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Index of Packages Matching 'trac'

Package Weight* Description
ftrack-action-handler 0.1.2 10 Base Class for handling ftrack actions.
ftrack-python-api 1.4.0 10 Python API for ftrack.
ftrack-python-legacy-api 3.6.2 10 The ftrack legacy python api.
Trac 1.2.2 10 Integrated SCM, wiki, issue tracker and project environment
abstractfactory 1.0.3 9 Abstract Factory functionality for Python
atrack 0.9 9 A minimalist high performance tracker for App Engine.
attract-sdk 0.0.1 9 The Attract REST SDK provides Python APIs to communicate to the Attract webservices.
attractsdk 0.0.1 9 The Attract REST SDK provides Python APIs to communicate to the Attract webservices.
btrackers-postman 1.0.1 9 BitTorrent Trackers Postman, fetch BitTorrent Trackers URL list from and post to your aria2 server via jsonrpc.
celery-tracker 0.3.2 9 Receive/Sending event tracking data for the Celery
choices-next-track 0.1.0 9 Choices Next Track
collective.traceview 1.4 9 This package adds support for TraceView performance instrumentation in Plone
copyrightextractor 0.0.4 9 Extract copyright from HTML content
CoreTracker 1.4.7 9 CoreTracker, A codon reassignment tracker
deeptracy-core 0.0.34 9 Deeptracy Dependency Checker
deeptracy-core-dev 0.0.27 9 Deeptracy Dependency Checker
opentracing 2.0.0rc1 9 OpenTracing API for Python. See documentation at
TracBzr 0.4.2 9 Bazaar plugin for Trac
trackvia 1.1.0 9 A Python SDK for interacting with the TrackVia API.
abstract.jwrotator 0.3 8 Abstract JWRotator
ccextractor 0.1 8 Python Extension module for CCExtractor
Contractual 0.1.3 8 Enforce contract tests based on yml data files
coordinates-extractor 0.4 8 Extract Coordinates from semi-structured text, like Wikipedia xml
cybercrimetracker 0.0.2 8 (Unofficial) Python API for cybercrime-tracker
CydraTrac 0.2 8 Cydra plugin for trac integration
ddtrace-graphql 0.0.4 8 Python library for tracing graphql calls with Datadog
delivery_tracking 0.1 8 A library for scraping websites of Czech an Slovak postal offices for tracking information
digAddressExtractor 0.3.2 8 digAddressExtractor
digAgeExtractor 0.3.0 8 digAgeExtractor
digAgeRegexExtractor 0.3.0 8 digAgeRegexExtractor
digBusinessTypeExtractor 0.3.0 8 digBusinessTypeExtractor
digDrugUseExtractor 0.3.0 8 digDrugUseExtractor
digEmailExtractor 0.3.2 8 digEmailExtractor
digGenderExtractor 0.2.0 8 digGenderExtractor
digHeightExtractor 0.1.0 8 digHeightExtractor
digHeightWeightExtractor 0.3.0 8 digHeightWeightExtractor
digNationalityExtractor 0.3.0 8 digNationalityExtractor
digPostingDateExtractor 0.3.4 8 digPostingDateExtractor
digPriceExtractor 0.3.2 8 digPriceExtractor
digReviewIDExtractor 0.2.0 8 digReviewIDExtractor
digServiceExtractor 0.3.0 8 digServiceExtractor
digURLExtractor 0.3.0 8 digURLExtractor
digWeightExtractor 0.1.0 8 digWeightExtractor
DITrack 0.8 8 Distributed Issue Tracker
django-data-sources-tracking 0.3.1 8 Django app for dealing with files/data sources and tracking them. Useful for tracking public annotations or bfx pipeline outputs
django-query-tracer 0.1.8 8 A simplified version of django-devserver limited to SQL tracing and Ajax dump.
django-sql-stacktrace 0.3.1 8 Pluggable application, which puts a python stack trace in the SQL query as a comment (useful for debugging)
django-traces 0.4 8 A reusable app to track view hits
django-track-history 0.1.2 8 Easy model change tracking for Django
django-trackable 0.3.8 8 A Django application which provides tools for out-of-band capture of arbitrary tracking data.
django-tracking 0.4.1 8 Basic visitor tracking and blacklisting for Django
django-tracking-jl 0.5.8 8 Basic visitor tracking and blacklisting for Django
django-tracking2 0.4.0 8 django-tracking2 tracks the length of time visitors and registered users spend on your site
django-user-tracking 0.4.11 8 Basic visitor tracking and blacklisting for Django
djtracker 0.3 8 An issue tracker built with django
dohq-youtrack 8 YouTrack Python 3 Client Library
dublintraceroute 0.4.2 8 NAT-aware multipath traceroute
easy-extract 0.1.2 8 Easy extraction of archives collections
easytextract 1.1.5 8 Easy to use text extractor, from PDF, DOC, DOCX and other document types, using the awesome Textract, including if necessary using OCR (via Tesseract).
epub-extract-jpeg 0.6.2 8 Extract comic EPUB pages to Jpeg files.
epub-extractor 0.1.5 8 Extract comic EPUB pages to Jpeg files, Dump meta information.
extract-icon 0.0.4 8 Extract Icon from PE Executable File
extract-social-media 0.4.0 8 Extract social media links from websites
extract-todo 0.1.1 8 extract TODOs
extract-values 1.0 8 A Python module for extracting values out of a string using a simple pattern instead of a regular expression.
ExtractLevelDomain 2.6.3 8 pass url to extract domain
Extractor 0.5 8 bindings for GNU libextractor, the metadata extractor
extractors 0.3.0 8 Wrapper script for data extractors.
EyeTracker 1.0.1 8 Python Eye Tracking & Recording Software
EyeTracking 0.1.dev0 8 Analysis of eye tracking data
facebook-online-friend-tracker 2.0.1 8 This tool tracks the number of online friends a user has on Facebook at any given time.
flask_trace 0.0.4 8 Log trace decorator function for Flask
freedomsponsors-trac-plugin 0.1 8 FreedomSponsors Trac plugin
function_trace 1.1.4 8 Hierarchical trace of function/method call arguments and return values
fuzzy-extractor 0.2 8 A Python implementation of fuzzy extractor
genie.abstract 2.0.0 8 Genie Library Abstraction Package
goose-extractor 1.0.25 8 Html Content / Article Extractor, web scrapping
govtrack 0.1 8 A Python library for the API v2.
grpcio-opentracing 1.1.1 8 Python OpenTracing Extensions for gRPC
har-extractor 1.0.1 8 HTTP Archive extractor
infrae.i18nextract 1.3.1 8 Buildout recipe to extract i18n files in Silva
IssueTrackerProduct 0.14.2 8 Bug/issue tracker for Zope2.
kupfer-plugin-trackingmore 0.1.0 8 Use for package tracking
links_extractor 0.0.1 8 Extract links from a URL
logxstract 0.0.1 8 Library for extracting xml from logs to output file.
lptrace 1.0.0 8 lptrace is strace for Python. It lets you trace any running Python program.
mlx.traceability 2.4.0 8 Sphinx traceability extension (Melexis fork)
namu-wiki-extractor 0.2.1 8 A library to extract plaintexts from the namu wiki dump
nsi.metadataextractor 1.2 8 A template-based metadata extractor.
ntrace 0.0.1 8 execution tracer that gives more output than
numbers_extractor 0.2.3 8 Extract numbers from a string and return a list of int.
opentracing-prometheus 0.1.5 8 OpenTracing Jaeger and Prometheus integration
opentracing_instrumentation 2.4.0 8 Tracing Instrumentation using OpenTracing API (
otrace 0.30.9 8 An object-oriented python debugger for nonlinear tracing
packagetrack 0.2 8 Track packages.
paletteExtractor 0.1 8 Extract color palette from images
pbp.recipe.trac 0.4.3 8 ZC Buildout recipe to install and configure a Trac server.
pdf_table_extractor 0.1.2 8 Extract table data from PDFs
pdfextract 0.1.2 8 PDF Extractor And Merger
Phils-Amazon-Price-Tracker 1.2.0.dev1 8 An Amazon Product Price Tracker
piwik-tracker 0.1.0 8 Official python implementation of the Piwik tracking API.
Piwik4Trac 0.1.0 8 Trac plugin to enable your trac environment to be logged by a Piwik server
plantextract 0.3.0 8 Python Plant Extract Document processor
plonehrm.contracts 3.10 8 Contracts for Plone HRM
plotextractor 0.2.0 8 Small library for extracting plots used in scholarly communication.
prettytraceback 0.2.0 8 Python plugin for enabling pretty tracebacks
process-tracing 0.1.0a11 8 ptrace based process tracing utilities for python
projecttimetracker 0.1.0 8 CLI for easily tracking how much time you spend on each project
pybtracker 0.2.2 8 Simple asyncio-based UDP BitTorrent tracker, with a simple client.
PyContractor 0.1.1 8 Design By Contract library
PyContracts 1.8.3 8 PyContracts is a Python package that allows to declare constraints on function parameters and return values. Contracts can be specified using Python3 annotations, in a decorator, or inside a docstring :type: and :rtype: tags. PyContracts supports a basic type system, variables binding, arithmetic constraints, and has several specialized contracts (notably for Numpy arrays), as well as an extension API.
pycotracer 0.4.2 8 Unofficial Python micro-library providing programmatic access to Colorado Transparency in Contribution and Expenditure Reporting (TRACER) campaign finance data.
pyFaceTracker 0.1.1 8 A python wrapper for the FaceTracker library by Jason Mora Saragih
pynetfilter_conntrack 0.7 8 pynetfilter_conntrack is a Python binding of libnetfilter_conntrack
pyptrace 1.10 8 Python wrapper for Linux ptrace system call.
pyrutracker 0.5.3 8 Package to parse forum
pysubtracking 0.0.1 8 Python implementation of subspace estimation and tracking methods.
python-dtrace 0.0.10 8 DTrace consumer for Python based on libdtrace. Use Python as DTrace Consumer and Provider! See the homepage for more information.
python-traceview 0.7.0 8 TraceView API Client
pytimeextractor 0.1.4 8 Time Extractor NLP project - locate dates and times in text documents
Pytrack 1.0.1 8 face tracking software for use with the raspberry pi.
pytracking 0.2.0 8 Email open and click tracking
pytracremote 0.0.3 8 Manager for multiple remote trac instances
pytracts 0.8.0 8 Library to define data contracts for JSON and build RESTful services with Webapp2
pyutrack 0.7.1 8 Command line utility to interface with YouTrack
quicktracer 1.4.0 8 A simple function to do realtime tracing/monitoring/plotting
redis-event-tracker 0.1.0 8 Track your events in redis
refextract 0.2.5 8 Small library for extracting references used in scholarly communication.
rextract 1.1.0 8 Powerful commandline tool to extract and manipulate strings using regular exressions
rich-traceback 1.0.2 8 Rich Traceback Logger
safe-extractor 0.0.8 8 Some code that supposedly extracts zip/tar archives safely.
salary-timetracker 0.3.0 8 A simple and easy timetracker for loging working hours and automatic wage calculation.
serpextract 0.6.3 8 Easy extraction of keywords from search engine results pages (SERPs).
serpextract-meiqia 2018.2.28.0 8 Easy extraction of keywords from search engine results pages (SERPs).
spacetrackapi 0.1.1 8 A client for the Space-Track API
sphinxcontrib-traceability 0.1.2 8 Sphinx traceability extension
stacktracer 0.1.2 8 Stack tracer for multi-threaded applications
stormtracks 8 Tropical Cyclone Detection and Tracking
termtrack 0.7.0 8 Track Earth-orbiting satellites from your terminal
testtrackpro 1.0.1 8 Python interface to TestTrackPro SOAP API
timetrack 1.0.4 8 Command-line program to track your time
topia.termextract 1.1.0 8 Content Term Extraction using POS Tagging
trac-GenshiMacro 0.1 8 Write Genshi templates in Trac wiki pages
trac-LighterTheme 0.3.1 8 A light, Bootstrap-inspired theme for Trac
trac-NewTicketLikeThisPlugin 0.2 8 Pluggable framework for 'cloning' Trac tickets according to custom business logic
trac-subtickettypes 0.2.1 8 Provides support for sub ticket types in the Trac interface.
trac-UserPicturesPlugin 0.1.1 8 Adds user pictures to Trac
trac-WorkflowActionButtons 0.2 8 Adds one-click buttons to Trac tickets for workflow operations (closing, reassigning, commenting)
trac.por 1.2.19 8 Penelope: trac integration
TracAddHeadersPlugin 0.2.7019 8 AddHeaders Trac Plugin.
TracAdvParseArgsPlugin 0.3.7024 8 Advanced argument parser for Trac macros.
TracAttachmentNumMacro 0.6.7025 8 Trac Macro to link to local attachments by number.
TracAuthOpenId 0.4.7 8 OpenID plugin for Trac
TracAutocompleteUsersPlugin 0.4.3 8 complete the known trac users, AJAX style
TracBlockdiag 0.2.1 8 Integrate blockdiag series into Trac wiki
TracBurndownPlugin 0.1 8 Burndown chart plugin for milestones in Trac
TracCron 0.3dev-r9926 8 Trac task scheduler plugin for Trac.
TracCronPlugin 0.3.1 8 Task scheduler plugin for Trac
TracCrystalXTheme 1.1 8 A theme for Trac based on
TracDashesSyntaxPlugin 0.1.6958 8 Trac Plug-in to add Wiki syntax for em and en dashes.
TracDjangoAuth 0.4.0 8 Trac Authentication against Django's userdb
tracefront 0.4 8 Format tracebacks better.
traceguide 1.0.28 8 Official Traceguide Library for Python
TracEmailDigestPlugin 0.1 8 Email notifications & daily digests for tickets in Trac
tracery 0.1.1 8 Python port of Kate Compton's tracery text generation library
tracetools 1.26 8 Trace toolkit to print formatted traces of binary data
TracExampleTheme 1.0 8 Tema de ejemplo (Trac)
TracExtractUrl 0.2.7030 8 Provides `extract_url` method to extract the URL from TracWiki links.
TracGoogleAds 0.2.2 8 Trac plugin designed to display ads on your Trac environment
TracGoogleAnalytics 0.2.4 8 Trac plugin to enable your trac environment to be logged by Google Analytics
TracGoogleMapMacro 0.5.6993 8 GoogleMap Trac Macro.
TracGoogleSearch 0.1.3 8 Google Adsense Search Plugin for Trac
TracGoogleSitemapPlugin 0.1.7109 8 Plugin to generate Google Sitemaps (version for Trac 0.11)
TracGoogleStaticMapMacro 0.3.7014 8 GoogleStaticMap Trac Macro.
TracGoogleWebmasterVerifyPlugin 0.1.6958 8 GoogleWebmasterVerify Plugin for Trac
TracHackergotchi 1.2 8 Adds user-specific icons to the Trac timeline view.
TracHierWiki 1.0 8 Hierarchical wiki utilities for Trac.
TracHTTPAuth 1.2 8 Use the AccountManager plugin to provide HTTP authentication from Trac itself.
TracIncludeMacro 3.1.0 8 Include the contents of external URLs and other Trac objects in a wiki page.
tracing 0.1.3 8 Utilities for tracing program execution.
TracKanbanBoard 0.2 8 Kanban board plugin for Trac
tracker17 0.2 8 Python API (Unnoficial)
trackerfw 0.0.4 8 TrackerFw - firewall for trackers
trackertools 0.1.6 8 Tools to manage Gazelle tracker user account
tracking-url 0.0.3 8 Detect package carrier from tracking number and generate tracking url
trackit 0.2 8 Tracking APIs for couriers with major courier companies
trackmaster 0.1.1 8 Interface for controlling Trackmaster treadmills
Trackon 0.5 8 A bittorrent meta-tracker for Google App Engine.
trackopy 2.0.2 8 Python wrapper for the Trackobot API
trackseeker 1.1.1 8 A tool that uses the Dead Air Removal Service to discover hidden tracks and add them to iTunes.
tracktotrip 0.4.6 8 Track processing library
TracLdapPlugin 0.7.1 8 LDAP extensions for Trac 0.12
TracListOfWikiPagesMacro 0.3.6959 8 ListOfWikiPagesMacro Trac Macro.
TracMacOSTheme 1.0.3 8 Trac theme to make it look like Mac OS
TracMercurial 8 Mercurial plugin for Trac (1.0 branch)
TracMindMapMacro 0.3.7097 8 Trac Macro to display Freemind mindmaps using a Flash app.
TracMyPagePlugin 8 My Page navigation bar tab for Trac
TracNav 4.1 8 The Navigation Bar for Trac
TracNewsFlash 1.0.3 8 A Trac macro to make a colored box.
TracNginxCacheSupport 1.0 8 Add support for Nginx caching to Trac
TracNumberedHeadlinesPlugin 0.3.6958 8 Trac Plug-in to add numbered headlines.
TracOhlohBadge 1.1 8 A Trac wiki macro to display Ohloh project badges.
TracOpenIDDelegate 1.0 8 Add OpenID delegation links to a Trac site.
TracPaste 0.0 8 An adaptation of Trac to Paste
TracPiwik 0.1.1 8 Trac plugin to enable your trac environment to be logged by Piwik
TracPrivateTickets 2.2.0 8 Modified ticket security for Trac.
TracProjectMenu 2.0 8 Provide a menu entry to switch between projects in TRAC_ENV_PARENT_DIR-type setup.
TracPygments 0.3 8 Trac syntax colorer using Pygments
TracPyTppTheme 2.2.2 8 Trac theme based on and The Python Papers
TracRevtreePlugin 0.5.15dev-r3581 8 Revision graph visualizer for the Trac VCS browser
TracRobotsTxt 2.1 8 Serve a robots.txt file from Trac.
TracSensitiveTickets 1.2.2 8 A trac plugin that lets you mark tickets as 'sensitive' with a check box. Those tickets can only be seen with permission.
TracServerSideRedirectPlugin 0.3.7985 8 Server side redirect plugin for Trac.
TracShellExampleMacro 1.0 8 A Trac macro to show example shell sessions.
TracShortcutIconPlugin 0.1.6991 8 Configurables shortcut icons for Trac.
TracSimpleTicket 5.0 8 Restricted ticket entry form for Trac
TracSphinx 0.2.1 8 Sphinx plugin for Trac 0.11
TracSQLAlchemyBridge 0.1.1 8 Bridge for a plugin developer to use SQLAlchemy with trac
TracThemeEngine 2.2.2 8 Provide a modular interface to styling Trac
TracTicketGraph 1.0.6 8 Graphs Trac tickets over time
TracTicketReferencePlugin 0.5.0 8 Provides support for ticket cross reference for Trac
TracTimeTracker 1.1 8 Trac plugin which helps to trac your task and project time
TracUnixGroups 0.1-r1 8 Use UNIX groups in Trac
tracvatar 2.0 8 Add gravatar icons to various points around trac
TracWatchlistPlugin 1.0 8 Watchlist Plugin for Trac 0.11/0.12
tracwiki 0.13.1 8 Checkout and commit trac wiki pages.
TracWikiCssPlugin 0.1.6958 8 Wiki pages as CSS files Trac Plugin.
TracWikiGoodies 8 Plugin for Trac which extends the Wiki with some goodies
TracWikiNotification 0.4.3 8 Trac Plugin to allow email notification of changes on wiki pages
tracy 0.1 8 Live tracing of Python programs
train-track 0.1.1 8 Train-tracks for freegroup automorphisms
url_extract 0.17 8 extracts tld, domain, subdomains and query from URLs. It also validates the URLs.
urlextract-py2.7 0.0.2 8 Collects and extracts URLs from given text. Forked from
webpagetracker 1.0 8 Track web pages and inform changes through email
whotrackme 2017.11 8 Learn about tracking technologies, market structure and data-sharing on the web
whotracksme 2017.11 8 Learn about tracking technologies, market structure and data-sharing on the web
wltrace 1.1.1 8 A Python library to parse Pcap (w/ Radtiotap) and Peektagged packet traces.
xextract 0.1.4 8 Extract structured data from HTML and XML documents like a boss.
xm.tracker 1.0.8 8 A time tracker based on the concepts of gtimelog
xtraceback 0.4.0-rc1 8 A verbose traceback formatter
yacontracts 0.1.2 8 YAContracts: Yet Another contracts package
actionable-agile-extract 0.1 7 Extract cycle time analytics data from JIRA
activity-tracker 0.0.2 7 DAU/MAU tracker
address_extractor 0.1.0.post1 7 A script to extract US-style street addresses from a text file.
ageliaco.tracker 0.1.8 7 Issue tracker
aio-space-track-api 2.1.1 7 Small async wrapper for "space-track-api" package.
amptrac 0.1 7 Client for twisted's amp interface to trac
articleDateExtractor 0.20 7 Automatically extracts and normalizes an online article or blog post publication date
asianet-tracker 0.4 7 A simple Django app to track data from URL visits
audioclipextractor 0.2.4 7 Easily extract multiple clips from audio files
backtrace 0.2.1 7 Makes tracebacks humanly readable
BarkTracker 0.1.0 7 Bark Tracker monitors and notifies you if your dog is barking while you are away.
basictracer 3.0.0rc1 7
beatract 1.4.0 7 Beat Extracting module for music
bernardomg.version-extractor 1.0.2 7 Extracts the version from a Python file
besttrack 0.2.1 7 Object-based geotemporal path optimization
biotracks 0.4.1 7 Data package representation for cell migration tracking data
bob.ip.caffe_extractor 1.1.1 7 Feature extractor using caffe CNNs
bob.ip.tensorflow-extractor 0.0.1 7 Feature extractor using tensorflow CNNs
bottle-yang-extractor-validator 0.3.1 7 A web application that allows you to fetch, extract and validate YANG modules by RFC number, by IETF draft name, or by uploading YANG files.
buildout.eggtractor 0.6 7 Auto generates zcml slugs, buildout:egg and buildout:develop entries.
ca_tracker 0.2.11 7 Package for cell segmentation, tracking, classification into asc negative and asc positive cells and calcium intensity measurements over time
cf-deployment-tracker 1.0.5 7 Python client for the Cloud Foundry deployment tracker
ChemDataExtractor 1.3.0 7 A toolkit for extracting chemical information from the scientific literature.
cmsplugin-markup-tracwiki 0.2.4 7 Trac wiki engine integration with Django CMS as a plugin for cmsplugin-markup.
code-contracts 0.1.1 7 A library that provides code contracts and assertions.
code-extract 0.3.2 7 Extract code blocks from text files
code_time_tracker 0.1 7 A very simple decorator that tracks running time
CodeViking.contracts 0.17.0 7 Function and method call contracts
collective.downloadtracker 1.0b1 7 It tracks which registered user has downloaded a file (ATFile) at which time. It displays this value in aviewlet below File's title. Administrators are able to delete tracked records.
collective.portlet.usertrack 1.1.1 7 User activity portlet
collective.subtractiveworkflow 2.0b1 7 The DCWorkflow giveth and the SubtractiveWorkflow taketh away.
colored-traceback 0.3.0 7 Automatically color uncaught exception tracebacks
constractor 0.1.0 7 Smart web page content extractor.
contract 1.4 7 Programming by Contract for Python
contracts 0.1.0 7 UNKNOWN
convertextract 1.3 7 Extract and find/replace text based on arbitrary correspondences while preserving original file formatting.
Django-Abstract-Relations 0.1.4 7 Dynamically generated customizable through model for abstract many-to-many relations in Django
django-affiliate-tracking 0.12 7 A Django app providing mechanisms to track users and actions, to know when certain conditions are met.
django-audiotracks 0.2.4 7 A pluggable Django app to publish audio tracks
django-bugtracker 1.1.0 7 A simple Django admin-based bug tracker app.
django-conntrackt 0.3.1 7 A simple application for tracking connection requirements between different entities in a network.
django-git-brokenlink-track 7 Django app which automates the issue creation on Git for broken links.
django-tracking-analyzer 0.2 7 User actions tracking and analytics for Django sites.
dont-track-my-bros 0.1.0 7 Tool to extract encoded URLs from a URL.
elastictrace 7 elasticTrace Agent for getting server metrics upstream
ethereum-contract 0.1.0 7 Ethereum Contract
fasttrack-client 1.0.4 7 This Fasttrack library enables you to request the Fasttrack API in a convenient way. For more information about the Fasttrack API please see
google-cloud-trace 0.19.0 7 Stackdriver Trace API client library
hypertrack 1.0.3 7 api wrapper for
LiteID-Contract-Tools 0.1 7 Tools to interact with the official LiteID contract
metrics-tracker-client 1.1.1 7 Python client for the deployment tracker
odoo10-addon-base-import-default-enable-tracking 7 This modules simply enables history tracking when doing an import.
odoo10-addon-contract 7 Contracts Management - Recurring
odoo10-addon-contract-digitized-signature 7 Contract Digitized Signature
odoo10-addon-contract-membership-delegated-partner 7 Set delegate membership on the contract
odoo10-addon-contract-payment-auto 7 Adds automatic payments to contracts.
odoo10-addon-contract-payment-mode 7 Payment mode in contracts and their invoices
odoo10-addon-contract-recurring-analytic-distribution 7 Analytic plans on contracts recurring invoices
odoo10-addon-contract-sale 7 Contract from Sale
odoo10-addon-contract-sale-generation 7 Contracts Management - Recurring Sales
odoo10-addon-contract-show-invoice 7 Button in contracts to show their invoices
odoo10-addon-contract-variable-quantity 7 Variable quantity in contract recurrent invoicing
odoo10-addon-hr-contract-default-trial-length 7 Define default trail length for contracts
odoo10-addon-hr-contract-reference 7 HR Contract Reference
odoo10-addon-html-image-url-extractor 7 Extract images found in any HTML field
odoo10-addon-mail-tracking 7 Email tracking system for all mails sent
odoo10-addon-mail-tracking-mailgun 7 Mail tracking and Mailgun webhooks integration
odoo10-addon-mail-tracking-mass-mailing 7 Improve mass mailing email tracking
odoo10-addon-product-contract 7 Product Contract
odoo10-addon-sql-request-abstract 7 Abstract Model to manage SQL Requests
odoo10-addon-subcontracted-service 7 Subcontracted service
odoo10-addon-website-portal-contract 7 Extends website portal with contracts.
odoo11-addon-contract 7 Contracts Management - Recurring
odoo11-addon-contract-variable-quantity 7 Variable quantity in contract recurrent invoicing
odoo11-addon-html-image-url-extractor 7 Extract images found in any HTML field
odoo11-addon-l10n-ro-hr-contract 7 Romania - Employee Contracts
odoo8-addon-account-reconcile-trace 7 Account Reconcile Trace
odoo8-addon-contract-account-banking-mandate 7 Add banking mandate field to contracts for their invoices
odoo8-addon-contract-commission 7 Commissions in contract invoices
odoo8-addon-contract-discount 7 Discounts for contracts and their invoices
odoo8-addon-contract-invoice-merge-by-partner 7 This module merges same partner invoices generated by contracts
odoo8-addon-contract-journal 7 Invoice Journal in contracts and their invoices
odoo8-addon-contract-payment-mode 7 Payment mode in contracts and their invoices
odoo8-addon-contract-recurring-invoicing-marker 7 Markers for contract recurring invoices
odoo8-addon-contract-recurring-invoicing-monthly-last-day 7 Adds a new invoice recurring period for contracts - month(s) last day.
odoo8-addon-contract-recurring-plans 7 Analytic plans on contracts recurring invoices
odoo8-addon-contract-show-invoice 7 Button in contracts to show their invoices
odoo8-addon-contract-show-recurring-invoice 7 Button in contracts to show their recurring invoices
odoo8-addon-crm-track-next-action 7 CRM Track Next Action
odoo8-addon-event-track-generate 7 Generate a bunch of event tracks at once
odoo8-addon-hr-contract-default-trial-length 7 Define default trail length for contracts
odoo8-addon-hr-contract-hourly-rate 7 HR Contract Hourly Rate
odoo8-addon-hr-contract-multi-jobs 7 HR Contract Multi Jobs
odoo8-addon-hr-contract-reference 7 HR Contract Reference
odoo8-addon-html-image-url-extractor 7 Extract images found in any HTML field
odoo8-addon-l10n-br-hr-contract 7 Brazilian Localization HR Contract
odoo8-addon-mail-tracking 7 Email tracking system for all mails sent
odoo8-addon-mail-tracking-mailgun 7 Mail tracking and Mailgun webhooks integration
odoo8-addon-mail-tracking-mass-mailing 7 Improve mass mailing email tracking
odoo8-addon-sql-request-abstract 7 Abstract Model to manage SQL Requests
odoo8-addon-stock-traceability-operation 7 Adds operations in traceability and quant history
odoo9-addon-contract 7 Contracts Management recurring
odoo9-addon-contract-commission 7 Commissions in contract invoices
odoo9-addon-contract-digitized-signature 7 Contract Digitized Signature
odoo9-addon-contract-invoice-merge-by-partner 7 This module merges same partner invoices generated by contracts
odoo9-addon-contract-mandate 7 Mandate in contracts and their invoices
odoo9-addon-contract-payment-mode 7 Payment mode in contracts and their invoices
odoo9-addon-contract-recurring-analytic-distribution 7 Analytic plans on contracts recurring invoices
odoo9-addon-contract-show-invoice 7 Button in contracts to show their invoices
odoo9-addon-contract-variable-quantity 7 Variable quantity in contract recurrent invoicing
odoo9-addon-hr-contract-operating-unit 7 HR Contract Operating Unit
odoo9-addon-html-image-url-extractor 7 Extract images found in any HTML field
odoo9-addon-mail-tracking 7 Email tracking system for all mails sent
odoo9-addon-mail-tracking-mailgun 7 Mail tracking and Mailgun webhooks integration
odoo9-addon-mail-tracking-mass-mailing 7 Improve mass mailing email tracking
odoo9-addon-sql-request-abstract 7 Abstract Model to manage SQL Requests
odoo9-addon-stock-picking-tracking 7 Adds a concept of event tracking for stock pickings
odoo9-addon-subcontracted-service 7 Subcontracted service
openerp-hr-contract 7.0.406 7 Employee Contracts
pygments-babeltrace 0.3.3 7 Pygments Babeltrace Lexer
python-sql-abstraction 0.0.1 7 SQL Abstraction layer written in Python 3.2 for use in lower level applications, such as tkinter.
pytrack-analysis 0.0.3 7 Toolbox for analyzing object centroid data with Python.
space-track-api 1.0.2 7 Small helper for `` query api.
track-china-post-air-mail 1.0 7 ChinaPost / AirMail tracking GUI
trackpy 0.3.3 7 particle-tracking toolkit
youtrack-rest-api 0.0.1 7 YouTrack JSON REST API Python 3 Client Library
AdjectorTracPlugin 1.0b2 6 Integrate Adjector into your trac installation: render zones in trac templates.
analytracks 6 This python package contains tools to handle sport gps tracks (tcx, gpx, ...)
AttendanceTracker 0.3 6 School Attendance Tracking App
auto_extract 0.0.4 6 Automatically extract content.
autoextractor 1.02 6 Auto copy and extraction tool
BabelGladeExtractor 0.4 6 Babel Glade XML files translatable strings extractor
backtracepython 0.3.3 6 Backtrace error reporting tool for Python
bbc-radio-tracklisting-downloader 0.0.3 6 Download BBC radio show tracklistings
blender-asset-tracer 0.1 6 Blender Asset Tracer
body-extractor-py3 6 HTML body content extractor
budgettracker 1.5.1 6 Simple budget tracking app
calltrace 0.0.4 6 sys._current_frames replacement that does not capture local variables
Conntrack 0.5 6 A simple python interface to libnetfilter_conntrack using ctypes.
contractions 0.0.13 6 Fixes contractions such as `you're` to you `are`
creh-urltrace 0.0.11 6 Url trace application
ctabustracker 0.2.dev2 6 A python wrapper for the Chicago Transit Authority's Bustracker API.
cubicweb-tracker 1.18.0 6 basic tracker with project, version, ticket for the CubicWeb framework
cubicweb-trackervcs 1.4.1 6 vcsfile / tracker integration
curve-tracer 0.1.0 6 Curve Tracer
cvgtracker 1.01 6 Package for congergency tracker
d3metafeatureextraction 0.2.0 6 A DARPA D3M wrapper for extracting dataset metafeatures using the byu-dml metalearn package.
da_tracker 2.2.1 6 Django Analytics Tracker
data-tracking 1.7.2 6 Extract meta-data from DICOM and NIFTI files
datacontract 0.0.1 6 DataContract
dataextractors 0.1.0 6 Extract pixels and metadata using shapefiles and georeferenced imagery.
date-extractor 3.8 6 Extract dates from text
ddtrace 0.11.0 6 Datadog tracing code
decontractors 0.2 6 A Programming by Contract implementation using Decorators
decotrace 0.1.5 6 Function/method/class call tracing decorator.
DensityTrace 0.1.0 6 DensityTrace
description-extractor 2.3.5 6 HGVS variant description extractor
Dex-Tracker .024 6
difftrack 0.7.1 6 Keep track of changes in data structures.
digCityExtractor 0.3.0 6 digCityExtractor
digCollaborativeExtractor 0.1.6 6 digCollaborativeExtractor
digDictionaryExtractor 0.3.0 6 digDictionaryExtractor
digExtractionClassifier 0.3.3 6 digExtractionClassifier
digExtractor 0.4.0 6 digExtractor
digLandmarkExtractor 0.3.4 6 digLandmarkExtractor
digPhoneExtractor 0.3.7 6 digPhoneExtractor
digRandomIndexingExtractor 0.2.0 6 digRandomIndexingExtractor
digReadabilityExtractor 0.3.0 6 digReadabilityExtractor
digRegexExtractor 0.3.0 6 digRegexExtractor
digSocialMediaIdExtractor 0.3.3 6 digSocialMediaIdExtractor
digTableExtractor 0.2.3 6 digTableExtractor
digTokenizerExtractor 0.3.1 6 digTokenizerExtractor
digUrlLocalityExtractor 0.3.0 6 digUrlLocalityExtractor
disptrace 0.4 6 Generate Python trace log in HTML
distractinator 0.6 6 For use with the Distractinator USB receiver.
django-donottrack 0.1 6 Django utilities for honoring the Do Not Track HTTP header.
django-extracontent 0.1 6 A django abstract model and form for handling extra content in a model.
django-generic-link-tracking 1.0 6 Generic trackable links for django
django-protractor 0.8.4 6 Easily integrate your protractor tests with django
django-protractor-new 0.9.1 6 Easily integrate your protractor tests with django
django-ptrack 1.2.0 6 Ptrack is a tracking pixel library for Django
django-request-tracker 0.2.1 6 Track incoming requests using analytic services.
django-requests-tracker 2.10.4 6 Tracking http requests send by python-requests inside a Django application
django-scripts-tracker 0.1 6 An unofficial Django utility tool that tracks management scripts execution
django-speedtracer 0.1.1 6 Profile your Django site using Google Chrome's SpeedTracer
django-tasktracker 0.2 6 A basic Django app to record and track XP stories and tasks.
django-timetracker 0.1.0 6 Django app that provides an API for tracking time spent.
django-tracked-model 0.1.2 6 Track changes to django models
django-tracker 0.0.1 6 A simple statistic tracker
django-tracking-fields 1.0.6 6 A Django app allowing the tracking of objects field in the admin site.
django-trackmodels-ritual 0.0.13 6 The trackmodels library is useful to set creation/update/delete dates on models and track by them
django-trackmodels-xls-ritual 0.0.3 6 XLSX report plugin for django-trackmodels-ritual
django-tracware 1.0.0 6 A Django application for tracking objects of all types
django-ultracache-twisted 0.0.3 6 Companion app to django-ultracache that enables proxy invalidation
django-url-tracker 0.1.3 6 A little app that trackes URL changes in a database table to provide HTTP 301 & 410 on request.
django-url-tracker-fork 0.2.0 6 A little app that trackes URL changes in a database table to provide HTTP 301 & 410 on request.
django-url-tracker-forl 0.1.4 6 A little app that trackes URL changes in a database table to provide HTTP 301 & 410 on request.
django-viewtracker 1.2 6 Object view tracker for Django
django-zipkin-trace 1.0.1 6 Automatically trace your Django application to Zipkin
django_opentracing 0.1.18 6 OpenTracing support for Django applications
django_youtrack 0.1.13 6 django_youtrack
DjangoModelTracker 0.6.5 6 Track Django Model Objects over time
domainextract 0.0.1 6 extract domain from url or domain
dpcontracts 0.2.0 6 A simple implementation of contracts for Python.
drf-tracking-extended 1.2.1 6 Utils to log Django Rest Framework requests to the database. Fork of drf-tracking with extended features.
dummy_opentracing 2.0.2 6 OpenTracing Dummy package
dutest-trac 0.1.0 6 Advanced testing framework for Trac and Bloodhound
eduextractor 0.0.2 6 Open Extraction Tools for Education
elasticsearch-opentracing 0.1.3 6 OpenTracing support for Elasticsearch
email_extractor v1 6 Extract Emails by using webcrawl Extract Url links from a site
emoji_extractor 1.0.14 6 Extract, detect and count emoji
entity_extract 0.0.1 6 Used for the entity extraction of a text and a corpora and to comapre and reduce entity lists
event-tracking 0.2.4 6 A simple event tracking system.
evtxtract 0.2.3 6 EVTXtract recovers and reconstructs fragments of EVTX log files from raw binary data, including unallocated space and memory images.
execution-trace 1.1.0 6 Trace the local context of a Python function's execution with just a decorator
Extract 1.0 6 Extraction tool for model and observed data intercomparison
extract-emails 2.0.1 6 Extract email addresses from given URL.
extract-html-diff 0.1.0 6 Extract difference between two html pages
extract-zip 1.0.0 6 With this you can extract all zip , tar ,tar.gz files which can further contain zip files just by instantiating the class and passing the argument of the path in the python module
extract_iocs 2.0.1 6 Extracts indicators of compromise (IOCs), including domain names, IPv4 addresses, email addresses, and hashes, from text.
extract_lst 1.0.1 6 Extracts Java Codes from Online Source codes provided by Tata McGrew Hill Book for Java - The Complete Reference 9th Edition.
extract_vcf 0.5 6 Tool to extract information from vcf file.
extractcontent3 0.0.2 6 ExtractContent for Python 3
extraction 0.2 6 Extract basic info from HTML webpages.
FIBTracking 0.2.2 6 Python module for FIB/SEM fiducial tracking
filetracker 1.1.0 6 Filetracker caching file storage
fit-extract 1.3.2 6 Extracts data from EC-Lab .fit files
flankextractor 0.1.2 6 Extracts and processes sequence flanking alleles of interest.
Flask-OpenTracing 0.1.8 6 OpenTracing support for Flask applications
Flask-Track-Usage 1.1.0 6 Basic metrics tracking for the Flask framework.
Flask-Tracy 0.1.3 6 Logs tracing information on a per-request basis
flowtracker 0.0.3 6 Track multi-pathed flows through Cisco Nexus switches.
geextract 0.3.2 6 Extract Landsat surface reflectance time-series at given location from google earth engine
geonode-extract 0.4.2 6 Extract data from a geonode and put it in a folder
ggtracker-client 0.1 6 API client for
ghcndextractor 0.2 6 A simple extractor for the GHCN-Daily dataset .dly files into CSV or dict format.
git-source-track 0.3.8 6 Track changes between two git repositories
git-stacktrace 0.8.0 6 git-blame for stacktraces
git-timetrack 1.0.1 6 Track work times in a separate timetracking branch.
Git-Track 0.1 6 Minimal Bug Tracking For Git.
gnip-powertrack-rules 0.2.2 6 Gnip PowerTrack rules libarary and command scripts.
google-image-extractor 1.0.4b1 6 Utility to search and download images from google image search
govtrack2csv 1.1a1 6 Toolset for converting govtrack data to csv.
graph-extract 0.0.1 6 Library for extracting values from graphs
hivtrace 0.4.0 6 HIV-TRACE
html-table-extractor 1.3.0 6 A python library for extracting data from html table
httrack-py 0.6.1 6 httrack-py library: wrapper to use httrack website copier
hydratk-ext-trackapps 0.1.3 6 Interface to bugtracking and test management applications
imptracker 0.1 6 Import Tracker: Find actual imports during runtime
infi.traceback 0.3.15 6 better tracebacks
InsideTrac 0.2.7 6 Trac plugin and Greasemonkey scripts to help monitor external projects
issuetracker 1.0 6 Using the automagic django admin site to track issues.
jenkins_trackerscraper 1.1.0 6 Pivotal Tracker Scraper for Jenkins
jira-cycle-extract 0.10 6 Extract cycle time analytics data from JIRA
jira-metrics-extract 0.46 6 Extract agile metrics data from JIRA
jiratracker 1.0.2 6 Automatically logs development time to Jira based on Git checkout history
jsonschema-extractor 0.6 6 a framework to extract jsonschema's from a variety of models.
jtracker 0.2.0a8 6 Command line client for JTracker
kedo-ddtrace 6 Datadog tracing code
keyword_xtract 0.1.1 6 Keyword extraction with RAKE, and keyword ranking using vector representations - created as partof a toy challenge
kmltrack 0.0.6 6 kmltrack converts a track (a series of lat/lon/timestamp and optional measurement values) into a kml file.
landmark_extractor 6 A regular expression based extraction tool for extracting structured text from strings.
langchangetrack 0.1.0 6 Package for statistically significant language change.
lazycontract 0.9.6 6 Python library to define declarative contracts for serialization and deserialization
libcontractvm 6 Contractvm client library
libextract 0.0.12 6 A HT/XML web scraping tool
LibRayTracing 0.0.2 6 Python API for ray tracing method of optical system analysis
LinkExchange.Trac 0.1 6 Trac integration with LinkExchange library
live-trace 2017.18.0 6 Trace a Python application using a deamon thread.
location-extractor 7.7 6 Extract locations from text
loctraceback 1.1.0 6 traceback with more exact location info
MangoTrac 0.6 6 Issue Tracker based on the Django admin app
Markdown-Tracker 0.1.1 6 Tools for tracking Markdown & Taskpaper files
mediantracker 1.0 6 Tracks the overall median of a stream of values "on-line" in reasonably efficient fashion.
metadata-extractor 1.0 6 Extract metadatas from unstructured and semi-structured sources
micropython-trace 0.0.1 6 Dummy trace module for MicroPython
micropython-traceback 0.3 6 traceback module for MicroPython
minitrace 0.2 6 A module for machine learning models with trace norm penalties
mixpanel_extract 0.1 6 Extract Mixpanel raw events and store on S3
mixtract 3 6 Mixpanel data extraction / export tool
multitrac 0.1.2 6 A pyramid application to manage multiple Trac installations
mwtextextractor 0.1 6 Extracts body text from MediaWiki wikitext by stripping off templates, html tags, tables, headers, etc.
nagios2trac 0.5.1 6 Let Nagios Create or Comment on Trac Tickets
nested.tar.archives.extractor 1.1 6 A small tool for recursively extracting nested tar archives.
nosetest-tracker 0.0.3 6 Tracking test cases in nose and logs them in xls file
nti.nose_traceback_info 1.0.2 6 Include __traceback_info__ in tracebacks printed by nose
ntracer 0.7.4 6 A fast hyper-spacial ray-tracing library
nuclitrack 2.4.2 6 Nuclei tracking program
ObjectExtractor 0.2.2 6 Extract objects from images with OpenCV
objtrack 0.2 6 Django Object View Tracking
octohatrack 0.6.1 6 Show _all_ the contributors to a GitHub repository
offtrac 0.1.0 6 Trac xmlrpc library
openerp-analytic-contract-hr-expense 7.0.406 6 Contracts Management: hr_expense link
OpenFisca-Tracker 0.2.0 6 A Tracker of the OpenFisca Web API usage
organization-extractor 2.9 6 Extracts organizations from text
osuTracker 0.3.2 6
packtrack 1.5 6 API Python para obter informacoes de encomendas
page_tracker 0.1.2 6 Tracks pages and sends out email alerts when the page changes
PageTracker 0.1.1 6 Tracks pages and sends out email alerts when the page changes
pdf-table-extract 0.2 6 Extract Tables from PDF files
pdf_extractor 0.1.0 6 Extracts text from PDF files, utilises multiple cores.
pdftabextract 0.3.0 6 A set of tools for data mining (OCR-processed) PDFs
penelope.trac 1.2.12 6 Penelope: Trac integration
person-extractor 2.6 6 Extracts people from text
pivotaltracker 0.0.3 6 pivotaltracker is a Pythonic wrapper around the PivotalTracker API
point-tracker 0.7.12 6 Track points and cells on 2D tissues over time.
popo_attribute_tracker 0.1 6 Simple Attribute Tracker for POPOs
por.trac 1.6 6 Penelope: Trac integration
Products.Ienablesettrace 1.0 6 Fork of Products.enablesettrace which also allows import of ipdb in restricted code.
Products.VisitTracker 1.0b2 6 Utility to track visits
ptrace 1.0.1 6 C extension providing access to ptrace(2)
ptracer 0.5 6 On-demand system call tracing for Python programs.
pvextractor 0.1 6 Position-velocity diagram extractor.
pycontract 0.1.4 6 A data contracts system for python loosly modeled after django forms.
pycontractions 1.0.1 6 Intelligently expand and create contractions in English text leveraging grammar checking and Word Mover's Distance.
pyextractor 0.9b0 6 Command Line Tool to extract data from files
pyf.components.producers.webextractor 0.2 6 PyF Producer plugin to extract data from web pages
pylibtracer 0.9.1 6 pylibtracer is a Python library used to find Python modules you are using in a project.
pypotrace 0.1.3 6 potrace Python bindings
pyramid-opentracing 0.1.4 6 OpenTracing support for Pyramid applications
pyretrace 0.2.1 6 A python reimplementation on Proguard's Retrace, with a deobfuscation API for python.
pyRuuviTracker 0.13 6 Client library for RuuviTracker in Python
python-ptrace 0.9.3 6 python binding of ptrace
python-tracerex 0.0 6 Hunter is a flexible code tracing toolkit.
python-tracking 1.0.0 6 python module for tracking mail packages
pytimetrack 0.0.1 6 Track Classification
pytrac 0.4 6 Library for managing TRAC tickets with Python
pytrace 0.2.4 6 pytrace is a fast python tracer. pytrace records function calls, arguments and return values. traces aid debugging, profiling and obviate logging.
pytracemalloc 1.2 6 Track memory allocations per Python file
pytraceroute 0.1.0 6 A simple Python traceroute(8) implementation
pytracetable 0.2 6 UNKNOWN
pytracing 0.2 6 a python trace profiler that outputs to chrome trace-viewer format (about://tracing).
pytracker 1.0.5 6 Object tracking classes for efficient inventory of allocated/freed objects
pytrackr 0.0.5 6 Interface to the TrackR API
pywintrace 0.1.1 6 ETW Tracing
pyyoutrack 1.0.10 6 Python library that wraps YouTrack REST API.
ransomwaretracker 0.1 6 DNS Dumpster lib
rbltracker 1.0.0 6 A Python wrapper for the RBLTracker API
redis-opentracing 0.1.0 6 OpenTracing support for Elasticsearch
RestOnTrac 0.0.1 6 Publish Trac data via a ReST-ful interface
rpm-versiontracker 0.1.1.dev10 6 A web application to track differences across RPM repositories
rs-ddtrace 0.9.1 6 RazorSecure's Datadog tracing code
rutermextract 0.3 6 Term extraction for Russian language
RYMTracks 0.1.4 6 RYMTracks scraps given URLs and presents tracklists into copypasteable form for
safecast_tracker 1.0.0 6 Safecast Tracker for APRS.
sentry-tracpost 0.3.0 6 A Sentry extension which integrates with Trac
sentry-youtrack 0.3.5 6 A Sentry extension which integrates with YouTrack
simplefsabstraction 1.3.1 6 A (very) simple FS/S3 abstraction
slc.clicktracker 0.4 6 Track user movements on your plone site.
snowplow-tracker 0.8.0 6 Snowplow event tracker for Python. Add analytics to your Python and Django apps, webapps and games
sonar-rules-extractor 1.1 6 Coding rules extractor into the Sonar format.
sourcetracker 2.0.1 6 Python implementation of the SourceTracker R package.
spacetrack 0.13.1 6 Python client for
sphinxcontrib-issuetracker 0.11 6 Sphinx integration with different issuetrackers
sphinxcontrib-traceables 0.1.4 6 Sphinx extension that adds traceability within documentation
spotifytracker 0.0.15 6 Track your Spotify play history.
sqlalchemy-opentracing 0.1.6rc2 6 OpenTracing support for SQLAlchemy
statement-extractor 0.7 6 Extracts statements from text
stock_extractor 0.2 6 a general purpose stock data extractor
stocktracker 0.0.2 6 stocktracker
storytracker 1.0.1 6 Tools for tracking stories for news homepages
stracks_api 0.2dev 6 API for Stracks service
sudokuextract 0.8.6 6 Library for extracting Sudokus from images using scikit-image
summary-extraction 0.2 6 Extract the title, image and description from any URL.
synonym-extractor 1.0 6 Extract synonyms from sentences using Aho Corasick algorithm
sysdig-tracers 0.1.2 6 Python library to emit Sysdig tracers
table-extractor 1.1 6 Extract normalized tables from CSVs, Excel Spreadsheets, PDFs, Word Docs, and Web Pages
tag-text-extractor 0.0.12 6 Extract tag texts and word count
Tasks-Tracker 0.93 6 A simple command line project task tracking tool.
taskwarrior-hook-time-tracking 0.1.1 6 Track your time in a UDA in taskwarrior
taskwarrior-time-tracking-hook 0.1.4 6 Track your time in a UDA in taskwarrior
tcpextract 1.1 6 Extract files from captured TCP sessions. Support live streams and pcap files.
TEST-TracAccountManager 0.5 6 User account management plugin for Trac
testsuite-prettyprint-traceback 0.1.0-alpha.2 6 testsuite-prettyprint-traceback is a nose2 plugin that prettyprints traceback on failures and errors.
testtrace 0.1 6 Python TestResult subclass that does code tracing
textract 1.6.1 6 extract text from any document. no muss. no fuss.
thoth-package-extract 1.0.0rc3 6 Tool and library for extracting packages from a docker build log
thrift3babeltrace 0.2.2 6 Apache Thrift with modifications for compatibility for Python 3
thunder-extraction 1.2.1 6 algorithms for feature extraction from spatio-temporal data
tiddlywebplugins.extraclude 0.1 6 Automatic handling of extraclude on tiddler PUT
tidyextractors 0.3.4 6 A collection of tools for extracting data into tidy DataFrames.
timetracker 0.1 6 A minimalistic timetracker.
TinyTracker 1.0.4 6 A small pixel tracker built in python, and designed to send data to carbon.
tldextract 2.2.0 6 Accurately separate the TLD from the registered domain and subdomains of a URL, using the Public Suffix List. By default, this includes the public ICANN TLDs and their exceptions. You can optionally support the Public Suffix List's private domains as well.
todoist-tracker 0.1.3 6 track various metrics for todoist
trac-github 2.3 6 Trac - GitHub integration
trac-GitolitePlugin 0.3.1 6 two-way integration between trac and gitolite
trac-mattermost 0.1 6 Trac notifications in Mattermost
trac-MultiRepoSearchPlugin 0.6 6 Search the text of source code in your Trac repositories (0.12 and up)
trac-oidc 0.1.5 6 OpenID Connect authentication for Trac
trac-WorkflowNotificationPlugin 0.5 6 Configurable notifications for trac tickets tied to workflow actions
trac2google 0.5 6 A simple script that will read a Trac or Redmine timeline RSS feed, look for tickets and put them on a timesheet calendar in Google
trac2rst 0.2.1 6 Quick an dirty tool to transform text in Trac Wiki formatting to Restructured Text
TracAccountManager 0.4.4 6 User account management plugin for Trac
TracAddCommentMacro 0.3 6 Macro to add comments to a wiki page.
TracAdminEnumListPlugin 2.0 6 Adds drag-and-drop reordering to admin panel enum lists.
TracAdsPanel 0.1.1 6 Trac plugin designed to display ads on your Trac environment
TracAdvancedSearch 0.6.0 6 This plugin allows you to index your wiki and ticket data in a full text search engine and search it from a button in the main navbar.
TracAdvancedTicketWorkflow 1.2.0 6 Advanced workflow operations Trac plugin
TracBacklog 0.3.1 6 Enables Trac to be used for managing your ticket backlog.
TracBasicMacros 1.0.2 6 Simple but useful Trac macros
TracBookmark 0.2 6 A plugin bookmark Trac resources.
TracCaptcha 0.3.1 6 pluggable captcha infrastructure for Trac with reCAPTCHA included
TracCAS 2.0.1 6 A modified authentication plugin to use the Yale CAS system.
TracChangeFileBiffPlugin 0.4.0 6 Provides a feature like Biff for file in repository
TracChangeLog 0.4 6 Adds a Wiki macro that displays the changelog for a repository path
TracCondFields 2.0 6 Support for conditional fields in different ticket types.
TracDeveloper 0.2 6 Adds some features to Trac that are useful for developers
TracDocs 0.3.1 6 A Trac plugin for RCS-backed documentation
TracDrupalIntegration 0.1 6 Trac-Drupal user integration
TracDuplicateTicketSearch 1.0.4 6 Adds XMLRPC-based check from ticket entry page for potential duplicate tickets.
TracDuTest 0.0.1 6 Test Trac plugins using dutest (i.e. doctest + unittest)
trace2html 0.2.1 6 HTML coverage report generator for
traceall 0.1.0 6 Development utility: under development
TracEasyOrder 0.1 6 Adds a nicer (JavaScript-based) UI for ordering enumerable ticket fields (severity, type, etc.) in Trac.
traceb 0.1.1 6 traceback with verbose and compact options
traceback2 1.4.0 6 Backports of the traceback module
tracebackturbo 0.1.2 6 Patched version of traceback, also dumps local and global scope vars.
tracegrep 0.1.1 6 Grep to parse Python traceback from plain text
tracer 0.3.2 6 Centralized sys.settrace management
tracerex 0.0 6 Hunter is a flexible code tracing toolkit.
tracerlib 0.1 6 Tracerlib provides a set of helpers to make tracing Python code easier.
tracermppt 0.3 6 Interface for controlling and interrogating the Tracer-2210RN and similar charge cotnrollers via the remote monitoring port
traces 0.3.1 6 A library for unevenly-spaced time series analysis.
traceurl 0.9.13 6 Python Url Tracing Library
tracext-redispub 0.1 6 Redis pub/sub channels for Trac events
TracExtLinksNewWindow 0.2.6958 6 Trac Load External Links in New Window
TracFakeUsername 1.0 6 Report tickets using a different name than that of the logged in user.
TracGitLocation 1.0 6 Provide links to the actual URLs of Git-dwelling items
TracGoogleAppsAuthPlugin 0.3.1 6 Trac authentication plugin for integration with hosted Google Apps domain
TracGoogleCodeTheme 0.0.1 6 A theme for Trac based on Google Code projects look and feel
TracGViz 1.4.2 6 Trac Data Sources for Google Visualization API. Embed iGoogle gadgets using WikiFormatting.
TracHideVals 1.2.1 6 Hide ticket option values from certain users.
TracHtGroupEditorPlugin 2.0.1 6 HT Group Editor plugin for Trac
TracIMAPAuth 1.0 6 An AccountManager password store that uses imaplib to check against an IMAP server.
track-grabber 0.5 6 Track grabber finds the most popular songs of a given artists and generates an html page with youtube links to those songs.
trackanimation 1.0.3 6 GPS Track Animation Library
tracker 0.1.1 6 Track the history of python object state to hunt down elusive bugs.
trackerjacker 1.1.7 6 Finds and tracks wifi devices through raw 802.11 monitoring
trackingmore 0.1 6 Python wrapper for the TrackingMore API
TrackingProjectCFT 0.1 6 TrackingProjectCFT
trackingshell 1.0.1 6 You can track the target execution of a makefile with this tool easily.
trackington 0.8 6 Web application which allows you to track your tasks.
TrackM 0.0.1 6 TrackM
trackmac 0.0.6 6 A command-line tool to track application usage for OS X
trackmerge 0.3.0 6 Tool for tracking project release versions with git.
tracknodes 1.0.1 6 Tracknodes keeps a history of node state and comment changes. It allows system administrators of HPC systems to determine when nodes were down and discover trends such as recurring issues. Supports Torque and PBSpro and has limited support for SLURM.
trackr 1.1.0 6 -
trackupdates 0.0.9 6 A simple yaml-based xpath crawler and esay tracking site updates.
TracLDAPAuth 1.2.1 6 An AccountManager password store that uses python-ldap to check against an LDAP server.
TracLineDiffMacro 0.1-r1 6 A small macro to diff two lines of text.
TracLoginRequiredPlugin 0.1.0 6 Trac plugin which redirects all unauthenticated requests to the login page
traclus_impl 0.999 6 Implementation of Traclus for 2-D trajectories
TracMacroTotalField 0.0.2 6 Trac Macro to sum a custom field on a query
TracMacTheme 0.0.1 6 Themes for Trac based on MacOS appearance
TracMasterTickets 4.0.1 6 Provides ticket dependencies and master tickets.
TracMgmtUtils 1.1 6 Utility functions for managing Trac instances
TracMovieMacro 0.3 6 Safely embed various movies into wiki pages
TracMultiSelectBoxPlugin 0.5.2 6 Provide simple multiple select values field
TracMyTickets 1.0 6 A simple macro to show your tickets.
TracNavPlus 1.0 6 Enhanced control over the navigation bars.
TracNukeUserPlugin 0.2.1 6 Removes the specified Trac user and all tickets they created
TracPendingTicket 1.2.0 6 Switch from 'pending' status to a configurable status when the reporter responds to a ticket.
TracPermRedirect 3.0 6 Redirect users to the login screen on PermissionError.
TracPlantUml 2.2 6 A macro to include diagrams from PlantUML
TracPortalPlugin 0.2 6 Provide trac portal pages for multiple projects.
TracPwAuth 1.0 6 An AccountManager password store that uses pwauth to check against the system password databse.
TracRecaptchaPlugin 0.1.0 6 Adds reCAPTCHA to the Trac ticket form.
TracRevtreeLogEnhancer 0.1.4dev-r3578 6 Enhancer for the RevtreePlugin, based on custom log messages
TracRevtreeMergeEnhancer 0.1.1dev-r3578 6 Enhancer for the RevtreePlugin, based on info
TracRevtreeMergeInfoEnhancer 0.1.0dev-r3580 6 Enhancer for the RevtreePlugin for SVN >=1.5
TracSelfDelete 2.0 6 Permissions policy that allows users to delete wiki pages and attachments that they created.
TracServerDownMacro 1.0 6 UNKNOWN
TracSpamFilter 1.2.3.dev0 6 Plugin for spam filtering
TracSQL 0.3.1 6 A Trac plugin for querying the project database
TracStats 0.6.1 6 A Trac plugin for project statistics
TracSubPages 0.5 6 A Trac macro that displays the bodies of wiki pages inside other wiki pages
TracSubversionLocation 1.0.1 6 Provide links to the actual URLs of Subversion-dwelling items
TracTags 0.9 6 Tags plugin for Trac
tractdb 0.1.14 6 TractDB
TracTicketGuidelines 1.0.0 6 Adds your ticket guidelines to the ticket view. The guidelines are specified in the wiki pages 'TicketGuidelines/NewShort' and 'TicketGuidelines/ModifyShort'.
tracticketpost 0.2a6dev 6 Submit new tickets to trac (via HTTP post)
tractor_common 1.1.0 6 Utilities for captain-tractor project
TracVote 0.6.0 6 A plugin for voting on Trac resources.
