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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 99238 packages here.
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2017-02-21 muffin-peewee 1.1.1 Peewee integration to Muffin framework
2017-02-21 noselfs 0.0.1 A nosetest add-on that gets lfs files
2017-02-21 pybitflyer 0.1.4 Python wrapper for bitFlyer's REST API.
2017-02-21 Flask-Pika 0.3.2.post0 Pika amqp flask extension
2017-02-21 stashpy 0.3 Python 3 alternative to Logstash
2017-02-21 fish_base 1.0.9 some useful functions for python
2017-02-21 peewee_migrate 0.9.0 Simple migration engine for Peewee
2017-02-21 django-s3-storage 0.11.1 Django Amazon S3 file storage.
2017-02-21 Ledger 0.2.10 Immutable Ledger python library
2017-02-21 readtagger 0.2.0 Tags reads in a BAM file based on other BAM files.
2017-02-21 Ledger-dev 0.2.40 Immutable Ledger python library
2017-02-21 jenkins-epo 1.147 Leverage Jenkins features for GitHub repositories.
2017-02-21 sherlog 0.1.6 Sherlog is an easy to use plug-and-play tool for logs aggregation.
2017-02-21 cloud4rpi 0.0.14 cloud4rpi client library
2017-02-21 pyBigWig 0.3.3 A package for accessing bigWig files using libBigWig
2017-02-21 django-statusboard 0.3.23 Django app to show system status
2017-02-21 setuptools-odoo 1.0.0rc4 A library to help package Odoo addons with setuptools
2017-02-21 esgfpid 0.7.3 Library for sending PID requests to a rabbit messaging queue during ESGF publication.
2017-02-21 weixins 0.1.0 A weixin api project
2017-02-21 bmcs 0.0.1a9 Suite of educational packages related to the course on Brittle-Matrix Composite Structures.
2017-02-21 g8core 0.11.1 G8OS cores client
2017-02-21 django-dynamic-preferences 1.0 Dynamic global and instance settings for your django project
2017-02-21 arartekomaps 5.84 Django application serving
2017-02-21 collective.atomrss 0.1.7 Package extends Plone syndication for using Atom RSS by default. It also added some field as events date, contentlead image into rss feed.
2017-02-21 python-paginate 0.3.2 Simple paginate support for python web frameworks
2017-02-21 django-markymark 1.0.4 django-markymark provides helpers and tools to integrate markdown into your editor.
2017-02-21 easytrader 0.10.9 A utility for China Stock Trade
2017-02-21 GenIce 0.8.6 Hydrogen-disordered ice generator
2017-02-21 Ledger 0.2.9 Immutable Ledger python library
2017-02-21 pyifu 0.2.1 pyifu: Python library to manipulate Integral Field Unit 3D cubes
2017-02-21 bdtranslate 1.0.1 Google translate, baidu translate service wrapper
2017-02-21 qldtariffs 0.1.4 Calculate the energy costs for QLD tariffs
2017-02-21 WsgiDAV 2.2.0.dev20170221 Generic WebDAV server based on WSGI
2017-02-21 yagmail 0.5.157 Yet Another GMAIL client
2017-02-21 sovrin-node-rc 0.2.127 Sovrin node
2017-02-21 sovrin-node-dev 0.2.220 Sovrin node
2017-02-21 sovrin-client-rc 0.2.33 Sovrin client
2017-02-21 django-alt 0.50 Alternative approach to data validation and REST endpoints in Django and DRF
2017-02-21 sovrin-common-rc 0.1.127 Sovrin common
2017-02-21 ledger-rc 0.1.127 Immutable Ledger python library

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