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Index of Packages Matching 'static site generator'

Package Weight* Description
pystatic 0.2.1 18 Static Website Generator
staticjinja 0.3.3 16 jinja based static site generator
ampersand 0.5.2 15 The really, really minimalistic static site generator
bark-ssg 1.3.4 15 Single file static site generator.
complexity 0.9.1 15 A refreshingly simple static site generator, for those who like to work in HTML.
blug 0.2.0 14 Static site generator for Markdown based blogs, with a built-in webserver
buzzy 0.5.2 14 Static site generator
django-static-site 1.0.1 14 static site generator for django
django-staticsite 1.1.0 14 Django static site generator for DEBUG and production.
hana 0.0.dev5 14 Static site generator
jen 0.0.0 14 Static site generator and prototyping tool based on Jinja2.
jikji 2.1.4 14 Python Static website generator for Modern web
naive 0.0.3 14 A naive static site generator
obraz 0.9 14 Static blog-aware site generator mostly compatible with Jekyll
Soho 0.8.0 14 A static web site generator
staticjinja2 0.4.0b1 14 Original Author: Ceasar Bautista - jinja based static site generator
stone-site 0.1a5 14 Static site generator
StrangeCase 4.6.5 14 A straightforward python static site generator.
untei 0.0.24 14 Static site generator you can create your own theme by python coding
voldemort 0.8.1 14 Voldemort is a simple static site generator using Jinja2 and Markdown templates.
Yass 1.2.0 14 Yet Another Static Site (generator) for the common folks!
concorde 0.1.2 13 Static site generator using Markdown and Jinja
icecake 0.6.0 13 An easy and cool static site generator
pelican-autostatic 0.2.2 13 A generator for Pelican allowing flexible referencing of static content
aam 0.1.5 12 a lightweight about-me-site generator
bagel 0.3.2 12 Bagel is a naive static website generator.
django-jackfrost 0.4.0 12 A static site generator for Django views
django-medusa 0.3.0 12 A Django static website generator.
django-medusa-unstoppable 0.3.1 12 A Django static website generator. Fork of django-medusa
grow 0.4.2 12 Develop everywhere and deploy anywhere: a declarative site generator for rapid, high-quality web site production.
Halwa 0.1.9 12 Single file static site generator.
handcrank 0.2 12 A very simple static site generator using reStructuredText
helpful-site 0.1.0 12 Beautifully simple static site generator in Python
logya 4.1.0 12 Logya: easy to use and flexible static Web site generator.
Nikola 7.8.12 12 A modular, fast, simple, static website and blog generator
notes-gen 0.0.7 12 A static site generator for markdown notes.
notes-py 0.1.3 12 A dumb static site generator.
pageit 0.2.3 12 pageit: static html generator
PieCrust 3.1.1 12 A powerful static website generator and lightweight CMS.
simplystatic 0.1.0 12 A static website generator written in Python.
stab 1.2.1 12 Start blogging with this simple static site generator
statically 0.0.18 12 Static site generator with markdown support
statico 0.2.1 12 Static site generator
tagy 0.1.6 12 Static site generator
Volt 0.0.3 12 The static website generator with potential
wt 0.4.0 12 Static blog generator
blo 0.8 11 Blo - a simple static blog generator
bugle-sites 0.0.4 11 static sites from markdown and yaml
django-ccsitemaps 1.1.2 11 A static sitemap generator for Django
staticjam 4.2.0 11 markdown + jinja, static site generator
blot 0.1.1 10 An unassuming static site-generator for Python
ceremony 0.1.0 10 Ceremony is a static site generator using Jinja2 and SASS
dystic 0.3.2 10 a static site generator using dynamic principles
floyd 0.0.3a15 10 Static website generator with MVC content system and built-in support for cloud hosting platforms
jetway 0.0.512 10 Client library for the Jetway static site staging service.
nanosite 0.1.11 10 Speedy static site generator in Python.
nell 0.1 10 Nell: A mostly static site generator
nell.core 0.1 10 Nell: A mostly static site generator
pelican-minify 0.9 10 An HTML minification plugin for Pelican, the static site generator.
