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Index of Packages Matching 'sphinx'

Package Weight* Description
sphinxapi-py3 2.1.11 10 Python 3 port of official python client for Sphinx Search
sphinxjp.themes.sphinxjp 1.0.0 10 A sphinx theme for site.
agoraplex.themes.sphinx 0.1.3 9 A Sphinx theme for Agoraplex projects, based on the Pylons Sphinx theme
birdhousebuilder.recipe.sphinx 0.2.4 9 Buildout recipe to generate and Sphinx-based documentation for Birdhouse.
collective.recipe.sphinxbuilder 1.0 9 ZC.buildout recipe to generate and build Sphinx-based documentation in the buildout.
collective.sphinx.autoatschema 0.1 9 Sphinx extension for archetypes schema
collective.sphinx.includechangelog 0.1.1 9 Include changelog extracted from egg information into sphinx documentation.
collective.sphinx.includedoc 0.2 9 Sphinx extension for including doctests
db4sphinx 0.1.3 9 Docbook parser for docutils and sphinx
dragon-sphinx 0.2 9 Sphinx extensions for the Stupeflix tasks system
eccontrib-sphinxdoc 0.0.1 9 A sphinx extension for documenting ec based scripts.
editorial-sphinx-theme 1.0.1 9 A modern and responsive design Sphinx theme
edx-sphinx-theme 1.3.0 9 A Sphinx theme for Open edX documentation
epfl-sphinx-theme 1.1.1 9 A Sphinx theme for EPFL
hachibee-sphinx-theme 0.2.5 9 a simple sphinx theme
itcase-sphinx-theme 0.3.1 9 ITCase Sphinx themes for documentation styling.
jandd.sphinxext.ip 0.2.4 9 IP address extension for Sphinx
jandd.sphinxext.mac 0.1.0 9 MAC address extension for Sphinx
mdn-sphinx-theme 2016.0 9 A Sphinx theme for the Mozilla Developer Network
nbsphinx 0.3.1 9 Jupyter Notebook Tools for Sphinx
pocketsphinx 0.1.3 9 Python interface to CMU Sphinxbase and Pocketsphinx libraries
PSphinxTheme 2.0.5 9 A sphinx theme I use for most projects. Derivative of Eli Collins's cloud_sptheme.
pylons-sphinx-themes 1.0.6 9 Sphinx themes for Pylons Project documentation.
qubic.sphinx.graphvizinclude 0.1 9 Sphinx extension: graphviz generation of external dot files
renga-sphinx-theme 0.1.0 9 A Sphinx theme for Renga documentation.
Sphinx 1.7.0 9 Python documentation generator
sphinx-asciidoc 1.0.1 9 A custom Sphinx builder to make asciidoc output
sphinx-click 1.0.4 9 Sphinx extension that automatically documents click applications
sphinx-click-freckles 1.0.4.dev1 9 Sphinx extension by Stephen Finucane that automatically documents click applications, with additions used to generate 'freckles' documentation
sphinx-csv-filter 0.1.1 9 Sphinx CSV filter extension for Crate Documentation
sphinx-django-command 0.1.3 9 Sphinx plugin for help Django commands documentation.
sphinx-docs-theme 0.3.0 9 Sphinx Theme for documentation sites.
sphinx-dust 1.2.3 9 Sphinx extension to produce warnings when a doc needs proofreading.
sphinx-fakeinv 1.0.0 9 Generate fake Intersphinx inventory
sphinx-guillotina-theme 1.0.1 9 sphinx theme for guillotina
sphinx-issues 0.4.0 9 A Sphinx extension for linking to your project's issue tracker
sphinx-javalink 0.11.1 9 Link to Javadoc APIs from Sphinx documentation
sphinx-JDLinker 1.3.1 9 A sphinx extension designed to allow you to create links to a JavaDoc website from your sphinx documentation.
sphinx-js 2.3.1 9 Support for using Sphinx on JSDoc-documented JS code
sphinx-jsonschema 1.7 9 Sphinx extension to display JSON Schema
sphinx-links 0.0.7 9 Added external links to Sphinx project as :l:`name of link`.
sphinx-nbexamples 0.2.2 9 Create an examples gallery with sphinx from Jupyter Notebooks
sphinx-nose 0.3.1 9 Run Sphinx doctests in Nose.
sphinx-paramlinks 0.3.4 9 Allows param links in Sphinx function/method descriptions to be linkable
sphinx-pyreverse 0.0.12 9 A simple sphinx extension to generate UML diagrams with pyreverse
sphinx-reload 0.1.0 9 Live preview your Sphinx documentation
sphinx-removed-in 0.1.0 9 versionremoved and removed-in directives for Sphinx
sphinx-sagecell-ext 0.1rc4 9 The Sphinx extension embedding a Sage cell into a webpage
sphinx-scruffy 1.0.0 9 Plug-in for Sphinx to render "scruffy" diagrams.
sphinx-server 0.1.0 9 simple wsgi sphinx server
sphinx-simulink 0.0.1 9 Sphinx plugin to include MATLAB/Simulink models into .rst
sphinx-tsegsearch 1.0 9 Sphinx extension to split searchword with TinySegmenter
sphinx.themes.plone 0.3 9 Collection of Sphinx Themes for Plone Documentations
sphinx_adc_theme 0.1.4 9 Apple Developer Connection theme for Sphinx, 2015 version.
sphinx_execute_code 0.2a2 9 Sphinx support for execution of python code from code blocks or files
sphinx_rfc2119 0.0.10 9 RFC2119 directives for Sphinx documentation
sphinx_selective_exclude 1.0.1 9 Sphinx eager ".. only::" directive and other selective rendition extensions
sphinx_wxoptimize 1.2 9 Convert sphinx-generated htmlhelp files into versions optimized for reading using the wxHtmlHelp browser
sphinxcontrib-argdoc 0.1.3 9 Sphinx
sphinxcontrib-autodoc_doxygen 0.3.2 9 Doxygen / Sphinx bridge, with autodoc and autosummary
sphinxcontrib-cf3domain 0.1 9 Sphinx domain for CFEngine 3 policies.
sphinxcontrib-clearquest 0.6 9 Sphinx "clearquest" extension
sphinxcontrib-dd 0.1.7 9 Sphinx extension for Data Dictionary and Database Diagram
sphinxcontrib-disqus 1.1.0 9 Sphinx extension that embeds Disqus comments in documents.
sphinxcontrib-docxbuilder 0.0.1alpha 9 Sphinx docx builder extension.
sphinxcontrib-doxylink 1.5 9 Sphinx extension for linking to Doxygen documentation.
sphinxcontrib-eagle 0.0.9 9 Sphinx extension to include image or partlist of eagle schematic or board
sphinxcontrib-getthecode 1.0.0 9 Sphinx getthecode extension
sphinxcontrib-gtkwave 0.0.6 9 Sphinx extension to include screenshot of GTKWave
sphinxcontrib-httpexample 0.8.0 9 Adds example directive for sphinx-contrib httpdomain
sphinxcontrib-imgur 2.0.1 9 Sphinx extension that embeds Imgur images, albums, and their metadata in documents.
sphinxcontrib-lilypond 1.1.0 9 Sphinx lilypond extension
sphinxcontrib-menesbuilder 0.3.1 9 menesbuilder is a Sphinx extension for menes PDF generates web application
sphinxcontrib-openapi 0.3.2 9 OpenAPI (fka Swagger) spec renderer for Sphinx
sphinxcontrib-operationdomain 0.1.0 9 Sphinx extension sphinxcontrib-operationdomain
sphinxcontrib-osexample 0.1.1 9 Sphinx extension for OS code-blocks
sphinxcontrib-packages 1.0.1 9 This packages contains the Packages sphinx extension, which provides directives to display packages installed on the host machine
sphinxcontrib-paradoxy 0.3.1 9 Adds links to Doxygen objects within Sphinx
sphinxcontrib-paverutils 1.16.0 9 Sphinx/Paver integration
sphinxcontrib-programoutput 0.11 9 Sphinx extension to include program output
sphinxcontrib-programscreenshot 0.0.5 9 Sphinx extension to include screenshot of programs
sphinxcontrib-proof 1.0.1 9 This packages contains the Proof sphinx extension, which provides directives to typeset theorems, lemmas, proofs, etc.
sphinxcontrib-pyexec 0.0.4 9 sphinxcontrib-pyexec
sphinxcontrib-redoc 1.3.0 9 ReDoc powered OpenAPI (fka Swagger) spec renderer for Sphinx
sphinxcontrib-simpleversioning 0.0.1 9 Sphinx extension that adds version selection.
sphinxcontrib-smblink 0.2 9 Sphinx Windows Share Links (WSL) role extension
sphinxcontrib-swaggersphinx 0.1.0 9 Convert swagger JSON files to tables in Sphinx
sphinxcontrib-traceability 0.1.2 9 Sphinx traceability extension
sphinxcontrib-translation-assistant 0.1.2 9 Sphinx extension to view Translation Assistant file
sphinxcontrib-varlinks 0.1.4 9 Support substitutions in Sphinx hyperlinks
sphinxcontrib-versioning 2.2.1 9 Sphinx extension that allows building versioned docs for self-hosting.
sphinxcontrib-wavedrom 1.3.1 9 A sphinx extension that allows generating wavedrom diagrams based on their textual representation
sphinxcontrib.infrae 1.0 9 Add-ons to sphinx to document Zope event and interfaces (and buildout configuration).
sphinxcontrib.mermaidjs 0.1.0 9 Sphinx extenstion to generate diagrams and flowcharts via Mermaid.js
sphinxcontrib.nvd3 0.1.5 9 Sphinx chart extension using NVD3.js.
sphinxjp.themecore 0.2.0 9 A sphinx theme plugin support extension. #sphinxjp
sphinxjp.themes.basicstrap 0.4.3 9 A sphinx theme for Basicstrap style. Using Twitter Bootstrap. #sphinxjp
sphinxjp.themes.bizstyle 0.1.6 9 A sphinx theme for Business style Documentation.
sphinxjp.themes.dotted 0.1.2 9 A sphinx theme for Dotted style.
sphinxjp.themes.gopher 0.1.0 9 A sphinx theme for generate gotalk style presentation. #sphinxjp
sphinxjp.themes.htmlslide 0.1.4 9 A sphinx theme for generate HTML Slide presentation. #sphinxjp
sphinxjp.themes.impressjs 0.1.4 9 A sphinx theme for HTML presentation style.
sphinxjp.themes.revealjs 0.3.0 9 A sphinx theme for generate reveal.js presentation. #sphinxjp
sphinxjp.themes.s6 0.3.0 9 A sphinx theme for generate S6 presentation. #sphinxjp
sphinxjp.themes.trstyle 0.1.1 9 A sphinx theme for TriAx Corp style Documentation.
sphinxmark 0.1.19 9 A Sphinx extension that enables watermarks for HTML output.
SphinxReport 2.4.1 9 SphinxReport : a report generator in python based on Sphinx and matplotlib
sphinxserve 0.8b1 9 sphinxserve renders sphinx docs monitoring file changes
sphinxtheme.plone 0.5.7 9 Collection of Sphinx Themes for Plone Documentations
sphinxtools 0.2 9 Paver tasks for Sphinx Search server
sphinxtrap 0.2.3 9 Yet another bootstrap sphinx theme.
sqlalchemy_sphinx 0.8.3 9 SQLAlchemy extension for dealing with SphinxQL
TracSphinx 0.2.1 9 Sphinx plugin for Trac 0.11
waeup.sphinx.autodoc 0.1.1 9 More Zope compatible autodocumenters for Sphinx.
wild_sphinx_theme 1.0.0 9 Like Nature sphinx theme but allows pygments style to be dark
z3c.recipe.sphinxdoc 1.1.0 9 Use Sphinx to build documentation for
zzzeeksphinx 1.0.20 9 Zzzeek's Sphinx Layout and Utilities.
oe-sphinx-theme 0.2.0 8 OE sphinx theme
pysphinxdoc 1.0.0 8 [pysphinxdoc] API Documentation Generation Tool.
sphinx-docstring-typing 0.0.3 8 Typing annotations in sphinx docstrings.
sphinx-markdown 1.0.0 8 Sphinx extension to support Markdown files
sphinx-testing 0.7.2 8 testing utility classes and functions for Sphinx extensions
sphinx_molview_theme 0.0.2 8 Sphinx theme for MolView
sphinxapi 2.0.1-beta 8 Client for the Sphinx search engine.
sphinxsearch 0.1 8 A module for querying the sphinx search daemon
allanc-sphinx 0.2 7 Sphinx themes used for documentation for my projects.
anarchy-sphinx 0.3.1 7 AnarchyTools Theme and Swift support for Sphinx.
appresso_sphinx_extensions 1.0.0 7 Sphinx documentation system extensions created by Appresso AS
astropy-sphinx-theme 1.0 7 The sphinx theme for Astropy and affiliated packages.
bw_sphinxtheme 0.1.8 7 Minimalistic sphinx theme in black and white colours
caktus-sphinx-theme 0.1.0 7 Custom Sphinx theme for projects written and maintained by Caktus Consulting Group.
catkin-sphinx 0.2.2 7 Sphinx extension for Catkin projects
cornice_sphinx 0.3 7 Generate Sphinx documentation from a Cornice application
craftercms-sphinx-theme 1.1.4 7 Crafter CMS Docs theme for Sphinx Doc
dirty-models-sphinx 0.4.2 7 Sphinx extension for dirty models
django-sphinx-autodoc 0.2 7 Autodoc all apps from a project to Sphinx
django-sphinx-db 0.1-3 7 Django database backend for SphinxQL.
django-sphinxdoc 1.5.1 7 Easily integrate Sphinx documentation into your website.
django-sphinxql 1.1.0 7 Sphinx search on Django
django_sphinxsearch 2.0.0 7 Sphinxsearch database backend for django>=2.0
Flask-Sphinx-Themes 1.0.2 7 Sphinx themes for Flask and related projects.
flyingsphinx 0.3.0 7 Flying Sphinx Python client
foundation-sphinx-theme 0.0.3 7 UNKNOWN
fSphinx 0.3 7 fSphinx easily builds faceted search systems using Sphinx.
goldensphinx 0.0.3 7 Build and serve Sphinx
groundwork-sphinx-theme 1.0.8 7 Sphinx theme for groundwork projects (Based on flask_theme)
guzzle_sphinx_theme 0.7.11 7 Sphinx theme used by Guzzle.
hbp-sphinx-theme 0.3.4 7 Human Brain Project Sphinx Theme.
horae.sphinx.grok 1.0a1 7 Provides grok specific autodoc directives for sphinx
j1m.sphinxautointerface 0.3.0 7 Sphinx extension for documenting zope.interface interfaces
javasphinx 0.9.15 7 Sphinx extension for documenting Java projects
jupyter-sphinx-theme 0.0.6 7 Jupyter Sphinx Theme.
karma_sphinx_theme 0.0.5 7 A sphinx theme built with KarmaCSS
lsst-sphinx-bootstrap-theme 0.1.1 7 Sphinx theme for LSST Stack documentation built on Bootstrap and astropy-helpers
metapensiero.odt2sphinx 2.11 7 An OpenDocument to reStructuredText/Sphinx converter.
motechjavasphinx 0.6 7 Sphinx extension for executing javasphinx to documenting Java projects
mozilla-sphinx-theme 0.2 7 A theme using the default mozilla design guidelines
nose-sphinx-doc 0.1 7 Generate sphinx documentation for tests.
nti.sphinxcontrib-programoutput 0.10 7 Install sphinxcontrib-programoutput instead.
odoo-sphinx-autodoc 0.3.2 7 Sphinx extension to use autodoc on openerp.addons.*
odt2sphinx 0.3.0 7 An OpenDocument to sphinx converter.
oslo.sphinx 1.1 7 OpenStack Sphinx Extensions
oslosphinx 4.18.0 7 OpenStack Sphinx Extensions and Theme
peng3d_sphinxext 1.0.post1 7 Sphinx Extension adding Support for peng3d events
pietroalbini-sphinx-themes 1.3.1 7 Sphinx themes for my own projects
pylons_sphinx_latesturl 0.2 7 Sphinx extension: generate
pytest-sphinx 0.2 7 Doctest plugin for pytest with support for Sphinx-specific doctest-directives
quark-sphinx-theme 0.5.0 7 A Sphinx theme designed for QTextBrowser
readthedocs-sphinx-ext 0.5.8 7 Improved Client for Sphinx.
repoze.sphinx.autointerface 0.8 7 Sphinx extension: auto-generates API docs from Zope interfaces
robpol86-sphinxcontrib-googleanalytics 0.1 7 Sphinx extension googleanalytics
rtcat-sphinx-theme 0.1.1 7 Sphinx theme for
sbo-sphinx 2.2.0 7 Sphinx configuration and libraries for Safari Books Online documentation
schemadisplay-sphinx 0.0.1 7 Sphinx Extension for Schema generation
seqansphinx 0.3.2 7 Sphinx extension for SeqAn Sphinx document
SkuidSphinxTheme 0.4.7 7 Sphinx Theme for Skuid
sphinx-3dr-theme 0.4.3 7 3D Robotics official Sphinx theme.
sphinx-astropy 1.0 7 Sphinx extensions and configuration specific to the Astropy project
sphinx-autoapi 0.5.0 7 Sphinx auto API documentation generator
sphinx-autobuild 0.7.1 7 Watch a Sphinx directory and rebuild the documentation when a change is detected. Also includes a livereload enabled web server.
sphinx-autodoc-annotation 1.0-1 7 Use Python 3 annotations in sphinx-enabled docstrings
sphinx-autodoc-napoleon-typehints 2.1.6 7 Type hints (PEP 484) support for the Sphinx autodoc extension
sphinx-autodoc-typehints 1.2.5 7 Type hints (PEP 484) support for the Sphinx autodoc extension
sphinx-automodapi 0.7 7 Sphinx extension for auto-generating API documentation for entire modules
sphinx-autorun 1.1.0 7 Sphinx extension autorun
sphinx-autorun-ng 1.0.0 7 Sphinx extension autorun
sphinx-better-theme 0.1.5 7 A nice-looking, customizable Sphinx theme
sphinx-bootstrap-theme 0.6.4 7 Sphinx Bootstrap Theme.
sphinx-catalystcloud-theme 0.0.1 7 Catalyst Cloud theme for Sphinx
sphinx-confluence 0.0.3 7 Atlassian Confluence extension for sphinx
sphinx-dehead 0.2.1 7 A script to extract the main div section element from HTML
sphinx-docfx-yaml 1.2.26 7 Sphinx Python Domain to DocFX YAML Generator
sphinx-epytext 0.0.4 7 Sphinx "epytext" extension.
sphinx-feature-classification 0.0.1.dev1 7 Generate a matrix of pluggable drivers and their support to an API in Sphinx.
sphinx-fortran 1.0.1 7 Fortran domain and autodoc extensions to Sphinx
sphinx-fossasia-theme 0.0.4 7 A Sphinx theme specific to FOSSASIA's Projects
sphinx-foundation-theme 0.6.0 7 A Sphinx HTML theme that uses Zurb foundation-sites.
sphinx-gallery 0.1.13 7 Sphinx extension to automatically generate an examples gallery
sphinx-gettext-helper 0.2.2 7 gettext helper script for Sphinx
sphinx-glpi-theme 0.3 7 GLPI theme for Sphinx
sphinx-http-domain 0.2 7 Sphinx domain to mark up RESTful web services in ReST
sphinx-intl 0.9.11 7 Sphinx utility that make it easy to translate and to apply translation.
sphinx-jinja 0.3.0 7 includes jinja templates in a documentation
sphinx-jsondomain 0.0.3 7 Describe JSON document structures in sphinx
sphinx-kr-theme 0.2.1 7 The third-part package of kennethreitz/kr-sphinx-themes.
sphinx-md-theme 0.1a4 7 A Material design theme for Sphinx.
sphinx-me 0.3 7 Wraps your README-only projects in a dynamic Sphinx shell for hosting on
sphinx-navtree 0.3.0 7 Navigation tree customization for Sphinx
sphinx-odoo-autodoc 0.3.3 7 Sphinx extension to use autodoc on odoo.addons.*
sphinx-opnfv-theme 0.1.1 7 OPNFV Theme for Sphinx
sphinx-pdj-theme 0.1.2 7 PdJ for Sphinx
sphinx-prompt 1.0.0 7 Sphinx directive to add unselectable prompt
Sphinx-PyPI-upload 0.2.1 7 setuptools command for uploading Sphinx documentation to PyPI
Sphinx-PyPI-upload-2 0.2.2 7 Setuptools command for uploading Sphinx documentation to the PyPI
Sphinx-PyPI-upload3 0.2.2 7 setuptools command for uploading Sphinx documentation to PyPI
sphinx-quickstart-plus 0.6 7 sphinx-quickstart Utility
sphinx-readable-theme 1.3.0 7 Sphinx Readable Theme
sphinx-redactor-theme 0.0.1 7 Sphinx theme for redactor docs.
sphinx-refdoc 0.1.3 7 Reference documentation generator for sphinx
sphinx-serve 1.0.1 7 Preview sphinx documentation locally
sphinx-sitemap 0.2 7 Sitemap generator for Sphinx
sphinx-susiai-theme 0.0.1 7 A Sphinx theme specific to SUSI AI's Projects
sphinx-swagger 0.0.4 7 Generate swagger definitions from sphinx docs
sphinx-theme 1.0 7 Sphinx documentation theme based on
sphinx-tosca 0.1.0 7 Sphinx ducumentation plugin for DICE TOSCA library
sphinx-typlog-theme 0.3.1 7 A typlog Sphinx theme
sphinx-view 0.1.4 7 View your rendered Sphinx or ReStructuredText documents in a browser
sphinx-vlaamsecodex 0.2.4 7 Sphinx extension to integrate in a document.
sphinx.plonetheme 2.0 7 Addon for Plone
sphinx.webtools 0.2.2 7 Sphinx web tools for python web frameworks
sphinx2rst 1.1.0 7 Convert Sphinx to rst
sphinx_amazonjp_embed 0.1.0 7 embedding in sphinx
sphinx_celery 1.3.1 7 Sphinx Celery Theme.
sphinx_changelist 0.1.2 7 A sphinx extension make is easy to place a **Changelist** into your rst file
sphinx_drove_theme 1.11.0 7 theme for Sphinx, 2014 version.
sphinx_erdiagram 0.0.1.dev20160527 7 Sphinx "ER diagram" extension
sphinx_fontawesome 0.0.6 7 add directive for fontawesome in sphinx
sphinx_html5_basic_theme 1.0.5 7 Enable Sphinx to generate HTML5 valid files
sphinx_julia_theme 0.0.2rc0 7 Julia theme for Sphinx based on ReadTheDocs theme.
sphinx_minoo_theme 0.9.7 7 A simple Sphinx theme with RTL language support.
sphinx_numfig 0.1.1 7 Python Boilerplate contains all the boilerplate you need to create a Python package.
sphinx_ops_theme 0.1.11 7 theme for Sphinx, 2013 version.
sphinx_rtd_theme 0.2.5b2 7 Read the Docs theme for Sphinx
sphinx_theme_pd 0.8.3 7 Material Design theme for Sphinx.
