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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 79695 packages here.
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2016-04-30 wallabag_api 1.1.0 Wallabag API to add every pages you want to your Wallabag account
2016-04-30 tldp 0.7.12 automatic publishing tool for DocBook, Linuxdoc and Asciidoc
2016-04-30 libsoc_zero 0.0.1.dev2 For using GPIO on 96boards
2016-04-30 django-mjml 0.1.0 Use MJML in Django templates
2016-04-30 virtualenv-api 2.1.9 An API for virtualenv/pip
2016-04-30 eventql 0.1 EventQL python driver
2016-04-30 rebound 2.14.5 An open-source multi-purpose N-body code
2016-04-30 skitai 0.15.16 Skitai WSGI App Engine
2016-04-30 visionarypm 4.0.1 A smarter password manager.
2016-04-30 carmen 0.0.3 Geolocation for Twitter
2016-04-30 PyDatastream 0.4.3 Python interface to the Thomson Reuters Dataworks Enterprise (Datastream) API
2016-04-30 pymediainfo 2.1.2 A Python wrapper for the mediainfo library.
2016-04-30 feather-format 0.2.0 Python interface to the Apache Arrow-based Feather File Format
2016-04-30 wordfish 0.9 Infrastructure for finding relationships between terms in corpus of interest.
2016-04-30 discoursegraphs 0.3.0 graph-based processing of multi-level annotated corpora
2016-04-30 messenger_bot 0.4.5 A bot that interfaces with several different messenger services
2016-04-30 geckoboard 0.8.3 Geckoboard API Interface (Unofficial)
2016-04-30 BotBot 0.0.3 Laboratory computational resource management
2016-04-30 chevah-buildbot-configuration-builder 0.3.0 Configuration layer on top of Buildbot dict.
2016-04-30 pybind11 1.7 Seamless operability between C++11 and Python
2016-04-30 lt-code 0.3.2 An implementation of an Encoder and Decoder for the Luby Transform Fountain code. Useful for transmitting data over very lossy channels where retry-based transmission protocols struggle.
2016-04-30 flake8-author 1.0.0 Flake8 __author__ checker
2016-04-30 ssh-agent-crypto 0.5.2 Friendly ssh-agent signature based cipher
2016-04-30 zenoss-fork 0.6.2 Module to work with the Zenoss JSON API (Fork)
2016-04-30 PyOTRS 0.1.8 Python wrapper for OTRS (using REST API)
2016-04-30 lambda-deploy 0.1.0 Easily deploy code to AWS Lambda
2016-04-30 opensesame-windows-launcher 0.3.3 A graphical experiment builder for the social sciences
2016-04-30 djangorestframework-ujson 0.0.4 ultraJSON support for Django REST Framework
2016-04-30 ent 0.3.3 library for creating arbitrary data structures
2016-04-30 harrier 0.0.1 Jinja2 & sass/scss aware site builder
2016-04-30 mathstats 0.2.4 Statistical functions, goodness-of-fit tests and special and special distributions not implemented in scipy/numpy .
2016-04-30 bemo 0.0.0 It's simple way to mock your back-end from webdriver UI tests
2016-04-30 specularity_removal 0.1 Implements specular removal in images captured from various view points
2016-04-30 pihdf 0.1.3 Hardware Design Framework based on python and MyHDL
2016-04-30 mirror_seq 0.2.2 The bioinformatics tool for Mirror-seq.
2016-04-30 ledgrid 0.2 An 8x8 grid of virtual LEDs implemented in Pygame.
2016-04-30 eigency 1.6 Cython interface between the numpy arrays and the Matrix/Array classes of the Eigen C++ library
2016-04-30 django-numericfieldlistfilter 0.1 A NumericFieldListFilter for Django admin
2016-04-30 django-reactjs 0.3.1 Integrate reactjs with django
2016-04-30 processout ProcessOut API bindings.

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