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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 83269 packages here.
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2016-06-27 aiopype 0.0.1 AioPype - Flow based programming with asyncio
2016-06-27 graphmachine Graph Machine application
2016-06-27 OpenFisca-France 3.3.0 French tax and benefit system for OpenFisca
2016-06-27 jenkins-ghp 1.22 Jenkins GitHub Poller
2016-06-27 corpkit 2.2.6 A toolkit for working with linguistic corpora
2016-06-27 CoolAMQP 0.3 The AMQP client library
2016-06-27 PyUrbanDict 0.1.1 Python wrapper for urbandictionary api
2016-06-27 tornwamp 1.1.1 WAMP (Web Application Messaging Protocol) utilities
2016-06-27 chellow 1497 Web Application for checking UK utility bills.
2016-06-27 AdvancedHTTPServer 2.0.5 Standalone web server built on Python's BaseHTTPServer
2016-06-27 pynnotator 0.1.1 A Python Annotation Framework for VCFs using multiple tools (Ex. VEP, SnpEff and SnpSift) and databases (Ex. 1000genomes, dbSNP and dbnfsp) .
2016-06-27 django-json-settings 0.2 A Django application to let you provide local settings in json format
2016-06-27 blocklistsaggregator 0.2.0 A Python tool that downloads IP block lists from various sources and builds configurations for network equipments and firewalls.
2016-06-27 sovrin_installer 1.3.18 Sovrin Installer
2016-06-27 rustypy 0.1.2 Automatic FFI generation for Python <-> Rust interfacing.
2016-06-27 tapioca-twitter 0.8 Twitter API wrapper using tapioca
2016-06-27 xonsh-pacman-tabcomplete 0.1.3 pacman tabcomplete support for the Xonsh shell
2016-06-27 kagiso_sitemap 1.0.0 Kagiso Sitemap
2016-06-27 Orange3-ImageAnalytics 0.0.1 Orange3 add-on for dealing with image related tasks
2016-06-27 murano-dashboard 1.0.3 The Murano Dashboard
2016-06-27 Django-G11N Django Globalisation Tools
2016-06-27 python-muranoclient 0.8.5 python-muranoclient
2016-06-27 alooma 0.1.33 Alooma python API
2016-06-27 murano 1.0.3 Murano API
2016-06-27 schemagic 0.8.0 Define the shape of your data with simple python data structures. Use those data descriptions to validate your application.
2016-06-27 gofedlib 0.1.0a2 A set of python modules carrying operation related to Go source codes analysis used in Gofed
2016-06-27 chellow 1496 Web Application for checking UK utility bills.
2016-06-27 python-mystrom 0.2.4 Python API for controlling myStrom switches
2016-06-27 django-rest-swagger 0.3.8 Swagger UI for Django REST Framework 2.3.8+
2016-06-27 FukuML 0.3.0 Simple machine learning library
2016-06-27 trectools 0.0.27 Python toolkit to read and analyse TREC results.
2016-06-27 ansible-library 1.2.1 Minimal galaxy server to host private roles
2016-06-27 osc-lib 0.2.0 OpenStackClient Library
2016-06-27 liveprofiler_sampler 0.9.0 Module for sampling profiling output from the main process
2016-06-27 Agora-Stoa-Client 0.2.2 Python-based client to interact with a cluster of Agora Stoas
2016-06-27 pypis3 0.1.0 CLI tool for creating a private Python Package Repository backed entirely by AWS S3 storage
2016-06-27 python-monascaclient 1.2.0 Monasca API Client Library
2016-06-27 ibis 1.5.0 A lightweight template engine.
2016-06-27 h5preserve 0.6 Thin wrapper around h5py, inspired by camel
2016-06-27 orcid 0.7.0 A python wrapper over the ORCID API

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