sphinx_typesafe 0.3 7 Type checking @typesafe employing Sphinx docstrings
sphinxalchemy 0.5.1 7 SQLAlchemy extension for dealing with SphinxQL
sphinxbootstrap4theme 0.5.0 7 Sphinx Bootstrap4 Theme
sphinxcontrib-aafig 1.0 7 aafig Sphinx extension
sphinxcontrib-aafig2 1.1 7 aafig Sphinx extension
sphinxcontrib-actdiag 0.8.5 7 Sphinx "actdiag" extension
sphinxcontrib-adadomain 0.2 7 Sphinx "adadomain" extension
sphinxcontrib-addmetahtml 0.1.dev20171028 7 Sphinx "addmetahtml" extension
sphinxcontrib-apiblueprint 0.9.0 7 Sphinx extension to create API docs using API Blueprint
sphinxcontrib-astah 1.0.0 7 Sphinx "astah" extension; embed diagram by using astah
sphinxcontrib-asyncio 0.2.0 7 sphinx extension to support coroutines in markup
sphinxcontrib-autoanysrc 0.0.3-20141120 7 Sphinx extension with some autodoc features for any sources
sphinxcontrib-autojs 0.1dev-20110917 7 Sphinx "Auto JavaScript Document" extension
sphinxcontrib-autorun 0.1-20140415 7 Sphinx extension autorun
sphinxcontrib-autorun2 0.1-20140415 7 Sphinx extension autorun
sphinxcontrib-bayesnet 0.1 7 BayesNet extension for Sphinx
sphinxcontrib-bibtex 0.3.6 7 A Sphinx extension for BibTeX style citations.
sphinxcontrib-bitbucket 1.0 7 Sphinx/BitBucket integration
sphinxcontrib-blockdiag 1.5.5 7 Sphinx "blockdiag" extension
sphinxcontrib-cacoo 1.1.0 7 Sphinx "cacoo" extension; embed diagram from cacoo
sphinxcontrib-chapeldomain 0.0.14 7 Chapel domain for Sphinx
sphinxcontrib-cheader 1.0.0 7 Sphinx c:header directive
sphinxcontrib-cheeseshop 0.2 7 Sphinx extension cheeseshop
sphinxcontrib-cldomain 0.13 7 Sphinx domain for Common Lisp
sphinxcontrib-cmtinc 0.2 7 Include comments from source file Sphinx extension
sphinxcontrib-confluencebuilder 0.8 7 Sphinx extension to output Atlassian Confluence Wiki files and publish to Confluence Servers.
sphinxcontrib-contentui 0.2.2 7 Sphinx "contentui" extension
sphinxcontrib-cqlengine 1.0 7 Sphinx "cqlengine" extension
sphinxcontrib-css3image 0.1dev-20140921 7 Sphinx "css3image" extension
sphinxcontrib-dashbuilder 0.1.0 7 Sphinx builder extension to generate a 'Documentation Set' for `dash API browser`.
sphinxcontrib-dashdomain 0.1.2 7 Sphinx "dash domain" and "builder" extension
sphinxcontrib-ditaa 0.4 7 Ditaa Sphinx extension
sphinxcontrib-django 0.3 7 Improve the Sphinx autodoc for Django classes.
sphinxcontrib-docbookrestapi 0.2.1 7 Extension to Sphinx for generating REST API documentation for
sphinxcontrib-documentedlist 0.6 7 Sphinx DocumentedList extension
sphinxcontrib-domaintools 0.1 7 Sphinx extension for easy domain creation.
sphinxcontrib-dotnetdomain 0.4 7 Sphinx "dotnetdomain" extension
sphinxcontrib-dqndomain 0.1.0 7 Sphinx dqn extension
sphinxcontrib-emacs 0.4 7 Emacs documentation support for Sphinx
sphinxcontrib-email 0.1 7 Sphinx email obfuscation extension
sphinxcontrib-embedly 0.2 7 Sphinx "embedly" extension
sphinxcontrib-erlangdomain 0.1dev-20100827 7 Sphinx extension sphinxcontrib-erlangdomain
sphinxcontrib-exampleblock 0.0.1 7 Sphinx "exampleblock" extension
sphinxcontrib-examplecode 0.1.0 7 Sphinx "examplecode" extension
sphinxcontrib-excel 0.0.1 7 Embed excel file as an excel-alike table into sphinx documentation.
sphinxcontrib-excel-table 1.0.2 7 Embed excel file as an excel-alike table into sphinx documentation.
sphinxcontrib-exceltable 0.2.2 7 Support for including Excel spreadsheets into Sphinx documents
sphinxcontrib-externallinks 0.1dev-20140407 7 Sphinx "externallinks" extension
sphinxcontrib-fancybox 0.3.5 7 Sphinx "fancybox" extension
sphinxcontrib-findanything 0.2.5 7 Sphinx "FindAnything" extension
sphinxcontrib-fulltoc 1.2.0 7 Include a full table of contents in your Sphinx HTML sidebar
sphinxcontrib-gen_node 0.1-20131031 7 Sphinx generic nodes "todo like" extension
sphinxcontrib-getstart-sphinx 1.0.0 7 Sphinx extensions for "Getting Started with Sphinx 2nd Edition"
sphinxcontrib-github 0.1.3 7 github directives and roles for sphinx
sphinxcontrib-github_ribbon 0.9.0 7 Sphinx extension to put a GitHub Ribbon to each HTML pages
sphinxcontrib-githubcomments 0.5.0 7 Add GitHub comments to your Sphinx docs.
sphinxcontrib-golangdomain 0.1.3dev 7 Sphinx extension sphinxcontrib-golangdomain
sphinxcontrib-googleanalytics 0.1 7 Sphinx extension googleanalytics
sphinxcontrib-googlechart 0.2.1 7 Sphinx "googlechart" extension
sphinxcontrib-googlemaps 0.1.0 7 Sphinx "googlemaps" extension
sphinxcontrib-gravatar 0.1.2 7 Sphinx "gravatar" extension
sphinxcontrib-gruffygen 0.1.1 7 Gruffy Sphinx extension
sphinxcontrib-htsql 0.1.5 7 HTSQL extension for Sphinx
sphinxcontrib-httpdomain 1.6.0 7 Sphinx domain for documenting HTTP APIs
sphinxcontrib-httpdomain-update 1.3.1 7 Sphinx domain for HTTP APIs
sphinxcontrib-imagehelper 1.1.1 7 Sphinx extension helper about images
sphinxcontrib-images 0.7.0 7 Sphinx "images" extension
sphinxcontrib-imagesvg 0.1 7 Sphinx "imagesvg" extension
sphinxcontrib-inheritance 0.9.0 7 Documentation inheritance functionality for Sphinx
sphinxcontrib-inlinesyntaxhighlight 0.2 7 Inline Syntax Highlighting for Sphinx
sphinxcontrib-issuetracker 0.11 7 Sphinx integration with different issuetrackers
sphinxcontrib-jsdemo 0.1.4 7 HTML/Javascript Demo extension for Sphinx
sphinxcontrib-jsoncall 0.3 7 Sphinx extension that adds a simple button to perform test calls to JSON based apis
sphinxcontrib-jsonschema 0.9.3 7 Sphinx extension to define data structure using JSON Schema
sphinxcontrib-jsontest 0.1.5 7 Sphinx extension allows you to test json apis
sphinxcontrib-jsx 0.3.0 7 Sphinx JSX directive extension
sphinxcontrib-jupyter 0.1.dev20171024 7 Sphinx "Jupyter" extension: Convert your RST files into executable Jupyter notebooks.
sphinxcontrib-katex 0.1.5 7 A Sphinx extension for rendering math on HTML pages.
sphinxcontrib-lassodomain 0.4 7 Lasso domain for Sphinx
sphinxcontrib-log-cabinet 1.0.0 7 Organize changelog directives in Sphinx docs.
sphinxcontrib-lunrsearch 0.2 7 Instant search for Sphinx
sphinxcontrib-makedomain 0.1.1 7 Sphinx Make Domain Extension
sphinxcontrib-manpage 0.4 7 Sphinx linux manpage extension
sphinxcontrib-markdown 0.1.0 7 Yet another markdown processor for Sphinx
sphinxcontrib-matlabdomain 0.2.13 7 Sphinx "matlabdomain" extension
sphinxcontrib-mercurial 0.2 7 Sphinx "mercurial" extension
sphinxcontrib-mermaid 0.3.1 7 Mermaid diagrams in yours Sphinx powered docs
sphinxcontrib-microdata 0.1dev-20140921 7 Sphinx "microdata" extension
sphinxcontrib-mockautodoc 0.0.1dev-20130518 7 Sphinx mocking autodoc extension
sphinxcontrib-mscgen 0.4 7 mscgen Sphinx extension
sphinxcontrib-multilatex 0.1.3 7 Sphinx extension that allows LaTeX/PDF documents to be declared and parameterized within reStructuredText source files
sphinxcontrib-napoleon 0.6.1 7 Sphinx "napoleon" extension.
sphinxcontrib-napoleon2 1.0 7 Modified Sphinx "napoleon" extension.
sphinxcontrib-needs 0.1.49 7 Sphinx needs extension for managing needs/requirements and specifications
sphinxcontrib-newsfeed 0.1.4 7 News Feed extension for Sphinx
sphinxcontrib-nicovideo 0.1.1 7 Sphinx "nicovideo" extension
sphinxcontrib-nwdiag 0.9.5 7 Sphinx "nwdiag" extension
sphinxcontrib-ocaml 0.3.0 7 Sphinx extension to document OCaml libraries
sphinxcontrib-openstreetmap 0.4.0 7 Sphinx "OpenStreetMap" extension
sphinxcontrib-osaka 0.1dev-20100410 7 Sphinx extension osaka
sphinxcontrib-pecanwsme 0.8.0 7 Extension to Sphinx for documenting APIs built with Pecan and WSME
sphinxcontrib-phpdomain 0.4.1 7 Sphinx extension to enable documenting PHP code
sphinxcontrib-plantuml 0.10 7 Sphinx "plantuml" extension
sphinxcontrib-proceduralimage 0.2 7 proceduralimage Sphinx extension
sphinxcontrib-rawfiles 0.1.1 7 Sphinx "rawfiles" extension
sphinxcontrib-redpen 0.0.2 7 Redpen validator for Sphinx
sphinxcontrib-requirements 0.1dev-20110502 7 Sphinx "requirements" extension
sphinxcontrib-restbuilder 0.1 7 Sphinx extension to output reST files.
sphinxcontrib-reviewbuilder 0.0.8 7 Sphinx reviewbuilder extension
sphinxcontrib-rextheme 0.1.2 7 Sphinx theme for RexDB Platform documentation
sphinxcontrib-robotdoc 0.9.1 7 Sphinx extension to embed Robot Framework test cases and user keywords into Sphinx documents
sphinxcontrib-robotframework 0.7.0 7 Robot Framework extension for Sphinx
sphinxcontrib-ros 0.0.4 7 Sphinx extension forROS(Robot Operating System) documentation
sphinxcontrib-sadisplay 0.3.2dev-20130518 7 Sphinx "sadisplay" extension
sphinxcontrib-scaladomain 0.1a1 7 Sphinx domain for Scala APIs
sphinxcontrib-sdedit 0.3 7 Sphinx extension for drawing sequence diagrams
sphinxcontrib-seqdiag 0.8.5 7 Sphinx "seqdiag" extension
sphinxcontrib-shoebot 1.2.2.dev20160502 7 Sphinx extension shoebot
sphinxcontrib-showterm 0.0.1 7 Sphinx termshows extension
sphinxcontrib-slide 0.3.0 7 Sphinx "slide" extension
sphinxcontrib-specdomain 1.04.02 7 Sphinx "specdomain" extension
sphinxcontrib-spelling 4.0.1 7 Sphinx spelling extension
sphinxcontrib-sqlalchemyviz 0.3 7 Sphinx SQLAlchemyViz extension
sphinxcontrib-sqltable 1.0 7 Sphinx "SQLTable" extension
sphinxcontrib-ssmlbuilder 0.2.0 7 Sphinx "SSMLBuilder" extension
sphinxcontrib-swagger2sphinx 0.1.4 7 Converter from Swagger to Sphinx HTTP domain.
sphinxcontrib-swaggerdoc 0.1.7 7 Sphinx extension for documenting Swagger 2.0 APIs
sphinxcontrib-swf 0.3 7 Sphinx "swf" extension
sphinxcontrib-taglist 0.2 7 Sphinx "taglist" extension
sphinxcontrib-testbuild 0.1.3 7 Test Sphinx builds with Python tests.
sphinxcontrib-texfigure 0.1.3 7 TeX Figure extension for Sphinx
sphinxcontrib-textstyle 0.2.3 7 Sphinx "textstyle" extension
sphinxcontrib-thm 1.2.dev20170919 7 Sphinx extension for directives mentioned in amsthm (theorem, example, exercise,...) and more
sphinxcontrib-tikz 0.4.4 7 TikZ extension for Sphinx
sphinxcontrib-toc 0.9.0 7 Sphinx extension to allow .toc file to builde the Table of Contents
sphinxcontrib-traceables 0.1.4 7 Sphinx extension that adds traceability within documentation
sphinxcontrib-trio 1.0.1 7 Make Sphinx better at documenting Python functions and methods
sphinxcontrib-vcs 0.1.0 7 Sphinx extension to show commit history in version control system
sphinxcontrib-visio 2.1.2 7 Sphinx "visio" extension; embed MS-Visio file (.vsd, .vsdx)
sphinxcontrib-webmocks 0.1.0 7 Sphinx "webmocks" extension
sphinxcontrib-websnap 0.2.0 7 Sphinx directives for archiving and linking to websites
sphinxcontrib-websupport 1.0.1 7 Sphinx API for Web Apps
sphinxcontrib-websupport-lean 2.0.0.dev20170818 7 Sphinx API for Web Apps
sphinxcontrib-whoosh 0.1 7 Whoosh Sphinx extension
sphinxcontrib-wiki 0.3.0 7 Assemble sections into wiki pages in sphinx documents
sphinxcontrib-yaml 1.0.0 7 Obsolete - use sphinxcontrib-autoyaml instead
sphinxcontrib-yuml 0.3.1 7 Sphinx extension for embedding yuml diagram in documentations
sphinxcontrib-zopeext 0.2.1 7 Sphinx extension zopeext
sphinxcontrib.contributors 1.0 7 Show document contributors on the page
sphinxcontrib.datatemplates 0.1.0 7 Sphinx extension for rendering data files as nice HTML
sphinxcontrib.divparams 0.0.5 7 Converts parameter tables in HTML documentation generated by Sphinx into <div>'s.
sphinxcontrib.gist 0.1.0 7 embedding gist to sphinx
sphinxcontrib.twitter 0.5.0 7 embedding twitter's tweet in sphinx 0.2.0 7 embedding gist to sphinx
sphinxcontrib_github_alt 1.0 7 Link to GitHub issues, pull requests, commits and users from Sphinx docs.
sphinxfeed 0.3 7 Sphinx extension for generating RSS feeds
sphinxfolders 1.0.3 7 Sphinx directive to list the content of a folder
sphinxit 0.3.2 7 Lite and powerful SphinxQL query constructor
sphinxit-fc 0.3.3 7 Lite and powerful SphinxQL query constructor
sphinxjp-tk0miya 0.0.4 7 Sphinx flicker API extention
sphinxjp.shibukawa 0.1.6 7 Sphinx calendar extension
sphinxjp.themes.tinkeralizarin 0.2.1 7 A single column blogging theme tool for Tinkerer, based on alizarin color.
sphinxjp.themes.tinkerbelizehole 0.2.0 7 A single column blogging theme tool for Tinkerer, based on belizehole color.
sphinxjp.themes.tinkerbelizeholesidebar 0.2.4 7 A two column blogging theme tool for Tinkerer, based on belizehole color.
sphinxjp.themes.tinkerdahlia 0.2.0 7 An one column blogging theme tool for Tinkerer.
sphinxjp.themes.tinkerpress 0.1.1 7 A tinkerer theme like some famous blogging tool.
sphinxjp.themes.tinkerturquoise 0.2.3 7 Two column blogging theme tool for Tinkerer, based on turquoise color.
sphinxjp.themes.tinkerturquoisesinglecolumn 0.1.2 7 Two column blogging theme tool for Tinkerer, based on turquoise color.
sphinxjp.usaturn 0.2.0 7 a sphinx extension to add new admonition named `usaturn`
sphinxleash 0.2.1 7 Lightweight framework for generating Sphinx docs
sphinxmix 0.0.7 7 A Python implementation of the Sphinx mix packet format.
sphinxmixcrypto 0.0.4 7 Sphinx mixnet crypto
sphinxprettysearchresults 0.3.2 7 Decently styled search results for sphinx-doc projects
sphinxtesters 0.1.1 7 Utilities for testing Sphinx extensions
sphinxtheme-simple 0.1 7 Simple sphinx theme
sphinxtogithub 1.1.0 7 Script for preparing the html output of the Sphinx documentation system for github pages.
steenzout.sphinx 1.0.14 7 Sphinx configuration for the steenzout GitHub organization.
stsci.sphinxext 1.2.1 7 A set of tools and templates to customize Sphinx for use in STScI projects
t3SphinxThemeRtd 3.6.12 7 Docs.TYPO3.Org theme for Sphinx, starting 2015.
txsphinx 0.1 7 An asynchronous Python driver for the Sphinx search engine, based on Twisted.
ushahidi_sphinx_rtd_theme 7 Ushahidi customisation of theme for Sphinx, 2015 version.
uSphinx 0.1.0 7 experimantal SPhinx rewrite
wiki2sphinx 0.2 7 tool for creating a sphinx document structure from a ReST-moin-wiki
yummy-sphinx-theme 0.0.6 7 A sphinx theme created to mimick Yummy-Jekyll
zerovm-sphinx-theme 1.1 7 ZeroVM theme for Sphinx
zuul-sphinx 0.2.1 7 A Sphinx extension for documenting Zuul jobs
cakephpsphinx 0.1.8 6 CakePHP Sphinx theme and common configuration
django-sphinx 2.2.4 6 An integration layer bringing Django and Sphinx Search together.
djsphinx 0.0.6 6 Sphinx Search Engine integration with Django ORM through Python client for Sphinx by Michael Kurze, James Socol
jupyter_sphinx 0.1.2 6 Jupyter Sphinx Extensions
nbsphinx-link 1.0.0 6 A sphinx extension for including notebook files outside sphinx source root
pygal_sphinx_directives 1.0.1 6 Pygal sphinx integration
sphinx-argparse 0.2.1 6 Sphinx extension that automatically documents argparse commands and options
sphinx-boost 0.0.3 6 Boost theme for sphinx
sphinx-csharp 0.1.6 6 C# domain for Sphinx
sphinx-csv-list 0.0.1 6 Sphinx extension to render CSV as HTML list
sphinx-git 10.1.1 6 git Changelog for Sphinx
Sphinx-Julia 0.2 6 Sphinx extensions for Julia
sphinx-kml 0.1.3 6 Embed maps in your Sphinx documents using a locally-stored KML file.
sphinx-measurement 0.1 6 Embed and convert measurements easily within your sphinx document.
sphinx-mobi-builder 0.2 6 A Sphinx builder for .mobi (Kindle) files.
sphinx-modern-theme 1.0.5 6 A modern sphinx theme using Bootstrap
sphinx-nameko-mw-theme 0.0.9 6 Sphinx Nameko MW Theme
sphinx-nameko-theme 0.0.3 6 Sphinx Nameko Theme
sphinx-naps-theme 1 6 Sphinx theme used by Antoine Millet for its projects
sphinx-patchqueue 1.0.4 6 Sphinx extension for embedding sequences of file alterations
sphinx-tabs 1.1.7 6 Tab views for Sphinx
sphinx_materialdesign_theme 0.1.1 6 Sphinx Material Design Theme
sphinx_seznam_theme 0.1 6 A configurable sidebar-enabled Sphinx theme
sphinxcontrib-autoyaml 0.4.0 6 Sphinx extension to generate docs from YAML comments
sphinxcontrib-book 0.9.3 6 sphinxcontrib-book
sphinxcontrib-cmakedomain 0.2 6 Sphinx extension for CMake domain.
sphinxcontrib-coffee 0.2.1 6 Sphinx extension to add CoffeeScript support
sphinxcontrib-pandoc-markdown 1.6.8 6 Yet another markdown processor for Sphinx
sphinxcontrib_indesignbuilder 0.0.9 6 Sphinx indesign builder
sphinxmapxrefrole 0.2.2 6 Sphinx mapping role
sphinxview 0.2.0 6 Serves your Sphinx project and reloads pages on source changes
sunpy-sphinx-theme 1.0.7 6 The sphinx theme for the SunPy website and documentation.
travis-sphinx 2.0.1 6 Manages building sphinx documentation and deploying documentation to gh-pages via travis
tsuru-sphinx 0.1.4 6 Sphinx extensions used in tsuru documentation
ablog 0.8.4 5 ABlog for blogging with Sphinx
autodocsumm 0.1.6 5 Extended sphinx autodoc including automatic autosummaries
bolditalic 0.1.4 5 **DEPRECATED** A Sphinx extension that enables inline bold + italic.
CGATReport 5 CGATReport : a report generator in python based on sphinx
chalicedoc 0.2.2 5 Chalice route reStructuredText autodoc directive for docutils/Sphinx.
champollion 0.6.0 5 Sphinx extension to document javascript code.
changelog 0.4.0 5 Provides simple Sphinx markup to render changelog displays.
chios 0.1.4 5 A collection of Sphinx extensions.
cloud_sptheme 1.9.4 5 a nice sphinx theme named 'Cloud', and some related extensions
cmuclmtk 0.1.5 5 Wrapper library for accessing the language model tools for CMU Sphinx (CMUCLMTK).
crate-docs-theme 0.5.55 5 Crate Sphinx Theme for ReadTheDocs
dataflake.docbuilder 1.20 5 Automated Sphinx documentation builder
dipus 0.0.5 5 Dipus is a simple full-text search server using Whoosh for Sphinx
django-documentation 1.1 5 Provides a way to integrate a protected sphinx based documentation within your django app.
inmanta-sphinx 0.6 5 Inmanta domain for inmanta modules and config
inspect-it 0.3.2 5 Reads your code and returns a JSON description you can use to generate documentation. Like Sphinx AutoDoc but without Sphinx.
inspected 0.2.0 5 Reads your code and returns a JSON description you can use to generate documentation. Like Sphinx AutoDoc but without Sphinx.
j1m.sphinxautozconfig 0.1.0 5 Spinx support for ZConfig
kaybee 0.0.7 5 Knowledgebase system for Sphinx
kotti_docs_theme 0.2 5 Sphinx Theme for Kotti Documentation
Lowdown 0.1.2 5 Sphinx extension for release notes / changelogs.
metapensiero.sphinx.autodoc_sa 1.5 5 Autodoc extension to pretty print canned SA queries
metapensiero.sphinx.patchdb 3.1 5 Extract scripts from a reST document and apply them in order.
mlx.openscad 0.1.0 5 Sphinx openscad extension
mlx.traceability 2.3.0 5 Sphinx traceability extension (Melexis fork)
numpydoc 0.7.0 5 Sphinx extension to support docstrings in Numpy format
ovs-sphinx-theme 1.0.1 5 Open vSwitch Theme
parinx 0.1.2 5 Parinx implements a basic Sphinx docstring parser language which providesa interface to extract the relavant parameter. You might find it most useful for tasks involving automated data extraction from sphinx docs.
phix 0.5.1 5 Make writing your Sphinx docs a little easier.
