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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 124176 packages here.
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2017-12-13 Wikipedia-API 0.2.2 Python Wrapper for Wikipedia
2017-12-13 cr.cube 1.4.1 Cube library
2017-12-13 ImageButler 0.0.4 Simple images serving service,
2017-12-13 ipatests 4.6.2 FreeIPA tests
2017-12-13 ipapython 4.6.2 FreeIPA python support library
2017-12-13 ipaplatform 4.6.2 FreeIPA platform
2017-12-13 ipalib 4.6.2 FreeIPA common python library
2017-12-13 ipaclient 4.6.2 FreeIPA client library
2017-12-13 e13tools 0.3.3a0 Provides a collection of functions that were created by 1313e.
2017-12-13 bohrium 0.8.9.post142 Bohrium NumPy
2017-12-13 martinellis 1.2.9 A python library for manipulating IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
2017-12-13 ganessa 1.8.8 Python interface to Piccolo and Picalor simulation kernel
2017-12-13 rapidpro_controller 0.3.4 Management tools for RapidPro components
2017-12-13 pyramid_oereb 1.1.0.dev20171213 pyramid_oereb, extension for pyramid web frame work to provide a basic server part for the oereb project
2017-12-13 inspire-query-parser 2.0.2 A PEG-based query parser for INSPIRE.
2017-12-13 pylogctx 1.3 Adding context to log records
2017-12-13 indy-node-dev 1.2.236 Indy node
2017-12-13 perfecto Perfecto Reporting SDK for Python
2017-12-13 rlj 1.0.7 A Local Judge for OIers and ACMers by _rqy
2017-12-13 lograptor 1.2.1 Command-line utility for processing log files. Produces matching outputs, data and reports.
2017-12-13 gecosistema_lite 0.0.458 A simple python package
2017-12-13 cloudshell-networking-cisco-iosxr 3.1.0 QualiSystems networking cisco IOSXR specific Package
2017-12-13 ccxt 1.10.374 A JavaScript / Python / PHP cryptocurrency trading library with support for 90+ exchanges
2017-12-13 JYTools 0.6.5 Jing Yun Tools Library
2017-12-13 ftw.candlestick 1.0.4 ftw.candlestick
2017-12-13 strato-skipper 1.8.2 Easily dockerize your Git repository
2017-12-13 wagtailsocialfeed 0.4.1 A Wagtail module that provides pages and content blocks to show social media feeds
2017-12-13 btcmarkets 0.0.7 PACKAGE DESCRIPTION HERE
2017-12-13 RedisQ 0.0.9 A task queue based on Redis RPOPLPUSH
2017-12-13 FLUIDAsserts 0.20171213.858 Assertion Library for Security Assumptions
2017-12-13 sqreen 1.7.1 Sqreen agent to protect Python applications.
2017-12-13 wordiscovery A Chinese new word discovery
2017-12-13 gossipcat 0.1.8 Simplify the process of machine learning from data cleaning, simple feature engineering, parameter tuning, to results output.
2017-12-13 MonoRuleRandomForest 0.2
2017-12-13 treetojson 0.9.1 Converts a tree structure into a valid JSON
2017-12-13 mxnet-mkl 1.0.0b20171213 MXNet is an ultra-scalable deep learning framework. This version uses MKL-ML.
2017-12-13 bonobo 0.6.0a2 Bonobo, a simple, modern and atomic extract-transform-load toolkit for python 3.5+.
2017-12-13 mkdocs-material 2.2.3 A Material Design theme for MkDocs
2017-12-13 miniglm 0.2.5
2017-12-13 omas 0.2.8 Ordered Multidimensional Array Structure

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