TracWebHooks 0.0.1 6 Programmable Web hooks (i.e. notification) for Trac
TracWikiImporter 0.4.3 6 Trac Wiki Importer plugin for the Allura platform
TracWikinfo 0.2 6 Provides a few useful macros to get data about wiki pages
TracWikiTemplates 0.3.0 6 Trac Plugin to pre-format parts of the Wiki page using it
TracXMLRPC 1.1.6 6 RPC interface to Trac
trajtracker 1.1.1 6 Framework for creating trajectory-tracking experiments
trajtrackerp 1.2.0 6 Trajectory-tracking experiment scripts
tramtracker 0.1 6 Python wrapper for Yarra Trams' Tram Tracker data
transcoptract 1.05 6 Transmission Copy Extract Script
transmogrify.extract 0.4.0 6 Extracts all content from within the specified CSS id
transmogrify.htmlcontentextractor 1.0 6 This blueprint extracts out title, description and body from html either via xpath or by automatic cluster analysis
tree_extractor 0.1.10 6 Lib to extract html elements by preserving ancestors and cleaning CSS
ttrack 1.1.0 6 Command-line time tracking utility
ufo-extractor 0.2.0 6 Tools for extracting data from font binaries into UFO objects.
untrack 0.0.1 6 A cmd wrapper to untrack file of git
url_extractor 0.0.2 6 extract the domain from a url
urlextract 0.8.3 6 Collects and extracts URLs from given text.
versiontracker 6 Web scrapping software to keep track of the latest stable version of different software.
wbcontractawards 0.0.3 6 Get information about World Bank contract awards
wd-extractor 0.0.0 6 extractor for whosisdumping
web_extract 0.1.2 6 Web extract
webassets-traceur 0.1.0 6 An additional webassets filter to compile ES6 to ES5 using traceur.
Wextracto 0.15.1 6 Web Data Extraction Library Written in Python
wextractor 0.1.dev4 6 Extract flat data and load it as relational data
window-tracker-x11 0.0.12 6 Track and log what windows/apps you use when working with X11
woopra_tracker 0.3 6 Woopra Analytics Tracking API
xetracker 0.1.4 6 Track the rates of the foreign currency traders
xtrace 0.5 6 Indented function trace in Xdebug format
xtract 0.1a3 6 Library to (un)pack archives and (de)compress files
youtrack 0.1.8 6 Python library for interacting with YouTrack via REST API
youtrack-scripts 0.1.13 6 YouTrack import and utility scripts
zc.zservertracelog 1.4.0 6 Zope 3 tracelog implementation for zserver
abstraction 2017.1.16.1534 5 machine learning framework
ActivityTracker 1.0 5 Task and time logging
apptrace 0.2.3 5 WSGI middleware to measure the memory footprint of GAE Python applications.
arroyo 1.3.0.post2 5 Provides tools for creating abstractions and wrappers
astutils 0.0.3 5 Utilities for abstract syntax trees and parsing with PLY.
aTXT 5 data mining tool for extract text for files
audiotools 0.1.0 5 Python Audio Analysis Library: Feature Extraction, Classification, Segmentation and Applications
Autologging 1.1.0 5 Autologging makes logging and tracing Python classes easy.
babel-vue-extractor 1.4.2 5 A plugin for babel to work with vue.js templates
backtrack 1.0.1 5 Simple logging in Python 3.
brownant 0.1.6 5 A lightweight web data extracting framework.
census-extract 0.0.1 5 Extra administration for multi-library installations
cili 0.5.3 5 Eyetracking data tools based on pandas
citation-extractor 1.6.3 5 1.1.0 5 A Python module for extracting colors from images. Get a palette of any picture!
concordia 0.1.1 5 Automated monitoring of machine learning models in production. Tracks and finds discrepancies in features, predictions, and labels
contextualized 1.3 5 Get tracebacks with context.
contrapy 2018.1.30 5 Contracts for Python
django-abstract-templates 1.2.0 5 Basic structure for building reusable templates in Django.
django-abstract-utils 0.0.1 5 UNKNOWN
django-audited-models 0.4.alpha 5 An abstract base class providing automatic creator/editor/datetime_created/datetime_modified fields.
django-minimal-abstract-user 0.0.2 5 UNKNOWN
django-model-controller 0.1.0 5 A model tracking field
iofog-container-sdk 1.0.5 5 Native python SDK for ioTracks development.
lean-contracts 0.1a0 5 Lean schema-enforcing objects
odoo10-addon-barcodes-generator-abstract 5 Generate Barcodes for Any Models
odoo9-addon-barcodes-generator-abstract 5 Generate Barcodes for Any Models
openerp-client-etl 1.1.1 5 OpenERP ETL Client allows to extract, transform and load data from any data source.
pyang-module-catalog-plugin 0.2 5 A pyang plugin to extract OpenConfig module catalog data from YANG modules
ultracup_nester 1.5.0 5 A simple printer of nested lists
abf 0.1 4 Abstract Binary Format manipulation : elf pe mach-o
abstrackr 0.3.0dev 4 Web-based Citation Screening Tool
abstract_rendering 0.5.1 4 Rendering as a binning process
AllAttachmentsMacro 0.2 4 A Trac wiki macro that shows all attachments uploaded on a Trac site.
anonymoususage 1.14 4 Anonymously track user usage patterns and statistics.
apropos 0.1.0 4 track the state of things
articleparse 0.2.1 4 Heuristic text extraction from news articles
athlib 0.2.9 4 Utilities for track and field athletics
AuthzPolicyPlugin 0.1 4 Trac's authz_policy with some improvements.
bandwidthTracker 1.0.1 4 A class with methods to interface with a rrd file containing data on bandwidth usage via /proc/net/dev.
barectf 2.3.0 4 Generator of ANSI C tracers which output CTF
BitbucketSyncPlugin 0.1.1 4 Sync Bitbucket repository with local repository used by Trac.
bt-ctfirtg 0.0.1 4 Generator of Babeltrace CTF IR field type creation code
cabarchive 0.1.0 4 A pure-python library for creating and extracting cab files
chakraversiontracker 4 Software to detect packages in rolling repositories of Chakra that are out of date.
clisheet 0.0.4 4 A command line tool for time tracking
code-comment 0.1.0 4 extracts code comments from source codes
collective.portlet.twittertrackback 1.0 4 A portlet that displays mentions of the current page's url via Topsy
ComponentPermissionsPlugin 0.1.7 4 Provides permissions based on ticket components for Trac.
constraintslib 0.1 4 Robust constraint validation for attributes, functions and code blocks using abstract types
contractvm 4 A general-purpose framework for decentralized applications 1.0 4
CPRExtracttest 1 4
CTHub 0.2 4 Create Track Hub
dars 1.0.7 4 A tool that detects long silences in the middle of music files and splits the original track into two with no silence.
DataExtraction 1.0.3 4 this is a test package.
db_op_abstractions 0.6.1 4 Contains higher level operation functions for MySQL, PG, Redshift, etc.
dblayer 0.6.0 4 Database Abstraction Layer Generator
dbpy 0.1.3 4 database abstraction layer for pythoneer
deal 1.1.0 4 Programming by contract library.
diffpy.srmise 0.5.2 4 Peak extraction and peak fitting tool for atomic pair distribution functions.
digpe 0.1.5 4 extract price from text
django-detective 0.6.3 4 Django app that tracks all user requests.
django-estimators 0.2.1 4 A django model to persist and track machine learning models
django-extraconfig 0.1.1 4 An entry-point based solution to extendthe Django configuration.
django-ga-tracking 0.0.6 4 Simple Google Analytics integration for Django projects
django-helpdesk 0.2.7 4 Django-powered ticket tracker for your helpdesk
django-retracer 0.3 4 Store and restore old locations in Django.
django-startappextracontext 0.1 4 A small django app that provides an enhanced startapp management command. An extra parameter called extra_context is supplied to allow for more flexible app templates.
django-tracer 0.0.1 4 Integrating py2neo with Django
django-trackstats 0.5.0 4 Statistics storage for Django
django-ultracache 1.11.9 4 Drop-in replacement for Django's template fragment caching. Provides automatic cache invalidation.
django-webbugger 0.11-distutils 4 Basic webbugger/tracking beacon for django
django_stackoverflow_trace 0.0.4 4 A custom Django technical error template that puts a stackoverflow search link above the related exception message.
dnsdiag 1.6.3 4 DNS Diagnostics and measurement tools (ping, traceroute)
DoapViewPlugin 0.2 4 Renders DOAP (Description of a Project) RDF in a Trac wiki
docio 0.2.1 4 Extract / Swap text from several file formats.
docx2txt 0.7 4 A pure python-based utility to extract text and images from docx files.
docxpy 0.8.5 4 A pure python-based utility to extract text, hyperlinks and imagesfrom docx files.
dogslow 1.2 4 A Django middleware that logs tracebacks of slow requests.
Doxhooks 0.6.0 4 Abstract away the content and maintenance of files in your project.
dragnet 1.1.0 4 Extract the main article content (and optionally comments) from a web page
drf-tracking 1.4.0 4 Utils to log Django Rest Framework requests to the database
dropfile 1.2.2 4 A CLI Program to Upload, Delete and Trace the files of limit upto 1 GB
dtld1.0 1.0 4 Custom Top level domain extractor
duecredit 0.6.3 4 Publications (and donations) tracer
DynIP 0.1e 4 A painfully simple UDP Client/Server for tracking the IP addresses of your devices.
eatiht 0.1.14 4 A simple tool used to extract an article's text in html documents.
edeposit.contract 0.1.0 4 E-Deposit's AMQP binding to Long Time Preservation system.
efel 2.13.6 4 Electrophys Feature Extract Library (eFEL)
email-feature-parser 0.0.2 4 Functions for extracting features from email payloads and headers
EpiTator 1.0.4 4 Annotators for extracting epidemiological information from text.
etl2osm 0.2.0 4 Extract, Transform and Load to OpenStreetMap.
ETLT 0.9.1 4 Extract Transform Load - but not in that strict order
ext-util 1.0 4 Extract things without having to worry about parameters.
extcolors 0.1.0 4 Extract colors from a specified image. Groups colors based on visual similarities using the CIE76 formula. 1.0 4
extract_genome_region 0.0.3 4 Given a CSV file of variable information defining the regions of interest, return a file that contains a fasta-formatted representation of these regions.
ExtractionTool 1.0.21 4 this is a test package.
extrom 0.1.2 4 ROM Extraction tool from archived ROM set file
eye-keyboard 0.0.1 4 Extending webcam-eyetracker for use a keyboard with pupils
faerie 1.1.6 4 Dictionary-based entity extraction with efficient filtering
fantasy-tracker 0.2 4 Library to fetch Fantasy Football statistics
fastspt 14.3 4 A library to perform kinetic modeling of fast single particle tracking experiments
fasttrack 0.0.0 4
feets 0.3 4 feets: feATURE eXTRACTOR FOR tIME sERIES.
fex 0.2.1 4 Bayes Impact feature extraction framework. A simple feature extraction framework to extract data from different sources and export them into an easy to share format.
find-job-titles 0.7.0 4 Fast extraction of job titles from strings
fixationmodel 0.1.3 4 A least-squares offline method to test if tracked gaze points resemble a fixation
flipsyrup 0.9.0 4 Cycle-Accurate Hardware Simulation Framework on Abstract FPGA Platforms
frhdtools 4 Library to work with Free Rider HD Tracks
ftw.crawler 1.4.0 4 Crawl sites, extract text and metadata, index it in Solr
fuzzmon 0.4 4 A transport layer proxy which monitors the target server using ptrace
galileo 0.5.1 4 Utility to securely synchronize a Fitbit tracker with the Fitbit server
gazehound 0.2.2 4 Utilities for viewing and analyzing gaze tracking (and eyetracking) data
gazelib 2.1.1 4 Software tools to manage and analyze data from eye-trackers
GazeParser 0.9.0 4 Gaze tracking, parsing and visualization tools
general_feeds_extract 0.1 4 Pulling RSS feeds
githooks 0.5 4 Set of Git hooks for pep8, pyflakes, jslint and trac integration
GitHubSyncPlugin 0.1.4 4 Sync GitHub repository with local repository used by Trac.
Gitissius 0.1.6 4 Distributed bug tracking for Git. 0.9.5 4 zc.buildout recipe for downloading and extracting an archive.
godEyes 1.0.6 4 usertrack auto test framework
google-tracks 0.1.4 4 UNKNOWN
google_screener_data_extract 0.0.3 4 Retreive stock data from google finance screener
goose3 3.0.9 4 Html Content / Article Extractor, web scrapping for Python3
gpxcat 0.1.0 4 Script to concatenate GPX tracks.
GRACElib 1.0.9 4 A GRACE L1B data extraction library
gse 0.1.9 4 extract metadata and dataset from GEO Series Matrix format data
gt-py 1.2 4 Python library for API
gwisp 0.3.0 4 http programing interface of tracker storage
habito 1.0.0 4 Simple command line habits tracker
Hammertime 0.2.4 4 Time tracking with git.
HtBlowfishStorePlugin 0.1 4 HtPasswdStore for Trac's AccountManager with Blowfish support.
htmldata 1.1.1 4 Extract and modify HTML/CSS URLs, translate HTML documents <-> list data structures.
htmldate 0.3.1 4 Seamlessly extract the creation or modification date of web pages by scraping the HTML code or performing content guesses.
HtmlList 2.2.2 4 Extract information from HTML pages that have some kind of a repetitive pattern
HuhuSeg 0.3.7 4 Simple Chinese segmentator, keywords extractor and other examples
hunter 2.0.2 4 Hunter is a flexible code tracing toolkit.
ibooks 0.3 4 iBooks Author cover and metadata extraction
ibstract 1.0.0a2 4 Asynchronous financial trading data management
iepy 0.9.6 4 Information Extraction framework in Python
impetuous 1.0.0rc1 4 CLI time tracking software indented for use with JIRA
importwatch 0.2 4 Track packages.
infi.tracing 0.2.10 4 short description here
iniget 0.4.2 4 A command-line tool to extract, normalize, and JSONify values from an iniherit-enabled "INI" file.
instatag 0.1 4 Extract users from tag in instagram
instatrace 1.0.1 4 Software statistics recorder/display
ipytracer 0.2.2.post1 4 Algorithm Visualizer for Jupyter/IPython Notebook
issue2branch 0.0.8 4 A feature branch namer / Issue tracker manager
izug.ticketbox 4.9.1 4 A tracker-like task management system for plone.
jabstract 0.1.2 4 Test tool for overridable json fixtures
jgtextrank 0.1.1 4 Yet another Python implementation of TextRank: package for the creation, manipulation, and study of TextRank algorithm based keywords extraction and summarisation
jsonToCsv 1.0.1 4 Extract data from json and convert to CSV
jtime 0.5.4 4 Jira time tracking tool built on the command line to take context from your various git repositories.
jwst_pipeline.extract_2d 0.0 4
KF 0.1.3 4 Fund performance tracker
kotti_history 0.1.0 4 Add track the viewership and searches for the various contenttype in Kotti
krwordrank 0.1.13 4 KR-WordRank: Korean Unsupervised Word/Keyword Extractor
LdapPlugin 0.5.1dev-r1611 4 LDAP extensions for Trac 0.10
letsdo 0.3.4 4 Time tracker for Command Line
lightningtrace 0.1.2 4 Quickly contour a digital elevation model using rasterio and matplotlib
linktally 0.1.0 4 Keep track of your most popular CMS content
lobster 0.3.1 4 Split audio files into tracks with a single command
locationExtractor 4 Searches location info from source. Tokenizes source and finds appropriate country
logen-trace 0.1.0 4 Delivery confirmation for Logen(
LogTrace 0.1.1 4 Aggregate Python log messages into a single log entry.
Mantid 0.0.1 4 A simple, multi-project issue tracker.
mantidd 0.0.1 4 A simple, multi-project issue tracker.
matchtpl 0.1.2 4 Matching template to extract data from xml or html
metaextract 1.0.3 4 get metadata for python modules
metapdf 0.3.2 4 A lightweight PDF library optimized for metadata extraction and insertion
mffcc-extract-python 1.0 4 This is a test for setuptools
minecart 0.3.0 4 Simple, Pythonic extraction of images, text, and shapes from PDFs
minimodels 0.1.0 4 A backend-independent database abstraction tool.
mkv 0.1.5 4 Merge and split mkv files usign mkvextract and mkvmerge.
modwsgideploy 3.5.25dev 4 Deploy Pyramid, Trac, Django via apache2 and modwsgi.
motmetrics 1.1.1 4 Metrics for multiple object tracker benchmarking.
mrwolfe 1.2.0 4 Django Issue tracker & support system
multiworm 0.1.1 4 Python interface for Multi-Worm Tracker data
nameko-tracer 1.0.8 4 Nameko extension logging entrypoint processing metrics
news-corpus-builder 0.1.4 4 Quickly build a news/web corpus with specifc topics or terms automatically from Google News or by specifying article links in a file. This module automatically extracts the body and title from each article and saves the result to either flatfiles or sqlite database.
news-please 1.2.36 4 news-please is an open source easy-to-use news extractor that just works.
niltechArduino 1.0.6 4 A lib to automatically detect and give usb port which is connected to arduino and also extract incoming data using start and stop bytes
OASYS1-ShadowOui 1.4.39 4 Shadow, Ray-tracing simulation software
ObjectStateTracer 4
oboe 1.5.11 4 TraceView Oboe libraries, instrumentation, and web middleware components for WSGI, Django, and Tornado.
odoo8-addon-l10n-es-subcontractor-certificate 4 Certificado de subcontratista
off2txt 0.1.0 4 off2txt: extract text from Office files
opti-ssr 0.1.3 4 Using an OptiTrack system for different applications of the SoundScape Renderer
opticspy 0.2.1 4 Python optics module (Real ray tracing, Zernike polynomials, interferogram, wave propagation, aberration and polarization)
orochi 0.2.1 4 A command line client for
oyente 0.2.7 4 An analysis tool for smart contracts
parse-torrent-name 1.1.1 4 Extract media information from torrent-like filename
pcd 0.2.2 4 Python Contract Decorators
pd 0.0.1 4 more detailed python backtraces (similar to backtrace module)
pdfformread 0.1.2 4 Extract form data from a PDF form.
pdfpages 0.1.0 4 Extract pages from PDF documents
pdftitle 20170309 4 pdftitle is a small utility to extract the title of a PDF article.
pdfx 1.3.0 4 Extract metadata and URLs from PDF files, and download all referenced PDFs
pedRefiner 0.1.0 4 Trivial tool that takes a list of animal IDs, extracts a pedigree file for the given IDs and all their ancestors’ IDs, builds a new pedigree file with them sorted, and dumps the output to a new file.
pip-update 0.4.1 4 A current and update package list of environment extractor.
plasmidextractor 0.2.3 4
pledge 1.0.2 4 Lambda based design by contract (dbc)
poi.receivemail 3.0.1 4 Receive email in the Poi issue tracker
prettystack 0.3.0 4 Output pretty stack traces.
Products.enablesettrace 1.1 4 Allow import of pdb in restricted code.
Products.Poi 4.0 4 Poi: A friendly issue tracker
project-abstraction 0.5.1 4 Python library for encrpting scripts
protokoll 0.2.1 4 Track time spent on tasks per project via the CLI
ptb 0.0.3 4 ptb - Python TraceBack for Humans
py-jne 0.1.3 4 PyJNE is a tool to simplify the user in using the JNE API such as tracking stuff, check tariffs and others.
py-rt 0.2.2 4 Low-level API for Request tracker 4
pyAFT 0.2 4 Apatite Fission Track utilities
pyanalytics 0.0.1 4 Google Analytics collection api - now use it in server as well (not just client). You can track your server side request / API request which are not possible using client js of Google Analytics.
pyAudioAnalysis 0.1.3 4 Python Audio Analysis Library: Feature Extraction, Classification, Segmentation and Applications
PyConquer 0.1 beta 4 A trace hook to help understand and debug threaded code
pydbal 0.12 4 Database Abstraction Layer (DBAL) for Python 2.6+
PyDBC 0.2.1 4 Contracts for Python 2.2+
pyGenomeTracks 2.0 4 Set of programs to process, analyze and visualize Hi-C data
PyISAPIe 1.1.0-rc4 4 1.1.0 Release Candidate 3: Python ISAPI extension for IIS with Django, WSGI, and Trac support
pymite 1.0.1 4 Python client for time tracking service
pymongal 0.0.2 4 MongoDB Abstraction Library
pyrt 0.0.1a1 4 pyRT - The Python Raytracer
pysaurio 0.2.5 4 A tool for searching & extracting information from multiple text files.
pysex 0.1.0 4 Python wrapper around the sextractor software
pysummarization 1.0.5 4 pysummarization is Python library for the automatic summarization, document abstraction, and text filtering.
pytakes 0.1 4 Basic information extraction tool.
python-ctapi 0.3.0 4 Python Interface for API
Python-ETL 1.01 4 Python-ETL is an open-source Extract, Transform, load (ETL) library written in Python. It allows data to be read from a variety of formats and sources, where it can be cleaned, merged, and transformed using any Python library and then finally saved into all formats python-ETL supports. Ported from cardsharp by Chris Bergstresser.
python-inspector 0.2.0 4 Track down which Python module and script that called your method. Debug tool.
python-rtkit 0.7.2 4 Request Tracker REST Interface
python-udptrack 0.0.5 4 UNKNOWN
pytimechart 1.0.0.rc2 4 Fast graphical exploration and visualisation for linux kernel traces
pytopo 1.4 4 Map viewer, using cached offline map tiles and track files
pytractor 0.2.1 4 Selenium testing for Angular.js apps
quantulum 0.1.16 4 Extract quantities from unstructured text.
Quecksilber 4 Quecksilber - assorted mercurial hooks, including trac integration.
quicktrack 0.0.0 4
rabbitracer 0.1.2 4 RabbitMQ Firehose Dump Script
railroadtracks 0.4.0 4 Framework to connect computional steps with an emphasis on RNA-Seq
raisin.recipe.extract 1.1.3 4 A Buildout recipe for loading data into the Raisin data warehouse
rake 1.0 4 ('Rapid Automatic Keywords Extraction', 'Just a Practice')
rayopt 0.2 4 raytracing and lens design framework
rdial 0.17.0 4 Simple time tracking for simple people
RedirectsPlugin 0.1.2 4 Define server-side redirects in Trac.
regd 1.3.1b 4 Decorators trace meta-info for Python
ResourceReservation 1.0.4 4 Resource Reservation plugin for Trac
retrace 2.2.6 4 Configurable elegant retrying.
robot 20071211 4 Django application for Request Tracking
rtquery 0.10.1 4 Request Tracker Querying Library
russian-post-tracking 1.0.0 4 UNKNOWN
saccademodel 0.1.0 4 A least-squares optimal method to find the saccadic reaction time and the saccade duration from tracked gaze points
save_skype 0.1.5 4 Extract and save Skype chats.
serpost 0.1.2 4 CLI tool for search tracking number in SERPOST page
SLACtrac 1.1.6 4 Linac simulation package
slate 0.5.2 4 Extract text from PDF documents easily.
slate3k 0.5.3 4 Extract text from PDF documents easily.
snorkel_ie 0.4a0 4 a lightweight framework for developing structured information extraction applications
sopex 0.1 4 Library and CLI to extract the subject, predicate and object for a given english sentence
SQLAuthStorePlugin 0.1.1 4 SQL password store for Trac's AccountManager.
squash 0.5.0alpha 4 A distributed, highly configurable issue tracking system.
st-dataprovider 1.0.7 4 shortest track dataprovider
stackdistiller 0.12 4 A data extraction and transformation library for OpenStack notifications
staticdocs-plugin 0.1 4 A Trac plugin to allow access to static documents
striketracker 0.5.2 4 Command line interface to the Highwinds CDN
summary 0.2.0 4 Extractor to get main content from the web page.
table2csv 0.1.3 4 Extract data from an HTML table and store results to a csv file.
take 0.2.0 4 A DSL for extracting data from a web page.
TaskTracker 0.4 4 task management software used on
td-watson 1.5.2 4 A wonderful CLI to track your time!
TemplateAlchemy 0.1.22 4 An un-opinionated template abstraction layer
TestManager 1.9.1 4 Test management plugin for Trac
textpipeliner 0.3.1 4 textpipeliner - library for extracting specific words from sentences of a document
textrank4zh 0.3 4 Extract keywords and abstract Chinese article
tf-idf 0.0.0 4 An implementation of TF-IDF for keyword extraction.
tfslib 0.1.2 4 Python client for Microsoft TFS issue tracker. Simple console-line client is provided.
TicketReminderPlugin 0.2.0 4 Allows to configure reminders for tickets in Trac.
TicketTree 0.9 4 A Trac plugin to display tickets in a tree, organized based on structured ticket titles.
tim-timetracker 0.5.2 4 command line time logger with hledger backend for number crunching
timetra 0.1.0 4 a time tracking application and library
tipper 0.1 4 A utility for dumping stack traces of running Python processes
tisu 1.0 4 your project's issue tracker, in a text file
tobii-research 1.3.1 4 The Tobii Pro SDK is a tool for letting you interact easily with your eye tracker and write your own research applications for collecting and analyzing eye tracking data. Full support for usb and network eye trackers from Tobii Pro.
tokenTracer 0.0.1 4 Keycloak token endpoint packet sniffer for HTTP request/response authentication tokens
tool-for-time-tracking-just-proof-of-concept 0.1.1 4
torex 0.1.1 4 Torrent extraction automation
trac-emoji 0.5 4 UNKNOWN
trac-fedmsg-plugin 0.4.0 4 Emit fedmsg messages
TracAnnouncer 0.11.1 4 Customizable notification system
TracArbitraryOptionsPlugin 1.0 4 Allows arbitrary options to be added to configuration files and accessed via the templates. Allows data from all projects to be accessed in each.
TracDynamicFields 2.2.2 4 Dynamically hide, default, copy, clear, validate, set ticket fields
Trace 1.0 4 Python Web Scraping Utility. 0.1.1.post1 4 Algorithm Visualizer for Jupyter/IPython Notebook
tracerbullet 0.1 4 A line-by-line profiler that doesn't suck.
tracestack 0.2.4 4 Instantly search your Python error messages on the web.
trachet 1.0.9 4 Step-by-step/realtime terminal debugger. It tell you what is happening on your terminal.
track 1.2.0 4 Python package for reading and writing genomic data
trackdeps 1.0.2 4
trackhub 0.2.4 4
Trackma 0.7.4 4 Open multi-site list manager
trackml 0.1.12 4 An opinionated, minimal cookiecutter template for Python packages
tracks 0.1.1 4 Simple A/B testing for your backend
trackyou 0.0.4 4 visualize your progress
TracQuiet 1.2.0 4 Toggles quiet (no email) mode for Announcer plugin
TracRecaptchaRegister 0.2.1 4 Adds a recaptcha while registering, depends on AccountManagerPlugin
TracRpcProtocols 0.1.0 4
TracSemantic 0.1.0 4
tracta-ml 1.2.5 4 Combined hyper-parameter optimization and feature selection for machine learning models using micro genetic algorithms
TracTixSummary 1.0 4 UNKNOWN
tractor 0.1.0a1 4 Harvest the Internet.
tractorbeam 0.1.3 4 Downloads S3 links in JSON to local files, and vice versa
tracycui 1.0.0 4 A simple printer of nested lists
traixroute 2.2 4 A tool that detects if and where a traceroute path crosses an IXP fabric.
tratihubis 0.5 4 convert Trac tickets to Github issues
tripod 0.1 4 A module that samples running scripts, logging tracebacks.
trkr 0.4.5 4 Py script for interfacing with our time tracker
trytond_contract 2.2.2 4 Generate recurrent invoices based on agreements.
tta 0.2.1 4 Time Tracker Autocompleter for Muranosoft
TwitterGraph 1.2.2 4 TwitterGraph Extractor de datos y Generacion de grafos
ultrachronic 0.1.5 4 Run parallel jobs and save results to json.gz files
ultraconfig 0.2 4 A profile based YAML configuration library
unfluff 0.2 4 HTML content extraction - remove the fluff
unicontent 0.5.2 4 Python module to extract structured metadata from URL, DOI or ISBN
unpy2exe 0.3 4 Extract pyc files from py2exe executable.
unzipbomb 1.1 4 A python module which defuses the zipbomb also can extract all the zip files that are contained in a specific root folder, please read usage.pdf from github repo
userexit 0.1 4 Use exceptions to abort without a traceback, rather than sys.exit()
utt 1.7 4 A simple command-line time tracking application
vault-pki-extractor 1.0.3 4 UNKNOWN
version-merger 1.0.3 4 Automatically track and save regularly changing files.
wavetrace 4.0.1 4 Python 3.5 tools to produce radio signal coverage reports, mostly for New Zealand
wcon 1.1.0 4 Worm tracker Commons Object Notation
webfocus 0.13 4 extract the content from html docs
wildcard.notrackingsocial 1.0a2 4 UNKNOWN
xarticle 0.1.33 4 A lite extractor for web page
xpath 0.0.1 4 A python library to extract objects from an object tree.
xxxreport 0.1.3 4 xxxreport tools extract all TODO/XXX ... comments in a python source source
xym 0.4.2 4 A tool to fetch and extract YANG modules from IETF RFCs and Drafts
zap 2.0 4 ZAP (the Zurich Atmosphere Purge) is a high precision sky subtraction tool.
123 10.0.0 3 The Telstra SMS Messaging API allows your applications to send and receive SMS text messages from Australia's leading network operator. It also allows your application to track the delivery status of both sent and received SMS messages.
abifpy 0.9 3 abifpy is a module for reading ABI Sanger sequencing trace files.
actappliance 0.6.1 3 An abstraction utility for actifio appliances
Aduro 0.0.1a0 3 Progress tracker for Amazon Kindle
aerofiles 0.4 3 waypoint, task, tracklog readers and writers for aviation
affinitic.verifyinterface 0.1 3 Verify interface contract for all implements/classImplements declaration
aftership 0.2 3 Python SDK of AfterShip API
aiozipkin 0.2.0 3 Distributed tracing instrumentation for asyncio application with zipkin
amg-player 0.4.18 3 Browse & play embedded tracks from Angry Metal Guy music reviews
anx 0.1.7 3 Abstract Network Simulator
anytemplate 0.1.3 3 A python template abstraction layer module
anyvcs 1.4.0 3 An abstraction layer for multiple version control systems.
APASVO 0.0.6 3 A graphical tool to perform event detection/picking in seismic traces.
appoptics 2.0.4 3 AppOptics libraries, instrumentation, and web middleware components for WSGI, Django, and Tornado.
aquifer 1.1.0 3 Metrics send/query abstraction layer with URI-based backend configuration
Archive 0.3 3 Simple library that provides a common interface for extracting zip and tar archives.
armatis 1.1.1 3 Armatis parses the website or web API response of Korean parcel delivery service company for tracking the parcel.
armstrong.apps.embeds 0.9 3 Provides a way to store, relate to, extract metadata and embed content from external URLs via a modular backend system
arroyo-crypto 1.1 3 Provides x509 and Asymmetrical Key abstraction classes
arswf 0.1 3 Library for extracting metadata from SWF files.
AsanaToGithub 1.0.0 3 Simple script to copy items from Asana to Github issues
astdump 4.3 3 Extract information from Python modules without importing
astgen 3 A generator for Abstract Syntax Trees.
astroid 1.6.2 3 A abstract syntax tree for Python with inference support.
astviewer 1.1.1 3 GUI for viewing a Python Abstract Syntax Tree.
asynciotimemachine 0.1.2 3 Monkey-patches asyncio.AbstractEventLoop so as to make it think it lives in the future.
atreal.richfile.metadata 1.0.0rc1 3 A plugin for atreal.richfile that extracts metadata
Augment 0.4 3 Python decorators for contracts and augmenting OOP.
aui 0.1.1 3 An abstraction layer over UI libraries in Python
auth-signals-connector 0.1.0 3 Simple abstraction layer for django.contrib.auth.signals
auth.credential 1.0 3 Credential abstraction
autoqueue 1.0.0 3 A cross music player plug-in that queues similar tracks
av2hdf5 1.0 3 Extract video frames into an HDF5 file
awspice 3 Awspice is a wrapper tool of Boto3 library to list inventory and manage your AWS infrastructure The objective of the wrapper is to abstract the use of AWS, being able to dig through all the data of our account
azlyrics 1.3.2 3 An API wrapper for azlyrics which allows you to programatically extract data
aztecdecoder 1.0.0 3 Biblioteka programistyczna pozwalająca na dekodowanie danych z dowodów rejestracyjnych pojazdów samochodowych zapisanych w formie kodu AZTEC 2D.
b3j0f.requester 0.0.4 3 Python abstract data request library.
babel-obviel 0.7.1 3 Obviel Template message extractor for Babel
BabelEnte 0.4.2 3 Entity extractioN, Translation and Evaluation using BabelFy
balbuzard 0.19 3 Malware analysis tools to extract patterns of interest from files and crack obfuscation such as XOR
bandcamp-downloader 0.0.8.post12 3 bandcamp-dl downloads albums and tracks from Bandcamp for you
base10 0.6.3 3 Base10 is a metrics abstractoin layer for linking multiple metrics source and stores. It also simplifies metric creation and proxying.
basicanalysis 0.2b1 3 Extract and project fundamental factors in MPI applications.
batchcli 0.2 3 A simple API to run tasks in batch mode and track progress on CLI.
batchup 0.1.0 3 Python library for extracting mini-batches of data from a data source for the purpose of training neural networks
biblio.webquery 0.4.3b 3 Extracting bibliographic information from web services
biolite 1.0.0 3 A lightweight bioinformatics framework with automated tracking of diagnostics and provenance.
biomaj-zipkin 0.2.2 3 BioMAJ zipkin log tracing library
bisos.things 0.2 3 BISOS (ByStar Internet Services OS) Things Library contains Abstractions Of Things For GOSSONOT (Generalized Open-Source Self Organizing Network Of Things)
blade 0.6.0 3 Powerful iterable processing tools extracted from knife.
bluestocking 0.1.2 3 An information extraction toolkit built on top of NLTK. 1.1.0 3 Face Feature extraction using caffe pre-trained models
bob.ip.qualitymeasure 1.0.5 3 Image-quality feature-extractors for PAD applications
boilerpipy 0.2.5 3 Readability/Boilerpipe extractor in Python
boned-html 0.2 3 A small library to smartly extract text from html and eventually rebuild html
bonobo 0.6.1 3 Bonobo, a simple, modern and atomic extract-transform-load toolkit for python 3.5+.
briticle 0.9.3 3 Extract the main content of a webpage
bugrest 1.1.1 3 Awesome minimalist command line ticket/bug tracker based on ReStructuredText
bugs-everywhere 1.1.1 3 Bugtracker supporting distributed revision control
bugwarrior 1.5.1 3 Sync github, bitbucket, and trac issues with taskwarrior
buildout.packagename 1.0 3 A `zc.buildout` extension to extract the package name from an adjacent ``.
bum 0.1.2 3 Download and display album art for mpd tracks.
busybees 0.2.0 3 An implementation of threading that abstracts away the threading.
caipyrinha 0.2.2 3 Abstraction layer over argparse.
caixabreak 0.2.5 3 Extracts data from CGD - Caixa Break management interface
caldwell-dirtyfields 0.5b1 3 Tracking dirty fields on a Django model instance
campdown 1.31 3 Bandcamp track and album downloader
cards 0.1.7 3 Project task tracking / todo list.
Carpenter 1.0.2 3 A utility library which repairs and analyzes tablular data
cartman 0.2.3 3 trac command-line tools
carton 0.3 3 make self-extracting virtualenvs
caso 1.1.1 3 cASO is an OpenStack Accounting extractor.
cazy-parser 1.2 3 A way to extract specific information from CAZy
ccp_sde_parser 1.0.1 3 EVE Online Static Dump Export Parser. Works with
cctagutils 0.5a2 3 Extensible license metadata extraction and verification.
CESAPI 1.1.2 3 Leica AT4xx laser tracker control modules.
CGITestConvert 0.1 3 Converts CGITest Eclipse camera tracking files to Nuke .chan camera files
chatbotentities 0.0.4 3 Chatbot Entities Extractor.
checktypes 0.2.2 3 Library for creating utility classes giving a nice abstraction for type checking and data validation
chemdb 0.5 3 Track chemical inventories and produce inventories and door warnings.
chopper 0.4.7 3 Lib to extract html elements by preserving ancestors and cleaning CSS
chores 0.6.3 3 The next-generation for loop and work tracker
chronophore 0.6.0 3 Desktop app for tracking sign-ins and sign-outs in a tutoring center.
cid 0.1.3 3 Extract Chinese identity card info (gender, birthday and regions)
ciss 0.2 3 ciss: code-centered single "ISSUES.txt" issue tracking
claw 1.3.0 3 Library to extract message quotations and signatures.
clear 1.0.1 3 Command-line extract and rename utility
Cleverbox 0.4.4 3 Script for automating multiple trac instances deployment and maintenance.
cloud-blobstore 2.0.2 3 Abstraction layer for cloud blobstores.
cmsplugin-rt 0.5.1 3 This package contains a number of basic plugins to kick start your DjangoCMS project, such as Twitter Bootstrap navbar and buttons, Facebook and Twitter buttons, a Style Modifier, Google Analytics tracking code, Google fonts, meta tags and resizable pictures.
co 0.2.0 3 Python library for making and tracking mutated copies of DNA components
codedep 0.3 3 Semi-automated code-level dependency tracking for python.
collective.autopublishing 1.0.2 3 Publishes and retracts on effective or expired dates.
collective.classification 0.1b2 3 Content classification/clustering through language processing
collective.indexing 2.0 3 Abstract framework for queueing, optimizing and dispatching index operations for Plone content.
collective.js.galleryview 0.5.1 3 GalleryView aims to provide jQuery users with a flexible, attractive content gallery that is both easy to implement and a snap to customize by Makina Corpus.
collective.mustread 1.1.0 3 Tracking user views on content items marked as must-read
collective.pdfdocument 1.0rc2 3 PDF metadata extraction & cover image thumbnail generation
collective.personaltags 1.0 3 Track content using personal tags
collective.pfg.sslfield 0.5 3 New field for PloneFormGen to extract SSL data from the request
collective.templateengines 0.3.5 3 Template engine abstraction layer for Python
commcare-export 0.19.1 3 A command-line tool (and Python library) to extract data from CommCareHQ into a SQL database or Excel workbook
comuneimola.compensi 1.3 3 Fees management for the town of Imola - Under Italian Law, the institutional websites of the cities shall contain a detailed list of the amounts of all the contracts (herein we will use the term "fees") drawn up with external professionals. This product implements Plone with two new custom archetypes, "Fees Area" and "Fee".
ConcordanceCrawler 1.0.2 3 A module for automatic concordance extraction from the Internet
consecution 0.2.0 3 Pipeline Abstraction Library
corejet.pivotal 1.2.0 3 Pivotal Tracker data source for corejet.testrunner
CountryGoogleScraper 0.2.10 3 A module to scrape and extract links, titles and descriptions from various search engines. Supports google,bing,yandex and many more.
coverage-space 1.0 3 A place to track your code coverage metrics.
crate-anon 0.18.45 3 CRATE: clinical records anonymisation and text extraction
dff-calc 0.1.0 3 Simple dF/F calculation for neural calcium traces
dj-analytics 1.0.6 3 Django app to capture, track and display site analytics
django-account-balances 0.4 3 Track account credits in Django
django-account-keeping 0.3.3 3 A reusable Django app for keeping track of transactions in your bank accounts.
django-affiliate 0.4.0 3 Affiliate system for django
django-analytics 0.0.1 3 Django app facilitating tracking of arbitrary simple metrics.
django-ancestry-relation 0.4.1 3 A Django app that makes an abstract Node model available for flat stacking hierarchical data in a database.
django-app-metrics 0.9.0 3 django-app-metrics is a reusable Django application for tracking and emailing application metrics.
django-autoslug-field 0.2.3 3 AutoSlugField for Django based on django-extensions AutoSlugField, adds option to track foreignkey/parent field for slug.
django-avsubmit 3 Django application for submitting and tracking malicious code samples to AV companies
django-axes 4.1.0 3 Keep track of failed login attempts in Django-powered sites.
django-babel-underscore 0.5.2 3 Implements a underscore extractor for django-babel.
django-cached-hitcount 0.4 3 Basic app that allows you to track the number of hits/views for a particular object.
django-celery-model 0.1.3 3 django-celery-model is an extension to Celery which adds support for tracking Celery tasks assigned to Django model instances.
django-client-errors 0.0.5 3 Automatic javascript error tracking with browser and device information.
django-colorbundle 0.1.2 3 Template filters for extracting colours from an image.
django-composition 0.2 3 `django-composition` provides the abstract way to denormalize data from your models in simple declarative way through special generic model field called `CompositionField`
django-email-analytics 0.4 3 Adds Google Analytics tracking to emails sent with Django.
django-freckle-budgets 0.2 3 A reusable Django app that allows to plan year budgets and track them via letsfreckle.
django-google-analytics-app 4.3.0 3 Django Google Analytics app allowing for server side/non-js tracking.
django-hitcounter 0.1.1 3 Django hitcounter tracks the number of hits/views for chosen objects
django-model-changes 0.15 3 django-model-changes allows you to track model instance changes.
django-model-changes-py3 0.14.1 3 django-model-changes allows you to track model instance changes.
django-polymorphic-auth 0.4 3 Polymorphic user model with plugins for common options, plus abstract and mixin classes to create your own.
django-simple-affiliate 0.1 3 Simple Affiliate System for Django
django-social-api 0.1.1 3 Django social networks API abstraction layer
edx-completion 0.0.11 3 A library for tracking completion of blocks by learners in edX courses.
ego-boost 0.1.2 3 Package to track your module's download statistics
evasion-agency 1.1.5 3 This provides the hardware abstraction layer communicated with via the event system
Flask-Augment 0.5 3 Python decorators implementing contracts for flask framework
hamster-bridge 0.7.0 3 let your hamster log your work to your favorite bugtracker
helga-alias 0.4.0 3 track nick changes
hubspot-conn 1.1 3 Lightweight abstraction layer for making requests to the HubSpot API
hubspot-connection 1.0rc8 3 Lightweight abstraction layer for making requests to the HubSpot API
kupfer-plugin-aftership 0.1.0 3 Use for package tracking
logilab-astng 0.24.3 3 rebuild a new abstract syntax tree from Python's ast
logs-analyzer 0.4 3 Logs-analyzer is a library containing functions that can help you extract usable data from logs.
mixpanel-celery 0.8.0 3 Asynchronous event tracking for Mixpanel
model-container 0.0.0-alpha 3 The Model Container is used as an abstraction layer on top of a simulator and deals with biological entities and end-user concepts instead of mathematical equations.
Mopidy-16x2LCD 0.1.0 3 Mopidy frontend to see track name and volume on a 16x2 LCD
motu-client 1.5.00 3 Extract and download gridded data through a python command line from Motu web server. Used in CMEMS context
neo-boa 0.3.7 3 A Python compiler for the Neo Virtual Machine
odoo10-addon-auth-brute-force 3 Tracks Authentication Attempts and Prevents Brute-force Attacks module
odoo10-addon-base-exception 3 This module provide an abstract model to manage customizable exceptions to be applied on different models (sale order, invoice, ...)
odoo10-addon-base-kanban-stage 3 Provides stage model and abstract logic for inheritance
odoo10-addon-crm-claim 3 Track your customers/vendors claims and grievances.
odoo10-addon-hr-employee-seniority 3 Keep Track of Length of Employment
odoo10-addon-l10n-es-account-bank-statement-import-n43 3 Importación de extractos bancarios españoles (Norma 43)
odoo10-addon-l10n-nl-intrastat 3 Intracom Tax Report for the Netherlands
odoo10-addon-marketing-crm-partner 3 Copy tracking fields from leads to partners
odoo10-addon-mass-mailing-custom-unsubscribe 3 Know unsubscription reasons, track them
odoo10-addon-partner-phonecall-schedule 3 Track the time and days your partners expect phone calls
odoo10-addon-product-variant-configurator 3 Provides an abstract model for product variant configuration.
odoo10-addon-purchase-request 3 Use this module to have notification of requirements of materials and/or external services and keep track of such requirements.
odoo10-addon-website-analytics-piwik 3 Track website users using piwik
odoo10-addon-website-snippet-data-slider 3 Abstract data slider for use on website. Primary use (and default implementation) is product slider.
odoo11-addon-base-exception 3 This module provide an abstract model to manage customizable exceptions to be applied on different models (sale order, invoice, ...)
odoo11-addon-crm-claim 3 Track your customers/vendors claims and grievances.
odoo11-addon-l10n-es-account-bank-statement-import-n43 3 Importación de extractos bancarios españoles (Norma 43)
odoo11-addon-website-analytics-piwik 3 Track website users using piwik
odoo8-addon-auth-brute-force 3 Tracks Authentication Attempts and Prevents Brute-force Attacks module
odoo8-addon-l10n-es-account-bank-statement-import-n43 3 Importación de extractos bancarios españoles (Norma 43)
odoo8-addon-lettermgmt 3 Track letters, parcels, registered documents
odoo8-addon-marketing-crm-partner 3 Copy tracking fields from leads to partners
odoo8-addon-project-sla 3 Define SLAs for your Contracts
odoo8-addon-website-sale-recently-viewed-products 3 Let the users keep track of the products they saw on the ecommerce
odoo9-addon-base-kanban-stage 3 Provides stage model and abstract logic for inheritance
odoo9-addon-l10n-es-account-bank-statement-import-n43 3 Importación de extractos bancarios españoles (Norma 43)
odoo9-addon-l10n-nl-intrastat 3 Intracom Tax report for the Netherlands
odoo9-addon-marketing-crm-partner 3 Copy tracking fields from leads to partners
odoo9-addon-mass-mailing-custom-unsubscribe 3 Know unsubscription reasons, track them
odoo9-addon-partner-phonecall-schedule 3 Track the time and days your partners expect phone calls
odoo9-addon-product-variant-configurator 3 Provides an abstract model for product variant configuration.
odoo9-addon-purchase-request 3 Use this module to have notification of requirements of materials and/or external services and keep track of such requirements.
pelican-link-bugs 0.2 3 Automatically link bug tracker references.
Pivotal-Cli 0.0.1 3 Command line client for Pivotal Tracker
py-altiwaves 0.2.0.post1 3 PyALTIWAVES: Python-based ALong-Track Inventory of WAVelet based EddieS
python-archive 0.2 3 Simple library that provides a common interface for extracting zip and tar archives.
python-bitzi 0.2 3 Metadata extraction using the Bitzi libraries
sentry-cardinal 0.1.0-1 3 Added niceness for railsy tracebacks in Sentry
spyking-circus 0.6.5 3 Fast spike sorting by template matching
wagtail-download-counter 0.0.1 3 A Wagtail add-on to to keep track of the number of downloads per file
wight-cli 0.2.2 3 wight is a load testing scheduling and tracking tool.
abbreviations 0.1.5 2 Python3 implementation of the Schwartz-Hearst algorithm for extracting abbreviation-definition pairs
abcplus 0.1.0 2 An amplified version of abc for Abstract Base Classes plus more
abl.vpath 0.8 2 A OO-abstraction of file-systems
abopt 0.0.13 2 Optimization of abstract data types in Python
abot 0.0.1a1.dev16 2 Bot creation library
acefile 0.6.8 2 Read/test/extract ACE 1.0 and 2.0 archives in pure python.
addressbook 1.0.1 2 A simple stand-alone address book for keeping track of people's addresses, contact information, identification, and relationships.
ail 0.2.8 2 abstract interaction layer
aiohttp-wrapper 1.0.0 2 Abstraction of HTTP requests using aiohttp
Alfe 0.1.0 2 Extract TODO comment tags from source files
allmychanges 0.9.0 2 A command line client to
amendments-bundle-parser 0.0.1 2 Parse amendments bundle in PDF and extract data
amr2fol 0.3.1 2 Transform Abstract Meaning Representation (AMR) annotations to First Order Logic (FOL) formulas.
another-jira-cli 0.17.0 2 A cli tool for JIRA useful for time tracking and bulk ticket creation.
ansible_inventory_creator 1.0.0 2 Python helper library to abstract out common work for creating ansible dynamic inventory scripts
ansible_tools_spidy 1.6 2 Store ansible inventory & playbooks in mongodb, run ansible by extracting inventory & playbooks from mongo db ; command :- /usr/local/bin/ansible_playbook ; /usr/local/bin/ansible_playbook_load ; /usr/local/bin/ansible_inventory_load ; Currently runs on only ubuntu or rhel; tests were performed on rhel systems successfully
apache-libcloud 2.3.0 2 A standard Python library that abstracts away differences among multiple cloud provider APIs. For more information and documentation, please see
app-utilities 0.1.8 2 A utility to fast-track application configurations
applause 0.1 2 Applaud closing bugs.
appscan-advisory-parser 0.1.3 2 Parses an IBM Appscan advisory XML file and extracts details from it.
aquaduct 0.5.9 2 Tracing residues in MD simulation
aquami 1.0.0 2 A module to extract quantitative microstructure information from micrographs of morphologically complex microstructures.
argcommand 0.2 2 A Python module that provides simple object-oriented abstraction layer for creating command-line interfaces.
arxiv2speech 0.0.4 2 Convert the current abstracts listed on the arxiv to a set of audio files.
ast2vec 0.3.8a0 2 Part of source{d}'s stack for machine learning on source code. Provides API and tools to train and use models based on source code identifiers extracted from Babelfish's UASTs.
astack 0.0.6 2 Simple stacktrace analysis tool for the JVM
asterix_decoder 0.5.0 2 ASTERIX decoder in Python
astng 0.16.1 2 extend python's abstract syntax tree
astpath 0.6.1 2 A query language for Python abstract syntax trees
async2rewrite 0.1.7 2 Convert code using abstract syntax trees.
athletelist 1.1.0 2 An AthleteList to keep track of runner times
athletelist_jw 1.0.0 2 Extension of list to track athlete times
att 0.1.6 2 Extract informations from att website.
auto_ml 2.9.10 2 Automated machine learning for production and analytics
autoclass 1.15.0 2 Helps you write compact python classes
automl 2.9.9 2 Automated machine learning for production and analytics
aws-progress-monitor 0.2.2 2 Real-time workflow progress tracking
AxmlParserPY 0.0.4 2 Python support for extract information from android 'apk' package
azion 0.2.5 2 AZION Python SDK - API abstraction layer.
b3j0f.middleware 0.0.11 2 Middleware utilities library
BadLinksPlugin 0.1.1 2 Log bad local links found in wiki content.
baiji 2.10.0 2 High-level Python abstraction layer for Amazon S3
bananatag-api 0.1.0 2 The Bananatag API Python Library is used in conjunction with Bananatag's REST API. The Bananatag REST API allows users access to all data associated with their account and sub-accounts.
bblfsh 2.9.5 2 Fetches Universal Abstract Syntax Trees from Babelfish.
bdates 0.2 2 Better Dates (bdates) helps you work with dates, including extracting dates from text.
beachfront 0.1.0b1 2 library extracting coastline regions from raster data
beddit-python 0.1.1 2 API client for Beddit sleep tracker
behavior2text 1.0 2 A django App for behavior2text
benchmark-places 0.0.8 2 Place abstraction
BEXML 0.01 2 Provides fast, lazy, RESTful fastcgi access to various issue (bug) trackers. Compilable into a fast binary with IronPython and PyPy for even faster access.
bigorna 1.2.0 2 Bigorna is a simple job manager to submit tasks.
billparser 0.1.1 2 Parse PDF files and extract fields based on definition files
binpacker 0.1.3 2 Distribute weighted tasks equally to workers by solving Bin Packing problem. This package provides an abstraction for user to extend
bioinformatics-mill-models 0.1.1 2 An abstracted database model for the Bioinformatics Mill project
BioSignalML 0.6.0b 2 Python BioSignal Abstraction Library
bitcoin-framework 0.5 2 Python Bitcoin framework to create transactions with smart contracts based on puzzle-friendliness and OOP principles
Bitdock 0.1.0 2 Push Bitbucket pull requests to Flowdock.
blackbox 0.7.1 2 A Python module to abstract and encapsulate the IRC protocol
blacksap 1.6.1 2 Track torrent RSS feeds
blaeu 1.0.5 2 Tools to create (and analyze) RIPE Atlas network measurements
bob.ip.dlib 1.0.2 2 Feature extractor using caffe CNNs
boilerpipe 2 Python interface to Boilerpipe, Boilerplate Removal and Fulltext Extraction from HTML pages
boilerpipe-py3 2 Python interface to Boilerpipe, Boilerplate Removal and Fulltext Extraction from HTML pages with Python 3 support
boilerpot 0.92 2 HTML content extraction
bookend 0.0.6 2 Keeps track of the books you want to read!
booklist 0.0.6 2 Keeps track of the books you want to read!
breakpoint 2.1.4 2 Function Execution Tracker
broth 0.8 2 Convenient Wrapper for Beautiful Soup
budiluhur-jadwal 1.1.0 2 Python API Jadwal Perkulahan Budiluhur
Bugs-Everywhere-BEurtle-fork 2 Bugtracker supporting distributed revision control
bugzilla2gitlab 1.0.1 2 An opinionated Bugzilla to Gitlab Issues bug migration tool
bulby 0.0.1.dev0 2 Manages the phillips hue lightbulbs
Bundle-Buggy 0.9.0 2 Tool for tracking merge requests 1.0b2 2 This product is auto link for issue number in Plone page
cachecowEmory 0.0.1.post1 2 cacheCow platform for analyzing cache traces, developed by Ymir group @ Emory University
cacofonisk 0.4.0 2 Track callerid changes through Asterisk Management Interface (AMI)
canal 0.1 2 Simple graph processing abstraction
carry 0.2.2 2 Carry is an utility ETL(extract-transform-load) tool
cartwright 0.1.1a0 2 transformation tracking for model building and deployment
castle-flask 0.0.1 2 A Flask client for
celery-aide 0.1.0 2 An app which automatically keeps track of celery tasks run in separate apps and allows for task retries and monitoring through Django.
cellpy 0.1.21 2 Extract data from battery cell testers.
CG-Acc 1.2.2 2 A console-based software to help accumulate CGPA / SGPA data and extract useful results for the students of IIT KGP.
cgbeacon 0.2.1 2 Extracts variants from a VCF file and inserts them into a Beacon MySQL database
chronolog 1.0a1 2 Time tracking application for unix platforms
chrononaut 0.2.1 2 A history and audit tracking extension for Flask-SQLAlchemy
ckandr 0.3 2 Cryptocurrency Ka Naya Desi Rate : Cryptocurrency prices from Indian exchanges
claripy 2 An abstraction layer for constraint solvers
classtools-autocode 1.1.0 2 Helps you write compact python classes
Classy 2 Abstracted naive Bayes classifier for rest of us (Requires Python 2.7 or later)
clitube 0.2.5 2 Browse and listen Youtube video soundtrack from your terminal
clocker 0.1 2 A small Python 3 module that keeps track of elapsed time
closet 0.1.5 2 File storage abstraction
cloud-tpu-profiler 1.5.1 2 Trace and profile Cloud TPU performance
cloudbridge 0.3.3 2 A simple layer of abstraction over multiple cloudproviders.
ClueMapperThemer 0.6.3 2 Theming plugin for ClueMapper+trac.
cmakeast 0.0.18 2 Parse a CMake file into an Abstract Syntax Tree.
cnab240 0.01 2 Classe para gerar arquivo de remessa e leitura de retorno no padrão CNAB240
collective.archiveviewer 1.0b2 2 Allows to upload archive files (check readme for supported types) and access their contents trough the web, without having to download and extract them
collective.fingerpointing 1.5rc1 2 Keep track of different events and write them down to an audit log.
collective.ots 0.3 2 Writing a good summary (description) is hard, let the Open Text Summarizer (OTS) do the heavy lifting. This tool extracts a summary of the content and sets it as the description of the content item you added
collective.ploneslimbar 1.1 2 slimbar for listing local communities sites
collective.sphinx.includechangelog 0.1.1 2 Include changelog extracted from egg information into sphinx documentation.
collective.taghelper 0.3.1 2 The act of tagging content is tedious and humans will often fail to do it. Taghelper examines the content and extracts the keywords that are most relevant.
colorshell 0.1.1 2 A simple package to abstract printing to IDLE in color
ColorStealthGame 0.1 2 Abstract Pygame made for mini game jam around the theme "invisibilitity". Two Players have to find themselves in a chaotic sea, then find each other!
colorweave 0.3.2 2 Extract dominant colors from an image as a color palette
CommonCrawlJob 0.1.0 2 Extract data from common crawl using elastic map reduce
comunio 0.5.1 2 A python program that keeps track of a user's comunio profile
console_script 0.1 2 pastescript template for creating command line applications
consoleprinter 93 2 Console printer with linenumbers, stacktraces, logging, conversions and coloring..
continuity 1.0.1 2 Continuous dev flow via GitHub Issues, Pivotal Tracker, or JIRA.
conwhat 0.1.2.dev0 2 python library for connectome-based white matter atlas analyses in neuroimaging
coven 0.0.0 2 Coven is a code coverage tracing harness.
cqlsl 0.2.0 2 CQL for Python without any additional abstraction layers
crashreporter 1.13 2 Track and send crash reports by email or FTP
crispor_cli 0.1.1 2 Command line tool for crispr offtarget finding extracted from crispor website
crumb 0.0.0a 2 Track arbitrary metrics across the git commits of a program
cryptotax 1.0a1 2 Cryptocurrency tracker
cryptowatch 0.0.10 2 Track prices and account balances for multiple cryptocurrencies
cs.kontratazioa 2.2 2 A product to publish public contract information in Spanish Public Administration's websites
Ctrax 0.5.8 2 Ctrax: The Caltech Multiple Fly Tracker
cubicerp-client-etl 1.0.2 2 CubicERP ETL Client allows to extract, transform and load data from any data source.
cubicweb-fresh 0.7.1 2 expense tracking application built on the CubicWeb framework
cubicweb-piwik 0.1.0 2 component to piwik trackers into the CubicWeb framework
cubicweb-testcard 0.5.0 2 test card extension for CubicWeb application based on the tracker cube
Cupboard 0.2.3 2 Abstracted interface for a variety of key-value storage systems.
CustomSelectAdmin 0.6.1 2 Modify custom select fields for tickets in an admin panel within Trac.
cwtimer 0.0.2 2 Pythonic timing tracker with reporting to Cloudwatch
cyscore 0.2.9 2 score abstraction for csound written in python
dagdo 0.2 2 Dependency and deadline-aware task tracking
dailymail_tcs 0.10 2 Extract title, summary and content from dailymail corpus.
dal 0.2 2 a python database abstraction layer.
damnboleto 0.2.1 2 Extract boleto's data
data-structures-and-algorithms 0.2.1 2 A library, which provides implementations for many data structures and algorithms
dataone.certificate_extensions 1.1.3 2 Python extensions for generating and extracting PEM formatted X.509 v3 certificates that contain DataONE Session information
datapipelines 1.0.5 2 Caching abstraction layer for orchestrating multiple cache tiers
dataplunger 0.1.0 2 Extract, Transform, Load
datapot 0.1.3 2 Library for automatic feature extraction from JSON-datasets
DataProperty 0.30.0 2 Python library for extract property from data.
