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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 42777 packages here.
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2014-04-25 django-summernote 0.5.7 Summernote plugin for Django
2014-04-25 dicttoxml 1.3.7 Converts a Python dictionary or other native data type into a valid XML string.
2014-04-25 ginga 2.0.20140425003909 An astronomical image viewer and toolkit.
2014-04-25 pyinit 0.0.5 A cli tool for initializing a python module
2014-04-25 django-render-json 0.0.5 UNKNOWN
2014-04-25 irc 8.7 IRC (Internet Relay Chat) protocol client library for Python
2014-04-25 scarlet 1.1.2 UNKNOWN
2014-04-25 phase-currentcost 0.9.16 Python script to collect data from current cost EnviR
2014-04-25 django-keyedcache 1.5.1 keyedcache
2014-04-25 django-livesettings 1.4-14 livesettings
2014-04-25 django-caching-app-plugins 0.1.4 UNKNOWN
2014-04-24 tempodb-pandas 0.1 * Welcome! TempoDB-pandas is a wrapper package for composing Pandas time-series operations and data structures with TempoDB's. * Using It It's really quite dead-simple to use: #+BEGIN_SRC from tempodb_pandas import fromTempo, flipDatumSign from numpy import negative # Do a tempodb read res = client.read_key("somekey", somestart, someend, 'PT1H) series = fromTempo( # Now you can do fun stuff with the time series series.resample('1H', fill_method='pad') # Some convenience (more coming later) flipDatumSign(series, '1H') == series.resample('1H', how=negative) #+END_SRC
2014-04-24 basicauth 0.3 An incredibly simple HTTP basic auth implementation.
2014-04-24 asymmetricbase.forms 0.1.1-201404241725 UNKNOWN
2014-04-24 asymmetricbase.utils 0.1.4-201404241723 Utilies for Asymmetric Base Framework
2014-04-24 pyul 0.0.4 Python Utility Library - A library of utilities for python development
2014-04-24 asymmetricbase.jinja 0.1.2-201404241657 UNKNOWN
2014-04-24 FireWorks 0.82 FireWorks workflow software
2014-04-24 chushajo 0.1 Parking API
2014-04-24 django-mailbox 3.1.2 Import mail from POP3, IMAP, local mailboxes or directly from Postfix or Exim4 into your Django application automatically.
2014-04-24 dj-stripe 0.3.3 Django + Stripe Made Easy
2014-04-24 adnpy 0.3.8 API library for python
2014-04-24 gitgate 0.1.12 Dead simple gatekeeping code review for Git
2014-04-24 Smap 2.0.2b7d33 sMAP standard library and drivers
2014-04-24 mogwai 0.2.12 Titan Object-Graph Mapper (OGM)
2014-04-24 LabJackPython 4-24-2014 The LabJack Python module.
2014-04-24 zenfeed 0.0.2 Zen RSS feed reader.
2014-04-24 dirty-models 0.2.6 UNKNOWN
2014-04-24 imaplib2 2.28.3 A threaded Python IMAP4 client.
2014-04-24 zs 0.0.0-dev ZS is a compressed, read-only file format for efficiently distributing, querying, and archiving arbitrarily large record-oriented datasets.
2014-04-24 PyBarobo 0.1.12 Native Python Barobo robotics control library
2014-04-24 delighted 0.6 A CLI client and Python API library for the delighted platform.
2014-04-24 download_opendatasoft 0.0.2 Download data from OpenDataSoft open data platforms.
2014-04-24 qal 0.3.4 QAL is a Python library for mixing and merging data involving different sources and destinations.
2014-04-24 awscli 1.3.8 Universal Command Line Environment for AWS.
2014-04-24 botocore 0.42.0 Low-level, data-driven core of boto 3.
2014-04-24 1.2.4 The Plone calendar framework
2014-04-24 django-redactoreditor 1.2.6 Integrates the Redactor Javascript WYSIWYG editor with Django.
2014-04-24 LCONF 0.0.4 LCONF: L(ight) CONF(iguration): A simple human-readable data serialization format for dynamic configuration.
2014-04-24 supercell 0.6.0 UNKNOWN

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