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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 110804 packages here.
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2017-06-25 polyinterface 1.0.0b2 UDI Polyglot v2 Interface
2017-06-25 flowmap 0.2.16 Command line utility to transform model output into a flowmap that can be used for games or gpu-based visualizations.
2017-06-25 nanoplotter 0.12.7 Plotting functions of Oxford Nanopore sequencing data
2017-06-25 awslambdahelper 1.1.9
2017-06-25 moment 0.8 Dealing with dates and times should be easy
2017-06-25 gameboycore 0.4.1 Python bindings for Gameboy Core
2017-06-25 ttastromech 0.2.0 python library transform text strings into Astromech (like R2D2) sounds
2017-06-25 optoanalysis 3.3.0 Python package with functions for data analysis
2017-06-25 jupyjet 0.2.4 jupyter extention to generate python modules
2017-06-25 goftests 0.2.7 Goodness of fit tests for general datatypes
2017-06-25 bitmex-websocket 0.1.169 Bitmex websocket API
2017-06-25 wrld 0.7 simplified bash loops (or, xargs -I on steroids)
2017-06-25 wcpy 1.2 WordCount in Python with a lot more functionality
2017-06-25 dkfileutils 1.3.0 dkfileutils - short description
2017-06-25 nbtransom 1.0.1 Machines and people collaborating together through Jupyter notebooks.
2017-06-25 nativetypes 1.0.3 Native integer and floating-point type emulation
2017-06-25 django-codenerix 1.0.29 Codenerix it is a framework that goes on top of Django so it makes easier development and building of ERPs.
2017-06-25 playlistfromsong 1.0.0 An offline music station generator
2017-06-25 coala 0.12.0.dev20170625174913 Linting and Fixing Code for All Languages
2017-06-25 django-orders-flavor 0.0.3 Django app for orders
2017-06-25 linode-deploy-experimental 0.4 Deploy experimental disk images to Linode
2017-06-25 torequests 4.0.4 Asynchronous requests. Using concurrent.futures to make requests asynchronous, and some functions to make async-coding easy. Besides, add aiohttp+uvloop to enjoy python3.5+ coroutine. Read more:
2017-06-25 htmltree 0.7.0 Generalized nested html element tree with recursive rendering
2017-06-25 automate 0.10.9 General purpose Python automatization library with nifty real-time web UI
2017-06-25 merakicommons 0.0.1.dev3 Common toolset for Meraki Analaytics projects
2017-06-25 datapipelines 0.0.1.dev4 Caching abstraction layer for orchestrating multiple cache tiers
2017-06-25 ar-markers 0.4.1 A python robotic framework and tools
2017-06-25 linode_api3 0.1.5 Linode APIv3 client for Python3
2017-06-25 pyttsx3 2.6 An OFFLINE Python Text to Speech library (TTS) which works for both python3 and python2. This library very usefull especially if you don't want any delay in the speech produced and don't want to depend only on the internet for TTS conversion. It also supports multiple TTS engines like Sapi5 , nsss , espeak .
2017-06-25 cloudshell-traffic QualiSystems Python base class and utilities for traffic generators shells (chassis and controller)
2017-06-25 multidict 3.1.0 multidict implementation
2017-06-25 rcfc 0.3.0 A framework that gives a remote control for computers that is Python driven
2017-06-25 ActionCableZwei Action Cable Client for Python 3
2017-06-25 rapidserv 2.0.0 A non-blocking Flask-like Web Framework in python.
2017-06-25 dhcpkit 1.0.7 A DHCP library and server for IPv6 written in Python
2017-06-25 nanomath 0.12.0 A few simple math function for other Oxford Nanopore processing scripts
2017-06-25 lfm 3.1 Last File Manager is a powerful file manager for the UNIX console.
2017-06-25 django-countries-flavor 0.0.6 A Django application that provides a data collection for internationalization and localization purposes.
2017-06-25 pecos 0.1.5 Python package for performance monitoring of time series data.
2017-06-25 XlsxWriter 0.9.7 A Python module for creating Excel XLSX files.

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