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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 58346 packages here.
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2015-04-21 openlabs_nereid_webshop Nereid Webshop
2015-04-21 trytond_nereid_cart_b2c Nereid Cart B2C
2015-04-21 PyNX 1.1.1 PyNX - python tools for nanocrystallography
2015-04-21 dpmfa-simulator 0.9 A framework for dynamic probabilistic material flow analysis
2015-04-21 robotframework-tools 0.1a126 Python Tools for Robot Framework and Test Libraries.
2015-04-21 pysegbase 1.0.24 Graph Cut based 3D segmentation with editor
2015-04-21 seqfile 0.1.0 Find the next file in a sequence of files in a thread-safe way.
2015-04-21 ckanext-eurovoc 0.0.3 Add Eurovoc categories to CKAN's dataset schema
2015-04-21 LabtoolSuite 0.1.3 Package to deal with LabToolSuite
2015-04-21 martian 0.15 Martian is a library that allows the embedding of configuration information in Python code. Martian can then grok the system and do the appropriate configuration registrations. One example of a system that uses Martian is the system where it originated: Grok (
2015-04-21 3color-Press 0.2.1 A Flask based static site generator for comics
2015-04-21 pytest-splinter 1.3.6 Splinter plugin for pytest testing framework
2015-04-21 Flask-Boost 0.4.5 Flask application generator for boosting your development.
2015-04-21 appier_extras 0.3.14 Appier Framework Extra Elements
2015-04-21 pyswagger 0.8.7 A type-safe, dynamic, spec-compliant swagger client for python
2015-04-21 dublinbus 0.1a0 UNKNOWN
2015-04-21 openlabs_payment_gateway Tryton module for Payment Gatway/Merchant Integration
2015-04-21 bespin Opinionated wrapper around boto that reads yaml
2015-04-21 CelestiaSunrise 1.0.1 A savegame editor for the mobile game "My Little Pony"
2015-04-21 zinnia-url-shortener-bitly 1.1 URL shortener backend for django-blog-zinnia
2015-04-21 simplebus 0.3.2 A simple message bus for python 3
2015-04-21 gnocchi 1.0.0c1 Metric as a Service
2015-04-21 monocle_yandexmap 0.0.2 Yandex maps module for monocle
2015-04-21 monocle_googlemap 0.1.2 Google map for monocle
2015-04-21 RapidXml 1.0.6 Python RapidXml Library
2015-04-21 LyMaker 0.5.2 Lilypond source file generator
2015-04-21 autocheck 0.2.5 Improved unittest test runner
2015-04-21 muffin 0.0.67 web framework based on Asyncio stack
2015-04-21 GFSDownload 0.0.2 A utility to download GFS meteo data
2015-04-21 robotframework-python3 2.9a1 Python 3 compatible generic test automation framework
2015-04-21 nidaba 0.3.5 Expandable and scalable OCR pipeline
2015-04-21 Schwa 0.1.dev5 A tool that predicts Software defects from GIT repositories.
2015-04-21 hammr Command-line tool for building conistent and repeatable machine images for multiple cloud platforms
2015-04-21 chembl_webresource_client 0.8.5 Python client fot accessing ChEMBL webservices.
2015-04-21 migrate 0.3.7 A simple language agnostic database migration tool
2015-04-21 appier 0.9.12 Appier Framework
2015-04-21 gmvault 1.9 Tool to backup and restore your Gmail emails at will. for more info
2015-04-21 chembl_webservices 2.1.9 Python package providing chembl webservices API.
2015-04-21 js.bootstrap 3.3.4 fanstatic twitter bootstrap.
2015-04-21 hammr Command-line tool for building conistent and repeatable machine images for multiple cloud platforms

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