DataTreeGrab 1.04.00 2 Node-Tree based data extraction
date-detector 1.0.2 2 A Python module for scanning text and extracting dates from it
date-guesser 2.1.1 2 Extract publication dates from web pages
datefinder 0.6.1 2 Extract datetime objects from strings
dateminer 0.2 2 Extract dates from webpages
daycare 0.1 2 A django app that tracks 404s, manages redirects and integrates with django-cms
db2table 0.2.1 2 Extract data from database in html table
db2twitter 0.7 2 extract info from a database and send it to twitter
dbb-ranking-parser 0.3.1 2 Extract league rankings from the DBB (Deutscher Basketball Bund e.V.) website.
dbc 0.1 2 Design by Contract capabilities in Python.
dbcook 0.2 2 framework to abstract database-mapping of objects/relations as python declarations, completely hiding the DB where possible
dbghelper 0.3 2 Cross-debugger inline debugging tracepoints for pdb/winpdb/pydevd/pycharm
dblplib 0.1.1 2 A Python lib to parse the DBLP Computer Science Bibliography. It provides a class model which is used to extract publication entries from the XML file provided by the DBLP.
debmans 1.0.0 2 Extract and render manuals from Debian packages
deepscan 0.50 2 DeepScan is a source extraction tool designed to identify very low surface brightness features in large astronomical data.
Deft 0.2.0 2 Easy Distributed Feature Tracking
demiurge 0.2 2 Scraping micro-framework based on pyquery.
demotesttelstraruby 2.2.4 2 The Telstra SMS Messaging API allows your applications to send and receive SMS text messages from Australias leading network operator. It also allows your application to track the delivery status of both sent and received SMS messages.
denis 0.0.7 2 A thin set of abstractions to perform geometrical operations on top of the latitude/longitude coordinate system
derpconf 0.8.2 2 derpconf abstracts loading configuration files for your app
desinty_bot 0.0.1 2 Set of commands that scrape for info.
destiny_bot 0.1.4 2 Set of commands that scrape for info.
dhl_shipping 2.0.5 2 DHL Shipping - Quote, Pick Up, Shipping, Label Creation, Tracking
diagnostics 0.2.4 2 Alternative to Python's module `cgitb` with template inspired by Nette and Django
dicom-numpy 0.1.2 2 Extract image data into a 3D numpy array from a set of DICOM files.
dictionary-model 0.2.4 2 Model for tracking context of utterance and predicting future characters.
digitrecklib 0.2.1 2 digitrecklib library provide easy and convenient way to connect to digitreck servers for efficient device location based services.It enables using digiTreck APIs as methods alongwith header and checksum management.
digs 0.1.7 2 Making easier the text crawling tasks over websites with depth levels.
dime 0.1.3 2 Virtual Desktop time tracker
dimgx 0.2.4 2 Docker IMaGe layer eXtractor (and flattener)
dioivo 1.1.4 2 HTTP Benchmarking tool using access log to extract requests and simulate traffic
DirectoryQueue 1.4.2 2 A simple filesystem-based persistent queuing abstraction.
dirtyjson 1.0.7 2 JSON decoder for Python that can extract data from the muck
dispel4py 1.2 2 Abstract workflows for distributed data-intensive applications
Distiller 0.1.2 2 Automatic Keyword Extraction from Document Collections
dj-sessions 0.4.0 2 Enhanced session traciking for Django
django-access-manager 0.0.2 2 An abstract access manager for Django.
django-access-tools 1.0.1 2 An abstract access manager for Django.
django-administ 1.0.1 2 A simple way to protect your error trace message
django-autolinks 0.1.0 2 App for storing links and automatic link extraction from markdown texts.
django-basecontact 0.1.0 2 Abstract contact form classes to provide a contact form backend and mailing functionality
django-brstocks 0.9 2 A simple Django app to track Stocks on Brazilian Stock Market
django-calaccess-parser 0.5 2 A Django app to download, extract and load campaign finance and lobbying activity data from the California Secretary of State's CAL-ACCESS database
django-calaccess-raw-data 1.6.2 2 A Django app to download, extract and load campaign finance and lobbying activity data from the California Secretary of State's CAL-ACCESS database
django-cavalry 0.0.2 2 Performance tracer middleware for Django
django-central-station 0.1dev 2 Project tracking
django-channels-presence 0.0.9 2 Tracking socket presence in "rooms" using django-channels
django-contact-plus 0.0.2 2 Core of cmsplugin_contact_plus extracted as a standalone Django app
django-counter-field 0.3.1 2 django-counter-field makes it extremely easy to denormalize and keep track of related model counts.
django-ct-useragents 0.1.4 2 A simple Django app to track IP and User Agent info.
django-currency-history 0.2.9 2 A reusable Django app that tracks currency rates.
django-dbgettext 0.1.2 2 Translate Django models by extracting data for gettext
django-devfixtures 0.1.3 2 Share development fixtures across your team, with git commit id tracing and autodetect.
django-dirtyfield 1.0 2 Track changed data in Django Models
django-dirtyfields 1.3.1 2 Tracking dirty fields on a Django model instance (actively maintained)
django-djaffar 0.1.10 2 An asynchronous user activity tracking API for Django.
django-dnt 0.2.0 2 Make Django requests aware of the DNT header.
django-donations 0.7.4 2 Reusable django app to receive & track donations on charitable sites
django-download-stats 0.2 2 A reusable Django app to track download statistis.
django-email-notification 1.3 2 django-email-notification allows backoffice users to send short email notifications to django registered users or users you only know the email about what is new or changed from django's admin or a dedicated view. And then track their clicks.
django-email-user 1.0.1 2 Abstract models + utils to replace `django.contrib.auth.User` with a model that uses an email address instead of a username
django-entity-event 0.8.0 2 Newsfeed-style event tracking and subscription management for django-entity.
django-events-watcher 0.3.3 2 Events watcher is an event packaging library for Django to track changes made in your models.
django-expense 0.2.2 2 A simple personal/family expense tracker application for Django.
django-external-urls 0.3 2 Track external links with a signal on click.
django-extlog 0.8 2 Extended log for Django, that tracks changes in models.
django-fec-raw-data 0.0.3 2 A Django app to download, extract and load campaign finance from the Federal Election Commission
django-field-history 0.6.0 2 A Django app to track changes to a model field.
django-forkit 0.9.5 2 Utility functions for forking, resetting and diffing model objects
django-form-admin 0.5.1 2 Abstract class implemented to provide form django admin like
django-formtools 2.1 2 A set of high-level abstractions for Django forms
django-fossil 0.8-stable 2 Fossil is a library to store fossilized tracks of objects from Django's ORM
django-funkymetrics 0.1.9 2 Super simple Django application for easily tracking events and submitting them asynchronously to KISSmetrics.
django-fuse 2.0.2 2 Abstractions for building FUSE filesystems using Django
django-ga-simpletag 0.2 2 Django app to easy handle google analytics id track
django-geocoding 0.1.1 2 Abstract base models and mixins to store address and GPS coordinates info
django-google-urchin 0.1a1 2 Provides a Django template tag to insert the Google Analytics tracking code.
django-grapevine 0.4.0 2 A comprehensive email tool for Django
django-groups 0.0 2 Django group support (extracted from Pinax)
django-hackref 0.1.3 2 A Django app to create, monitor and track user referral links
django-handleref 0.3.0 2 track when an object was created or changed and allowe querying based on time and versioning
django-health-monitor 0.2.8 2 A Django app to help track system health and give real-time feedback.
django-helpdesk3000 0.3.4 2 Django-powered ticket tracker for your helpdesk
django-issue 2.0.0 2 An app for tracking ongoing issues within your web application!
django-last-seen 0.3 2 Keep track of when a user has been last seen
django-last-used 0.1 2 Keep track of last used objects on a django app
django-lexicon 0.1.0 2 Abstract classes for defining a lexicon
django-littlebro 0.2.1 2 Django LittleBro: Asynchronous event tracking using MongoDB and Celery.
django-major-event-log 0.1.1 2 Django app for keeping track of major premis events.
django-mbase 0.2 2 Basic abstracts models and usefull stuff for Django
django-mobiclicks 0.1 2 Tracks MobiClicks acquisitions
django-model-history2 0.9.3 2 Utility to track changes in object models
django-model-publisher 0.1.6 2 Handy mixin/abstract class for providing a "publisher workflow" to arbitrary Django models.
django-model-publisher-ai 0.3.1 2 Handy mixin/abstract class for providing a "publisher workflow" to arbitrary Django models.
django-model-ya-publisher 0.4.0.dev1 2 Handy mixin/abstract class for providing a "publisher workflow" to arbitrary Django models.
django-monkey-team 0.2.2 2 Django middleware that displays debug tracebacks on production sites (where you would have `DEBUG = False`) only to developers.
django-nomadlytics 0.1 2 Django app to track stats to any analytics SaaS using libsaas and celery.
django-objectset 0.2.4 2 ObjectSet abstract class for set-like models
django-online-users 0.1 2 Tracks the time of users' last actions.
django-orderable 6.0.0 2 Add manual sort order to Django objects via an abstract base class and admin classes.
django-parler-tools 0.5.0 2 Collection of helpers and mixins for translated projects (extracted from aldryn-translation-tools)
django-partial-page 0.4.1 2 Middleware that extracts {% block-s %} from pages and sends them as JSON. This allows the clients update parts of the pages, which is useful for Ajax apps and sites using History.PushState. If /mypage/ has {% block main_content %} in the template, make a request /mypage/?partial=main_content, and you'll receive a JSON: {"main_content": "..."}. The example Django project in the BitBucket contains a working JavaScript module that handles these requests and does something more.
django-patchwork 1.1.0 2 Patchwork is a web-based patch tracking system designed to facilitate the contribution and management of contributions to an open-source project.
django-pendulum 0.1.6-pre4 2 A simple timeclock/timecard application for use in Django-powered Web sites.
django-piwik 0.1 2 A simple app to add the Piwik JS tracking code to your template.
django-pixels 0.2 2 Tracking pixels made easy
django-pj-portfolio 2.0.6 2 Portfolio tracking
django-player 0.1.0-beta8 2 Django-based Presentation Layer, focused on present contents extracted from CMSs
django-popularity 0.2 2 A generic view- and popularity tracking pluggable for Django.
django-portfolio 0.0.5-pre-alpha 2 A simple set of abstract models and functionality to speed up the development of a portfolio type site in Django 1.3+
django-postmark-utils 0.1 2 Django utilities to help track emails sent using Postmark
django-privacy-killer 0.1.0 2 Template tags for including tracker codes
django-projector 0.2.0 2 Project management Django application with task tracker and repository backend integration.
django-pt 0.1 2 A simple, Django-powered project tracking solution.
django-puzzledev-jom 1.0 2 Automatically extracts and keep synchronized Javascript objects from Django models
django-qlik-tools 0.1.1 2 Create a QlikView extraction script for your models
django-redis-metrics 1.6.0 2 django-redis-metrics is a Django application for tracking application metrics backed by Redis.
django-referrals 0.1 2 Tracking user referrals in a Django project
django-require-i18n 1.2.3 2 Django management command for extracting and compiling localization strings used in the require.js i18n plugin.
django-rescuests 0.2.3 2 A framework sending, tracking and retrying REST requests in Django.
django-revision 0.1.6 2 Add a Django field class to your models to track the git revision with every model instance saved.
django-roadies 0.0.1 2 Simple extension of django.contrib.auth Abstract Users
django-rtdb 1.2.0 2 Simplified access to the Request Tracker 4 database
django-scraper 0.3.8 2 Django application for collecting online content following user-defined instructions
django-sendfile 0.3.11 2 Abstraction to offload file uploads to web-server (e.g. Apache with mod_xsendfile) once Django has checked permissions etc.
django-sendfile2 0.4.1 2 Abstraction to offload file uploads to web-server (e.g. Apache with mod_xsendfile) once Django has checked permissions etc.
django-simple-diff 0.0.2 2 Tracks model changes before save
django-singlerecord 0.1.1 2 Abstraction for models with only one record for Django
django-slack-invitation 0.1.0 2 API client for Beddit sleep tracker
django-sparklines 0.1 2 Simple tag abstraction for jquery sparklines
django-spectator 8.5.1 2 A Django app to track book reading, movie viewing, gig going, play watching, etc.
django-stalefields 0.8.5 2 Tracking stale fields on a Django model instance
django-stockandflow 0.0.4 2 Django stock and flow tracking for business intelligence metrics
django-system-maintenance 0.2.0 2 A Django app to document and track the administration and maintenance of computer systems
django-tasksoftheday 0.1 2 A simple Django app for task tracking.
django-template-analyzer 1.6.1 2 Django Template Analyzer - Extract template nodes from a Django template
django-templated-email 2.2.0 2 A Django oriented templated / transaction email abstraction
django-templated-email-db 0.4.15 2 A Django oriented templated / transaction email abstraction
django-templated-email-django-upgrade 0.5.0 2 Fork of a Django oriented templated / transaction email abstraction
django-templated-email-fork 0.4.10 2 A Django oriented templated / transaction email abstraction
django-templated-email-pebble 2.0.2 2 Pebble's fork of a Django oriented templated / transaction email abstraction
django-tests-assistant 0.3.0 2 A tool to help keep track of tests, specially for you - developer.
django-theherk-events 1.8.1 2 Django CMS plugin to track events on multiple calendars
django-theherk-updates 1.3.0 2 Django app for tracking and displaying updates.
django-timepiece 1.1.0 2 A multi-user application for tracking employee time on projects.
django-treeadmin 0.4.1 2 Tree UI for mptt-managed models, extracted from FeinCMS
django-treeadmin-fork-alt-storage 0.5 2 Tree UI for mptt-managed models, extracted from FeinCMS. This is a fork with support for alternative storage engines
django-treeadmin-py35 0.4.1 2 Tree UI for mptt-managed models, extracted from FeinCMS
django-trufflehog 0.3.0 2 Keep track of creation, update and deletion of models
django-url-fullpath-redirect 0.1.2 2 Fork of django-url-tracker with query_string support
django-urlcompass 0.9.3 2 A simple Django url track and show on home page.
django-users-plus 1.3.1 2 A django app that provides extra features including masquerading, local timezone support on users, an audit log for tracking admin and view-based data changes and activities, and support for Company models and added fields to User model.
Django-UserService 1.3 2 User abstraction and impersonation for Django
django-virtual-pos 2 django-virtual-pos is a module that abstracts the flow of paying in several online payment platforms.
django-visitor 0.1.7 2 Track visitors across your site using a cookie
django-webmaster 0.0.2 2 A very basic tool to keep track of your domain names and servers.
django-xml 1.4.1 2 Provides an abstraction to lxml's XPath and XSLT functionality in a manner resembling django database models
django_audit_trail 0.1.23 2 App for tracking django model changes
django_categorytree 0.1 2 A django app with an abstract model which helps to define tree style categories with unlimited sub levels
django_db_sampler 0.21 2 Utility to easily extract specific models from a database with their dependencies. Especially useful for creating fixtures.
django_etl 0.1.0 2 A Django application that provides a management command to make using the petl library easier.
django_langlink 0.1.2 2 Abstract language model and management command to populate language model
django_simple_bugs 0.1.4 2 Bug tracking and project management app.
django_simpletree 0.1 2 A django app with an abstract model which helps to define tree style models with unlimited sub branches
djburger 0.8.1 2 Framework for views in big projects on Django.
dnsrecords 0.1 2 Library for deal with abstract DNS records
dnsyo 2.0.7 2 Query over 1500 global DNS servers and colate their results. Track the propagation of your domains around the world.
doc-swag 1.0.1 2 Extract swagger specs from your flask project
doc-versions 0.1.1 2 Django app for tracking changes in models
doc2text 0.2.4 2 doc2text drastically improves the extraction of text from images by fixing resolution, text area (crop), and skew.
doc_crawler 1.2 2 Explore a website recursively and download all the wanted documents (PDF, ODT…)
docker-cron 0.1.12 2 Extract Crontab Info from Docker Containers
docmongo 1.0.0 2 A high abastract architecture with pymongo
docx2csv 0.1.0 2 Extracts tables from .docx files and saves them as csv or xlsx
domain_cdate 0.1.0 2 Domain creation date extractor
DomainClassifier 0.6 2 DomainClassifier is a Python library to extract and classify Internet domains/hostnames/IP addresses from raw text files following their existence, localization or attributes.
domainmagic 0.0.6 2 Python library for all sorts of domain lookup related tuff (rbl lookups, extractors etc)
dones 0.2.0 2 Track what keys are "done" using MySQL to implement a simple key-store.
dont-fudge-up 0.0.6 2 Find operations that might fudge up production, like a pdb.set_trace
dorthrithil-mediawiki-utilities 0.4.18 2 A set of utilities for extracting and processing MediaWiki data.
dotissue 0.1.0 2 Yet another issue tracker for collaborative works.
dover 0.4.0 2 A tool for tracking and incrementing project version numbering.
dpdb 0.1.0 2 A simple DB-API abstraction module.
draxoft.pkginfo 0.1 2 Simple utility and library for extracting metadata from Python setup files.
drf_changemgmt 0.1.0 2 Django Rest Framework dirty tracking
drivar 0.2.5 2 Hardware abstraction layer for Raspbuggy
drogher 0.0.2 2 Identify shippers and valid tracking numbers from package barcodes
DroneDataConversion 0.5 2 Parses Bebop Drones flight logs for further processing and analysis
dropcols 2 Filter a CSV file, extracting columns selected by name or position.
DStore 0.1.2 2 Python Data abstraction layer (ORM)
dtgui 1.1.2 2 GUI baseline-subtraction using the dual-tree complex wavelet transform
dtrx 7.1 2 Script to intelligently extract multiple archive types
dummy 0.1.0 2 Dummy package adding, subtracting or multiplying two numbers - to try releasing a Python package
dunder 0.1.1 2 Extract dunder variables from a Python source file.
DynamicForm 0.7.0 2 DynamicForm is an AJAX abstraction library for python - that enables different sections of a page to operate and be interacted with independently.
eagle 0.2 2 Eagle is an abstraction layer atop Graphical Toolkits focused on making simple applications easy to build while powerful in features.
eagle-gtk 0.7 2 Eagle is an abstraction layer atop Graphical Toolkits focused on making simple applications easy to build while powerful in features.
eagle-maemo 0.7 2 Eagle is an abstraction layer atop Graphical Toolkits focused on making simple applications easy to build while powerful in features.
EAST 0.3.8 2 Text analysis library based on the Annotated Suffix Tree method
easyemail 0.4.0 2 Simple lib abstracting email sending with smtplib.
easyIoCtl 1.2.3 2 Abstractions away from boring IO operations
EasyLEED 2.5.1 2 Automated extraction of intensity-energy spectra from low-energy electron diffraction patterns
easymail 0.3.0 2 abstraction layer on top of the email package to make sending emails a little bit easier
easyproc 0.5.0 2 thin abstraction on to simplify admin scripts
easyzone 1.2.2 2 Easy Zone - DNS Zone abstraction module
easyzone3 1.2.3 2 Easy Zone - DNS Zone abstraction module
EatLint 1.1.0 2 PyLint Summary and Graph Generators for Bitten.
ebenv 0.2.8 2 AWS Elastic Beanstalk environment dumper/extractor.
edge-genome 1.5.0 2 Genome Engineering Tool
eleve 15.10.r2 2 Extraction de LExique par Variation d'Entropie - Lexicon extraction based on the variation of entropy
email-scraper 0.1 2 Simple utility to extract email addresses from HTML, including obfuscated email addresses
emailcontent 0.0dev 2 Functionality for extracting content from email messages.
emaildata 0.3.4 2 Python package for extracting metadata, text, html and attachements from email messages.
encyclopedia 0.26 2 An Encyclopedia is an abstract container providing relational (and non-relational) data operations using dictionary notation
entify v0.5.0 2 entify - entify is a program designed to extract using regular expressions all the entities from the files on different resources. This software also provides an interface to look for these entities in any given text.
ep 0.2.4 2 A tool to support an explicit contract between application and plaftorm
Epubzilla 0.1.1 2 a library for extracting data from EPUB files
err-hunter 2 Enhanced traceback and logging utils
errator 0.2 2 Errator allows you to create human-readable exception narrations
errorfeed 1.5 2 ErrorFeed client and WSGI middleware
errorhandler 2.0.1 2 A logging framework handler that tracks when messages above a certain level have been logged.
espandas 1.0.2 2 Insert and Extract Pandas DataFrames with ElasticSearch
EstimationTools 0.4.5 2 Trac plugin for visualizing and quick editing of effort estimations
et3 1.5 2 Simple library for Extracting and Transforming data, third incarnation.
etc-merge 0.1 2 Archlinux tool to track /etc files and .pacnew files using mercurial.
eth-testrpc 1.3.3 2 An Ethereum simulator for aiding smart contract development.
etherdelta 0.0.22 2 Python wrapper for interacting with the EtherDelta API and Smart Contracts.
etiquetando 0.1 2 Term extractor (tags) for Brazilian Portuguese (pt-br)
etlalchemy 1.1.1 2 Extract, Transform, Load. Migrate any SQL Database in 4 lines of code
etllib 1.1 2 Extract, Transform and Load library.
etlstat 0.1.3 2 Python package that contains extract-transform-load utils for statistical offices data processing 1.0 2 Bitten plugin adding check and lcov support
eventlib 0.1.5 2 Library to make it easy to track events in python/django apps
eventlib-pyqs 0.1.6 2 Library to make it easy to track events in python/django apps
everest-pipeline 2.0.9 2 EPIC Variability Extraction and Removal for Exoplanet Science Targets
exal 1.0.1.dev0 2 Excel abstraction layer
excel-export 0.4.2 2 A command-line tool (and python library) to extract sqlite db from excel files
exception 0.1.0 2 Extract unique Python exceptions with their traceback from a log file.
exception-reports 0.2.2 2 Interactive stacktraces with variable state at each level.
exchange2org 2018.02.03.02 2 Extracting data from Microsoft Exchange into Org-mode format
excode 0.4.2 2 Extract code blocks from text files
exdoc 0.0.5-0 2 Documentation extractor.
exoskelegram 0.1.0 2 An X11 key press/release catcher/sender wrapper with abstractions
expak 1.1.1 2 Extract and process resources from Quake-style pak files
expman 0.0.3 2 Library for managing experiments.
ExtendedOpenGraph 0.3 2 A module of parsing the open graph protocol and extracing the summary of the web page.
extradict 0.3 2 Enhanced, maybe useful, data containers and utilities: A versioned dictionary, a bidirectional dictionary, and an easy extractor from dictionary key/values to variables
extruct 0.4.0 2 Extract embedded metadata from HTML markup
facehugger 0.1.6 2 Extracts faces from an image
factopy 0.0.4 2 A python framework that provides abstract classes for a high performance computing cluster based in a pipe and filter architecture
faddsdata 1.0.0 2 Parsers to extract data from FADDS.
FamilyBudget 0.1.0 2 This simple app allows you to calculate family budget easily. You have 2 options: Incomes for registering your incoming money and Expenses for your spending. The main app's attraction is Archive, where all comments on each money input is saved. Now you can easily see what each penny was spent for!
fastq_to_SAM_PU 0.2 2 extract a PU value from a fastq record
fasttld 0.2.1 2 Python high performance TLD extract module based on a compressed trie with builtin python dict.
faulthandler 3.0 2 Display the Python traceback on a crash
fbmexplorer 0.13 2 Parser to extract Facebook Messenger Data, and explorer it on d3.js tool.
featurex 0.0.1 2 Multimodal feature extraction in Python
federation 0.15.0 2 Python library to abstract social web federation protocols like Diaspora.
fedex 2.4.0 2 Fedex Web Services API wrapper.
fedexdeliverymanager 1.0.6 2 Python 3 API for Fedex Delivery Manager, a way to track packages.
feed-seeker 1.0.0 2 Extract rss, atom, and other feeds from webpages
FFfilter 0.0.3 2 Filters media files by testing criteria against header metadata extracted by ffprobe.
ffprobe 0.5 2 Wrapper around ffprobe command to extract metadata from media files
ffprobe3 0.1.2 2 Original Project: ffprobe ( A wrapper around ffprobe command to extract metadata from media files. This project which is maintained by Dheerendra Rathor is a Python 3 port of original ffprobe.
ffx 1.3.7 2 Fast Function Extraction: A fast, scalable, and deterministic symbolic regression tool.
fibratus 0.7.2 2 Tool for exploration and tracing of the Windows kernel
filesdb 2.0.3 2 A simple tool for tracking files
filesystems 0.14.0 2 A filesystem abstraction layer
FinanceAPI 0.0.1 2 Script to extract data against Yahoo! Finance India
fip 0.2.5 2 Read and extract current music information played on Fip radio station.
firefed 0.1.13 2 A tool for Firefox profile analysis, data extraction, forensics and hardening
fixedwidthtext 0.1.2 2 Library to extract data from semi-structured text documents
flasgger 0.8.1 2 Extract swagger specs from your flask project
flashtext 2.7 2 Extract/Replaces keywords in sentences.
Flask-B3 0.0.4 2 B3 header access and propagation for Flask.
Flask-ErrorMail 0.2.2 2 Flask extension for sending administrators e-mails with stacktraces when internal server errors occur.
Flask-Matomo 1.1.1 2 Track requests to your Flask website with Matomo
flask-request-id 0.1 2 Extract yourself some Request IDs.
flask-restful-swagger-2 0.35 2 Extract swagger specs from your flask-restful project. Project based on flask-restful-swagger by Ran Tavory.
flask-restful-swagger-flexme 0.20 2 Extract swagger specs from your flast-restful project
Flask-Sleuth 0.0.6 2 Spring Cloud Sleuth logging implementation for Python 2/3.
flask-stacksentinel 1.2.1 2 Stack Sentinel error tracking integration with Flask
flask-swagger 0.2.13 2 Extract swagger specs from your flask project
flask-swagger-plus 0.0.3 2 extract swagger spec from source code and docstring for a flask app
flightline 0.81 2 Python module to manage aerial operations using ESRI ArcMap
flood 0.6 2 Python search APIs to various Torrent trackers
flosculus 0.3.0 2 Tail your log, extract the data, and send it to Fluentd
formast 0.1.0a1 2 FormAST exposes file format descriptions through a simple API.
foxpy 1.0.0 2 Python bindings for FOX - Federated Knowledge Extraction Framework.
Fraction 1.1.0 2 Fraction carries out all the fraction operations including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, reciprocation
freeswitch-eventsocket 2 This is a work in progress abstraction class to handle freeswitch's eventsocket command lines.
fricles 0.34 2 Client library to extract sentiments from text
friendly_name_mixin 1.0.2 2 Mixin class for extracting friendly names from classes
fs 2.0.20 2 Python's filesystem abstraction layer
fs1 0.6.0 2 Filesystem abstraction layer
fsb5 1.0 2 Library and to extract audio from FSB5 (FMOD Sample Bank) files
ftr 0.9.3 2 HTML Article cleaner / extractor, Five-Filters compatible.
FuncBrows 0.1.7 2 Web functional testing abstraction layer
fusionfusion 0.4.0 2 Python tools for extracting highly confident fusion transcripts from the results of several RNA-seq alignment tools.
g2sd 1.0 2 Extract and save Skype chats.
gaesd 0.7.2 2 Capture and dispatch Stack-Driver compatible traces using a pure python implementation with a pythonic api: context-managers, thread-locals (for web requests) and method decorators. The full patchTraces API is supported. Uses the `google_api_python_client` and `oauth2client` libraries under the hood and easily usable on AppEngine if these libraries are vendored-in. Documentation can be found here:
gapcheck 0.10.1 2 Check gap between tracks
gast 0.2.0 2 Python AST that abstracts the underlying Python version
gazeclassifier 0.1.0 2 Decides whether given gaze points represent a saccade, fixation, or some unknown pattern
gazu 0.5.0 2 Gazu is a client for Zou, the API to store the data of your CG production.
GDAL 2.2.3 2 GDAL: Geospatial Data Abstraction Library
gdbm_compat 3.0.1 2 Allows using gdbm files created with version 1.8 or 1.10, without magic number errors.
gec 0.1.1 2 A ECC implementation via oop style abstract algebra
geepal 0.2.2 2 From Google Calendar to dataframes
gene-disease-pubmed 0.0.1 2 PubMed abstract query post processor.
generatr 0.252 2 Dynamic multi-loci/mutli-repeat tract microsatellite sequence generator.
generic-storage 0.0.3 2 Tools for extract sensitive configuration out of your project
geogps 0.1 2 Library for analyzing human (mobility) traces
geograpy 0.3.7 2 Extract countries, regions and cities from a URL or text
geohash_logic 1.0 2 From hkwi's geohash module, geohash abstractions that can be used for creating indexs, etc.
geoparsepy 1.0.4 2 Geoparsing library to extract and disambiguate locations from text, using OSM database for very high throughputs and no rate limits
geoql 2 Library for performing queries and transformations on GeoJSON data (with emphasis on support for abstract graph representations).
geosearch 0.0.1 2 GeoSearch searchs and extracts country and city mentions from text
geotext 0.3.0 2 Geotext extracts countriy and city mentions from text
get-hubway-data 1.1 2 Extract data from Hubway CSVs
getalbum 1.0.1 2 Get album track list from Spotify
getan 2.2 2 Terminal based time-tracking and reporting tool; comparable to 'worklog'.
getme 0.0.1 2 An HTML extractor by a simple template
ggmt 0.9.3 2 Good Game Match Ticker - command line application for tracking matches of various e-sport games
Ghal 0.1.1 2 Githost Abstraction Layer. One library to rule them all
ghtix 0.1.7 2 A simple tool to summarize github issues across projects
giblets 0.2.1 2 A simple plugin system based on the component architecture of Trac.
gien 0.4.1 2 Export Github issue tracker and wiki contents to local email storage
gisrep 0.2.1a4 2 The command line Github issues reporter
gistory 0.42 2 Tracking your .git changed history
git-bigstore 1.0.1 2 Track big files with Git.
git-tessera 0.00.04 2 git intransic issue tracking
git-todo 0.1 2 Tracks issues and TODOs in a standalone branch in your repository.
git2mine 0.3 2 A python application aimed to make easier the tedious task of logging time for Redmine tasks by extracting information from GIT commits comments
gitbuglink 0.0.2 2 The stupid commit-bug traceability linker for the stupid content tracker
github-pr-form 0.1.1 2 A small python utility for generating forms from the command line and adding them to GitHub pull requests or issues, while tracking them in a secondary github repo.
githubinfo 1.1 2 Extract test-related commit info from github
gitlab-freak 1.0.0a1 2 A Flask server that allows you to interact with Trello from your own Gitlab, and keep track of your projects dependencies.
gitnb 2 Git Tracking for Python Notebooks
gitnet 0.1.1 2 A data extraction and network generation tool for local git repositories.
gitobox 0.3 2 Synchronizes a directory with a Git repository; particularly useful to track "dumb" collaboration software like DropBox
GitResultsManager 0.3.3 2 The GitResultsManager Python module and scripts (resman) for keeping track of research results using Git.
Gitssue 1.1.0 2 Manage your issues from the command line.
gitsub 0.2.3 2 Track git repositories updates
gitticket 0.5.1 2 Git and issue tracking system integration
gkebd 0.1.2 2 Look for (illegal) third-party trackers on Swedish government websites.
glacierbackup 0.1.0 2 A tool to track small files and back them up into Glacier enabling disaster-recovery document backups at virtually no cost
GlobalRegisterPlugin 0.1.1 2 Displays a notice to the user that accounts are shared globally on the server.
globexc 0.1.1 2 Write a detailed stack trace if a program crashes
glock 0.1 2 Abstraction of time to ease testing
gmaltcli 1.1.0 2 Download, extract and import HGT data into a SQL database
gmapsbounds 0.2.0 2 Extract Lat/Lng boundary points of geographical regions from Google Maps
gncxml 0.3.1 2 Extract entries from GnuCash data file to pandas.DataFrame.
gomobile.imageinfo 0.9.3 2 Extract and manipulate different Zope image objects
google-analytics-api-wrapper 0.1.7 2 The Goolge Analytics wrapper is a convenient tool to extract data from GA via API. It is especially useful when the user has many GA profiles / web properties.
GoogleScraper 0.2.1 2 A module to scrape and extract links, titles and descriptions from various search engines. Supports google,bing,yandex and many more.
googlespider 0.1.7 2 A command line google spider. Extracts links.
Googstyle 11.7.24 2 CSS and images extracted from Closure Library
gowbso 1.1.2 2 A tool to generate CSV files for uploading to the WBSO tool
gpath 0.1 2 An abstraction of basic path operations between IronPython and CPython libraries. Does not use python standard libraries with IronPython.
GPicSync 0.97 2 Automatically geocode pictures from your camera and a GPS track log.
gpsimy 0.1.3 2 GPS Position and tracker abstraction
GPSminCir 1.0.1 2 A tool to calculate the radius of the smallest circle that covers the given GPS track.
GpxImageLinkifier 0.1.2 2 Links GPX tracks to photographs by matching the image timestamp (in the EXIF data) to the timestamp in the GPX track supplied.
Gpxity 1.1.2 2 A uniform interface to GPX services like mapmytracks or gpsies
gpxpy 1.2.0 2 GPX file parser and GPS track manipulation library
grammaregex 0.1.3 2 grammaregex - library for matching and finding tree sentence in regex-like way
Graphtiny 0.0.8 2 A Python library that lets you display graph in streaming, simply and easily. Especially suitable for scientific use. It Is an abstraction layer for the PyQtGraph library
grapple 0.2.2 2 Ripple ledger extractor
graylog-json-formatter 0.0.1 2 JSON formatter for graylog JSON extractor.
grepurl 0.1.1 2 extract URLs from websites on the command line
Greyskull 0.0.1.dev1 2 A lightweight, bittorrent-compatible, NTrack tracker
grPyHole 0.9.2 2 A versatile and extensible black hole ray tracer.
gsheetlog 0.4.0 2 Extract Google Sheet history
gskrawler 1.0.0 2 gskrawler will enter your domain and scan every page of your website, extracting page titles, descriptions, keywords, and links etc..
gtb 0.0.1421587592 2 Tools for inspecting running greenlets and getting tracebacks
gtimelog 0.11 2 A Gtk+ time tracking application
guac 1.0.0 2 Hakell-inspired monadic do-notation in Python
gumshoe 0.0.2 2 Issue tracking app based on django.
gxml 0.5 2 A Good XML Abstraction. Provides a common interface to popular XML libaries. Currently supports elementree and minidom. Tutorials are available at
gzbus 0.1.1 2 Guangzhou bus routine realtime tracking.
habitat 0.3.3 2 Next Generation High Altitude Balloon Tracking
habits 0.0.20 2 A lightweight habit tracker with a simple REST API.
hachoir-metadata 1.3.3 2 Program to extract metadata using Hachoir library
Hackery 0.0.8 2 hack labeling and tracking library
hagelslag 0.2 2 Object-based severe weather forecast system
hailstorm 1.0.0 2 A Python templating library in the style of Jinja2 and Django templates featuring the full power of Python in the expressions that can be embedded in the template files. Hailstorm was extracted from the templating code that is part of Tornado Web Server framework published by Facebook.
hamster-gtk 0.11.0 2 A GTK interface to the hamster time tracker.
hamster-lib 0.13.2 2 A library for common timetracking functionality.
hamster-sqlite 0.3 2 Minimal dependency nicely abstracted sqlite backend of hamster time tracker - lets you connect to your hamster db and do stuff in python
hamster_cli 0.12.0 2 A basic CLI for the hamster time tracker.
hamsterlib 0.1.0 2 A library for common timetracking functionality.
harishspider 1.1 2 Harish Spider will enter your domain and scan every page of your website, extracting all emails in that page.
hawkcatcher 1.0.1 2 Python errors Catcher module for Hawk.
hedgehog-platform 0.2.0 2 Hedgehog Platform abstractions
helga-repost 1.0.0 2 tracks links and alerts if reposted
helga-team 1.0.2 2 Team plugin to track candidates and interview process
Henon 3.0 2 A Python program for exploring the Hénon attractor
heraspy 0.2 2 Keras data extraction callbacks
hermes_pygments 0.1 2 Pygments for Hermes grammar files, abstract syntax trees, and parse trees
hesitate 0.0.2 2 A stochastic Design by Contract utility 1.7.1 2 zc.buildout recipe for downloading and extracting packages
HfCh5Levi 1.0.4 2 now refiene the code for removing the duplicates using set() rather than list(),and refine the common code for extracting data from files as a function
hftools 0.0.6 2 simple tools to extract to do post-processing on HistFactory configurations / workspaces (e.g. extract data for HepData, simple stacked plots etc.)
hghooks 0.7.0 2 A set of useful hooks for Mercurial
highlights 0.1.1 2 A Python 3 package for automatic summarization
hilltop-py 1.0.9 2 Functions to extract data from Hilltop
historical 0.1.8 2 Historical tracking of AWS configuration data.
history-set 0.1.5 2 A Set implementation that tracks added and removed elements.
hiwenet 0.4.2 2 Histogram-weighted Networks for Feature Extraction and Advance Analysis in Neuroscience
hkdf 0.0.3 2 HMAC-based Extract-and-Expand Key Derivation Function (HKDF)
horse-nonsense 0.1.4 2 Stupid, silly, fun and distracting bridles for Horse
horseshit 0.0.5 2 Small script to configure your hosts file so you don't get distracted during the day
host_pool 0.2 2 A generic pool to track a set of remote hosts with the ability to mark hosts down on failures
html-snippet 0.2 2 Utility to extract snippets from webpages
html2list 0.1.6 2 A library for converting html markup from an email or webpage into a list
html_text 0.3.0 2 Extract text from HTML
html_to_text 1.0.0 2 Simple library for extracting text from html documents.
htmlcontact 0.1 2 A simple python module to extract contact info from HTML pages
htmlst 0.1.0b1 2 An API which extracts sentences from HTML
htmltotext 0.7.3 2 Extract text and some metainfo from HTML, coping with malformed pages as well as possible.
htrc-feature-reader 1.94 2 Library for working with the HTRC Extracted Features dataset
htsimaging 0.0.3 2 For analysis of microscopy images
httpagentparser 1.8.1 2 Extracts OS Browser etc information from http user agent string
httplog 1.2.0 2 this is a test package for extract http log.
httprequests 0.3 2 Abstracts HTTP requests to be easier to use
HTTPS_filesystem 0.2.3 2 A file sync utility that uses https to provide an abstraction of a local filesystem "mounted" on a remote host
hunt 0.0 2 Hunter is a flexible code tracing toolkit.
hybrid-crypto 0.1.0-dev 2 Python module which exposes a simple hybrid cryptography abstraction on top of KeyCzar and pycrypto.
ibm_cloud_env 0.0.5 2 Abstraction layer for CF and Kube env variables
ibmcloudenv 0.1.3 2 Abstraction layer for CF and Kube env variables
ifstools 1.4 2 Extractor/repacker for Konmai IFS files
IGitt 0.4.1.dev20180320035124 2 A git(hub/lab/...) hosting abstraction library.
igor2txt 0.1 2 Extract ASCII waves from Igor *.pxp, *.pxt & *.ibw files
image-mining 0.1.6 2 Extract useful information from scanned images using OpenCV
imagecolor 1.2.1 2 Image color extraction
imagecrop 0.0.16 2 Use OpenCV to extract image crops using homography and feature matching
ImageSource 1.0b2 2 Image sequence abstraction for OpenCV.
importio_gsei 0.4.0 2 Command line to feed URLs from a Google Sheet into an Extractor
inet 0.0.1 2 Internet abstraction
infotags 1.1.2 2 Meta info extraction for Python package setup scripts
ingestors 0.7.13 2 Ingestors extract useful information in a structured standard format.
INSDCalculator 1.0.0 2 Simple Calculator - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division
instana 0.7.9 2 Metrics sensor and trace collector for Instana
intervalset 0.1.5 2 Abstract classes that represent an immutable set of non-intersecting intervals (begin/end)
intron-retention-utils 0.5.1 2 Python tools for extracting intron retention events
invenio-grobid 0.2.0 2 Invenio module to interact with Grobid API for metadata extraction.
investogator 0.1 2 A CLI tool used to query and cross-reference data on stock-tracking sites based on ETF symbols
invivoinfer 0.1.1 2 invivoinfer, code described in the paper "Extraction of synaptic input properties in vivo",P.Puggioni et al.
invoice2data 0.2.81 2 Python parser to extract data from pdf invoice
ioc_parser 0.9.1 2 Tool to extract indicators of compromise from security reports
ipam-client 0.3.2 2 IPAM abstraction layer library
ipapi 0.5.2 2 Python bindings for ipapi (IP address to location mapping service. Free & paid API for a secure, fast & reliable IP lookup (city, country, latitude, longitude, timezone) -
ipark.ereporter 0.3 2 Tipfy extension to simplify projects beta test, it simply send all exceptions traceback via email to application administrators
IPTCInfo 1.9.5-6 2 IPTCInfo: extract and modify IPTC (metadata) information on images - port of by Josh Carter <>'
ipz 0.1 2 Simple library for extracting global and local ip in python script
isatools 0.9.5 2 Metadata tracking tools help to manage an increasingly diverse set of life science, environmental and biomedical experiments
isbnlib 3.8.4 2 Extract, clean, transform, hyphenate and metadata for ISBNs (International Standard Book Number).
isogeo-pysdk 2.18.0.post491 2 Abstraction class to use Isogeo REST API
isotopic-logging 2.0.0 2 Mark and trace events in your log alike isotopic labeling
issue 0.1.5 2 Simple issue tracker to use with VCS
itc 0.3.3 2 Extracts images from an iTunes .itc file.
item 0.0.3 2 API to describe schema of data to extract them from HTML
jaeger-client 3.8.0 2 Jaeger Python OpenTracing Tracer implementation
jaeger-client-contrib 0.1.1 2 Jaeger Python Client with Zipkin
jaws 0.1 2 metadata extraction toolkit
jeetpatel 1.0.2 2 A simple program for addition and subtraction,mutiplication and divsion
jelly 0.1.0 2 Abstraction layer for running numerical hydrodynamics software
jiote 0.1.6 2 IOT abstraction
jiraburnupanddown 0.2 2 A Scrum burndown chart for Jira that also keeps track of hours spent on a separate fixed-size budget
jiragap 0.1.2 2 A contract package for interacting with an instance of Atlassian Jira
JitViewer 0.2 2 Viewer for pypy's jit traces
jobcontrol 0.1a 2 Job scheduling and tracking library
jobprogress 1.0.4 2 Cross-toolkit UI progress tracking
jparser 0.0.20 2 A readability parser which can extract title, content, images from html pages
jpylyzer 1.18.0 2 JP2 (JPEG 2000 Part 1) image validator and properties extractor
jshint-scanner 1.0.0 2 Extracts Javascript from files and scans with Jshint.
json-cherry-pick 0.3.22 2 JSON Cherry Picker
json-schema-reducer 0.1.4 2 Extract from a JSON/dict only whats in the JSON Schema
jsonable 0.3.1 2 An abstract class that supports jsonserialization/deserialization.
jsonobjects 1.0.3 2 JSONObjects allows you to declaratively specify how to extract and convert elements from a JSON document.
jsonsubset 0.1.1 2 Extract and parse specific fields from a JSON string
jsontableschema-bigquery 0.5.0 2 Generate BigQuery tables, load and extract data, based on JSON Table Schema descriptors.
jsontableschema-pandas 0.5.0 2 Generate Pandas data frames, load and extract data, based on JSON Table Schema descriptors.
jsontableschema-sql 0.8.0 2 Generate SQL tables, load and extract data, based on JSON Table Schema descriptors.
jspcap 0.2.1rc1 2 A stream PCAP file extractor.
JumpScale9Prefab 9.0.0 2 Automation framework for cloud workloads remote sal, sal= system abstraction layer
kai 0.0.7 2 A Python package that gives you the power to extract any compressed file using the same simple syntax.
KDVS 2.0.0 2 Knowledge Driven Variable Selection (KDVS) is an experimental knowledge extraction system that utilizes statistical learning and novel data and knowledge integration methodologies.
keepify-py 0.1.0 2 Official Keepify library to track events from your Python application
keras-eval 0.0.4 2 A evaluation abstraction for Keras models.
keras-trainer 0.0.22 2 A training abstraction for Keras models.
kervi-hal-rpi 0.15.15 2 Raspberry pi hardware abstraction layer for the Kervi automation framework
keyword-ranker 0.2 2 Python implementation ranking keywords from a corpus with with respect to other text files using the Rapid Automatic Keyword Exctraction algorithm.
keyword-zjuzx 1.0.1 2 a python project for health knowledge text keyword extraction
keywords 0.0.1 2 This is a simple library for extracting keywords from data with/without using a corpus.
kez 0.1.5 2 CLI for tracking and building documents, specifically Pelican static blogs
Kezisel 2.0.3 2 A collection of tools for the Event Tracking Platform.
kicad 0 2 kicad wrapper modules for higher lever abstraction
kindred 2.0.1 2 A relation extraction toolkit for biomedical text mining
klefki 0.0.1 2 Klefki is a playground for researching elliptic curve group based cryptocoins, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. All data types & structures are based on mathematical defination of abstract algebra.
koala2 0.0.17 2 A python module to extract all the content of an Excel document and enable calculation without Excel
koji 1.15.0 2 Koji is a system for building and tracking RPMS. The base package contains shared libraries and the command-line interface.
koto 0.2.0 2 Command line email tracking
kotti_google_analytics 1.2.1 2 Google Analytics for Kotti
kpy 0.2.2 2 mobile-phone's model name extractor from user agent
krakenous 0.3 2 A backend for machine learning-related feature extraction and storing
kssh 1.2.0 2 kSSH is a simple utility for managing SSH hosts and tracking aliases in an SSH config file.
kTBS 0.5.1 2 A kernel for trace-based systems
kvlayer 0.5.9 2 table-oriented abstraction layer over key-value stores
kvlayer_mysql 0.1.1 2 table-oriented abstraction layer over key-value stores
kyklop 0.1.1 2 A tropical cyclone detector and tracker.
lab-notebook 3.1.9 2 A utility for tracking, documenting, and reproducing software runs.
landinggear 0.0.2 2 Wheels for aeroplanes: a tool to extract packages from the pip cache.
laok 0.1 2 _lktest interactive test lib
lastfm-vk-download 1.0.0 2 Get user's top tracks from lastfm and download them from
lastpy 1.0.4 2 A straightforward utility for scrobbling tracks to
latte 3.0 2 Automatic rule based Linux Time Tracker
ldap-groups 4.2.2 2 A python/django Active Directory group management abstraction that uses ldap3 as a backend for cross-platform compatibility.
leady 0.1.4 2 Leady Analytics Tracking API
leantesting 1.2.0 2 Lean Testing Python SDK
leiden 1.0.2 2 A set of tools for extracting, remapping, and validating variants from the Leiden Open Variation Databases (LOVD)
LEPL 5.1.3 2 A Parser Library for Python 2.6+/3+: Recursive Descent; Full Backtracking
lhafile 0.2.2 2 LHA(.lzh) file extract interface
libais 0.17 2 Automatic Identification System decoding - ship tracking
libappadapter 0.2.7 2 An abstraction of applications converted from python APi to kubernetes templates
libgraph 0.0.3 2 A toolchain for declaratively specifying transformations between schemas and instances of schemas to help track dependencies across schemas.
libpysat 1.2.3 2 A tool to extract Spectral Profiler data and visualize the resultant spectra
libsaas 0.4 2 Abstraction library for SaaS APIs
libvcs 0.3.0 2 vcs abstraction layer
lifecycle 0.6 2 Easily identify and track users with minimal code.
lifelogger 0.2.2 2 Track your life like a pro on Google Calendar via your terminal.
linearCounter 0.23 2 A trivial extension to collections.Counter that enables linear operations.
link_capture 1.0.0 2 Extracts Download links from
links-from-link-header 0.1.0 2 Python module that extracts links and their relations from a Link Header Field and returns them in a dict.
linop 0.8.2 2 A pythonic abstraction for linear mathematical operators
lissues 0.1.0 2 A simple client to redmine issues tracker
ListMilestonesMacro 0.1.3 2 Lists milestones based on a name.
literate 0.1.3 2 Extracts text and documentation embedded in source code
littlebrother 0.2 2 An HTTP document title extractor for Twisted Web
livecli 3.6.0 2 Livecli is command-line utility that extracts streams from various services and pipes them into a video player of your choice.
livestreamer 1.12.2 2 Livestreamer is command-line utility that extracts streams from various services and pipes them into a video player of choice.
livingbio-newspaper 1514473007.65 2 Simplified python article discovery & extraction.
logclassify 0.0.0 2 extract anomaly from log files
logdd 0.0.1 2 Extract metrics from logs and pass it to datadog statsd
logfury 0.1.2 2 Toolkit for responsible, low-boilerplate logging of library method calls
logline 0.1.1 2 A Python abstraction library for the LogLine API
logreduce 0.1.0 2 extract anomalies from log files
lojbansuggest 0.2.2 2 Find common beginner mistakes in text, or extract some semantic information.
lolcut 0.1.0 2 Splits loseless images into tracks, renames tracks, sets tags
loman 0.2.1 2 Loman tracks state of computations, and the dependencies between them, allowing full and partial recalculations.
lovd 0.1.0 2 Tools for extracting variants from Leiden Open Variation Database Installations.
ls-django-treeadmin 0.4.8 2 Tree UI for mptt-managed models, extracted from FeinCMS
lsst-projectmeta-kit 0.3.2 2 Python toolkit for extracting and transforming metadata about LSST's code and documentation projects, and loading it into the LSST projectmeta database.
lttnganalyses 0.6.1 2 LTTng analyses
lurk 0.1.3 2 Extract html from one or multiple urls
luxcorerender 2.0a5 2 LuxCore API
luxcorerender-opencl 2.0a5 2 LuxCore API
luxemx 0.0.1 2 Extracts specified elements from luxem documents
mad2 0.3.7 2 create & track file metadata
maec-to-stix 1.0.0-alpha1 2 An API for wrapping MAEC documents in STIX and also extracting STIX Indicators from MAEC documents.
magnolia_coach 1.0.0 2 Extract three unique shortest time form coach data
MaildropccReader 1.1.0 2 Simple API to extract emails of accounts from
mailscraper 0.1 2 Webcrawler will enter your domain and scan every page of your website, extracting page titles, descriptions, keywords, and links etc,.
MakoLang 2 This package adds preprocessor to mako for convenient syntax of gettext strings, and babel extractor to process such templates.
manga 0.1.13 2 Data abstraction layer for MongoDB.
manhattan_comparable 0.0.5 2 Tracking changes (who, what [from > to], when) to the database (via the mongoframes.Frame interface).
manhattan_publishing 0.1.1 2 Tracking changes (who, what [from > to], when) to the database (via the mongoframes.Frame interface).
manticore 0.1.7 2 Manticore is a symbolic execution tool for analysis of binaries and smart contracts.
markdown-macros 0.1.2 2 An extension for python-markdown that add Trac-like macro support.
markovlib 0.1 2 Simple implementation of Markov Modeller for abstract lists.
marrow.server 0.9 2 Abstract asynchronous, multi-process socket server API.
marve 0.0.7 2 Package for extracting measurements and related entities from text.
marvelator 0.1.1 2 Python abstraction for requests
marxs 1.1 2 Multi Architecture Raytracer for X-ray satellites
matchbox 0.3.0 2 Abstraction layer for creating hash maps to speed up extracting subsets out of objects in collection
MathJaxPlugin 0.1.5 2 Renders mathematical equations using MathJax library.
mayan-exif 1.0.0 2 EXIF data extraction app for Mayan EDMS.
mboxattachments 0.5.35 2 Utility for exporting attachments from mbox files
md2py 0.0.1 2 utility converting markdown into Python abstraction
mdr 0.0.1 2 python library to detect and extract listing data from HTML page
me.csv 0.0.1 2 Aggregate time and health tracking data
mediatumtal 0.3.2 2 TAL template library used by mediaTUM extracted from Athana web server
mediawiki-utilities 0.4.18 2 A set of utilities for extracting and processing MediaWiki data.
medirect 0.8.0 2 multiprocessed ncbi edirect and ftract
mem-edit 0.1 2 Multi-platform library for memory editing
memacs 2017.12.26 2 Memacs extracts metadata from many different existing data sources on your computer and generates files which are readable by GNU Emacs (Org-Mode).
memcache_toolbar 0.5.6 2 Add-on for Django Debug Toolbar for tracking memcached usage
mendeleystats 0.1.2 2 A command line tool to extract information about papers in a Mendeley folder.
merle 2 Command-line tool for extracting metadata from URLs
met4dream 1.5 2 ROMS-Norkyst800m Metocean Data Extraction and Analysis
meta_func 0.1.3 2 Python decorator function to track metadata on function calls
MetaGETA 1.4.0 2 Metadata Gathering, Extraction and Transformation Application
metapensiero.sphinx.patchdb 3.2 2 Extract scripts from a reST document and apply them in order.
metarace 1.10.12 2 Cycle race abstractions
mezzanine-linkdump 1.0.1 2 A Mezzanine app to create, display, and track links.
MGLEX 0.2.0 2 MGLEX - MetaGenome Likelihood EXtractor
micawber 0.3.5 2 a small library for extracting rich content from urls
micropython-mpu9250 0.1.0 2 MicroPython I2C driver for MPU9250 9-axis motion tracking device
midikit 0.0.1 2 Midi abstraction layer for audio devices
MIDIUtil 1.2.1 2 A pure python library for creating multi-track MIDI files
milter 0.8.18 2 Anti-forgery, reputation tracking, anti-spam milter
mimirCache 2 mimircache platform for analyzing cache traces, developed by Juncheng Yang in Ymir group @ Emory University
miniadt 0.4.0 2 tiny abstract data type on python
minicss 1.2 2 # MINI CSS ---------- A small Click_-wrapper around the python CLI-tool from Kyle S. at cssminifier.com_. All credits go to *him*. .. _Click: .. Download ======== ``$ pip install minicss`` Usage ===== ``$ mini test.css`` MIT license =========== Copyright (c) 2017 Yochem van Rosmalen Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions: The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software. THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NONINFRINGEMENT. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE AUTHORS OR COPYRIGHT HOLDERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIM, DAMAGES OR OTHER LIABILITY, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, ARISING FROM, OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SOFTWARE OR THE USE OR OTHER DEALINGS IN THE SOFTWARE.
mixpanel3 0.1 2 Utility library to work with mixpanel API
mixpanel_django 0.1 2 django reuseable app, it can simply track events use mixpanel API
mldatalib 0.2.1 2 Library for data analysis - extracting, storing and retrieving features
mlx.jira_juggler 1.1.0 2 A python script for extracting data from Jira, and converting to task-juggler (tj3) output
mmwebexp 0.1dev 2 A screen scraper to extract subscribers/members from a Mailman web control panel
MochiInterpreter 1.3.1 2 This widget is an implementation of the interpreter example from MochiKit code. It is provided as a facility to develop TurboGears applications that needs JavaScript. It is based on code provided at
modelforge 0.5.4a0 2 APIs and tools to work with abstract "models" - files with numpy arrays and metadata. It is possible to publish models, list them. There is a built-in cache. Storage has backends.
ModernGL-beta 5.0.2 2 ModernGL: PyOpenGL alternative
modified 1.04 2 Python file modification tracker
modulus11 0.1 2 Compute modulus 11 check digit for TNT consignements tracking number
Moments 2.0 2 Python package to process personal notes stored as moments log files
mongo-inspector 0.2 2 Schema extractor for MongoDB.
mongol 0.1.0 2 Track your site's traffic and generate custom reports
montague_testapps 0.1.3 2 Test applications for Montague (mostly extracted from the PasteDeploy test suite)
Mopidy-Notifier 0.3.3 2 Mopidy extension for displaying Trackinfo as notifications on Mac OS X 10.8 and Linux
Mopidy-Scrobbler 1.1.1 2 Mopidy extension for scrobbling played tracks to
moreos 0.0.0 2 Library tracking recent RFC updates to Cookies in HTTP
mosaiq_field_export 0.3.2 2 A toolbox for extracting field data from Mosaiq SQL.
motmot.flytrax 0.5.8 2 plugin for fview to perform 2D image tracking (part of the motmot camera packages)
mougeon 0.1.0dev-r48 2 Free Mobile Cell Tower usage tracker
movementtypes 0.1.1 2 extract GPS traces from file and analyze them to reveal movement types
moz-sql-parser 1.3.18033 2 Extract Parse Tree from SQL
mozcrash 1.0 2 Library for printing stack traces from minidumps left behind by crashed processes
mozleak 0.1 2 Library for extracting memory leaks from leak logs files
mozterm 0.1.0 2 Terminal abstractions built around the blessings module.
mptcpanalyzer 0.2.dev0 2 Analyze mptcp traces (.pcap)
mpyq 0.2.5 2 A Python library for extracting MPQ (MoPaQ) files.
MQ2 1.1.0 2 MQ² aims at extracting and find QTLs from MapQTL output
mrgpx 1.0.2 2 just for combining two crossing tracks with overlaped points
mtg-ssm 1.3.6 2 A tool to manage Magic: the Gathering collection spreadsheets.
Mtrax 2.2.07 2 Multiple fly tracker
mtt 0.0.0 2 Maastricht Tractography Toolbox
mudicom 0.1.2 2 Read, validate, anonymize, and extract images from a DICOM file using GDCM
MUGAlyser 1.0.6a0 2 MUGAlyser - a script to extract data from Meetup into a MongoDB database
multiline-log-formatter 0.1.8 2 Python logging formatter that prefix multiline log message and trackebacks.
multipart-reader 0.2 2 Multipart/* reader extracted from awsome `aiohttp` project, cf.:
mungempo 0.1 2 Commandline tool/module for extracting stereo images from.MPO format files
Musket 1.4.1 2 File dependency tracking library
mwcites 0.2.0 2 A collection of scripts and utilities for extracting citations to academic literature from Wikipedia's XML database dumps.
mwpersistence 0.2.4 2 A set of utilities for measuring content persistence and tracking authorship in MediaWiki revisions.
mwrefs 0.0.3 2 A set of utilities for extracting and processing <ref>s MediaWiki Projects
mydocstring 0.1.5 2 A tool for extracting and converting Google-style docstrings to plain-text, markdown, and JSON.
mymathFoo 0.6.12 2 Silly little math turd to add/subtract.
mymathFoo1 0.5 2 Silly little math turd to add/subtract.
myriagon 16.10.0 2 Time tracking, task tracking.
mythril 0.14.3 2 Security analysis tool for Ethereum smart contracts
myusps 1.3.2 2 Python 3 API for USPS Informed Delivery, a way to track packages and mailpieces.
nagare.ide 0.2.1 2 Nagare Web IDE
named_decorator 0.1.4 2 Utility to name wrappers based on their callees, dynamically. This makes it easy to trace calls in large codebases with heavily used decorators.
nameko-zipkin 0.1.2 2 Zipkin tracing for nameko framework
nanoget 1.5.0 2 Functions to extract information from Oxford Nanopore sequencing data and alignments.
napalm 2.3.0 2 Network Automation and Programmability Abstraction Layer with Multivendor support
napalm-ansible 0.9.0 2 Network Automation and Programmability Abstraction Layer with Multivendor support
napalm-base 1.0.0 2 Network Automation and Programmability Abstraction Layer with Multivendor support
napalm-brocade 0.2.2 2 Network Automation and Programmability Abstraction Layer with Multivendor support
napalm-eos 0.6.1 2 Network Automation and Programmability Abstraction Layer with Multivendor support
napalm-exaros 0.1.0 2 Network Automation and Programmability Abstraction Layer with Multivendor support
napalm-exos 0.1.0 2 Network Automation and Programmability Abstraction Layer with Multivendor support
napalm-fortios 0.4.0 2 Network Automation and Programmability Abstraction Layer with Multivendor support
napalm-ibm 0.1.7 2 Network Automation and Programmability Abstraction Layer with Multivendor support
napalm-ios 0.8.1 2 Network Automation and Programmability Abstraction Layer with Multivendor support
napalm-iosxr 0.5.6 2 Network Automation and Programmability Abstraction Layer with Multivendor support
napalm-junos 0.12.1 2 Network Automation and Programmability Abstraction Layer with Multivendor support
napalm-logs 0.4.2 2 Network Automation and Programmability Abstraction Layer with Multivendor support: syslog parser
napalm-mos 2.0.2 2 Network Automation and Programmability Abstraction Layer with Multivendor support
napalm-nxos 0.7.1 2 Network Automation and Programmability Abstraction Layer with Multivendor support
napalm-panos 0.5.1 2 Network Automation and Programmability Abstraction Layer with Multivendor support
napalm-pluribus 0.5.1 2 Network Automation and Programmability Abstraction Layer with Multivendor support
napalm-ros 0.3.1 2 Network Automation and Programmability Abstraction Layer driver for Mikrotik ROS
napalm-vyos 0.1.4 2 Network Automation and Programmability Abstraction Layer with Multivendor support
napalm-yang 0.0.7 2 Network Automation and Programmability Abstraction Layer with Multivendor support
napi 0.2.1 2 Array operations simplified
nasalgeom 1.0.0 2 A free 3D upper respiratory tract geometry reconstruction software
nasl-parser 0.1.7 2 Parses a Nessus Script Language script plugin and extracts details from it.
