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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 70088 packages here.
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2015-11-26 reveal-user-classification 0.2.2 Performs user classification into labels using a set of seed Twitter users with known labels andthe structure of the interaction network between them.
2015-11-26 ta4 0.3.10 UNKNOWN
2015-11-26 reveal-graph-embedding 0.1.4 Implementation of community-based graph embedding for user classification.
2015-11-26 cursor 1.1.0 A small Python package to hide or show the terminal cursor
2015-11-26 plytix-retailers-sdk 1.0 Plytix Retailers SDK for Python
2015-11-26 pybuilder_aws_plugin 118 PyBuilder plugin to handle AWS functionality
2015-11-26 jw.lognotify 0.1.3 Notify about logfile events in real-time
2015-11-26 ffflash 0.8 FreiFunk File nodeList And Sidecar Helper
2015-11-26 SendRequest 0.3 http request with retry, download pic.封装网络请求,自带重试
2015-11-26 unbound-ec2 1.1.1 Unbound DNS resolver to answer simple DNS queries using EC2 API calls
2015-11-26 ckanny 0.17.0 Miscellaneous CKAN utility scripts
2015-11-26 Markdown-No-Lazy-BlockQuote-Extension 0.2 Disable lazy blockquotes for Markdown.
2015-11-26 pytest-multihost 0.9 Utility for writing multi-host tests for pytest
2015-11-26 ckanutils 0.14.6 Miscellaneous CKAN utility library
2015-11-26 baidupy 0.0.3 baidupy: baidu SDK for Python
2015-11-26 maxvolpy 0.3.1 Cross and skeleton approximations, based on maximum volume submatrices.
2015-11-26 orm-choices 0.2.0 A helpful decorator for choice fields (Django choices or SQLAlchemy ChoiceType)
2015-11-26 pywildcard 1.0.8 wildcard
2015-11-26 python-icinga2api 0.1 python icinga2 api
2015-11-26 meshio 1.0.1 I/O for various mesh formats
2015-11-26 anti SeoUtils
2015-11-26 corecluster 15.11.34 CloudOver core IaaS system
2015-11-26 metapensiero.odt2sphinx 2.9 An OpenDocument to reStructuredText/Sphinx converter.
2015-11-26 km3pipe 0.9.11 An analysis framework for KM3NeT
2015-11-26 aliyun-python-sdk-ess 2.0.0 The ess module of Aliyun Python sdk.
2015-11-26 appier 1.1.10 Appier Framework
2015-11-26 yixin-appiumlibrary 1.3.7 app testing library for Robot Framework
2015-11-26 enerdata 0.8.5 UNKNOWN
2015-11-26 shardmonster 0.3.2 A python package for making it possible to do sharding inside your Python code
2015-11-26 dlipower 0.7.152 Control digital loggers web power switch
2015-11-26 bade 0.2.2 Micro-blogging with rST
2015-11-26 django-ultracache 0.1.6 Drop-in replacement for Django's template fragment caching. Provides automatic cache invalidation.
2015-11-26 python-textops 0.1.4 Python text operations module
2015-11-26 pyelong 0.4.5 Python SDK for Elong ( rest APIs.
2015-11-26 delfick_app 0.7 Customized App mainline helper
2015-11-26 yamlns 0.1 YAML serializable dictionary with dual item and attribute accessors
2015-11-26 django-terminal 0.0.1
2015-11-26 resin-sdk 1.3.0 SDK for Python
2015-11-26 aldryn-bootstrap3 1.0.5 cms plugins and helpers for bootstrap3 based sites
2015-11-26 mupif 0.11.14 Mupif platform for multiscale/multiphysics modeling

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