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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 126908 packages here.
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2018-01-17 0.20.1 A OneGov Cloud base application for organisations.
2018-01-17 django-navsy 0.4.10 django-navsy is a fast navigation system for lazy devs.
2018-01-17 xy-face 7.0.0 Face Recognition
2018-01-17 elastalert 0.1.27 Runs custom filters on Elasticsearch and alerts on matches
2018-01-17 km3pipe 7.14.2 An analysis framework for KM3NeT
2018-01-17 json-in-pandas json_in_pandas
2018-01-17 mkpyros 0.9.32 Python module for building and evaluating recommender systems for implicit feedback. Full documentation @
2018-01-17 mxnet-cu75mkl 1.0.1b20180117 MXNet is an ultra-scalable deep learning framework. This version uses CUDA-7.5 and MKL-ML.
2018-01-17 wasp-backup 0.0.3 File/program backup application
2018-01-17 python-kucoin 0.1.7 Kucoin REST API python implementation
2018-01-17 Flask-GSSAPI 1.3.1 HTTP Negotiate (GSSAPI) authentication support for Flask applications.
2018-01-17 hexdi 0.2.0 Highly extensible Dependency injection framework for humans
2018-01-17 chaosiq 0.2.0 ChaosIQ plugins for the Chaos Toolkit project
2018-01-17 otree-core 1.4.39 oTree is a toolset that makes it easy to create and administer web-based social science experiments.
2018-01-17 pari_jupyter 1.3.1 A Jupyter kernel for PARI/GP
2018-01-17 physical-device-manager 1.0.2 The SoftFIRE Physical Device Manager
2018-01-17 xy-idcard 5.0.0 idcard Recognition
2018-01-17 chaostoolkit 0.8.0 Chaos engineering toolkit
2018-01-17 wasp-general 0.0.3 Collection of unrelated functions and classes widely used across different wasp-projects
2018-01-17 itest 1.0.7.dev1 Interface automation test framework
2018-01-17 chopro 0.1.9 Utilities for manipulating, converting, and rendering ChoPro/ChordPro text
2018-01-17 geomstats 0.1 Geometric statistics on manifolds
2018-01-17 mongo-connector-postgresql 1.1.1 Doc Manager Postgresl for Mongo connector Distribution Utilities
2018-01-17 vezda 0.1.13 A set of command-line tools for imaging with the linear sampling method
2018-01-17 tidynamics 0.1.0.dev4 Tiny package to compute dynamics correlations
2018-01-17 otree 2.0.2 oTree is a toolset that makes it easy to create and administer web-based social science experiments.
2018-01-17 fluentcms-publishing 1.1.6 django-fluent-pages meets django-model-publisher
2018-01-17 gqUtil 0.0.2 myUtil
2018-01-17 InfrontConnect 1.0.9 Infront Desktop API for Python 3
2018-01-17 python-opensesame 3.2.0a26 A graphical experiment builder for the social sciences
2018-01-17 yibasuo 0.2 A script to generate GIF-like video for Telegram/Twitter/etc.
2018-01-17 hpcbench 0.3.5 Specify and run your benchmarks
2018-01-17 GimmeThat 0.1.4 A file transfer tool
2018-01-17 lmfp33 1.0.0 兰孟飞写的好用的包
2018-01-17 vlcp 1.4.3 Full stack framework for SDN Controller, support Openflow 1.0, Openflow 1.3, and Nicira extensions. Also a powerful coroutine-based web server.
2018-01-17 licant 0.14.0 licant make system
2018-01-17 django-model-publisher 0.1.6 Handy mixin/abstract class for providing a "publisher workflow" to arbitrary Django models.
2018-01-17 idataapi-transform 1.0.1 convert data from a format to another format, read or write from file or database, suitable for iDataAPI
2018-01-17 Matador 4.1.1 Change management for Agresso systems
2018-01-17 hcam_widgets 0.5.0 Common Tkinter widgets for HiPerCAM

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