NatNetClient 0.8 2 Client for getting Optitrack data from Motive through the NatNet Stream.
NautilusPy 1.0.0 2 Nautilus library provide easy and convenient way to connect to nautilus servers.
NavAdd 0.1.1 2 A plugin for adding navigation items into one of the navigation bars.
navtrix 0.0.3 2 Navtrix tracks position and rotation in a Transform class
nb 0.1.2 2 Nota Bene: Keep track of your notes.
nbcomet 0.2 2 Extension for tracking Jupyter Notebook history
ncc_paapi 0.0.8 2 Abstraction classes to access the PA API
ndmapper 0.2 2 Track mapping of AstroPy NDData objects to/from files.
neolixir 2.1.3 2 A declarative ORM abstraction layer for Neo4j
NetCube 0.3.0 2 Python implementation of the Spinning Cube of Potential Doom.
netengine 0.1.alpha 2 Abstraction layer for extracting information from network devices.
networking-hyperv 6.0.0 2 This project tracks the work to integrate the Hyper-V networking with Neutron. This project contains the Hyper-V Neutron Agent Mixin, Security Groups Driver, ML2 Mechanism Driver and the utils modules they use in order to properly bind neutron ports on a Hyper-V host. This project resulted from the neutron core vendor decomposition.
neurofeatures 0.0.1 2 Generic feature extraction package for neuroimaging features (examples include: connectivity from rs-fmri, regional mean fractional anisotropy, structural covariance etc)
newslynx-sc-rss 0.0.5 2 This module contains all Sous Chefs which deal with RSS extraction.
newslynx-url 0.1.0 2 Tools for parsing, extracting, reconciling, and unshortening urls
newspaper 2 Simplified python article discovery & extraction.
newspaper3k 0.2.6 2 Simplified python article discovery & extraction.
nflfan 0.2.0 2 A library to track your fantasy teams in one place.
NHANES-semantic-data-dictionary-annotation 1.0.3 2 Scripts for extracting semantic data dictionaries from NHANES data
niltech 0.4 2 A various purpose library intended to be used in Raspberry pi workshops
nlp_services 0.0.1 2 A collection of services for interacting with NLP data extracted from Stanford CoreNLP 0.7 2 Filesystem directory abstraction based on nodes
node.ext.python 0.1 2 Python source file abstraction based on nodes
node.ext.template 0.1 2 Template file abstraction based on nodes
node.ext.xmi 0.1 2 XMI file abstraction based on nodes
node.ext.xml 0.1 2 XML file abstraction based on nodes
node.ext.zcml 0.1 2 ZCML abstraction based on nodes
nose-mycode 0.0.3 2 Produces a colour coded nose stack trace
nose-progressive 1.5.1 2 A testrunner with a progress bar and smarter tracebacks
nose2-jira-plugin 1.1.1 2 A nose2 test runner plugin to deal with jira bugtracker
nosedive 0.15 2 Nosedive is a stack depth tracer for Nose
NotificationOptOutPlugin 0.1.2 2 Allow users to opt-out from notifications.
noun-hound 1.0.0 2 Finds nouns and noun phrases in any given text.
nowfm 0.0.21 2 nowfm is a library for get nowplaying track information from
nsetools 1.0.5 2 Python library for extracting realtime data from National Stock Exchange
nshowrss 0.1.2 2 Ncurses interface for downloading series, and keeping track of the watched / not watched episodes
nubeview 0.0.6 2 Wrapper around libcloud to get even more abstraction
numaster 0.2.1 2 Number normalizer
numeraicb 1.0.0 2 Keras Callback to track Numerai consistency
numericalmodel 0.1.19 2 abstract classes to set up and run a numerical model
nupxrd 0.3.1 2 Extract raw data from a .dat file generated on the XRD equipment
o2-scrap 0.3 2 library to get data-usage and plan details from O2 germany mobile contracts
OASYS 0.1.25 2 OrAnge SYnchrotron Suite
OASYS1 1.0.20 2 OrAnge SYnchrotron Suite
obiwan 1.0.8 2 A runtime type checker (contract system) and JSON validator
obmenka 0.2 2 Mac OS X UAH currency tracker
oc-tt 0.1.2 2 opencore tasktracker client package
octohat 0.1.9 2 octohat - no longer maintained. See: octohatrack
oddsman 0.1.1 2 this module extracts odds(rate) of hourse race held today
odoo10-addon-l10n-it-account 2 Italian Localization - Account
odoo10-addon-l10n-it-ateco 2 Ateco codes
odoo10-addon-l10n-it-split-payment 2 Split Payment
odoo11-addon-sale-commission-formula 2 Sale commissions computed by formulas
odoo8-addon-l10n-it-account 2 Italian Localization - Account
odoo8-addon-l10n-it-reverse-charge 2 Reverse Charge for Italy
odoo8-addon-sale-commission 2 Sales commissions
odoo8-addon-sale-commission-formula 2 Sale commissions computed by formulas
odoo8-addon-website-analytics-piwik 2 Track website users using piwik
odoo9-addon-sale-commission 2 Sales commissions
odooku-odoo-hr-expense 11.0.4 2 Odoo addons for the Expense Tracker app
odooku-odoo-project-issue 10.0.0 2 Odoo addons for the Issue Tracking app
ODTReader 0.0.5 2 Lightweight python module to allow extracting text from OpenDocument (odt) files.
offlinetb 0.0.8 2 Tools for distilling tracebacks for offline viewing
OGN-Flogger 0.3.1.dev17 2 Realtime logging of glider flights from Flarm data
OhlohWidgetsMacro 0.2 2 Trac macro to embed Ohloh widgets
ois 0.1.3 2 Optimal Image Subtraction
okpy 1.13.10 2 supports programming projects by running tests, tracking progress, and assisting in debugging.
omni_gumshoe 0.1.1 2 Simple django signal for tracking superuser logins.
omniduct 0.6.2 2 A toolkit providing a uniform interface for connecting to and extracting data from a wide variety of (potentially remote) data stores (including HDFS, Hive, Presto, MySQL, etc).
omrdatasettools 0.9 2 A collection of tools that simplify the downloading and handling of datasets used for Optical Music Recognition (OMR).
on_the_fly 0.02rc3 2 on_the_fly: out-of-core learning for PySpark and Python iterators' on_the_fly is a machine learning toolkit designed to efficiently perform online feature extraction and learning on RDD and Python iterators.
onering 0.0.10 2 A toolchain for declaratively specifying transformations between schemas and instances of schemas to help track dependencies across schemas.
OneSheet 2 Easily access metadata for image, video, sound, and document file.
oodoctest 0.1.0 2 Doctest extractor for documents
ooo-macro-exchange 0.2.2 2 Routines and CLI to facilitate injection/extraction of macros.
open-fortran-parser 0.5.2 2 Python wrapper for XML output generator for Open Fortran Parser
open_worm_analysis_toolbox 3.0.0 2 Open Worm Analysis Toolbox
openapi2jsonschema 0.7.1 2 A utility to extract JSON Schema from a valid OpenAPI specification.
openbadges_bakery 1.0.0b4 2 A python utility for baking and extracting Open Badges metadata from images.
opencensus 0.1.3 2 A stats collection and distributed tracing framework
opencv-rolling-ball 1.0 2 Fully Ported to Python from ImageJ's Background Subtractor.Only works for 8-bit greyscale images currently.
openerp-account-analytic-analysis 7.0.406 2 Contracts Management
openerp-analytic-user-function 7.0.406 2 Jobs on Contracts
openerp-project-issue 7.0.406 2 Issue Tracker
opensesame-plugin-mousetrap 1.2.1 2 Mousetrap plugin for OpenSesame
optimix 1.2.23 2 Abstract function optimisation
optirx 1.9 2 A pure Python library to receive motion capture data from OptiTrack Streaming Engine
opyrant 0.1.3 2 hardware abstraction and shareable protocols for operant conditioning
ore.metamime 0.1.4 2 Mime Identification and Property Extraction
ore.recipe.fs 0.3.1 2 File and Directory Creation for Buildout, Extracted from lovely.recipe for minimal dependencies
OsAdapters 0.1 2 Nice abstractions over the file system and running commands.
osmnet 0.1.4 2 Tools for the extraction of OpenStreetMap street network data for use in Pandana accessibility analyses.
osmtogtfs 0.2.0 2 Extracts partial GTFS feed from OSM data.
osuex 0.0.5 2 An osu extraction tool for linux users
oxitopped 0.2 2 Tools for extracting data from an OxiTop OC110 data logger
oxtimelines 0.34 2 extract timelines from videos 1.1rc1 2 Plone4Artists audio abstraction library
p4a.calendar 2.1b1 2 Plone4Artists calendar abstraction library 1.4 2 Plone4Artists video abstraction library
P4DTI 2.4.5 2 Perforce Defect Tracking Integration
pact-python 0.16.1 2 Tools for creating and verifying consumer driven contracts using the Pact framework.
pafo 0.1 2 library recursively prints data fields of an objects
pageinfo 0.40 2 Tool for extracting basic information from web pages
Painless-SQLAlchemy 0.5.0 2 Simplified filtering and serialization for SQLAlchemy
palletize 0.1.2 2 Extract dominant colors from image using K-means
pampo 0.1.1 2 Package to extract named entities from texts written in Portuguese
panavatar 0.3.3 2 Panavatar generates pseudorandom abstract wallpapers
pandas-datareader 0.6.0 2 Data readers extracted from the pandas codebase,should be compatible with recent pandas versions
pando 0.44 2 Pando is a Python web framework. Simplates are the main attraction.
pandoo 0.2.13 2 Pandoo is a bioinformatics tool for for exploring and characterising bacterial genome data. Input is paired-end reads and assemblies. Output is an NJ tree/dendrogram inferred from the assemblies (using mashtree) and a table of results (species ID, mlst, antimicrobial resistance genes, plasmid replicon types, virulence genes, etc., plus read and assembly QC metrics). Github repo and issue tracker: Pypi repository:
panther 0.1.1 2 Simple crawling and extraction in Python.
parampy 2.1.1 2 A parameter manager that keeps track of physical (or numerical) quantities, and the relationships between them.
parent-swap 0.0.4 2 Replace abstract parent classes of django objects
parinx 0.1.2 2 Parinx implements a basic Sphinx docstring parser language which providesa interface to extract the relavant parameter. You might find it most useful for tasks involving automated data extraction from sphinx docs.
parsel 1.4.0 2 Parsel is a library to extract data from HTML and XML using XPath and CSS selectors
parsetools 1.0.0 2 Tools for text extraction from pdf and html documents based on textract and beautiful soup
parslepy 0.3.0 2 Parsley extraction library using lxml
particle 0.0.6 2 Multi-method Article Extraction
passerine 1.4.1 2 A generic object relational mapper (ORM) and data abstraction layer (DAL) primarily designed for NoSQL databases.
PassportEye 1.2.0 2 Extraction of machine-readable zone information from passports, visas and id-cards via OCR
pathclustering 0.1 2 First pass implementation of traclus algorithm
pathcreator 0.2.1 2 Tool to create 3d sound rendering path given a listener, speakers, audio path and audio track.
paylib 0.2.1 2 Simple PayPal Express Checkout API abstraction for python
pbraw 0.1.2 2 A library to extract plaintexts from pastebins
pdb4qt 0.2 2 A set_trace() that works with PyQt4
pdf2text 1.0.0 2 A PDFMiner wrapper to ease the text extraction from pdf files.
pdf2xlsx 1.2.0 2 Invoice extraction from zip, order detail transformation
pdftable 1.0 2 pdftable: extract tables from PDF files
pdftables 0.0.4 2 Parses PDFs and extracts what it believes to be tables.
pdftables.six 0.0.5 2 Parses PDFs and extracts what it believes to be tables.
pdftotext 2.0.2 2 Simple PDF text extraction
PDFTron-PDFNet-SDK-for-Python 5.7 2 A top notch PDF library for PDF rendering, conversion, content extraction, etc
pemi 2 Pemi - Python Extract Modify Integrate
pent 0.0 2 Pent Extracts Numerical Text
peri 0.1.2 2 Parameter Extraction from the Reconstruction of Images
persistable 0.3.4 2 An inheritable superclass with logging, and tools for persisting and loading models with parameter tracking
petitioners 0.0.7 2 auditable tracing for linking requests between services
petl 1.1.1 2 A Python package for extracting, transforming and loading tables of data.
petools 1.0 2 petools read .NET assemblies headers and data to extract content information statically.
pg_jts 0.0.1 2 Create JSON-table-schema from a live PostgreSQL database
phabulous 0.1.2 2 Pythonic abstraction for python-habricator library.
piboso 1 2 Sentence tagger for biomedical abstracts.
pickrr 0.5 2 Pickrr order placing, order Cancellation and order tracking api
pidantic 0.1.3 2 An abstraction to process management for OOI
pillarsdk 1.6.1 2 The Pillar REST SDK provides Python APIs to communicate to the Pillar webservices.
PilotMapReduce 0.1.0 2 SAGA Pilot-Abstractions based MapReduce Implementation
pip_services_commons 2.4.1 2 Basic portable abstractions for Pip.Services in Python
pipesnake 0.1 2 Feature extractor and data processing pipelines for Pandas inspired by Scikit-Learn.
pitz 1.2.4 2 Python to-do tracker inspired by ditz (
pivotal-fetcher 5.1.1 2 Fetches Pivotal Tracker Stories.
pivotal-py 0.1.3 2 Thin client for Pivotal Tracker's API
pivotalclient 0.4 2 A Python pivotal tracker client.
pivotalpy 0.1 2 Wrapper for Pivotal Tracker API v5
pixels_encoder 1.1.0 2 extract image pixels info into json
pkt 0.0.21 2 Pkt: Abstract network package
Playgen 1.0 2 Extracting all links from Youtube playlist and save them in a text file
playkit 0.5.4 2 Light weight python wrapper for extracting data from google playstore
playnicely 0.1.1 2 API Python Client
plenario-core 0.0.15 2 abstract bases for plenario
plenario-stream-core 0.0.2 2 Abstraction over stream management for Plenario.
plex-scrobble 4.1.1 2 Scrobble audio tracks played via Plex Media Center
pliers 0.2.2 2 Multimodal feature extraction in Python
pluckpy 0.1.2 2 Extract values from a list.
ply2atti 0.1.2 2 Script for extraction of attitudes from 3d models using meshlab's mesh painting tool
pngify 0.3 2 Inject and extract data from PNG files
pnmatcher 0.1.2 2 match phone numbers in url and text
pony-traffic 1.0.4 2 pony-traffic is a fork of django-request with tracking module. It stores requests in a database for admins to see, it can also be used to get statistics on who is online, where are clients, how much time they spent, etc.
poolhub 0.0.9 2 Track threads in your Python program.
popLines 2.1.1 2 Tools to pop/peek lines from the head/tail or known position within a given file, and output to stdout. Makes files into queues!
poppy-creature 2.0.0 2 Abstract Poppy Creature Software Library
por.karma 1.0 2 Karma integration in Penelope
portfoliomanager 0.1.2 2 Tracks N number of investments equally weighted against IVV etf.
postgres 2.2.1 2 postgres is a high-value abstraction over psycopg2.
postnl-api 0.3 2 Python wrapper for the PostNL API, a way to track packages using their online portal
povme 3.0.35 2 POVME (Pocket VOlume MEasurer) is a Python package for extracting actionable information from ensembles of protein structures for use in drug design.
pptshape 0.0.4 2 Extract images from PowerPoint presentation files for Sphinx.
pre-ml 1.0.1 2 pre-ml an optimization tool for machine learning!
prefsync 1.2 2 A little tool to help synchronize Mac OS X plist files (used for preferences for most Mac Apps) seamlessly, in a way that can be tracked by git.
pregnantpause 1.0.1 2 Extends the length of pauses in an audio track to help with transcribing
Presser 0.1.8 2 Extracts data from vine, in lieu of an API
printind 1.0 2 Print function indented by the calling function stack depth using the traceback module
pritunlsdk 0.1.1 2 Unofficial Pritunl SDK written in Python that allows to easily intract with Pritunl API
Products.galleriffic 1.0.6 2 A gallery view with galleriffic script
Products.LongRequestLogger 2.1.0 2 Dumps sequential stack traces of long-running Zope2 requests
Products.PloneSoftwareCenter 1.6.4 2 PloneSoftwareCenter is a tool that keeps track of software projects
Products.signalstack 1.0rc2 2 Show stacktrace on signal
Products.signalstackLogger 0.9 2 Output zope stacktrace on signal using logging facility
Products.SquareListing 0.1.4 2 A square listing template for folderish contents
profilehooks 1.10.0 2 Decorators for profiling/timing/tracing individual functions
progressinsight 0.1.0 2 Real-time workflow progress tracking
progressio 0.3.0 2 A file-based project management and bug-tracking tool.
project-stats 1.1.1 2 keep track of all your projects
promela 0.0.2 2 Parser and abstract syntax tree for the Promela modeling language.
protoql 2 Language for rapid assembly, querying, and interactive visual rendering of diagrams and common, abstract mathematical structures. 0.0.1a0 2 wrapper for api using aiohttp
PUBGIS 0.2.12 2 PUBG Location Tracker
PublicNotificationsPlugin 0.1.2 2 Allow to define CC address(es) used only for public tickets notifications.
puente 0.5.0 2 Strings extraction and other tools
pulsar-agile 0.5.0 2 Python toolkit for agile release managing, building and issue tracking
purpletag 0.1.4 2 A tool to track hashtags used by members of the U.S. congress.
py-grabber 0.1.3 2 Extract main content from web-page
py-moneyed 0.7.0 2 Provides Currency and Money classes for use in your Python code.
py_lnkdn_rest 0.1 2 A utility API to connect and extract data to linkedin REST API
pyadbc 0.1.0 2 PyADBC: Design by Contract in Python
PyAfipWs 2.7.1874 2 Interfases, tools and apps for Argentina's gov't. webservices (soap, com/dll, pdf, dbf, xml, etc.)
pyang-jsontree-plugin 0.1 2 A pyang plugin to produce a JSON representation of module trees for use in graph libraries
pyannote.features 0.3 2 PyAnnote feature extraction 1.5.1 2 Video processing (including face detection, tracking, and clustering)
pyauto.secret 0.0.1 2 A flexible module for generating and tracking shared secrets
PyBabel-hbs 0.2.2 2 PyBabel handlebars gettext strings extractor
pybabel-htmlbars 0.2.0 2 Pybabel HTMLBars gettext strings extractor
PyBabel-json 0.2.0 2 PyBabel json gettext strings extractor
PyBabel-json-md 0.1.0 2 PyBabel json metadef (md) gettext strings extractor
pybinsim 1.2.1 2 Real-time dynamic binaural synthesis with head tracking.
PyCDDB 0.1.0 2 Access CDDB-Servers from Python
pycfg 0.1 2 The python3 ast based control flow graph
pycheddar 0.9.3 2 Class objects to abstract the process of interacting with the CheddarGetter API
pycoinmon 0.4.7 2 The cryptocurrency price tool on CLI
pycoins 0.2.2 2 A little command line tool for tracking cryptocurrency prices.
pyConnectomist 1.0.0 2 [pyConnectomist] This package provides common scripts: * pyconnectomist_preproc: preprocess a diffusion sequence. * pyconnectomist_tractography: compute a determinist tractography and detect bundles using an atlas. * pyconnectomist_dtifit: estimate a DTI model from the preprocessed diffusion data.
pyconomic 0.1.2 2 Abstraction for API
pyconverge 0.0.18 2 Resolve configurations from abstract hierarchies and templates
pycorn 0.19 2 A script to extract data from UNICORN result (res) files
pycpdf 1.0.3 2 Extract content and metadata from PDF files efficiently
pycrastinate 0.1.0 2 Keep your TODO, FIXME, etc. under control by triggering actions, generating reports, date/author/custom filtering, automated e-mails and more
pyCroscopy 0.59.5 2 Python library for scientific analysis of microscopy data
pyDAL 17.11 2 a pure Python Database Abstraction Layer
pydbx 0.14 2 Simple SQL database abstraction layer
PyDCL 1.0.0 2 Dynamic Contract Layers
pyderasn 3.2 2 Python ASN.1 DER codec with abstract structures
pydotask 0.4.3 2 PyDo is a CLI Application to keep you on track with your tasks and projects
pydrogen 2 Python library for building embedded languages within Python that have alternative operational semantics and abstract interpretations..
pyduin 0.2 2 Extensive arduino abstraction
pyebook 1.11 2 Python Ebook Reader/Extractor - Only support epub format
pyexifinfo 0.4.0 2 Simple Metadata extraction using Exiftool
pyfpds 0.1.0 2 pyfpds is a python wrapper for accessing federal contracting data in the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS)
PyFVCOM 2.0.0 2 PyFVCOM is a collection of various tools and utilities which can be used to extract, analyse and plot input and output files from FVCOM.
pygazetteer 0.1.0 2 Location extractor by looking up gazetteer
pygcat 0.7.0 2 Extract statistical information from PostgreSQL.
pygeobase 0.3.18 2 Abstract I/O class definitions.
pygnip 1.0.3.a1 2 A wrapper for the Gnip API
pygrametlsilex 0.0.3 2 ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) written in Python.
pygrok 1.0.0 2 A Python library to parse strings and extract information from structured/unstructured data
pyhobdcalc 1.0.0 2 pyhobdcalc is an multibase (bases: 2,8,10,16) conversion and calculating python module written in C. With signed integers and floats converting, adding, substract, multiplying and dividing functions.
pyhttp 1.0.0 2 An object-oriented layer for the HTTP specification. It provides an abstraction for requests, responses, uploaded files, cookies, etc
pyipa 1.2.0 2 Python module to extract useful info from an IPA
pykalman 0.9.5 2 An implementation of the Kalman Filter, Kalman Smoother, and EM algorithm in Python
pyke 1.1.1 2 Python Knowledge Engine and Automatic Python Program Generator
pykoko 0.1.8 2 KOKO is an easy-to-use entity extraction tool
pyledger 0.5 2 A simple ledger for smart contracts written in Python
PyLg 1.3.2 2 Python module to facilitate and automate the process of writing runtime logs.
pylicense 1 2 License extractor from the python eggs.
pymakeself 0.2.3 2 pymakeself: make self-extracting archives
PyMata 2.17 2 A Python Protocol Abstraction Library For Arduino Firmata
pymata-aio 2.19 2 A Python Protocol Abstraction Library For Arduino Firmata using Python asyncio
pymdeco 0.1.1 2 PyMDECO - Python Meta Data Extractor and Collection Organizer library
pymetric 1.5.2 2 Simple abstraction layer for pushing metrics to influx periodically. Includes a wsgi middleware for compute metrics for web apps
PyMimircache 2 PyMimircache is a Python3 platform for analyzing cache traces, developed by Juncheng Yang in Ymir group @ Emory University
PyMLGame 0.3.3 2 PyMLGame is an abstraction layer to easily build games for Mate Light inspired by PyGame.
PyModel 1.0 2 Model-based testing in Python
pymonet 0.9.1 2 High abstract python library for functional programming. Contains algebraic data structures known from Haskell or Scala.
pymysql_utils 1.11 2 Thin wrapper around pymysql. Provides Python iterator for queries. Abstracts away cursor.
pyndexter 0.2 2 An abstraction layer for full-text indexing and search engines.
pynotify 0.1.1 2 Python decorator that notifies via email (Gmail) the termination (and eventual stacktrace in case of failure) of a function
pynsett 0.0.8 2 A relation extractor
pynut2 2.1.2 2 A Python abstraction class to access NUT servers.
pyoctree 0.2.4 2 Octree structure containing 3D triangular mesh model
pyoptools 0.1.1 2 Optical ray tracing simulation system
pyote 2.0.4 2 pyote is a simplified subset of R-OTE
pypdf2table 0.2.2 2 PDF table extraction tool
pypdx 0.0.1b3 2 Extract information from a PDX XML file into a SQLite or PostgreSQL database
pypi2cwl 0.1.0 2 Instrument for extracting tools from PyPi packages and generating CWL tool descriptions
pypianoroll 0.1.3 2 A python package for handling multi-track piano-rolls.
pypn 0.9 2 Abstraction library to send push notifications through APNs, GCM and OneSignal
PyProxyFS 0.8 2 Simple filesystem abstraction
pypubg 0.1.5 2 Query data from Player Unknown Battleground stat tracker
pypydispatch 1.0.11 2 A library for event-driven programming, extracted from Django
pyramid_services 1.1 2 A service layer abstraction for the Pyramid Web Framework.
pyramids 0.0.1 2 Pyramids Parser: English Language Semantic Extraction
PyRat 1.0 2 Python ray tracing
pyremotezip 0.5 2 Extract files from remote ZIP archives
pyrepo 0.1.2 2 Python repository abstraction
pyrocket 0.2.5 2 Rocket sync-tracker client
pyrvtools 1.0.0 2 Extract useful information from an RVTools ESX inventory file
pyrxnlp 2 Natural language processing tools
pysca 0.1.2 2 A tool for automated frequency extraction from photometric time series of heat-driven pulsators.
pyscarab 0.1.1 2 Python wrapper and abstractions for libscarab FHE library
PyScons 1.0.91 2 An extension to Scons which enables dependency tracking on python script imports.
pysfx 0.1 2 Tool for creating self-extracting Python scripts with autorun.
pysignals 0.1.2 2 Signal dispatcher for Python, extracted from the Django framework.
pyskate 0.1.2 2 Netconf abstraction layer for Cisco IOS XE devices
pyslayer 0.1.2 2 a python clone of dbslayer - JSON HTTP abstraction for DBAPI
pystas 0.9.0 2 Track function calls and get basic statistics
pystocker 0.1.25 2 lightweight ncurses stock tracker
pystuck 0.8.5 2 is a utility for analyzing stuck python programs (or just hardcore debugging). in order to debug a python program (hence, the debugee), add this line anywhere at startup: import pystuck; pystuck.run_server(). this script is the client, once invoked it connects to the debuggee and prints the debugee's threads stack traces (good for most cases). in addition, it opens an ipython prompt with an rpyc connection that provides access to the debuggee's modules (good for inspecting variables).
pysvnbot 0.0.4 2 Subversion commit log tracking bot
pyswath 1.0.0 2 package that provide tools to extract swath profiles from a raster map
pytakeout 0.1.0 2 Simplifies Python code extraction
pytb 0.0.10 2 Utility for viewing stacktraces of running python processes
pyteaser 2.0 2 PyTeaser takes any news article and extract a brief summary from it
pytest-ethereum 0.1.0a6 2 py.test plugin for testing Ethereum smart contracts
pytest-knows 0.1.5 2 A pytest plugin that can automaticly skip test case based on dependence info calculated by trace
pytest-leaks 0.2.2 2 A pytest plugin to trace resource leaks.
pytest_wdb 0.4.0 2 Trace pytest tests with wdb to halt on error with --wdb.
python-catcher 0.1.7 2 Beautiful stack traces for Python
python-debianbts 2.7.2 2 Python interface to Debian's Bug Tracking System
python-ecore 1.7.0 2 Python bindings for Ecore
python-fcc 0.0.0 2 An API abstraction of the FCC API found at
python-gnip 0.0.2 2 Gnip Powertrack Wrapper
python-harvest 1.0.4 2 Harvest api client
python-harvest-oauth 0.0.1a0 2 Harvest api client
python-harvest-redux 3.1.1 2 Harvest API client
python-hunt 0.0 2 Hunter is a flexible code tracing toolkit.
python-hunter 0.0 2 Hunter is a flexible code tracing toolkit.
python-nnmclub 1.0 2 Python library to search torrents on popular russian torrent tracker.
python-notifier 0.9.5 2 A generic notifier/event scheduler abstraction
python-pygaze 0.6.0a25 2 A Python library for eye tracking
python-qualisys 0.2.0 2 Import data from Qualisys Track Manager into pandas.
python-rake 1.4.4 2 A python module implementing the Rapid Automatic Keyword Extraction algorithm.
python-rest-handler 0.0.2 2 A simple and abstract library to create Read Handlers for different Web frameworks and ORMs.
python-rhnapi 5.4.1.post4 2 Python abstraction of the RHN Satellite XMLRPC API
python-scriptures 3.0.0 2 python-scriptures is a Python package and regular expression library for validating, extracting, and normalizing biblical scripture references from blocks of text.
python-tblib 0.0 2 Traceback fiddling library.
python-wallpaper 0.2.7 2 python-wallpaper generates pseudorandom abstract wallpapers
python-whois-extended 0.6.10 2 Python module/library for retrieving WHOIS information of domains. Able to extract data for all the popular TLDs (com, net, org, uk, pl, ru, lv, jp, co_jp, de, at, eu, biz, info, name, us, co, me, be, nz, cz, it, fr, kg, vc, fm, tv, edu, ca)
python-wikiware 0.0.2 2 A Python application that handles data extraction from Wikipedia
Python_GDAL 1.3.1 2 Geospatial Data Abstraction Library: Python Bindings
python_speech_features 0.6 2 Python Speech Feature extraction
pythonetl-xlrd 0.9.3dev 2 Library for developers to extract data from Microsoft Excel (tm) spreadsheet files
pythonwithgittest 2.599.8 2 The Telstra SMS Messaging API allows your applications to send and receive SMS text messages from Australia's leading network operator. It also allows your application to track the delivery status of both sent and received SMS messages.
pytile 1.1.0 2 A simple API for Tile® Bluetooth trackers
pytimesheet 0.0.11 2 timetracking for hiwis at tu darmstadt
PyToggl 0.2.6 2 The Definitive Python Library For The Toggl API
pytutor 0.1 2 An interface to run Phillip Guo's Python Tutor
pyuefi 0.1 2 A pure Python tool for extracting UEFI partition information and layout from hard drives
pyvagrantfile 0.5.11 2 Parser to extract data from a Vagrantfile into a data struct readable by python
pyvcs 0.2.0 2 A lightweight abstraction layer over multiple VCSs.
pyviewx.client 0.5.1 2 A package for communicating with eye trackers via the iViewX server software from SensoMotoric Instruments.
pyvotal 0.2.1 2 Pivotal tracker api client.
pywebgettext 0.0.3 2 Extract gettext strings from python template
pywordform 0.02 2 a python module to parse a Microsoft Word form in docx format, and extract all field values with their tags into a dictionary.
pyxid 1.0 2 Pure python library for communicating with Cedrus XID and StimTracker devices.
pyxp 1.0.0 2 A library for construct arithmetic expression in python, which could be serialize to and deserialize from string
pyzgoubi 0.6.0 2 PyZgoubi is an interface to the Zgoubi particle tracker written in python.
QtBE 0.2 2 Graphical user interface for bugtracker "Bugs Everywhere" supporting distributed revision control
QtPy 1.4.0 2 Provides an abstraction layer on top of the various Qt bindings (PyQt5, PyQt4 and PySide) and additional custom QWidgets.
qualisys 0.2.0 2 Import data from Qualisys Track Manager into pandas.
quartz 0.0.1.dev0 2 Track events in other applications
quickspikes 1.3.4 2 detect and extract spikes in time series data 0.1.4 2 Abstract credit card processing with online payment gateways such as Authorize.Net.
RabbitPlay 0.7.1 2 Abstraction on top of pika for working with RabbitMQ.
radio-pyse 0.2.2 2 Python Source Extractor
rake-nltk 1.0.2 2 Python implementation of the Rapid Automatic Keyword Extraction algorithm using NLTK
randomcolor 2 For generating attractive random colors
rapidsms-xray 0.5.9b0 2 RapidSMS app for web and SMS split test experiments & event tracking.
raspador 0.2.2 2 Library to extract data from semi-structured text documents
rastreio 0.0.3 2 Utility to track packages in the Brazilian post site
raven-sanitize-openerp 0.1.2 2 Sanitize data for sentry from OpenERP stacktraces
raw_data_emca 0.9.2 2 application to help data analyst, Extract, Manipulate, Clean, and Analyze their data
raysect 0.4.0 2 A Ray-tracing Framework for Science and Engineering
rbautofillbug 0.1.3 2 A ReviewBoard extension that extracts bug IDs from review request summaries
rdc.etl 1.0.0a6 2 Extract Transform Load (ETL) toolkit for python
rdflib-sqlalchemy 0.3.8 2 rdflib extension adding SQLAlchemy as an AbstractSQLStore back-end store
rdflib-sqlalchemy-redux 0.3.4 2 rdflib extension adding SQLAlchemy as an AbstractSQLStore back-end store
readembedability 1.6.6 2 Extract structured data from unstructured web pages.
reahl-interfaces 3.1.0 2 Python abstract classes for important Reahl interfaces.
reap 0.6 2 A command line interface and library for the Harvest time tracking tool.
redbaron 0.6.3 2 Abstraction on top of baron, a FST for python to make writing refactoring code a realistic task
reddit_time_machine 0.1.0 2 A Python package for traveling back to a historical date and extracting reddit channel contents.
redis-limpyd 1.2 2 Limpyd provides an easy way to store objects in Redis, without losing the power and the control of the Redis API, in a limpid way, with just as abstraction as needed.
redish 0.0.1 2 Pythonic Redis abstraction built on top of redis-py
redmine-cmd 1.0.1 2 redmine-cmd.cfg.example
redmine-releasedate 0.1.2 2 Track when your features are shipped to production in Redmine.
redsolutioncms.django-model-url 0.1.0 2 Django model url keeps track your objects' urls and inserts dynamic links in content. Do not worry, that page has changed address. All the old links will continue to work.
refinery 1.7.2 2 A map extractor for games built with the Blam engine
regressors 0.0.3 2 Easy utilities for fitting various regressors, extracting stats, and making relevant plots
Reparse 3.0 2 Regular Expression based parsers for extracting data from natural language
ReportChangesRSSPlugin 0.1.2 2 Extends reports with RSS feed of ticket changes.
reporter 0.1.2 2 Flexible text extraction from HTML in Python.
repostack 0.1 2 Keep track of all your git repositories.
reprozip-jupyter 0.2 2 Jupyter Notebook tracing/reproduction using ReproZip
request-id 0.3.1 2 Attach a unique identifier to every WSGI request.
retrosheet-pitch-sequences 1.1.0 2 Retrosheet at-bat ball/strike count state extraction
rhinoMorph 1.0.2 2 extract and use morphology by RHINO
rio-ds-mask 1.2 2 Extract an image's dataset-level mask and write to a new file.
rivuletpy 0.2.0.dev17 2 Rivuletpy: a powerful tool to automatically trace single neurons from 3D light microscopic images.
rls 0.1.3 2 Downloads SoundCloud tracks linked from Reddit
RobotDriver 0.2.3 2 RobotFramework support for Bitten
robotframework-extendedselenium2library 0.9.1 2 Extended Selenium2 web testing library for Robot Framework with AngularJS support
robotreviewer 0.0.4 2 Automatic extraction of data from clinical trial reports
rockload 0.4.1 2 rockload is a load testing tool that keeps track of how your projects evolve.
ROI2TEXT 1.2 2 Quickly extract text from your screenshot into clipboard
rolabesti 0.4.0 2 Command-line application to manage a music collection of mp3 tracks
rollbar 0.13.18 2 Easy and powerful exception tracking with Rollbar. Send messages and exceptions with arbitrary context, get back aggregates, and debug production issues quickly.
rook 0.1.6 2 Rook is a Python package for on the fly debugging and data extraction for application in production
root_signature 0.1.1 2 Extract data from root_files
roundup 1.5.1 2 A simple-to-use and -install issue-tracking system with command-line, web and e-mail interfaces. Highly customisable.
roundup2bitbucket 0.1 2 Convert Roundup data to Bitbucket's issue tracker
rqalpha-mod-sentry 0.1.0 2 A mod for RQAlpha Tracking error with Sentry
rt 1.0.10 2 Python interface to Request Tracker API
rtapi 0.2 2 Wrapper for RT API
runnynose 0.1.2 2 A continuous nose runner that tracks dependencies
RunPON 0.5 2 runs scripts, keeping track of the elapsed time.
runtime-stats 0.1.2 2 Python decorator function to track runtime stats on function calls
ruruki 1.4.2 2 Ruruki is a lightweight in-memory graph database which is ideal if you need a temporary graph database, or just doing a proof of concept and need a fast and reliable graph database.
sbmlodex 1.0.2 2 SBML ODE extractor
scamper-pywarts 0.2.1 2 Pure-python library allowing to read the Warts file format produced by Scamper (an Internet measurement tool from CAIDA)
scancode-toolkit 2.9.0b1 2 ScanCode is a tool to scan code for license, copyright, package and their documented dependencies and other interesting facts.
scanline 0.2.1 2 Script for extraction of attitudes from 3d models using meshlab's point picking tool
scdlbot 0.9.16 2 Telegram Bot for downloading MP3 rips of tracks/sets from SoundCloud, Bandcamp, YouTube with tags and artwork.
schema_to_context 0.2.0 2 JSON Schema to JSON LD Extraction Utility
school_pubsub 0.4 2 An abstracted interface for pub/sub between microservices
schoolutils 0.1.7 2 Utilities to track and manage student data, including a grade database, grade calculators, and more
scilog 1.0.5 2 Keep track of numerical experiments
SCMAccessPlugin 2.1 2 Trac plugin for SCM access control
scrapple 0.3.0 2 A framework for creating web content extractors
scrapy-twostage 0.0.4 2 Two stage Scrapy spider: download and extract
scrapyz 0.3.3 2 Scrape Easy
scrobbler 1.0.0a2 2 Submit tracks to audioscrobbler (
scs-host-bbe-southern 0.1.0 2 Host abstractions for data producers or consumers running South Coast Science Debian on the BeagleBone Black.
scs_comms_ge910 0.1.1 2 Communications abstractions for the South Coast Science Telit GE910 cellular modem board.
scs_dfe_eng 0.1.0 2 Environmental sampling abstractions for the South Coast Science Alpha _ Eng. digital front-end.
scs_host_bbe 0.1.1 2 Abstractions for Beaglebone based systems
scs_host_posix 0.1.4 2 Abstractions for POSIX based systems
scs_ndir 0.1.0 2 Environmental sampling abstractions for the South Coast Science NDIR SPI board. 0.1.3 2 Google analytics integration for Singing & Dancing
SE 2.3 2 A Python stream editor for command-line calls or integration into Python programs.
searchcolor 2.1.3 2 Image color extraction from web image search
seashore 17.6.0 2 A collection of shell abstractions
seasondog 1.0.6 2 Tool for tracking your progress in watching series and playing you the next episode
SECEdgar 0.1.1 2 SEC-Edgar implements a basic Sphinx crwaler for downloading the filings. It provides an interface to extract the filing from the site You might find it most useful for tasks involving automated data collection of filings from
SECEdgar-alok 0.1.5 2 SEC-Edgar implements a basic Sphinx crawler for downloading the filings. It provides an interface to extract the filing from the site You might find it most useful for tasks involving automated data collection of filings from
secret-storage 0.0.2 2 Tools for extract sensitive configuration out of your project
segment_source_resource 0.10.0 2 Abstraction to make sources easier to write
Selecting 0.90 2 Object-based abstraction over the system call select()
selection 0.0.13 2 API to extract content from HTML & XML documents
selectors 0.0.14 2 API to extract content from HTML & XML documents
selenium_page_adapter 0.2.0 2 PageAdapter pattern for Python Selenium browser test abstraction.
sempylver 1.4.5 2 A simple tool for tracking the semantic version of projects
sensate 0.2.1 2 Sensaphone hub and sensor abstraction library
sentinel-s3 0.8.0 2 Python libraries for extracting Sentinel-2's metadata from Amazon S3
sentry-freight 0.1.0 2 A Sentry extension which integrates Freight release tracking.
sentry-heroku 0.1.0 2 A Sentry extension which integrates Heroku release tracking.
sentry-javascript-lite 1.0 2 A Sentry extension to expand raw js stacktraces.
sentry-pivotal 0.1.0 2 A Sentry extension which integrates with Pivotal Tracker.
sentry-top 0.1.1 2 A Sentry extension which tracks the most active projects
sep 1.0.1 2 Astronomical source extraction and photometry library
sequential-parser 0.3 2 Utility to extract structured text using text patterns and a state machine.
serialDevice 0.2 2 Simple class to abstract a device connected to a USB port
SeriesMarker 0.1.0 2 A TV series browser and tracker application.
SerpScrap 0.10.1 2 A python scraper to extract and analyze data from search engine result pages and urls. Extract data, like url, title, snippet of results or ratings for given keywords.
Serv 0.3.0 2 Init system abstraction API and CLI
setlr 0.1.9 2 setlr is a tool for Semantic Extraction, Transformation, and Loading.
setuptools-requirements-vcs-version 0.1.0 2 Extract package version from requirements.txt VCS URLs
setuptools_shim 0.0.2 2 Abstract build system shim providing
sgp4 1.4 2 Track earth satellite TLE orbits using up-to-date 2010 version of SGP4
shadow3 18.1.24 2 SHADOW is an open source ray tracing code for modeling optical systems.
ShExJSG 0.2.1 2 "ShExJSG - Astract Syntax Tree for the ShEx 2.0 language
shippy 0.1.3 2 A python interface to the Ship issue tracker
shipwire 0.9.1 2 A Python abstraction layer around the Shipwire API.
showast 0.2.4 2 IPython notebook plugin for visualizing abstract syntax trees.
showtime-cli 0.1 2 Command line show tracker using the TVMaze public API
shuyucms 1.6.1 2 ShuyuCMS is a powerful content management system abstracted from the project of, based on the Django Framework.
si-news 0.1.3 2 Tracks updates for authors
siilo 0.1.0 2 File storage abstraction layer
simple_timer 0.2 2 A timer module. Makes it easy to track elapsed time.
simplite 0.0.1 2 Intract with sqlite3 in python as simple as it can be.
sitegraph 1.0 2 Python library for Sitegraph
SiteHTML 1.5.2 2 Python module to extract globals from a site index, then inject into the other .html files.
sklearn-features 0.0.2 2 Helpful tools for building feature extraction pipelines with scikit-learn
skoober 0.4 2 Extract user's books from
skosprovider 0.6.1 2 Abstraction layer for SKOS vocabularies.
Slang 0.1.1 2 Simple backtracking parser
SLOTH 0.0.8 2 stick-like object tracker
slowjam 1.3.6 2 Python Application Tracer
slowpoke 1.0.1 2 A utility to track test execution over time.
smartbytes-monitor 0.1.6 2 A Python package to monitor your Airtel Broadband network stats, remaining data, days left, etc
smartc 0.0.1 2 Smart contracts reengineered
smiley 0.8.1 2 Python Application Tracer
smrzr 0.1 2 Extracts key points from news articles
smvceviz 0.1.1 2 Visualize the Traces of NuSMV and NuXMV
snagit 0.3.0 2 Simple tools for downloading, cleaning, extracting and parsing content
sniffets 0.1.8 2 Python lib for
snspoliciestocsv 1.11 2 A simple script to extract policies from a Stormshield Network Security device configuration file to CSV
Social-Federation 0.7.0 2 Python library for abstracting social federation protocols
socketqueue 0.3.0 2 crossplatform Abastraction Interface to epool, kqueue, select, pool and IOCP(someday)
songvid 1.0.1 2 A tool to create a video with a still image and a given audio track
sopel_modules.stats 0.1 2 Advanced stats tracking module for Sopel IRC bot
sortedcollection 0.1.11 2 SortedCollection class that abstracts bisect extended from
soundcloud-syncer 0.3.4 2 Synchronize user's favorites tracks from soundcloud
soundcloud_dl 0.1.18 2 A tool to download tracks from
SoundDrizzle 1.0.1 2 An easy client to add SoundCloud tracks to your offline collection
sourcecodegen 0.6.14 2 A Python source-code generator based on the ``compiler.ast`` abstract syntax tree.
sourced-ml 0.4.5 2 Framework for machine learning on source code. Provides API and tools to train and use models based on source code features extracted from Babelfish's UASTs.
sower 1.1.1 2 Sower "plants" directories, files and symlinks on your filesystem based on a contract you tell it.
soykeyword 0.0.11 2 Unsupervised Korean Natural Language Processing Toolkits
spark-submit-app-id-wrapper 0.1.0 2 A wrapper around spark-submit, specifically tested with YARN, to intercept and extract the appliation id from stderr. Once the application id is detected, it prints it to stderr, so that your calling script can process it. See for more information.
spectate 0.1.0 2 Create classes whose instances have tracked methods
speechpy 2.2 2 The python package for extracting speech features.
spendtime 0.1.1 2 Simple timetracking tool for the terminal
sphinx-api-any 0.2 2 extract comments from source files into rst files
sphinx-dehead 0.2.1 2 A script to extract the main div section element from HTML
sphinx-issues 0.4.0 2 A Sphinx extension for linking to your project's issue tracker
SpiffSignal 0.1.0 2 A signal/event mechanism for Python
splat 0.32 2 SpeX Prism Library Analysis Toolkit
splinter 0.7.7 2 browser abstraction for web acceptance testing
splitconflict 0.9 2 Helper script to extract the three versions of a SVK conflicted file.
spotify-graveyard 1.0.1 2 Bury the undead tracks in your Inbox playlist once and for all!
spotify2csv 0.4.2 2 Convert Spotify URLs to tracks info in CSV format
spotlightpy 0.6 2 Extract Images from Microsoft Spotlight Project(Windows X only)
spritex 0.1.3 2 A simple tool for extracting sprites from full frames. Useful for AI projects.
spw 0.0.3 2 Simple Pygame Wrapper provides a 2D canvas abstraction with translation and scaling.
spyda 0.0.2 2 Spyda - Python Spider Tool and Library
SQLAlchemy 1.2.5 2 Database Abstraction Library
sqlalchemy-json 0.2.1 2 JSON type with nested change tracking for SQLAlchemy
SQLAlchemy-speedups 1.0 2 Database Abstraction Library C Extensions
sqlalchemy_audit 0.1.0 2 sqlalchemy-audit provides an easy way to set up revision tracking for your data.
SQLAlchemyAggregator 2 SQLAlchemy's mapper extension which canautomatically track changes in mapped classes andcalculate aggregations based on them
sqlapi 0.0 2 A higher-level set of abstractions for SQL and database plugins
sqliteanalyzer 0.1 2 Extract space-usage statistics from an SQLite database
sqlnosql 0.2.0 2 Push semi-structured data (e.g. JSON documents) into a database with a minimum of fuss. Includes validation and schema migration.
srxraylib 1.0.18 2 Synchrotron Radiation X-ray library
sslsnoop 0.11 2 Dumps the live traffic of an ssl-encrypted stream.
stack_dumpper 0.0.2 2 Dump stack trace from all threads (including main thread) when CRTL + \ is pressed or SIGQUIT is received.
stacksentinel 1.2.1 2 Stack Sentinel client and WSGI middleware
stamper 0.1 2 Time tracking tool
stapsdt 0.1.1 2 Create USDT probes and instrument your Python application dynamically
starman 1.0.0 2 A library which implements algorithms of use when trying to track the true state of one or more systems over time in the presence of noisy observations.
staste 0.1.1f 2 Slightly complicated event tracker for your Django website.
static-typing 0.2.1 2 add static type information to Python abstract syntax trees
staticx 0.5.0 2 Build static self-extracting app from dynamic executable
statsbiblioteket.harvest 1.1.4rc0 2 Harvest api client
stattr 0.13 2 A web application for tracking competitive activities
steelscript.wireshark 1.3 2 Extract metrics from pcap files
stockeye v1.5 2 Keep track of short term stock movement by monitoring breaking news activity
stockpile 0.1 2 Generic file storage abstraction
stocky 0.0.1.dev0 2 a program to track stocks and other finacial via terminal
Stoner 0.7.2 2 The Stoner Python package is a set of utility classes for writing data analysis code. It was written within the Condensed Matter Physics group at the University of Leeds as a shared resource for quickly writing simple programs to do things like fitting functions to data, extract curve parameters, churn through large numbers of small text data files and work with certain types of scientific image files
storage_interfaces 1.0.2 2 Abstract classes for representing storage-related objects
storagedef 0.1 2 Abstract storage interfaces
strandex 0.4.1 2 Strand-anchored regex for expansion or contraction of FASTQ files
streamlink 0.11.0 2 Streamlink is command-line utility that extracts streams from various services and pipes them into a video player of choice.
string-demon 0.2.7 2 String Feature Extraction
stringparser 0.4.1 2 Easy to use pattern matching and information extraction
structured 0.1 2 Query Lang to extract data from structures
strutil 0.2.1 2 Simple tools for downloading, cleaning, extracting and parsing content
study 0.1.0 2 Framework for building data studies in a pipe-and-filter style that abstracts over issues such as multiprocessing.
subdict 0.5 2 Extract subdicts from python dicts by just specifying which keys are needed, in a dotted-syntax.
subunitdetails 0.0.4 2 SubUnit details parser - Test detail attachment extractor.
suma 0.1.1 2 Application to generate short URL's, manage external links and extract link info (eg: title, screenshot, content)
Sumatra 0.7.4 2 A tool for automated tracking of computation-based scientific projects
summa 0.1.0 2 A text summarization and keyword extraction package based on textrank
summershum 0.1.5 2 fedmsg consumer that extracts hashes of source files
summpy 0.2.1 2 Text summarization (sentence extraction) module with simple HTTP API. (currently, supports Japanese only)
sumy 0.7.0 2 Module for automatic summarization of text documents and HTML pages.
sunvosc 0.1.0 2 Bidirectional OSC bridge for SunVox DLL
surlex 0.2.0 2 Simple URL expression translator: alternative to regular expressions for URL pattern matching and data extraction.
svnfiltereddump 1.2 2 Extracts parts from Subversion repositories
swarm-crawler 0.0.1 2 swarm application to extract meaningful texts from any site
swmmtoolbox 2 The swmmtoolbox extracts data from the Storm Water Management Model 5 binary output file.
symboldoc 0.0.1 2 Create docstrings based on module symbols
syrah 0.1 2 extract trusted k-mers from raw sequencing data
tabledown 0.1 2 Extract data from spreadsheets to collections(lists, and hashes), and vice versa.
tableh 0.0.01 2 Tableh, taking the "Matt Damon - Oscar Winning actor" out of "Mahhttt Dahhmonnn.
tablereader 1.1.0 2 Unified abstraction for handling xls, xlsx and CSV files in Python
tableschema-bigquery 0.6.3 2 Generate BigQuery tables, load and extract data, based on JSON Table Schema descriptors.
tableschema-ckan-datastore 0.0.3b0 2 Generate CKAN DataStore tables, load and extract data, based on Table Schema descriptors.
tableschema-elasticsearch 0.1.3 2 Generate ES Indexes, load and extract data, based on JSON Table Schema descriptors.
tableschema-pandas 0.6.1 2 Generate Pandas data frames, load and extract data, based on JSON Table Schema descriptors.
tableschema-sql 0.10.4 2 Generate SQL tables, load and extract data, based on JSON Table Schema descriptors.
tabtosql 1.0.2 2 Tableau Workbook SQL Extract Tool
tagnews 1.0.2 2 automatically tag articles with justice-related categories and extract location information
talon 1.4.4 2 Mailgun library to extract message quotations and signatures.
tap-adwords 1.3.0 2 tap for extracting data from the Adwords api
tap-appsflyer 0.0.1 2 tap for extracting data from the AppsFlyer API
tap-autopilot 0.1.1 2 tap for extracting data from the Autopilot API
tap-awin 0.0.4 2 tap for extracting data from the Affiliate Window API
tap-bing-ads 0.4.0 2 tap for extracting data from the Bing Ads API
tap-braintree 0.6.0 2 tap for extracting data from the Braintree API
tap-closeio 0.6.12 2 tap for extracting data from the CloseIO API
tap-clubhouse 0.2.0 2 tap for extracting data from the Clubhouse API
tap-codat 0.2.1 2 tap for extracting data from the Codat API
tap-db2 0.3.1 2 tap for extracting data from DB2
tap-exacttarget 0.0.8 2 tap for extracting data from the ExactTarget API
tap-facebook 1.3.3 2 tap for extracting data from the Facebook Ads API
tap-fixerio 0.1.2 2 tap for extracting currency exchange rate data from the API
tap-freshdesk 0.9.0 2 tap for extracting data from the Freshdesk API
tap-fullstory 0.1.2 2 tap for extracting data from the FullStory API
tap-github 0.3.0 2 tap for extracting data from the GitHub API
tap-gitlab 0.4.0 2 tap for extracting data from the GitLab API
tap-harvest 1.1.1 2 tap for extracting data from the Harvest api
tap-hubspot 2.1.0 2 tap for extracting data from the HubSpot API
tap-jira 0.1.9 2 tap for extracting data from the Jira API
tap-klaviyo 0.0.5 2 tap for extracting data from the Klaviyo API
tap-listrak 0.1.0 2 tap for extracting data from the Jira API
tap-lol 0.2.1 2 tap for extracting data from the League of Legends API
tap-marketo 2.0.17 2 tap for extracting data from the Marketo API
tap-mixpanel 1.0.0 2 tap for extracting data from the Mixpanel API
tap-mysql 1.1.6 2 tap for extracting data from MySQL
tap-oracle 0.0.11 2 tap for extracting data from Oracle
tap-outbrain 0.2.0 2 tap for extracting data from the Outbrain API
tap-pipedrive 0.0.10 2 tap for extracting data from the Pipedrive API
tap-quickbase 0.1.0 2 tap for extracting data from QuickBase
tap-redshift 1.0.0b3 2 tap for extracting data from redshift
tap-referral-saasquatch 0.5.12 2 tap for extracting data from the Referral SaaSquatch API
tap-retailnext 0.0.1 2 tap for extracting data from the RetailNext
tap-reviewscouk 0.0.2 2 tap for extracting data from
tap-salesforce 1.4.12 2 tap for extracting data from the Salesforce API
tap-selligent 0.0.1 2 tap for extracting data from the Selligent API
tap-sendgrid 0.1.2 2 tap for extracting data from the SendGrid API
tap-shippo 0.7.0 2 tap for extracting data from the Shippo API
tap-taboola 0.1.0 2 tap for extracting data from the Taboola API
tap-urban-airship 0.8.1 2 tap for extracting data from the Urban Airship API
tap-wootric 0.4.3 2 tap for extracting data from the Wootric API
tap-xero 0.1.22 2 tap for extracting data from the Xero API
tap-yotpo 0.1.0 2 tap for extracting data from the Yotpo API
tap-zendesk-chat 0.1.11 2 tap for extracting data from the Zendesk Chat API
tap-zuora 0.2.1 2 tap for extracting data from the Zuora API
tap_criteo 0.0.1 2 tap for extracting data from the Criteo API
tarstream 0.1 2 An incremental approach to extract files from tarfile.
tarun 0.1.0 2 Extract file
taskl 0.1 2 Distributed task tracker
taskwarrior-timebook-hook 0.3 2 ('Track your tasks as Timebook entries',)
taskwarrior-timesheets 0.1.2 2 Time tracking for Task Warrior, connects to the Tempo Timesheets plugin in JIRA
tb 0.1 2 Alternate traceback formatting functions
tbget 0.0.1 2 Tool for extracting Python tracebacks from anything.
tbgrep 0.3.0 2 Extract Python Tracebacks from text
tblib 1.3.2 2 Traceback serialization library.
tbparser 1.0.0 2 Simple python traceback parsing library
tbvaccine 0.2.2 2 A utility that cures the horrible traceback displays in Python, making them more readable.
TCGA_Metadata_xml.format_parse 1.0.1 2 Have another module called BeautifulSoup installed; this module helps you to extract sample data from TCGA
TCGA_Metadata_xml.format_parse_python2.x 1.0.1 2 Have another module called BeautifulSoup installed; this module helps you to extract sample data from TCGA
TE-splitter 0.1.0 2 Extract terminal repeats from retrotransposons (LTRs) or DNA transposons (TIRs). Compose synthetic MITES from complete DNA transposons.
TEDT 0.5 2 News Title Extraction Algorithm Based on Density and Text Features
telex103c9da12e0 0.0.2 2 DO NOT DOWNLOAD! Test respository to track statistics
templater 0.4.0 2 Extract template (a pattern) from strings and parse otherstrings with this pattern.
temporal 1.0.0 2 Track Django temporal models.
