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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 67769 packages here.
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2015-10-10 django-cache-manager 0.3 Cache manager for django models
2015-10-10 secp256k1 0.8.2 FFI bindings to secp256k1
2015-10-10 yahoo_oauth 0.1.8 Python Yahoo OAuth Library. Supports OAuth1 and OAuth2
2015-10-10 corpkit 1.68 A toolkit for working with linguistic corpora
2015-10-10 flufl.lock 2.4 NFS-safe file locking with timeouts for POSIX systems.
2015-10-10 pyorient 1.4.5c OrientDB native client library
2015-10-10 ksp-login 0.3.1 A Django app for both traditional and social authentication
2015-10-10 homeassistant 0.7.5 Open-source home automation platform running on Python 3.
2015-10-10 django-rrd 0.0.5 Web frontend to RRDtool based on Django
2015-10-10 bidon 0.4.5 A simple, easy to use, and flexible data handling library
2015-10-10 Lemmagen 1.1.1 LemmaGen lemmatizer for Python supporing Slovene, Serbian, Romanian, Estonian, Bulgarian and other languages
2015-10-10 hcpsdk 0.9.3.post0 An SDK for the Hitachi Content Platform (HCP)
2015-10-10 arrow 0.7.0 Better dates and times for Python
2015-10-10 crossbarhttp 0.1.1 This is a library for connecting to HTTP Bridge Services.
2015-10-10 jira 1.0.3 Python library for interacting with JIRA via REST APIs.
2015-10-10 vis-framework 2.2.1 The VIS Framework for Music Analysis
2015-10-10 Katal 0.0.9 files' catalogue manager
2015-10-10 mocodo 2.0.15 Modélisation Conceptuelle de Données. Nickel. Ni souris.
2015-10-10 django-seed 0.1.4 Seed your Django project with fake data
2015-10-10 ChatterBot 0.2.6 An open-source chat bot program written in Python.
2015-10-10 limf 0.4.0 A tool for uploading files to clones
2015-10-10 tickeys 0.1.9 Instant audio feedback when typing. For Linux.
2015-10-10 tstables 0.0.15 Handles large time series using PyTables and Pandas
2015-10-10 retopy 0.1.dev1 Easy TCP servers with Tornado's ioloop.
2015-10-10 take_break 1.0.0 A simple break program to initiate
2015-10-10 xaml 0.4.0 XML Abstract Markup Language
2015-10-10 mwxml 0.2.1 A set of utilities for processing MediaWiki XML dump data.
2015-10-10 GraphAlViz 0.5.0 Graph algorithm visualization library
2015-10-10 mwcli 0.0.2 A set of utilities for writing MediaWiki command-line utilities
2015-10-10 solar_radiation_model 0.0.18 A python script that estimates the solar radiation at the soil level.
2015-10-10 PubTator2Anndoc 0.1.0 Convert PubTator format to Anndoc Format for TagTog
2015-10-10 metaknowledge 0.9.2 A library for handling Web of science files
2015-10-10 PackageUtil 1.3 Clean up and uninstall OS X packages with ease.
2015-10-10 simms 0.5.4 Empty MS creation tool
2015-10-10 libhxl 2.2 Python support for the Humanitarian Exchange Language (HXL).
2015-10-10 ontospy 1.6.2 A Python project for working with RDF/OWL ontologies
2015-10-10 django-status-cats 0.1.1 Django middleware for adding HTTP status cats to your responses
2015-10-10 mastool 0.0.6 static analysis for bad or avoidable practices in python
2015-10-10 Plim 0.9.12 Plim is a Python port of Ruby's Slim template language built on top of Mako Templates
2015-10-10 django-diary 0.2 A pluggable diary app for use in the Django framework.

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