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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 122372 packages here.
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2017-11-21 trinpyqtt 0.4.9 Trinity MQTT Tools for Python clients
2017-11-21 rasahub 0.0.8 Rasahub connects Rasa_core to Humhub Mail
2017-11-21 FLUIDAsserts 0.20171121.1019 Assertion Library for Security Assumptions
2017-11-21 nbsite 0.1.0
2017-11-21 kzconfig 0.3.0 Convenience library for configuring Kazoo & it's components
2017-11-21 hcam_widgets 0.2.3 Common Tkinter widgets for HiPerCAM
2017-11-21 django-fluent-utils 1.4.1 Internal utilities for code sharing between django-fluent modules
2017-11-21 authorizenet 1.0.15 Authorize.Net Python SDK
2017-11-21 carto-infra-cli 0.0.13 Cli to manage carto infrastructure
2017-11-21 benchsuite.core The core library of the Benchmarking Suite
2017-11-21 FromGitImport 0.1 Import extension from github directly.
2017-11-21 django-customer-billing 0.1.15
2017-11-21 torskel 0.1.38 Python package with skeleton of the base Tornado application
2017-11-21 SegyIO 1.3.6 Simple & fast IO for SEG-Y files
2017-11-21 tai5-uan5_gian5-gi2_hok8-bu7 0.2.16 臺灣語言服務
2017-11-21 BigDL 0.4.0.dev43 Distributed Deep Learning Library for Apache Spark
2017-11-21 pyatomac 2.0.0 Automated Testing on Mac - test GUI applications written in Cocoa by using Apple's Accessibility API
2017-11-21 rq 0.9.2 RQ is a simple, lightweight, library for creating background jobs, and processing them.
2017-11-21 dependency_injector 3.8.0 Dependency injection microframework for Python
2017-11-21 pyremotedev 0.0.2 Sync your repo to remote host
2017-11-21 mxnet-cu90mkl 0.12.1b20171121 MXNet is an ultra-scalable deep learning framework. This version uses MKL-ML.
2017-11-21 btsprice 0.2.56 get price for BitShares
2017-11-21 datapackage-pipelines-aws 0.0.14 {{ DESCRIPTION }}
2017-11-21 fio_shipping Base shipping moduel
2017-11-21 vquery 0.32 A tool for querying vCenter for various information.
2017-11-21 jsonlint 0.1.dev0 A flexible json validation for python web development.
2017-11-21 libpasta 0.0.4.dev1 Password hashing library
2017-11-21 chexutil 0.0.4 C++ accelerated classes and functions to deal with hexagonal grids.
2017-11-21 netboy 2017.11.11 netboy
2017-11-21 HOMarkov 0.1 High Order Markov Chain model
2017-11-21 aiohttp_session 2.0.0 sessions for aiohttp.web
2017-11-21 decade 0.0.4 debug configurator sdk
2017-11-21 alyvix 2.5.3b7
2017-11-21 txorbit 1.0.2 Transactional WebSockets library for the Twisted networking framework
2017-11-21 tensorgraph 3.5.8 A high level tensorflow library for building deep learning models
2017-11-21 onnx-chainer 0.2.1a2 ONNX support for Chainer
2017-11-21 datapackage-pipelines 1.5.1 {{ DESCRIPTION }}
2017-11-21 phonopy This is the phonopy module.
2017-11-21 rubix-admin 0.4.0 Admin tool for Qubole Rubix
2017-11-21 django-subadmin 1.9.2 A special kind of ModelAdmin that allows it to be nested within another ModelAdmin

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