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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 114972 packages here.
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2017-08-20 cmdlr 3.0.3 An extensible comic subscriber.
2017-08-20 manic-entropy-storm 0.0.1 A python package that can be installed with pip.
2017-08-20 pytdx 1.30 A Python Interface to TDX protocol
2017-08-20 migra 1.0.1503199248 Like diff but for PostgreSQL schemas
2017-08-20 mxnet-cu75mkl 0.11.0b20170820 MXNet is an ultra-scalable deep learning framework. This version uses CUDA-7.5 and MKL-ML.
2017-08-20 mini-redis 0.1 A lib to store structured data in redis using less memory
2017-08-20 mxnet-cu75 0.11.0b20170820 MXNet is an ultra-scalable deep learning framework. This version uses CUDA-7.5.
2017-08-20 ssdedupe 0.0.2 A simple interface to datamade/dedupe to make probabilistic record linkage easy.
2017-08-20 mxnet-cu80mkl 0.11.0b20170820 MXNet is an ultra-scalable deep learning framework. This version uses CUDA-8.0 and MKL-ML.
2017-08-20 schemainspect 0.1.1503198422 Schema inspection for PostgreSQL
2017-08-20 pyvcloud 18.0.4.dev44 VMware vCloud Director Python SDK
2017-08-20 etcd_tree 0.27.5 Dynamic etcd state
2017-08-20 pybald 0.5.0 A lightweight python web framework
2017-08-20 superplot 2.0.4 Python GUI for plotting SuperPy/SuperBayes/MultiNest/BAYES-X results
2017-08-20 exp10it 2.6.27 this is a package about web security
2017-08-20 robotica 0.1.18 Robotic maid to scare innocent children
2017-08-20 mxnet-mkl 0.11.0b20170820 MXNet is an ultra-scalable deep learning framework. This version uses MKL-ML.
2017-08-20 pyfastnoisesimd 0.1.1 FastNoiseSIMD
2017-08-20 mxnet 0.11.0b20170820 MXNet is an ultra-scalable deep learning framework. This version uses openblas.
2017-08-20 wxyAlice 0.0.39 classes used in micro service on sanic
2017-08-20 workfrontapi-plus 1.0.1 A Python 3 compatible package for working with the Workfront API
2017-08-20 pmfp 0.3.1 a simple package manager for python like npm.
2017-08-20 beakerx 0.2.4.dev0 BeakerX: Beaker Extensions for Jupyter Notebook
2017-08-20 orange-kit 0.1.5a9 orange
2017-08-20 yamdl 0.9.1 Flat-file model instances for Django
2017-08-20 rgf_python 2.0.1 Scikit-learn Wrapper for Regularized Greedy Forest
2017-08-20 pyupgrade 1.2.0 A tool to automatically upgrade syntax for newer versions.
2017-08-20 dew-pacman 0.2.0 Development Environment Wrangler
2017-08-20 mack 0.1.1 A simple Flask project generator
2017-08-20 pandoc-fignos 0.21.1 Figure number filter for pandoc
2017-08-20 pandoc-tablenos 0.17.1 Table number filter for pandoc
2017-08-20 pandoc-eqnos 0.18.1 Equation number filter for pandoc
2017-08-20 kallikrein 0.17.0 spec framework
2017-08-20 osrframework 0.17.1 OSRFramework - A set of GPLv3+ OSINT tools developed by i3visio analysts for online research.
2017-08-20 registryctl 0.1.0.dev2 Docker Registry CLI
2017-08-20 Flask-Jerify 0.0.2 Validate JSON requests against schemas
2017-08-20 reactionrnn 0.1 Pretrained character-based neural network for predicting the reaction to given text(s).
2017-08-19 callisto-core 0.10.8 Report intake, escrow, matching and secure delivery code for Callisto, an online reporting system for sexual assault.
2017-08-19 django-wizard-builder 0.5.8 Create multi-page forms from the Django admin
2017-08-19 xntwist_python_sdk 1.2.1 Python SDK for XN-Twist's API

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