Pyterate 1.0.0 5 Pyterate is a Sphinx add-ons to generate API documentation using autogen and litterate programming documentation for Python projects.
remotecode 0.1.2 5 **DEPRECATED** A Sphinx extension that enables remote code blocks
restructuredBootstrap 1.0.0 5 Twitter Bootstrap 3 directives for use with Sphinx.
restructuredWeb 1.0.0 5 Web directives for use with Sphinx.
rtd-tikz 0.1.2 5 Binaries in order to use Sphinx TikZ extension at Read the Docs
runestone 3.0.8 5 Sphinx extensions for writing interactive documents.
slab 0.1.2 5 Improved apidoc generator for Sphinx
sphinx-classy-code 0.1 5 UNKNOWN
sphinx-corlab-theme 0.1.4 5 Theme for documentation projects related to CoR-Lab software
sphinx_bernard_theme 0.1.12 5 UNKNOWN
sphinx_hand_theme 1.0.0 5 Read the Docs theme for hand
sphinx_py3doc_enhanced_theme 2.4.0 5 A theme based on the theme of with some responsive enhancements.
sphinxcontrib-autoprogram 0.1.3 5 Documenting CLI programs
sphinxcontrib-jinjadomain 0.5.1 5 Jinja domain for jinja templates
sphinxcontrib-recentpages 0.7.1 5 UNKNOWN
sphinxcontrib-spam 0.4.2 5 output spam! spam! spam!
sphinxcontrib-srclinks 0.2.2 5 Add source, edit, history, annotate links to GitHub or BitBucket
sphinxcontrib_ansibleautodoc 0.0.4 5 autodoc for ansible playbook
sphinxgen 5 UNKNOWN
sphinxscript 0.0.6 5 Tool for building restructured text documentation for projects with scripts in many languages
t3fieldlisttable 0.2.0 5 Implement t3-field-list-table Directive for Sphinx
t3tablerows 0.1.0 5 Implement Sphinx transformation of "table-row" containers
t3targets 0.1.0 5 Implement Sphinx directive "ref-targets-list"
tebe 0.1.6 5 Tebe is a simple but powerful editor for Markdown and reStructuredText markup languages with Sphinx and Rst2Pdf power included
tl.pkg 0.1 5 A paste.script template for a namespaced Python package and a Sphinx theme.
uqbar 0.2.1 5 Tools for building documentation with Sphinx, Graphviz and LaTeX
yasfb 0.6.1 5 Yet Another Sphinx Feed Builder
impress 1.6 4 Generate slides from rest files using sphinx and impress.js
orgtblfilter 0.1 4 A sphinx extension to pre-process orgtbl-mode tables to sphinx tables
ritzfizz 1.0 4 Ritzfizz Sphinx Theme by
setupam 0.1.3 4 Command-line tool for setup a speech corpus for training an acoustic model for CMU Sphinx.
sphinx-api-any 0.2 4 extract comments from source files into rst files
Sphinx-Explorer 0.99 4 Python documentation generator
sphinx-ioam-theme 0.0.9 4
sphinx-php 1.0 4
sphinxcontrib-japanese-text-join 0.1.0 4 japanese-text-join
sphinxformat 0.9 4
sphinxminion 0.1 4
sphinxpacket 0.1 4
stsci_sphinx_theme 0.0.1.dev0 4
alabaster 0.7.10 3 A configurable sidebar-enabled Sphinx theme
allabaster 0.1.0 3 An embeddable Sphinx theme, based on Alabaster.
ATD_document 0.1.1 3 setuptools command for uploading Sphinx documentation to PyPI
autoapi 1.3.1 3 Automatic API reference documentation generation for Sphinx inspired by Doxygen
bdp 0.2 3 Block Diagrams in Python
beanbag-docutils 1.6 3 Sphinx utility modules for Beanbag's documentation format.
bob.buildout 2.1.5 3 A collection of zc.buildout recipes for Bob packages
breathe 4.7.3 3 Sphinx Doxygen renderer
buildthedocs 1.0.3 3 A Sphinx documentation building tool on steroids.
cakephp_theme 1.0.2 3 A Sphinx theme for CakePHP doc sites
cartouche 1.1.2 3 Sphinx "cartouche" extension
chephren 0.1.0 3 An extension to Sphinx for managing a blog or static website
confluence-publisher 1.2.1 3 Tool for publishing Sphinx generated documents to Confluence
confluence-publisher-ex 1.1.0 3 Tool for publishing Sphinx generated documents to Confluence
defopt 4.0.1 3 Effortless argument parser
django-docs 0.2.1 3 Allows to serve Sphinx generated docs from django.
django-giza 0.1.6 3 Autodoc all modules from a Django project's INSTALLED_APPS for Sphinx
djangochurch-docs-theme 0.1.1 3 Django Church Sphinx theme.
doc8 0.8.0 3 Style checker for Sphinx (or other) RST documentation
docfly 0.0.13 3 A utility tool to help you build better sphinx documents
docit 3 Simple tools for sphinx autodoc to control whether members are documented or not.
documenteer 0.2.5 3 Tools for LSST DM documentation projects
docutils_ext 0.2d 3 DOCUTILS EXTENSIONS
docutils_react_docgen 1.1.0 3 docutils extension which converts react-docgen output to restructured text
dookumentation 1.2.0 3 StandAlone Async single-file cross-platform no-dependenciesUnicode Python3 Multi-Format Auto Documentation Generator.Imagine that we mix together Sphinx, PanDoc, Material Design, MkDocs, eBooks,LibreOffice Docs, K.I.S.S. principle and take out all the bloat,then Dookumentation born, enjoy 'The Dark Side of Documentation' !.
dqn 0.2.0 3 The dqn create ReST files for sphinx from source code
eClaircie 0.2 3 éClaircie is a 100% static and cloud-less blog engine. It is based on the Sphinx documentation generator.
exhale 0.1.7 3 Automatic C++ library API documentation generator using Doxygen, Sphinx, and Breathe. Exhale revives Doxygen's class / file hierarchies using reStructuredText for superior markup syntax / websites.
gir2rst 0.4 3 ReST-based Sphinx documentation from GIR files
github-tools 0.2rc1 3 Helpers for Python package hosting at GitHub
gjtheme 0.2.5 3 Sphinx GJ Theme
gocept.package 3.0 3 A paste.script template following gocept Python package conventions.
gosyu 2.0.6 3 Fix the Sphinx to enable any order to sort indices(using domain feature)
hgblog 0.7.1 3 Sphinx-based blogging engine
hieroglyph 1.0.0 3 Generate HTML presentations from plain text sources with all the power of Sphinx.
insegel 0.3.0 3 Clean, minimalist Sphinx theme for deploying on ReadTheDocs
jinjaapidoc 0.4.0 3 Sphinx API Doc with Jinja2 templates
klink 0.1.9 3 Klink is a simple and clean theme for creating Sphinx docs, inspired by jrnl
lsst-dd-rtd-theme 0.2.1 3 theme for Sphinx, 2013 version,forked by LSST/AURA.
m2r 0.1.13 3 Markdown and reStructuredText in a single file.
mezzanine-meze 0.3 3 A Mezzanine app to convert reStructuredText into HTML using Sphinx
mkdocs-nature 0.2.1 3 A MkDocs theme. A clone of the "greenish" Sphinx theme of the same name.
murray 0.6.3 3 Murray theme for Sphinx
napoleon2html 0.2.0 3 Wrappers to translate Napoleon/Sphinx docstrings to HTML.
nb2plots 0.6 3 Converting between ipython notebooks and sphinx docs
odoodoc 0.17 3 Odoo markup for Sphinx
Okydoky 0.9.6 3 Automated docs builder using Sphinx/GitHub/Distribute for private use
os-api-ref 1.5.0 3 Sphinx Extensions to support API reference sites in OpenStack
pptshape 0.0.4 3 Extract images from PowerPoint presentation files for Sphinx.
project_name 0.2.175 3 This a project template including a setup and the generation of sphinx generation. The documentation generation is using pyquickhelper.
pygments-openssl 1.3 3 Syntax coloring for OpenSSL configuration files
pyquickhelper 1.6.2413 3 Various functionalities: folder synchronization, simple logging function, helpers to generate documentation with sphinx, sphinx extension, to run a command line, to run a notebook...
pyramid_autodoc 1.0.0 3 Sphinx extension for documenting your Pyramid APIs.
python-docs-theme 0.0.1 3 The Sphinx theme for the CPython docs and related projects
python_lconf_lexer 1.1.1 3 A simple pygments lexer for LCONF.
recipe.makedocs 0.1.3 3 zc.buildout recipe to generate and build Sphinx-based documentation in the buildout
rosixdocs 0.1.3 3 Theme for Sphinx from Rosix projects.
rstspreadsheet 0.1.2 3 Add the `spreadsheet` directive to reStructuredText for Docutils and Sphinx
rusty 0.3.1 3 A collection of Sphinx extensions
sage-package 0.0.5 3 Utilities for authoring SageMath packages
sffms 0.9.4 3 Sffms-style LaTeX output for Sphinx
SimpleAudioIndexer 1.0.0 3 Indexes audio files and searches for words/phrases or matches regex patterns within them.
solar-theme 1.3.3 3 Theme for Python Sphinx
sortorder 2.0.6 3 Enable Sphinx to generate HTML5 valid files
SpeechRecognition 3.8.1 3 Library for performing speech recognition, with support for several engines and APIs, online and offline.
spyrim 9000.1 3 Data analysis framework
stanford-theme 1.0 3 Stanford theme for Sphinx documentation generator and
testr3454 0.1.1 3 setuptools command for uploading Sphinx documentation to PyPI
texext 0.5 3 Sphinx extensions for working with LaTeX math
thriftdomain 1.2.0 3 Sphinx domain for Thrift
tibas.fountain 0.2.0 3 Sphinx extension for embeding Fountain screenplay fragments 0.3.1 3 A Sphinx/ablog theme that inherits and works off alabaster
Tinkerer 1.6.0 3 Sphinx-based blogging engine
tk.phpautodoc 1.2.1 3 sample implementation of phpdocumentor using sphinx
tooth.paste 2.0 3 Create shiny new Python packages with Sphinx documentation, unit tests and tools to keep your code clean
trydoc 0.13 3 Tryton markup for Sphinx
unicode_ids 2.0.5 3 Enable Sphinx to generate non-ASCII identifiers
vxghpages 0.2.0 3 A simple configurator helper to help you to magically configure your repository to publich the content in a doc file to gh-pages using sphinx.
xbob.buildout 1.0.4 3 zc.buildout recipes to perform a variety of tasks required by Bob satellite packages
yogosyu 2.0.5 3 Fix the Sphinx to enable any order to sort indices
aiohttp-theme 0.1.4 2 A configurable sidebar-enabled Sphinx theme
better-apidoc 0.1.2 2 A version of sphinx-apidoc with support for templating
docserver 0.1.0 2 Lightweight, user-friendly PyPI-style documentation server
docstringtest 0.3.0 2 Procedure to check for valid Sphinx ReST docstrings
documenter 0.0.2rc1 2 A helper package to publish documentation.
docutils_shell 0.0.2 2 docutils extension to insert stdout of given shell command
giza 0.5.15 2 Sphinx Documentation Build Automation
hotdoc_python_extension 0.8.90 2 An extension for hotdoc that parses python using the jedi module and napoleon from sphinx
listener 1.0.0a1 2 listener
makeenv 0.1-dev 2 Automation for the Python Peoplez
msmb_theme 1.2.0 2 Modification to sphinx_rtd_theme
nbsite 0.4.3.post0.dev14 2 Build a tested, sphinx-based website from notebooks.
nostrain 0.1.3 2 Themes for sphinx and sublime text.
odfi-templates 1.0.18 2 ODFI Sphinx templates
releases 1.4.0 2 A Sphinx extension for changelog manipulation
respeaker 0.5.0 2 To build voice enabled objects with ReSpeaker
SECEdgar 0.1.1 2 SEC-Edgar implements a basic Sphinx crwaler for downloading the filings. It provides an interface to extract the filing from the site You might find it most useful for tasks involving automated data collection of filings from
SECEdgar-alok 0.1.5 2 SEC-Edgar implements a basic Sphinx crawler for downloading the filings. It provides an interface to extract the filing from the site You might find it most useful for tasks involving automated data collection of filings from
snips-respeaker 0.6.2 2 To build voice enabled objects with ReSpeaker
sphobjinv 1.0.post1 2 Sphinx Objects.inv Encoder/Decoder
stsci-rtd-theme 0.0.1 2 STScI Branded Sphinx theme 0.1.0 2 ReStructuredText extensions.
voxgenerator 1.0.3 2 Vox generator
wuxi 0.1 2 Django template bridge and themes for Sphinx
Abjad 2.21 1 Abjad is a Python API for Formalized Score Control.
abydos 0.2.0 1 Abydos NLP/IR library
accessibility 0.4.0 1 Extension module that wraps the Accessibility API for Mac OS X.
acclaim-badges 0.1.0 1 Acclaim Badges for EDX
acdcli 0.3.2 1 a command line interface and FUSE filesystem for Amazon Cloud Drive
AChemKit 0.3.0 1 An Artificial Chemistry Tookit
acrylamid 0.7.10 1 static blog compiler with incremental updates
actdiag 0.5.4 1 actdiag generates activity-diagram image from text
actuariat_python 0.3.398 1 Helpers for teaching purposes (includes sqllite helpers)
Adafruit_BBIO 1.0.10 1 A module to control BeagleBone IO channels
adminschBackendSample 0.1.5 1 Sample microservice for Admin.sch
advutils 0.0.1.post4 1 advanced utilities for general purposes
afpy.ldap 1.0 1 This module provide an easy way to deal with ldap stuff in python.
agraph-python 100.0.4 1 AllegroGraph Python client
ailove-django-fias 0.5.2 1 FIAS Django integration (fork Ailove)
aioari 0.9.1 1 Asynchronous library for accessing the Asterisk REST Interface
aiobravado 0.9.2 1 Async library for accessing Swagger-enabled APIs
aioethereum 0.2.1 1 Ethereum RPC client library for Python asyncio (PEP 3156)
aioftp 0.10.0 1 ftp client/server for asyncio
aioopenssl 0.3.1 1 TLS-capable transport using OpenSSL for asyncio
aioouimeaux 0.1.0b4 1 Open source control for Belkin WeMo devices
aiopyramid 0.4.1 1 Tools for running pyramid using asyncio.
aiosasl 0.3.1 1 Pure-python, protocol agnostic SASL library for asyncio
aioswagger11 1 Asynchronous library for accessing Swagger-1.1-enabled APIs
airpy 0.0.7 1 Documentation Installer for the Pythonic Soul
airtable-python-wrapper 0.11.0 1 Python API Wrapper for the Airtable API
aitertools 0.1.0 1 Async versions of the itertools features.
alabastermobile 0.2.3 1 theme for ablog
alagitpull 0.0.19 1 Cleverly-named alabaster sub-theme for git-pull projects
alauda-kombu 3.0.37 1 Messaging library for Python
alco 2.5.2 1 Autonomous Log Collector and Observer
algebraixlib 1.4 1 A data algebra library
algos-py 0.4.4 1 Classic computer science algorithms in Python
AllanTools 2016.11 1 Allan deviation and related time/frequency statistics
almanac-bot 0.0.2 1 Almanac Bot for Twitter
altgraph 0.15 1 Python graph (network) package
an_example_pypi_project 0.0.5 1 An demonstration of how to create, document, and publish to the cheese shop a5
an_example_pypi_project_dylan 0.0.5 1 An demonstration of how to create, document, and publish to the cheese shop a5
annotate 1.0.4 1 Decorator to set a function's __annotations__ like Py3
annotator_store 0.6.0 1 Django application to act as an annotator.js 2.x annotator-store backend
anodi 0.0.2 1 A decorator-based backport of PEP-3107 function annotations to Python 2.7, and related tools.
ansibilo 0.2.1 1 Set of tools for Ansible
ansidoc 0.6.0 1 Manage ansible role documentation
antispoofing.evaluation 2.0.5 1 Evaluation tools for verification systems under spoofing attacks: examples in face verification
antispoofing.eyeblink 1.0.4 1 Eye-blinking counter-measures for the REPLAY-ATTACK database
antispoofing.fusion_faceverif 3.0.2 1 Decision and score-level fusion tools for joint operation of face verification and anti-spoofing system
antispoofing.motion 2.0.3 1 Motion counter-measures for the REPLAY-ATTACK database
AnyBlok 0.16.2 1 Anyblok is a dynamic injection blok framework
anybox.buildbot.capability 0.1 1 Static capability system for buildbot
anybox.buildbot.openerp 0.9 1 Buildbot setup for buildout based openerp installations
anybox.recipe.odoo 1.9.2 1 A buildout recipe to install and configure Odoo
anybox.recipe.openerp 1.9.1 1 A buildout recipe to install and configure OpenERP
anybox.testing.openerp 1.3.1 1 Useful testing base classes and tools for OpenERP
apluslms-roman 0.2.1rc3 1 Course material builder for online learning systems
aptk 0.6.4 1 A Parse Toolkit. Create well documented grammars.
apyio 0.2.0 1 Async wrappers for standard Python io streams.
arachnid 0.1.7 1 Single Particle Data Analysis Suite
arch 4.3.1 1 ARCH for Python
arcs.gsi 1.2dev-20091120 1 Library to assist GSI authentication and certificate handling in python.
ari 0.1.3 1 Library for accessing the Asterisk REST Interface
aristoxenus 0.1.0 1 Library for music data and humdrum parsing
array-split 0.5.2 1 Python package for splitting arrays into sub-arrays (i.e. rectangular-tiling and rectangular-domain-decomposition), similar to ``numpy.array_split``.
arsenal-director 1 Ironic image caching service
ASAPTools 0.6.0 1 A collection of useful Python modules from the Application Scalability And Performance (ASAP) group at the National Center for Atmospheric Research
aseqe 0.3.1 1 Python API for the Quantum Espresso software
astrobase 0.3.7 1 Python modules and scripts useful for variable star work in astronomy.
astropy-helpers 3.0 1 Utilities for building and installing Astropy, Astropy affiliated packages, and their respective documentation.
asya 0.1 1 Asynchronously your acquaintances from GitHub issues
async-task-processor 0.2.4 1 Simple package to run async tasks
asyncdef.emitter 0.1.1 1 Tools for handling async events.
asyncdef.engine 0.1.1 1 Core event loop implementation.
asyncdef.interfaces 0.2.1 1 Public APIs for the core asyncdef components.
atelier 1.0.13 1 A collection of tools for software artists
atlasapi 0.5.4 1 Expose MongoDB Atlas Cloud provider APIs
atlasbroker 1.1.2 1 Kubernetes Broker for MongoDB Atlas Cloud provider
audiogrep 0.1.4 1 Creates audio supercuts
audiolazy 0.6 1 Real-Time Expressive Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Package for Python!
audiorename 1.3.0 1 Rename audio files from metadata tags.
avs 0.1.1 1 Python implementation of Alexa Voice Service App
avython 0.0.7 1 Common resources to extend python code
aws.windowsplonecluster 0.11 1 A super script to control a zope/apache/pound/squid cluster for windows
awslimitchecker 4.0.0 1 A script and python module to check your AWS service limits and usage, and warn when usage approaches limits.
azure-batch-apps 0.5.2 1 Batch Apps Python Client
b2handle 1.1.1 1 Library for management of handles in the EUDAT project.
bade 0.2.2 1 Micro-blogging with rST
badwolf 0.14.3 1 Docker based continuous integration and code lint review system for BitBucket
Baker 1.3 1 Easy, powerful access to Python functions from the command line
ballotbox 0.1 1 A Python library for voting algorithms.
bastio-agent 0.1.2 1 Bastio agent to provision system accounts and SSH access
batlab 0.5.26 1 Low level library for communication with the Batlab V1.0 Battery Testing System by Lexcelon
bayeslite 0.1.8 1 BQL database built on SQLite3
bbarchivist 3.7.0 1 BlackBerry OS tools, in Pythons
bdbcontrib 1 Hodgepodge library of extras for bayeslite
Beaver 36.2.1 1 python daemon that munches on logs and sends their contents to logstash
bernardomg.tox-test-command 1.1.4 1 setuptools command for running tests using tox
bernardomg.version-extractor 1.0.2 1 Extracts the version from a Python file
biblio 0.0.4 1 an extremely fast and simple documentation generator
BicycleParameters 1.0.0 1 Generates and manipulates the physical parameters of a bicycle.
bidict-knaperek 0.13.1 1 Efficient, Pythonic bidirectional map implementation and related functionality
bigml 4.15.1 1 An open source binding to, the public BigML API
bioa 1.24 1 Library for viral diversity estimation and identification using next-gen sequencing data.
biomaj-cron 3.0.1 1 BioMAJ cron management
biomedsheets 0.5.3 1 Python 3 library for accessing and managing BioMedical sheets
birch 0.0.5 1 Utilities for pandas.
birdears 0.1.4 1 Functional Ear Training for Musicians
biweeklybudget 0.7.1 1 Responsive Flask/SQLAlchemy personal finance app, specifically for biweekly budgeting.
blamf 0.0.14 1 Great package.
blessings 1.6.1 1 A thin, practical wrapper around terminal coloring, styling, and positioning
Blingalytics 0.2.7 1 Blingalytics is a tool for building reports from your data.
blinker 1.4 1 Fast, simple object-to-object and broadcast signaling
blinker-alt 1.5 1 Fast, simple object-to-object and broadcast signaling
blockade 0.4.0 1 Blockade: network fault testing with Docker
bloscpack 0.11.0 1 Command line interface to and serialization format for Blosc
blowdrycss 1.0.2 1 The atomic CSS compiler
blueberrypy 0.5.4 1 CherryPy plugins and tools for integration with various libraries, including logging, Redis, SQLAlchemy and Jinja2 and webassets.
bluebream 1.0 1 The Zope Web Framework
bms 0.1.0 1 Block-Model Simulator for python
bob.db.multispectral_spoof 1.0.1 1 Mutlispectral (VIS + NIR) Face Spoofing Database Access API for Bob
bob.thesis.ichingo2015 0.0.1 1 Trustworthy biometric recognition under spoofing attacks: application to the face mode
bobtemplates.fon 0.3 1 Templates for fon projects
bobtemplates.gillux 1.3.0 1 Python project bootstraps for mr.bob: usual Python distro, buildout, and mr.bob template
bobtemplates.niteoweb 0.3 1 Templates for NiteoWeb projects.
bodatools 0.1.0 1 A collection of python utilities and scripts for working with binary files
bolib 0.19.10 1 Python library for Bayesian Optimization.
bookmaker 0.1.5 1 UNKNOWN
boolexpr 2.4 1 Boolean Expressions
bootstrap-py 0.6.1 1 Bootstrap Python package
borinud 0.7.3 1 weather data web api
bormeparser 0.2.4 1 bormeparser is a Python library for parsing BORME files
boto3 1.5.31 1 The AWS SDK for Python
boto3-meiqia 1.4.5 1 The AWS SDK for Python
botoflow 0.8 1 Botoflow is an asynchronous framework for Amazon SWF that helps you build SWF applications using Python
bots 3.3.0 1 Bots open source edi translator
bpt 0.5.2 1 Tool to create isolated environments
bravado 9.2.2 1 Library for accessing Swagger-enabled API's
bravado-core 4.12.1 1 Library for adding Swagger support to clients and servers
breadability 0.1.20 1 Port of Readability HTML parser in Python
browsepy 0.5.6 1 Simple web file browser
browserinfo 0.2.0 1 API wrapper for - retrieve UA strings
btcndash 2.3.6 1 Lightweight status dashboard for Bitcoin nodes.
