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The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 89670 packages here.
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2016-09-29 django-bulbs 3.24.dev4 America's Finest Namespace
2016-09-29 orchestra 0.2.19 A framework for building complex expert workflows.
2016-09-29 mastercard-spending-pulse 1.0.2 MasterCard API Python SDK
2016-09-29 mastercard-sector-insights 1.0.2 MasterCard API Python SDK
2016-09-29 mastercard-retail-location-insights 1.0.2 MasterCard API Python SDK
2016-09-29 mastercard-places 1.0.2 MasterCard API Python SDK
2016-09-29 myo 0.14.0 command and layout management for neovim
2016-09-29 senlin OpenStack Clustering
2016-09-29 mastercard-personalized-loyalty-offers 1.0.2 MasterCard API Python SDK
2016-09-29 mastercard-merchant-identifier 1.0.2 MasterCard API Python SDK
2016-09-29 orator 0.9.1 The Orator ORM provides a simple yet beautiful ActiveRecord implementation.
2016-09-29 mastercard-media-measurement 1.0.2 MasterCard API Python SDK
2016-09-29 searchlight-ui Horizon panels and libraries for Searchlight
2016-09-29 ybt 0.2.0rc10 Yet Another Build Tool
2016-09-29 mastercard-match 1.0.2 MasterCard API Python SDK
2016-09-29 mastercard-lost-stolen 1.0.2 MasterCard API Python SDK
2016-09-29 mastercard-locations 1.0.2 MasterCard API Python SDK
2016-09-29 mastercard-fraud-scoring 1.0.2 MasterCard API Python SDK
2016-09-29 mastercard-audiences 1.0.2 MasterCard API Python SDK
2016-09-29 mastercard-assurance-iq 1.0.2 MasterCard API Python SDK
2016-09-29 ftw.topics 1.2.1 Create subject trees in Plone
2016-09-29 widgetastic.core 0.1.19 Making testing of UIs fantastic
2016-09-29 allib 0.1.6 Personal library of useful stuff.
2016-09-29 pushover-python 0.1 pushover simple api python implement
2016-09-29 messytables 0.15.1 Parse messy tabular data in various formats
2016-09-29 pixiedust 0.36 Misc helpers for Spark Python Notebook
2016-09-29 pypond 0.4.7 Python implementation of the Pond JavaScript timeseries library (
2016-09-29 hidash 0.1.34 A Django app to generate google charts, excel and pdf straight from the database.
2016-09-29 sendsay-api-python 0.1.4 The Sendsay API client library.
2016-09-29 pytest-mypy 0.1.0 Mypy static type checker plugin for Pytest
2016-09-29 pylxd 2.1.1 python library for lxd
2016-09-29 easysnmp-patched 0.2.5.dev0 A blazingly fast and Pythonic SNMP library based on the official Net-SNMP bindings, forked by ComSource.
2016-09-29 f5-icontrol-rest 1.1.0 F5 BIG-IP iControl REST API client
2016-09-29 chembl_webresource_client 0.8.38 Python client fot accessing ChEMBL webservices.
2016-09-29 mpcorbget 1.0.0a6 A tool for observing minor planets
2016-09-29 clarityviz 0.0.1 A pipeline used to vizualize clarity treated brain images.
2016-09-29 django-import-export 0.5.1 Django application and library for importing and exportingdata with included admin integration.
2016-09-29 onegov.onboarding 0.2.13 Onboarding for OneGov Cloud applications.
2016-09-29 chembl_webservices 2.4.9 Python package providing chembl web services API.
2016-09-29 biconfigs 0.0.14 Two way configurations mapping helper for Python.

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