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PyPI - the Python Package Index

The Python Package Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There are currently 119875 packages here.
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2017-10-22 pracode 0.0.4 tool for practicing coding skills against coding websites, e.g. leetcode, etc.
2017-10-22 Pyomo 5.3 Pyomo: Python Optimization Modeling Objects
2017-10-22 envbox 0.2.0 Detect environment type and work within.
2017-10-22 serverless-config 0.2.0 A configuration client for AWS serverless Python systems
2017-10-22 odoo9-addon-oauth-provider Allows to use Odoo as an OAuth2 provider
2017-10-22 odoo10-addon-sale-analytic-distribution Sales Analytic Distribution
2017-10-22 odoo10-addon-hr-expense-analytic-distribution Use analytic plans in expenses
2017-10-22 ccxt 1.9.227 A JavaScript / Python / PHP cryptocurrency trading library with support for 85+ exchanges
2017-10-22 spglib This is the spglib module.
2017-10-22 docassemble.webapp 0.1.78 The web application components of the docassemble system.
2017-10-22 docassemble.demo 0.1.78 A demonstration package for docassemble.
2017-10-22 docassemble.base 0.1.78 The base components of the docassemble system.
2017-10-22 docassemble 0.1.78 A system for assembling documents from templates while automatically querying a user for necessary information.
2017-10-22 cosmicdb 0.0.13 An easy way to setup a database site.
2017-10-22 optionloop 1.0.6 Allows collapsing of nested for loops via dictionary iteration
2017-10-22 PyUtilib 5.6 PyUtilib: A collection of Python utilities
2017-10-22 treelite 0.1a8 treelite: fast tree prediction
2017-10-22 wpiformat 2017.98 Linters and formatters for ensuring WPILib's source code conforms to its style guide
2017-10-22 dabin-nester 1.0.0 This is a list function,you can like it
2017-10-22 ruleset 1.0.1 Bayesian Rule Set Mining
2017-10-22 plib3.dbtools 0.9.19 Python 3 database interface tools.
2017-10-22 plib.dbtools 0.9.19 Python database interface tools.
2017-10-22 pbt 1.1.0 Prompt decoration for ZSH and Bash written in Python
2017-10-22 man 0.2.4 Project manager for pypi libraries
2017-10-22 certstream 1.5 CertStream is a library for receiving certificate transparency list updates in real time.
2017-10-22 nod 0.1.0 Python bindings for the nod library.
2017-10-22 icecore 0.0.1 icecore C++ library python bindings
2017-10-22 pilbox 1.3.2 Pilbox is an image processing application server built on the Tornado web framework using the Pillow Imaging Library
2017-10-22 lintreview 1.25.0 Lint Review, an automated code review tool that integrates with github. Integrates with the github API & a variety of code checking tools.
2017-10-22 django-sssoon 0.1.1 A simple Django app to add a beautiful coming soon page to your project.
2017-10-22 NNBuilder 0.3.1 A multi-backend framework for building and training neural networks
2017-10-22 morselate 0.0.1 Yet another morse encoder/decoder
2017-10-22 cardinal-pythonlib 1.0.4 Miscellaneous Python libraries
2017-10-22 sqlnomad 0.1.04 Monadic SQL wrapper
2017-10-22 pyconfiglib 1.1.13 Configuration for python made easy
2017-10-22 langsplit 0.0.7 Splits text by separator, and limited length language names, combines split text chunks into OrderedDict, or combines back to text. Supposed for extending markdown with tags for human languages.
2017-10-22 parski Helper library for parsing vpc data feed
2017-10-22 tabtools 0.5.3 Tools for tab separated files manipulation in command line
2017-10-22 robotica 0.1.40 Robotic maid to scare innocent children
2017-10-22 rsplib 0.3 RSP python library

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