Penguin-static 0.1.2 10 Simple static site generator
QuickSite 0.1.1 10 A minimal-featured static site generator
simplegen 1.0.1 10 Simple site generator.
static.hy 0.0.8 10 A static website generator written in Hy.
victorpy 0.1.32 10 A simple yet powerful static site generator with Python sugar
webreview 0.0.71 10 Client library for the WebReview static site staging service.
3color-Press 0.2.1 9 A Flask based static site generator for comics
air 0.1.0 9 An ultra-lightweight static site generator.
almond 0.1.0 9 Static Site Generator in Python with Pandoc
ark 3.0.1 9 A static website generator.
bangtext 0.2.12 9 A static site generator
bass 1.0.0 9 Static site generator
beam-up 0.16 9 A simple yet powerful static site generator aimed at product pages (not blogs).
brace-tags 1.0.10 9 The simplest static site generator
buster 0.1.3 9 Static site generator for Ghost and Github
Carcade 0.1 9 Static site generator powered by Jinja2.
catsup 0.3.11 9 Catsup: a lightweight static site generator
cyrax 2.7 9 Static site generator
django-amber 0.8.0 9 A Django-powered static site generator
odoo10-addon-sale-generator 9 Sale Generator
odoo10-addon-sale-order-lot-generator 9 sale_order_lot_generator
railgun-cli 0.1.2 9 py static site generator, simple and fast
tacot 0.3.5 9 With Tacot generate easily your statics web sites
AneMetro 0.0.1.dev26 8 Static site generator wrapper using MeetUp as data source.
baobab 0.1.3 8 Barebones templating system and static site generator for web designers.
Cytoplasm 0.06.3 8 A static, blog-aware website generator written in python.
Discharge 0.3.0 8 A static site generator
django-statomatic 0.8.12 8 Pure Django static site generator
drupan 2.3.3 8 Drupan is a flexible static site generator helping you to create blogs, single page applications or traditional websites.
Dwarf 0.1.3 8 yet another static site generator
eddy 0.2.9 8 Static site generator with markdown support
engineer 0.5.2 8 A static website generator.
Feni 0.9 8 A simple static site generator.
flagen 0.1 8 A flask static site generator that uses markdown and jinja2 templates.
flekky 0.4.1 8 Static website generator inspired by jekyll based on flask.
Folio 0.4 8 A Pythonic static website generator based on Jinja2. 0.3.6 8 (Yet Another) Static Site Generator in Python..
furozun 0.0.1 8 Simple static site generator.
getolaf 1.0.2 8 A static site generator based on flask and markdown
h 0.1.5 8 an(other) simple static site generator!
handroll 3.1 8 A website generator for software artisans
hotchocolate 3.0.1 8 A static site generator designed for lightweight sites
ivy 1.2.0 8 A minimalist static website generator.
jingtai 0.1.2 8 A static site generator
konstrukteur 0.1.14 8 Static website generator
Loslassa 0.3.10 8 Just another toy static website generator
lsst-dochub-proto 0.0.2 8 Prototype of LSST DocHub as a static website generator
mackerel 0.2 8 Minimal static site generator built with type annotations
maltapp 3.1.2 8 A static website generator.
miyadaiku 0.0.50 8 Miyadaiku - Flexible static site generator for Jinja2 artists
miyadaiku.themes.bootstrap4 0.0.7 8 Bootstrap 4 files for miyadaiku static site generator
miyadaiku.themes.fontawesome 0.0.5 8 Font Awesome files for miyadaiku static site generator
miyadaiku.themes.fullpagejs 0.0.1 8 fullPage.js files for miyadaiku static site generator
miyadaiku.themes.jquery 0.0.8 8 jQuery files for miyadaiku static site generator
miyadaiku.themes.tether 0.0.6 8 Tether files for miyadaiku static site generator
mynt 0.3.1 8 A static site generator.