Tendril 0.1.1 2 Frame-based Network Connection Tracker
Test_Accelerator 0.1.1 2 Extracts unit test names from source files to GNU makefiles so you can speed use emake to run your tests
testinggg 123.0.0 2 The Telstra SMS Messaging API allows your applications to send and receive SMS text messages from Australia's leading network operator. It also allows your application to track the delivery status of both sent and received SMS messages.
testingggg 383.0.0 2 The Telstra SMS Messaging API allows your applications to send and receive SMS text messages from Australia's leading network operator. It also allows your application to track the delivery status of both sent and received SMS messages.
textalyzer 0.1.2 2 A text analyzer for repeating and contraction characters
textminer 1.3.1 2 Extracts content from html using rules.
tf-run-manager 2.1.6 2 A utility for tracking and reproducing Tensorflow runs.
tflab 0.1.3 2 A laboratory for experimenting with Tensorflow abstraction
theobserver 1.1 2 A dataset characteristic extractor for machine learning processing.
thymus-timeseries 0.1.1 2 An intuitive library tracking dates and timeseries in common using NumPy arrays.
ti 0.1.2 2 A silly simple time tracker
timebook 1.2.0 2 track what you spend time on
timed 0.4.1 2 command-line time tracker
timelog 0.0.0 2 Time tracking command line interface.
timer-tools 1.1.2 2 A tool to synchronize multiple methods/functions with a single timer and a stopwatch to simplify time tracking
timesheet 0.9.7 2 Simple timesheet tracking system
TimeSide 0.8 2 open web audio processing framework
timespans 0.0.2 2 A library for adding and subtracting datetime spans
timesuck 0.1 2 Generate reports from your timesuck database
timetra.diary 0.2.0 2 Diary with CLI + YAML
timew-report 1.0.2 2 An interface for TimeWarrior report data
tips 1.1 2 A tips per day tracker and displayer
tjess 0.1 2 Data abstraction library for use in services
tl 0.5 2 T I M E L I N E - RL events tracking software
tla 0.0.0 2 Parser and abstract syntax tree for the temporal logic of actions TLA+.
tld 0.7.9 2 Extract the top level domain (TLD) from the URL given.
tobiiglassesctrl 1.1.1 2 A Python controller for Tobii Pro Glasses 2
TodoApp 0.1 2 Little todo script to keep track of things to do
toggl-cli 3 2 Command line interface for toggl timer app
togglwrapper 1.0.1 2 Easily interface with Toggl's API.
tomaty 0.0.11.dev0 2 tomaty is a pomodoro program featuring a GUI and tracking system
torrench 1.0.61 2 Command-line torrent search program for Windows, Linux and MacOS
tosixinch 0.0.5 2 Browser to e-reader in a few minutes
tpg-invoice 0.1.3 2 Extracts invoices from the TPG website.
trail 0.1.0 2 Keep track of your thoughts.
trailblazer 2.1.1 2 Track MIP analyses.
trakt 2.8.0 2 Pythonic abstraction layer for easier scripting of the REST API.
tranchitella.recipe.i18n 0.6 2 Buildout recipe to extract and manage po files
TRAPpy 5.9.0 2 Trace Analysis and Plotting
trask 0.1.1 2 A simple command line tool to track your tasks.
TRExt 0.2.1 2 TRExt - Tableau Refresh Extract (Externally)
tribe 1.3 2 An graph extraction tool for email MBox files 0.4 2 Troll abstract storage layer
trparse 0.2.1 2 Traceroute parser
tryfer 0.2.2 2 Twisted Zipkin Tracing Library
tsfeature 0.1.1 2 Feature extraction for time series data (activity recognition and other time series)
tsfresh 0.11.0 2 tsfresh extracts relevant characteristics from time series
tsol 0.1.3 2 Templated Solidity for smart contracts.
tspdb 0.1.0 2 TrueSight Pulse Database Extractor
tst10 1.0.6 2 Work Time Tracker
ttt 0.1 2 Time and Task Tracker
ttw 0.0.2 2 ttw - talking to whom? the python console util to track all your outcome connections In other words easily extendable network sniffer with some functionality to analyse requests
tube 1.2.1 2 Python object wrapper for TfL (Transport for London) TrackerNet information service
turberfield-dialogue 0.15.0 2 Scripting dialogue and soundtrack for your Turberfield project.
twapi-connection 2.0a2 2 Lightweight abstraction layer for making requests to the 2degrees platform API
Tweet-Lake 0.1.dev2 2 Tweet Lake is a commandline interface to Twitter Streaming API and big data project that extracts interesting stats out of tweet corpus.
tweetscraper 1.2.0 2
twelisis 0.1.5 2 Extracting Tweets from twitter and analysing them
twentyc.database 0.1.4 2 database abstractions
twentyc.tmpl 0.2.0 2 template abstraction and helper functions
twisted-utils 0.1.1 2 Simple utils for twisted extracted for reuse
twitter-monitor 0.3.0 2 A Twitter streaming library built on tweepy that enables dynamic term tracking
twitter.common.finagle-thrift 0.3.9 2 twitter.common thrift stubs for zipkin rpc tracing support in finagle
twitter.common.resourcepool 0.3.9 2 twitter.common abstract resource pool
twittersent 0.0.2 2 A python package to analyse the tweets and extract meaning from the data, can be installed with pip.
twix 1.0.0 2 Simple project that extracts user tweets to csv / json based on the gist of yanofsky
twx 0.5a5 2 Abstraction Layer Over Telegram's Bot API and MTProto Chat Potocols
txtorcon 0.20.0 2 Twisted-based Tor controller client, with state-tracking and configuration abstractions.
ubi-reader 0.5.0 2 Extract files from UBI and UBIFS images.
ud-py-moneyed 0.6.2 2 Provides Currency and Money classes for use in your Python code.
umat 0.1.20 2 Unofficial SDK for MobileAppTracking Service APIs
ums-doc-swag 1.0.1 2 Extract swagger specs from your flask project
ums-doc-swagger 1.0.2 2 Extract swagger specs from your flask project
unforward 0.1.22 2 unforward allows you to extract the original email from a chain of forwards.
unidiff 0.5.5 2 Unified diff parsing/metadata extraction library.
uniqueWords 1.1.0 2 The module helps the user make new files with stemmed words for keyword extraction. The user needs to put a text file into the same folder and use function uniqueWords(filename). Automatically two files with names assigned by the function are made. The first contains the final words but not stemmed and the second file contains all stemmed words and have no duplicates. The final files are without any punctuations numbers or meaningless words.
unpdf 0.0.1 2 Extract text from PDF.
unweb.iptc 0.4 2 IPTC metadata extraction and storage for images in Plone
upsmychoice 1.0.6 2 Python 3 API for UPS My Choice, a way to track packages.
uriregistry 0.1.2 2 A central URI registry that tracks where a certain URI is being used.
uritool 0.1.1 2 Extract data from the URI Online Judge website at
url2feed 0.0.1 2 Extract feed from url.
url2vapi 1.2 2 Tools extracts constant elements from url (for example version)
urlvalidator 0.1 2 URLValidator and EmailValidator classes from Django extracted to a separate package. Used to avoid adding django dependency to a python only project.
urp 0.1.1 2 A tool to extract and modify URL features
user-agent-middleware 0.4.4 2 Django User Agent is a tracker for visitors on the website through the API
user_behavior 1.5.0 2 this is a test package for extract user behavior.
UsernameCCPlugin 0.1.1 2 Make users be CCed by their username and not e-mail address.
utknows 0.1.1 2 A unittest patch that can automaticly ``skip`` test case based on dependence info calculated by ``trace``.
uz 0.2 2 uz extracts files of all sorts
vacation 0.4.7 2 Track your vacation days.
valid8 3.5.4 2 Yet another validation lib ;). Provides tools for general-purpose variable validation, function inputs/outputs validation as well as class fields validation. All entry points raise consistent ValidationError including all contextual details, with dynamic inheritance of ValueError/TypeError as appropriate.
Vapory 0.1.01 2 3D rendering with Python and POV-Ray
VCC 0.1 2 Varnish Custom Counters (VCC) allows aggregation of custom log entries extracted from Varnish shared memory log.
vcs 0.4.0 2 vcs ~~~ Various version Control System (vcs) management abstraction layer for Python. :created_on: Apr 8, 2010 :copyright: (c) 2010-2011 by Marcin Kuzminski, Lukasz Balcerzak.
verhawk 0.0.2 2 Extract version data from Python [sub]packages/modules
veripy 2017.01.19 2 Shorthand asserts for those who love predictable code but dont have time for writing every assert in the world.
version-query 0.4.1 2 Package version query toolkit for Python
versioner 0.0.7 2 A very basic command-line tool and library to keep track of the version of your project.
vht 0.1.4 2 Valhalla MIDI Tracker
vid2mp3 0.1.3 2 Script to extract audio only from online videos
videofeatures 0.2 2 Feature extraction from video or image (ResNet, VGG, SIFT, SURF) and training of a Fisher Vector GMM to compute (improved) Fisher Vectors
vimball 0.5.1 2 a command-line vimball archive extractor
vinta-django-templated-email 0.5 2 A Django oriented templated / transaction email abstraction
vk7 0.3 2 Framework for extract data from (russian social network).
volleyup 0.1 2 Beach Volleyball Match Analysis
voltron 0.1.7 2 A debugger UI
vor12 0.2 2 The Vor12 project, a mobile video camera created for object tracking experiments.
vue4j 0.1 2 A graph data extraction and Neo4j conversion tool for VUE.
vutr 0.2.1 2 CVE Tracker
wagtail-model-tools 0.1.4 2 Mixins and abstract models that extend Wagtail's basic Page model.
wasp 1.0.1 2 A library for abstracting interactions with different WASPs
watson-filesystem 2.0.0 2 Abstracted filesystems for Watson.
web-crawler-plus 0.9.11 2 A micro-framework to crawl the web pages with crawlers configs. It can use MongoDB, Elasticsearch and Solr databases to cache and save the extracted data.
Web-Modules 0.5.3 2 Web and Database modules for easily building dynamic websites. Full WSGI Support.
web2py_dal 0.1.1 2 Independent packaging of web2py's Database Abstraction Layer
webarticle2text 3.0.2 2 Extracts the main article text from a webpage.
webenv 0.6.3 2 A thin abstraction layer on top of wsgi providing request, response and application abstractions
webnull 1.0.1 2 A tool for putting hosts into a blackhole
webpreview 1.3.2 2 Extracts OpenGraph, TwitterCard and Schema properties from a webpage.
webSpider-Douban 2.2.0 2 Crawl Douban movie site and extract top ten latest films information
WebVal 1.0.1 2 A URL scanner, maintainer, and validator
weles 0.4.3 2 A little bit more abstract Machine Learning library.
wesci 0.6.2 2 We-Sci's seamless python toolset for tracking and managing research data
wfchecker 0.1 2 Extracts javascript code from a json file and checks it for syntax errors.
wger 1.8 2 FLOSS workout, fitness and weight manager/tracker written with Django
wheelbarrow eae3ed3 2 Rackspace Self-extracting Wheelhouse utility
whereisit 0.1.0 2 Track Israel Post packages 0.7.0 2 Abstract base classes for enterprise and business usage
wieldymarkup 0.2.2 2 WieldyMarkup HTML Abstraction Markup Language Compiler
wiggelen 0.4.1 2 Working with wiggle tracks in Python
wight 0.3.3 2 wight is a load testing scheduling and tracking tool.
wikidump 0.1.3 2 Tools to manipulate and extract data from wikipedia dumps
wikipedia_template_parser 0.1 2 Simple library for extracting data from Wikipedia templates
wincertstore 0.2 2 Python module to extract CA and CRL certs from Windows' cert store (ctypes based).
witness 0.0.5 2 Knowledge abstraction layer based on subjective logic
wlogger 0.1.1 2 Minimalistic command-line progress tracker.
womp 0.0.1dev 2 Wikipedia Open Metrics Platform: data collection, extraction, and management
wood-splinter 2 browser abstraction for web acceptance testing
woopra 0.3.2 2 Woopra Analytics Tracking API
Wordbatch 1.3.0 2 Parallel text feature extraction for machine learning
wordscrape 0.3 2 Extract data from forms in Microsoft Word documents.
Work dev 2 Agile work time tracker
worklogger 1.0.0 2 Small helper app, to keep track of your worklog
worklogmd 0.24 2 Text-based work habit tracker
worktime-logger 0.2 2 Keep track of your daily worktime.
wptablefinder 0.0.3 2 Finds and extracts tables from Wikipedia.
wsgi-request-id 0.2 2 Extract yourself some Request IDs.
WSGIFilter 0.2 2 Abstract base class / framework for building output-filtering WSGI middleware
xal 0.3 2 Execution abstraction layer for high-level system scripts.
xaml 0.6.1 2 XML Abstract Markup Language
xbee-helper 0.0.7 2 This project offers a high level API to an XBee device running an up- to-date version of the ZigBee firmware. It builds upon the existing XBee project by abstracting more functionality into methods.
xfcs 1.1.6 2 Extract Flow Cytometry data from FCS files version 3+.
xlrd 1.1.0 2 Library for developers to extract data from Microsoft Excel (tm) spreadsheet files
xlrd-with-formulas 1.0.0 2 Library for developers to extract data from Microsoft Excel (tm) spreadsheet files
xltools 0.1 2 Extrace doc information from P8 project
xm.globalissues 1.0 2 Find Poi issues globally in the site when adding issue tracker tasks
xml2csv 0.1 2 Python script that reads any XML file and writes the contents into a CSV file. The usage of this script needs the developer to specify the XML tags from which the value needs to be extracted.
xontrib-z 0.3 2 Tracks your most used directories, based on 'frecency'.
xrayspectrumanalyzer 0.2 2 Extract peak intensity from EDS spectrum obtained with a EM.
xrt 1.3.0beta 2 Ray tracing and wave propagation in x-ray regime, primarily meant for modeling synchrotron sources, beamlines and beamline elements. Includes a GUI for creating a beamline and viewing it in 3D.
XtraDataManager 1.8 2 Kilosort/phy generated extracellular data managment, including supervised and unsupervised classification of units, in order to sort them by cell type.
xylose 1.33.0 2 A SciELO library to abstract a JSON data structure that is a product of the ISIS2JSON conversion using the ISIS2JSON type 3 data model.
xypath 1.1.0 2 Extract fields from tabular data with complex expressions.
yaco.hghooks 0.1.2 2 Extensions to hghooks used at Yaco Sistemas
yake 0.3.0 2 Keyword extraction Python package
yalp_grok 0.3 2 A Python library to parse strings and extract information from structured/unstructured data
YAMLTrak 0.6.3 2 YAMLTrak ('yt is on top of hg'), the issue tracker that uses mercurial as a database
yargy 0.10.0 2 Tiny rule-based facts extraction package
yaro 0.6.4 2 A simple but non-restrictive abstraction of WSGI.
yaval 0.0.1.post1 2 yet another visualization abstraction layer
youplay 0.1 2 Extract who's and what's playing - artist(s) and track(s) - from a YouTube music video.
z3c.etree 0.9.2 2 Abstracts out the implementation of elementtree behind the zope component architecture. And provides helper functions for testing XML output in tests.
z3c.recipe.i18n 1.0.0 2 Zope3 egg based i18n locales extration recipes
zamtools-navigation 1.0 2 Django application for displaying and tracking site navigation
zk 0.5.3 2 zipkin 4.0.0 2 Zope locale extraction and management utilities
12factor-vault 0.1.20 1 Helper classes to integrate Django and other projects with Vault
2factorcli 1.1.3 1 This is a simple python program to allow you to store and generate time-based one-time passwords in a GPG encrypted vault.
3color-Press 0.2.1 1 A Flask based static site generator for comics
3to2 1.1.1 1 Refactors valid 3.x syntax into valid 2.x syntax, if a syntactical conversion is possible
a4t-sale_tax_included 3.4.1 1 Tryton module for sale with price with tax included
aa_airtable 0.2 1 Airtable integration for Django-based projects
aa_stripe 0.4.1 1 Stripe integration for Django-based projects
abaparser 0.1 1 UNKNOWN
aberdeen 0.4.0 1 Conversion from markdown files to database entries to use as the backend of a blog
abi2doc 1.5 1 Linux Kernel sysfs attribute documentation generator
abilian-core 0.10.5 1 A framework for enterprise applications (CRM, ERP, collaboration...), based on Flask and SQLAlchemy
Abjad 2.21 1 Abjad is a Python API for Formalized Score Control.
aboleth 0.8.0 1 Bayesian supervised deep learning with TensorFlow
abouttag 1.2.1 1 Normalizes about tags for Fluidinfo
abus 9 1 Abingdon Backup Script
abysmal 1.2.0 1 Abysmal (Appallingly Basic Yet Somehow Mostly Adequate Language)
aca 1.1 1 Aho-Corasick automaton implementation in C++
acan 0.7.0 1 Maths around brewing
accasim 0.1.1 1 An HPC Workload Management Simulator
accept 0.1.0 1 Parse and order a HTTP Accept header.
access2theMatrix 0.3.1 1 Scienta Omicron (NanoScience) (NanoTechnology) MATRIX Control System result file accessing tool
AccessControl 4.0b3 1 Security framework for Zope2.
accumulator 0.3 1 A framework for the accumulation of occurrences with subjects.
accuri2fcs 0.1.1 1 Convert Accuri format flow cytometry files to standard .fcs
ace 0.3 1 Non-parametric multivariate regressions by Alternating Conditional Expectations
acky 0.2.3 1 A consistent API to AWS
acora 2.1 1 Fast multi-keyword search engine for text strings
acoustics-hardware 0.0.1 1 Controlling hardware used in acoustic measurement systems
Acquisition 2.13.12 1 Acquisition is a mechanism that allows objects to obtain attributes from the containment hierarchy they're in.
acrilib 1.0.7 1 acrilib is a python library of programming patterns commonly used in Python
acris 3.0.4 1 acris is a python library of programming patterns that we use, at acrisel, in Python projects and choose to contribute to Python community
acss 0.5.2 1 acss
action 1.4.4 1 A command-line parser you won't hate
acudpclient 1.1.0 1 Assetto Corsa UDP Client
acumos 0.5.3 1 Acumos client library for building and pushing Python models
ad 1.3.2 1 Fast, transparent first- and second-order automatic differentiation
Adafruit-SHT31 1.0.2 1 Python Library for Adafruit SHT31 module
Adafruit_BBIO 1.0.10 1 A module to control BeagleBone IO channels
adaptfilt 0.2 1 Adaptive filtering module for Python
adblockparser 0.7 1 Parser for Adblock Plus rules
addic7ed-cli 1.4.2 1 A commandline access to addic7ed subtitles
addicted 0.0.9 1 addict ExtendeD
addok-france 1.1.0 1 Add France specific string processors.
AddOns 0.7 1 Dynamically extend other objects with AddOns (formerly ObjectRoles)
addressable 1.4.2 1 Use lists like you would dictionaries.
adi.devgen 1.5 1 Misc helper-scripts for creating and expanding Plone-Add-Ons.
adi.playlist 0.3 1 Create a playlist in a folder filled with audio-files, using HTML5's audio-tag.
ADiPy 0.6.3 1 Automatic Differentiation for Python
adium-sh 0.2.4 1 Command-line wrapper of Adium
Adjector 1.0b2 1 A lightweight, fast, flexible ad server. Stays out of your way.
AdjectorClient 1.0b2 1 Client-only package for Adjector, a lightweight, fast, flexible ad server.
adjsim 2.1.0 1 An Agent Based Modelling Engine tailored for Reinforcement Learning.
admin-extra-urls 1.8.0 1 Django mixin to easily add urls to any ModelAdmin
adodbapi 1 A pure Python package implementing PEP 249 DB-API using Microsoft ADO.
ADPY 0.12.alpha 1 ADPY is a Python library for algorithmic differentiation
adrest 3.3.2 1 Adrest - Another Django REST. Simple application for quick build REST API.
adsbibdesk 3.2.0 1 Add papers from or NASA/SAO ADS to your BibDesk bibliography.
ADSBibTeX 1.0.9 1 ADSBibTeX
adspy 0.2.0 1 Simple bibtex tools for use with ADS.
AdvancedHTMLParser 8.0.1 1 A Powerful HTML Parser/Scraper/Validator/Formatter that constructs a modifiable, searchable DOM tree, and includes many standard JS DOM functions (getElementsBy*, appendChild, etc) and additional methods
advisory-parser 1.6 1 Security flaw parser for upstream security advisories
advocate 0.6.2 1 A wrapper around the requests library for safely making HTTP requests on behalf of a third party
aeat-web-services 2.0.1 1 Spanish Tax Agency Electronic Office (AEAT) Integration
aeneas 1 aeneas is a Python/C library and a set of tools to automagically synchronize audio and text (aka forced alignment)
aestimo 1.1.0 1 A bandstructure simulator of semiconductor nanostructures called quantum wells.
aether 0.2.13 1 Welcome to the Aether Platform
afdko 2.6.25b2 1 Adobe Font Development Kit for OpenType
affine6p 0.7 1 To calculate affine transformation parameters with six free parameters.
afkmc2 0.1 1 Assumption Free and Efficient K-Means Seeding
AFQ-Browser 0.2.4 1 AFQ-Browser
africastalking 1.1.1 1 Official Africa's Talking Python SDK
agador 0.1.0 1 Agador metaservice for microservices
agalma 1.0.0 1 An automated phylogenomics pipeline.
agama 1.0rc1 1 Action-based galaxy modelling architecture
agecalc 3.5.2 1 Calculates birth information based on a specified Date of Birth.
ageliaco.p10userdata 0.1.3 1 Member Data for p10 EEEL project (Geneva)
ageliaco.rd 0.2.6 1 UNKNOWN
agent_6tisch 0.0.8 1 6TiSCH agent for F-Interop
AgentML 0.3.1 1 An XML dialect for creating natural language software agents
AgglomCluster 2.0.6 1 Performs greedy agglomerative clustering on network-x graphs
agile-analytics 0.15.1 1 Pulls data from agile systems and analyzes it.
agilegeo 0.1.6 1 Useful geophysics functions
Aglyph 3.0.0 1 Aglyph is a Dependency Injection framework for Python.
ags_client 0.1.12 1 Client library for accessing GaaP services
ags_tool_deploy 0.1.1 1 Provides packaging and publishing tools for ArcGIS python toolboxes
agx.core 1.0a2 1 AGX tree transformation chain processor 1.0a1 1 AGX development bundle
agx.generator.buildout 1.0a1 1 AGX generator for buildout
agx.generator.dexterity 1.0a1 1 AGX generator for dexterity
agx.generator.generator 1.0a1 1 AGX generator for generators
agx.generator.plone 1.0a1 1 AGX generator for plone products
agx.generator.pyegg 1.0a1 1 AGX generator for python and python eggs
agx.generator.sql 1.0a1 1 AGX generator for sqlalchemy
agx.generator.uml 1.0a1 1 AGX generator for UML nodes
agx.generator.zca 1.0a1 1 AGX generator for zope component architecture
agx.transform.uml2fs 1.0a1 1 AGX UML to Filesystem Transform
agx.transform.xmi2uml 1.0a1 1 AGX XMI to UML Transform
aha 0.85adev 1 aha is a web application framework specialized for Google App Engine.
ahds 0.1.9 1 Python package to parse and provide access to headers and data streams in Amira(R) files
aheui 1.2.3 1 Aheui runtime tools with an interpreter.
ahio 1.0.3 1 I/O Communication Library
ahkab 0.18 1 a SPICE-like electronic circuit simulator
aima3 1.0.10 1 Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, in Python3
aimes.bundle 0.1.1 1 Bundle based Information System for AIMES
aimhii 0.5.5 1 A pipeline for mapping insertion mutants from whole genome shotgun data
aio-nasa-tle-loader 1.0.0 1 Small async wrapper for `nasa-tle-loader` package
aio-service-client 0.6.1 1 Service Client Framework powered by Python asyncio.
aioapp 0.0.1b14 1 Micro framework based on asyncio
aioauth-client 0.12.0 1
aiodebug 1.1.2 1 A tiny library for monitoring and testing asyncio programs
aioeasywebdav 2.4.0 1 A straight-forward WebDAV client, ported from easywebdav to use aiohttp.
aiofluent 1.1.3 1 A Python logging handler for Fluentd event collector
aioga 0.0.4 1 Google Analytics client for asyncio
aiogoogletrans 3.0 1 Free Google Translate API for Python. Translates totally free of charge.
aiogram 1.2 1 Is a pretty simple and fully asynchronous library for Telegram Bot API
aiographql 0.2.1 1 asyncio + graphql = fast and simple api
aiohttp 3.0.9 1 Async http client/server framework (asyncio)
aiohttp-apiset 0.8.1 1 Build routes using swagger specification
aiohttp-baseapi 0.1.3 1
aiohttp-json-api 0.37.0 1 JSON API driven by aiohttp
aiohttp-json-rpc 0.9.1 1 Implementation JSON-RPC 2.0 server and client using aiohttp on top of websockets transport
aiohttp-jwt 0.0.2 1 aiohttp middleware for working with JWT
aiohttp_auth 0.1.1 1 Authorization and authentication middleware plugin for aiohttp.
aiohttp_auth_autz 0.2.2 1 Authorization and authentication middleware plugin for aiohttp.
aiohttp_cors 0.7.0 1 CORS support for aiohttp
aiohttp_debugtoolbar 0.5.0 1 debugtoolbar for aiohttp
aiohttp_route_decorator 0.1.4 1 aiohttp @route decorator that doesn't need the app singleton
aiohttp_utils 3.0.0 1 Handy utilities for aiohttp.web applications.
aioimaplib 0.7.13 1 Python asyncio IMAP4rev1 client library
aiokafka 0.4.0 1 Kafka integration with asyncio.
aiomas 2.0.1 1 Asyncio-based, layered networking library providing request-reply channels, RPC, and multi-agent systems.
aiompd 0.4.0 1 MPD (Music Player Daemon) client for asyncio
aioprometheus 18.1.1 1 A Prometheus Python client library for asyncio-based applications
aiopype 0.1.4 1 AioPype - Flow based programming with asyncio
aioredis 1.1.0 1 asyncio (PEP 3156) Redis support
aiorest 0.4.0 1 Support REST calls for asyncio+aiohttp.
aiorethink 0.2.1 1 Asynchronous asyncio compatible ODM for RethinkDB
aioriak 0.1.8 1 Async implementation of Riak DB python client
aioscript 0.0.1 1 Base asynchronous script with threading and multiprocessing
aiotools 0.5.4 1 Idiomatic asyncio utilities
aiounfurl 0.2.4 1 Making site preview
aioworkers 0.10.1 1 Easy configurable workers based on asyncio
airbrake-integrations 0.1.2 1 Python Integrations for
airflow-declarative 1.0 1 Airflow DAGs done declaratively
AirStrip 2.0.2 1 Third-party js dependencies manager
aivika-modeler 1.0.0 1 A discrete event simulation modeling tool
ak-syntribos 0.3.1.dev91 1 API Security Scanner
aka 1.0.3 1 Rename/copy files using Python code
alakazam 0.6.0 1 Functional programming sugar for Python
alarmdecoder 1.13.2 1 Python interface for the AlarmDecoder (AD2) family of alarm devices which includes the AD2USB, AD2SERIAL and AD2PI.
alart 0.1.1 1 Generate pseudo-random art
alauda-celery 3.1.25rc1 1 Distributed Task Queue
alauda-django-oauth 0.9.0 1 OAuth2 goodies for Django
alauda-kombu 3.0.37 1 Messaging library for Python
alauda-redis-py-cluster 1.3.4 1 Cluster library for redis 3.0.0 built on top of redis-py lib
alchemlyb 0.1.0 1 the simple alchemistry library
alchemy-mock 0.3.0 1 SQLAlchemy mock helpers.
AlchemyAPI 1.0 1 Python access to AlchemyAPI for unstructured text analysis and natural language processing.
alchemyjsonschema 0.5.0 1 mapping jsonschema for sqlalchemy models
alco 2.5.2 1 Autonomous Log Collector and Observer
aldryn-addons 1.0.1 1 Aldryn Addons Framework
aldryn-apphooks-config 0.4.0 1 Namespaces based configuration for Apphooks
alembic-offline 1.2.0 1 Offline extensions for alemic database migration framework
alexafsm 0.1.11 1 Finite-state machine library for building complex Alexa conversations
Alfred-Workflow 1.32 1 Full-featured helper library for writing Alfred 2/3 workflows
algebraixlib 1.4 1 A data algebra library
algopy 0.5.7 1 ALGOPY: Taylor Arithmetic Computation and Algorithmic Differentiation
algos-py 0.4.4 1 Classic computer science algorithms in Python
alice-core 1.6.3 1
alignak_checks_monitoring 1.0.0 1 Alignak - Checks pack for monitoring plugins (eg. Nagios plugins)
alignak_checks_mysql 1.0.0 1 Alignak checks pack for mysql database server
alignak_checks_wmi 1.0.0 1 Alignak checks pack for Windows Management Instrumentation
alignak_demo 1.0.0 1 Alignak - Demo server configuration
alignment 1.0.10 1 Native Python library for generic sequence alignment.
AlignQC 2.0.5 1 Python and R based tool for assessing the quality of alignments
Allanon 0.2 1 A Web crawler that visit a predictable set of URLs, and automatically download resources you want from them
allein_zu_haus 0.1.4 1 Needleman-Wunsch Quality-Aware Sequence Alignment
allofplos 0.11.0 1 Get and analyze all PLOS articles
allsortalgo 0.0.1 1 Python package containing implementation of all sorting algorithms
alm.solrindex 1.2.0 1 A ZCatalog multi-index that uses Solr
almanac-bot 0.0.2 1 Almanac Bot for Twitter
almanach 4.1.0 1 Stores usage of OpenStack volumes and instances for each tenant
aloe_webdriver 0.5.6 1 Selenium webdriver extension for Aloe
Alp 0.1.1 1 Alp time tools
alphalens 0.3.0 1 Performance analysis of predictive (alpha) stock factors
altgraph 0.15 1 Python graph (network) package
Amalwebcrawler 0.1 1 Web crawler in Python
amaptor 1 A compatibility layer (or adaptor) for mapping functions in ArcGIS 10.x (arcpy.mapping/Python 2) and ArcGIS Pro ( 3)
amaretto 1 Azure management tools by the1bit.
ambhas 0.4.0 1 A library devloped under the project AMBHAS
ambition-django-cachebuster 0.3 1 Django 1.3, Python 2.7/3.5 ready cache busting app
AMFM_decompy 1.0.7 1 Package containing the tools necessary for decomposing a speech signal into its modulated components, aka AM-FM decomposition.
amico 1.0.1 1 Relationships (e.g. friendships) backed by Redis.
amocrm_api 0.8.3 1 Python API for Amocrm
amoniak 0.9.1 1 AMON Tools for GISCE-ERP
amonpy 0.4.4 1 Python client for the Amon API
amqp 2.2.2 1 Low-level AMQP client for Python (fork of amqplib).
amqpeek 0.0.4 1 RMQ CLI Monitor
amusement 0.1.2 1 A python package and CLI to get wait times for rides at various theme parks
anadama2 0.4.0 1 AnADAMA2: Another Automated Data Analysis Management Application 2
anafit 0.1.4 1 A toolbox providing interactive fitting tools for matplotlib
analytics 0.6.5 1 Library for efficiently adding analytics to your project.
analyzeMFT 2.0.19 1 Analyze the $MFT from a NTFS filesystem.
ananas 1.0.0b9 1 Mastodon bot framework built on
anarchy-sphinx 0.3.1 1 AnarchyTools Theme and Swift support for Sphinx.
anca 0.1.9 1 Anharmonic Conformational Analysis
anderssontree 0.1.0 1 Package provides Andersson Tree implementation in pure Python.
andor 1.14 1 Object-oriented interface for Andor EMCCD cameras
androguard 3.1.0 1 Androguard is a full python tool to play with Android files.
android-localization-helper 0.1.4 1 Android localization helper
angle 0.1.9 1 Angle : speakable programming language compiling to python bytecode
anglr 1.1.0 1 Planar angle mathematics library for Python.
angular-gettext-babel 0.3 1 A plugin for babel to work with angular-gettext templates
animateimages 0.2.3 1 Animation of matplotlib images
animation 0.0.5 1 Tools for terminal-based await animations
aniso8601 3.0.0 1 A library for parsing ISO 8601 strings.
ank 1.4.4 1 Python Microservices
AnkiServer 2.0.6 1 A personal Anki sync server (so you can sync against your own server rather than AnkiWeb)
anna 0.3.1 1 A Neat configuratioN Auxiliary
ANNOgesic 0.7.16 1 ANNOgesic - A tool for bacterial/archaeal RNA-Seq based genome annotations
annotald 1.3.8 1 A GUI for treebank annotation
annotater 0.2 1 Inline web annotation application and middleware using javascript and WSGI
annotator 0.14.2 1 Database backend for Annotator (
annotator_store 0.6.0 1 Django application to act as an annotator.js 2.x annotator-store backend
annoy 1.11.4 1 Approximate Nearest Neighbors in C++/Python optimized for memory usage and loading/saving to disk.
ansible-cmdb 1.26.1 1 Generate host overview from ansible fact gathering output
ansible-role-manager 0.4 1 A tool for installing and managing Ansible roles, playbooks & modules.
ansible-tower-cli 3.2.1 1 A CLI tool for Ansible Tower and AWX.
ansideps 0.1.0 1 Resolve Ansible role relationships
ant-colony 0.1.2 1 Implementation of the Ant Colony system
ant_nest 0.33.0 1 A simple and clear Web Crawler framework build on python3.6+ with async
anthemav 1.1.8 1 Python API for controlling Anthem Receivers
antispoofing.clientspec 1.0.3 1 Building client-specific models for anti-spoofing
antispoofing.competition_icb2013 1.1.0 1 Fusion of spoofing counter measures for the REPLAY-ATTACK database (competition entry for 2nd competition on counter measures to 2D facial spoofing attacks, ICB 2013)
antispoofing.evaluation 2.0.5 1 Evaluation tools for verification systems under spoofing attacks: examples in face verification
antispoofing.fusion 2.0.1 1 Complementary countermeasures for detecting scenic face spoofing attacks
antispoofing.fusion_faceverif 3.0.2 1 Decision and score-level fusion tools for joint operation of face verification and anti-spoofing system
antispoofing.lbp 2.0.4 1 Texture (LBP) based counter-measures for the REPLAY-ATTACK database
antispoofing.lbptop 2.0.3 1 LBP-TOP based countermeasure against facial spoofing attacks
antispoofing.motion 2.0.3 1 Motion counter-measures for the REPLAY-ATTACK database
antispoofing.optflow 2.0.0 1 Optical Flow counter-measures for the REPLAY-ATTACK database
antispoofing.verification.gmm 1.0.2 1 Replay-Attack Face Verification Package Based on a Parts-Based Gaussian Mixture Models
ants-client 1.4.1 1 ANTS Framework client
anuga 2.0.2 1 A set of python modules for tsunami and flood modelling
AnyBlok 0.17.2 1 Anyblok is a dynamic injection blok framework
anyblok_attachment 1.0.2 1 Versionned attachment for AnyBlok
anyblok_dramatiq 1.0.3 1 test simple usecase between anyblok and dramatiq
anyblok_marshmallow 1.3.0 1 Add validator, serializer and deserializer to AnyBlok
anyblok_multi_engines 1.1.0 1 Web Server Pyramid for AnyBlok
anyblok_pyramid 0.9.0 1 Web Server Pyramid for AnyBlok
anyblok_pyramid_beaker 1.1.1 1 Beaker session for AnyBlok / Pyramid
anybox.buildbot.openerp 0.9 1 Buildbot setup for buildout based openerp installations
anybox.migration.openerp 0.9 1 Fast OpenERP migration framework
anybox.paster.odoo 1.5 1 Paster templates to create an Odoo module or instance using buildout
anybox.paster.openerp 0.7 1 Paster templates to create an OpenERP module or instance using buildout 0.6 1 Postgresql database snapshot versionning tool
anybox.recipe.odoo 1.9.2 1 A buildout recipe to install and configure Odoo
anybox.recipe.openerp 1.9.1 1 A buildout recipe to install and configure OpenERP
anybox.testing.openerp 1.3.1 1 Useful testing base classes and tools for OpenERP
anyjson 0.3.3 1 Wraps the best available JSON implementation available in a common interface
anypath 1.0.0 1 AnyPath makes it trivial to fetch remote resources and work with them locally.
anyrl 0.11.18 1 A library for Reinforcement Learning
anyvc 1 Library to access any version control system.
anz.cas 1.0.1 1 This is an Python implementation of the server-end of JA-SIG's CAS protocol.
anz.casclient 1.1.1 1 This is a Zope PAS plugin that authenticates users against a CAS (Central Authentication Service) server.
anz.dashboard 0.7.0 1 Plone netvibes like dashboard implementation
aodh 6.0.0 1 OpenStack Telemetry Alarming
aospy 0.2 1 Automated gridded climate data analysis and management
apache-ariatosca 0.2.0 1 ARIA
apachelog 1.0 1 Access log parser in python, ported from Peter Hickman's Apache::LogRegex Perl moduleUniversal.
apachemiddleware 0.1.1 1 Useful Python middleware for use with mod_wsgi deployments
ape 0.4.0 1 A Productive Environment - make/rake/ant/fab-like system with support for FOSD
api-cloudvps-py 0.1.2 1 Basic api client for cloudvps
apiaiwebhook 0.1.0.dev2 1 API.AI Webhook is a fulfillment microframework for API.AI based on Flask for getting started quickly with API.AI webhooks.
apibee 0.2.2 1 A dynamic api client
apicPython 0.3.1 1 This are codes for creating MO in APIC through Python API
apidev-coop_cms 1.2.36 1 Small CMS built around a tree navigation open to any django models
ApiDoc 1.4.0 1 Api Documentation Generator
apigen 1.5.0 1 Easily create a CLI and JSON-RPC interface from a common API definition.
apiphant 0.2.5 1 Simple Python Web API framework, based on Gevent, JSON, CRUD.
apluslms-roman 0.2.1rc4 1 Course material builder for online learning systems
apng 0.2.0 1 A Python module to deal with APNG file.
appdynamics 1 Python agent for AppDynamics
appenlight-client 0.6.25 1 Client for AppEnlight reporting - WSGI applications and django monitoring (
appeus.content 1.0 1 APP.EUS content-types
appeus.theme 1.3.1 1 Installable theme: appeus.theme
appfy.recipe.gae 0.9.10 1 Buildout recipes for App Engine development.
applicationinsights 0.11.2 1 This project extends the Application Insights API surface to support Python.
APPLPy 0.4.12 1 open source computational probability software
AppMetrics 0.5.0 1 Application metrics collector
appnexus-client 0.7.0 1 General purpose Python client for the AppNexus API
apptools 4.4.0 1 application tools
aprs 7.0.0 1 Python APRS Module.
aprsgate 1.0.0 1 Python APRS Gateway.
APScheduler 3.5.1 1 In-process task scheduler with Cron-like capabilities
apt-mirror-updater 5.0.1 1 Automated, robust apt-get mirror selection for Debian and Ubuntu
apted 1.0.3 1 APTED algorithm for the Tree Edit Distance
aptk 0.6.4 1 A Parse Toolkit. Create well documented grammars.
Apydia 0.0.2 1 API Reference Documentation Generator for Python
AQoPA 0.9.5 1 Automated Quality of Protection Analysis Tool for QoP-ML models.
aquests 0.7.16 1 Asynchronous Multiplexing HTTP2/DBO Requests
aquire 0.0.4 1 A python library that allow to download files from internet and show progress to the console.
ar-markers 0.4.1 1 A python robotic framework and tools
ara 0.14.6 1 ARA - Ansible run analysis
arachnado 0.2 1 Scrapy-based Web Crawler with an UI
arachnid 0.1.7 1 Single Particle Data Analysis Suite
araldo 0.0.1 1 Message-oriented communication relay for pluggable backends
araldo-websocket 0.0.1 1 WebSocket client endpoint for araldo (Messaging via WebSockets)
araldo_redis 0.0.1 1 Redis PubSub endpoint for araldo (Messaging via WebSockets
arbalest 1.6.2 1 Arbalest orchestrates bulk data loading for Amazon Redshift
arboretum 0.1.3 1 Scalable gene regulatory network inference using tree-based ensemble regressors
archery 0.1.5 1 Traits (Mixins) to give +,/,-,* to MutableMapping
archetypes.clippingimage 2.1 1 Image field and/or patch with clipping support for Plone/Archetypes.
archetypes.markerfield 1.1 1 Interface marker field for Archetypes
archetypes.memberdatastorage 1.1 1 A facade storage layer for Archetypes delegating to the Plone memberdata tool
archetypes.multifile 1.5 1 This package adds a field to upload multiple files
archgenxml 2.7 1 UML to code generator for Plone
architect 0.5.6 1 A set of tools which enhances ORMs written in Python with more features
archive-installer 2016.1.1 1 User local application installer without hassle.
archive-rotator 0.2.1 1 Flexible utility for rotating backup files.
arcp 0.2.0 1 arcp (Archive and Package) URI parser and generator
arcs.gsi 1.2dev-20091120 1 Library to assist GSI authentication and certificate handling in python.
ardu-acqua-visual 0.2.1 1 Get sensor data over the serial line and draw some nice 3d objects.
arduino-rpc 1.7.post23 1 Code generation for memory-efficient remote-procedure-calls between a host CPU (Python) and a device (C++) (e.g., Arduino).
arduinoserial 1.0.1 1 A Python interface to Arduino serial ports.
are-you-a-human 1.0.5 1 Are You a Human (AYAH) Python integration library and CAPTCHA alternative
AREM 1.0.1 1 Aligning Reads by Expectation-Maximization. Based on MACS (Model Based Analysis for ChIP-Seq data)
ares_util 0.1.13 1 A tool for information system allowing a retrieval of information on economic entities registered in the Czech Republic (ARES - Access to Registers of Economic Subjects / Entities).
argcheck 0.0.2 1 Argument check decorator
argcmdr 0.2.0 1 Thin argparse wrapper for quick, clear and easy declaration of hierarchical console command interfaces
argh 0.26.2 1 An unobtrusive argparse wrapper with natural syntax
arghelper 0.4.2 1 Python argparse helper module
argon2_cffi 18.1.0 1 The secure Argon2 password hashing algorithm.
Argonaut 0.3.4 1 Lightweight Pylons powered blogging engine.
Argot 0.6 1 argot text markup -- a markdown dialect
argparse 1.4.0 1 Python command-line parsing library
argskwargs 1.0.3 1 flexible container for positional and keyword arguments
argus 0.0.10 1 Helper routines for using multiple, inexpensive calibrated and synchronized cameras for 3D scientific use.
argutil 1.1.6 1 Wrapper for argparse that uses JSON config files to define command line parsers
argy 0.0.2 1 Simple tool for creating CLI applications
arip 1.0.2 1 ARIP, software to quantify bacterial resistance to antibiotics by analysing picture of phenotypic plates
armstrong 12.03.1 1 Armstrong is an open-source publishing system designed for news organizations that gives your team the technology edge it needs to report in a media-rich environment.
armstrong.core.arm_layout 1.4.0 1 Layout code related to Armstrong
armstrong.core.arm_sections 1.6.0 1 Provides hierarchical taxonomy for content 2.1.0 1 Tools needed for development and testing of Armstrong
armstrong.utils.backends 1.1.1 1 Generic backend system to use throughout Armstrong
arouteserver 0.17.3 1 A Python tool to automatically build (and test) configurations for BGP route servers.
arpa 0.1.0b1 1 This is a library for reading ARPA n-gram models.
arpegio 0.3.4 1 Django apps that sound good together
arronax 0.06 1 Create and modify application, file and URI starters.
ARS 0.5b1 1 Physically-accurate robotics simulator
arte_plus7 2.2.4 1 CLI script to get videos from Arte plus 7 using their URL
arun-cassandra-driver 3.12 1 Python driver for Cassandra
arxiv-checker 1.4.4 1 Cross check the most recent arxiv mailing against a list of authors.
arxiv2bib 1.0.8 1 Get metadata in BibTeX format
arxiver 0.0.4 1 unofficial API tool for scientific publications
arya 1.1.5 1 APIC Rest to pYthon Adapter
AryaLogger v1.1.7 1 Use the SimpleAciUiLogServer and arya to convert UI REST API calls to ACI Python SDK code.
asammdf 3.2.1 1 ASAM MDF measurement data file parser
asana-kazoo 2.0.8dev 1 Higher Level Zookeeper Client
asbool 0.1.1 1 simple converter from ``str`` to ``bool``
ascii_art 0.1.0 1 Ascii art for python: chart, bar, histogram.
aserializer 0.8.1 1 An object serializer inspired by the django forms.
asgi-rabbitmq 0.5.5 1 RabbitMQ backend for ASGI
asmgen 1.0 1 6502 code generator for Apple ][ and Atari 8-bit
asms 1.0.1 1 Provides SMS interface, enabling scripts to send text messages (SMSes) via aText mobile application
asn1tools 0.60.0 1 ASN.1 parsing, encoding and decoding.
asparagus 0.1.0 1 Django middleware to log object leaks
aspectlib 1.4.2 1 ``aspectlib`` is an aspect-oriented programming, monkey-patch and decorators library. It is useful when changing
aspects 0.1.2 1 Aspect Programming with Python
asphalt 4.4.3 1 A microframework for network oriented applications
asphalt-exceptions 1.0.0 1 Exception reporter component for the Asphalt framework
asphalt-influxdb 2.1.0 1 InfluxDB client component for the Asphalt framework
asphalt-mailer 3.0.1 1 Mailer component for the Asphalt framework
asphalt-memcached 1.0.0 1 Memcached integration component for the Asphalt framework
asphalt-mongodb 3.0.1 1 MongoDB integration component for the Asphalt framework
asphalt-py4j 3.0.1 1 Py4J integration component for the Asphalt framework
asphalt-redis 2.0.1 1 Redis integration component for the Asphalt framework
asphalt-serialization 4.0.2 1 Serialization component for the Asphalt framework
asphalt-sqlalchemy 3.1.0 1 SQLAlchemy integration component for the Asphalt framework
asphalt-templating 2.0.1 1 Templating component for the Asphalt framework
asphalt-wamp 2.2.2 1 WAMP client component for the Asphalt framework
assertionchain 0.1.1 1 Utility for chaining commands and incrementally checking the results
asserts 0.8.1 1 Stand-alone Assertions
assetcloud 2.3.1 1 Lightweight Digital Asset Management
assetman 0.0.4 1 Generic blob-data asset manager that provides an API, CLI interface, for managing S3 assets and the respective CloudFront delivery setup.
assignment 0.3 1 calculation of minimum price of given book
astcheck 0.2.4 1 Check Python ASTs against templates
astralnetworking 0 1 A very high level gaming network protocol built on top of podsixnet
astro 0.2.7 1 A package of astrodynamic functions
astro-scripts 0.4.0 1 Small scripts for astronomy
astroabc 1.4.2 1 A Python implementation of an Approximate Bayesian Computation Sequential Monte Carlo (ABC SMC) sampler for parameter estimation.
astrocalc 0.2.4 1 An astronomer's calculator used to perform common calculations, conversions and measurements.
astrodash 0.5.5 1 Deep Learning for Automated Spectral Classification of Supernovae
AstroKML 1.0.2 1 Compile Astronaut photographs from a specified region into a single KML
astrometry_azel 1.1.3 1 Register images to az/el using the program
astroML 0.3 1 tools for machine learning and data mining in Astronomy
astroML_addons 0.2.2 1 Performance add-ons for the astroML package
astroobs 1.4.5 1 Provides astronomy ephemeris to plan telescope observations
astropy-helpers 3.0.1 1 Utilities for building and installing Astropy, Astropy affiliated packages, and their respective documentation.
asttokens 1.1.10 1 Annotate AST trees with source code positions
astwro 0.5.13 1 Astro tools 0.2.1 1 Asynchronous version of
async_generator 1.9 1 Async generators and context managers for Python 3.5+
async_gui 0.1.1 1 Easy threading and multiprocessing for GUI applications
asyncdgt 0.0.1 1 Communicate asynchronously with DGT boards
asynchttp 0.0.4 1 A simple httplib2 based asynchronous HTTP library for python
asyncio 3.4.3 1 reference implementation of PEP 3156
asyncio_extras 1.3.0 1 Asynchronous generators, context managers and more for asyncio
asyncio_utils 0.1.4 1 Asyncio utilities
asynctask 0.0.5 1 wecatch asynctask
asynq 1.0.1 1 Quora's asynq library
asynq-nocython 0.1.4 1 Quora's asynq library
atd 0.1.5 1 McAfee ATD API
atg 0.0.6 1 A small timezone utility
atkspy 0.4 1 A python package that supports SOAP interface to communicate with the Microsoft ATKS
atlassian-jwt 1.8.1 1 JSON web token: pyjwt plus Atlassian query-string-hash claim
atmark 0.7.2 1 Awk/Sed for humans.
atmdb 0.2.3 1 Asynchronous API wrapper for TMDb (
atmos 0.2.5 1 Atmospheric sciences utility library
atoma 0.0.3 1 Atom and RSS feed parser for Python 3
atomac 1.1.0 1 Automated Testing on Mac - test GUI applications written in Cocoa by using Apple's Accessibility API
atomicwrites 1.1.5 1 Atomic file writes.
atooms 1.3.3 1 A framework for simulations of interacting particles
atp 0.1.0 1 An adaptive thread pool implementation
atramhasis 0.6.4 1 A web based editor for thesauri adhering to the SKOS specification.
atrcopy 6.5.0 1 Utility to manage file systems on Atari 8-bit (DOS 2) and Apple ][ (DOS 3.3) disk images.
atreal.filestorage.common 1.0.1 1 Defines a common API to handle file objects independently of storage
atreal.richfile.image 1.0.0rc1 1 Image Support Plugin for RichFileQualifier
attachment-downloader 1.1.1 1 Simple tool for downloading email attachments for all emails in a given folder using an IMAP client.
attainia-django-extensions 0.6.1 1 A collection of helpful utilities to be used in Attainia Django/Rest Framework projects
audiogrep 0.1.4 1 Creates audio supercuts
audiolazy 0.6 1 Real-Time Expressive Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Package for Python!
audiorename 1.3.0 1 Rename audio files from metadata tags.
audiotsm 0.1.2 1 A real-time audio time-scale modification library
auditok 0.1.5 1 An Audio/Acoustic Activity Detection and Audio Segmentation Tool
auditwheel 1.8.0 1 Cross-distribution Linux wheels
audman 0.3.1 1 Control the audacious media player.
aui-tk 0.1 1 tk implementation of python-aui
auroch 0.1 1 UNKNOWN
auromat 1.0.8 1 AUROra MApping Toolkit
auslfe.formonline.content 0.8.1 1 The Form Online content type for Plone
auth0db 0.1.0 1 Auth0 authentication backend for Django
auth0plus 0.3.0 1 Unofficial enhancements to the Auth0-python package
AuthEncoding 4.0.0 1 Framework for handling LDAP style password hashes.
authenticatorpy 0.1.1 1 A Python library that provide unique keys for 2FA with given secret.
AuthKit 0.4.5 1 An authentication and authorization toolkit for WSGI applications and frameworks
AuthTkt 0.3.3 1 Python implementation of the mod_auth_tkt handler and Perl scripts
authz-tools 0.6.1 1 a set of tools for working with authz files
auto-adjust-display-brightness 1.3.1 1 Automatically adjust Linux display brightness
auto-mix-prep 0.2.0 1 Application for automatically preparing stems for mixing.
auto-py-torrent 1.0.8 1 Automated tool for file downloads, using torrent or magnet.
autobot 0.1.1 1 buildbot front-end incarnation
autobrowser 0.2.0 1 Toolset for automated browsing
autocomplete 0.0.104 1 tiny 'autocomplete' tool using a "hidden markov model"
autoinstaller 0.1 1 A library that automatically imports from Pypi everything you try import
autolink_py 0.2.1 1 UNKNOWN
autologin 0.1.4 1 A utility for finding login links, forms and autologging into websites with a set of valid credentials.
autolycus 0.0.7 1 Exports/synchronizes a Mercurial repo to Git
automa 0.1.21 1 Scripting automation utility
automata-lib 1.0.0.post4 1 A Python library for simulating automata and Turing machines
automock 1.1.0 1 Utility to allow some functions to be 'mocked by default' when running tests.
autonose 0.2.2 1 continuous test runner for python
autopager 0.2 1 Detect and classify pagination links on web pages
autopython 0.3 1 Autoscripting for Python 3
autorespond 0.1.0 1 Autoresponder to mails
autoresponse 0.3.1 1 UNKNOWN
autosimulationcraft 0.1.1 1 A python script to run SimulationCraft reports for World of Warcraft characters when their gear/stats/level/etc. changes.
autotagger 0.1.6 1 Tag .mp3 and .m4a audio files from iTunes data automatically.
autotorrent 1.6.3 1 AutoTorrent allows easy cross-seeding
avalanche 0.3.0 1 Web Framework with a focus on testability and reusability
avatarsio 0.1 1 Avatar picker and uploader for
avdata 0.1.0 1 Aviation Data (routes, waypoints, fixes)
avendesora 1.10.1 1 A password generator and account manager.
avi2mkv 1.1 1 Simple AVI to MKV converter
avocado-framework 59.0 1 Avocado Test Framework
avro-gen 0.3.0 1 Avro record class and specific record reader generator
avroconsumer 1.1.0 1 Base consumer class for working with Avro datums
avroknife 1.0.5 1 Utility for browsing and simple manipulation of Avro-based files
avrotool 0.0.2 1 Commandline Avro Toolbelt
aw.managersmanager 1.0.0a2 1 Manages Plone site managers on multiple sites and clusters.
awaredatetime 0.0.2 1 Drop-in replacement for timezone aware datetime objects
awftp 1.1.5 1 awftp - a FTP-style client for HCP Anywhere
awpa 1 A Working Python AST
aws-encryption-sdk-cli 1.1.4 1 This command line tool can be used to encrypt and decrypt files and directories using the AWS Encryption SDK.
aws-mfa-auth 0.0.8 1 Easy AWS MFA Authentication
aws-shell 0.2.0 1 AWS Shell
aws-utils 0.1 1 aws utilities package
aws-vapor 0.0.14 1 Generates AWS CloudFormation template from python object
aws-xray-sdk 0.96 1 The AWS X-Ray SDK for Python (the SDK) enables Python developers to record and emit information from within their applications to the AWS X-Ray service.
aws.authrss 2.0.1 1 Private Plone RSS feeds through a user private token
aws.pdfbook 1.1 1 Download Plone content views as PDF
aws.windowsplonecluster 0.11 1 A super script to control a zope/apache/pound/squid cluster for windows
aws_kinesis_agg 1.1.0 1 Python module to assist in taking advantage of the Kinesis message aggregation format for both aggregation and deaggregation.
aws_kpl_deagg 1.0.10 1 Python module to simplify processing of Amazon Kinesis Records which have been created with the Kinesis Producer Library.
awscfncli 0.5.1 1 AWS CloudFormation CLI
awscli 1.14.59 1 Universal Command Line Environment for AWS.
awsfunctions 3.4.1 1 A collection of high level AWS functions built on top of boto3
awsh 1.0.12 1 SSH into your EC2 instances based on their configurations.
awsli 0.0.1 1 A Line Interpreter for Amazon Web Services
awslimitchecker 4.0.1 1 A script and python module to check your AWS service limits and usage, and warn when usage approaches limits.
awspricing 1.1.2 1 An SDK for AWS Pricing
Ax_FuzzyTourney 0.8.1 1 Fuzzy Tournament - Big Data Heuristic Programmable Reducing Miner.
Ax_Handoff 1.1.3 1 Easy secure protocol for passing encrypted structured data over unencrypted channels (such as URLs) while maintaining tamper-proof integrity.
Ax_Metrics 0.9.2 1 "BI Glue" Business Intelligence middleware library for aggregation of metrics/KPI from any source and custom reporting for humans or other APIs
axarray 0.1.1 1 numpy array with labeled axes
axe-selenium-python 1.2.3 1 Python library to integrate axe and selenium for web accessibility testing.
axel 0.0.7 1 Python events handling, C# style
AxonDeepSeg 0.3 1 Python tool for automatic axon and myelin segmentation
azure-cli-appservice 0.1.29 1 Microsoft Azure Command-Line Tools AppService Command Module
azure-cli-backup 1.0.7 1 Microsoft Azure Command-Line Tools Recovery Services Command Module
azure-cli-vm 2.0.28 1 Microsoft Azure Command-Line Tools VM Command Module
azure-common 1.1.8 1 Microsoft Azure Client Library for Python (Common)
azure-datalake-store 0.0.19 1 Azure Data Lake Store Filesystem Client Library for Python
azure-elasticluster 1.1-dev0 1 A command line tool to create, manage and setup computing clusters hosted on a public or private cloud infrastructure.
azure-elasticluster-current 0.1.dev2 1 A command line tool to create, manage and setup computing clusters hosted on a public or private cloud infrastructure.
azure-mgmt-containerservice 3.0.1 1 Microsoft Azure Container Service Client Library for Python
azure-servicebus 0.21.1 1 Microsoft Azure Service Bus Client Library for Python
azuremonitor 0.1 1 Windows Azure Monitor
b2 1.1.0 1 Command Line Tool for Backblaze B2
b2g_util 0.0.19 1 B2G Utilities
b3j0f.schema 0.0.9 1 Python schema library agnostic from languages.
b3j0f.sync 0.0.3 1 Synchronizer design pattern library
babble.client 2.0 1 Babble: Instant messaging client for Plone
babbler 0.3.4 1 A Twitter bot that polls an RSS feed and posts its entries as tweets, with auto-generated hashtags. For extra mischief, replies to the bot are responded to using a basic Eliza implementation. After installing, the 'babbler' command will be available which you can use to run the bot. Data will be stored in the current directory.
BabelDjango-onefinestay 0.2.4 1 Utilities for using Babel in Django
babtools_EXAMPLE 0.9 1 Example structure with efficient PyPI usage: very small overhead for updating the PyPI entry. 1.3.0 1 Lablup Backend.AI Meta-package 1.3.3 1 Backend.AI Manager
background-rm 0.1.1 1 remove background from images
backlash 0.1.3 1 Standalone WebOb port of the Werkzeug Debugger with Python3 support meant to replace WebError in future TurboGears2
backoff 1.4.3 1 Function decoration for backoff and retry
backoff-async 2.0.0 1 Function decoration for backoff and retry async functions
backports.lzma 0.0.10 1 Backport of Python 3.3's 'lzma' module for XZ/LZMA compressed files.
backrefs 3.5 1 A wrapper around re and regex that adds additional back references.
backy 2.2 1 Block-based backup and restore utility for virtual machine images
baconql 0.0.2 1 Python SQL without ORM & easy migrations
BaculaFS 0.1.7 1 Bacula Filesystem in USErspace
badgecheck 1.0.0b1 1 A python module that performs verification for Open Badges.
badger 0.1.2 1 Commandline Interface to create style badges as SVG.
bahai.theme 1.0.3 1 Theme for site
bai-lockbox 0.0.7 1 A library for parsing files in the BAI lockbox format.
baiji-serialization 2.1.0 1 Read and write common file formats to Amazon S3 and local files
Baker 1.3 1 Easy, powerful access to Python functions from the command line
bakthat 0.6.0 1 Bakthat is a MIT licensed backup framework written in Python, it's both a command line tool and a Python module that helps you manage backups on Amazon S3/Glacier and OpenStack Swift. It automatically compress, encrypt (symmetric encryption) and upload your files.
baldr 1.0 1 Odin integration to Django
balrog 1.1.0 1 Python access control library.
bambou 3.0.0 1 REST Library for Nuage Networks
bambu-analytics 2.0.1 1 Provides a simple, pluggable system for analytics in Django
bana 0.1.0 1 Set of extensions for Autodesk Maya's Python API
bandcamp_dl 0.4 1 Download audio from
bandersnatch 2.1.3 1 Mirroring tool that implements the client (mirror) side of PEP 381
bandmat 0.6 1 A banded matrix library for python.
Banyan 0.1.5 1 Highly-optimized search trees (red-black, splay, and sorted-list) with optional augmentation (dynamic order statistics, interval trees, etc.)
