access for python
tcp_rsync 0.1rc0 6 1. Quick Deployment Of Rsync Daemon For TCP Transmission; 2. Encapsulation For Commonly Used Operations.
watch-rsync 1.3 6 Watch PATH and rsync to DEST
abo-s-pysync 2.24 5 A Python implementation of the rsync algorithm
buttersink 0.6.8 5 Buttersink is like rsync for btrfs snapshots
cliPublish 0.2.1 5 Convenient commandline utility to publish files on a webserver using rsync
collective.blobsync 1.0 5 Rsync wrapper for rotated backups
dirsync 2.2.3 5 Advanced directory tree synchronisation tool
django-twittersync 0.6 5 Django app to sync Twitter stream to local DB.
django-twittersync-extended 0.2.1 5 Django app to sync Twitter stream to local DB with extendible models. Fork of Peter Sanchez's Twitter sync
flickrsync 0.1.0 5 A command line tool to synchronise pictures between the local file system and Flickr
flickrsyncr 0.1.4 5 Syncs photos between local filesystem and Flickr album
gsync 0.1.14 5 GSync - RSync for Google Drive
pysync 2.16 5 A Python implementation of the rsync algorithm
rbackupd 0.1-dev 5 A backup program creating snapshots through rsync.
resynclinkdest 1.0.1 5 Re-hardlink directories created using ``rsync --link-dest``.
Specchio 0.1.2 5 Specchio is a tool that can help you to rsync your file automatically, it uses `.gitignore` in git to discern which file is ignored.
syncere 0.8.0 5 Interactive rsync-based data synchronization.
vdirsyncer 0.17.0a2 5 Synchronize calendars and contacts
fackup 0.1.3 4 File backup tool using rsync and dar.
googlecalendarsync 0.1 4 Module to sync events from your Google calendar
mastersync develop 4
py_rdiff 0.1 4 A thin python wrapper around librsync, providing rdiff functionality
qiniuFolderSync 0.0.1 4 Sync local folder to qiniu bucket
sinknal 0.1a0 4 Rsync caller coordinator
suxsync 0.2.4 4 A very sucky replacement for Rsync for people with sucky ISPs.
btb 0.1-dev 3 Backup system using rsync and btrfs snapshots
dio 0.3.10 3 Python API for DigitalOcean v2.0 REST API
drivnal 0.10.1 3 Simple snapshot backups
fuzzify 0.0.1 3 rSync fuzzy file pool creation
incremental-backups-tools 0.1.0 3 UNKNOWN
infi.pysync 0.0.14 3 rsync-like utility to help sync dev files to a machine
jw.grbackup 0.9.7 3 Gentoo rsync backup -- a simple differential backup script for Gentoo Linux
packingslip 0.1.0 3 Tools to compare files by checksum.
planb 1.2 3 PlanB automates remote SSH+rsync backups
polyarchiv 0.14.3 3 Multiple-source backup tool: backup files|MySQL|LDAP|PostgresSQL to git|rsync|tar archives
project-sync 0.2.0 3 A simple tool for synchronizing local project (files) to remote server.
python-digitalocean-backup 1.1.0 3 Python module to manage Digitalocean droplet backups.
snapshotter 1.0.4 3 Very easy incremental snapshot backups using rsync
sucklesync 0.3.8 3 A wrapper around rsync to simplify continuous sychnronization of remote directories
sydep 0.1.3 3 tool for easy deployment over rsync
zyklop 0.5.2 3 Rsync wrapper making syncing easy
backupclient 0.1 2 A backup client command. It is a wrapper over rsync and rdiff-backup with a config file parser, to automate backups.
duplicity 0.7.14 2 Encrypted backup using rsync algorithm
easymirror 0.0.5 2 Rsync financial datasource.
elephantor 0.1 2 Duplicity frontend
fabric-coat 0.4.10 2 Deployment helpers for fabric
hazel 0.4.5 2 hazel: a capsule static blog generator
live-premailer 0.3.0 2 Live premailer for jinja2 templates
onewaymirror 0.0.1a1 2 An rsync based backup script
pachy 0.1.10 2 Simple incremental backups with rsync and xdelta3
psyncf 1.0.0 2 A script based on rsync for synchronizing files
pyrsnapshot 0.3.2 2 A rsnapshot re-implementation with push-over-ssh capability
rawcopy 0.1.0 2 hardlink-aware low-level directory tree copy
SeedboxManager 2.3.17 2 Seedbox Task Manager
syncache 0.2.1 2 Synchronization Cache for Grid Computing
syncdir 0.2 2 Yet another rsync-like program written in Python
updatedir 0.1.2 2 Rsync-like directory updating over multiple protocols
Vitalus 0.4.2 2 Rsync wrapper for backups
abcmd 0.3.3 1 Library for wrapping CLI commands with static configuration.
