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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 57109 packages here.
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2015-03-26 django_microsip_puntos 0.1.15 django_microsip_puntos
2015-03-26 Clay 2.12.2 An amazing prototyping tool
2015-03-26 jaraco.timing 1.1.2 Python routines for quick and dirty profiling and rate limits
2015-03-26 hunter 0.2.0 Hunter is a flexible code tracing toolkit.
2015-03-26 jaraco.develop 2.16 jaraco.develop
2015-03-26 solvebio 1.7.11 The SolveBio Python client
2015-03-26 redisext 1.1.4 Data models for Redis
2015-03-26 facebookinsights 0.3.1 A wrapper and command-line interface for the Facebook Insights API.
2015-03-26 jsonmanager 0.2.2 Validation, coercion, and forms for JSON.
2015-03-26 li-pagador 2.0.25 Engine de pagamentos da Loja Integrada
2015-03-26 jaraco.ui 1.3.1 jaraco.ui
2015-03-26 django-lionheart-helpers 1.1.15 Django decorators and some other utilities.
2015-03-26 Theano 0.7.0 Optimizing compiler for evaluating mathematical expressions on CPUs and GPUs.
2015-03-26 python-monascaclient 1.0.16 Monasca API Client Library
2015-03-26 threeflex 0.1.1 Python driver for Micromeritics 3Flex surface characterization analyzers.
2015-03-26 li-pagador 2.0.24 Engine de pagamentos da Loja Integrada
2015-03-26 li-pagador-boleto 2.0.12 Meio de pagamento usando boleto bancário
2015-03-26 hypothesis-fakefactory 0.3.2 Adds support for generating fake-factory data to Hypothesis
2015-03-26 hypothesis-pytest 0.4.2 Pytest plugin for better integration with hypothesis
2015-03-26 hypothesis-datetime 0.9.2 Adds support for generating datetime to Hypothesis
2015-03-26 hypothesis 0.9.2 A library for property based testing
2015-03-26 smappPy 0.1.13 NYU SMaPP lab utility library
2015-03-26 pyshaker 0.0.2 Distributed data-plane performance testing tool
2015-03-26 resource_probes 0.2.3 System resource probes
2015-03-26 pyscreenshot 0.3.4 python screenshot
2015-03-26 django-rpy2 0.6.2 Allow django to create R scripts and generate charts and other data output from those scripts.
2015-03-26 nrefocus 0.1.1 library for numerical focusing (refocusing, autofocusing) of complex wave fields
2015-03-26 PyNLPl 0.7.4 PyNLPl, pronounced as 'pineapple', is a Python library for Natural Language Processing. It contains various modules useful for common, and less common, NLP tasks. PyNLPl can be used for example the computation of n-grams, frequency lists and distributions, language models. There are also more complex data types, such as Priority Queues, and search algorithms, such as Beam Search.
2015-03-26 FoLiA-tools FoLiA-tools contains various Python-based command line tools for working with FoLiA XML (Format for Linguistic Annotation)
2015-03-26 nusbot 0.3.1 adc bot annoucing changes in filelist of hub's users
2015-03-26 PyJWT 1.0.1 JSON Web Token implementation in Python
2015-03-26 parse_cmake 0.4.1 Parser for CMakeLists.txt files
2015-03-26 consulconf 0.0.10 Code to configure consul key:value store for applications
2015-03-26 getdc 0.9.2 Library of tools for fetching an x509 certificate from DNS and LDAP
2015-03-26 django-dynamic-initial-data 0.3.6 Dynamic initial data fixtures for Django apps
2015-03-26 chube 0.1.21 Object-oriented bindings for the Linode API
2015-03-26 nameless 0.2.6 An example package. Replace this with a proper project description. Generated with
2015-03-26 taskcluster 0.0.15 Python client for Taskcluster
2015-03-26 run-exe 0.5 Run executable file, with option to try as admin on error on Windows.
2015-03-26 django-direct 0.6 A simple Django application that provides a RESTFul Direct certificate validation API.

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