Nib 0.5.7 8 Static Site Generator
pagegen 2.1.1 8 Static site generator
paragoo 0.2.0 8 Static site generator
pelican 3.7.1 8 Static site generator supporting reStructuredText and Markdown source content.
pentoy 0.0.2 8 A light static site generator written in Python.
posty 2.0.3 8 A static site generator
prosopopee 0.8 8 A static website generator that allows you to tell a story with your pictures
pyder 0.0.1 8 A static website generator written in Python!
pywebsite 0.1.26pre 8 For making websites with #python. CHANGES: moved to hg, setup fixes.
socrates 0.9.3 8 Socrates is a simple static site generator.
statik 0.21.3 8 General-purpose static web site generator
statirator 0.2.0 8 Multilingual static site and blog generator
swg 8 SWG - A static website generator
swsg 0.3.0 8 SWSG (Static Web Site Generator) is a tool to generate static web pages.
taika 0.4.0 8 Another Static Site Generator
wigiki 0.6.4 8 A static site generator which uses Github's gists as pages
wok 1.1.1 8 Static site generator
wrangler 8 A pythonic static site generator
bsw 1.0.7 7 bsw - Build Static Web, a simple static website builder.
bucket3 0.14.3 7 Static blog generator.
Cactus 3.3.3 7 Static site generation and deployment.
chert 0.3.1 7 Sharp and sparky static-site generation.
Flask-Boost 0.7.5 7 Flask application generator for boosting your development.
holocron-creole 1.0.0 7 A creole markup converter for Holocron
lilypad 3.1.0 7 markdown + jinja, static site generator
odoo10-addon-barcodes-generator-abstract 7 Generate Barcodes for Any Models
odoo10-addon-barcodes-generator-location 7 Generate Barcodes for Stock Locations
odoo10-addon-barcodes-generator-lot 7 Generate Barcodes for Stock Production Lots
odoo10-addon-barcodes-generator-package 7 Generate Barcodes for Product Packaging
odoo10-addon-barcodes-generator-partner 7 Generate Barcodes for Partners
odoo10-addon-barcodes-generator-picking 7 Generate Barcodes for Stock Pickings
odoo10-addon-barcodes-generator-product 7 Generate Barcodes for Products (Templates and Variants)
odoo8-addon-pricelist-item-generator 7 Create/Update Pricelist Items in a massive way
odoo9-addon-barcodes-generator-abstract 7 Generate Barcodes for Any Models
odoo9-addon-barcodes-generator-partner 7 Generate Barcodes for Partners
odoo9-addon-barcodes-generator-product 7 Generate Barcodes for Products (Templates and Variants)
pelican-advthumbnailer 0.7.0 7 A thumbnail generator for Pelican that operates by looking at the filename of missing files to determine thumb format.
PyNanoCMS 0.2.5 7 Static site generator
thot 1.1.0 7 A Python-Powered Static Site Generator
wysiweb 0.1.0 7 File-system based router and static website generator
yatiblog 1.0.2 7 Static site generator for blogs and source code documentation
AneMetroHexo 0.0.1.dev4 6 Hexo site generator support for AneMetro
ardbeg 0.0.1 6 Static site generator based on Jinja2.
Beetle 0.7.1 6 Beetle is a simple static site generator
blended 5.0.2 6 The Most Versatile Static HTML Site Generator
blogen 6 A local static blog site generator and previewer,that help you deploy blog on github pages
blogit 0.3 6 A quick and simple static site generator based on markdownand jinja2
cms7 0.1a19 6 Simple static site generator
cornucopia 0.0.2 6 Cornucopia is a plain-text cookbook, including a static site generator.
electricity 0.1 6 A static site generator.
embellish 0.9.8 6 a lightweight static website generator
Flask-NIH 0.1.0.dev1 6 A toolkit to write static site generators using Flask as a basis.
flourish 0.6 6 Static website generator
fragment 0.0.2 6 just another static site generator
ginger 0.0.4 6 A very lightweight static site generator
graaf 0.3.3 6 Simple static site generator
hoggle 0.1 6 A static website generator from Markdown templates
hyde 0.8.9 6 hyde is a static website generator
jagss 0.0.3 6 Just another generator for static sites
Jalapeno 0.1.4 6 Static Site Generator based on Flask
lanyon 6 6 Static Site Generator
littleblog 0.3.1 6 littleblog - a simple static site generator
markupupdowndown 0.6 6 MarkUpUpDownDown is a static site generator
mir.frelia 0.1.0 6 Statis website generator library.
mkdocs-cinder 0.11.0 6 A clean responsive theme for the MkDocs static documentation site generator
mkdocs-psinder 0.4.0 6 A clean, responsive PowerShell-inspired theme for static documentation websites that are generated with MkDocs - forked with love from Chris Simpkins Cinder
neko 0.0.11 6 A simple static site generator.
