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CNVkit Copy number variation toolkit for targeted DNA sequencing.
Ctrax Ctrax: The Caltech Multiple Fly Tracker
dcm-spec-tools Python DICOM tools using input from DICOM specs in docbook format
pyclarity-lims Python interface to the Basespace-Clarity LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) server via its REST API.
visionegg 2D/3D visual stimulus generation
cwltool Common workflow language reference implementation
gelutils Annotate and convert GEL images (PAGE, agarose gels, etc.) acquired from e.g. Typhoon scanners, GelDocs or similar.
genologics_sql Python interface to the Illumina Clarity LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) (formerly Genologics) server via its postgres database.
pytrip98gui PyTRiP GUI
Pyvox Python extension module for volume image processing
sprt Python package to do sequential probability ratio test
endocal endocal is a cross-platform, compact GUI application for the optical distortion calibration of fluid-immersed endoscopes.
pyGATB An experimental python wrapper for gatb-core
pylidc A library for working with the LIDC dataset.
PyPylon Python mappings for pylon libraries
pytrip98 PyTRiP
spectrophore Spectrophore class to be used as Python library
CLASHChimeras Python package to find chimeras in CRAC/CLASH and HITS-CLIP datasets
epipylib Epidemic model library for fitting epidemic models.
pyhrf PyHRF is a set of tools to analyze fMRI data and specifically study hemodynamics.
csg-dicoms-anonymizer Robust and easy to use generic dicoms anonymizer with demographics csv spreadsheet anonymization by hashed ids
dicom2nifti package for converting dicom files to nifti
genologics Python interface to the GenoLogics LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) server via its REST API.
restflow Interactive Hiflow3 Simulation an HTTP Request far away




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