BTrees 4.4.1 1 Scalable persistent object containers
bugger 0.2 1 Easily embed accessible python interactive console into your application
bugs-everywhere 1.1.1 1 Bugtracker supporting distributed revision control
buildout-helpers 1.0.1 1 A buildout config file normalizer
buildout.packager 0.0.1dev-r662 1 buildout.packager generate installer from and buildout.cfg files.
buildstrap 0.4.0 1 Tool for managing remote repositories from your git CLI!
butter 0.12.6 1 Library to interface to low level linux features (inotify, fanotify, timerfd, signalfd, eventfd, containers) with asyncio support
c2.patch.jasplitter 1.0a3 1 This product is bugfix splitter of Plone for Japanese.
c2.patch.sharesettingcopy 1.0a3 1 This prooduct is take the share setting over from copy objcet at pasting object for Plone.
Cachier 1.2.2 1 Persistent, stale-free, local and cross-machine caching for Python functions.
calcifer 0.3.0 1 A Python based policy framework.
calibtools 0.3.0 1 Camera calibration tools for Python
can4python 0.2.1 1 A package for handling CAN bus signals on Linux SocketCAN, for Python 3.3 and later.
canopen 0.5.1 1 CANopen stack implementation
Carousel 0.3.2 1 Model Simulation Framework
carrot 0.10.7 1 AMQP Messaging Framework for Python
catsim 0.13.3 1 Computerized Adaptive Testing Simulator
cdo-api-py 1.0.0.dev12 1 Python interface to the climate data online api
cds-dojson 0.6.0 1 CDS DoJSON extension.
cellnopt.wrapper 1.0.5 1 CellNOpt R packages wrapper and utilities
cement 2.10.2 1 CLI Application Framework for Python
cernservicexml 0.2.1 1 Small library to generate a CERN XSLS Service XML.
Ceygen 0.3 1 Cython helper for linear algebra with typed memoryviews built atop the Eigen C++ library
cfn-pyplates 0.6.0 1 Amazon Web Services CloudFormation template generator
chainerboard 0.1.5 1 Visualization toolkit for Chainer
changelogs 0.14.0 1 A changelog finder and parser.
CheesePrism 0.4.0b5 1 CheesePrism: your personal cheeseshop
chemist 1.1.1 1 1.1.1
chemreac 0.7.4 1 Python package for modeling chemical kinetics with diffusion and drift.
CherrypyElixir 0.5.1 1 Elixir plugin for cherrypy
cheshire3 1.1.8 1 Cheshire3 Search and Retrieval Engine and Information Framework
chicken_turtle_project 2.3.0 1 Python 3 project development tools
chumble 0.0.0 1 Great package.
cibopath 0.1.0 1 Search Cookiecutters on GitHub.
ciscoconfparse 1.3.1 1 Parse, Audit, Query, Build, and Modify Cisco IOS-style configurations
ckanserviceprovider 0.0.6 1 A library for making web services that make functions available as synchronous or asynchronous jobs
cleaREST 0.3.5 1 Light-weight Python framework for building REST APIs.
clickable 0.1.1 1 Helper scripts to write click applications development's environment
clinner 1.7.0 1 Command Line Interface builder that helps creating an entry point for your application.
clint 0.5.1 1 Python Command Line Interface Tools
clint2 0.3.2 1 Python Command-line Application Tools
CloudFerry 1.55.3 1 Openstack cloud workload migration tool
cloudlib 0.5.0 1 general purpose library for in application use
cloudpassage 1.1.1 1 Python SDK for CloudPassage Halo API
clusterlib 0.1 1 Tools to manage jobs on super-computers
clutchserver 0.1.0 1 The server component for Clutch framework and Cluth A/B Testing.
cmsplugin-form-handler 0.2.0 1 Easy plugin forms for django CMS
cmudict 0.3.0 1 A versioned python wrapper package for The CMU Pronouncing Dictionary data files.
cns.recipe.symlink 0.2.3 1 Buildout recipe to create symlinks
code_beatrix 0.5.475 1 Exercices pour apprendre la programmation, les algorithmes, et faire des coding goûters.
CodeChat 1.5.9 1 The CodeChat system for software documentation
codeco 1.4 1 Universal code annotator using Pygments and reStructuredText or Markdown.
CodeReview 1.0.0 1 CodeReview is a Python 3 / Qt5 GUI to perform code review on files and Git repositories.
codet-ari 0.0.1 1 Library for accessing the Asterisk REST Interface
codet-swaggerpy 0.2.1 1 Library for accessing Swagger-enabled API's
collective.api4tal 0.1 1 Plone.api for TAL, use in pt file
collective.archetypes.select2 1.0a1 1 Archetype Select2Widget
collective.argv0spy 0.1.3 1 Change process title to show current urls being processed
collective.behavior.internalnumber 0.1 1 Configurable internal number plone behavior
collective.calltoaction 1.1.3 1 Portlet with call to action
collective.clamav 2.0a2 1 A product providing clamav antivirus integration for Plone AT and Dexterity content types
collective.cloudfront 1.0 1 AWS CloudFront support for
collective.contentalerts 2.0a1 1 An add-on for Plone to get alerts about content
collective.contentexport 1.0 1 Plone add-on to export dexterity content in various formats
collective.DataTable 1.0a1 1 Data Table JS implementation on Plone
collective.DataTable.reporting 1.0a1 1 Data Table based reporting tool for Plone
collective.disableuser 1.0a1 1 Blocks login for specified users
collective.document-hide-summary 1.1.1 1 An add-on for Plone that lets you hide a Document's title, summary (description), or both
collective.dualresources 0.2 1 An extension of the plone.resource plone:static zcml directive, that allows to specify two folders for a resource directory registration: A dev-directory and a dist-directory. When plone is running in debug mode the filesystem path specified in dev-directory is used to serve static resources for this resource registration. The dist-directory is used when not in debug mode. This allows to use tools like grunt to build production versions of resources, including minification, concatenation, image minification, etc.
collective.editablemenu 0.10.2 1 A customizable editable menu
collective.eeatags.collection 1.0a1 1 Eea.tags autocomplet for collection subject/tags criteria
collective.facebook.instantarticles 1.0.0 1 Plone plugin for Facebook's instant articles integration
collective.fieldedit 1.0a1 1 An add-on for Plone
collective.filemeta 1.0rc3 1 File-to-content metadata updating for Plone
collective.geo.bundle 2.3 1 Plone Maps (collective.geo)
collective.geo.faceted 1.0.3 1 A map view for a facetednav
collective.geo.geographer 2.1 1 Geographic annotation for Plone
collective.handlebars 1.2 1 Handlebars for Plone
collective.iconifiedcategory 0.29 1 An add-on for Plone
collective.js.unitegallery 1.0a2 1 Adds unitegallery javascripts to registry
collective.linguatags 1.0 1 Multilingual Keywords for Plone
collective.mailchimp 2.2.1 1 MailChimp integration for Plone.
collective.messagesviewlet 0.12 1 Add-on displaying manager defined messages in a viewlet
collective.mustread 1.1.0 1 Tracking user views on content items marked as must-read
collective.odoo.pas 1.0a1 1 An add-on to have a common authentification between Plone and Odoo
collective.pantry 1.0a1 1 An add-on for Plone
collective.pdfdocument 1.0rc2 1 PDF metadata extraction & cover image thumbnail generation
collective.preventactions 0.1 1 This package allows administrateur to marker object which can't be deleted
collective.proDB 1.0a1 1 Use RDMS into plone application, the professional way!
collective.recaptchacontactform 1.0a2 1 Protect the Plone contact form with ReCaptcha 2 from spam.
collective.redirector 1.1.0 1 Allow redirection to a given page based on given url strings that is found on a page.
collective.relationfieldwidget 1.0a1 1 RelationField Widget for Plone 5
collective.releaser 0.7.1 1 Setuptools extension to release an egg
collective.restrictportlets 1.0a1 1 Restrict addable portlet types
collective.revisionmanager 0.8 1 Manage CMFEditions Histories
collective.saconnect 2.0.1 1 Plone Control Panel for SQL Alchemy connection strings
collective.smartappbanner 1.0.1 1 Smart app banners on Plone for iOS, Android, and Windows.
collective.sortedlisting 1.0a4 1 Sorted listings in Plone
collective.table 1.1.1 1 Table-like content for Plone
collective.tiles.unitegallery 1.0b1 1 Unite Gallery for mosaic tiles in Plone
collective.ttwpo 1.0b5 1 Manage your PO Translation Files TTW and Sync with Translationservices
collective.z3cform.select2 1.4.1 1 select2 widget for z3c.form and eea.facetednavigation
colour-demosaicing 0.1.3 1 Colour - Demosaicing
colour-hdri 0.1.4 1 Colour - HDRI
comath 0.0.3 1 A small pure-python package for math relatedutility functions.
ComplexSystems 0.3.2 1 Toolbox for Complex Sytems including : Public Good Game, Human Based Mobility Models
compoze 1.0 1 Build package indexes
conda-workon 0.4.0 1 Activate conda environments in subshells
CondConfigParser 1.0.3 1 Python library for parsing configuration files with conditionals
configyaml 0.4.1 1 A config loading and parsing package
confluent-kafka-smyte 0.9.3 1 Smyte fork of Confluent's Apache Kafka client for Python
confspec 1.4 1 Configuration Specification Manager
ConversionKit 0.3.4 1 A general purpose conversion library
ConvUtils 2.0 1 A library of convenient utility functions and pure Python data structures.
cookiecutter 1.6.0 1 A command-line utility that creates projects from project templates, e.g. creating a Python package project from a Python package project template.
cookiecutter-python-library-demo 0.1.0 1 Demo for the Cookiecutter Python Library Demo project
cooperative 0.1.10 1 Write computationally intensive non-blocking code without callbacks
cornice 3.1.0 1 Define Web Services in Pyramid.
cornice-swagger 0.5.3 1 Generate swagger from a Cornice application
Couchapp 1.0.2 1 Standalone CouchDB Application Development Made Simple.
couchbase 2.3.4 1 Python Client for Couchbase
cpbmapi 0.0.2 1 A minimalist wrapper around the CPBM BSS API.
cpyquickhelper 0.1.33 1 Module with C functions. No precise purpose yet.
crabpy_pyramid 0.6.3 1 Bindings for the CRABpy webservices and the Pyramid framework.
crookbook 0.0.6 1 Common utilities used in my projects.
Crowd 1.0.1 1 A python client to the Atlassian Crowd REST API
CrowdEvry 0.7a1dev0 1 A python client to the Atlassian Crowd REST API
CrowdTimeout 0.9.0 1 A python client to the Atlassian Crowd REST API that allows timeouts on the HTTP requests
crush 1.0.35 1 library to control placement in a hierarchy
csapi 0.0.8 1 A minimalist wrapper around the Apache CloudStack API.
csb43 0.6.1 1 Spanish banks' CSB norm 43 converter to OFX, Homebank, json, yaml, xls, xlsx, ods, csv, tsv
csvpandas 0.0.7 1 Interface to manipulate csv files as Pandas DataFrames.
ctlimit 0.0.5 1 Computer Time Limit for Children
ctxvar 1.0.5 1 Module to access variables defined in calling frames.
CWR-API 0.0.40 1 API library for the CWR standard format
cylp 0.7.3- 1 A Python interface for CLP, CBC, and CGL
cz-urnnbn-api 0.2.6 1 API for the Czech URN:NBN resolver (
dankdungeon 0.2.1 1 generate dungeons and their monster occupants 0.2.1 1 Create python docs for dash easily.
data-profiler 1.0.1 1 Data Profiler
data-utilities 1.2.9 1 A data analysis and visualization helper module.
DatabaseWizzard 0.4 1 Web framework for easy database access.
databench 0.7.1 1 Realtime data analysis tool.
datacite 0.3.0 1 Python API wrapper for the DataCite Metadata Store API.
datapkg 0.9 1 datapkg (data package): data packaging system and utilities
datapusher 0.0.12 1 A standalone web service that parses the contents of a CKAN site's data files and pushes them into its DataStore
dataset-creator 0.3.21 1 Takes SeqRecordExpanded objects and creates datasets for phylogenetic software
datastore 0.3.6 1 simple, unified API for multiple data stores
datconv 0.5.1 1 Universal data converter - pandoc for data; XML, CSV, JSON are supported
dbfread 2.0.7 1 Read DBF Files with Python
dbus-deviation 0.6.0 1 Parse D-Bus introspection XML and process it in various ways
dcmt 0.6.1-4 1 Dynamical creation of Mersenne twisters
ddrage 1.4.0 1 Simulator for ddRADseq (double digest restriction site associdated DNA squencing) datasets. Generates reads (FASTQ format) that can be analyzed and validated using a ground truth file (YAML).
deap 1.2.2 1 Distributed Evolutionary Algorithms in Python
decocare 0.0.31 1 Audit, inspect, and command MM insulin pumps.
decore 0.0.1 1 A small pure-python package for utility decorators.
dectate 0.13 1 A configuration engine for Python frameworks
deezer-python 0.6.1 1 A friendly wrapper library for the Deezer API
deform-treepy 1.0.1 1 A tree widget for deform
deform_markdown 0.2.8 1 Deform widget using 'simplemde' markdown editor to edit TextArea fields.
deltasigma 0.2.2 1 a Python package to synthesize, simulate, scale and map to implementable topologies delta sigma modulators.
demopy 1.0.0.dev0 1 Une démo de packaging
depman 0.3.4 1 A lightweight dependency manager
designate 2015.1.0b2 1 DNS as a Service
dev 0.4.0 1 libraries and tools for Python development
devml 0.5.1 1 Machine Learning, Statistics and Utilities around Developer Productivity, Company Productivity and Project Productivity
devpi-jenkins 2.0.0 1 devpi-jenkins: Jenkins build trigger for devpi-server
devs 0.1.8 1 A Python wrapper of adevs, a C++ library implementing the Discrete Event System Specification (DEVS)
dhutil 0.0.3 1 Python utilities for DataHack.
dice-notation 1.0.6 1 Dice notation tools
diceware 0.9.3 1 Passphrases you will remember.
dictdiffer 0.7.0 1 Dictdiffer is a library that helps you to diff and patch dictionaries.
dinglebop 0.0.4 1 Great package.
dirty-models 0.11.1 1 Dirty models for python 3
discoursegraphs 0.3.2 1 graph-based processing of multi-level annotated corpora
distribute-install_component 0.1 1 Distribute extension to install components listed in extras_require
django-admin-tools 0.8.1 1 A collection of tools for the django administration interface
django-admin2 0.7.1 1 An introspective interface for Django's ORM.
django-analog 1.0.0 1 Simple per-model log models for Django apps
django-anymail 1.4 1 Django email backends for Mailgun, Mailjet, Postmark, SendGrid, SparkPost and other transactional ESPs
django-audit-tools 0.4.0 1 Django application that provides a set of tools for auditing requests and models and improve logging
django-authority 0.13.2 1 A Django app that provides generic per-object-permissions for Django's auth app.
django-bft 0.2.0 1 Big File Transfer Application written in Django
django-bidi-utils 1.0 1 context processors and filters for handling Bi-directional (BiDi) in django templates
django-blarg 0.1.4 1 Django 404 and 500 pages the blarg way.
django-chronograph 0.3.1 1 Django chronograph application.
django-chronograph-ispm 0.0.3 1 Django iChronograph ISPM customized
django-chronograph-ispm-new 0.3.5 1 Django Chronograph ISPM customized by mportela
django-clever-pages 0.3.1 1 App for create pages
django-config-models 0.1.9 1 Configuration models for Django allowing config management with auditing.
django-counter-field 0.3.1 1 django-counter-field makes it extremely easy to denormalize and keep track of related model counts.
django-counter-field-py3 0.0.4 1 python3 fork of django-counter-field
django-data-migration 0.2.1 1 Data migration framework for Django that migrates legacy data into your new django app
django-debug-logging 0.4 1 A plugin for django_debug_toolbar that logs results to the database for aggregated review.
django-dingos 0.2.1 1 A Django app that provides a generic framework for managing structured information in a generic way.
django-dynamite 0.4.1 1 Dynamic models framework
django-fias 1.2.2 1 FIAS Django integration
django-flickrsets 0.1.6 1 Reusable Django application to synchronize Flickr sets.
django-fluidinfo 0.2.1 1 Provides a familiar interface for using Fluidinfo within Django projects
django-gitcms 0.4 1 Django Git CMS: A django based git-backed content management system
django-gstorage 0.5.1 1 Allow easy integration with Google storage for Django projects
django-health-monitor 0.2.8 1 A Django app to help track system health and give real-time feedback.
django-hermes 1.4.2 1 A light-weight blogging app for Django.
django-jinja-knockout 0.7.1 1 Django AJAX ModelForms. Read-only display ModelForms. Django AJAX grids with CRUD and custom actions. Supports Django Templates.
django-lazysignup 1.1.2 1 Lazy signup for Django
django-lazysignup-redux 1.0.0 1 Lazy signup for Django
django-mantis-core 0.2.0 1 A wrapper around the Django Dingos app for the Mantis Cyber Threat Intelligence Mgmt. Framework.
django-mantis-iodef-importer 0.1.0 1 A iodef importer for the Mantis Cyber Threat Intelligence Mgmt. Framework.
django-mantis-openioc-importer 0.2.0 1 An OpenIOC import module for the Mantis Cyber Threat Intelligence Mgmt. Framework.
django-mantis-stix-importer 0.2.0 1 A module implementing import of STIX and CybOX XML files for the Mantis Cyber Threat Intelligence Mgmt. Framework.
django-messages 0.5.3 1 User-to-user messaging system for Django
django-model-changes 0.15 1 django-model-changes allows you to track model instance changes.
django-model-changes-py3 0.14.1 1 django-model-changes allows you to track model instance changes.
django-mongonaut 0.2.21 1 An introspective interface for Django and MongoDB
django-native-tags 0.5.3 1 Native, Pythonic Templatetags for Django
django-newsletter 0.7b1 1 Django app for managing multiple mass-mailing lists with both plaintext as well as HTML templates (and pluggable WYSIWYG editors for messages), images and a smart queueing system all right from the admin interface.
django-oscar-adyen 0.7.1 1 Adyen HPP payment module for django-oscar
django-pagseguro2 2.0.3 1 Integração da API v2 do PagSeguro com o Django.
django-php-bridge 0.1.1 1 Authentication bridge between Django and PHP
django-polymorphic-tree 1.5 1 A polymorphic mptt structure to display content in a tree.
django-postman 3.6.1 1 User-to-User messaging system for Django, with gateway to AnonymousUser, moderation and thread management, user & exchange filters, inbox/sent/archives/trash folders, support for apps: auto-complete, notification, mailer.
django-projector 0.2.0 1 Project management Django application with task tracker and repository backend integration.
django-richtemplates 0.3.12 1 Richtemplates is a set of templates (surprise!), template tags, media files providing presentation layer for Django based projects, similar to what Richfaces library offers for J2EE developers - not outstanding but still nice looking and elegant.
django-robots 3.0 1 Robots exclusion application for Django, complementing Sitemaps.
django-splash 0.2.2 1 Splash screen middleware for Django apps
django-storages 1.6.5 1 Support for many storage backends in Django
django-storages-afix 1.5.3a0 1 Support for many storage backends in Django
django-storages-redux 1.3.3 1 Support for many storages (S3, MogileFS, etc) in Django.
django-storages-tme 1.5.3a0 1 Support for many storage backends in Django
django-swagger 0.0.1 1 A Django extension to Extension to manage users in django application.
django-tables2-wsgi-fix 1 Table/data-grid framework for Django
django-tables3 0.14.1 1 Table/data-grid framework for Django
django-tidings 2.0.1 1 Framework for asynchronous email notifications from Django
django-undermythumb 0.2.3 1 The Django thumbnail generation package with a heart of stone.
django-user-tasks 0.1.5 1 Management of user-triggered asynchronous tasks in Django projects
djangocms-cascade 0.15.5 1 Collection of extendible plugins for django-CMS to create and edit widgets in a simple manner
djangocms-reversion2 0.3 1 page versioning for django-cms
djangomailup 0.2.0 1 Django app to integrate with MailUp
djiffy 0.2.0 1 Django app for IIIF Presentation book content
djrill 2.1.0 1 Mandrill transactional email for Django
doc2dash 2.2.0 1 Convert docs to
docar 0.9.1 1 Create resource oriented architectures for RESTful client and server applications.
dockeroo 0.35 1 Docker buildout recipe
docrepr 0.1.1 1 docrepr renders Python docstrings in HTML
docsix 0.1 1 Doctests on Python 2 & 3
doctr 1.7.2 1 Deploy docs from Travis to GitHub pages.
docxtpl 0.4.7 1 Python docx template engine
doit-py 0.4.0 1 doit tasks for python stuff
dojson 1.3.2 1 DoJSON is a simple Pythonic JSON to JSON converter.
Dokang 0.9.5 1 Lightweight web documentation repository with a search engine
dokuwiki 1.0.1 1 Manage DokuWiki via XML-RPC API.
Dovetail 1.0beta3 1 A light-weight, multi-platform, build tool for Python with Continuous Integration servers like Jenkins in mind.
dpm 0.10 1 dpm (data package): data packaging system and utilities
dpsim 1 DPsim is a real-time power system simulator that operates in the dynamic phasor as well as electromagentic transient domain.
dragonmapper 0.2.6 1 Identification and conversion functions for Chinese text processing
dreamtools 1.3.0 1 Scoring functions for the DREAM / SAGE challenges
dtcwt 0.12.0 1 A port of the Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform MATLAB toolbox.
dumb 0.4.1 1 Distributed Unified Mangler of Bookmarks
dxfwrite 1.2.1 1 A Python library to create DXF R12 drawings.