Ocelot 1.1 6 Static site generator designed for stories
olm 0.0.28 6 Static site generator
papery 0.1.10 6 A simple static site generator - supports Markdown/JSON inputs and Jinja2 templating
papier 0.0.1 6 Simple Static Site Generator
parchment 0.1.0 6 a simple static site generator
phial 0.2.0 6 A static website generator that takes motivation from Flask and Jekyll.
pystynamic 0.12 6 Python static website generator
qsgen 0.2 6 An HTML static site generator for Mako
rant 0.2.2 6 A CLI driven blog-aware website generator. It is intended to make maintianing a blog or personal website easy using only your favorite console editor such as Vim, and a few simple commands
roar 0.1.2 6 Static website generator based on Growl
scratchy 0.1 6 A static site generator, aimed for blogging
sssgen 0.3 6 Simple static site generator
supersight 0.2.5 6 A static website generator for MatplotLib plots
avendesora 1.10.1 5 A password generator and account manager.
buccaneer 3.8.0 5 A tool to generate a static blog from reStructuredText or Markdown input files.
netify 0.2 5 Turn boring things into something for the net.
python-brewer 0.2.0 5 A Homebrew formula template generator for Python packages
abi2doc 1.5 4 Linux Kernel sysfs attribute documentation generator
assetgen 0.3.10 4 Asset generator for modern web app development
hydedown 0.1.2 4 Markdown extensions that facilitate hyde website generation
kotti_icons 1.0.0 4 Add a full set of icons / favicons to your Kotti site.
onegov.election_day 3.1.1 4 OneGov ballot results website used on election day.
ophelia 0.4.1 4 Ophelia builds a web site from TAL templates with zero code repetition.
polished 0.0.15 4 Generates screenshots of a website based on git history
Spray 0.4 4 A simple site server with builtin Jade support
ak-syntribos 0.3.1.dev91 3 API Security Scanner
apitools 0.1.4 3 Tools to play with json-schema and rest apis
benchmaster 1.0b1 3 Tools for running and automating distributed loadtests with Funkload
bika.lims 3.2.1rc3 3 Bika LIMS
birdy 0.3.2 3 birdy is a super awesome Twitter API client for Python.
bst.pygasus.core 1.0.1 3 Pygasus web framework working with ExtJs
cacheobj 0.9 3 A cache interface with python object-property interface.
chat_api 0.8.8 3 Automated Chat & Surveys API
co2mpas 1.7.4 3 The Type-Approving vehicle simulator predicting NEDC CO2 emissions from WLTP
commando 1.0.0 3 A declarative interface to argparse and extras.
conpy 0.1.0 3 A sentiment analysis server implementation. Designed to be extendable, so new algorithms and sources can be used.
cookiecutter 1.6.0 3 A command-line utility that creates projects from project templates, e.g. creating a Python package project from a Python package project template.
curry 0.2 3 Partial application of Python methods.
django-autofixture 0.12.1 3 Provides tools to auto generate test data.
django-ckeditor 5.4.0 3 Django admin CKEditor integration.
django-markdown-app 3 Django markdown support and wysiwyg.
odoo10-addon-sale-order-lot-mrp 3 sale_order_lot_mrp
odoo10-addon-web-favicon 3 Allows to set a custom shortcut icon (aka favicon)
odoo8-addon-web-favicon 3 Allows to set a custom shortcut icon (aka favicon)
odoo9-addon-web-favicon 3 Allows to set a custom shortcut icon (aka favicon)

*: occurrence of search term weighted by field (name, summary, keywords, description, author, maintainer)