BanzaiDB 0.3.0 1 Database for Banzai NGS pipeline tool
Barabash 0.6.0 1 Barabash, a build scripting framework.
barbeque 1.8.2 1 Helper and tools collection
bare68k 0.1.2 1 A package to create m68k system emulators
BareNecessities 0.2.8 1 Provides the ``bn`` module containing a dictionary allowing attribute access to values - I use it so much I've made into a package.
bark 0.1.0 1 WSGI logging middleware
barnaba 0.1.4 1 analyze nucleic acid 3D structures and MD trajectories
barnum 0.5.1 1 Create random data for your applications
baron 0.6.6 1 Full Syntax Tree for python to make writing refactoring code a realist task
bart-py 2.0.0 1 Behavioural Analysis and Regression Toolkit
BASC-Archiver 0.9.7 1 Makes a complete archive of imageboard threads including images, HTML, and JSON.
BASC-py4chan 0.6.4 1 Python 4chan API Wrapper. Improved version of Edgeworth's original py-4chan wrapper.
BASC-WARC 0.0.1 1 Create and manage WARC files. Currently in planning / pre-alpha stage.
BaseCon 1.0.0 1 Python BaseCon library for converting integers to URL safe strings.
baseplate 0.25.0 1 A library to build services on
basescript 0.2.2 1 Basic infrastructure for writing scripts
baseZhang 1.6.3 1 mir-feature-tools @ZHANG Xu-long
basho-erlastic 2.1.1 1 Erlastic
basic_argparse 1.1 1 A helper function for setting up an argparse parser.
basicauth 0.4.1 1 An incredibly simple HTTP basic auth implementation.
bastio-agent 0.1.2 1 Bastio agent to provision system accounts and SSH access
bat 0.3.4 1 Bro Analysis Tools
Bat-man 0.3.1 1 A YouTube batch downloader and converter.
bat_min 0.3.2 1 Bro Analysis Tools
batbelt 0.5.2 1 A collection of gagdets that makes Python even more powerful.
BatchNotebook 0.0.3 1 Tools for running an IPython notebook in batch mode.
batou 1.7.3 1 A utility for automating multi-host, multi-environment software builds and deployments.
battlefield1-sdk 1.3 1 Battlefield 1 sdk
bayes-variants 0.1.1 1 Bayes
Bayesian 0.3.1 1 Library and utility module for Bayesian reasoning
bayeslite 0.1.8 1 BQL database built on SQLite3
bb-pytest 0.2 1 Buildbot step for py.test.
BBCS-Tools 1 Bitbucket Codeship integration tools.
bbdb.gmailfilter 0.5 1 Export BBDB contacts to gmail filter import XML
bbfreeze 1.1.3 1 create standalone executables from python scripts
bblame 0.5.9 1 An ncurses app for browsing file git history
bbrecorder 1.0.2 1 Black box style logging handler to delay logs emitting to crisis situation.
bcbio_monitor 1.0.6 1 bcbio-monitor is an extension of bcbio-nextgen to visualize its progress
Bcfg2 1.3.4 1 Bcfg2 Server
bctpy 0.5.0 1 Brain Connectivity Toolbox for Python
bcwallet 1.2.7 1 Simple BIP32 HD cryptocurrecy command line wallet
bda.cache 1.2.0 1 Simple caching infrastructure.
bda.disclaimer 1.1 1 Cookie based access restriction for Plone sites.
bda.intellidatetime 1.2.2 1 bda.intellidatetime
bda.plone.ajax 1.7 1 ``bdajax`` integration for Plone.
bda.zeopack 1.0 1 Pack (multiple) databases (ZODB) on Zope ZEO servers
bdajax 1.10 1 Ajax convenience.
bdcli 0.2.0 1 Python based command-line interface for Brown Dog services
BDT 0.0.3 1 Simple library to write decision trees
be 0.3.7 1 Minimal asset management system
beacontools 1.2.2 1 A Python library for working with various types of Bluetooth LE Beacons.
beaker-es-plot 0.0.0 1 ESPlot class for Beaker Notebook
beamline 1.3.6 1 online model package for electron accelerator
beancount-plugins 0.0.4 1 Library of user contributed plugins for beancount
beansoup 1.0a5 1 A companion to beancount, a command-line double-entry accounting tool
beanstalk 0.0.0 1 Crowd Sourcing Continuous Integration
bearlibterminal 0.15.7 1 BearLibTerminal is a pseudoterminal window library
Beaver 36.2.1 1 python daemon that munches on logs and sends their contents to logstash
bebop.protocol 0.1 1 This package allows to register components from Python. It also provides a basic implementation of generic functions in Zope3
becas 1.0.3 1 becas API client for Python.
Bedframe 0.13.5 1 A resource-oriented web services framework
beehve 3.0.0.dev5 1 An beehve for django applications.
beets 1.4.6 1 music tagger and library organizer
beets-artistcountry 0.2.0 1 Beets plugin to retrieve the country of an artist from musicbrainz
beets-bandcamp 0.1.1 1 Plugin for beets ( to use bandcamp as an autotagger source.
beets-copyartifacts 0.1.2 1 beets plugin to copy non-music files to import path
beets-follow 1.1.0 1 Plugin for the music library manager Beets. Follow artists from your library using
beets-popularity 1.0.2 1 Beets plugin to fetch and store popularity values as flexible item attributes
beewa 0.4.3 1 beewa makes controlling your powered system easy!
behold 0.2.0 1 UNKNOWN
BeijingTomorrow 0.1.0 1 This package generates a beijingtomorrow of the next day's pollution level in Beijing using daily MODIS satellite data and CaffeOnSpark.
bench 2.8 1 Benchmark resources usage
BenchExec 1.16 1 A Framework for Reliable Benchmarking and Resource Measurement.
bendcode 1.1.0 1 Python module to decode Bencoded data
bendihua 0.0.2 1 googletrans command line interface to translate your i18n file into 106 languages
bericht 0.1.6 1 HTML to PDF streaming
bernardomg.tox-test-command 1.1.4 1 setuptools command for running tests using tox
berry 0.3.1 1 a minimal DSL for building a WSGI app
berrycam 0.4.0 1 berrycam makes taking pictures with your Raspberry Pi easy!
berryinfo 0.0.8 1 berryinfo makes obtaining diagnostic information about your device easy!
bes 0.3 1 Log actions to Elastic Search via bulk upload
besnappy 0.1.0 1 An unofficial client library for the BeSnappy HTTP API.
BESST 2.2.8 1 Scaffolder for genomic assemblies.
BestBuyAPI 0.0.51 1 Best Buy API Wrapper
betahaus.emaillogin 0.6.1 1 Enables you to login using your emailaddress.
betahaus.viewcomponent 0.4.1 1 Plugin structure for menus, JSON responses or similar.
bethesda-structs 0.0.1 1 A wrapper for some of Bethesda's popular plugin/archive file formats
betse 0.7.0 1 BETSE, the BioElectric Tissue Simulation Engine.
better_exchook 1.20171121.105512 1 nice Python exception hook replacement
BetterBatch 1.3.2 1 Powerful batch file/script replacement
betterpath 0.2.2 1 Path manipulation library
bettertimeit 1.1.2 1 A Better Timeit
beyond 0.4 1 Flight Dynamic Library
beyondskins.ploneday.site2011 1.0 1 World Plone Day 2011 theme.
bfabio.pykwalify 1.6.0 1 Python lib/cli for JSON/YAML schema validation
bg-helper 0.1.5 1 Common CLI background helpers
bg.solr 0.2 1 bg.solr
bgapi 0.6 1 Interface library for BlueGiga BLE112 and BLE113 modules
bgmi 2.0.5 1 BGmi is a cli tool for subscribed bangumi.
bhand 0.1.0 1 command-line interface and Python package for the Brunel Hand by Open Bionics
BibConverter 3.4.0 1 Convert data from IEEEXplore, EV, and ISI WoS to the BibTeX format
biblio 0.0.4 1 an extremely fast and simple documentation generator
biblio-py 0.6.1 1 Package to manage bibliography files
bibliograph.parsing 1.0.1 1 Parsers for bibliograph packages
bibliograph.rendering 1.0.2 1 Bibliographic renderers
biblion 2.6.2 1 a Django blog app
bibsonomy 0.2.1 1 BibSonomy REST client
bicyclerepair 0.7.1 1 Bicycle Repair Man, the Python refactoring tool
bidict 0.15.0rc1 1 Efficient, Pythonic bidirectional map implementation and related functionality
bidpom 2.0.1 1 Mozilla BrowserID (Persona) Page Object Model
BiEntropy 1.0.3 1 High-performance implementations of BiEntropy metrics proposed by Grenville J. Croll
bienvenue 3.0.0 1 Read config from environment for 12 factor apps
bifacialvf 0.1.5 1 Bifacial PV system evaluation using view factor method
bifrost 3.1.1 1 Deployment of physical machines using OpenStack Ironic and Ansible
bigfloat 0.3.0 1 Arbitrary-precision correctly-rounded floating-point arithmetic, via MPFR.
biggraphite 0.11.0 1 Simple Scalable Time Series Database.
Biggus 0.14.0 1 Virtual large arrays and lazy evaluation
bigml 4.15.2 1 An open source binding to, the public BigML API
bigmler 3.17.0 1 A command-line tool for, the public BigML API
bigquery-schema-generator 0.2.0 1 BigQuery schema generator
bigtempo 0.38.9 1 BigTempo is a powerful and scalable programming model, originally crafted for temporal data processment / analysis. 3.1.8 1 Bika Health Open Source LIS
bika.lims 3.2.1rc3 1 Bika LIMS
bikram 1.0.0 1 Utilities to work with Bikram/Vikram Samwat dates.
bilbo 0.6.1 1 Commands to help build and maintain a gollum wiki
billiard 1 Python multiprocessing fork with improvements and bugfixes
billomat 0.1.31 1 API client
BinField 0.9.1 1 Python BinField implementation for binary data manipulation
bing_translator 0.1 1 Micrososft Translator API V2 for Python
bingads 11.5.9 1 A library to make working with the Bing Ads APIs and bulk services easy
binilla 0.9.58 1 A universal binary structure editor built on supyr_struct.
binstr 1.3 1 Utility functions for strings of binary digits
bintrees 2.0.7 1 Package provides Binary-, RedBlack- and AVL-Trees in Python and Cython.
bio2bel-hgnc 0.0.4 1 A package for converting HGNC to BEL
bio2bel-hmdd 0.0.2 1 A package for converting the Human microRNA Disease Database (HMDD) to BEL.
bio2bel-mirtarbase 0.1.1 1 A package for converting miRTarBase to BEL
biocode 0.6.0 1 Bioinformatics code libraries and scripts
Biofuel-MyProject 0.3.2.dev2 1 Predict flash point and cetane number of biofuel
bioinfo_tools 0.3.0 1 Python library that parses GFF, Fasta files into python classes
biomaj 3.1.4 1 BioMAJ
biomart 0.9.2 1 Python API that consumes the biomart webservice
biopython 1.70 1 Freely available tools for computational molecular biology.
bioscraping 0.0.3 1 Scrape biological data from websites
biothings-client 0.1.1 1 Python Client for BioThings API services.
biovida 0.1.1 1 Automated BioMedical Information Curation for Machine Learning Applications.
birdfeeder 0.1.9 1 A newslynx-opinionated wrapper around twython
birdhousebuilder.recipe.adagucserver 0.3.4 1 A Buildout recipe to install and configure Adaguc Web Map Service with Anaconda.
birdhousebuilder.recipe.ncwms 0.4.1 1 A Buildout recipe to install and configure ncWMS2 server with Anaconda.
birdhousebuilder.recipe.pywps 0.10.0 1 A Buildout recipe to install and configure PyWPS Web Processing Service with conda.
birdy 0.3.2 1 birdy is a super awesome Twitter API client for Python.
bise.ecosystemservices 1.0.1 1 Ecosystem Services Maps
bitbake 1.3.2 1 BitBake build tool
bitbucket-distutils 0.1.2 1 Distribute/setuptools/distutils command for Bitbucket. You can use Bitbucket downloads instead of PyPI downloads for release.
bitcoin 1.1.42 1 Python Bitcoin Tools
bitjws 1 JWS using Bitcoin message signing
bitmapist 3.100 1 Implements a powerful analytics library using Redis bitmaps.
bitmath 1 Pythonic module for representing and manipulating file sizes with different prefix notations (file size unit conversion)
bitmazk-contact-form 1.3 1 A reusable contact form app for Django. Can be used with a modern user-friendly spam protection.
bitmerchant 0.1.8 1 Bitcoin/altcoin merchant tools
bitmex-market-maker 1.3 1 Market making bot for BitMEX API
bitmex-websocket 0.1.180 1 Bitmex websocket API
bitpay-client 0.1.1 1 Python client for the BitPay payment web API distributed via PyPi with object-orientated interface
bitrot 0.9.2 1 Detects bit rotten files on the hard drive to save your precious photo and music collection from slow decay.
bits_parser 1.0.1 1 bits_parser
bitsets 0.7.12 1 Ordered subsets over a predefined domain
bitshares-pricefeed 0.0.10 1 Command line tool to assist with price feed generation
bitso-py 3.0.0 1 A python wrapper for the Bitso API.
bitstampy 0.0.9 1 Bitstamp API wrapper for Python
bitstream 2.5.4 1 Binary Data for Humans
biweeklybudget 0.7.1 1 Responsive Flask/SQLAlchemy personal finance app, specifically for biweekly budgeting.
bjarkan 1.2.0 1 Bluetooth command line utility
bkrdoc 1.3.0 1 This project aims to provide tools for automated documentation generation for BeakerLib tests.
black-magic 0.0.12 1 Decorator utility that operates on black magic
blackboard_analysis_tools 0.0.4 1 Blackboard analysis tools
BlackBoxAuditing 0.1.40 1 Sample Implementation of Gradient Feature Auditing (GFA)
blackhc.mdp 1.0.6 1 MDP framework for the OpenAI Gym
blacklotus.garnish 1.0.1 1 Black Lotus Garnish
blacknet 2.0.9 1 Multi-head SSH honeypot system
blacktie 1 A python wrapper for analysis of RNA-seq data with the popular tophat/cufflinks pipeline.
bladerunner 4.1.9 1 Execution of commands on hosts
blast 0.3.0 1 a simple web-based, multi-platform music/mp3 player written in python, HTML/CSS and javascript
blaze 0.10.1 1 Blaze
BlazeUtils 0.5.3 1 A collection of python utility functions and classes.
bleach 2.1.3 1 An easy safelist-based HTML-sanitizing tool.
bleep 0.4.3 1 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Library for Python
blend_modes 1.0.1 1 Image processing blend modes
BlendSCAD 20170429.0.0.2rc0 1 OpenSCAD-ify Blender
blessed 1.14.2 1 A thin, practical wrapper around terminal styling, screen positioning, and keyboard input.
blessings 1.6.1 1 A thin, practical wrapper around terminal coloring, styling, and positioning
blib 3 1 Framework to program bots !!
blist 1.3.6 1 a list-like type with better asymptotic performance and similar performance on small lists
blister 1.1.3 1 Import hook that minimizes file stats
blitz-ca 0.1.1 1 Certificate authority for humans
blitzdb 0.4.4 1 A document-oriented database written purely in Python.
bloc 0.1.2 1 Single-master group membership framework
block-timer 0.1.2 1 Measure execution time of your code blocks
blocklistsaggregator 0.5.1 1 A Python tool that downloads IP block lists from various sources and builds configurations for network equipments and firewalls.
Blocks-and-Bullets 0.1 1 A simple game of Blocks and Bullets
blocky 0.0.2 1 Block rendering for flask and django using jinja2.
BlogBackup 1.4 1 Script to dump a blog feed to files suitable for backing up or reprocessing.
Blogmaker 0.6 1 Blog application for Django
blogofile_blog 0.8.3 1 A simple blog engine plugin for Blogofile
BloodhoundLabs 0.1.0 1
bloop 2.0.1 1 ORM for DynamoDB
bloscpack 0.12.0 1 Command line interface to and serialization format for Blosc
bluebream 1.0 1 The Zope Web Framework
BlueChips 1.0.4 1 BlueChips - finances for people with shared expenses
Bluemindo 1.0-rc1 1 Ergonomic and modern music player designed for audiophiles.
bme280_exporter 0.1.0 1 Prometheus exporter for the Bosh BME280 sensor
bmw-cdapi 0.1.3 1 ConnectedDrive connection
bnlcrl 20180115.183948 1 CRL simulator
board-sim 0.0.1 1 An extensible system for emulating circuits
boartty 0.0.0 1 Boardtty is a console-based interface to Storyboard.
boatswain 1.0.1 1 Yaml based way to build Docker images.
bob 3.0.0 1 Bob is a free signal-processing and machine learning toolbox originally developed by the Biometrics group at Idiap Research Institute, in Switzerland. 3.3.0 1 Tools for running face recognition experiments 3.1.1 1 Tools for running speaker recognition experiments
bob.db.ijba 2.0.3 1 IJB-A Database Access API for Bob
bob.db.mnist 2.1.1 1 MNIST Database Access API for Bob
bob.ip.gabor 2.0.11 1 Gabor wavelet analysis tools for Bob
bob.pad.base 1.0.8 1 A framework for executing the chain of presentation attack detection (PAD) experiments
bob.palmvein 2.0.0a1 1 Palmvein recognition based on Bob and the facereclib
bob.paper.isba2018-entropy 1.0.3 1 Calculating the entropy of fingervein patterns
bob.paper.SCIA2015 2.0.4 1 Source code for regenerating the results of the paper "Gender Classification by LUT based boosting of Overlapping Block Patterns"
bob.thesis.ichingo2015 0.0.1 1 Trustworthy biometric recognition under spoofing attacks: application to the face mode
bobo 2.4.0 1 Web application framework for the impatient
bobtemplates.jpcw 0.2 1 bobtemplates basic_namespace
bobtemplates.kitconcept 2.0.1 1 Templates for Plone projects.
bobtemplates.kotti 0.2a1 1 mr.bob templates for Kotti development
bobtemplates.plone 3.0.0b2 1 Templates for Plone projects.
bobtemplates.sixfeetup 1.0 1 Unified buildout template for Plone projects.
boduch 0.2.1 1 Simple Python tools.
boggleboard 1.0.5 1 Manipulate and analyse anagrams and variations of Boggle boards.
boletin 0.5.1 1 Newsletter generation and sending application for Django
bolos 0.1 1 A library to solve the Boltzmann equation
bolt 0.9 1 Multi-server automation and deployment toolkit
bonemapy 0.4.1 1 An ABAQUS plug-in to map bone properties from CT scans to 3D finite element bone/implant models
bongo 0.2.1 1 An API wrapper for Iowa City's bus data
bonobo-sqlalchemy 0.6.0 1 Bonobo SQLAlchemy Extension
bonsai 0.9.1 1 Python 3 module for accessing LDAP directory servers.
bonsai-code 0.3.1 1 Static analysis library.
booby-ng 0.8.4 1 Data modeling and validation Python library
booger 0.4.5 1 Pretty curses-based nose frontend
book2arrange 1.0.1 1 Arrange audio files from in one convenient collection for better language acquisition.
bookscrape 0.0.4 1 Scrape and build e-books from various websites
Booktype 1.5 1 FLOSS Manuals collaborative book writing tool
bookworm 0.2.1 1 Text analysis api
Boolean-Solver 0.5.2 1 Fast development with generated boolean expressions.
boomerang 0.6.0 1 An asynchronous Python library for building services on the Facebook Messenger Platform
bootdev 0.2.10 1 Bootdev command for AWS deployments
bootmachine 0.6.0 1 A fabric library to bootstrap servers and configuration management software.
BoozeLib 0.4 1 A Python module containing a couple of functions to calculate the *blood alcohol content* of people.
borg.project 1.1rc9 1 Ability to create project workspaces with local workflow
borgbackup 1.1.4 1 Deduplicated, encrypted, authenticated and compressed backups
botje 54 1 Framework to program bots !!
botlib 49 1 Framework to program bots
botnee 0.1.3 1 The botnee tool.
boto3 1.6.12 1 The AWS SDK for Python
boto3-meiqia 1.4.5 1 The AWS SDK for Python
boto_rsync 0.8.1 1 An rsync-like wrapper for boto's S3 and Google Storage interfaces.
botocore 1.9.12 1 Low-level, data-driven core of boto 3.
botocore-callback 1.8.36 1 Low-level, data-driven core of boto 3.
botocore-meiqia 1.5.43 1 Low-level, data-driven core of boto 3.
botodesu 0.2 1 An automatically expanding Telegram bot API that supports the latest Telegram features.
botoflow 0.8 1 Botoflow is an asynchronous framework for Amazon SWF that helps you build SWF applications using Python
botor 0.0.1dev8 1 A thin wrapper around boto3
bottle-api-json-formatting 0.1.1 1 A bottle plugin to json format standard and error responses. Intended for REST APIs.
bottle-config 0.1.2 1
bottle-fdsend 0.1.1 1 Library for constructing responses from file descriptors
bottle-jade 0.2.1 1
bottle-login 0.0.3 1
bottle-manage 0.2.2 1
bottle-peewee 0.1.5 1
bottle-rauth 0.1.1 1
bottle-servefiles 0.1.2dev 1 A reusable app that serves static files for bottle apps
bottle-utils 2.0.post2 1 Assortment of frequently used utilities for Bottle framework
bottle-web2pydal 0.0.1 1 Web2py Dal integration for Bottle.
bottleship 0.2.4 1 Authentication for the Bottle web framework meant for very simple workflows and little-to-none user interaction
bottoku 0.1.6 1 Microframework for Chat/Messenger Bots
bounter 1.0.1 1 Counter for large datasets
bozor 0.0.1dev4 1 A higher level package to retrieve details on AWS items.
bpdiag 0.5 1 A Python script to visualize blood pressure data.
bplustree 0.0.3 1 On-disk B+tree for Python 3
bpmicro 1.0.0 1 BP Microsystems open source driver.
bpt 0.5.2 1 Tool to create isolated environments
bpylist 0.1.4 1 parse and generate binary plists and NSKeyedArchiver archives
brace-tags 1.0.10 1 The simplest static site generator
braceexpand 0.1.2 1 Bash-style brace expansion for Python
braces 0.5.2 1 Mustache for Python
braga 0.6.2 1 Entity-Component system
Braid 0.1 1 Meta-framework for faster prototyping in Deep Learning
brain 0.1.6 1 DDB front-end for SQL engines
brain_dump 1.1.3 1 Tools to generate mindmaps compatible from markdown-like text files, either as PNG with graphviz or as wisemapping-compatible XMLs
brainfoose 2.0.1 1 A brainfuck REPL.
brainstorm 0.5 1 Fast, flexible and fun neural networks.
brainy-mind 0.2.1 1 brainy is a nimble workflow managing tool which is a part of iBRAIN framework for scientific computation primarily applied for BigData analysis in context of HPC and HTS
bran 0.3.0 1 DER-Encoded ASN.1 Serialization and Deserialization
branca 0.2.0 1 Generate complex HTML+JS pages with Python
brasil.vocab 0.8 1 Basic Brazilian vocabularies for Python
braspag 0.2.1 1 Python library to consume Braspag SOAP Web services
Braumeister 0.2.0 1 Easy release bulding, combining JIRA and git
bravado-falcon 0.1.0 1 Integration of Falcon API unit tests with Bravado.
breadability 0.1.20 1 Port of Readability HTML parser in Python
breadpool 0.0.5 1 A Python Thread Pool and a Scheduled Executor
breaker 1.9.6 1 CL-tools for PanSTARRS & ATLAS LIGO-VIRGO (PSAT) group to aid surveys of the likely sky-locations of LIGO-VIRGO discovered Gravitational Waves
bredala 1.0.1 1 .. image::
breezeblocks 0.2.3 1 A lightweight SQL Querying package.
Breve 1.3.0 1 An s-expression style template engine.
Brian2 2.1.2 1 A clock-driven simulator for spiking neural networks
Brian2GeNN 1.1.5 1 An interface to use the GeNN framework as a device in Brian 2
brick 0.0.2 1 brick is a pure python templating system.
brie 0.1.3 1 BRIE: Bayesian regression for isoform estimate
brittle_wit_core 0.0.3 1 Version-agnostic core for brittle_wit package
broadwick 1.2.0 1 A Python Application Environment.
broc 0.1.3 1 Broc: the brownie coder. Code for brownie points
brocket 1.1 1 Build Amazon Associates Links in the clipboard super fast.
brockman 0.1dev 1 A Python client for the FocusLab API
brother_ql 0.8.4 1 Python package to talk to Brother QL label printers
brothon 0.2.5 1 Bro + Python = Brothon!
browndog 0.2.0 1 Brown Dog Python library
Brownie 0.5.1 1 Common utilities and datastructures for Python applications.
browsepy 0.5.6 1 Simple web file browser
browser_compare 0.0.1 1 Library for detecting browser changes
browser_vulnerabilities 0.1.0 1 Library for detecting vulnerable browsers
browseragents 0.2.0 1 Generate a random user agent
browsercookie 0.7.2 1 Loads cookies from your browser into a cookiejar object so can download with urllib and other libraries the same content you see in the web browser.
browsergui 0.4 1 A GUI toolkit targeting browsers
browserid 1.4 1 Mozilla BrowserID (Persona) Page Object Model
brozzler 1.1b12 1 Distributed web crawling with browsers
brss 0.8.14 1 Offline DBus RSS reader
bruges 0.3.3 1 Useful geophysics functions
brutemind 0.22.dev0 1
bss 0.9.4 1 BrainSuite statistics toolbox
bst.pygasus.core 1.0.1 1 Pygasus web framework working with ExtJs
BT-Manager 0.3.0 1 Python-based Bluetooth Device Management
bta 0.6 1 Active Directory Auditing tool
btform 0.1 1 web app forms tools
btlewrap 0.0.1 1 wrapper around different bluetooth low energy backends
btrfs-backup 0.3.0 1 Intelligent, feature-rich backups for btrfs
bts 0.6.17 1 api for BitShares
btsbots 0.1.6 1 trade bots client for
btsbots-wallet 0.2.3 1 web wallet for BitShares
btsprice 0.2.56 1 get price for BitShares
btspusher 0.0.9 1 push service for Bitshares 0.9.9 1 A Python API client for BitTorrent Sync
bttf 0.1 1 Brings some of the magic from the future to the past and from the past back to the future.
bubblepy 1.0 1 Bubble Babble Binary Data Encoding
bucketize 0.1.0 1 A CLI tool to determine STDIN line rate at the interval of choice.
buckingham 0.2 1 A library for unit conversion and error propagation
bucky 2.3.0 1 StatsD and CollectD adapter for Graphite
buddysuite 1.3.0 1 BuddySuite is a collection of command line utilities written in Python for working with biological data.
bufferer 0.6.1 1 Insert fake buffering events into video files.
bug-repo-syncer 0.3.0 1 Program to synchronize bug repositories
bugbuzz 0.1.2 1 Easy to use web-base online debugger
bugspots3 0.3.0.dev20171215101805 1
bugzillatools 0.5.5 1 Bugzilla CLI client, XML-RPC binding and VCS plugins
build-utils 0.1.1 1 Some tools to help build python2 and python3 libraries
buildbot 1.1.0 1 The Continuous Integration Framework
buildbot-profiler 1.2.2 1 "Profiler for buildbot master and its UI"
buildboticon 0.3.2 1 A buildbot monitoring utility
buildingspy 1.6.0 1 Package for simulating and testing models from the Modelica Buildings and IBPSA libraries
buildit 0.90 1 A simple build tool for small projects.
buildout-helpers 1.0.1 1 A buildout config file normalizer
buildout.recipe.isolation 0.3a1 1 Recipe for isolating Python distributions (packages and scripts).
buildozer 0.34 1 Generic Python packager for Android / iOS and Desktop
buildpipe 0.2.2 1 Dynamically generate Buildkite pipelines
buildvu 1.0.2 1 Python API for IDRSolutions' Buildvu Microservice Example
buku 3.6 1 Powerful command-line bookmark manager.
bumpr 0.3.7 1 Version bumper and Python package releaser
bumpy 0.4.3 1 Create build files and CLI tools easily.
bundesliga-cli 0.2.1 1 Bundesliga results and stats for hackers
bundle 1.1.2 1 Create and manage bundle packages.
bungiesearch 1.3.0 1 A Django elasticsearch wrapper and helper using elasticsearch-dsl-py high level library.
buntstrap 0.1.2 1 bootstrap an ubuntu filesystem
burp-ui 0.5.1 1 Burp-UI is a web-ui for burp backup written in python with Flask and jQuery/Bootstrap
bushy 0.2.5 1 A git workflow plugin.
BusinessHours 1.02 1 Calculate Business days/hours between any two dates.
businessoptics 0.5.1 1 Client for the BusinessOptics API
businesstime 0.2.1 1 A simple utility for calculating business time aware timedeltas between two datetimes
busyflow.pivotal 0.3.4 1 Pivotal API client library.
bw2io 0.6rc3 1 Tools for importing and export life cycle inventory databases
bw2search 0.2 1 Search functionality for the Brightway2 LCA Framework
bw2simple 0.3.1 1 ('Simple proxies to make command-line life with Brightway2 objects a bit easier.',)
BWP 0.7.0 1 The Business Web Platform is Django-application. Contains models, templates and other preparations for the fast building of ERP system
Byline 0.5beta 1 Multi-protocol XML-RPC weblog client
BYONDToolsv3 0.1.3 1 Tools and interfaces for interacting with the BYOND game engine, adapted to Python 3.
BytecodeAssembler 0.6.1 1 Generate Python code objects by "assembling" bytecode (Now includes a functional/AST-oriented API, too!)
byteplay 0.2 1 bytecode manipulation library
Bytestag 0.2b1 1 Wide Availability Peer-to-Peer File Sharing
bzr-svn 1.2.3 1 Support for Subversion branches in Bazaar
bzrsync 0.2 1 Tool to automatically synchronize Bazaar repositories between multiple nodes
bztools 0.0.2 1 Models and scripts to access the Bugzilla REST API. 1.0b1 1 This product is cam view username for getting download file 1.0a1 1 This product is word replace for content for Plone 1.0b4 1 This product is zip download of Plone content
c2.patch.contentpaste 1.0b4 1 This product is supsupported Duplicate Content for plone, not objcet paste
c2.patch.jashortname 1.0a1 1 This product is patching for Japanese shortname for Plone files
c2.patch.jasplitter 1.0a3 1 This product is bugfix splitter of Plone for Japanese.
c2.patch.sharesettingcopy 1.0a3 1 This prooduct is take the share setting over from copy objcet at pasting object for Plone. 1.0a6 1 This product is adding fuzzy search function for Plone
c2cwsgiutils 1.8.1 1 Common utilities for Camptocamp WSGI applications
c2p 2017.0.1.1505301916 1 HRL Code to Production on Python Projects
c2xg 0.22 1 Learn, vectorize, and annotate Construction Grammars
c3d 0.3.0 1 A library for manipulating C3D binary files
c7n 1 Cloud Custodian - Policy Rules Engine
ca-apm-agent 1.0.2 1 Python Agent for CA APM
caar 5.0.0b6 1 Accelerating analysis of time stamped sensor observations and cycling device operations.
caatinga 1.1.1 1 A backup program that creates multiple snapshots of a file system.
cablemap.core 0.2.0 1 Cablemap - WikiLeaks Cablegate Utilities - Cable parser
Caboodle 1.0.2 1 A Python module for web browsing, web scraping or web automation
cabot_alert_telegram 0.5 1 A Telegram alert plugin for Cabot by Arachnys
cabu 0.0.2 1 cabu is a simple REST microservice to scrap content from anywhere.
CaChannel 3.0.4 1 CaChannel Interface to EPICS
cachetools 2.0.1 1 Extensible memoizing collections and decorators
cachingutil 1.2.0 1 A collection of caching utilities.
cachy 0.1 1 Cachy provides a simple yet effective caching library.
cadasta-workertoolbox 0.5.0 1 Cadasta Worker Toolbox
caerbannog 0.1 1 Well, that's no ordinary rabbit.
caesar 0.1.3 1 A command line e-mail helper
Cahoots 0.5.2 1 A Text Comprehension Engine in Python.
cairocffi 0.8.0 1 cffi-based cairo bindings for Python
caiyun 0.1.3 1 Zimuzu resources to Baidu Yun Pan
calchylus 0.1.13 1 Calchylus - Lambda Calculus with Hy
calcos 3.0 1 Calibration software for COS (Cosmic Origins Spectrograph)
calcpkg 2.0.1 1 package manager
calflate 0.4.1 1 import external CalDAV and CardDAV entries
calldecorators 0.0.3 1 Tools for working with container types, command data operations, and concise exception handling
calldules 1.0.1 1 Making modules callable, for not very good reasons.
callipy 0.3 1 Calling IPython notebooks with arguments
calllib 1.8 1 A library to call Python functions with parameters determined at runtime by name.
callme 0.2.0 1 Python AMQP RPC module
callspectpy 0.1.3 1 Collects execution data from python script
calmjs 3.0.0 1 A Python framework for building toolchains and utilities for working with the Node.js ecosystem from within a Python environment.
calmjs.bower 1.0.2 1 Bower support for the calmjs framework. 2.0.0 1 Package for aiding the development of JavaScript code to be provided as part of Python packages through integration with Node.js development tools into a Python environment via the Calmjs framework.
calmjs.parse 1.0.0 1 Various parsers for ECMA standards.
calmjs.rjs 2.0.0 1 Package for the integration of RequireJS into a Python environment via the Calmjs framework, to provide a reproducible workflow for the generation of deployable artifacts from JavaScript source code provided by Python packages in conjunction with standard JavaScript or Node.js packages sourced from npm or other similar package repositories.
calmjs.types 1.0.0 1 Types for the calmjs framework.
calmjs.webpack 1.0.0 1 Package for extending the Calmjs framework to support the usage of webpack for the generation of deployable artifacts from JavaScript source code provided by Python packages in conjunction with standard JavaScript or Node.js packages sourced from npm or other similar package repositories.
calplus 1.0.1.dev421 1 UNKNOWN
calysto_scheme 1.2.0 1 A Scheme kernel for Jupyter that can use Python libraries
CambiosNoDeseados 0.0.1.dev3 1 Cambios No Deseados - Conbinación de un RPG Tactico y un TCG
camera_calibration 0.2 1 A basic script to run camera calibration on images in a folder.
camlipy 0.1.1 1 UNKNOWN
camoco-cob 0.9.2 1 The Co-Expression Network Browser
campbx 1.0.5 1 CampBX API Bindings
camtones 0.0.2 1 Camera To Not-Empty Sequence is a motion and face extration system
camxes 0.2 1 Python interface to camxes.
CANberry 0.4 1 A small web app for Raspberry Pi with a controller area network (CAN) bus.
candyshop 0.1.4 1 Candyshop is a helper to determine if all your dependencies are declared properly.
canmatrix 0.6 1 Support and convert several CAN (Controller Area Network) database formats .arxml .dbc .dbf .kcd .sym fibex xls(x) ...
cannabis-reports 0.1.1 1 This library allows you to interact with Cannabis Reports using Python.
canon-remote 0.0.1 1 Use old Canon cameras with Python.
canprog 0.1.2 1 Command-line tool to flashing devices by CAN-BUS.
canvas-science 4.0.0 1 Canvas Medical's Science SDK
cape-client 0.1.0 1 Client library for the Cape machine reading API
capillary 0.0.1 1 Declarative workflows for celery.
capitalizr 1.02.00 1 capitalizr changes the case of first letter of any word (lowercase to uppercase)
capone 1.0.6 1 Django app representing a double-entry accounting ledger.
CAPRunner 1.0 1 A JavaCard bytecode emulator
capsid 1.6.2 1 CaPSID: Computational Pathogen Sequence Identification
captain 2.0.1 1 python cli scripts for humans
captainhook 0.8.7 1 A collection of git commit hooks
captcha-manager 1 CaptchaManager
capuchin 0.0.6 1 Simple wrapper around tornado that uses environment variables for host, port, endpoint prefix. Also uses the py-hancock library for the ability to sign endpoints. Endpoints for `time`, `ping`, and `status` are automatically added as well.
cardinality 0.1.1 1 Determine and check the size of any iterable
carml 17.4.0 1 A command-line tool to query and control a running Tor. Based on txtorcon + Twisted.
carnarvon 0.7.4 1 A Software Archaeology Analysis tool
Carousel 0.3.2 1 Model Simulation Framework
carreralib 0.6.0 1 Python interface to Carrera(R) DIGITAL 124/132 slotcar systems
carrier 0.1.13 1 Warehouse and PyPI Synchronization
carrot 0.10.7 1 AMQP Messaging Framework for Python
cartoframes 0.5.6 1 CARTO Python package for data scientists
Cartridge 0.12.0 1 A Django shopping cart application.
cascadenik 2.7.0 1 Cascading Stylesheets For Mapnik
case_class 0.0.8 1 Scala-like CaseClasses for Python
CaseRecommender 1.0.9 1 A recommender systems framework for Python
cashMake 0.1 1 Manage configuration files
cassandra-driver 3.13.0 1 Python driver for Cassandra
cassandra-driver-dse 1.1.0 1 DataStax Enterprise extensions for cassandra-driver
cassandra-migrate 0.3.2 1 Simple Cassandra database migration program.
cassandra-s3-incremental-backup-watcher 0.1.1 1 Continuously end Cassandra incremental backups to Amazon S3
cassandra-toolbox 0.1.4 1 A suite of tools for Cassandra - A highly scalable distributed NoSQL datastore.
casserole 0.1.0 1 simplify reading configuration values from multiple sources
castle 2.1.0 1 Castle protects your users from account compromise
castle.cms 2.0.42 1 CastleCMS Plone distribution main package
catbox 1.7.0 1 Fast sandbox implementation for Python
caterpillar 1.0.0.dev17 1 Text retrieval and analytics engine.
CATools 0.0.1 1 Helper Library for CA Service Desk Soap API
catplot 1.3.3 1 A Python Library for Energy Profile and 2D/3D Lattice Grid Plotting
caveman 1.0 1 Caveman: Validation of HTML5 cache manifests
cbexchange 1.0.3 1 CBExchange - Coinbase Exchange Python API
CBM_utils 1.0.0 1 UNKNOWN
cbor2 4.0.1 1 Pure Python CBOR (de)serializer with extensive tag support
cbork2 4.0.1 1 Pure Python CBOR (de)serializer with extensive tag support
cbox 0.5.0 1 convert any python function to unix-style command
ccc-gistemp 0.6.1 1 ccc-gistemp is a reimplementation of GISTEMP in Python for clarity. GISTEMP is a reconstruction of the global historical temperature record from land and sea surface temperature records. It produces a familiar graph of historical temperatures
ccfreeze 1.1.5 1 create standalone executables from python scripts
ccmval-cdx 0.0.1dev-r5450 1 CCMValDiag with CDX Data Access
ccrdf 0.6a4 1 XXX.
ccs811_exporter 0.1.1 1 Prometheus exporter for the ams CCS811 sensor
ccsnmultivar 0.0.5 1 Multivariate regression analysis of core-collapse simulations
cctrial 1.2.7 1 continous trial runner
cdat-lite 6.0.1 1 Core components of the Climate Data Analysis tools. This software is based on CDAT-6.0.alpha-g82e6c52 and cdunfpp0.13.
cdata 0.1.9 1 see data, handy snippets for conversion, and ETL.
cdb_query 2.0 1 Simple tools to query and retrieve data from the ESGF's CMIP5 and CORDEX projects.
cdblib 0.5 1 Read and write cdb ("constant database") files
cdiff 1.0 1 View colored, incremental diff in a workspace or from stdin, with side by side and auto pager support
cdl_convert 0.9.2 1 Converts between common ASC Color Decision List (CDL) formats
cdmpyparser 3.0.2 1 Fast and comprehensive Python language parser. Written as a part of the Codimension project, this parser aims at pulling the most data from Python sources while exceeding the speed of existing parsers.
cdnupload 1.0.4 1 Upload static files from given source directory to destination directory or Amazon S3 bucket, with content-based hash in filenames for versioning.
cdochain 0.2b3 1 Easy chaining of cdo methods.
cds-trytond-account-ca-gifi 4.6.0 1 Tryton module with Canadian GIFI-based chart of accounts
cds-trytond-account-payment-beanstream 4.6.0 1 Tryton module for BeanStream payment
cds-trytond-cms 4.6.2 1 Tryton module to add basic CMS capability
cds-trytond-product-image 4.6.1 1 Tryton module with product images
cds-trytond-product-uri 4.6.1 1 Tryton module to add URI slugs to products
cds-trytond-sale-tax-subdivision 4.6.1 1 Tryton module to apply sales tax based on subdivision
cdx.client 1.3.1 1 CDX Client
cdx.datawrappers 0.0.8 1 CDX Data Wrappers
cdxsite.databrowser 2.0.1 1 Through-the-web data browser for CDX datasets
cdxsite.policy 2.0.1 1 CDX Website Policy
cdxsite.theme 2.0.2 1 CDX Site Theme
ceda-cc 1.3.5 1 CEDA Conformance Checker
ceilometer-powervm 1 PowerVM Ceilometer Inspector for OpenStack Ceilometer.
celery 4.1.0 1 Distributed Task Queue.
celery-bungiesearch 1.2.4 1 Celery signal processor for Bungiesearch
celery-cloudwatch 1.1.1 1 A monitor for celery queues that reports to AWS CloudWatch
celery-enqueue 1.0.1 1 Command-line program to enqueue tasks within RabbitMQ for processing by Celery
celery-haystack 0.10 1 An app for integrating Celery with Haystack.
celery-redbeat 0.11.1 1 A Celery Beat Scheduler using Redis for persistent storage
celery-redbeat-sempr 0.11.1 1 A Celery Beat Scheduler using Redis for persistent storage
celery-redis-sentinel 0.3.0 1 Celery broker and results backend implementation for Redis Sentinel
celery-slack 0.1.4 1 A Slack extension for Celery.
celery_mutex 0.1.0 1 Mutex for Celery tasks, which can be refined.
celery_once 1.2.0 1 Allows you to prevent multiple execution and queuing of celery tasks.
celery_tryton 0.3 1 Celery integration with Tryton
celerymon 1.0.3 1 Real-time monitoring of Celery workers.
cell 0.0.3 1 Kombu actor framework
CellMethy 1.2.0 1 Identifying focal full methylation of cell subpopulation and inferring fraction
cellml.recipe.api 0.4 1 Recipe to call CMake to build CellML API and Python bindings
CellStar 1.3.0 1 Algorithm for round cells identification in the brightfield microscopy images.
cellsystem 0.1.0 1 An agent-based framework for the simulation of biological cell systems and more.
cellulario 2 1 Cellular IO
cenotes-cli 0.5.1 1 Cenotes command line application and libraries
census 0.8.7 1 A wrapper for the US Census Bureau's API
census-pgeoloader 0.2.0 1 Load Census shapefiles into PostGIS
census2dbf 0.2.0 1 Convert US Census CSV files into DBFs
census_area 0.2 1 Census data for arbitrary geographies
censusgeocode 0.4.2 1 Thin Python wrapper for the US Census Geocoder
censusprotocollib 1.0.2 1 Simple interface for using the Census Protocol
centerline 0.4.1 1 Calculate the centerline of a polygon
cenvars-client 1 A Cenvars client and api library.
ceph-deploy 2.0.0 1 Deploy Ceph with minimal infrastructure
cerber 0.3.0 1 Command line tool to generate secure computing mode
cerebrum 0.1.81 1 Crossmodal Supervised Learning Toolkit using High-Performance Extreme Learning Machines over the audio-visual-textual data
cert-issuer 2.0.11 1 Issues blockchain certificates using the Bitcoin blockchain
certifi 2018.1.18 1 Python package for providing Mozilla's CA Bundle.
certifiable 0.1 1 Certifiers for everyone!
ceshi 1.6.0 1 UNKNOWN
Ceygen 0.3 1 Cython helper for linear algebra with typed memoryviews built atop the Eigen C++ library
cf-configuration-exporter 0.0.13 1 Simple utility to generate a configuration manifest from a live CloudFoundry installation
cf-nlp 0.0.7 1 ClowdFlows natural language processing module
cfdi 1.0.0.dev1 1 A Python library to generate CFDI for Mexico
cfn-environment-base 0.9.19 1 Base environment for Troposphere based CFN project environments
cfnbot 1.0.0 1 Makes handling multi-stack deployments to CloudFormation a bit easier
cfnlambda 1.0.2 1 Collection of tools to enable use of AWS Lambda with CloudFormation.
cftp 0.4.1a0 1 FTP-like client for interacting with cloud storage
cgcloud-core 1.6.0 1 Efficient and reproducible software deployment for EC2 instances
cgcloud-jenkins 1.6.0 1 Setup and manage a Jenkins continuous integration cluster in EC2
cgen 2017.1 1 C/C++ source generation from an AST
CGvsPhoto 0.0.3 1 A deep-learning method for distinguishing computer graphics from real photogrphic images
chaco 4.7.1 1 interactive 2-dimensional plotting
chai 1.1.2 1 Easy to use mocking, stubbing and spying framework.
chainable-validators 0.8.2 1 Python data validation framework that uses chainable validator
chainlet 1.3.1 1 Framework for linking generators/iterators to processing chains, trees and graphs
chalice 1.1.1 1 Microframework
challenge.uccs 1.0.2 1 Running baseline experiments and evaluations for the IJCB 2017 UCCS challenge
chama 0.1.0 1 Sensor Placement Optimization.
Chameleon 3.2 1 Fast HTML/XML Template Compiler.
chan_arc 0.0.1 1 Imageboard Archiving Format reference library (stub, no code yet).
chandl 0.3.0 1 A lightweight tool for parsing and downloading 4chan threads.
Chandler-DependencyPlugin 0.1 1 Support Dependencies between items in Chandler
change_case 0.5.2 1 change between one type of casing and another
changeo 0.3.12 1 A bioinformatics toolkit for processing high-throughput lymphocyte receptor sequencing data.
changes 0.7.0 1 Generates a github changelog, tags and uploads your python library
channelpack 0.4.0 1 Package for loading, analyzing and slicing acqusition data
chaosmonkey 1.1.0 1 A Chaos Engineering swiss army knife
charitycheck 1.1 1 a small module to verify informationabout nonprofits using their EINs
charm 1.0b4 1 Import static websites on the file system into Plone.
charm-test 0.2.2 1 Helpers for unit-testing Juju charms
charms.docker 0.1.17 1 Python wrappers for the docker CLI and configuring the Docker Daemon in Juju Charms
charrnn 0.1.1 1 Character Recurrent Neural Network For Text Generation
chat_api 0.8.8 1 Automated Chat & Surveys API
ChatRelater 0.3 1 Analyze and visualize relations between chat users.
cheapnamedtuple 1.1.2 1 Faster reimplementation of stdlib collections.namedtuple
check_ganglia_metric 2012.02.28 1 Ganglia metric check plugin for Nagios
check_gunicorn 1 Check for Gunicorn in Nagios
checkdmarc 2.1.15 1 A Python module and command line parser for SPF and DMARC records
checkit 0.3.2b 1 Validate your Python software against specifications created with BDD style grammar.
checklists 0.4.12 1 A reusable Django model for managing checklists of birds.
checklists_scrapers 0.2.3 1 Web scrapers for downloading checklists of birds from onlinedatabases such as eBird.
checkopenbgpd 0.10 1 Check OpenBGPD sessions Nagios|Icinga|shinken|etc plugin
checkout 0.2.0 1 Python wrapper for the Checkout Finland API.
checkout-by-amazon 0.1.6 1 UNKNOWN
checkpkgaudit 0.7.2 1 Check FreeBSD pkg audit Nagios|Icinga|shinken|etc plugin.
checkPy 0.4.0 1 A simple python testing framework for educational purposes
cheddar 1.4 1 PyPI clone with Flask and Redis
chembl_core_db 0.9.22 1 Core ChEMBL python library
chemfiles 0.8.0 1 Read and write chemistry trajectory files
chemfp 1.4 1 A set of command-line tools and a Python library for cheminformatics fingerprint creation and similarity search.
chempy 0.6.5 1 ChemPy is a Python package useful for solving problems in chemistry.
chemreac 0.7.5 1 Python package for modeling chemical kinetics with diffusion and drift.
ChemSpiPy 1.0.5 1 A simple Python wrapper around the ChemSpider Web Services.
chemtools 0.8.4 1 Python tools for quantum chemical calculations
cheqlist 0.3.1 1 A simple Qt checklist.
cheshire3 1.1.8 1 Cheshire3 Search and Retrieval Engine and Information Framework
chess_py 3.1.6 1 Python chess client
Chessnut 0.3.1 1 A basic chess model to imports/export FEN & finds moves.
chicago 0.4.1 1 Chicago meta information and other fun stuff
chicagotransit 0.5.0 1 A package for interfacing with Chicago Transit APIs
chicken_turtle_project 2.3.0 1 Python 3 project development tools
chimprewriter 0.1 1 Python bindings for ChimpRewriter API
chinadns 0.2.3 1 A DNS forwarder that ignore incorrect responses
chinese 0.1.0 1 Chinese text analyzer
chinesepostman 0.0.2 1 Chinese-Postman network solver
chiplot-analyze 0.9.7 1 A general purpose GUI application used to analyze chiplots.
chipmunk 1.0.1 1 A very small and simple usage mechanism for Python threadlocals.
chipper 0.1 1 Refreshingly simple declarative logging that utilizes arbitrary tag sinks instead of traditional level handling
Chips 2.1.2 1 Design hardware with Python
Chips-CNC-Toolmanager 0.1.a1 1 CNC tool test and management suite
chitwanabm 1.5 1 An agent-based model of the Chitwan Valley, Nepal
chk 0.1.0 1 A tool for following development checklists
chkfs 0.990c613daa19960e8a900cbffc5472e44282b6f1 1 A commandline tool for storing filesystems inside a chkstore.
chloop 0.2.17 1 A Redis-backed REPL that saves command history, output, & errors
choose-next 2.0.1 1 Chooses a file from a directory. Very handy to re-watch tv series!
ChoPy 0.0.0 1 Swiss Army knife for coder-musicians
choropie 0.0.3 1 Create a choropleth map with pie charts in each polygon centroid.
Chroma 0.2.0 1 Color handling made simple.
chrome-webstore-download 0.1.3 1 Google Chrome Webstore downloader
ChromeController 0.1.6 1 Chrome Remote Debugger interface.
chromewhip 0.2.5 1 asyncio driver + HTTP server for Chrome devtools protocol
chronos 0.3 1 An ncurses stopwatch/timer.
chronqc 1.0.4 1 A Quality Control Monitoring System for Clinical Next Generation Sequencing
chump 1.5.2 1 A fully featured API wrapper for Pushover.
chunk2 0.1.0 1 A replacement Chunk class that allows both reading and writing IFF chunks.
chval 0.6.7 1 Wrapper for getmail, providing daemon mode and encrypted passwords.
cibopath 0.1.0 1 Search Cookiecutters on GitHub.
ciciol 0.1.1 1 Lightweight and extremely customizable notifier. Designed to work with Twitter and much more
cidict 0.1.1 1 Case insensitive dictionary type
cidrize 0.6.4 1 Cidrize parses IPv4/IPv6 addresses, CIDRs, ranges, and wildcard matches & attempts return a valid list of IP addresses
cinc 1.0.1 1 Fast fixed-sized C-like integer types.
cine 0.2.1 1 Calculate infrared pumping rates by solar radiation
cinemaflix 3.0.0 1 A command line tool to find and play movies online
cinje 1.1.0 1 A Pythonic and ultra fast template engine DSL.
cinq-scheduler-sqs 1.1.3 1 SQS Based Scheduler for Cloud Inquisitor
cipher.googlepam 1.7.0 1 Google PAM Module (defunct)
cipher.logview 1.1.0 1 WSGI middleware that shows you log messages produced during request handling.
cipher.longrequest 1.1.0 1 Detecting long requests LIVE, using paster
circ 0.0.1 1 A basic CLI to make mosaic vrts using ctx imagery
circuitbreaker 1.0.2 1 Python Circuit Breaker pattern implementation
circuits 3.2 1 Asynchronous Component based Event Application Framework
circuits-bricks 0.3 1 General purpose components extending the circuits framework.
circuits-minpor 0.3 1 A minimal portal based on the circuits component library.
circus 0.14.0 1 Circus is a program that will let you run and watch multiple processes and sockets.
CIRpy 1.0.2 1 Python wrapper for the NCI Chemical Identifier Resolver (CIR).
ciscoconfparse 1.3.10 1 Parse, Audit, Query, Build, and Modify Cisco IOS-style configurations
ciscomultiosinfocoordinate 1.3.0 1 This is a library used to normalize data between Cisco OS flavors
cish 0.2.1 1 Write shell-like python scripts to control continuous builds.
citellus 1 Utility for running set of tests against a Live System or a snapshot/sosreport
citizenshell 2.1.0 1 Interact with shell locally or over different connection types (telnet, ssh, serial, adb)
civ5-wallpapers 1.0.0 1 Use Civilization V wallpapers on your Linux desktop
Ciw 1.1.5 1 A discrete event simulation library for open queueing networks
cjklib 0.3.2 1 Han character library for CJKV languages
ck 1.9.4 1 Collective Knowledge - lightweight knowledge manager to organize, cross-link, share and reuse artifacts
ckanext-hro_theme 1.1.1 1 A custom theme for OpenData.HRO, the open data portal of the municipality of Rostock
ckuehl-celery 4.0.2.post1 1 Distributed Task Queue.
cl 0.0.3 1 Kombu actor framework
clairmeta 1.0.0b8 1 Digital Cinema Package (DCP) probing and checking utility
clamav 0.2 1 A Python interface to ClamAV.
clapperboard 0.2 1 A command-line clapperboard
clarify_python 3.1.0 1 The Clarify Python Helper Library wraps the entire Clarify API in a Python 3.x / 2.7 Client class.
clarify_python_2 1.0.1 1 The Clarify Python 2 Helper Library wraps the entire Clarify API in Python 2.x function calls.
Clashogram 0.1.24 1 Clash of Clans war moniting for telegram channels.
class-namespaces 0.6.3 1 Class Namespaces
class-registry 2.1.2 1 Factory+Registry pattern for Python classes.
classicmenu-indicator 0.11 1 An Unity indicator applet that provides the classic GNOME application menu
ClassicUPS 0.1.8 1 Usable UPS Integration in Python
classify 0.5.0 1 Generate concrete Class documentation for Python Classes.
classipy 1.1.1 1 a command-line based text classification tool
classix 0.5 1 Declarative way to associate classes with lxml XML elements.
classproperty 1.0 1 Class properties
clatter 0.1.1 1 A Doctest-stype Command Line Application Tester
claviger 0.2.1 1 Synchronizes remote SSH authorized_keys
claytron.featuring 1.0.1 1 A console script to clean an iTunes library of featuring strings
clc_msa_utils 0.8.9 1 CenturyLink Managed Services Anywhere Python Utilities
cldoc 1.9 1 clang based documentation generator for C/C++
clds_pipeline 0.1.4 1 Cross Language Document Similarity Pipeline for Master's Thesis
CleanerVersion 2.1.0 1 A versioning solution for relational data models using the Django ORM
CleanerVersion-anfema 1.5.3.post3 1 A versioning solution for relational data models using the Django ORM. Please use swisscom/cleanerversion, this is just a temporary release with an additional bugfix.
clearly 0.2.5 1 Simple and accurate real-time monitor for celery
cleo 0.6.4 1 Cleo allows you to create beautiful and testable command-line interfaces.
CleverCSS2 0.5 1 python inspired sass-like css preprocessor
clewareADC 0.1 1 Python module to read values from Cleware USB-ADC 2
cli2man 0.2.4 1 Converts the help message of a program into a manpage
cli_tools 1.0.0 1 Command Line Interface Tools
cliask 0.0.4 1 A module for getting validated user input via the console
click-lock 0.5.1 1 Adds locks and timeouts to click entrypoints
click-plugins 1.0.3 1 An extension module for click to enable registering CLI commands via setuptools entry-points.
click-toolbelt 0.5.1 1 Click App Toolbelt
click-utils 0.2.1 1 a set of utilites for writing command line programs with Click
clickmodels 1.0.2 1 Probabilistic models of user behavior on a search engine result page
clickpoints 1.3.0 1 Scientific toolbox for manual and automatic image evaluation.
clifig 0.1 1 A simple prompt to modify config files.
clim 1.0.1 1 CoLumn IMproved
climlab 0.6.4 1 Package for process-oriented climate modeling
climt 0.9.1 1 CliMT is a Toolkit for building Earth system models in Python.
clint 0.5.1 1 Python Command Line Interface Tools
clint2 0.3.2 1 Python Command-line Application Tools
clio 0.7 1 A publication/history system for SQLAlchemy.
clip-the-gym 0.0.2 1 Helper script to download audio from youtube for the gym
clipon 1.0.0 1 A lightweight clipboard manager
clipper_admin 0.2.0 1 Admin commands for the Clipper prediction-serving system
clipy 0.4 1 Library for creating command line interfaces
Clique 1.5.0 1 Manage collections with common numerical component
cliquet 3.1.5 1 Micro service API toolkit
cliquet-fxa 1.4.0 1 deprecated! see kinto-fxa instead. was: Firefox Accounts support in Cliquet
cliTunes 0.0.3 1 Python wrapper for tmux
CLIve 0.0.7 1 Follow Reddit live feeds from your terminal.
clogs 0.1dev 1 clogs make coverage logs
clok 2.0.2 1 Listen to radio and set up alarms from your computer, control it from a web ui.
clom 0.8.0a1 1 The easiest way to use the command line with Python. Command Line Object Mapper. A library for building POSIX command line arguments, commands, and parameters. Very useful for Fabric tasks.
close.consumer 0.2.2 1 gevent based Streaming API consumer
closure-tree 0.1.0 1 A Closure based Tree model for Django.
cloud-maker 0.8.4 1 Tools for building cloud images (make_provisioner and fedora2ova)
cloud-resolve-conflicts 0.0.8 1 ownCloud and Seafile conflict resolver
cloudaux 1.4.10 1 Cloud Auxiliary is a python wrapper and orchestration module for interacting with cloud providers
cloudcast 0.1.2 1 Easy and powerful stack templates for AWS CloudFormation
cloudengine 0.4.0 1 An Open source backend for mobile apps
cloudflare 2.1.0 1 Python wrapper for the Cloudflare v4 API
cloudflaredns-backup 1.8 1 CloudFlare DNS backup to BIND files
cloudinary 1.11.0 1 Python and Django SDK for Cloudinary
cloudplay 0.1 1 play the cloud
cloudpunch 1.5.0 1 Framework for OpenStack performance testing at scale
clowder 0.1.6 1 Client for the Clowder monitoring server
ClueMapper 0.7 1 A web-based application for managing software projects.
cluspro-api 1.0.4 1 Library for submitting and downloading job data from ClusPro.
cluster 1.4.0 1
ClusterPool 0.10 1 Allows mapping over large lists of objects with a calculate() function on a supercomputer cluster
clusterprocessing 1 TBA
clusto 0.7.9 1 Cluster management and inventory system
Clyther 0.4-beta 1 OpenCL Python integration
CM2C 1.1.0 1 Convert Movie To Cast (CM2C) is a Python application to convert any videos files with subtitle(s) to video supported by Google Chromecast.
cmake_format 0.3.4 1 Can format your listfiles so they don't look like crap
cmany 0.1.2 1 CMake build tree batching tool
cmdhist 0.2.1 1 Commandline history in the cloud
cmdinter 1.0.11 1 A "command interface" for functions.
cmdlet 0.3.0 1 Cmdlet provides pipe-like mechanism to cascade functions and generators.