DynamicistToolKit 0.5.3 1 Various tools for theoretical and experimental dynamics.
dyndnsc 0.4.4 1 dynamic dns (dyndns) update client with support for multiple protocols
easygv 0.1.0 1 Define nodes and edges in an excel file and graph-style attributes in a yaml file with inheritence.
easysetup 0.0.19 1 Helps creating a package distribution setup, that also runs tests, checkers and creates HTML and PDF documentation, for Windows users.
easysnmp 0.2.5 1 A blazingly fast and Pythonic SNMP library based on the official Net-SNMP bindings
easysnmp-patched 0.2.5.dev0 1 A blazingly fast and Pythonic SNMP library based on the official Net-SNMP bindings, forked by ComSource.
ebb-lint 1 lint for ensuring quality software
EbookLib 0.16 1 Ebook library which can handle EPUB2/EPUB3 and Kindle format
ecreall-dace 1.1.0 1 Data-centric engine
ecreall-pontus 1.1.0 1 An application programming interface built upon the Pyramid web framework and substanced application. It provides libraries which make it easy to manage complex and imbricated views. For that purpose, Pontus introduces the concept of operations on views.
ecs.cart 0.4dev-r2383 1 Package from the ecs suite, that provide a cart object for ecommerce projects
edeposit.amqp 1.8.16 1 E-Deposit's AMQP definitions and common classes/patterns.
edeposit.amqp.calibre 1.2.0 1 E-Deposit AMQP wrappers for calibre convertor.
edeposit.amqp.pdfgen 0.5.1 1 E-Deposit's AMQP bindings to PDF generation libraries.
edx-ace 0.1.6 1 Framework for Messaging
edx-celeryutils 0.2.7 1 Code to support working with celery
edx-completion 0.0.7 1 A library for tracking completion of blocks by learners in edX courses.
edx-enterprise 0.65.7 1 Your project description goes here
eea.alchemy 6.7 1 EEA Alchemy allows you to bulk auto-discover geographical coverage, temporal coverage, keywords and more
eea.annotator 4.1 1 EEA Annotator 11.6 1 Visualization API
eea.cache 8.0 1 Tools and config for memcache related caching
eea.converter 12.0 1 SVG, PNG, PDF converters using external tools as ImageMagick
eea.daviz 11.1 1 EEA DaViz is a plone product which uses Exhibit and Google Charts API to easily create data visualizations based on data from csv/tsv, JSON, SPARQL endpoints and more.
eea.depiction 7.0 1 EEA Depiction (formerly valentine.imagescales)
eea.downloads 1.9 1 EEA Downloads Media Storage
eea.epub 7.0 1 Publish Plone content in epub form
eea.exhibit 8.7 1 EEA Exhibit provides Simile Widgets Exhibit JS libraries as Zope 3 resources.
eea.faceted.inheritance 5.2 1 EEA Faceted Navigation extension that allow a faceted navigable object to inherit faceted configuration from another faceted navigable object.
eea.faceted.tool 5.4 1 EEA Faceted Tool
eea.faceted.vocabularies 6.4 1 EEA Faceted Vocabularies
eea.facetednavigation 10.8 1 EEA Faceted Navigation
eea.forms 7.4 1 EEA forms - Custom AT widgets and fields
eea.geotags 9.0 1 EEA Geotags package redefines the location field in Plone. Right now in Plone location field is a free text field. EEA Geotags lets you easy define locations using a map picker and geographical database. 5.6 1 This package contains useful tools for talking with Google Analytics
eea.googlecharts 17.7 1 Configurator for GoogleCharts
eea.icons 2.5 1 EEA Icons used throughout the EEA sites
eea.jquery 10.3 1 jQuery library and plugins for Plone
eea.pdf 8.3 1 Download as PDF
eea.progressbar 4.1 1 Progress bar based on current document review_state
eea.relations 10.0 1 EEA Possible Relations. This package provides a flexible way to manage relations in a Plone site. it provides a new reference browser widget and a central management interface for relations, their labels and requirements.
eea.sparql 6.4 1 Wrapper for Products.ZSPARQLMethod
eea.tags 6.1 1 EEA Tags
eea.uberlisting 2.8 1 Plone product for ajax display of available templates for the given content type
eea.versions 11.0 1 EEA versions
elementary_math 0.0.8 1 Elementary Mathematics.
Elevator 0.5 1 On disk key/value store based on levelDB backend
emencia-django-socialaggregator 0.3.3 1 Django app for aggregate some feeds from social networks.
emspring 0.86.1661 1 Electron Microscopy Single-Particle Based Helical Reconstruction
encore 0.7.0 1 Low-level core modules for building Python applications
ensae_projects 0.1.337 1 Helpers for projects, teachings, events.
ensae_teaching_cs 0.8.1824 1 Module which contains materials for teaching puroposes, also includes pythonnet.
entrypoint2 0.0.6 1 easy to use command-line interface for python modules, fork of entrypoint
envdir 0.7 1 A Python port of daemontools' envdir.
epifx 0.5.5 1 Epidemic forecasting with mechanistic infection models
epub 0.5.2 1 Library to open and read files in the epub version 2.
epyunit 0.2.12 1 The 'epyunit' package provides a wrapper for unit tests of commandline interfaces, and the automation of debugging with PyDev for external processes. The package could be used either from the comandline, or integrated into Eclipse with PyDev.
escale 0.7.3 1 Escale - Client-to-client synchronization based on external relay storage
eulcommon 0.19.0 1 A collection of small python utilities for working with binary files and Django
eulexistdb 0.21.1 1 Idiomatic access to the eXist-db XML Database using XPath and XQuery
eulfedora 1.7.2 1 Idiomatic access to digital objects in a Fedora Commons repository
eulxml 1.1.3 1 XPath-based XML data binding, with Django form support
eventemitter 0.2.0 1 Tools for working with async events.
eventlet 0.22.1 1 Highly concurrent networking library
everett 0.9 1 Configuration library for Python applications
exatomic 0.3.9 1 A unified platform for theoretical and computational chemists.
excalibur 1.0.9 1 A tool to manage plugins
exmemo 0.1.0 1
exosip2ctypes 1.2 1 libeXosip2 Python wrapper
experimental.bwtools 0.2.0 1 Experimental bandwidth tools
experimental.nodtml 1.2 1 Patch DocumentTemplate to not return any content.
experimental.publishtraverse 1.1 1 Experimental PublishTraverse implementation.
experimentator 0.3.1 1 Experiment builder
exquires 1 EXQUIRES (EXtensible QUantitative Image RESampling) test suite
eyeD3 0.8.4 1 Python audio data toolkit (ID3 and MP3)
eyeditor 0.0.1 1 EYE - A Qt-based scriptable text editor
ezclimate 1.2.2b1 1 EZ-Climate model
fabops 0.9.12 1 Set of fabric commands to help manage a project
fabtools 0.20.0 1 Tools for writing awesome Fabric files
fabtools-python 0.19.7 1 Fabtools version compatible with both Python2 and Python3
fabtools3 0.19.0 1 [Python3 fork] Tools for writing awesome Fabric files
facadedevice 1.0.1 1 Provide a descriptive interface for reactive high-level Tango devices.
facereclib 2.1.2 1 Compare a variety of face recognition algorithms by running them on many image databases with default protocols.
fallixy 0.18.1 1 (Fallible version with extras)An interactive, MITM HTTP proxy for penetration testers and software developers.
FecruEvry 0.7a1.dev0 1 A python client to the Atlassian FECRU REST API
federated_monsters 0.4.0 1 Federated Monsters is a game that seeks to follow the format of games like Pokemon, but to instead use a federated server format to store and trade creatures
fedex 2.4.0 1 Fedex Web Services API wrapper.
fedmsg_meta_fedora_infrastructure 0.23.1 1 fedmsg metadata providers for Fedora Infrastructure's deployment
feedparser 5.2.1 1 Universal feed parser, handles RSS 0.9x, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, CDF, Atom 0.3, and Atom 1.0 feeds
FFGo 1.12.5 1 A powerful graphical launcher for the FlightGear flight simulator
FFT-tools 0.5 1 Wrap NumpPy's FFT routines to reduce clutter.
fig-py 0.0.4 1 An utility for configuring python projects from jinja templates.
filework 1.1.2 1 A simple wrapper class for easy reading from/iterating through, writing, and appending to files.
FilterPype 0.3.5 1 FilterPype is a process-flow pipes-and-filters Python framework.
FiPy 3.1.3 1 A finite volume PDE solver in Python
fiql-parser 0.15 1 Python parser for the Feed Item Query Language (FIQL).
firebat-console 0.0.11 1 Console helpers for Phantom load tool
fit_neuron 0.0.6 1 Package for estimation and evaluation of neural models from patch clamp neural recordings.
fitbit 0.3.0 1 Fitbit API Wrapper.
flake8-rst-docstrings 0.0.8 1 Python docstring reStructuredText (RST) validator
flashtext 2.7 1 Extract/Replaces keywords in sentences.
Flask-Airbrake 0.0.3 1 Flask extension for Airbrake
Flask-AppFactory 0.2.1 1 Flask-AppFactory is an dynamic application loader.
Flask-Breadcrumbs 0.4.0 1 Flask-Breadcrumbs adds support for generating site breadcrumb navigation.
Flask-CeleryExt 0.3.0 1 Flask-CeleryExt is a simple integration layer between Celery and Flask.
Flask-CLI 0.4.0 1 Backport of Flask 1.0 new click integration.
Flask-Config-Override 0.0.2 1 Override Flask configuration via Cookie at runtime.
Flask-CuddlyRest 0.1.15 1 Flask restful API framework for MongoDB/MongoEngine
Flask-IIIF 0.3.1 1 Flask-IIIF extension provides easy IIIF API standard integration.
Flask-Menu 0.7.0 1 Flask-Menu is a Flask extension that adds support for generating menus.
Flask-OAuth2Server 0.1 1 Flask-OAuth2Server allows you to quickly add an OAuth2 provider to your Flask application.
Flask-Pretty 0.2.0 1 Flask extension to output prettified HTML pages
Flask-RateLimiter 0.2.0 1 Flask-RateLimiter is an extension for Flask that adds support for rate limiting.
Flask-Registry 0.2.0 1 Flask-Registry is an extension for Flask that allow frameworks to dynamically assemble your Flask application from reusable packages consisting of blueprints, extensions, and configurations.
Flask-Sitemap 0.2.0 1 Flask extension that helps with sitemap generation.
Flask-SSO 0.4.0 1 Flask-SSO extension that eases Shibboleth authentication.
Flask-WaffleConf 0.3.1 1 Store variables in database and update them at runtime
fleeb 0.0.7 1 Great package.
flexirest 0.8.2 1 The medium-featured, flexible reStructuredText utility
floob 0.0.11 1 Great package.
floris 0.1.1 1 A wind turbine wake modeling software
flufl.enum 4.1.1 1 A Python enumeration package.
fluxpyt 0.1.3 1 A stationary 13C-MFA tool.
fmn 2.0.2 1 Library for fedmsg Notifications
folk 0.0.1 1 Utilities for scikit-learn.
FontTools 3.22.0 1 Tools to manipulate font files
FormBuild 4.0.0 1 Build HTML forms quickly and easily. (Pre-release not ready for broad use, please use 0.3.x).
FreqDemod 0.2.1 1 This package provides functions for analyzing and plotting the
fsleyes 0.21.1 1 FSLeyes, the FSL image viewer
fsleyes-props 1.4.0 1 [wx]Python event programming framework
fsleyes-widgets 0.4.1 1 A collection of wxPython widgets used by FSLeyes
fslpy 1.6.8 1 FSL Python library 3.5.2 1 Produce books with Plone and export them in a high quality PDF.
ftw.testbrowser 1.29.5 1 A test browser for Zope and Plone.
fuckery 0.2.3 1 Python Brainfuck implemention.
fulmar 0.0.2 1 A Distributed Web Crawler System in Python
fumi 0.4.0 1 A small and (hopefully) simple deployment tool
funcsigs 1.0.2 1 Python function signatures from PEP362 for Python 2.6, 2.7 and 3.2+
funnelweb 1.1.1 1 Crawl and parse static sites and import to Plone
fwdpy 0.0.4-rc2 1 Forward-time population genetic simulation in Python
g2p-seq2seq 6.0.0a0 1 Grapheme to phoneme module based on Seq2Seq
GaitAnalysisToolKit 0.1.2 1 Various tools for gait analysis used at the Cleveland State University Human Motion and Control Lab.
garbelflug 0.0.13 1 Great package.
gbdx-cloud-harness 0.2.25 1 GBDX Cloud Harness
gbdx-task-template 0.1.5 1 GBDX Task Template
gbptesthorizonui 0.9.0 1 Horizon UI as dependency for Group policy changes
gdspy 1.2.1 1 Python module for creating/importing/merging GDSII files.
gdsyuna 0.0.2 1 Python module for creating/importing/merging GDSII files.
geneticalgs 1.0.1 1 Implementation of standard, diffusion and migration models of genetic algorithms.
GeoAlchemy 0.7.2 1 Using SQLAlchemy with Spatial Databases
GeologicalToolbox 0.1.2b1 1 A python module for processing and storing geological data.
GeoNode 2.8rc11 1 Application for serving and sharing geospatial data
GeoNode_clone 2.4.dev20150605191720 1 Application for serving and sharing geospatial data
geoshape-geonode 1.4 1 The GeoNode used for the GeoSHAPE project ( Often doesn't contain any additons to GeoNode but it acts as a holding place for changes pending to roll into GeoNode or changes that cannot be pushed upstream.
geotecha 0.1.4 1 geotecha: A software suite for geotechncial engineering
gerritssh 0.1.3 1 Python package wrapping the Gerrit command line API
GetMediumURL 0.0a5 1 A package for getting URLs of media files from some websites
gevent-socketio 0.3.6 1 SocketIO server based on the Gevent pywsgi server, a Python network library
gevent-socketio-master 1 SocketIO server based on the Gevent pywsgi server, a Python network library
ggcq 0.1 1 Scientific Python Package for G/G/c Queueing Simulation
ghp-import 0.5.5 1 Copy your docs directly to the gh-pages branch.
git-goggles 0.2.12 1 A series of GIT utilities to streamline working with remote branches and reviewing code. You can think of git-goggles as 'git branch -a' on steroids. Just install and run 'git goggles'
githubflow 0.3 1 A command line interface to githubuses the github apis commandline.
gnodeclient 0.4.0 1 Client for the G-Node REST API.
goatools 0.7.11 1 Python scripts to find enrichment of GO terms
gobble 0.1.1 1 A simpler parsing framework
gocept.selenium 3.1.1 1 Test-friendly Python API for Selenium and integration with web application frameworks.
goenrich 1.8.0 1 GO enrichment with python -- pandas meets networkx
golos 0.2.3 1 Python library for GOLOS
google-endpoints 2.5.0 1 Google Cloud Endpoints
google-streetview 1.2.4 1 A command line tool and module for Google Street View Image API.
googlevoice 1.0 1 Python Interface for Google Voice
gp-python-client 1.0.0 1 Python client for Globalization Pipeline on IBM Bluemix
gp.fileupload 1.2 1 A WSGI middleware to get some stats on large files upload,and provide a progress bar for your users
gpgkeys 1.23 1 A GnuPG Shell
gplib 0.5.13 1 Python library for Gaussian Process Regression.
grapeshot-signal-sdk 0.0a2 1 Grapeshot Signgal API
graph-talk 0.3.1 1 Library for structured information processing: parsing, interpreting, converting, etc.
graphene 2.0.1 1 GraphQL Framework for Python
graphene-django 2.0.0 1 Graphene Django integration
graphenelib 0.5.9 1 Python library for graphene-based blockchains
gravy 0.2.2 1 Simple VCS wrapper
greyupnp 0.3 1 Not **all** the Python UPnP tools you could ever want. But some.
Gribble 1.0.0 1 python daemon that munches on logs and sends their contents to logstash
griffin 0.0.1.dev1 1 A RAML documentation generator in Python
grodus 0.0.12 1 Great package.
grok 3.0.1 1 Grok: Now even cavemen can use Zope 3!
GromacsWrapper 0.6.2 1 A python wrapper around the gromacs tools.
GroupyAPI 0.8.1 1 The simple yet powerful wrapper for the GroupMe API
grumbo 0.0.6 1 Great package.
gs.config 2.1.2 1 Core GS config.
gtfsrtk 4.0.0 1 A Python 3.4 tool kit for processing General Transit Feed Specification Realtime (GTFSr) data
gtxamqp 2.2.1 1 AMQP Reconnecting Client for Twisted
gunstar 0.2.2 1 Another python web framework.
gymbag 0.4.9 1 Simple efficient data recording for OpenAI Gym reinforcement learning environments
h5features 1.2.1 1 efficient storage of large features data
habitat 0.3.3 1 Next Generation High Altitude Balloon Tracking
hacs 1.0a1 1 Hybrid Access Control System for Django
halcon 0.0.21 1 Python implementation of FALCON: Feedback Adaptive Loop for Content-Based Retrieval
handofcats 0.4.4 1 python function to command translator
haproxy_log_analysis 2.1 1 Haproxy log analyzer that tries to gives an insight of what's going on
haralyzer 1.4.11 1 A python framework for getting useful stuff out of HAR files
harold 0.1.1b4 1 A control systems library for Python3
hashdex 0.6.0 1 A file indexer based on content hashes
hatch 0.20.0 1 A modern project, package, and virtual env manager
hatena2rest 0.1.1 1 converting Hatena diary to reST format
hdf5storage 0.1.14 1 Utilities to read/write Python types to/from HDF5 files, including MATLAB v7.3 MAT files.
healthcareai 1.0 1 Tools for healthcare machine learning
helixclient 0.0.1 1 The Invitae Helix Connector (IHC) monitors message streams from Helix and initiates appropriate actions on internal systems.
help-tokens 1.0.3 1 Django app for linking to help pages with short tokens
Herring 0.1.49 1 Just a python make utility.
hexagonit.portletroles 1.0 1 Provides roles for adding each portlets.
hexagonit.portletstyle 1.3.2 1 Assign a CSS style to a portlet
hexagonit.virtualgallery 1.0 1 Virtual 3D image gallery for Plone
HeyAthena 1.3.2 1 Your personal voice assistant
hisparc-sapphire 1.5.1 1 A framework for the HiSPARC experiment
hizashi-utils 0.4.1 1 Utils for managing Django Hizashi environment
hizzard 0.0.9 1 Great package.
hmmlearn 0.2.0 1 Hidden Markov Models in Python with scikit-learn like API
hockey-scraper 1.2.2 1 This package is designed to allow people to scrape Play by Play and Shift data off of the National Hockey League (NHL) API and website for all preseason, regular season and playoff games since the 2007-2008 season
horizon 1 OpenStack Dashboard
hpp2plantuml 0.2 1 Convert C++ header files to PlantUML
hsaudiotag 1.1.1 1 Read metdata (tags) of mp3, mp4, wma, ogg, flac and aiff files.
hsaudiotag3k 1.1.3 1 Read metdata (tags) of mp3, mp4, wma, ogg, flac and aiff files.
html-diff-wrapper 1.0 1 A html diff wrapper
html2rest 0.2.2 1 Convert HTML to restructuredText
httptestserver 0.3.1 1 HTTP(s) and SMTP testing server
hybridLFPy 0.1.3 1 methods to calculate LFPs with spike events from network sim
hypatia 0.3 1 Python package for searching and indexing
icalendar 4.0.1 1 iCalendar parser/generator
icgc 0.1.3 1 A Python library interface to the International Cancer Genome Consortium's Web Portal
idonethis 1.0.0 1 A simple Python CLI for interacting with idonethis
IDUtils 1.0.0 1 Small library for persistent identifiers used in scholarly communication.
ielectric.fab 0.1.5 1 Personal fabric file
iface 0.1.2 1 Implementable interfaces for Python.
ihatemoney 2.1 1 A simple shared budget manager web application.
illumon-jpy 1.0.5 1 Illumon fork of jpy Bi-directional Python-Java bridge
imagediffer 0.1.4 1 Tool for image diffs.
imbalanced-learn 0.3.2 1 Toolbox for imbalanced dataset in machine learning.
ImcSdk 1 python SDK for Cisco UCS IMC
imgui 0.0.2 1 Cython-based Python bindings for dear imgui
important 0.1.4 1 Utility to find unused packages in requirements and to constrain package usage
impute 0.0.1 1 Gene imputation tools for founder populations.
influxdb 5.0.0 1 InfluxDB client
intbitset 2.3.0 1 C-based extension implementing fast integer bit sets.
IntervalArithmetic 0.2.0 1 An interval arithmetic module
intervene 0.6.2 1 A tool for intersection and visualization of multiple gene or genomic region sets
invenio 3.0.0a4 1 Invenio digital library framework - v3.0 release series
InvoiceGenerator 0.5.4 1 Library to generate PDF invoice.
invoke 0.22.1 1 Pythonic task execution
ioos_qartod 0.0.3 1 IOOS QARTOD Tests implemented in Python
iotlabmqtt 0.6.2 1 Provide access to IoT-LAB experiments as MQTT agents
iperflexer 0.1.4 1 A program to parse iperf files
iptables-converter 0.9.10 1 convert set of iptables-commands to iptables-save format
ipwhois 1.0.0 1 Retrieve and parse whois data for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
isotoma.recipe.django 3.1.5 1 Buildout recipe for Django
ispm-django-chronograph 1 A fork of
iter_karld_tools 0.9.2 1 More tools for iterators
jacquard-split 0.5.0 1 Split testing server
jaraco.packaging 5.1 1 tools to supplement packaging Python releases
jingo 0.9.0 1 An adapter for using Jinja2 templates with Django.
jira 1.0.11 1 Python library for interacting with JIRA via REST APIs.
jmb.jadmin 0.8.1 1 jumbo admin
jobprogress 1.0.4 1 Cross-toolkit UI progress tracking
jonga 0.0.3 1 Jonga: Python function call graph visualization
jProcessing 0.1 1 Japanese NLP Utilities
jpy 0.7.5 1 Bi-directional Python-Java bridge
JqPyCharts 4.0.0 1 Selection of: Javascripts / Css for simple charts in python projects.
jsondata 00.02.018 1 The 'jsondata' package provides for the modular in-memory processing of JSON data by trees, branches, pointers, and patches in accordance to the standards JSON/RFC7951, JSON pointer / RFC6901, and JSON patch / RFC6902. The syntax primitives build on the standard packages 'json' and 'jsonschema'.
jsonschema2rst 0.0.8 1 Parser for yaml/json schemas to rst
jsrn 0.3.2 1 JavaScript Resource Notation for Python
jsx-lexer 0.0.5 1 A JSX lexer for Pygments
jupytalk 0.2.225 1 Material for presentations. The documentation generation is using pyquickhelper.
jupyter-alabaster-theme 0.4.0 1 Jupyter Alabaster Theme
jupytercontrib 0.0.6 1 Some Jupyter contrib extensions
jyquickhelper 0.2.96 1 Helpers for Jupyter notebooks.
Kallithea 0.3.3 1 Kallithea is a fast and powerful management tool for Mercurial and Git with a built in push/pull server, full text search and code-review.
karellen-kombu-ext 4.0.2 1 Karellen Kombu extensions
karld 0.2.10 1 Doing some data things in a memory efficient manner
karmapi 1 Data with karma and pi
karta 0.9.0 1 Geospatial analysis in Python
KayleeVC 0.1.1 1 Somewhat fancy voice command recognition software
kedo-pex 1 The PEX packaging toolchain.
kez 0.1.5 1 CLI for tracking and building documents, specifically Pelican static blogs
Khayyam 3.0.17 1 Persian Date & Time library (aka: Jalali Calendar) with timezone, DST(daylight-saving), full formatting & parsing support for python 2 & 3 including c extention
kinto 8.1.5 1 Kinto Web Service - Store, Sync, Share, and Self-Host.
kinto-dist 5.2.1 1 Kinto Distribution
kleio 0.2.3 1 A simple python implementation of the W3C PROV data model
kmd 2.2 1 An interpreter framework
kombu 4.1.0 1 Messaging library for Python.
kPAL 2.1.1 1 k-mer analysis toolkit and programming library.
krakenex 2.0.0 1 cryptocurrency exchange API
kubelib 0.2.50 1 Utility wrapper around Kubectl
kuryr-lib 0.7.0 1 Kuryr shared config and utilities
kuryr-libnetwork 1.0.0 1 Docker libnetwork driver for OpenStack Neutron
kutils 0.2.0 1 Kyle's utilities
kwconfig 1.1.7 1 A Python module for managing config files in keyword style json format.
kylin 0.4.0 1 Library to read Teleinfo frames
labelord-halfdeadpie 0.5 1 Replicate Github Labels
Lagranto 0.1.7 1 Library to work with trajectories.
