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Pizza 0.1.1

a model project for a Python command-line script

Latest Version: 0.1.02


Pizza is a sample demonstration project of a Python command-line script.

Pizza is the project you get when you render the Groome project template groome-python with its sample configuration file. For testing purposes, this project also serves as the “expected” value of that template. See the groome-python project page for more information about this project.

A minimal sample usage looks like–

$ python hello crazy world

The project page and source code is on GitHub, and releases can be found on PyPI (the Python Package Index).

Feedback is welcome. You can file bug reports and feature requests on the project tracker.

[This project and groome-python are still being worked on and are not yet usable.]


Pizza supports the following Python versions:

  • Python 2.7
  • Python 3.2
  • Python 3.3
  • PyPy

Pizza has no third-party dependencies.

Installing for Python 3 requires that Distribute be installed and that pip use Distribute.

Install It

$ pip install pizza

Test it

TODO [template]:

Try it

TODO [template]:

Hack it

TODO [template]: merge this section with the “For Contributors” section. We may want to move this information to

This section describes how to modify and contribute to Pizza. In particular, it shows you the way around and how to interact with Pizza from a source checkout.

To run the main pizza script from source:

$ python tomatoes garlic
input: tomatoes, garlic

This script is essentially a development convenience for running:

$ python -m ...

which is in turn equivalent to the command above that To get help and see all options:

$ python --help

To run project tests (which are already stubbed out):

$ python --run-tests

For Contributors

For guidance on working with the Pizza code base, consult the file in the docs folder of a source distribution.

For Maintainers

For instructions on releasing Pizza and on how to use, consult the file in the docs folder of a source distribution.


Pizza is authored by Chris Jerdonek.


0.1.0 (TBD)

  • Initial release.
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
Pizza-0.1.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-02-19 24KB