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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 74536 packages here.
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2016-02-14 havocbot 0.1.1.dev0 An extensible chat bot that works across any number of chat programs
2016-02-14 about 5.1.1 Software Metadata for Humans
2016-02-14 django-switch-templatetag 2.0.3 Simple switch tag for Django templates.
2016-02-14 nester_test00 1.3.0 A simple printer of nested lists
2016-02-14 latex2mathml 1.0.10 Pure Python library for LaTeX to MathML conversion.
2016-02-14 calmap 0.0.4 Calendar heatmaps from Pandas time series data
2016-02-14 itolapi 1.3.0 API for interacting with
2016-02-14 coala 0.4.1.dev20160214093230 Code Analysis Application (coala)
2016-02-14 bypy 1.2.16 Python client for Baidu Yun (Personal Cloud Storage) 百度云/百度网盘 Python 客户端
2016-02-14 rsicalc 0.6 Relative Strength Index Calculator
2016-02-14 geolang 0.1.2 Simple Georgian Language ToolKit
2016-02-14 PytSite 0.55.2 The Simple Web Framework
2016-02-14 defopt 1.0.1 Effortless argument parser
2016-02-14 gevent-eventemitter 1.0 Implements EventEmitter using gevent
2016-02-14 chiki 1.1.0 Common libs of flask web develop
2016-02-14 og-parser 0.0.6 A simple OPEN GRAPH parser
2016-02-14 imgurpython 1.1.7 Official Imgur python library with OAuth2 and samples
2016-02-14 pitchpx 2.1 Getting Baseball data for MLBAM Gameday dataset
2016-02-14 SATOSA 0.6.1 Protocol proxy (SAML/OIDC).
2016-02-14 webpage2html 0.2.0 Save/convert web pages to a single editable html file
2016-02-14 python-kafka-logging 0.6 Simple python logging handler for forwarding logs to a kafka server.
2016-02-14 bdmd 1.0.0 A great dba,a great coder!
2016-02-14 yad 0.9.9 A python interface for the Yad program
2016-02-14 django-pipeline 1.6.5 Pipeline is an asset packaging library for Django.
2016-02-14 netser 1.4.0 A simple printer of nested lists
2016-02-14 pystuck 0.8.4 is a utility for analyzing stuck python programs (or just hardcore debugging). in order to debug a python program (hence, the debugee), add this line anywhere at startup: import pystuck; pystuck.run_server(). this script is the client, once invoked it connects to the debuggee and prints the debugee's threads stack traces (good for most cases). in addition, it opens an ipython prompt with an rpyc connection that provides access to the debuggee's modules (good for inspecting variables).
2016-02-14 tamber 0.1 Tamber is the easiest way to put head-scratchingly accurate, real time recommendations in your app. See for details.
2016-02-14 tbcli 0.0.7 Based on Fabric, use ansible-like config files.
2016-02-14 mazetool 0.6.0 A simple maze tool for managing 2D mazes using a cli.
2016-02-14 tinysort 0.1 General purpose tools for sorting with limited memory.
2016-02-14 FastProject 1.0.1 A python module for evaulating dimensionality reduction techniques on gene expression data.
2016-02-14 GPSminCir 1.0.1 A tool to calculate the radius of the smallest circle that covers the given GPS track.
2016-02-14 vpython 0.2.0b9 VPython for Jupyter Notebook
2016-02-14 twe_parser 0.0.5 TWE-Lite's serial responce Parser
2016-02-14 django-rest-query-params-filter 1.3.0 Allow your API consumers to make queries through query parameters.
2016-02-14 django-pyverses 0.0.1 My Bible app for use with pybible and django-pybible.
2016-02-14 catsim 0.8 Computerized Adaptive Testing Simulator
2016-02-14 django-simple-forums 0.15.2 A simple forums app for Django
2016-02-14 catsql 0.1.6 Display quick view from sql databases
2016-02-14 astdump 4.3 Extract information from Python modules without importing

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