Lantz 0.3 1 Instrumentation framework
LaptopControlPanel 0.1.0 1 A Control Panel for Lenovo Thinkpad Laptop
lazr.restfulclient 0.13.5 1 A programmable client library that takes advantage of the commonalities among
lazydoc 1.0.1 1
LCONF 7.0.0 1 L(ight) CONF(iguration): A simple human-readable data serialization format for dynamic configuration.
leekspin 2.1.1 1 An Onion Router descriptor generator
leonardo_horizon 2016.8.3 1 pure Horizon - without Openstack Dashboard and dependencies
let3 1.0.6 1 Assign variables wherever, whenever you want
lettuce 0.2.23 1 Behaviour Driven Development for python
lettuce-updated 0.2.21 1 Behaviour Driven Development for python
lewis 1.2.0 1 LeWIS - Let's Write Intricate Simulators!
LFPy 1.1.3 1 A module for modeling Local Field Potentials built on NEURON
libstorages 0.0.2 1 Cloud Store API
libtele 0.3 1 Library for interfacing
libwedger 0.1.0 1 Interpret ledger's output and make it available in Python.
lightmlboard 0.1.26 1 Light web server serving pages on a leaderboard for machine learned competitions
lightmlrestapi 0.1.37 1 Light REST API for machine learned models
lineage.controlpanels 1.0a1 1 Plone controlpanels for Lineage sites
linearmodels 4.5 1 Instrumental Variable and Linear Panel models for Python
linop 0.8.2 1 A pythonic abstraction for linear mathematical operators
lisa-client 1 LISA home automation system - Client
LittleHTTPServer 0.5.0 1 Little bit extended SimpleHTTPServer
livereload 2.5.1 1 Python LiveReload is an awesome tool for web developers
livetribe-plugins 1.0a1 1 A simple Python plugin framework.
lizard-map 5.5 1 Basic map setup for lizard web sites
lizard-ui 5.3 1 Basic user interface for lizard websites
lmj.sound 0.1.3 1 An assemblage of code for manipulating sound data
loadconfig 0.1.1 1 Tool to simplify config management in a program.
loggerglue 1.0 1 Syslog protocol (rfc5424 and rfc5425) utilities
logilab-common 1.4.1 1 collection of low-level Python packages and modules used by Logilab projects
logintc 1.1.9 1 API client for LoginTC two-factor authentication.
logone 0.1.7 1 A simple logger which supports for logging stdout and stderr streams to console, file, and Loggly for Python
lookml-gen 0.1.9 1 Programmatically generate LookML
Loslassa 0.3.10 1 Just another toy static website generator
lovely.pyrest 2.1.1 1 rest framework for pyramids
lpbm 2.0.0 1 Lightweight personal blog maker
ls-s3-logs 0.1.2 1 A library to parse S3 log files.
lydoc 0.1.1 1 An API documentation generator for Lilypond files
lz4 1.0.0 1 LZ4 Bindings for Python
machinerry 0.2.3 1 CherryPy-based framework for running tasks repeatedly.
macholib 1.9 1 Mach-O header analysis and editing
MadQt 0.0.6 1 GUI for accelerator simulations using MAD-X.
magni 1.7.0 1 A Python Package for Compressive Sampling and Reconstruction of Atomic Force Microscopy Images
make-clean 2.0.1 1 A Cleanup Utility
malleefowl 0.3.11 1 Malleefowl simplifies the usage of WPS and has some supporting WPS processes.
managevcs 0.5.2 1 UNKNOWN
Mandark 0.0.1 1 Change Control Software with the power of Flask
mando 0.6.4 1 Create Python CLI apps with little to no effort at all!
manwe 1.3.1 1 A Python client library and command line interface to the Varda database for genomic variation frequencies
marabunta 0.8.0 1 Migration tool for Odoo
Markups 2.0.1 1 A wrapper around various text markups
maser4py 0.6.1 1 Python 3 module for the MASER portal
medialog.captchawidget 1.0a1 1 Captcha widget for Dexterity / Plone
medialog.magneticpopup 1.0a1 1 Add magnetic popup to Plone5
mediawikiapi 1.1.0 1 Wikipedia API on Python
MedPy 0.3.0 1 Medical image processing in Python
meeting 0.0.1a1 1 Festival management application: Tickets E-Commerce, Tickets validation on Lobby (Web, Paper, Guest, Local Purchase) and Sells on Wristband/Card (Beverage, Food, Souvenir, etc).
members 0.0.5 1 Get membership details from various data sources.
memorybuffer 0.2.2a4 1 Python buffer protocol
merengue 0.9.0 1 Django-based CMS on steroids
merlyn 0.0.9 1 A server backend for interactive online exercises.
metapensiero.sqlalchemy.dbloady 2.3 1 YAML based data loader
metapensiero.sqlalchemy.proxy 5.0 1 Expose SQLAlchemy's queries and their metadata to a webservice
metapensiero.tool.tinject 0.7 1 Automate creation of sources
meteorology 0.0.10 1 utilities for meteorological calculations
metric-learn 0.3.0 1 Python implementations of metric learning algorithms
microfs 1.2.2 1 A module and utility to work with the simple filesystem on the BBC micro:bit
mimimongo 0.1.2 1 Minimal database Model management for MongoDB
minchin.pelican.themes.minchindotca 1.1.0 1 Pelican theme, first used for
mini_fiction 0.0.3 1 CMS for fanfics
minimongo 0.2.8 1 Minimal database Model management for MongoDB
mio-lang 0.1.8 1 A Toy Programming Language written in Python
mitmproxy 2.0.2 1 An interactive, SSL-capable, man-in-the-middle HTTP proxy for penetration testers and software developers.
mkdocs-ponylang 0.0.14 1 Ponylang theme for MkDocs
mlinsights 0.1.38 1 Look for insights about machine learned models
mllib 1.0.0a2 1 A REST client for MarkLogic 8
mlprodict 0.1.11 1 Ways to productionize machine learning predictions
mlstatpy 0.1.274 1 Lectures about machine learning, mathematics, statistics, programming.
mlx.warnings 0.0.10 1 Command-line alternative for Useable with plugin-less CI systems.
mmf-setup 0.1.10 1 Python Tools
mobetta 0.2.9 1 A Django package for managing translation files
mod2doctest 0.2.0 1 A way to convert any Python module to a doctest ready doc string.
modulegraph 0.16 1 Python module dependency analysis tool
mongozen 0.0.6 1 MongoDB utilities for Python
monguo 0.2.2 1 Asynchronous MongoDB ORM for Tornado
monologue 0.0.0beta 1 Monologue - processing messages and progress display
monoseq 1.2.1 1 A Python library for pretty-printing DNA and protein sequences using a monospace font
monotable 2.0.0 1 ASCII table with per column format specs, multi-line content, integrated formatting, column width control.
morejson 1.1.5 1 Wraps Python json, supporting more Python built-in types.
morepath 0.18.1 1 A micro web-framework with superpowers
mosaic-nist 1.3.5 1 A Modular Single-Molecule Analysis Interface.
motor 1.2.1 1 Non-blocking MongoDB driver for Tornado or asyncio
mouse_record 0.0.6 1 An Event Triggered Recorder
moviepy 1 Video editing with Python
mpinterfaces 1.1.2 1 High throughput analysis of interfaces using VASP and Materials Project tools
mrg_core 0.0.6 1 The common library for all Meteor Research Group scripts. This library includes all metrec data interfaces, common astronomical routines, and utility classes.
mrg_gitlab_template 0.6.3 1 A Python gitlab template for initiating new projects in gitlab
mscxyz 0.0.9 1 A command line tool to manipulate the XML based *.mscX and *.mscZ files of the notation software MuseScore.
msl-loadlib 0.3.2 1 Load a shared library (and access a 32-bit library from 64-bit Python)
msrst2db 1.4 1 A reStructuredText to DocBook converter using Python's docutils.
multiprocessing 1 Backport of the multiprocessing package to Python 2.4 and 2.5
multitables 1.1.1 1 High performance parallel reading of HDF5 files using PyTables, multiprocessing, and shared memory.
musica-toolkit 0.1.0 1 Musica is a free and open source computational music toolkit written in Python covering several topics from music theory, audio analysis to high quality figure generation
musixmatch 0.9 1 Package to interface with the Musixmatch API
mwclient 0.8.7 1 MediaWiki API client
my-test-package 0.1.1 1 A simple test program to investigate packaging and PyPI
MyProxyClient 2.0.1 1 MyProxy Client
MySmile 0.7.2 1 MySmile is the lightweight open-source CMS based on Django.
nagiosplugin 1.2.4 1 Class library for writing Nagios (Icinga) plugins
namedropper 0.3.1 1 A collection of python utilities and scripts for identifying named entities in text and XML
nana 1.0.6 1 Nana keeps an eye on a directory and reacts when anything changes
nannou 0.7.1 1 Compiling template engine based on pattern matching
natto-py 0.9.0 1 A Tasty Python Binding with MeCab(FFI-based, no SWIG or compiler necessary)
nbpresent 3.0.0 1 Next generation slides from Jupyter Notebooks
nchash 0.1.5 1 A fast checksum function for netCDF files
nekrobox 0.6.0 1 A utilities library by Nekroze.
nengo 2.6.0 1 Tools for making neural simulations using the Neural Engineering Framework
nensskel 1.37 1 Skeleton for Nelen & Schuurmans projects
neorg 0.0.3 1 NEOrg - Numerical Experiment Organizer
nept 0.1.0.dev0 1 Neuroelectrophysiology tools
nervanagpu 0.3.1 1 Python bindings for Nervana GPU kernels
Nety 1.3.0 1 Parse, Audit, Query, Build, and Modify Cisco IOS-style configurations
Netzob 1.0.2 1 Protocol Reverse Engineering, Modeling and Fuzzing
neuronvisio 0.9.1 1 Neuronvisio is a Graphical User Interface for NEURON simulator environment
newsletter 0.1.22pre 1 alpha newsletter software for #python. newsletterapp more extensible.
newslynx-sc-example 0.0.1 1 An example Sous Chef module generated by
newslynx-sc-homepage 0.0.1 1 UNKNOWN
newslynx-sc-rss 0.0.5 1 This module contains all Sous Chefs which deal with RSS extraction. 0.8 1 Common Python utils (App, logging, config, etc.)
niteoweb.fabfile 2.2.3 1 A bunch of Fabric commands we use all the time.
nitroapi 0.1.0 1 Minimal wrapper around the NetScaler NITRO API
noeku.linguacollage 1.0a1 1 Helps with multilingual collages
NoseDjango 1.1.0 1 nosedjango cranks up the awesome for your Django project by giving you all the testing goodness of the Nose ecosystem. Use multiprocess, xunit, coverage, etc or even write your own plugin that hooks in to the NoseDjango plugin system (a plugin with a plugin system!)
nosetp 1 UNKNOWN
nphelper 0.0.5 1 nphelper - convenient numpy helper functions
nsdf 0.1 1 NSDF (Neuroscience Simulation Data Format)
nsof-python-consul 1.0.0 1 Python client for Consul (
nssjson 0.7 1 Not So Simple JSON encoder/decoder
nti.schema 1.3.2 1 Zope schema related support
numericalmodel 0.1.18 1 abstract classes to set up and run a numerical model
numina 0.15 1 Numina reduction package
nwdiag 1.0.4 1 nwdiag generates network-diagram image from text
objgraph 3.4.0 1 Draws Python object reference graphs with graphviz
ocellaris 2018.1.0.dev0 1 A discontinuous Galerkin FEM solver for multiphase free surface flows
octopusapi 0.1 1 octopusapi
odin 1.3.0 1 Data-structure definition/validation/traversal, mapping and serialisation toolkit for Python
odls.client 0.1 1 A Python client for ODLS
odoo8-addon-base-module-doc-rst 1 Modules Technical Guides in RST and Relationship Graphs
OdooRPC 0.6.1 1 OdooRPC is a Python package providing an easy way to pilot your Odoo servers through RPC.
OERPLib 0.8.4 1 OERPLib is a Python module providing an easy way to pilot your OpenERP and Odoo servers through RPC.
OfflineDoc 0.0.14 1 Offline documents generating tool
Ojota 3.1.2 1 Flat File Database with ORM
Oncilla 0.1.0 1 Oncilla is the documentation building helper package of Oncilla, Color, Manager, Umbra, sIBL_GUI and sIBL_Reporter.
oneID-connect 0.21.1 1 Neustar TDI is an identity & authentication framework for the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, servers, and end-users.
oosheet 1.2 1 Spreadsheet scripting library
openalea.deploy 2.0.0 1 OpenAlea.Deploy support the installation of OpenAlea packages via the network and manage their dependencies. It is an extension of Setuptools.
openid2rp 1.12 1 OpenID 2.0 Relying Party Support Library with WSGI and Django support 0.10.4 1 An unofficial library for the OpenProvider API
openstackdocstheme 1.18.1 1 OpenStack Docs Theme
Orange3-Conformal 1.0.0 1 Orange3 Conformal Prediction library
orb 0.9.4 1 pip/virtualenv shell script wrapper
otree-redwood 0.7.0 1 oTree extension for inter-page communication.
ouimeaux 0.8 1 Open source control for Belkin WeMo devices
overture-song 0.3.9 1 A Python library interface to the SONG REST Server
ovh 0.4.8 1 Official API wrapper
p01.recipe.setup 0.8.12 1 Application installation support recipes
pa-ringbuffer 0.1.2 1 Python wrapper for PortAudio's ring buffer
paco 0.2.0 1 Small utility library for coroutine-based asynchronous generic programming
pandas-datareader 0.6.0 1 Data readers extracted from the pandas codebase,should be compatible with recent pandas versions
pandas-validation 0.3.0 1 A Python package for validating data with pandas
pandas_streaming 0.1.66 1 Streaming operations with pandas.
paperweight 0.1.1 1 Tools for hacking LaTeX documents
papierstat 0.1.68 1 Look for insights about machine learned models
ParamComparison 0.2.2 1 Parameter Comparison Table Generator
parsel 1.4.0 1 Parsel is a library to extract data from HTML and XML using XPath and CSS selectors
parsimonious 0.8.0 1 (Soon to be) the fastest pure-Python PEG parser I could muster
pas.plugins.authomatic 1.0b1 1 Provides OAuth2/ OpenID login for Plone using Authomatic.
pas.plugins.memberpropertytogroup 1.0 1 Plone PAS plugin to create virtual groups based on member properties.
pas.plugins.skipauthentication 1.0a1 1 PAS Plugin to allow authentication for any user for development purpose
pas.plugins.sqlalchemy 0.4.2 1 SQLAlchemy-based PAS user/group/prop store.
pastream 0.1.2 1 GIL-less Portaudio Streams for Python
patatmo 0.2.13 1 painless access to the netatmo weather api
pathspec 0.5.5 1 Utility library for gitignore style pattern matching of file paths.
paxo 0.1.3 1 paxo: python ♡ terminal
pcloud 1.0a4 1 A client library for pCloud
pcsv 1.0.6 1 This module can be used to handle comma-separated values (CSV) files and do lightweight processing of their data with support for row and column filtering
pdfebc 0.2.0 1 Application to compress PDF documents into an ebook reader-friendly size.
pdfebc-core 0.3.0 1 Core functions of the pdfebc tools. The pdfebc tools is (going to be) a .set of tools for compressing PDF files to e-reader friendly sizes.
pdpipe 0.0.12 1 Easy pipelines for pandas.
pdutil 0.0.7 1 Utilities for pandas.
peachy 0.1.0 1 A python3 game development framework
PedalPi-Application 0.4.0 1 Framework for manager the Pedal Pi
PedalPi-PluginsManager 0.7.0 1 Pythonic management of LV2 audio plugins with mod-host.
pelper 0.1.0 1 pelper - python helper functions
peng 1.0.6 1 This package provides engineering-related classes and functions
peng3dnet 0.1.2a1 1 Networking Library for Peng3d
pep8 1.7.1 1 Python style guide checker
perseuspy 0.3.5 1 Utilities for integrating python scripts into Perseus workflows
persistent 1 Translucent persistent objects
pesto 25 1 Library for WSGI applications
petgem 0.30.48 1 Parallel python code for electromagnetic modeling in geophysics
pex 1.2.16 1 The PEX packaging toolchain.
pexdoc 1.1 1 This package provides a light framework that can be used to automatically generate exceptions documentation marked up in `reStructuredText <http://docutils
pg-discuss 1.0b1 1 A comment system backend on top of PostgreSQL
pg_chameleon 2.0.3 1 MySQL to PostgreSQL replica and migration
pg_query 0.23 1 Pythonic wrapper around libpg_query and PostgreSQL prettifier
pgraph 0.5.1 1 Drawing graph of the dependencies of Python packages
phaseshifts 0.1.5-dev 1 Python-based version of the Barbieri/Van Hove phase shift calculation package for LEED/XPD modelling
phrydy 1.2.0 1 A easy wrapper for mutagen
piano 0.3 1 CMS built using Pyramid and MongoDB
piazza-api 0.6.0 1 Unofficial Client for Piazza's Internal API
picnic 1 Python packages creation made easy
pidsim 1.0rc6 1 PID Controllers simulator (core)
pikepdf 0.1rc5 1 Read and write PDFs with Python, powered by qpdf
pilbox 1.3.2 1 Pilbox is an image processing application server built on the Tornado web framework using the Pillow Imaging Library
pip-autoremove 0.9.0 1 Remove a package and its unused dependencies
pipesnake 0.1 1 Feature extractor and data processing pipelines for Pandas inspired by Scikit-Learn.
pipsort 0.1.1 1 Get pip search results sorted by version
piston-lib 0.5.7 1 Python library for STEEM
piston-mini-client 0.7.5 1 A package to consume Django-Piston web services
pkglib 0.9 1 Company-centric packaging and testing library
pkgme 0.4.3 1 =====
pkgtools 0.7.3 1 Python Packages Tools, with Python 3.3 support
pkiutils 0.1 1 a set of public key infrastructure utilities
plantuml 0.1.1 1 UNKNOWN
plantuml_connection 1.0.3 1
plantweb 1.1.0 1 Python client for the PlantUML server
plex 2.0.0dev 1 Plex is a library building lexical analysers
plex3 2.0.0.dev0 1 Plex is a library building lexical analysers 2.4.8 1 Dexterity is a content type framework for CMF applications, with particular emphasis on Plone. It can be viewed as an alternative to Archetypes that is more light-weight and modular. 3.0.5 1 Enhanced discussion support for Plone 2.0rc8 1 Plone Mosaic 1.0 1 Multilingual Catalog Indexes for Plone 1.1.3 1 Robot Framework testing resources for Plone 2.0.8 1 better plone widgets
plone.jsonapi.routes 0.9.4 1 Plone JSON API -- Routes
plone.patternslib 0.2.1 1 An add-on to make patternslib patterns available within Plone 5.
plone.restapi 1.1.0 1 plone.restapi is a RESTful hypermedia API for Plone.
plone.versioncheck 1.6.6 1 Checks pinned versions with overrides in a cascaded buildout
ploneintranet 1.2.72 1 Intranet suite for Plone
plonetheme.booster 1.0.8 1 A theme for Plone 5.x 1.1 1 A theme for Plone 5.x
plonetheme.future_imperfect 1.0.1 1 A theme for Plone 5.x
plonetheme.persona 1.0a1 1 The Persona Theme for Plone 5. 1.2.3 1 A theme for Plone 5.x
plonetheme.testtheme 1.0a1 1 A theme for Plone
pluginbuilder 1.1.0 1 Create standalone Mac OS X plugins with Python
pluginmanager 0.4.1 1 Python Plugin Management, simplified
plumbus 0.0.2 1 Easy enums for python.
pmisc 1.4.1 1 This module contains miscellaneous utility functions that can be applied in a variety of circumstances; there are context managers, membership functions (test if an argument is of a given type), numerical functions, string functions and functions to aid in the unit testing of modules
poezio 0.11 1 A console XMPP client
polib 1.1.0 1 A library to manipulate gettext files (po and mo files).
poni 0.4.9 1 system configuration software
poyo 0.4.1 1 A lightweight YAML Parser for Python
pp.client-plone 0.4.7 1 Produce & Publisher Plone Client Connector
pp.client-python 0.4.8 1 Produce & Publish Python Client
pplot 1.1.2 1 This module can be used to create high-quality, presentation-ready X-Y graphs quickly and easily
pppack 1.1.0.post1 1 A Python Piecewise Polynomial Package
pracmln 1.2.2 1 Markov logic networks in Python
predicates 0.0.5 1 A collection of predicate factories, functions, and partials, for functional programming.
prestoadmin 2.3 1 Presto-admin installs, configures, and manages Presto installations.
pretend_extended 2.1 1 Fake servers for testing
pretend_extended3 3.1 1 Fake servers for testing
pretenders 1.4.4 1 Fake servers for testing
pretenders-client 1.1.1 1 Client for the pretenders mock server
prjct 0.6.0 1 Project Management for Living Life
Products.EasyNewsletter 3.0.6 1 Powerful newsletter/mailing addon for Plone
Products.LDAPMultiPlugins 1.14 1 LDAP-backed plugins for the Zope2 PluggableAuthService
Products.TinyMCE 1.4.3 1 Adds support for TinyMCE, a platform independent web based Javascript HTML WYSIWYG editor, to Plone.
progress_bar 8 1 An annotated, single-line progress bar for terminals.
ProjectSetup 0.1.1 1 describe your project
projecture 0.1.3 1 scaffolding/bootstrap generation tool
properties 0.4.0b1 1 properties: an organizational aid and wrapper for validation and tab completion of class properties
psd-tools2 1.7.1 1 Fork of psd-tools for working with Adobe Photoshop PSD files
pstake 0.3.4 1 PSTricks converter
ptah 0.8.0 1 Ptah is a fast, fun, open source high-level Python web development environment.
ptrie 1.1 1 This module can be used to build, handle, process and search `tries <http://wikipedia
pudge 0.1.3 1 Pudge is a documentation generator for Python projects, using Restructured Text
pudl 0.1.3 1 pudl is an Active Directory client library and CLI
pushover_complete 1.0.2 1 A Python package for interacting with *all* aspects of the Pushover API
putil 0.9.12 1
Pweave 0.30.2 1 Scientific reports with embedded python computations with reST, LaTeX or markdown
py-deps 0.5.5 1 parsing the Python deps and generating graph data
py-enigma 0.1 1 A historically accurate Enigma machine simulation library.
py-gfm 0.1.3 1 An implementation of Github-Flavored Markdown written as an extension to the Python Markdown library.
py-gravatar 0.0.3 1 Python bindings for the Gravatar API
py-heimdallr-client 0.0.2 1 Python API for Heimdallr
py-init 0.0.1 1 An opinionated utility for creating python projects.
py-nltools 0.1.3 1 A collection of basic python modules for spoken natural language processing
py-pgp 0.0.1 1 A Python implementation of OpenPGP
py-translate 1.0.3 1 A Translation Tool for Humans
py2loggly 1.1.2 1 A proxy for python UDP/TCP logging to loggly
py2swagger 1.0.0 1 Swagger schema builder
py3-libldap 1.3.2 1 OpenLDAP library wrapper
py_handle 1.0.0 1 Library for management of handles
pyamiibo 0.2 1 PyAmiibo is a library for manipulating Amiibo dumps.
pyant 0.0.7 1 ant by python
pyautoupdate 1.0.0.post1 1 Auto-update API for Python programs
pyavdesk 1.0.1 1 pyavdesk is a Python wrapper for dwavdapi C library to manipulate Dr.Web AV-Desk server resources.
pyblosxom 1.5.3 1 Pyblosxom is a file-based weblog engine.
pybrood 0.9.2 1 Broodwar API binding
PyCap 1.0.2 1 PyCap: Python interface to REDCap
pycapnp 0.6.3 1 A cython wrapping of the C++ Cap'n Proto library
pycasso 0.1.1 1 Picasso Python Package
pycdep 0.0.2 1 Header file dependency analysis and visualization for C/C++.
pycep-correios 2.2.0 1 API para busca de CEP no webservice dos Correios
pychangelog 1 Manage changelog files.
pycodestyle 2.3.1 1 Python style guide checker
pycom 0.6.0 1 Distributed component model for Python.