CmDO 0.7 1 Create command-driven scripts with smart arguments and help derived from decorated functions.
cmdparser 1.0.1 1 Command parsing extensions to the cmd module.
cmdpy 1.4 1 Cmdpy is a library to take the rote scutwork out of writing commandline tools in python
cmdstats 0.3 1 File Name: Author: JackeyGao mail: Created Time: 2015年07月12日 星期日 20时45分02秒
cmsplugin-blog-authors 0.1 1 Allows to add django-people objects to a cmsplugin-blog Entry.
cmsplugin-blog-categories 0.7 1 Extension for cmsplugin-blog which adds categories to the blog.
cmsplugin-blog-images 0.1 1 Extension for cmsplugin-blog which adds images to blog entries.
cmsplugin-blog-language-publish 0.1.3 1 Extension for cmsplugin-blog which allows to only publish certain languages of one single entry.
cmsplugin-blog-seo-addons 0.2.3 1 Allows to add meta descriptions to a cmsplugin-blog Entry.
cmsplugin-filer-image-translated 0.2 1 Adds simple-translation to the Image admin of cmsplugin-filer
cmsplugin-googlemap 0.1.5 1 An app for integrating a google map in your cms layout.
cmsplugin-image-gallery 0.7.2 1 A reusable Django app adding django-filer-based galleries to Django-CMS.
cmsplugin-link-extended 0.2 1 Extends the link plugin of django-cms.
cmsplugin-markdown 0.1.5 1 A plugin for django-cms that aims to replace the standard text plugin with it's WYSIWYG editors. With cmsplugin-markdown you can write your content in Markdown using EpicEditor (
cmsplugin-markdownx 0.1.3 1 A plugin for django-cms that wraps django-markdownx, enabling WYSIWYG editing of markdown fields.
cmsplugin-objects 1.0 1 Extend django-cms with admin form links, editing object from the toolbar
cmsplugin-pdf 0.5.1 1 A reusable Django app to add PDFs to Django-CMS.
cmsplugin-redirect 0.2.1 1 A reusable Django app to add custom redirect actions to Django-CMS.
cmsplugin-simple-markdown 1.6 1 A plugin for django-cms that provides just a markdown plugin and nothing more.
cmsplugin_contact_plus 1.3.12 1 A django CMS plugin to dynamically create contact forms.
cmus-notify 1.3.1 1 A package for displaying Cmus current status in notifications
Cnc25D 0.1.10 1 CAD library for 2.5D parts (including gears) using svgwrite, dxfwrite or FreeCAD as backend
CncLibrary 0.1.1 1 Robot Framework library for driving CNC mill
cnfg 1.0.0 1 simple Python config in your home directory
cnprep 0.1.12 1 A lib for Chinese text preprocessing
cns.recipe.zmysqlda 2.0.9 1 Recipe for installing ZMySQLDA
co2mpas 1.7.4 1 The Type-Approving vehicle simulator predicting NEDC CO2 emissions from WLTP
coal_mine 0.4.11 1 Coal Mine - Periodic task execution monitor
Coalesce 0.3 1 simple Python library with coalesce function and "magic" empty value
coaster 0.6.0 1 Coaster for Flask
cobutils 0.2.5 1 Manipulate cobol files from python
cochlea 1.4 1 Inner ear models in Python
Cockpit 1.0 1 Cockpit is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution for managing e-mailing and newsletters.
cocograph 0.1.0 1 A tile editor for cocos2d.
cocy 0.1.13 1 A components library for UPnP.
coda 0.1.0 1 File metadata tagging and organization.
code-guide 1.0.2 1 Turn example code into interactive HTML documentation
Code2pdf 1.0.0 1 Converts given source code into pdf file with syntax highlighting, line numbers and much more
CodeChat 1.5.9 1 The CodeChat system for software documentation
CodeCLI 0.1 1 A command line tool for CODE
codeink 1.0 1 codeink draws your Python source code into beautiful graph structures
CodeIntel 2.0.0rc2 1 Komodo Edit CodeIntel
codeplug 0.2.0 1 codeplug decoder and builder for Motorola radios
CodernityDB-PyClient 0.4.1 1 Client library for CodernityDB-HTTP
CodeSkel 4.0.13 1 A collection of skeletons for quickstarting CS projects.
codespeed 0.12.0 1 A web application to monitor and analyze the performance of your code
CodeTalker 1.1 1 a module for dynamic, pythonic language parsing
codetransformer 0.7.2 1 Python code object transformers
codinghyde.enigma develop 1 Workout data statitistical analysis thingy. Sort of.
codplayer 2.0 1 Complicated CD player
coercion 1.0.0 1 Coercing data into a normalized form
Coffin-GaretJax 1 Jinja2 adapter for Django, modified version
cogapp 2.5.1 1 Cog: A code generator for executing Python snippets in source files.
cohorts 0.7.3 1 Utilities for analyzing mutations and neoepitopes in patient cohorts
CoilMQ 1.0.1 1 Simple, lightweight, and easily extensible STOMP message broker.
Cola 0.1.0 1 A high-level distributed crawling framework
colab 1.13.5 1 Collaboration platform for communities
cold-start-recommender 0.4.2 1 In-memory recommender for recommendations produced on-the-fly
colibricore 2.4.8 1 Colibri Core is an NLP tool as well as a C++ and Python library (all included in this package) for working with basic linguistic constructions such as n-grams and skipgrams (i.e patterns with one or more gaps, either of fixed or dynamic size) in a quick and memory-efficient way. At the core is the tool ``colibri-patternmodeller`` which allows you to build, view, manipulate and query pattern models.
collate-cs 0.47 1 thin -> cs
collectd-gnocchi-status 0.2.2 1 Collectd plugin to poll for Gnocchi Status.
collectd-haproxy 1.2.1 1 HAProxy stats plugin for collectd.
collectd-rabbitmq-monitoring 0.0.5 1 Collectd plugin for Rabbitmq.
collectd-swift-stat 0.0.2 1 Collectd plugin to poll for OpenStack Swift Account.
collectd_transmission 3.1.0 1 A python plugin for collectd to get stats from a runnning transmission server.
collection-pipelines 0.1.3 1 Framework to implement collection pipelines in python.
collections-extended 1.0.0 1 Extra Python Collections - bags (multisets) and setlists (ordered sets)
collective.addthis 1.3.3 1 AddThis addon for Plone CMS
collective.amberjack.core 1.1 1 The Amberjack layer
collective.amberjack.plonetour 1.1 1 Plone first install tour
collective.amberjack.portlet 1.1 1 Collective amberjack tours portlet
collective.ambidexterity 1.0 1 TTW support for Dexterity
collective.analyticspanel 0.6.1 1 Add more control over the inclusion of JavaScript analytics code of your Plone site
collective.anonymousbrowser 0.11 1 A zope.testbrowser extension with useragent faking and proxy abilities by Makina Corpus
collective.api4tal 0.1 1 Plone.api for TAL, use in pt file
collective.archetypes.select2 1.0a1 1 Archetype Select2Widget
collective.argv0spy 0.1.3 1 Change process title to show current urls being processed
collective.atcassandrastorage 0.2 1 A AT field storage which stores values to a cassandra database
collective.atspreadsheet 1.0a2 1 Spreadsheet content type for Plone
collective.auditlog 1.3.1 1 Provides extra conditions and triggers for all content actions
collective.autorestart 0.2.0 1 Automatically reloads changed code into Plone when you edit Python files
collective.autoscaling 1.1.1 1 Automatic scaling of (too large) images in Plone sites
collective.azipfele 2.0.1 1 Creates Zip files from Plone or other content asynchronous
collective.barcamp 0.1 1 UNKNOWN
collective.beancounter 0.3.1 1 package to display a fill-percentage for AT based content
collective.behavior.banner 1.0b2 1 An add-on for Plone
collective.behavior.internalnumber 0.1 1 Configurable internal number plone behavior
collective.behavior.localanalytics 1.0 1 Dexterity behavior to enable local Analytics settings 1.0a1 1 A blog addon for Plone 5.
collective.buildbot 0.4.1 1 A set of zc.buildout recipes and support for declarative configuration for Buildbot
collective.buildout.cluster 0.6 1 A package to introspect and manage a buildout-based cluster configuration in an object-oriented way
collective.calendarview 1.0 1 Fullcalendar view
collective.calltoaction 1.1.3 1 Portlet with call to action
collective.captionmanager 1.0 1 Caption manager for Plone
collective.carouselbehaviour 0.1 1 Collective carousel behaviour
collective.catalogcleanup 1.7.2 1 Remove outdated items from the catalog
collective.cdn.coral 0.5 1 Coral CDN support for Plone
collective.ckeditor 4.7.2 1 CKEditor for Plone
collective.clamav 2.0a2 1 A product providing clamav antivirus integration for Plone AT and Dexterity content types
collective.cloudfront 1.0 1 AWS CloudFront support for
collective.cmfeditionsdexteritycompat 0.1b8 1 Makes `Products.CMFEditions`_ works with `Dexterity` content types.
collective.comicbookreader 1.0 1 An inline comic book reader for plone
collective.conference 1.0a2 1 Conference management
collective.confirmableforms 2.0.0 1 A Plone add on to simplify form confirmation by e-mail. 1.1.7 1 Faceted navigation view for directory 1.1 1 An add-on to send mails to contacts of collective.contacts.*
collective.contemplate 0.1 1 Add content from existing content templates
collective.contentalerts 2.0a1 1 An add-on for Plone to get alerts about content
collective.contentexport 1.0 1 Plone add-on to export dexterity content in various formats
collective.contentrules.mustread 1.0a2 1 Define which users need to mark a content item as read (via collective.mustread)
collective.cookiecuttr 0.7.5 1 Integration package for cookiecuttr, european guidelines
collective.cron 2.7 1 Product that enable cron like jobs for plone
collective.css3buttons 0.1 1 Simple framework for creating button links
collective.cu3er 0.1 1 CU3ER integration for Plone
collective.dancing 1.1 1 The all-singing all-dancing newsletter add-on for Plone.
collective.DataTable 1.0a1 1 Data Table JS implementation on Plone
collective.DataTable.reporting 1.0a1 1 Data Table based reporting tool for Plone
collective.dexteritytextindexer 2.2.1 1 Dynamic SearchableText index for dexterity content types
collective.disableuser 1.0a1 1 Blocks login for specified users
collective.django 1.0 1 Django transaction integration for Plone
collective.dms.scanbehavior 1.1 1 Behavior adding scan metadata
collective.document-hide-summary 1.1.1 1 An add-on for Plone that lets you hide a Document's title, summary (description), or both
collective.documentviewer 5.0.0 1 Document cloud's document viewer integration into plone.
collective.dynatree 2.0 1 jquery.dynatree.js integration for Plone
collective.easyform 2.0.0b2 1 Forms for Plone
collective.easytemplate 0.8.0 1 Dynamic HTML generation and scripting of pages, content rules, portlets and emails
collective.editablemenu 1.0.0 1 A customizable editable menu
collective.edm.listing 0.13 1 A view for folders that provides file-explorer like document adding and management tools
collective.eeafaceted.z3ctable 1.0.2 1 Package proposant un type de colonne compatible avec eea.facetednavigation
collective.eeatags.collection 1.0a1 1 Eea.tags autocomplet for collection subject/tags criteria
collective.facebook.instantarticles 1.0.0 1 Plone plugin for Facebook's instant articles integration
collective.faceted.datewidget 1.0a1 1 Custom date widgets for eea.facetednavigation
collective.fieldedit 1.0a1 1 An add-on for Plone
collective.filemeta 1.0rc3 1 File-to-content metadata updating for Plone
collective.flowplayer 4.2.1 1 A simple package using Flowplayer for video and audio content
collective.flowplayercaptions 0.1.0 1 Plone support for captioning video contents that use collective.flowplayer
collective.forgetit 0.0.1 1 Remove uninstalled Products/package residue
collective.formcriteria 2.1 1 Add forms for user enterable search criteria to collections.
collective.gacontext 0.2.1 1 Context dependend GoogleAnalytics
collective.generic.webbuilder 1.1 1 Yet another WSGI Paste factory for paste by Makina Corpus
collective.geo.behaviour 1.2 1 collective.geo Dexterity integration
collective.geo.contentlocations 3.1 1 geo reference for plone contents
collective.geo.exif 0.1 1 Geoannotate Images with EXIF information
collective.geo.faceted 1.0.3 1 A map view for a facetednav
collective.geo.file 0.6 1 An openlayers view for KML, KMZ and GPX files
collective.geo.geographer 2.1 1 Geographic annotation for Plone
collective.geo.index 0.1 1 spatialindex for collective.geo
collective.geo.kml 3.3 1 Kml view for collective.geo
collective.geo.mapwidget 2.4 1 collective.geo mapwidget
collective.geo.openlayers 3.2b1 1 openlayers support for Plone
collective.geo.settings 3.1 1 collective.geo settings
collective.googleanalytics 1.6.1 1 Tools for pulling statistics from Google Analytics.
collective.googleauthenticator 0.2.5 1 Two-step verification for Plone 4 using the Google Authenticator app.
collective.googlenews 2.0b3 1 Make easy to add your Plone site to Google News.
collective.handlebars 1.2 1 Handlebars for Plone
collective.hello 0.3 1 An add-on for Plone
collective.honeypot 1.0.2 1 Anti-spam honeypot for Plone
collective.i18nreport 1.2.2 1 Internationalization coverage report
collective.iconifiedcategory 0.29 1 An add-on for Plone
collective.instancebehavior 0.4 1 Enable behaviors per content type instance.
collective.inviting 0.2 1 Plone add-on for event invitations, confirmation.
collective.jekyll 0.3 1 Diagnostic for your Plone content
collective.jqcookie 1.1.0 1 Collective jqcookie Package (Maintainer: Victor baumann)
collective.jqganalytics 1.1.1 1 A jQuery based load and set of Google Analytics
collective.jqhistory 1.0.1 1
collective.js.extjs 1.4.0 1 Ext JS 3.4 integration for Plone.
collective.js.jqsmartTruncation 1.0 1 This Package provides smart truncation.
collective.js.twittertext 1.0 1 Add twitter-text.js library to Plone's resource registry
collective.js.ui.multiselect 1.0.1 1 Integrates the multiselect widget into plone.
collective.js.unitegallery 1.0a2 1 Adds unitegallery javascripts to registry
collective.jsonify 1.3 1 JSON representation for content in Plone from 2.0 and above
collective.lastmodifier 1.1.2 1 Extends Plone content with metadata about the last modifier
collective.lastupdated 0.1 1 Provides a viewlet which indicates when content has last been modified.
collective.lead 1.0 1 SQLAlchemy/Zope2 transaction integration
collective.lineage 2.1.1 1 The microsite creation product for Plone
collective.linguatags 1.0 1 Multilingual Keywords for Plone
collective.linkcheck 1.5 1 Add-on for Plone that provides link validity checking and reporting.
collective.listingviews 1.0beta3 1 Listing views
collective.localheaderandfooter 1.0 1 UNKNOWN
collective.logbook 0.9.0 1 Advanced Persistent Error Log
collective.mailchimp 2.2.1 1 MailChimp integration for Plone.
collective.megaphone 2.1.5 1 Run an online advocacy campaign from your Plone site.
collective.messagesviewlet 0.12 1 Add-on displaying manager defined messages in a viewlet
collective.migrator 1.8 1 Tool and buildout recipes for zope/plone content migration
collective.MockMailHost 1.0 1 Used for integration testing with Plone
collective.monkeypatcher 1.1.3 1 Support for applying monkey patches late in the startup cycle by using ZCML configuration actions
collective.multilingual 1.0.1 1 Create, relate and manage content in multiple languages in Plone!
collective.multimodeview 0.3 1 Simple package to manage views with multiple modes.
collective.multisearch 1.3 1 Portlet based display for the Plone search page
collective.namedfile 1.3 1 File field and widget with enhancements for zope3.
collective.newrelic 1.0.9 1 Zope/Plone Newrelic instrumentation
collective.nextprev 0.2 1 Next/Previous navigation through collection results
collective.nitf 2.1b4 1 A content type inspired on the IPTC's News Industry Text Format specification.
collective.odoo.pas 1.0a1 1 An add-on to have a common authentification between Plone and Odoo
collective.oembed 2.0.1 1 oembed integration of consumers and provider for Plone
collective.ogtags 1.2 1 OpenGraph for plone4
collective.opendata 1.0a2 1 A generic implementation of the Open Data Protocol for Plone.
collective.opensearch 1.6 1 Collective Opensearch Collective.opensearch adds the ability to produce search results in the simple OpenSearch format.
collective.orderedmultiselectwidget 0.1 1 Provides SecureOrderedMultiSelectWidget which fixes an acquisition bug in OrderedMultiSelectWidget in
collective.outputfilters.enhancelinks 0.4.4 1 An additional outputfilter that enhance file and image links informations in rich text
collective.pantry 1.0a1 1 An add-on for Plone
collective.pdfjs 0.4.3 1 pdf.js integration for Plone
collective.pdfpeek 2.0.0 1 A Plone 4 product that generates image thumbnail previews of PDF files stored on ATFile based objects.
collective.permalink 1.0.4 1 Show a new link (permalink) in Plone contents. This will not change if you move the content itself.
collective.pfg.dexterity 1.0.0rc1 1 Installs dexterity content creation adapter for PloneFormGen
collective.pfg.norobots 1.2 1 collective.pfg.norobots allows to add a collective.z3cform.norobots captcha field to PloneFormGen forms.
collective.piwik.core 0.4 1 Analytics support for pages using Piwik (core package) 0.1 1 A portlet that uses the Piwik open source analytics system to display how many people are using your Plone site at the moment
collective.piwik.pageviews 0.2 1 Analytics support for pages using Piwik
collective.plonefinder 1.3.0 1 A finder to search/select portal objects for Plone
collective.portaltabs 0.4.0 1 Manage site's portal tabs from Plone interface in a simple way
collective.portlet.actions 1.2.3.post1 1 A portlet that provides the links of an action category 1.0dev-r75856 1 Google Map portlet
collective.portlet.rssjs 0.2 1 Rss Portlet using javascript to get, parse and render an RSS feed on the client
collective.portletpage 1.3.0 1 A Plone page that can contain portlets
collective.powertoken.workflow 0.2.0 1 Workflow add-ons for collective.powertoken support for Plone
collective.proDB 1.0a1 1 Use RDMS into plone application, the professional way!
collective.project 2.0.0 1 Project Management in Plone with Dexterity Content Types
collective.psc.mirroring 0.1.4 1 Event-based mirroring tool
collective.ptg.unitegallery 1.0b1 1 Unite Gallery for Plone True Gallery
collective.purge_behaviors 0.1.1 1 A set of dexterity behaviors for Plone that are assignable to custom dexterity types for complex system setups
collective.qabank 1.0a1 1 UNKNOWN
collective.querynextprev 0.5 1 Navigate through your query results using a next and a previous buttons
collective.quickupload 1.11.0 1 Pure javascript files upload tool for Plone, with drag and drop, multi selection, and progress bar.
collective.realestatebroker 2.3 1 An easy and professional way to publish real estate objects on your Plone website
collective.recaptchacontactform 1.0a2 1 Protect the Plone contact form with ReCaptcha 2 from spam.
collective.recipe.backup 4.0 1 bin/backup script: sensible defaults around bin/repozo
collective.recipe.buildoutcache 1.0.3 1 Recipe for generate buildout-cache.tar.gz2
collective.recipe.filestorage 0.6 1 This recipe aids the creation and management of multiple Zope 2 filestorages.
collective.recipe.hudsonjob 0.1 1 Configure Hudson in buildout and push to it
collective.recipe.isapiwsgi 1.0b1 1 ISAPI-WSGI wrapper based on buildout configuration
collective.recipe.omelette 0.16dev 1 Creates a unified directory structure of installed packages, symlinking to the actual contents, in order to ease navigation.
collective.recipe.realpath 0.1 1 Buildout recipe normalizes directory/path options.
collective.recipe.solrinstance 6.0.0b3 1 zc.buildout to configure a solr instance
collective.recipe.supervisor 0.20 1 A buildout recipe to install supervisor
collective.recipe.supervisorprograms 0.1.0 1 Offers a new syntax to configure collective.recipe.supervisor
collective.recipe.vimproject 0.3.2 1 Set up a VIM development environment.
collective.recipe.zmysqlda 2.0.9 1 Recipe for installing ZMySQLDA
collective.redirect 0.5 1 Administer redirects to internal or external URLs using Link like content
collective.redirector 1.1.0 1 Allow redirection to a given page based on given url strings that is found on a page.
collective.relatedslider 0.1 1 Plone addon that creates a slider viewlet containing related content.
collective.relationfieldwidget 1.0a1 1 RelationField Widget for Plone 5
collective.releaser 0.7.1 1 Setuptools extension to release an egg
collective.restapi.linguaplone 1.0.0 1 An add-on providing plone.restapi endpoint for translations handled using LinguaPlone
collective.restapi.navigationtree 1.0a1 1 Provides a REST endpoint to query the site's navigation tree
collective.restapi.pam 1.0.0 1 An add-on providing plone.restapi endpoint for translations handled using
collective.restrictportlets 1.0a1 1 Restrict addable portlet types
collective.revisionmanager 0.8 1 Manage CMFEditions Histories
collective.richdescription 2.0 1 Turns Plone 'Description' field into Richtext/HTML
collective.saconnect 2.0.1 1 Plone Control Panel for SQL Alchemy connection strings
collective.salesforce.authplugin 1.5.2 1 Zope PAS plugin providing authentication against objects in Salesforce
collective.salesforce.content 1.1 1 Behaviors for creating Dexterity content types that integrate with Salesforce. 1.3 1 RSVP/Event registration system integrating the Plone content management system with the customer relationship management system.
collective.saoraclefixes 1.2 1 Fixes for the SQLAlchemy 0.4 and 0.5 Oracle driver
collective.sendinblue 1.0.2 1 Sendinblue integration for Plone
collective.setuphandlertools 1.0b4 1 Tools for setting up a Plone site.
collective.sgvizler 1.0.1 1 SGVizler integration for Plone 4
collective.shibboleth 1.2 1 Authentication integration layer for Shibboleth's Embdedded Discovery Service (EDS) and Plone
collective.simplesocial 1.8 1 Basic Facebook Connect support for Plone
collective.simplewiki 1.0.1 1 Simple wiki linking syntax support for Plone
collective.singing 0.7.5 1 A Zope 3 library for sending notifications and newsletters
collective.slick 0.1.0 1 Add slick carousel css and js resources to your Plone 5 site
collective.slideshowfolder 0.8 1 Somtimes useful extensions to Products.slideshowfolder
collective.smartappbanner 1.0.1 1 Smart app banners on Plone for iOS, Android, and Windows.
collective.solr 6.0a2 1 Solr integration for external indexing and searching.
collective.sortedlisting 1.0a4 1 Sorted listings in Plone
collective.spaces 1.1 1 Simple collaboration spaces for Plone
collective.sphinx.includedoc 0.2 1 Sphinx extension for including doctests
collective.stringinterp.text 0.3 1 Additional string interpolation for Plone: add content text in your contentrule e-mail messages
collective.taskqueue 0.8.2 1 Asyncore-based asynchronous task queue for Plone
collective.taxonomy 1.4.4 1 Create, edit and use hierarchical taxonomies in Plone!
collective.testcaselayer 1.6.1 1 Use test cases as zope.testing layers
collective.texttospeech 1.0rc1 1 Text-to-Speech feature for Plone.
collective.tiles.collection 1.1.1 1 A tile that shows a set of collection results with a customizable layout
collective.tiles.githubgist 0.2.1 1 A tile that shows Gists from GitHub.
collective.tiles.sliders 0.4 1 A collection of slider tiles for Mosaic.
collective.tiles.unitegallery 1.0b1 1 Unite Gallery for mosaic tiles in Plone
collective.tinymceplugins.embedly 1.0.2 1 Integration of the Embedly TinyMCE plugin with Plone
collective.topicitemsevent 1.0 1 Facilitate flexible scheduled notifications in Plone: Fire 'Topic Item Events' for items in a Topic
collective.transcode.daemon 0.12 1 Video transcoding daemon 0.21 1 Transcoding support for Plone video files, using collective.transcode.daemon
collective.transform.kml 0.1 1 Transform KML to HTML
collective.transmogrifier 1.5.2 1 A configurable pipeline, aimed at transforming content for import and export
collective.ttwpo 1.0b5 1 Manage your PO Translation Files TTW and Sync with Translationservices
collective.twitterportlet 0.10 1 A Twitter portlet for Plone.
collective.venue 3.1.2 1 Dexterity venue type for use with events.
collective.viewlet.links 0.2rc1 1 Viewlet displaying user-editable links on portal or folder level
collective.warmup 1.2 1 Collective Warmup
collective.watcherlist 3.0 1 Send emails from Plone to interested members (watchers)
collective.wfeffectiverange 2.0.0 1 Workflowed effective range (Plone/Dexterity)
collective.workspace 2.0b1 1 Provide 'membership' in specific areas of a Plone Site
collective.xdv 1.0rc11 1 Integrates the xdv Deliverance implementation with Plone using a post-publication hook to transform content
collective.xmpp.core 0.3 1 Enables core functionality for XMPP-enabled Plone add-ons.
collective.z3cform.chosen 1.2.1 1 chosen widget for z3cform (both chosen & ajax version)
collective.z3cform.datagridfield 1.3.0 1 Version of DataGridField for use with Dexterity / z3c.form
collective.z3cform.datagridfield-demo 0.6 1 Version of DataGridField for use with Dexterity / z3c.form - Demo views
collective.z3cform.datetimewidget 1.2.8 1 z3c.form date and datetime widgets
collective.z3cform.norobots 1.4.4 1 Human readable captcha for z3cform
collective.z3cform.select2 1.4.1 1 select2 widget for z3c.form and eea.facetednavigation
collective.zamqp 0.16.2 1 Asynchronous AMQP-integration for Plone (and Zope2)
collective.zfile 0.0dev 1 Collective files
collective.zipfiletransport 3.2.3 1 This tool is used to import and export zip files.
collective.zopeedit 1.0.0 1 ZopeEdit : External Editor Client
collectstupid 15.11.7 1 A Faster Collect Static (sometimes) for Django
colmet 0.5.4 1 A utility to monitor the jobs ressources in a HPC environment, espacially OAR
colored 1.3.5 1 Simple library for color and formatting to terminal
colorhash 1.0.2 1 Generate a color based on a value
colorlog 3.1.2 1 Log formatting with colors!
colorpy 0.1.1 1 Color calculations with physical descriptions of light spectra
colorspacious 1.1.0 1 A powerful, accurate, and easy-to-use Python library for doing colorspace conversions
colorutils 0.2.1 1 A utility for working with colors in Python.
colorview2d 0.6.5 1 2d color plotting tool
colorzero 1.0 1 Yet another Python color library.
combox 0.2.3 1 Encrypts files and scatters them across storage provided by Google Drive and Dropbox.
comet-ml 0.1.66 1 Supercharging Machine Learning
comic-dl 2018.01.10 1 Comic-dl is a command line tool to download Comics and Manga from various Manga and Comic sites easily.
comiccrawler 2018.3.18 1 An image crawler with extendible modules and gui.
commandRunner 0.8.7 1 Allows thread safe, object oriented running of commandline operations and blocks of code
commandt.score 0.1.2 1 Command-T fuzzy match scoring algorithm
CommandTool 0.5.3 1 Tools for creating command line interfaces involving sub-commands.
comment_parser 1.0.3 1 Parse comments from various source files.
commitment 2.0.0 1 An incomplete Python 3 wrapper for the GitHub API
commodore 0.1.4 1 Manage and maintain your user's scripts and tools
common 0.1.2 1 Common tools and data structures implemented in pure python.
community_mailbot 0.1.1 1 Friendly mail forwarding bot for
commute 0.2 1 helps users who travel across multiple modes of transport and multiple waypoints to make data-based decisions about which route to use and prefer at a given time or at a given time in future.
comp 0.4.5 1 Curses Omni Media Player
Comparable 1.0 1 Base class to enable objects to be compared for similarity.
compare 0.2b 1 Alternative syntax for comparing/asserting expressions in Python. Supports pluggable matchers for custom comparisons.
compare-with-remote 0.12.0 1 Compare local script output with remote script output
competitive-dl 1.0.0 1 Download any problem/problem set from any contest/archives from any competitive website as PDF !
compiler 0.2.0 1 A data integrity check library
compliancelib 1.1.2 1 A python library for modeling IT Compliance
compoundfiles 0.3 1 Library for parsing and reading OLE Compound Documents
compoundpi 0.4 1 A project for controlling multiple Pi camera modules simultaneously
compressed-deque 0.1.2 1 Compressed Deque
compressor_requirejs 1.5 1 Library for django compressor, which helps to build requirejs
computercraft 0.1.1 1 Pythonization of ComputerCraft Minecraft mod. Write Python instead Lua!
compysition 1.2.54 1 Build event pipeline servers with minimal effort.
comtypes 1.1.4 1 Pure Python COM package
concentration 1.1.1 1 Get work done when you need to, goof off when you don't.
concepts 0.7.12 1 Formal Concept Analysis with Python
concierge 0.2.2 1 Maintainable SSH config
concoord 1.1.0 1 Coordination service for distributed systems.
concreate 1.4.1 1 Containers creator
concurrent_tree_crawler 0.8.8 1 A generic concurrent tree crawling algorithm with a sample implementation for website crawling.
ConcurrentPandas 0.1.2 1 Download data using pandas with multi-threading and multi-processing.
conda-build 2.1.5 1 tools for building conda packages
conda-manager 0.4.0 1 A stand alone PyQt/PySide GUI application for managing conda packages and environments.
conda-s3-sync 0.1.1 1 Synchronize Anaconda environments to/from Amazon S3 1.0a9 1 Web application stub
cone.sql 0.1 1 SQLAlchemy integration for
cone.tile 0.9.6 1 Provide parts of a web application as tiles.
cone.ugm 0.9.7 1 cone.ugm
Conference 0.1.0 1 Conference management
config-logger 1.0.2 1 A simple configurable logger for python projects
config-manager 1.0.1 1 A basic configuration reader and manager for python projects
config_tool 0.0.13 1 config_tool is a simple configuration management tool for JSON files.
ConfigArgParse 0.13.0 1 A drop-in replacement for argparse that allows options to also be set via config files and/or environment variables.
configclass 0.1.0 1 A Python to class to hold configuration values.
configmanager 1.34.0 1 Forget about configparser, YAML, or JSON parsers. Focus on configuration.
configparser 3.5.0 1 This library brings the updated configparser from Python 3.5 to Python 2.6-3.5.
configparser2 4.0.0 1 This library brings the updated configparser from Python 3.5 to Python 2.6-3.5.
configr 2018.1203.1008 1 configr: A practical configuration library for your Python apps.
ConfigTree 0.5.3 1 Is a configuration management tool
configtreeview 0.1.32 1 An easily configurable GtkTreeView implementation for pygtk.
configuration 0.4.2 1 multi-level unified configuration
configuration-registry 0.5.0 1 Python Resource Allocation API
configus 0.1.4 1 Configus - a declarative spec for configuration
configy 0.1.1 1 Simple Configuration manager, plays well with testing
confiture 2.1 1 Advanced configuration parser for Python
ConflictsOptionParser 0.1.1 1 A command line interface that recognizes conflicting options given as arguments.
confmanager 2.9 1 A configuration manager using wx as it's front ent.
Confopy 0.4.11 1 Evaluates the linguistic and structural quality of scientific texts.
confpy 0.10.0 1 Config file parsing and option management.
confusable_homoglyphs 3.0.0 1 Detect confusable usage of unicode homoglyphs, prevent homograph attacks.
conkit 0.8.4 1 Python Interface for Residue-Residue Contact Predictions 0.4.2 1 An API wrapper for Monstercat Connect written in Python.
connector-calendars 0.1.0 1 Django calendar ingestion app
connector-events 0.1.0 1 Events app primarily for the 'connector' events & community aggregator
connmon 0.3.6 1 Analyze database connection usage
Connor 0.5.1 1 Command-line tool to deduplicate reads in bam files based on custom inline barcoding.
constrict 1.0.0 1 Type Checking and Constraints via Function Annotations
consumeraffairs-django-experiments 1.4.4 1 Python Django AB Testing Framework
ConsumerCheck 1.3.3 1 Software for analysis of sensory and consumer data
contact_importer 0.0.1 1 Import Gmail, Live and Yahoo contacts within your Python application.
contactpp 1.1 1 Pseudopotential generator for the contact interaction
Container-WhooshAlchemyPlus 0.7.5.post3 1 Whoosh extension to Flask/SQLAlchemy which used in sina container
contemarlo 1.0.0 1 Deterministic Monte-Carlo-Like without memory constraints.
contentratings 1.2.1 1 A small Zope 3 package (which also works with Zope 2.10+ and Five) that allows you to attach ratings to content.
contentrules.slack 1.0.0a1 1 Slack content rule action.
contex 3.1.1 1 Contextual string manipulation
contextdecorator 0.10.0 1 Create APIs that work as decorators and as context managers.
contexter 0.1.4 1 Contexter is a full replacement of the contextlib standard library module. It comes with more features, a nicer API and full support for Python 2.5 up to 3.x from a single source file.
Contextual 1 Replace globals with context-safe variables and services
contexture 1.3.1 1 Magic Automatic Logging Context
continued 1.0 1 Continued fraction library
control 0.7.0 1 Python control systems library
conttest 0.0.8 1 Simple continuous testing tool
convergent 0.2 1 Convergent encryption library, encrypts with AES 256 CTR using the SHA256d hash of the plain text as key.
convertit 1.1.5 1 A file conversion Web API in Pyramid
conz 0.5 1 Library for writing command line programs
cookiecutter 1.6.0 1 A command-line utility that creates projects from project templates, e.g. creating a Python package project from a Python package project template.
cookiecutter-django 1.11.9 1 A Cookiecutter template for creating production-ready Django projects quickly.
cookiecutter-python-library-demo 0.1.0 1 Demo for the Cookiecutter Python Library Demo project
cookiejar 0.0.1 1 Cookiecutter templates discovery and management.
cookies 2.2.1 1 Friendlier RFC 6265-compliant cookie parser/renderer
coolname 1.0.4 1 Random name and slug generator
coop-cms 0.7.0 1 Small CMS built around a tree navigation open to any django models
cooper 0.1.3 1 Easy and safe cooperative methods
coopr.age 1.1.4 1 A QT interface for Coopr that supports the formulation and analysis of Pyomo models
coopr.bilevel 1.0 1 A Coopr package for modeling bilevel programs
coopr.core 2.0.4 1 A Coopr package that provides cross-cutting utilities used by other Coopr packages.
coopr.dae 1.2 1 Differential-Algebraic Equation (DAE) extensions to the Pyomo environment 1.2.1 1 Coopr data project: CUTE test data 1.2.1 1 Coopr data project: Pyomo test models
coopr.environ 1.0.1 1 A Coopr package that loads plugins from all Coopr packages.
coopr.extras 1.2.2 1 Extra packages that enhance the functionality of Coopr
coopr.gdp 1.2 1 Generalized Disjunctive Programming (GDP) extensions to the Pyomo environment
coopr.misc 2.8.2 1 Miscellaneous Coopr utilities
coopr.mpec 1.0 1 Coopr modeling extensions for Mathematical Programming with Equilibrium Constraints (MPEC)
coopr.neos 1.1.2 1 Coopr plugins that connect to NEOS solvers
coopr.openopt 1.1.3 1 Coopr interfaces to the COIN-OR Optimization Services project.
coopr.opt 2.12.2 1 Coopr generic optimization interfaces
coopr.os 1.0.4 1 Coopr interfaces to the COIN-OR Optimization Services project.
coopr.plugins 3.1 1 Plugins that are typically bundled with Coopr
coopr.pyomo 3.6.4 1 Coopr's Pyomo math programming language
coopr.pysos 2.0.9 1 Coopr utilities for composing heterogeous models
coopr.pysp 3.5.5 1 Coopr stochastic programming modeling and solver techniques
coopr.solvers 3.2.1 1 Plugins that are typically bundled with Coopr
coopr.sucasa 3.0 1 Coopr framework for integrating symbolic data into MIP solvers
coordinate 0.1.5 1 Tools for large scale data clustering.
coordinator-data-tasks 0.0.5 1 A python-based command line utility to automate some of the most common data tasks faced by the Clinical Coordinators.
copernicus 2.0.6 1 Osint Tool to get infos about peoples
corejet.core 1.1.0 1 Defines test infrastructure for building CoreJet tests
CorePost 0.0.16 1 A Twisted Web REST micro-framework
cornel-movie-dialogs-corpus-storm 0.1.1 1 A set of python modules for cornel movie-dialogs corpus with storm
cornerstone.cssvar 1.0 1 CSS Variables Support for Zope.
cornerstone.soup 1 Container with queryable Records for Zope 2
cornerstone.ui.result 1.1.4 1 library providing a result rendering engine
cornice 3.1.0 1 Define Web Services in Pyramid.
cornice-swagger 0.5.5 1 Generate swagger from a Cornice application
corpcrawl 0.0.37 1 Corpcrawl EDGAR Scraper
corrfitter 6.0.5 1 Utilities for fitting correlators in lattice QCD.
Corrfunc 2.0.0 1 Blazing fast correlation functions on the CPU
cosmic 0.5.6 1 A tiny web API framework based on Teleport
cotede 0.19.2 1 Quality Control of Temperature and Salinity profiles
cotoolz 0.1.6 1 A set of utility functions for coroutines.
couchbasekit 0.2.2 1 A wrapper around CouchBase Python driver for document validation and more.
couchpy 0.2dev 1 Data modeling for CouchDB database management systems
countdowner 0.3.1 1 A Python 3.5+ package to check for sales at Countdowngrocery stores throughout New Zealand
Counter 1.0.0 1 Counter package defines the "counter.Counter" class similar to bags or multisets in other languages.
counterparts 0.1 1 Configuration file-driven values for shell and Python scripts
country-bounding-boxes 0.2.3 1 Library of bounding boxes of countries (and associated data)
country_converter 0.6.5 1 The country converter (coco) - a Python package for converting country names between different classifications schemes.
courier-pythonfilter 1.11 1 Python filtering architecture for the Courier MTA.
coursera-dl 0.10.0 1 Script for downloading videos and naming them.
coursera_offline 1.1.4 1 Download Coursera videos and lecture slides for offline viewing
courseraoauth2client 0.0.1 1 An OAuth2 client for the Coursera App Platform.
courseraprogramming 0.18.0 1 A toolkit to help develop asynchronous graders for Coursera based on docker images.
courseraresearchexports 0.0.25 1 Command line tool for convenient access to Coursera Research Data Exports.
coverage 4.5.1 1 Code coverage measurement for Python
coverage-tools 0.0.4 1 Additional tools for Python coverage
Coveralls-HG 1 Coveralls API for: Python 3+, Coverage & Mercurial.
craft-ai 1.10.0 1 craft ai API client for python
crypto-compare 0.0.1 1 Wrapper for public API
csg-dicoms-anonymizer 1.4.2 1 Robust and easy to use generic dicoms anonymizer with demographics csv spreadsheet anonymization by hashed ids
ct-core-api 2.5.0 1 Catalant Core API Framework
ct-core-db 1.2.0 1 Catalant Core DB Framework
ctk-cli-indexer 0.6 1 Python utilities for creating an ElasticSearch database containing information on available CLI modules
ctypes-callable 1.0.0 1 Implements ``callable`` using ctypes (useful on Python 3.0 and 3.1)
cube-client 0.2.0 1 A Python client for Cube: Time Series Data Collection & Analysis
cubicweb-apycot 1.10.0 1 Continuous testing / integration tool for the CubicWeb framework
cubicweb-card 1.0.0 1 card/wiki component for the CubicWeb framework
cubicweb-ckanpublish 0.2.0 1 Publish data to a CKAN instance
cubicweb-conference 0.14.0 1 conference component for the CubicWeb framework
cumulus-aws 1.0.1 1 Manages AWS Cloudformation stacks across multiple CF templates
cumulus-message-adapter 1.0.3 1 A command-line interface for preparing and outputting Cumulus Messages for Cumulus Tasks
cumulus-message-adapter-python 1.0.0 1 A handler library for cumulus tasks written in python
custom-e-celery 4.0.2 1 Distributed Task Queue.
dataserv-client 2.1.12 1 Client for storing and auditing data.
db-connect 1.0.0 1 Python Package for connecting to all types of Databases
dc-django-base 0.6.3 1 Django base application
DDown 1.0.3 1 Download web content Just Give the list
deck-chores 0.2 1 Job scheduler for Docker containers, configured via container labels.
devpi-client 4.0.1 1 devpi upload/install/... workflow commands for Python developers
devpi-client-extensions 0.2 1 devpi client extensions
devpi-theme-16 2.0.0 1 Theme plugin for devpi server
dialog-watson-client 1.0.2 1 Client for dialog watson module
difflibhelper 1.0.6 1 This script expands on the standard difflib library
directories 1.0.5 1 This is a class that helps make dealing with your scripts directories easier
dj-arp-storm 1.0b8 1 play network traffic as sound
dj-contentmodel 0.1.7 1 Pluggable app for taxonomies, content collections, and navigation.
dj-log-config-helper 0.2.3 1 Simplify log configuration across Django projects
dj-sso-client 0.21 1 A Django SSO client application, works with dj-sso-server
dj-sso-client2 0.23 1 A Django SSO client application, works with dj-sso-server
django-abo 0.1.4 1 Recurring payment / subscription handling for Django, supporting different payment gateways
django-accounting 0.2.10 1 Accounting made accessible for small businesses and sole proprietorships through a simple Django project
django-activatable-model 1.0.1a1 1 Django Activatable Model
django-active-users 0.2 1 Monitoring of active users in Django using Redis
django-activeview 0.1.3 1 Django template tag that checks if given view or path is active.
django-activities 1.2.1 1 Activities app for django
django-addanother 2.0.0 1 "Add another" buttons outside the Django admin
django-addthis 3.0.0 1 Simple integration of the AddThis social sharing widget for Django projects.
django-adhara 1.4.10 1 A foundation for Django REST API with many other functionalities.
django-adldap-sync 0.5.2 1 A Django application for synchronizing LDAP users, groups and group memberships
django-admin-bootstrapped 2.5.7 1 A Bootstrap theme for Django Admin
django-admin-lightweight-date-hierarchy 0.3.0 1 Using django admin date hierarchy queries free!
django-admin-sortable2 0.6.19 1 Generic drag-and-drop sorting for the List, the Stacked- and the Tabular-Inlines Views in the Django Admin
django-admin-timestamps 1.2 1 Custom list display of model timestamps for Django Admin.
django-admin-tools-stats 0.9.0 1 django-admin-tools-stats - Django-admin module to create charts and stats in your dashboard
django-admin-user-stats 0.2 1 django-admin-tools dashboard modules with user registration stats
django-admin2 0.7.1 1 An introspective interface for Django's ORM.
django-adminactions 1.5 1 Collections of useful actions to use with django.contrib.admin.ModelAdmin
django-adminfiles 1.0.1 1 File upload manager and picker for Django admin
django-agenda 0.3.4 1 A scheduling app for Django.
django-ajax-image-upload 0.4.1 1 Upload images via ajax.
django-ajaxerrors 1.1 1 Django middleware for unhandled AJAX errors
django-akismet-comments 0.1 1 Django moderator for checking django.contrib.comments spam against akismet service.
django-allauth 0.35.0 1 Integrated set of Django applications addressing authentication, registration, account management as well as 3rd party (social) account authentication.
django-allauth-adfs 0.0.4 1 ADFS oAuth provider for django-allauth
django-allauth-intersis 0.5.5 1 OAuth2.0 InterSIS access module for projects using django-allauth.
django-allowedsites 0.1.0 1 dynamic ALLOWED_HOSTS
django-altuser 0.9.5 1 Alternative user models for django >= 1.5, with email field and other features
django-amazon-price-monitor 0.7 1 Monitors prices of Amazon products via Product Advertising API
django-amber 0.8.0 1 A Django-powered static site generator
django-analytical 2.4.0 1 Analytics service integration for Django projects
django-anonymizer 0.5.1 1 App to anonymize data in Django models.
django-anonymizer-compat 0.4 1 App to anonymize data in Django models.
django-any-imagefield 0.9 1 A switchable ImageField for third party Django applications
django-anylink 0.4.2 1 Generic links for Django models.
django-anymail 2.0 1 Django email integration for Mailgun, Mailjet, Postmark, SendGrid, SendinBlue, SparkPost and other transactional ESPs
django-anysign 1.3 1 Online signature for Django: multiple services, generic API.
django-api-toolkit 0.1.6 1
django-apiblueprint-view 1.1.2 1 Render API Blueprints on-the-fly using Django templates
django-appregister 0.3.1 1 A Django app that provides the building blocks for an app registry system
django-ar-organizations 0.2.41 1 Group accounts for Django
django-argonauts 1.2.0 1 A lightweight collection of JSON helpers for Django.
django-articles 2.4.1 1 Sophisticated blogging engine for Django-powered sites
django-articles-addons 0.2.4 1 A collection of tools to extend codekoala's wonderful django-articless
django-asset-definitions 0.3 1 django-asset-definitions allows to define collections of static files (JavaScript, CSS) in Python code and (re)use them in Django views and templates.
django-assets-livereload 0.3.1 1 Enhanced staticfiles django app.
django-assets-pipeline 0.1 1 Complete assets pipeline for Django projects
django-associations 0.1.7 1 A simple Django app to show url associations between installed apps.
django-async-gt 0.6.2 1 a simple app to asynchronously upload images with Django, using Celery
django-athumb 2.4.1 1 A simple, S3-backed thumbnailer field.
django-atlas 0.0.5 1 Geolocation models, data and tools using GeoDjango
django-atris 1.2.2 1 Django history logging.
django-attrs 0.1.1 1 EAV for Django using JSONField
django-audiofield 0.10.0 1 Django application to upload and convert audio files (mp3, wav and ogg format)
django-audit-log 0.7.0 1 Audit trail for django models
django-auth-fogbugz 1.2.0 1 Django FogBugz authentication backend
django-auth-role 0.4.0 1 Add user roles to django-auth
django-authsch 0.8.6 1 Easy-to-use auth.sch client.
django-authtools 1.6.0 1 Custom user model app for Django featuring email as username and class-based views for authentication.
django-autofixture 0.12.1 1 Provides tools to auto generate test data.
django-autohide-help 0.0.1 1 jQuery plugin that auto-hides form field help blocks as pluggable Django app
django-automated-logging 3.5.1 1 Django Database Based Automated Logging - finally solved and done in a proper way.
django-automationcommon 1.12 1 Common functionality across different Django projects of the UofC UIS Automation team
django-autometrics-nonrel 1.0.0 1 A Django+Djangae app to collect session and access metrics.
django-autosequence 0.2.0 1 A model field for Django that provides for a configurable automatic sequence of values
django-autoshard 1.2.1 1 A Django library that makes sharding easy.
django-auxilium 0.1.2 1 Django utility app to help in Django development
django-aws-xray 0.2.2 1 Django AWS X-Ray
django-axes-login-actions 1.2.0 1 Perform one or more actions if someone performed a login, e.g. to the admin interface.
django-babel 0.6.2 1 Utilities for using Babel in Django
django-backlinks 0.1a1 1 A generic linkbacks app for Django
django-badgify 0.2.0 1 A reusable application to create your own badge engine using Django
django-badgify-lab 0.2.0 1 A reusable application to create your own badge engine using Django
django-baseboard 0.3 1 Dashboard view across various Basecamp projects, powered by Django
django-baseclasses 1.0.9 1 A set of reusable base classes and helpers for django
django-basecrm 0.5 1 A Django app that connects to the BaseCRM API (v2)
django-basic-tumblelog 0.6.1 1 A basic tumblelog application you can add to your Django website.
django-behaviors 0.4.0 1 Common behaviors for Django Models, e.g. Timestamps, Publishing, Authoring/Editing and more.
django-better-filter-widget 0.4.2 1 A better filter widget for foreign key relationships
django-better500s 0.2.1 1 Library for Django that provides better error logging
django-billjobs 0.6.10 1 A django billing app for coworking space.
django-bit-category 0.5.2 1 Django category app with bitwise tree-like structure of primary key.
django-bitcoin 0.2 1 Bitcoin application integration for Django web framework
django-bitly 1.2.0 1 integration for django
django-blog-zinnia 0.20 1 A clear and powerful weblog application powered with Django
django-bmf 0.3.0a2 1 Business Management Framework with integrated ERP solution written for django
django-boilerplate 0.8.2 1 What Django is missing
django-booking 0.7.2 1 A reusable Django app that manages bookings for various purposes.
django-bootstrap-span 0.0.3 1 Django bootstrap span adds class=spanN support in forms input elements
django-bootstrap3 9.1.0 1 Bootstrap support for Django projects
django-bootstrap4 0.0.6 1 Bootstrap support for Django projects
django-bot 0.2.2 1 A lightweight django framework for bots
django-bower-app 0.5 1 Library to manage bower.json dependancies with ease
django-bower-cache 0.5.0 1 A Django app implementing a local caching proxy for Bower packages.
django-bpp 1.0.9 1 System informatyczny do zarządzania bibliografią publikacji pracowników naukowych
django-br-addresses 0.1.1 1 A simple Django app to provide a CRUD of cities and address.
django-brake 1.5.2 1 Cache-based rate-limiting for Django.
django-broadcast 0.1.1 1 Video broadcasting support for Django apps
django-brotli 0.1.3 1 Middleware that compresses response using brotli algorithm.
django-budget 0.8.18 1 A tool to help newsrooms manage their content, from pitch to planning to production.
django-bulma 0.4.0 1 Bulma CSS Framework for Django projects
django-bundledmedia 0.1b3 1 Django application for adding compressed CSS and JS files in some prepared slots
django-bylaws 1.0.2 1 Manages bylaws for a website built on Django.
django-cache-memoize 0.1.1 1 Django utility for a memoization decorator that uses the Django cache framework.
django-cache-panel 0.1 1 A more detailed cache panel for the Django Debug Toolbar
django-cachebuster 0.2.1 1 Django 1.3 ready cache busting app
django-cacheops 4.0.6 1 A slick ORM cache with automatic granular event-driven invalidation for Django.
django-cachepurge 0.3 1 Django Middleware and utilities that send "PURGE" request to an upstream cache
django-cachetree 0.1.3 1 cache configurable trees of related model instances in Django
django-calendarium 1.3.4 1 A reusable Django app to manage and display a calendar in your templates.
django-canclon 0.2.3 1 Template name resolution for Django class-based views
django-candv-choices 1.1.5 1 Use complex constants built with 'candv' library instead of standard 'choices' fields for 'Django' models.
django-carrot 1.0.0 1 A RabbitMQ asynchronous task queue for Django.
django-carton-no-database 1.2.2 1 django-carton is a simple and lightweight application for shopping carts and wish lists.
django-cas-provider 0.3.1 1 A "provider" for the Central Authentication Service (
django-castle 0.1.1 1 A django integration for the service
django-castor 0.2.1 1 A content-addressable storage backend for Django.
django-categories 1.6 1 A way to handle one or more hierarchical category trees in django.
django-cbrf 0.3.6 1 Django app to integrate Wrapper for The Central Bank of the Russian Federation site API with your project
django-cbv-formpreview 0.2.0a1 1 Django's FormPreview updated to use class based views.
django-cdc 2.0.9 1 CDC for django models
django-celery 3.2.2 1 Old django celery integration project.
django-celery-async-view 0.1.0 1 Asynchronously load view or download file in django.
django-celery-errorlog 0.1.1 1 Reuseable app for django to collect the unexpted exception and generate comprehansive report just like what you get in debug mode and store in database from celery task
django-celery-fulldbresult 0.5.3 1 Celery result backend that stores everything.
django-celery-growthmonitor 0.0.0.dev38 1 A Django helper to monitor jobs running Celery tasks
django-celery-quickfix 3.2.0a1 1 Old django celery integration project.
django-cenvars 1 Django Centralised Environment Variables Service
django-chalk 0.2.1 1 Simple reStructuredText blogging for Django
django-chance 0.4.1 1 Django CMS conference application
django-chunked-upload 1.1.3 1 Upload large files to Django in multiple chunks, with the ability to resume if the upload is interrupted.
django-cid 0.2.0 1 Correlation IDs in Django for debugging requests
django-cities 1 Place models and worldwide place data for Django
django-ckeditor 5.4.0 1 Django admin CKEditor integration.
django-ckeditor-updated 4.4.4 1 Django admin CKEditor integration.
django-classbasedsettings 1.5.0 1 Use classes to define settings.
django-classfaves 0.1 1 A different approach to favorites in Django
django-classroom 0.1.6 1 An application for managing classroom details on a school website.
django-clean-fields 0.3.0 1 A Django utility to clean model field values on save.
django-cleanup 2.1.0 1 Deletes old files.
django-clear-memcache 1.3.0 1 Allow to clear Memcache items for the current site (according to the cache key prefix) or even to clear the whole configured Memcache server. The app integrates into Django's admin interface for easy use.
django-click 2.0.0 1 Write Django management command using the click CLI library
django-clickclack 0.1.6 1 Django app to manage scheduled switched like light-switches
django-clicky 1.2.1 1 Clicky analytics for Django projects
django-closure-tree 0.2.2 1 A Closure based Tree model for Django.
django-closuretree 1.2.0 1 Efficient tree-based datastructure for Django
django-cmsplugin-blurp 1.18 1
django-codenerix-extensions 1.0.12 1 Codenerix Extensions is a module that enables CODENERIX to set extensions on serveral platforms in a general manner.
django-collectd-rest 0.2.0 1 A simple Django application to demonstrate RRD plots generated by collectd or any other rrd data
django-commandlog 0.1.10 1 A Django app to log management commands
django-common-helpers 0.9.1 1 Common things every Django app needs!
django-compass2 0.2 1 Simple compilation of Compass projects for Django.
django-composer-prk 0.1.1 1 Page composer for Django
django-composite-foreignkey 1.0.1 1 composite foreignkey support for django
django-compressor-autoprefixer 0.1.0 1 Django Compressor CSS filter for autoprefixer
django-conceptq 0.1.0 1 Tiny query wrapper for composable, cross-relation complex queries.
django-concurrency 1.4 1 Optimistic lock implementation for Django. Prevents users from doing concurrent editing.
django-confit 0.6 1 Django settings loaders and validators, with local flavour.
django-content-licenses 0.2.3 1 django-content-licenses is a Django app that adds support for adding licensing information to content.
django-context-extras 0.2.4 1 django-context-extras provides some extra context processors that are often needed by Django projects.
django-context-logging 1.2.1 1 Library for adding request context to log records
django-contextaware-processors 0.1.1 1 Before a Django TemplateResponse is rendered, modify the context data in-place with context-processor like functionality
django-contrib-comments 1.8.0 1 The code formerly known as django.contrib.comments.
django-conversejs 0.3.4 1 Adds converse.js (javascript XMPP client) to Django
django-cors-headers 2.2.0 1 django-cors-headers is a Django application for handling the server headers required for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS).
django-country-dialcode 0.6.3 1 Django Application providing Dialcode and Countries code
django-coupons 1.2.0a3 1 A reuseable Django application for coupon gereration and handling.
django-crystal-big 2011.20.10 1 Everaldo's Crystal icons (big sizes) bundled for direct consumption from Django applications
django-custom-accounts 0.1 1 A custom accounts application for Django
django-custom-auth-user 0.1.2 1 Django custom user
django-debug-toolbar-alchemy 0.1.0 1 Django Debug Toolbar panel for SQLAlchemy.
django-email-change 0.2.2 1 django-email-change adds support for email address change and confirmation.
django-email-confirm-la 2.3.1 1 Django email confirmation for any Model and any Field.
django-exception-blame 0.1.1 1 Show blame in a exception.
django-extended-choices 1.3 1 Little helper application to improve django choices (for fields)
django-fluent-blogs 2.0.2 1 A blog engine with flexible block contents (based on django-fluent-contents).
django-fluo-coupons 1.2a12 1 A reuseable Django application for coupon gereration and handling.
django-forms-bootstrap 3.1.0 1 a simple form filter for using Django forms with Bootstrap
django-garpix-blog 0.1.1 1 Django application blog.
django-google-analytics-id 1.0.1 1 Django application to add your Google analytics code to your website template(s)
django-graceful-session-cleanup 0.2.2 1 A simple management command that can delete expired sessions from large session tables without killing the site.
django-icecast-balancer 0.1.4 1 A simple HTTP based load balancer for Icecast streaming servers.
django-icons-backtopixel 1.0 1 backtopixel icons pack for django.contrib.staticfiles
django-mantis-core 0.2.0 1 A wrapper around the Django Dingos app for the Mantis Cyber Threat Intelligence Mgmt. Framework.
django-markdown-app 1 Django markdown support and wysiwyg.
django-math-captcha 0.1 1 Simple, secure math captcha for django forms
django-math-captcha-update 0.1.2 1 Simple, secure math captcha for django forms(Django 1.6+ compatible)
django-migreme 0.0.1 1 Django app
django-oauth-backend 0.2.3 1 UNKNOWN
django-oauth-toolkit-scopes-backend 0.10.0 1 OAuth2 for Django with scopes
django-object-attachments 0.1 1 Allows to add django-document-library objects to a any other object.
django-oscar-accounts 0.4rc1 1 Managed accounts for django-oscar
django-oscar-accounts-wt 0.4rc3 1 Managed accounts for django-oscar
django-oscar-accounts2 0.1.0 1 Managed accounts for django-oscar
django-oscar-adyen 0.7.1 1 Adyen HPP payment module for django-oscar
django-oscar-approval 0.1 1 Order approval module for django-oscar
django-oscar-asiapay 0.4.0 1 Payment integration of AsiaPay (PayDollar) to use on django-oscar
django-oscar-bluelight 0.8.4 1 Bluelight Specials - Enhancements to the offer and vouchers features for Django Oscar.
django-paypal-express-checkout 1.9.1 1 A reusable Django app to include a PayPal payment flow to your site.
django-pg-utils 0.1.5 1 Utility methods for Django + PostgreSQL applications
django-php-bridge 0.1.1 1 Authentication bridge between Django and PHP
django-postgres-composite-types 0.4.1 1 Postgres composite types support for Django
django-product-catalog 0.1.0 1 An ultra simple app to manage products in a catalog (portfolio for example).
django-quiz-app 0.5.1 1 A configurable quiz app for Django.
django-reports-admin 1.0.4 1 A Django Admin add-on which adds functionality to export data in customized forms of output.
django-rest-assured 0.2.1 1 Django REST Assured instantly test-covers your Django REST Framework based API.
django-rest-authemail 1.4.0 1 A RESTful API for user signup and authentication using email addresses
django-rest-framework-braces 0.2.3 1 Collection of utilities for working with DRF
django-reversion-compare 0.8.4 1 history compare for django-reversion
django-s3-cache 1.4.2 1 Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) cache backend for Django
django-selenium-boilerplate 0.0.6 1 Boilerplate for setting up selenium tests in Django
django-shibboleth-session-auth 0.6.0 1 Simplistic Shibboleth integration for Django sessions
django-shop-categories 1.0 1 A extendable category app using django-mptt for django-shop
django-shop-payer-backend 0.1.7 1 Payment backend for django SHOP and Payer.
django-shopify-auth 0.7.0 1 A simple package for adding Shopify authentication to Django apps.
django-simple-audit 0.1.22 1 Simple audit for model instances in Django.
django-simple-audit-gizmag 0.2.2 1 Simple audit for model instances in Django.
django-simple-email-confirmation 0.23 1 Simple email confirmation for django.
django-simple-math-captcha 1.0.7 1 An easy-to-use math field/widget captcha for Django forms.
django-smtp-ntlm-backend 0.0.4 1 A Django email backend for SMTP servers with NTLM authentication
django-socketio-alt 0.2.1 1 Django + Gevent + SocketIO = Awesome client/server interactions
django-sparkle-1.5 0.2 1 Django-sparkle is a Django application to make it easy to publish updates for your mac application using sparkle (intended for Django >= 1.5)
django-storages-afix 1.5.3a0 1 Support for many storage backends in Django
django-taggit-autocomplete-modified 0.1.0b6 1 django-taggit-autocomplete-modified provides autocomplete functionality to the tags form field of django-taggit.
django-tailordev-cms 0.7.5 1 TailorDev CMS A simple CMS for your django projects.
django-test-autocomplete 0.1.4 1 A shell-autocomplete helper that list TestCases and tests
django-test-query-counter 0.1.0 1 A Django Toolkit for controlling Query count when testing
django-transaction-barrier 0.3 1 Transaction barriers for Django and Celery.
django-twilio-sms-2 1.0.2 1 Twilio integration for SMS-based Django apps
django-two-factor-auth 1.7.0 1 Complete Two-Factor Authentication for Django
django-widgy-blog 0.2.2 1 Reusable blog app for Django-Widgy
django-xmpp-backends 0.1 1 Convenience utilities for using xmpp-backends in Django.
django2-babel 0.6.3 1 Utilities for using Babel in Django, without and upper Django version constraint.
djangocms-blog 0.9.3 1 A djangoCMS 3 blog application
djangocms-blog-martin 0.5.1.dev3 1 Fork of djangoCMS 3 blog application
djangocms-cascade 0.15.5 1 Collection of extendible plugins for django-CMS to create and edit widgets in a simple manner
djangocms-text-ckeditor 3.5.3 1 Text Plugin for django CMS with CKEditor support
djangorestframework-bulk 0.2.1 1 Django REST Framework bulk CRUD view mixins
djangorestframework-chain 0.1.3 1 Chained relations and filtering for Django REST Framework
dns-blackhole 0.12 1 A generic DNS black hole zone generator
docker-compose-swarm-mode 2.1.0 1 Drop in replacement for docker-compose that works with swarm mode introduced in Docker 1.12 (and converter to Kubernetes format).
drf-chunked-upload 0.3.0 1 Upload large files to Django REST Framework in multiple chunks, with the ability to resume if the upload is interrupted.
drf-compound-fields 1.0.0 1 Django-REST-framework serializer fields for compound types.
drf-json-api 0.1.1 1 A parser and renderer for Django REST Framework that adds support for the JSON API specification.
drf-true-datetime 0.1.0 1 Custom date time field for DRF to fix bad client time
drift-api 0.1.0 1 A wrapper for the Drift API
drive-ami 1.0.7 1 An interface layer for scripting the AMI-Reduce pipeline.
druid-cli 0.3.1 1 Missing command line interface to druid data store.
dvh-analytics 0.2.40 1 Create a database of DVHs, views with Bokeh
dwolla-clt 1.2.4 1 Dwolla Command Line Tools
easy-cache 0.6.0 1 Useful cache decorators for methods and properties
easycommandline 1.8.1 1 python command-line interfaces made easy
ebay-tweet-bot 1.0.0 1 eBay Tweet Bot is a simple program that posts results from an eBay search to Twitter
edx-celeryutils 0.2.7 1 Code to support working with celery
email-artisan 0.0.1 1 CLI build tool to help ease the pain of developing emails.
emg-analyzer 0.1 1 parse emg recording and normalize the voltage
engineUtils 0.3 1 UNKNOWN
environ-config 18.2.0 1 Boilerplate-free configuration with env variables.
eplist 0.1.7 1 Simple episode renaming program
epub-conversion 1.0.7 1 Python package for converting xml and epubs to text files
erp5.appliance.test 2.14 1 ERP5 Appliance testing system
esdc-api 2.0.1 1 Danube Cloud API Python Library
eth-abi 1.0.0 1 Ethereum ABI Utils
ethereum-augur-temp 2.1.10 1 Next generation cryptocurrency network
ethereum-augur-temp2 2.0.6 1 Next generation cryptocurrency network
ethereum-ipc-client 0.1.9 1 Ethereum IPC Client
ethereum-rpc-client 0.4.4 1 Ethereum JSON RPC Client
exr-builder 0.1.6 1 Lightweight Python Build Tool.
fac-cli 0.9 1 Command-line mod manager for Factorio (install, update...).
factom-api 0.1.1 1 Python client library for the Factom API
factual-api 1.7.0 1 Official Python driver for the Factual public API
faker-cloud 0.1 1 A collection of fake cloud data for use with faker
feature-aggregation 0.3 1 Aggregate local features into global features
febelfin-coda 0.1.0 1 A module to parse CODA files
FeinCMS-Blogs 0.0.7 1 Multiple blog/article app for Django/FeinCMS.
fifslack-bitbucket-pr-reminder 0.0.7 1 Posts a Slack reminder with a list of open pull requests for an organization
fingerprint-app 0.2 1 Fingerprinting application dependencies
finucane-apputils 0.4.3 1 Finucane Research application framework and utilities for Python
flake8-builtins 1.1.1 1 Check for python builtins being used as variables or parameters.
flake8-diff 0.2.2 1 Run flake8 across a set of changed files and filter out violations occurring only on the lines that were changed.