abus 9 1 Abingdon Backup Script
advanced-ssh-config 1.1.0 1 Add some magic to SSH and .ssh/config
aipsetup 3.4.3 1 software tools for building and maintaining own gnu+linux distro
airwing_autopublish 1.0.5 1 GeoServer REST Configuration
aja 0.9.2 1 Buildout-based deployment made safe and easy
allthedots 0.1.9 1 Make a list of important stuff.
apt_package_mirror 1.0.2 1 Python script for running an apt package mirror
Archiver 0.2.2 1 Manage files based on their SHA1 hashes
argcomplete 1.9.4 1 Bash tab completion for argparse
autosync 0.0.4 1 Efficent synchronization of the local file system to S3
autowatch 1.1.0 1 Auto Watch
backy 2.2 1 Block-based backup and restore utility for virtual machine images
BaculaFS 0.1.7 1 Bacula Filesystem in USErspace
batou 1.7.1 1 A utility for automating multi-host, multi-environment software builds and deployments.
biocommons.seqrepo 0.3.5 1 Python package for writing and reading a local collection of biological sequences. The repository is non-redundant, compressed, and journalled, making it efficient to store and transfer incremental snapshots.
biomaj 3.1.3 1 BioMAJ
biomaj-core 3.0.11 1 BioMAJ core library
bleach 2.1.2 1 An easy safelist-based HTML-sanitizing tool.
blobxfer 1.1.1 1 Azure storage transfer tool and data movement library
bottle-yang-extractor-validator 0.3.1 1 A web application that allows you to fetch, extract and validate YANG modules by RFC number, by IETF draft name, or by uploading YANG files.
brutha 1.1.1 1 Sync FLAC music files to Ogg Vorbis (or keep lossy as-is)
bsdploy 3.0.0b2 1 A tool to remotely provision, configure and maintain FreeBSD jails
bsw 1.0.7 1 bsw - Build Static Web, a simple static website builder.
buttervolume 1.3.1 1 Docker plugin to manage Docker Volumes as BTRFS subvolumes
carbonate 1.1.2 1 Tools for managing federated carbon clusters.
carbonate-utils 0.4.0 1 Tools for tools for managing federated carbon clusters.
cgcloud-core 1.6.0 1 Efficient and reproducible software deployment for EC2 instances
chef-solo-cup 0.3.1 1 Chef-Solo wrapper
chval 0.6.7 1 Wrapper for getmail, providing daemon mode and encrypted passwords.
clickable 0.1.1 1 Helper scripts to write click applications development's environment
codewrap 1.0 1 code wrapping and filling
collective.eggproxy 0.5.1 1 An egg index proxy
collective.feedfiller 0.1dev-r77946 1 Expands FeedItems with the body of items referred to
collective.hostout 1.0a5 1 standardized deployment of zc.buildout based applications with Fabric
collective.recipe.backup 4.0 1 bin/backup script: sensible defaults around bin/repozo
conman 1.0.0b1 1 Securing files into one folder for easy backup
craftercms-sphinx-theme 1.1.4 1 Crafter CMS Docs theme for Sphinx Doc
cuisine_sweet 0.1.18 1 Sugar-coated declarative deployment recipes built on top of Fabric and Cuisine
debify 0.1.3 1 pack a set of files into a .deb file with minimal fuss.
DedupeCopy 0.4.1 1 Find duplicates / copy and restructure file layout command-line tool
deltaindustries 0.3.0 1 Delta and hash utilities (calculation and containers) for the boprox project
django-blog-zinnia 0.19 1 A clear and powerful weblog application powered with Django
django-bsync 1.4.3 1 browser-sync with the Django development server
django-fab-templates 0.1.2 1 Django project templates that support fabric-style deployment (vagrant+ubuntu, webfaction)
django-fabfile 2013.08.29.2 1 Fabric tasks for Django and Amazon Web Services
django-http-fallback-storage 1.3.1 1
django-peavy 0.9.0 1 django-peavy makes it easy to collect and monitor Django application logging.
django-pgrunner 0.2.2 1 Create and autorun a PostgreSQL development database for your Django project
django-server-config 0.1.3 1 Useful for deploy server installation. Adds management command to make configs for your project. Automatically recognizes media directories in 3-party applications
dotfilemanager 1.0.0 1 A dotfiles manager script
dotfiles 0.6.4 1 Easily manage your dotfiles
draftin_a_flask 0.1.5 1 A simple Flask server that allows you to publish Pelican blags from
dsari 1.2.0 1 Do Something and Record It
durant 0.2.3 1 Simple git deployment tool
EarthReader-Web 0.3.0 1 Earth Reader for Web
easyci 2.0.1 1 Local CI, for mortals.