PyContracts 1.8.2 1 PyContracts is a Python package that allows to declare constraints on function parameters and return values. Contracts can be specified using Python3 annotations, in a decorator, or inside a docstring :type: and :rtype: tags. PyContracts supports a basic type system, variables binding, arithmetic constraints, and has several specialized contracts (notably for Numpy arrays), as well as an extension API.
PyCpuSimulator 0.2.1 1 PyCpuSimulator is a CPU simulator
pycsdl2 1 Simple DirectMedia Layer
pyctools.core 0.3.0 1 Picture processing algorithm development kit
pyCTQW 1.1.0 1 An MPI enabled CTQW simulator
pyculib 1.0.1 1 Pyculib - python bindings for NVIDIA CUDA libraries
pydealer 1.4.0 1 A package for constructing decks of playing cards, for games.
pydebsign 0.1.5 1 yet another library of debsign
pydecor 1.1.3 1 Easy peasy Python decorators
pyDHTMLParser 2.2.2 1 Python HTML/XML parser for easy web scraping.
pyditz 0.10.1 1 Python implementation of Ditz (
pydmd 0.1.0 1 Python Dynamic Mode Decomposition.
pydna 2.0.3 1 Contains classes and code for representing double stranded DNA and functions for simulating homologous recombination between DNA molecules.
pydoctor 16.3.0 1 API doc generator.
pydotplus 2.0.2 1 Python interface to Graphviz's Dot language
pydvbcss 0.5.2 1 pydvbcss is a library implementing DVB "CSS" protocols for Companion Screen Synchronisation.
PyDvi 0.1.0 1 A library to read and process DVI (DeVice Independent) files, the native output of TeX. The source code provides also a PNG converter and a viewer featuring an hardware acceleration based on the OpenGL API.
pydy 0.4.0 1 Python tool kit for multi-body dynamics.
pydy-viz 0.1.0 1 Browser based 3D visualization of multibody simulations.
pyeda 0.28.0 1 Python Electronic Design Automation
pyeds 17.12.0 1 Python Event Driven System
pyelasticsearch 1.4 1 Flexible, high-scale API to elasticsearch
pyems 0.1.2 1 Python EMS (Evo Media Server) API wrapper
pyemtmad 0.1.0 1 (Kind of) sane wrapper for the EMT API
pyenbc 1.2.4 1 Simplifies remote access to clusters.
pyensae 1.2.710 1 Helpers for teaching purposes (includes sqllite helpers)
PyESCPOS 0.0.13 1 Support for Epson ESC/POS printer command system.
pyFAI 0.15.0 1 Python implementation of fast azimuthal integration
pyfarm.agent 0.8.6 1 Core module containing code to run PyFarm's agent.
pyfarm.core 0.9.3 1 Sub-library which contains core modules, classes, and data types which are used by other parts of PyFarm.
pyfarm.master 0.8.6 1 Sub-library which contains the code necessary to communicate with the database via a REST api.
pyfastnoisesimd 0.3.2 1 Python Fast Noise with SIMD
pyfft 0.3.9 1 FFT library for PyCuda and PyOpenCL
pyfilesysobjects 00.01.015 1 The 'pyfilesysobjects' package provides utilities for usage of the filesystem as a class tree containing files as objects. The package also contains 'normpathX' as replacement for 'os.path.normpath'.
pyflo 0.3.3 1 PyFlo is an open-source library written in Python for performing hydraulic and hydrology stormwater analysis.
pyfora 0.5.10 1 A library for parallel execution of Python code in the Ufora runtime
pyg 1.0 1 Python Package Manager
pygaps 1.1.1 1
pygenstub 1.0b7 1 Python stub file generator.
pygfunction 1.0.0 1 A g-function calculator for Python
pygitrepo 0.0.19 1 Allow dummies develop Python project like a Pro - Quickly initiate a python project from scratch.
pyglet2d 0.2.1 1 2D shape primitives for pyglet.
pyglfw-cffi 0.1.2 1 A CFFI-based wrapper for GLFW3
pygments-cl-repl 0.1 1 Pygments lexer for Common Lisp REPL
pygments-lexer-solidity 0.0.3 1 Solidity lexer for Pygments
pygmsh 4.1.0 1 Python frontend for Gmsh
pygogo 0.10.0 1 A Python logging library with super powers
pygooglevoice 0.5.2 1 Python 2/3 Interface for Google Voice
pyGTC 0.3.1 1 Make an awesome giant triangle confusogram (gtc)!
pygtrie 2.2 1 Trie data structure implementation.
pyguetzli 1.0.3 1 Python bindings for Google's Guetzli, a JPEG encoder that optimises JPEG compression
PyHatch 0.0.17 1 PyHatch initializes files and directory structure for new python projects.
pyhpeimc 1.0.41 1 Python binding for HPE IMC REST API Interface
PyInstaller 3.3.1 1 PyInstaller bundles a Python application and all its dependencies into a single package.
pyinthesky 0.5 1 Python library to interact with Sky boxes.
pyjig 1.0.14 1 Quickly create python projects from templates.
pyketools 3.1.0 1 Tools to inspect and analyze the pixels and lightcurves obtained by NASA's Kepler, K2, and TESS space telescopes.
pyladies 2.0.4 1 Everything you need to start your own PyLadies location
pylatest 0.1.1 1 Testcase description management tools.
pyline 0.3.16 1 Pyline is a grep-like, sed-like, awk-like command-line tool for line-based text processing in Python.
pylink-square 0.0.10 1 Python interface for SEGGER J-Link.
PyLit3 3.1 1 Literate Programming for Python3
pyliveleak 0.1.2 1 Uploads videos to
pylocator 1 Program for the localization of EEG-electrodes.
PyLTI 0.5.1 1 PyLTI provides Python Implementation of IMS LTI interface that works with edX
pymdeco 0.1.1 1 PyMDECO - Python Meta Data Extractor and Collection Organizer library
PyMeasure 0.5 1 Scientific measurement library for instruments, experiments, and live-plotting
pymediawiki 0.3.17 1 Wikipedia and MediaWiki API wrapper for Python
pymeigo 1.0.0 1 Python wrapper of MEIGOR, a R optimisation package (
pymemcache 1.4.4 1 A comprehensive, fast, pure Python memcached client
pymetawear 0.7.2 1 Python client for connecting to MbientLab's MetaWear boards
pymmails 0.2.237 1 A module to download emails from an IMAP4 server
pymoc 0.5.0 1 Multi-Order Coverage map module for Python
pymongo 3.6.0 1 Python driver for MongoDB <>
pymongo-amplidata 2.8-2 1 Amplidata's fork of the python driver for MongoDB <>
pymongolab 1.2 1 PyMongoLab is a client library for MongoLab REST API
pyMOR 0.4.2 1
pymoskito 0.2.1 1 Python based modular simulation & postprocessing kickass toolbox
pympress 1.1.2 1 A simple dual-screen PDF reader designed for presentations
pymssql 2.1.3 1 DB-API interface to Microsoft SQL Server for Python. (new Cython-based version)
pymssql-nikcub 2.2.0 1 DB-API interface to Microsoft SQL Server for Python. (new Cython-based version)
pymunk 5.3.2 1 Pymunk is a easy-to-use pythonic 2d physics library
PyMuPDF 1.12.2 1 Python bindings for the PDF rendering library MuPDF
pymyinstall 1.2.1473 1 Easy installation of modules for data scientists
pyndl 0.4.3 1 Naive discriminative learning implements learning and classification models based on the Rescorla-Wagner equations.
pynusmv 1.0rc8 1 Embed NuSMV as a python library
pyocclient 0.4 1 Python client library for ownCloud
pyoes 0.4.7 1 Algemene onroerenderfgoed stijl (gebaseerd op de Vlaamse huisstijl) voor pyramid
PyOpenGLng 0.1.2 1 An experimental OpenGL wrapper for Python using ctypes or CFFI
pyopenmensa 0.95.0 1 Usefull python wrapper for creating OpenMensa feeds
pypcapfile 0.12.0 1 Pure Python package for reading and parsing libpcap savefiles.
pypdfocr 0.9.1 1 Converts a scanned PDF into an OCR'ed pdf using Tesseract-OCR and Ghostscript
pypfilt 0.5.4 1 Bootstrap particle filter for epidemic forecasting
pypi-download-stats 0.2.1 1 Calculate detailed download stats and generate HTML and badges for PyPI packages
pypi-publisher 0.0.4 1 A cli for publishing packages to pypi, without the hassle
pypi-rst-ref 0.0.5 1 A reference for how reStructuredText blocks are rendered by Github and PyPI.
pypixplore 0.2.4 1 Explore PyPI and visualize its contents in unusual and interesting ways
pypolibox 1.0.2 1 text generation for product recommendations using OpenCCG
pyprobables 0.1.3 1 Probabilistic data structures in python
pyProCT 1.7.3 1 pyProCT is an open source cluster analysis software especially adapted for jobs related with structural proteomics
pypsa 0.13.0 1 Python for Power Systems Analysis
pypstats 1.4 1 Retrieve monthly package download statistics from PyPI
pypuppetdb 0.3.3 1 Library for working with the PuppetDB REST API.
pypuppetdbquery 0.9.1 1 A port of Erik Dalén's PuppetDB Query language to Python
pyramid_assetviews 1.0a3 1 pyramid_assetviews
pyramid_debugtoolbar 4.3 1 A package which provides an interactive HTML debugger for Pyramid application development
pyramid_layout 1.0 1 Pyramid add-on for facilitating UI layout
pyramid_mock_server 1.1.1 1 Create pyramid server that return mocked response from an OpenAPI spec
pyramid_skosprovider 0.8.0 1 Integration of skosprovider in pyramid
pyramid_zcml 1.1.0 1 Zope Config Markup Language support for Pyramid
pyrant 0.6.5 1 A python wrapper around Tokyo Tyrant
PyResistorColorCode 1.0.0 1 Python module providing some tools to manage IEC 60062 marking codes for resistors.
pyRFC3339 1.0 1 Generate and parse RFC 3339 timestamps
pyriform 0.5 1 Connect the requests library to your WSGI app without using sockets.
pyroxy 0.1 1 A proxy for accessing PyPI
pyrpl 1 DSP servo controller for quantum optics with the RedPitaya
pyrsslocal 0.8.250 1 Local RSS reader/viewer
PyScaffold 3.0.1 1 Template tool for putting up the scaffold of a Python project
pyScss 1.3.5 1 pyScss, a Scss compiler for Python
pysdl2-cffi 0.8.0 1 SDL2 wrapper with cffi
pyseer 1.0.0 1 Sequence Elements Enrichment Analysis (SEER), python implementation
PySide 1.2.4 1 Python bindings for the Qt cross-platform application and UI framework
pysimavr 0.2.2 1 python wrapper for simavr which is AVR and arduino simulator.
PySimpleAutomata 0.5.0 1 Python library to manage DFA, NFA and AFW automata
pysimplemodel 1.1.1 1 Data handling made easy
pysize 0.1 1 PySize is a lightweight tool for converting quantities between defined units
pyslice 1 Pyslice is a templating engine to easily create data sets for parametric modeling.
pyslurm 1 Python Interface for Slurm
pysourceinfo 0.1.12 1 The 'pysourceinfo' package provides utilities for simplified gain of runtime information related to source code locations. The information is mainly based on 'inspect', butextended where required.
PySpeedIT 1.0.8 1 A Collection of: Benchmark-IT, Profile-IT, Line-Memory-Profile-IT, Disassemble-IT.
PySpice 1.1.4 1 Simulate electronic circuit using Python and the Ngspice simulator
pysqllike 0.1.168 1 An intent to write SQL like programs and to translate them in Python, SQL, Hive, PIG.
pystmark 0.4.6 1 A Python library for the Postmark API (
pystrext 0.1.7 1 Python string extension
pytac 0.1.1 1 Python Toolkit for Accelerator Controls (Pytac) is a Python library intended to make it easy to work with particle accelerators.
PyTango 9.2.2 1 A python binding for the Tango control system
PyTeCK 0.2.3 1 Evaluation of chemical kinetic models with experimental data
python-bitcoinlib 0.9.0 1 The Swiss Army Knife of the Bitcoin protocol.
python-boilerplate 0.4.10 1 Creates the skeleton of your Python project.
python-cg 0.1.3 1 Python wrapper for NVidia Cg Toolkit
python-congressclient 1.9.0 1 Client for Congress
python-constraint 1.3.1 1 python-constraint is a module implementing support for handling CSPs (Constraint Solving Problems) over finite domain
python-consul 0.7.2 1 Python client for Consul (
python-docx-template 0.0.1 1 Use docx documents as templates (supports template logic to be written from within the Word Processor itself.
python-freeboxclient 0.1.0 1 A client for the FreeboxOS.
python-gammu 2.11 1 Gammu bindings
python-git-package 0.3.5 1 A scaffolding tool for python packages
python-kmos 0.3.9 1 kMC modeling on steroids
python-ly 0.9.5 1 Tool and library for manipulating LilyPond files
python-mpd2 0.5.5 1 A Python MPD client library
python-msp430-tools 0.8.1 1 Python MSP430 Tools
python-nagios-helpers 0.2.0 1 Helper Classes for plugin development and nagios management.
python-odmltables 0.1.1 1 Interface to convert odML structures to and from table-like representations
python-openexchangerates 0.1.0 1 Open exchange rates
python-package-template 0.8.1 1 Provides a command to easily create a standard Python package layout (i.e. package directory, README file,, etc.).
python-pcapng 0.2 1 Library to read/write the pcap-ng format used by various packet sniffers
python-rapidjson 0.4.3 1 Python wrapper around rapidjson
python-socialtext 0.2.3 1 Python binding for the Socialtext REST API
python-stdnet 0.8.2 1 Object data mapper and advanced query manager for non relational databases.
python-taiga 0.9.0 1 Taiga python API
python-textops 0.3.2 1 Python text operations module
python-twitter 3.4 1 A Python wrapper around the Twitter API
python-valve 0.2.1 1 Python implementation for Source servers, RCON, A2S, VDF, the Steam Web API and various other Valve products and services.
python-xmp-toolkit 2.0.1 1 Python XMP Toolkit for working with metadata.
python2-pythondialog 3.4.0 1 A Python interface to the UNIX dialog utility and mostly-compatible programs (Python 2 backport)
python3-openttd 0.1 1 OpenTTD administration client library
python_boilerplate_template 1.0.1 1 PasteScript template for initializing a new buildout/pytest/travis/setuptools-enabled Python project
python_hangman 2.2.3 1 Python Hangman TDD/MVC demonstration.
python_packaging_demo 0.1.7 1 sample python packaging and upload to pypi demo.
python_papi 1 Python binding for the PAPI library
pythonbase 0.0.2 1 pythonbase is a skeleton for creating Python projects
pythondialog 3.4.0 1 A Python interface to the UNIX dialog utility and mostly-compatible programs
pythreadworker 0.8.0 1 A threading library.
pytoolbox 11.8.3 1 Toolbox for Python scripts
PyTPM 0.7.1 1 Python interface to Telescope Pointing Machine C library.
pytrology 0.1.0 1 An unit framework for Python 3
pytronlinks 0.3.9 1 Send commands to Links from within your Python scripts.
PyValentina 0.1.0 1 Python implementation of Valentina Pattern Making Software
pyviennacl 1.0.3 1 Sparse/dense linear algebra on GPUs and CPUs using OpenCL
pyvips 2.0.5 1 binding for the libvips image processing library
pyvolume 0.1.2 1 Python Docker Volume driver
pyvttbl 1 Multidimensional pivot tables, data processing, statistical computation
pywcs 1.12 1 Python wrappers to WCSLIB
pywikibot 3.0.20180204 1 Python MediaWiki Bot Framework
pywincert 1.0.2 1 Wrapper for Windows makecert
pywincffi 0.5.0 1 A Python library which wraps Windows functions using CFFI
pyxform 0.10.0 1 A Python package to create XForms for ODK Collect.
pyxform-cadasta 0.9.22 1 A Python package to create XForms for ODK Collect.
pyyaru 0.3.2 1 Python interface for blog service API.
pyzgoubi 0.6.0 1 PyZgoubi is an interface to the Zgoubi particle tracker written in python.
pyzipcode 1.0 1 query zip codes and location data
qcodes 0.1.9 1 Python-based data acquisition framework developed by the Copenhagen / Delft / Sydney / Microsoft quantum computing consortium
QInfer 1.0 1 Bayesian particle filtering for parameter estimation in quantum information applications.
qit 0.11.0 1 Quantum Information Toolkit
qPython 1.2.2 1 kdb+ interfacing library for Python
qt4_gengui 0.0.1 1 A generic GUI built with pyQt4. Used as starting point for new GUI apps. 1.2.2 1 A taxonomy browser app for quaive
quaive.resources.ploneintranet 2.0.8 1 Default theme for Plone Intranet
quicklogging 0.3 1 Logging wrapper
radical.utils 0.47 1 Shared code and tools for various RADICAL Projects (
ramlfications 0.1.9 1 A Python RAML parser
rasa-core 0.8.2 1 Machine learning based dialogue engine for conversational software.
rasdapy 0.0.6 1 Python interface to rasdaman
ratom 2.2.5 1 Rage Against The Outdated Machine
raw-import 0.1.1 1 Copy your docs directly to the dedicate branch.
rbfopt 4.0.0.post2 1 Library for black-box (derivative-free) optimization
recip 3.0.1 1 CM SageMath code
RecoVoc 1.0.5 1 Reconnaissance vocale.
redmine2jira 0.9.0 1 Export Redmine issues to file formats compatible with the JIRA Importers plugin (JIM)
redomino.advancedkeyword 1.4 1 Redomino Advanced Keyword Management 2.0.1 1 Plone addon that adds a gallery view with a carousel made with slick.
redturtle.jquerybrowser 1.0a1 1 Add-on for Plone which implements the original jquery-browser code. 1.0.2 1 An alternative method for handling and showing tiles
refactordoc 0.3.1 1 UNKNOWN
RefBuild 0.1.4 1 A tool to prepare source reference from docstrings.
reg 0.11 1 Clever dispatch
releaselog 0.2 1 Generate release notess from git commit logs.
reliure 16.12.r0 1 Minimal framework to manage data processing pipelines
relshell 0.3.3 1 A framework to manage shell commands' inputs/outputs as relational data.
reno 2.7.0 1 RElease NOtes manager
renumerate 1.0.4 1 Reverse enumerate
repocribro 0.1.2 1 Extensible sifting tool for information from GitHub repositories
reports 0.3.1 1 Quickly create HTML reports using a set of JINJA templates
repoze.bfg 1.3 1 The repoze.bfg web application framework
repoze.browserid 0.3 1 repoze.browserid WSGI middleware tags browsers with an identifier cookie for use in sessioning and otherbrowser-identity-sensitive systems.
repoze.debug 1.1 1 Forensic debugging WSGI middleware
repoze.errorlog 1.1 1 Error logging and reporting middleware
repoze.evolution 0.6 1 Version-number-controlled evolution for database changes
repoze.folder 1.0 1 A ZODB folder implementation with object events
repoze.lemonade 0.7.6 1 repoze.lemonade is a collection of utilties that make it possible to create Zope CMF-like applications without requiring any particular persistence mechanism. It makes use of the Zope component architecture.
repoze.postoffice 0.25 1 Provides central depot for incoming mail for use by applications.
repoze.profile 2.2 1 Aggregate profiling for WSGI requests
repoze.retry 1.4 1 Middleware which implements a retryable exceptions
repoze.sendmail 4.4.1 1 Repoze Sendmail
repoze.tm2 2.1 1 Per-request transactions via WSGI middleware
repoze.who 2.3 1 repoze.who is an identification and authentication framework for WSGI.
requirements-builder 0.2.6 1 Build requirements files from requirements.
respawn 1.0.3 1 AWS CloudFormation Template generator from Yaml specifications.
rest-api-blueprint 0.1 1 Pedagogical blueprint of a REST API in Flask.
restructuredtext_lint 1.1.2 1 reStructuredText linter
reversion2 0.3 1 page versioning for django-cms
ringo 1.14.0 1 A simple web framework with base functionality to build web applications.
RinohType 0.3.1 1 The Python document processor
ripe.atlas.sagan 1.2.2 1 A parser for RIPE Atlas measurement results
ripl 0.0.2 1 Really Incredibly Point Less presentation tools
risclog.sqlalchemy 3.0 1 Encapsulate sqlalchemy modelling infrastructure.
rl 2.4 1 Alternative Python bindings for GNU Readline
rnginline 0.0.2 1 Flatten multi-file RELAX NG schemas
robotframework-drupallibrary 1.0.0a1 1 robotframework keywords and utilities for Drupal testings
rose 1.0.0 1 A small library for keeping your version up-to-date easily & everywhere.
roundup 1.5.1 1 A simple-to-use and -install issue-tracking system with command-line, web and e-mail interfaces. Highly customisable.
rpmdeplint 1.4 1 Tool to find errors in RPM packages in the context of their dependency graph
rrtools 1.1.0a1.post1 1 Raster Restoration tools
RSFile 2.1 1 RSFile advanced I/O file streams
rst.linker 1.9 1 rst.linker
rst2db 1.0 1 A reStructuredText to DocBook converter using Python's docutils.
rst2db-opf 1.1.6 1 A reStructuredText to Docbook converter using Python's docutils.
rst2html5 1.9.3 1 Generates (X)HTML5 documents from standalone reStructuredText sources
rst2pdf 0.93 1 Convert restructured text to PDF via reportlab.
rst2rst 0.2 1 Transform reStructuredText documents. Standardize RST syntax
rst2texinfo 0.2 1 Converts reStructuredText to Texinfo
rst2textile 0.2.1 1 rst2textile is docutils textile writer convert reStructuredText(rst) to Textile format.
rstcheck 3.2 1 Checks syntax of reStructuredText and code blocks nested within it
rstctl 0.4 1 reST utils
rstex 0.12 1 An extension of docutils' rst2latex with inline math, equations, references, and raw latex
rstgo 0.2.2 1 A package to render go diagrams and embed them in reStructuredText documents
rstwatch 1.0.2 1 Watch directories for changes to RST files and generate HTML
rt 1.0.10 1 Python interface to Request Tracker API
rtd-redirects 1.0.1 1 Manage redirects in the ReadTheDocs admin, programmatically
rtrlib 0.1 1 rtrlib binding
rueckenwind 0.5.1 1 tornado based webframework
rutter 0.2 1 Py3k-compatible fork of Paste's urlmap
rwslib 1.2.1 1 Rave web services for Python
rxnconcompiler 1.1.0 1 Systems Biology iterative network building tool
s3sfe 0.1.1 1 s3sfe (S3 Sync Filelist Encrypted) Sync a list of files to S3, using server-side encryption with customer-provided keys.
s4api 1.1.0 1 Ontotext Self-Service Semantic Suite's Python3 client library. For more information, visit
saga-python 0.47 1 A light-weight access layer for distributed computing infrastructure(
sagemaker 1.0.2 1 Open source library for training and deploying models on Amazon SageMaker.
saliere 0.3.5 1 Templatize everything.
sanction 0.4.1 1 A simple, lightweight OAuth2 client
saruman 0.3.0 1 A firewall that leverage AMQP workqueue ! Build by iresam for iresam !
satextrato 0.1 1 Impressão dos Extratos do CF-e-SAT
saws 0.4.3 1 SAWS: A Supercharged AWS Command Line Interface (CLI)
sbo-selenium 0.7.2 1 Selenium testing framework for Django applications 20110707.3 1 Developement core packages used by Simples Consultoria
schemagic 0.9.1 1 Define the shape of your data with simple python data structures. Use those data descriptions to validate your application.
schlami 0.0.8 1 Great package.
scikit-hep 0.1.1 1 Toolset of interfaces and tools for Particle Physics.
scikit-survival 0.5 1 Survival analysis built on top of scikit-learn
scikits.statsmodels 0.3.1 1 Statistical computations and models for use with SciPy
sciplot-pyqt 0.2.1 1 A small matplotlib wrapper/UI for creating publication-ready plots, graphs, and images
scrapenhl2 0.4.1 1 scrapenhl2 is a python package for scraping and manipulating NHL data pulled from the NHL website.
scrimer 1.1 1 Primer designing pipeline
scripttester 0.1 1 Utility for testing command line scripts
seafoam 2.4.0 1 Pelican theme, first used for
search-google 1.2.1 1 A command line tool and module for Google API web and image search.
