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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 63625 packages here.
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2015-07-28 polysquare-setuptools-lint 0.0.19 Provides a 'polysquarelint' command for setuptools
2015-07-28 zhong_nester 1.0.0 this is a void
2015-07-28 django-shell-plus 1.1.6 shell+ <- shell with models auto-imported
2015-07-28 bespin Opinionated wrapper around boto that reads yaml
2015-07-28 django-cacheq 0.1.1 Background tasks using django's cache framework.
2015-07-28 nb-mermaid 0.1.0 Mermaid diagrams in the IPython Notebook
2015-07-28 SysTime 1.0 This is a package that allows you to set system time
2015-07-28 pyterminfo 0.1 a terminfo-to-python cross compiler
2015-07-28 thrift_amqp_tornado 0.0.16 Thirft transport implementation over the AMQP protocol
2015-07-28 intspan 1.3.2 Sets of integers like 1,3-7,33
2015-07-28 django-github-log 0.1.11 Django log handler to create issue on github automatically
2015-07-28 byteasm 0.1 an assembler for python bytecode
2015-07-28 zschema 0.0.23 A schema language for JSON documents that allows validation and compilation into various database engines
2015-07-28 receita-tools 2.0.3 Tools to manipulate Receita's company data.
2015-07-28 propane 0.1.3a0 A collection of somewhat random, helpful utility functions, data structures, Django fields, and other miscellany.
2015-07-27 ka-lite-gtk 0.3a1 User interface for KA Lite (GTK3)
2015-07-27 CBB_nester 1.0.0 A simple printer of nested lists
2015-07-27 flanker 0.4.34 Mailgun Parsing Tools
2015-07-27 gripcontrol 2.4.2 GRIP library
2015-07-27 pubcontrol 2.2.7 EPCP library
2015-07-27 popcoder 0.0.1 Python library for transcoding popcorn code into flat video files
2015-07-27 courseraprogramming 0.2.1 A toolkit to help develop asynchronous graders for Coursera based on docker images.
2015-07-27 jasmin 0.6b38 Jasmin is a very complete open source SMS Gateway with many enterprise-class features.
2015-07-27 dataone.generic_member_node 2.0.dev9 DataONE Generic Member Node (GMN)
2015-07-27 dataone.libclient 1.2.11 A DataONE client library for Python
2015-07-27 dataone.common 1.1.8 Contains functionality common to projects that interact with the DataONE infrastructure via Python
2015-07-27 crashreporter 1.07 Track and send crash reports by email or FTP
2015-07-27 pdtools 0.1.35 Paradrop deployment and build tools
2015-07-27 pyperform 1.73 A fast and convenient way to performance test functions and compare results.
2015-07-27 droneapi 1.4.1 Python language bindings for the DroneApi
2015-07-27 django-oscar-paypal-fork-b74153f 0.9.5 Integration with PayPal Express, PayPal Payflow Pro and Adaptive Payments for django-oscar
2015-07-27 renderconf 0.4 A tool for rendering templated configuration files from a variety of data sources
2015-07-27 twiceredis 1.0.4 sentinel pool backed read and write redis client
2015-07-27 metameta Toolkit for analyzing meta-transcriptome/metagenome mapping data
2015-07-27 python-semantic-release 0.3.1 Automatic semantic versioning for python projects
2015-07-27 frasco-aws 0.1.1 Amazon Web Services integration for Frasco
2015-07-27 frasco-upload 0.2.0 File uploading for Frasco
2015-07-27 mail1 0.2.1 mail1 is an API to send emails in a single call
2015-07-27 ringcentral 0.5.0 RingCentral Connect Platform Python SDK
2015-07-27 mcloud 0.11.2 A tool that helps you manage Docker based deployments

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