Flask-BasicAuth 0.2.0 1 HTTP basic access authentication for Flask.
Flask-Bitmapist 0.1.2 1 Flask extension that creates a simple interface to Bitmapist analytics library
Flask-Blogging 1.0.2 1 A flask extension for adding Markdown blog support to your site
Flask-Boost 0.7.5 1 Flask application generator for boosting your development.
flask-btsn-alchemy 0.0.2 1 BITSON's SQLAlchemy Models
Flask-Collect 1.3.2 1 Flask-Collect -- Collect static files in Flask application
Flask-Context 0.1 1 Provide an arbitrary context object to Flask. Useful for microservice environments.
Flask-Copilot 0.2.0 1 Simple navbar generation for Flask applications.
Flask-Debug-API 0.1.0 1 API Browser for Flask-DebugToolbar
Flask-Leancloud-Sms 0.1 1 Leancloud SMS Service for Flask
flask-marshmallow-b7 0.9.1 1 Flask + marshmallow for beautiful APIs
Flipkart-AffiliatesAPI 1
flo-check-homework 0.11.1 1 A program that allows to run other programs only after a set of questions have been correctly answered
floyd-cli 0.10.36 1 Command line tool for Floyd
fluentcms-contactform 2.0 1 A contact form plugin django-fluent-contents
ftp-cloudfs 0.35 1 FTP interface to OpenStack Object Storage (Swift)
futoin-cid 0.8.8 1 FutoIn Continuous Integration & Delivery Tool
gcs-client 0.2.2 1 Google Cloud Storage Python client
gdal-build-debug 0.1.0 1 A suite of tests of whether gdal configured/built with the packages and formats you wanted
get-cached 0.0.4 1 Cache your get requests
git-change 0.2.0 1 Git command to create and manage Gerrit Code Review changes
git-ls-anytree 0.4.1 1 Runs git-ls-tree through anytree for easy consumption
git-remote-couch 0.1a2 1 a git-remote-helper that allows you to push source code into a CouchDB
github-collective 0.4 1 Script to manage GitHub organizations in a collective manner
glamkit-collections 0.36 1 Boilerplate for modelling collections of collecting institutions.
gnue-common 0.6.0 1 Base files of a GNU Enterprise Tools install
go-auth 0.1.3 1 Authentication services and utilities for Vumi Go APIs.
go-cli 0.1.1 1 A command-line interface for Vumi Go's HTTP APIs
go-contacts 0.1.9 1 A contacts and groups API for Vumi Go
go-metrics-api 0.2.0 1 An API for querying vumi-go metrics
google-assistant-grpc 0.1.0 1 Google Assistant API gRPC bindings
google-cloud-error-reporting 0.29.1 1 Stackdriver Error Reporting API client library
google-music-manager-auth 0.7.3 1 Google MusicManager package to manage your music library to Google Music - Auth module
google-seo-analyzer 0.1.1 1 This simple script parses Google Web Master Tools report and analyzes results.
gp-python-client 1.0.0 1 Python client for Globalization Pipeline on IBM Bluemix
gphoto2-cffi 0.4.2 1 libgphoto2 bindings with an interface that strives to be idiomatic
GPU-BSM 2.7.1 1 A GPU-based Tool to Map Bisulfite-Threated Reads
grafana-api 0.2.6 1 Yet another Python library for Grafana API
graph-alchemy 0.1.0 1 Basic Node/Edge model for SQLAlchemy
griddb-python-client 0.5.2 1 GridDB Python Client Library built using SWIG
grip-attendance 0.5 1 Program to generate an attendance report for an event
group-based-policy 5.10.0 1 Openstack Group Based Policy
habrahabr-api 0.1.2 1 A python implementation of the API
hammock-builder 0.1.0 1 Create ReST APIs how you've always wanted.
haralyzer-api 0.1.2 1 REST API for storing HAR data and retrieving analyzed results
hdbscan-with-cosine-distance 0.8.1 1 Clustering based on density with variable density clusters
hellowebapp-deploy 1.0.2 1 Packages needed to deploy to Heroku using Hello Web App's tutorial.
hg-commit-sanity 0.0.1 1 Mercurial extension to do sanity checks on commits.
homemate-bridge 0.1.1 1 Orvibo "Homemate" to MQTT bridge
htp-client 0.5.3 1 Make a Hecks engine using the HTP protocol play on the website
httpie-jwt-auth 0.3.0 1 JWTAuth plugin for HTTPie.
hubspot-contacts 1.1.1 1 Pythonic wrapper for HubSpot API methods in the Contacts, Contact Lists and Contact Properties APIs
ibm-cos-sdk 1.1.2 1 IBM SDK for Python
ibm-cos-sdk-core 1.1.2 1 Low-level, data-driven core of IBM SDK for Python
idonethis 1.0.0 1 A simple Python CLI for interacting with idonethis
incremental-backups-tools 0.1.0 1 UNKNOWN
infinidat-django-bootstrap3 7.0.9 1 Bootstrap support for Django projects
infoblox-client 0.4.19 1 Client for interacting with Infoblox NIOS over WAPI
Internet-in-a-Box 0.5.10 1 Sharing the world's Free information
invenio-accounts 1.0.0b12 1 Invenio user management and authentication.
invenio-classifier 1.3.2 1 Invenio module for record classification.
IOT-Analytics 0.0.2 1 Flexable analytics for your robot or IOT device.
ipaddresstools 1.2.8 1 This is a library used to manipulate and verify ipv4 address's. ucast and mcast
ipfs-api 0.2.3 1 IPFS API Bindings for Python
ipython-autoimport 0.3 1 Automagically import missing modules in IPython.
iso-639 0.4.5 1 Python library for ISO 639 standard
jenkins-cffi 1 Python CFFI wrapper around Bob Jenkins' hash functions.
jinja-ab 0.3.0 1 Support A/B testing for Jinja2 templates
jinja2-alchemy-starter 0.3.1 1 Pyramid Scaffold for getting started with SQLAlchemy ORM and Jinja2 Templating Engine
jira-cache 0.8.3 1 Dump Jira issues to file and reload them without connection to the original server.
jmbo-analytics 0.2.2 1 Jmbo analytics app.
jmbo-banner 1.0 1 Jmbo banner app.
jmbo-chart 2.0.0 1 Jmbo chart app.
job-advert-manager 0.1.dev1 1 A tool to manage job adverts for job seekers.
johnny-cache 1.6.1a 1 Django caching framework that automatically caches all read queries.
jpegtran-cffi 0.5.2 1 Extremly fast, (mostly) lossless JPEG transformations
js-dev-cfg 0.1.9 1 Library to manage .config dir
json-cat 0.6 1 Concatenate JSON FILE(s), or STDIN, format to STDOUT.
json-cfg 0.4.2 1 JSON config file parser with extended syntax (e.g.: comments), line/column numbers in error messages, etc...
json-cfg-rw 0.5.0 1 JSON config file parser with extended syntax (e.g.: comments), line/column numbers in error messages, etc...
json-config-parser 0.1.2 1 A straightforward and unambiguous config file parser.
jsonapi-client 0.9.6 1 Comprehensive, yet easy-to-use, pythonic, ORM-like access to JSON API services
juju-act 1.0.1 1 Juju plugin to improve the command line UI of Juju actions
jwst-coronagraph-visibility 0.3.0 1 JWST coronagraphic target observability calculator
kaybee-bulma 0.2.12 1 Bulma-based theme for Kaybee
keras-adversarial 0.0.3 1 Adversarial models and optimizers for Keras
kolla-ansible 1 Ansible Deployment of Kolla containers
kraken-biom 1.0.1 1 Create BIOM-format tables from Kraken output.
kwonly-args 1.0.10 1 Python2 keyword-only argument emulation as a decorator. Python 3 compatible.
Lab-Automation 1.0.5 1 Lab Automation Project
ledger-autosync 0.3.5 1 Automatically sync your bank's data with ledger
lektor-google-analytics 0.1.3 1 Adds support for Google analytics to Lektor CMS
leonardo-module-analytics 2015.10.0 1 Analytics service integration for Leonardo projects
libarchive-c 2.7 1 Python interface to libarchive
libsemigroups-python-bindings 0.2.2 1 Python bindings for the libsemigroups mathematics library
linkedin-api-json-client 0.2.6 1 Python API for interacting with LinkedIn API.
logcat-color 0.6.0 1 A colorful alternative to "adb logcat"
logging-color-formatter 1.0.2 1 A colored logging formatter
logilab-common 1.4.1 1 collection of low-level Python packages and modules used by Logilab projects
Lowdown 0.1.2 1 Sphinx extension for release notes / changelogs.
ls-django-shop-categories 1.0.4 1 A extendable category app using django-mptt for django-shop
maestro-app 0.0.1 1 Music practice on steroids.
marathon-acme 0.6.0 1 Automated management of Let's Encrypt certificates for apps running on Mesosphere Marathon
marburg-biobank 0.113 1 Interface code to interact with data from the biobank.
Markdown-Bugzilla-Extension 0.1 1 Bugzilla extension for Markdown.
Markdown-No-Lazy-BlockQuote-Extension 0.2 1 Disable lazy blockquotes for Markdown.
Markdown-No-Lazy-Code-Extension 0.1 1 Disable lazy code blocks for Markdown.
mattermostdriver-asyncio 5.1.0 1 An asyncio Python Mattermost Driver
maxcube-api 0.1.0 1 eQ-3/ELV MAX! Cube Python API
mbed-cloud-sdk 1 Mbed Cloud Python SDK
mcash-mapi-client 0.1.3 1 Thin python wrapper around mCASH's merchant api
mediacloud-cliff 2.0.2 1 Media Cloud CLIFF API Client Library
mediameter-cliff 1.4.0 1 MediaMeter CLIFF API Client Library
meetup-api 0.1.1 1 Python API for Meetup
memcachier-django-ascii 1.0.0 1 Django cache backend supporting MemCachier service
menusys 1.1.5 1 Menu system to easily create a menu in CLI
meraki-api 1.1.3 1 Meraki Dashboard API wrapper.
metaheuristic-algorithms-python 0.1.6 1 Various metaheuristic algorithms implemented in Python
metrique-client 0.1.3-alpha27 1 Python/MongoDB Information Platform - Client
mezzanine-api 0.6.1 1 A RESTful web API for Mezzanine CMS.
mezzanine-bookmarks 0.1 1 Bookmark Service built on Django and Mezzanine.
mezzanine-careers 0.1 1 Job Posting application for the Mezzanine CMS
mezzanine-page-auth 0.3.3 1 A Mezzanine module for add group-level permission to pages.
miracle-acl 0.0.4-1 1 Flexible role-based authorization solution that is a pleasure to use
mixpanel-py-async 0.1.0 1 Python library for using Mixpanel asynchronously
mkdocs-awesome-pages-plugin 1.2.0 1 An MkDocs plugin that simplifies configuring page titles and their order
mocp-cli 0.1.15 1 CLI tools for finding, organizing, and playing audio files
monasca-log-api 2.6.0 1 Monasca API for sending log entries
mongo-export-index-clean 1.0.0 1 Utility to clean records from a mongodb bson export file with too large fields for indexes.
mongoql-conv 0.4.1 1 Library to convert those MongoDB queries to something else, like a python expresion, a function or a Django Q object tree to be used with a ORM query.
Mopidy-AlarmClock 0.1.7 1 A Mopidy extension for using it as an alarm clock.
Mopidy-ALSAMixer 1.1.0 1 Mopidy extension for ALSA volume control
Mopidy-API-Explorer 1.0.1 1 Mopidy API Explorer
Mopidy-Arcam 0.2 1 Mopidy extension for controlling an Arcam amplifier
Mopidy-AudioAddict 0.2.7 1 Mopidy extension for the AudioAddict network of radiostations
Mopidy-Auto 0.4.0 1 Mopidy extension to automate music playback based on time of day
Mopidy-Bassdrive 0.2.0 1 Bassdrive archive and stream extension for Mopidy
Mopidy-Beets 3.1.0 1 Beets extension for Mopidy
Mopidy-BeetsLocal 0.0.9 1 Access local beets library
Mopidy-CarPi 0.2.21 1 Mopidy extension for in-car RPi and GPIO.
Mopidy-Cd 0.1 1 Mopidy Extension to play audio CD
Mopidy-Rough-Base 3.14.15 1 Shared classes for building radio rough guis.
mt-data-api 0.0.3 1 A port of mt-data-api-sdk-swift.
muffin-admin 0.4.4 1 Admin interface for Muffin Framework
muffin-babel 0.2.1 1
muffin-cache 0.0.1 1 UNKNOWN
muffin-peewee-async 0.1.1 1 Peewee integration to Muffin framework
muffin-redis-cache 0.2.2 1
munch-core 0.1.4 1 Munch is an emailing platform.
murano-agent 3.4.0 1 Python Murano Agent
myks-contact 1.4 1 Simple contact form
navio-builder 0.1.26 1 Lightweight Python Build Tool.
ndb-audit 1.1.9 1 Adds audit trail to any Google Datastore NDB entity
negotiator-common 0.8.4 1 Scriptable KVM/QEMU guest agent (common functionality)
neo-agent 0.1.3 1 USSD session app for Django.
neo-cad 0.1.1 1 Helper function to create, activate and deactivate Neo models.
netscaler-api 0.2.3 1 NetScaler API is a Python interface for interacting with Citrix NetScaler application delivery controllers, utilizing the SOAP API to execute commands.
netshow-core 1.1.3 1 Linux Network Troubleshooting Tool
netshow-core-lib 1.1.3 1 Netshow Core Library. Provides high level user API for netshow providers
ninchanese-cjklib 0.3.4 1 Han character library for CJKV languages - includes fixes for
nodeshot-citysdk-synchronizers 0.3.1 1 Additional synchronizers for nodeshot.interop.sync
nose-alert 0.9.1 1 A nose plugin showing success/failure status notification.
nose-coolstorybro 0.1 1 TL;DR
nose-cover3 0.1.0 1 Coverage 3.x support for Nose
ntlm-auth 1.1.0 1 Creates NTLM authentication structures
nuxeo-python-client 1.1.0 1 Nuxeo REST API Python client
odoo10-addon-account-analytic-distribution 1 Distribute incoming/outcoming account moves to several analytic accounts
odoo10-addon-account-analytic-distribution-required 1 Account Analytic Distribution Required
odoo10-addon-account-analytic-no-lines 1 Hide analytics lines and disable their generation from a move line.
odoo10-addon-account-analytic-parent 1 This module reintroduces the hierarchy to the analytic accounts.
odoo10-addon-account-analytic-required 1 Account Analytic Required
odoo10-addon-account-asset-analytic 1 Adds analytic account per asset
odoo10-addon-account-asset-depr-line-cancel 1 Assets Management - Cancel button
odoo10-addon-account-asset-disposal 1 Makes asset close account move automatically
odoo10-addon-account-asset-maintenance 1 Create equipment when validating an invoice with assets
odoo10-addon-account-balance-ebp-csv-export 1 Account Balance EBP CSV export
odoo10-addon-account-balance-line 1 Display balance totals in move line view
odoo10-addon-account-balance-reporting 1 Account balance reporting engine
odoo10-addon-account-balance-reporting-xlsx 1 Export Account balance reporting to XLSX
odoo10-addon-account-bank-statement-import-camt 1 CAMT Format Bank Statements Import
odoo10-addon-account-bank-statement-import-fr-cfonb 1 Import French CFONB files as Bank Statements in Odoo
odoo10-addon-account-bank-statement-import-move-line 1 Bank statement import move lines
odoo10-addon-account-bank-statement-import-ofx 1 Import OFX Bank Statement
odoo10-addon-account-bank-statement-import-qif 1 Import QIF Bank Statements
odoo10-addon-account-bank-statement-import-save-file 1 Keep imported bank statements as raw data
odoo10-addon-account-banking-fr-lcr 1 Create French LCR CFONB files
odoo10-addon-account-banking-mandate 1 Banking mandates
odoo10-addon-account-banking-mandate-sale 1 Adds mandates on sale orders
odoo10-addon-account-banking-pain-base 1 Base module for PAIN file generation
odoo10-addon-account-banking-sepa-credit-transfer 1 Create SEPA XML files for Credit Transfers
odoo10-addon-account-banking-sepa-direct-debit 1 Create SEPA files for Direct Debit
odoo10-addon-account-chart-update 1 Wizard to update a company's account chart from a template
odoo10-addon-account-check-deposit 1 Manage deposit of checks to the bank
odoo10-addon-account-check-printing-report-base 1 Account Check Printing Report Base
odoo10-addon-account-check-printing-report-dlt103 1 Account Check Printing Report DLT103
odoo10-addon-account-credit-control 1 Account Credit Control
odoo10-addon-account-credit-control-dunning-fees 1 Credit control dunning fees
odoo10-addon-account-cutoff-base 1 Base module for Account Cut-offs
odoo10-addon-account-cutoff-prepaid 1 Prepaid Expense, Prepaid Revenue
odoo10-addon-account-draft-invoice-print 1 Account Draft Invoice Print
odoo10-addon-account-due-list 1 Payments Due list
odoo10-addon-account-due-list-aging-comments 1 Payments Due list aging comments
odoo10-addon-account-due-list-days-overdue 1 Payments Due list days overdue
odoo10-addon-account-due-list-payment-mode 1 Payment due list with payment mode
odoo10-addon-account-e-invoice-generate 1 Technical module to generate PDF invoices with embedded XML file
odoo10-addon-account-financial-report-horizontal 1 Accounting Financial Report Horizontal
odoo10-addon-account-financial-report-qweb 1 OCA Financial Reports
odoo10-addon-account-fiscal-month 1 Provide a fiscal month date range type
odoo10-addon-account-fiscal-position-rule 1 Account Fiscal Position Rule
odoo10-addon-account-fiscal-position-rule-purchase 1 Account Fiscal Position Rule Purchase
odoo10-addon-account-fiscal-position-rule-sale 1 Account Fiscal Position Rule Sale
odoo10-addon-account-fiscal-position-vat-check 1 Check VAT on invoice validation
odoo10-addon-account-fiscal-year 1 Account Fiscal Year
odoo10-addon-account-fiscal-year-closing 1 Generic fiscal year closing wizard
odoo10-addon-account-group-invoice-line 1 Add option to group invoice lines per account
odoo10-addon-account-invoice-blocking 1 This module allows the user to set a blocking (No Follow-up) flag on invoices.
odoo10-addon-account-invoice-check-total 1 Check if the verification total is equal to the bill's total
odoo10-addon-account-invoice-constraint-chronology 1 Account Invoice Constraint Chronology
odoo10-addon-account-invoice-currency 1 Company currency in invoices
odoo10-addon-account-invoice-factur-x 1 Generate Factur-X/ZUGFeRD customer invoices
odoo10-addon-account-invoice-factur-x-py3o 1 Generate Factur-x invoices with Py3o reporting engine
odoo10-addon-account-invoice-fiscal-position-update 1 Changing the fiscal position of an invoice will auto-update invoice lines
odoo10-addon-account-invoice-force-number 1 Allows to force invoice numbering on specific invoices
odoo10-addon-account-invoice-import 1 Import supplier invoices/refunds as PDF or XML files
odoo10-addon-account-invoice-import-factur-x 1 Import ZUGFeRD and Factur-X supplier invoices/refunds
odoo10-addon-account-invoice-import-invoice2data 1 Import supplier invoices using the invoice2data lib
odoo10-addon-account-invoice-import-ubl 1 Import UBL XML supplier invoices/refunds
odoo10-addon-account-invoice-inter-company 1 Intercompany invoice rules
odoo10-addon-account-invoice-kanban 1 Add Kanban view in Invoice to follow administrative tasks
odoo10-addon-account-invoice-line-description 1 Account invoice line description
odoo10-addon-account-invoice-line-sequence 1 Adds sequence field on invoice lines to manage its order.
odoo10-addon-account-invoice-merge 1 Merge invoices in draft
odoo10-addon-account-invoice-merge-attachment 1 Consider attachment during invoice merge process
odoo10-addon-account-invoice-partner 1 Replace the partner by an invoice contact if found
odoo10-addon-account-invoice-production-lot 1 Display delivered serial numbers in invoice
odoo10-addon-account-invoice-refund-link 1 Link refund invoice with its original invoice
odoo10-addon-account-invoice-report-by-partner 1 Invoice Report by Partner
odoo10-addon-account-invoice-report-ddt-group 1 Account invoice report grouped by DDT
odoo10-addon-account-invoice-rounding 1 Unit rounded invoice
odoo10-addon-account-invoice-start-end-dates 1 Adds start/end dates on invoice lines and move lines
odoo10-addon-account-invoice-supplier-ref-unique 1 Checks that supplier invoices are not entered twice
odoo10-addon-account-invoice-supplierinfo-update 1 In the supplier invoice, automatically updates all products whose unit price on the line is different from the supplier price
odoo10-addon-account-invoice-tax-required 1 Tax required in invoice
odoo10-addon-account-invoice-transmit-method 1 Configure invoice transmit method (email, post, portal, ...)
odoo10-addon-account-invoice-triple-discount 1 Manage triple discount on invoice lines
odoo10-addon-account-invoice-ubl 1 Generate UBL XML file for customer invoices/refunds
odoo10-addon-account-invoice-ubl-py3o 1 Generate UBL invoices with Py3o reporting engine
odoo10-addon-account-invoice-view-payment 1 Access to the payment from an invoice
odoo10-addon-account-journal-lock-date 1 Lock each journal independently
odoo10-addon-account-lock-date-update 1 Allow an Account adviser to update locking date without having access to all technical settings
odoo10-addon-account-mass-reconcile 1 Mass Reconcile
odoo10-addon-account-move-base-import 1 Journal Entry base import
odoo10-addon-account-move-batch-validate 1 Account Move Batch Validate
odoo10-addon-account-move-fiscal-month 1 Display the fiscal month on journal entries/item
odoo10-addon-account-move-fiscal-year 1 Display the fiscal year on journal entries/item
odoo10-addon-account-move-line-payable-receivable-filter 1 Filter your Journal Items per payable and receivable account
odoo10-addon-account-move-line-product 1 Displays the product in the journal entries and items
odoo10-addon-account-move-line-stock-info 1 Account Move Line Stock Move
odoo10-addon-account-move-line-tax-editable 1 Allows to edit taxes on non-posted account move lines
odoo10-addon-account-move-locking 1 Move locked to prevent modification
odoo10-addon-account-move-reconcile-helper 1 Provides tools to facilitate reconciliation
odoo10-addon-account-move-template 1 Templates for recurring Journal Entries
odoo10-addon-account-multicurrency-revaluation 1 Manage revaluation for multicurrency environment
odoo10-addon-account-netting 1 Compensate AR/AP accounts from the same partner
odoo10-addon-account-operating-unit 1 Introduces Operating Unit fields in invoices and Accounting Entries with clearing account
odoo10-addon-account-partner-reconcile 1 Account Partner Reconcile
odoo10-addon-account-partner-required 1 Adds an option 'partner policy' on account types
odoo10-addon-account-payment-batch-process 1 Process Payments in Batch
odoo10-addon-account-payment-credit-card 1 Add support for credit card payments
odoo10-addon-account-payment-mode 1 Account Payment Mode
odoo10-addon-account-payment-order 1 Account Payment Order
odoo10-addon-account-payment-partner 1 Adds payment mode on partners and invoices
odoo10-addon-account-payment-return 1 Manage the return of your payments
odoo10-addon-account-payment-return-import 1 This module adds a generic wizard to import payment returnfile formats. Is only the base to be extended by anothermodules
odoo10-addon-account-payment-return-import-sepa-pain 1 Module to import SEPA Direct Debit Unpaid Report File Format PAIN.002.001.03
odoo10-addon-account-payment-sale 1 Adds payment mode on sale orders
odoo10-addon-account-payment-show-invoice 1 Extends the tree view of payments to show the paid invoices related to the payments using the vendor reference by default
odoo10-addon-account-payment-term-extension 1 Adds rounding, months, weeks and multiple payment days properties on payment term lines
odoo10-addon-account-payment-unece 1 UNECE nomenclature for the payment methods
odoo10-addon-account-permanent-lock-move 1 Permanent Lock Move
odoo10-addon-account-permanent-lock-move-update 1 Allow an Account adviser to update permanent lock date without having access to all technical settings
odoo10-addon-account-product-fiscal-classification 1 Simplify taxes management for products
odoo10-addon-account-renumber 1 Account Renumber Wizard
odoo10-addon-account-reversal 1 Wizard for creating a reversal account move
odoo10-addon-account-tag-category 1 Group account tags by categories
odoo10-addon-account-tax-balance 1 Compute tax balances based on date range
odoo10-addon-account-tax-unece 1 UNECE nomenclature for taxes
odoo10-addon-account-type-inactive 1 Allows to set account type to inactive
odoo10-addon-account-type-menu 1 Adds a menu entry for Account Types
odoo10-addon-account-type-multi-company 1 Make account types multi-company aware
odoo10-addon-account-voucher-operating-unit 1 Introduces the operating unit to vouchers
odoo10-addon-agreement-account 1 Adds an agreement object linked to an invoice
odoo10-addon-agreement-sale 1 Link an agreement to a sale order and copy to invoice
odoo10-addon-analytic-base-department 1 Base Analytic Department Categorization
odoo10-addon-analytic-operating-unit 1 Analytic Operating Unit
odoo10-addon-analytic-partner 1 Search and group analytic entries by partner
odoo10-addon-analytic-partner-hr-timesheet 1 Classify HR activities by partner
odoo10-addon-analytic-partner-hr-timesheet-invoice 1 Invoice analytic lines for the other partner
odoo10-addon-analytic-tag-dimension 1 Group Analytic Entries by Dimensions
odoo10-addon-analytic-tag-dimension-purchase-warning 1 Group Analytic Entries by Dimensions
odoo10-addon-analytic-tag-dimension-sale-warning 1 Group Analytic Entries by Dimensions
odoo10-addon-apps-download 1 Product Download for Appstore
odoo10-addon-apps-product-creator 1 Create a product variant (by version) for every module found in the Github repositories
odoo10-addon-attachment-attach-non-editable 1 Force enable attachments
odoo10-addon-attachment-base-synchronize 1 Attachment Base Synchronize
odoo10-addon-auditlog 1 Audit Log
odoo10-addon-auth-admin-passkey 1 Authentification - Admin Passkey
odoo10-addon-auth-session-timeout 1 This module disable all inactive sessions since a given delay
odoo10-addon-auth-signup-verify-email 1 Force uninvited users to use a good email for signup
odoo10-addon-auth-supplier 1 Auth Supplier
odoo10-addon-auth-totp 1 Allows users to enable MFA and add optional trusted devices
odoo10-addon-auth-totp-password-security 1 auth_totp and password_security compatibility
odoo10-addon-auth-user-case-insensitive 1 Makes the user login field case insensitive
odoo10-addon-auto-backup 1 Backups database
odoo10-addon-bank-statement-foreign-currency 1 Make visible the foreign currencies in the bank statements
odoo10-addon-barcodes-ean14 1 It provides an EAN14 barcode nomenclature.
odoo10-addon-barcodes-generator-location 1 Generate Barcodes for Stock Locations
odoo10-addon-barcodes-generator-lot 1 Generate Barcodes for Stock Production Lots
odoo10-addon-barcodes-generator-package 1 Generate Barcodes for Product Packaging
odoo10-addon-barcodes-generator-partner 1 Generate Barcodes for Partners
odoo10-addon-barcodes-generator-picking 1 Generate Barcodes for Stock Pickings
odoo10-addon-barcodes-generator-product 1 Generate Barcodes for Products (Templates and Variants)
odoo10-addon-base-business-document-import 1 Provides technical tools to import sale orders or supplier invoices
odoo10-addon-base-business-document-import-phone 1 Use phone numbers to match partners upon import of business documents
odoo10-addon-base-business-document-import-stock 1 Match incoterms upon import of business documents
odoo10-addon-base-comment-template 1 Comments templates on documents
odoo10-addon-base-country-state-translatable 1 Translate Country States
odoo10-addon-base-cron-exclusion 1 Allow you to select scheduled actions that should not run simultaneously.
odoo10-addon-base-delivery-carrier-label 1 Base module for carrier labels
odoo10-addon-base-export-manager 1 Manage model export profiles
odoo10-addon-base-export-security 1 Security features for Odoo exports
odoo10-addon-base-external-dbsource 1 External Database Sources
odoo10-addon-base-external-dbsource-firebird 1 External Database Source - Firebird
odoo10-addon-base-external-dbsource-mssql 1 External Database Source - MSSQL
odoo10-addon-base-external-dbsource-mysql 1 External Database Source - MySQL
odoo10-addon-base-external-dbsource-odbc 1 External Database Source - ODBC
odoo10-addon-base-external-dbsource-oracle 1 External Database Source - Oracle
odoo10-addon-base-external-dbsource-sqlite 1 External Database Source - SQLite
odoo10-addon-base-external-system 1 Data models allowing for connection to external systems.
odoo10-addon-base-fontawesome 1 Up to date Fontawesome resources.
odoo10-addon-base-geoengine 1 Geospatial support for Odoo
odoo10-addon-base-geoengine-demo 1 Geo spatial support Demo
odoo10-addon-base-import-match 1 Try to avoid duplicates before importing
odoo10-addon-base-import-security-group 1 Group-based permissions for importing CSV files
odoo10-addon-base-iso3166 1 ISO 3166
odoo10-addon-base-kanban-stage-state 1 Maps stages from base_kanban_stage to states
odoo10-addon-base-locale-uom-default 1 This provides settings to select default UoMs at the language level.
odoo10-addon-base-location 1 Enhanced zip/npa management system
odoo10-addon-base-location-geonames-import 1 Import better zip entries from Geonames
odoo10-addon-base-location-nuts 1 NUTS Regions
odoo10-addon-base-maintenance-config 1 Provides general settings for the Maintenance App
odoo10-addon-base-manifest-extension 1 Adds useful keys to manifest files
odoo10-addon-base-multi-company 1 Provides a base for adding multi-company support to models.
odoo10-addon-base-multi-image 1 Allow multiple images for database objects
odoo10-addon-base-optional-quick-create 1 Avoid 'quick create' on m2o fields, on a 'by model' basis
odoo10-addon-base-partner-merge 1 Partner merge wizard without dependency on CRM
odoo10-addon-base-partner-sequence 1 Sets customer's code from a sequence
odoo10-addon-base-phone 1 Validate phone numbers
odoo10-addon-base-report-auto-create-qweb 1 Report qweb auto generation
odoo10-addon-base-report-to-printer 1 Report to printer
odoo10-addon-base-search-fuzzy 1 Fuzzy search with the PostgreSQL trigram extension
odoo10-addon-base-search-mail-content 1 Base Search Mail Content
odoo10-addon-base-sms-client 1 Sending SMSs very easily, individually or collectively.
odoo10-addon-base-suspend-security 1 Suspend security checks for a call
odoo10-addon-base-technical-features 1 Access to technical features without activating debug mode
odoo10-addon-base-transaction-id 1 Base transaction id for financial institutes
odoo10-addon-base-ubl 1 Base module for Universal Business Language (UBL)
odoo10-addon-base-ubl-payment 1 Payment-related code for Universal Business Language (UBL)
odoo10-addon-base-unece 1 Base module for UNECE code lists
odoo10-addon-base-user-gravatar 1 Synchronize Gravatar Image
odoo10-addon-base-user-role 1 User roles
odoo10-addon-base-vat-optional-vies 1 Optional validation of VAT via VIES
odoo10-addon-base-vat-sanitized 1 Adds field sanitized_vat on partners
odoo10-addon-base-view-inheritance-extension 1 Adds more operators for view inheritance
odoo10-addon-base-zugferd 1 Base module for Factur-X and ZUGFeRD
odoo10-addon-bi-view-editor 1 Graphical BI views builder for Odoo
odoo10-addon-board-frontdesk 1 Board for Hotel FrontDesk
odoo10-addon-business-requirement 1 Manage the Business Requirements (stories, scenarios, gaps and test cases) for your customers
odoo10-addon-business-requirement-deliverable 1 Manage the Business Requirement Deliverables and Resources for your customers
odoo10-addon-business-requirement-deliverable-cost 1 Control the cost of your Business Requirements
odoo10-addon-business-requirement-deliverable-crm 1 Create your sales quotations directly from the Business Requirements deliverables
odoo10-addon-business-requirement-deliverable-project 1 Create projects and tasks directly from the Business Requirement and Resources lines
odoo10-addon-business-requirement-deliverable-project-task-categ 1 Adds Task Categories to your Business Requirement Resources
odoo10-addon-business-requirement-deliverable-resource-template 1 Manage default resource lines in your deliverable sales package from product template
odoo10-addon-business-requirement-deliverable-resource-template-categ 1 Manage default resource lines categories in your deliverable templates
odoo10-addon-business-requirement-etherpad 1 Manage the Business Requirements Notes via Etherpad
odoo10-addon-business-requirement-gap-analysis-task 1 Add Gap Analysis Task to your Business Requirement
odoo10-addon-calendar-event-kanban-stage 1 Adds Kanban stage functionality to calendar event
odoo10-addon-calendar-resource 1 New features to facilitate resource management with meetings.
odoo10-addon-cmis 1 Connect Odoo with a CMIS server
odoo10-addon-cms-delete-content 1 Basic features for handling content deletion via frontend.
odoo10-addon-cms-delete-content-example 1 Basic content to showcase the CMS delete content
odoo10-addon-cms-form 1 Basic content type form
odoo10-addon-cms-form-example 1 Basic content type form example
odoo10-addon-cms-status-message 1 Basic status messages for your CMS system
odoo10-addon-cms-status-message-example 1 Example module on what you can do with cms_status_message
odoo10-addon-component 1 Components
odoo10-addon-component-event 1 Components Events
odoo10-addon-configuration-helper 1 Configuration Helper
odoo10-addon-connector 1 Connector
odoo10-addon-connector-ecommerce 1 Connector for E-Commerce
odoo10-addon-connector-lengow 1 Module used to connect Odoo to Lengow
odoo10-addon-connector-lengow-amazon 1 Module used to manage specification for Amazon marketplace
odoo10-addon-connector-lengow-fnac 1 Module used to manage specification for Fnac marketplace
odoo10-addon-connector-lengow-naturedecouvertes 1 Module used to manage specification for Nature et Découvertes marketplace
odoo10-addon-connector-lengow-teeps 1 Module used to manage specification for Teeps marketplace
odoo10-addon-connector-magento 1 Magento Connector
odoo10-addon-connector-magento-firstname 1 Magento Connector - Partner first name and last name
odoo10-addon-crm-claim-code 1 Sequential Code for Claims
odoo10-addon-crm-claim-rma-code 1 CRM Claim RMA Code
odoo10-addon-crm-claim-type 1 Claim types for CRM
odoo10-addon-crm-deduplicate-acl 1 Contact deduplication with fine-grained permission control
odoo10-addon-crm-deduplicate-filter 1 Exclude records from the deduplication
odoo10-addon-crm-lead-code 1 Sequential Code for Leads / Opportunities
odoo10-addon-crm-lead-website 1 Add Website field to leads
odoo10-addon-crm-location 1 CRM location
odoo10-addon-crm-location-nuts 1 NUTS Regions in CRM
odoo10-addon-crm-operating-unit 1 Operating Unit in CRM
odoo10-addon-crm-phonecall 1 CRM Phone Calls
odoo10-addon-crm-phonecall-summary-predefined 1 Allows to choose from a defined summary list
odoo10-addon-crm-phonecall-timesheet 1 CRM Timesheet
odoo10-addon-crm-rma-location 1 RMA Location
odoo10-addon-crm-sale-marketing 1 Marketing Details of Sales
odoo10-addon-crm-sector 1 Link leads/opportunities to sectors
odoo10-addon-crm-timesheet 1 CRM Timesheet
odoo10-addon-currency-rate-update 1 Currency Rate Update
odoo10-addon-customer-activity-statement 1 OCA Financial Reports
odoo10-addon-customer-outstanding-statement 1 OCA Financial Reports
odoo10-addon-customer-pricing-in-product-view 1 Display Customer Price in Product View
odoo10-addon-database-cleanup 1 Database cleanup
odoo10-addon-date-range 1 Manage all kind of date range
odoo10-addon-datetime-formatter 1 Helper functions to give correct format to date[time] fields
odoo10-addon-dbfilter-from-header 1 Filter databases with HTTP headers
odoo10-addon-dead-mans-switch-client 1 Be notified when customers' Odoo instances go down
odoo10-addon-delivery-auto-refresh 1 Auto-refresh delivery price in sales orders
odoo10-addon-delivery-multi-destination 1 Multiple destinations for the same delivery method
odoo10-addon-disable-odoo-online 1 Remove Bindings
odoo10-addon-document-page 1 Document Page
odoo10-addon-document-page-approval 1 Document Page Approval
odoo10-addon-document-page-procedure 1 Document Management - Wiki - Procedures
odoo10-addon-document-page-quality-manual 1 Quality Manual
odoo10-addon-document-page-work-instruction 1 Document Management - Wiki - Work Instructions
odoo10-addon-donation 1 Manage donations
odoo10-addon-donation-bank-statement 1 Creates donation from unreconciled bank statement lines
odoo10-addon-donation-base 1 Base module for donations
odoo10-addon-donation-direct-debit 1 Auto-generate direct debit order on donation validation
odoo10-addon-donation-mass 1 Ability to create mass from donation lines
odoo10-addon-donation-recurring 1 Manage recurring donations
odoo10-addon-donation-sale 1 Manage donations in sale orders
odoo10-addon-donation-stay 1 Create donations from a stay
odoo10-addon-email-template-qweb 1 Use the QWeb templating mechanism for emails
odoo10-addon-event-contact 1 Add contacts to event and event type
odoo10-addon-event-mail 1 Mail settings in events
odoo10-addon-event-project 1 Event project
odoo10-addon-event-registration-mass-mailing 1 Mass mailing from events
odoo10-addon-event-registration-multi-qty 1 Allow registration grouped by quantities
odoo10-addon-event-session 1 Sessions in events
odoo10-addon-fetchmail-notify-error-to-sender 1 If fetching mails gives error, send an email to sender
odoo10-addon-github-connector 1 Synchronize information from Github repositories
odoo10-addon-github-connector-odoo 1 Analyze Odoo modules information from Github repositories
odoo10-addon-help-online 1 Help Online
odoo10-addon-hotel 1 Hotel Management Base
odoo10-addon-hotel-housekeeping 1 Hotel Housekeeping Management
odoo10-addon-hotel-reservation 1 Hotel Reservation Management
odoo10-addon-hotel-restaurant 1 Hotel Restaurant Management
odoo10-addon-hr-emergency-contact 1 HR Emergency Contact
odoo10-addon-hr-employee-address-improved 1 HR Employee Address Improved
odoo10-addon-hr-employee-age 1 Age field for employee
odoo10-addon-hr-employee-birth-name 1 Employee Birth Name
odoo10-addon-hr-employee-category-parent 1 Categorize your employee categories
odoo10-addon-hr-employee-firstname 1 Adds First Name to Employee
odoo10-addon-hr-employee-id 1 Employee ID
odoo10-addon-hr-employee-legacy-id 1 Legacy Employee ID
odoo10-addon-hr-employee-phone-extension 1 Employee Phone Extension
odoo10-addon-hr-employee-product 1 Product is an employee
odoo10-addon-hr-employee-social-media 1 Employee Social Media
odoo10-addon-hr-expense-analytic-distribution 1 Use analytic plans in expenses
odoo10-addon-hr-expense-sequence 1 HR expense sequence
odoo10-addon-hr-experience 1 Experience Management
odoo10-addon-hr-family 1 Employee Family Information
odoo10-addon-hr-holidays-compute-days 1 Computes the actual leave days considering rest days and public holidays
odoo10-addon-hr-holidays-imposed-days 1 Imposed holidays days
odoo10-addon-hr-holidays-leave-auto-approve 1 Leave type for auto approval of Leaves
odoo10-addon-hr-holidays-legal-leave 1 Allows the definition of legal/annual leave
odoo10-addon-hr-holidays-meeting-name 1 Personnalize meeting name generated by leaves
odoo10-addon-hr-holidays-notify-employee-manager 1 Notify employee's manager by mail on Leave Requests creation.
odoo10-addon-hr-holidays-settings 1 Enables Settings Form for HR Holidays.
odoo10-addon-hr-holidays-validity-date 1 Allow to define start and end date on holidays type.
odoo10-addon-hr-public-holidays 1 Manage Public Holidays
odoo10-addon-hr-recruitment-skill 1 Add skills on job position
odoo10-addon-hr-skill 1 Skill Management
odoo10-addon-hr-timesheet-activity-begin-end 1 Timesheet Activities - Begin/End Hours
odoo10-addon-hr-timesheet-no-closed-project-task 1 Prevent to select closed project or task on timesheet line
odoo10-addon-hr-timesheet-sheet-week-start-day 1 Allows to define the week start date for Timesheets at company level
odoo10-addon-hr-timesheet-task 1 Allow the user to select task in a timesheet
odoo10-addon-hr-timesheet-task-required 1 Set task on timesheet as a mandatory field
odoo10-addon-hr-worked-days-from-timesheet 1 Adds a button to import worked days from timesheet.
odoo10-addon-html-text 1 Generate excerpts from any HTML field
odoo10-addon-intrastat-base 1 Base module for Intrastat reporting
odoo10-addon-intrastat-product 1 Base module for Intrastat Product
odoo10-addon-invoice-comment-template 1 Comments templates on invoice documents
odoo10-addon-keychain 1 Store accounts and credentials
odoo10-addon-knowledge 1 Knowledge Management System
odoo10-addon-l10n-be-antibiotic-tax 1 Data module to support antibiotics taxes
odoo10-addon-l10n-be-apb-tax 1 Data module to support APB taxes
odoo10-addon-l10n-be-eco-tax 1 Data module to support BEBAT and RECUPEL taxes
odoo10-addon-l10n-be-iso20022-pain 1 This module adds Belgium-specific support to account_payment_order.
odoo10-addon-l10n-be-mis-reports 1 MIS Builder templates for the Belgium P&L and Balance Sheets
odoo10-addon-l10n-br-base 1 Brazilian Localization Base
odoo10-addon-l10n-br-crm 1 Brazilian Localization CRM
odoo10-addon-l10n-br-crm-zip 1 Brazilian Localization CRM Zip
odoo10-addon-l10n-br-data-base 1 Brazilian Localisation Data Extension for Base
odoo10-addon-l10n-br-zip 1 Brazilian Localisation ZIP Codes
odoo10-addon-l10n-br-zip-correios 1 Address from Brazilian Localization ZIP by Correios
odoo10-addon-l10n-ch-bank 1 Banks names, addresses and BIC codes
odoo10-addon-l10n-ch-bank-statement-import-postfinance 1 Swiss bank statements import
odoo10-addon-l10n-ch-base-bank 1 Types and number validation for swiss electronic pmnt. DTA, ESR
odoo10-addon-l10n-ch-dta 1 Electronic payment file for Swiss bank (DTA)
odoo10-addon-l10n-ch-hr-payroll 1 Switzerland Payroll Rules
odoo10-addon-l10n-ch-hr-payroll-report 1 Switzerland Payroll Reports
odoo10-addon-l10n-ch-import-cresus 1 Allows to import Crésus .txt files containing journal entries into Odoo.
odoo10-addon-l10n-ch-import-winbiz 1 Accounting Import WinBIZ
odoo10-addon-l10n-ch-pain-base 1 ISO 20022 base module for Switzerland
odoo10-addon-l10n-ch-pain-credit-transfer 1 Generate ISO 20022 credit transfert (SEPA and not SEPA)
odoo10-addon-l10n-ch-payment-slip 1 Print ESR/BVR payment slip with your invoices
odoo10-addon-l10n-ch-scan-bvr 1 Switzerland - Scan ESR/BVR to create invoices
odoo10-addon-l10n-ch-states 1 Switzerland Country States
odoo10-addon-l10n-ch-zip 1 Provides all Swiss postal codes for auto-completion
odoo10-addon-l10n-de-country-states 1 German Country States
odoo10-addon-l10n-de-location-nuts 1 NUTS specific options for German
odoo10-addon-l10n-de-steuernummer 1 German SteuerNummer validation
odoo10-addon-l10n-ec-config 1 Ecuador's localization config settings
odoo10-addon-l10n-es-account-banking-sepa-fsdd 1 Account Banking Sepa - FSDD (Anticipos de crédito)
odoo10-addon-l10n-es-aeat 1 Modulo base para declaraciones de la AEAT
odoo10-addon-l10n-es-aeat-mod303 1 AEAT modelo 303
odoo10-addon-l10n-es-aeat-mod349 1 Modelo 349 AEAT
odoo10-addon-l10n-es-aeat-sii 1 Suministro Inmediato de Información en el IVA
odoo10-addon-l10n-es-crm-lead-trade-name 1 Add trade name field to leads
odoo10-addon-l10n-es-facturae 1 Creación de Factura-e
odoo10-addon-l10n-es-vat-book 1 Libro de IVA
odoo10-addon-l10n-fr-account-invoice-factur-x 1 France-specific module to generate Factur-X invoices
odoo10-addon-l10n-fr-account-tax-unece 1 Auto-configure UNECE params on French taxes
odoo10-addon-l10n-fr-base-location-geonames-import 1 France-specific tuning for import of better zip entries from Geonames
odoo10-addon-l10n-fr-business-document-import 1 Adapt the module base_business_document_import for France
odoo10-addon-l10n-fr-chorus-account 1 Generate Chorus-compliant e-invoices
odoo10-addon-l10n-fr-chorus-factur-x 1 Generate Chorus-compliant Factur-X invoices
odoo10-addon-l10n-fr-chorus-sale 1 Set public market on sale orders
odoo10-addon-l10n-fr-chorus-ubl 1 Generate Chorus-compliant UBL e-invoices
odoo10-addon-l10n-fr-department 1 Populate Database with French Departments (Départements)
odoo10-addon-l10n-fr-department-oversea 1 Populate Database with overseas French Departments (Départements d'outre-mer)
odoo10-addon-l10n-fr-hr-check-ssnid 1 Check validity of Social Security Numbers in French companies
odoo10-addon-l10n-fr-intrastat-product 1 DEB (Déclaration d'Échange de Biens) for France
odoo10-addon-l10n-fr-intrastat-service 1 Module for Intrastat service reporting (DES) for France
odoo10-addon-l10n-fr-mis-reports 1 MIS Report templates for the French P&L and Balance Sheets
odoo10-addon-l10n-fr-naf-ape 1 French NAF partner categories and APE code
odoo10-addon-l10n-fr-siret 1 French company identity numbers SIRET/SIREN/NIC
odoo10-addon-l10n-fr-state 1 Populate Database with French States (Régions)
odoo10-addon-l10n-it-abicab 1 Base Bank ABI/CAB codes
odoo10-addon-l10n-it-account-tax-kind 1 Italian Localisation - Natura delle aliquote IVA
odoo10-addon-l10n-it-codici-carica 1 Aggiunge la tabella dei codici carica da usare nei dichiarativi fiscali italiani
odoo10-addon-l10n-it-ddt 1 Documento di Trasporto
odoo10-addon-l10n-it-esigibilita-iva 1 Esigibilità IVA
odoo10-addon-l10n-it-fatturapa 1 Electronic invoices
odoo10-addon-l10n-it-fatturapa-out 1 Electronic invoices emission
odoo10-addon-l10n-it-fiscal-document-type 1 Italian Localization - Tipi di documento fiscali per dichiarativi
odoo10-addon-l10n-it-fiscalcode 1 Italian Localisation - Fiscal Code
odoo10-addon-l10n-it-ipa 1 IPA Code (IndicePA)
odoo10-addon-l10n-it-pec 1 Pec Mail
odoo10-addon-l10n-it-rea 1 Manage fields for Economic Administrative catalogue
odoo10-addon-l10n-it-reverse-charge 1 Reverse Charge for Italy
odoo10-addon-l10n-it-riba-commission 1 Ricevute bancarie & commissioni
odoo10-addon-l10n-it-ricevute-bancarie 1 Ricevute Bancarie
odoo10-addon-l10n-it-vat-registries 1 Italian Localization - VAT Registries
odoo10-addon-l10n-it-vat-registries-cash-basis 1 Italian Localization - VAT Registries - Cash Basis
odoo10-addon-l10n-it-withholding-tax 1 Italian Withholding Tax
odoo10-addon-l10n-it-withholding-tax-payment 1 Italian Withholding Tax Payment
odoo10-addon-l10n-lu-mis-reports 1 MIS Report templates for the Luxembourg P&L and Balance Sheets
odoo10-addon-l10n-lu-mis-reports-tax 1 Luxemburg tax reports based on MIS Builder
odoo10-addon-l10n-nl-account-tax-unece 1 Auto-configure UNECE params on Dutch taxes
odoo10-addon-l10n-nl-bank 1 Import all Dutch banks with BIC code
odoo10-addon-l10n-nl-bsn 1 Burgerservicenummer (BSN) for Partners
odoo10-addon-l10n-nl-cbs-export 1 CBS Export File for Dutch Intrahandel Sale
odoo10-addon-l10n-nl-country-states 1 l10n_nl_country_states
odoo10-addon-l10n-nl-dutch-company-type 1 Adds the Dutch company types
odoo10-addon-l10n-nl-postcodeapi 1 Autocomplete Dutch addresses using
odoo10-addon-l10n-nl-tax-invoice-basis 1 Enable invoice basis on tax according to the Dutch law
odoo10-addon-l10n-nl-tax-statement 1 Netherlands BTW Statement
odoo10-addon-l10n-nl-xaf-auditfile-export 1 Export XAF auditfiles for Dutch tax authorities
odoo10-addon-l10n-taiwan 1 This module adds state data for Taiwan Localization.
odoo10-addon-l10n-th-address 1 Partner Address in Thai
odoo10-addon-l10n-us-account-profile 1 Additional features to manage US accounting in Odoo
odoo10-addon-l10n-us-form-1099 1 Add 1099 field to res.partner that will auto-check supplier
odoo10-addon-l10n-us-product 1 This module allows you to record product weight in ounces and volume in inches cubed.
odoo10-addon-l10n-us-product-stock 1 This module overrides the product weight and volume to use ounces and cubic inches. It automatically installs if you have l10n_us_product and stock installed.
odoo10-addon-l10n-us-uom-profile 1 This module provides a default UoM profile for USA
odoo10-addon-letsencrypt 1 Request SSL certificates from
odoo10-addon-mail-as-letter 1 This module allows to download a mail message as a pdf letter.
odoo10-addon-mail-attach-existing-attachment 1 Adding attachment on the object by sending this one
odoo10-addon-mail-debrand 1 Remove Odoo branding in sent emails
odoo10-addon-mail-digest 1 Basic digest mail handling.
odoo10-addon-mail-environment 1 Configure mail servers with server_environment_files
odoo10-addon-mail-footer-notified-partner 1 This module adds the list of notified partners in the footer of notification e-mails sent by Odoo.
odoo10-addon-mail-force-queue 1 Force outgoing emails to be queued
odoo10-addon-mail-full-expand 1 Expand mail in a big window
odoo10-addon-mail-inline-css 1 Convert style tags in inline style in your mails
odoo10-addon-mail-notify-bounce 1 Notify bounce emails to preconfigured addresses
odoo10-addon-mail-optional-autofollow 1 Choose if you want to automatically add new recipients as followers on mail.compose.message
odoo10-addon-mail-optional-follower-notification 1 Choose if you want to automatically notify followers on mail.compose.message
odoo10-addon-mail-restrict-follower-selection 1 Define a domain from which followers can be selected
odoo10-addon-maintenance-equipment-scrap 1 Enhance the functionality for Scrapping Equipments
odoo10-addon-maintenance-plan 1 Extends preventive maintenance planning
odoo10-addon-mass 1 Manage Mass
odoo10-addon-mass-editing 1 Mass Editing
odoo10-addon-mass-mailing-event 1 Link mass mailing with event for excluding recipients
odoo10-addon-mass-mailing-list-dynamic 1 Mass mailing lists that get autopopulated
odoo10-addon-mass-mailing-partner 1 Link partners with mass-mailing
odoo10-addon-mass-mailing-resend 1 Resend mass mailings
odoo10-addon-mass-mailing-unique 1 Avoids duplicate mailing lists and contacts
odoo10-addon-mass-sorting 1 Sort any models by any fields list
odoo10-addon-medical 1 Odoo Medical
odoo10-addon-medical-agpl 1 Odoo Medical - GPL
odoo10-addon-medical-base-us 1 Provides some helper mixins for US locale
odoo10-addon-medical-center 1 Adds a concept of Medical Centers to Patients.
odoo10-addon-medical-insurance 1 Medical Insurance
odoo10-addon-medical-pathology 1 Extends Odoo Medical with pathologies (diseases).
odoo10-addon-medical-pathology-icd10 1 Supports the import of ICD-10-CM pathology data
odoo10-addon-medical-pathology-import 1 Provides an interface for medical pathology data imports
odoo10-addon-medical-practitioner 1 Defines medical practioners
odoo10-addon-medical-practitioner-us 1 Adds several US IDs to medical practitioners
odoo10-addon-medical-procedure 1 Adds notion of medical procedure used elsewhere in medical
odoo10-addon-membership-delegated-partner 1 Delegate membership on a specific partner
odoo10-addon-membership-extension 1 Improves user experience of membership addon
odoo10-addon-membership-initial-fee 1 Initial fee for memberships
odoo10-addon-membership-prorrate 1 Prorrate membership fee
odoo10-addon-membership-prorrate-variable-period 1 Prorrate membership fee for variable periods
odoo10-addon-membership-variable-period 1 Variable period for memberships
odoo10-addon-membership-withdrawal 1 Log membership withdrawal reason and date of request
odoo10-addon-mgmtsystem 1 Management System
odoo10-addon-mgmtsystem-action 1 Management System - Action
odoo10-addon-mgmtsystem-audit 1 Management System - Audit
odoo10-addon-mgmtsystem-manual 1 Management System - Manual
odoo10-addon-mgmtsystem-nonconformity 1 Management Syst