ebt 2.0.61 1 Flexible backup framework
exmemo 0.1.0 1
facsimile 0.0.1 1 UNKNOWN
fhirclient 3.2.0 1 A flexible client for FHIR servers supporting the SMART on FHIR protocol
ficloud 0.1.13 1 Production cloud deployments of fig infrastructure with docker
filehasher 0.4 1 File Hasher
firefox-shm 0.0.7 1 Firefox profile on tmpfs
fmorgue 1.2 1 Mirror files to a remote server, regardless of their name.
freezer 1 The OpenStack Backup Restore and Disaster Recovery as a Service Platform
GenomeBaser 0.1.2 1 GenomeBaser manages complete (bacterial) genomes from NCBI
Gentle 0.1 1 Gentle is a help you quickly submit code to the test environment tools.
ghp-import 0.5.5 1 Copy your docs directly to the gh-pages branch.
git-fat 0.5.0 1 Manage large binary files with git
git-qdiff 0.2.2 1 Bzr tool's qdiff for git
gitcommonsync 2.0.0 1 A tool to synchronise common files between Git repositories
gitobox 0.3 1 Synchronizes a directory with a Git repository; particularly useful to track "dumb" collaboration software like DropBox
gocept.objectquery 0.1b1 1 A framework for indexing and querying the ZODB
gsconfig 1.0.8 1 GeoServer REST Configuration
hpy 0.2 1 Execute Hebrew Python scripts
htrc-feature-reader 1.94 1 Library for working with the HTRC Extracted Features dataset
htsengine 0.2.4 1 An extension for whose want to use hts engine by Python 3
icecake 0.6.0 1 An easy and cool static site generator
instaclone 0.3.3 1 instaclone: Fast, cached file installation
invenio 3.0.0a4 1 Invenio digital library framework - v3.0 release series
iperflexer 0.1.4 1 A program to parse iperf files
jw.backup 1.0.21 1 A simple differential backup script for systems maintained by package managers with single-file manifests
khal 0.9.8 1 A standards based terminal calendar
khard 0.12.2 1 A console carddav client
lander 0.1.12 1 HTML landing page generator for LSST PDF documentation deployed from Git to LSST the Docs.
launchpadtools 0.6.5 1 Tools for Debian/Ubuntu Launchpad
Lightflow-Filesystem 1.6.0 1 A filesystem extension for Lightflow.
Lightflow-Rest 1.1.0 1 A REST extension for Lightflow.
linux-utils 0.5 1 Linux system administration tools for Python
littlechef 1.8.0 1 Cook with Chef without a Chef Server
livescript 1.0.0 1 Call LiveScript from Python
MDRun 0.1.5 1 Submission of MD runs to HPC with PBS
metapensiero.sphinx.patchdb 3.1 1 Extract scripts from a reST document and apply them in order.
micropress 0.2.22 1 Blog generator for hackers.
mirror 0.7.4 1 Mirror for open source mirror site to sync files
mls.fabfile 0.4 1 Deploy and manage Propertyshelf MLS applications using Fabric.
mr.awsome 1.0rc8 1 A script allowing to setup Amazon EC2 instances through configuration files.
myks-gallery 0.7 1 Photo gallery with granular access control
myougiden 0.8.8 1 Japanese/English command-line dictionary
ngblog 0.1.2 1 A simple and easy to use plain-text-like blogging-engine.
nimbstor 1.0.1 1 Store incrementally, compressed and encrypted data failsafe in filesystems, sFTP, WebDAV, IMAP or other backends.
nosier 1.1 1 Monitors paths and upon detecting changes runs the specified command
omnium 0.9.1 1 Output Management with Natural Interface for the UM
onespacemedia-server-management 3.0.3 1 A set of server management tools used by Onespacemedia.
onlyonce 0.0.3 1 Small Python lib for running scripts once and once only (with file locks, etc)
oops-tools 0.6.7 1 =================
oops_amqp 0.0.8b1 1 OOPS AMQP transport.
