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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 117696 packages here.
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2017-09-24 python-debian 0.1.31 Debian package related modules
2017-09-24 dolph 0.4.1 A lightweight wrapper around pymysql
2017-09-24 engineering-notation 0.3.2 Easy engineering notation
2017-09-24 aiolifxc 1.0.0 API for local communication with LIFX devices over a LAN with asyncio.
2017-09-24 TerminalPrinter 1.3.1 terminal printer
2017-09-24 pybcca 0.3.4 Helpers for Base Camp Coding Academy
2017-09-24 moxel 0.0.3.post5 Share and discover the world's best models, built by the community.
2017-09-24 moxel-python-driver 0.0.1.post10 python driver for moxel models
2017-09-24 texools 0.1.6 Package containing tools for working with text and text files.
2017-09-24 rambo-vagrant 0.1.1 rambo
2017-09-24 cloudmlmagic 0.0.5 Jupyter Notebook Magics for Google Cloud ML Engine
2017-09-24 amzsear 1.0.5 The unofficial Amazon search CLI & Python API
2017-09-24 wptools 0.4 Wikipedia tools (for Humans)
2017-09-24 gcsfs 0.0.3 Convenient Filesystem interface over GCS
2017-09-24 network-topology 0.1.11 Simplify overlapping lines into a single graph
2017-09-24 studioml 0.0.3.post2 TensorFlow model and data management tool
2017-09-24 miyadaiku 0.0.46 Miyadaiku - Flexible static site generator for Jinja2 artists
2017-09-24 mongo-datatables 0.2.4 Classes for connecting DataTables and Editor to MongoDB
2017-09-24 pyswarms 0.1.6 A Python-based Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) library.
2017-09-24 prf 0.0.24 Pyramid RESTful Framework is designed to help coding REST CRUD endpoints with couple of lines of code.
2017-09-24 pipenv 7.7.9 Sacred Marriage of Pipfile, Pip, & Virtualenv.
2017-09-24 ribosome 11.2.3 neovim plugin framework
2017-09-24 esper-tool 1.2.5 Command line tool for accessing ESPER
2017-09-24 groovystylechecker 0.0.4 Groovy code style checker
2017-09-24 hugo_jupyter 0.3.0 Use Jupyter notebooks to publish with Hugo.
2017-09-24 botty-mcbotface 1.2.9 General purpose Slack-bot with personality
2017-09-24 colorednoise 1.0rc1 Generate Gaussian (1/f)**beta noise (e.g. pink noise)
2017-09-24 chromatin 0.10.0 neovim python plugin manager
2017-09-24 pypf 0.9.6 Create point and figure charts
2017-09-24 pugnlp 0.0.10 Python Natural Language Processing by and for the Python User Group in Portland, OR
2017-09-24 RadFil 0.1.0 Build radial density profiles for interstellar filaments
2017-09-24 dbrhino-agent 0.1.1 Agent for dbrhino
2017-09-24 Radicale 2.1.8 CalDAV and CardDAV Server
2017-09-24 falcon-helpers 0.2.0 A few helpful tools to make working with the falcon framework a real joy!
2017-09-24 inspire-dojson 49.0.3
2017-09-23 nlpia 0.0.28 Natural Language Processing in Action examples, data, and utilities
2017-09-23 devilsmachine 0.1.0 A content processor
2017-09-23 flask-test-requests-client 0.2.0 A Flask test client which replicates the requests interface.
2017-09-23 pycat-real 0.22 Something like print, but for images...
2017-09-23 tryme 0.0.4 tryme - error handling for humans

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