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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 106849 packages here.
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2017-04-27 berenet 0.1.2 Matrix based neural network library
2017-04-27 pordego-dependency 1.1.2 Pordego plugin for code complexity analysis using the snakefood library
2017-04-27 horizon-bsn 9.42.0 Big Switch Networks Extension for the Openstack Dashboard (Horizon).
2017-04-27 cohorts 0.5.3 Utilities for analyzing mutations and neoepitopes in patient cohorts
2017-04-27 UW-RestClients-NWS 0.76 A library for connecting to the NWS at the University of Washington
2017-04-27 Mongothon 0.8.0 A MongoDB object-document mapping layer for Python
2017-04-27 esdrt.content 1.59.41 Content-types for ESD Review Tool
2017-04-27 green 2.8.0 Green is a clean, colorful, fast python test runner.
2017-04-27 mountain_tapir 1.1.0 Mountain Tapir Collage Maker is a tool for combining images into collages.
2017-04-27 merky 0.1.0 JSON-oriented merkle tree utilities
2017-04-27 pypyr-slack 0.1.0 pypyr slack plug-in: send slack messages from pypyr pipelines
2017-04-27 pypyr 0.4.0 pipeline runner command line to run pipelines defined in yaml
2017-04-27 Landsat578 0.3.3 Very simple API to download Landsat data from LT5, LE7, and LC8 from USGS
2017-04-27 arvados-cwl-runner 1.0.20170427165906 Arvados Common Workflow Language runner
2017-04-27 arvados-python-client 0.1.20170427165906 Arvados client library
2017-04-27 ml-insights 0.0.15 Package to understand ML Models
2017-04-27 jupyter-alabaster-theme 0.1.0 Jupyter Alabaster Theme
2017-04-27 battle_tested 2017.04.27 automated function fuzzer based on hypothesis to easily test production code
2017-04-27 radvel 0.7.5
2017-04-27 trans-fat 0.1.1 Play audio files on your car stereo and maintain sanity
2017-04-27 appier_extras 0.10.24 Appier Framework Extra Elements
2017-04-27 uforgecli 3.7.4 UNKNOWN
2017-04-27 uforge_python_sdk 3.7.4 UForge python SDK
2017-04-27 pygments-lexer-solidity 0.0.2 Solidity lexer for Pygments
2017-04-27 sovrin-client-3pc-batch 0.3.81 Sovrin client
2017-04-27 defaultlist 0.1.0 collections.defaultdict equivalent implementation of list.
2017-04-27 sovrin-node-3pc-batch 0.3.81 Sovrin node
2017-04-27 cassandra-migrate 0.1.5 Simple Cassandra database migration program
2017-04-27 bentodev 0.1.2 BentoBox Local Development System
2017-04-27 dila 0.0.4 Dila is a open source web-based translation platform for translators, content creators and developers.
2017-04-27 dhis2-pocket-knife 0.7.0 Command-line tools for interacting with DHIS2 REST API
2017-04-27 sqrekubespawner 0.0.3 LSST SQuaRE flavor of KubeSpawner
2017-04-27 acstis 2.0.7 Automated client-side template injection (CSTI, sandbox escape/bypass) detection for AngularJS!
2017-04-27 sqre-ghowlauth 0.0.6 JupyterHub authenticator that uses GH orgs as whitelists
2017-04-27 h2o_pysparkling_2.1 2.1.5 Sparkling Water integrates H2O's Fast Scalable Machine Learning with Spark
2017-04-27 pipgui 1.0
2017-04-27 mwoauth 0.3.1 A generic MediaWiki OAuth handshake helper.
2017-04-27 blmath 1.0.3 A collection of math related utilities used by many bits of BodyLabs code
2017-04-27 sovrin-common-3pc-batch 0.2.25 Sovrin common
2017-04-27 creh-logs 0.1.3 Log application

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