OSExtension 0.1.5 1 Extension for os module, for POSIX systems only
paci 1.10.2 1 Your friendly, lightweight and flexible package manager.
pathspec 0.5.5 1 Utility library for gitignore style pattern matching of file paths.
pelican 3.7.1 1 Static site generator supporting reStructuredText and Markdown source content.
pg_fabrep 0.0.5 1 Postgresql Streaming Replication with Fabric and Repmgr
phablet-tools 0.1.2013080603 1 Scripts to deploy Ubuntu on mobile devices
PieCrust 3.0.2 1 A powerful static website generator and lightweight CMS.
pip2pi 0.7.0 1 pip2pi builds a PyPI-compatible package repository from pip requirements
pip_mirror 0.2 1 Mirroring tool that implements a local pip mirror via PyPi
ploy 2.0.0b1 1 A tool to manage servers through a central configuration. Plugins allow provisioning, configuration and other management tasks.
praekelt.recipe.backup 0.0.3 1 Filesystem and database backup Buildout recipe.
prep 0.1.10 1 Pre-deployment configuration parser/generator
Products.AngelPas 1.0b1 1 AngelPas lets you treat ANGEL-dwelling classes as Plone groups.
Products.PloneOrg 1.4 1 site policy package.
propertyshelf.fabfile.plone 0.1 1 Deploy and manage Propertyshelf Plone applications using Fabric.
pssh 2.3.1 1 Parallel version of OpenSSH and related tools
pub 0.0.4 1 Python Utility Belt
publicstatic 1 Yet another static website builder. A good one.
pulsar-app 0.8.3 1 Distributed job execution application built for Galaxy (
pulsar-galaxy-lib 0.8.3 1 Distributed job execution application built for Galaxy (
pyftpdlib 1.5.3 1 Very fast asynchronous FTP server library
pyftpdlib-ustcblog 1.4.1 1 USTC Blog fork of Very fast asynchronous FTP server library
pymtpfs 0.0.1 1 A FUSE based filesystem for Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) devices implemented in Python.
pytest-cloud 2.0.0 1 Distributed tests planner plugin for pytest testing framework.
pytest-cov 2.5.1 1 Pytest plugin for measuring coverage.
pytest-xdist 1.22.0 1 py.test xdist plugin for distributed testing and loop-on-failing modes
quiescent 0.2 1 A static weblog generator
redock 0.5.8 1 Human friendly wrapper around Docker
redsolutioncms.django-server-config 0.1.4 1 Useful for deploy server installation. Adds management command to make configs for your project. Automatically recognizes media directories in 3-party applications
resync 1.0.8 1 ResourceSync library and client
resync-simulator 1.0.3 1 ResourceSync source simulator
rotate-backups 4.4 1 Simple command line interface for backup rotation
rshell 0.0.11 1 A remote shell for working with MicroPython boards.
rstcv 0.1.2 1 UNKNOWN
s3cmd 2.0.1 1 Command line tool for managing Amazon S3 and CloudFront services
s3tup 0.1.0 1 Declarative configuration management and deployment tool for amazon s3
seedboxtools 1.2.11 1 A tool to automate downloading finished torrents from a seedbox
seesaw 0.9.4 1 ArchiveTeam seesaw kit
sftpclone 1.2 1 A tool for cloning/syncing a local directory tree with an SFTP server.
shareinator 0.0.1 1 Share files using ssh on same network
simpleblog 0.9.5 1 A simple Python blogging system.
simpleblog3 0.9.5 1 A simple Python 3 blogging system.
spotme 1.2.0 1 A command line tool that allows you to spin up AWS EC2 Spot Instances instantly
stabe 0.1.0 1 Static Blogging Engine inspired by Octopress and Pelican
sudosh-replay 0.0.2 1 sudosh web replay
swg 1 SWG - A static website generator
swiftnbd 0.11 1 This is a NBD server for OpenStack Object Storage (Swift).
sync-path 0.0.20 1 sync files/folders
termux-apt-repo 0.2 1 Script to create Termux apt repositories
todoman 3.3.0 1 A simple CalDav-based todo manager.
tomahawk 1 A simple ssh wrapper to execute commands for many hosts.
trove-dashboard 1 Trove Management Dashboard
upodder 0.6.12 1 Command Line Podcast Downloader
vhpi 2.0.0b12 1 Turn your Raspberry Pi into an independent backup module for your network.
vsc-zk 0.9.7 1 vsc-zk contains scripts to build zookeeper trees and tools using zookeeper.
WereSync 1.0.7 1 Incrementally clones Linux drives
woodcut 0.5.0 1 Minimalist content management system for static websites.
workspacemanager 0.2.11 1 This tool can manage a workspace by providing some useful functions (generation of the setup file and others, generate a virtual env according to the project name, install your own dependencies, generate dist of all dependencies...). See the readme for more informations.
Yaybu 3.1.1 1 Server deployment and configuration management in Python
zpyshell 1 Command line shell with script languages, like python

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