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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 101494 packages here.
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2017-03-25 pokinator 1.1 Heroku-like random pokemon name generator for python
2017-03-25 kervi-hal-generic 0.10.57 Generic platform driver for the Kervi automation framework.
2017-03-25 kervi-device-library 0.10.57 Hardware component library for the Kervi automation framework
2017-03-25 kervi-cli 0.10.57
2017-03-25 kervi-ui 0.10.57 UI module for the kervi framework. It is included as dependency when kervi in installed.
2017-03-25 kervi 0.10.57 A python framework for creating robotic and automation applications on Raspbery pi (and other platforms). UI is web based and generated on the fly based on configuration in python code.
2017-03-25 physt 0.3.25 P(i/y)thon h(i/y)stograms.
2017-03-25 pygeometa 0.2.2 pygeometa is a Python package to generate metadata for geospatial datasets
2017-03-25 pypacker 3.7 Pypacker: The fast and simple packet creating and parsing module
2017-03-25 newt.db 0.4.0 Newt DB, the amphibious database
2017-03-25 SerpScrap 0.3.6 A python module to scrape, extract, analyze data from search engine result pages and urls. Extract data, like url, title, snippet of results or ratings for given keywords.
2017-03-25 sepa_netherlands 0.1.0 Python library which handles communication with Dutch banks for processing SEPA eMandates.
2017-03-25 zipe 0.1.2 A zip utility for cross OS, especially file name encoding problem.
2017-03-25 duniter-mirage 0.1.6 A python mock server of [duniter]( API
2017-03-25 torchfcn 1.1 PyTorch Implementation of Fully Convolutional Networks.
2017-03-25 dodo_commands 0.7.5 Project-aware development environments, inspired by django-manage
2017-03-25 specsim 0.8 Quick simulations of fiber spectrograph response
2017-03-25 tcconfig 0.9.0 A Simple tc command wrapper tool. Easy to set up traffic control of network bandwidth/latency/packet-loss to a network interface.
2017-03-25 monotable 1.0.0 ASCII table with per column format specs, multi-line content, plug-in format functions, column width control.
2017-03-25 print-easy 1.8.0 A easy printor, for nested list, stdout or print to file.
2017-03-25 phased-lstm-keras 1.0.1 Keras implementation of Phased LSTM
2017-03-25 python-gitlab 0.20 Interact with GitLab API
2017-03-25 Transcrypt 3.6.21 Python to JavaScript transpiler, supporting multiple inheritance and generating lean, highly readable code
2017-03-25 finglish 0.9.3 Finglish-to-Persian converter.
2017-03-25 subprocrunner 0.7.0 A python library of subprocess module wrapper.
2017-03-25 asynchttplib 0.0.4 Lib for creating microservice on asyncio
2017-03-25 dodo_webdev_commands 0.1.0 Web development related Dodo Commands
2017-03-25 dodo_git_commands 0.1.0 Git related Dodo Commands
2017-03-25 Flask-Resize 2.0.2 Flask extension for resizing images in code and templates
2017-03-25 publicsuffixlist 0.4.2 publicsuffixlist implement
2017-03-25 sepa 0.2.4 Python library for parsing and building SEPA Direct Debit and SEPA eMandate schemas.
2017-03-25 noterpy 0.1.0 A python client for SimpleNote (
2017-03-25 markdownreveal 0.0.5 Create presentations with simple Markdown notation
2017-03-25 beu 0.1.8 Beginner Express .:. Back End .:. Big Example .:. Brainstorm Effectively
2017-03-25 visdom 0.1.02 A tool for visualizing live, rich data for Torch and Numpy
2017-03-25 wgstatus 1.1.2 wgstatus
2017-03-25 netcdf-segy 1.0.0 Convert between SEG-Y and NetCDF
2017-03-25 docopt_subcommands 2.0 create subcommand-based CLI programs with docopt
2017-03-25 fastga 1.0.1 Implementation of the so-called Heavy-Tailed Mutation Operator
2017-03-25 micropython-urequests 0.4.3 urequests module for MicroPython

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