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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 65757 packages here.
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2015-09-03 nba_py 0.1a1 A python facing API for
2015-09-03 BoardTester 1.0.1 collect data with automated hardware power cycling
2015-09-03 django-flowr 0.2.0 Django based dynamic state machine system
2015-09-03 invenio-accounts 0.1.2 Invenio module for managing user accounts.
2015-09-03 zmon-cli 0.16 Command line interface for Zalando's monitoring tool ZMON
2015-09-03 python-resize-image 1.1.5 A Small python package to easily resize images
2015-09-03 BalancedDiscStorage 1.0.1 Makes sure, that there are never more files in one directory, than your LIMIT.
2015-09-03 pandanas 0.0.2 Micro framework for fast building unix daemon application carcass.
2015-09-03 django-lionheart-helpers 1.8.2 Django decorators and some other utilities.
2015-09-03 mupif 0.11.6 Mupif platform for multiscale/multiphysics modeling
2015-09-03 ledgerx-client-protocol 1.3.2 LedgerX Client Protocol Library
2015-09-03 DRY-orm 0.0.56 DRY is inspired by Django-ORM
2015-09-03 ElecSus 2.0.0rc1 (Atomic Physics) Calculate the weak-probe electric susceptibility for alkali-metal vapours
2015-09-03 getconf 1.4.1 getconf, a versatile configuration lib for Python projects
2015-09-03 ledgerx-protocol 0.4.2 LedgerX Base Protocol Library
2015-09-03 micropython-upip 0.5.8 Simple package manager for MicroPython.
2015-09-03 swallow 1.4.1 Swallow for data transformation
2015-09-03 mintlabs 0.0.12 This is a python API to interact with the Mint-Labs platform.
2015-09-03 autoguard 0.2.12 Configuration setup for sentry
2015-09-03 qPython 1.1.0b3 kdb+ interfacing library for Python
2015-09-03 bitcoin 1.1.36 Python Bitcoin Tools
2015-09-03 qPython 1.0.2 kdb+ interfacing library for Python
2015-09-03 li-api-flask 0.1.6 Loja Integrada's API Flask
2015-09-03 pycbc-glue 0.9.6 Grid LSC User Engine
2015-09-03 li-common 1.0.7 Lib para funcionalidades comuns aos aplicativos da Loja Integrada
2015-09-03 salesmachine-python 1.0.0 The hassle-free way to integrate into any python application.
2015-09-03 orderedattrdict 1.1.1 OrderedDict with attribute-style access
2015-09-03 chanjo 3.0.0b0 Coverage analysis tool for clinical sequencing
2015-09-03 duecredit 0.4.2 Publications (and donations) tracer
2015-09-03 leonardo-translations 1.0.1 Rosetta ingation to leonardo-cms -> makes managing translations easy
2015-09-03 vyked 2.1.33 A micro-service framework for Python
2015-09-03 billomat 0.1.24 API client
2015-09-03 SudokuJson2Pdf 0.0.5 This project provides a tool which convert json file of sudokuinformation to pdf.
2015-09-03 checksum 1.0.1 Creates checksums for files and directories.
2015-09-03 rapidpro-python 1.2 Python client library for the RapidPro
2015-09-03 glance_store 0.9.0 OpenStack Image Service Store Library
2015-09-03 quantecon 0.2.0 QuantEcon is a package to support all forms of quantitative economic modelling.
2015-09-03 circlator 1.0.2 circlator: a tool to circularise genome assemblies
2015-09-03 anti 1.4.0 SeoUtils
2015-09-03 onegov.ticket 0.0.8 A simple ticketing system for OneGov.

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