SecretStorage 2.3.1 1 Python bindings to Secret Service API
sefara 0.2.1 1 Practical dataset management
selinonlib 1.0.0rc1 1 a simple tool to visualize, check and generate Python code from a YAML configuration file for Selinon dispatcher for Celery
servermon 0.7.0 1 An inventory project to facilitate server monitoring and management through Puppet.
service_factory 0.1.5 1 JSON RPC service factory for Python.
Setuptools-Autometa 0.1.1.post3 1 Add autometa keyword to the setuptools.setup function which automatically fills version, description and long_description keywords
setuptools-bower 0.2.0 1 Setuptools commands for integrating bower.
setuptools-sky 0.1b1 1 the blessed package to manage your versions by scm tags
setuptools_scm 1.15.7 1 the blessed package to manage your versions by scm tags
seveno-pyutil 0.2.8 1 Various unsorted Python utilities
Shapely 1.6.4.post1 1 Geometric objects, predicates, and operations
shellstreaming 0.1.1 1 A stream processor working with shell commands
Shiboken 1.2.2 1 Shiboken generates bindings for C++ libraries using CPython source code
shleem 0.0.2 1 Automate and version datasets generation from data sources.
shrew 0.1.0a1 1 A handy way to manage your bash environment across machines.
shuup 2.0.0 1 E-Commerce Platform
sigmacms-polymorphic-tree 1.2.6b1 1 A polymorphic mptt structure to display content in a tree.
silx 0.6.1 1 Software library for X-Ray data analysis
simpleapi 0.0.9 1 A simple API-framework to provide an easy to use, consistent and portable client/server-architecture (for django, flask and a lot more).
SimpleMorphoMath 1.0.0 1 A simple mathematical morphology library
simplenote 1.0.3 1 Python library for the API
simpy-events 0.0.2 1 event types with simpy to ease code reusing.
simupy 1.0.0 1 A framework for modeling and simulating dynamical systems.
sismic 0.22.11 1 Sismic Interactive Statechart Model Interpreter and Checker
skift 0.0.7 1 scikit-learn wrappers for Python fastText
skosprovider 0.6.1 1 Abstraction layer for SKOS vocabularies.
skosprovider_heritagedata 0.3.1 1 Skosprovider implementation of the Vocabularies
skosprovider_sqlalchemy 0.5.1 1 A sqlAlchemy implementation of skosprovider.
skutil 0.0.6 1 Utilities for scikit-learn.
skyzyx-set-game-demo 1.0.0 1 Simple demo of the game of Set.
slapos.cookbook 1.0.53 1 SlapOS recipes.
slapos.core 1.4.4 1 SlapOS core.
slave 0.4.0 1 A lightweight python package to simplify the communication with several scientific instruments.
sldap3 0.0.4a0 1 A strictly RFC 4511 conforming LDAP V3 pure Python server. Same codebase for Python 2, Python3, PyPy and PyPy 3
sleekxmpp 1.3.3 1 SleekXMPP is an elegant Python library for XMPP (aka Jabber, Google Talk, etc).
slixmpp 1.3.0 1 Slixmpp is an elegant Python library for XMPP (aka Jabber, Google Talk, etc).
slownie 1.0.0b2 1 Polish spelled-out numbers and amounts
Smithy 0.4.2 1 Python port of Ruby Rake
snimpy 0.8.12 1 interactive SNMP tool
snsapi 0.8.1 1 lightweight middleware for multiple social networking services
Soar 1.4.0 1 An extensible Python framework for simulating and interacting with robots
socrates 0.9.3 1 Socrates is a simple static site generator.
SolarUtils 0.2.2 1 Python wrappers around NREL SOLPOS and SPECTRL2
SOLVCON 0.1.4 1 Solvers of Conservation Laws
soma-workflow_test 2.3aa 1 Soma-workflow is a unified and simple interface to parallel computingresources. It aims at making easier the use of parallel resources bynon expert users and software.
Spans 1.0.1 1 Continuous set support for Python
spark-sklearn 0.2.3 1 Integration tools for running scikit-learn on Spark
SpectralToolbox 1.0.8 1 Tools for building spectral methods
spectrum-overload 0.2.1 1 Spectrum class that overloads operators.
splauncher 0.0.10 1 A simple subprocess launcher with optional DRMAA support.
splunk-sdk 1.6.2 1 The Splunk Software Development Kit for Python.
spotimeta 0.2 1 "Library for querying the Spotify metadata service
sprintkit 0.1.0 1 Access Sprint's Network APIs Through Python
sprockets.clients.cassandra 0.1.0 1 Base functionality for accessing/modifying data in Cassandra
sprockets.mixins.metrics 3.0.4 1 Record performance metrics about your application
spyda 0.0.2 1 Spyda - Python Spider Tool and Library
sqlalchemy-migrate 0.11.0 1 Database schema migration for SQLAlchemy
sqlalchemy_graphql 1.3 1 GraphQL extension for dealing with SQLAlchemy
sqlitemgr 1.2.6 1 A wrapper class for basic setup and management of an SQLite database.
sqliteminor 1.1.2 1 a python wrapper class for reading, updating, and deleting from tables of an sqlite database
sqlparams 1.1.1 1 Convert DB API 2.0 named parameters to ordinal parameters.
sqltap 0.3.10 1 Profiling and introspection for applications using sqlalchemy
ssdts_matching 0.0.2 1 Fast matching of source-sharing derivative time series.
sshtunnel 0.1.3 1 Pure python SSH tunnels
staffeli 0.4.2 1 DIKU support tools for Canvas LMS
starterpyth 1.5.13 1 Generate skeletons for new Python applications.
startpypack 0.0.7 1 Initialize a new python package with python
statirator 0.2.0 1 Multilingual static site and blog generator
stdlib-list 0.4.0 1 A list of Python Standard Libraries (2.6-7, 3.2-6).
strct 0.0.23 1 A small pure-python package for data structure relatedutility functions.
stream_tap 0.9.3 1 Capture data from an iterator as it gets pulled down stream.
streamio 0.0.9 1 reading, writing and sorting large files
struct-lmm 0.0.3 1 Linear mixed model to study multivariate genotype-environment interactions
subliminal 2.0.5 1 Subtitles, faster than your thoughts
SuperBoL 0.3.2 1 Supernova Bolometric Lightcurves
superlance 1.0.0 1 superlance plugins for supervisord
supervisor-logstash-notifier 0.2.4 1 Stream supervisor events to a logstash instance
sure 1.4.7 1 utility belt for automated testing in python for python
SuRF 1.1.9 1 Object RDF Mapper
swagger2rst 0.0.4 1 Tool for convert "Swagger" format file to "Restructured text"
swaggerpy 0.2.1 1 Library for accessing Swagger-enabled API's
swaggerpython 0.2.3 1 Library for accessing Swagger-enabled API's
swaggery 1.0.0a1 1 A Python3 framework to create self-documenting swagger APIs
sweetasync 0.5.0 1 Make your async code sweeter.
swid_generator 1.0.3 1 Application which generates SWID-Tags from Linux installed packages, package-files and directories using tools like DPGK or RPM.
swiftly 2.06 1 Command line tool and client bindings for OpenStack Swift.
swiftsc 0.7.2 1 Simple client library of OpenStack Swift
switchyard 2017.1.17 1 Switchyard is a framework for creating networked systems
sy 0.3 1 Simple tools for system administration tasks
symbolator 1.0.2 1 HDL symbol generator
syseleven.carrot 0.10.999 1 AMQP Messaging Framework for Python
tabtools 0.5.3 1 Tools for tab separated files manipulation in command line
tachyonic.pysmartsmtp 1.0.1 1 It does cool things
tangible 0.2.2 1 A Python library to convert data into tangible 3D models. 2.2 1 Test Anything Protocol (TAP) tools
taskflow 3.1.0 1 Taskflow structured state management library.
tastypy 0.0.3 1 simple python datastructures that transparently persist to disk
tcversioner 1 Use version control tags to discover version numbers
tddspry 0.4-beta 1 Collection of test cases and additional helpers to test Django applications with nose library.
teachpyx 0.1.175 1 Lectures about programming.
tenable-io 1.0.0 1 API SDK
tftables 1.1.2 1 Interface for reading HDF5 files into Tensorflow.
TheLandlab 0.1.5 1 Plugin-based component modeling tool.
thermostate 0.2.3 1 A package to manage thermodynamic states
timemon 1.0.0.dev0 1 timemon plugin for supervisord
timer2 0.1.0 1 timer2 - Scheduler for Python functions.
tkinterquickhelper 1.5.18 1 Helpers for tkinter, extra windows.
tmep 1.0.8 1 Template and Macros Expansion for Path names.
tno.euphorie 6.0.14 1 TNO specific extensions for Euphorie
tofu 1.3.5 1 A python library for Tomography for Fusion
torcms 0.6.21 1 Flexible, extensible Web CMS framework built on Tornado,compatible with Python 3.4 and above.
torment 3.0.3 1 A Study in Fixture Based Testing Frameworking
Tornado-Restless 0.4.5 1 flask-restless adopted for tornado
toro 1.0.1 1 Synchronization primitives for Tornado coroutines.
ToscaWidgets 0.9.12 1 Web widget creation toolkit based on TurboGears widgets
tox 3.0.0rc1 1 virtualenv-based automation of test activities
trac2rst 0.2.1 1 Quick an dirty tool to transform text in Trac Wiki formatting to Restructured Text
trait_documenter 1.1.0 1 Autodoc extention for documenting traits
traits 4.6.0 1 explicitly typed attributes for Python
transaction 2.1.2 1 Transaction management for Python
TransAT_API 1 API (driver) for TransAT, CFD simulation software
Transcribo 0.7.1 1 A general purpose plain text renderer for arbitrary input formats including frontends for reStructuredText and plain text
translate 3.5.0 1 This is a simple, yet powerful command line translator with google translate behind it. You can also use it as a Python module in your code.
TransportMaps 1.1b2 1 Tools for the construction of transport maps
treacle 0.1.2 1 treacle is an AGI (Asterisk Gateway Interface) script which handles public holidays and opening hours in different offices with different timezones and different public holidays.
TreeCorr 3.3.7 1 Python module for computing 2-point correlation functions
Tribus 0.1.dev20131207073801 1 Red social para la gestión de comunidades de Software Libre.
TripleSec 0.4 1 a Python implementation of TripleSec
trstk 1.0.4 1 TABULA RASA (EU-project) plotting/score checking tool
tryton 4.6.2 1 Tryton client
trytond 4.6.2 1 Tryton server
tulip 1.3.0 1 Temporal Logic Planning (TuLiP) Toolbox
tuskar 0.4.18 1 An OpenStack Management Service
tut 0.5.1 1
tweeply 0.6 1 Simplifying how researchers access Twitter's API. It includes a CLI and a library.
tweet-parser 1.13.0 1 Tools for Tweet parsing
tweeta 0.2.0 1 A collection utitlity funtions to process Twittwer data (e.g., turn raw json into python object with safe checks)
twistml 0.9 1 TWItter STock market Machine Learning package
typist 0.0.1 1 type checking at test time
UConnRCMPy 3.0.5 1 A package to process RCM data
ucscsdk 1 Python SDK for Cisco Ucs Central
ucsmsdk 1 Python SDK for Cisco UCS
udplog 0.1.1 1 UDPLog is a system for emitting application log events via UDP and shipping them via RabbitMQ or Scribe for further processing.
uflash 1.0.8 1 A module and utility to flash Python onto the BBC micro:bit.
ulif.openoffice 1.1.1 1 Run OpenOffice as web service.
ulif.pynotify 0.2 1 Scan filesystems for changes
uncertainty_wrapper 0.4.2a1 1 Uncertainty wrapper using estimated Jacobian
UncertaintyWrapper 0.4.2a1 1 Uncertainty wrapper using estimated Jacobian
unstable 0.5.1 1 Unstable
upoints 0.12.2 1 Modules for working with points on Earth
urlblocks 0.1 1 urlblocks is the module provided URL string class which can be operated as a constructor, consisting of some blocks - URL components.
urllib3 1.22 1 HTTP library with thread-safe connection pooling, file post, and more.
URLReader 0.0a1 1 Simple package for cached URL fetching
user-config 1.0a10 1 manage user configuration for python packages
usernamegen 0.1.1 1 Genrate usernames with a Markov chain based on a wordlist
utilitime 0.0.3 1 A small pure-python package for time-related utility functions.
uwosh.pfg.d2c 2.4.6 1 A PloneFormGen adapter that will save the data from a form to an actual content type. This way you can still use permissions, workflows, etc on the form data.
v8eval 0.2.11 1 Run JavaScript engine V8 in Python
valleybackups 0.1.18 1 Command-line based AWS Glacier backup tool
variadic 0.1.3 1 Decorator for very-variadic functions
varlens 0.0.2 1 commandline manipulation of genomic variants and NGS reads
vault-redirector 0.2.0 1 Python/Twisted application to redirect Hashicorp Vault client requests to the active node in a HA cluster
vcs 0.4.0 1 vcs ~~~ Various version Control System (vcs) management abstraction layer for Python. :created_on: Apr 8, 2010 :copyright: (c) 2010-2011 by Marcin Kuzminski, Lukasz Balcerzak.
vcs.latest 0.5.1 1 UNKNOWN
vcversioner 1 Use version control tags to discover version numbers
verboselib 0.2.1 1 A little L10N framework for libraries and applications
veros 0.1.1 1 The versatile ocean simulator, in pure Python, powered by Bohrium.
version-manager 0.6.0 1 Version upgrader in all spesific files like, package.json, bower.json etc.
versionfinder 0.1.1 1 Python package to find the version of another package, whether installed via pip, setuptools or git.
vibration_toolbox 0.6.2 1 Educational code illustrating fundamentals of vibration for engineers.
vibrationtesting 0.22 1 Signal processing, modal analysis, plotting, and system identification for vibrating systems
videogrep 0.5.6 1 Python utility for creating video out of their subtitle files
vipe 0.5.3 1 Tool for visualizing Apache Oozie pipelines
voyeur 0.1.1 1 Dead simple library for object serialization
vumi 0.6.18 1 Super-scalable messaging engine for the delivery of SMS, Star Menu and chat messages to diverse audiences in emerging markets and beyond.
wa-kat 1.1.9 1 Web page analyzator for czech webarchive.
waeup.kofa 1.5 1 A student online information and registration portal
walter 0.2 1 A better configuration library for Django and other Python projects
wampy 0.9.14 1 WAMP RPC and Pub/Sub for python apps and microservices
wasp-general 1 Collection of unrelated functions and classes widely used across different wasp-projects
webhook2lambda2sqs 0.2.0 1 Generate code and manage infrastructure for receiving webhooks with AWS API Gateway and pushing to SQS via Lambda.
weblayer 0.4.3 1 A lightweight, componentised package for writing web applications
webobtoolkit 0.2.4 1 UNKNOWN
webunit2 0.2.2 1 Eases the testing of web services.
wepay-signer 2.0.0 1 A Modern Python 2/3 SDK for signing WePay requests.
wheel 0.30.0 1 A built-package format for Python.
whisker 1.0.3 1 Whisker Python client library
wiggelen 0.4.1 1 Working with wiggle tracks in Python
wikia 1.4.3 1 Wikia API for Python
wikify 1.5 1 wikify your texts! micro-framework for text wikification
wikipedia 1.4.0 1 Wikipedia API for Python
winkerberos 0.7.0 1 High level interface to SSPI for Kerberos client auth
wiring 0.4.0 1 Architectural foundation for Python applications.
wlauto 2.6.0 1 A framework for automating workload execution and measurment collection on ARM devices.
wltp 0.1.0a2 1 *wltp* gear-shifts calculator
wordish 1.0.2 1 Parses a shell session, test the commands compare the outputs
wsapi4plone.core 0.2 1 A Web Services API for Plone (>=3.x).
WSGIServlets 1.0.1 1 WSGI object oriented programming framework
WSME 0.9.2 1 Simplify the writing of REST APIs, and extend them with additional protocols.
wunderpy 0.2.5 1 An experimental wrapper for the Wunderlist 2 API
ww 0.2.1 1 Wrappers for Python builtins with higher-level APIs
XBee 2.3.1 1 Python tools for working with XBee radios
xbob.daq 1.0.6 1 Data-Acquisition Extension for Bob-based Applications
xbob.db.multipie 1.1.2 1 Multi-PIE Database Access API for Bob
xbob.example.faceverify 1.0.0 1 Example for using Bob to create face verification systems
xbob.measure.Bootstraps 0.0.1 1 The FAR-FRR confidence interval of the DET curve
xbob.measure.idmeasure 0.0.3 1 Detection and Identification Rate
xbob.mlp.lbfgs 1.0.3 1 L-BFGS-based trainer for the MLP machine of Bob
xbob.paper.example 0.2.0 1 Example of an article using Bob for reproducible experiments
xbob.paper.jmlr2013 0.2.0 1 Example of an article using Bob for reproducible experiments
xbob.paper.tpami2013 1.0.0 1 Example on how to use the scalable implementation of PLDA and how to reproduce experiments of the article
xbob.thesis.elshafey2014 0.0.1a0 1 Experiments of Laurent El Shafey's Ph.D. thesis
XD-Docker 0.2.0 1 Python library for accessing Docker Remote API
xe 0.2 1 Reliably manage your python dev environment.
xfacereclib.paper.BeFIT2012 1.0.0 1 Running the face recognition experiments as given in paper: "An Open Source Framework for Standardized Comparisons of Face Recognition Algorithms".
xibless 0.5.2 1 Generate Objective-C code that builds Cocoa UIs. Replaces XCode's XIBs
xkcd 2.4.2 1 Library to access
xmm 0.8.0 1 A package manager for Xonotic.
Xnt 0.6.3 1 High-Level build script for doing more complex build tasks
xrayutilities 1.4.2 1 package for x-ray diffraction data evaluation
xrootdpyfs 0.1.5 1 XRootDPyFS is a PyFilesystem interface to XRootD.
yamanifest 0.3.1 1 General YAML manifest format
yaml4rst 0.1.6 1 Linting/reformatting tool for YAML files documented with inline RST
yaposib 0.3.2 1 Yaposib is a python binding to OSI, the Open Solver Interface from COIN-OR. It intends to give access to various solvers through python. Yaposib was created in order to be integrated in pulp-or (
yatxmilter 0.1.1 1 Twisted protocol to handle Milter Connections in libmilter style
yeadon 1.3.0 1 Estimates the inertial properties of a human.
yehua 0.0.2 1 A command line tool to provide a default scaffolding for a python package.
yieldpoints 0.1 1 Simple extensions to Tornado's gen module.
yolapy 0.5.0 1 Python client for the Yola API
z3c.form 3.6 1 An advanced form and widget framework for Zope 3
z3c.pagelet 2.0.0 1 Pagelets are way to specify a template without the O-wrap.
z3c.testsetup 0.8.4 1 Easier test setup for Zope 3 projects and other Python packages.
zaim 0.2.2 1 Python bindings for the Zaim API
zc.async 1.5.4 1 Schedule durable tasks across multiple processes and machines.
ZConfig 3.2.0 1 Structured Configuration Library
zerodoc 0.2.3 1 minimalistic {asciidoc/pod/phpdoc}-alike plaintext to html/markdown/whatever' formatwith a very simple interpreter and a verysimple syntax
zhihu-py3 0.3.23 1 Zhihu UNOFFICIAL API library in python3, with help of bs4, lxml, requests and html2text.
zodburi 2.3.0 1 Construct ZODB storage instances from URIs.
zof 0.11.0 1 OpenFlow App Framework
Zope 4.0b3 1 Zope application server / web framework
zope.annotation 4.6.0 1 Object annotation mechanism 4.0.0 1 API Documentation and Component Inspection for Zope 3 4.1.0 1 Text Renderer Framework
zope.cachedescriptors 4.3.1 1 Method and property caching decorators
zope.catalog 4.2.1 1 Cataloging and Indexing Framework for the Zope Toolkit
zope.component 4.4.1 1 Zope Component Architecture
zope.configuration 4.1.0 1 Zope Configuration Markup Language (ZCML)
zope.copy 4.1.0 1 Pluggable object copying mechanism
zope.deferredimport 4.2.1 1 zope.deferredimport allows you to perform imports names that will only be resolved when used in the code.
zope.deprecation 4.3.0 1 Zope Deprecation Infrastructure
zope.dottedname 4.2 1 Resolver for Python dotted names.
zope.dublincore 4.2.0 1 Zope Dublin Core implementation
zope.event 4.3.0 1 Very basic event publishing system
zope.exceptions 4.2.0 1 Zope Exceptions
zope.hookable 4.2.0 1 Zope hookable
zope.i18nmessageid 4.1.0 1 Message Identifiers for internationalization
zope.interface 4.4.3 1 Interfaces for Python
zope.location 4.1.0 1 Zope Location
zope.minmax 2.2.0 1 Homogeneous values favoring maximum or minimum for ZODB conflict resolution
zope.password 4.3.1 1 Password encoding and checking utilities
zope.principalannotation 4.2.0 1 Annotations for Zope Principals
zope.proxy 4.3.0 1 Generic Transparent Proxies
zope.schema 4.5.0 1 zope.interface extension for defining data schemas 4.2.2 1 Zope Security Framework
zope.sequencesort 4.0.1 1 Sequence Sorting
zope.structuredtext 4.2.0 1 StructuredText parser
zope.testbrowser 5.2.4 1 Programmable browser for functional black-box tests
Zope2 2.13.27 1 Zope2 application server / web framework
zopeskel.niteoweb 0.2b1 1 Paster templates for standard NiteoWeb Plone projects
zot4rst 0.3.0 1 Zotero for reStructuredText
zss 1.1.4 1 Tree edit distance using the Zhang Shasha algorithm
zugbruecke 0.0.6 1 Calling routines in Windows DLLs from Python scripts running under Linux, MacOS or BSD

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