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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 130398 packages here.
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2018-02-24 residue 0.2.3 SQLAlchemy CRUD Utilities
2018-02-24 onion-props 0.2.2 An elegant hierarchical (or "onioned") properties parser
2018-02-24 discord.aio 0.2.0 discord.aio is an asynchronous Discord API wrapper for asyncio and python
2018-02-24 Telethon Full-featured Telegram client library for Python 3
2018-02-24 adarnauth-esi 1.4.6 Django app for accessing the EVE Swagger Interface.
2018-02-24 pygtails 0.1.3.dev1 A simple wrapper around pygame
2018-02-24 partridge 0.6.1 Partridge is python library for working with GTFS feeds using pandas DataFrames.
2018-02-24 simplyplot 0.1 A Python wrapper around Matplotlib, create basic charts with less lines of codes.
2018-02-24 Copreus 0.2.1 This library provides a framework to write device drivers for the raspberry pi that are connected to MQTT.
2018-02-24 sample-aditya-pingle-1 1.0.0 Sample project for aditya's pip experiment.
2018-02-24 django-simple-viewset 0.1.7 Simple viewset for models CRUD operations
2018-02-24 draft-kings-db 0.1.2 A tool for retrieving DraftKings data.
2018-02-24 plash 0.539 Container build and run tool
2018-02-24 django-l10n 0.0.6 A different approach to Django localization
2018-02-24 zdict 0.10.2 The last dictionary framework you need. (?)
2018-02-24 cwrap 1.5.0 cwrap - ctypes blanket
2018-02-24 py2deb 1.1 Python to Debian package converter
2018-02-24 pytest-monkeytype 1.0.1 pytest-monkeytype: Generate Monkeytype annotations from your pytest tests.
2018-02-24 wisdomhord 0.2.2 Flat file db tool
2018-02-24 ward-metrics 0.9.5 Tools for event-based evaluation for activity recognition problems.
2018-02-24 injectable 2.0.0 Clean dependency injection and lazy initialization support
2018-02-24 datarum 0.4.1 Datárum is a small python library to convert Gregorian dates to Wending, an Old English variant on the French Republican calendar, for use in various projects.
2018-02-24 sonicprobe 0.2.30 sonicprobe
2018-02-24 dwho 0.2.18 dwho
2018-02-24 essentials 1.1.0 Missing and necessary functions in Python
2018-02-24 EVBUS 0.0.2 Estimate Variance Based on U-Statistics (EVBUS)
2018-02-24 bluew 0.4.0 Bluetooth made easy.
2018-02-24 django_blogposts 0.3.4 Django module for simple blog
2018-02-24 beach 0.5.21 Simple private python cloud framework
2018-02-24 django-pwnedpasswords-validator 0.1.3 A Django app that validates user passwords against the Pwned Passwords v2 API.
2018-02-24 SQLObject 3.6.0 Object-Relational Manager, aka database wrapper
2018-02-24 django-angular-dynamic-forms 0.6.12 Django Rest Framework meets Angular 5 dynamic forms - rapid development of create and edit dialogs
2018-02-24 pipenv 10.1.0 Python Development Workflow for Humans.
2018-02-24 canvas-data-sdk 0.1.4 A Python SDK for working with Instructure's Canvas Data REST API.
2018-02-24 import-anywhere 1.3 Python Package allowing relative imports, no dependence on where python is run from
2018-02-24 zounds 0.40.12
2018-02-24 pypacker27 4.0 Pypacker: The fast and simple packet creating and parsing module
2018-02-24 torchpack 0.0.11 A set of interfaces to simplify the usage of PyTorch
2018-02-24 micropython-unittest 0.3.2 unittest module for MicroPython
2018-02-24 django-npb 1.0.0 Pastebin module for Django

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